Antiques & Collectables Sale
with Jewellery & Silver Section
on Friday 10th May 2019

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1.      Two Crown Staffordshire exotic bird groups and two smaller 20-40
2.      A Crown Staffordshire bisque thrush, bullfinch and great tit 20-30
3.      Five Crown Staffordshire bisque birds including pied wagtail, blue tit, goldfinch, wren and long tailed tit group 30-50
4.      A Crown Staffordshire blackbird on a bough, two similar groups, a blue tit a/f and a bullfinch 10-30
5.      A Mason's Ironstone reproduction jug and bowl set 20-30
6.      A Victorian floral dessert service painted flowers within gilt and pink borders comprising: eight plates and three comports (plus two further comports a/f) 80-120
7.      A modern Chinese porcelain decorative teapot on stand - 28cm 20-40
8.      A Porcelaine de Paris floral painted fruit bowl 25cm diameter 50-70
9.      A reproduction red Chinese vase - 32cm 10-20
10.     A Portuguese porcelain pumpkin form box 19cm wide and an Oriental Catholic religious pot and lid, 15cm tall 20-30
11.     Two blue and white jars and covers 13cm tall 20-30
12.     A large modern decorative Chinese globular vase 30cm tall 20-40
13.     A Chinese rectangular box painted bird 20cm wide and a smaller pot pourri box 20-30
14.     A large Chinese blue and white jar and cover 20cm tall 20-30
15.     A Japanese Meiji period crackle glaze vase decorated dogs of Fo - 26cms 30-50
16.     Two Japanese studio pottery beakers 8cm tall 10-20
17.     A Chinese orange porcelain spherical pot and cover 13cm tall 10-20
18.     A pair of Chinese coffee cans and saucers 10-20
19.     A Chinese large size glass snuff bottle, 10cm tall 10-20
20.     A Copeland Spode 'Chinese Rose' dinner service comprising: six dinner plates, six tea plates, two vegetable dishes, large serving dish, six cups and saucers, teapot, sandwich plate, sugar and three jugs, six coffee cups and saucers and coffee pot 150-200
21.     A Royal Crown Derby Royal Antoinette tea service, pattern number A1225, comprising: eight cups and saucers, eight tea plates, teapot milk and sugar and two cake plates and cake stand 300-500
22.     A reproduction Chinese fishbowl jardiniere 20-40
23.     A Victorian Gaudy Welsh tea service comprising teapot, eight cups and saucers, three cake plates, two slop bowls, sugar (lacking lid) and jug 50-70
24.     A Wedgwood eight place setting dinner service 'Kutani Crane' comprising:- twelve 10" dinner plates, twelve 8" dessert plates, twelve 6" bread and butter plates, twelve dessert bowls, eight cereal bowls, eight dessert bowls, seven soup bowls on stands, two sauce boats and stands, oval dish,15" meat plate, five round vegetable dishes, large soup tureen, eight coffee cans and saucers, eight tea cups and saucers, two cake plates, teapot, sugar, milk jug and cream jug 350-450
25.     A large floor standing Japanese Meiji period vase painted figures in a landscape - 91cm high, the top a/f 40-60
26.     A pair of large pottery vases and covers with printed decoration of country scenes with figures, 50cm 20-30
27.     A Victorian floral dessert service painted flowers within grey reserves comprising: tall comport, four plates and two low comports 30-50
28.     Three Allertons Gaudy Welsh jugs 10-20
29.     Three items of slipware - jug, flagon and rectangular dish 20-40
30.     Three large turquoise blue Racu pottery vases by Gesil Hunting 60-100
31.     A collection of Chinese snuff bottles 20-30
32.     A Royal Doulton Cranbourne coffee set comprising: coffee pot, six cups and saucers, milk and sugar, and a Spode Italian biscuit jar 10-20
33.     A vintage green glass dressing table set 10-20
34.     A Copeland Spode Italian biscuit jar and lid, small chip to lid 10-20
35.     A quantity of miniature porcelain tea wares including Royal Adderley and Crown Staffordshire 10-20
36.     A quantity of miniature porcelain tea wares including Coalport and Spode 10-20
37.     Two Crown Staffordshire miniature teasets on trays 10-20
38.     Nine items of Carlton Ware - Australian Design 10-20
39.     A floral painted Victorian plate, a stoneware floral jug and Spode 'Korea' rectangular dish 10-20
40.     A Royal Doulton 'Lichfield' teapot 10-20
41.     Two Lladro figures - Madonna and baby and a large figure of girl with goose and dog 30-50
42.     A Nao figure and a Royal Doulton figure Marilyn 10-20
43.     A Doulton Bunnykins baby dish, a Wedgwood Peter Rabbit plate and mug 20-30
44.     A quantity of porcelain pin dishes and boxes including Coalport and Kaiser 20-40
45.     Twenty two crested gramophones 60-100
46.     Thirty seven crested gramophones with horns 60-100
47.     A Karl Ens penguin group 30-50
48.     Two Karl Ens bird groups and one other a/f 20-40
49.     A Sylvac dog 1379 - 20cm tall 15-25
50.     A three piece Beswick Guernsey bull, cow and calf 80-120
51.     A collection of animal figures including two Lladro geese, Beswick Timmy Tiptoes, two bird figures, two rabbits and an owl 20-30
52.     A Beswick Basset Hound on wood base 10-30
53.     A Beswick Dachshund 10-30
54.     A Royal Belvedere Kingfisher 16cm tall, and a Country Life Nuthatch 10-20
55.     A collection of six glass animal paperweights: duck, elephant, bird, dolphin, whale and fish 20-30
56.     Three Beswick Beatrix Potter figures comprising Hunca Munca, Tailor of Gloucester and Old Mr Brown plus a musical vintage figure of Snow White 20-40
57.     A Royal Doulton Winnie the Pooh, Dusty and Baby and a dalmation puppy, plus a miniature jug 10-30
58.     A china frog form trinket box and an enamel trinket box 10-20
59.     Three Chinese blue and white tea caddies and two matching pin dishes 20-30
60.     Four Royal Worcester figures from the 1920's Collection 25-45
61.     A Wedgwood green leaf dessert comport and eight plates 60-80
62.     Three Chinese pottery teapots, one a/f 10-20
63.     A Wedgwood Beatrix Potter suite of china comprising money box, mug, two bowls, two plates, cup and saucer plus Bunnykins mug 30-50
64.     A Victorian dolls dinner service comprising three tureens, two sauce boats, four meat plates, seven dinner plates and eight breakfast plates all with chequered decoration 10-20
65.     A Wedgwood 'Wheatear' tea service comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates, cake plate and milk and sugar 20-40
66.     Two Imari plates with panelled decoration 10-30
67.     A Royal Doulton Kookaburra plate with Kookaburra facing left - 22cm 10-30
68.     A Royal Doulton Persian plate D1900 10-20
69.     Two Royal Doulton Series Ware plates and 'Ophelia' plate, plus a Royal Winton plate 10-30
70.     A Poole pottery studio bowl, 27cm diameter 30-40
71.     A pair of Arthur Wood gilt and cream handled ceramic baskets and two other planters 10-20
72.     Two 19th century blue and white strainer plates 20-40
73.     A cut glass fruit bowl and three brandy glasses, possibly Waterford 10-20
74.     A collection of nine assorted hunting scene printed plates 30-50
75.     A part Royal Doulton Sonnet pattern dinner service - H5012 - including six side plates and four large dinner plates 10-20
76.     A group of five Turkish pottery plates 10-20
77.     Five Victorian pottery jelly moulds 10-20
78.     A Mason's ironstone plate and fruit bowl and a Victorian teapot a/f 10-20
79.     A pair of Edwardian Royal Chelsea Pottery ewers painted flowers on a cream ground - 28cm 20-40
80.     A Chinese style Portuguese tall vase and cover 30cm tall 10-20
81.     A lidded ginger jar, Chinese pattern - 20cm high 10-20
82.     A Burleighware Ironstone yellow vase - 27cm 10-20
83.     A Royal Doulton 'Issak Walton - Complete Angler' jug 50-80
84.     A Victorian porcelain candlestick group of woman and child with floral encrusted decoration 33cm tall 20-40
85.     A pair of Minton's floral cups and saucers Pat No 4297 with 'English Porcelain' mark 20-30
86.     A Meissen 'Onion Pattern' plate and a matching Hutschenreuther cabinet cups and saucer painted to match 30-50
87.     A pair of Victorian Staffordshire figures Prince of Wales and Princess Royal on chairs one a/f 10-20
88.     A Victorian majolica pot decorated stylised foliage - with hairline crack 10-20
89.     A Royal Doulton Art Nouveau vase with stylized decoration and a silver rim 30-50
90.     Two Hutschenreuter cabinet cups and a Limoges one 20-30
91.     Three Dresden floral painted cups and four saucers 80-120
92.     A Yardley ginger jar and cover 15cm tall 10-20
93.     A set of five large wine glasses and two glasses with spiral stems 20-40
94.     A Bristol blue glass jug, four wine glasses and four tumblers 20-40
95.     Two Edinburgh crystal decanters and twelve liqueur glasses 200-300
96.     A group of Webbs Bristol blue glass 20-30
97.     A large Bohemian red and gilt floral painted vase 26cm tall 20-30
98.     Three Kandsf Jordglass bird form glass paperweights by Benny Motzfelot, two beaks a/f 10-20
99.     A spiral glass decanter with silver plated collar and fruit stopper 20-30
100.    Six champagne glasses with hollow stems 60-80
101.    A large Portuguese blue and white plate 'Vista Alegre, 33cm diameter 20-30
102.    A Dartmouth pottery swan planter - 30cm high 10-30
103.    A Royal Worcester boxed set of four harlequin cups and saucers and a similar set designed by Llewllyn-Bowen - both boxed 30-50
104.    A large heavy cut glass crystal bowl 10-20
105.    A glass vase etched Viking ship and a large Victorian cut glass dish 20-40
106.    A large Edwardian vase painted flowers on an ivory blush ground with gilt scrollwork handles - 43cm tall 10-20
107.    A set of four 19th century green glasses 10-20
108.    A Victorian cranberry glass bell 26cm tall 30-50
109.    Three coloured glass vases including Venetian one and two paperweights
110.    A continental glass double horse head spouted goblet 30cms 20-30
111.    A 1930's Art Deco wall mask of a woman by C Ltd, No. 21 10-20
112.    An art glass purple sculpture and a pair of purple glass candle holders 10-20
113.    A harlequin set of cocktail glasses on spiral stems 20-40
114.    An 18th century glass engraved small flask 12cm tall and a Georgian glass oval dish 10-30
115.    A group of four Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures:- Mrs Tiggywinkle, John Townmouse, Mrs Rabbit and Mrs Ribby 40-60
116.    Three Beswick Beatrix Potter figures comprising:- Tom Kitten, Fox Whiskered Gentleman and Benjamin Bunny 30-50
117.    Three Beswick Beatrix Pottery figures:- Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck and Hunca Munca 30-40
118.    A Royal Worcester trumpet form vase No. 993 painted flowers on blush ivory ground 30cm 50-70
119.    A Royal Worcester jug No 783 painted flowers on blush ivory ground 18cm 40-60
120.    A Royal Worcester cup and saucer painted flowers on blush ivory ground 30-50
121.    A Royal Worcester plate painted Art Deco stylised trees on red and black ground 30-50
122.    A Beswick foal 10-20
123.    A Beswick fox and four hounds 60-80
124.    A Moorcroft vase painted Iris 7cm tall on a blue ground and another Moorcroft vase a/f 60-80
125.    A 19th century pearlware blue and white pot and cover with mask handles and an 18th century blue and white tea bowl decorated fisherman 30-50
126.    A Chinese blue and white saucer painted three boats in landscape 10-30
127.    A Chinese famille rose tea bowl 30-50
128.    A Meissen Onion pattern blue and white tureen and cover with stand - chipped 19cm tall 50-70
129.    A Dresden porcelain group girl with mandolin and farm boy 50-70
130.    Two Dresden figures - girl with mandolin and girl with garland plus a Sitzendorf figure of a shepherd and pipe 50-70
131.    Two Herend porcelain double salts painted birds and flowers and a Meissen style one with AR mark 100-150
132.    A Victorian Stourbridge glass centrepiece comport with facet cut and frilled edge - 28cm dia 40-60
133.    A German porcelain plate painted roses 30-50
134.    A Royal Dux figure woman water carrier with sheep 24cm 60-80
135.    A Royal Dux figure Middle Eastern water carrier 20cm 40-60
136.    A Royal Dux figure farm boy with baskets 25.5cm 60-80
137.    Two cut glass decanters 20-30
138.    A cut glass covered carafe and two cut glass decanters 10-20
139.    A large cut glass jug and a squat cut glass jug 20-30
140.    A set of six cut glass hock glasses 10-30
141.    A set of eight studio glass champagne flutes with purple swirled decoration 20-40
142.    A red flashed decanter, cranberry vase and a green mottled vase 10-20
143.    Four various cut glass vases 10-20
144.    A set of six cut glass Royal Brierley glasses and a set of six engraved sherry glasses 20-40
145.    A Somerso glass vase and two others 10-20
146.    A suite of cut glass comprising six small wine glasses, six sherry, six liqueur and two large wine 20-40
147.    Two Wedgwood peach candlesticks, Swedish glass tiger paperweight and various other glass 20-30
148.    Two cut glass scent bottles, three vinegar bottles, and a pair of cruets 20-30
149.    A David Paterson studio glass small vase and paperweight 10-20
150.    A set of eleven early 20th century large rummers 80-100
151.    A box of Evesham serving dishes and a Royal Doulton tureen 10-20
152.    A pair of Waterford 'Marquis' tall glasses - boxed 30-40
153.    A group of five various vases and jugs including Myott, Crown Ducal and Ryander 10-20
154.    A Minton 'Gloucester' dinner service comprising: eight dinner plates, four vegetable dishes, six coffee cups and saucers, six tea cups and saucers, coffee pot, eight dessert bowls, milk, sugar, meat plate, eight side plates and cake plate 50-70
155.    A pottery pub 'Scotch Special' flask and tap 20-40
156.    Spare Lot 0-10
157.    Spare Lot 0-10
158.    A pair of silver plated oval entree dishes 20-30
159.    A Victorian silver plated tea set and various silver plated items 20-40
160.    A silver plated flambe pan and stand 30-50
161.    Various silver plated items including tea set, two trays and two jugs 20-30
162.    Spare Lot 0-10
163.    A WMF silver plated bowl with stylized decoration and glass liner 30-50
164.    A WMF silver plate on pewter Art Nouveau fruit knife stand decorated female head with flowing hair and poppies 150-200
165.    A WMF silver plated inkwell decorated pine cone 60-80
166.    An Art Nouveau silver plated lily pad taper stick 20-30
167.    A Victorian silver plated hot water jug with ivory finial and foliage decoration 10-30
168.    A plated rosewater sprinkler 10-20
169.    A cut glass claret jug with silver plated spout and handle 20-40
170.    A silver plated model of a Llama - 14cms 20-30
171.    A silver bud vase, a silver topped cruet bottle and a silver plated vase 10-20
172.    Eleven various Eastern white metal boxes 20-40
173.    A Burmese oval white metal box decorated dragons and a pumpkin form box marked 90 and a silver and enamel box, 94g 60-80
174.    Three Burmese white metal boxes marked 90, decorated dragons, 103g 50-70
175.    A pair of 19th century mother of pearl and silver fruit eaters, two cake serving forks and five various silver plated poons 20-30
176.    A silver plated muffin dish and silver plated sugar bowl with green glass liner 10-30
177.    A box of silver plated items including four piece teaset, cake basket etc 10-30
178.    A box of silver collar fish cutlery in oak case with key 10-20
179.    A pair of 19th Century Sheffield plated candlesticks with foliage decoration 30-50
180.    A silver plated tea kettle on stand 30-50
181.    A Burmese white metal circular bowl with embossed decoration, 12cm diameter, 168g 30-50
182.    A Burmese white metal octagonal pierced box, marked 90, 293g 12cm diameter 60-80
183.    Two Burmese white metal cylindrical boxes with embossed decoration, 230g 30-50
184.    A Burmese white metal box in the form of two birds, 108g 60-80
185.    A Chinese white metal cigarette case decorated dragon, marked 90, 136g 50-70
186.    A Burmese white metal pierced posy holder decorated fish 70g 40-60
187.    A Chinese white metal chop stick holder decorated dragon and another set blue stone 50-70
188.    A Burmese white metal circular fruit bowl embossed scrollwork and animals, 555g, 22cm diameter 120-180
189.    A Burmese white metal large circular box and cover, marked 90, 461g, 14cm h 60-80
190.    A Burmese silver rice bowl with embossed panels of women dancing, 20cm tall, 450g 180-250
191.    Withdraw 30-50
192.    A Victorian silver challenge cup by George Maudsley Jackson, 1895 - 268g 60-80
193.    A pair of Greek 925 silver candlesticks, 26.5 cm tall 200-300
194.    A set of six silver tea spoons - Birmingham 1929, 107g, a plated spoon and various picks 30-50
195.    A pair of silver sugar tongs, a silver sifter spoon - London 1830 and silver sauce ladle, 159g 40-60
196.    A set of six silver seal top coffee spoons - Birmingham 1926, 48g 25-35
197.    A pair of Victorian silver plated salt spoons, and five silver salt spoons 20-40
198.    A pair of American silver spoons by Thomsen 30-50
199.    Eleven various silver forks - 658g 150-200
200.    Three silver Georgian tablespoons - London 1808, 164g 50-70
201.    A silver Georgian basting spoon London 1810 by Peter and William Bateman and a pair of silver plated grape scissors 60-80
202.    A pair of Georgian silver tablespoons London 1781 and five dessert spoons London 1791, by JH 330g 80-120
203.    A pair of silver sauce ladles 1818 by Francis Higgins, 153g and another silver sauce ladle, 46g 80-120
204.    A matched near pair of Victorian silver engraved goblets with all over floral decoration by George Maudsley Jackson, London 1895 - 374g 120-180
205.    Six silver Georgian dessert spoons, 181g 40-60
206.    A quantity of various silver teaspoons, 147g 40-60
207.    Five silver decorated souvenir South African teaspoons 30-50
208.    Two sets of six silver coffee spoons - Birmingham 1899 and London 1926, 78g 50-70
209.    Eleven various Victorian and Georgian good quality teaspoons, 302g 80-120
210.    A box of silver butter knives and tea knives 30-50
211.    A pair of George III silver sugar tongs - Birmingham 1775, and a silver pickle fork 40-60
212.    A set of six silver teaspoons - Birmingham 1959, cased 20-40
213.    A Mappin and Webb silver salver engraved presentation 1988 - 25cm dia, 910g 100-150
214.    A Mappin and Webb silver sugar sifter Sheffield 1938, 140g 30-50
215.    A large silver capstan inkwell 50-70
216.    A small 800 standard silver inkwell and another silver one - Birmingham 1918 20-40
217.    A silver slide out vesta case and a silver plated matchbox cover 15-25
218.    Two silver vesta cases Birmingham 1911 and 1905 20-40
219.    A silver topped glass inkwell, a silver topped dressing table jar and three silver napkin rings 30-50
220.    A silver and cut glass dressing table jar and a silver purse a/f 25-35
221.    A silver circular salt Birmingham 1858, a nurses buckle and oval pill box 30-50
222.    A small group of white metal and silver topped cruets and scent bottle, and a Liberty Art Nouveau style pewter box 10-30
223.    Four silver and cut glass toiletry bottles, a smelling salts bottle, perfume bottle and a pepper pot 30-50
224.    A set of six 800 standard silver coffee spoons, silver miniature photograph frame, silver vesta, fob chain etc 40-60
225.    A silver mirror and brush set - boxed 40-60
226.    A Chinese silver oval brush decorated dragon and a white metal bat brooch 20-40
227.    A set of six silver coffee spoons - Sheffield 1825, 55g - and a pair of sugar tongs 30-50
228.    A box of various silver items 30-50
229.    Six small silver trophy cups 40-60
230.    An umbrella with long Chinese white metal embossed handle decorated animals, figures and dragons 50-70
231.    A silver two handled challenge cup - 20cm, 386g (not engraved) and stand by Adie Brothers Ltd, Birmingham 1902 100-150
232.    Withdraw 40-60
233.    A Victorian silver chamber stick with original snuffer - Birmingham 1892 40-60
234.    A silver set of postal scales with ivorine scale Birmingham 1924 60-80
235.    A pair of silver Corinthian column candlesticks, Sheffield 1924 by Mappin & Webb 23.5 cm tall 150-200
236.    A silver three piece cruet set, boxed - Birmingham 1925 30-50
237.    A silver dressing table box with all over scrollwork decoration - Birmingham 1896, 95g 40-60
238.    A silver ashtray and a silver vase a/f 15-25
239.    A silver and cut glass boat form inkwell - Birmingham 1929 30-50
240.    A pair of silver urn form pepper pots Sheffield 1905 and two other silver pepper pots, 140g 60-80
241.    Two cut glass and silver dressing table boxes - one embossed angels heads 20-40
242.    A silver three piece cruet set - Birmingham 1919, with liners and spoons 40-60
243.    A boxed set of silver coffee spoons, Birmingham 1956, two silver napkin rings, two other teaspoons etc 30-50
244.    A silver sugar castor - 144g, a silver mustard pot, an Edwardian silver photo frame - Birmingham 1902, and a small silver tazza - 146g 80-120
245.    An Indian silver toast rack 100g, a silver circular salt with blue glass liner and a silver pin dish 40-60
246.    A box of silver plated serving cutlery, vesta etc and a silver butter knife 10-20
247.    A four piece silver brush and mirror set and a baby silver brush and mirror 40-60
248.    A pair of silver candlesticks - 20.5cm tall 120-180
249.    A silver George III wine goblet with engraved swag and flowerhead border, London 1799 200-300
250.    A pair of George III silver wine coasters with pierced decoration borders and engraved urns and swags, London 1781 by William Abdy 500-700
251.    A small silver Georgian mug with reeded decoration - London 1837, 105g 50-70
252.    A silver bowl with pierced decoration and blue glass liner, Chester 1903, 120g 50-70
253.    A Greek 925 silver ribbed and beaten vase, 13cm tall 60-80
254.    A silver three piece half gadrooned tea service by Daniel and Arter, Birmingham 1923 - 1320g 350-450
255.    An Irish George III silver gravy boat on hoof feet with scroll over handle, Dublin 1781, by WP, 260g 80-120
256.    An Arts and Crafts silver coffee jug with embossed border of stylised flowerheads, Birmingham 1927, 450g 180-250
257.    A silver three piece teaset by Wm Hutton and Sons - London 1897, 910g 200-300
258.    A silver mustard pot with blue glass liner, London 1893, by George Fox 40-60
259.    A silver Georgian sugar bowl and milk jug with foliage engraved borders - London 1805, 420g 180-250
260.    A silver shallow dish with triple grotesque figure handles and embossed floral decoration, London 1903 60-80
261.    An oriental white metal box in the form of a chicken house on marble base - 11.5 w x 7cm d x 10cm tall 30-50
261A.   A Victorian silver goblet with engraved decoration 40-60
262.    A silver card case with scrollwork border and engraved decoration by Hilliard & Thomason, Brimingham 1858 60-80
263.    A silver card case with engraved decoration by Jones and Compton, Birmingham 1903 80-100
264.    A silver evening purse Birmingham 1917 20-40
265.    A silver sherry wine label London 1815 by EF 60-80
266.    A miniature silver novelty pepper pot in the form of a dogs head, Birmingham 1903 by William Holmes 50-70
267.    A silver circular sherry wine label London 1838 by PS 100-150
268.    A set of nine silver Onslow pattern teaspoons - London 1896, 205g 50-70
269.    A silver Arts and Crafts honey spoon, Artificers Guild - London 1928 30-50
270.    A button hook with silver lion head handle 20-40
271.    A pair of silver grape scissors by Harrison Bros, Sheffield 1925 - 130g 50-70
272.    A silver marrow scoop and a silver lobster pick, 70g 40-60
273.    A set of twelve silver coffee spoons and tongs - boxed 40-60
274.    A set of six silver and enamel coffee spoons - boxed 30-50
275.    A set of six silver coffee spoons and tongs - Sheffield 1904 - boxed 30-50
276.    A silver handled three piece christening cutlery set - Sheffield 1870 - boxed 20-40
277.    A cased pair of silver pickle or olive forks, London 1913 20-40
278.    A set of six silver numbered napkin rings with engraved vine decoration London 1880 by William Evans all cased in original Goldsmiths box 150-200
279.    A pair of silver napkin rings, Birmingham 1901 - cased and a silver teaspoon 20-40
280.    A pair of silver grape scissors Sheffield 1931 and a pair of silver wishbone sugar tongs 50-70
281.    An 18ct gold bracelet set seven oval cut sapphires and twelve diamonds - total weight 18g, the sapphires 7mm x 5.1mm x 3.8mm, tone 8, saturation 3. With full insurance certificate, valued 6825. 1000-1500
282.    A Victorian gold plated bracelet set green stones and seed pearls 40-60
283.    A 9ct gold gatelink bracelet 12.8g 80-120
284.    A 9ct gold bracelet and numerous charms, partly gold 100-150
285.    A gold bracelet unmarked 18g 120-180
286.    A 9ct gold bracelet 16g 100-150
287.    A 9ct gold heavy link charm bracelet and seven gold charms, total weight 80g 600-800
288.    A 9 carat gold identity bracelet - 42g 300-400
289.    A 9 carat gold charm bracelet and seven gold charms, QV half sovereign and three yellow metal charms - 37g 300-400
290.    A Certina 9 carat gold watch and 9 carat gold strap 100-150
291.    A 9 carat gold gatelink bracelet 6g 50-70
292.    A 9 carat gold woven link bracelet - 30g 250-300
293.    An 18ct gold hinged bangle set row of diamonds 800-1000
294.    An 18 carat white gold tanzanite and diamond bracelet 400-600
295.    A 9 carat gold oval pendant decorated bust, and a fine 9 carat gold chain 5.9g total weight 45-55
296.    A 9 carat gold woven link necklace 16g 120-180
297.    An Italian 10 carat gold box link necklace set beads - 4.8g 40-60
298.    A 9 cart gold semi precious stone set butterfly pendant on fine gold chain 60-80
299.    An unusual friendship Mizpah style pendant set green stone, on 9 carat gold chain - total weight 5g 60-80
300.    An antique gold cross set old cut diamonds on 9 carat gold chain (the cross 3.5 x 2.5cm) 400-550
301.    A Louis Vuitton 18 carat white gold diamond set pendant in the form of a padlock 1200-1800
301A.   A fine diamond solitaire pendant (just under one carat) on platinum chain 1000-1500
302.    A tanzanite AAAA pendant (1.36) on 18 carat white gold chain 500-700
303.    A 9 carat gold oval amethyst pendant on 9 carat gold chain 50-70
304.    A 9 carat gold reticulated fish pendant and 9 carat gold chain - 16g 120-180
305.    A 9 carat gold chain link necklace 6.6g 50-70
306.    A 9 carat gold book form locket - 5.4g with engraved decoration on gold plated chain 40-60
307.    A 9 carat gold Parachute Regiment pendant on 9 carat gold chain 7.5g 150-200
308.    A Victorian gold garnet set pendant necklace on 9 carat gold chain 100-150
309.    An 18ct gold diamond solitaire ring (just under 2 carats) size H1/2 3000-5000
310.    An 18 carat white gold solitaire diamond ring - approx 2 carats, size K 5000-6000
311.    A fine platinum set three stone diamond ring - the centre stone 1.16 carats, flanked by two diamonds, 60pts each, size M 2600-3500
312.    An 18 carat white gold ring set central stone approx one carat, flanked by two baguette cut diamonds (15pts each), size L 1/2 2200-2800
313.    An 18 carat white gold solitaire diamond ring 1.15ct, size M 2500-3000
314.    An 18 carat gold diamond solitaire ring, size N 1/2 180-250
315.    An 18 carat white gold five stone diamond ring, size L 1800-2500
316.    A Victorian 18 carat gold ring set five yellow diamonds, size L 500-700
317.    An Edwardian 18 carat gold ring crossover set three diamonds, the centre stone approximately 1/3 carat, size L 500-700
318.    A gold ring set four diamonds - size L 1/2 120-180
319.    A 14 carat gold diamond solitaire ring, size L 100-150
320.    An 18 carat gold two stone diamond crossover ring - size 0 1/2 120-180
321.    A 9ct half eternity ring with channel diamonds, size O 100-150
322.    A 9 carat gold ring channel set diamonds, size O 100-150
323.    A yellow metal ring set white stones, size N 30-50
324.    An 18 carat gold ring crossover set white stone size N 1/2 30-50
325.    A 9ct gold Sleeping Beauty turquoise ring size P 150-250
326.    An 18 carat gold ring set Columbian emerald flanked by two diamonds (emerald 1.36 cts, diamond total 0.75), size N 2400-2600
327.    An 18 carat gold emerald and diamond ring (emerald total 0.39 and diamond approx 0.18), size M 500-700
328.    An 18 carat gold amethyst and diamond cluster ring - size N1/2 1200-1800
329.    An 18 carat gold five stone amethyst ring set eight chip diamonds, size N 300-500
330.    A yellow metal ring set amethyst, size L 30-50
331.    A Victorian 18 carat gold ring set purple stone (originally two rings), size L 50-70
332.    A 9 carat gold ring set amethyst - size N 50-70
333.    A 9 carat gold ring set oval cut amethyst size J 50-70
334.    A 14 carat gold ring set topaz in decorative surround - size M 1/2 80-120
335.    A 9 carat gold AA tanzanite and diamond ring, size N 40-60
336.    An 18 carat gold ring set aquamarine size K 50-70
337.    An 18 carat ruby and diamond channel set ring, size M 400-500
338.    A 9 carat gold ring set chip ruby and diamonds, size N 1/2 80-120
339.    A 9 carat gold ring line set five various gem stones to spell 'Regards' size M 80-120
340.    An 18 carat gold opal and sapphire ring - size L1/2 80-100
341.    A 9 carat gold ring line set five various coloured gem stones, size N 80-100
342.    A 9 carat gold garnet and chip diamond ring, size N 1/2 60-80
343.    A 10 k gold ring set pink rectangular stone, size N 60-80
344.    A Victorian 18ct gold diamond set gypsy ring, size O 200-300
345.    An 18 carat gold gypsy ring set diamonds - size N 1/2 80-120
346.    A 9 carat gold gents signet ring set black onyx, size O 30-50
347.    A half sovereign 1908 set in 9 carat gold ring mount, total weight 10g 120-180
348.    A Victorian 18 carat gold gypsy ring set diamonds - 3g, cased and size P 20-40
349.    A 9 carat gold opal ring - size P 30-50
350.    A Victorian 18 carat gold three stone opal ring set chip diamonds - size I 1/2 100-150
351.    A Victorian gold three stone opal ring set chip diamonds, unmarked - size N 100-150
352.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring - size M 40-60
353.    A 9 carat gold antique cameo ring, size I 50-70
354.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring size J and a 9 carat gold dress ring size L 70-90
355.    An 18ct white gold ring set two diamonds and three sapphires, size M 120-180
356.    A 9 carat gold and platinum ring set five white stones, size S 40-60
357.    A 9 carat gold Victorian hinged bangle set amethysts and chip diamonds - Chester 1900, 12g 100-150
358.    A silver frog charm, a hedgehog charm and a yellow metal heart chain 10-20
359.    A Victorian 9 carat gold brooch set diamond, a 9 carat gold bar brooch set amethyst and another set red stone
360.    A Victorian pinchbeck circular locket set stones on 9 carat gold chain, and an Art Nouveau pendant/brooch 40-60
361.    Two 22 carat gold wedding bands, 8.3g, a yellow metal wedding band, unmarked, 2.2g and a pair of earrings 200-300
362.    A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks, 9.4g - boxed 60-80
363.    A pair of gold cufflinks 9.5g 60-80
364.    A mid Victorian 9 carat gold framed cameo brooch carved classical lady with vines 100-150
365.    A cameo brooch/pendant carved womans bust and bird in 18 carat gold frame 80-120
366.    A 9 carat gold scrollwork brooch set oval cut amethyst 80-120
367.    A 9 carat gold floral bar brooch 2.2g 40-60
368.    A silver and carved lava brooch depicting classical bust 30-50
369.    A 9ct gold open face pocket watch, total weight 82g 200-300
370.    A 9 carat gold ski charm 10-20
371.    A diamond set bow form brooch in white gold or platinum - 3.2 x 2.5cm 450-550
372.    A 14k gold filigree pendant set green stone - 5.7g 100-150
373.    A Victorian gold oval mourning brooch set diamonds and coral, unmarked but tested 150-200
374.    A Clogau gold bee and honeycomb brooch 80-100
375.    A Victorian 9 carat gold and black enamel mourning brooch, centre panel missing 60-80
376.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold and seed pearl knot form small bar brooch 20-40
377.    Two 9 carat gold swivel stone set small fobs or charms 60-80
378.    A 9 carat gold amethyst and white topaz pedant on 9 carat gold chain 50-70
379.    A Victorian miniature extending pencil set turquoise and amethyst 40-60
380.    A 9ct gold fob chain and strap, 32g 250-280
381.    A 9 carat gold necklace, 7.2g and a 9 carat gold bracelet with heart locket 100-150
382.    A 9 carat gold St Christopher medal on 9 carat gold chain - 12g, and a 9 carat gold wedding band - 0.8g 80-120
383.    A 9 carat gold bar brooch set opal - boxed 30-50
384.    An 18 carat gold Chopard ladies 'Happy Diamonds' wrist watch and strap 1200-1800
385.    A pair of 9 carat gold Art Deco style amethyst and diamond set earrings 60-80
386.    A pair of 18 carat white gold Art Deco style sapphire and diamond pendant earrings (sapphire 1.2 ct total) 750-850
387.    A pair of diamond stud earrings (0.18 ct white gold screw backs) approx 0.3cts 750-850
388.    A pair of 18 carat white gold pendant earrings 30-50
389.    Two pairs of 9 carat gold diamond stud earrings 80-100
390.    A pair of 9 carat gold small hoop earrings 20-30
391.    A pair of 18 carat white gold and pearl pendant earrings 50-70
392.    A pair of 14 carat gold stud earrings set cats eyes 30-50
393.    Two pairs of 9 carat gold amethyst set earrings 80-120
394.    A 9 carat gold amber pendant on 9 carat gold fancy link chain, and a pair of matching earrings 100-150
395.    A Victorian yellow metal extending pencil with carnelian set terminal 50-70
396.    A Victorian yellow metal extending pencil with citrine terminal 80-120
397.    A Wahl Eversharp gold plated pencil 10-20
398.    A silver Ethiopian opal ring 25-35
399.    A silver and Sleeping Beauty turquoise ring 20-40
400.    A ruby three stone ring 25-35
401.    A black spinnel and silver ring 25-35
402.    A neon apetite and silver ring 35-45
402A.   A Victorian yellow metal cameo pendant, a silver and marcasite cameo pendant and one other 40-60
403.    A heavy silver and lapis lazuli set ring 30-50
404.    A silver studio malachite ring 30-50
405.    A heavy silver ring set smokey quartz 20-30
406.    An Indian white metal stone set and mosaic bracelet 20-30
407.    A silver and amber bracelet 50-70
408.    An Indian carnelian set bracelet 20-30
409.    A heavy silver crucifix 34g 20-40
410.    A silver and smokey quartz set pendant 20-30
411.    A silver and moonstone asymmetrical pendant 20-30
412.    A Siam sterling silver niello brooch decorated deity 10-20
413.    A silver South American bracelet set oval large turquoise 50-70
414.    An Indian white metal bangle set carnelian 30-50
415.    A large oval cut emerald 30-40
416.    A silver studio amber set asymmetrical pendant 40-60
417.    A Victorian yellow metal and black enamel mourning brooch with hair panel 40-80
418.    Three pairs of stud earrings including amethyst, pearl and diamond and aquamarine 30-50
419.    A 9 carat gold and enamel Oddfellows Masonic jewel 14g total and a silver swimming medal 80-120
420.    A pair of 9 carat gold amethyst stud earrings and a 9 carat gold pair set orange stones 30-50
421.    A 15 carat gold bar brooch set seed pearl and a silver thimble 20-30
422.    A 9 carat gold pink cubic zirconium pendant and earrings 10-30
423.    A 9 carat gold tanzanite and diamond pedant and chain and two pairs of tanzanite and diamond earrings 40-60
424.    A box of costume jewellery including ten pairs of earrings 20-30
425.    Five antique silver brooches including Georgian garnet brooch 30-50
426.    A thread bracelet with silver and diamonte owl set ruby eyes 20-30
427.    A continental yellow metal fob set amethyst 20-30
428.    A silver and enamel pansy brooch by John Atkins & Sons, signed JA & S 20-40
429.    A novelty silver pencil sharpener pendant 15-25
430.    A silver charm bracelet and 42 silver charms 80-120
431.    Four Eastern filligree and enamel butterfly pendants 10-30
432.    A silver brooch, a silver stone set pendant and another pendant 20-30
433.    Three pairs of silver earrings, silver green stone bracelet etc 20-40
434.    A box of silver jewellery plus white metal filigree brooch and bracelet and a tigers eye pendant 30-50
435.    Five pairs of silver earrings, silver watch and a silver ring 30-50
436.    A large pair of amethyst and pearl stud earrings 30-50
437.    A box of silver jewellery and an 18 carat gold ring frame - 3g 30-50
438.    An amber necklace and a pair of silver and amber earrings 20-40
439.    A group of assorted silver bracelets and rings 40-60
440.    A good selection of silver and white metal jewellery 20-30
441.    A single hinged bangle and two silver brooches 20-40
442.    A box of sporting medals including three silver ones, football medals, Lydney and District Welfare etc 30-50
443.    A 'Gas' modern metal pendant necklace on heavy chain 10-20
444.    A silver sovereign case and a silver ingot penknife on chain, and a ball pendant 40-60
445.    Four stone set brooches and an enamel one 30-50
446.    Three white metal coins set bracelets and a similar necklace etc 30-50
447.    A silver charm bracelet and a silver bracelet set threepence - 63g 20-40
448.    A silver stone set swivel fob, a silver floral brooch and a silver school medal 20-40
449.    A Tiffany silver golfing key ring with golf club and ball terminals, plus original bag 20-40
450.    A group of studs and various costume jewellery including two pairs of silver cufflinks 20-40
451.    Two rolled gold bracelets 15-25
452.    Two white metal clock keys and a seal set amethyst 20-30
453.    A silver and pink pearlised bracelet 20-30
454.    A garnet bead necklace with heart form pendant 20-40
455.    A silver choker necklace with asymmetrical moss agate panel 40-60
456.    A studio bead necklace with pearls, turquoise and seeds 20-30
457.    A pearl multi strand necklace with pendant set peridot and amethyst 30-50
458.    A freshwater pearl and purple stone necklace 10-20
459.    A freshwater pearl and green enamel necklace 10-20
460.    A freshwater pearl and red stone necklace 10-20
461.    A freshwater pearl necklace with green and red stones 10-20
462.    A freshwater pearl and pink stone beads 10-20
463.    A silver and turquoise pendant and chain 20-40
464.    A silver Ethiopian opal and silver pendant 25-35
465.    A silver Charles Hopkins fringe necklace, in fitted case 30-40
466.    An Audax mechanical gentleman's 1950's wrist watch, a rolled gold pocket watch and another pocket watch 35-45
467.    A Smiths pocket watch, a Balldor antimagnetic watch and a vintage Allaine gent's automatic watch 50-70
468.    Five various mechanical wrist watches including one automatic and one Rotary 20-30
469.    A 1960's Ingersol divers style watch with 17 jewel lever escapement 40-60
470.    A gold plated pocket watch 20-30
471.    Two silver fob watches 25-35
472.    A Victorian silver and enamel fob watch and a 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch 30-40
473.    Seven various watches 10-30
474.    A box of assorted ladies and gentleman's wrist watches 10-30
475.    A large quantity of collar studs, cufflinks etc 10-30
476.    A selection of costume beads etc 10-20
477.    A North American Indian bead necklace 10-20
478.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
479.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
480.    A box of costume jewellery 10-30
481.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
482.    A Burmese white metal wide bangle decorated wirework and another bangle 30-50
483.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
484.    A group of assorted antique jewellery 40-60
485.    A selection of crystal and other beads 20-30
486.    A group of assorted cameo and other brooches 30-50
487.    A box of vintage costume brooches 10-20
488.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
489.    An amethyst and yellow metal bead necklace and a silver and glass pendant 20-40
490.    A string of amber beads 20-30
491.    Two vintage silver marcasite brooches and a bow form one 10-30
492.    A silver ring set Victorian scrollwork panel and another Scottish stone set ring 30-50
493.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
494.    Various costume jewellery, brooches etc and a silver gilt spoon 10-20
495.    A group of five necklaces including stone and pearls plus four various 'jet' necklaces 40-60
496.    A blue leather jewellery box and contents 20-30
497.    Spare Lot 0-10
498.    Two boxes of commem and defin all world stamps, mint and used. Mostly from mid - late 20th century including album, booklets, presentation packs and numerous envelopes of loose stamps by country 20-30
499.    A schoolboy album and collection of album sheets of GB and all world stamps, mint and used, commem and defin. 1870 Paraguay Dos Reales Dull Blue first issue imperf mm noted 15-25
500.    A folder of old USA stamp album sheets with defin and commem, postage due, special delivery, air and pre-paid cuts mostly from 1860's to 1960's period 30-50
501.    An SG 'Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps 1840 - 1970' Catalogue 2018 - in very good used condition. 15-25
502.    A stamp folder of Australian defin and commem, mint and used, KGV on through to QEII period. Some blocks, higher values, miniature sheet and QEII Coronation cover 30-50
503.    Stamps - forty military covers sent to Captain Snow in Sudan and Egypt in the period May 1910-Jan 1912, many TPO, both Edward VII and George V defins 60-80
504.    A KGVI GB and British Empire/Commonwealth collection in "Victoria" stamp album, mint and used, defin and commem with some higher values to 10/- and $2 and sets/part sets 30-50
505.    An empty 'Leuchtturm Lighthouse' album plus two large stock books 15-25
506.    GB commem stamps on fifty Benham TPO cancelled covers, 1986 - 1991 - in special 150th anniversary album with full history from 1838-1988, plus album of 100+ rail-related all world covers, many TPO cancelled including Flying Scotsman and Golden Arrow - 1958 on 50-100
507.    A folder of mint and used New Zealand defin and commem stamps, QV to QEII including overprints, officials, miniature sheets and blocks. Higher values to 1 noted 50-80
508.    A large 'Safe' album of UN mint and used stamps from 1957 to mid 80's including UN overprints on specific countries issues (eg Netherlands Indies), plus loose pages and block 30-60
509.    A British Empire and Commonwealth stockbook of Gambia, Grenada, St Helena, Dominica, Jamaica, KUT, Virgin Islands, St Vincent and New Zealand stamps, mint and used, defin and commem, KGV onwards - higher values to 10/- noted 30-50
510.    Three all world stamp stockbooks and bag of minisheets, stockcards, booklets etc. Mint and used defin/commem including those of Canada, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and USA, plus Commonwealth Royal event issues 30-40
511.    A stockbook of all world stamps with much later 19th century and early 20th century material from Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Japan and Portugal - includes some China as well. 20-30
512.    A World Stamp album and a quantity of loose stamps 10-15
513.    A box of mainly GB stamps, mint and used, defin and QV onwards. Includes QV 1 green (tear to left side) (SG212), QEII defin multi crown GPO training stamps and UMM sheets of Battle of Hastings stamps SG 705/712 complete (near separation on 4d sheet) plus FDC and some older covers and QEII presentation packs 60-80
514.    An album of all world stamps, mint and used, defin and commem plus three other remnant, 1967 Simplified and some packeted stamps. Much material from 1920 - 30's period 30-60
515.    A box of seven all world stamp albums/stockbooks (one empty) with mint/used defin and commem, mainly 20th century and loose stamps. 40-60
516.    Stamps GB, Commonwealth and rest of world stamps mint and used, on stock cards, album pages and most USA Annual collections from period 1972 - 1987. 40-60
517.    A box of eight stamp albums/stockbooks (one empty) of GB and all world stamps QV including Chinese mint and used, defin and commem plus mainly GB QEII selection of FDC, presentation packs, other covers and unused stamp booklets and mini-sheets. FV in collection c80. Old catalogue and book on collecting stamps also included 80-140
518.    A large box of mainly commemorative stamps from GB, USA and Australia on cover (80+), in presentation books, albums, collection box and folder, some PHQ chards, numismatic/philatelic covers and booklets. Some decimal FV c20, a signed cover and crown coin 30-50
519.    A large box of British Commonwealth and rest of world defin and commem stamps, mint and used, QV period on including albums of Spanish and Railway Locomotive issues, FDC and others, mini-sheets, blocks, approval books and numerous thematic packets (Space, Olympics, Ships etc) 40-80
520.    Stamps - over 180 FDC's and others - some typewritten, in three albums from 1970 - 91 period, plus an empty FDC album (4). Good quantity of specific-to-event/location postmarks such as 'Windsor' and unusual one-offs such as strike-mail cover from Isle of Wight. Needs to be seen to be appreciated, a number of covers have 10+ cat values 50-70
521.    A stamp collection of India defin and commem from 1947 independence including album, FDC/other covers, Hagner and other loose album pages and packet of mint/used. 1948 10 Rupee Mahatma Gandhi noted 60-100
522.    A stockbook of Papua New Guinea, mostly QEII period, mint and used defin and commem 15-30
523.    A bag of Royal commems on cards, presentation folders and packets QEII period including Princess Diana 20-40
524.    A USA stamp album with commem. plus coil, postage due, special delivery and documentary from 1860's on 15-25
525.    A folder of Australian stamps, KGV and used, defin and commem including Roos up to 2/- and higher values up to 1 and $4 for later stamps 20-30
526.    A box of mint and used GB, Commonwealth and rest of world stamps, mainly QEII period including two stockbooks of mainly UMM pre/post decimal defin and commem, an album of mainly Australia including covers plus approvals books, packets, covers and a small schoolboy all world album. Plus smaller box of stamps and catalogues (10) incl "SG, 2005". 40-60
527.    A box of 19 catalogues/information sheets covering stamps of the world (SG - 1993), Commonwealth (SG - 1994 and 1999) and specialist ones for NZ< USA and most European countries (not GB), mainly from 1990's 20-30
528.    A massive part-filled Minkus 'Master Global Stamp Album' containing USA (1938 - 68 almost complete) and A to B Countries of British Empire/rest of world; defin and commem, mint and used and Kuwait. Many sets/part sets. Good Australia, Belgium etc. Some pre-1900 stamps on old album pages inserted - 1000's of stamps 100-150
529.    A massive part-filled Minkus 'Master Global Stamp Album' containing G to K countries including GB, British Empire including India and rest of world plus good German states, Greece, Iran (Persia), Italy, Japan. 1000's of stamps and good quantity pre-1900
530.    A massive part-filled Minkus 'Master Global Stamp Album' containing L to P Countries of British Empire such as Malaya/Newfoundland and rest of world including good Mexico, Netherlands plus Shanghai. Some pre-1900 stamps and others on old album pages inserted 80-120
531.    A massive part-filled Minkus 'Master Global Stamp Album' containing S to Z Countries of British Empire/Commonwealth such as Trinidad and Tobago and rest of world including good Spain, Sweden, Siam (Thailand), Turkey and Uruguay. Some pre-1900 stamps and others on old album pages inserted
531A.   A box of mainly GB mint and used defin and commem QV - QEII in stock book on card, in packets and smaller containers, plus album with FDC's and decimal presentation packs FV 45+. Stockbook includes 2/6d and 5/- KGV Seahorses, unusual Philatelic Congress stamps 1912 and other higher values to 1 40-60
532.    A large box of jumble of GB and rest of world stamps in albums and stockbooks plus various FDC and other covers many of thematic nature (birds, butterflies etc) empty Egypt album (Britannia-1868 on), eight Urch Harris catalogues, packets, loose album pages, sheets of stamps and ephemera 25-35
533.    'The Connoisseur Collection' of GB 6d grey plates 13 - 17 used, 1874 - 1880 large corner letter, wmk spray SG147. Cat540 40-70
534.    A box of seven empty SG Windsor and other albums and numerous pages 10-20
535.    A large collection of GB QEII pre-decimal and decimal stamp FDC (600+), 1967 - 2007 with GPO Philatelic Bureau/Tallents House Edinburgh cancels; some duplication, mostly typed addresses - tidy lot 70-140
536.    A large bag containing stamp stock book with KGVI 1946 Omnibus (43 sets), boxes, tins and bags of loose GB and other defin and commem plus covers from QV period on - covers include early animal, maritime, FDC, Royal Visit, also @Philatector' watermark detector in original box (not tested) and Republic of China mint stamp yearbook 1993 40-60
537.    A large collection of mainly GB QEII decimal stamp FDC (500+), 1969 - 2007, with specific-to- event/location cancels, some duplication. Mostly typed addresses - tidy lot 50-100
538.    A collection of three stamp stockbooks, a 'Triumph' album of 30 QEII decimal presentation packs, two pre-stamp letter (1779 + 1843), Players cigarette card album, postal ephemera and coins including QV silver crown and shilling. FV of decimal commem 80+. Stock is mainly for GB, COmmonwealth and Poland, mostly KGV period 70-100
539.    A box of albums/stockbooks, covers (numerous), packets and album sheets of GB, Commonwealth and rest of world mint and omnibus sets, specimens, thematic, air commem. Pakistan collection - all sorts 50-80
540.    A Boots red stockbook of GB and Commonwealth mint and used - many blocks and strips 10-20
541.    Stamps - QEII pre-decimal stamp stockbook full of defin/commem including blocks, part-sheets, phosphors, watermark variants and higher values to 1 40-60
542.    Stamps - album including KGV Silver Jubilee 1935, KGVI Coronation 1937, Victory 1946, QEII Coronation 1953 and Churchill Commem 1965. Mainly mint/used sets plus two KGVI Coronation covers 40-60
543.    A box of defin and regional QEII , FDC's - approx 140, including high value sets to 5, booklet page, multi-value blocks; many with typed addresses. Strike mail also noted. Good Booth's cat value of 15+ on some 60-80
544.    GB QEII decimal stamps, mint, on display pages and loose. FV c 140. Many sets, mostly if not all UMM 80-100
545.    Hong Kong stamp collection in grey album, QV to QEII handover period, defin and commem, mostly used, with values up to $10 (eg SG 162) seen 50-100
546.    A 'Senator' stamp album of mint and used GB and Commonwealth defin and commem, QV on. Higher values to 1/1Rupee noted 40-60
547.    Stamps - Westminster Olympic Masterfile Collection with certificate of Olympic stamps 1932 - 2000 including FDC, minisheets and commem from around the world . 40-60
548.    Stamps - Five Stanley Gibbons Royal Wedding (Charles and Diana) albums with commems, officials, specimens, mini-sheets, souvenir sheets, sheetlets, booklets, overprints including 'Royal Baby', errors. Needs to be seen to be appreciated 140-160
549.     All World covers including QE GB event and location specific FDC's, Paquebot, Censor, Experimental Pmk, Postage Due, Redirected, Returned to Sender, plus five signed covers including Sir Edward Elgar commemorative signed by Yehudi Menuhin 50-70
550.     British Empire and Commonwealth stamps, mint and used, defin and commem in envelopes. Some QV to KGV issues to be found (eg Newfoundland, Trinidad and Tobago). Worth a look 50-80
551.    Four stamp stockbooks of mainly GB and British Empire/Commonwealth defin and commem, mint and used. good mint QEII Canada and stock of Australia KGVI/QEII 50-70
552.    A red stockbook of Commonwealth stamps 10-20
553.    A KGVI 1937 Coronation Omnibus Collection in album and cover album, mint mounted complete/covers mostly first day , Cook Islands and some spares 60-80
554.    A large collection of GB QEII decimal stamps on 'Cotswold' FDC's 1977 - 2003. Approx 220 in four albums, near pristine condition 60-80
555.    Stamps - some 240 commem covers, some FDC but others specific-to-event (non-Royal Mail) including silk issues, exhibition, stampex, military and specific to location cancel 40-80
556.    A stockbook of all world stamps including GB, China, Hong Kong, USA and seven FDC's and mini-sheet for Macau. Mint and used, defin and commem 10-20
557.    'The Connoisseur Collection' of GB 3d Pale Rose Plates 11 to 20 used, 1873 - 1879 large corner letter, wmk spray SG144. Cat 780 50-80
558.    Stamps - three varieties of KUT KGVI 1c 1938 - 54 issue : SG1 used, SG1 MM and SG13 MM. Total cat 370 40-60
559.    A box of six stamp albums/stockbooks, some presentation packs (GB) and packeted/loose GB and all world defin and commem, mint and used 10-20
560.    An old display album of 46 KGV period airmail stamps and other covers, GB, British Empire and rest of world, including Soviet Airship 1931, North Atlantic Air Service, Express and Registered and scarcer air mail label examples 120-180
561.    A GB stamp album, two stockbooks and presentation book 'Telecommunications and Society' of some QV - KGVI defin and latterly commem but mainly QEII pre-decimal/decimal, mint and used 40-60
562.    An Alpha Major stamp album of British Guiana, QV on, mint and used with up to $1 value seen. Mint 1899 SG 223d 'shaved E' variant noted (cat 42) 25-45
563.    Two stamp stockbooks and tin/box of loose, envelope x 3, carded/ packeted defin and commem issues of mainly Germany but some France, mostly 20th century, mint and used 40-60
564.    A large carrier bag of mainly QEII mint and used defin/commem - decimal mint including sheets, blocks and booklets panes - FV 130, plus SG catalogues 'Collecting British Stamps '2016 and 2018 Editions, other stamp books and a mass of stockcards, Hawid mounts and other ephemera 70-100
565.    A boxed accumulation of mainly British Empire and COmmonwealth stamps, QV to QEII, mint and used commem and defin on stock cards, album pages and in packets. Includes much African Colonies, Mauritius and some GB. Many sets/part sets, specimen Royal Wedding 1981, blocks and sheets. Needs to be viewed to be appreciated 100-150
566.    A Strand stamp album of all world defin and commem QV - QEII period, mint and album KGV to QEII pre-decimal mint and used ; 20 commem covers mostly air related 6 signed. KGVI UMM 1 Silver Wedding noted, worth a look 60-100
567.    A large Greek stamp collection from mainly 1910 on, in clean, well presented stockbook, on stock / album pages and stockcards. Much to work with - 1000's of stamps 50-100
568.    A superbly boxed and presented 'The Commonwealth Collection' 1983, with introductory page from HM The Queen and certificate of Authenticity - serial no 09639. The album contains commemorative stamp sets from all Commonwealth countries for that year UMM and includes Falklands addendum signed off by Sir Rex Hunt, Civil Commissioner, Falkland Islands 80-100
569.    A boxed accumulation of British Empire Commonwealth mint and used defin/comme, QV to QEII, on covers, stock cards, album pages and display sheets. Includes much early material, sets, higher values and needs to be seen to be appreciated 100-150
570.    A large German stamp collection from late 1800's on, including Bavarian states, Reichpost issues, Third Reich, East and West Germany in large stockbook and other on loose pages and stock cards. Much to work with - 1000's of stamps 100-150
571.    Schaubek album of GB and British Empire/Commonwealth stamps, mint and used, commem and defin from QV to early QEII period including officials and overprints. Penny Black (4 margin) and higher values to 1/$10 and other currencies noted 80-120
572.    A packet of KEVII period covers, letters including pre-paids, postcards, cuts and stamp bill from GB, British Empire and rest of world (65+ items) Foreign Branch, agency and registered seen 80-120
573.    A small display album of QV period unused pre-paid envelopes, cards and wraps, GB, British Empire and rest of world (50 items). Good clean collection including QV Penny Postage Jubilee 1890, Soldiers and Seamen's envelope and Indian States. Needs to be seen to be appreciated 80-120
574.    A large stockbook full of mint and used QEII defin and commem stamps of Fiji, much duplication and numerous sets 60-100
575.    A box of Jersey decimal stamps in various presentation packs 1977 - 2000 (c140) FV 140+. Higher values to 1.5d incl 60-120
576.    Three albums of GB QEII stamp presentation packs (approx 150 - 200) of 1980 - 2016 commemorative , UMM - cat value 1K +, FV circa 350 200-280
577.    Jersey stamps 1981 - 85, Benham album of silk covers in twenty sets - approx 80 covers - plus empty album 60-80
578.    GB QEII mint stamp issues/sets 2014 - 18 in three folders with associated history; blocks, strips, booklets, mini-sheets, covers etc FV 550+ 250-300
579.    A blue folder of GB QEII Post and Go mint self adhesive stamps 2008 - 2017, cat 225 plus decimal regionals and covers. Stamp FV 40+ 130-180
580.    A blue folder of GB KGV to QEII defin and commem stamps, mint and used including graphites and decimal booklets, blocks, strips, minisheets and high values FV 200+. In addition sets, KGVI and QEII high values to 10, postage dues and Channel Islands (including postal cover bi-sect Cat 45, Booth) and Red Lion Telegram passed censor 1942 - 43 plus postal issue history 200-300
581.    A QV - QEII stamp stockbook filled with much early material mostly British Empire and Commonwealth defin/commem, mint and used including overprints, officials, postage due, high values to $5/1 etc - needs to be seen to be appreciated 200-300
582.    Three stockbooks of British Empire and Commonwealth stamps, mint and used defin/commem mainly KGV to QEII. Good complete sets of QEII including Falklands in one, Northern Rhodesia stock in another. Higher values to 5/- and $1 noted 70-100
583.    An SG Sectional Imperial Album Cover on 'The Ideal Postage Stamp Album' pages for pre-war issues up to 1914-15, GB and British Empire/Colonies; remainder good selection of mint/used defin/commem and well worth consideration 80-120
584.    Stamps of France (no colonies) in large collection within album, stockbook, stock/album sheets, mint and used, commem and defin including higher values, pre-paids, overprints including military, air etc. Mainly from 1870's on. Needs to be seen to be appreciated 100-150
585.    A large Czechoslovakian stamp collection, mint and used, defin and commem in large stockbook, on loose album pages and on stockcards from 1918 on including postage due, newspaper etc. Much to work with 60-100
586.    A green A4 stockbook of British Empire and Commonwealth mint and used stamps and covers, defin and commem plus overprints, military cancels, revenues, postage due with good Malta up to 2/- KGV and 5/- KGVI 50-100
586A.   A large collection of USA stamps of stockcard and loose album pages, mint and used, defin and commem - mostly from 1900's on, but some earlier. Some scarcer issues seen 80-120
587.    An album of mint and used Liberia stamps on SG album pages 1860 - 1960 including officials 30-50
588.    A stockbook of KGVI 1937 Coronation Omnibus stamps, mint and used, complete - Cat 450 40-80
589.    A collection of EEF/Palestine stamps 1918 - 1940's, mint and used including higher values to 500 milliemes and postage dues 1923 on 20-40
590.    A small eight page A5 size stamp stockbook of QV - QEII mint and used defin and commem issues including KGV higher values to 10/- Seahorses (Bradbury Wilkinson 1918-19) plus postage due, blocks, sets, covers, letter cards and booklets. Pricing in stockbook is from 1990's 40-80
591.    A stockbook of Trinidad and Tobago, QV on, mint and used, defin/commem, postage due, overprints and higher values up to $1.20 noted in earlier issues 40-80
592.    An eight page A4 stockbook of French and French Colonial stamps, mostly 1920's - 1960's. Mint and used, defin and commem and postage due and overprints plus some all world stamps and covers at the back 40-80
593.    Egyptian stamps from 1879 onwards in stockbook, mint and used defin/commem, plus postage due, British Forces, Official 40-60
594.    Stamps of Gibraltar QV on, in stockbook. Mint and used with early values to 50 centimes and 2/- (KGVI) 20-40
595.    A stockbook of stamps from Ceylon and Sri Lanka, QV onwards, used only, including defin, commem, officials, overprints etc. Higher values up to $2 noted in KGV and KGVI 50-100
596.    A stockbook of stamps from Malay States, Singapore, Sarawak, North Borneo and Malaysia, mostly used QV to QEII period, defin, commem but some overprints and higher values up to $5 60-120
597.    Stamps of Mauritius and Seychelles from QV - QEII in two stockbooks, mint and used defin/commem. Some complete sets to highest values noted 30-50
598.    A stockbook of QEII MM commem, all pre-decimal by set from 1952 to 1970 including blocks, traffic lights etc. Inverted and phosphors seen 80-120
599.    Stamps of Gold Coast/Ghana QV on, used with values up to 2/- on earlier issues 30-50
600.    A jumbled collection of GB, Commonwealth and rest of world stamps - defin and commem, mint and used, QV - QEII period including FV decimals, blocks, sets, overprints, FDC, postage due, regionals etc 40-60
601.    Stamps of Cyprus, mint and used in stockbook from QV period on. Higher values to 9 piastres noted in KEVII and 90 piastres in KGVI 40-60
602.    A stockbook of Hong Kong stamps QV - QEII/Chinese Special Region, mostly the latter. Mint and used defin and commem with high values up to 50 noted. 80-160
603.    Stamps of Malta, QV on, in two stockbooks - mostly used. Higher values to 10/- noted in KGVI issue (self-govt) 40-60
604.    Two stockbooks containing stamps of Australia including states, officials, postage due etc. Value to be found amongst more modern issues 60-120
605.    Stamps of Barbados, Bermuda and other islands in the West Indies in two stockbooks and an album. Mint and used, QV on. Early Barbados to 1/- value and sets to highest value noted 80-120
606.    East Africa and Zanzibar album with mint and used defin and commem, QV on, including higher values to 2 rupees and 20/- on 1950's issues (Zanzibar), overprints, postage due 50-100
607.    Stamps of Eire from 1922 on used in two stockbooks including overprinted KGV defin, higher values to 5/- (2nd issue '42 - '45), postage due and various sets 30-60
608.    Stamps of India and Pakistan, mostly used defn/commem of QV period including officials, Indian States and overprints. 50-100
609.    A large collection of GB QEII pre-decimal/decimal FDC's/Event covers 1964 - 1989, with scarcer specific-to-event/location cancels, many 10+ in Booths; approx 720 covers total including phosphor variants. Note: many covers from part-completed sets of the different cancels for each issue as listed in Booths. This is an unusual lot and needs to be seen to be appreciated 100-150
610.    A large collection of GB QEII decimal stamps FDC's/Events covers 1990 - 2010, with scarcer specific-to-event/location cancels, many for 10+ in Booths; approx 690 covers. Note: Many covers form part-completed sets of the different cancels for each issue as listed in Booths. This is an unusual lot and needs to be seen to be appreciated 100-150
611.    Four folders of mainly QEII mint decimal stamp issues/sets 1976 - 2000 with associated history; blocks, strips, booklets, minisheets, covers etc. FV250+ 130-160
612.    A large box of world stamp accumulation, mint and used, QV - QEII period including censor and other covers, stockbook of varying size, tins of loose stamps, plus bags/folders of album pages and loose/packet stamps and GB QEII decimal presentation packs and commems FV c30. Higher values and sets of mainly GB/Commonwealth noted in albums 60-100
613.    A suitcase full of stamps in three all world albums, two tins and bag, plus mainly GB FDC/Commem covers (100+) and presentation packs (mostly decimal FV 10+) 30-50
614.    A GB QV - QEII stamp stockbook of mint/used defins, including higher values, postage dues and regionals, 2d blues and 2/6d and 5/- Seahorses noted 50-100
615.    Stamps -GB Mint PHQ cards 1973 - 80, no's 1 - 40 complete (less no. 24), plus about 140 additional cards in album and packet 30-50
616.    A blue folder full of GB QEII mostly if not all UMM commemoratives 1953 - 75 (spot checked) and many related FDC from 1967 on; some decimal FV but small. Much background information as well 50-100
617.    Spare Lot 0-10
618.    A black folder full of GB QEII London 2012 Olympic/Paralympic Games commemorative mini sheets, strips and booklets - complete sets (29/34) of gold medal winners and others - Cat value 320+, FV 200+ 100-150
619.    GB defin and commem stamps on Benham FDC's 1978 - 97 (over 150 not counting duplicates), many later ones limited edition (between 2,500 - 5000) and all with special-to-event handstamps, most of which Booth catalogues at 10 - 30. Some have additional cancels of interest such as paquebot, helicopter/car carriage marks and one is signed by stamp designer, another is imperf stamp re-issue 150-200
620.    Stamps -Titanic Survivor - limited edition (750) signed cover for 75th anniversary of the sinking 10-20
621.    A group of six GB stamp stockcards with mint and used defin and commem including QV Jubilee 1887 set used. KGV block cypher set to 1/- mint, KGV Jubilee set 1935, FPO and Philatelic cancels and KGVI/QEII varieties/flaws 50-80
622.    Five GB and Commonwealth military covers including 'First Air Mail from Sierra Leone' cancelled, Gibraltar HMS Vengeance registered post and 'Customs and Excise' cancelled plus NZ 1948 (1 Oct) Health Issue FDC 50-80
623.    1867 QV 9d Straw, spray of rose wmk, used, Gibralter cancel 'A26' SG Z57, cat 325 30-50
624.    Hong Kong stamp sets of KGVI and QEII (5): MM coronation (1937), centenary of British Occupation (1941), Victory (1946) plus UMM definitives 1962 and 1990 to highest values. Total SG cat 375 40-80
625.    New Zealand QV 'Chalon Heads' , later QV defin and 1898/99 'Scenes of New Zealand' to 2/- issues, all used. Total cat 900+ 100-200
626.    Straits Settlements stamps: QV and KEVII mint collection of 15 defin up to 50c, QV 4c 'Broken Oval' variety SG64a, KGV 6c inverted wmk SG227w and KGV Silver Jubilee 1935 mint and used sets. Total SG cat 375+ 40-60
627.    A complete KGVI Newfoundland picture 1937 Coronation set on cover, 1c value with 'Fish Hook' flaw (pperf 14) SG257b 15-30
628.    Stamps of Sudan: seven stockcards of mint and used defin, commem, officials, air, postage due; military telegraph and training 'School' stamps. Inverted watermark 4 milliemes pair SG40aw cat 180, included and high values to 20 piastres noted 80-120
629.    An early stamp stock sheet folder with over 60 pages of mainly QV to KGV period material, mint and used of British Empire and rest of world, plus 'Senf's' and 'Lincoln' remnant albums, the former in very good condition 80-120
630.    Seychelles stamp varieties: QV 1902 overprinted 30 cents on 1 rupee uses, narrow '0' in '30', SG 43a, cat 120 and KGV 1912 split 'A', SG78a used, cat 225 30-50
631.    Australian State 'Specimen' stamps of New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania; not all are listed as specimens in SG cat Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps 1840 - 1970 40-60
632.    GB KGV + KGVI higher value stamps: 1918 Bradbury Wilkinson 2/6d and 5/- Seahorses used (SG 415a + SG416) and 1951 2/6d to 1 used (SG509-512) 20-40
633.    East African and Uganda Protectorates 'Specimen' stamps MM both wmk crown CA and wmk multiscript CA 15-25
634.    German Zeppelin stamps mint and used including Polar 1931 commem. Cat 450+ 50-80
635.    Stamps - Berlin "Luftbruke" (Airbridge) cancelled cover dated 1.10.48 plus 5 Berlin Blockade banknotes, four circled B and one B perforated. 50-100
636.    Five French Ceres Head stamps, first issue imperf, plus a later colonial, Martinique (MQE) cancel. Half the stamps are 4 margin; of the six stamps all less 10c & 25c colonial have faults yet are scarcer stamps, particularly the 15c green. Total cat 1500+. Estimate reflects condition 100-200
637.    Imperial Chinese used stamps 1885 - 88 issue, used 1ca bright green and 2 x 3ca mauve plus 1897 1c on 3c deep red revenue overprint Type A, perf compound SG88 and Black Flag Republic of Taiwan 1895 110ca violet Die 111A used. Overall cat 475+ 50-100
638.    1897 Imperial China stamp: 30c new currency surcharge on 24ca 60th Birthday Dowager Empress commem, rose carmine, perf 11 1/2 - 12, used. Cat 775 80-120
639.    GB QV stamp varieties (3): 1d red-brown SG24wi cat 350, 6d lilac SG84wi cat 450 and 1/2d vermilion SG041n 'short L' centre of strip of 3 80-160
640.    A Malaysian State Kedah stamp - 1937 $5 black and scarlet SG68 with Japanese Occupation cancel 20-40
641.    A complete set of twenty four QEII Silver Jubilee Tour 1977 covers, and a set of KGV 1935 Silver Jubilee stamps on envelope 20-30
642.    Two covers of royal visits to South Africa/Basutoland 1947, a commemorative cover of the maiden voyage of the Queen Mary 2 2004, plus a commemorative stamp for 1948 Silver Wedding on envelope
643.    A stamp cover - well travelled 'Censor' of 1940 from Spain via Kenya to South Africa Natal 10-20
644.    Stamps - GB QV and KEVII higher value definitive stamps to 5/-, watermark large anchor - SG cat 780 80-100
645.    KGVI/QEII GB FDC/Special Events covers, most with Booths cat value 20 - 45. Seventeen in total from 1950 - 63 60-120
646.    Eight mint blocks of KGVI New Zealand Peace Issue 3d, each with 'completed rudder' variety SG 671a, total cat c.160 20-40
647.    A Boer War period cover Bloemfontein - Bournemouth with Southampton packet letter cancel 16 Nov 00 10-20
648.    A Boer War Orange Free State Censor Cover with strip of three x 1d purple stamps cancelled Wepener O.V.S 25 Oct 99 and label in Dutch 'Opened under Martial Law'. Route shown by cancel: Wepener - Bloemfontein - Pretoria - Edinburgh
649.    Stamps of Sudan 1901 - 1960's with three later covers, mint and used defin and commem plus postage due, officials and air. Complete sets written up 60-120
650.    Stamps - a 11' No.1901 Orange Free State cover from Bloemfontein to Rondesbosch, Cape of Good Hope with 'Opened under Marshall Law' censor label ('M H 11/11/01' initial and date) with blue NPR cancels on cover 60-80
651.    A bag of GB QV 1d reds, LE, on piece, both two and four corner letters. Variable condition. Plate number, postmarks and watermarks unchecked. Over 200 25-35
652.    GB QEII pre-decimal mint blocks of four SG696/9 with one colour missing., namely reddish brown (698j and 699j), cat 250+. Thin to 698j Robin 'missing legs'; 699j Blackbird 'missing legs' UMM. Scarce, unusual lot 30-50
653.    GB KGV higher value Seahorses: a 5/- UMM SG416 (SG Cat 475) and two sets of SG 450-452 later issue (SG combined cat 380) plus stamp history 80-150
654.    Stamps - SG Windsor stamp album and packet of covers/stock cards of GB mint and used defin/commem from QV to KGVI period including 2D Blue (Numeric MC) and other LE/Later QV plus higher values to 10/- including KGV Seahorses/KGVI. Various scarcer stamps noted including QV/KEVII officials, also variants in watermarks, missing cross to crown, perfs, overseas cancels and postage due. Somewhat scrappy and needs to be viewed to be appreciated 450-500
655.    A Stanley Gibbons Vario stock album of Belgian and Belgian Congo stamps and box, mint and used from 1861 Imperf issue on. Good range through to modern day including some blocks, minisheets, express letter, railway parcel and official, postage due and occupation issues. 500 cat value mint 2 centimes blue (SG44) and 25 centimes blue (SG65) noted, both without gum plus numerous other less common/of higher value. Needs to be seen to be appreciated 80-120
656.    Two small stamp display albums full of KEVIII and KGVI GB, Channel Isles, British Empire and rest of world covers, 150+, including FDC for both defin and commem issues, Philatelic Congress, Registered, pre-paid, blocks, overseas pillarbox cancels, air etc. Scarcer A.N.A.R.E Heard Is FDC noted 120-180
657.    A Green folder of QV to QEII British and Empire/Commonwealth overprinted mint and used defin/commem including higher if not highest values to 15 rupees or 10/-. Numerous sets plus officials and British Forces, agencies and Occupation issues seen - Batum, MEF, Levant, Iraq, Kuwait etc - along with Morocco Agencies 'Seahorses' to 5/-. Good collection 200-300
658.    A folder of GB QV LE defin, mint and used, including 1d Black (3 margin, damaged corner, used), 2d blues and later defin and commem issues relating to/commemorating 1d Black/2d Blue as the first stamps in the world. Other stamps include QV Jubilee 1887 set to 1/- mint, 2/6d (SG178) and 1865 cover (1/-, 6d and 2d values) 250-400
659.    A stockbook of Jamaican stamps; mint and used defin/commem, official, overprints of QV to QEII period. Values up to 1 noted 50-100
660.    A large GB defin and commem stockbook, QV to KGVI mint and used. LE 1/2d -2d 1841 including imperf, MC on piece plus other later issues, mainly jubilee and pre-paid cuts. In addition Postage Due to 1, test stamps and higher values (KGVI) to 5/- 200-400
661.    A stock book of New Zealand and Dependencies, Fiji, Tonga, New Hebrides, Pitcairn Islands and British Solomon Islands. Much early and scarcer material, blocks, overprints, postage due and varieties. Good range and interesting lot 250-400
662.    Sudan stamp collection 1890's -1950's mint and used defin/commem including officials, Postage Due, Army Service, 'School Training' stamps, telegraph, rettas, locations and TPO including covers, (UK-Sudan) 150-200
663.    Two large A - Z folders of GB, British Empire and rest of world stamps on page/in sleeves, mint and used, defin and commem from mid 1800's on to early QEII period with much early material. Requires careful scrutiny and needs to be seen to be appreciated. Penny Black and higher values noted in GB, plus Cape Triangles, China, Hong Kong etc 300-500
664.    A QV and KEVII stamp album of GB LE and later issues, mint and used including 1d Black (3 margin), 2d Blues, 1d Lilac 14 dot MM (cat 225), higher value 2/6d and 5s both reigns, officials and cinderellas 150-250
665.    Three folders of QEII mint decimal stamp issues/sets 2001-2009 with associated history, blocks, strips, booklets, mini-sheets etc FV 640+ 340-400
666.    A folder of GB QEII mint stamp definitive decimal issues plus two folders of commem 2010 - 13 with associated history; blocks, strips, booklets etc FV 550+ 240-280
667.    Stamps of New Zealand, QV on in two stockbooks of mint and used defin, commem, officials, postage due, postal fiscals and life insurance. Numerous sets and high values to 2 noted 80-120
668.    Stamps of Ceylon QV - QEII mint and used defin and commem in part-filled stockbook; higher values to 50 rupees noted 80-120
669.    A stockbook of KGVI mint and used defin and commem stamps, GB and British Empire/Commonwealth including sets to highest value - 1 mint Silver Jubilee noted. Tidy collection with variants, blocks and overprints included 120-180
670.    Two stockbooks of Canadian stamps, QV on; defin, commem, officials, postage due, fiscals to $100, special delivery, overprints. Good range and fullsome, many 100's of stamps 100-150
671.    Three stamp albums of KGV to QEII GB defin and commem, mint and used including regionals, a mint decimal. Muddled order, includes UMM KGVI 1 Silver Wedding (SG494) 40-60
672.    A small album of GB 1971, 1974 and 1982 strike mail stamps in strip, on covers and some with scarcer first day/unusual cancels 45-60
673.    Various cigarette cards in three albums, mostly sets, condition good/very good 15-25
674.    An album of postcards including topographical art, sentimental themes, embroidered (3), song cards etc approx. 120 20-40
675.    A group of forty cat postcards 10-20
676.    A group of railway associated ephemera including maps, Handbook of stations 1956 etc 20-40
677.    A box of fashion related ephemera 10-20
678.    Eleven 1930's John Bull magazines 10-20
679.    Five OS large scale local maps around Lowbands, Corse, Redmarley and Bromsberrow 1923 - unframed 20-40
680.    The Kings Breakfast by A.A. Milne, First Edition 1925 10-20
681.    The Daily Graphic 'Brumas Annual Zoo Book' and three other children's books 10-20
682.    Eight Beatrix Potter books 10-20
683.    Fourteen decoupage coloured paper press-outs from Paris 1878 Exhibition of Country Buildings 20-30
684.    Don Quixote - illustrated by Salvador Dali 10-30
685.    The Stallion Book for 1990 published by Weatherbys 1989 20-30
686.    Justine by Marquis de Sade - first English translation 1889 20-30
687.    The Bluebird illustrated by F. Cayley Robinson 1911 10-20
688.    Fleetwood Mac book, signed by Mick Fleetwood 10-20
689.    Two signed photographs of Kate Bush, plus 12 inch singles and albums, picture disc, promo album etc 100-150
690.    A 1st edition John Lennon by Cynthia Lennon, signed by the author 764/1000 - with slipcase 100-150
691.    Marianne Faithful - two signed books and a signed record 'Dangerous Acquaintances' 40-60
692.    Coaching Days of England by Anthony Burgess, published by Paul Elek 1966, first edition 20-40
693.    A box of books on antique porcelain 10-30
694.    Childrens Books on Bookstand, including Noddy books 1, 3, 4, 7 and 11. 1, 3 and 11, with dust wrappers 20-30
695.    Baily's Hunting Directory 1908 - 1909 - published 1908 30-40
696.    Poems by Alfred Tennyson, in two volumes. Published by Edward Moxon 1845, bound in full calf with all edges gilt 30-40
697.    The Story of Lotus by Doug Nye 1961 - 1971. The Growth of a Legend 1978 - signed by the author 20-40
698.    A "Cricket" book by WG Grace 1891 25-35
699.    Spare Lot 0-10
700.    A Historical Review of Coal Mining published by the Mining Association 10-20
701.    A group of old books including the Football Encyclopedia edited by Frank Johnston, English Folklore, Plays by Leo Tolstoy etc 10-20
702.    Childrens Annuals including Lawson Wood nursery rhyme book. 10-20
703.    A set of the first twenty issues of: 8 Photojournalism - good condition 30-40
704.    Various books and price guides on antiques 10-20
705.    Venus by Koto Bolofo. Venus Williams, published by Steidl, first edition 10-20
706.    The Making of a Sailor by AJ Villiers 1938 and The History of American Sailing Ships by Howard L Chapelle (copyright 1935)
707.    Shakespeare's Heroines by Anna Jameson, published by Ernest Nister, together with A Wonder Book of Old Romance by Harvey Darton 1907 20-30
708.    The Annual Register or A View of the History, Politics and Literature for the years 1831, 1834 and 1836. Three volumes, first editions, bound in matching half calf over marbled boards 60-80
709.    Freshwater Fishing by Bernard Venables 1976, Fishing by Bernard Venables 1953 and Stillwater Angling by Richard Walker 1975 10-20
710.    Concrete as Applied in the Construction of Harbours by James Forrest 1886. Half calf over marbled boards, with folding charts 20-40
711.    The Penny Illustrated Paper 1866, bound in two vols. 10-30
712.    Hudibras Written in the time of the Late Wars, by Zachary Grey, Volume One only, dated 1744, cover in poor condition 60-80
713.    The Inhabitants of Bath and Bristol - The Bath and Bristol Guide, 3rd edition 1756 200-300
714.    Vanity Fair published 1848, 1st edition by William Makepeace Thackeray 150-200
715.    A Tour of Dr Syntax, 3rd edition illustrated by Rowlandson - In Search of the Picturesque 80-100
716.    The Farriers New Guide containing First Anatomy of a horse....secondly An Account of all the Diseases incident to, by W Gibson 1729 300-500
717.    Vade Mecum or the Necessary Pocket Companion containing Sir Samuel Morelands Peripheral Almanack 1735 - 14th edition 30-50
718.    A History of British Birds by Rev. F O Morris BA - six Vols, 1896 100-150
719.    Coaching Days and Coaching Ways by W Outram Tristram, illustrated by Hugh Thomson and Herbert Railton, published by Macmillan 1893, large paper edition. Full dark green morocco with elaborated gilt decorations and titles, marbled eps., top edge in gilt. 150-180
720.    Eight Folio Society titles - seven in slipcases - Diary of a Nobody, Smollett, Dickens etc - all in good condition 10-20
721.    A quantity of old sale catalogues etc 10-20
722.    A box of books on antique porcelain 10-30
723.    Spare Lot 0-10
724.    A John Buchan & Bros tin and a Cadbury's miniature advertising picture 10-20
725.    A Victorian shop display wall cabinet with five glazed doors - with alterations 183 x 85cm 80-120
726.    Two old advertising posters for Corsets a/f and Kayles Shower Proofs 20-40
727.    Thee Bonzo prints printed by The Sketch 24 x 17cm 30-50
728.    Five Bonzo metal trivets plus one a/f 50-70
729.    Two Bonzo dog prints 'The Flapper' and 'As Master Sees Me' plus another Bonzo and cat print 10-20
730.    A Raleigh's tobacco poster 29 x 44cm and a Smokers Dream poster 33 x 48cm 50-70
731.    A small Columbia Grafonolia poster 24 x 38cm 30-50
732.    A Gold Flake Cigarettes advertising mirror - poor condition 37 x 47cm 20-40
733.    A Clanivory Scotch Whisky advertising mirror 32 x 45cm 40-60
734.    A Wills Capstan Cigarettes advertising mirror 24 x 35cm 30-50
735.    Three Victorian glass soda siphons in blue, brown and green by Schweppes, Mowbray & Mackie and Gladstone 60-80
736.    Two Victorian turquoise glass soda siphons engraved Merchant and Wallasy plus a green one by Mackie and Gladstone 60-80
737.    Two Victorian glass soda siphons in green and blue by Eardley and Stowells 40-60
738.    Three Victorian glass soda siphons in brown, green and turquoise by Simpson & Co, Batey & Co and J H Cuff 60-80
739.    A large Victorian mahogany shop display triple glazed breakfront cabinet 173 long x 47cm deep 150-200
740.    An unusual Edwardian mahogany triple glazed shop display cabinet, the central door sliding whilst the flanking doors are hinged, with key 145 x 53cm 100-150
741.    AN HMV plywood sign with dog 58 x 40cm 80-120
742.    A Columbia Grafolia advertising sign 'Don't Get Up' printed on metal 60 x 45cm 60-80
743.    An Anchor 'Stranded Cottons' concertina shop display cabinet 57cm wide 180-250
744.    A very unusual 'Parkes Classic Confectionary' salesmans leather case fitted with glass jars containing contents of original sweet samples 39cm wide 300-500
745.    A 'Clarks Anchor Cottons' concertina action shop display case 57cm wide 100-150
746.    Three Bonzo prints 'Is That The Dinner Bell', 'The Pekinese Tells One' and 'The Edge O'Beyond' 24 x 16cm 30-50
747.    A Cream of Wheat advertising print 1921 'Giggap Uncle' 30 x 23cm 20-40
748.    A Victorian mahogany topped rectangular pub table on cast iron gothic style base by Gaskells Bar Fitters, Birmingham 400-600
749.    A pair of painted tin vases and covers decorated rural scenes 10-20
750.    A Mackintosh's Beehive large size toffee tin 17cms tall 300-500
751.    A Victorian black painted pub table with cast iron base by Harper, 10 Bromsgrove St, Birmingham, No. 956 100-150
752.    A Victorian pub table with wooden circular top over cast iron base with mask supports 150-200
753.    A small Victorian pub table with wooden top on green gothic style cast iron base Rd 73353, No. 414 100-150
754.    A Victorian pub table with wooden circular top over cast iron base with caryatid supports, marked ME to lower tier 180-250
755.    A Victorian cast iron bar table with paw feet, one foot with adjustable screw to allow levelling 80-120
756.    A St Julien Ogden's Tobacco advertising mirror - a/f 39 x 49cm 20-30
757.    A Topscore one armed bandit 180-250
758.    A locomotive cast iron engine plate 'Built Darby 1951', two GWR trays and a 'Book Room' sign 20-40
759.    A Dewars "White Label" advertising print in easel frame 22 x 14cm 20-40
760.    Two vintage railway prints 'The Cornishman' 55 x 21cm and 'Single Express' 37 x 21cm 20-30
761.    An Ind Coopes Burton Ales advertising mirror with red castle 49 x 39cm 120-180
762.    'Drink Coca Cola' advert 'Your Thirst takes Wings' showing Amy Johnson 99cm x 49cm 50-70
763.    Eleven Bonzo postcards framed and glazed as one 113 x 18cm 30-50
764.    A Victorian Foxes Medicine cabinet 'Popular Medicines at Popular Prices' 61 x 91cm 180-250
765.    A Lambert and Butler 'Right Away Brand' advertising poster with train and porter, framed and glazed 42 x 54cm 60-80
766.    A Probyrist and Co Bottle Beer poster 'Oldest House in the Trade' 38 x 50cm 100-150
767.    A Wills Star Cigarettes advertising poster 37 x 50cm 40-60
768.    An Ind Coopes 'On Draught and In Bottle' oval advertising mirror 60 x 44cm 200-400
769.    A Colman's Mustard advertising screen print depicting lady picking flowers 48 x 72cm 20-30
770.    A large Bass in Bottle advertising mirror 76 x 56cm 100-150
771.    A Columbia Records yellow enamel advertising sign 76 x 50cm 40-60
772.    A Fry's Chocolate enamel sign 51 x 76cm 50-70
773.    A Simonds Hopleaf enamel advertising sign with red leaf motif 85 x 90cm 60-100
774.    An early 20th century GWR 10ft railway bench with three 'GWR' cast iron supports 800-1200
775.    An early 20th century department store chair with enamel double advertising sign back for 'Restu' - 'Washes White Overnight' 180-250
776.    An early 20th century department store chair with enamel double advertising sign back for 'Restu' - 'Washes White Overnight'
777.    A vintage Brooke Bond printed metal tea advert 20-40
778.    A 'Schweppes Table Waters Gold Medal' mirror with barometer 93 x 31cm 600-800
779.    An early 20th century mahogany shop display cabinet with 'T' bar brass door catches 100-150
780.    A large Victorian stoneware water filter by P B Ankins and Son - lacking lid 60-80
781.    Two stoneware Cider flagons for 'Westons Cyder and Perry' and 'Whiteways Devon Cyder' 40-60
782.    An early 20th century mahogany shop display cabinet with curved glass doors and 'T' bar brass door catches 120-180
783.    A Victorian cast iron miniature fire place - 32cm high, with fender and a pair of small sized fire dogs, probably a salesman's sample 80-120
784.    Two 19th century cast iron horse form door stops marked 71 - possibly Coalbrookdale 30-50
785.    A Marston's Brown Label Whisky oval advertising mirror 75 x 49cm 150-200
786.    A William Younger and Sons set of three Brewers advertising prints after Alfred Leefe 26 x 37cm 80-120
787.    An HMV poster with dog 56 x 43cm 50-70
788.    A Pears Bubbles large size print 45 x 60cm 30-50
789.    A Pears lithograph print 'The Fisherman's Wooing' 40 x 91cm 40-60
790.    A Cadbury's Cocoa poster with cat and phonograph in oak Cadbury's Bournville frame 58 x 40cm 50-70
791.    An advertising print for Edison 'The Phonograph' depicting an elderly couple 57 x 39cm 20-40
792.    A modern Britvic advertising clock 25cm diameter 20-30
793.    An Abdulla & Co Turkish Cigarettes advertising mirror 23 x 38cm 80-120
794.    An 'HMV Radio' glass shop display clock 36 x 38cm 150-200
795.    An Edwardian glazed shop display cabinet with single door - top frieze missing 63cm x 76cm 50-70
796.    A mahogany 'M Garton Primus Cabinet' with three fitted drawers and display glazed top, probably from Ironmongers shop 38 x 30 x 30 100-150
797.    A Holdfast Brand 'Boots and Shoes' bentwood shop chair 60-80
798.    A 'Holdfast Brand Boots and Shoes' bentwood shop chair 60-80
799.    A Cadbury's mahogany counter top shop vitrine cabinet with rear sliding glass doors by Harris and Sheldon, engraved 'Cadbury's Chocolates' to glass 42 x 61cm 100-150
800.    A Teachers Highland Cream advertising plate - 21.5cm 10-30
801.    A Pears print 'The Goldfish Bowl' after W S Coleman 33 x 70cm 40-60
802.    An HMV gramophone in floor standing oak case with inlay, and Exhibition style speakers 200-400
803.    A quantity of old match boxes 10-20
804.    An Elsheman two door table top shop cabinet with two panelled doors, marked C.W.Y.A. Garantizados 60 x 22 x 42cm 60-80
805.    A 'Knights Castile Soap' shop counter top display and dispenser 44cm tall 180-250
806.    A J C Cox Patent Post Office Counter coin dispenser 64cm wide 300-500
807.    A Wm Allwood and Sons 'Egg Eyed Needles' box 26cm wide 120-180
808.    A Victorian mahogany large glazed haberdashery shop counter top display case by Griffiths and Co, Birmingham, with brass yard stick to top - 212 x 75 x 20cm 200-300
809.    A Bonzo Snakes and Ladders game framed and glazed plus a Lister's Works Bonzo Calendar cut out sheet, framed and glazed 20-30
810.    A quantity of gramophone needle boxes and contents including HMV, Daruma, Noris Dog and Radio etc 50-70
811.    A 'Lee Genuine Phonograph' needle display board with packets of needles 100-150
812.    A group of gramophone and phonograph needles in paper packets including Clear-Tone, Decca, Duo-Tone etc 20-30
813.    A Bonzo plate and a Bonzo form novelty box 10-20
814.    A Marshall Gramophones needles display poster 32 x 25cm 80-120
815.    A box of gramophone needle cases 60-80
816.    A box of Edwardian homeopathic remedy's in original packaging 20-40
817.    A collection of nine advertising toffee hammers etc 20-40
818.    A novelty ink bottle in the form of a clog 'No Clog' drawing ink, an advertising shoe horn for Edgar Hill of Stratford, two top hat brushes, HMV plaque etc 30-50
819.    Two Grindley's railway plates and a Whitbread plate by Rutland Ironstone 10-20
820.    A small group of old packaging including Atlee Bird seed etc 10-20
821.    A Dewar's Whisky teapot stand by Copeland & Sons 20-40
822.    A box of old shoe polish tins, vaseline tins etc 10-20
823.    Spare Lot 0-10
824.    Spare lot 0-10
825.    A map of Warwickshire by H Moll 32 x 21cm 20-30
826.    A map of Europe by Nicolaus Blancardus 36 x 50cm 30-50
826A.   A plan map print of Paris 16 x 19cm circa 1900 10-30
827.    A map of Wiltshire by C & I Greenwood 1829 57 x 68cm 30-50
828.    A vintage globe 20-30
829.    A Heritage revolving floor standing globe on stand 150-200
830.    A pair of large brass candlesticks 10-20
831.    A set of apothecary scales and weights on mahogany box base 30-50
832.    An early 20th century table lamp with curved adjustable stem and prismatic glass shade 30-50
833.    A Soufani Egyptian copper, brass and aluminium small food warmer 10-20
834.    A W G Pye & Co timing clock 20-30
835.    An old brass hand bell 10-20
836.    Two lace makers lamps 30-50
837.    A 19th century arch top bracket clock with silvered face, chime/silent and fast/slow dials - 37cm tall 100-150
838.    Two 1930's oak mantel clocks, one with Westminster chime and a Schlutz torsion clock 20-40
839.    A Rolls Royce headlight by Joseph Lucas, L133 80-120
840.    An R & J Beck dissecting microscope with military arrow mark and instructions 50-70
841.    A 19th century silver plated and turquoise enamel tortion clock under dome 50-70
842.    A small Matthew Norman carriage clock with floating movement 150-200
843.    A 19th century small Tiffany onyx and ormolu mounted mantel clock with child seated to top and rococo scrollwork decoration, the enamel face with floral painted swags marked Tiffany and Co - 22cm 500-600
844.    A Victorian brass bottle jack 'Salters Economical' with bracket and key 20-40
845.    A pair of copper balance scales and a copper jug with lid, and two antique cow bells 20-40
846.    A copper small coal scuttle and a blow torch 10-20
847.    Two Victorian copper saucepans and three lids and an ale warmer 20-40
848.    A copper post horn 10-20
849.    A painted model milk cart with brass banded churn 10-20
849A.   A large 19th century copper oval cooking pan, copper jardiniere and a brass preserving pan 20-40
850.    A Salter's brass bottle jack 20-40
851.    A brass bottle jack by Salter's including brass bracket and key 20-40
852.    An Oldham type electric hand miners lantern, marked 1261 and 72 20-30
853.    Two Victorian copper measures and three brass spirit warmers 20-30
854.    An 18th century flintlock pistol - made up 50-70
855.    A pair of replica flintlock pistols 20-40
856.    A brass handbell and a cow bell 10-20
857.    An old wooden pulley lifting block 10-20
858.    An Eastern brass tray, pair of candlesticks and a brass mesh purse 10-20
859.    A large Henry Browne and Sons gimble ships compass 60-80
860.    A pewter soup tureen, three pewter warming plates and a pewter clad pottery coffee pot etc. 30-50
861.    Seventeen various Victorian large brass candlesticks 30-50
862.    A brass preserving pan and brass pestle and mortar 10-20
863.    A Chinese cloisonne enamel vase with floral decoration - 17.5cm 30-50
864.    A Tibetan Dhorpa - late 19th/early 20th century ritual bronze, brass and steel with triple mask handle 60-80
865.    A Tibetan or Bhutanese late 19th/early 20th century white metal gilt box decorated dragons 80-120
866.    Two oriental enamel saki cups decorated leaves and a bowl decorated flowers 20-40
867.    A carved jade Buddha 7cm wide 20-40
867A.   A modern jade style dragon sculpture 25cm long 20-40
868.    Three Chinese bronze figures on stands, 14cm tall 20-40
869.    A Chinese carved dog of Fo and a Chinese carved seated figure of a man with hat - 6.5cm 30-50
870.    A Japanese lacquer trinket box with gilt floral decoration, single door enclosing three drawer, 18 x 10 x 13cm 30-50
871.    A Meerschaum pipe - cased, and a clay pipe 10-20
872.    A box of military collectables including penknife, whistle etc 20-40
873.    An antique ivory lion, bone spinning top, bobbin etc 10-20
874.    A 19th century ivory thermometer - cased, by Cox 20-40
875.    A Schaefer ink pen and three other pens 15-25
876.    A small wooden turned auctioneers gavel 20-40
877.    A Sida miniature Bakelite cased camera and Coronet Midget miniature camera 80-120
878.    A group of GWR buttons, a silver and enamel NUR 30 years badge and one other NUR badge 20-30
879.    A Wyvern lizard skin fountain pen and a Conway Stewart pen 50-70
880.    A Rabone spirit level and a folding rule 20-30
881.    Eight small 19th century intaglio portraits of classical busts 30-50
882.    A Victorian amethyst target ball moulded figure shooting - (these glass balls were in common use until the invention of clay pigeons) 80-120
883.    A Dunhill silver plated lighter and two other lighters 20-40
884.    A group of advertising thimbles including silver James Walker Whisky thimble plus a WRVS badge 30-50
885.    A box of badges and pins 10-20
886.    A French 19th century Velo "dog scarer" pistol - used by cyclists to scare off dogs 100-150
887.    A 19th century percussion pocket pistol with engraved lock plate (later alteration) 80-120
888.    A 19th century double barrel percussion pistol with drop down triggers 150-200
889.    A Norwegian hunting knife with ebony and metal work handle, the blade marked Elstad 40-60
890.    A WWI medal pair to Private H G Willis MCC No. 116310 and a WWII Italy star 30-40
891.    A set of three WWII Navy medals comprising War Medal, Italy and Atlantic Stars with original box to Mr R S Hirons plus 1915 'On War Service' badge etc 30-50
891A.   An early 19th century Worcestershire Regimental discharge certificate 1811 for Richard Harbridge 30-50
892.    An album of seventy two British cap badges 100-150
893.    A quantity of military fabric badges and an American silk pilots map of Korean Peninsular 20-40
894.    A WWII Fire Brigade helmet 30-50
895.    A box of miscellaneous military collectables 20-30
896.    An aluminium 'Service with the Colours' ashtray 10-30
897.    A box of collectables including vintage glass buttons, a sprung corkscrew and a horn handled corkscrew, vintage curling tongs, badges, etc 10-20
898.    Five oriental opium pipes 20-40
899.    A box of compacts, lighters, razors and penknives 20-40
900.    Three cameras: Agfa Karat, Certo Dollina and Deckel Munchen 20-30
901.    A Canon E05 camera 20-30
902.    A leather collar box and collars 10-20
903.    A quantity of old bus tickets 40-60
904.    A group of early Scout memorabilia and a box of Scout Jamboree glass slides 20-30
905.    A rosewood and ebony clarinet 30-50
906.    A collection of ornamental brassware including frogs 10-20
907.    Five various vintage barometers and a thermometer 15-25
908.    An Eastern metal coffee pot and a scroll holder 10-30
909.    A marquetry picture - 28 x 32cm 10-20
910.    A German carved wood and bone scroll holder, the carved owl surmount with glass eyes and the bone cylinder with incised owl and tree decoration 100-150
911.    Three carved wood figures of Trolls 10-20
912.    Two vintage leather handbags - brown leather snakeskin clutch with suede lining and integral purse and a top handle "mock croc" suede lined handbag by Interwainer. 20-30
913.    Two Stratton compacts, a Kigu compact and one other 20-30
914.    An Indian circular brass box with shell top painted polo players 30-40
915.    A Japanese brass letter opener with flower and bird decoration to handle 100-150
916.    Four Chinese glass snuff bottles 10-20
917.    A miniature watercolour of early 19th century woman in ebonised frame 50-70
918.    Three white metal oriental snuff bottles - stone set and two with stands 20-30
919.    Two beaded 1920's evening bags 30-50
920.    A 20th century Persian inlaid box, veneer missing 10-20
921.    A silver plated shell form box, porcelain and metal box, silver plated cigarette case, various pin dishes, dagger etc 10-20
922.    Two horn tumblers, butter pats and six wooden spoons 10-20
923.    A Negretti and Zambra pocket forecaster No.6276/15 boxed with instructions and various other collectables 50-70
924.    A Victorian Sunday School purse with hymn book and prayer book, and a Coronation needle case 10-20
925.    An old snuff mull, a mounted horn and an antique tribal dagger 30-50
926.    A group of fourteen old glass bottles including blue one 20-30
927.    A pair of elephant bookends, a musical wooden church and a gavel and stand 20-30
928.    A vintage wicker box (with Ralph Lauren label) containing collectables including compass, lighter, etc 10-30
929.    A 19th century mahogany box - no interior 20-30
930.    Three old brass bells (two with brackets) 20-30
931.    Two brass trivets and a coal shovel with turned wood handle 20-30
932.    A leather jewellery box with key and a Mother's Musical jewellery box 30-50
933.    A metronome a/f and various collectables including cuckoo clock, reel holder etc 10-20
934.    A Facit adding machine 10-20
935.    A box of collectables including whistles, corkscrews, pencils etc 10-30
936.    A Victorian dome top tea caddy 10-20
937.    A lacquer jewellery box (cased) decorated peacock 10-20
938.    An oak mantel clock by Waterbury and a 1930's oak mantel clock 10-30
939.    An Edwardian mahogany arch top mantel clock 20-40
940.    A John Ogilby road map London to Montgomery 34 x 47cm 20-40
941.    An old Escalado game by Chad Valley - boxed 30-50
942.    A vintage wool plush white teddy bear 20-30
943.    A cribbage board and playing cards etc 10-20
944.    A group of dolls house furniture, figures etc including Victorian bisque doll and two Georgian brass tilt top occasional tables 20-30
945.    An early 20th century Japanese papier mache doll with baby doll 25cm tall 30-50
946.    A Maskatron figure - boxed with two masks, and a Six Million Dollar man - no box 60-80
947.    A 1970's Darth Vader figure from original Star Wars - boxed 60-80
948.    A 19th turned boxwood Pope Joan Gaming Wheel with decoupage decoration 20-40
949.    A pedlar doll teddy bear 20-40
950.    An Armand Marseille doll 518/81c 20-30
951.    A set of bone counters inscribed no. '5' 10-20
952.    A Britains Austin Healy - boxed, a Burago Mercedes - boxed and a Jaguar - not boxed 20-40
953.    A box of vintage medical instruments 30-50
954.    A Hornby Dublo Duchess of Atholl locomotive tender and two LMS carriages 6231 20-40
955.    A students microscope in box 10-30
956.    An early 20th century mahogany adjustable height piano stool with rise top 30-50
957.    A stained wood four drawer collectors cabinet - 41 x 26 x 28cm 30-50
958.    A Victorian leather hat box 20-30
959.    A leather case by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths 30-50
960.    A copper kettle, brass planter and miniature coal scuttle 20-40
961.    A Victorian copper hot water carrying jug 10-20
962.    An oil on board landscape London from the Thames - 19 x 60cm 30-50
963.    An iron fireside set on stand 10-20
964.    A Victorian cast iron and cream painted double bed with side irons 60-80
965.    A Victorian brass double bed with side irons 80-120
966.    A brass balance scale 10-20
967.    A Victorian cast iron pot stand and a cast iron paw door stop No. 448 by Kendricks - 'Claw Bear Foot Long Handled Pattern' 20-30
968.    A vintage wrought iron glass topped circular garden table 50-70
969.    A Victorian painted wire plant stand and two baskets 30-50
970.    A pair of brass baluster turned standard lamps and shades 50-70
970A.   Two fishing rods - PD Malloch - Perth 3 piece Greenheart 9'6" fly rod and Allcocks 3 piece split cane 10' 6" 30-40
971.    A large stoneware water filter of barrel form and a stoneware jar 40-60
972.    A Victorian mahogany commode with rise top over arm supports (replacement pot lid) 20-40
973.    A 19th century large copper two handled studded log basket 30-50
974.    A tapering cylindrical brass coal scuttle 10-20
975.    A small antique stone trough in the shape of a horse shoe, 62 cm long 50-70
976.    An antique terracotta chimney pot 20-40
977.    A copper kettle suspended on wrought iron stand 20-40
978.    Five pairs of shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo, a Kurt Geiger pair and another pair by Amalfi - all size 4.5 50-70
979.    Seven pairs of shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo - all size 4.5 60-80
980.    A pair of shoes by Rayne and four pairs by Salvatore Ferragamo - all size 4.5 60-80
981.    A brass embossed coal box 10-20
982.    A large copper coal bucket with wrought iron mounts 30-50
983.    A Royal Dutch Airlines KLM early 20th century suitcase 20-40
984.    A box of 78rpm gramophone records 10-20
985.    A brass preserving pan and various brass and copper fire items 20-40
986.    Five stoneware bottles and two glass lemonade bottles and one other 20-30
987.    A box of 1950's and 1960's 45rpm records 10-20
988.    A box of 1950's 78rpm records 10-20
989.    An early 19th century mahogany table top set of three drawers, 28cm tall 30-50
990.    Two 19th century rosewood boxes with mother of pearl inlay 30-50
991.    A Georgian mahogany tea caddy with shell inlay and interior caddies 30-50
992.    A Victorian mahogany work box with secret drawer 40-60
993.    A Victorian mahogany sarcophagus form tea caddy - no interior 30-50
994.    A Georgian mahogany tea caddy - no interior 30-50
995.    A 19th century French oak box with rise top and drawer under, 32cm wide 20-30
996.    A stained wood collectors cabinet with six glazed drawers and contents of butterflies 60-80
997.    An early 20th century mahogany box of microscope slides, approx. 120 40-60
998.    A glazed case of twelve named butterflies - 205 x 20cm 20-40
999.    A Mine Gas Testing lamp with blue glass by Acroyd & Best Ltd No. 331 60-80
1000.   A Mine Gas testing lamp with blue glass by Acroyd & Best Ltd No, 492 60-80
1001.   A 19th century brass and leather clad four draw telescope 30-50
1002.   A Victorian gothic brass table fan - the paper fan stored within the shaft 40-60
1003.   A pair of Curtis & Harvey gunpowder brass weighing scales on wooden base with measures and scale to plaque 60-80
1004.   A Victorian beaded face screen with gilt wood handle 30-50
1005.   A turned wood truncheon 10-20
1006.   A Victorian truncheon painted crown No. 27 100-150
1007.   A George III truncheon with painted crown, No. 27 100-150
1008.   A copper Arts and Crafts dish embossed mice - 23cm 20-30
1009.   Two late 17th blacksmith made iron scrollwork candle wall sconces or holders on later wooden bases, 17cm tall 50-70
1010.   A Victorian brass and cut glass chandelier with fine scrollwork arms hung multiple crystal drops 150-200
1011.   A Victorian officers dress sword with wire bound handle and brass scabbard 50-70
1012.   A 19th century Indian ebony sword stick 50-70
1013.   J Cassell Hutchinson - oil on board "Calling the Cattle on the Alpine Horn", 37 x 26cm 20-40
1014.   An etching of the 'Forth Bridge' by A Duprez 11.5 x 19 cms 10-20
1015.   Felix Pollinger - oil still life, signed and dated 1854. 30 x 38cm 120-180
1016.   Thompson - oil on board seascape 48 x 58cm 20-40
1017.   A Chinese watercolour butterflies 30 x 25cm, and a watercolour of a hare - 10cm dia 10-20
1018.   James Walton Burnett - watercolour windmill and cottage 23 x 32cm 20-40
1019.   Donne - a pencil drawing study of Pekinese - 12 x 20cm 20-30
1020.   A map 'Islands in the Indian Ocean' published by J Rapkin illustrated by H Winkler, 34 x 25cm 20-40
1021.   Frank Shipsides - a limited edition print of Bristol (476/850), signed in pencil, 25 x 37cm 20-40
1022.   A pastel of children at the beach, 22 x 31cm 30-50
1023.   A print by Lawson Wood 'Bribary' 26 x 19cm 10-20
1024.   A watercolour copy after Rowlandson Dr Syntax 19 x 33cm 20-40
1025.   F Hanbridge - watercolour ducks 21 x 32cm and another of waterlilies 23 x 30cm 30-50
1026.   A 19th century pine two tier washstand 10-20
1027.   A limited edition print of a garden scene , 37 x 50cm 20-40
1028.   Jackie Cox - pastel landscape of May Hill at sunset , 23 x 39cm 40-60
1029.   A pair of Art Deco style prints of ladies - 17 x 20cm, and a print by Margaret Tarrant 10-30
1030.   Jerry Masolens - acrylic S African figure - 30 x 42cm 20-30
1031.   A print of a reclining nude and a print of a sitting room scene, 28 x 41cm 20-40
1031A.  A print after Herring of race horses, in walnut frame 19 x 29 cm 20-30
1032.   An oil still life bowl of fruit and a vase 24 x 34cm 20-40
1033.   A watercolour Gloucester Docks, signed indistinctly - 37 x 26cm 20-30
1034.   A pair of reproduction Spy jockey prints in maple frame 10-20
1035.   Frank Chaplin - oil on canvas still life fruit, signed and dated 1882, 50 x 60cm 150-200
1036.   A watercolour African landscape with woman and children 31 x 21cm 20-40
1037.   Rebecca C Wilson - watercolour Chelsea Pensioner and child in a garden 23 x 17cm 20-30
1038.   A map of Herefordshire 27 x 21cm 10-20
1039.   A 19th century engraving of nymphs playing in a pool, 22 x 16cm 20-40
1040.   A pair of prints after David Roberts of Mount Sinai , 34 x 50cm 40-60
1041.   W A Cuthbertson - screen print of sailing boat - 12 x 17cm 10-20
1042.   Two antique deeds framed and glazed - 1590 and 1671 30-50
1043.   A working drawing of Hele Watermill - framed and glazed - 37 x 43cm 10-20
1044.   An early 18th century framed bond dated 1733 and another document 1716, 32 x 45cm and 30 x 60cm 10-30
1045.   Four various colour maps of Somersetshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire - 26 x 21cm and 17 x 22cm 50-80
1046.   Two map prints of Westmorland and Cumberland by Scott 23 x 18cm 20-40
1047.   A Bacon's map print of Herefordshire 46 x 30cm 20-40
1048.   A map print of the Russian States after Cary 45 x 51cm 20-40
1049.   Three early 20th century map prints after Cary - Monmouthshire, North Wales and South Wales 22 x 28cm 20-40
1050.   Fiona G Goldlincher - watercolour vase of flowers - 97 x 64cm 30-50
1051.   Spare lot 0-10
1052.   A mahogany two tier cutlery box 10-30
1053.   A python skin 275 cm 30-50
1054.   A grey wolf skin mounted on felt 100-150
1055.   A Victorian purple striped skirt and top and a blue striped skirt and blouse 20-40
1056.   Two white lace stoles, black lace shawl, reel of lace, collar etc 50-70
1057.   A Victorian black silk chiffon dress and a 1920's green bias cut dress 60-80
1058.   A box of various table linen 20-40
1059.   A Persian rug with three large guls on an orange ground 174 x 113cm 80-120
1060.   A 19th century chair made from an old barrel, with label From HMS Ganges 120-180
1061.   A small antique oval hand coopered barrel - undrilled for tap or bung 20-40
1062.   Two dark wood spindle back captain's chairs 100-150
1063.   Four slat back farmhouse style dining chairs 40-60
1064.   A Victorian mahogany hall chair with shield back 10-30
1065.   A Captain's chair with spindle back 50-70
1066.   A Victorian oak Jacobean style chair dated 1676 20-40
1067.   A set of four slat back chairs plus one similar 40-60
1068.   A three legged milking stool 10-20
1069.   An old milking stool 10-30
1070.   A set of four Edwardian dining chairs with interlaced carved backs 20-40
1071.   A pair of Victorian mahogany framed armchairs on scroll supports 200-300
1072.   A Victorian armchair with carved frame and supports 40-60
1073.   A Victorian armchair with turned supports 30-50
1074.   A mid 20th century spindle back chair with arm extended to form a small occasional table 40-60
1075.   A Victorian mahogany settee with carved frame and scrollover arms 400-600
1076.   A Victorian turned wood rocking chair 30-50
1077.   A 19th century Windsor chair with elm seat 40-60
1078.   An embossed leather wall clock 10-20
1079.   An Edwardian mahogany telephone table on slender supports 20-40
1080.   A Victorian brass four section egg poacher pan 20-40
1081.   A long handled copper spirit warming pan 10-20
1082.   Two 19th century brass pestle and mortars 50-70
1083.   A copper funnel, copper flagon and gurnsey jug 20-40
1084.   An Edwardian Arts & Crafts small copper samovar coffee percolator dated 1906 20-40
1085.   A Victorian rosewood two tier occasional table on spiral turned supports, with lower drawer and castors 60-80
1086.   An old leather Gladstone bag 20-40
1087.   A George III elm fold top tea table on square supports 100-150
1088.   An Eastern painted lacquer circular food carrier 20-40
1089.   An oak stool with tasselled top 20-30
1090.   A pair of bronze finish seated greyhounds on marble bases, 20cm tall 80-120
1091.   A black agate set Victorian walnut and brass extending book rack 50-70
1092.   A table lamp with barleytwist stem on beaten pewter base with mottled glass shade and a turned wood table lamp and opaque white Art Nouveau glass shade
1093.   An oak 17th century style panelled cupboard with carved decoration and decorative hinges 40-60
1094.   A Victorian ebonised rococo style side cabinet 30-50
1095.   A 19th century onyx and gilt metal mantel clock with porcelain floral painted dial by Schiever and Lackamp 100-150
1096.   An Edwardian oak cased aneroid barometer/thermometer with carved decoration 25-35
1097.   A pair of full length Japanese watercolour paintings of a man and a woman, the man with sword and parasol and the woman holding a pekinese dog 158cm x 56cm 200-300
1098.   An oak chest of five drawers 60-80
1099.   An early 20th century mahogany wine table 20-30
1100.   An Edwardian brass Art Nouveau fire surround with sinuous stylized decoration 60-80
1101.   A brass poker and brass fire tongs 20-40
1102.   A Victorian rosewood music Canterbury on turned supports 80-120
1103.   An early 19th century small rosewood fold top tea table of small proportions on tapered column and quadruple base 80-120
1104.   An Edwardian mahogany vitrine table 80-120
1105.   A Victorian mahogany lobed teapot stand with floral beaded decoration 30-50
1106.   A Victorian rosewood mirrored music cabinet with marquetry decoration 100-150
1107.   A Victorian bow fronted chest of four long drawers on turned supports 80-120
1108.   A Victorian silvered oil lamp with Victorian green tinted etched glass shade 120-180
1109.   A Victorian brass oil lamp with floral etched globe form shade and Weko burner 40-60
1110.   A Victorian oil lamp with Victorian green Art Nouveau etched glass shade and vaseline glass reservoir 100-150
1111.   A Victorian oil lamp with yellow tinted glass shade 100-150
1112.   A large early 20th century cut glass table lamp and shade 30-50
1113.   A late Victorian rosewood finish Wellington style chest of seven drawers with locking bar 80-120
1114.   An Admiral Fitzroy 'Royal Polytechnic' barometer 100-150
1115.   Five small copper plaques embossed mythical beasts, framed and glazed 50-70
1116.   A mahogany and walnut barometer/thermometer retailed by Picketts Ltd 20-40
1117.   An Edwardian Vienna style wall clock with striking movement 30-50
1118.   A blue and red ground Persian Hamadan carpet - 207 x 167cm 180-200
1119.   A Persian rug with stylised geometric motifs on blue and red grounds 143 x 111cm 60-80
1120.   An ivory ground Kashmir style rug with Shah Safi medallion design - approx 167 x 116cm 80-120
1121.   A large washed red ground Persian Bedouin tribal carpet with unique all over design - 273 x 160cm 180-220
1122.   A brass standard lamp 20-30
1123.   A wrought iron stand lamp 10-30
1124.   A pair of Victorian circular footstools with parquetry banding 30-50
1125.   A pine bench with rise top lid 50-70
1126.   A Victorian pine chest of three drawers 50-70
1127.   A large plaster figure of Elvis - 95cm high 100-150
1128.   A 1930's oak wall clock 20-30
1129.   A Persian rug with all over botah design on a black ground 183 x 104cm 120-180
1130.   A Victorian pine kitchen table on turned supports 80-120
1131.   An elm topped coffee table 20-30
1132.   A small oak bench or stool 10-20
1133.   An early 19th century camphorwood chest with foliage carved borders and brass lock 60-80
1134.   A Victorian pine chest of two short and three long drawers 50-70
1135.   A Victorian pine twin pedestal desk of nine drawers 100-150
1136.   A small Victorian pine chest of two short and two long drawers 50-70
1137.   An Iranian rug with stylised floral and geometrical decoration on a red ground - 122 x 254cm 100-150
1138.   A large cranberry glass light shade 30-50
1139.   A Victorian glass oil lamp with green shade and Duplex burner 60-80
1140.   A Victorian oil lamp with ruby glass reservoir 30-50
1141.   An early 20th century oil lamp with floral painted glass shade and reservoir 80-120
1142.   A Veritas brass and copper oil lamp 10-20
1143.   A Victorian brass oil lamp with adjustable height stem 80-120
1144.   A small Victorian mahogany toiletry mirror 20-30
1145.   A 19th century mahogany bow fronted chest of four drawers on shaped apron with brass gallery rail to back 80-120
1146.   An Edwardian mahogany music cabinet with glazed door 40-60
1147.   A 19th century mahogany wine table on turned column and tripod support - alteration 20-40
1148.   A Persian brass tray inlaid coloured metals - 34cm 20-40
1149.   A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and two long drawers 20-40
1150.   A small Georgian oak swing toiletry mirror with fretwork top 20-30
1151.   A George III oak spoon rack decorated fretwork cut birds with salt box and drawer under, 60cm tall 120-180
1152.   A 19th century carved oak salt box with incised cat decoration 31cm tall 50-70
1153.   A small early 18th century bank of seven spice drawers 37 x 36 x 19cm 40-60
1154.   A vintage crinoline lady tray 10-20
1155.   A Victorian bow fronted mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers 60-80
1156.   A Georgian wall cabinet with single panelled door enclosing shelves and two drawers 75cm tall x 51cm wide x 25cm deep 60-80
1157.   An Edwardian mahogany music cabinet with glazed door and mirrored back 50-70
1158.   A Victorian bow fronted chest of two short and three long drawers 80-100
1159.   Charles Meer Webb - oil on canvas interior scene with two old gentlemen dining - 49 x 60cm, signed and dated 1895 800-1200
1160.   An early 20th century mahogany carved circular barometer 15-25
1161.   A Victorian oak carved square framed barometer 20-40
1162.   A Victorian mahogany mirror back sideboard 50-70
1163.   A Victorian oil painting picture clock with ruined tower (reputed working) 32 x 39cm 80-120
1164.   A Victorian oil on canvas street scene reputedly at the rear of Gloucester Cathedral with organ grinder and choir boy - signed indistinctly - 39 x 29cm 40-60
1165.   A 19th century watercolour continental street scene at night with figure - 23 x 17cm 20-40
1166.   A 19th century watercolour street scene with figures and archway, signed S.C.H 1838? - 16 x 12cm 30-50
1167.   A 19th century watercolour continental street scene with figures - signed W.H.H 1887 - 15 x 10cm 30-50
1168.   A brass cased eight day ships clock on mahogany plaque 20-30
1169.   F Walters - watercolour moonlit coastal ruin "Pennsylvania Castle, Portland", 20 x 30cm 30-50