Auction Anecdote March 2021

Posted On: 22 Mar 2021 by Rita Kearsey

Despite the lockdown it has been a remarkably busy few weeks as we are now heading towards our March Antiques and Collectables sale. In fact, we have had so many entries we have had to turn it into a two-day sale, or we would have still been selling at midnight! With all these interesting and exciting items in the sale it has been hard for me to choose what to talk about this time. In particular we have had a large number of fine jewellery entries which (some of you may have noticed) I am always very enthusiastic about. I am hoping lots of people will be looking for some ‘pick me up treats’ after this rather ‘testing’ period of our lives.


But for a change I thought I would discuss an interesting an unusual collection of Inuit carvings which have been entered for sale by local polar explorer David Fletcher who lives in Ledbury. David has been heading off to both the Artic and Antarctic for over forty years and there is not much he doesn’t know about the hazards and excitement of travelling in these extreme environments. He has collected this amazing selection of Inuit carvings along the way – buying them directly from the huntsmen and tribes’ people he has met on his travels. He now works as a guide for ‘Students on Ice’ teaching young adults about the polar regions and the threats they currently face.


Inuit carvings are usually made in polished stone or bone and are often beautifully simplified interpretations of human and animal subject matter. However, the spiritual side of life is also hugely significant and some of the carvings portray demons or include mystical elements . As David went through his collection with me, I was amazed how he was able to immediately tell where each piece had been bought and he clearly remembered the circumstances and people that he had purchased them from.

Many of these tiny sculptures are estimated between £50/£100, but there is a lively market of keen collectors around the world and so we are sure that this remarkable collection will be well received. Although at the time of writing all our sales are being held online it is hoped that by April, we will be able to open our doors again for viewing and a short period after that for buyers to actually return to the saleroom to bid.

We are now inviting entries for our April 23rd sale which includes a full range of antiques as well as a new special section for Advertising Items and Enamel Signs. Please telephone 01531 821776 for an appointment or further details or visit