Antiques & Collectables Auction with Oriental Section
on Friday 30th August 2019

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1.      A pair of large Chinese reproduction blue and white vases and covers 44cm 30-50
2.      A Wedgwood blue and white bowl Ferrara - 23cm dia 10-20
3.      A Soho pottery floral printed toiletry set comprising jug and bowl and chamber pot 20-30
4.      A reproduction phrenology head 10-30
5.      A Wedgwood Jasperware fruit bowl 20cm diameter 20-40
6.      A 'Bristol Garden' white tureen and lid 10-20
7.      A large heavy cut glass crystal bowl - 30cm dia 10-20
8.      Two Minton William S Coleman Naturalist Pattern plates: No 3 Butterfly and No 11 Drake - both with hairline cracks, and a tin glazed plate decorated Koi carp 20-40
9.      A Tiffany and Co floral painted jug 26cm tall - tiny chip to rim 10-20
10.     A Crown Ducal tea service printed fruits comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates, cake plate, milk and sugar 30-50
11.     A pair of Edwardian Imari style painted plates marked A W H 10-30
12.     Two large Parianware figures - 38cm high 20-40
13.     A pair of large reproduction orange Chinese vases and covers, one further vase (lacking cover) and two bowls, the largest 44cm 20-30
13A.    A Royal Doulton figure Miss Demure, a Royal Worcester figure 'Sweet Dreams' and a Nao figure 30-50
14.     A Royal Winton pink 'Petunia' teapot 20-30
15.     A Wedgwood 1920's teapot, jug, covered jug, sugar and plate with orange fruits and handles 20-30
16.     A porcelain comport painted flowers and bird plus three continental bird groups 10-20
17.     An Edwardian Royal Worcester set of two cups, jug, four saucers and sugar all printed floral sprigs 10-20
18.     A Clarice Cliff banded trio and four other items of Clarice Cliff 20-30
19.     A large orange art glass dish decorated carp - 40cm 30-50
20.     A Victorian jardiniere printed flowers - 27cm dia 10-20
21.     A Wedgwood four piece toiletry set, comprising jug and bowl, pail and soap dish 40-60
22.     A green Majolica framed tile panel, and a Mintons tile 10-20
23.     A Victorian blue and white meat plate 'Canton Views' by EKB - 50cm wide 20-30
24.     A large Aegean Poole pottery vase by Anita Harris - 26cm high 50-70
25.     A Canton style sleeping cat - 25cm long 10-20
26.     Two Winstanley cats with glass eyes (one repaired) 10-30
27.     A large Beswick fireside figure of a terrier 25-45
28.     Two Kylin lions and two oriental style eggs 10-20
29.     A group of Victorian advertising pots and lids including toothpaste and cold cream 20-40
30.     A Robert Burns Sunderland pink lustre tea cup and saucer together with a related lantern slide 10-20
31.     Two prunus blossom ginger jars and a similar vase and two reproduction Chinese vases - the largest 26cm 10-30
32.     A collection of 19th century and other pottery including pot lids 10-20
33.     A collection of sixteen cat ornaments 10-20
34.     A collection of decorative coffee cups and saucers etc 20-40
35.     A Royal Doulton vintage bamboo coffee set comprising coffee pot, milk, sugar and five cups and saucers 10-20
36.     Six Goebel monks 20-30
37.     A collection of eighteen pieces of Goss Crested Ware - some larger examples 20-30
38.     An early 19th century heavy glass fruit bowl - 20cm dia, and a frilled edge lustre glass bowl 20-30
39.     A group of crested china including tank 20-40
40.     A quantity of Wedgwood Jasperware comprising cruet set, candlestick, covered pot, jug, cream jug and sugar, six trinket dishes and a commemorative plate 50-60
41.     Two Faeries by Christine Hanworth: The Rime Berry Princess and Brambley Hedge Faerie 10-20
42.     A set of five George Jones blue and white 'Abbey' plates and five similar smaller plates 20-30
43.     Three 19th century Ironstone plates 10-20
44.     Six Nao porcelain figures including girls with hoops and ducks 40-60
45.     Three Royal Worcester figures from the 'Old Country Ways' series 20-30
46.     Six Lladro and Nao goose groups 20-30
47.     A group of three Royal Doulton snowmen from The Snowman collection (hairline to reverse of one) 40-60
48.     A small Lladro group Sleeping Child and Polar Bear and Cat 30-50
49.     Two Nao ballerina figures and one other similar 20-40
50.     A group of eight Nao, Lladro and other Lladro style figures of angels and children 40-60
51.     Two Lladro figures of ladies with parasols 30-50
52.     Two Coalport figures 'Margaret' and 'The Goose Girl' 10-20
53.     A Meissen Onion pattern blue and white tureen and cover with stand - chipped - 19cm tall 10-20
54.     Two Nao Lladro figures 20-30
55.     A Tupton Ware vase painted hibiscus - 15cm 10-30
56.     A Schafer and Vater German Art Nouveau vase 10-20
57.     A Clarice Cliff shell form wall pocket - 19cm tall 10-30
58.     A pair of reproduction Staffordshire sheep - one ear a/f 10-30
59.     A pair of Shelley dishes painted flowers, a lucky heather jug and a Radford wall pocket vase 20-40
60.     A Wedgwood Jasperware teapot decorated two doves presented to A Bailey and his wife on his wedding day - employees at Wedgwood (with provenance and photograph 30-50
61.     A Nelson teapot, two Nelson plates and a mug 20-30
62.     A Royal Worcester white and gilt part tea set comprising: four cups and saucers and three tea plates 10-20
63.     A pair of Cauldon 'Blue Moore' vases and a Burslem salad dish and stand 10-20
64.     Spare lot 0-10
65.     A Royal Albert Lady Carlyle tea service comprising:- six cups and saucers, milk jug, cream jug, small and large sugar and six tea plates 30-50
66.     A Japanese eggshell coffee set decorated dragons in low relief 10-20
67.     A Clarice Cliff crocus pattern fruit bowl - 28cm dia 20-30
68.     A Clarice Cliff leaf form cake plate - hairline crack 20-30
69.     Three Victorian pot lids 'Rifle Contest of Wimbledon', 'A Pair' and 'The Times' 20-40
70.     A Colclough tea and dinner service 'Wayside' comprising six dinner plates, six bowls, six mugs, seven tea cups and saucers, six side plates, two jugs, sugar, teapot and cake stand 30-50
71.     A collection of Portmeirion 'Botanic Garden' pottery including: two meat plates, cake stand, cups and saucers, fruit bowl, salad bowl, various side plates, milk jug, gravy jug, dessert bowls, two tureens, two jars etc 30-50
72.     A set of six Royal Doulton Disney Princess figures - five are boxed and with certificates 30-50
73.     A set of four Royal Doulton Owl whiskey decanter figures - complete with contents 30-50
74.     A Coalport figure of Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee 20-30
75.     A Royal Doulton 'The Railway Sleeper' figure - limited edition of 2500 20-30
76.     A pair of Staffordshire salt glazed spoon rests in the form of mythical beasts 30-50
77.     A Roman ring shaped terracotta vase with two handles - 29cm high 60-80
78.     A Doulton Lambeth stoneware vase marked CW - 28cm, restored to shoulder 20-40
79.     A Methodist 19th century 'Lovefeast' two handled cup 14cm 20-30
80.     A Royal Doulton 'The News vendor' figure - limited edition of 2500 20-30
81.     A pair of 19th century Dresden figures of lady and gentleman - crossed swords mark - (repair to neck of female figure) 32cm tall 50-70
82.     A Royal Doulton Queen Elizabeth II figure 'Army Days' limited edition of 2000 20-30
83.     A 19th century porcelain figurine of a lady - with gold anchor mark 20-30
84.     A pair of 'Rubens Ware' vases - 23cm 20-40
85.     A blue and white biscuit barrel with silver plated mounts and lid 20-40
86.     A pair of Edwardian bisque figures of oriental man and woman - 9cm 30-50
87.     A tall, blue cylindrical Troika vase - signed to base - 33cm tall 60-80
88.     A Bridget Drakeford pottery dish in Chinese style - 28cm dia 20-30
89.     A 19th century Minton Majolica lidded jug with hinged lid - 33cm. Full marks to base - repaired 60-80
90.     A Bretby black vase decorated butterfly - 23cm 10-20
91.     A Wedgwood Jasperware tea set comprising teapot, stand, milk jug, sugar, three cups and four saucers 50-70
92.     A House of Faberge coffee pot decorated roses 20-40
93.     A Royal Dux figure of a grebe - 31cm 30-50
94.     An Adam Dworski Wye Pottery plaque of a cathedral - 18 x 21cm 30-50
95.     A large Poole Pottery Aegean Peacock charger - 40cm dia 35-45
96.     Four items of studio pottery and a Poole vase 20-40
97.     Two large Continental groups of boy and girl with swans - 30cm high 20-30
98.     A large Studio slipware charger - signed 10-20
99.     A group of Victorian Burslem blue and white dinner plates - Hamden pattern 10-20
100.    Twelve Shelley jelly moulds and six other jelly mounds 40-60
101.    A box of cut glass including a set of six sherry glasses, vases, decanter etc 20-30
102.    An antique toasting glass and two 19th century rummers on square bases 20-40
103.    A New York Apple glass paperweight by Tiffany 15-25
104.    A Kosta Boda Art Glass bottle vase 'Fidji' by Kjell Engman - 29cm, together with an Orrefors bowl and small Scandinavian glass vase 40-60
105.    A Bohemian heavy cut glass vase by Desna - 26cm tall 10-20
106.    Two large dump weights and an apple paper weight 20-30
107.    A vintage Murano Salviati ruby and gold glass goblet with dolphin stem - 21cm 30-50
108.    A Victorian cut glass two tier lustre (with box of spare lustres and top) 20-40
109.    A large Art Deco style glass table perfume bottle - 18.5cm 20-30
110.    A Venetian glass swan candlestick by Salviati and a Roman glass style vase 10-20
111.    A group of five iridescent Art glass paperweights by K Heaton for Neo Art Glass 60-80
112.    A Wedgwood 'Ferdinand Bull' designed by Arnold Machin - small chip to underneath of foot 100-150
113.    A 19th century French faience book form container painted all over flowers and rococo romantic scenes, the lid a/f and some chips to base. Signed Majorelle, Nancy - 19cm 100-150
114.    A pair of Spanish Sargadelos falcons - 9cm 10-20
115.    A Worcester Kerr and Binns porcelain taper stick painted view of Malvern, marked and named 'Malvern' to base 50-70
116.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari miniature drum and sticks 10-20
116A.   A miniature Victorian enamel box ' A Gift of a Parent' 20-30
117.    A good set of six Waterford Crystal champagne coupes 80-120
118.    A pair of Rene Lalique Epis glass vases moulded wheat pattern - produced 1931 onwards - marked R Lalique France - 17cm. One with two large chips to base 200-300
119.    A Lalique opalescent glass 'cachet poisson' - boxed - 5 x 5cm 30-50
120.    Three 19th century white ribbon plates 24cm diameter 30-50
121.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari plate No 1128 - 27cm dia 30-50
121A.   A Bristol Blue decanter with replacement stopper and a similar hyacinth vase 10-20
122.    A cut glass decanter - 22cm tall 10-20
123.    A glass decanter engraved ships and a liqueur decanter 20-30
124.    A Georgian glass decanter engraved ferns, and an Edwardian engraved decanter 10-20
125.    A spirit decanter and a ships decanter 10-20
126.    A group of various glassware including Edwardian decanter, Murano lamp base and Bristol Blue pot etc. 20-30
127.    A suite of cut drinking glasses comprising six large wine, six champagne and six tumblers 50-70
128.    A set of six cut glass sherry glasses, six tumblers and six port glasses 20-30
129.    A Thomas Webb suite of glassware comprising: sixteen medium wine glasses, seven large wine glasses, six liqueur glasses and four brandy glasses 150-200
130.    Two boxed sets of six Edinburgh Crystal whisky tumblers 40-60
131.    A collection of coloured and gilded glass including Whitefriars 20-30
132.    A set of six Pieziosi wine glasses - boxed 20-40
133.    A 'Cristal' cut glass decanter and six wine glasses in original boxes 30-50
134.    A Victorian Bristol Blue rolling pin, a Nailsea white streaked rolling pin and a red and blue mottled one 50-70
135.    A set of six Schott Zwiesel champagne glasses - boxed 20-40
136.    Three pairs of cut glass napkin rings 10-20
137.    A Furnivals 1930's part dinner service comprising: two meat plates, two tureens, gravy boat and three plates 20-30
138.    Spare lot 0-10
139.    Spare lot 0-10
140.    A silver plated trophy cup and a teapot 10-20
141.    A silver plated sugar bowl with blue glass liner and a cake basket 20-30
142.    A good 19th century cut glass and silver plated biscuit jar and a cruet stand with matched set of bottles 10-30
143.    A silver plated decanter stand and various silver plated items including a spoon warmer 20-40
144.    A Christofle silver plated Art Nouveau four piece tea service with floral finials 50-70
145.    A Walker and Hall silver plated inkstand and two cut glass inkwells - one a/f 20-30
146.    A large early 19th century silver plated wine ewer 30-50
147.    A silver plated three piece faceted tea set 10-20
148.    A late Georgian silver sherry label, two china labels for Gin and Port and an enamel decanter label a/f 20-40
149.    Two silver plated coasters 10-20
150.    A silver plated chain evening bag with belt hook and a silver plated mounted fabric evening bag with Art Nouveau belt hook 20-40
151.    A silver plated paper knife and two silver spoons 10-30
152.    A silver plated toast rack and various other silver plated items including teaset and cake basket 20-30
153.    A Victorian silver plated tray with ebony handles and two other trays 10-20
154.    A silver plated wine coaster, salver and set of cake forks 10-20
155.    A box of silver plated items including James Dixon teapot 10-20
156.    A vintage stainless steel Scandia cutlery set circa 1960's - boxed 50-70
157.    An Archibald Knox Tudric pewter vase with floral decoration No. 0821 40-60
158.    Two cut glass and silver topped toiletry jars - London 1900 and Birmingham 1902 50-70
159.    An Edwardian silver topped and cut glass dressing table box embossed angels and a cut glass and silver toiletry jar 30-50
160.    A pair of silver circular salts with embossed decoration - Birmingham 1890 20-30
161.    Two silver pencils, one boxed - Birmingham 1973, and another Yard of Led one 30-40
162.    A silver pencil for BBC Children's Hour 15-25
163.    A Victorian silver engraved vesta case Birmingham 1878 with engraved floral decoration and a silver thimble 30-50
164.    A silver and mother of pearl folding fruit knife with engraved decoration - Birmingham 1850, a silver football medal and silver Fortitude medal 15-25
165.    A silver card case and a silver plated cigarette case 10-20
166.    A set of six '14th Kings Hussars' Revolver Club teaspoons with crest terminals 30-50
167.    A part set of five silver teaspoons and tongs - cased 10-20
168.    A collection of nine various silver teaspoons, mostly Georgian including three Irish spoons, 130g total weight 30-50
169.    A set of six silver Miniature Rifle club spoons - 73g 20-30
170.    A collection of various teaspoons and salt spoons, 109g 20-40
171.    Seven continental teaspoons with gilt bowls and engraved the names of Belgium towns 30-50
172.    A silver salt and pepper - Birmingham 1945, a silver napkin ring - Birmingham 1958, and two pairs of sugar tongs 25-35
173.    A five piece silver dressing table set comprising ring tree, net jar, trinket box and two candlesticks 20-40
174.    Two small silver trophies and a silver compact 30-40
175.    A group of assorted silver including pepperettes etc - 160g 60-80
176.    A silver backed brush, comb and clothes brush 10-320
177.    An Edwardian square silver photograph frame with all over scrollwork decoration - 10cm by 10cm 20-40
178.    A silver salver on four claw and ball feet, by J.R + S, Sheffield 1864 - 728g 180-250
179.    A silver card case and a silver spill vase plus EPNS match box cover and vase 20-40
180.    A silver christening spoon 1925 and a silver napkin ring 1921 - both boxed plus a pair of silver napkin rings 1916 30-50
181.    Three Victorian fiddle pattern forks and a Georgian one, 236g 50-70
182.    Seven silver napkin rings - 166g 60-80
183.    Six small silver photograph frames - some a/f 30-50
184.    A continental silver sifter spoon, a white metal one and two silver plated preserve spoons 40-60
185.    A silver three piece dressing table and brush set with embossed decoration Sheffield 2001, cased 50-60
186.    A set of six silver Art Deco coffee spoons - Birmingham 1928, by Hukin and Heath - boxed 25-35
187.    A silver spoon in fitted case - London 1827, poss Wm Chawner II 30-50
188.    A Georgian silver magnifying eye glass by Joseph Willmore, Birmingham 1817 50-70
189.    A pair of early 19th century silver shell bowl sugar tongs and a pair of small claw sugar tongs 30-50
190.    A silver heart shaped pill box, London 1976 - 5 x 4.5cm 15-25
191.    A silver pin tray embossed angel heads Birmingham 1907 By TI, 10 x 7cm 20-40
192.    An Edwardian silver five bar toast rack on claw feet, Sheffield 1907 50-70
193.    A pair of Georgian silver sauce ladles 1814 and a later Victorian one, 100g 50-70
194.    A silver shoe horn and button hook - cased 30-40
195.    A set of six silver handled tea knives cased, Sheffield 1894 25-35
196.    A silver pierced bon bon dish - Birmingham 1910 20-40
197.    An Edwardian silver photograph framed with arch top and embossed swags, 24 x 20cm Chester 1910 80-120
198.    A silver magnifying glass with loop handle - Birmingham 1919 30-50
199.    A silver three piece tea set comprising teapot, milk and sugar, Sheffield 1941 - 810g 180-250
200.    A pair of silver sauce boats with wavy edges and hoof feet, Birmingham 1939 - 200g 50-70
201.    A Victorian silver handled ivory page turner 30-50
202.    A silver cigarette case - 176g 50-70
203.    A continental silver cream jug with foliate feet 130g 30-50
204.    A pair of silver oval half reeded salts and two spoons, boxed - Birmingham 1897 (handle a/f) 40-60
205.    A gold mourning ring with traces of enamel - size Q
206.    An 18 carat gold stone set cluster ring - size P
207.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set five stone diamond ring - size N 120-180
208.    A gold ring set blue topaz flanked by diamonds - size K/L 80-120
209.    A 9 carat gold emerald and diamond ring - size L/M 60-80
210.    An 18 carat gold diamond set cluster ring - size R 1/2 60-80
211.    An 18 carat gold and diamond set wishbone ring - size R
212.    A 14 carat gold five stone diamond ring - size N 50-100
213.    A 9 carat gold and diamond set Claddagh ring - size S 30-40
214.    Two 9 carat gold diamond cluster rings - size S 40-60
215.    A 9 carat gold studio designed peridot set ring - size N/O 100-150
216.    An antique yellow metal ring with carved tigers eye cameo - size N/O 60-80
217.    A 9 carat gold amethyst and white stone cluster ring - size P 30-50
218.    A white gold diamond ring set two rows of diamonds, size N 150-200
219.    An 18 carat gold three stone diamond ring - size S 400-500
220.    A George III gold and black enamel mourning ring of scrolling form 'Joan Bulpin OB 14th Oct 1777 AE60' size S, 3.3g 60-80
221.    An 18 carat gold five stone claw set diamond half hoop ring, size M 180-250
222.    An 18 carat gold ring set three sapphires and two pairs of diamonds size O 150-200
223.    An 18 carat gold ring set three diamonds, size P 100-150
224.    A Victorian 18 carat gold ring set three diamonds in square settings 150-200
225.    An 18 carat gold modern ring set square panel of nine diamonds, size N 250-350
226.    A 9 carat gold ring set oval cut sapphire, size M 50-70
227.    Spare lot 0-10
228.    Spare lot 0-10
229.    Spare lot 0-10
230.    A 9 carat gold framed cameo brooch 5.2 x 4.2cm and a silver framed cameo pendant (pin a/f) 50-60
231.    A Victorian 9 carat gold mourning brooch with locket back - unmarked 30-40
232.    An antique cameo brooch re-mounted in gold 4.5 x 3.8cm and another gold framed cameo 50-60
233.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold brooch/pendant set seed pearls on gold chain 9.9g 120-180
234.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold moon and star form brooch set seed pearls 4g 60-80
235.    An oval front and back gold locket with engraved decoration 30-50
236.    A Victorian gold brooch - 3.7cm 20-30
237.    An 18 carat gold and enamel Royal Flying Corps sweetheart brooch, boxed 100-150
238.    A fine Art Deco platinum rectangular brooch set all over diamonds 4.5 x 1.8cm, 8.5g 1000-1500
239.    A late Georgian/early Victorian intaglio drop pendant decorated classical woman, set with diamond, garnet and pearl suspender 150-200
240.    A Hirsch 18 carat white gold and platinum line bracelet set emerald cut diamonds, in original box, 15g (7.5 carats diamond weight) 5500-6500
241.    A pair of 18 carat gold diamond cluster earrings (approx 2.5 carats diamonds), 1.5cm dia, 9.5g 500-700
242.    An 18ct gold bracelet set seven oval cut sapphires and twelve diamonds - total weight 18g, the sapphires 7mm x 5.1mm x 3.8mm, tone 8, saturation 3. With full insurance certificate, valued 6825. 1000-1500
243.    A 9 carat gold pendant set seed pearls and aquamarine, on 9 carat gold chain 40-60
244.    A 9 carat gold bangle, a pair of 14 carat gold earrings, a 9 carat gold pair of earrings (11g) and a 22 carat gold wedding band (4.8g) etc 200-300
245.    A 9 carat gold charm bracelet set gold charms, total weight 20g 200-300
246.    A 9 carat gold pearl set pendant and chain 80-120
247.    A pearl necklace with 835 silver clasp 40-60
248.    A 9 carat gold two colour gold necklace set diamond and a yellow metal bracelet set white stone 120-180
249.    A 9 carat gold hinged bangle with engraved decoration 10g 100-150
250.    A Victorian gold scrollwork and hardstone brooch (unmarked but tested) 40-60
251.    A silver charm bracelet and charms 96g 20-40
252.    A silver and turquoise pendant, a silver and amber bracelet and a white metal bracelet and brooch 20-30
253.    Spare lot 0-10
254.    A 9 carat gold bracelet with 9 carat gold Snoopy charm and yellow metal St Christopher - total weight 15g, plus a yellow metal ring 4g, and gold filled bracelet 150-200
255.    A 9 carat gold stick pin shaped as a horseshoe 30-40
256.    A silver stone fob, silver fob and an unusual Georgian pendant fob with encased gold wheatsheaf 40-60
257.    An owl form intaglio pendant, an agate brooch and a citrine brooch set in 9 carat gold 30-40
258.    A pendant set peridot, amethyst and blue topaz - boxed and a silver designer spiral necklace 20-40
259.    An Indian silver pendant and chain set with garnets - boxed 10-30
260.    A selection of silver chains and bracelet 50-70
261.    A small group of silver jewellery 10-20
262.    A silver plated vesta, a miniature stone Celtic dagger brooch (no pin) etc 20-30
263.    A box of costume jewellery including silver and amber necklace, and silver marcasite brooch 20-30
264.    A Scottish hardstone and silver brooch with reg mark 20-40
265.    Three silver and amber rings 30-50
266.    A silver and amethyst flower form ring and three pairs of mother of pearl and gold plated studs 40-60
267.    A silver gilt masonic medal, a silver fob and two other badges 20-30
268.    A pair of yellow metal blue zircon stud earrings, a silver butterfly brooch and a marcasite and bone rose brooch 10-20
269.    A 10K gold Hoover pin set diamond, and a gold plated service pin 30-50
270.    A Siamese silver bracelet with niello decoration 10-20
271.    Six pairs of costume earrings (three post and three clip-on's) 10-20
272.    A Venetian glass bead necklace 10-20
273.    A David Anderson silver and enamel brooch - signed on reverse 30-50
274.    A 19th century carved Chinese bangle decorated dragon 40-60
275.    Two silver hinged bangles 10-20
276.    Five various silver rings 20-30
277.    A large silver belt buckle 20-40
278.    A white metal hinged bracelet and an antique eternity ring 10-30
279.    A small silver compact, seven various silver rings and two silver pendants 20-40
280.    A freshwater pearl necklace with pink beads 10-20
281.    A freshwater pearl necklace with red and green beads 10-20
282.    A freshwater pearl necklace with red beads 10-20
283.    A freshwater pearl necklace with gilt and green beads 10-20
284.    A freshwater pearl necklace with lilac beads 10-20
285.    A silver and jet fringe necklace and a silver chain 10-20
286.    An amber bead necklace 14g 40-60
287.    Eight pairs of vintage clip earrings including Ciner, David Hill etc 10-20
288.    A Victorian jet bangle and a hair locket 50-70
289.    A cinnabar lacquer box and contents of costume jewellery including silver necklace 10-30
290.    A small box of costume jewellery including enamel badges 10-20
291.    An Art Deco paste bracelet - boxed 10-20
292.    A lapis lazuli necklace, earrings and bracelet 20-30
293.    Three malachite necklaces and a bangle 20-30
294.    Various costume jewellery including silver and hat pins 10-20
295.    Four various amber and simulated amber necklaces 30-50
296.    A large silver mounted agate bracelet, an onyx bracelet, stone necklace and amethyst pendant 40-60
297.    A Stratton compact boxed and various costume jewellery 10-20
298.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
299.    A string of Lotus cultured pearls, a string of Newquay 'pearls' and Camelot simulated pearls 30-50
300.    An Omega Constellation gentleman's wrist watch 'Double Eagle' with co axial escapement, boxed with certificate and paperwork 2000-2500
301.    A Tudor stainless steel Snowflake Blackbury wrist watch 2017, boxed and with certificates 2000-2500
302.    A Breitling Navatimer World GMT chronograph wrist watch 2000-2500
303.    Spare lot 0-10
304.    An 18K gold ladies wrist watch by Curtis 30-50
305.    A 9 carat gold gents Accurist wrist watch 50-70
306.    A Rolex Oyster Precision Stainless Steel gentleman's vintage wrist watch with Arabic and baton numerals 300-500
307.    Withdraw 20-30
308.    An 18 carat gold fob watch with engraved dial and monogram to back 300-400
309.    An 18k gold fob watch with engraved dial 150-200
310.    A Waltham gold plated pocket watch with screw back case 25-35
311.    A Doxa silver plated large size pocket watch and a Gieves Ltd fob watch 10-20
312.    A ladies Seiko wrist watch, a Rotary watch, Lotus watch and an 800 standard silver pocket watch 20-40
313.    A 19th century pair cased watch by Wm Bristow of London, the inner and outer case dated London 1810 60-80
314.    A 19th century silver pocket watch with silver Albert chain - case Birmingham 1884, marked chronometer lever to face 30-50
315.    A late 19th century/early 20th century Swiss silver pocket watch with silver Albert chain 30-50
316.    A 19th century silver pair cased watch and key, London 1869 - unsigned and lacking outer case 30-50
317.    A group of five modern wristwatches 20-30
318.    A gentlemans Roamer wrist watch, a ladies Tissot watch and two other mechanical watches 25-35
319.    Two gentlemans Avia watches and two other vintage watches 25-35
320.    A gentlemans Seiko automatic and three other vintage gentlemans watches 25-35
321.    Various pocket watches, a Rotary watch and costume jewellery 10-20
322.    Three various watches and various costume jewellery 10-20
323.    A Timex vintage gents wrist watch, Solix watch and three ladies watches, plus ink pen and cigarette holder 20-40
324.    A group of eight modern and vintage pocket watches 20-30
325.    A Rotary quartz gents wrist watch and two Sekonda watches - all boxed, plus cufflinks and a Rotary pen 20-40
326.    A box of costume jewellery including pocket watches etc 10-30
327.    Spare lot 0-10
328.    A Japanese Satsuma powder blue vase with white floral relief decoration and painted panels - 23cm 50-60
329.    A Japanese Imari fruit bowl 24cm, and a charger 20-30
330.    A pair of large Japanese vases with all over decoration- 150 x 80cm 60-80
331.    A pair of Chinese white dogs of Fo on plinth bases and marked 'China' to base - 25cm 50-70
332.    A Satsuma plate decorated cockerel and hen - 21cm 20-30
333.    A Canton plate decorated birds and butterflies, 19cm dia 10-20
334.    A Japanese Imari vase painted and moulded decoration - 23cm 30-50
335.    A group of various small items of Chinese porcelain 20-30
336.    A Chinese ginger jar painted Wah Wah and other figures on a terrace - 30cm 80-100
337.    A large Imari vase decorated fan and flowers - 31cm 20-40
338.    An 18th century Chinese Kangxi blue and white pottery vase and cover painted landscape a/f - 17cm 20-30
339.    A pair of 19th century Chinese famille verte cylindrial flower vases with pierced decoration painted scenes of dignitaries playing billiards, one a/f - 29 cm 80-120
340.    A large Japanese charger decorated interior scene with dignitary and attendants - on floral ground - damaged - 55cm 30-50
341.    A Chinese octagonal blue and white dish decorated dragon - 17cm 15-25
342.    A Chinese white metal spherical travelling incense burner or censor with all over pierced decoration - Chinese silver marks to hinge 80-120
343.    A Chinese white metal thumb ring with revolving band - marked to interior 40-60
344.    An Indian Rajstani white metal wedding belt 150-200
345.    A mid 19th century Persian cast silver belt set turquoise 50-70
346.    An early 19th century Chinese Canton fan painted figurative scenes on lacquer in original fitted lacquer box 70-90
347.    An early 20th century Mughal style watercolour hunting scene 12 x 19cm and a small plaque painted animals 30-50
348.    A Chinese carved horn spoon and four carved stone goldfish 10-20
349.    A 'jade' seal carved lion 10-30
350.    A Chinese carved 'Jade' scent bottle 10-20
351.    A pair of oriental stone ink mortars 10-20
352.    Three Japanese carved wooden gold fish 20-40
353.    Three oriental reproduction netsuke 10-30
354.    A group of carved stone animals including a pair of Fo dogs, horse, cicada, tiger and temple lion etc. 30-50
355.    A Chinese bronze bowl - 17cm 50-70
356.    Two Oriental white metal boxes with blue and white lids 10-20
357.    A Japanese antimony tray decorated cranes - 29 x 19cm 15-25
358.    Four Chinese costume dolls 10-20
359.    Eight painted Indian fabric panels 70-90
360.    A pair of early 20th century brass oriental incense burners in the form of kylin lions with turquoise set eyes - 32cm 80-120
361.    An early 20th century Chinese lacquer tea caddy decorated exotic birds with pewter inner liner, 16cm wide 60-80
362.    A late 19th century Chinese bone travelling eating trousse with knife and chopsticks - brass and jade mounted with stained engraved decoration 80-100
363.    A late 19th century watercolour miniature on ivory Mughal style portrait of a princess in heavy gilt frame - 10 x 7cm 80-120
364.    A Chinese 'jade' face screen with stone applied decoration on carved wood stand - 24cm 20-40
365.    A Chinese hardstone box carved bamboo - 10 x 6 x 3cm 40-60
366.    A mid 20th century carved 'jade' dragon - 30cm 30-50
367.    A pair of mid 20th century carved 'jade' dragons 30-50
368.    A Japanese cloisonne vase with scenes of Mount Fuji - 21cm 20-40
369.    A Chinese cloisonne vase and cover - 16cm 20-30
370.    A 19th century Burmese bow fronted side cabinet with pierced and carved decoration to raised back and four doors 120 x 150 x 50cm 500-700
371.    A set of six unusual 19th century Chinese black lacquer stacking occasional tables, each decorated with low relief scene - two with legs broken but parts present 60-80
372.    A 20th century Korean six fold screen with embroidered panels 60-80
373.    A pair of full length Japanese watercolour paintings of a man and a woman, the man with sword and parasol and the woman holding a pekinese dog 158cm x 56cm 150-200
374.    A late 19th century Chinese wooden tripled lobed stand with a carved dragon to each corner - 16cm high 20-30
375.    A miniature oriental cabinet with brass mounts and stone panels - 24cm, and a lacquer and mother of pearl box 20-40
376.    A set of three Chinese carved bamboo figures of laughing Buddha - 40cm 80-100
377.    Two 20th century Mughal style watercolours depicting equestrian figures with falcons, 19cm x 14cm 30-50
378.    A cork picture of Oriental temples in glazed frame on stand - 30cm tall 10-20
379.    Spare lot 0-10
380.    Spare lot 0-10
381.    An extending booklet for the Bayeux Tapestry 10-20
382.    An early shipbuilding photograph showing Brunel's Great Eastern under construction at Millwall c.1854 60-80
383.    Ten letters to and from Mr John Shepherd (House Surgeon at Manchester Infirmary) 1805 - 7 relating to testimonials 40-60
384.    A mixed group of ephemera including Eagle Dan Dare booklet, three London Life 1930's magazines, eight Windmill magazines etc 10-30
385.    Two Morris brochures including The New Morris Sixer Series II and the Morris Ten Series III, with a 1936 Morris Owner magazine 10-20
386.    A group of ephemera relating to Frankie Vaughan including autograph 10-20
387.    A box of early 20th century maps including OS, Bacons, Bartholomews and Geological Survey 20-40
388.    A collection of 19th photographs and prints showing mainly ships and harbour related scenes including Malta harbour, early Suez Canal, Stockholm, Marseilles etc 40-60
389.    An England v USSR football programme for 2nd June 1984 10-20
390.    Three Bournemouth and Manchester United related football programmes Official Season programme 1988 - 89, The Milk Cup AFC October 1982 and 'Head for the Top with the Cherries' July 1972, plus a 1968 Bournemouth and Boscombe v Liverpool programme 100-150
391.    A World Championship Jules Rimet Cup football programme for Wembley 30th July 1966. Good condition, no internal writing 60-80
392.    A Bournemouth v Manchester United football programme for 7th January 1984 - signed by all the Bournemouth players 80-120
393.    Two Victorian leather bound photograph albums and contents of portrait photographs and another album 40-60
394.    The New Table Book by Frederick Eltze edited by Mark Lemon 1867 - condition: Fair 50-70
395.    The Sport of Our Ancestors by Lord Willoughby de Broke - illustrated with tipped in plates by G D Armour and published by Constable 1921 20-30
396.    A group of reference books including Observer books, Cattle Breeds, Cookery etc 20-30
397.    A collection of various literary books including three by Rudyard Kipling 30-50
398.    A collection of twenty Folio Society books - mainly memoirs and essays of Royalty and religious figures 30-50
399.    The Death of Abel by Soloman Gessner translated by Frederic Shobel published Albion Press 60-80
400.    Coming Down the Wye by Robert Gibbings 10-20
401.    The Posthumous Papers of The Pickwick Club by Charles Dickens - Chapman & Hall 1837 first edition. Illustrated by Seymour and Phiz, complete but in poor condition 60-80
402.    A copy of 'The Springs of Adventure' by Wilfrid Noyce, a 1958 first edition and signed by Noyce 20-30
403.    The Beauties of Sterne, including many of his letters and sermons etc etc c.1770 - damage to spine 30-40
404.    Coming Down the Seine by Robert Gibbings 10-20
405.    Jane Austen's Letters to her Sister Cassandra. Two volumes published by Clarendon Press 1932 - first edition 50-60
406.    Edmund Dulac's Picture Book and Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam 20-30
407.    A collection of six Eagle Annuals, nos 1 to 6 from 1950's 20-30
408.    A box of 19th century poetry books including Humes 'England' - seven volumes 20-30
409.    An Album of Chalk Streams by E A Barton, A Fisherman's Angles by Patrick Chalmers and two other fishing titles 10-20
410.    A collection of nineteen Folio Society books mainly themed around expeditions and military history 30-50
411.    Three books on Nelson and Trafalgar 10-20
412.    Phil May 1864-1903. Master Draughtsman and Humourist. Published by George Harrap 1932 first edition 20-30
413.    Little Ann and Other Poems by Jane and Ann Taylor - illustrations by Kate Greenaway, printed in colour by Edmund Evans and published by George Routledge 1883 30-40
414.    A group of four books on mountaineering: Everest, The Mountain World 1955, Annapurna and Kanchenjunga 10-20
415.    A Day in a Child's Life - illustrated by Kate Greenaway, music by Myles B. Foster, engraved by Edmund Evans and published by George Routledge 1881 30-40
416.    Commercial Timbers of Peninsular Malaysia, Illustrations of Economic Timber 1975, World Woods in Colour and The Craftsman Woodturner 30-50
417.    The Trial at Bar of Sir Roger C D Tichborne by Dr Kenealy, published by The Englishman. This volume set includes all the preliminaries and the trial in 1873 60-80
418.    Seven books on the Great War and WWII 10-20
419.    Twelve military themed books on the Royal Navy and the RAF 10-20
420.    A box of literary books 10-30
421.    A box of Irish themed books 20-40
422.    A group of twenty books on medals and militaria etc 20-40
423.    The War Illustrated by Hammerton - volumes 1 - 10 10-20
424.    Two boxes of books and magazines on The Beatles 10-20
425.    Spare lot 0-10
426.    Roy Petley - watercolour landscape with cows - 35 x 52cm 50-70
427.    Flora Mitchell (1890 - 1973) pen and watercolour 'Royal College of Surgeons Ireland' Dublin, inscribed to verso, presented at Paediatrics Association 1969 by Prof S Dundan - (Dublin's First professor of Paediatrics at the Royal College of Surgeons) 22 x 30cm 800-1000
428.    A watercolour with bridge over river by Shepherd - 18 x 21cm 20-30
429.    A coloured map print of fox hunting districts 'Huntingdonshire' - 40 x 33cm 20-40
430.    A framed photograph of the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Brunel (photograph taken by Robert Howlett 1857) 20-40
431.    Two wooden table lamps on turned supports 15-25
432.    Two wooden table lamps on turned supports 15-25
433.    A bronze effect horse racing clock 10-20
434.    A set of three bronze effect resin figures 10-20
435.    A pair of early 20th century spelter figures of Industry and Commerce 33cm tall 10-20
436.    A bronze finish vase with climbing cherub - 15cm tall 10-30
437.    A Heredities bronze finish group with dolphin and mermaid 'Sea Maid' 1801/3000, with framed certificate 30-50
438.    A Record No.5 1/2 carpenters plane 20-30
438A.   A Stanley Bailey England No.4 1/2 smoothing plane 20-30
438B.   A Stanley Bailey No.4 carpenters smoothing plane 15-25
439.    A Record No.311 rebate plane 20-40
440.    A Stanley Bailey USA No.7 iron jointer plane 40-60
441.    A Record No.6 iron fore plane 30-40
442.    A Record Plough plane No.043 20-30
443.    A Rabbert and Fillister plane by Woden (No W78) 20-30
444.    A military tin box and contents of engineers tools, calipers and dividers etc 10-20
445.    An Irwin Marples 45 degree mitre marking gauge and another adjustable gauge, plus a box of letter punches - 5mm 10-20
446.    A box of four wood planes 20-30
447.    A group of woodworkers lathe tools and rest with chuck 20-30
448.    A Record No.5 plane and a Record No.4 1/2 plane 30-50
449.    A Lewin Universal moulding plane with sixteen cutters 30-50
450.    A box of woodworking tools including Stanley breast brace, four marking gauges, level, spoke shave etc 20-30
451.    Two large antique wooden carpenters screw clamps with 12" jaws 10-20
452.    An antique wooden bow saw stamped D Stait 15-25
453.    A large box of antique moulding planes etc 20-40
454.    Four various beechwood jack planes and a grooving plane 20-30
455.    Seven old wood working saws and two tenon saws including Tysack and Spear and Jackson Sheffield 20-40
456.    A copper warming pan, two small copper saucepans, planter etc 10-30
457.    Three pairs of vintage brass candlesticks 10-20
458.    A Victorian sampler with trees and birds, dated 1845 26 x 18cm 30-50
459.    An Oris travel alarm clock, travel clock, a Smiths sectric lantern clock and two other clocks 15-25
460.    A miniature prayer book and hymn box in ivorine case 10-20
461.    A 19th century bone handled fleam 10-20
462.    A large early 1930's porcelain and brass electrical socket 'Minimax' with fitted bakelite four pin plug 10-20
463.    A small 19th century wooden cased compass and a pocket folding rule 20-40
464.    An unusual 19th century Indian armadillo claw form 'scaled' snuff mull with silver plated mounts - lacking lid 30-50
465.    An Irish brass twelve blade scarificator or bleeder engraved A Robertson of Dublin 80-120
466.    A collection of six old ink pens and various other pens etc in George Horner & Co tin 40-60
467.    A box of old Parker fountain pens etc 10-20
468.    Two Parker ink pens and two Waterman ink pens 10-20
469.    A Cross biro and pencil set made for Whitbread, boxed 30-50
470.    Spare lot 0-10
471.    Eight 19th century mother of pearl and bone cotton reel bobbins and a small carved lava cameo 30-40
472.    A Singer sewing machine No.28K - with instructions 20-40
473.    A set of Baird and Tatlock gold measuring weights boxed 10-20
474.    A collection of two Parker ink pens, a Cross pencil and biro, Parker pencil etc, plus mother of pearl pocket knife 30-50
475.    A hexagonal brass tampion for HMS L54 Royal Navy Submarine - built 1917-18, scrapped 1939. Converted to a door stop 30-50
476.    A WWII large shell case vase 10-20
477.    A cast iron cannon - 43cm long, together with another miniature one 60-100
478.    A Schermuly Line Throwing Pistol Pat No. 503324 S2, circa 1930's 80-120
479.    A 1940's St John's Ambulance First Aid Book and a group of St Johns Ambulance and Red Cross badges 10-20
480.    Five enamel Traders Association badges 20-30
480A.   A WWII defence medal, War Medal and France and Germany medal plus Aircraft Maintenance Licence booklet for Edward Reginald Terry and a British Legion badge 30-50
481.    A WWII set of five miniatures 10-20
482.    A group of collectables including WWI medal to SPR GW Byalis CE No. 500009, a silver scout badge, miniature compass, Victorian hair locket etc 20-30
483.    A group of scouting badges including two silver ones plus a pair of cufflinks and a girl guide badge 20-30
484.    A set of WWII medals including Burma Star, 1939 - 45 Star, Defence Medal, War Medal and Efficient Service medal 'Territorial' to S.Sgt J M Evans 1450076 - boxed 40-60
485.    A Queen Elizabeth II General Service medal with Radfan & Malay Peninsular bar, framed and glazed, and a British Legion Women's Section badge 30-50
486.    A group of badges including Munitions lapel badge, silver Signal Corps badge and another silver badge, plus four other various badges 10-30
487.    A German Third Reich Luftwaffe belt buckle and an army belt buckle 50-70
488.    A 19th century flintlock pistol with brass mounts by Barnett 150-200
489.    A 19th century pocket percussion cap steel and mahogany pistol by Crickmay of Portsmouth, 12mm bore with screw off barrel 60-80
490.    A WWII silk embroidered panel 'Victory for the Allies - Malta Present' 49 x 40cm 50-70
491.    A pair of field glasses, a 1943 military binocular case and a pair of opera glasses 10-20
492.    A pair of Barr and Stroud WWII Naval binoculars CF41 with MOD arrow mark No 58123, in leather case 60-80
493.    A pair of Carl Zeiss Jena Jenoptem binoculars - in leather case 40-60
494.    A collection of del Prado lead soldiers - approx 70 40-60
495.    A large Union Jack flag and two smaller ones 30-50
496.    A box of treen items including dish, tea caddy, tourist ware, egg cups, stamp and pot pourri boxes etc 20-30
497.    A box of various collectables 10-20
498.    A naive carved rosewood panel depicting the Mona Lisa - 32 x 23cm 40-60
499.    A pair of African bronze double sided figures on stepped bases - 14cm 30-50
500.    A Danish pewter pipe rest 10-20
501.    A Lavazza coffee pot and two French coffee pots 10-20
502.    A bronze finish elephant 6cm tall, and a smaller carved wood one 10-20
503.    An Eastern arch top bone framed mirror 32m high 10-20
504.    A copper small saucepan and lid, jug and tumbler 10-20
505.    A Marshall Gramophones needles display poster 32 x 25cm 10-20
506.    A small tray of collectable penknives and folding knives 10-20
507.    A Bakelite electric shock machine - boxed 10-20
508.    Lesley Anne Ivory - two circular watercolour miniatures of black cat and kittens 10.5cm diameter 60-80
509.    Lesley Anne Ivory - watercolour circular miniature of a flower 10.5cm diameter 20-30
510.    Lesley Anne Ivory - a circular watercolour miniature of an owl and another of a birds nest 10.5cm diameter 60-80
511.    A Victorian Fry's chocolate ivorine and velvet chocolate box 10-20
512.    Three miniature painted model house facades by Shelia 10-20
513.    A set of six Kate Greenaway style printed and painted doilies and two Lewis Carroll Alice In Wonderland ones 30-50
514.    A copper planter and contents including surveyors measure etc 10-20
515.    Three framed printed miniatures in gilt frames 10-20
516.    A group of brass nautical themed key rings 10-20
517.    A group of butter pats and moulds 20-40
518.    Nine various old pipes including Big Ben, Pipo and Sport, and a cigarette holder 20-40
519.    An Indian carved wooden carving set together with a circular wooden tray and a weaving tool 10-20
520.    A gilt metal painted miniature coffee set on tray 10-20
521.    A group of early 20th century film reels for industrial purposes such as engineering 20-30
522.    A box of collectables including vintage rolling pin, compass, penknife etc 10-20
523.    A pewter plate and three pewter items 10-20
524.    A group of pewter teaware on tray and three brass cider measures 10-20
525.    A Vest Pocket Kodak, a Brownie box camera and a Monte Carlo camera - all cased 20-30
526.    Four large glass hydrometers - 76cm 20-30
527.    A pair of African ebony head bookends 10-20
528.    A 19th century carved ebony figure of an African slave, bound and gagged - 31cm (these figures were made to draw attention to the anti-slavery movement) 80-120
529.    An Indonesian painted papier mache mask 40cm tall x 48cm wide 80-120
530.    A carved tribal smiling case mask with bristle hair - 48cm tall including hair 80-120
531.    A miniature copper divers helmet 10-20
532.    A large Victorian pewter tankard 10-20
533.    An Aesthetic movement painted and printed pseudo leather evening bag or glove bag with bird decoration and tassel ties 20-40
534.    A 1940's album of seven watercolour farmyard scenes monogrammed DMA 20-40
535.    A mahogany glove box from 1918 20-30
536.    A set of four silver plated and gilt sportsman's spirit tumblers in leather case 10-20
537.    A marquetry playing cards box decorated shamrock, and two sets of playing cards 20-30
538.    A boxwood chess set and inlaid board 20-40
539.    An Indian bone and inlaid vizagapatum games box with cribbage board to top and contents of bone dominoes 40-60
540.    A brass cased ships barometer and clock, 10.5cm diameter 30-50
541.    A Banda set of carpet bowls boxed 10-20
542.    A 19th century baseball 'Hometown Battery' cast iron American money box - distressed 10-20
543.    A Smiths Bakelite mantel clock and an Enfield oak cased mantel clock 15-25
544.    An oak Art Deco striking mantel clock and two other 1930's mantel clocks 20-30
545.    Two 1930's Smiths oak chiming mantel clocks 10-20
546.    An antique Chinese 'Steelyard' balance with wooden shaft, iron hooks, cast brass fittings and weight - stamped proof marks 30-50
547.    Four various vintage barometers, three thermometers and a thermometer, barometer, hygrometer 15-25
548.    A red and blue ground Persian runner with medallion design 275 x 108cm 60-80
549.    A Persian rug with all over floral medallion design on a dark blue ground 150cm x 105cm 60-80
550.    A Persian silk and wool rug with floral medallion design on a pale blue ground 200cm x 136cm 100-150
551.    A painting on silk of Japanese woman with a parasol - 41 x 26cm 20-40
552.    A Japanese woodblock print by O'Hara Koson two geese in flight - 23 x 24cm 30-50
553.    Carol Ann Rawlings - Chinese style watercolour - lotus and frog - 38 x 29cm 20-30
554.    A 1930's oak open waterfall bookcase with cupboard to base 20-30
555.    Frederick J Aldridge - pair of oils sailing vessels and fishing vessels off the coast - 29 x 50cm 300-500
556.    H M Wilson - oil woodland scene - 21 x 29cm 20-30
557.    Three small oil seascapes by Terry Duncan - the largest 14 x 19cm 20-30
558.    G Harris - oil on board seascape with gulls - 19 x 31cm 40-60
559.    Harry Musgrave (1884 - 1910) - oil on canvas seascape - 44 x 180cm 150-200
560.    H L Simkin - oil on canvas Highland Landscape - 39 x 59cm 40-60
561.    Gordon Clifford-Barlow - oil on board landscape - 49 x 59cm 40-60
562.    James Eadie Reid - watercolour design for a stained glass window (Eadie was employed at a stained glass company) - 60 x 27cm 120-180
563.    I John - watercolour of a peacock - 35 x 14cm 20-40
564.    A Victorian ebonised music cabinet with mirrored back and glazed door 20-30
565.    A pair of stone classical heads on plinth bases 30-50
566.    Gilbert Widap (?) - watercolour landscape with sailing boats - 25 x 38cm 20-30
567.    A 1930's large mahogany perpetual desk calendar - 22cm 50-80
568.    An early 20th century modernist bankers brass desk lamp, pat. no 342705 - 40cm 80-120
569.    A Victorian stretcher table with inlaid chessboard top and bobbin turned supports 30-50
570.    A large bronze group of five flying geese on circular stand - 37cm high 200-400
571.    A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table with turned supports 30-50
572.    A small 1930's oak drop front table top display cabinet with glass door 10-30
573.    A Victorian Royal Doulton Lambeth foot warmer 10-20
574.    A 19th century mahogany folding campaign chair 30-40
575.    A large gilt framed mirror with Royal Crest surmount 92 x 66cm 20-40
576.    A copper hunting horn 10-20
577.    Roy Petley - pair of watercolours The Thames at Richmond - 37 x 27cm 100-150
578.    Letice M Thompson pastel continental street scene with figures - 27 x 37cm 30-50
579.    Edwin Harris (Newlyn School) - watercolour 'Over the Heath' 33 x 47cm 30-50
580.    Ronald Ossary Dunlop - oil on panel woodland stream - 35 x 46cm 400-600
581.    An early 20th century gouache of a steam ship - 41 x 68cm 80-120
582.    A watercolour moorland scene signed indistinctly - 20 x 33cm 20-30
583.    Two watercolour landscapes signed indistinctly - the largest 13 x 36cm 20-30
584.    H Hughes Richardson - watercolour landscape - 28 x 41cm 30-50
585.    A table top bank of pine and mahogany drawers - 38 x 97 x 27cm 60-80
586.    A bowl of carved wooden fruit 10-30
587.    A bowl of stone eggs 10-20
588.    A Georgian oak chest of three drawers on bracket feet 60-100
589.    A large plaster bust of a woman, on plinth - signed 'Stanfield' 56cm 60-80
590.    Alfred Feyen Perrin (1838 - 1918) - oil on canvas Welsh landscape 'A Frosty Day Plas Celyn, Penmaen Mawr' - signed and dated 1880 40-60
591.    A Victorian mahogany triple wardrobe with central mirror door flanked by two panelled doors, the interior fitted one hanging robe and linen trays over drawers - 80-120
592.    A Victorian walnut and Tunbridgeware overmantel mirror - 86 x 52cm 10-30
593.    Two pairs of large gilt carved wood ecclesiastical finials - 100cm 20-40
594.    A Heals 1940's mahogany framed pair of bed ends and irons, with label 20-30
595.    A Victorian mahogany topped rectangular pub table on cast iron gothic style base by Gaskells Bar Fitters, Birmingham 80-120
596.    Two 19th century stoneware cider barrels, and three large flagons for: Charles Gibson Brecon, W T Smith Pembroke Dock and Joseph Karm and Son Ltd Gloucester (a/f) 40-60
597.    Four large stoneware flagons 40-60
598.    A Denby apple green vintage stoneware hot water bottle 10-20
599.    A good Jacques croquet set with accessories and instructions 50-70
600.    An 18th century stained wood chest with two drawers to base - lid a/f 40-60
601.    A large quantity of Victorian jelly moulds 10-20
602.    A box of Victorian jelly moulds 10-20
603.    A mahogany torchere stand on tripod feet 20-30
604.    A 19th century mahogany apprentice chest on bracket supports 41 x 42 x 24cm 100-150
605.    A 19th century mahogany apprentice chest of drawers 34 x 36cm 50-70
606.    A Victorian mahogany pier cabinet with single glazed door 20-40
607.    A vintage black anglepoise lamp 20-40
608.    A vintage white anglepoise lamp 20-40
609.    A model sailing boat - approx 66cm 20-40
610.    A model yacht - 66cm 20-40
611.    A model of a sailing yacht - approx 93cm 40-60
612.    A large scale model of a sailing ship - 124cm 60-80
613.    A model of a sailing yacht - approx 59cm 20-30
614.    A model of a sailing boat with oars - approx 49cm 20-40
615.    A model of a sailing ship - approx 55cm 40-60
616.    A model three masted galleon in perspex case - 60cm 30-50
617.    A large model sailing ship in perspex case 100-150
618.    A small yew wood reproduction kneehole desk 30-50
619.    A large carved wooden head of a female - 44cm 30-50
620.    A vintage 1930's oak mantel clock - 39cm tall 10-20
621.    A 1930's mahogany mantel clock - 33cm wide 10-20
622.    An Oswin and Co of Hereford small oak mantel clock - 20cm wide 10-20
623.    A Victorian glass oil lamp with green shade and Duplex burner 10-20
624.    A miniature wooden chest of four drawers - 27cm tall 20-40
625.    Two handmade wooden dulcimers 20-30
626.    An Art Deco silver plated horse racing themed table cigar box decorated enamel jockey caps and crops, with contents of Havana cigars and cigar cutter 40-60
627.    A Huntley and Palmers cylindrical biscuit tin printed hunting scene 10-20
628.    A taxidermy cuckoo and nest in glazed cabinet - 51 x 31cm 60-80
629.    A 19th century floral carved wood panel - 64 x 31cm, plus six small carved wood painted heraldic shields 20-40
630.    A 19th century carved wood pastry mould with later added feet 10-30
631.    A collection of eight stoneware and glass jars and bottle including Welsh Hills Ginger Beer 10-30
632.    A box of miscellaneous brass and copper ware 10-20
633.    A box of brass ware containing two trays, jug, bowl, two chestnut roasters, and trivet stand 10-20
634.    A Short and Mason barometer and four other barometers 15-25
635.    A Tiffany style glass light shade 30-50
636.    A 19th century knurled walking cane with replacement carved jockey-head finial, and an umbrella with Indian white metal handle 20-40
637.    A blue silk umbrella with Indian silver embossed handle 20-40
638.    A limited edition print of Concorde 'Second to None' by Stephen Brown 189/400 - unframed, signed by the artist and crew 20-40
639.    An antique oak four handled square tray with decorative edge - 36cm sq 20-40
640.    Two Mamod steam engines - restored 50-70
641.    A model bi-plane - 33cm long 10-20
642.    Two Mamod steam engines - restored 50-70
643.    Two model steam engines and traction wheel 40-60
644.    A French 'Game of the Goose' (Regle du Jeu De L'oie) circa 1918/20 - mounted on a double sided draughts board 50-70
645.    Five miniature Steiff teddy year bears plus Steiff Frederic duck 60-80
646.    A selection of Beatles singles 10-20
647.    A wooden model Noah's Ark 20-30
648.    Two boxes of Beatles tapes and clippings etc 10-20
649.    A box of Beatles coffee mugs and small figures 10-20
650.    A collection of Dinky Army vehicles etc including tanks and guns 60-80
651.    An Escalado set - boxed 20-30
652.    A toy typewriter 'Mettype' and various other toys 20-40
653.    A box of die cast model cars 20-40
654.    A collection of Lledo and other boxed collectable cars 20-30
655.    A Hornby 'O' gauge tinplate clockwork train set with LNER locomotive, carriages, wagons, track, crossing etc 40-60
656.    An Edwardian oak students desk 20-40
657.    A Victorian mahogany side table with five drawers all on turned supports and castors 60-80
658.    A 19th century fold top card table 30-50
659.    A 1930's small slope-fronted oak bureau 20-40
660.    An early 20th century mahogany bureau bookcase with three drawers to base 30-50
661.    A gilt framed mirror flanked by reeded columns 40-60
662.    An old bagatelle board 10-20
663.    A set of four large 19th century John Leech hunting prints , 'Hold Hard Master George', 'Gone Away', 'No Consequence' and 'Mr Jorrocks' - 36 x 58cm plus related book 'The Noble Science John Leech in the Hunting Field' by John Bodkin 100-150
664.    Terry Duncan - oil on board meadow landscape - 48 x 60cm, and another 20-40
665.    Three large surrealist/abstract prints - the largest 61 x 47cm 20-40
666.    Dena Bryant - oil on board 'Madonna & Child with lilies' - 43 x 34cm 30-50
667.    John S Gibb - limited edition print Haverthwaite Station - 20 x 22cm 10-20
668.    Penelope Fleming watercolour - San Pablo, Cadiz, Spain - 34 x 48cm 20-30
669.    A watercolour landscape signed indistinctly - 32 x 48cm 30-50
670.    Evan Ivory - watercolour castle ruins, signed - 50 x 68cm 50-70
671.    A large acrylic alpine scene "Heather , Loch and Arkle" - 28 x 41cm 30-50
672.    A large 19th century map of South Africa - 38 x 53cm 20-30
673.    A Louis Wain print of mother and baby - 23 x 20cm, and one of kittens playing croquet - 16 x 12cm 30-50
674.    Two black and white Louis Wain prints 'Bringing Home the Yule Log' and 'The Crocodile' - 22 x 33cm 10-20
675.    A 19th century Louis Wain coloured engraving of cat with a fan 20-40
676.    Three Louis Wain coloured prints - 10 x 15cm 20-30
676A.   Three small Louis Wain prints including postcard 'The Tiff' - 8 x 13cm 10-30
677.    Five reproduction black and white Louis Wain prints 20-30
678.    Four various Louis Wain black and white prints 10-30
679.    Three 19th century Louis Wain engraved prints 'The Kittens Who Went to School', 'A Cat and Dog Story', and three cats smoking - 24 x 18cm 20-40
680.    Alice Branwell - etching of a dogs head - 17cm x 12cm 20-30
681.    Four various cat prints including limited edition print of a siamese cat by Lesley Anne Ivory 34 x 24cm 10-20
682.    An early 20th century Louis Wain coloured print of bride and groom - 43 x 28cm 50-70
683.    Terry Duncan - oil on board 'Trees in Hertfordshire' 39 x 54cm, and another oil landscape 20-40
684.    A Victorian oil on canvas river landscape with ruin - 48 x 59cm 20-30
685.    S R Earle - oil on board 17th century winter scene - 51 x 62cm 20-30
686.    F W Bannister - oil still life fruit and wine glass - 19 x 29cm 20-40
687.    Dena Bryant - two oil on board still lives - Bottle with Onions and another one - 31 x 49cm 20-40
688.    A coloured print of Highland Cattle after H R Hall - 33 x 54cm 10-30
689.    A large Victorian oil stormy coastal scene 90 x 60cm 60-80
690.    David Bexley - acrylic in historical style "The Unlikely Explanation" - 75 x 90cm 20-40
691.    Fred Millar - a pair of limited edition prints of Phillip Le Roy and his wife circa 1908, signed in pencil - 36 x 21cm 20-40
692.    A coloured print of Tewkesbury Abbey by G Rowe of Cheltenham - 20 x 30cm 10-20
693.    Derek Gardner - limited edition shipping print "50 degrees South and Ice to Port" - 50 x 70cm 20-40
694.    An engraving after Cosway depicting romantic couple with cupid 'Docet Amor' published 1801 by Conde - in maple frame - 20 x 16cm 30-50
695.    Spare lot 0-10
696.    An early 19th century coloured engraving 'Burking Poor Old Mrs Constitution' a satire of Wellington and Peel - 24 x 33cm 20-40
697.    Two early 19th century French coloured engravings of soldiers after Canu - 18 x 13cm, and a stipple engraving of 'Fencing' by J Chapman dated 1806 40-60
698.    A group of six small oil landscapes by Terry Duncan 20-30
699.    A group of seven various small watercolours and oils by various artists, including three miniatures by Alastair MacDonald and a watercolour by Richard Stiles. 20-30
700.    A Horlock - Acrylic abstract painting "This Way" - 40 x 50cm 30-50
700A.   A Horlock - mixed media landscape - 21 x 29cm 20-30
701.    A set of four Jorrocks hunting scene prints by Leach - 17 x 13cm 10-20
702.    A set of five Dena Bryant floral watercolours 20-30
703.    A group of four various 19th century hand coloured steel engravings 10-30
704.    A watercolour garden scene - 15 x 22cm and another of mountains - 17 x 24cm 10-30
705.    Two 19th century map prints of Somersetshire - 19 x 24cm, and Gloucestershire - 22 x 16cm 10-20
706.    An embroidered panel by S Chandler - 33 x 23cm 10-20
707.    A set of three 19th century coloured engravings of Bristol, and three other coloured engravings 20-30
708.    Terry Duncan - four small oil landscapes 20-40
709.    An oil on canvas street scene - 27 x 22cm 20-40
710.    Dena Bryant - two oil arch top panels - figures, and another of the nativity 30-50
711.    Four aeroplane prints by Barry Price - 29 x 39cm 30-50
712.    J Moxon - watercolour agricultural scene - 24 x 35cm (possibly Jenner Moxon) 60-80
713.    Nel Tenison (mother of Terence Cuneo) - watercolour illustration of a woman fending off a puppy with her parasol, signed to front and with text to verso - 30 x 17cm 60-80
713A.   Nel Tenison - (mother of Terrence Cuneo) charcoal and chalk illustration of gentleman greeting woman in a white dress - signed to front - 30 x 23cm 80-120
714.    Elizabeth Morris - etching 43/50 'Another Unmade Bed' - 19 x 25cm 30-50
715.    Pooley - three limited edition prints of Welsh scenes plus two sky studies - 20 x 28cm 10-30
716.    Evan Ivery - two watercolour architectural scenes 22 x 22cm and 14 x 22cm 30-50
717.    A print of birds after H E Eldridge - 22 x 34cm 10-20
718.    A selection of five floral watercolours by Dena Bryant 20-30
719.    Anthony Hale - limited edition modern print " Duct II" - 68 x 50cm 20-40
720.    Dena Bryant - oil Jesus with a sword - 74 x 50cm 30-50
721.    Dena Bryant - two oils 'The Art Class and Nude Study' - 41 x 30cm 30-50
722.    Andrew King - two watercolour coastal scenes with fishing boats - 27 x 39cm and 25 x 35cm 50-70
723.    A colour print after Arthur B Brook 'Mother and Son' published by Frost and Reed - 35 x 31cm 60-80
724.    A small gilt framed mirror 10-30
725.    A gilt framed mirror 57 x 47cm 20-40
726.    Terry Duncan - two large oil seascapes - 47 x 60cm 30-50
727.    Marion Beverley - two watercolours and two still life study drawings - the largest 45 x 28cm 20-40
728.    G W Hutchins - 'SE5A Patrol' mixed media biplanes - 29 x 47cm 20-30
729.    Paul Weston - limited edition print of canal boat 'Cruising the Monmouth and Bream' 59/350 - 22 x 36cm 20-30
730.    A Prince William and Kate Middleton limited edition engagement picture with photograph, first day cover and two coins 10-30
731.    A quantity of silver coinage including: Mexico 2 Reales 1774FM (pierced), Charles I sixpence, a 1711 William III shilling, third bust, a 1757 George II sixpence - Condition: Poor - Fine
732.    A USA Classic Head Cent 1814 Plain Four - designer John Reich. 10.98 grams copper. Mintage 357,830. Condition: Obverse - groove scratch in cheek, otherwise VF. Reverse: VF - EF
733.    An Edwardian half sovereign, mounted - 1904 100-120
734.    A tin of world coins including French Polynesia, Yugoslavia, Spain, Pakistan, plus a Greek note 10-20
735.    A large collection of 1947 onwards half crowns 10-20
736.    A metal money box containing pre-decimal British and Eire coins with some silver content, plus Fire Brigade Long Service medal, Robert Raikes medal and Centenary of Sunday Schools medal. Condition: Poor - VF 10-30
737.    A quantity of copper/bronze halfpennies and pennies Victoria through to Eliz II, some Heaton mint. Plus Players Navy Cut cigarette tin. Condition: Poor - VF 10-20
738.    A collection of one hundred and thirty QEII sixpences 10-20
739.    A tin of 1921-1946 silver sixpences (approx. 77 grams silver content) Cond. poor to VF 30-40
740.    A small tin of American coinage 10-20
741.    A collection of UK commemorative crowns and medals 10-20
742.    A large collection of 1947 onwards shillings and sixpences 10-20
743.    A miscellaneous collection of silver coins and Jetson including: Spanish 2 reales 1850 Isabel II, fifty centimos 1881 Alfonso XII, Bolivian 1773 Charles III Real, half melgarejo 1865 (melgarjo coinage) Jetson: Louis XV Christianiss, Pont et Chaussees 1715 - 1774. Roman Provincial Egypt Imperial coin Commodus Augustus son of Marcus Aurelius 179 - 192 AD - with card description detail, plus others. Condition: Fair - VF 40-60
744.    A group of three silver commemorative Channel Island coins including: Diamond 2012 Guernsey and Coronation Jubilee 2013 Jersey, plus First World War centenary 2014 Guernsey 5 coin - supplied Westminster mint in presentation cases with certificates of Authenticity - some gold plating. Condition: UNC 60-80
745.    A quantity of 20th century German coins including: Federal, Republic, Deutsche Lander. Mints: Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Munich and Stuttgart. Supplied in plastic bags with description detail. Approx 180 coins. Condition: Fine - VF 30-40
746.    A group of seventeen 20th and 21st century Hong Kong dollars, supplied in plastic envelopes with description detail. Condition: Fine - VF 10-20
747.    A cigar box of coins mixed UK and world 20-30
748.    Two Conder Bath tokens with lustre remaining including Bath City Arms and Cross Bath Pump Room token, farthing: Bladud Founded Bath and Through His Swine, 1794. Condition: VF - EF 60-80
749.    A quantity of Conder tokens including: Bath Somerset Inc, Bath 1811 Ram Suspended and Coat of Arms issues, 1794 Botanic Gardens Tea Dealer Lambe and Son, W Gye Printer and Stationer (Ilchester Gaol issue), 1795 Heath Ironmonger x 2 farthings, Bladud, Through His Swine x 2, plus farthings, 1652 and 1670 Armes of Bathe. Condition: Poor - VF 70-90
750.    A quantity of silver content coins, some Royal Mint Issue including 1997 silver proof 1 coin (not complete), 1977 Jubilee in cases x 4, Prince of Wales and Lady Diana (x 2), Entente Cordiale 2004, Kiribati 1979, St Helena 1973, Lesotho 1979 and others. Condition: UNC 180-250
750A.   A quantity of pre-decimal Eliz II halfpennies 1967 - lustre remaining - approx 1.3 kilos. Condition: Fine - VF 10-20
751.    A quantity of Conder tokens miscellaneous and pre-decimal and decimal coinage, tokens include: Coventry half penny 1793, London/Middlesex Prince of Wales token, London Palmer Mail Coach halfpenny, Kent halfpenny token and Jetson, coins include: George III halfpenny 1775, two silver Victoria 1887 and 1990, Canadian dollar 1975 and other. Condition: Fair - Fine 60-80
752.    A 19th century Sorrento Ware occasional table or stool with marquetry scene of dancers and guitarist all on three turned supports 40-60
753.    A mahogany reproduction bedside cabinet 20-40
754.    A Victorian cane seated child's posture chair 20-40
755.    An Edwardian stick back salon suite with two seater settee and five side chairs upholstered in floral tapestry 60-80
756.    A Victorian small chair or child's chair with carved back and barleytwist supports 10-20
757.    A pair of Victorian balloon back dining chairs with carved central bar and two further balloon back chairs all upholstered to match 50-70
758.    Two old chapel chairs 20-30
759.    An early 19th century oak carver chair with X frame back 30-50
760.    A set of four slat back kitchen chairs 30-50
761.    An early 20th century elm seated Windsor chair 40-60
762.    A Victorian chair with carved top rail on turned supports 20-40
763.    A pair of 19th century mahogany framed bergere chairs with cane work backs and seats all on slender turned and tapered supports, seats a/f 80-120
764.    A bentwood and cane rocking chair 30-50
765.    A Victorian button upholstered armchair on turned supports 60-80
766.    An Edwardian mahogany framed chaise longue 50-70
767.    A Victorian mahogany dial wall clock a/f 40-60
768.    An early 20th century GWR 10ft railway bench with three 'GWR' cast iron supports 250-350
769.    Two mounted sets of stag horns 20-40
770.    A mounted gazelle head and a mounted deer skull 20-40
771.    A pair of bison horns mounted and one other horn 20-30
772.    A group of small model sailing boats 20-40
773.    A 19th century mahogany bible box 20-40
774.    A 1940's wedding dress, veil, christening gown and various children's shoes etc 20-40
775.    Two fur capes and a stole 10-20
776.    A bowler hat by Bernard Weatherill, 16.5 x 20cm 10-20
777.    A grey top hat size 7 1/8 20-40
778.    A vintage waffle weave Welsh blanket 10-30
779.    Two Victorian beadwork mahogany framed stands and a smaller tapestry one 10-30
780.    A small oak stool carved flower to top 10-20
781.    A pair of Victorian Tunbridgeware circular footstools with beadwork tops 20-30
782.    A pair of Edwardian mahogany tall narrow wall mounted shop display cabinets with glass shelves 80-120
783.    An oak cased barometer/thermometer with carved decoration 15-25
784.    A Shortland Bowen barometer 20-30
785.    A Victorian footstool on turned supports 10-20
786.    A carved oak barometer by Husbands and Son 20-30
787.    A Negretti and Zambra barometer/thermometer and another circular barometer with rope twist surround 20-40
788.    A Victorian chest of three drawers 50-70
789.    A vintage small sized child's desk - 48cm tall 10-30
790.    Three various Victorian tapestry topped circular footstools 30-50
791.    An Edwardian mahogany slatted plant stand 10-30
792.    A bentwood hat and coat stand 20-40
793.    A taxidermy barn owl under glass dome 60-80
794.    A late 17th/early 18th century oak square topped hall table on turned supports joined by low stretcher - 90 x 88cm and 80cm high 300-400
795.    A set of 20th century mahogany library steps 50-70
796.    A Victorian oak two section cutlery tray with handle 20-40
797.    A Victorian mahogany cylinder bureau with fitted interior over cupboard - 106cm wide 80-120
798.    A framed sampler dated July 31st 1794 by Elizabeth Lyonker - 45 x 22cm 50-70
799.    An American painted wood wall clock 10-30
800.    A 1930's oak cased wall clock 10-30
801.    An Edwardian mahogany bureau fitted three drawers - 75cm wide 80-120
802.    A small pine wall cupboard 20-30
803.    A small antique pine pew - 80cm wide 40-60
804.    A three quarter size violin by Aubert with Erich Steiner bow 30-50
804A.   A Marina banjolele with soft case 30-50
805.    A quantity of modern unframed canvas paintings - approx twenty-one, mainly abstracts 30-50
806.    A quantity of modern unframed canvas paintings - approx thirteen, mainly landscapes 30-50
807.    Spare lot 0-10
808.    A modern eight day Westminster chime wall clock with original key, pendulum and paperwork 15-25
809.    A small 1920's mahogany bedside table with gallery top 20-40
810.    An oak two flap table with oval top and pad feet - 105cm flaps up 40-60
811.    A pine refectory style dining table - 189cm long x 73cm wide x 75cm high 40-60
812.    A circular oak occasional table on turned supports 10-20
813.    A small mahogany cabinet of four drawers 20-40
814.    A vintage tin trunk 10-20
815.    A Victorian pine kitchen table with frieze drawers and turned supports 80-120
816.    A nest of three oak occasional tables on turned supports 20-40
817.    A Georgian oak tilt top wine table on turned column and triple supports 20-30
818.    A George III oak tilt top wine table on turned column and tripod base 30-50
819.    A wooden cake stand 20-40
820.    A Victorian turned frame rocking chair 30-50
821.    A large modern black and gilt framed mirror 20-40
822.    An Edwardian mahogany folding vitrine table or shop display stand 40-60
823.    A George II Chippendale mahogany fold top card table with single frieze drawer, the baize top inset counter wells, all raised on shell carved cabriole supports and claw and ball feet - 82cm wide x 40cm deep x 73cm high - originally from Flaxley Abbey and sold together with the orignal letter of provenance from Mary Carnegie gifting the table to Kathleen Carnegie on the occasion of her wedding June 7th 1941. The table was originally given to her father William Hartley Carnegie by his mother in law Lady Crawley-Boevey after he found it languishing in the loft. 500-600
824.    A gilt framed mirror decorated flowers - 99 x 35cm 20-40
825.    A vintage leather suitcase 20-30
826.    A late Victorian mahogany twin pedestal desk 80-120
827.    A Victorian mahogany two door glazed collectors cabinet (lacking internal trays) - 50cm wide 80-120
828.    A Victorian mahogany bookcase with two panelled doors over drawer and a two door cupboard - 215cm high x 105cm wide 50-70
829.    A 19th century tall mahogany linen press with two doors enclosing slide out trays, all over four drawers and raised on bracket supports - approx 124cm wide x 59cm deep x 235cm high 200-300
830.    A George III fret carved mirror with ho ho bird crest - 101 x 56cm 80-120
831.    A military style small chest of drawers 30-50
832.    A reproduction mahogany valet stand 20-40
833.    Joseph Riddey - watercolour ploughed field and trees - 36 x 45cm 30-50
834.    Edward Francis Burney (1760 - 1848) - watercolour two ladies by a cottage - 14 x 11cm 30-50
835.    Stanley Warburton - watercolour Bainbridge, Derbyshire - 27 x 36cm 20-40
836.    Tom Campbell - watercolour Stream with Trees - 17 x 25cm 30-40
837.    An Edwardian mahogany music cabinet with drop-front drawers 40-60
838.    A Victorian mahogany side table with two drawers and dummy drawer all on slender turned supports 40-60
839.    A mahogany finish magazine rack/occasional table 20-30
840.    A mahogany washstand with rise top now converted to a cabinet with single panelled door 20-40
841.    Reginald George Haggar (1905 - 1988) watercolour of wood yard, Staffordshire - 37 x 57cm 80-120
842.    Roy Petley - watercolour farm landscape - 32 x 56cm 40-60
843.    Margaret Theyre - oil on board sunset - 16 x 23cm 60-80
844.    Joseph Puddgy - watercolour landscape with barns - 6 x 14.5cm and a watercolour heath land, signed indistinctly - 16 x 24cm 10-30
845.    An oak side table with single drawer and flat stretcher with matching dresser back 60-100
846.    Robert Linnell Armitage - etching Babbacombe Beach Devon - 20 x 30cm 10-20
847.    Kim Brooks - watercolour fox - 19 x 28cm 50-70
848.    Kim Brooks - watercolour ring tailed lemur - 15 x 20cm 50-70
849.    A large 19th century painted pottery charger depicting farmyard scene, with labels to verso from Philadelphia Exhibition 1876, painted by Peterson in ornately carved gilt wood frame - the frame a/f but with missing parts supplied 100-150
850.    A small reproduction gilt and green arabesque mirror - 34 x 27cm 10-20
851.    A set of old filing drawers, a wooden filing tray, two book rests and two display stands 10-30
852.    A 19th century Wilcox and Gibbs sewing machine with case 50-80
853.    A Bar-Lock portable typewriter 40-60
854.    An Imperial portable typewriter 'The Good Companion' 10-30
855.    A 'Vanishing Point' poster (1971) - starring Barry Newman, artwork by Tom Chantrell - folded 200-300