Little Car Makes Big Price!

Posted On: 17 Jan 2022 by Rita Kearsey

The highest price at our recent January sale was the £8,500 paid for a fascinating little child’s ‘Training Car’ made by Atco in 1938.


There were two hundred prototypes made of the Atco 'Trainer Car' powered by lawn mower engines in the boot,  with the idea of promoting road safety by teaching children to drive. The cars were intended to be supplied to every school in the country, but once WWII broke out the idea had to be shelved and by 1945 the moment had gone. The car was sold at Smiths January 7th sale by a descendant of the Atco family who was downsizing from his large farmhouse where the car had been stored for over thirty years.

Although there were a number of interested parties it was eventualy won by a collector bidding on the telephone against a very disappointed bidder in the room who had been waiting all day for his lot to come up. Originally estimated at £3000/£5000 the price exceeded all expectations.