Antiques & Collectables Sale with Watch & Clock Section
on Friday 14th June 2019

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1.      A toiletry set comprising jug and bowl, chamber pot, soap dish and toothbrush mug - printed lady 10-20
2.      An Edwardian Falcon Ware jug and bowl toiletry set with soap dish and toothbrush mug 10-20
3.      A pair of Victorian green porcelain table lamps painted birds - 37cm high - both a/f 20-30
4.      A pair of Wedgwood Cream 'Edme' candlesticks 10-20
5.      A Wedgwood Jasperware two handled urn and cover decorated classical scenes - 30cm 60-80
6.      A large pair of dark blue Wedgwood Jasperware plates decorated children - 26.5cm dia 40-60
7.      A Victorian blue and white tea service comprising eight cups and saucers, seven tea plates and two cake plates 10-30
8.      A Crown Staffordshire floral tea service comprising six cups and saucers and six tea plates 10-20
9.      An Adderley 'Cornflower' tea service comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates, milk and sugar and cake plate 20-40
10.     An Edwardian Gladstone tea service comprising ten cups and saucers, ten tea plates, cake plate, milk and sugar 10-30
11.     An Edwardian Colclough tea service comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates and jug 10-20
12.     A Crescent and Sons Edwardian tea service printed swallows comprising: six cups and ten saucers, ten tea plates, sugar and cake plate 10-30
13.     A Shelley floral painted tea service comprising teapot, nine cups and saucers, two cake plates and twelve tea plates and sugar bowl 40-60
14.     A pair of Japanese late Satsuma vases painted figures - 22cm tall 30-50
15.     A Victorian blue and white drainer Leopard and Gazelle pattern 30-50
15A.    Two 19th century blue and white strainer plates 10-20
16.     A large Portuguese blue and white plate 'Vista Alegre, 33cm diameter, and a similar vase 20-30
17.     Three Spode bird plates 10-20
18.     A Hermes tea and dinner service 'Cheval D'Orient' comprising: eight tea cups and saucers, eight coffee cups and saucers, eight tea plates, eight dinner plates and eight bowls 2000-3000
19.     A Royal Albert Country Roses tea service comprising teapot, covered sugar, milk jug, three cake plates, twelve tea plates and thirteen cups and fourteen saucers 50-70
20.     Three large turquoise blue Racu pottery vases by Gesil Hunting 30-50
21.     A pair of large porcelain Regency Ironstone vases - Arabesque decoration 10-30
22.     A group of eight items of Wedgwood Jasperware 20-40
23.     Two Wedgwood Jasperware Mothers Day plates for 1975 and 1979 10-30
24.     Various items of Oriental porcelain and pottery 20-40
25.     Two small blue and white meat plates and two vases 10-20
25A.    A group of six items by Mabel Leigh comprising: Pagoda teapot, sugar castor, butter dish and three plates 40-60
26.     A group of five Portmeirion Parian Ware jugs and a large British Heritage jug 20-30
27.     Two Royal Worcester Evesham serving plates and a Herbs entre dish 10-20
28.     A pair of dishes and a plate designed for Wedgwood by Eric Ravilious 'Persephone' 20-40
29.     A quantity of miniature porcelain tea wares including Coalport and Spode 10-20
30.     A Beswick Kanga and Owl from Winnie the Pooh, plus various other animal ornaments, Sylvac dog etc 10-20
31.     Six various pottery match holders and strikers 20-40
32.     Three Chinese pottery teapots, one a/f
33.     A group of coloured and clear glass including Murano 10-20
34.     A vintage liqueur set of six small glasses and tray printed huntsmen 20-30
35.     A quantity of porcelain pin dishes and boxes including Coalport and Kaiser 10-20
36.     Five early 19th century glass dishes 10-20
37.     Twenty two crested gramophones 30-50
38.     A vintage coffee set printed roses comprising coffee pot, six cups and saucers, milk and sugar 10-20
39.     A Murano glass dish and a green glass fishing float 10-20
40.     Two antique glass fishing floats 10-20
41.     A group of 'Colourbox' teddy bears 10-20
42.     Three Doulton Lambethware jugs 20-40
43.     A pair of Poole Pottery 'Volcano' vases 36cm tall 50-70
44.     A Beswick Bullfinch (tail a/f) and Royal Worcester Chaffinches 10-20
45.     Four Beswick Rupert figures 20-40
46.     Two Karl Ens bird groups and one other a/f 10-20
47.     Two Border Fine Arts groups of Winnie the Pooh and Benjamin Bunny 10-30
48.     A rare limited edition Royal Doulton figure Mary Countess of Howe HN3007 - no 1007, with certificate 30-50
49.     A Beswick Dapple Grey horse - ears restored 20-40
50.     Three Goebels birds:- Wood Warbler, Robin and Chaffinch 20-40
51.     Four Hummel figures of children 30-50
52.     A Beswick Cougar on Rock - model 1702 60-80
53.     A 1950's vintage floral and gilt tea service comprising six cups and saucers and six tea plates plus a gilt glass bowl and cover 10-20
54.     A Grimwades chintz dish and Imari style double preserve pot 10-20
55.     Two Toby jugs and a plaster jar in the form of an old man with pipe a/f 10-20
56.     A German porcelain plate painted roses 20-30
57.     Two Japanese pottery buffalo and boy groups and a pair of late Satsuma vases 9cm tall 10-30
58.     A Carlton Ware teapot in the form of a Policeman 10-20
59.     A Swains Tuddy porcelain miniature figure of Bonzo, various other miniature animals etc 10-20
60.     Five various Limoges boxes and two in the form of pots of flowers 20-30
61.     A small oval Copenhagen dish decorated ducks - 17cm wide 10-20
62.     A blue pottery teapot, three jugs and a vase 10-20
63.     A green printed Crown Staffordshire Kowloon bowl - 26cm dia 20-30
64.     A Royal Doulton McCallums Whisky water jug, a Wade Butlers water jug and a Bass bar match holder 20-30
65.     A 19th century Delft manganese tile, and a Victorian tile 10-20
66.     Two Victorian pot lids 'Landing the Fare' Pegwell Bay' and 'Country Quarters' 30-50
67.     Three Victorian pot lids 'Rifle Contest of Wimbledon', 'A Pair' and 'The Times' 50-70
68.     Twelve Princess china cups and tea plates decorated birds and animals
69.     A Royal Albert Memory Lane dinner service comprising six dinner plates, four tea plates, six side plates and six bowls 20-30
70.     A group of Ironstone plates decorated Chinoiserie design by Zacharia Boyle comprising: six dinner plates, ten dessert plates and three serving dishes 20-40
71.     A group of early Winchcombe pottery 30-50
72.     Two Grindley's railway plates and a Whitbread plate by Rutland Ironstone 10-20
73.     Eleven Royal Worcester Mikado dinner plates and twelve tea plates 30-50
74.     Six Arden Winnie the Pooh sculptures 30-50
75.     A Royal Doulton Persian plate D1900 and a Royal Worcester plate painted Art Deco stylised trees on red and black ground 10-20
76.     A Wedgwood Prairie Flowers cake plate and an RHS plate 10-20
77.     A Mikasa part dinner service comprising: three dinner plates, seven side plates, three tea plates and eight cups and five saucers 20-30
78.     Two Gouda three handled vases painted stylised flowers - 14cm 20-40
79.     A pair of pottery cockerels and three kitchen jugs 10-20
80.     A Victorian porcelain candlestick group of woman and child with floral encrusted decoration 33cm tall 10-20
81.     A pair of Limoges porcelain squat cylindrical vases painted flowers, on paw feet - 8cm 20-30
82.     A Shelley nursery cup and saucer by Mabel Lucie Attwell 10-20
83.     Three Dresden floral painted cups and four saucers 40-60
84.     Two Hutschenreuter cabinet cups and a Limoges one 10-20
85.     A Chinese famille rose tea bowl 20-40
86.     A Capodimonte group of mother and child and a bisque porcelain group of a nude - 35cm tall 10-30
87.     A pair of small Moorcroft Iris vases 9cm 60-80
88.     A Moorcroft vase painted Iris 7cm tall on a blue ground and another Moorcroft vase a/f 9cm 40-60
89.     A Moorcroft Iris bowl - 14cm diameter 40-60
89A.    A small Moorcroft dish Clematis pattern on a green ground, 11.5cm diameter 20-40
90.     A Moorcroft Grape Vine vase and another 9.5cm and 8cm 60-80
91.     A dark blue Jasperware cup and saucer 20-30
92.     A Sevres porcelain circular inkwell with wreath decoration and metal mounts - the central urn cracked - 16cm tall 30-50
93.     A Victorian Gaudy Welsh mug 20-30
94.     A Noritake small dish painted desert scene and floral basket 10-20
95.     A Shelley 1930's teapot, sugar and plate with floral painted decoration Pattern No2169 10-20
96.     A pair of Doulton Series Ware candlesticks 'Falstaff' and a Midwinter vase 10-20
97.     A 19th century green glass circular box with painted pheasants in landscape to top and gilt metal mounts - 18cm dia 20-30
97A.    A small Copenhagen vase 13.5m 10-20
98.     A 19th century Chinese famille rose bowl - repaired, 20cm dia 10-30
99.     A Chinese rectangular jardiniere 16cm 10-20
100.    A Chinese rectangular porcelain pillow painted figures in a garden - 14 x 13 x 6.5cm 20-40
101.    A Royal Albert Country Roses dinner service comprising:- thirteen 10" dinner plates, thirteen 8" side plates, six dessert bowls, twelve soup dishes and stands, oval meat plate, gravy and stand, covered vegetable tureen and four small serving dishes 60-80
102.    A Kosta vase with grass etched decoration signed LG for Vicke Lindstrand - 18cm 30-50
103.    An Orrefors square flared ripple vase engraved deep sea pearl diver signed indistinctly Vicke Lindstrand - 17cm 50-70
104.    A small glass decanter with cut leaf decoration and a milliefiori paperweight 10-20
105.    A set of three Orrefors Fuga blue glass small bowls and two blue glass vases 40-60
106.    An Italian gilt and jewelled glass ewer and three similar decorative tumblers 40-60
107.    A Kosta Boda paperweight and a shallow glass dish 30-50
108.    A large Bohemian red and gilt floral painted vase 26cm tall 20-30
109.    An Italian blue latticino glass posy vase 10-30
110.    A glass milliefiori paperweight with turquoise ground - 8.5cm dia 40-60
111.    A pair of Victorian hand blown glass candlesticks - 25cm tall 10-20
112.    A set of harlequin cocktail glasses on spiral stems 20-30
113.    A 19th century moulded glass oval tea caddy bowl 10-20
114.    A Royal Worcester ivory blush tall jug painted no 1047 - 25cm 50-70
115.    A Royal Worcester ivory blush two handled vase painted flowers No 1959 - 21cm 50-70
116.    A Royal Worcester ivory blush tied coin purse vase painted flowers No 511 - 9.5cm 40-60
117.    A Royal Worcester cup and saucer painted flowers on blush ivory ground 20-30
118.    A pair of 19th century Dresden Meissen style monkey band figures playing horn and violin 12.5cm - scissors marks to bases 60-80
119.    A Beswick Amiable Guinea Pig with gold back stamp 30-50
120.    A Bloor Derby cabinet cup painted landscape near Worcester and matched Coalport saucer 40-60
121.    A Royal Crown Derby 100th Anniversary of Royal Title 1890 - 1990 crown paperweight 30-50
122.    A Royal Crown Derby Coronation Golden Anniversary paperweight 564/950, in form of an orb 30-50
123.    A Royal Crown Derby Coronation Golden Jubilee crown paperweight commissioned by Goviers of Sidmouth 504/950 30-50
124.    A Royal Dux figure Middle Eastern water carrier 20cm 20-40
125.    A pair of Royal Dux figures of lady and gallant 60-80
126.    An early 20th century Chinese blue and white bowl painted child amongst flowers and a rice bowl and spoon 50-70
127.    A pair of 19th century Chinese porcelain plates painted floral decoration 60-80
128.    A Beswick Belted Galloway cow 50-70
129.    Four Beswick hounds and a Beswick fox 40-60
130.    A Porcelaine de Paris floral painted fruit bowl 25cm diameter - hairline 10-20
131.    A 19th century Chinese jar and cover painted famille verte reserves of garden flowers on a powder blue ground, later converted to a table lamp, in good quality ormolou mounts, lid repaired 50-70
132.    A Meissen Onion pattern blue and white tureen and cover with stand - chipped 19cm tall 20-30
133.    Two cut glass decanters 20-30
134.    Two cut glass fruit bowls 10-20
135.    A flared cut glass fruit bowl 10-20
136.    A tall flared glass vase and a glass jar and cover 10-20
137.    A Webbs Crystal ships decanter 10-20
138.    Three antique green/brown glass bottles 30-50
139.    A pair of cut glass cruets, two wine glasses and an atomiser 10-30
140.    An 18th century glass engraved small flask 12cm tall, a Georgian glass oval dish and a Victorian cranberry glass bell 26cm tall 20-30
141.    Four Caithness paperweights 20-40
142.    A milliefiori glass dish - 13cm 20-30
143.    Seven Strathearn millefiori paperweights 30-50
144.    A set of six small cut glass tumblers 10-20
145.    A pair of Murano glass birds on a branch and a blue bowl 10-20
146.    A group of cut glass including fruit bowl and matching sundae dishes, heart shaped dish etc 10-20
147.    A pair of Thomas Webb whisky tumblers - boxed 10-30
148.    Two Victorian spiral glass walking sticks 30-50
149.    Various cut glass items including liqueur, sherry, whisky glasses etc 10-20
150.    A cut glass cruet set on stand and various other cut glass 10-20
151.    A Grindley's Marlborough dinner service comprising: six dinner plates, six breakfast plates, six tea plates, two tureens, sauce boat, two meat plates, six dessert bowls, six side plates and a cake stand 30-50
152.    A Mason's 'Strathmore' part dinner service comprising: two tureens, three meat plates, two coffee cups and four breakfast cups, small teapot, three deep bowls, three egg cups, milk jug, sauce boat, six breakfast plates, four tea plates, eleven side plates and one dinner plate 30-50
153.    A Minton 'Gloucester' dinner service comprising: eight dinner plates, four vegetable dishes, six coffee cups and saucers, six tea cups and saucers, coffee pot, eight dessert bowls, milk, sugar, meat plate, eight side plates and cake plate 50-70
154.    A large Japanese late Satsuma vase painted flower and birds on an orange ground - 62cm 40-60
155.    A small green glass carbide - 38cm 10-30
156.    A large green glass carbide - 59cm 40-60
157.    Spare lot 0-10
158.    Spare lot
159.    A Victorian silver plated Corinthian column form table lamp converted from an oil lamp, with cut glass reservoir, total height 57cm 30-50
160.    A Victorian silver plated Corinthian column table lamp converted from an oil lamp with cut glass reservoir, total height 64cm tall 40-60
161.    A pair of 19th century silver plated boat form two handled salts with blue glass liners 10-20
162.    A pewter bottle holder embossed vines 20-40
163.    An Elkingtons silver plated cutlery set comprising seventeen dinner forks, eleven dessert forks, ten tablespoons and ten dessert spoons 40-60
164.    A box of small silver plated collectables etc 10-20
165.    A selection of silver plated and white metal napkin rings plus one silver napkin ring 20-30
166.    A box of silver plated cutlery 10-20
167.    A box of silver plated serving cutlery, teapot, sauce boats etc 10-30
168.    A box of silver plated cutlery 10-20
169.    Various silver plated items 10-20
170.    A small group of silver plated items 10-20
171.    A box of silver plated items and cutlery 10-30
172.    Various silver plated items and a Picquot Ware three piece teaset 10-30
173.    Five various boxed sets of cutlery including fish, dessert etc 20-40
174.    A Victorian silver plated and horn handled seven piece carving set with two knife rests, boxed, Sheffield 1893 40-60
175.    A box of silver plated items including tea set 20-30
176.    A set of silver plated fish cutlery and another oak cased set 10-20
177.    Spare lot
178.    A pair of silver Corinthium column candlesticks by William Abdy - London 1768 1200-1800
179.    A silver two handled serving dish - 294g, Birmingham 1919 60-80
180.    A silver photograph frame embossed angel heads Birmingham 1906 - 20 x 15cm, and another silver frame Birmingham 1906 - 18 x 14.5cm 50-70
181.    A square silver embossed photograph frame - Birmingham 1900 - 9.5cm 40-60
182.    A pair of modern silver photograph frames, 21 x 16cm 40-60
183.    A silver baby brush and mirror - boxed 20-40
184.    Six various penknives/fruit knives including mother of pearl and silver one 20-30
185.    Four Victorian small silver forks and a silver pepper pot Chester, 90g total 25-35
186.    A novelty silver dogs head whistle, a silver salt and a silver pepper pot 25-35
187.    A silver small card case Birmingham 1925 and a silver vesta Chester 1905 20-40
188.    A silver hedgehog novelty pin cushion, a silver salt and two miniature enamel photograph frames 25-35
189.    A Walker & Hall silver circular salt Sheffield 1840 and a silver pepper pot - total 76g 30-50
190.    A silver ashtray for the Motor Cycling Club London to Exeter 'Car 1927 S Griffiths' 30-50
191.    A silver napkin ring, silver pill box and two silver vestas 30-50
192.    A silver embossed salt Sheffield 1899, a silver circular photograph frame and a silver needlecase 20-30
193.    Three Indian white metal egg form cruets, a filigree flower form dish, a silver and mother of pearl Victorian dip pen and a silver napkin ring 20-30
194.    A silver pepper pot Birmingham 1916, three silver teaspoons and an oriental enamel bowl (silver 84g total) 25-35
195.    A set of six Eastern white metal spoons, silver pepper pot, silver egg cup, silver cruets and white metal Art Nouveau ring 40-60
196.    A selection of Asian silver and white metal 20-30
197.    A silver bon bon dish Sheffield 1945, a silver sauce boat Sheffield 1945 - total weight 184g, and a silver scent bottle atomiser top 50-70
198.    A box of small silver items including Whisky decanter label, 230g excluding brush 50-70
199.    A silver box, two silver napkin rings, a glass and silver toiletry jar and various silver plated trinkets 30-50
200.    A set of four silver salts with blue glass liners - London 1927, and matching mustard, 1926 - 290g 60-80
201.    A Mappin and Webb silver salver engraved presentation 1988 - 25cm dia, 470g 100-150
202.    A silver and cut glass claret jug by W & G Sissons - Sheffield 1875 400-600
203.    Two silver collared spill vases, a silver and enamel scent bottle and a silver topped toiletry pot 30-50
204.    A pair of '900' standard squat silver candlesticks and a silver pepper pot - 240g 50-70
205.    A silver backed brush and mirror set, boxed as new 30-50
206.    A silver photograph frame with embossed decoration, 23 x 16cm, Birmingham 1895 50-70
207.    A box of silver teaspoons and christening knife and fork - 288g 60-80
208.    A group of silver cutlery - 60g, and a napkin ring and a medal 47g 25-35
209.    A set of six silver coffee spoons commemorating George V - 1910 - 35, five silver cake forks and a spoon 30-50
210.    Five silver decorated South African souvenir teaspoons 10-20
211.    A silver Masonic medallion 64g, London 1920 20-40
212.    Two sets of six silver coffee spoons - Birmingham 1899 and London 1926, 78g 40-60
213.    A set of six silver coffee spoons - Sheffield 1825, 55g - and a pair of sugar tongs 20-30
214.    A four piece silver brush and mirror set and a baby silver brush and mirror 30-50
215.    A silver three piece tea set Birmingham 1938 - 1090g by Adie Bros Ltd 280-350
216.    A silver sugar bowl with cartouche decoration - London 1890, 190g 40-60
217.    A silver George III mug with later embossed decoration - 210g, London 1757, by William Shaw and William Priest 60-80
218.    A silver christening mug with spiral half reeded body - 127g, London 1895 40-60
219.    A George III silver milk jug - London 1816, 52g 50-70
220.    A silver pint mug, Birmingham 1929 - 370g 150-200
221.    A pair of silver candlesticks 15cm, London 1910 40-60
222.    Two silver toast racks - Birmingham 1926 and Sheffield 1926 - 285g total 60-80
223.    A small silver pie crust edge salver 17cm 193g 80-120
224.    A silver framed modern clock by R Carr 12 x 10cm 20-40
225.    A pair of silver sauce ladles 1818 by Francis Higgins, 153g and another silver sauce ladle, 46g 60-80
226.    A pair of Georgian silver sauce ladles by Charles Hougham - London 1789 60-80
227.    A pair of silver handled glove stretchers and a pair of silver plated grape scissors 20-40
228.    A set of silver and enamel harlequin coffee spoons by David Andersen 60-80
229.    A pair of silver clad folding scissors 50-70
230.    A silver Samson and Morden pencil 50-70
231.    A silver vesta on chain with engraved decoration 20-30
232.    A silver engraved cigarette case Birmingham 1917 and a silver plated one 20-30
233.    An Indian white metal snuff box embossed beasts, 8cm wide 20-40
234.    A silver cigarette case with inscription 'HEW - A Token of Respect from Motor Tractor Men of Abergavenny Unit' - 86g 25-35
235.    A silver cigarette case 160g 35-45
236.    Spare lot
237.    A fine large diamond solitaire ring approximately 3 cts on baguette cut diamond set shoulders, size M 12000-18000
238.    A 9 carat gold ring set three clear cut stones - size I 1/2 60-80
239.    An 18 carat gold two stone diamond crossover ring - size 0 1/2 80-100
240.    A 14 carat gold AAA 1.5 carat tanzanite and diamond ring - size T 350-450
241.    A 9 carat gold emerald and opal ring - size J 30-50
242.    A 9 carat gold ring set amethyst size P 1/2 50-70
243.    A 9 carat gold ring set three garnets and white stones, size P 1/2 60-80
244.    A silver gilt dress ring set red stone within diamond surround, size P 60-80
245.    A 9 carat gold ring set orange stone, size O 50-70
246.    A 9 carat gold amethyst set ring, size M 50-70
247.    A 9 carat gold crossover ring set sapphires and white stones, size J 50-70
248.    Spare lot
249.    An 18 carat gold five stone amethyst ring set eight chip diamonds, size N 200-300
250.    A 9 carat gold ring set rectangular cut green tourmaline 60-80
251.    A 22 ct gold wedding band 5.6g 100-150
252.    A 9 carat gold ring set purple agate - size O 80-120
253.    A 9 carat gold garnet set ring, size O 1/2 50-70
254.    A 9 carat gold ring set oval cabochon cut green stone, size N 50-70
255.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring size J and a 9 carat gold dress ring size L 40-60
256.    A pair of platinum set large diamond earrings - total 2.25cts 5500-6500
257.    A pair of platinum set diamond earrings - total 80pts 800-1200
258.    A pair of 9 carat gold cufflinks - 5g 35-45
259.    A Gold Proof half sovereign 1994 No 1057 - boxed 100-120
260.    A gold sovereign 1908 200-300
261.    A QV gold sovereign 1900 200-250
262.    A gold sovereign 1912 200-250
263.    A gold half sovereign 1914 100-150
264.    A gold half sovereign 1914 100-150
265.    A cameo brooch pendant in 9 carat gold frame - 5cm long 50-70
266.    A cameo brooch/pendant in 9 carat gold frame - 4.7cm tall 50-70
267.    A cameo pendant in 9 carat gold mount 30-40
268.    A Chinese lapiz lazuli pendant set 9 carat gold and stone set motif 40-60
269.    A Chinese circular jade pendant mounted in gold and set precious stones including rubies, emeralds and turquoise 40-60
270.    Two Edwardian 9 carat gold bar brooches - one unmarked and set seed pearls 20-40
271.    A 9 carat gold scrollwork brooch set oval cut amethyst 60-80
272.    A 9 carat gold scrollwork pendant set agate 6.3g 60-80
273.    A half pound 1897 in 9 carat gold scrollwork setting - 14.5g (total weight 18.5g)` 200-300
274.    A Victorian 15 carat gold bar brooch set amethyst and seed pearls - boxed 30-50
275.    A 9 carat gold tourmaline pendant and bar brooch 50-70
276.    A 9 carat gold tie clip set ruby with safety chain - 10g 80-120
277.    A Victorian yellow metal stone set seal 20-40
278.    A 9 carat gold gatelink bracelet - 13g 100-150
279.    A 9 carat gold fob chain 51g and a small gold plated compass 350-450
280.    A 9 carat gold floral bar brooch 2.2g 30-40
281.    A Victorian 15 ct gold stick pin set ruby and a Victorian yellow metal knot stick pin in fitted case 15-25
282.    A Victorian 15 carat gold stick pin set ruby and seed pearls 20-40
282A.   A Victorian 18 carat gold brooch with interlaced rope twists - 6.5g 20-40
283.    Three 9 carat gold pendants set tigers eye, agate and coral 60-80
284.    A gold star form brooch set pearls and garnets - 5.2g, and a 9 carat gold bracelet - 2.4g 50-70
285.    A 9 carat yellow and white gold hinged bangle set rubies, emeralds and ceylon sapphires - 17g 300-500
286.    A 9 carat gold amber pendant on 9 carat gold fancy link chain, and a pair of matching earrings 60-80
287.    A box of loose precious stones including diamonds, emeralds and sapphires 80-120
288.    Two pairs of silver earrings and other jewellery 10-20
289.    A Swarovski butterfly pendant, a silver heart pendant and a silver bracelet 20-30
290.    An Edwardian silver brooch decorated bird, cased - Birmingham 1917, by Pearce and Thompson 10-20
291.    A Victorian yellow metal cameo pendant, a silver and marcasite cameo pendant and one other 25-35
292.    A silver brooch depicting horseshoe and crop and another showing three horses 20-30
293.    A pair of Ethiopian opal earrings 25-35
294.    A pair of oval silver and amber earrings 30-50
295.    A silver ring and a miniature silver owl pin cushion 20-30
296.    A silver gilt teddy brooch and a gold teddy brooch 20-30
297.    A Victorian jet mourning brooch and a white metal cameo brooch 20-30
298.    A silver and enamel pendant decorated flowers 10-20
299.    A silver stone set pendant on silver chain 10-20
300.    A silver gilt and Ethiopian ring 40-60
301.    A paraiba appetite silver ring with zircons 25-35
302.    A silver and amber ring 30-50
303.    A silver and sapphire ring 25-35
304.    A silver and marcasite frog brooch, ring and pendant 20-30
305.    A Tiffany & Co silver and gold tie clip 30-50
306.    A silver and amber bracelet 40-60
307.    A 9 carat gold and enamel Oddfellows Masonic jewel 14g total and a silver swimming medal 60-80
308.    A Scottish silver malachite brooch and another similar silver brooch 10-30
309.    A 9 carat gold Strada fringe necklace - boxed, 12g 80-120
310.    An Edwardian gold front and back locket with engraved leaf decoration on 9 carat gold chain 40-60
311.    A large citrine pendant on long 14 carat gold fancy link chain 120-180
312.    A 9 carat gold Edwardian openwork Art Nouveau pendant set garnets and a 9 carat gold chain 5.1g 40-60
313.    A 9 carat gold oval amethyst pendant on 9 carat gold chain 40-60
314.    An 18 carat white gold diamond set pendant on 9 carat white gold chain - 1.5g 30-40
315.    A cameo pendant on 9 carat gold chain and mount 50-70
316.    A silver and pink sapphire pendant 25-35
317.    A silver and amber necklace and chain 30-50
318.    A 9 carat gold three colour fringe collar necklace - boxed - 10g 80-120
319.    A blue agate and silver pendant on chain 10-20
320.    A freshwater pearl and green enamel necklace 10-20
321.    A freshwater pearl and red stone necklace 10-20
322.    A freshwater pearl necklace with green and red stones 10-20
323.    A freshwater pearl and pink stone beads 10-20
324.    A freshwater pearl and purple stone necklace 10-20
325.    A string of pearls with silver clasp 30-50
326.    An early 20th century five string simulated pearl choker with paste and silver clasp 10-20
327.    A coral and pearl necklace 30-50
328.    A jade bead necklace 30-50
329.    A jade bead necklace 10-30
330.    A yellow amber bead necklace - 48g 100-150
331.    A Victorian ivory necklace, a Victorian jet brooch and a cherry amber necklace 30-50
332.    A stone bead necklace and various other beads, silver cufflinks etc 10-30
333.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
334.    Costume jewellery incl quantity of vintage pearl earrings 10-20
335.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
336.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
337.    A box of antique costume jewellery including jet brooches 20-30
338.    A box of costume jewellery including paste 20-40
339.    A Victorian ivory necklace, a bone necklace and a simulated amber one 20-30
340.    A cherry amber necklace and three sets of yellow amber beads 200-400
341.    A box of coral beads and necklace 10-20
342.    A box of antique buckles, hair combs and trim 20-40
343.    A box of beads etc 10-20
344.    A box of bead necklaces including malachite 10-20
345.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
346.    Six filigree and paste brooches including a bird face one 20-40
347.    A group of five necklaces including stone and pearls plus four various 'jet' necklaces 25-35
348.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
349.    A blue leather jewellery box and contents 20-30
350.    A selection of silver and white metal bangles 15-25
351.    Thee silver bracelets and silver chain 20-30
352.    An assortment of silver jewellery etc 20-40
353.    An Italian silver and Venetian glass bead bracelet 15-25
354.    An amethyst and yellow metal bead necklace and a silver and glass pendant 20-40
355.    A selection of silver and white metal rings 20-30
356.    An assortment of silver pendants and earrings 10-20
357.    An Art Deco paste double clip brooch 10-20
358.    An oval enamel necklace 10-20
359.    A box of silver and white metal jewellery 30-50
360.    A box of costume jewellery - mainly silver 20-40
361.    Spare lot
362.    Spare lot
363.    A Copu 9 carat gold pocket watch 100-150
364.    A Victorian 18 carat gold pocket watch 250-300
365.    An 18 carat gold pocket watch by J.A and N.S, Regent Street 300-500
366.    An 18 carat gold Camerrer Kuss and Co pocket watch 180-250
367.    An 18 carat gold fob watch by Henri Plait Brussells - unmarked 80-120
368.    A group of four decorative yellow metal watch keys 60-80
369.    A 9 carat gold Longines gentleman's wrist watch with leather strap - original fitted box and receipt dated 1965 180-250
370.    An 18 carat gold Chopard ladies 'Happy Diamonds' wrist watch and strap 1000-1500
371.    A Certina 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch and strap 80-120
372.    An 18k gold 1920's ladies wrist watch 40-50
373.    An Omega 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch and a 9 carat gold strap, reputed working and recently services by Omega 500-700
374.    An Omega 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch and strap 120-180
375.    An Omega 9 carat gold ladies quartz wrist watch with fancy 9 carat gold strap 100-150
376.    A ladies Rotary 9 carat gold wrist watch and strap 100-150
377.    An 18k gold continental fob watch with silver bow brooch 100-150
378.    A 9 carat gold continental fob watch with floral enamel decoration to reverse 80-120
379.    A Cara 9 carat gold nurses watch on 9 carat gold mask form brooch 80-120
380.    A 9 carat gold Excalibur ladies wrist watch and strap (overall weight 14.2g) 80-120
381.    An early 20th century 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch and strap and an 18 carat gold ladies wrist watch (not strap) 60-80
382.    A J W Benson Art Deco 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch 30-50
383.    A Felea 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch and an Uno 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch 40-60
384.    A 9 carat gold wedding band 5g, a 9 carat gold circular locket on gold plated chain, a 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch and three gold studs 80-120
385.    A silver and paste Art Deco cocktail watch and two other watches 20-30
386.    An Excalibur 17 jewel ladies wrist watch and a vintage Oris Super ladies wrist watch 10-20
387.    A Paul Smith Automatic stainless steel gentleman's wrist watch 50-70
388.    A 1930's Art Deco Winegarten's gentlemans Automatic wrist watch 50-70
389.    A Seiko gentlemans stainless steel and gold plated wrist watch 20-40
390.    A Record military wrist watch with black dial and luminous hands and numerals: L22248, 540095 - reputed working 300-500
391.    Two vintage gentleman's wrist watches by Oris and Marex 30-50
392.    Five vintage mechanical watches including Smiths, Montine, Seiko and Rotary 25-35
393.    Five vintage mechanical watches including Oris and a 1950's watch 20-30
394.    A vintage Polaris gents wrist watch and a Sekonda one 20-40
395.    A Seiko Automatic gentleman's wrist watch and a Sekonda wrist watch 20-40
396.    A Smiths pocket watch, a Balldor antimagnetic watch and a vintage Allaine gent's automatic watch 50-70
397.    Two silver pocket watches a/f, and an Art Deco plated one 25-35
398.    A continental silver fob watch and two other fob watches 20-40
399.    A silver fob watch and a silver ladies wrist watch 30-50
400.    A Samuel silver pocket watch with key 30-50
401.    A silver pocket watch with seconds dial 'Improved Patent' with key and silver fob chain, the chain 48g 60-80
402.    A silver cased pocket watch 25-35
403.    A silver Omega pocket watch 25-35
404.    A plated pocket watch by Howard Vaughan Ross on Wye 10-20
405.    A silver pocket watch and a silver fob chain 22g 30-50
406.    A Mido gentleman's Multifort Luxe wrist watch 40-60
407.    A 19th century French striking carriage clock by Lucien Paris with cast scrollwork case, key and leather travelling case 300-500
408.    A 19th century brass striking carriage clock with repeater - 12cm 200-300
409.    A 19th century French carriage clock with decorative architectural style case - 13cm 80-120
410.    A modern Looping eight day alarm carriage clock 60-80
411.    A Schatz brass carriage clock with visible escapement 80-120
412.    A miniature brass carriage clock - a/f 10-30
413.    A Smiths travel alarm clock and Junghans one 10-20
414.    A Blessing eight day travel alarm clock in blue leather case 20-40
415.    A large size eight day pocket watch on wooden stand 10-20
416.    A Victorian treen rosewood finish pocket watch stand with key 30-50
417.    A 1930's oak wall clock with striking movement 20-30
418.    An embossed leather wall clock 10-20
419.    A Victorian Tunbridgeware wall clock - missing surmount 20-40
420.    An Anvil circular wall clock 40-60
421.    An American shelf clock decorated butterfly 10-20
422.    A 1930's Junghans Exacta walnut mantel clock 20-40
423.    A small Edwardian mahogany mantel clock and two other mantel clocks 20-40
424.    A Victorian black painted wooden mantel clock - dial a/f 10-20
425.    A 19th century black slate and marble mantel clock by Ansonia - 30cm 50-60
426.    A Victorian black painted and marbled wooden mantel clock 20-40
427.    A Victorian black slate mantel clock - glass a/f 20-40
428.    A tortion clock with flower motifs under dome 30-50
429.    A tortion clock under dome with floral painted dial 30-50
430.    A brass tortion clock in octagonal case 20-30
431.    A Bensons burr walnut mantel clock - 17cm 10-30
432.    A Britvic advertising clock 20-40
433.    An 18th century oak longcase clock by James Stokes of Stourbridge, with 30 hour movement and pilasters to sides 100-150
434.    A late 19th century Vienna style dual weight wall clock in mahogany case 80-120
435.    A late 19th century Vienna style dual weight wall clock in mahogany case 80-120
436.    A good quality modern Vienna style wall clock 80-120
437.    A Victorian Vienna style mahogany wall clock 100-150
438.    A 19th century mahogany cased drop dial wall clock with octagonal surround and double fusee movement by Minnell of Ross 80-120
439.    A 19th century onyx and gilt metal mantel clock with porcelain floral painted dial by Schiever and Lackamp 80-100
440.    An early 20th century oak cased striking bracket clock with fast/slow dial - 30cm 80-100
441.    A 19th century arch top bracket clock with silvered face, chime/silent and fast/slow dials - 37cm tall 80-100
442.    An Edwardian mahogany arch top mantel clock 20-40
443.    Spare lot
444.    Spare lot
445.    Seven various Roundhouse H O scale model die cast kits including a Barnum and Bailey Circus train etc - all boxed 20-40
446.    Nine ration railway coach kits and seven signal models - all boxed 20-30
447.    An Airfix Bean Engine Kit - boxed 10-20
448.    Two Triang 00 gauge locomotives R3565 Battle of Britain and R759 Hull Class - boxed, plus a King George VI diesel loco and tender - not boxed 40-60
449.    A Hornby Royal Train set - boxed 20-30
450.    A Triang 00 gauge R523 train set - boxed 20-30
451.    Five various Wrenn Railways locomotives - boxed, and ten various carriages and rolling stock - boxed 40-60
452.    Six Bachman railway engines and tenders including a Class G2A, Class 7F, 31 - 853 LNER Plain Black etc, and eleven various boxed rolling stock 60-80
453.    Three Jouef locomotives: Serie Prestige 232.V.I, an 8269 and 8283 steam engine etc - all boxed 40-60
454.    A Triang Hornby loco R754, and two GWR R51 smoke locomotives - boxed 30-50
455.    A Mamod steam wagon, a lumbar wagon and an open wagon - all boxed 40-60
456.    Twenty three various Lima wagons and rolling stock - all boxed, with ten Lima carriages - boxed 30-40
457.    Two boxes of model 00 gauge railway models including three Hornby locomotives - boxed, plus three other locomotives unboxed, carriages, wagons, tracks etc 30-50
458.    Forty-eight various Hornby OO gauge coaches including brake cars, buffet coach, restaurant car et - all boxed as new 40-60
459.    A Hornby Stephensons Rocket 3.5" gauge train set with matching coach G104, pair of Y points G103, track G102 - all boxed and various loose track 60-80
460.    Twenty-one various model railway wagons and rolling stock etc 20-40
461.    A large quantity of various model railway track etc 20-30
462.    Twenty-one Mainline 00 gauge carriages - boxed 40-60
463.    A large quantity of Hornby 00 wagons, coaches, rolling stock and boxed accessories, including a foot bridge, engine shed etc - all boxed 50-60
464.    A quantity of boxed scale model vehicles including Models of Yesteryear, Matchbox, Lledo, Scalecraft Kit speedboat etc 20-30
465.    Seven various Lima locomotives model numbers: 2051322, 205103, 205119, 205140, 205143, 205122 and 205114 - all boxed 60-80
466.    An Airfix GMR 'Cornish Riviera' train set - boxed, and similar part set 40-60
467.    A box of 00 gauge carriages 20-30
468.    Twenty-four various Rivarossi railway carriages - all boxed 40-60
469.    A quantity of seventy four Mainline OO gauge wagons and trucks - boxed 30-50
470.    A quantity of fifty Mainline 00 gauge wagons and trucks - boxed 30-50
471.    Thirty eight various model railway rolling stock and wagons 20-40
472.    Seven Airfix GWR carriages 10-20
473.    Seven Triang Army wagons and transporters including Battle Space Search Light Wagon, Nato Operating Helicopter wagon etc 20-40
474.    A quantity of Dapol model railway items including a GWR 4-6-0 County Green Worcester steam engine and tender, a Lancashire and Yorkshire, pug various rolling stock etc - all boxed 20-30
475.    A Lilliput Mallard steam engine and tender 1045, a 10610 steam engine and tender and a 265 carriage - all boxed 30-40
476.    Four Life-Like Trains rolling stock, and a H O Rock Island steam train and tender - all boxed 20-30
477.    A quantity of Hornby Dublo Meccano railway items including a TPO Line Side Apparatus 2475 - boxed, and a TPO van No133, cargo crane, six carriages, rolling stock etc 30-40
478.    A Spectrum from Bachman Pennsylvania K-4 Pacific steam locomotive - boxed, and a Dash 8 40c Union Pacific 9217 engine - boxed 30-50
479.    A Marklin Majestic Warship class engine 8373 - boxed, a 33182 steam engine and tender - boxed, and four carriages 42752 - boxed 40-60
480.    A Hornby 00 gauge BR three car diesel multi pack and six Pullman coaches - all boxed 40-60
481.    Twenty-eight Triang 00 gauge carriages - boxed 20-40
482.    A group of vintage Airfix model railway kits: Prairie Tank, Harrow Locomotive, Saddle Tank J94, City of Truro, six wagons, railway workmen and platform figures - all boxed 40-60
483.    An old clockwork 0 gauge locomotive Royal Scot 6100 with track and wagon - boxed, flat truck - boxed etc 30-50
484.    A box of Rivarossi American New York loco and coaches and other American coaches 30-50
485.    Fourteen various Rivarossi rolling stock models - all boxed 20-30
486.    Twenty-one various Rivarossi rolling stock models - all boxed 30-40
487.    Five Rivarossi Pullman carriages including model numbers: 2724, 2568, etc 20-40
488.    Three large Rivarossi carriage sets model numbers: 2526, 2936 and 2937 - all boxed 40-60
489.    A Hornby Dublo 2016 tank goods train set - boxed, with a Red Dragon part set 2021 - boxed, a No 2 turntable - boxed, a tank locomotive 2206 - boxed, a Restaurant car 4047 and various other wagons, switch point, diamond crossing etc 40-60
490.    A box of odd model railway coaches and wagons including a Trix Anno Dom 1835 set 10-20
491.    Various Airfix 00 gauge coaches - boxed 30-50
492.    Forty Airfix 00 gauge wagons and trucks - boxed 60-80
493.    A Rivarossi rolling super model New York Central steam engine and tender with Pullman carriages 260 - boxed 60-80
494.    A Rivarossi Super model The Royal Scot six carriage set number 312 - boxed 30-50
495.    Thirty-two Triang Hornby 00 gauge trucks and wagons, plus Royal Mail Coach set - boxed, and eight boxed packs of System 6 track 20-40
496.    Five Airfix 00 gauge locomotives: Union Pacific No119, 4F Fowler x 2, Pendennis Castle, Prairie Tank locomotive, plus three small tank engines - all boxed, plus another Praire Tank loco, boxed but lacking box interior polystyrene protection 100-150
497.    Spare lot
498.    A Hornby 'High Speed' 00 gauge train set - boxed, a Hornby Silver Jubilee Electric train set boxed with sounds, incomplete but with locomotive 50-70
499.    A box of 00 gauge trucks 20-30
500.    Five Merit model railway figure sets 00, and a Hornby set of four Jidenco precision etched brass kits, four Diorama terrace house kits, and a Campbell HO Montgomery Feed and Seed set 10-20
501.    Thirteen various railway engines, tanks, tenders etc, including Blink Bonny and Princess Elizabeth 40-60
502.    Six various 00 gauge locomotives and seven tenders, plus a rail car 80-120
503.    A Britains model Canadian National for the British Empire Exhibition London 1924, and a model LNER A4 Mallard - boxed 10-20
504.    Three Rivarossi locomotives model numbers: 1285, 1527 and 1254 - all boxed 60-80
505.    Three Rivarossi locomotives models: 1238, 1230 and a Union Pacific 1200 - all boxed 60-80
506.    Three Hornby 00 gauge locomotives: R353 LB5C, R355 MR, R396 GNR - boxed 50-70
507.    Five Hornby 00 gauge GWR locomotives: R532 x 2, R392, R158 and R830 - boxed 80-120
508.    Five Hornby 00 gauge BR locomotives: R080, R072, R859, R350 and R073 - boxed 80-120
509.    Five Hornby 00 gauge LMS locomotives: R050, R376, R450, R357 and R052 - boxed 50-70
510.    Three Hornby 00 gauge SR locomotives: R154, R2711 and SR Stowe - boxed 30-50
511.    Four Rivarossi steam locomotives model numbers: 1204, 1271, 1348 x 2 - all boxed 60-80
512.    Five Hornby 00 gauge LNER locomotives: R252, R053, R378, R866 and R372 - boxed 50-70
513.    Five GWR die cast metal locomotives and two tenders 00 gauge - not boxed 40-60
514.    Five 00 gauge locomotive - not boxed 30-50
515.    Five Rivarossi locomotives model numbers: 1664, 1208, 1219, 1336 and 1350 - all boxed 60-80
516.    Four GWR Mainline 00 gauge locomotives: Manor Class, Mogul Class 6600 and Class 2301 Dean Goods 50-70
517.    Six various Mainline 00 gauge locomotives: Type 4 1C0- C01 loco, Jubilee Class 5XP, Rebuilt Scot, Parallel Boiler Scot crimson and N2 Class LNER Green, plus Class 03 Diesel loco and Darol d/7 Warrington (7) - boxed 60-80
518.    A Hornby Limited Edition 'The Caledonian' 00 set - boxed 40-60
519.    Four small Triang locomotives 50-70
520.    A Hornby 00 gauge limited edition of 1000 R2342 Hereford Model Centre Cathedral Express - boxed 100-150
521.    A Hornby 000 LMS Ex Caledonian locomotive set - boxed 10-20
522.    Eleven various locomotives and tenders including Lord of the Isles, Flying Scotsman etc 60-80
523.    Four Pullman railway carriages by Triang and Wrenn, and four other carriages 20-40
524.    A Fleischmann 01220 locomotive and tender, a 50058 locomotive and tender, a boxed 4400 loco, a V601199 loco shunter, part boxed, and six carriages 80-120
525.    A Rivarossi 1337 locomotive and tender - boxed, with a Hornby King Henry VIII loco and tender, and two other locomotives and tenders by Mainline 40-60
526.    A Triang TT gauge T1 set Merchant Navy Class 'Clan Line' model railway set including loco, tender, three carriages, and box of track a/f 30-50
527.    Twenty three various model railway carriages, mostly Triang 30-40
528.    A quantity of empty model railway boxes 10-20
529.    Four boxes of model railway track accessories including buildings, kits etc 20-30
530.    A quantity of 00 gauge model railway track including curves, curved points, straights etc 50-70
531.    A quantity of boxed part set Corgi vehicles, mostly from The Vintage Glory of Steam series 20-40
532.    A group of forty-one Lledo Days Gone model vehicles - all boxed 20-40
533.    A group of forty-nine Lledo Days Gone model vehicles from The Bygone Days of Road Transport' - all boxed 20-40
534.    A group of twenty-eight vehicles from Corgi, Lledo, Matchbox, Oxford Die-Cast etc - boxed 20-30
535.    A large quantity of die cast model cars etc 10-30
536.    A Dinky Meccano Mercedes Benz racing car and another 20-30
537.    A Schuco Examico 4001 clockwork car with key - boxed 20-40
538.    A clockwork tinplate tram marked 520 - Made in Germany, circa 1900 - with key 60-80
539.    A Chad Valley model of Queen Mary - boxed 20-30
540.    A Matchbox Shufflies toy zoo farm 20-40
541.    Spare lot
542.    Three 1920's bromide prints of women dancing 'The Muse' 20-30
543.    A signed photograph of Richard Walford Robinson and his dog 1926 20-40
544.    Three WWI embroidered postcards - framed 20-30
545.    An autograph album of signed press photographs 80-120
546.    Four vols of Strand Magazine 1901 - 1913, four Royal Magazines 1900 - 1911, and five Harmsworth Magazines 1898 - 1900 20-40
547.    Ten Autocar magazines 1945 - 54 10-20
548.    A collection of Flight Magazine, MOD war publications etc, plus cigarette cards 10-20
549.    Two albums of early 20th century travel photographs and postcards 10-30
550.    Little Sunbeams circa 1897 children's book and 'AMA' children's squeeky book 20-30
551.    Seven King Penguin Guide books 10-30
552.    British Ballards Vol 1 by George Barrett Smith 1881 10-30
553.    The Worst Journey in The World by Apsley Cherry-Garrard. The Antarctic 1910 - 1913, together with The Great White South (Scott in the Antarctic), and An Empire of Ice (Scott and Shakleton) 20-30
554.    A Dog Day by Walter Emanuel pictured by Cecil Aldin 1904 10-20
555.    The Annals of Chepstow Castle 1883 by John Fitchett Marsh 10-20
556.    The Complete Works of Shakespeare, leather bound, two vols published by Tallis 30-50
557.    Three illustrated books: The Old Nursery Rhymes illustrated by Lawson Wood, Uncle Remus illustrated by Rene Cloke and Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam illustrated by Robert Sherriffs 30-50
558.    GWR Steam by Douglas Trigg, signed by the author. The Rise and Fall of The Severn Bridge Railway by Ron Huxley, signed by the author, together with other GWR and local railway titles 20-30
559.    Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyan published 1909 by Adam & Charles Black 10-20
560.    Winston Churchill 'A History of The English Speaking Peoples' - vols 1, 2 and 3 only 10-20
561.    Twenty five vols of Robert Louis Stevenson Tusitala edition circa 1923 20-40
562.    A box of books on ponies and horses 10-20
563.    Four volumes of 'The Old Gloucester - Story of a Cattle Breed and Farm crafts Today' 10-20
564.    A box of childrens books 10-20
565.    A framed set of Players cigarette cards of actors and actresses 10-20
566.    Tree and Leaf by J R R Tolkein. Published by Allen and Unwin 1964, with dust jacket. First edition, second impression. VGC 60-80
567.    The Sacred Fount by Henry James 1901. A true 1st edition with Methuen, spelled Methven at foot of spine, and catalogue at end of book dated November 1900 60-80
568.    'If I Were Your Father' signed copy by Seymour Hicks 20-30
569.    The Billiards Association and Control Council Rules of English Billiards, Snooker... 10-20
570.    Great Discoveries and Daring Deeds. A Story of The Golden Americas by John Tillotson c1890, together with The World Encompassed by Sir Francis Drake, folding maps 1876 20-30
571.    Englands Black Tribunal Set Forth in the Tryal of Charles I, 4th Ed 1703 20-30
572.    Five books on bees and beekeeping 10-20
573.    My System For Ladies - 15 Minute Exercises a Day for Health's Sake by Lieut J P Muller 10-20
574.    Buckland's Curiosities of Natural History, four titles, mixed series. 1867/8 10-20
575.    A group of old books including the Football Encyclopedia edited by Frank Johnston, English Folklore, Plays by Leo Tolstoy etc
576.    A quantity of Ladybird books circa 1970's 30-50
577.    A group of seven titles by Miss Read, all first editions with dust jackets: The School at Thrush Green, The Market Square, Village Christmas, Battles at Thrush Green, Village Affairs. All VGC 20-40
578.    A quantity of Enid Blyton books 30-50
579.    A box of Beatrix Potter books, plus The Huge Adventures of Little Mut and Willie Winkie illustrated by Margaret Tarrant 10-20
580.    A quantity of Rupert Tales from 'The Little Bear Library' by Mary Tourtel 10-20
581.    A full set of 1/4 leather bound Shakespeare published 1812 40-60
582.    Joseph Pennell - Pen Drawing and Pen Draughtsmen 10-30
583.    Ballads and Sonnets by Dante Gabriel Rosetti 1882, Fourth Edition, vellum bound 10-20
584.    The Light That Failed 1891 - reprint sold together with a letter from Rudyard Kipling in Vermont Dec 4 1892 - debating details of the plot regarding Mr Helder and The Red Haired Girl 80-120
585.    The English Struwelpeter, Copyright Edition 10-30
586.    Florence Upton 'The Golliwogs Fox Hunt' and 'The Golliwog at the Sea Side' 40-60
587.    Three Babar Books: Babar at Home, Babar's Friend Zephyr and Babar's Travels 20-30
588.    The Stones of Venice by John Ruskin in three volumes 10-30
589.    Hudibras Written in the time of the Late Wars, by Zachary Grey, Volume One only, dated 1744, cover in poor condition 30-50
590.    A Tour of Dr Syntax, 3rd edition illustrated by Rowlandson - In Search of the Picturesque 60-80
591.    The Farriers New Guide containing First Anatomy of a horse....secondly An Account of all the Diseases incident to, by W Gibson 1729 80-100
592.    Vade Mecum or the Necessary Pocket Companion containing Sir Samuel Morelands Peripheral Almanack 1735 - 14th edition 20-30
593.    Maple and Co Illustrations of Furniture with price list 10-20
594.    The Tarns of Lakeland by W Heaton Cooper, with 16 colour plates, together with The Lake Counties by W G Collingwood, also with colour plates 10-20
595.    Six Mr Jorrocks books on hunting with hand coloured illustrations by John Leech and Phiz plus Mr Jorrocks Thoughts on Hunting with printed plates 20-30
596.    The Book of Common Prayer by James Cookson - 2nd Edition 1784, leather bound 20-40
597.    Half Hours with the Highwaymen by Charles G Harper, two vols. Published by Chapman and Hall 1908, 1st edition 60-80
598.    Birds by Katrina Cook, published by Quercus 2007 - first edition, first printing. Size: elephant folio. VGC 40-60
599.    A Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear, various Winnie the Pooh books and other childrens books 20-30
600.    A box of books on local history, guide books etc 10-20
601.    The Dore Bible limited edition 15/485 'De Luxe' - two vols leather bound 400-600
602.    Spare lot
603.    An oil on canvas fisherwoman and boats on a beach - 29 x 45cm 20-30
604.    A map of Wiltshire by C & I Greenwood 1829 57 x 68cm 20-30
605.    A pair of large brass candlesticks, a pair of copper balance scales, a copper jug with lid and two antique cow bells 10-30
606.    A Victorian copper kettle 10-20
607.    A pair of 19th century painted spelter Marley horses - 43cm 30-50
608.    A pink stone set bonsai tree with wooden trunk - 36cm high 10-30
609.    Four Chinese glass cameo snuff bottles 20-40
610.    An antique Chinese bronze temple bell of archaic form with kylin lions to hanging loop (no clapper) 80-120
611.    A heavy Indian Niello ware bud vase - 14.5cm 20-40
612.    Two oriental enamel saki cups decorated leaves and a bowl decorated flowers 10-20
613.    A pair of Japanese cloisonne Meiji period enamel vases 19cm tall 60-100
614.    Four semi-precious stone carved buddhas 20-40
615.    A large Victorian papier mache fruit bowl decorated in oriental style 30-40
616.    A Persian silvered copper embossed wine ewer - 42cm 50-70
617.    A pair of copper balance scales and a copper jug with lid, and two antique cow bells 10-20
618.    Two brass letter racks and a stamp box 10-20
619.    A Salop Sun Alliance reproduction fire mark 20-40
620.    A metronome 10-20
621.    An antique wooden lemon squeezer 20-30
622.    Two stoneware sherry barrels - one with tap 20-40
623.    A Herbert Terry anglepoise lamp 20-30
624.    A Herbert Terry anglepoise lamp 20-30
625.    A Marinucci concertina 30-50
626.    A copper basket of fruit jelly mould and a painted lacquer tray 10-20
627.    A Picout Ware tea set and tray 30-50
628.    A group of three items of vintage kitchen enamel ware 10-30
629.    A brass preserving pan and various brass and copper fire items 20-40
630.    A box of copper and brass 20-40
631.    A group of four flat irons, two trivets and bellows 10-20
632.    A set of chemical or gold weights - boxed 20-40
633.    A box of enamel racing badges 20-30
634.    A Stevengraph 'Freedom for Italy' tear 10-20
635.    A silver mounted amber cigarette holder, a small meerschaum claw form pipe and two others 60-80
636.    A Britains painted lead Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs set 30-50
637.    A Dunhill cigarette lighter, three Ronson lighters and two others 30-50
638.    A Robinsons Golly badge with tennis raquet 10-20
639.    A Short and Mason gilt pocket barometer in fitted leather case 20-40
640.    A watercolour miniature portrait of a gentleman, in fitted case 20-40
641.    A box of old spectacles 10-20
642.    Eight small 19th century intaglio portraits of classical busts 20-30
643.    A group of advertising thimbles including silver James Walker Whisky thimble plus a WRVS badge 20-30
644.    A Victorian ivory pig form pin cushion (cushion missing), a sleeping pig and various other ivory and bone etc 20-40
645.    An embossed cigarette case made from copper from Nelson's ship 'Foudroyant' 15-25
646.    Four various enamel pin dishes and Halcyon Days Valentines Day box 20-30
647.    A box of various military buttons, badges, cap badges etc 20-40
648.    A box of old compass sets, penknife etc 10-20
649.    A Special Constable armband '165' 10-20
650.    A quantity of WWII medals and commemorative medals 50-70
651.    A GSC long service silver medal - boxed, two Police medals and cap badge and a silver operatic medal etc 30-50
652.    A bone and steel bleeding knife, and a 'Prisoner of War' carved bone scoop tool and various other collectables 10-20
653.    A box of military buttons and badges etc 20-40
654.    Seven various Police whistles etc, and a pair of racing glasses 30-50
655.    Two WWI Victory medals and a large rowing medallion 'Metropolitan eight oared Challenge Cup 1866' etc 40-60
656.    An Art Deco beaded fringe 10-20
657.    A leather music bag, Wittner Taktell metronome, two mouth organs, cribbage board and dominoes ` 10-20
658.    Two 78 rpm records by Elvis 'Tutti Frutti' and 'Got a Lot of Living To Do' 10-20
659.    An Agfa Flexilette camera 40-60
660.    A fossilised mammoth tooth approx 11cm x 7cm x 8cm 50-70
661.    A Victorian brass shelf hanging bracket for a meat jack and a copper spirit burner 10-20
662.    A box of collectables including micrometer, tape measure, large size compass, lighter etc 20-40
663.    Three sets of wax seals (one framed) 30-50
664.    A group of collectables including watch stands, set of draughts, lacquer box, Victorian watercolour silhouette, novelty pocket knife vesta etc 20-30
665.    A box of metalware and collectables including, blow torch, stove, etc 20-30
666.    A pewter soup tureen, three pewter warming plates and a pewter clad pottery coffee pot etc. 20-40
667.    A black Scottie dog metal door stop 10-20
668.    A beaten pewter picture of exotic birds, signed SW - 27cm x 18cm 20-30
669.    A bronze finish reclining hound on oval base - 15cm long - probably Heredities 30-50
670.    A carved and signed Inuit stone vase 10-20
671.    An Art Deco dog form novelty table lighter 'Dismal Desmond' by Ronson Art Metal Works, 1935 30-50
672.    A late 18th or early 19th century brass pestle and mortar 30-50
673.    Two 19th century brass pestle and mortars 30-50
674.    A carved wooden teddy bear - 20cm 10-30
675.    A collection of cigarette lighters 10-30
675A.   A Norwegian hunting knife with ebony and metal work handle, the blade marked Elstad 30-50
676.    Four various Mughal style pictures 10-20
676A.   A French 19th century Velo "dog scarer" pistol - used by cyclists to scare off dogs 50-70
677.    A mining theodolite by John Davis & Son 50-70
678.    Various cigarette lighters and pair of racing glasses etc 20-40
679.    A military leather Sam Brown belt with shoulder strap and a woven three colour military belt 20-40
680.    An old 'Feramic Leadless Porcelain Enamel Frits' sack 10-20
681.    A pair of police handcuffs, leather truncheon and whistle 20-40
682.    A quantity of old bus tickets 20-40
683.    A green cloisonne enamel bowl and various brass and collectable items 10-20
684.    Three bars of Victorian carbolic soap and three 'Recketts Bag Blue' whiteners 10-20
685.    A Lloyds Bank mahogany coin counter ; 10-20
686.    A Victorian cast iron horse plaque 10-20
687.    A coloured print of Gloucester cathedral after Burraud - 12 x 23cm - unframed 10-20
688.    An eagle car mascot 20-40
689.    An old barrel tap and a horn 10-20
690.    A turned wooden truncheon 10-30
691.    A Victorian truncheon painted crown No. 27 50-70
692.    A George III truncheon with painted crown, No. 27 80-120
693.    A Smith Corona portable typewriter 10-20
694.    An Art Deco chrome tray printed hunting scene 10-30
695.    A red and blue ground Persian runner with medallion design 275 x 108cm 100-150
696.    A Persian rug with all over floral medallion design on a dark blue ground 150cm x 105cm 120-180
697.    A Persian prayer rug with vase of flowers design on a red ground 212cm x 143cm 180-250
698.    A blue and red ground Persian Tabriz carpet with traditional medallion design 314 x 215cm 180-250
699.    A Persian silk and wool rug with floral medallion design on a pale blue ground 200cm x 136cm 200-300
700.    A red ground Persian runner with all over design 345 x 74cm wide 100-150
701.    A large Ziegler carpet with stylised floral and foliage motifs on a peach ground - 420 x 298cm 300-500
702.    An Iranian rug with stylised floral and geometrical decoration on a red ground - 122 x 254cm 80-100
703.    A Persian rug with three large guls on an orange ground 174 x 113cm 40-60
704.    A Gold Flake Cigarettes advertising mirror - poor condition 37 x 47cm 20-40
705.    A Victorian glass oil lamp with green shade and Duplex burner 40-60
706.    A brass Ferndale miners lamp 10-30
707.    An early 20th century English brass and tin bonneted mining lamp, Marsaut type, 10G, No1496 20-40
708.    A Victorian oil lamp with ruby glass reservoir 20-30
709.    A Victorian cranberry and vaseline tinted small glass lamp shade - 11cm tall 20-30
710.    A Tiffany style small table lamp 10-20
711.    A Victorian oil lamp with floral painted vaseline glass reservoir and etched glass shade 60-80
712.    A set of early 20th century carved and painted wood huntsmen and hounds with fox and child rider - some damage 60-80
713.    A collection of old glass and stoneware bottles 20-30
714.    A small group of antique and vintage dolls house metal furniture 10-20
715.    An early 20th century Japanese papier mache doll with baby doll 25cm tall 20-30
716.    Two antique coaching lamps 10-30
717.    Two cut throat razors by Rogers and Mayers - boxed and an early S & DB fountain pen 20-30
718.    Seven various cut throat razors - boxed, and three unboxed 60-80
719.    Eight various cut throat razors - boxed 60-80
720.    A quantity of Kiddyphone records (for a Bing Kiddyphone) and Little Tots book of records with song sheets and pictures 60-80
721.    A pestle and mortar, pair of candlesticks and various brass ware 10-30
722.    A blow torch, aladin lamp and primus stove 10-20
723.    An oak cutlery box and another box 10-20
724.    A Victorian mahogany cabinet of seven drawers with locking bar 80-120
725.    A Marshall Gramophones needles display poster 32 x 25cm 50-70
726.    A Fry's Chocolate advertising mirror with Royal Crest, in wooden frame - 36cm x 82cm 50-80
727.    A 'Lee Genuine Phonograph' needle display board with packets of needles 50-70
728.    A Raleigh's tobacco poster 29 x 44cm and a Smokers Dream poster 33 x 48cm 50-70
729.    A small Columbia Grafonolia poster 24 x 38cm 20-40
730.    A Clanivory Scotch Whisky advertising mirror 32 x 45cm 30-50
731.    Two Bonzo dog prints 'The Flapper' and 'As Master Sees Me' plus another Bonzo and cat print 10-20
732.    A Wills Star Cigarettes enamel sign - 91 x 46cm 150-200
733.    Three Bonzo prints 'Is That The Dinner Bell', 'The Pekinese Tells One' and 'The Edge O'Beyond' 24 x 16cm 20-40
734.    Thee Bonzo prints printed by The Sketch 24 x 17cm 20-40
735.    A 'Schweppes Table Waters Gold Medal' mirror with barometer 93 x 31cm 500-700
736.    A 'Craven 'A' Will Not Affect Your Throat' enamel sign - 91 x 61cm 100-150
736A.   A Wills 'Gold Flake' circular double sided enamel sign - 47cm dia 150-200
737.    An early 20th century enamel backed advertising chair for Watson's Matchless Cleaner 200-300
738.    An early 20th century double sided enamel backed advertising chair 'Use Venus Soap - It Saves Rubbing' 150-200
739.    An early 20th century double sided enamel back advertising chair 'Restu - Washes White Overnight' 180-250
740.    A large size Blue Bird toffee tin circa 1920's 20-30
741.    A J.S Wilson bowler hat 10-20
742.    A modern bronze of a dancing couple 17cm 20-40
743.    A long handled copper spirit warming pan 10-20
744.    An antique hand lantern 20-30
745.    A railway lantern marked G Polkey Ltd, Birmingham 30-50
746.    A small antique walnut serpentine fronted apprentice chest 19.5cm wide and a similar later mahogany one 21.5cm wide 10-20
747.    A Lord Mayor of Birmingham ostrich feather tricorn hat 1932-33 Councillor H E Goodby - in hat tin 50-70
748.    A Moores bowler hat in leather hat box 40-60
749.    A leather WWI dispatch bag 20-40
750.    An oriental lacquer musical jewellery box 10-30
751.    Three old flat irons, two hurricane lamps and shoe last 10-20
752.    A Victorian cast iron money box 'Always Did 'Spise a Mule' 50-70
753.    A Victorian Transvaal cast iron money box 40-60
754.    A Victorian cast iron negro money box 40-60
755.    An Uncle Sam cast iron money box 30-50
756.    A Pears advertising print 'A Lively Measure' - 29 x 45cm 10-20
757.    An early 20th century rosewood fife in fitted case 20-40
758.    A draughtsman's set of six Thornton scale rules in fitted mahogany ruler case 30-50
759.    A copper crumb scoop and brush with engraved Art Nouveau design in original box 20-30
760.    A racing pigeon clock by S & A Pigeon Supplies - in oak box 20-30
761.    A Victorian lobed brass door stop - 28cm 20-40
762.    A Victorian sewing machine 30-50
763.    A Japanese parasol 10-20
764.    A box of treen butter moulds etc 20-40
765.    A Victorian open fronted three section mahogany bookcase with circular pilasters and three drawers to base - 201cm wide x 33cm deep x 119cm high 100-150
766.    A large early 20th century carved ebony African tribal figure of a female water carrier - 97cm 60-80
767.    A box of carved African wooden tribal figures 30-50
768.    A box of African and Eastern treen including mounted tusks on shield 10-30
769.    An early 20th century large African tribal painted skin shield - 107 x 67cm 80-120
770.    A tribal wooden spear and leather and fur clad spear 20-30
771.    A pair of African grass fans, a didgeridoo, African club and spear 20-40
772.    Two early 20th century wooden and wire clad tribal spears 20-40
773.    Three vintage Australian boomerangs 10-30
774.    A carved tribal figure of a woman - 47cm 10-20
775.    An antique African tribal ceremonial circumcision mask made of natural composition on wicker frame with fur trim 100-150
776.    A Victorian mahogany topped rectangular pub table on cast iron gothic style base by Gaskells Bar Fitters, Birmingham 280-350
777.    A Victorian mahogany lobed stand with floral bead work decoration 20-30
778.    An elm topped coffee table 20-30
779.    A 19th century brass and iron three piece fireside set 50-70
780.    An 18th century oak mule chest with mahogany crossbanding 80-100
781.    A long footstool on pad feet with tapestry top - 92cm long x 44cm wide x 33cm high 20-40
782.    A folder of antique etchings and engravings plus occasional watercolours and drawings 30-50
783.    Donald H Edwards - watercolour river landscape - 31 x 39cm 40-60
784.    An early 18th century walnut side table with herringbone inlay, three frieze drawers and shell carved cabriole supports with claw and ball feet - 129cm wide x 48cm deep x 77cm high 400-600
785.    A leather cordite shot container stand 20-30
786.    A Victorian birds eye maple stool with carved floral decoration on cabriole supports - 54cm wide x 52cm deep 60-80
787.    A George III mahogany fold top card table with satinwood stringing all raised on tapered square supports 200-300
788.    A tapestry top footstool 10-20
789.    An Edwardian mahogany whatnot or etagere on turned supports 50-70
790.    A Victorian mahogany small toiletry mirror 10-20
791.    An oak chest of five drawers 30-50
792.    An oval oak dropleaf occasional table - 50cm wide 10-20
793.    A large Victorian stoneware water filter by P B Ankins and Son - lacking lid 30-50
794.    Four Director's style garden chairs 20-40
795.    A Victorian painted pine chest of two short and three long drawers 60-80
796.    A large stoneware water filter of barrel form and a stoneware jar 40-60
797.    A Georgian oak corner cupboard with inlaid star motif - 134cm high - a/f 50-70
798.    A 1920's oak corner stick stand with barleytwist supports 20-30
799.    An Edwardian mahogany telephone table on slender supports 10-30
800.    A 19th century pine open dough box with handles 62 wide x 39cm deep x 36cm high 50-70
801.    An antique pair of iron fire dogs 10-20
802.    A pair of brass baluster turned standard lamps and shades 30-50
803.    A 19th century copper helmet form coal scuttle 30-50
804.    A WWI Director No 5 Mk 1 brass artillery theodolite with Ministry of Defence broad arrow mark - boxed, complete with lens, scale and stand 100-150
805.    A Victorian painted bedside cabinet 10-30
806.    A 1930's walnut framed full length mirror 10-20
807.    A walnut 1930's two door glazed display cabinet 20-40
808.    An unusual antique solid oak circular occasional table on turned column and octagonal base - 61cm tall 30-50
809.    A good quality heavy bow fronted reproduction mahogany corner cabinet with glazed door over cupboard - 180cm tall 40-60
810.    An Edwardian mahogany Art Nouveau music cabinet with raised upper tier over five cross banded drop front drawers with fitted copper stylised leaf handles 80-120
811.    A reproduction revolving book canterbury 40-60
812.    An Edwardian mahogany davenport desk with brass gallery 80-120
813.    A His Master Voice gramophone in cabinet 40-60
814.    An early 20th century Underwood typewriter 20-30
815.    A Corona typewriter 10-20
816.    Two boxes of 78rpm records 20-30
817.    A box of old tins including two Mackintosh's tins 20-40
818.    A collection of five Canon EOS cameras including two EOS 10D, a Canon Digital IXUS 700 and 750 - boxed, two 35 - 105mm Canon lenses and a 28-70mm example etc 40-60
819.    A Lubitel Universal 166 camera and a Lubitel 166B camera with accessories 20-40
820.    A Hohner London Granton C4N Chromatic glockenspiel - made in UK 30-50
821.    A Georgian mahogany three drawer apprentice chest - 37cm wide x 24cm deep x 36cm tall 60-80
822.    A Victorian mahogany swing toiletry mirror with drawers to base 20-40
823.    A Victorian mahogany candle box with fretwork top 40-60
824.    A Victorian walnut brass mounted work box - interior a/f 30-50
825.    An oak dome top tea caddy with silver plated mounts engraved 'Tea' to top 20-40
826.    A leather needlework case and contents by William Hall & Co, Studley, Redditch 30-50
827.    A Japanese lacquer four tier circular sewing box with contents 20-30
828.    An Eastern painted lacquer circular food carrier 10-20
829.    A Napoleon hat in triform tin box 50-70
830.    A Victorian walnut work box with fitted interior and secret drawer 40-60
831.    A small wooden turned auctioneers gavel and a Victorian mahogany sarcophagus form tea caddy - no interior 20-40
832.    A 19th century mahogany tea caddy with brass lion mask handles - 23cm wide 20-30
833.    Two silver mounted horn handled walking sticks and a silver topped walking stick 30-50
834.    A silver collared bamboo riding crop with horn handle 30-50
835.    A Swiss walking stick with hoof and horn handle 20-40
836.    Four photographic prints of cricketers - framed, and two including Briggs, Trumble, Grace and Ranjitsinhji - each 17 x 9cm 20-30
837.    A pair of early 20th century coloured prints of lawn tennis and cricket - 12 x 18cm 10-20
838.    A pair of photographic cricketing prints of HR Butt and JF Kelly - 30 x 20cm 20-30
839.    A pair of cricketing prints of batsmen - one lacking glass - 35 x 23cm 10-20
840.    A coloured print of Churchill after Arthur Pan - 22 x 29cm 20-30
841.    A vintage print of Stephensons Rocket - 30 x 44cm 10-20
842.    A vintage cricketing photographic print of three cricketers - 30 x 25cm 20-30
843.    Four various cricketing prints 10-30
844.    A Gooden - three watercolour coastal scenes - 28 x 45cm - unframed 20-30
845.    An oak reproduction lead glazed two door bookcase with linen fold decoration 40-60
846.    A pair of coloured engravings of Usk, a pair of black and white engravings of Pontypool and a map of Monmouth 10-20
847.    An etching by James Priddy and three other engravings of Wootton House, Hartlebury Castle and Dudley Castle 10-20
848.    An oil on canvas Still Life flowers, monogrammed - 49 x 66cm 50-70
849.    A Victorian oil on canvas Still Life figs - 40 x 59cm, and an oil bowl of violets - 34 x 34cm 10-30
850.    Frank Chaplin - oil on canvas still life fruit, signed and dated 1882, 50 x 60cm 80-100
851.    Mary Edwards - oil on board flowers (local artist) 39 x 29cm 20-40
852.    J Rockingham - oil on canvas hibiscus - 59 x 44cm, and Gillot oil on canvas leaves - 45 x 37cm 30-50
853.    G Scott Gries - limited edition print of The Trades Hall Glasgow 7/850 - 36 x 51cm, and a print of a sailing galleon 20-30
854.    An Edwardian print of a wedding scene - 30 x 50cm 10-30
855.    David Roberts - print of a lithograph Damascus Gate, Jerusalem 22cm x 34cm 10-20
856.    An oil on board exotic beauty 68 x 54cm 80-100
857.    G Harris - watercolour Mallards dropping into Oyster Beds, North West Hayling 40-60
858.    Donald Wood - watercolour river townscape - 23 x34cm 30-50
858A.   Eric Rice - watercolour Tenby - 27cm x 36cm 20-30
859.    Florence E Balshaw - watercolour Harlech Castle - 17 x 25cm 20-40
860.    A watercolour copy after Rowlandson 'Dr Syntax' 19 x 33cm 10-20
861.    A pair of oil on canvas black and white landscapes 19 x 24cm, and an oil windmill scene - 17 x 22cm 20-30
862.    A 1930's oak framed mirror with spindle decoration 10-20
863.    An Art Deco frameless wall mirror 10-20
864.    A Victorian painted side table with two frieze drawers and turned supports 40-60
865.    A Victorian painted side table with two frieze drawers and turned supports 40-60
866.    A Japanese embroidered on silk panel depicting birds, butterflies and flowers - 60cm x 28cm 10-30
867.    Two Oriental embroidered pictures of exotic birds - largest picture 41cm x 67cm 20-40
868.    A Japanese woodcut of a Geisha girl - 24 x 14cm 30-50
869.    Four various colour maps of Somersetshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire - 26 x 21cm and 17 x 22cm 30-40
870.    A Chinese Canton watercolour of two birds amongst blossom 17cm x 27cm 40-60
871.    A 19th century Dentist's Lithograph 'H Dentistal' 20 x 32cm - framed but no glass 20-40
872.    A map of Surrey dated 1798 - 40 x 48cm 30-50
873.    A Bartolozzi engraving of a hermit 30 x 25cm, and three other antique engravings 40-60
874.    An antique Japanese watercolour of three warrior immortals, 63cm x 36cm 80-120
875.    A coloured engraving of Westminster Abbey printed for Carrington Bowles by Rob Wilkinson and Robert Sayer, 1794 (label to verso re presentation to W H Carnegie) and four other prints of Westminster Abbey and Gloucester Cathedral - 38cm wide x 24cm high 50-70
876.    M W Coe - pencil drawing of a steam train and railroad workers - 37cm x 53cm 30-50
877.    Two signed photographs of Snowdon 1941, by Poucher - signed, titled and dated - 37x 29cm 150-200
878.    A reproduction Victorian pink upholstered bedroom chair 20-40
879.    An early 20th century American cranberry scoop 30-50
880.    A box of table linen 10-20
881.    Two boxes of table linen including table cloths and smaller cloths 20-40
882.    A Victorian christening gown, three vintage baby dresses and sheepskin teddy 20-30
883.    A Victorian embroidered black cape and a muff 30-50
884.    An Indian brass inlaid key or letter rack 20-30
885.    A pair of Victorian Pre-Raphaelite wooden pictures carved and tinged in low relief depicting religious scenes with angels and signed W.E 100-150
886.    A set of four Victorian mahogany framed balloon back dining chairs on turned supports - upholstered in hand woven fabric 60-80
887.    Two dark wood spindle back captain's chairs 60-80
888.    A set of six wheel back dining chairs comprising five diners and one carver 20-40
889.    An Edwardian Arts and Crafts ebonised spindle back corner chair 20-30
890.    An elm spindle back Captain's chair 40-60
891.    A Victorian small chair or child's chair with carved back and barleytwist supports 20-30
892.    A matched set of seven 19th century Windsor kitchen dining chairs plus an early 19th century Windsor armchair - the splat a/f 50-70
893.    A Victorian mahogany side chair with carved back and cane seat 10-30
894.    An Edwardian tub chair on tapered supports upholstered candy stripe fabric 60-80
895.    A Victorian armchair with carved frame and supports 30-50
896.    A pair of Victorian mahogany framed armchairs on scroll supports 100-150
897.    A Victorian carved pine commode chair with original interior pot and lid 30-50
898.    A 19th century Windsor high backed chair 30-50
899.    Two fine 19th century French carved and painted salon chairs - one in fauteil style and the other a bergere - both painted and upholstered to match 300-500
900.    An early 20th century sofa with loose covers on cabriole supports 80-100
901.    A high backed Georgian style wing armchair on pad feet with tweed/tartan loose cover 200-400
902.    A Victorian mahogany settee with carved frame and scrollover arms 400-600
903.    A Victorian cane seated child's posture chair 20-40
904.    A George III tambour fronted bedside cabinet with raised gallery top - 40cm wide 50-80
905.    A butterfly display on branch under glass dome - 37cm 80-100
906.    A small reproduction wine table 10-20
907.    An African carved elephant stool 80-120
908.    A 19th century small Jacobean style oak joint stool on turned supports 60-80
909.    An oak stool with tasselled top 20-30
910.    A small 19th century mahogany and tapestry top stool on square supports 20-40
911.    An early 20th century GWR 10ft railway bench with three 'GWR' cast iron supports 800-1200
912.    AN HMV plywood sign with dog 58 x 40cm 50-70
913.    An HMV poster with dog 56 x 43cm 40-60
914.    A Victorian oak barometer/thermometer with floral carved decoration 20-40
915.    A leather effect gentleman's travelling toiletry case 20-30
916.    A vintage laundry box 10-20
917.    An ethnic copper jardiniere and similar coal bucket 20-30
918.    A taxidermy fox head mounted on an oak shield 30-50
919.    An HMV gramophone in floor standing oak case with inlay, and Exhibition style speakers 100-150
920.    An Indian small occasional table - 30cm tall 10-20
921.    A full size German early 20th century Stradivarious copy violin and bow in case 60-80
922.    A Les Heritiers large glass table lamp with gold fringed shade 'Mirmande' 100-150
923.    A fine Victorian rosewood Edwards & Roberts Carlton House desk with ivorine and satinwood marquetry scenes depicting putti playing games inlaid to rise top correspondence compartments and similar scrollwork decoration to the drawers - 123cm wide x 68cm deep x 103cm high - originally from Flaxley Abbey 800-1200
924.    A pair of patinated spelter figures 'The Prince Noir' and 'Le Roi Jean' - 39cm tall 50-70
925.    A good 19th century bronze bust of the Duke of Wellington on marble plinth 35cm tall 180-250
926.    A pair of early 19th century Sheraton style mahogany and satinwood pole screens with original embroidered silk panels 80-120
927.    An oak cheval mirror 10-20
928.    An RAF woollen officers jacket 30-50
929.    A 19th century mahogany rectangular tilt top wine table on turned column and tripod support 40-60
930.    A Georgian style mahogany bedside cabinet with gallery top over drawer and fake tambour style cupboard - 48cm wide 50-70
931.    A walnut reproduction occasional table 20-30
932.    A Victorian rosewood banjo barometer/thermometer 20-40
933.    A large copper panel embossed flowerhead design 120 x 34cm 20-40
934.    A mahogany jardiniere stand with carved decoration and triple cabriole supports 60-80
935.    A Victorian oak pair of long fireside bellows 10-30
936.    A 19th century mahogany candlestand on turned column and triple cabriole supports 20-30
937.    A good 19th century French style carved gilt wood triple fold fire screen - the original silk a/f 60-100
938.    A brass standard lamp with decorative embossed design 20-30
939.    A Victorian gypsy table with octagonal red velvet fringed top and ebonised turned legs 30-50
940.    A Victorian oval amboyna and ebonised centre table all raised on four columns and floral carved scroll supports with gilt metal mask mounts - 121cm wide x 91cm deep x 72cm high 100-150
941.    A string top stool 10-20
942.    A late 17th/early 18th century oak square topped hall table on turned supports joined by low stretcher - 90 x 88cm and 80cm high 800-1200
943.    An Edwardian mahogany side table or ladies desk with five small drawers crossbanded in rosewood and with satinwood paterae all raised on slender supports - 107cm wide 40-60
944.    A 19th century brass and steel demi-lune fender - approx 150cm 80-120
945.    A brass coal bucket, bellows, tongs and three toasting forks 10-20
946.    A George III elm fold top rectangular tea table on square supports 60-80
947.    A mid 20th century mahogany framed cheval mirror on splayed supports 20-40
948.    A Victorian cream upholstered spindle and arch back nursing chair on turned supports 20-30
949.    A Georgian bow fronted chest of two short and three long drawers with brass knob handles, splay feet and shaped apron - 97cm wide x 46cm deep x 101cm high
950.    An Edwardian mahogany music cabinet with glazed door 30-50
951.    A fine George II mahogany fold top card table with single frieze drawer, the baize top inset counter wells, all raised on shell carved cabriole supports and claw and ball feet - 82cm wide x 40cm deep x 73cm high - originally from Flaxley Abbey 1000-1500
952.    A Victorian rosewood music Canterbury on turned supports 80-120
953.    An early 19th century mahogany washstand with gallery back and raised shelf fitted for toiletry set all over four drawers - 56cm wide x 40cm deep 50-70
954.    Two mahogany wine tables 10-20
955.    An 18th century primitive-style child's chair - 33cm wide x 41cm high 40-60
956.    Withdrawn 40-60
957.    A 19th century tall mahogany linen press with two doors enclosing slide out trays, all over four drawers and raised on bracket supports - approx 124cm wide x 59cm deep x 235cm high 300-500
958.    Clem Lambert - watercolour landscape with country lane and cottages - 34 x 52cm 300-400
959.    A nursery print 'The Harpist' after Fred Millar - 31 x 42cm 20-30
960.    Alan Laycock - acrylic 'Corsend, Hartpury' - 26 x 34cm 40-60
961.    Alice Barnwell - three coloured etchings of rural scenes - 22 x 30cm, and 17 x 12cm 30-50
962.    An antique poker work spinning chair decorated beasts 30-50
963.    A Victorian cast iron and brass fire surround - 139cm wide x 40cm deep 30-50
964.    A George III mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers - 106cm wide x 49cm deep x 98cm high 80-100
965.    A brass framed circular mirror - 35cm dia 10-20
966.    A Georgian mahogany fretwork mirror with gilt ho ho bird to surmount - approx 91cm high 40-60
967.    A good quality cream painted scrollwork carved wooden framed mirror - 88cm x 64cm 20-30
968.    Rachel Carnegie - oil on canvas portrait of two ladies in a sitting room 46cm x 56cm 20-40
969.    J Young - watercolour landscape in the style of Claude Lorraine dated 1891 20-40
970.    A Victorian walnut pier cabinet with marquetry decoration and gilt metal mounts 80-120
971.    An oval gilt frame mirror with swag decoration 48cm tall 10-20
972.    Rachel Carnegie - oil on canvas of a white terrier 63cm x 49cm 80-120
973.    A Victorian rosewood chiffonier with mirror back and barleytwist column flanking scrollwork panelled doors 60-100
974.    Norman Garstin - oil on board garden bench and roses 54cm x 45cm 400-600
975.    A Georgian oil on canvas oval portrait of a gentleman - 29 x 37cm 50-70
976.    W T Wadell - watercolour tractor 35 x 46cm 20-40
977.    A watercolour continental coastal scene 23cm x 33cm 20-30
978.    A brass pierced fender 10-20