Antiques & Collectables Sale
with Coins & Postcard sections
on Friday 26th July 2019

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1.      A large green glass carbide 59cm tall 20-30
2.      A Royal Worcester teapot 'Pekin' pattern W.9757, and a breakfast cup and three saucers 20-40
3.      A studio glass panel with pocket on stand 42 x 28cm 20-40
4.      A Noritake coffee pot, sugar and three cups and saucers painted flowers on turquoise and gilt ground 20-30
5.      A Victorian bisque figure group of boy and girl - 35cm 10-30
6.      A Royal Doulton Art Deco part tea service comprising teapot, jug, two teacups, one larger cup, seven various sized saucers, six tea plates and cake plate - Pattern No. 9818 30-50
7.      Four various Cottage Ware butter dishes and a teapot 10-30
8.      Four various Cottage Ware butter dishes 10-30
9.      A Royal Stafford 'Enchanting' tea service comprising six cups and saucers, milk, sugar, six tea plates and a cake plate 10-20
10.     A Salisbury tea service comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates and sugar, milk and cake plate 10-20
11.     A pair of Victorian green porcelain table lamps painted birds - 37cm high - both a/f 20-30
12.     A Royal Doulton Series Ware jug decorated classical scenes 10-20
13.     A large Japanese late Satsuma vase painted flower and birds on an orange ground - 62cm 20-30
14.     A Clarice Cliff fruit bowl 'Chestnut Pattern' 20-40
15.     A Susie Cooper green banded coffee pot 10-20
16.     A square Slipware dish - 21cm 10-20
17.     Spare Lot
18.     Three Copenhagen crackle glaze plated painted fruit 10-20
19.     A Victorian white glass floral painted lustre - 36cm 20-40
20.     Two pink glass lustres with painted decoration 50-70
21.     A Victorian green glass floral painted lustre 35cm 30-50
22.     A 19th century Bohemian red flashed glass lustre - 31cm, and a smaller one 30-50
23.     A large circular glass vase with fruiting vine engraved and etched decoration - inscribed Webb to base 20-40
24.     A Victorian large blue opaline glass bowl - 39cm dia 30-40
25.     A large red studio glass frilled edge bowl 10-20
26.     A Tuscan 'Manhattan' pattern coffee set comprising: coffee pot, six coffee cups and saucers, milk jug and lidded sugar 10-20
27.     An Anton Lang pottery jug with floral decoration 10-20
28.     A Virgin Airways cruet set on tray 10-20
29.     A Phoenix part tea set comprising: six cups and saucers, six side plates, milk, sugar and cake plate and two CWS Windsor china cups, three saucers and three side plates - all in Art Deco style 20-30
30.     A pair of Foley El Matador large cups and saucers designed by Tanner 10-20
31.     A small oval Copenhagen dish decorated ducks - 17cm wide, plus a Beswick Bullfinch, tail a/f and Royal Worcester Chaffinches group
32.     A Royal Doulton Rip Van Winkle flask, a Sylvac cat in basket group and various lustre jugs etc 10-20
33.     Spare Lot 0-10
34.     A large collection of old pie funnels including birds etc 20-30
35.     Five medium sized Royal Doulton Toby Jugs - Capt Henry Morgan, Falconer, John Peel, Toby Philpott, Jester 20-30
36.     Three small Royal Doulton Toby Jugs - Auld Mac, ' Arriet and Neptune 10-20
37.     A Hor Chung pewter mounted three piece pottery teaset 30-40
38.     Various 1930's china including Doulton Series Ware fruit bowl, a Delft oil lamp and pair of Staffordshire dogs a/f - 24cm, Royal Winton butter dish and cup and saucer 10-20
39.     Four antique glass wine bottles with raised pontil bases 20-40
40.     Three Hummel figures (one with tiny chip), a Coalport pastille burner and various miniature tea ware 10-20
41.     A collection of sixteen various scent bottles, mainly glass 20-40
42.     Twenty two crested gramophones 20-30
43.     A group of white bisque porcelain including horses, swans and figures and two glazed posy figures 20-40
44.     Seven various Hummel figures of children 30-40
45.     Six various Hummel figures of children 40-60
46.     Six various Hummel figures of children 40-60
47.     Six various Hummel figures of children 40-60
48.     Four Goebel robins, a blue tit and a chaffinch 20-30
49.     A Beswick labrador and chaffinch, a Royal Worcester thrush and a dog group 20-30
50.     A Royal Worcester Figure First Flight and two Coalport figures - Visiting Day and Goose Girl 10-20
51.     Four Wedgwood Figures - Harriet, Georgina, Abigail, Christina 10-20
52.     A Coalport figure of Princess Diana CW438 and another Royal Premiere CW532 30-50
53.     Two Nao groups of boy with sheep and girl with puppy 30-40
54.     Two Nao Lladro figures 20-30
55.     A Border Fine Art James Herriot 'Mixed Blessings' A1860 10-20
56.     A Wedgwood Jasperware teapot decorated two doves presented to A Bailey and his wife on his wedding day - employees at Wedgwood (with provenance and photograph 50-70
57.     An Anita Harris pottery vase 9cm, an Art Deco Woods jug and two Poole Pottery items 10-20
58.     An Elizabethan 'Carnaby' teaset comprising six cups and saucers and six tea plates - chip to one cup 10-20
59.     A Gainsborough tea service comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates, cake plate, jug and sugar bowl 10-20
60.     Six Arden Winnie the Pooh sculptures 20-30
61.     A collection of small vintage glass animal ornaments 20-30
62.     Two Grindley's railway plates and a Whitbread plate by Rutland Ironstone 10-20
63.     A Meissen Onion pattern blue and white tureen and cover with stand - chipped - 19cm tall 10-20
64.     A Kyoto Japanese porcelain coffee set with gilt borders, comprising six cups and saucers - boxed 20-30
65.     Eleven Wood and Sons 'Yvan' plates, six Copeland Spode Italian tea plates and small meat plate 10-30
66.     An 'Olde Alton Ware' blue and white part dinner service comprising: four dinner plates, seven breakfast plates and five tea plates 10-20
67.     Royal Doulton Persian plate D1900 and a Royal Worcester plate painted Art Deco stylised trees on red and black ground 10-20
68.     A Mikasa part dinner service comprising: three dinner plates, seven side plates, three tea plates and eight cups and five saucers 15-25
69.     A Royal Worcester Evesham group of china comprising: teapot, three various casserole dishes, three bowl, five cups and saucers, three tea plates, six ramekins etc 30-50
70.     A 19th century Meissen set of six dessert bowls painted exotic birds with insects to edge, blue crossed swords mark 100-150
71.     A large size Ironstone blue and white kettle 31cm tall 20-40
72.     A group of glassware including ballet figure 10-20
73.     Four various cut glass spirit decanters 20-30
74.     A Poole vase with red geometric design signed 22cm and a Bourne Denby Glyn Colledge ewer - 22cm 20-40
75.     A Carlton Ware with Feet Valentine cup decorated hearts 20-30
76.     A Carlton Ware with Feet Charles and Diana wedding cup 20-30
77.     A Carlton Ware with Feet Silver Jubilee cup, a similar egg cup and a miniature teapot 20-30
78.     A Paragon nursery cup and Peter Rabbit egg cup 10-20
79.     A Carlton Ware novelty Hangmans mug 20-40
80.     Three Victorian fairings including 'Kiss Me Quick', 'Last to Bed' and 'Who is Coming' 20-30
81.     An Art Deco Shelley blue lustre vase of hexagonal form - 24cm high 10-20
82.     A Royal Worcester figure of child and robin 'Friday's Child' and another 'Saturdays Child' 40-60
83.     A Royal Staffordshire figure of an old lady and a porcelain figure of a lame man in smock 10-20
84.     A pair of Art Nouveau glass vases with stylised floral and foliage design 15.5cm 30-50
85.     A Victorian parian bust of a woman with flowers in her hair - 26cm 40-60
86.     A pair of blue and white Chinese vases with floral design, a Chinese dragon design vase and a small Chinese pot and lid 20-40
87.     A Chinese blue and white saucer - 14cm dia 10-20
88.     A 19th century Chinese famille rose bowl - repaired, 20cm dia and a Chinese porcelain pillow 10-30
89.     A Chinese famille rose tea bowl and a Chinese bowl painted flowers,
90.     A Victorian Gaudy Welsh mug 10-30
91.     Two Wedgwood green leaf plates, a Doulton Watteau plate and a Copeland plate 10-20
92.     A Belleek Ireland teapot 10-30
93.     A porcelain plate painted pheasants by C Hughes (ex Worcester artist) - 27cm dia 10-30
94.     A ceramic plant stand/seat and a large Rumptopf jar and cover 10-20
95.     A stoneware flagon, a Studio pottery jug with handle and large Studio pottery vase 10-20
96.     A group of four ceramic vases and pots including Denby, Jacobean and Chelsea 10-20
97.     A mixture of Booths Flora Dora and Royal Cauldon Victoria dinner ware comprising six various dinner plates, tureen, six dessert bowls, sauce boat, eight tea plates, eight cups (some a/f) and four side plates 20-40
98.     A Moorcroft Hibiscus table lamp 10-30
99.     A set of six Villeroy and Bosch Heinrich Flower Fairy plates Series One including the Lavender Fairy, with boxes and certificates plus four similar from Series Two 20-40
100.    An early 19th century Georgian glass punch bowl engraved vines, 23cm tall 25-35
101.    A Brierley cut glass jar with lid 10-20
102.    A set of six good quality glasses with etched star decoration 20-30
103.    A large cut glass vase 30cm high and another small one with two cut glass jugs 10-30
104.    A pair of cut glass vases of trumpet form - 30cm high 20-40
105.    A group of four heavy paperweights including a cut glass match striker 10-20
106.    A group of five small glass paperweights 10-20
107.    A Royal Worcester ivory blush tall jug painted flowers, No 1047 - 25cm 40-60
108.    A pair of 19th century Dresden Meissen style monkey band figures playing horn and violin 12.5cm - scissors marks to bases 40-60
109.    A John Beswick hen pheasant and a John Beswick cock pheasant - boxed 30-40
110.    A Royal Dux figure Middle Eastern water carrier 20cm 20-40
111.    A Royal Dux mother elephant and baby - unmarked 20-40
112.    A Beswick group QEII on Imperial Horse 'Trooping The Colour' - repair to plume 60-80
113.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari watering can, bell and teddy bear 20-40
114.    A Lalique clear glass circular ashtray and an amber glass one, both marked R Lalique, France 40-60
115.    A Royal Paragon Mickey Mouse Series trio comprising: cup, saucer and teaplate 80-100
116.    A Royal Paragon China Mickey Mouse Series babies plate 'I'm Your Little Mickey Mouse' 60-80
117.    A Royal Paragon China Mickey Mouse Series mug with hairline crack to base 20-30
118.    A pair of Victorian porcelain plates with turquoise and gilt beaded borders and painted continental landscape with registration mark for 1870 - 23cm dia 50-70
119.    An early 19th century creamware oval plate with woven border - 30 x 26cm 30-50
120.    A large group of cut glass including decanter, six wine glasses (one a/f), four liqueur glasses etc 20-30
121.    An 18th century glass engraved small flask 12cm tall, a Georgian glass oval dish and a Victorian cranberry glass bell 26cm tall 10-20
122.    A Dartington glass decanter 10-20
123.    A milliefiori glass dish - 13cm 10-20
124.    Two medium size cut glass vases with geometric design 20-30
125.    A pair of Edinburgh Crystal brandy glasses, two tumblers, a pair of vases, plus a pair of Thomas Webb crystal liqueur glasses 20-30
126.    A pair of Stuart Crystal brandy glasses, seven tumblers and a set of six sherry glasses 20-30
127.    Four heavy cut glass vases 10-20
128.    A ruby flashed cut glass fruit bowl, a large paperweight and a pair of square glass vases 20-30
129.    A pair of cut glass brandy balloons and a cut glass vase with insert 10-20
130.    A cut glass cruet set 10-20
131.    Three glass paperweights and various other glassware 10-20
132.    A collection of coloured and gilded glass including Whitefriars 20-30
133.    Two large, heavy vases with geometric and floral decoration 25-35
134.    A 'Cristal' cut glass decanter and six wine glasses in original boxes 50-70
135.    An Edinburgh Crystal cut glass decanter - boxed 10-20
136.    A pair of Waterford Crystal Millenium Collection toasting glasses in original box 30-40
137.    Spare Lot
138.    Spare Lot
139.    A silver plated spirit kettle on stand with bun feet 10-30
140.    A pair of silver plated three branch candelabra 10-30
141.    A 19th century spoon or scoop with white metal mounted turned ebony handle 30-50
142.    Two silver plated and glass claret jugs 10-20
143.    A Walker and Hall pair of fish servers with ivory handles, a silver plated coaster and a silver plated crumb brush 20-40
144.    Various silver plated cutlery 10-20
145.    A fish cutlery set with silver collars, a pair of silver salad servers a/f, and a silver plated stilton scoop 30-50
146.    A box of silver plated items 20-40
147.    Two silver plated oval meat plates 40-60
148.    An Arthur Price canteen of silver plated cutlery in fitted box - eight place setting 60-100
149.    Two silver plated trays 10-20
150.    A 'Broadway' 925 hallmarked silver top and banded glass bowl with lid - hand blown and in original box 50-60
151.    A large silver three branch candelabra with foliage decoration by Viners Ltd (Emile) Sheffield 1964 150-200
152.    A silver Rococo style candlestick with all over floral and shell design by Walker and Hall, Sheffield 1903 100-150
153.    A pair of mid 19th century Persian cast silver candlesticks - 589g 400-500
154.    A pair of mid 19th century Persian cast silver pepper pots - 127g 50-70
155.    An Indian white metal pin cushion 10-20
156.    Three various continental silver compacts, marked 875 40-60
157.    A 19th century continental silver oval double locket picture frame with engraved decoration and a miniature silver pill box and a silver plated vesta 40-50
158.    A Chinese miniature silver pot with lid 10-20
159.    A French silver snuff box with Art Nouveau stylised floral decoration, 54g, marked 84 30-50
160.    A pair of silver pepper pots - Chester 1902 30-50
161.    A silver photograph frame of plain form, Birmingham 1966 30-50
162.    A silver photograph frame with engine turned decoration, Birmingham 1911 30-50
163.    A silver Christening spoon and fork set, a silver Rhodesian medal and a silver napkin ring - all cased 20-30
164.    Two sets of six silver coffee spoons - Birmingham 1899 and London 1926, 78g 20-40
165.    A pair of small silver vases, a silver handled shoe horn and a button hook 20-30
166.    Nineteen various Georgian silver teaspoons and a fork - 120g 80-120
167.    Two silver combs, silver button hook and silver plated shoe horn 15-25
168.    A small silver pie crust edge salver 17cm 193g 60-80
169.    A silver framed, bevel edged mirror with easel back by James Deakin, Chester 1901 30-50
170.    A mother of pearl handled silver dessert service of twelve knives and forks by Cooper Brothers, Sheffield 1929 - cased 200-250
171.    Two silver collared spill vases, a silver and enamel scent bottle and a silver topped toiletry pot 25-35
172.    A pair of '900' standard squat silver candlesticks and a silver pepper pot - 240g 30-40
173.    Three silver circular salts (two with liners) and various silver plated egg cups and cruets 40-60
174.    A group of silver items including a blue glass lined pepper pot etc - weighable silver 94.2g 30-40
175.    A silver cigarette case, 129g and a pewter spirit flask 30-50
176.    A pair of silver candlesticks embossed ribbon and decoration on weighted square bases - 14cm high 30-40
177.    A modern design silver gilt elliptical form bowl on rosewood base, Birmingham 1970, 24 cm wide, Maker HSB 100-150
178.    A silver topped liqueur decanter and stopper by Hukin and Heath, Birmingham 1891 - 21cm high 10-20
179.    A large cut glass inkwell with silver top embossed Art Nouveau flowers 80-100
180.    A set of five silver table forks London 1860 by WS and one other matched 430g plus nine silver dessert forks - London 1861 by Chawner and Co 495g 200-300
181.    Two pairs of silver serving spoons, 229g and a pair of silver sauce ladles - London 1823, 326g total 80-120
182.    Three pairs of silver tablespoons - London 1799 by Peter, Ann and Wm Bateman 139g, London 1816 - 122g and London 1789 - 128g, plus a single tablespoon - London 1818 120-180
183.    A set of eight silver dessert spoons, London 1850 - 313g and four other silver dessert spoons - 117g 100-120
184.    A set of six Victorian silver teaspoons - London 1864, plus six 1845/6 - 295g, and four various Georgian silver teaspoons and a fork 120g 80-120
185.    A set of six silver George III coffee spoons - cased - London 1786 25-35
186.    A set of continental silver and silver gilt coffee spoons boxed 25-35
187.    A 1930's silver and glass inkwell with pen stand by Mappin and Webb, Birmingham 1936 30-50
188.    A square silver embossed photograph frame - Birmingham 1900 - 9.5cm 30-50
189.    A pair of squat silver candlestics 20-30
190.    A silver christening mug with bright cut decoration, Birmingham 1929 - 85g 30-50
191.    A pair of silver sauce ladles 1818 by Francis Higgins, 153g and another silver sauce ladle, 46g 30-50
192.    A small silver elephant pincushion - 4cm 80-120
193.    A silver Art Deco three piece cruet set, Birmingham 1947, 264g 50-70
194.    A set of six silver teaspoons - cased, 66.3g 20-30
195.    A set of six silver handled tea knives, Sheffield 1919, cased 10-20
196.    A cased set of six silver handled cake knives 10-20
197.    An Omega Constellation gentleman's wrist watch 'Double Eagle' with co axial escapement, boxed with certificate and paperwork 2200-2800
198.    An 18k gold Zenith Gentleman's wrist watch 'El Primero Chronometer' with certificate, paperwork and box 3500-4500
199.    A vintage Polaris gents wrist watch and a Sekonda one 10-20
200.    A silver fob watch and two white metal fob watches 30-50
201.    A silver pocket watch, Birmingham 1888, and a continental 935 silver pocket watch 50-70
202.    A silver pocket watch 'The Express English Lever' by Graves, and a silver Albert chain with silver fob - 34.2g 60-80
203.    A 19th century continental 935 silver fob watch on silver chain 40-60
204.    A silver Latvian pocket watch 'Pre-Monsier' with seconds dial and engraved decoration 40-60
205.    A silver pocket watch retailed by Salisbury and Sons, London 1882 25-35
206.    A silver pocket watch, Birmingham 1884 25-35
207.    A silver pocket watch 20-30
208.    A continental 935 silver pocket watch 25-35
209.    A 19th century silver pair cased watch and key, London 1869 - unsigned and lacking outer case 60-100
210.    A 19th century silver pair cased watch signed W Robb Ballater, Birmingham 1897 100-150
211.    A silver ladies pocket watch 30-50
212.    An 18 carat gold fob watch with engraved decoration and key (lacking glass) 100-150
213.    A 14 carat gold fob watch with engraved decoration 60-80
214.    A 9 carat gold continental fob watch with floral enamel decoration to reverse 60-80
215.    A Cara 9 carat gold nurses watch on 9 carat gold mask form brooch 40-60
216.    A 9 carat gold gents Accurist wrist watch 80-120
217.    An early silver wrist watch with half hunter cover to enamel dial with seconds hand 40-60
218.    A Must de Cartier red wrist watch 150-200
219.    An Ingersoll Mickey Mouse wrist watch - boxed 150-200
220.    An Omega 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch and a 9 carat gold strap, reputed working and recently serviced by Omega 350-400
221.    A rolled gold bracelet with 9ct gold locket and silver gilt padlock 30-40
222.    An 18 carat white gold bracelet set five oval cut sapphires and six pairs of diamonds, 21g - 18cm 800-1200
223.    A 14 carat gold fancy link bracelet - 7.8g 80-120
224.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold hinged bangle with shield design inset diamond - 6.2g, and a Mizpah friendship 1/10th gold bangle 60-80
225.    A Victorian gold bangle (unmarked) 6.5g 50-70
226.    A cameo pendant on 9 carat gold chain and mount 30-50
227.    An 18 cart gold wedding band, 3g and a gold crucifix and chain, 8g 100-150
228.    A pietra dura pendant decorated flowers on gold plated chain 100-150
229.    A silver Lamiar pendant necklace 25-35
230.    An AA tanzanite and 9K gold pendant necklace 150-180
231.    A Roberti gold and tanzanite pendant on 9 carat gold chain 30-40
232.    A citrine pendant on sterling silver and gold plated necklace 30-40
233.    An 18 carat white gold ring set brilliant cut diamond (approx 1 carat) on baguette cut shoulders - size L 1/2 2500-3500
234.    A 9 carat white gold Art Deco style ring size L, in Art Deco white bakelite box 250-350
235.    An 18 carat gold three stone diamond ring - size S 400-500
236.    A Hirsch 18 carat white gold and platinum line bracelet set emerald cut diamonds, in original box, 15g (7.5 carats diamond weight) 5500-6500
237.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set solitaire diamond crossover ring 100-150
238.    An 18 carat gold three stone diamond ring size M 1/2 300-400
239.    An 18 cart gold six stone diamond ring 500-700
240.    A 9 carat gold ring channel set eight baguette and fourteen square cut diamonds 100-150
241.    A Victorian 18 carat gold ring set three diamonds - size L 450-550
242.    An 18 carat gold seven stone diamond ring size O 150-200
243.    A 9 carat gold ring set white and black baguette cut diamonds size N 100-150
244.    An 18 carat white gold ring set aquamarine flanked by two tapered diamonds - size O 100-150
245.    A 9 carat gold ring set three clear cut stones - size I 1/2 50-70
246.    A 9 carat gold ring set purple agate - size O 60-80
247.    A 9 carat gold ring set oval cabochon cut green stone, size N 40-60
248.    A Victorian 15 carat gold ring set three garnets within diamond surround 200-300
249.    An 18 carat gold five stone amethyst ring set eight chip diamonds, size N 150-200
250.    A 9 carat gold ring set two opals and green central stone size L 50-70
251.    A 9 carat gold dress ring size I 1/2 50-70
252.    A 9 carat gold ring set sapphire and diamonds size O 1/2 30-50
253.    A 9 carat gold crossover ring set sapphires and white stones, size J 40-60
254.    A 9 carat gold ring set emerald flanked by two diamonds - size L 1/2 120-180
255.    A 9 carat ruby and diamond ring size N 1/2 80-100
256.    A 9 carat gold ring set garnet and seed pearl size N 1/2 50-70
257.    A 14 carat gold ring set pearls and black stone size L 80-100
258.    A 9 carat gold ring set amethyst size K 1/2 30-50
259.    A 9 carat yellow and white gold hinged bangle set rubies, emeralds and ceylon sapphires - 17g 150-200
260.    A pair of vintage large diamond floral cluster and ribbon stud earrings 2000-3000
261.    A pair of 18 carat gold diamond cluster earrings (approx 2.5 carats diamonds), 1.5cm dia, 9.5g 500-700
262.    A 9 carat gold fancy link bracelet - 11.9g 80-120
263.    A Victorian gold bar brooch with pearl flanked by two diamonds (unmarked) - boxed 80-120
264.    A 9 carat gold bar brooch with floral design and inset blue stone - boxed 30-50
265.    A 9 carat gold scrollwork brooch set oval cut amethyst 40-60
266.    A pietra dura brooch decorated spray of roses within yellow metal surround - 4.5cm x 3.5cm 100-150
267.    A cameo brooch/pendant in 9 carat gold frame - 4.7cm tall 30-50
268.    A cameo brooch pendant in 9 carat gold frame - 5cm long 30-50
269.    An Edwardian bee brooch (a/f one wing missing) set opal and blue stone 30-50
270.    A 9 carat gold scrollwork pendant set agate 6.3g 40-60
271.    A 9 carat gold floral bar brooch 2.2g 20-30
272.    A 9 carat gold tourmaline pendant and bar brooch 40-60
273.    A Victorian yellow metal pendant set blue stone 30-50
274.    A silver gilt masonic ball pendant 50-70
275.    An early 19th century Italian micro mosaic brooch with bowl of flowers and doves - 44 x 3.5cm, pin a/f 200-300
276.    A gold pendant necklace set sapphire and seed pearls 50-80
277.    A pair of Victorian woven hair pendant earrings 80-120
278.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold openwork pendant set peridot, cased 60-80
279.    A 9 carat gold teardrop pendant set emerald on 9 carat gold chain 30-40
280.    A pair of 14 carat gold earrings set peridots 50-80
281.    A pair of 9 carat gold diamond set earrings 30-50
282.    A pair of 14 carat gold hoop earrings, each inset three small diamonds - 1.5g 60-80
283.    A Rolls Royce 9 carat gold key ring 120-180
284.    A 14 carat gold pedant set cubic zirconia 20-30
285.    A 14 carat gold pendant set sapphire size L 30-50
286.    Two gold plated pencils 30-50
287.    A Victorian gold plated extending pencil set amethyst - cased 30-50
288.    A group of 9 carat gold scrap items 21g and an 18 carat gold ring a/f - 1.9g 180-250
289.    A silver gilt heart shape diamond set pendant 20-30
290.    A fine 9ct gold chain and a pair of yellow metal earrings, total weight 1.8g 20-30
291.    An Edwardian silver brooch decorated bird by Pearce and Thompson, Birmingham 1917 - cased 15-25
292.    An oval moon stone pendant 20-30
293.    A silver stone set fob, gold plated fob and two silver medals 20-40
294.    A mid 19th century Persian cast silver belt set turquoise 50-70
295.    A large silver belt buckle 30-50
296.    A turquoise bracelet 25-35
297.    A peridot and white topaz ring and necklace 40-50
298.    A black spinel bracelet 40-50
299.    An amethyst bracelet 30-40
300.    A 1952 - 2012 one ounce silver ingot on chain commemorating the Diamond Jubilee 20-30
301.    A ruby set silver ring 30-40
302.    A black jade and silver ring 20-30
303.    A trilliant cut green amethyst 30-40
304.    A silver ring set Sleeping Beauty turquoise and tanzanite 25-35
305.    A black spinel ring 30-40
306.    A silver Tibetan turquoise ring 20-30
307.    An Ethiopian opal with black spinel ring 20-30
308.    A Mandrase green apatite 9K gold ring 150-160
309.    A box of stone set rings 20-30
310.    Two silver rings, one with floral design, the other with inset stone 10-20
311.    Two blue topaz stones and a jade stone 20-30
312.    A silver ingot and chain and a coin pendant on silver chain 10-20
313.    A silver Celtic style necklace and a silver stone set pendant and chain 10-20
314.    Three silver bangles - 76g 20-40
315.    A silver Maltese cross engraved initials 1872 with unusual engraved scene of putti riding a dog to verso, on silver chain 20-40
316.    A Victorian mourning brooch, tortoiseshell brooch and various studs 10-20
317.    A box of paste jewellery 10-20
318.    A silver amethyst set pendant with silver chain and another silver and green stone set pendant on plated chain 15-25
319.    A silver stone set pendant on silver chain 10-20
320.    A Rotary Super Sport wrist watch, an Avia Incablock watch, a Kienzle Markant antimagnetic watch and an Accurist Shockmaster watch 30-50
321.    An Ingersoll gilt metal pocket watch 10-20
322.    A silver and paste Art Deco cocktail watch and two other watches 10-20
323.    An Omega pocket watch and four other various mens wrist watches including a Casio Illuminator No1604 30-40
324.    A 925 silver and moonstone bracelet, a Michael Kors watch and a silver ring set pink stone 10-20
325.    Five vintage mechanical watches including two Avia watches 25-35
326.    Four vintage mechanical watches including Rotary and a Seiko Automatic 25-35
327.    Four various pocket watches 10-20
328.    A group of various wrist watches, alarm clocks, parts etc 30-40
329.    A box of costume jewellery 20-30
330.    A box of costume jewellery including three compacts 15-25
331.    Eight pairs of vintage clip earrings including Ciner, David Hill etc 20-30
332.    A small group of costume jewellery 10-20
333.    An Art Deco paste double clip brooch 10-20
334.    A group of eight silver brooches including an RAF sweetheart brooch plus a Victorian moss agate brooch in yellow metal surround 30-50
335.    An amethyst and yellow metal bead necklace and a silver and glass pendant 15-30
336.    A hinged rolled gold bangle, similar pearl necklace and set of studs 10-20
337.    A box of silver and dress jewellery, watches and badges 15-25
338.    A Monet simulated pearl necklace - boxed, and four simulated pearl necklaces with pendant drops 30-50
339.    A box of six bead necklaces and three bracelets including garnet, tigers eye, rose quartz and mother of pearl 20-30
340.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
341.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
342.    Four various amber and simulated amber necklaces 50-70
343.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold and seed pearl brooch and various costume jewellery 15-25
344.    A blue leather jewellery box and contents 15-30
345.    A Harrods charm bracelet - cased, with two other necklaces 10-20
346.    A large quantity of costume rings 15-25
347.    A box of costume jewellery, compact and badges/brooches 15-25
348.    Three semi-precious stone fringe or bib necklaces and a rose quartz one 30-50
349.    A box of costume jewellery 10-30
350.    Spare Lot
351.    An aluminium case containing a large collection of USA Lincoln cents from 1909 onwards. Case contents include Lincoln cent folders: Harris & Co Warman's & Whitman. Many folders complete or almost complete, plus a number of loose cents for processing - Condition: Fair - EF 80-120
352.    A framed Golden Anniversary 2002 coin and stamp mounted group, No 756/2000 10-20
353.    A small wooden Zeiss Ikon case containing miscellaneous quantity of coins including approx forty commemorative crowns including Festival of Britain 1951 x 3, Royal Mint Issue's uncirculated 1994 coin set, Millennium 2000 5 coin and 2 coins VE Day, Bank of England presentation folders - Condition: Fine - Unc 20-40
354.    A quantity of coins including British, French etc 10-20
355.    Westminster Presentation case containing commemoratives The Golden Jubilee, Gibraltar World Cup Italy 1990 etc x 14. Condition: Fine - VF 20-30
356.    A quantity of first day covers including coins: Battle of Trafalgar, Queen Mother, Queens Coronation Jubilee, plus Heinz 1983 coin collection and six banknotes. Austria, Italy, Bank of England 1 green, 5 and 20 G M Mill, pre-fixes SE67 and 52R. Condition: Fine - EF 30-60
357.    A wooden box containing 4.8 kilos of first issue cupro nickel decimal 50 pences - 1969 onwards - Condition: Fine - VF 20-40
358.    An Edward I silver penny 1272 - 1307 - Condition: Fair 10-20
359.    A glazed frame collection of Eire pennies - dates including: 1928 x 5, 1933, 1948 and 1963 - Condition: Fair - VF 10-30
360.    Three glazed coin mounted frames: first frame Geo III halfpennies 1799 and 1806, an 1807 penny and second and third frames: Victoria farthings 1838, 1850, halfpennies 1854, 1860, 1862, 1886, 1877, 1891, Geo III halfpenny 1805 Hiberia issue - Condition: Fair - VF 30-50
360A.   A 1793 Isaac Newton farthing - Condition: VF 10-30
360B.   A silver William IV four pence, 1836 - Condition: F/VF 10-20
361.    A glazed frame collection of silver coinage including: Geo III & Geo IV shillings, Victoria threepence, florin and halfcrown, Edward VII threepence, Geo V sixpence and florin. Approx 80 grams silver content - Condition: Poor - Fine 20-30
362.    A quantity of pre-decimal coinage including brass threepences and sixpences through to halfcrowns, a 1953 set, approx fifteen commemoratives, 50 pences, 2 coins: Dove of Peace, United Nations and Bank of England, 1994 Royal Mint Issue UK Coin Collection etc. Condition Fine - UNC 20-40
363.    An aluminium box containing collection of money boxes: wooden, Buckingham Savings Bank, London Trustee Bank, Anglia Building Society, Lloyds Bank Ltd and two others - no keys 20-40
364.    A miscellaneous quantity of British pre-decimal and decimal coinage including a 1953 set, sixpences, shillings, brass threepences etc George VI and Eliz II commemoratives, Britains First Decimal coins: five, ten, fifty pences, 2 and Coronation 1953 Eliz II. Condition: Fine - VF 20-40
365.    A quantity of copper/bronze halfpennies, pennies George III through to Eliz II, some Heaton mint, approx 3.75 kilos. Condition: Poor - VF 10-30
366.    A quantity of ten coin folders containing pre-decimal halfpennies, pennies and brass threepences, some not complete and including other pennies from Commonwealth countries. Heaton and Kings and Norton mints. Victoria through to Eliz II. Condition: Poor - VF 10-30
367.    Quantity of world coins, examples Australia, Africa, Eire, France, Germany, Hong Kong etc. approx. 2.5 kilos, some silver content Cond. Poor-VF 10-30
368.    A quantity of miscellaneous coins and silver first day covers, subjects include: The Royal Family, Battle of Trafalgar, RAF, Battleships, etc - issued by Westminster Mint and Windsor and Allen - some coins gold plated in presentation folders/cases with certificates of authenticity. Condition: VF - UNC 40-80
369.    A large quantity of approx 9.5 kilos copper/bronze pennies Victoria through to Eliz II - lustre remaining - Condition: Poor - VF 20-40
370.    A quantity of copper/bronze pre-decimal halfpennies and pennies, Victoria through to Eliz II, approx 11 kilos, some Heaton mint plus 1953 set, farthing to halfcrown - 9 coins. Condition: Poor - VF 20-40
371.    A wad of world banknotes 60 plus. Examples Bank of England 10 shillings and Green 1, Belgium, Colombia, France, Scechoslovakia, Germany, Greece, Italy etc. Cond. Poor-Fair 10-20
372.    A wad of seven world banknotes including: 1953 Government of Cyprus 10 shillings, 1953 and 1955 Jamaica 10 and 5 shillings, George VI. Condition: Poor - Fine 30-50
373.    A quantity of bank of England banknotes including: 10 shillings prefix 87D, and (10) 1 green J B Page. Prefixes L05 sequence 2 off. L06 sequence 058001-058005 5 off. 03W sequence 693107-693109 3 off Cond. 10 shillings poor 1's VF/Ef 20-40
374.    Three World banknotes including Hong Kong and Shanghai bank dollar 1935 No. H490.298. Germany Democratic Republic 20 Deutsche MNK Berlin 1929 M-22434026 and Japanese Government 10 Dollars Cond. Poor, tears and folds 10-20
375.    A group of ten QEII 1 notes (Somerset), in sequence and in original Barclays Bank Sleeve - Condition: Unc 25-45
375A.   A wad of bank of England 10 shilling banknotes - 9 total, in sequence, prefix: H62 115807 thro 115815, Cashier L K O'Brien, Cond. EF 30-60
376.    Two sequential QEII 5 notes (Kentfield) - Condition: Unc 20-40
377.    An Australian $10 presentation folder, two uncirculated 1993 notes, one the last paper note, the other the first polymer note
378.    A KGVI emergency 1940 - 48 1 note (Peppiatt) 20-40
379.    An Australian $5 presentation folder, two uncirculated 1992 note, one the last paper note, the other the first polymer note 20-40
380.    A wad of approx twenty five + world banknotes including: Bank of England 10 shillings C90N, 1 green C07, Royal Bank of Scotland 1 A/14, Canadian $2 D/R, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Turkey, Russia etc - edge tears, folding etc. Condition: Poor - Fine 10-30
381.    A wad of Bank of England notes including: 10 shillings, JS Fforde pre-fix 17z and B47N, 1 green DHF Somerset pre-fix BX37 GS03, CS16, CS19, CT01, CR76, DW02, DX07, DX14, DX81, DY14 x 18, plus two British Postal Orders and British Armed Forces three penny voucher. Condition: Fine - VF 20-50
382.    A large collection of fifty plus commemoratives and medallions including: the Royal Family, London Clubs Ltd, Churchill Crowns etc, and five Britains First Decimal Coins sets. Condition: Fine - VF 20-40
383.    A tub of mainly British world coins - approx 5.3 kilos, including farthing, halfpennies, pennies etc - examples from Australia, France, Germany, Eire etc. Condition: Fair - VF 10-30
384.    A miscellaneous quantity of coin sets pre-decimal and decimal, Britains First Decimal Coins, bag of copper bronze pennies and others, includes coin album, plastic leaves etc Cond. Poor 10-20
385.    A miscellaneous quantity of British pre-decimal and decimal coinage, Farthings, Thro halfcrowns, 1/2p 5, 10, 50 pences. Commemoratives etc approx. 7.5 kilos, some silver content and bank savings box etc. Cond Poor-VF 20-40
386.    Six Royal Mint issue UK Proof Coin Collections for years: 1982, 1983, 1984 x 2, 1988 and 1993. Some loose, others in presentation cases. Condition: UNC 30-50
387.    A quantity of coins including halfpennies, pennies, commemoratives, tokens etc - some silver content - approx 0.6 kilos. Condition: Poor - VF 10-20
388.    A quantity of copper/bronze coinage including farthings (Newton), halfpennies, pennies, Geo twopence 1797 and halfpenny 1799 Soho mint - Condition: Unc 40-80
389.    A quantity of 19th and 20th century world coinage including: British, Egyptian, Spanish, Palestinian etc - some silver content. Approx 0.5 kilos. Condition: Poor - VF 20-40
390.    A quantity of pre-decimal Eliz II halfpennies 1967 - lustre remaining - approx 1.3 kilos. Condition: Fine - VF 10-20
391.    Westminster Mint Issue: The Golden Jubilee, five coins dollars East Caribbean states 2002. Cupro-nickel with gold plating in presentation case with certificate. Condition: UNC 20-40
392.    A quantity of Chinese Provincial cast Cash coins. Approx 85 cast brass, numerous provinces from 1875 - 1910. Condition: Poor - Fine 40-80
393.    A quantity of North America coinage, Canada and USA, some silver content. Highlights include: Morgan dollar 1883 7 tail feathers - New Orleans mint, Kennedy half dollar 1968/69, Bicentennial unc set of three coins 1776 - 1976, plus Barbados 1994 dollar, The Queen Mother with certificate and with Star Savings Safe. Condition: Fine - UNC 30-60
394.    A quantity of Royal Mint Issue coin folders including 1977, 1983, 1984, 1985 and 2002 uncirculated decimal coin collection, plus 2002 and 2006 crowns. Banknotes from Brazil, British Armed Forces, East Caribbean, India, Pakistan. Frame Bank of England 1 prefix L06B, PS Beale, and others. Condition: Coins - UNC, and banknotes Poor - Fine 30-50
395.    Five Royal Mint Issues Proof Coin Collection for years: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998. All complete in presentation cases with certificate Condition: Unc. 40-80
396.    A quantity of 20th century German coins including: Federal, Republic, Deutsche Lander. Mints: Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Munich and Stuttgart. Supplied in plastic bags with description detail. Approx 180 coins. Condition: Fine - VF 40-60
397.    Miscellaneous quantity of commemoratives and medallions: River Cam No B670 Conservancy name plate. 1872 Brass Workers Union W J Davis 1st General Secretary. Brazil 40 Reis 1827R. Highlight approx. 130g gold plated silver base The Thomas Baxter Prize awarded to James Mackintosh OBE MSc for service to Milk Production in case by The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co. Ltd plus others Cond Poor-EF 40-60
398.    A commemorative medallion Victoria 1887 Golden Jubilee, bronze 78mm dia - designed by JE Boehm and Sir F Leighton. Condition: VF - EF 80-120
399.    A quantity of North America coinage, some silver including USA braided hair cent 1849, Indian head cents 1887, 1901 x 3, Barber dimes 1899 and 1900, Liberty nickel 1903 x 2, half dollar Barber and Morgan dollar 1903 San Francisco mint, Canada cent 1912 George V, plus dime (Umi Keneta) Hawaii 1883 - Condition: Fair - VF 60-100
400.    A quantity of world coins, mainly 19th and 20th century. Countries include: Argentina, Australia, France, German States, India, Italy, South Africa etc. Some silver content - plus a French Louis XVI 12 deniers 1792T Nantes mint - Condition: Fair - VF 20-40
401.    A quantity of 19th and 20th century world coins with some silver content. Countries include: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Channel Islands, Denmark, Eire, Finland, France, Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay, USA etc - approx 3.8 kilos. Condition: Fair - EF 40-60
402.    A quantity of pre-decimal and decimal coinage including a 1923 halfpenny, two 1901 pennies, plus 1903, 1947, 1951 & 1970 pennies, decimal halfpenny, one pence and two pence - lustre remaining. Eleven fifty pence 1994 D-Day issue, thirteen current 50 pences, plus three Jubilee mint issue: 2017 Platinum Wedding Anniversary of Elizabeth and Philip, three gold coins in folders with certificates - Condition: Fine - EF 80-120
403.    A box of GB and assorted world coins - 1800's on 15-25
404.    A quantity of Conder tokens miscellaneous and pre-decimal and decimal coinage, tokens include: Coventry half penny 1793, London/Middlesex Prince of Wales token, London Palmer Mail Coach halfpenny, Kent halfpenny token and Jetson, coins include: George III halfpenny 1775, two silver Victoria 1887 and 1990, Canadian dollar 1975 and other. Condition: Fair - Fine 80-120
405.    A quantity of Conder tokens including: Bath Somerset Inc, Bath 1811 Ram Suspended and Coat of Arms issues, 1794 Botanic Gardens Tea Dealer Lambe and Son, W Gye Printer and Stationer (Ilchester Gaol issue), 1795 Heath Ironmonger x 2 farthings, Bladud, Through His Swine x 2, plus farthings, 1652 and 1670 Armes of Bathe. Condition: Poor - VF 100-150
406.    Two Conder Bath tokens with lustre remaining including Bath City Arms and Cross Bath Pump Room token, farthing: Bladud Founded Bath and Through His Swine, 1794. Condition: VF - EF 80-120
407.    A miscellaneous quantity of coins and tokens including four Ironbridge Gorge Museum tokens, Victoria penny model, double mistrike halfpenny 1872, Copper Company 1812 token - Birmingham and Sheffield issue - Condition: Fine - VF 20-40
408.    A quantity of British pre-decimal and decimal cupro nickel coins including: sixpences, shillings, five and ten pences etc, a bag of halfpennies, plus first decimal coins and Royal Mint issue coinage of GB and Northern Ireland 1979 and 1980 sets. 2 DOve of Peace 1995 and Brunel 2006. Condition: Fine - UNC 30-60
409.    A quantity of Roman coinage and artefacts approx 1 kilo weight - Roman coins include Imperial coinage, the Antonines period AD 138 - 193, through to the Severan Dynasty AD 1935 - 235 and others - Condition: Poor - Fair 20-40
410.    A quantity of world coins, mainly British 18th, 19th and 20th century, farthings, pennies, halfpennies etc, plus 'Farewell to .S.D' ten coin set 20-40
411.    A quantity of 19th and 20th century world coins including: Bulgaria, Germany, Turkey etc - supplied in plastic bags with description detail. Condition: Fine - VF 20-40
412.    A quantity of Commemorative coins/medallions including Spink issue 80th Birthday Queen, Mother, Pobjoy mint Isle of Man Silver Jubilee 1977, St Paul's Cathedral: Marriage of Prince of Wales and Lady Diana, two Silver Jubilee 1977 and New Zealand dollar 1974 Commonwealth Games - some presentation cases - Condition: Fine - VF 10-30
413.    A quantity of 19th, 20th and 21st century world coins including: Brazil, France, Italy, Vietnam etc - approx 25. Condition: Fine - VF 10-20
414.    A quantity of brass threepences: Geo VI and Eliz II, plus farthings: Victoria through to Geo VI, duplicate dates, some lustre remaining - approx 0.95 kilos. Condition: Fine - VF 20-40
415.    A group of seventeen 20th and 21st century Hong Kong dollars, supplied in plastic envelopes with description detail. Condition: Fine - VF 10-20
416.    A quantity of miscellaneous tokens, gaming counters etc - examples include Gloucester farthing 1669, Robert Peel token, with reverse: No Income Tax, No Inquisition, No Peel & Co, Riding the Devil, Co-op tokens, Isle of Man 1831 halfpenny tokens x 5 - made into buttons, British Legion Pontnewynydd Memorial Club x 2, Red Lion Deritend Edwin Gibson, plus others - Condition: Poor - VF 20-40
417.    A quantity of copper/bronze pre-decimal farthings, pennies, Victoria (bun), Geo V and VI, Eliz II, some Heaton mint, and dates from 1860, 74, 78, 79, 80, 81, 84, 87, 90, 98, 1912, 1948, 50, 51 - some lustre - plus two 1953 sets farthings to halfcrown and four tokens. Condition: Fine - EF 40-60
418.    An extensive quantity of 19th and 20th century Chinese coinage with examples from Empire Provincial cast coinage through to Republic milled coinage. Provinces include: Hupeh, Kiangsi, Kwang-Tung, Szechuan etc, cash and cent values: 1, 10, 20, 50 and 100, plus stud case with German and Victoria halfpenny 1853. Condition: Poor - VF 60-100
419.    A quantity of pre-decimal and decimal coinage Victoria through to Eliz II, some silver content. Including: 1953 set, decimal D-Day 50 pence and 2 Bill of Rights, Scottish Issue, plus a quantity of 20th century world coins including Australia, Canada, France, Eire, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, USA etc. Condition: Poor - VF 10-30
420.    A quantity of world coins, mainly British pre-decimal including farthings, halfpennies, pennies Victoria through to Elizabeth II, plus examples from Australia, Norway, Switzerland, South Africa etc - approx 1.5 kilos - some Heaton mint. Condition: Poor - VF 20-40
421.    A quantity of mainly Isle of Man Commemorative Crowns, plus Fiji and Gibraltar. Medallions HMS Belfast, Royal Wedding etc, some in presentation cases x 45 - Condition: Fine - EF 20-40
422.    A quantity of 18th and 19th century North and South American coinage with some silver content including: Argentina cents 1889 and 1930, Brazil 1000 Reiss 1927 & 28, Canadian cents 1887, 1901, 1904, 1919 and 1920, a 1966 dollar, a 1915 Cuban Centavos, a 1961 Mexican Un Peso, a 1918 Jamaican halfpenny and 1916 Farthing, an 1880 New Foundland cent, 1823 and 1832 Nova Scotia Halfpennies, USA Indian Head 1887, 1892 and 1905, a Braided Hair cent 1847 - approx 800kg - Condition: Fair - VF 150-200
423.    The Esso 1970 World Cup coin collection 10-20
424.    A quantity of coin sets including Royal Mint Issues 1970 x 3, 1983 and 1987 - in cases, plus Isle of Man Millennium crowns 1979 and Farewell set .S.D - eleven coins, cased - Condition: UNC 20-40
425.    A quantity of 19th and 20th century world coins, some silver content. From: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Palestine, USA etc - plus commemoratives and a wad of banknotes: France, Greece etc - approx 1.5 kilos. Condition: Poor - VF 30-60
426.    A quantity of silver content coins: including George IV 1821 Crown and others, approx. 64 grams. Plus (2) 1983 Royal Minto Folder Issue for Heinz & Benson & Hedges, Cond. Silver coins poor, Folders Unc. 20-30
427.    A quantity of approx 1.25 kilos brass threepences - George VI and Eliz II, some duplicates and most years covered - Condition: Fine - VF 20-40
428.    A quantity of world coins including silver British and USA Morgan dollar 1921 - approx 50 grams silver content. Condition: Poor - VF 20-40
429.    A coin album containing numerous examples of world and British coins including British decimal and pre-decimal - approx 100 grams silver content. Countries include: Eire, France, Australia, Canada, India etc, plus some tokens and two banknotes. Condition: Poor - VF 30-60
430.    A mahogany box containing pre-decimal and decimal British coins, farthings, D-Day 50 pence etc. Condition: Poor - VF 20-30
431.    A quantity of presentation coin sets including: Royal Mint issue Queen Eliz I commemorative crown, Diamond Wedding Crown 2007, UK coinage collection 2009 (includes Kew Gardens 50 pence), London Olympiad 5, FIFA 2010 World Cup coins for England and Brazil, plus Westminster Mint coin set to celebrate Eliz II Longest Reigning British Monarch 2015. Condition: UNC 30-60
432.    A tray containing approx 3.5 kilos of copper/bronze halfpennies from Victoria through to Eliz II (mainly Eliz II): 1952, 1953, 1954 & 57 Calm Sea - lustre remaining - Condition: Poor - VF 10-30
433.    A quantity of approx 4 kilos of pre-decimal and decimal coinage Geo VI - Eliz II, cupro nickel including sixpences, two shillings, halfcrowns, five pences etc - Condition: Fine - VF 20-40
434.    A group of seven Westminster presentation cases including coins with subjects including: The Royal Family, Royal Navy, London Buses etc - some silver and gold plated, plus commemoratives and decimal fifty pences with certificates - fifty plus coins. Condition: VF - UNC 60-80
435.    A quantity of world coins, mainly British pre-decimal, Geo III through to Eliz II, plus Gibraltar Crown set, USA and Netherlands etc - Condition: Poor - Unc 40-60
436.    An aluminium case containing numerous items including: historic cars from Shell, Britains first decimal coins x 3, Victoria to Hanover tokens, Kings and Queens of UK, Westminster and Windsor coinage for Diamond Jubilee and British Currency, War Poppy collection by Jacqueline Hurley, thirteen coins, folders and prints - Condition: Fine - EF 50-80
437.    A quantity of 19th and 20th century world coins. Countries include Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, British Territories, Ceylon, Chile, China, Cyprus, Eire, France, Finland, Greece, Germany and Territories, HK, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, Israel, Japan etc through the alphabet - approx 2.2 kilos, and some silver content. Condition: Poor - VF 40-80
438.    A large quantity of 18th, 19th and 20th century world coins - some silver content, countries include: Australia, Canada, Eire, Channel Islands, France (large quantity in album), Germany, India, Hong Kong etc - Condition: Poor - VF 50-70
439.    A quantity of silver content coinage including threepences, sixpences, shillings, florins and halfcrowns - approx 170 grams silver content. Condition: Poor - EF 50-80
440.    A 1904 part Maundy set - cased (penny missing) 70-90
441.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof 1995 one pound (Welsh version) in presentation case with certificate Condition: Unc 20-40
442.    Withdrawn 250-350
443.    A United States Washington and Independence token 1783 - Condition: Fine 40-60
444.    A collection of three coin sets in presentation cases including Royal Mint issue Silver Wedding 1972, Canada dollar 1977 Silver Jubilee, Malta Quadrocentennial proof set 1965, Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem x 4: 1, 25, 50 Tari and 1 Zecchino - some silver content - Condition: VF - EF 60-100
444A.   Edward VII two shillings/florin 1904 (silver) Cond. Fair 10-20
445.    A silver Riyal Coin: Yemen (Arab Republic) 1963 (AH 1382) Cond. VF 20-40
446.    A quantity of silver content British coinage - approx 145 grams silver coins including George III sixpence and shilling 1816, halfcrowns 1817 & 1819, William IV halfcrown 1834, George VI sixpence, two shillings and halfcrown 1937, plus Eire shilling 1930 - Condition: Poor - VF 60-100
447.    A quantity of silver content coinage, mainly British. Threepences, shillings, florins, halfcrowns etc - approx 430 grams silver including: Charles II 1679 threepence, George V 1914 halfcrown, Eire halfcrowns 1928 and 1931, USA Liberty dollar 1990 - Condition: Poor - VF 100-150
448.    A quantity of 18th and 19th century tokens - examples include: Union Copper Birmingham 1811 and 1812, Coventry halfpenny 1792, Flint and Hall Lead Works, 1813 and 1812, Earls Court Wheel 1903, Wellington Halfpenny 1813, plus - Condition: Fair - VF others 20-40
449.    A quantity miscellaneous medals/medallions including Victoria 60th year reign 1837 - 1897 x 2, Edward Vii 1902 Coronation 56mm dia, George V Silver Jubilee, Pop's 9th & 11th, plus others - Condition: Poor - VF 40-80
450.    A leaf from a coin album containing seventeen British coins, some silver content. Highlights include: William IV penny 1831, Victorian farthings 1879, 96 and 97, Geo V halfcrown 1930, Geo VI sixpence 1952. Condition: Fair - VF 50-80
451.    A quantity of British silver coinage, mainly Victoria through to George VI: threepences, sixpences, shillings, halfcrown and crown. Approx 75 grams silver content and in 1953 Coronation tin. Condition: Fine - VF 30-60
452.    Four coins including George III 1797 penny and two pence, Victoria bun pennies 1873 and 1882 Heaton Minton with lustre, plus Token 1795 Bridge St. Bristol, Niblock & Hunters. Cond. Fair to VF 60-100
453.    A quantity of world coinage, British decimal and pre-decimal, some silver e.g Victoria 1887 florin, D-Day 50 pences, France, USA etc. Approx 0.9 kilos. Condition: Poor - VF 20-40
454.    A collection of miscellaneous Westminster Mint issues including: The Royal Family, British banknotes, decimal 50 pences, Channel Islands, Netherlands - some gold plated, Diamond Jubilee 2012 Cook Islands. Condition: Fine - EF 50-80
454A.   A group of three pre-decimal silver content sixpences, shillings x 6 and 9 x two shillings in album leaf, dated 1937/38, Geo VI. Condition: EF - Unc 80-120
455.    A quantity of commemoratives: The Royal Family, Franklin Mint silver 1981 Royal Wedding, Royal Mint Issue, Silver Jubilee 1977, Pobjoy Mint Issue, Isle of Man 1979 Crown Manx, plus 1935 crown and others. Condition: Fine - UNC 50-80
456.    Four Pobjoy mint issues: Crown medals to commemorate the flights of Concorde London - Singapore, Barbados - London, New York Schedule 1977, plus a Royal National Life Boat Institution 1977. Coins sterling silver with gold plating. Condition: UNC 60-100
457.    Royal mint issue: Queen Elizabeth II 1993, 40th anniversary coronation collection, silver proof 18 coins in wooden case with certificate of authenticity No: 0185, approx. 500 g silver - Condition: Proof 150-200
458.    An aluminium case containing coin album with large quantity of 19th and 20th century coins from Eire/Ireland, Falklands, Hungary, Isle of Man, Italy, Iceland etc - some silver content and lustre remaining on copper/bronze. Condition: Fair to VF 150-200
459.    A quantity of 19th and 20th century coinage with examples from: Italy and Spain. Approx 100 coins, supplied in plastic bags and coin holders with descriptions. Condition: Fine - EF 60-80
460.    A quantity of British silver coinage - approx 400 grams silver content, examples George III through to George V, plus examples of 19th and 20th century India British coinage. Condition: Poor - VF 100-200
461.    A miscellaneous collection of silver coins and Jetson including: Spanish 2 reales 1850 Isabel II, fifty centimos 1881 Alfonso XII, Bolivian 1773 Charles III Real, half melgarejo 1865 (melgarjo coinage) Jetson: Louis XV Christianiss, Pont et Chaussees 1715 - 1774. Roman Provincial Egypt Imperial coin Commodus Augustus son of Marcus Aurelius 179 - 192 AD - with card description detail, plus others. Condition: Fair - VF 80-120
462.    A quantity of North American coinage including: Canadian 1, 5 and 25 cents, halfpenny 1850 bank token, Victorian New Brunswick, New Foundland and Nova Scotia cents, a USA 1870 dime, 1893 half dollar (Columbrian Exhibition Chicago commemorative), Flying Eagle cent 1858, Liberty nickel 1905 and 191, Buffalo nickel 1913 and 1918, plus others -some silver content and some pierced - forty plus items. Condition: Fail - VF 80-120
463.    A quantity of copper/bronze farthings, halfpennies, pennies and tokens. Highlights include George II 1746, George IV 1822, George V 1936 farthings. Victoria 1844 half farthing 1868 farthing, pennies 1858, 1862, 1897, 1900 etc - some lustre remaining. Tokens: Union Copper Co Birmingham 1812, Ireland halfpenny 1814 etc, others George V and VI - approx forty items. Condition: Fine - VF 60-100
464.    Royal mint issue: Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee collection, 24 coins 2002-03, includes Commonwealth countries some silver coins have the queens portrait highlighted 22 carat gold max 15,000 edition, contained in wooden presentation case and full documents No: 6334, approx. 650 g silver Condition: Proof 200-300
465.    A wooden box containing: official Olympic commemorative's in silver total 23 coins with some rarity, summer and winter games, certificates enclosed, approx. 450 g silver - Condition: EF 120-180
466.    Royal mint issue: The Queens Jubilee coin 2013 set, 24 in total, silver and some enamelled includes Commonwealth issues in presentation box and certification, approx. 660g silver - Condition: Proof 200-300
467.    A presentation box containing mostly silver coins with examples from Channel Islands, Cayman Islands, Canada, New Zealand, USA etc. Royal Mint and Westminster Issues with certificates of authenticity, twenty two in total. Condition: UNC 400-500
468.    A presentation box containing silver coins of Commonwealth and British Colonies, a combination of Royal Mint and Westminster Issues. Twenty four in total, with certificates of authenticity. Condition: UNC 500-600
469.    A presentation box containing silver official coins of Australia by Westminster, with certificates of authenticity, twenty four in total. Condition: UNC 500-600
470.    A quantity of silver world coins including Westminster mint issues: Gibraltar Silver Proof pair, The Diamond Wedding, the 2007 silver coin collection including: Australian Kookaburra dollar 2007, Canadian Maple Leaf $5, Chinese Panda 10 Yuan, USA Liberty dollar with heraldic eagle, with certificates. Royal Canadian mint $20 2016 Royal Tour, the Perth mint Australia dollar 2015 Princess Charlotte with presentation cases and certificates. Condition: UNC 100-150
471.    A group of three silver commemorative Channel Island coins including: Diamond 2012 Guernsey and Coronation Jubilee 2013 Jersey, plus First World War centenary 2014 Guernsey 5 coin - supplied Westminster mint in presentation cases with certificates of Authenticity - some gold plating. Condition: UNC 100-150
472.    Eight Roman coins 80-120
473.    A banknote album containing: Bank of England gold banknotes 5, 10, 20, & 50. COA Laboratory test report. Each banknote made with 24K gold foil hot pressed on polycarbonate card. Plus approximately 80 world banknotes including: Argentina, Ecuador, France, Greece, Ghana, Jamaica, Portugal etc - Condition: Poor - EF 60-100
474.    A quantity of nine coin folders containing pre-decimal sixpences, shillings, florins and halfcrowns. Some not complete and includes other coins from Commonwealth countries, Geo V to Eliz II - approx 475 grams silver content. Condition: Poor - VF 120-160
475.    A case and coin album containing a large collection of approx 500 plus farthings from Victoria through to Eliz II, some Heaton mint - lustre remaining - Condition: Fair - EF 100-150
476.    A quantity of Victorian silver content coins including threepences, sixpences etc - approx 445 grams. Condition: Poor to Fine 200-300
477.    A quantity of silver content coins including Charles II threepence 1684, George III threepence 1762, plus George IV shillings and others - approx 95 grams. Condition: Poor to Fair 50-70
478.    A quantity of 19th and 20th century silver content coins from Australia, India and South Africa - approx 90 grams. Condition: Fair to Fine 50-70
479.    A Franklin Mint Issue 1977 'The Kings and Queens Collection' from the Normans through to Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Eliz II - all complete 43 proof quality in sterling silver with certificate of authenticity booklet - approx 730 grams silver content. Condition: UNC 250-350
480.    A quantity of silver content coins, some Royal Mint Issue including 1997 silver proof 1 coin (not complete), 1977 Jubilee in cases x 4, Prince of Wales and Lady Diana (x 2), Entente Cordiale 2004, Kiribati 1979, St Helena 1973, Lesotho 1979 and others. Condition: UNC 250-300
481.    A Royal Mint Issue UK Gold Proof Collection 1998 of three coins in presentation case with certificate, St George. Condition: UNC 800-1000
482.    Two Jubilee Mint folders including Sir Winston Churchill gold coin cover issues Jan 2015 and Queen Elizabeth II silver Britannia coin cover issued Jan 2015 with certificate of authenticity, plus Princess Diana 10th memorial anniversary gold plated Gambia Note. Condition: UNC 80-120
483.    A Royal Mint Issue: Gold proof pair Crown set - Nelson and Trafalgar 5 2005, 200th Anniversary, in presentation case with certificate, Cond. Unc. 2000-3000
484.    A Royal Mail Issue: Gold proof sovereign collection four coin set 2008, in presentation case with certificates, Cond. Unc 1800-2000
485.    A Royal Mail Issue: Gold proof sovereign collection four coin set 2003 in presentation case with certificates, Cond. Unc. 1800-2000
486.    A Royal Mail Issue: gold proof sovereign Eliz II three coin set 1998 in presentation case with certificate, Cond. Unc. 800-1000
487.    A Royal Mail Issue: Gold proof sovereign Eliz II three coin set 1990 in presentation case with certificate, Cnd. Unc. 800-1000
488.    A Royal Mint Issue UK Britannia silver proof collection 1997 of four coins in presentation case with certificate. Condition: UNC 100-200
489.    Two USA silver dollars: Morgan dollar 1902, New Orleans mint 26.73 grams, American Eagle Bullion coin issue, Walking Liberty 1993 - 31.10 grams. Condition: EF 30-60
490.    A gold USA half eagle $5 1886 coin - 8.359 grams, Coronet Head 'In God We Trust' above eagle - designer Christian Gobrecht. Condition: Fine - VF 200-250
491.    A quantity of silver USA Morgan dollars (5 off) dates: 1896 S, 1900, 1902 S, 1903 and 1904 (S is San Francisco Mints 7 Feathers) Cond. Fine-EF 120-200
492.    Two silver USA Morgan Dollars Dates 1930 New Orleans and 1897 San Francisco 7 Feathers Cond. Fine/EF 150-200
493.    A quantity of silver content coins including: Australia: florin 1927, crown 1937. New Zealand: shilling 1937, halfcrown 1937 and crown 1949 encased with descriptions Cond. VF/EF 80-120
494.    Two silver USA Morgan dollars Dates 1903 and 1904 San Francisco mint 7 Feathers, Cond Fine 100-150
495.    A quantity of silver USA Morgan dollars (5 off) dates: 1892, 1892 S, 1898 S, 1899 S & 1901 (S is San Francisco Mint 7 feathers) Cond F/VF 120-180
496.    A quantity of silver USA Morgan dollars (9 off) Dates: 1889, 1891, 1892 O, 1891 S, 1896 O, 1900 and 1902 O (O is New Orleans and S is San Francisco Mints 7 Feathers) Cond Fine-EF 150-200
497.    A Royal Mail Issue: The sovereign centenary collection, seven coins, dates 1901,1910,1912,1932,1968,1979 & 2000 in presentation case with certificates, Cond. EF 1400-1600
498.    A Royal Mint Issue gold sovereign proof 1994 in presentation case with certificate of Authenticity No 3034. issued 4998 - portrait by Raphael Maklouf. Condition: Proof 200-300
499.    Royal Mint issue Henry VIII 5 silver proof coin 2009 in presentation case and certificate. Condition: UNC 40-80
500.    A Royal Mint Issue gold proof sovereign 2007 in presentation case and certificate, portrait by Ian Rank-Broadley. Condition: UNC 250-350
501.    A Royal Mint Issue: Quarter sovereign bullion type 2010 in presentation folder package with certificate, Cond Unc. 60-80
502.    A Royal Mint Issue: Gold three coin proof half sovereign portrait set of Elizabeth II dates 1983, 1987 & 2004 in presentation case with certificate, Cond. Unc. 350-450
503.    A Royal Mint Issue: Unc gold coin 5 1992 in presentation case with certificate, Cond. Unc. 1000-1500
504.    A Royal Mint Issue: Unc. Gold coin 5 1992 in presentation case with certificate, Cond. Unc 1000-1500
505.    A Royal Mint Issue: Gold proof Victorian Anniversary Crown 5 2001, in presentation case with certificate, Cond. Unc. 1200-1500
506.    A Royal Mail Issue: The Golden Jubilee sovereign collection 1887-2002 four coins in presentation case with certificate, Cond. EF 600-800
507.    A Royal Mint Issue: Gold half Sovereign Queen Victoria 1901 Old Veiled bust in presentation case with certificate, Cond. Unc. 100-150
508.    A Royal Mint Issue Gold half sovereign pair, Edward VII 1908 in presentation case with certificate, Cond. Fine - VF 200-300
509.    Royal Mint Issue: Silver proof 5 pair, Diamond Wedding 2007, in presentation case with certificate, Cond. Unc. 50-80
510.    A Royal Mint Issue: Piedfort silver proof 5, Restoration of the Monarchy 2010 in presentation case with certificate, Cond. Unc. 60-80
511.    A Royal Mint Issue: Silver proof 5, 60th Birthday Prince of Wales 2008, in presentation case with certificate, Cond. Unc. 40-60
512.    Two Australian silver coins including Kookaburra series 2oz, 1993 in presentation case, the Perth mint and a Royal Australian mint issue 1995 Waltzing Matilda series in presentation case No 2322. Condition: Proof 50-80
513.    A Royal Mint Issue: Silver proof 5 millennium 2000 in presentation case with certificate, Cond. Unc. 30-50
514.    A Royal Mint Issue: Silver proof 5 40th Anniversary 1993, in presentation case with certificate, Cond. Unc. 30-50
515.    Royal Mint Issue: Silver proof 5, Golden Wedding 1997 in presentation case with certificate, Cond. Unc. 40-60
516.    A Royal Mint Issue: Gold sovereign Elizabeth II 1981 in presentation case with certificate, Cond Unc. 200-300
517.    A British Bulldog Club silver medal - 1899 Merit Award 40-60
518.    A Victorian Jubilee bust florin, 1887. Cond. EF 30-50
519.    A Victorian Jubilee bust double florin, 1889. Cond. VF/EF 80-120
520.    A Victorian Old Veiled bust half crown, 1895. Cond. EF 50-70
521.    A Victorian Jubilee bust crown, 1892. Cond. VF/EF 80-120
522.    An Elizabeth I silver sixpence 1569. Condition: Poor 30-50
523.    A King Edward VIII bronze Coronation medal in original box - 1937 30-50
524.    A 14 carat gold $100 Tuvalu Coronation Crown 1993, Royal Mint Issue with certificate - 7.776 grams. Condition: UNC 140-180
525.    Silver James I sixpence 1623, sixth bust, clipped edges Cond. Fine-VF 70-90
526.    Royal Mint Issue: Gold proof sovereign 2005. New Version, a depiction of St George (Timothy Noad) in presentation case with certificate No. 0180. Cond. Unc 250-350
527.    A Victorian gold double old veiled bust sovereign, 1893. Cond VF/EF 500-700
528.    A George V 1912 gold half sovereign, London mint. Condition: VF - EF 100-150
529.    A Victoria 1896 gold sovereign, London mint. Condition: VF 200-300
530.    An Eliz II 1962 gold sovereign, London mint. Condition: EF 200-300
530A.   A USA Classic Head Cent 1814 Plain Four - designer John Reich. 10.98 grams copper. Mintage 357,830. Condition: Obverse - groove scratch in cheek, otherwise VF. Reverse: VF - EF 300-400
530B.   A quantity of silver coinage including: Mexico 2 Reales 1774FM (pierced), Charles I sixpence, a 1711 William III shilling, third bust, a 1757 George II sixpence - Condition: Poor - Fine 100-150
530C.   A QV gold sovereign 1887 200-250
530D.   An Ed VII gold sovereign 1905 200-250
530E.   A GV gold sovereign 1911 200-250
530F.   An Ed VII gold half sovereign 1908 and a GV one 1916 200-250
530G.   Two GV gold half sovereigns 1911 & 1913 200-250
530H.   A QV bun head half sovereign 1866 100-150
530I.   Two Russian Nicholas II 5 roubles 1899 and 1898 200-300
531.    Postcards - and album including topo with Port St Mary, Winchester etc, comic including Bonzo, 1908 Messina Earthquake devastation, performing bears in street, midget/bookmark sized cards etc (approx 215) 60-80
532.    Postcards - glamour Art Nouveau types (9) featuring girls wearing gilded head dresses (artist unknown); others include Art Deco types etc - total 29 60-80
533.    Postcards - Wales topo including RP Motor Bus at Aberderon, scenes at Barry Docks, Pwllheli Rail Station, RP Aberdovey station interior, RP Cemaes, RP Llantwit Major etc (50) 70-90
534.    Postcards - a miscellany with comic including L Thackeray, McGill, Catland types, French Military/Romantic etc (approx 60) 30-50
535.    Postcards - Hants and a few IoW topo including RP Eastgate Street Winchester, Brockenhurst, Bramshott Village, Bishop's Waltham, Burley etc (73) 50-70
535A.   Postcards - stage/beauty celebs including Mrs Brown Petter, Lettice Fairfax, Evelyn Millard etc (approx 115) 40-60
536.    Postcards - embossed stamp cards including GB, Germany, USA etc, Boer War Heroes (unused, grubby); Pen/colour wash French political/military personalities (7) - total 31 50-70
537.    Postcards - Lincolnshire topo including St Paul's Street, Stamford, Freeman Street, Grimsby, Sleaford, Louth, Spilsby etc (62) 50-70
538.    Postcards - Cumbria topo with Grange-Over-Sands station interior, RP station St Wetheral, RP Eskdale Foxhounds, RP Blawith etc (60) 50-70
539.    Postcards - Dorset topo including RP 1908 Bournemouth tram disaster; street scenes at Dorchester, RP Poole sandbanks, RP Walpole Road Boscombe etc (63) 50-70
540.    Postcards - Yorks topo including Sheffield RP's of Wicker, Ranmoor and Midland station, RP Eastgate Pickering, Cotswold, street scene at Doncaster, Ilkley etc (55) 70-80
541.    Postcards - County Durham topo including street scene at Darlington Market, Durham Market Place, Gateshead, Middleton, South Shields etc (65) 60-70
542.    A small quantity of photos/postcards, with military interest including overturned tank, fire fighting group with implements etc - condition very mixed 10-20
543.    Postcards - Somerset topo with The Gypsy Encampment at Uphill, Axbridge Village including two RP's of railway station, RP of Cross village, scenes at Weare, Chard, Taunton etc (64) 90-120
544.    An album of postcards including local topo with Ledbury Market Day, Eastnor PO, Welland etc, embroidered (5) etc - total 36 20-30
545.    Postcards - An album (a/f) containing one-family collection, chiefly GB topo with scenes at Penge, Uxbridge including station interior, Prestbury, Sharpness Docks, Newnham, RP Newport Transporter bridge etc (approx 240) 120-150
546.    A postcard album and loose postcards plus a photograph album of military interest with WWI naval battle ships including HMS Wild Swan etc. plus cigarette card booklets. 40-50
547.    Three postcard albums - topographical including Ruislip, Hammersmith etc. Royalty, Greetings, Comic etc. (a330) 50-70
548.    Postcards - accumulation, mostly older period GB topo, some greetings etc (approx 900) 60-80
549.    A group of reproduction cards in five display albums - wide spread including topographical, glamour, advertising, exotic, cute children etc 25-35
550.    Postcards - an album of chiefly topo with Scotland including Newton Mearne, Falkirk, Ayr etc - approx 180 40-50
551.    A display album containing comprehensive collection of Bonzo cards (some additional French captions), very many themes including sport, transport, police etc (approx 280) 400-600
552.    Postcards of Railway interest including Newent station interior, official railway company cards, engines/rolling stock, stations etc; trams including Sutton Tram Terminus Croydon, advertising cards including Cadbury's, Fry's Show Train etc 120-160
553.    Postcards - an album with topo, comic, artists including Jotter, Children etc (approx 140) 40-60
554.    Postcards - an album with stage stars/beauties including Marie Studholme, Zena Dare etc, RP of Gloucester RFA Camp at Berrow, some localish topo etc (approx 300) 70-100
555.    Postcards - and album of chiefly GB topo including Market St Bradford on Avon, Market Place Box, interior views of RMS Aquitania, comic including Tom Browne, photo studies of composers including Brahms, Bizet etc (approx 200) 60-80
556.    Postcard album with mixture of topographical including Boothstown, Ludford, Longsight etc. Royalty, shipping, RP Marlene Dietrich. Artists include Flora White, Kinsella, Studdy (Bonzo 5) etc (a. 275) 100-150
557.    Two postcard albums with GB topo (a. 115 together with group of military photographs (22) 15-25
558.    A collection of thirteen early picture cards of Paris 10-20
559.    Postcards - various including RP's of Bratton Fleming, Saxilby, Sawley Road Long Eaton etc; shipping; saucy cards by Pedro etc; 1950's ration books, two leather bound books a/f etc 20-30
560.    Postcards - chiefly topo with GB including RP 1913 George V busy scene at Eccles, other Lancs etc; Foreign include: Trinidad and Tobago with Cacao and Sugar Cane harvesting scenes, Japan, Singapore etc (138) 60-80
561.    Postcards - accumulation with GB topo, children including comic, beauties, humerous including Spurgin, Cynicus, McGill etc together with a bundle family ephemera including Clothing Ration book, greetings cards etc (approx 260+ ephemera) 40-60
562.    An album of cigarette cards including a set of Players Dogs Heads, a set of characters from Dickens etc, plus a small quantity of greetings cards etc 10-20
563.    An album of early cigarette cards including A I Jones 1905 Nautical Terms (4), Wm Clarke and Sons (6) etc - glued into album, requiring some skill to remove 20-30
564.    Cigarette cards - part sets/odds, many Senior Service including The Navy; others include Ardath, Wills British Sporting Personalities etc (100+) 10-20
565.    A 1991 Rugby World Cup ticket, various postcards and John Player cigarette album 10-20
566.    A framed set of Players cigarette cards of actors and actresses 10-20
567.    Cigarette cards: an album with part sets/odds including Salmon and Gluckstein 1897, HM Queen Victoria 3/6 (Baby, Bride - these good - and Age 8 with crease); Players British Livestock 24/25, Counties and Industries etc - condition: mixed 40-60
568.    A box of postcards, photos, greetings cards etc including RP's Ruardean Hill Choral Society 1934, Blakeney High Street, donkey-drawn governess cart etc 30-40
569.    A collection of thirty four French decoupage musical themed cut-outs 20-40
570.    An album containing ephemera: 'Dress the Dolly' Victorian ladies and childrens clothing; Named black and white prints of fox hunts including Ludlow (4) Ficolax fruit advertising postcards (5) etc. 20-40
571.    A group of ephemera relating to Frankie Vaughan including autograph 20-30
572.    A collection of 1950's Child Education magazines with two 'Wunda Painting and Drawing' books 10-20
573.    Three vintage French linen backed maps including Rouen etc 10-30
574.    Two Morris brochures including The New Morris Sixer Series II and the Morris Ten Series III, with a 1936 Morris Owner magazine 20-30
575.    Modern and Contemporary Prints and British Prints Dictionary and Price Guide 10-20
576.    Antique Collectors Club 19th century British Marine Painters, Marine Art and Antiques and Dictionary of Sea Painters 15-25
577.    Antique Collectors Club Dictionary British Watercolour Artists - two vols 10-20
578.    The English Struwelpeter, Copyright Edition 10-30
579.    A group of ten vintage childrens books and annuals 20-40
580.    Twelve volumes of H G Wells published by Odhams, and sixteen volumes of Dickens 10-20
581.    Who's Who in The Zoo by JB Morton, illustrated by Cecil Aldin - first edition 10-20
582.    Fairy Tales by Charles Persault illustrated by Appleton 10-20
583.    Four late Victorian/early Edwardian 'The Dumpy Books for Children' including 1899 Mrs Turners Cautionary Stories 1901, A Horse book by Mary Tourtel, 1903 'Fishy-Winkle' by Jean C Archer and 1904 'Rosalina' by same author 30-50
584.    Ten Little Nigger Boys and Ten Little Nigger Girls by Nora Case, third edition 20-30
585.    The Farriers New Guide containing First Anatomy of a horse....secondly An Account of all the Diseases incident to, by W Gibson 1729 40-60
586.    The Rural Economy of Gloucestershire by Wm Marshall - 1789 vol only 60-80
587.    Four various Fairy Books by Andrew Lang comprising two Orange Fairy books (one a 1906 edition), The Violet Fairy Book and the Brown Fairy Book, plus The Red Book of Romance by Andrew Lang 1905 40-60
588.    Vade Mecum or the Necessary Pocket Companion containing Sir Samuel Morelands Peripheral Almanack 1735 - 14th edition 20-30
589.    A 1910 Kyoto Exhibition catalogue and another 30-50
590.    The Hereford Guide containing a Concise History of the City of Hereford 1806, printed D Walker, Gloucester 30-50
591.    A small group of leather bound literary books 10-20
592.    Ten Edwardian Beatrix Potter books 20-30
593.    Just So Stories For Little Children by Rudyard Kipling, reprint 1902 10-20
594.    Seven volumes Familiar Wild Flowers by F Edward Hulme 10-20
595.    The Rainbow Book by Mrs M H Spielman illustrated by Rackham and others - 1913, Prince and Princesses 1908 and Andersen's Fairy Tales illustrated by Helen Stratton 10-30
596.    The Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by Rev John Fleetwood published William Mackenzie 10-20
597.    A collection of six Eagle Annuals, nos 1 to 6 from 1950's 30-40
598.    Three various volumes of the Pilgrimages to Old Homes by Fletcher Moss plus Folk-lore Old Customs and Tales signed by the author Fletcher Moss 20-40
599.    A 1939 copy of Peter and Wendy by JM Barrie, illustrated by Edmund Blampied 40-60
600.    British Ballards Vol 1 by George Barrett Smith 1881 - re-bound 10-30
601.    The Death of Abel by Soloman Gessner translated by Frederic Shobel published Albion Press 60-80
602.    The Tiger Hunters by R G Burton, The South Seas of Today by Douglas and Johnson and Charles W Abel of Kwato 20-30
603.    Infantry Weapons of World War 2 by I V Hogg, 19th Century Firearms, Guns and How They Work, The Treasury of Sporting Guns and One Hundred Great Guns 20-30
604.    The Dictionary of Picture postcards and The 20th century British Book of Illustrations 20-30
605.    Marilyn by Andre de Dienes and Marilyn Handbook by Mike Evans 10-20
606.    Four books on Witchcraft: Pandemonium by Richard Bovet together with A Handbook of Witches, The British Witch and The Practise of Witchcraft Today 20-30
607.    The Book of Ross on Wye by Martin H Morris, signed by the author with confirmation of publishing date. No 170 of a limited edition 30-50
608.    The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov. Foundation, Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation, in slip case. The Folio Society - fine condition 40-50
609.    The Second World War by Winston S Churchill. The complete six volume set in two slip cases. The Folio Society, fine condition 40-60
610.    She Stoops To Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith, tipped in colour plates by Hugh Thomson, 1912 - very good condition 40-60
611.    Four volumes of Cassell's New Book of the Horse 50-70
612.    The Fatal Effects of Gambling Exemplified in the Murder of William Weare, published by Thos. Kelly 1825 - modern half calf over marbled boards 50-60
613.    History of the Reformation in the sixteenth century by J H Merle D'Aubigne, 10-30
614.    Eight books on fly fishing 20-30
615.    Lamborghini by Paul Cockerham, together with Mercedes Benz SL and SLC by LJK Setright, and 60, the Mercedes Benz Club - 60 Years of the Marque 20-30
616.    The American Farmer by John S Skinner - 1823 20-40
617.    An illustrated History of the RAF and a Times Atlas 10-20
618.    Hansel and Gretel and Other Stories by the Brothers Grimm, illustrated by Kay Nielsen, published by The Folio Society, a limited edition of 980 of which this is No 124. In clamshell case and with original packaging - a very fine copy 200-250
619.    A box of literary and other books 10-20
620.    A map of Berkshire after Cary - 21 x 25cm 10-20
621.    An 18th century map of Worcestershire by H Moll - 19 x 25cm 30-40
622.    An 18th century engraved map of the city of Gloucester 'Gloster City Thos Brown Alderman' by J Kip - 36 x 44cm 100-150
623.    Twenty six 'Savings Certificates Sold Here' posters issued by National Savings Committee London 30-50
624.    A brass lantern 10-20
625.    A 1920's battery loudspeaking microphone in red bakelite on cast Mazac base with four volt input and amplifier terminals and transformer in base - reg design 768435 80-120
626.    Six boxed sets of stereoscope cards including Vol 1 South Africa War 12 cards and three boxes of 'Studies' and two of Jerusalem 30-50
627.    A Victorian copper oil lamp and a brass one 20-30
628.    An Edwardian mahogany arch top mantel clock 10-20
629.    An oak 1920's/30's eight day striking mantel clock 20-30
630.    A Victorian set of old postal scales and weights with engraved decoration and a copper butchers hook 20-30
631.    A Schweppes soda siphon 10-20
632.    A group of six cloisonne items including two vases, a bowl and three small lidded pots 20-30
633.    A German WWI brass shell case 10-20
634.    A 19th century brass chamber stick 10-20
635.    A native New Zealand wooden offering bowl - 35cm dia 25-35
636.    A Victorian glass inkwell with embossed brass lid three copper items and a lacquer vesta holder painted figure 10-20
637.    Four various engineering patterns, a folding rule and a pair of wooden candlesticks 20-30
638.    A Bakelite Genalex wall clock with a Smiths 'Sectric' clock, a Smiths brass carriage clock and another Smiths bakelite mantel clock 20-40
639.    A No. 7 flat Iron by W Cross, a No. 4 flat iron plus an iron stand by F W. London, and an early electric iron 10-20
640.    A carved horses head hanging clothes brush plaque 10-20
641.    A box of 78rpm 1950's records including Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Clyde McPhatter etc 20-40
642.    A Gene Pitney LP, signed and 'The Shadows Story of Hits' 20-30
643.    A Beatles LP 'Please Please Me' (PMC 1202) - XEX 421 - INI 80-100
644.    A carry case of LP records 1960's - 1980's 15-25
645.    A brass preserving pan and various brass and copper fire items 10-20
646.    A box of brassware containing two trays, jug, bowl, two chestnut roasters, and trivet stand 20-30
647.    A modern Looping eight day alarm carriage clock and a Blessing eight day travel alarm clock in blue leather case 40-60
648.    A 1960's German cube form barometer/thermometer and hygrometer with ships clock/barometer on mahogany plinth 15-25
649.    An antique cast lead plaque depicting Achilles in low relief - 21 x 19cm 30-50
650.    A Smiths Sectric bakelite alarm clock with a Looping travel alarm 20-30
651.    Four various glass ink wells and a ceramic one 10-20
652.    A box of assorted pocket and other knives including military 30-50
653.    A set of brass bell weights 20-30
654.    A rosewood snuff box, a lacquer snuff box and a birdseye maple cigarette case - inscribed 10-30
655.    Eight various cut throat razors - boxed 20-30
656.    A Schuco Old Timer Mercedes Simplex anno 1902, with key - boxed 20-40
657.    A treen shoe form snuff box with striker 20-30
658.    An early 20th century Robertson's Mince Meat Golden Shred brand tin 10-20
659.    A silver mounted amber cigarette holder, a small meerschaum claw form pipe and two others 30-40
660.    A Dunhill cigarette lighter, three Ronson lighters and two others 20-30
661.    A WWII set of four medals 30-50
662.    A selection of badges and medals including 'Nig Nog' club, a silver RMS Saxonia butterfly wing brooch etc 20-30
663.    A box of collectables including coins, badges, cap badge etc 10-20
664.    A metal strong box, key ring and service defence medal 1939 - 45 20-40
665.    A small group of engineering tools including set of trammels, dividers etc 10-20
666.    A group of WW2 medals in mahogany case with a collection of military cap badges 30-40
667.    Seven various compacts including Stratton, with a 1950's Beauty box containing various lidded containers 10-30
668.    Two small glass oil lamps and a metal one 10-20
669.    A collection of antique glass medicine bottles 20-40
670.    A Canon Leigo palmtronic early calculator and charger - boxed with instructions 10-30
671.    A box of treen, leather cigar holder etc 10-20
672.    A box of games items including 1930's Riley of Accrington 3 Bias Bowl, two cribbage boards, two poker dice sets, playing cards, large bag of various marbles, draughts and six dice with shaker 30-40
673.    A pantograph letter set 10-20
674.    A pair of Harmann Wetzlar 9 x 40 binoculars 20-40
675.    A pair of large antique bath taps 10-20
676.    A Victorian brass kettle and other brass etc 10-20
677.    A box of antique locks, keys, site number markers and other metal items 20-30
678.    A beaten pewter picture of exotic birds, signed SW - 27cm x 18cm 10-20
679.    A bronze finish reclining hound on oval base - 15cm long, probably Heredities 10-20
680.    A small cold painted bronze pheasant on onyx stand - repaired 15cm x 10cm 20-30
681.    An early 20th century spelter tiger - 32cm long 20-30
682.    A Victorian Kenrick cast iron bell form door stop 30-50
683.    A late 18th or early 19th century brass pestle and mortar 20-30
684.    Two 19th century brass pestle and mortars 20-40
685.    Two 19th century watercolour miniatures on ivory of military gentleman - framed 30-50
686.    A reproduction miniature portrait of a woman - 12 x 9cm 10-20
687.    An early Victorian watercolour miniature of a lady in ebonised frame 40-60
688.    Spare Lot
689.    A small watercolour miniature of 'Daisy Chain' in circular frame - 5cm dia 20-30
690.    A miniature portrait of a lady - cased, and a naive silhouette of a child 20-40
691.    An early 19th century brass and leather four draw telescope 30-40
692.    A framed cameo of a 19th century man, a Victorian painted metal boot vesta and a bone picture frame 10-20
693.    A set of six Kate Greenaway style printed and painted doilies and two Lewis Carroll Alice In Wonderland ones 80-120
694.    A Danish pewter pipe rest 20-30
695.    An early 20th century owl form treen inkwell with pen rest 20-40
696.    Three vintage evening/clutch bags, one in original box 20-30
697.    Two magnifying glasses and a paperknife 10-20
698.    A Hygrometer - boxed 10-20
699.    A pair of Selfridges binoculars 10 x 50 - cased 10-20
700.    A Voightlander compass camera, Voightlander box camera and a Kodak Kodette 10-30
701.    A Continette camera, two Box Brownie cameras and a pair of WWI binoculars 10-20
702.    A Rolliecord Compur camera in case 20-30
703.    An Agfa Flexilette camera 10-20
704.    A novelty cigarette dispenser and various collectables 10-20
705.    A box of Indo-Islamic ware including 19th century travelling writing kit 20-40
706.    Three various thermometers 10-20
707.    A box of collectables including hip flask, fountain pens etc 10-30
708.    Four wooden wall barometers including an Altitude HMS Victory example and Bars thermo hygrometer etc 20-30
709.    An early 20th century 'Copped Hall' grape storing bottle with cork stopper by William Wood and Sons of Wood Green, a boxed Allenbury's baby feeding bottle, and a cased glass measure 30-40
710.    Four various wall barometers including a Short and Mason one etc 10-20
711.    An old Windsor and Newton easel 10-20
712.    A pair of bison horns mounted and one other horn 60-80
713.    A pair of gazelle horns 20-30
714.    A carved tribal figure of a woman - 47cm 10-20
715.    A 19th century spelter figure of a girl with a water jug - 47cm 20-40
716.    A plaster Art Nouveau figure of a woman and child - 59cm - possibly a table lamp 20-40
717.    Norman Orr - watercolour stag - 1973 - 43cm wide x 53cm high 100-200
718.    A pair of 19th century aquatints of Venetian landscapes - 23 x 59cm 30-50
719.    Edwina W Lara - pair of oil on canvas fishing boats on rough seas, signed E Lara - 33 x 60cm 100-150
720.    A large oil on canvas Venetian canal scene - signed indistinctly 49 x 68cm 100-150
721.    Clem Lambert - watercolour landscape with country lane and cottages - 34 x 52cm 150-200
722.    A small oak corner hanging bathroom cabinet - 35cm 20-30
723.    Four various wooden table lamps on turned supports 20-30
724.    Two large vintage dial telephones (converted) 20-40
725.    A black dial telephone and another push button one 20-30
726.    A late Victorian mahogany pedestal desk of nine drawers and with red leather top 50-70
727.    A Victorian rosewood music Canterbury on turned supports 60-80
728.    Two 19th century French painted silk fans in gilt wood and ivory 40-60
729.    An early 19th century Chinese Canton fan painted figurative scenes on lacquer in original fitted lacquer box 100-150
730.    A Victorian brass table centre-piece fruit bowl with all over embossed and cast decoration of shells and leaves, raised on Etruscan style head support - 28cm tall 200-300
731.    A large carved Black Forest bear - 42cm 80-100
732.    An ebonised porcupine quill box (plus bundle of spares) with inlay to interior 'Matara' 20-30
733.    An early 18th century walnut side table with herringbone inlay, three frieze drawers and shell carved cabriole supports with claw and ball feet - 129cm wide x 48cm deep x 77cm high 250-350
734.    A brass preserving pan and copper jug 10-20
735.    A Shell-Mex petrol can and four caps for Shell, BP, Pratts and Taxibus 20-40
736.    An old National Benzole Co Ltd oil can 10-20
737.    A rustic Eastern basket and a copper carrier with handle 20-30
738.    A brass companion set and a pair of small candlesticks 10-20
739.    A Chinese reproduction lacquered vanity box with fold-out mirror over three drawers 40-60
740.    A pink stone set bonsai tree with wooden trunk - 36cm high 10-30
741.    A painted decorative large carved wood Buddha seated - 27cm 20-30
742.    A Chinese 'jade' face screen with stone applied decoration on carved wood stand - 24cm 20-40
743.    An Eastern carved table top screen with floral embossed glazed panel - 38cm high and a miniature four folding panel screen 30-50
744.    A Victorian mahogany topped rectangular pub table on cast iron gothic style base by Gaskells Bar Fitters, Birmingham 150-200
745.    A watercolour landscape with pine trees - 38 x 27cm 10-20
746.    An early 20th century mahogany two tier occasional table 10-20
747.    An Edwardian mahogany music cabinet with glazed door 20-40
748.    A Victorian oak longcase clock with swan neck pediment over painted dial by Lewis Hopkins, Tewkesbury 100-150
749.    A Victorian tall glass dome on stand - 43cm 30-50
750.    A Victorian walnut circular occasional table on triple turned supports and scroll feet 40-60
751.    An Edwardian satin walnut linen press with pair of doors enclosing shelves over two short and three long drawers 60-100
752.    A Victorian mahogany triple wardrobe with central mirror door flanked by two panelled doors, the interior fitted one hanging robe and linen trays over drawers - 80-120
753.    A large stoneware water filter of barrel form and a stoneware jar 20-30
754.    A reproduction mahogany serpentine bedside chest of four drawers 20-30
755.    A pair of early 20th century oak and cane single beds by Heal & Son 30-50
756.    A Georgian oak corner cupboard with inlaid star motif - 134cm high - a/f 30-50
757.    A collection of horse brasses on leather straps with three horse brass hooks 10-20
758.    Two fishing rods plus a split cane one 10-20
759.    A Victorian pine high back settle 150cm wide 60-80
760.    Three various old baskets 10-20
761.    A 19th century pine open dough box with handles 62 wide x 39cm deep x 36cm high 30-50
762.    An old pine tool chest 20-30
763.    A childs wicker chair 10-20
764.    A Hathaway butter churn 'Shakespearian Rd' trademark, Chippenham - on stand 60-80
765.    A box of twelve wooden carpentry planes 10-20
766.    A Victorian white painted cast iron stick stand on scroll supports 20-40
767.    A butterfly display on branch under glass dome - 37cm 50-70
768.    An unusual Georgian country oak gateleg table raised on three supports with single drop leaf 150-200
769.    An 18th century elm topped side table on square supports 80-120
770.    A Victorian glass oil lamp with green shade and Duplex burner 20-40
771.    A Victorian silver plated and lacquer tray decorated exotic bird, the silver plated frame by Ellingtons 40-60
772.    An oak dropleaf occasional table painted flowers 10-20
773.    A 19th century painted plaster figure of an Arab water carrier - 70cm high 30-50
774.    Spare Lot
775.    A large early 20th century carved ebony African tribal figure of a female water carrier - 97cm 20-30
776.    A Japanese lacquer glove box decorated cranes 10-20
777.    A Victorian Tole Ware snuffer tray and a lacquer plate painted bird 20-30
778.    An old book rack with Art Deco marquetry decoration 10-20
779.    A hexagonal brass tampion for HMS L54 Royal Navy Submarine - built 1917-18, scrapped 1939. Converted to a door stop 80-120
780.    A vintage Astral electric Bakelite table top cigarette lighter - boxed 20-30
781.    An RMS Titanic wall mounted display model - cased 106 cm wide 40-60
782.    A Mamod traction engine - boxed 30-50
783.    An early 20th century Japanese papier mache doll with baby doll 25cm tall 10-20
784.    A Victorian composition and bisque doll 31cm 20-30
785.    A pair of cut glass basket form light fittings 30-40
786.    Two Georgian mahogany tea caddies 30-50
787.    A vintage black anglepoise lamp 30-40
788.    A vintage white anglepoise lamp 30-40
789.    A vintage black anglepoise lamp 30-40
790.    A 19th century wooden tool box 20-40
791.    A quantity of textile items including various clutch bags, pelts, leather chaps etc 10-20
792.    A collection of wooden items including four Eastern carved boxes, two oriental carved figures and a playing card storage box 30-40
793.    A pair of 50's/60's white ovoid shaped glass ceiling lights 10-20
794.    An Olympia vintage portable typewriter with instructions 10-20
795.    A box of treen items including dish, tea caddy, tourist ware, egg cups, stamp and pot pourri boxes etc 30-40
796.    A quantity of Bossons wall masks 20-40
797.    A pair of Benares brass vases, two Turkish coffee pots and a pair of oak spiral candlesticks etc 10-30
798.    A 1951 Elliot Equip canvas military bag assigned to SPR Harris 22799243 Egypt, in relation to Suez Campaign with various cap badges, lanyard and shoulder flashes, plus a tie with bullet pencil etc 30-50
799.    A 19th century mahogany gun box with contents of fishing equipment 30-50
800.    A Singer sewing machine K99 10-30
801.    A Lalique style glass plaffonier clam shell design light shade, marked and signed indistinctly - 35cm dia 20-30
802.    A 19th century hunting crop 20-40
803.    A Japanese blue silk embroidered parasol 20-40
804.    A Japanese parasol 10-20
805.    Two Victorian parasols 30-50
806.    A blue silk umbrella with Indian silver embossed handle 40-60
807.    An Edwardian horn handled and cane umbrella with silver mounts 10-30
808.    A Victorian black silk striped parasol with ebonised handle and a pink umbrella with bamboo handle 20-40
809.    A blue silk umbrella with loop and buckle handle and another parasol a/f 20-30
810.    An Indonesian watercolour on silk of a dancer - 28 x 23cm 20-40
811.    A Chinese print of procession - 30 x 48cm 10-20
812.    H C CHivan - watercolour oriental dwelling 15 x 26cm 20-40
813.    A collection of ten various cricketing prints including a pair of photographic of HR Butt and JF Kelly and four framed photographic prints of cricketers, two including Briggs, Trumble, Grace and Ranjitsinhji - each 17 x 9cm
814.    A print of birds after H E Eldridge - 22 x 34cm 10-20
815.    Arrobus - watercolour Taxco Mexico scene with roof tops - 23 x 36cm 20-30
816.    An oak reproduction lead glazed two door bookcase with linen fold decoration 20-40
817.    A Victorian oil on canvas Still Life figs - 40 x 59cm, and an oil bowl of violets - 34 x 34cm 10-30
818.    A pair of Victorian oil on canvas pictures - 49 x 36cm 20-40
819.    Frank Chaplin - oil on canvas still life fruit, signed and dated 1882, 50 x 60cm 30-50
820.    An oil on canvas fisherwoman and boats on a beach - 29 x 45cm 10-30
821.    J Rockingham - oil on canvas giant poppies - 59 x 44cm, and Gillit - oil on canvas leaves - 45 x 37cm 20-30
822.    W R Makinson - limited edition print of a canal scene 43 x 53cm, signed in pencil 10-20
823.    A watercolour copy after Rowlandson 'Dr Syntax' 19 x 33cm 10-20
824.    Goya Dafule - watercolour sailing boats and harbour - 47 x 64cm, and a floral print 10-20
825.    E Ward RAF - watercolour Loch Ard 1918 and another watercolour cottage and landscape - 20 x 32cm 10-30
826.    Derwent Lees - a print of 'The Pear Tree' - 13cm x 17cm 10-20
827.    A small 19th century print of a lady on a terrrace - in a gilt frame, 11 x 8cm 20-30
828.    A Victorian oileograph of girl and boy with posy of primroses - 45 x 35cm 30-50
829.    A Victorian print of a man and pig in gilt frame - 46 x 35cm 20-40
830.    A coloured engraving of Westminster Abbey printed for Carrington Bowles by Rob Wilkinson and Robert Sayer, 1794 (label to verso re presentation to W H Carnegie) and four other prints of Westminster Abbey and Gloucester Cathedral - 38cm wide x 24cm high 30-50
831.    Andrew King - two watercolour coastal scenes with fishing boats - 27 x 39cm and 25 x 35cm 100-150
832.    Christopher Penny - etching 'Long Water' 25cm x 25cm 30-50
833.    Four various prints depicting public houses including The Bear Inn, The Kings Head etc - the largest 18 x 15cm 10-20
834.    J K Whitton - pastel landscape with trees - 26 x 57cm - label to verso 30-50
835.    A Chinese watercolour on bamboo of a bird - 37 x 38cm 10-20
836.    A 19th century caricature print after Gilray 'God Save The King' published 1795 - 25 x 34cm 30-50
837.    A limited edition spiritual watercolour by Rosie 1/4 - 24 x 18cm 10-20
838.    Two Chinese watercolour landscapes - 30 x 20cm and 39 x 29cm 20-30
839.    A Japanese print of woman in red kimono with wisteria - 70 x 67cm 20-40
840.    An antique Japanese watercolour of three warrior immortals, 63cm x 36cm 50-70
841.    A Victorian cane seated child's posture chair 20-40
842.    An Edwardian mahogany inlaid bedside cupboard 20-40
843.    A large Gabbe carpet - with banded decoration on a graded tone brown ground 357 x 275cm 80-100
844.    A small Persian rug with stylised floral ground and geometric medallion on a red ground 150 x 114cm 20-30
845.    An antique Qashqai Persian rug with all over boteh decoration and red diamond medallion on an ivory ground within red border - 178cm x 114cm 40-60
846.    A red and blue ground Persian runner with medallion design 275 x 108cm 80-100
847.    A Persian prayer rug with vase of flowers design on a red ground 212cm x 143cm 100-150
848.    A blue and red ground Persian Tabriz carpet with traditional medallion design 314 x 215cm 150-180
849.    A red ground Afghan carpet with all over tile decoration within multiple borders - 283 x 200cm 80-100
850.    A Persian silk and wool rug with floral medallion design on a pale blue ground 200cm x 136cm 150-200
851.    A Persian rug with all over floral medallion design on a dark blue ground 150cm x 105cm 80-120
852.    A 'His Masters Voice' HMV portable record player in green case 20-40
853.    A John Edrich cricket bat signed by the 1972 England and Australia Ashes teams and Gloucestershire, Kent and Middlesex 10-20
854.    An African carved elephant stool 40-60
855.    A Remington typewriter 10-30
856.    A vintage picnic set by Brexton - incl two vacuum flasks etc. 10-20
857.    A mahogany carved chair with white upholstered seat on tapered legs 20-40
858.    A set of four Edwardian mahogany Art Nouveau chairs with mother of pearl inlay on spade feet and with cream upholstered seats 40-60
859.    A Victorian small chair or child's chair with carved back and barleytwist supports 10-20
860.    An Edwardian oak swivel office chair with spindle back 50-70
861.    A pair of farmhouse style chairs 20-30
862.    A Victorian armchair on turned supports 30-50
863.    A Victorian ladies chair on turned ebonised supports - in need of re-upholstery - July sale 20-40
864.    A matched pair of Victorian mahogany framed armchairs on scroll supports 60-80
865.    A high backed Georgian style wing armchair on pad feet with tweed/tartan loose cover 120-180
866.    A Victorian carved pine commode chair with original interior pot and lid 20-40
867.    An 18th century primitive-style child's chair - 33cm wide x 41cm high 30-50
868.    A childs chair with stick back 10-20
869.    An unusual American child's rocking chair c.1900 60-80
870.    A vintage childs chair with integral tray 20-30
871.    A Victorian nursing chair on turned supports 20-40
872.    An early 20th century GWR 10ft railway bench with three 'GWR' cast iron supports 400-600
873.    An early 20th century Merrythought gold mohair teddy bear 40-60
874.    A wooden cased 1950's French Jura wall clock carved Normandy Apples design 20-30
875.    Seven Transverse printed architectural sections of the Town Hall Hereford 20-40
876.    A taxidermy stags head, mounted 40-60
877.    A Recannatio Italian accordian by Colliers Ltd 40-60
878.    A taxidermy fox head mounted on oak shield 30-50
879.    A 20th century fox head mounted (reputed caught Aston Crews by the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt circa 1980's) 30-50
880.    An oak hall stand with mirror and glove box 50-60
881.    A cast iron stick stand 20-30
882.    A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table with turned supports 50-70
883.    A mahogany jardiniere stand with carved decoration and triple cabriole supports 30-50
884.    An early 20th mahogany standard lamp with scroll carving on reeded column 20-40
885.    An early 20th century sofa with loose covers on cabriole supports 50-80
886.    A pair of early 19th century Sheraton style mahogany and satinwood pole screens with original embroidered silk panels 50-70
887.    A Wm IV rosewood circular breakfast table on tapered column and triple platform base 200-400
888.    A fine George II mahogany fold top card table with single frieze drawer, the baize top inset counter wells, all raised on shell carved cabriole supports and claw and ball feet - 82cm wide x 40cm deep x 73cm high - originally from Flaxley Abbey 600-800
889.    A Victorian Fletcher Russell foot bellows on cast iron legs 20-30
890.    A Victorian mahogany standard lamp with reeded column 20-30
891.    A Georgian mahogany slope front bureau with fitted interior over four graduated drawers 80-120
892.    Spare Lot
893.    A Victorian walnut and Tunbridgeware wall clock 15-25
894.    A copper kettle, a brass chestnut roaster and a warming pan 10-20
895.    An Edwardian figured mahogany twin pedestal desk 100-150
896.    An early 20th century mahogany envelope card table standing on claw feet 30-50
897.    An Edwardian oak bedside table with tambour fronted cupboard 50-60
898.    Five large Indian painted silk panels 60-80
899.    A Victorian embroidered black cape and muff, and various evening bags etc 20-30
900.    A box of tassels and trims 10-30
901.    A Stagg classical guitar 20-30
902.    A Victorian mahogany settee with carved frame and scrollover arms 280-350
903.    A Victorian oak pair of long fireside bellows 10-30
904.    A good 19th century French style carved gilt wood triple fold fire screen - the original silk a/f 40-60
905.    A Georgian style mahogany bedside cabinet with gallery top over drawer and fake tambour style cupboard - 48cm wide 40-60
906.    A George III mahogany fold top card table with satinwood stringing all raised on tapered square supports 200-300
907.    An Edwardian mahogany rise top piano stool 30-40
908.    An embossed leather wall clock 10-20
909.    An Edwardian painted kitchen table with enamel top 168 x 76cm 50-70
910.    A circular Gordon Russell occasional table 80-100
911.    A Victorian stretcher table 10-20
912.    A Victorian pine kitchen table on painted turned supports 84 x 120cm 50-70
913.    An old leather suitcase 10-30
914.    A large nest of three Gordon Russell rectangle occasional tables - 68cm wide 150-200
915.    A George III oak tilt top wine table on turned column and tripod base 50-70
916.    A late 17th/early 18th century oak square topped hall table on turned supports joined by low stretcher - 90 x 88cm and 80cm high 300-500
917.    An Eastern occasional table carved tree and elephant 10-20
918.    An Edwardian oak wind out dining table with two interleaves on turned and reeded supports 100-150
919.    A Georgian oak tilt top wine table on turned column and triple supports 20-40
920.    A large wicker basket 20-40
921.    An early Victorian rosewood pole screen with embroidered panel 30-40
922.    A large Tiffany style light shade - 45cm dia 20-40
923.    A Victorian drop leaf table with column supports and brass castors 60-80
924.    An early 19th century rosewood fold top card table on faceted column and platform base 80-120
925.    Nel Tennison (mother of Terence Cuneo) oil on panel street scene with tudor house and another oil on panel street scene - 21 x 27cm and 27 x 22cm 50-80
925A.   Nel Tennison (mother of Terence Cuneo) - two monochrome watercolour illustrations of a man and murdered woman 'The Fatal Marriage' and another of seated couple with text to verso - 20 x 27.5cm and 18.5cm x 25.5cm 50-80
926.    Nel Tennison (mother of Terence Cuneo) oil on panel portrait of a man seated at a desk - 21.5 x 27cm 50-80
927.    Nel Tennison (mother of Terence Cuneo) oil on panel street scene with market traders - 27 x 22cm 50-80
928.    Nel Tennison (mother of Terence Cuneo) oil on panel cottage with woman and dog - 21.5 x 27cm 50-80
929.    A Victorian oak side cabinet or dresser with three arched glazed cabinets over arrangement of five drawers and four floral carved cupboards 100-150
930.    A set of four Jorrocks hunting scene prints by Leach - 17 x 13cm 20-30
931.    A 19th century tall mahogany linen press with two doors enclosing slide out trays, all over four drawers and raised on bracket supports - approx 124cm wide x 59cm deep x 235cm high 200-300
932.    A Victorian walnut octagonal work table with rise top over fitted interior 80-100
933.    A Victorian cast iron and brass fire surround - 139cm wide x 40cm deep 20-30
934.    A George III mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers - 106cm wide x 49cm deep x 98cm high 60-80
935.    A Victorian ebonised pier cabinet with inlaid decoration and gilt metal mounts 50-60
936.    A Wills Star Cigarettes enamel sign - 91 x 46cm 100-150
937.    AN HMV plywood sign with dog 58 x 40cm 20-40
938.    A 'Craven 'A' Will Not Affect Your Throat' enamel sign - 91 x 61cm 80-100
939.    A Raleigh's tobacco poster 29 x 44cm and a Smokers Dream poster 33 x 48cm 20-40
940.    A small Columbia Grafonolia poster 24 x 38cm 10-20
941.    An HMV poster with dog 56 x 43cm 40-60
942.    A Marshall Gramophones needles display poster 32 x 25cm 20-40
943.    Irwin Bevan - watercolour of the battle between French and British frigates 'Fiskard' and 'Immortality' off Cape Clear 1798 20-30
944.    Tom Taylor - pastel of a cormorant - 55 x 36cm 20-40
945.    An oak 1930's utility filing cabinet of eight drawers on castors 30-50
946.    A 19th century continental chest of drawers with marble top 100-150