Antiques & Collectables Sale on
Friday 11th May 2018
with Jewellery & Silver Section

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1.      A large Austrian Majolica column or jardiniere stand decorated rams heads, flowers and birds on a cream ground, impressed to base with 'Made In Austria' and 'Kneeling Archer' mark for Schutz Bros. Olomuczan 150-200
2.      A Victorian dessert service with comport and four plates painted British named landscapes 30-50
3.      A Victorian toiletry jug and bowl painted flowers, the top of the jug in the form of a swan 30-50
4.      A Victorian gilt and white toiletry jug and bowl 10-30
5.      A Victorian blue and white toiletry bowl painted lemons 10-20
6.      A Victorian two handled jardiniere printed classical interior scene on a blue ground - 35cm wide 10-20
7.      A Chinese white porcelain kylin lion brass mounted table lamp - 44cm 10-30
8.      An Imperial gilt and floral tea service comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates and cake plate 10-20
9.      A Cauldon blue and white dragon coffee service comprising: coffee pot, milk and sugar and four cups and saucers 20-30
10.     A Royal Crown Derby 'Derby Posies' group of tea ware comprising: three cups and saucers, jug and sugar, salt and pepper, mustard and two dishes 10-30
11.     A Royal Osbourne tea service comprising: six cups and saucers, six tea plates, milk and sugar, decorated heather 10-20
12.     A pair of Majolica style two handled vases and a similar jug 20-40
13.     A Royal Dux Macaw parrot on white pedestal stand- 40cm 60-80
14.     A Victorian porcelain vase of ornate fern and leaf form applied lily of the valley, cyclamen and humming birds 31cm 50-70
15.     A Winstanley grey tabby cat - size 5 30-50
16.     A Victorian turquoise teapot printed classical scenes 20-40
17.     A Doulton stoneware teapot and a fox hunting novelty teapot 10-20
18.     A pair of Russian porcelain figures of peasants 24cm 10-20
19.     A pair of Japanese figures with man holding a baby and a woman 24cm 20-40
20.     A Spode Italian teapot and a Burleighware floral teapot 20-30
21.     Two early 20th century Wedgwood Jasperware biscuit barrels with silver plated mounts 10-20
22.     A Victorian stoneware press moulded jug by Edward Walley Cobridge with pewter lid 10-30
23.     Two Staffordshire dogs 10-20
24.     A Doulton black spaniel and a Goebel retriever 20-30
25.     Two white china cats 10-30
26.     A pair of Beswick Staffordshire style spaniels - 15cm 10-20
27.     An Edwardian floral printed cheese dish 10-20
28.     Two Victorian Majolica vases in the form of a tied sack or bag 13cm and 17.5cm 30-50
29.     A Woods Rabbit form teapot and two other novelty teapots 20-40
30.     A Mintons blue and white meat plate - 54cm wide, and another Victorian meat plate 30-50
31.     A large Japanese pottery vase with frilled top 41cm 30-40
32.     A pair of large porcelain vases decorated arabesques - 36cm 20-40
33.     A Carlton Ware limited edition group 'Carlton Girl Sunflowers' by Andy Moss 116/800 40-60
34.     A Carlton Ware leaf form salad bowl and blossom pin dish 15-25
35.     A novelty jug in the form of a cat and a Sylvac squirrel and acorn jug 30-40
36.     A Newport Pottery Clarice Cliff Harvest Ware teapot 10-20
37.     A Carlton Ware buttercup entre dish 10-20
38.     A Clarice Cliff large jug with floral handle 22cm tall 10-30
39.     A Doulton cat and a small Scottie dog 10-20
40.     A Beswick group Black Beauty and foal on wooden base 20-40
41.     A Lladro figure girl with lamb 10-20
42.     A Lladro group of two swallows perching on branch - 18cm high, and a Lladro figure of lady 'with umbrella' - lacking umbrella 20-30
43.     Two composition ballerina figures - 34cm 10-20
44.     A Capodimonte ballerina table lamp with shade 20-40
45.     A Guiseppe Armani 18th century style figure table lamp and another similar with shades 20-40
46.     A pair of composite figurative table lamps and shades 30-50
47.     A three piece Japanese teaset painted Iris 10-20
48.     Six various Lladro bells 20-30
49.     A small Doulton Beefeater character jug, a violinist toby jug and a blue and white Burleigh Ware jug 10-20
50.     A full set of five Nat West piggy banks 30-50
51.     Three Pratt Ware plates printed domestic scenes including 'The Truant' 30-50
52.     A group of decorative plates including Copeland fish plate 10-30
53.     A collection of green glass 10-20
54.     A pair of Wedgwood Jasperware candlesticks and two trinket boxes 10-20
55.     A Royal Albert cake stand and two items of Masons Chartreuse 10-20
56.     Three various Japanese pottery teapots and two Victorian porcelain teapots 20-40
57.     A Yardley Lavender soap dish and a Victorian floor tile 10-30
58.     A pair of Glyn Colledge pin dishes 20-40
59.     Two Capodimonte porcelain figures of lady and gentleman, and three Alfretto figures 10-30
60.     A pair of Chinese turquoise ducks 14cm and a chicken (beak a/f) 20-40
61.     A Winstanley cat 22cm long 10-20
62.     A Goebels figure of jay and a Beswick parrot 30-50
63.     A Royal Doulton Beneagles flask in form of an Osprey 20-30
64.     A Royal Doulton Beneagles Golden Eagle whisky flask 20-40
65.     A Noritake tea set decorated white and gold comprising: six cups and saucers, six tea plates, milk and sugar 10-20
66.     Four Hummel figures and another a/f 60-80
67.     Four items of Masons china 10-30
68.     A group of Victorian china 10-20
69.     A group of Wade Whimsies, other Wade etc and a Beswick figure of Tommy Brock 20-40
69A.    A Wade tortoise ashtray, a novelty mouse cruet and various other china 10-20
70.     An Aynsley Kingfisher group 10-20
71.     A Royal Dux figure of a woman with a fan 23cm 10-20
72.     Two Royal Doulton figures Paisley Old Shawl and The Little Bridesmaid 20-30
73.     wo Royal Doulton figures Angela and Genevieve 20-40
74.     A Goebels figure of a lady 'Promenade at Nice 1912' 20-40
75.     Two Wedgwood figures of 19th century ladies 'Golden Jubilee' and 'Ascot', and a composition figure 'Rose' 10-30
76.     Three Royal Worcester figures - Debutante, Autumn song and First Dance 10-20
77.     Two Doulton figures Melanie and Coralie 30-50
78.     A set of three Royal Doulton figures Cherie HN2741, A Lady from Williamsburg HN2228 1959 and Fair Lady HN2835 30-40
79.     Three Royal Doulton figures: Bedtime, Darling and Penny 20-30
80.     Two Royal Worcester figures - January and Grandmothers Dress after Dorothy Doughty 10-20
81.     A Royal Doulton figure 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' and a Royal Worcester floral clad tree trunk vase 20-30
82.     A Royal Copenhagen figure boy whittling stick No 605 30-50
83.     A Royal Copenhagen figure girl with goose No 528 and another figure a/f 30-50
84.     A pair of Royal Copenhagen seals 2519, a seagull 1468 and a bird group a/f 20-40
85.     A Royal Copenhagen cat 1805 and a similar dog with slipper 3476 40-60
86.     A Royal Copenhagen crested grebe No 3263 - 18cm long 20-40
87.     A pair of Lladro figures girls with hats 30-50
88.     A pair of Lladro seated ballerinas 40-60
89.     Two Lladro ballerina figures 30-40
90.     A pair of Lladro figures girls with hats 30-50
91.     Two Lladro figures with hats and one with basket of flowers 40-60
92.     Three Nao figures of girls 30-50
93.     Three Nao figures of ballerinas 30-50
94.     Three bisque Lladro figures 40-60
95.     A set of five Nat West piggy banks and a Panda money bank 30-50
96.     A Portmeirion clock 10-20
97.     A Victorian Staffordshire 'John Wesley' milk jug 10-20
98.     A Doulton Churchill Toby jug and a Russian porcelain Lomonsov panda 10-20
99.     A toby form lemon squeezer, novelty pig form jug and three paperweights 10-20
100.    Three Beswick birds: Bullfinch, Chaffinch and Greenfinch 20-30
100A.   GB and Commonwealth album, QV to QEII, well filled with mint and used. Higher values noted 50-70
101.    A 19th century Chinese lidded chamber pot - badly damaged and repaired 30-50
102.    A Victorian triple frilled edged dish with floral decoration, and a CE and M two handled mug 'Snowdrop' 10-20
103.    A pair of pottery tankards decorated sporting subjects football and fishing 10-20
104.    A pair of 19th century copper lustre jugs and bowl - one marked Allertons 10-20
105.    A Victorian green glazed pottery teapot, stand, sugar and milk jug 10-20
106.    A Noritake plate decorated chinoiserie scenes and three continental porcelain ornaments decorated flowers 10-20
107.    Five Items of cottage ware 10-20
108.    A studio pottery comport and mug 10-30
109.    A Victorian copper lustre jug, a creamware Prince and Princess of Wales 1863 commemorative plate and a porcelain fish head jug a/f 10-20
110.    A Victorian bread plate and a Victorian jug 10-20
111.    A Crown dressing table set decorated in the classical style 10-20
112.    A box of Wade Whimsies and other Wade 10-20
113.    Various ornamental porcelain 10-20
114.    A group of decorative ornaments including Aynsley, and two Wedgwood Jasperware 'Jaguar' pin dishes 10-20
115.    Five various teapots 20-40
116.    A large Moorcroft vase painted magnolia 18cm 50-70
117.    A Moorcroft vase painted hibiscus on a green ground and a smaller vase 13cm & 11cm 50-70
118.    A large Moorcroft vase painted hibiscus on a cream ground 19cm 50-70
119.    A Moorcroft squat vase painted magnolia 10cm 40-60
120.    A Moorcroft posy vase painted magnolia and another posy vase 9cm & 10cm 40-60
121.    A blue and white Edwardian dinner service by Ford and Son comprising two tureens, six dinner plates, six breakfast plates, six tea plates, two meat plates and sauce boat 50-70
122.    A group of Spode blue and white china including three serving dishes, bowl and miniature teapot 10-20
123.    An 18th century Delft plate decorated flowers - 22cm 30-50
124.    A Sitzendorf porcelain pierced fruit comport painted flowers and raised on cherub supports 31cm wide 80-120
125.    A Dillwyn Swansea cream ware plate with transfer printed two masted ship decoration 30-50
126.    A pair of Japanese vases in Noritake style painted roses - 25cm 50-70
127.    A 19th century French porcelain bottle cover painted river landscape and chateau 60-80
128.    A pair of large Victorian black opaque glass vases and covers painted flowers in enamel colours 40cm 100-150
129.    A set of three large pink Victorian vases with reticulated decoration - some damage 30cm tall 10-30
130.    A set of three Edwardian graduated jugs decorated roses and gilt swags 10-30
131.    Three various Victorian jugs 10-30
132.    A pair of 1930's Winterton Ware blue octagonal vases with oranged painted floral decoration 26cm tall 20-40
133.    A pair of Sampson porcelain Chelsea gold anchor style poodles 8cm tall and a pair of similar miniature sheep 5cm tall 20-40
134.    A pair of Jersey Pottery fish jugs 20cm 10-20
135.    A pair of ivory blush vases painted flowers 20-30
136.    A pair of Rouen Faience candlesticks (one a/f) and a similar vase 28cm 30-50
137.    A pair of Wedgwood cherubs with flute and trumpet 18cm 20-30
138.    A Victorian Pearlware figure of a gardener - 16.5cm 20-30
139.    A porcelain group of classical woman and cupid and two bisque cherub and swan sleigh posy vases 10-20
140.    A pair of Victorian Staffordshire greyhound pen holders 40-60
141.    A Locke and Co Worcester posy pot decorated landscape and a Royal Ivory miniature ewer decorated grapes 10-30
142.    A pair of Sitzendorf porcelain figures of lady and gentleman with dogs and sheep 25cm 80-120
143.    A pair of miniature Voldstedt figures of lady and gallant and a pair of bisque cherubs 10cm approx. 10-20
144.    A large reproduction Chinese figure of kneeling girl with dish - 33cm and a Chinese oval dish 20-40
145.    A Bisto powder blue vase with gilt chinoiserie dragon decoration - 20cm 10-20
146.    A Chinese pottery figure of a seated woman, arm a/f 15cm tall and a small Chinese provincial dish 11.5cm diameter 20-40
147.    A Chinese blue and white reproduction jar and cover 25cm tall 10-20
148.    A Imari style bowl and cover 16cm high 10-20
149.    A Japanese crackle glaze double gourd vase with four character mark to base - 16cm 20-30
150.    A Clarice Cliff Honeydew sugar bowl, plate, cup and saucer and honey pot (lid a/f) - only the plate is marked Clarice Cliff 20-30
151.    A pair of Royal Doulton 'Titanium' bowls 10-20
152.    A Clarice Cliff Spring Crocus milk jug, cake plate and saucer - good condition 30-50
153.    A Quimper clog by Henri Borne 15cm long 20-40
154.    A continental porcelain two handled vase in the Chinese style painted lotus blossom, 41cm 20-40
155.    A large Beswick Yorkshire Terrier 2377 30-50
156.    A large Spode fruit bowl and a Wedgwood blue and white jug 10-20
157.    Three items of carnival glass 10-20
158.    A large Victorian Staffordshire figure with dog a/f, 47cm 10-20
159.    A Faience style vase decorated flowers in blue, white and yellow 35cm 10-20
160.    A large Dartmouth Swan 34cm long 10-20
161.    A collection of cottage ware 30-50
162.    Six various teapots and a jelly mould 20-40
163.    A Victorian turquoise glass vase painted birds and flowers 27cm 30-50
164.    A Victorian pair of green bubbled and frilled top vases 12.5cm 20-40
165.    A collection of six items of Victorian cranberry glass 60-100
166.    A 19th century red flashed etched glass vase 30cm 10-20
167.    A Bristol blue glass scent bottle - 18cm 10-20
168.    A Mary Gregory style glass vase, 27cm and a Murano glass swan 10-20
169.    A latticino small glass dish on pedestal foot 11cm diameter 10-20
170.    A Lalique perfume bottle in the form of two flowers 30-50
171.    A wine decanter with moulded inscription 'To The King Burgoyne Wine Grower' and a square moulded gin bottle 20-30
172.    A set of six green stemmed German hock glasses engraved vines 10-20
173.    A Waterford cut glass clock and a cut glass and silver mounted scent bottle 10-20
174.    Four cut glass napkin rings 10-20
175.    A Victorian ruby glass lustre 28 cm tall and a ruby glass vase with engraved decoration 30-50
176.    A uranium green glass bowl decorated pine cones 20-30
177.    Two cut glass decanters 10-20
178.    Three items of carnival glass 10-20
179.    A set of six cut glass wine glasses and a large cut glass jug 20-40
180.    A set of Edinburgh lead crystal tumblers 10-30
181.    A Lynton Clarice Cliff coffee cup and saucer painted garlands of flowers and pink and green border and another Lynton Clarice Cliff cup and saucer with green and brown banding - good condition 30-50
182.    A Clarice Cliff shoe or clog painted in the Blue Crocus pattern - good condition 200-300
183.    A Worcester 18th century blue and white tea bowl and saucer printed Chinese figures 60-80
184.    A Worcester 18th century tea bowl printed exotic birds in tree and a Chinese tea bowl with chip 30-50
185.    A 'Ca Mau' cargo 18th century Chinese blue and white Ming Dynasty saucer 20-30
186.    A set of four Meissen style figures of the four seasons on scrollwork bases, 16cm tall 100-150
187.    An early 20th century Japanese satsuma jar and cover on stand, the finial repaired 40-60
188.    A Royal Worcester ivory blush jug painted flowers 14cm 60-80
189.    A Belleek mug decorated Shamrocks - green mark 10-30
190.    A Beswick horse - 'Mill Reef' 30-50
191.    A Beswick Hereford bull 20-30
192.    A Beswick woodpecker 1218 20-30
193.    A Beswick owl 1046 10-30
194.    A Beswick Mallard duck and Golden Eye duck - boxed 40-60
195.    A Royal Crown Derby rabbit paper weight 20-30
196.    A Royal Crown Derby badger 30-50
197.    A 19th century Meissen cabinet plate moulded and painted gilt convovulus 28cm 50-70
198.    A 19th century Meissen cabinet plate painted and moulded gilt and white vines 24cm 30-50
199.    A pair of Staffordshire style dogs with pipes - 22cm 20-40
200.    A pair of Staffordshire Spaniels 20-40
201.    A pair of Capodimonte figures - Organ Grinder and Seated Man 20-40
202.    An Italian group of couple playing chess 20-40
203.    A Border Fine Arts group '10 o'clock Break' 40-60
204.    A large Staffordshire jug printed hunting scenes - 33cm tall - a/f 10-20
205.    A Victorian wall pocket decorated lilies 25cm tall 20-40
206.    A box of Doulton Lambeth 10-30
207.    A box of Doulton Lambeth 10-30
208.    A box of Doulton Lambeth 10-30
209.    A box of Doulton Lambeth 10-30
210.    A box of Doulton Lambeth 10-30
211.    A box of Doulton Lambeth 10-30
212.    Spare lot 0-10
213.    Spare lot
214.    A large rectangular silver plated tray and a silver plated bottle holder by Walker and Hall 30-50
215.    A Victorian silver plated tea service and oval tray 20-30
216.    A Victorian silver plated triple decanter stand 10-30
217.    Four silver plated trays and various silver plated items 20-40
218.    A box of silver plated items 10-20
219.    A silver plated tray, a pair of silver plated fish servers and a preserve spoon and butter knife set 20-30
220.    A large Elkingtons silver plated two handled tray 30-50
221.    A pair of silver plated three branch candleabra 20-30
222.    A silver plated bowl with entwined stems and flowerhead decoration 13cm tall 10-20
223.    A silver plated and cut glass four bottle cruet stand 10-30
224.    A silver plated and cut glass five bottle cruet stand - one bottle a/f 20-40
225.    A set of six silver plated egg cups on stand with greek key decoration 20-30
226.    A 19th century large heavy silver plated Corinthian column form table lamp 20-40
227.    A pair of silver plated pheasant salt and pepper shakers 10-20
228.    A pair of Grenadier Guard boot form spirit measures 10-20
229.    A silver plated basket form bottle holder and cork screw 10-20
230.    A silver plated eggcup stand 10-20
231.    A Victorian silver plated teapot and a silver plated hot water jug 10-20
232.    A pair of large silver plated basting spoons 20-40
233.    A set of six pear form menu/place card holders 10-20
234.    A set of six shell form silver plated menu or place card holders 10-20
235.    A set of six teddy bear silver plated napkin rings 10-20
236.    An aluminium spirit flask and two silver plated egg form mustards 10-20
237.    A set of twelve Community Plate coffee spoons and tongs - boxed 10-20
238.    A silver pencil, a silver plated vesta, a spirit flask and a silver plated snuff box 20-40
239.    A novelty silver plated brandy warmer with spirit burner mounted on skis plus various other silver plated items 10-20
240.    A set of silver plated dessert cutlery, boxed - and various silver plated items 10-20
241.    A Firth Staybrite cutlery set - boxed 10-30
242.    A Victorian horn handled carving set, two pairs of knife rests and a pair of Chinese inlaid stone miniature slippers 10-20
243.    A large silver plated fruit bowl, cake basket and cutlery 20-30
244.    A group of Indian silver plated bowls and two silver backed brushes etc 20-30
245.    Various silver plated cutlery and bone handled knives 10-20
246.    Two oak boxes of various cutlery 10-20
247.    A set of twelve silver coffee spoons decorated with the signs, flowers and months of the Zodiac - cased - Birmingham 1908 by Levi and Salaman 80-100
248.    An engraved silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1899 - 52g 25-45
248A.   A silver hip flask, Birmingham 1919 - 795g 60-80
249.    A silver double picture frame with embossed decoration - 25 x 18cm 80-120
250.    A silver tazza base - by AK, Newcastle c.1800 - 175g 80-100
251.    An antique silver two handled cup 80-120
252.    A set of twelve Victorian silver teaspoons 60-80
253.    A matched set of six Georgian silver 'Berry Spoons' with later Victorian engraving - 2 x London 1829, 3 x 1800, 1 x 1803 - 370g 150-200
254.    A set of six 'Charles II Trifid' style silver spoons, cased - by Francis Howard Ltd, Sheffield 1969 40-60
255.    A selection of silver items 30-40
256.    A silver sovereign case, Birmingham 1904, a Mexican silver mounted miniature bust and a silver fairy bookmark 30-50
257.    An Edwardian silver envelope form stamp holder (Chester but mark worn) and a silver napkin ring 20-30
258.    Two silver propelling pencils, a silver plated one boxed and a Carlsberg advertising penknife 20-30
259.    A group of small silver items including cruets, baby spoon etc - 230g 20-40
260.    A large silver chick form pin cushion by Sampson and Morden, Chester 1913 - 5.5 x 7.5cm, and a silver button hook 50-60
261.    A Victorian pair of silver fish servers with pierced decoration, Sheffield 1859, a pair of silver sugar tongs and a preserve spoon 40-60
262.    A group of antique cut glass and silver mounted dressing table items including scent bottles 60-80
263.    Two silver backed mirrors and two silver backed brushes - with faults 30-50
264.    A silver hot milk jug, the hinged lid with animal finial - by IT, London 1837 - 555g 250-300
265.    An American sterling silver coffee pot with ebony scroll handle and pineapple finial - 23cm, 500g 200-300
266.    An American sterling silver jug with pedestal foot and decorative border, the scroll handle with animal mask - 385g 150-200
267.    A silver oval dish with embossed floral border by S Kirk & Son, marked 925/1000, 320g , 25 x 19cm 80-120
268.    A set of silver handled tea knives and a Victorian cased silver spoon - London 1874 20-40
269.    A set of six Sterling silver teaspoons, cased 20-30
270.    A pair of silver napkin rings, Birmingham 1936 and one other 15-25
271.    A silver pill box with 'amber' lid, a Victorian silver rattle, a miniature silver photo frame and a white metal Dutch miniature ashtray 30-50
272.    A pair of silver napkin rings and three others 40-60
273.    A silver backed mirror and three brushes 30-50
274.    Three silver button hooks and a white metal one 10-20
275.    An oval silver box, 58g, a circular silver box and a pill box 30-50
276.    A collection of silver items including a set of four seal top coffee spoons, a pair of pickle forks, etc 85g 20-30
277.    A silver toast rack - Sheffield 1920, a silver christening mug a/f and two silver egg cups - 200g 25-35
278.    A silver backed five piece brush and mirror set with embossed decoration and a four piece set a/f 50-70
279.    A silver and cut glass dressing table box, two silver mounted scent bottles and three manicure items with silver handles 40-60
280.    A silver four piece dressing table brush and mirror set 20-40
281.    A George III silver pint tankard - maker IL, Newcastle 1772 - 315g 300-400
282.    An American sterling silver half reeded hot milk jug by Howard and Co - 305g 150-200
283.    A Victorian silver lobed cream jug by Barnards, London 1853 - 195g 80-100
284.    A Georgian silver cream jug with engraved crest and gilt interior, by John Emes, London 1801 - 187g 70-90
285.    A Georgian silver cream jug with bright cut border and crest, by Dorothy Langlands,
Newcastle c.1800 - 80g 40-60
286.    A Victorian helmet form cream jug on square pedestal foot, Birmingham 1893 - 126g 50-70
287.    Withdrawn 40-60
288.    A George III silver cream jug of helmet form with bright cut decoration, London 1783 - 80g 40-60
289.    A kidney form tortoiseshell and silver dressing table box, 1856 80-120
290.    A silver cigar cutter/piercer, Birmingham 20-30
291.    A small sterling silver shoe form novelty pin cushion 30-40
292.    A modern silver belt buckle 20-30
292A.   A silver vesta case 10-20
293.    A silver cheroot/cigar holder and case - Birmingham 1911, by Thomas Henry Vale 40-60
294.    A sterling silver harp form bookmark - 9cm 10-20
295.    A Victorian silver napkin ring embossed putti and scrollwork, Sheffield 1896, 40g 20-30
295A.   An Art Deco Polish 900 standard silver and enamelled cigarette case, inscribed to interior 60-80
296.    A silver vesta case engraved 'Francis' 20-30
297.    A silver compact 20-30
298.    A Victorian silver engraved wallet and card case with fitted leather interior, ivory note pad and silver pencil, Chester 1886 60-80
299.    An Indian white metal dressing table box with all over embossed decoration and beast finial, 235g 30-50
300.    A silver lobed mustard pot - maker HM, London 1823 - 150g 60-80
301.    A Regency silver half gadrooned circular mustard pot with scrollwork border and handle, London 1819 - 140g 80-100
302.    A pair of silver grape scissors, by Francis Higgins, London 1887 - 53g 80-100
303.    A silver cigarette box - London 1917 30-50
304.    A Georgian silver toast rack with matching cruets - by Crispin Fuller, London 1804/5 - 200g 150-200
305.    A silver niello cigarette box decorated Indian landscape and figures 120-180
306.    A pair of Georgian silver circular salts on hoof feet - London 1749 50-70
307.    A George III silver pierced basket decorated flower and scrollwork, London 1762 80-120
308.    A set of six silver napkin rings with greek key decoration, boxed - Birmingham 1930/31 by Henry Griffith and Sons, 57g 40-60
309.    A Victorian silver butter knife, Sheffield 1882 by Atkin Bros, 18g - cased 40-60
310.    A silver sifter spoon, London 1803 30-50
311.    A silver seal top serving spoon engraved 'NGC' to bowl Sheffield 1934 20-40
312.    An American silver San Francisco spoon and an Indian white metal spoon with lizard handle 20-40
313.    A pair of American silver serving spoons by Gorham with shell engraved terminals, 1904, 149g 40-60
314.    A silver handled magnifying glass - Birmingham 1979 100-150
315.    Two Danish silver spoons with stylised leaf and berry decoration - 57g 25-45
316.    A pair of silver shell form salts and spoons in fitted case, Birmingham 1896 40-60
317.    A silver meat skewer, London 1807 - maker DU/NH - 79g 100-150
318.    A Georgian silver circular serving dish with shell, leaf and gadrooned border, 28cm dia - London 1824 - 795g 400-500
319.    A Georgian silver teapot on pedestal base - maker HS, London 1806 - 986g 400-500
320.    A silver three piece tea service with beaded border - Birmingham 1965, 971g 200-300
321.    A silver four piece tea and coffee set with all over embossed decoration - the teapot and jug dated Birmingham 1906 and 1907, and the later made to order coffee pot and sugar, Birmingham 1960 500-700
322.    A Victorian ivory and silver mounted conductors baton with engraved inscription from Hexham Choral Society 1886 - in fitted case 200-300
323.    Spare lot
324.    Spare lot
325.    A Dennison gold plated pocket watch 40-60
326.    A Hamilton USA Ordnance Dept military wrist watch No55483 50-70
327.    A gold plated Waltham pocket watch, a gold plated pencil and a silver whistle 30-50
328.    A vintage Longines gentlemans wrist watch retailed by West End Watches Co 50-70
329.    An Indian white metal hinged bangle and a similar bracelet, both with elaborate decoration 30-50
330.    An Indian Independence Day medallion '15th August 1947 Jai Hind', another medallion and a silver horse pendant 'Hafner' 20-40
331.    Two silver bracelets and two silver necklaces 20-40
332.    Three various Scottish silver brooches 20-30
333.    Two Rennie Mackintosh style brooches and one other silver brooch 20-30
334.    A box of silver jewellery 30-50
335.    Two silver and 'amber' bracelets 30-40
336.    Two silver golfing brooches 20-30
337.    Three silver golfing brooches 20-30
338.    A box of silver jewellery 30-50
339.    An Indian white metal filigree bracelet and similar necklace 20-40
340.    A silver bangle and various other silver and white metal jewellery etc 20-40
341.    A 9 carat gold tie pin 4.3g, and a yellow metal tie pin set stone 30-50
342.    A 9 carat gold framed agate brooch, a cameo brooch and a Scottish one 20-40
343.    A pair of silver owl pendant earrings 100-150
344.    Various vintage paste and costume jewellery including silver 20-30
345.    An Indian white metal fringe necklace with bells 20-40
346.    A filigree Indian bracelet, two silver Art Nouveau buttons, a pair of silver cufflinks, gold crucifix etc 20-30
347.    A pair of silver set garnet earrings and pendant 30-40
348.    A Leah Stein fox brooch 10-20
349.    Six pairs of earrings - some silver 10-20
350.    Three pairs of silver earrings and a silver locket and chain 20-30
351.    A silver charm bracelet and charms plus on extra charm - 45g 20-40
352.    A Tiffany silver keyring with military Medical Corps emblem 40-60
353.    Five various gold pendants set precious stones (three not marked) 60-80
354.    A small box of costume jewellery 10-20
355.    An olive quartz silver set pair of earrings and pendant 30-50
356.    A silver Scandinavian ring 50-70
357.    A silver set Scandinavian ring 50-70
358.    A silver set Scandinavian ring 50-70
359.    Two silver rings and two silver and marcasite brooches 20-30
360.    A silver napkin ring and a silver engraved bangle 10-20
361.    A Victorian silver hinged bangle with engraved and applied decoration 60-80
362.    A Wedgwood Jasperware cameo brooch 15-25
363.    A 9 carat gold pendant and chain set white stone 20-40
364.    A set of 'coin pearl' and earrings and necklace 50-70
365.    Three pairs of 9 carat gold earrings and two other pairs of earrings 50-60
366.    A silver pearl and aquamarine brooch and a pearl necklace with silver clasp 20-40
367.    A box of silver and gold earrings etc 20-40
368.    A sterling silver brooch in the form of an ivy leaf 10-20
369.    An 18 carat white gold miniature diamond set key charm 100-150
370.    A pearl necklace with silver clasp and a pair of matching earrings 20-40
371.    A silver set Islamic Carnelian ring 120-180
372.    A pair of 14K gold and cubic zirconium pendant earrings 20-40
373.    A Victorian large carved ivory brooch and pair of earring drops in the form of sheaves of wheat 100-150
374.    A large silver Swallow and Envelope brooch, 11 x 7 max cm 30-50
375.    A 9 carat gold framed oval cameo brooch and another cameo brooch in gold surround (unmarked) 40-60
376.    A suite of silver and 'Rose de France' amethyst jewellery comprising ring, earrings and pendant 50-70
377.    Thee pairs of 9 carat gold earrings 30-50
378.    A pair of 9 carat white gold opal stud earrings 100-150
379.    A pair of 18 carat gold citrine earrings 140-180
380.    A pair of 9 carat gold aquamarine stud earrings 80-100
381.    A pair of 9 carat white gold opal stud earrings 100-150
382.    A pair of 18 carat gold amethyst stud earrings 120-180
383.    A pair of 9 carat gold pearl stud earrings 35-45
384.    A pair of 9 carat gold amethyst stud earrings 30-50
385.    A 9 carat gold single diamond stud 50-70
386.    A pair of 9 carat gold opal stud earrings 35-45
387.    A pair of antique gold mounted lava drop earrings carved classical cameos 40-60
388.    An 18 carat gold pendant set aquamarine and diamonds 100-150
389.    A Georg Jensen silver dolphin brooch and matching earrings 20-40
390.    A 9 carat gold pendant set peridot and 9 carat gold chain 60-80
391.    A 9 carat gold pendant set ruby and 9 carat gold chain 100-150
392.    A pair of 14 carat gold ruby pendant earrings in circular marcasite setting, screw fittings 3.8g 50-70
393.    A 9 carat rose and yellow gold bar brooch in the form of an owl seated on a branch set ruby eyes, boxed 80-120
394.    A gold and enamel artillery regimental sweetheart brooch, cased 100-150
395.    A Victorian diamond set crescent form brooch, 3cm x 3cm 7.2g 2000-3000
396.    A 14 carat gold spray brooch set rubies - 4g 70-90
397.    A 14 carat gold tie clip - 4g 70-90
398.    An Art Deco Egyptian revival 800 standard silver and plique a jour enamel brooch set cabochon amethyst in form of a vulture 100-150
399.    A 9 carat gold openwork pendant set seed pearls, amethyst and green stones 80-120
400.    A yellow metal brooch set diamond and sapphire flowers 120-180
401.    An Edwardian gold crescent form brooch set pearls (one missing) 80-120
402.    A yellow metal diamond set brooch in form of a vase of flowers 200-300
403.    An 18 carat gold brooch set sapphires 80-100
404.    A 9 carat gold openwork pendant set garnets and seed pearls 80-120
405.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold circular blue enamel pendant with diamond set floral decoration 100-150
406.    A 9 carat gold opal pendant 35-45
407.    A Victorian 9 carat gold brooch with engraved decoration and chip diamond 40-60
408.    A small 18 carat white gold crucifix set baguette and brilliant cut diamonds - 5.8 x 1.2cm 120-180
409.    Three gilt metal pocket watch keys and a stone set fob 150-200
410.    A 9 carat gold Middlesex Regiment sweetheart brooch 70-90
411.    A Victorian 9 carat gold brooch decorated stars and flowers 40-60
412.    A Victorian silver and inlaid coloured metal brooch decorated flowers 20-30
413.    A yellow metal brooch with four garnet drops 30-40
414.    A Victorian yellow metal and moonstone mourning brooch with turquoise and hair panel 30-40
415.    An antique stone set seal 120-180
416.    A silver framed floral carved jade brooch 30-50
417.    A 9 carat gold Celtic style brooch set amethyst 40-60
418.    A Victorian carved coral brooch 120-180
418A.   A Victorian cameo brooch carved classical lady in 9ct gold surround, 5.5 x 4.5cm. 100-150
419.    A diamond set stick pin (possibly military) in the form of a plume of three feathers, mounted on white gold or platinum 70-90
419A.   A sterling silver and enamel fish brooch 10-30
420.    An 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond ring, size J 80-100
421.    An 18 carat gold diamond solitaire ring, size 0 250-300
422.    An 18 carat gold ruby and diamond ring, size P 100-150
423.    A 9 carat white gold diamond ring on diamond set shoulders, size L 120-150
424.    An 18 carat gold diamond solitaire ring, size K 100-150
425.    A gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring, unmarked, size T 200-300
426.    A gold ring set pearl, size Q 60-80
427.    An 18 carat gold ring set burst of five diamond set stars, size P and a half 250-350
428.    An 18 carat gold five stone diamond ring, size M 250-350
429.    An 18 carat gold solitaire diamond ring, size Q, approx. 1/2 carat 250-350
430.    A silver gilt peridot seven stone ring, size N 30-50
431.    A 9K gold Anahi ametrine ring, size P 300-400
432.    A 9K gold chrome diopside and diamond set ring, size P 250-350
433.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set five stone diamond ring, size L 200-300
434.    An 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring, size J 100-150
435.    A 9 carat gold aquamarine and diamond set ring, size M 60-80
436.    A 9 carat gold opal cluster ring with red and white stone surround 40-60
437.    A platinum set AAAA tanzanite ring, size O 750-850
438.    An 18 carat gold ring set Ceylon sapphire in openwork diamond set panel 450-550
439.    A Victorian gold five stone garnet ring, size L 80-120
440.    An 18 carat gold ring set sapphire flanked by two diamonds, size K 80-120
441.    An 18 carat gold diamond ring on diamond set shoulders - approx 1/3 carat, size N 150-200
442.    An Edwardian 18 carat gold diamond cluster ring, size L 180-250
443.    A 9K gold Sleeping Beauty turquoise and white zircon set ring, size P 300-400
444.    An 18 carat gold ring set three diamonds and two sapphires, size N 500-700
445.    An 18 carat gold ring set seven diamonds, size M 250-300
446.    An 18 carat gold solitaire diamond ring on split shoulders
447.    An 18 carat gold diamond solitaire ring 80-100
448.    An 18 carat gold half eternity ring set ten diamonds, size L 150-200
449.    A Victorian 9 carat gold costume cluster ring size M 1/2 30-50
450.    An 18 carat gold ruby and diamond ring, size M 80-120
451.    A 9 carat gold ring set emeralds and chip diamonds 60-80
452.    A silver chrome diopside set ring, size P 40-60
453.    An 18 carat gold ring channel set ten diamonds, size N 70-90
454.    A 9 carat gold ring set cabochon pink stone 40-60
455.    A 9K gold wishbone ring set rubies and diamonds 60-80
456.    A 9K gold natural pink tourmaline ring, size P 250-350
457.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond line set ring, size N and a half 60-80
458.    An 18 carat gold three stone diamond ring circa 1920's, size N and a half 120-180
459.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond ring size N 30-40
460.    Three 9 carat gold dress rings 60-80
461.    A 9 carat gold signet ring set cornelian and a 9 carat gold ring set garnet 50-70
462.    A 9 carat gold ring set lilac stone and a 9 carat gold dress ring 40-60
463.    A 9 carat gold diamond and amethyst ring P 1/2 40-60
464.    An 18 carat gold diamond crossover set ring, size O 150-200
465.    an 18 carat gold ring set chip diamond with engraved decoration 2.8g 50-70
466.    An 18 carat gold signet ring - 4.6g 100-150
467.    An 18 carat gold wedding band, 4g - size K 60-80
468.    A gold ring set cabouchon cut green stone, and an 18 carat gold ring set chip diamond - band worn, 2.6g total 40-60
469.    A 9 carat gold wedding band 1.8g and two 9 carat gold dress rings 40-60
470.    Two 9 carat gold wedding bands and a 9 carat gold wishbone ring 60-80
471.    A silver set amber ring, size Q 50-70
472.    A 9 carat rose gold fancy link bracelet 80-120
473.    A 9 carat gold charm bracelet with nine stone set charms and one other - total 68g (eight hall marked 9 carat gold and two unhallmarked) 500-700
474.    A 9 carat gold charm bracelet and three charms - 7.2g 50-70
475.    An amber bracelet carved scarab beetles 30-50
476.    A 9 carat gold fob chain, 17g 120-180
477.    An Edwardian yellow metal bangle set seed pearls in two intertwined hearts 50-70
478.    A Victorian hinged gold bangle (unmarked but tested 14ct) 12.5g and another gold bangle set rubies and diamonds (also unmarked but tested gold) a/f 7g 150-200
479.    A 9 carat gold multi-coloured sapphire set tennis bracelet 120-180
480.    A 'padparadscha sapphire' coloured quartz bracelet set in silver 60-80
481.    A 9 carat gold curb bracelet - 23.5g 300-350
482.    A 9 carat gold fancy link bracelet and twenty 9 carat gold charms - 29g 200-300
482A.   A 9ct gold bracelet, 19g with gold plated heart padlock . 150-200
483.    A 9 carat gold gatelink bracelet 14.9g 80-120
484.    A string of jade beads 40-60
485.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold openwork pendant set rubies and seed pearls on a long 9 carat gold chain, 5g 100-150
486.    A single string of cultured pearls 40-60
487.    A pearl necklace with 9 carat gold clasp 120-180
488.    A single string of pearls 15-20
489.    An Art Nouveau silver and enamel pendant by Murrle Bennett, marked 950 and MB to reverse - some damage to enamel 100-150
490.    A 9 carat gold openwork pendant set amethysts and 9 carat gold chain 30-50
491.    An Arts & Crafts silver and blister pearl pendant with floral decoration and pearl drop 100-150
492.    A gold oval pendant set cabouchon cut garnet and diamonds on 9 carat gold chain 200-300
493.    A 9 carat gold pearl pendant on 9 carat gold chain 20-40
494.    A 9 carat gold scrollwork pendant set purple stone on 9ct gold chain, the pendant unmarked 100-150
495.    A 18 carat white gold pendant set diamond - approx. one carat 500-700
496.    A large 9K gold ruby pendant (4.8 carats) on 9K gold chain 300-400
497.    A white gold diamond and tourmaline set pendant on 18 carat white gold chain 200-300
498.    A 'mystic' topaz silver pendant and chain 25-35
499.    A 9K gold natural pink tourmaline and diamond pendant on 9K gold chain 250-350
500.    A 9 carat gold fancy link chain - 5.5g 40-60
501.    A pink sapphire and silver set pendant 40-60
502.    A fine 18 carat white gold and diamond set pendant necklace with double drop - purchased from Gomez and Molina in Marbella, 28g total weight, 27cm from clasp to end of drop, 8ct diamond weight 3500-4500
503.    An 18 carat white gold Messika ring with diamond set floral sprays, size K 1500-2000
504.    A pair of 18 carat white gold diamond and black pearl drop earrings 700-900
505.    A fine 18 carat white gold ring set large white pearl on diamond shoulders, size L 700-900
506.    An 18 carat white gold ring set black pearl on pink sapphire set shoulders - 7.5g, size J and a half 500-800
507.    An 18 carat gold diamond set eternity ring, size K 300-400
508.    A large single pearl and diamond set pendant on 18 carat gold chain (pendant 3g and chain 5g) 600-800
509.    A single diamond set black pearl pendant on 18 carat white gold chain (the charm 4.6g and chain 3.5g) 700-900
510.    An 18 carat gold fine chain necklace interspersed with eleven diamonds, 4g 350-450
511.    A fine pair of 18 carat white gold diamond set pearl drop earrings 700-900
512.    A large single pearl pendant on 18 carat gold chain (the pendant 2.3g and chain 1.8g) 500-700
513.    An 18 carat white gold eternity ring set triple row of diamonds, 3.7g, size M 700-900
514.    A pair of 18 carat white gold diamond set drop earrings (screw fitting) 800-1000
515.    A vintage Roamer 'Mustang' gentlemans watch - boxed 150-200
516.    An 18 carat gold fob watch with white enamel face - 26g total weight 100-150
517.    A 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch - boxed 30-40
518.    An Omega 9 carat gold gentleman's wrist watch with 9 carat gold strap, 59g total weight 850-950
519.    An Omega 900 standard silver pocket watch with gold plated and black ribbon fob 50-70
520.    A 9 carat gold pocket watch by Grosvenor and a 9 carat gold fob chain - 16g 200-300
521.    A 9 carat gold ladies Lanco wrist watch on gold plated strap 20-30
522.    A Cartier 'Must de Cartier' silver gilt wrist watch with red dial and strap. No. 17 050343 150-200
522A.   An 18ct gold cased fob watch with engraved dial and case, 34g total 80-120
523.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
524.    A box of antique and vintage costume jewellery 10-30
525.    A pair of silver and amethyst earrings, amber bead earrings and a gilt metal and turquoise cat brooch 10-20
526.    Three stone bead necklaces 10-20
527.    A silver and blue enamel mounted coral necklace 20-40
528.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
529.    A box of six silver brooches 25-35
530.    A box of jet and French jet 10-30
531.    A large 1960's designer brass and copper cross and chain and matching bangle set rock crystal 100-150
532.    Three silver bangles, a gold plated one and an Eastern white metal bracelet 10-30
533.    A box of silver jewellery including three stone set necklaces 20-40
534.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
535.    A box of six mechanical wrist watches including two Tissot and a gentleman's Roamer 25-35
536.    A box of six mechanical wrist watches including two gentleman's Seiko, two Rotary etc 25-35
537.    A box of six mechanical wrist watches including Rotary 25-35
538.    Three pocket watches and two wrist watches 15-25
539.    Three various pocket watches 40-60
540.    A box of gents wrist watch including 1960's asymetrical Orion watch and Ben Sherman watch 10-30
541.    Three Smiths pocket watches 40-60
542.    Various wrist watches including vintage Rotary mans watch 20-40
543.    A boxed Sekonda ladies wrist watch and matching bracelet and a silver bracelet and pendant set cubic zirconium 20-40
544.    A Victorian jewellery box of vintage and antique jewellery 10-30
545.    A box of silver jewellery 10-20
546.    A box of buckles 10-20
547.    A large American white metal and simulated 'turquoise' heavy bead necklace and a silver New Mexico turquoise necklace 10-20
548.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
549.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
550.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
551.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
552.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
553.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
554.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
555.    A chip amber necklace, another amber necklace and a jade necklace 30-50
556.    A silver Mexican enamel pendant, various animal brooches and two AR Brown pewter animal brooches 20-30
557.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
558.    A vintage Indian filigree necklace and matching bracelet set blue 'stones' and mother of pearl cameos 30-50
559.    A book of costume jewellery including silver 10-20
560.    Various costume jewellery 10-20
561.    Three silver and silver gilt necklaces 30-40
562.    A group of costume jewellery including silver 10-20
563.    A box of cufflinks 10-30
564.    A box of costume jewellery 10-30
565.    A group of costume jewellery 10-20
566.    Twenty four various pendants and necklaces 30-50
567.    Twelve costume jewellery bracelets and bangles 20-30
568.    Nine sets of costume jewellery including brooch and earring sets, and bracelet and earring sets 40-60
569.    Twenty eight pairs of earrings for pierced ears (some with gold posts) 30-50
570.    A box of costume jewellery including wooden beads and seeds etc 10-20
571.    A 1950's American pink floral necklace and earrings set and another comprising necklace, earrings and brooch 20-40
572.    Fifty pairs of costume jewellery clip earrings 30-50
573.    Thirty two various necklaces 30-50
574.    Nineteen various vintage brooches 20-40
575.    A box of vintage brooches 10-30
576.    An owl and fox brooch - boxed 10-20
577.    A horse and jockey sterling silver brooch 10-20
578.    A pair of silver plated bullet cufflinks 10-20
579.    A pair of white metal pheasant design cufflinks 10-20
580.    A pair of cartridge/shooting cufflinks - boxed 10-20
581.    A stags head brooch and box 10-20
582.    A box of costume jewellery including silver 20-30
583.    A box of costume jewellery including Swarovski and silver 30-50
584.    Two Monet necklace and bracelet sets 10-20
585.    A box of Monet, Vendome and Sarah Coventry costume jewellery 20-40
586.    A box of costume jewellery 10-30
587.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
588.    A box of costume jewellery and two lighters 10-20
589.    A box of silver jewellery 10-20
590.    A large box of beads etc 10-20
591.    Spare lot
592.    Spare lot
593.    Two albums and bag of QEII FDC's in variable condition (over 100) and two presentation packs 15-25
594.    Two GB and Commonwealth stamp albums, QV to QEII, mint and used including a number of part sets up to higher values and mint blocks 60-80
595.    A stockbook of Australian stamps KGV to QEII, mint and used, including high values up to 2, officials and varieties 30-60
596.    A comprehensive collection of QEII UMM decimal stamps of Jersey, defin and commem, postage dues, higher vals to 5, sets, booklets, mini-sheets and two presentation packs also 1958 and later pre-decimals 100-150
597.    A large pre-decimal and decimal collection of QEII UMM stamps of Guernsey, defin and commem, postage dues, sets, booklets, mini-sheets and blocks - also some UMM stamp sets of Alderney 100-150
598.    Two 'Alpha Major' albums with mint stamps from FI, Ascension, Australia, Isle of Man and Channel Islands including mini-sheets/sets and PHQ cards, FDC and mostly military commem covers from QEII period 40-60
599.    A folder of WWII period Occupational issues, UMM, including Australia BCOF and Japan in Brunei, Burma, Hong Kong, Malay States , Borneo 140-260
600.    A folder of UMM GVI Hong Kong commem and defin stamps plus postage dues - high values to $5 noted SG cat 500+ 80-120
601.    Stamps - collection of KGVI UMM of Canada and Newfoundland, including high values, officials, special delivery, air, booklets, coils, other varieties and postage due - complete sets and high values noted 250-400
602.    A small stockbook of mostly UMM QEII pre-decimal and decimal (fv c35) stamps, including high values and mini-sheets and blocks with traffic lights 20-40
603.    A box of GB and Commonwealth stamps, mint and used in packets and loose - KGV to QEII period, many in sets and part sets 10-20
604.    Three stamp albums of GB and all world issues, mint and used, many 100's of stamps and much early material from QV to KGV period 60-80
605.    An album of Swiss stamps, mint and used, defin and commem from 1907 onwards. Scarcer issues noted 40-60
606.    Stamps of British Agencies mainly of KGVI, a few KGV and KEVIII. Countries include Bahrain, Kuwait, Muscat and Eastern Arabia plus Morocco and Tangier, umm, defin and commem up to 1 value - many higher values and sets - Cat 1,400+ 150-250
607.    A folder of stamps for Mauritius and Seychelles, KGVI, umm with sets and many high values up to 10R and postage due including various colour variations and papers - Cat 1,500+ 160-240
608.    A folder of stamps for Ceylon and Maldives KGVI period, umm with sets, perf variations and high values up to 5R. Ceylon post including Ceylon post-independence issues of period - Cat 230+
609.    An album of GB stamps, mint and used, QV to QEII including QV embossed 6d and 1/-, mint blocks, KGV 5/- sea horse 1934, plus album of QEII well filled with mint and used - higher values noted 60-90
610.    A stockbook of US pre-cancels, perfins and coil stamps, mainly from period 1908 - 32 in used condition up to $1, various perforations 30-60
611.    Two albums KEVII - QEII and KGVI Silver Wedding album of mint and used stamps in sets/part sets. The Silver Wedding album is mostly complete in mint lower values only - higher values to 1 in other albums plus mint blocks 40-60
612.    An album of Hong Kong stamps QV - QEII mint and used, scarcer cancels - KGV Jubilee, KGVI UPU used, higher values up to $50 80-100
613.    Umm KGVI stamps of Cyprus, Gibralter and Malta up to 1 value including defin, commem and postage due - Cat 900+ 100-150
614.    Stamps of Jordan and Palestine, umm, from KGV and KGVI period up to 1 value including defin commem and postage due - Cat 300+ 40-60
615.    Umm stamps of British Occupation of Italian Colonies; EAF, MEF, BA/BMA of Eritrea, Somalia and Tripolitania. Including many higher values and postal dues - Cat 750+ 80-140
616.    An album of umm KGVI Leeward Islands stamps including Antigua, Dominica, Montserrat, St Kitts Nevis and British Virgin Islands - most sets complete to highest value 1/$4.80, various perf to values - Cat 800+ 90-140
617.    A large well filled stamp stockbook of QV - QEII defin and commem - much mint as well as used. QV LE, many high values KGVI and QEII, passed censor en-piece, postage due, QEII graphite noted 100-150
618.    Postal Ephemera 'rare stamp' cards of Twynings Tea 10-20
619.    A stockbook of QEII Guernsey stamps up to 1983, UMM including high values, postage due, mini-sheet and numerous different sets 15-25
620.    A group of Special Cancel covers: Christmas issues cancelled in Bethlehem, Llandeilo(6), Investiture issue cancelled in Caernarvon (2), Penicillin commem (2), Battle of Hastings commem cancelled in Battle, Sussex (2), Robbie Burns commem cancelled in Edinburgh (1) and Commonwealth Games '70 in Edinburgh (3), scarcer FDC's 30-60
621.    Stamps of Aden: KGV and KGVI, umm defin and commem including Protectorate States - mostly complete sets - Cat 600+ 70-120
622.    Stamps - an album of India and its states: mostly KGVI period UMM definitives, commemoratives and post-independence up to 5R values; including "service" stamps. Convention and Fuedatory states including Chamba, Gwalior, Jind, Nabha, Patiala with Barwani, Bhopal, Bundi, Cochin, Hyderabad, Idar, Indore, Jaipur, Rajasthan and Travencore (Bundi overprinted) - Cat 2000+ 200-300
623.    A folder of Burmese stamps: KGV and KGVI period, umm; defin and commem, interim governmentals and officials up to 10R. Mostly complete sets - Cat 700+ 90-140
624.    A folder of Pakistan stamps including Bahawalapur: KGVI period including post-independence issues, umm; defin, commem "service" officials up to 25 rupee values, mostly complete sets - Cat 600+ 70-120
625.    Stamps - over 50 FDC of Australia from 1950's, some with UMM mint stamps of those on cover inside plus over 100 QEII GB FDC from 1970's -80's 30-50
626.    Stamps - collection of KGVI UMM: Australia and related territories including Nauru, New Guinea, New Hebrides, Norfolk Islands, Papua. Includes postage due and high values such as SG 178, SG 244c and SG Nauru 378 180-250
627.    All World stamp album containing mint and used, defin and commem from QV to KGV period - much early, generally lower value material 40-60
628.    An album of FDCs 20-40
629.    New Zealand stamp album QV to KGVI, mint and used defin and commem including early 'Chalon Heads', officials postal fiscals, air and insurance stamps 120-180
630.    An album of QEII UMM pre-decimal and decimal commems - 1953 - 1980 - fv 30+. Some early phosphors and mini sheets 60-100
631.    Stamps - twenty four USA covers, many if not all first day, from 1936 - 40 period 30-50
632.    A large pre-decimal and decimal collection of QEII UMM stamps of Isle of Man, defin and commem, postage dues, sets, booklets, mini-sheets, higher values to 5 100-150
633.    A stockbook of Republic of Ireland stamps from 1922 onwards. Mint and used, defins and commems 40-60
634.    Stamps - a 1950 complete set of Cyrenaica SG 136- 148 - Cat 180+ 25-50
635.    A WWI small group of Turkish and Russian stamps - mint and used including Russian back-printed currency stamps 10-20
636.    A stockbook of mint commonwealth and all world stamps, defins and commems from QV onwards. Early Hong Kong defins, sets and 2/6d KGVI MEF noted 40-70
637.    An album of GB mint (QV onwards) and other album of GB mint/used defins and commems including QV line-engraved, KEVII officials and KGV 5/- seahorse 80-120
638.    A box of mainly George VI covers and two boxes of loose definitive and commemorative, mint and used stamps, some on card and booklets from QV to QEII period 40-80
639.    Stamps - an album of South African stamps: KGV and KGVI umm definitives, commemoratives, booklet panes, officials, postage due; some SG listed flaws and most bilingual pairs included - Cat 1000+ 140-200
640.    Stamps - a folder of South West African stamps: KGVI umm definitives, commemoratives, officials, plus KGV postage due; complete sets and bilingual pairs - Cat 340+ 40-60
641.    Stamps - a folder of Basutoland and Bechuanaland stamps: KGVI umm definitives, commemoratives and postage due, including sets up to 10/- values - Cat 320+ 30-60
642.    An album of KGVI Windward Islands stamps including Barbados, Grenada, St Lucia, St Vincent and Trinidad and Tobago. Defin, commem and postage due - most sets complete to highest value - Cat 900+ 100-150
643.    Stamps - a folder of umm KGVI stamps for Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Turks & Caicos Islands; defin/commem, most sets complete up to highest value 1. Various perf - Cat 670+ 80-150
644.    A folder of umm KGV and KGVI stamps of Bahamas, with many higher values up to 1 - Cat 450+ 50-100
645.    A Golder of KGVI Umm loose folder of British Guiana and Honduras stamps, defin, commem and most sets complete up to $5 top value - includes postage due and numerous higher values and different perfs for same value - Cat 480+ 50-100
646.    A box of eight stamp albums, four stock books plus other packets and sleeve of GB and Al world stamps, mint and used, QV-QEII, including album of German stamps, tub of KGV definitives, some perfin. 30-50
647.    A box of mostly mid 20th century all world stamps in albums, tins and school book including sparsely filled New Ideal Album, A-J, plus three QE II cover albums of GB, Jersey & Guernsey, many with special commemorative cancels 30-50
648.    Three albums of stamps of Germany from 1900's onwards - mint and used, including Post WWII West and East German issues and stamps of Berlin 20-50
649.    A box and an album of CB, Channel Islands and other FDC's plus three albums of GB, Commonwealth and all world stamps, mint and used, defin and commem 40-60
650.    Stamps - early Chinese: three coiling dragons 1885 - 88 (1, 3 and 5 Candarin) and three local post, used 30-50
651.    Stamps - GB block of 12 KGV 1/2d bright yellow-green SG spec N14 (11) UMM - highly catalogued 100-150
652.    Stamps - two GB QV 2d Blue, Black MC cancel, Plate 1 and unplated , SG5 - cv 1,800. 'NJ' has a cut to top left corner, some rubbing but is full margin (tight left), 'KB' is reduced, cut margin - estimate reflects this 120-180
653.    Stamps - GB QV 9d Straw plate 4 SG 110 with Aachen transit cancel in blue - some gum residue at top - cv 325 30-50
654.    Stamps - A GB SG2 Penny Black, full margin (tight on right), used with red mc, plate 4, letters FG - fine condition and tidy example 80-100
655.    Stamps - GB QV 1d Rose-Red, SG 43, plate 193, unused/washed and plate 78 with Copestake, Moore, Crampton and Co advertising verso - cancel for 10 April 1868 10-20
656.    Stamps - Chinese imperial post coiling dragons and Republic of China, 1898 onwards - including 30 cent value, used (38) 70-120
657.    Stamps - GB QV 2d Blue, imperf, plate 3, die 1, wmk small crown SG14 strip of three on cover- cv 1,050 - tight and missing margins , hence lower estimate 80-100
658.    Stamps - Ireland to India QV letter at 9d rate with Ashford (Ireland) '14' cancel on 1d red-brown and 4d rose-carmine pair with London and Calcutta transit and receiver cancels in red; 'via Marseilles Paid' handwritten by sender 50-70
659.    Stamps - five varied GB QV covers from period 1841 - 78: 1841 postage due cancel at 2d rate; 1869 1d red cover to Colonel Bruce of Grenadier Guards; 1870 1d red Brewers letter; 1877 1d red pair ambulant cover Liverpool to Paris via Calais; 1/2d (plate 12) cover - poor to fine condition 25-45
660.    Stamps - GB QV 2d Blue, cut margins, Tanganyika 10/- mint (SG87) washed upright wmk and 1/2 schilling Heligoland MM perf 13 1/2 x 14 - plus small folio of QV LE to Jubilee issues 20-40
661.    Spare lot
662.    A group of 1960's Beatles memorabilia including poster, quiz book, cake decorations etc 20-40
663.    A large cigarette card album from the 1920's, many hundreds of cards and complete sets plus 14 Kensitas silks of national flags in original wraps - Murray Cat 800+ 100-150
664.    A set of MG Grandee cigarette cards 10-20
665.    Four albums of cigarette cards on aviation and cars 10-20
666.    A box of football cards including a quantity of 'Typhoo' and 'Pinnace' etc 10-30
667.    A box of bubble gum and trade cards and wrappers 10-20
668.    An original sketch by John Ryan of 'Harris Tweed' and 'Lettuce Leaf' plus one other character - dedicated 'To John' - unframed (John Ryan was the creator of Captain Pugwash) 30-50
669.    A copy of Janes Fighting Ships 1941 20-30
670.    Two 18th century Wynnstay Theatre posters or play bills dated 1782 - 24 x 18cm 30-50
671.    The Art Album of Cinderford and Neighbourhood - with early photographs 10-20
672.    The Bookplate designs of Austin Osman Spare, published by The Bookplate Society 1988, together with Composite Bookplates 1897-8 published by Edward Arnold 1898 50-70
673.    Two volumes The Victoria History of the Counties of England 'Surrey', plus an additional extract 20-30
674.    The History of Clonmel - First Edition by Burke, in red and gilt leather binding 100-150
675.    The Art of Jack Russell signed by the author 10-30
676.    A box of early GB and other railway share certificates plus similar documents - 1846 onwards 20-30
677.    An album of military life photographs relating to Gloucester Regiment and Egypt circa 1950's, plus UK personnel photos, prints of Bristol, model aeroplanes, cars 'Picturesque Hong Kong' album 10-30
678.    A military book 'The Cherry Pickers 11th Hussars 1715 - 1969', signed by the author Peter Upton 20-30
679.    A Victorian set of twelve half green leather bound volumes of Dickens with engraved illustrations 50-70
680.    A box of eleven fishing books 20-30
681.    A suitcase of old postcards 10-30
682.    A selection of books on Warfare and Military themes including medal collecting and ribbons 10-20
683.    A box of cigarette cards, some in sets 30-50
684.    Two sets of fifty old cigarette cards - Dickens characters framed and glazed 20-40
685.    A set of twelve fishing fly trade cards 10-20
686.    A Victorian framed print of fishing flies 10-20
687.    Two volumes by Charles Kingsley - The Water Babies and Madam How and Why 15-25
688.    Darwin's Origin of Species (Hutchinson's Popular Classics 1906) 10-20
689.    Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson in two volumes (Everyman's 1907) 10-20
690.    William M Thackeray - The English Humourists of the Eighteenth Century - first edition 1853 10-30
691.    Four Beatrix Potter books: 'The Tale of Samuel Whiskers', 'The Tale of Benjamin Bunny', 'The Tale of Little Pig Robinson' and 'The Tale of Pigling Bland' - all early reprints from 20's and 30's 15-25
692.    Sporting Magazine - bound set 1863 10-20
693.    How to Work the Microscope by Dr L Beale 1868 20-40
694.    Robin Knox-Johnston - A World of My Own - first edition 1969, signed and inscribed and Philip Rigg - Southern Crossing - first edition 1936 10-30
695.    John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress (M Brown, Newcastle 1786) 20-40
696.    Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management - published by Ward Lock 1891, red and gilt Buckram spine, two folding chromo-litho plates etc 20-30
697.    'The Severn Valley' by Dr John Randall 1882, 'Gloucester Story' by Hope Costly White and 'The Story of Gloucestershire' 25-35
698.    A copy of Jane Eyre published by Currier Bell 1887 15-25
699.    A copy of Nature Displayed with copper plate illustrations - Vol II 1787 30-40
700.    The Amateurs Practical Guide to Fretwork, Wood Carving Etc (1880's) 10-20
701.    Edward Lear - The Book of Nonsense 20-40
702.    Charles Dickens Library in eighteen volumes (The Educational Book Co 1912) 20-30
703.    The Diary of Samuel Pepys in eight volumes (Bohns Standard Library 1913) in half leather and marbled covers 20-40
704.    The Boys Book of Steamships by JR Howden c.1912 - photo illustrations, together with The Way of The World at Sea 1896, illustrated 10-20
705.    The Fairy-Land of Science by Arabella Buckley published by Edward Arnold 1882, together with Enterprise and Adventure by Ralph and Chandos Temple published Groombridge 1882 10-20
706.    The Chase by William Somerville illustrated by Hugh Thomson 1896, together with Proverbs and Porcelain by Austin Dobson, illustrated by Bernard Partridge 1893 20-40
707.    Strange Dwellings by Rev J G Wood. Published 1871, many designs by Keyl, Zwecker and Smith, together with Fifty Two Nature Rambles by Percival Westell 1910 - both in excellent condition 20-30
708.    Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire in seven volumes (Methuen 1897), and Great Battles of the British Navy 30-50
709.    Portrait of a Village by Frances Brett Young, woodcuts by Joan Hassall - first edition, together with Portrait of A Country Artist - Charles F Tunnicliffe, and Household and Country Crafts 20-30
710.    Mrs Beetons Book of Household Management 20-30
711.    Sporting Society, edited by Fox Russell, two volumes published Bellairs 1897, line illustrations by Randolph Caldecott 20-30
712.    The History of Little England Beyond Wales by Edward Laws, The Non-Kymric Colony settled in Pembrokeshire published George Bell 1888 40-60
713.    The Art and Craft of Hairdressing 10-20
714.    Cobbetts Rural Rides in two volumes (Reeves and Turner 1886) and A Book of the Wye by Hutton 20-40
715.    A Midsummer Nights Dream published 1908 and illustrated by Arthur Rackham 40-60
716.    Methuen's Little Red Guides: eleven county volumes (Methuen 1907 - 1933) 20-40
717.    Samuel Ireland's Views on the Wye (Faulder and Egerton 1797), lacking front cover 50-60
718.    A selection of books on working dogs: The Working Whippet by Helen Hansell, Gundogs, Training and Field Trials by PRA Moxon, the Working Longdog by Frank Sheardown plus other titles including Jack Russells 20-30
719.    Four books on Ancient Egypt: Hieroglyphs, How to Read Egyptian. Valley of The Kings by John Romer, Tombs, Graves and Mummies by Paul Bahn and The British Museum Dictionary of Ancient Egypt 20-30
720.    Four childrens books: Jan Pienkowski 'Robot', Edward Ardizzone 'Tims Friend Towser', E & H Farjeon 'Heroes and Heroines' and Chatterbox Annual 1925 15-25
721.    The Works of Alexander Pope in nine volumes (Lintot and others 1740), leather bound 100-200
722.    Four volumes of Modern Collectors Dolls and Papier Mache Dolls 30-40
723.    Expository Notes with Practical Observations on the New Testament, by William Burkitt 1716 - leather bound 100-150
724.    The Atlas of Surgical Operations by Cutler and Zollinger 20-40
725.    The Audubon Folio with text and prints 1964 10-20
726.    A copy of Janes Fighting Ships 1924 20-30
727.    Miss Read - twenty one titles, all first editions from 1960's onwards - generally in vgc 30-40
728.    A box of old comics 10-20
729.    A selection of antique books - mostly in poor condition - some interesting examples such as The Beauties of Sterne Including all his Pathetic Tales.....' - possibly a first edition 40-60
730.    Spare lot
731.    A framed set of twelve bore paper cartridges 25-35
732.    A collection of Naval buttons 10-20
733.    A box of Army Auxiliary Fire Service and ARP buttons 10-20
734.    A bronze life saving medal and an enamel one 10-20
735.    A small antique starting pistol 10-20
736.    Various medals and enamel badges 10-20
737.    A box of old military buttons 20-30
738.    Four pairs of Devon and Cornwall constabulary collar badges 10-20
739.    A collection of railway buttons 20-30
740.    A collection of Police buttons 30-40
741.    A collection of military buttons 30-40
742.    A pair of bandsman epaulettes, RAF badges and Sam Brown fittings 10-20
743.    A collection of RAF buttons 20-40
744.    A group of French and Russian military medals etc 10-20
745.    A collection of military badges, shoulder titles etc 30-50
746.    A box of assorted militaria badges and cloth and a pair of cloth formations signs 40-60
747.    A WWII pilots helmet and a group of military ephemera including manuals, Japanese Intelligence booklet etc, RAF buttons and London Peace medal 80-100
748.    A WWII US Sherman tank M6 periscope 20-30
749.    A collection of Cornwall Constabulary pre 1967 officers buttons, collar badges and numbers 30-40
750.    A box of Police, Scout and commemorative badges etc 10-30
751.    A box of military badges etc 10-30
752.    A silk map for 'Namsos and Archangel' and a WWII one for Germany 30-40
753.    A presentation bosuns whistle framed and glazed for display 20-30
754.    A box of commemorative and sports medals including silver rifle club medals 40-60
755.    A WWII linen flag 30-50
756.    A mahogany mounted clock and barometer 20-30
757.    A Royal Welsh Fusiliers bugle 20-30
758.    A group of military regimental photographs from Royal Military Academy etc 20-30
758A.   A photograph of the Royal Tournament, Olympia 1936 and a National Service certificate WWI, both framed and glazed 10-30
759.    An old model aeroplane IPMS Avon - base 33 x 22cm 10-20
760.    A print of a Lancaster aeroplane 27 x 32cm 10-20
761.    Three photographic prints of steam boats unframed 10-20
762.    A photograph of George V, Edward VIII and George VI posed together 10-20
763.    A WWII third pattern Commando knife together with Royal Marines embroidered picture 30-40
764.    A group of military helmets, kit bag, etc 10-30
765.    A WWI Remington Lee Enfield bayonet - Jan 1917 30-40
766.    A French St Etienne 1874 Chassepot rifle bayonet with engraving to blade 40-50
767.    A WWI German Simson and Co 1915 bayonet M1898/05a/A 30-40
768.    A Kukri and a brass scabbard for a Turkish curved knife 20-40
769.    A Japanese late 19th century short sword with shagreen handle - blade rusted 40-60
770.    An antique African sword with banded handle and scabbard - blade rusted 20-40
771.    A Japanese bone tanto or short sword with all over carved decoration 60-80
772.    A Royal Engineers ME full No2 dress corporals uniform comprising: jacket, trousers, shirt and tie 20-30
773.    A Boer War South Africa medal with three bars for South Africa 1901, Belfast and Laings Nek 150-200
774.    Two WWI medals engraved to Private CA Bishop 1914 - 18, C/2965, RMLI - Royal Marine Light Infantry and a WWII medal 60-80
775.    A British Commando WWII Special Service silver badge 60-80
776.    A WWII plastic economy parachute regiment cap badge c. 1943 - 45 40-60
777.    A Princess Christians Army Nursing Service Reserve silver badge 20-40
778.    A 'Hate Hitler' club badge and Army Nursing badge 20-30
779.    A Maus 2mm Berloque German miniature pistol c. 1930's 30-50
780.    A Victorian twelve bore extractor and whistle 20-40
781.    A silver military matchbox cover embossed Macedonia, France and Palestine campaigns 40-60
782.    A group of various military medals 20-40
783.    Spare lot
784.    A carved gilt wood twin wall light with torchere and acanthus - 68cm 30-50
785.    A German Jugenstihl pewter clad two handled vase 30-50
786.    A bronzed spelter figure of a farmer scattering seeds - 30cm 10-20
787.    A Georgian style bracket clock - 19cm 20-30
788.    A small mahogany mantel clock with marquetry transfer decoration - 18cm 10-20
789.    A Smiths eight day oak cased mantel clock and another vintage eight day Smiths mantel clock 20-30
790.    A black French style mantel clock - 21cm 10-20
791.    A large 'Oilily' shop display perfume bottle or factice - 25cm 30-50
792.    A brass sundial 10-30
793.    A pair of gilt painted easel photograph frames decorated figures and dragons - 33 x 23cm 30-50
794.    An oak mantel clock by Alex Clark Co Ltd 20-30
795.    A Victorian slate mantel clock 20-40
796.    An oak correspondence rack and a wall mounted 'Papers' rack 10-20
796A.   A carved wood blotter and a set of sale details for Goodrich Castle 10-20
797.    A Victorian large brass bound rosewood writing slope 50-70
798.    A large cast loving spoon made from brass from the Pontypridd coal mine 10-20
799.    Two brass horses and carriages 10-20
800.    A pair of brass oil lamp style pendant light fittings 30-50
801.    A set of kitchen scales 10-20
802.    A Victorian carriage lamp 10-30
803.    A quantity of antique horse brasses 20-40
804.    Four brass toasting forks, a Victorian brass and iron strainer and a copper saucepan lid 10-30
805.    An African carved wood wall sculpture of climbing figures and a carved figure of a woman 10-20
806.    A Perlu Vorm 'Aida' cigar mould 20-40
807.    An old policeman's truncheon 20-40
808.    A brass bell, brass plate etc 10-20
809.    A pseudo ivory statuette of a Japanese man 45cm tall 10-20
810.    Two fishing reels 'lntrepid' and ' Pridex' and modern Alvey reel plus two fishing rods and various fishing accessories 40-60
811.    Four various 1930's glass lamp shades 20-30
812.    Three unframed watercolours by T R Matthew - 18 x 25cm 10-30
813.    A 19th century Transvaal cast iron money box in the form of a man 20-40
814.    A miniature oil 'Milan Cathedral' in gilt frame - 9 x 7cm 10-20
815.    A gilt foliage metal photo frame - 28 x 22cm 10-20
816.    A group of agricultural advertising blotting cards 10-20
817.    A pair of small Chinese bronze vases - 15cm 40-50
818.    A bronze cherub with harp - 14cm 30-50
819.    A pair of Japanese gilt and black papier mache plates decorated interior scenes - 17cm 10-30
820.    A miniature painted lead crouching figure of an elf 4cm and a Victorian novelty pin cushion in the form of a roller skate 10-20
821.    A Japanese Komai cigarette lighter decorated landscape 30-50
822.    A tortoiseshell cigarette box with mother of pearl and metal inlay urn of flowers 30-50
823.    A Dunhill silver plated lighter 30-50
824.    A Victorian enamel pill box 'A Trifle From Plymouth' a/f 10-20
825.    A painted metal sleeping dog on a book - 18cm wide 20-40
826.    A novelty Austrian spelter ashtray with rubber necked figure of a boy to rim and a pewter cruet set 10-20
827.    A Victorian tortoiseshell card case 20-40
828.    A clockwork tin plate carnival drummer 10-30
829.    A George III rosewood and brass mounted tipstaff with crown finial 150-200
830.    A set of six stirrup/shot cups, silver plated hip flask and another flask in the form of a petrol jerry can 10-20
831.    A box of collectables 10-20
832.    A tortoiseshell cigarette case and two cigar cases 20-40
833.    A copper framed Victorian tile painted Scottish Loch 10-20
834.    A Chinese embroidered butterfly picture - 9.3 x 15cm, and a cork picture 10-20
835.    A 19th century Canton watercolour of a ceremonial procession 19 x 29cm 20-40
836.    A 19th century Japanese ivory figure of a man with a monkey on carved wood stand (20cm including stand) leg a/f 200-300
837.    A Japanese ivory Meiji period netsuke of a ceremonial figure with elaborate costume and fan - signed 60-80
838.    A Chinese antique porcelain snuff bottle moulded immortals - red seal mark to base 120-180
839.    A Japanese early 20th century Okimono figure of a man - foot a/f (with stand) 30-50
840.    A Chinese antique brown agate snuff bottle carved cockerel and flower decoration with green stone lid 80-100
841.    A Chinese painted glass snuff bottle decorated birds - 8.5cm 10-30
842.    A 19th century Indian watercolour on ivory miniature of a Mughal princess, 6 x 5cm 80-120
843.    A 'Cinnabar lacquer' box and contents 10-20
844.    Two Parker pens, Parker pen set and two other ink pens 20-30
845.    A group of collectables to include cheroot holders, scissors, pens etc 10-20
846.    A set of replica Hardy playing cards - complete and in good condition but box a/f 10-20
847.    A box of collectables to include Edward VII vesta, enamel badges etc 10-30
848.    A group of surgical instruments 20-30
849.    An early 20th century Japanese engraved cigarette case decorated peacock and dragon 20-40
850.    Assorted vintage school blazer badges 10-20
851.    Various commemorative crowns 10-20
851A.   A Meerschaum pipe carved horse, repaired - cased, and two carved wood miniature beads 10-20
852.    A box of collectables 10-20
853.    A miniature transistor radio, a 'Smiths Crisps' tin and an old razor 10-20
854.    A brass hand bell and a cloisonne plate 10-20
855.    A set of six copper bucket form napkin rings 10-20
855A.   Seven Dinky model road signs circa 1960's 20-40
856.    A mahogany tea caddy, and three other various wooden boxes 10-30
857.    A Victorian slope front writing desk with fitted interior 30-50
858.    A box of advertising tins, packets and cigar shop display 10-30
859.    A novelty Margaret Thatcher nut cracker 10-20
859A.   A set of Underwood Engadine Tours Stereoscope Slides - boxed 20-30
860.    A collection of old buttons 10-20
861.    A box of small brassware 10-20
862.    A box of pipes, lighter, cigarette case etc 10-20
863.    A Maezel metronome 10-30
864.    Two carved Sahara Desert petrified wood sculptures 10-20
865.    A model bicycle with working action 42cm wide 20-30
866.    A bronze finish model of a dogs head - 28cm 20-40
867.    A brass circular marine barometer and a later barometer 20-30
868.    A pair of 'tortoiseshell' pressed leaf form dishes decorated gilt birds - a/f 20-40
869.    A brass jardiniere on paw feet 10-20
870.    A carved wood Swiss musical fruit bowl playing two tunes 20-40
870A.   A horn snuff box, a rosewood snuff box and a brass one engraved 'Takea Pinch and Welcome' 20-30
871.    A Victorian Christoleon of a woman - frame a/f - 12 x 9cm 10-20
872.    A pair of Art Deco glass elephant bookends by Heinrich Hoffman, one badly a/f and the other with chips 50-60
873.    A pair of 1920's beaded velvet childrens slippers and a leather pair 10-30
874.    A pair of micro mosaic miniature photograph frames - 6 x 4.7cm 20-30
875.    Six various early 20th century and vintage painted paper fans 20-40
876.    A pair of Victorian cut glass scent bottles in leather casket set moonstones 20-40
877.    A pair of mother of pearl clad opera glasses by JS Steward in fitted case 40-60
878.    A pair of metal clad opera glasses 20-40
879.    Two Stratton compacts 10-20
880.    Three various compacts 10-20
881.    A box of collectables including compacts 10-20
882.    An Austrian decorative scent bottle with silver plated and paste decoration, a French papier mache snuff box and a silver plated pill box 20-30
883.    Assorted compacts including two Kiku and one Vogue and two others 20-40
884.    Four Stratton compacts 10-30
885.    An early packet of matches circa 1938 10-20
886.    A Kodak Retinette camera with instructions 10-20
887.    A Rollei 35 LED compact camera with bag and instructions 20-30
888.    A pair of sporting glasses and a pair of old spectacles 10-20
889.    A pair of cut glass lustre light fittings and some additional spares 20-40
890.    A carved Indian book rack and a printing block 10-20
891.    An inlaid cribbage board, vesta made from a grenade, a silk Ed.VII handkerchief and a carved love spoon 10-20
892.    A large jurassic period fossil 'Favosite' 17cm dia (200 million years old from the Gloucester area) 30-50
893.    A collection of geological specimens including blue john, tigers eye, emeralds, rubies, iron pyrites etc 30-50
894.    A group of geological specimens including petrified wood, agate, topaz and coral 30-50
895.    Three large geological specimens of rose crystal, amethyst and rock crystal 30-50
896.    A cream vintage dial wall telephone and a black vintage telephone 40-60
897.    A Victorian leather clad travelling desk with fitted interior a/f 10-20
898.    A large early 19th century pewter charger 25-35
899.    A large red ground Persian runner with all over design 296 x 101cm 160-220
900.    A Persian Hammadan village rug 194 x 117cm 120-180
901.    Two vintage glass lampshades 10-20
902.    A pink moulded Lalique style light fitting decorated humming birds and flowers - 33cm 30-50
903.    An alabaster table lamp and shade 10-20
904.    George Busby - watercolour Cartmel Priory 16 x 25cm 20-40
905.    A 19th century mezzotint lovers in woodland scene - 20 x 24cm 20-40
906.    A vintage red telephone 20-40
907.    A wooden lazy susan 10-20
908.    A copper and brass desk lamp 30-50
909.    A Victorian oak side cabinet with bookshelves and recess over cupboard 60-80
910.    H Carlisle - pair of watercolour Scottish Highlands - 9 x 17cm 30-50
911.    Norman Bradley - watercolour 'Above the Loch' - 37 x 18cm 20-40
912.    A 19th century continental mahogany two door glazed display cabinet with carved columns to sides 80-120
913.    A pair of early 20th century Chinese bronze flared vases decorated figures and tigers - 16cm 60-80
914.    A reproduction gilt metal clock garniture with rococo style painted panels 80-100
915.    A 19th century watercolour Venetian lagoon in morning mist - 40 x 62cm 100-150
916.    Susan Lucy - oil on board lady playing a pipe with dog - 31 x 24cm, signed and dated 1845, verso has part oil portrait and inscription (Susan Lucy is probably a relative of Charles Hampden Lucy) 60-80
917.    A Maguara's blood circulator, boxed and a quantity of other antique and vintage medical equipment 60-80
918.    A box of copper etc 10-20
919.    A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and two long drawers - one handle a/f 40-60
920.    A 20th century child's settee in the Victorian style with floral carved double arched top 86cm wide 150-200
921.    A pair of oileograph still lifes in gilt Art Nouveau frames after Lubin Baugin - 19 x 25cm 30-50
922.    A mid 20th century pedigree gold plush teddy bear - 43cm, and a large mohair teddy bear - 56cm 30-50
923.    A vintage Merrythought panda 10-20
924.    Charles Hampden Lucy - oil on canvas farmyard scene with farmers wife and two sheep, signed CH Lucy, 24 x 34cm, in gilt gesso frame 300-500
925.    A pair of Italian oil on board portraits of women in national costume 27 x 20cm 60-80
926.    A Victorian two tier Sutherland table 50-70
927.    Two colour prints of pubs: 'The Hand and Shears at Smithfield' and 'The Oxford Arms at Warick Lane - 26 x 41cm 20-30
928.    A R Thistleton - watercolour Scottish loch - 21 x 49cm 40-60
929.    A Victorian rosewood and brass bound writing slope 40-60
930.    A large Brushbox Australian turned wood bowl - 31cm dia 10-30
931.    A Victorian mahogany and brass bound writing slope 20-40
931A.   A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers all on plinth base 100-150
932.    A circular convex gilt framed mirror - 37cm 20-40
933.    A pair of prints of chickens and doves in floral and swag cartouche decoration 20-30
934.    A 19th century mahogany linen press with two panelled doors enclosing sliding trays all over two short and two long drawers 150-180
935.    A Victorian mahogany wardrobe with two panelled doors enclosing hanging space all over two drawers 150-200
936.    Ivan Taylor - oil on board Richmond Yorkshire - 13 x 18cm 40-60
937.    An early 19th century watercolour coastal scene with figures boarding boats - 11 x 18cm 20-40
938.    F W Hayes - watercolour and oil highlights - river scene with church and boat - 18 x 27cm 30-50
939.    Four stoneware jars for: Wm Nell Cardiff, Daniel G Hall Oxford, The Canterbury Brewery and The Tewkesbury Brewery 20-40
940.    A small single door glazed cabinet - 51cm wide 20-30
941.    An antique stained pine tool box 30-50
942.    A stone effect figure Pandora 25-45
943.    Two antique stone rollers with iron cogs from and old cider mill 80-100
944.    A stone effect figure girl with pup 25-45
945.    A stone effect figure Meercat family 25-45
946.    A stone effect figure mother and child 25-45
947.    A stone effect elf bird bath 25-45
948.    A stone effect figure Spanish lady 25-45
949.    A pair of old stoneware urns decorated acanthus leaves 50cm diameter 80-100
950.    Two old stoneware gadrooned two handled urns 46cm diameter 80-100
951.    An antique dairy yoke - treated for worm 10-30
952.    An old scythe 10-20
953.    Seven various fishing rods 20-40
954.    A large novelty teapot form chalkboard 122cm wide 60-80
955.    An Edwardian mahogany pair of inlaid double bed ends and irons 20-30
956.    A yellow 'Brom' pedal car 100-150
957.    Two 'Charlie Bears' teddy bears 10-20
958.    A late 19th century oak continental secretaire chest of four panelled drawers 80-120
959.    A bronze finish bust of a South American in feather headress - 25cm 20-40
960.    A large Victorian black slate mantel clock - lacking hands 20-30
961.    A pair of Japanese bronze vases decorated dragons 13cm tall 60-100
962.    A pair of Spelter figures of man and woman and a Victorian cast iron inkwell 20-30
963.    An early 19th century mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers 80-120
964.    A Regency mahogany sarcophagus form cellarette with lead fitted interior 200-300
965.    An Edwardian pitch pine twin pedestal desk with leather inset top 40-60
966.    A small oak coffer with incised decoration to front, top and sides, the front monogrammed H.T. and dated 1722 - all raised on split end supports 115 x 37cm 150-200
967.    A large box of brassware 20-30
968.    A ships compass in mahogany case 60-80
969.    An oval easel mirror with gilt floral mounts - 63cm 20-40
970.    An anatomical human scull with removable top 150-200
971.    A tortoiseshell clad work box with fitted interior 50-70
972.    A marble effect figure of a Grecian lady - 33cm 20-30
973.    A small model galleon - 56cm long 10-20
974.    A Malmsjo leather and brass clad telescope - 61cm 50-70
975.    An octagonal marble and malachite chess board with pietra dura floral inlay 150-200
976.    A large octagonal inlaid Islamic box - 34cm dia 20-30
977.    A Chinese lacquer games box a/f, with contents large quantity of gaming mother of pearl counters in various shapes, approx 295 60-80
978.    An Arts and Crafts cloisonne enamel charger probably by Clement Heaton, decorated leaves and flowers in blue and green tones - 45cm 200-400
979.    A French tortoiseshell bombe form mantel clock with scrollwork gilt metal mounts 80-100
980.    A box of LP's/singles 20-30
981.    Six 1960's Beatles albums 20-30
982.    A box of 1960's records including early Beatles 20-40
983.    A box of old records 40-60
984.    A box of Jazz LP's 15-25
985.    Two old deed boxes and a leather clad writing slope 10-20
986.    A knurled walking stick 10-30
987.    A group of four early 20th century parasols 10-20
988.    A shooting stick and a riding crop 10-20
989.    A Kramer rosewood bass guitar with aluminium stock - 1975 - 82, cased 400-600
990.    A print on silk of birds and flowers - 29 x 39cm 10-20
991.    An engraving on marble of Lichfield Cathedral by John Mortlock - 24 x 19cm 20-40
992.    An oil on board vase of flowers - 47 x 34cm, and another of trees - 40 x 34cm 10-20
993.    Five Pelham puppets all in original boxes including: Fairy, Caterpiller, MacBoozle, Witch and Tyrolean boy 60-80
994.    A carved large rectangular 'Jamaica' wooden dish - 40 x 24cm 10-20
995.    A Victorian pine slope front clerks desk 40 x 34cm 10-30
996.    A Hornby 'Advanced Passenger Train Set' boxed as new 150-200
997.    Five Polistil Grand Prix Cars - boxed 30-50
998.    A Britains plastic Horse and Cart boxed No 9499 20-40
999.    Three M + B Land Speed Record cars - boxed 15-25
1000.   Three large scale classic cars boxed 30-50
1001.   Two large scale classic cars - boxed 20-30
1002.   Six Polistil and other model racing cars 30-50
1003.   A Models of Yesteryear display case picture, a boxed Connoisseur Collection of die cast cars and a group of boxed model cars 30-50
1004.   Five Corgi Grand Prix Cars - boxed 30-50
1005.   A box of model cars 10-20
1006.   A 1970's 'Blossom Miss Walkalone' doll in original box 20-40
1007.   A vintage table croquet set 10-30
1008.   A Hammant and Morgan model railway controller for points and speed 10-20
1009.   Six framed and glazed 'Cries of London' prints - 40 x 27cm 20-30
1010.   A pair of oval colour prints after Millet 'The Gleaners' and 'Los Angelos' - 36 x 48cm 10-20
1011.   A watercolour of Blackpool Mill Pembrokeshire monogrammed RCB - 20 x 30cm 10-20
1012.   Bessie Pease Gutmann - two prints of babies - 35 x 47cm 20-40
1013.   Dee Grant - pastel portrait of Louis Armstrong - 56 x 39cm 50-70
1014.   Dee Grant - pastel portrait of Blues Singer - 56 x 39cm 50-70
1015.   A limited edition print of a nude - 84 x 56cm 50-60
1016.   Duncan C Greenman - scale print of a Great Western locomotive 6016 King Edward V - 1/50m scale - 35 x 49cm 20-30
1017.   An oak carved console table 10-30
1018.   Two Edwardian oak carved barometers - a/f 10-20
1019.   R Danford - oil on canvas rural scenes - 60 x 90cm 20-40
1020.   Nigel Blackman - oil on board river landscape - 60 x 90cm 20-40
1021.   A limited edition print after Christian Bernerd - Street Scene - 38 x 28cm 30/75 10-20
1022.   Sythes - oil on board Ilfracombe harbour scene - 50 x 64cm 30-50
1023.   Sythes - oil on board Torrey Canyon - 36 x 59cm 20-30
1024.   A watercolour of Churcham Court - 48 x 36cm 20-40
1025.   A print of an old man in Victorian ornate gilt frame 43 x 35cm 20-30
1026.   A pair of continental watercolour street scenes in gilt floral frames, 46 x 31cm 30-50
1027.   Jonathon Yule - watercolour Stag in woodland - 36 x 55cm 40-60
1028.   A ltd edition print of a pheasant "Startled" by Ronald Swanwick, 322 x 48cm 10-20
1029.   A vintage oil on board portrait of a woman 53 x 39cm 20-30
1030.   A mezzotint of Lady Caroline Montagu as Winter - 45 x 34cm 30-50
1031.   Wettenhalt - oil on canvas Australian rancher with lasso 'Ride for the White Bullock' - 50 x 39cm 40-60
1032.   A gilt framed oval mirror - 52 x 42cm 10-20
1033.   An oak refectory style dining table 30-50
1034.   A set of six leather upholstered Puritan style dining chairs on bobbin turned supports 40-60
1035.   A gilt framed mirror 48 x 72cm 10-20
1036.   A set of four Medieval scene prints - 27 x 19cm 10-20
1037.   S L Crawford - print of three race horses -: Red Rum, Arkle and Desert Orchid - 34 x 62cm 30-50
1038.   Jane Pearson - five watercolour Yorkshire scenes :- Deepdale, Kettlewell, Blanchland, West Stonesdale and Gunnerside - 27 x 35cm 50-70
1039.   A print of an owl - 18 x 12cm, another of manuscript and a nursery print 10-20
1040.   A print of Scottish Malt Whiskies - 41 x 34cm 10-20
1041.   Michael King - pair of watercolour Welsh landscapes - 27 x 37cm 20-40
1042.   A 1960's cane tub chair 30-50
1043.   A guitar and a zither 10-20
1044.   Two framed fishing fly prints 10-20
1045.   Two comical golfing prints - 24 x 16cm 10-20
1046.   An oak Art Deco barometer and a later barometer 10-20
1047.   A tall painted plaster figure of a Chinese man - 60cm 10-20
1048.   A Victorian small pine kitchen table with two frieze drawers all on turned supports 50-70
1049.   A box of mantel clocks 20-40
1050.   A box of mantel clocks 20-40
1051.   A box of antique table linen including lace, crochet and embroidered cloths 20-40
1052.   A Delft pottery mechanical wall clock - 22cm dia 10-20
1053.   An oak tea trolley on barley twist supports 10-30
1054.   Three vintage vanity cases 10-20
1055.   An oval gilt framed mirror - 59 x 45cm 10-20
1056.   A box of five barometers including Short and Mason 20-40
1057.   A shoe shop display stand for Loake shoemakers 40-60
1058.   A map after Casey of Herefordshire 26 x 22cm, a small map of Herefordshire and a Chapman and Hall map of Hertfordshire 20-40
1059.   A framed and glazed map of Gloucestershire by Rob Morden - 29 x 36cm 20-40
1060.   A 17th map of the county of Somerset by Richard Blome - 27 x 34cm 30-50
1061.   A ltd edition print of three collies by Ronald Swanwick, 49 x 40cm 10-20
1062.   A WWII Savings Certificate poster 15-25
1063.   An Edwardian crossbanded vitrine table on slender supports 80-100
1064.   A large multi coloured Persian Tabriz carpet with medallion design on a red ground 310 x 217cm 250-300
1065.   A red ground Kashmir style rug with Bokra design 232 x 154cm 160-220
1066.   An ivory ground Kashmir style rug with all over floral design and gold border 196 x 135cm 120-180
1067.   A 19th century helmet form copper coal scuttle 30-50
1068.   A large copper flagon, 35cm 20-30
1069.   A Flugelhorn by Thoman - in case 100-150
1070.   A set of six Victorian mahogany dining chairs with carved top rail and spindle backs 60-80
1071.   A set of four Victorian dining chairs with carved and spindle backs 50-70
1072.   A pair of Victorian carved back salon chairs 20-40
1073.   A pair of white painted side chairs - one upholstered and one caned 30-50
1074.   A Victorian Puritan style chair with embossed leather seat and bobbin turned supports 20-30
1075.   A George III elm country corner chair - replacement seat and repair 30-50
1076.   A Victorian style circular footstool with tapestry top 20-40
1077.   A pair of Edwardian ebonised Art Nouveau chairs 20-40
1078.   An Edwardian mahogany corner chair 30-50
1079.   A pair of rush seated chairs from St Paul's Cathedral (re-rushed) 30-50
1080.   An early 20th century elm seated farmhouse chair 60-80
1081.   An early 20th century arch back large wing armchair 80-120
1082.   A Victorian armchair with scrollover back and turned supports 20-40
1083.   A large early 20th century wing back armchair 80-120
1084.   A Victorian tapestry floral table runner - 125 x 35cm 20-30
1085.   A Victorian Vienna style wall clock with Art Nouveau floral embossed copper dial and pendulum and mirrored panels to sides 50-70
1086.   A Victorian enlarging or magic lantern 50-70
1087.   A Victorian mahogany and satinwood marquetry bureau 30-50
1088.   An early 20th century slope front bureau with drawer all raised on slender supports 30-50
1089.   A gentlemans vintage leather toiletry case 10-30
1090.   A Victorian brass oil lamp with cut glass reservoir and two brass trivets 20-40
1091.   An Edwardian shaving stand with mirror over drawer, cabinet and shelves 40-60
1092.   An Edwardian oak students bureau with bookshelves 30-50
1093.   A circular oak cased aneroid barometer 15-25
1094.   A His Masters Voice gramophone model 103 40-60
1095.   A reproduction mahogany finish desk tidy 10-20
1096.   A 'Highway' oak corner cupboard with lead glazed door over cupboard door carved armorial 40-60
1097.   An Edwardian mahogany folding cake stand 20-30
1098.   A Dutch style atlas wall clock 20-40
1099.   An oak framed square barometer 20-30
1100.   A Victorian lightwood dressing table mirror 20-30
1101.   A Victorian mahogany dressing table mirror 20-30
1102.   An Edwardian satin walnut chest of two short and three long drawers 50-70
1103.   A Victorian gilt brass oil lamp stand (no oil lamp) 10-20
1104.   A Victorian walnut work and fold top games table, the fold top revealing marquetry chess, backgammon and crib boards all over fitted drawer and slide out well, on carved column and cabriole supports 400-600
1105.   An Italian games table with Sorrento Ware marquetry lift off top, the table fitted with roulette wheel, backgammon board, baize card table, chess board plus associated counters, chips etc 100-150
1106.   A Victorian heavy rosewood side cabinet with display tier over cupboard and two carved columns 150-200
1107.   A Victorian mahogany oval toiletry mirror with carved decoration, 76cm tall 30-50
1108.   A mahogany dropleaf supper table on slender supports and castors - 57 x 126cm 30-50
1109.   An arch top small mirror 10-20
1110.   A pair of Japanese lacquer and ivory inlaid panels depicting birds and branches 41 x 21cm 80-120
1111.   A 1930's Art Deco leather three piece suite comprising small settee and two tub form armchairs - all with studded decoration (in need of replacement cushions) 400-600
1112.   A George III oak circular tilt top wine table on turned column and triple cabriole support 40-60
1113.   A 19th century mahogany Vienna style wall clock 93cms tall 60-80
1114.   A Victorian mahogany occasional table with carved top 20-30
1115.   A Victorian carved occasional table with folding flaps to each side - one flap a/f 30-50
1116.   A Victorian mahogany wind out dining table with one interleaf, on turned and reeded supports - 146 x 104.5cm extended 60-100
1117.   A Georgian mahogany stool with carved frieze 60-80
1118.   A George III mahogany square dining table on slender supports and pad feet - now with fixed top but extra leaf available 60-100
1119.   An oak 1930's military style chest of three drawers 60-80
1120.   A Victorian oak coal scuttle with shovel 10-20
1121.   A mahogany small pembroke table on square supports a/f 20-40
1122.   An Art Deco oval centre table with ebonised top on square supports united by cross stretchers 80-120
1123.   An Edwardian mahogany Sutherland table 20-40
1124.   A large mahogany framed mirror 20-40
1125.   A Victorian mahogany square occasional table with frieze drawer all on tall slender supports 50-70
1126.   A Victorian cricket table with carved top, all raised on three straight legs 60-80
1127.   A Victorian carved spinning chair 20-30
1128.   A Victorian light oak buffet sideboard on barleytwist supports 60-80
1129.   A mahogany finish towel rail 10-20
1130.   A Victorian large gilt wood and gesso framed mirror with scroll work decoration within husk and beaded borders - outer measurement 90cm x 120 wide 50-70
1131.   A large modern gilt framed mirror - 105 x 74cm 10-30
1132.   A brass fender with ball and scrollwork decoration 15-25
1133.   A large 19th century brass kettle on decorative brass brazier stand 50-70
1134.   An antique 'Dunlop Stock' circular enamel advertising sign - double sided - 61cm dia 80-120
1134A.  An antique 'Woodbine' cigarettes double sided enamel advertising sign on bracket - 46cm dia 60-80
1135.   An antique 'Spillers Winalot' enamel advertising sign - 51 x 76cm 60-80
1136.   An antique 'Wills Star Cigarettes' enamel double sided advertising sign on bracket - 46cm dia 60-80
1137.   An antique metal double sided circular sign 'Free Range Eggs Daily' - 45cm dia 30-50
1138.   A 19th century red marble classical column 104cm tall 120-180
1139.   A pair of gilt framed rectangular mirrors - 59 x 49cm 30-50
1140.   Roger Deverin (1884-1973) - pair of mixed media abstracts 16 x 12cm 80-120
1141.   Rosalie V Frith - watercolour 'The Ark' - 31 x 41cm 20-40
1142.   An early 19th century colour caricature print 'A Publican and a Sinner' - 37 x 26cm 30-50
1143.   A large Russell Flint print, glazed in gilt frame - 32 x 44cm 20-30
1144.   R M Lutyn - oil on canvas Caernafon Castle - 50 x 75cm 50-70
1145.   A Victorian oak roll top twin pedestal desk with fitted interior of pigeon holes, 137cm wide 100-150
1146.   A painted plaster dog ornament and a large plaster figure of boy with bowl of cherries - some chipping 68cm tall approx. 20-40
1147.   An Aluminium Blick Featherweight typewriter in case 60-80
1148.   A Royal Bar-Lock typewriter with cover (no base) 80-120
1149.   An Islamic octagonal mother of pearl inlaid occasional table 40-60
1150.   A French style single door reproduction vitrine cabinet with painted panels 50-70
1151.   A Victorian mahogany Chippendale style display side cabinet with blind fretwork and pierced carved decoration 100-150
1152.   An small Edwardian mahogany mirror back sideboard with carved decoration - 120cm wide 60-100
1153.   A coloured engraving of lovers after Fragonard 'Le Verron' - 33 x 43cm 20-30
1154.   An early 19th century watercolour and embroidered picture of mother and children gathering wheat - 33 x 44cm 40-60
1155.   A Victorian tapestry of an old man and child 43 x 35cm 40-60
1156.   A pair of colour prints of gateways after E T Compton - 14 x 11cm 20-30
1157.   A print of three Scottish terriers by Maud Earl - 24 x 32cm 30-50
1158.   A pencil drawing of a pekinese dog - signed Donne - 12 x 20cm 20-30
1159.   A 19th century large mahogany framed mirror with scrollwork carved surround and gilt phoenix to top, 110 cm wide 60-80
1160.   A red ground Persian Lori rug with cross medallion design 343 x 148cm 150-200
1161.   M Tom - oil on board vase of flowers - 39 x 29cm 20-40
1162.   A large Chinese cream silk embroidered picture of a dragon within foliage border - 85cm sq framed and glazed 50-60