Antiques & Collectables Sale
on Friday 24th January 2020

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1.      A Rosenthal Andy Warhol glass plate in original box and cover 60-80
2.      A 19th century Wedgwood Jasperware 'Doric' jug with pewter lids (hairline crack to rim) - 21cm 20-30
3.      A Border Fine Arts group of two pheasants 'The Hiding Place' by Frank Di Vita - limited edition, the beak a/f 60-80
4.      A pair of late 19th century Bohemian opaline/vaseline glass vases with painted enamel decoration in the manner of Harrach - 31cm 50-80
5.      A Copenhagen large group 'Wave and Rock' by Theodor Lundberg, depicting Prometheus bound to the rock with a sea nymph - 18" tall - No 1132 300-500
6.      A Royal Doulton Limited Edition model of Desert Orchid on mahogany base No2475 20-30
7.      A set of six German cups and saucers with floral swag decoration 10-20
8.      A Duchess tea service comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates and sugar 10-20
9.      A set of four Chikaramachi/ Noritake cups and saucers 20-30
10.     A set of five copper lustre jugs 10-30
11.     A collection of five Royal Commemorative jugs 10-30
12.     A Booths Old Willow tea service consisting of: teapot and stand, six cups and saucers, six side plates, cream jug and sugar bowl, and cake plate 20-40
13.     A collection of six Victorian Staffordshire figures 30-50
14.     A Victorian Staffordshire figure of a shepherd 40-60
15.     A Parian bust of Byron by J & T Bevington - 20cm tall 20-40
16.     A Victorian Staffordshire equestrian figure of a lady with basket of fruit 10-20
17.     A pair of oval plates painted views of the River Severn, by Micklewright 20-30
18.     A French gilt and white tureen and cover - 18cm 10-20
19.     A collection of stoneware foot warmers including 'Boots Radiant' and 'Radio' 20-40
20.     Two Talbot and Co Glos ginger beer bottles and another for Stroud Brewery 20-40
21.     A box of stoneware bottles and jars including Mackintosh Bros Table Water, Gillingham 10-30
22.     A box of glass bottles including green Poison bottle, medicine bottles etc 20-40
23.     A group of seven glass bottles including Arnold Perrett & Co, Rawlings etc and a glass babies bottle 20-40
24.     A box of glass inkwells and small medicine bottles 10-30
25.     Three Royal Doulton figures:- Amy, Thank You and Sagittarius, and a Lladro figure of lady with bow 20-30
26.     A Beswick kingfisher and a Royal Crown Derby kingfisher 20-30
27.     A Border Fine Arts group kingfisher diving and a robin with chicks 20-30
28.     A Shelley floral printed vintage tea service comprising five cups and saucers, six tea plates, and cake plate 10-30
29.     A collection of eleven coloured glass vases etc including: Whitefriars, Stuart, Bristol Blue, Carnival glass, Medina and Caithness 10-20
30.     A blue and white set of 7 Victorian teacups and 9 saucers - some a/f 10-20
31.     An Art Deco coffee set painted green flowers comprising: coffee pot, six cups and saucers, milk and sugar 30-50
32.     A collection of twelve Coalport porcelain cottage pastille burners 20-40
33.     A collection of ten Coalport pastille burner cottages 40-60
34.     A set of six etched glass tumblers, cranberry jug, five tot glasses printed thistles and Victorian Parian vase a/f 10-20
35.     A Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Mrs Rabbit figure, together with three Hornsea and Withernsea animal vases and white figured spill vase 10-20
36.     A group of Portmeirion 'Pomona' ware including: coffee pot, teapot, pair of candlesticks, jug and pair of cruets 20-40
37.     Two Wedgwood tiles printed boy with pig 'October' 20-40
38.     A Bell China Art Deco tea service with green and silvered banded decoration comprising: six cups and saucers and side plates, sugar bow, milk jug and cake plate 20-40
39.     A large Victorian Majolica jug decorated nesting birds - pewter lid a/f 20-30
40.     A set of six St Clement French faience dessert plated decorated oranges and blossom 30-50
41.     A set of four Johnson Bros fish plates 10-20
42.     A Staffordshire salt glaze stoneware Salisbury kettle and four Victorian jelly moulds 10-30
43.     A Coalport Allegro dinner service comprising: twelve 6" plates, six 8" plates, six 10.5" plates, one oval plate 13 x 10.5", one square dish 10 x 9", six two handled soup cups, one milk jug, one sugar bowl, six soup saucers, six 5.5" saucers, six 5.75" saucers, on gravy saucer, six coffee cups, five tea cups and two tureen lids 100-150
44.     A large Meissen gilt and cobalt blue plate on a wooden framed base 31cm diameter 20-30
45.     A late 18th/early 19th century creamware pottery charger with blue border and floral decoration - 34cm dia 30-50
46.     A Victorian dessert service painted floral sprays on a white ground comprising oval serving dish, six plates and two low comports 20-40
47.     A Chinese blue and white 'Sunflower' dinner service with rice grain border and with original receipt, comprising: sixteen large dinner plates, three serving bowls, twelve medium bowls, twelve small shallow bowls, one medium serving platter, one large serving platter, six small bowls - deep, five cups and saucers, six small china spoons, one large china spoon, seven small side bowls, ten small dip dishes, three china handled cups and ten saucers 80-120
48.     A Japanese Noritake vintage dinner service printed roses comprising:- eight dinner plates, six plates 21cm, ten tea plates, eight cups and saucers, eight small bowls, eight larger bowls, saucer boat, teapot, sugar, meat plate - with RC mark 20-40
49.     Two Capodimonte table lamps in the form of birds 60-80
50.     A large African pottery grain bowl, and a similar wicker bound bowl 20-40
51.     A large Staffordshire collie dog 30-50
52.     A pair of large Staffordshire spaniels 30-50
53.     A pair of Staffordshire spaniels with blue ribbons - 19cm 30-50
54.     A Royal Doulton Black Beauty and Foal group 10-20
55.     A Beswick group of two shire horses and two foals 30-50
56.     A Goebel's large figure of a German Spitz dog - 21cm 30-50
57.     Various dog ornaments etc 10-30
58.     A pair of dog on cushion ornaments - a spaniel and a fox terrier 12cm 10-20
59.     A Doulton Bunnykins baby bowl and mug, a Wedgwood baby bowl and mug and a Shelley baby bowl 20-40
60.     A Lorna Bailey pottery figure of a cat 10-20
61.     A Clarice Cliff 'Inspiration' shallow bowl painted trees 80-100
62.     A Ridgways 'Jolly Jinks' nursery china trio 10-20
63.     A Clarice Cliff bird form posy holder - chip to base 30-50
64.     A Wedgwood Clarice Cliff trio 10-30
65.     An 18th century Chinese blue and white porcelain tea caddy - 10cm tall, with a similarly decorated small Chinese vase a/f 40-60
66.     A Studio Pottery bowl by Janice Tchalenko - 12cm dia 10-30
67.     A pair of small cut glass miniature inkwells with blue glass lids and a Bourne Denby Coleman's Mustard advertising pot 10-20
68.     A three piece pottery and silver plated cruet set printed monks 10-20
69.     A Chinese porcelain Celadon glaze bowl together with a Chinese porcelain stand 20-30
70.     A large collection of eleven copper lustre jugs plus bowl, mug and goblet and other pottery 20-40
71.     A Dresden porcelain floral painted basket - 20cm wide 30-50
72.     A Carlton China crested tank form money box 10-20
73.     A James Kent chintz breakfast set on tray comprising:- teacup, teapot, toast rack, cream jug and sugar bowl 20-40
74.     An 18th century Chinese blue and white plate painted garden family scene 50-70
75.     A Japanese satsuma porcelain tea set in black and gold comprising: eight cups and saucers, twelve tea plates, teapot, milk and sugar 20-30
76.     A Chinese provincial blue and white ginger jar painted landscape - 16cm (no lid), and a turquoise one with lid painted boy with fan 20-30
77.     A Victorian tea service in puce and gold comprising: six cups and saucers (one saucer a/f), six tea plates, cake plate and jug 30-50
78.     A Victorian Mason Ironstone set of seven dinner plates, tureen and stand (lid repaired) decorated flowering branches 60-100
79.     A Harrods teapot and two mugs 10-20
80.     A Colclough tea service decorated green flowers comprising six cups and saucers, seven tea plates, cake plate, sandwich plate, jug and sugar etc 10-30
81.     A selection of Royal Worcester 'Palissy' game series tableware including dinner plates and tea plates etc 20-30
82.     A quantity of Wade Whimsies and bridge form trough 10-30
83.     A 19th century Majolica hors d'oeuvres dish, a matching smaller dish and two green leaf majolica plates 20-30
84.     A Capodimonte Dresden group of pianist and oboist 30-50
85.     A late 19th century Japanese Imari vase painted floral decoration 25cm tall 50-70
86.     A pair of Japanese crackle glaze satsuma vases, and a similar blue and white vase - 21.5cm tall 20-30
87.     A Victorian Doulton Lambeth stoneware flask with blue linear decoration and stylised floral decoration to shoulders 20-40
88.     A pair of Lomonosov wild cat figurines 15cm tall 20-30
89.     A Lomonosov group of four animal figures: two lion cubs, one tiger cub and a racoon 20-30
90.     Three Lomonosov animal figures - a ram, a panda cub and a waxwing 20-30
91.     Two Lomonosov figures of children 20-30
92.     Two Konokova USSR pottery figures of a donkey and a stoat 20-30
93.     A Lomonosov lynx bobcat and a white ermine figure 20-30
94.     A late 19th century glass and pewter top German beer stein with engraved decoration and dated 1896 10-20
95.     A Baccarat spiral pink and clear glass candlestick - 18cm 20-30
96.     Two Victorian cranberry glass dishes 10-20
97.     A group of six various Victorian green wine glasses 10-20
98.     A large Capodimonte group 'The Card Cheats' 50-70
99.     A large Capodimonte group of coach and four horses 60-80
100.    A Capodimonte group of two tramps 10-30
101.    A group of stoneware pottery including a large Bourne Denby 'Danesby' vase, a Buchan jug, an Evenny pottery vase and a Poole pottery bowl 20-30
102.    A 19th century Copeland pottery tray with a pink aesthetic style printed decoration, together with a similarly decorated bowl and a Rockingham style milk jug 10-20
103.    An Austrian Majolica plate decorated gnomes, impressed mark to base 50-70
104.    A Wedgwood turkey plate 'His Majesty' made for Williams - Sonoma 30-50
105.    A quantity of coloured glass vases with silvered decoration 20-30
106.    A collection of green, purple and red coloured glass including jars, vases, bowls etc 10-20
107.    A Wedgwood cut glass photograph frame - overall dimensions: 34 x 29cm 20-40
108.    A Wedgwood cut glass photograph frame - overall dimensions: 34 x 29cm 20-40
109.    A heavy cut glass and red flashed pedestal bowl - 22cm high 30-50
110.    A good pair of Stourbridge cut glass goblets 20-40
111.    Four apple/fruit form glass paperweights 10-20
112.    Four Caithness paperweights comprising two 'Moon Crystal', 'Pebble' and 'Twirl' 10-20
113.    A Royal Doulton Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee salt and pepper - with boxes 10-20
114.    A 19th century Delft snuff box painted fisherman to lid and flowers to sides - 7cm 60-80
115.    A Beswick Beatrice Potter figure of Duchess with the Patty Pan 60-80
116.    A Beswick badger 10-20
117.    A late 18th/early 19th century Meissen porcelain cup with painted scene of small lakeside harbour 20-40
118.    A 19th century continental red and clear glass miniature perfume bottle with gilt metal mounts and lid set semi-precious stones 40-60
119.    A Georgian cut glass and gilt painted small perfume bottle decorated flowers and in original card holder 20-40
120.    A Chinese Tang dynasty pottery whistle with Sancai glaze in the form of a head - 3.8cm tall 100-200
121.    A George Jones Majolica cockerel form teapot - restored to beak and wattle 1000-1500
122.    A Border Fine Arts group of horse and jockey 'Full Stretch' 100-150
123.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a sitting bird 10-20
124.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a penguin with chick - boxed 30-50
125.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari figure of a bird and a small dish - No 1128 60-80
126.    Two Royal Crown Derby Imari kitten paperweights 30-50
127.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a drummer bear - with box 20-30
128.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a otter - with box 20-30
129.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a mallard duck 10-20
130.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a bull - with box 80-120
131.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a cockerel - with box 20-30
132.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a teal - with box 20-30
133.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a red squirrel - with box 20-30
134.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a sitting cat 10-20
135.    A Royal Crown Derby paperweight in the form of a brown pelican 20-30
136.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a cottage garden kitten - with box 20-30
137.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a bee eater - with box 20-30
138.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a llama - with box 20-30
139.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a Friesian cow 'Buttercup' - with box 40-60
140.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a reindeer - with box 40-60
141.    A Coalport limited edition vase 26/100 to commemorate the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana, painted St Paul's Cathedral 100-150
142.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari Kensington ewer - No 1128 - 25cm 80-120
143.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari oval urn and cover - No 1128 100-150
144.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari pair of large candlesticks - No 1128 280-350
145.    Two cut glass decanters 10-30
146.    A cut glass ships decanter and one other 20-30
147.    Two Victorian cut glass carafes engraved ferns 10-20
148.    A pair of Edwardian glass decanters 20-30
149.    A set of eight cut glass sherry glasses and six matching liqueur glasses 10-20
150.    A set of six small cut glass wine glasses and various other antique wine glasses 10-30
151.    A pair of Italian red and gilt glass goblets 20-30
152.    A selection of miscellaneous glassware including four cranberry glasses, sherry glasses and a small shot glass decanter - 17cm 20-30
153.    A collection of six items of Victorian cranberry glass 20-40
154.    A Victorian cut glass table carafe and decanter jug (no stopper), and a 19th century glass ladle with engraved vine decoration to the bowl 30-60
155.    A set of six coloured hock glasses 20-40
156.    A set of six Waterford cut glass hock glasses 30-50
157.    A set of six cut glass champagne flutes 10-20
158.    A cut glass spirit decanter and another decanter 20-40
159.    A set of four cut glass brandy balloons, three others and two pairs of tumblers 10-30
160.    A pair of Victorian cut glass bottle form decanters 20-30
161.    A selection of 1920's etched and cut glass tumblers 10-20
162.    A set of six Edinburgh Crystal cut glass tumblers - boxed 20-30
163.    A collection of approximately thirty three vintage Venetian miniature glass animals 30-50
164.    A set of four etched champagne flutes 10-20
165.    A cut glass ships decanter 10-30
166.    A Whitefriars bark textured fruit bowl and five sundae dishes - all in original box 20-30
167.    A Czech glass group of two figures by A Valner - 48cm 20-30
168.    A large metal mounted and amethyst blown glass vase - 58cm tall, and a green glass jug 20-30
169.    A set of twenty four Danbury Mint composition modelled ducks on display shelf - 'Wildfowl Showcase' 20-40
170.    Spare Lot 0-10
171.    A box of silver plated items including teapots, milk jugs, warming plates etc 20-30
172.    Various silver plated cutlery in fitted case 10-20
173.    A silver plated oval tray, a silver plated circular tray and a silver plated circular dish 20-30
174.    A silver plated cutlery set, six place settings - boxed 20-40
175.    A long 19th century silver plated tray together with a plated cake basket and a pewter coffee pot 10-20
176.    A box of silver plated cutlery including a quantity of cruet spoons and tablespoons 10-30
177.    A Victorian silver plated tea kettle engraved foliage 20-30
178.    A 19th century cut glass and silver topped cruet set on a silver plated stand 20-30
179.    An Edwardian seven bottle cruet set on silver plated base - one bottle with modern stopper and one replacement bottle 40-60
180.    A pair of silver plated cockerals 10-20
181.    Three silver plated cruets 10-20
182.    A silver plated dressing table tray with embossed cherub design 20-30
183.    A silver plated and mother of pearl fruit cutlery set - twelve place settings in mahogany case 10-20
184.    A box of silver plated cutlery in the 'Rosegarden' pattern 20-30
185.    A silver plated entree dish, christening mug and set of cake forks 10-20
186.    A tray of silver plated cutlery including a silver napkin ring and a Stuart Crystal preserve jar 10-20
187.    A silver plated teaset, two goblets and tray 10-20
188.    A Viners 58 piece silver plated cutlery canteen - boxed 60-80
189.    A box of assorted silver plated sugar castor spoons, pickle forks, preserve spoons etc 20-30
190.    A continental white metal rococo style purse frame with blue velvet bag (frame a/f) 30-50
191.    A silver tazza with pierced rim - Birmingham 1911, 140g - 9cm tall 40-50
192.    A small circular silver butter dish with glass liner, Birmingham 1928, 57g 20-30
193.    A black snakeskin and silver purse - Birmingham 1901, by Ludwig Krumm 20-30
194.    An Asprey 9 carat gold matchbox cover 'Neva' - 20g, 4.5 x 2.7cm 150-200
195.    A Dutch white metal miniature kettle with foliage decoration 4cm tall 20-30
196.    A Victorian silver novelty owl form mustard pot with glass eyes and mouse cruet spoon, London 1851 - 10cm 2000-3000
197.    A miniature prayer book with silver cover embossed angels 10-20
198.    An enamel handled Faberge style paperknife with silver plated blade - 16cm long 50-70
199.    A pair of silver column form candlesticks - 13cm, and a small pair of squat silver candlesticks 60-80
200.    Spare Lot 0-10
201.    A miniature silver comb case with 'tortoiseshell' comb - Chester 1898, a silver needlecase, white metal pencil and three 1897 shillings (two mounted) 20-30
202.    A silver vesta case - Birmingham 1904, a silver and mother of pearl miniature penknife - Sheffield 1921 and a silver medal 20-30
203.    Two silver propelling pencils and a silver plated propelling pencil 25-40
204.    A mother of pearl and silver folding fruit fork, a steel and mother of pearl folding knife, a miniature enamel penknife and a gold plated extending pencil 10-30
205.    Three silver thimbles and one plated one 20-40
206.    Three Charles Horner silver thimbles 20-40
207.    A silver envelope form stamp case with two white metal charms 10-30
208.    A large silver and enamel mounted cut glass perfume atomiser and three cut glass and silver mounted toiletry bottles 30-50
209.    Two silver pocket watch cases and two white metal ones - 130g 50-70
210.    A silver salt spoon and a white metal continental caddy spoon 10-30
211.    A collection of silver spoons and cruet spoons 20-40
212.    Six silver topped toiletry jars 30-50
213.    A group of twelve Canadian silver and enamel spoons and one fork 70-90
214.    A box of seven items of various silver collared and some silver handled cutlery, together with a silver napkin ring 15-30
215.    A small box of scrap silver and two pairs of spectacles 10-20
216.    A silver backed dressing table mirror and brush 20-30
217.    A 9 carat white gold diamond and black stone pendant set on 9 carat white gold chain 50-70
218.    A string of pearls with 9 carat gold clasp 30-50
219.    An 18 carat gold bangle set seed pearls and three diamonds - 9.6 grams (unmarked) 600-800
220.    A Japanese 14k gold and pearl bracelet and similar ring in original boxes 'Imperial Arcade Hotel Tokyo' 150-200
221.    A graduated string of pearls with silver clasp 10-20
222.    A pair of 9 carat gold Victorian spectacles 30-50
223.    Spare Lot 0-10
224.    An 18 carat gold solitaire diamond ring - 1.2 carats, size L 1/2 1200-1800
225.    An 18 carat gold diamond cluster ring - size J 450-550
226.    An 18 carat white gold half eternity ring set seven diamonds - size Q 600-800
227.    A platinum set solitaire diamond ring - 1.3 carats - size K 2000-3000
228.    An Edwardian gold ring set five diamonds - size M 80-100
229.    An 18 cart gold ring set three sapphires with diamond surround - size J 1/2 280-350
230.    Three vintage oriental gold rings set opals and semi-precious stones - some stones deficient 100-150
231.    An 18k gold ruby and opal ring - size J 1/2 100-150
232.    A platinum princess cut solitaire diamond ring 0.52cts, together with insurance certificate and diamond report, assessed at clarity VVS1, colour G, valued at 2800 - size M 600-800
233.    A platinum diamond set eternity ring channel set brilliant cut stones (approx 1 carat) - size L 1/2, together with insurance valuation, assessed colour G, Clarity VS2, Insurance valuation for 2,600 400-600
234.    An 18 carat gold ring set rubies and diamonds - unmarked - size J 100-150
235.    An 18 carat gold cluster ring set six diamonds and central ruby - size N 1/2 70-90
236.    An 18 carat gold platinum set three stone diamond ring - size Q 150-200
237.    A 9 carat gold ring set range of coloured precious stones, size P 40-60
238.    A modern 9 carat gold 'Regard' ring hallmarked 1986, by P & R Bushell, size L 1/2, 2.2g 40-60
239.    An 18 carat gold ring with central emerald flanked by seed pearls - size N 1/2 70-100
240.    A Victorian gold ring set amethyst and seed pearls, size S 40-60
241.    Two 9 carat gold signet rings - 6.2g 40-60
242.    A vintage Eastern 18k white gold ruby angular ring - two stones deficient - size K 40-60
243.    A 14 carat gold pearl ring - size J 30-50
244.    An 18k gold smokey quartz ring - size K 40-60
245.    A 9 carat gold eternity ring - 3.5g and an 18 carat gold one - 2.8g, both set white stones 50-70
246.    A 9 carat gold child's gatelink bracelet - 3g, in original box with gift note 40-60
247.    A 19th yellow metal mourning brooch with seed pearl frame and woven with the hair of two people - inscribed to the rear with the names 'P Baker and M Baker - 1st Dec 1825' - 2.4cm wide 60-80
248.    A 9 carat gold XEROX tie pin set two emeralds 80-120
249.    A 9 carat gold swivel fob set with hardstone 50-70
250.    A diamond set pendant on silver chain 80-100
251.    A pair of diamond set 9 carat gold stud earrings 120-180
252.    A pair of 18 carat white gold diamond set earrings 150-200
253.    A pair of 18 carat gold pearl earrings with diamond set drops - for pierced ears 300-500
254.    A pair of 18 carat white gold diamond stud earrings in fitted box 150-200
255.    A pair of small white 9 carat gold diamond stud earrings 100-150
256.    A 9 carat gold and diamond set pendant necklace and New Zealand 9 carat gold green jade brooch 40-60
257.    A pair of 9 carat gold leaf and pearl earrings 20-30
258.    A pair of tanzanite and diamond cluster earring set in white gold - with insurance certificate for 1745.00, tanzanite content 0.55 cts 300-500
259.    A 19th century gilt metal and black enamel mourning brooch inset with pearls and woven hair, inscribed to the rear 'To the Memory of my dear Mother - Mrs Mary Wood died March 1849 at 81 years of age' - 4.3cm wide 60-80
260.    A late 19th century/early 20th century 9 carat gold and ruby Art Nouveau pendant and brooch est, pendant repaired, brooch missing rear pin, total weight 3.6g 20-40
261.    A Chinese yellow metal and enamel articulated koi carp pendant, 5cm 30-40
262.    A 19th century gold locket set bloodstone and with carved cameo to front 40-60
263.    A 9 carat gold leaf brooch set with pigeon blood colour garnet - 7.3g 80-100
264.    A Christian Dior clown brooch 5.7cm x 4.5cm, signed and in original box 80-100
265.    A Christian Dior 1950's vintage costume necklace in gilt metal with plastic petal drops - boxed and good condition 180-250
266.    A 9 carat gold Rotary ladies wrist watch 20-30
267.    A pair of silver gilt earrings, silver bee brooch etc 10-20
268.    A 9 carat gold signet ring 3.8g, a gold core 9 carat gold bangle and a yellow metal watch 40-60
269.    Four pairs of antique paste and cut steel shoe buckles 20-30
270.    Three Edwardian necklaces, various antique earrings (screw fitting) and a hat pin 10-30
271.    Two Siam silver and niello brooches (one pin a/f), a similar pendant and other eastern jewellery 20-30
272.    Six various antique stone set brooches 20-30
273.    A garnet set insect brooch and a miniature Russian enamel egg 20-30
274.    A pair of floral micro mosaic 'Victor' patent cufflinks and micro mosaic dagger form tie pin 20-30
275.    A box of antique jewellery 10-20
276.    A large Victorian pierced silver buckle 7.5 x 5.5cm, Birmingham 1892, and a 19th century continental white metal buckle 30-50
277.    A 19th century fine continental large enamel and paste buckle 7.5 x 5cm, and a gilt metal and black enamel buckle 30-50
278.    A large 19th century German 800 standard silver buckle decorated putti and with mother of pearl inlay - 8.5cm wide 30-50
279.    A small box of antique yellow metal jewellery 20-30
280.    A Victorian miniature yellow metal pendant set turquoise, seed pearls and ruby with hair locket to one side, a Victorian oval paste brooch and a carved mother of pearl fish 60-80
281.    Two 9 carat gold brooches a/f - 3.5g, and an Art Deco agate and silver clip 20-30
282.    A boxed set of six gold plated and mother of pearl studs set turquoise 20-40
283.    A Tiffany silver heart form pendant and chain - boxed 50-60
284.    A set of three Chinese white metal and turquoise enamel bow form buckles 20-40
285.    A collection of antique buckles including paste and cut steel 30-50
286.    A good group of antique enamel and white metal studs and buttons including unusual ivory skull form miniature stud 60-80
287.    A silver thimble, silver dragonfly brooch, mother of pearl and silver penknife, 9 carat gold front and back locket etc 20-30
288.    A small group of silver jewellery 10-20
289.    A silver 'Yard O Led' pencil, silver necklace and heart form locket and ring 20-40
290.    An Art Deco cut steel and plastic necklace a/f, and various Victorian jet including bacchus mask clasp and yellow metal mounted Victorian brooch 20-30
291.    A 19th century 800 standard continental silver belt with rococo shield form clasp and scrollwork panels - 105cm length, 126g 80-100
292.    A box of badges, watches etc 10-20
293.    A pair of gentleman's and ladies Tommy Hilfiger stainless steel watches 80-100
294.    A vintage military style luminous watch and two other vintage mechanical watches 30-50
295.    Four vintage mechanical wrist watches including Accurist and Roamer 20-30
296.    Four vintage mechanical wrist watches including a Seiko Automatic 25-35
297.    A small box of miscellaneous watches 20-30
298.    A selection of gents and ladies wrist watches 20-30
299.    A box of wrist watches including Seiko, Sportmatic, Rowley's vintage mechanical wrist watch etc 20-40
300.    Six pairs of vintage large clip earrings including Ciner etc 20-40
301.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
302.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
303.    A box of costume jewellery and watches 10-20
304.    A box of costume earrings, watches etc 10-20
305.    A 1920's coral sautoir - a/f, and various trims, buckles etc 20-40
306.    An early 20th century metal triple banded Middle Eastern stylised costume headress suspended coins, and two other coin headresses 30-50
307.    A heavy tribal white metal necklace with twin triangular pendants 20-30
308.    A group of white metal tribal and ethnic jewellery including large brooch pins with enamel decoration, bracelet, bangle etc 50-70
309.    A group of Eastern metallic tassels 10-20
310.    A box of antique buttons including micro mosaic set 20-40
311.    A box of jet and mother of pearl jewellery etc 10-30
312.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
313.    A pewter pin cushion in the form of a ladies shoe with various hat pins 10-20
314.    A group of Girl Guide badges together with a small compact and a costume jewellery brooch 20-30
315.    Seven various decorative simulated pearl pendant necklaces, one with matching bracelet and another with matching earrings 20-40
316.    A box of costume jewellery including silver and pearl brooch 10-20
317.    A box of antique jewellery 20-30
318.    A Ciro simulated pearl necklace and matching earrings, and a Lotus simulated pearl necklace 10-20
319.    A box of cufflinks, studs and tie pins 10-20
320.    A Victorian silver plated chatelaine, two hat pins and French jet bracelet 10-20
321.    A collection of miscellaneous costume jewellery 20-30
322.    A selection of miscellaneous costume jewellery 10-20
323.    A quantity of simulated pearl necklaces 20-30
324.    A box of costume jewellery 20-30
325.    Spare Lot 0-10
326.    Spare Lot 0-10
327.    A miscellaneous lot of British and world coins in mahogany box. Some silver content and including examples from: France, Belgium, Eire, Hong Kong, Netherlands, USA etc. Plus British pre-decimal and decimal, commemoratives. Condition: Poor - VF 20-50
328.    A quantity of approx 1 Kilo of 19th and 20th century world coinage, with some silver content. Countries include: Australia, France, Eire, Switzerland, USA etc. Condition: Poor - VF 10-30
329.    Three commemorative coins, a relay race medal and an 1831 law medallion 20-30
330.    A Victoria 1887 halfcrown Jubilee head, Festival of Britain 1951 crown in case, plus Birmingham workhouse token 1812. Condition: Fine - VF 20-40
331.    A quantity of Conder tokens, miscellaneous and pre-decimal and decimal coinage. Tokens include Coventry halfpenny 1793, London/Middlesex Prince of Wales token, London Palmer Mail Coach halfpenny, Kent halfpenny token and Jetson. Coins include: George III halfpenny 1775, two silver Victoria 1887 and 1890, Canadian half dollar 1975 and other. Condition: Fair - Fine 80-120
332.    A quantity of British commemorative coins including Churchill crowns 1965, Queen Mother 1980, Queens Silver Jubilee 1977, Charles and Diana 1981, Queens Silver Wedding 1972, Coronation Crown 1953. Some Bank presentation folders. Approx 50+. Condition: Fine - EF 20-50
333.    A selection of Victorian apothecary small scale weights and a King George III 1772 trade weight 20-30
334.    A quantity of approx 2 Kilos of mainly 20th century world coins. Examples from: France, Eire, Greece, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Malaya, Sweden, USA etc. Condition: Fine - VF 20-40
335.    A quantity of pre-decimal and decimal coinage with commemoratives. Others include George III two pence 1797, East India Co half anna 1835. Condition: Poor - VF 20-40
336.    A quantity of assorted British coinage including two coin sets Royal Mint Issues 1970, 1953 set of ten coins, plus eleven 2 Anniversary Bill of Rights 1989, four St Andrews Cross 1986 and one United Nations 1995. George III halfpenny 1806, Victoria farthings and others. Condition: Fair - Unc 50-100
337.    A quantity of assorted pre-decimal and decimal coinage plus examples from Australia, Belgium, Eire, Germany etc. Condition: Fine - VF 20-50
338.    A six tier wooden coin cabinet suitable for Crown size coins. Overall size: 500mm Wide x 375mm Deep x 300mm High, with brass handles but no key lock
339.    A miscellaneous lot of world coins and some silver including Victoria half farthings 1844, three halfpence 1842 (colonial use) model quarter farthing 1848, India two annas 1841 and 1862, Eire florin 1934, Italy lire 1860, South Africa 6 zar 1897, two shillings 1952 and others. Condition: Fair - VF 30-60
340.    A quantity of decimal commemoratives and coins including: three D-Day 50 pences 1994, 2 Dove of Peace 1995, Bill of Rights 1989 and two Bank of England 1994. 5 Victorian Anniversary 2001, seven Silver Jubilee 1977, three Wedding of Charles and Diana 1981, some with bank folders. Condition: VF 20-30
341.    A quantity of world coins including British pre-decimal and decimal, some silver content. Highlights: George V pennies Heaton and Kings Norton mints, George II halfpennies, Eire halfcrowns and pennies 1928, USA Philippines cent 1905, Austria 7 kreuzer 1802 and others. Also includes commemoratives, 1977 Jubilee framed and Royal Mint issue 5 Alderney In Flanders Fields presentation folder. Condition: Poor - VF 20-50
342.    A quantity of decimal commemoratives including nine Charles and Diana 1981, three Queens Jubilee 1977 and Anniversary of Coronation 1953 - 2003 in presentation case. Condition: VF - EF 10-20
343.    A quantity of world coinage including British pre-decimal and decimal, examples include France, Netherlands etc. Condition: Poor - VF 10-20
344.    A quantity of silver content coinage including threepences, Victoria sixpence 1887, crown 1889, halfcrown 1891 and George IV crown 1821 secundo - approx 75 grams silver content. Condition: Fair - Fine 30-50
345.    A quantity of approx 1.9 Kilos of British pre-decimal and decimal with commemoratives, plus examples from Australia, France, Eire, Netherlands etc - some silver content. Condition: Fair - VF 20-40
346.    A container of approx 1 Kilo of brass threepences - George VI and Eliz II. Most dates available. Condition: Fine - EF
347.    A quantity of approx 2 Kilos of world coinage including British halfpennies, pennies, sixpences and shillings etc plus examples from France, Eire, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain etc. Condition: Poor - VF 10-30
348.    A quantity of 19th and 20th century world coinage and medallions, some silver content. Examples from France, Eire, Channel Islands etc - approx 1.2 Kilos. Condition: Poor - VF 20-30
349.    Three coin albums including numerous world coins with examples from Australia, Cyprus, Channel Islands, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Eire, Malta, USA etc. Plus British pre-decimal and decimal with quantity from Isle of Man. Condition: Fine - VF 30-60
350.    A quantity of numerous Royal Mint Issue folders and others including: Queen Elizabeth Crown Collection, 1 green banknote prefix: DW43, George VI pre-decimal set, two 1985 sets, two 1986 Commonwealth Games sets, 1991 set, two 1994 sets, two Millenium sets, 2002 Commemorative medal, 2003 Anniversary Crown, 2004 new coinage - with certificates. Condition: UNC 40-60
351.    Six Royal Mint Issue Proof Coin Collections: 1983, 1987 blue and red cases, 1990 and 1995 x 2. In cases with certificates - two blue cases and four red cases. Condition: UNC 50-100
352.    A quantity of Royal Mint Issues including: Coinage of Great Britain and Northern Ireland sets: 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1984, plus folders from 1982, 1986, 1989 and 1990. Other sets include coins of GB 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966 and 1967. Decimal set and sets: Eire, isle of Man, Jersey and USA. Some complete with certificates. Condition: EF - UNC 40-80
353.    A large quantity of copper/bronze mainly pennies. Victoria through to Eliz II, some heaton and Kings Norton mint. Approx 20 kilos. Condition: Poor - VF 30-50
354.    A group of twelve coin folders of pre-decimal halfpennies, pennies, brass threepences, sixpences, shillings. Folders not coin complete, however brass threepences include 1946 and 1949 George VI, sixpences and shillings include approx 130 grams silver content. Condition: Poor - VF 40-60
355.    Three Westminster Issue cases gold plated banknote commemoratives: Battle of Britain, Churchill Wisdom and Wit, Royal Family - with certificates, and others. Condition: Fine - EF 40-60
356.    A tin of brass threepences, George VI and Eliz II, duplicate dates - approx 3.7 kilos. Condition: Fine - VF 10-30
357.    A jar of sixpences: pre-decimal 1935 through to 1967 George VI and Eliz II - duplicate dates - approx 150. Condition: Fine - VF 10-30
358.    A quantity of USA coinage including Morgan dollar 1880 seven feathers, quarters 1876, 1909, five cents (Liberty) 1905, 1910, dimes (Barber) 1905, 08, 09 and 1911 and others. Condition: Fair - VF 30-60
359.    A Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee silver medallion 1837 - 1897, weight 84.2 grams - Condition: EF, and the same medallion in bronze. Both in original red leather presentation cases 60-80
360.    A quantity of copper/bronze farthings halfpennies, pennies, two pences and medals/gaming tokens. Highlights: William III halfpenny 1699 (date in legend), George II halfpennies 1730, 1734 and 1735, George III halfpenny 1774 and George III through to George VI others. Condition: Poor - VF 50-80
361.    A 19th century South American bronze cast medallion celebrating the alliance of Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia against Spain during the Chincha Islands war, 1866 - 7.7cm dia 40-60
362.    A commemorative medal of Queen Victoria and Prince Alberts wedding 1840 20-30
363.    A quantity of British pre-decimal and decimal coinage including: farthings, sixpences, copper/bronze halfpennies and pennies etc, plus commemoratives. Condition: Fair - VF 10-30
364.    A quantity of copper/bronze pre-decimal including George III penny 1797 and halfpenny 1806 etc, plus silver William III 1701 threepence (pierced) and Royal Mint Issue in case, Eliz II and Phillip 1972 - silver wedding. Condition: Fair - VF 30-60
365.    A bronze commemorative medal (Wyon) of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert laying the foundation stone for the New Royal Exchange, London 1842 30-50
366.    A Spink/Bowcher commemorative medal of coronation of Edward VII 30-50
367.    Two Scottish copper twopences (Turners) circa 1650. Obverse: C R crowned, reverse: thistle, plus two brass alloy weights as unites. All in presentation display packs. Condition: Fair 30-50
368.    A miscellaneous quantity of British pre-decimal and decimal commemoratives. Heaton mint pennies 1912, 1918, French cents, farthings and football tokens. Condition: Fine - EF 10-30
369.    A tin of British coinage mainly pre-decimal including farthings, halfpennies etc, plus commemoratives approx ten and green 1, pre-fix BX60 JB Page. Condition: Fine - VF 10-30
370.    A group of commemorative coins including three Tokyo Olympic coins 1000 Yen, Kuwait 1976 2 dinars 15th State anniversary coins etc 10-30
371.    A quantity of world coins and commemoratives including examples from Australia, Belgium, British etc. Condition: Fair - VF 10-20
372.    A quantity of silver British coinage including: Victoria halfcrowns 1889, 1890 and 1898. George V halfcrowns 1913, 1915, 1916 and 1919. Approx 135 grams silver content. Condition: Poor - VF 30-60
373.    A group of three silver commemorative Channel Island coins including: Diamond 2012 Guernsey and Coronation Jubilee 2013 Jersey, plus First World War centenary 2014 Guernsey 5 coin - supplied Westminster mint in presentation cases with certificates of Authenticity - some gold plating. Condition: UNC 50-70
374.    A quantity of silver threepences (some pierced) plus USA Indian Head cent 1903, penny token 1766 plus others. Condition: Poor - VF 10-30
375.    A quantity of silver British coins including: George II 1751 shilling, George IV 1826 halfcrown, Victoria crown and halfcrown 1889 and silver threepences etc - approx 95 grams silver content. Condition: Poor - VF 30-50
376.    A miscellaneous lot of coins, tokens/medallions and banknotes including silver threepences 1916, 1919 and 1920, two shillings 1941, halfcrown 1942, George III two pence 1797, Bilston Royal Exchange token 1811, Worcester City and County token 1811. Eight 1 banknotes including Isle of Man M665190 W Dawson, plus Edward VII Service and Conduct and others e.g pub token from The Swan at Berkeley. Condition: Poor - VF/EF 40-100
377.    A quantity of world coins including British pre-decimal and decimal - countries include: Eire, Malaya, Singapore etc. Condition: Poor - VF 10-20
378.    A quantity of silver content British pre 1920 coins including: threepences, sixpences, shillings, florins and halfcrowns. Some duplicate dates - approx 360 grams silver content. Condition: Fair - VF
379.    A miscellaneous lot including a cased set of coins from early Christianity (some silver) London Mint issue, plus George III twopence 1797 x 2 Soho mint and three coin set of 1797 penny (known as cartwheel), with certificate No 323 of 500. Condition: Fine - VF 50-80
380.    A large quantity of world coinage including British pre-decimal and decimal, Festival of Britain 1951 issues, some silver content. World examples: Roman, Chinese, Indian Princely States, tokens etc. Some in presentation envelopes with description. Approx 2 Kilos. Condition: F -VF 80-120
381.    A folder containing 19th and 20th century world coins with some silver content - examples from Australia, France, Eire, Egypt, Italy, India etc. Condition: Fair - VF 20-40
382.    A quantity of world coinage British decimal and pre-decimal from Victoria through to Eliz II - countries include Eire (Euro's), France, USA etc - approx 2.4 Kilos. Condition: Poor - VF 20-40
383.    A quantity of Victoria Bun copper/bronze pennies - approx 0.75 Kilos - some Heaton mint. Condition: Fair - Fine 20-40
384.    Two coin albums of mainly British pre-decimal and decimal copper/bronze and silver coinage - approx 300 grams, plus examples from France, Germany, USA etc. Condition: Poor - VF 80-120
385.    London Mint Issue pre-decimal and decimal coinage. 24 carat gold plated and accent in colour - with certificates and others. Condition: UNC 40-60
386.    A quantity of London Mint issues including 5 200th Anniversary Battle of Trafalgar 2005, Sterling silver 5 40th Anniversary Concorde 1st Flight, presentation case of pre-decimal and decimal coins: Changing Face of Britains Coinage, gold plated and accented in full colour - all with certificates. Condition: VF - EF 30-60
387.    A collection of coins and medallions including Royal Mint Issue folders of 2007 Queens Diamond Wedding, 2011 Wedding of William and Catherine, bronze medallion Palace of Westminster, 1953 pre-decimal set of nine coins. Plus a 1961 halfcrown, 1967 gilt finished penny, and Elizabeth I medallion. Condition: Fine - VF 20-30
388.    A collectors lot of fifty four 19th and 20th century silver content world commemorative coins in presentation case with keys. Countries include: Australia, Bermuda, France, Fiji, Finland, South Africa, Sudan, Mexico, Netherlands, USA etc - silver proof 1 coins and others. Approximately 1 Kilo silver content. Condition: VF - EF 500-600
389.    Two Panama 20 Balboas 1974, Simon Bolivar issue - Franklin Mint issue in presentation cases. Approx 260 grams silver content with certificate of authenticity. Condition: EF - UNC 80-120
390.    A quantity of miscellaneous 19th and 20th century world coins, mainly silver content. Some loose, others in plastic pack with descriptions. Condition: F - VF 60-100
391.    A quantity of approx .5 Kilo of 19th and 20th century world coins including: Britain, Australia, Egypt, France, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Yugoslavia etc - some silver content 20-40
392.    A quantity of 19th and 20th century African coinage including examples from: Rhodesia and South Africa. Rhodesian coins include: British Protectorate, Nyasaland and British Colony examples: cents, pence and silver crown 1953. South African coins include: Union GB, Republic - examples: pence, cents, shillings, rand 20th century, Zuid Afrikaansche Republic 19th century: pence, shillings, 2 1/2 shillings 1893 and 1894, plus East Africa 50 cents 1943. Approx 300 grams silver content. Condition: Fine - VF/EF 100-200
393.    A group of twelve silver content shillings and a Victoria Diamond Jubilee medal. Shilling dates: 1816, 1826, 1887, 1922, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1929, 1933, 1935 x 2 and 1936 - in presentation packs. Condition: VF - EF 60-100
394.    Three silver content coins: China Republic dollars (Yuan) subject: (A) Pu Yi wedding 1923, (B)obverse: bust of Sun Yat Sen and reverse: without birds above junk 1933. Mexico 8 reales obverse Facing Eagle 1894 Zacatecas mint. Condition: Fair - Fine 40-80
395.    A copper/bronze George II halfpenny 1752 and a Victorian silver double florin 1887. Condition: Fine - VF 20-40
396.    A Royal Canadian Mint Issue Olympic Coin Proof Set of four coins. Montreal 1976, Certificate Issue K046990. Condition: UNC 60-100
397.    A wad of approximately 100 plus 20th century world banknotes. Condition: Poor - VF 40-60
398.    Two used Egyptian 1948 Palestinian Saving Bonds 50 and 100 Piastres, King Farouk portrait. Condition: VF 10-20
399.    A folder of approx fifty world bank notes including examples from Germany, Denmark, Netherlands etc. Folding, edge wear and tears. Condition: Poor - Fair 20-30
400.    A wad of approx 200 plus 20th century world banknotes including examples from European East and West etc. Condition: Poor - VF 20-40
401.    A wad of world bank notes including examples from: Algeria 5 francs 1926 - 26 Tunisia issue, Rhodesia (Reserve Bank) 10 shillings 1964, Hungary Magyar Nemzeti Bank 1M pengo 1945, Italy 10 lire 1935, 2 lire 1939, Poland 20 zlotych 1944, 5 zlotych 1944, 10 zlotych 1946. Poor condition all notes - highlight Reserve Bank of Rhodesia 20-40
402.    Two Egyptian banknotes: National Bank of Egypt 25 piastres 1948 issue signature Leith Ross, Egyptian Government 10 piastres 1940 issue Minister of Finance on Bank, plus two Indian Hundi cash coupons, Victoria four annas Jun 1892 stamped, Edward VII twelve annas May 1910 stamped. Folding and edge tears to notes. Condition: Fair 20-50
403.    A folder of approx 50 German banknotes - 1908 through to 1924. Folding and edge wear. Condition: Fair - Fine 30-80
404.    A wad of world banknotes including Greece 100 drachmai x 2, Israel 10 lirot 1973, Malaysia 1 ringgit, Singapore dollar, USA dollars x 4 Washington series 1988A, plus reference booklets on coins. Condition: Fair - Fine 10-20
405.    A wad of world banknotes including: Hong Kong dollar: 1991, 2002, 2003
and 2006. Bank of Indonesia: 1992, 2000, 2011, 2013 and 2014 x 19. USA Washington dollar series 1999. Plus framed German 100,000 mark Berlin 1923. Folding and edge wear. Condition: Fair - Fine 20-40
406.    A wad of nineteen Bank of England green 1 banknotes. JB Page 1970 issue prefix: A662, BX26, BY83, Z--A to Z--K. Condition: Fair 15-30
407.    A wad of twenty two Bank of England green 1 banknotes JB Page 1970 issue prefix: AN77, BN14, HX75 912157- 66 sequence, R53H 100523 - 24, T19K, Y74B, Y79L, Y39E, Y57J, W57M & X74E. Slight fold and stains. Condition: Fine
408.    A wad of thirty two Bank of England 1 notes: JB Page series 'D' February 1978 prefix: 37C 246562 - 69, E21 301370 - 78, S47 272696 - 703 sequences. Plus others: D47N, R18, U31, S47 and 45R. Condition: VF
409.    A wad of Bank of England green 1 banknotes. DHF Somerset March 1981. Prefix: B240 038912 - 961, B266 016380 - 393 sequences, plus B268, B270, BX61, BY31, BY34, BW25, BX58 and BW83 435350 - 51 sequence. Slight staining. Condition: Fine - VF 50-100
410.    A George V 1 banknote: second Fisher issue February 1923 prefix: P/76 No 388289. Folding, edge tear, stains. Condition: fair 50-100
411.    A George V 10 shilling banknote. Third Fisher issue, July 1927 ('Northern' added to title) with prefix: T/71 978492. Folding edge tear and stains. Condition: Fair 50-100
412.    A wad of six Bank of England 5 banknotes in sequence: SA32 480734 through to SA32 480739. GM Gill. Slight staining. Condition: VF 40-60
413.    A wad of seventeen Bank of England blue 1 notes - signatures: KO Peppiatt prefix A74D, H53D & H61D, J08D, J31D & J82D, N42D, O17D & O36D, R22D, T27D, U74D, X56D, W63D & W86D, Z33D & Z34D. Some folding and edge wear, slight staining. Condition: Fine - VF 80-120
414.    A wad of ten The States of Jersey 1 banknotes in sequence: J999414 through to J999423. First issued 1972, signatory J Clennett. Condition: VF 200-300
415.    A wad of British banknotes including eleven Bank of England 10 shillings notes - signatories: K O Peppiatt, LK O'Brien, JS Fforde and JQ Hollom, a green 1 KO Peppiatt prefix J30A, blue 5 Britannia Issue LK O'Brien prefix K03, brown 10 JB Page prefix B86, plus three Scottish banknotes: 1 National Commercial Bank of Scotland x 2, David Alexander August 1963 and October 1964 and 1 Royal Bank of Scotland 1985 prefix D/19. Condition: Fair 50-80
416.    A wad of approx thirty Bank of England green 1 banknotes DHF Somerset March 1981 prefix: AZ24, AZ77, CS45, CS--CX--etc. Some sequence. Condition: VF 20-50
417.    A white Bank of England 5 note, prefix: A28A serial no: 082270, cashier L K O'Brien 1955 - 62. Some folding and slight foxing. Condition: Fine 80-120
418.    A wad of Bank of England notes including: 10 shillings L K O'Brien prefix: C93Y, B83Y, E14Y and U17Y. J S Fforde prefix: 96Z and C93N, plus 5 G M GIll prefix: SB65, Merlyn Lowther prefix: EB34. Folding and slight edge wear on some. Condition: Fair - VF 20-40
419.    A wad of eight 1 banknotes including: K O Peppiatt blue prefix K58E, L K O'Brien green prefix B274, Ireland: Northern Bank Ltd W S Wilson serial no: C3776272, Central Bank prefix BH1, Scotland: Royal Bank of Scotland Ltd J B Burke prefix A/58, Royal Bank PLC G R Mathewson prefix AGB. Folding and edge wear. Condition: Fair - VF 20-40
420.    A wad of approx thirty European banknotes and credits. Countries include: France, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Ukraine etc. Highlights: Cyprus, Italy, Portugal and Ukraine. Folding edge wear, tears on some. Condition: Poor - Fine 20-50
421.    A wad of approx forty world bank notes including examples from: Australia, Brunei, Ceylon, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaya etc. Highlights: Ceylon 2 and 10 rupees, Brunei 5 dollars, India 10 and 50 rupees, Indonesia 1000 Rupiah. Folding and edge wear. Condition: Fair - VF 30-50
422.    A wad of twenty plus world bank notes ref Africa and Middle East, with examples including: Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, UAE, Zaire etc. Fine examples: Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, UAE and Zaire. Folding and edge wear. Condition: Fine - VF 20-40
423.    A wad of North and South America banknotes. Examples include: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, USA etc. Fine examples: Argentina, Brazil and USA Washington dollar series 1974. Folding and edge wear. Condition: Fine - VF 10-30
424.    Four Bank of England notes: three ten shillings Chief Cashier K O Peppiatt (red) prefix 19U, (mauve) prefix 003D, (blue) 1 prefix 002D, and a ten shilling note: L K O'Brien prefix M85Y. Folding and staning. Condition: Fine
425.    A wad of world banknotes: Japanese Government, cents and rupees, Malaya, Turkey, Sweden, UAE etc. Folding, edge wear - approx 15 plus. Condition: Fair - Fine 10-20
426.    A wad of banknotes including: Imperial 1000 mark 1910 issue 4th April Berlin Nr7680582c, ten 100 mark 1910 issue 21st April Berlin A.1937585, C.6C17449, 8531902, F.0950688, 1852850, 4825926, 8587441 and G.1147960. Five Austrian 10,000 kronen 2nd November 1918 Wien with Red overprint: Deutscosterreich. Banknotes have edge wear, folding and pin pierce. Condition: Fine 80-120
427.    A wad of eight German Imperial banknotes (Reichsbanknote) 100 mark 1908 issue 7th Feb Berlin. Dark blue two seals, medallic woman's head supported by two women. NR 0210600e, 2016293e, 4304952f, 4481379e, 5533301e, 5320875f, 8692534b and 9029759e. Serials 29mm. Plus ten Weimar Republic 100 mark 1920 issue 1st Nov Berlin. Seven and eight digit serial numbers. Both sets of notes have edge wear, folding and pin pierce. Condition: Fine 60-100
428.    Two German Imperial bank notes (Reichsbanknote) 100 mark 1903 issue 17th April, Berlin. Blue two seals, medallic woman's head supported by two women Nr 4171201c and Nr 5734868b. Edge wear, folding and pin pierce. Condition: Fair 50-100
429.    A wad of Bank of Biafra banknotes (Republic of Biafra) including 4 x five shillings - serial numbers: MD 0058884, MG 0393310, MP 0358343 and MU 0750059. 2 x ten shillings - serial numbers A/A 1049829 and a/A 5976122, CK 0256675 and CS 0057017. 1 x 5 serial number: WC 0036501 - some folding and staining and edge wear. Condition: Fine 80-100
430.    A collectors lot of silver content and cupro-nickel coinage of George V through to Eliz II including: threepences, sixpences, shillings, two shillings, and halfcrowns. Most year dates covered, with duplicates, and supplied in bank tubes. Coin condition exceeds BV. Examples includes 1930 halfcrowns. Condition: F - EF
431.    A large quantity of silver threepences pre 1920- Victoria, Edward VII and George V. Duplicate dates - approx 1.3 kilos silver content. Condition: Fair - VF 400-500
432.    A quantity of pre 1920 silver coinage including silver threepences, sixpences, shillings, florins and halfcrowns. Approx 0.900 grams silver content. Condition: Poor - VF 200-350
433.    A large quantity of silver threepences pre 1947. George V & VI duplicate dates. Approx 600 grams silver content. Condition: Fine - VF 150-300
434.    A Royal Mint issue George VI 1937 part coin set (Maundy 4 pence and copper/bronze penny missing) therefore 13 coins, includes four decimal 1/2 pences enclosed. Condition: EF set coins 150-250
435.    A quantity of silver content coinage with examples from: Australia, Canada, India, USA, British Victoria, Edward VII, George V & VI. Approx 400 grams silver content. Collectors lot. Condition: Fair - EF 100-200
436.    A quantity of pre 1947 silver coinage including silver threepences, sixpences, shillings, two shillings and halfcrowns - approx 0.580 grams silver content. Condition: Poor - VF 150-250
437.    A group of six Royal Mint Issue Silver Collection of 2007 coins: Diamond Wedding 5, Goddess Britannia 2, Act of Union 2, Slave Trade Abolition 2, Millenium Bridge 1, Scout Movement 50p - with booklet of authenticity. Condition: UNC 150-250
438.    A quantity of silver content coinage approx 150 grams. Highlights: Venezuela gram 25 1935, Netherland 2 1/2 gulden 1937, William and Mary halfcrown 1693 Qvinto second busts. Condition: Fine - VF 200-400
439.    A quantity of silver content coinage including: Victoria halfcrowns 1893 x 2, 1895 x 2, 1899 x 3 and 1900 x 2. Royal Mint Issue: Falkland Islands 1981 50 pence. Plus 1 replica silver stamp Hallmark Replicas Ltd - approx 175 grams silver content. Condition: Poor - EF 50-80
440.    A Royal Mint Issue gold proof memorial 5 coin Diana Princess of Wales No 1911 - in presentation case with certificates. Condition: Unc 1000-1500
441.    A Queen Victoria 1887 Jubilee bronze medallion - 78mm dia, by J E Boehm, and produced by the Royal Mint, in original presentation case with certificate. Condition: EF 80-120
442.    A Queen Victoria 1887 Jubilee silver medallion - 78mm dia, by J E Boehm, and produced by the Royal Mint - 216.5 grams, in original presentation case with certificate. Condition: EF 400-600
443.    Elizabeth I silver sixpence 1578 (clipped edges) fifth issue. Condition: Fine 50-100
444.    A quantity of silver content coinage including Canada cents and dollar, China, 20 cents Manchurian Province, pre 1947 sixpences, Victoria crown 1895 LIX, East India Co Rupee 1840, George III crown 1818 and Mexica 8 reales 1794 Mexico City Mint F.M initials Mint Master Carolus IV (no counter mark). Mexico Condition: Poor - VF 80-120
445.    A silver George III Portrait type dollar with oval counter-mark 1795. 8 reales denomination. FM initial of Mint Master. Condition: Fair - Fine 150-300
446.    A group of five silver content Halfcrowns in presentation packs. Dates: 1834 script WW, 1887, 1888, 1893 and 1907. Condition: F - VF 80-120
447.    A group of six Roman/Greek coins. Highlight: Roman silver Antoninianus 241 - 244 AD, Ruler Gordian III. Reverse: Gordian III and Tranquillina (wife) holding hands. Rare coin. Condition: F - VF 500-700
448.    A Token Halfpenny: James Fisher Ross-on-Wye 1666 Mercer Arms. Known as Fisher-of-Rosse 40-80
449.    A quantity of six 19th century Turkish and Egyptian silver coinage, in plastic envelopes with descriptions. Condition: VF 80-120
450.    A quantity of silver crowns including: George IV Tertio 1822, Victorian 1889 and 1891, 1899 LXII and 1900 LXIV, plus Victorian double florin 1889. Condition: Fair - Fine 80-150
451.    Three USA Morgan dollars - dates: 1888, 1881 and 1882. All seven tail feathers. 1981 and 1982 New Orleans Mint. Condition: VF 50-100
452.    A group of nine silver content Crowns in presentation packs. Dates: 1821, 1822, 1887, 1890, 1895, 1900, 1893, 1935 and 1937, plus Victorian double florin 1887. Condition: Fair - VF 150-250
453.    A Royal Mint issue George V 1927 six coin set - wreath type crown to threepence. Condition: UNC coins 450-600
454.    A group of twelve silver content sixpences in presentation packs. Dates: 1897, 1911, 1918 x 2, 1919, 1924, 1926, 1927 x 2, 1937 and 1946. Condition: VF - EF 60-120
455.    A Royal Mint Issue gold sovereign proof four coin set. 5 to half sovereign (as 1998 issue) No 288 - in presentation case with booklet. Condition: Unc
456.    A Royal Mint Issue gold sovereign proof four coin set. 5 to half sovereign (as 1998 issue) No 953 - in presentation case with booklet. Condition: Unc

457.    A Royal Mint Issue gold proof crown 2007 Diamond Wedding The Queen and Prince Philip No 567 - in presentation case with booklet. Condition: Unc
458.    A Royal Mint Issue gold proof crown 2006 Elizabeth II eightieth birthday No 170 - in presentation case with booklet. Condition: Unc
459.    A Royal Mint Issue gold sovereign portrait set. Four coins including sovereigns 1957, 1980, 1988 and 2004 - in presentation case with booklet. Very good collectors lot. Condition: Unc
460.    A Royal Mint Issue gold proof crown 5 Alderney. Prince Henry of Wales 21st Birthday 2005 - No 019 - in presentation case with certificate. Condition: Unc
461.    A Royal Mint Issue gold proof 5 coin Charles Prince of Wales Sixtieth Birthday No 457 - in presentation case with certificate. Condition: Unc 1000-1500
462.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof 5 piedfort London 2012 Paralympics - in presentation case with certificates. Condition: Unc 80-120
463.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof 5 coin Sixtieth Birthday of Charles Prince of Wales 2008 - in presentation case with certificate. Condition: Unc 25-40
464.    A Westminser Issue silver proof pair Gibraltar 5 coin The Diamond Wedding 2007 - in presentation case with certificate. Condition: Unc 30-50
465.    A Royal Mint Issue gold 5 coin 1990 St George No 1234 - in presentation case with certificate. Condition: Unc
466.    Royal Mint Issue: The Queen Mother 1900 - 2000. Three coins: 1900 gold sovereign, silver centenary crown, 2000 gold sovereign. In presentation case with booklet. Condition: Unc 400-600
467.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof coin 5 piedfort. Restoration of the Monarchy 2010 No 624 - in presentation case with certificate. Condition: Unc 40-80
468.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof 5 coin Golden Wedding Anniversary 1997 - in presentation case with certificates. Condition: Unc 25-40
469.    A gold half sovereign Eliz II 2002. The Shield of Arms of UK. Designer reverse: Timothy Noad. Condition: UNC 150-200
470.    A 1930's lace and satin wedding dress, shawl, lace veil, bridesmaids dress, evening bag etc 30-50
471.    A selection of fur scarves, mufflers and hats 20-30
472.    A vintage peach lace over grey skirt and jacket 10-20
473.    A Victorian feather trimmed boater and a Victorian black velvet and sequin trimmed hat in card hat box by Pellett Ltd 10-30
474.    A fur muff in original cardboard case 10-30
475.    An Edwardian Redmayne and Co ladies black net and sequin evening jacket 30-50
476.    A 19th century painted lacquer and silk fan, a grey floral painted wooden fan plus an ostrich feather fan a/f 20-40
477.    A group of three metallic bead and thread purses, plus Chinese embroidered purse with figure and floral decoration 30-50
478.    A 19th century cream beaded evening purse and two other evening bags 10-30
479.    A leopard skin purse 10-30
480.    A Victorian cream beaded purse 'Made in France' 10-30
481.    A Hermes scarf in pink and green 30-50
482.    A Victorian dolls cream silk dress and skirt with slip and knickers 20-30
483.    Two Chinese cream silk embroidered silk shawls 50-80
484.    A 19th century Chinese silk stole with embroidered floral decoration to each end 30-50
485.    A Victorian black satin and lace cape and a small black sequinned shoulder cape 50-70
486.    A Victorian black net and sequin stole 20-40
487.    A pair of late 18th/early 19th century leather slippers with embroidered decoration and blue silk rosettes 30-50
488.    A Launer of London vintage suede handbag - 31cm wide 20-30
489.    A red woollen shawl with embroidered paisley border 40-60
490.    A fine wool paisley shawl with all over design and tasselled fringe 50-80
491.    An early 20th century cream ground fine wool Paisley shawl, extensively repaired 30-50
492.    Two Edwardian floral embroidered men's waistcoats and two other waistcoats 50-70
493.    Four pairs of antique shoes, a quantity of fabric and leather gloves, a silk commemorative handkerchief for Edward and Alexander and a 1950's French map handkerchief 20-40
494.    A 1920's beaded flapper dress (poor condition), a Victorian black silk dress and various 19th century cotton items, corduroy dress etc 20-40
495.    A group of decorative stoles comprising Victorian black embroidered stole, a shot silk fringed shawl, metallic fringed stole and black lace scarf 30-50
496.    A group of various silk, satin and lace textiles including two black lace shawls, various aprons etc 30-50
497.    A box of assorted textiles and accessories including wedding veils, lace babies bonnets etc 30-50
498.    A feather hat, two feather fans a/f and various loose feathers etc 20-30
499.    A fur coat - possibly mink 30-50
500.    A mid 20th century ladies Scottish Country dancing outfit including shoes, sporran, blouse, jacket, skirt etc 50-70
501.    A Victorian quilted petticoat in 'Turkey Red' printed cotton, with label 'Russian Down Petticoat No. 6X - 32 inches' with drawstring waist 30-50
502.    An early 20th century cream silk gentlemans waistcoat with foliage decoration 10-20
503.    A black and cream oriental embroidered stole, an Arts and Crafts silk embroidered table cloth, a metallic stole and black cross stitch throw 20-30
504.    A group of velvet and silk stoles 20-30
505.    A collection of four 1920's South American woven wall hangings and panels with letter of provenance 100-150
506.    A box of antique lace and other interesting textile items 30-50
507.    Two floral painted paper fans, a Victorian sequin fan and a 19th century French bone and fabric fan a/f 20-30
508.    An ermine fur stole and a black net stole 10-20
509.    A Belouch saddle bag face 40-60
510.    A Chinese red silk tasselled shawl, a blue and gold one and a cream one (stained) 50-70
511.    Five Edwardian and Victorian christening gowns and muslin child's dress 10-30
512.    A Victorian white cotton dress with Broderie Anglais bodice and two pink satin slips 30-50
513.    An Edwardian child's lace christening gown and slip together with a satin jacket and two other items of children's clothing 20-40
514.    Four Victorian white cotton nightdresses and three cotton chemises 30-50
515.    Three Victorian white cotton petticoats, two men's shirts, a christening gown, apron, pair of pantaloons etc 30-50
516.    A Victorian cream muslin tiered frilled skirt, and a muslin blouse 20-30
517.    A box of assorted scarves, shawls and stoles including silk 30-50
518.    A box of Victorian costume including blouses, blue silk and embroidered jacket, lace etc 40-60
519.    A large Indonesian batik patchwork quilt 30-50
520.    A quantity of Laura Ashley vintage cotton curtain fabric printed exotic birds and flowers - both boxed and on a roll 40-60
521.    A set 18th century floral embroidered linen panels made into large size pair of double sided curtains - worn in places 60-80
522.    A large quantity of Laura Ashley linen blend blue floral printed curtain/upholstery fabric 40-60
523.    A roll of peach coloured poplin 10-30
524.    A large roll of Laura Ashley linen blend blue floral printed curtain/upholstery fabric 30-50
525.    A roll of Laura Ashley blue floral printed fabric 30-50
526.    A roll of red and cream cut floral fabric, and a roll of coral cotton velvet 10-20
527.    A quantity of curtain fabric 'Bangalore' by JD and J Baker Ltd 50-70
528.    A large quantity of Laura Ashley green and white floral fabric 30-50
529.    A pair of Wedgwood Schuamacher curtains and various vintage fabric pelmets et 20-30
530.    A Victorian black lace over cream silk parasol with ivory folding handle 30-50
530A.   A Victorian umbrella frame with silver handle embossed bird and foliage - London 1897 10-20
530B.   An Edwardian lilac silk parasol with bamboo handle and a silk cream and lilac parasol with carved bone anchor finial 20-40
530C.   A Victorian black silk parasol and a folding beige silk parasol 10-20
531.    A letter from John Forrest (1847 - 1919) early Australian explorer and First Premier, dated 1887 10-30
532.    A letter from Hugh Edwin Strickland (geologist 1811 - 1853) to Francis Orpen Morris (ornithologist 1810 - 1893) 10-30
533.    A mid 19th sketch/scrap book containing various sketches, vignettes, etchings, poetry etc, together with other later small sketch books 40-60
534.    An antique cheque for Messrs Hammersleys and Co 1802 10-20
535.    Four early to mid 20th century autograph albums containing amateur watercolours and sketches 30-50
536.    Two late 19th century photograph album (no photos) 30-50
537.    A collection of thirty two cigarette and tea card albums plus loose pack sets from 1930's on 20-30
538.    A boxed GB and all world stamp collection of mint and used defin and commem in album, stockbook, presentation packs on cover and in packets, plus PHQ cards, SG stamp check list and other ephemera FV c10, cover signed by the Marquess of Bath in 1976 noted 15-25
539.    A GB and All World Simplex stamp album in a box of covers, loose stamps, presentation pack and another album. Mint and used commem and defin - some QV material noted 20-40
540.    A box of postcards, small 19th century etchings etc 10-20
541.    Three early to mid 20th century photograph albums - some of military interest 20-30
542.    An Austin Eight service manual 10-20
543.    Livingstone's Second Expedition to Africa. Zambesi, the Lakes Shirwa and Nyasa. Published by John Murray 1875 30-40
544.    The Brewers Almanack 1946 by the Review Press Ltd 10-20
545.    A mid 19th century scrap book containing many sketches 80-120
546.    Wild Flowers by Anne Pratt, two volumes. Published by SPCK 1880 20-30
547.    The American Illustrated Medical Dictionary 20th Edition 10-30
548.    Grimms Fairy Tales illustrated by Arthur Rackham, published Comble and Co 1909 first edition 100-150
549.    A bound collection of diagrams and plans, some railway content. All 19th century 20-30
550.    A box of letters and ephemera from the late 19th century to mid 20th century 20-30
551.    A box of vintage DIY and home improvement booklets circa 1950's - 60's 20-30
552.    A Victorian photograph album - mostly empty 10-20
553.    A group of four original black and white prints by Louis Klemanteski - racing car/F1 related including one of Graham Hill (40.5cm wide), together with a photograph signed by Mike Beuttler 40-60
554.    Punch 1917 July - December 10-20
555.    Shakespeare Vol. 2 Comedies & Vol. 3 Historical Plays, Poems and Sonnets, illustrated by Kenny Meadows Frith 50-70
556.    Over seventy GB QEII mint decimal stamp presentation packs - FV 60+ 20-30
557.    A box containing two GB and rest of world stamp albums, two stockbooks and mostly GB QEII special to event/location cover albums, plus loose covers, and Greek presentation pack. Includes UMM Swiss commem 67-70's, China, scarcer GB covers such as British Forces Culture Week cover (book cat 45) and decimal mint c 15FV 50-100
558.    A series of correspondence and love letters from the early 19th century between J. Shaw and his wife 30-50
559.    A collection of military photographs and ephemera 40-60
560.    The Baby's Opera by Walter Crane 10-20
561.    The Book of South Wales, The Wye and the Coast by Mr and Mrs SC Hall 1861 30-50
562.    A Victorian cookery book ' A New Style of Domestic Cookery' with hand written date inside front cover 1850, poor condition and lacking title page 10-20
563.    Fifty Bab Ballads by WS Gilbert - published by Routledge 20-30
564.    The History and Antiquities of Glamorganshire and its Families by Thomas Nichols 1874 25-35
565.    Six assorted books on fishing 10-20
566.    Mrs Beetons Everyday Cookery together with a Comic History of England 20-40
567.    The Cornish Magazine Vols I + II, edited by A T Quiller-Couch 1898/9, plus 'The Cornish Coast and Moors' by A G Folliott-Stokes 1912 20-40
568.    A Beatrix Potter book 'Wag by Wall' with facsimile signature 20-30
569.    A Compleat Body of Husbandry - Containing Rules for Performing in the Most Profitable Manner' - Thomas Hale c.1756 and printed T Osborne and Others 150-200
570.    The Art Journal - Paris Exhibition 1867 - Virtue + Co London, including twenty eight engravings - spine a/f 20-40
571.    A Horseman Riding by - RF Delderfield, signed by author, and the North Sea Mystery by Harry Edmonds - both first editions 10-20
572.    Pilgrims Progress illustrated by David Scott and published by Fullerton Household Ed 20-30
573.    Honours and Rewards in the British Empire and Commonwealth by Anthony Pamm. Two volumes, published by the Scolar Press - first edition 50-70
574.    Mayfair and Belgravia by George Clinch. Published by Truslove and Shirley 1892 first edition, together with The London Perambulator by James Bone 1925 first edition 20-40
575.    The Merry Wives of Windsor, illustrated by Hugh Thomson with forty tipped in colour plates - 1910. First Edition 20-30
576.    Modern Practical Farriery by W J Miles. Colour plates - published by William MacKenzie 30-40
577.    'My Sketch Book' by George Cruikshank - one volume 30-50
578.    Aesops Fables, illustrations by Arthur Rackham 1912 Heinemann - New Transcript, poor condition 30-50
579.    Mother Goose - illustrations by Rackham and published by Heinemann 1913 - cover a/f 40-60
580.    The Seven Lamps of Architecture 1880 by John Ruskin and a Midsummer Nights Dream illustrated by Heath Robinson 10-20
581.    The Waterloo Medal Roll compiled from Muster Rolls, published by The Naval and Military Press 20-30
582.    'Andy Warhol - Giant Size' published by Pahidon 2010 20-30
583.    The Water Babies illustrated by Jessie Wilcox Smith - Boots Edition 10-30
584.    Six books on medals, ribbons, awards and battle honours 10-20
585.    Lorna Doone - published by Boots 10-20
586.    'The Pilgrims Progress - the Family Edition' by John Bunyan, with introductory essay on One Life, Writings and Genius of the Author, illustrated by Edward Deanes Esq 10-20
587.    A Westminster Abbey 1966 900th Anniversary Commemorative book 10-20
588.    'Modern Practical Farriery - A Complete Guide to All that Relates to the Horse' - W J Miles c.1875 40-60
589.    Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling, illustrated and published by Manhattan 1902 30-50
590.    Little Lord Fauntleroy published 1897 by F Warne 10-20
591.    Various books of Welsh interest including Panoramic Guide to Welsh Scenery by W H Baker 20-30
592.    The Modern Carpenter, Joiner and Cabinet maker by G Lister-Sutcliffe. Eight volumes, 1902 - first edition 80.-100
593.    The London Illustrated News 1804 10-20
594.    'Clare College 1326 - 1926' for Cambridge University - Forbes Mansfield B - two volumes with illustrations - 1928 40-60
595.    A box of small books including some Beatrix Potter 10-20
596.    A collection of early 20th century magazines including The London, The Royals and Windsor Magazines 20-30
597.    A box of books on ghosts and ghost stories 20-30
598.    Two boxes of various childrens books and annuals 10-20
599.    A box of various topographical books 10-20
600.    A box of late 19th and early 20th century books 40-60
601.    A box of books on general antiques and collecting 20-30
602.    Spare Lot 0-10
603.    Three Rowlandson colour engravings 'Comforts of Bath' - 17 x 20cm 30-50
604.    A pair of small Cadillac 'La Salle' advertising prints - 28 x 20cm 20-30
605.    Two fox tail brushes with wooden handles 30-50
606.    Two fox tails with suspension rings 10-20
607.    A fox tail with silver plated mounts 20-40
608.    A Kenyan leather embroidered pouch 20-30
609.    A pair of patinated spelter Art Nouveau figures after Julien Causse - 43cm high 30-50
610.    An Edwardian oak mantel clock with gilt dial flanked by pilasters 31cm tall 30-50
611.    A pair of spelter figures of cavaliers - 43cm 30-50
612.    A spelter group of horse and man - 20cm 10-30
613.    A 19th century bronze figure of a boy removing thorn from his foot 50-70
614.    A Victorian rosewood cased mantel clock 'G Russell, Malvern' - 21cm 20-40
615.    Three bottles of vintage port comprising Fonsec 1966, Warres 1970 and Croft 1975 60-80
616.    A bottle of 1986 Mosel Ulrich Langguth and Medoc 1983 Chateau Fourcas Dupre 30-50
617.    A bottle of Madeira 1970, 150th Anniversary commemorative "Boal Solera" limited edition 1994/2000 100-150
618.    A pair of vintage oak and silver plated candlesticks and a cocktail shaker 10-20
619.    A Sparklets soda siphon boxed and two spares boxed 10-20
620.    A large Harrods amethyst crystal - 20c, wide 60-100
621.    A carved stone sculptural group of a family - 33cm 40-60
622.    A Junghans vintage striking mantel clock 20-30
623.    A 1930's Westminster Chinese mantel clock with 'floating balance', an Art Deco mantel clock and white 'Bakelite' clock 10-30
624.    A Birmingham Commemorative Special Constabulary Police Truncheon dated 1916 30-50
625.    A turned wood truncheon 10-20
626.    A Sanders 1907 pattern bayonet WWII period with Australian Mangrovite 41 sheath 60-80
627.    A late 19th century Asprey of Bond Street travelling stationary writing box with leatherette covering and brass fittings - 41cm wide 80-120
628.    A vintage leather shotgun case 30-50
629.    A vintage Goblin Teasmaid 10-20
630.    A collection of vintage beer mats 20-30
631.    A quantity of old inks and stamps 20-40
632.    A Victorian set of six pewter graduated measures and tankards 40-60
633.    A Victorian brass group of cow and suckling calf - 13cm 20-30
634.    A Victorian brass table bell and a glass and brass vase 20-30
635.    A 19th century French brass-cased eight day drum clock 25-35
636.    A Swiza gilt boudoir clock and a Looping travel clock in leather case 30-50
637.    A 19th century Benetfink and Co, Cheapside brass-cased marine barometer/thermometer, and another circular barometer 30-40
638.    A cast metal shell form miniature dish with figure of gentleman (?) punching an old man - 7cm tall 20-30
639.    An Islamic/Middle Eastern white metal snuff or perfume bottle 20-30
640.    A 1920's watercolour miniature of the Madonna in ivory frame, signed Voisin - 7 x 5.5cm 30-50
641.    A late 19th century ivory notepad with piquet studded decoration 40-60
642.    A set of three Iranian metal finger bowls with engraved decoration to rims and inset silver coins 20-30
643.    A French glass and gilt metal table perfume bottle with a view of the Acropolis to the lid, and a brass trinket pot (no liner and lid a/f) 30-50
644.    A group of Ashanti gold weights including Chieftain sitting on a stool, military cartridge belt, hornbill attacking snake, and several geometric weights, together with a Zulu beaded love letter 100-150
645.    Two Tibetan silver and copper amulet boxes and an earring 30-50
646.    A box of antique collectables including wax seals, parian miniature seal, dagger form book mark, turned malachite small bowl etc 20-40
647.    A vintage Aitron watch form radio Reg No: 965150 - battery cover missing 10-20
648.    A pair of Georgian steel sugar snips 15-30
649.    A box of military and other buttons 20-30
650.    A WWI 1914 chocolate box 20-30
651.    A selection of various medals and medallions including two WWII medals, three shooting/rifle club medals, a Chrysanthemum Society medal and a King George V coronation medal 20-30
652.    A box of badges and coins etc 10-20
653.    Withdrawn Medal 30-50
654.    An early 20th century embroidered silver thread arm badge with coat of arms for St Johns College, Cambridge and letters for 'St Johns College General Athletics Club' 20-30
655.    A J Hudson CNAA military whistle 1954 10-20
656.    Three treen biscuit stamps including 'York Biscuits', 'American Biscuits' and 'Princes' plus two novelty chocolate moulds 30-50
657.    A collection of assorted military badges and medals 20-40
658.    An Edwardian ivory handled gentleman's set, comprising: two boot pulls, button hook, page turner and glove stretchers, the button hook with silver mount, all with crown and hand crest 20-40
659.    A 19th century treen Maucheline ware pencil case with a view of Southport from the pier 20-30
660.    A selection of fountain pens - one Schaeffer and some Parker 20-30
661.    A Normandy Veterans Association commemorative plate, a Dunkirk one, and other associated ephemera 20-30
662.    Two cases of magic lantern glass slides including views from around 1945 church mission ground, Gambia and other parts of Africa, approx. 160 30-50
663.    A box of collectables 10-20
664.    A box of collectables including glove stretchers, sachet of petal dust, lorgnettes etc 10-20
665.    A Minolta SRT 101 camera together with an Olympus Trip 35mm camera 40-60
666.    A tray of mixed collectables including penknives, Ronson lighter, compacts etc 10-20
667.    A collection of approx ten early 20th century glass negative photographic plates showing furniture 10-20
668.    A Victorian mahogany jewellery box and a small leather vanity case 10-30
669.    A political pen and ink cartoon of John Major - purported by the vendor to be by Tom Johnson unsigned, 7 x 12cm 20-40
670.    Two fishing reels: Zebco 404 and owners manual, and Omnia Le Super 10-20
671.    A box of early to mid 20th century tins 15-30
672.    A box of stationary items including nibs, sealing wax, index cards, pencils etc 10-30
673.    A Victorian leather and pewter mounted spirit flask 10-20
674.    A Tudric pewter tankard with glass base No. 01288 plus two other glass based tankards, a tray and a pewter salt by Dixons 20-40
675.    Two Sorrento ware jewellery boxes 10-30
676.    A set of gold scales, boxed and a Point Master needle re-pointer 10-20
677.    A brass trench art cribbage board engraved 'SS Cape Nelson' another cribbage board and a chess set 10-20
678.    A reproduction sextant - boxed 10-20
679.    A small box of miscellaneous 19th century small ivory and mother of pearl items - including button hooks, manicure implements, letter openers etc 30-50
680.    An American silk satin printed concert programme for the Ullman & Strakosch Italian Opera Company 1860 Philadelphia, by the American Academy of Music - 37 x 22cm 40-60
681.    A RAOB real briar buffalo head pipe 10-20
682.    Six various pipes including bulls head and foot form one 30-50
683.    Two travel inkwells and a miniature anvil and hammer 10-30
684.    A group of approximately twenty three late 19th to mid 20th century small folding penknives and other knives 30-50
685.    A Victorian lacquer and mother of pearl glove box, two compacts and two bobbins 10-30
686.    A box of collectables including stirrup cups, measure, lighters etc 10-30
687.    A group of eight small 19th century knives including a horn handled knife, a decorative pen knife advertising 'Bon Voyage' by Hicks and Son of New York, and other mother of pearl small knives 50-80
688.    Five boxed cut throat razors, plus two further razors and sharpening stone 30-50
689.    A Chinese pewter cigarette box (hinge a/f), decorated with a dragon, and another similar small Chinese box 10-20
690.    A box of collectables 10-20
691.    A tray of miscellaneous collectables including hunting horn, brass seal and ivory boot pulls etc 20-30
692.    A Barrett ticket printing set - box tatty 20-30
693.    A Georgian mahogany tea caddy and four other tea caddies 30-50
694.    An early 20th century chrome door lock and mechanism together with handles and keys 20-30
695.    An opaque glass frilled lamp shade and a shell lampshade 10-20
696.    A box of various model cars including Burrago and Corgi 20-30
697.    A group of five boxed Corgi trams and buses plus various other die cast vehicles 20-30
698.    A Mamod live steam limousine - boxed 80-100
699.    A vintage gold plush teddy bear 10-30
700.    A Topline vintage Trinindad doll in original box - good condition 10-30
701.    A Dinky Toy tank transporter 660 and a Dinky ten ton Army Truck 622 - both boxed 10-20
702.    A Hornby Dublo 'Bristol Castle' locomotive and tender - boxed EDLT20 20-40
703.    A tinplate George The Fifth locomotive 2664 30-50
704.    Two Exxon Mobil aviation teddy bears and Beefeater teddy 10-20
705.    A model of a steam engine labelled 'Mighty in Strength and Endurance' 20-30
706.    A box of collectables including whistle 10-20
707.    A Corgi Batmobile and other Corgi toys including boxed Corgi bus, and Ford Model T van R2499 15-25
708.    A box of various Trix "OO" train set items including one tank locomotive, three coaches, guard van, controller, transformer, various track, power rail, buffers, 4 x points, crossover etc 40-60
709.    A Lledo boxed Rolls Royce set of three on plinth base, plus sixteen other Lledo Days Gone By cars, boxed. 20-30
710.    A 1960's Japanese KO tin plate clockwork robot 50-70
711.    A Chinese Tiger 2XL talking Robot with educational cassette tape 30-50
712.    A group of three model cars and one bicycle - in glazed display cases 30-50
713.    A box of five Model T cars 20-30
714.    An early 20th century painted rocking horse on a painted pine base by Baby Carriages of Liverpool - 93cm tall 250-300
715.    A group of six butterflies - framed and glazed 10-20
716.    Three cased sets of large exotic butterflies 20-30
717.    A display set of butterflies under glass dome 30-50
718.    An Armadillo basket 20-40
719.    Two taxidermy puffer fish and another fish 40-60
720.    A wooden cow bell, a mounted pony hoof pin cushion and two other pony hooves 20-30
721.    A taxidermy baby crocodile 30-50
721A.   A 'Bronze Bream' taxidermy fish - cased 20-30
722.    A taxidermy trout in riverbed case 50-70
722A.   A taxidermy fish in riverbed case - 29 x 21cm 30-50
723.    A salmon taxidermy fish in riverbed case 50-70
724.    A taxidermy fish in riverbed case - 41 x 25cm 30-50
725.    A taxidermy duck 30-50
726.    A taxidermy tawny owl 20-40
727.    A large Colgate Plus advertising toothbrush - 37cm long 20-30
728.    An Indian embroidered panel of seated figure - 28 x 29cm 20-30
729.    A Madagasy watercolour on cotton - Madagascar large family funeral scene depicting tombstone being dragged up hill with text and dated 1884 - 104 x 84cm, together with provenance information and photographs relating to the family business in Madagascar at that time 200-400
730.    A Chinese print of a cat - limited edition - 10.5 x 10.5cm 10-30
731.    A Chinese embroidered picture of dog or fox - 14 x 17cm 10-20
732.    Imao Keinen - Japanese woodblock print 'Birds and flowers' Tokyo 1893 - 32 x 22cm 30-50
733.    A framed early 20th century photograph of two Geishas 20-30
734.    Anne Hudson - a pair of mid-century cat paintings - 40 x 9cm and 13 x 25cm 70-90
735.    Four vintage Chinese pictures painted on bamboo in bamboo frames - 22 x 14cm 10-20
736.    A 19th century carved bone fan with sequin decoration and two vintage painted fans 30-50
737.    A Japanese Meiji Period brass snuff box with all over engraved decoration including Egyptian motifs and applied silver highlights, 9 x 6.5cm 60-80
738.    A 19th century black lacquer chinoiserie calling card stand with printed decoration 15-30
739.    A pair of Japanese Meiji period cloisonne enamel vases in original boxes, one a/f, 12cm 50-70
740.    A Chinese silk embroidered panel of bird and flowers - 27 x 35cm 20-40
741.    A Japanese Shibiyama lacquer tray with cranes and trees - 29 x 20cm - a/f 30-50
742.    A Chinese brass dragon on plinth - 16cm tall 10-20
742A.   A 19th/20th century bakelite wall telephone speaker 30-50
743.    An early 20th century Chinese hard wood colonial style side cabinet with two tier gallery top over cupboard all with carved foliage and berry decoration - 120cm wide 200-400
744.    Two Chinese contemporary studio paintings - framed as trays 60-80
745.    A Chinese printed wall hanging scroll - 180cm long unrolled 20-30
746.    An Indonesian painted wood puppet - 41cm tall 20-40
747.    A 19th century Chinese cabinet with cupboard over recess over three small drawers and cabinet, brass hinges and locks - 128cm tall 300-500
748.    A Japanese black lacquer tray with gilt decoration of exotic bird on branch - 41cm wide 20-30
749.    A Chinese embroidered silk panel with scene of children playing - 64 x 32cm 30-50
750.    A carved soapstone figure of a buddha - 10.5cm 10-20
751.    A pair of carved Botswana hardwood elephant bookends 10-20
752.    A pair of 'Jade' dogs of Fo on plinth bases - 18.5cm tall including stand 50-70
753.    A late 19th century Bandaji Korean elm chest with brass hinges and fish form lock with key (no locking plate) all raised on scroll feet - 49cm tall x 80cm wide and comes with 1980's Korean authenticity document 200-300
754.    A pair of Chinese hardwood circular stools or occasional tables - 46cm 40-60
755.    Three gilt framed mirrors - the largest 37 x 33cm 30-50
756.    A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers all on bun feet - 107cm 100-150
757.    A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers with inlay to frieze 80-120
758.    R White - oil on canvas Tewkesbury Cathedral 59 x 44cm 10-20
759.    A pair of finely cast metal portrait busts of classical men with circular glazed ebonised frame - 19cm dia 60-100
760.    Susan Kathleen Black - watercolour butterfly on a thistle, 25 x 17cm 10-30
761.    A 19th century pine clerks desk with slope front 30-50
762.    A pair of late 19th century brass corinthian column candlesticks - 20cm 20-30
763.    Otto Macing - watercolour parkland lake scene with book - 30 x 22cm 20-40
764.    A Pre-Raphelite watercolour of standing nude amidst flowers on river bank - 19 x 13cm 40-60
765.    Blair Huges-Stanton - woodcut print 'Horizon' 1935 - 35 x 26cm 60-80
766.    An Edwardian mahogany Beaconsfield wardrobe with hanging space, drawer and cupboard 80-120
767.    A Victorian mahogany carved table top easel (lacking support) - 110cm high 10-30
768.    A Victorian cast iron horse form door stop 20-40
769.    Vera Harper - oil on board Lower Slaughter - 34 x 44cm 10-20
770.    Joanna Rowell - watercolour horses in landscape - 35 x 45cm 40-60
771.    Penelope Pilkington - oil on canvas pair of portraits of two children, 30 x 24cm 40-60
772.    A Victorian mahogany desk calendar 20-30
773.    A 19th century candlestick telephone 60-80
773A.   A Victorian style candlestick telephone marked TE 30 235, No.4, 156, circa 1930 by Telephone Manufacturing Company 50-70
774.    A Thomas Turner 'Derby Desk' oak small roll top desk - 105cm wide 200-300
775.    A vintage red dial telephone 20-30
776.    A 19th century pewter pen stand/ inkwell 10-20
777.    A Woodstock standard typewriter model 5N 20-30
778.    An early Slazenger tennis racquet with fishtail handle 'The Demon' 40-60
779.    J D Morris - gouache Fleetwood harbour scene at sunset, in gilt leaf frame 50-70
780.    A Victorian oil portrait of a King Charles spaniel - 31 x 36cm 200-400
781.    A Pears print 'The Shavers Delight' framed with Illustrated News - 36 x 23cm 20-40
782.    A pine settle - the box base with lift up lid - 123cm tall 30-50
783.    Two old tennis racquets 10-20
784.    A gilt framed triple dressing table mirror with cherub surmount, 33cm tall 10-30
785.    A copper bound coopered planter and a wooden shaker style sieve 20-40
786.    A Victorian pine and oak two door cabinet, the interior fitted pigeon holes, 112cm tall x 65cm wide 30-50
787.    A gilt framed rectangular mirror 72 x 39cm 20-40
788.    A large composite bust of an Art Nouveau lady, on plinth base - 80cm 30-50
789.    Two small gilt framed mirrors, the largest 40 x 41cm 20-40
790.    An Edwardian small pine set of wall shelves with cabinet to side 65cm wide x 61cm tall 20-30
791.    A large wood framed candle lantern - 70cm 20-30
792.    A vintage metal fruit or cider press - 42cm 10-30
793.    A Victorian pine two door cupboard 103cm wide x 118cm tall, shelves within 40-60
794.    An Oetzmann & Co of London mahogany side table - 66cm tall 15-30
795.    An Edwardian mahogany and brass mounted coal box 10-20
796.    A vintage red petrol can marked 'SM & BP' 20-30
797.    An old painted aluminium fire bucket 10-20
798.    Two sets of antique golf clubs and a golf trolley 40-60
799.    An American walnut bedhead - 162cm wide 10-20
800.    A large decorative 'stained glass' panel - 91 x 100cm 50-70
801.    An eighth size Joe Davis billiard table - 24" x 48" - with all accessories 30-50
802.    A large Moroccan copper water carrier - 51cm 30-50
803.    A small modern pine chest of two short and three long drawers 50cm wide 20-40
804.    A tall pine chest of five drawers 47cm wide 30-50
805.    A 19th century two gallon copper flagon 30-50
806.    An Edwardian brass four section stick stand 30-50
806A.   A pine framed wall mirror - 102 x 77cm 30-50
807.    A Victorian mahogany and cane rocking crib on turned supports 80-100
808.    A leather suitcase with contents of old jewellery boxes and wooden box 20-30
809.    A copper Arts & Crafts tray with floral decoration by JS & S 20-40
810.    A Victorian copper flagon 20-40
811.    A 19th century monocular microscope - 24cm 20-30
811A.   A 19th century brass microscope by Smith & Becks, engraved 'Smith & Beck, 6 Coleman St, London 282' 40-60
812.    A vintage green painted folding book stand with gilt decoration 30-50
813.    A Sikes Hydrometer by Buss of Hatton Garden (thermometer a/f) 10-30
814.    A large carved wood tortoise form box 10-30
815.    An Australian boomerang carved snake, figure and crocodile 40-60
816.    A small vintage drum, a pair of cymbals, two triangles and sticks 20-30
817.    A 19th century cut glass basket form chandelier with brass classical decoration - complete 80-120
818.    A box of miscellaneous cameras and accessories 20-30
819.    A box of gilt picture frames etc 10-30
820.    Four various barometers 20-30
821.    A box of cameras 10-20
822.    A box of gilt picture frames 20-40
823.    A large collection of gilt angels and angel ornaments 10-20
824.    A box of late 19th/early 20th century Post Office stationary and accessories 20-30
825.    An old telephone exchange 30-50
826.    A collection of 40+ vinyl Jazz LP's - mainly big bands - all good condition 20-30
827.    A Victorian rosewood and brass work box, the interior a/f 40-60
828.    An HMV portable gramophone in black morocco case - working condition 40-60
829.    A Victorian lacquer double sided playing card box decorated chinoiserie birds 20-30
830.    A Victorian rosewood work and toiletry box with mother of pearl inlay and fitted interior 40-60
831.    A Victorian rosewood work box with brass inlay 20-40
832.    A Muller Brothers walnut cased musical box playing eight airs - in need of restoration 100-150
833.    A Victorian rosewood and brass workbox 30-40
834.    An Edwardian oak correspondence box with metal mounts and cantilevered fitted interior - 27cm tall 40-60
835.    A pair of cut glass three tier chandeliers 60-80
836.    A pair of farm prints after Mary Griese - 13 x 18cm 10-20
837.    A group of eight Louis Wain cat prints - the largest 18 x 13cm 20-40
838.    Two turned wood wig stands, tallest 55cm 30-50
839.    J Whitehouse - pastel fox in woodland - 43 x 56cm 30-50
840.    A large hunting print 'The Meet at Blagdon' engraved by T Lupton after J W Snow - 45 x 72cm 20-30
841.    A Victorian print of Persephone and Ceres in carved frame - 49 x 38cm 20-30
842.    A large circular gilt framed mirror with scrollwork border 59cm diameter 30-50
843.    Leslie Charlotte Benenson (1941 - 2018) 'Pegasus' limited edition wood engraving - signed in pencil 1962 - 19 x 15cm 30-50
844.    A pair of 19th century prints of Brighton Chain Pier - 16 x 26cm 20-40
845.    A large modern oil on canvas Budha head 100 x 80cm 40-60
846.    Two oil on canvas self portraits - 50 x 40cm 20-40
847.    A large coloured print of huntsmen gathered at an inn - 52 x 77cm 20-30
848.    A collection of sixteen military prints by Richard Simkin framed plus fifteen unframed 50-60
849.    Sue Townsend - oil on canvas Mediterranean landscape - 24 x 29cm 20-40
850.    Norman Hepple - limited edition print children on a beach 176/195, signed in pencil - 50 x 60cm 60-80
851.    Norman Hepple - limited edition print children on a beach 152/185, signed in pencil - 55 x 68cm 60-80
852.    Five assorted signed landscapes - the largest 16 x 27cm 20-30
853.    Janet Hamer - pen and ink 'Mad Macaw' - 9 x 14cm 10-20
854.    A watercolour of primroses 27 x 36cm 20-30
855.    Richard Willis - watercolour poppies - 32 x 48cm 20-30
856.    Brigid Wright - two watercolours: Young Girl in Woodland Scene - 30 x 40cm, and two women - both unframed 40-60
857.    Marjorie Collins - acrylic 'Pink and Yellow' - 47 x 67cm 30-50
858.    Norman Hepple - limited edition print two children shrimping - signed in pencil - 32 x 44cm 30-50
859.    Richard Willis - watercolour people fishing at the Mumbles - 45 x 60cm 20-30
860.    An early 19th century chair with spindle back and elm seat 20-40
861.    An early 20th century elm spindle back chair - 78cm tall 20-40
862.    A pair of Jacobean style dining chairs with carved scrollwork backs and aprons 50-70
863.    A Victorian Jacobean style open armchair with knob ended arm supports 20-30
864.    A matched set of four spindle back kitchen farmhouse dining chairs 50-70
865.    A farmhouse style slat back chair 30-50
866.    A set of six Canadian oak stick back dining chairs - 97cm tall 60-100
867.    A Victorian mahogany small chair with carved back and column supports 20-30
868.    A Victorian mahogany high backed Jacobean style chair with finely carved scrollwork surmount and barleytwist supports all on cabriole supports 30-40
869.    A small Victorian carved and upholstered back chair with barleytwist uprights and scrollwork carved back 20-30
870.    A set of six early 20th century Arts & Crafts rush seated dining chairs on square supports 100-150
871.    A Georgian oak side cabinet with two drawers over cupboard, the doors with brass butterfly hinges (alterations) 60-80
872.    A vintage novelty horse head table lamp (the horse head 38cm tall) 40-60
873.    Pierre Jules Mene - large silver plated bronze stallion on black marble base, signed - 36 x 46cm 400-600
874.    A pewter racehorse with jockey Lester Piggott 'Chepstow Stakes 1992 - Mr and Mrs David Mort, Mr. M. McCormack, Montendre - J. Reid'. Cast by R Cameron 30-50
875.    An Academy cold cast bronze of a racehorse with jockey up 60-80
876.    A 'Hackwood Stakes' bronze racing trophy of a horses head. Plaque reads 'Newbury 17 July 1992 - Mr and Mrs David Mort - Montendre - M. McMormack - John Reid'. 20-30
877.    A cold cast bronze of a jockey 'Mitsubishi Diamond Vision' Cammidge Trophy 1995. 'Class A Listed Race - Won by Montendre - Doncaster March 25th 1995 - Mr David Mort - Trainer M. McCormack - Jockey J. Reid'. 60-80
878.    An Arts & Crafts oak bookcase with dowel construction 96cm tall x 57cm wide 60-80
879.    An early 20th century oak dropleaf dining table with carved border and bobbin turned supports 84cm long x 73cm tall 20-30
880.    A Victorian marble topped bedside cabinet, a/f 20-40
881.    A pair of large Chinese pottery table lamps printed bird and blossom decoration - 40cm tall with shades 30-50
882.    A Victorian blue glass oil lamp painted flowers 30-50
883.    A Victorian oak pedestal cupboard with single arch panel door enclosing shelves 42cm wide x 102cm high x 32cm deep 50-70
884.    A stained oak barometer and thermometer 10-20
885.    A 1930's glazed oak wall clock 10-20
886.    A 19th century Arts & Crafts mahogany coffer carved all over stylised floral decoration 106cm wide 180-250
887.    An Edwardian mahogany bureau with shell inlay to slope front 50-70
888.    Spare Lot 0-10
889.    A large deep burgundy china table lamp and shade 20-40
890.    A Victorian copper and green glass oil lamp painted shamrock and harps with etched globe shade 30-50
891.    A Herbert Terry anglepoise lamp in black 30-50
892.    A vintage anglepoise lamp 10-20
893.    A Victorian pine twin pedestal desk with china handles 80-120
894.    An American Coca-Cola advertising mirror sign - 91 x 52cm 30-50
895.    A large woollen Persian style rug with floral decoration on a red ground 300 x 220 cm` 60-80
896.    An early 20th century oak Arts and Crafts dining table with rectangular top on four turned supports 145 x 80cm 200-300
897.    Three painted wood decoy ducks 30-50
898.    A Victorian walnut centre table with ormolu mounts and cabriole supports 150-200
899.    A 19th century bonheur de jour with brass gallery and foliage inlay, the raised back with four drawers over frieze drawer and undertier, all on tapered supports and castors 150-200
900.    A late Victorian oak buffet sideboard with carved decoration to frieze drawers, mask supports and two panelled doors to base 50-70
901.    A French alabaster and gilt metal mantel clock with boy and girl to top 50-70
901A.   A gilt cherub table lamp 20cm and a gilt wood table lamp 10-20
902.    An Arts and Crafts brass table lamp on triple supports 30-50
903.    An oak aneroid barometer/thermometer with carved flowerhead decorations 10-30
904.    Three S Patey of London velvet covered riding hats - two with original boxes 60-100
905.    A tapestry topped stool on turned supports 10-20
906.    A collection of approximately twenty five mid 19th century watercolours and pastel sketches showing mainly ecclesiastical and interior scenes 30-50
907.    A collection of approximately twenty five mid 19th century watercolours and pastel sketches mainly of landscapes 30-50
908.    An Edwardian mahogany piano stool converted to a coffee table 20-30
909.    A 19th century oak tilt top wine table on turned column and triple cabriole supports 30-50
910.    A Victorian pine coffer 30-50
911.    A taxidermy fox head (one-eared) on shield 10-20
912.    A pair of turned mahogany torchere stands, 105cm tall 20-40
913.    A Victorian pine kitchen table with replacement top and square tapered supports 40-60
914.    A tapestry topped long footstool 20-40
915.    A Canadian oak single pedestal dining table with interleaves - 120cm dia without extension and 183cm with extension 50-70
916.    A Victorian circular swivel tub chair upholstered cream floral fabric on bun feet and castors 50-70
917.    A wrought iron hat/coat stand - 176cm 10-30
918.    A Tiffany glass light shade 30-50
919.    A cut glass four tier chandelier (incomplete) with brass foliage decoration 30-50
920.    An oak cabinet of three drawers all raised on stand with further drawer and turned supports, made up from Georgian larger piece 58cm wide 138cm tall 60-80
921.    A Georgian style walnut triple framed dressing table mirror 10-20
922.    A George III mahogany or fruitwood small chest of three drawers on bracket supports 100-150
923.    A Georgian burr elm silver table with raised gallery (one part detached) over frieze drawer all raised on carved cabriole supports with claw and ball feet 60-100
924.    Two large Turkish brass pots 20-40
925.    Four various Indian brass and copper lota 30-50
926.    A large Kashmir Islamic copper ewer - 30cm 40-60
927.    A 19th century Indian brass incense burner with engraved decoration - 35cm long 30-50
928.    A Victorian cast iron pot trivet - 27cm 10-30
929.    An Edwardian mahogany corner display cabinet with a pair of glazed doors and dentil cornice - 180cm high 80-120
930.    A 1920's mahogany two door wardrobe 20-40
931.    Alfred Jones - oil on board London street scene - 74 x 47cm 60-80
932.    Graham Sherman - pair of watercolours of The Wrekin - 15 x 20cm 20-30
933.    Frederick E Valter - watercolour cattle and sheep - 33 x 46cm 60-80
934.    A framed tapestry and petit point panel of dogs and bird on a red ground 45 x 47cm 30-50
935.    Rob Maddams - watercolour Flitton Church 24 x 34cm 20-30
936.    Fred Lawson (1888 - 1968) - watercolour pastoral scene - 27 x 37cm 50-100
937.    An Art Nouveau style composite 'terracotta' garden wall pocket in form of maiden - 37cm tall 20-30
938.    A reproduction mahogany wine table with inlaid paterae 20-30
939.    A Georgian bow fronted corner cabinet with reeded pillastas and bun feet 80-120
940.    An Edwardian mahogany bureau bookcase of small proportions with two glazed doors over slope front and three drawers 75cm wide x 181cm tall 60-80
941.    A Georgian oak chest of two short and three long drawers all on tall bracket supports - 97cm 80-100
942.    An 18th century oak longcase clock with floral painted face and 30 hour striking movement with date niche 50-70
943.    A 1920's oak dresser with barleytwist supports 50-70
944.    A Joanna Powell - pair of oval watercolours horse and landscape scenes - 33 x 29cm 40-60
945.    A Georgian oak and mahogany small sized dresser with two tier back over two drawers all on square supports 200-300
946.    Alan Ingham - a limited edition print snowscape 'A Certain Stillness' - 24 x 71cm 20-30
947.    A limited edition print after Archibald Thorburn of a grouse 'Winter in the Glen', 86/850 - 39 x 53cm 30-50
948.    A civil OBE by Toy, Kenning and Spence Ltd, in fitted original case 50-70
949.    A 19th century Chinese Canton fan painted courtly scenes, the figures with ivory faces and silk robes, in need of restoration- in fitted case 60-80
950.    A 19th century drawing set including ivory rule in black shagreen fitted case 40-60
951.    A good 19th century folding Bowie type knife with horn handle and mother of pearl studs - with decorative rococo style metal cross guard and pommel - base of the blade marked 'John B Hobson' - 25cm open - 14cm closed 80-120
952.    A 19th century continental percussion box lock pocket pistol with brass engraved plate 80-100
953.    A fine late 19th century Chinese ivory hair comb with bird and lotus flower decoration on finely pierced scrolling ground - 13cm long 80-100
954.    A late 18th century Bilston style circular enamel patch box decorated lady freeing a caged bird, with text 'Love the Giver' 40-60
955.    A 19th century carved shell snuff box 20-30
956.    A late 19th century natural ivory and stained ivory chess set - complete 60-80
957.    A pair of painted and carved wood Burmese figures of women 18cm 80-100
958.    A late Victorian leather bound jewellery box - top a/f 10-20
959.    A 19th century naive oil on canvas showing a lake and mountain scene - indistinctly signed - 25 x 35cm 30-50
960.    An Apple iMac computer 2003 with 17" anglepoise screen - in original box with keyboard and speakers (reputed working) and with instruction CD etc 30-50
961.    An Edwardian oval framed embroidered floral picture 60 x 41cm 10-30