Antiques & Collectables Sale
with Toy Section
on Friday 8th December 2017

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1.      A set of five Chamberlains Worcester floral painted dessert plates 20-40
2.      A Victorian floral painted dessert service with green borders, one comport and six plates. 20-40
3.      An early 19th century creamware blue and white oval woven basket dish decorated in the chinoiserie style - 26cm 40-60
4.      A Victorian porcelain comport painted flowers and butterflies 10-20
5.      A French porcelain plate painted reserves of flowers on a pink ground, marked Paris 20-40
6.      A Bishop and Stomer Nursery Ware dessert service comprising six plates and three comports printed "This is the House That Jack Built" 20-40
7.      A pair of Victorian ribbed glass decanters 10-20
8.      A Victorian porcelain dessert service painted flowers within deep blue and gilt ground - No 5794 50-60
9.      A Minton blue and white onion pattern comport 20-40
10.     A Victorian yellow and gilt toiletry jug and bowl - bowl a/f 10-20
11.     A large Beswick Siamese cat - 34cm 20-30
12.     A Victorian Staffordshire brown mottled glazed inkstand with foliate handles 40-60
13.     An early 19th century Davenport blue and white 'L' shaped dish 15-25
14.     A Foley Ware blue and white jug by J Kent, 23cm high 10-20
15.     A Wedgwood blue and white 'Willow' toiletry pail (lid repaired) 30-50
16.     A Chinese blue and white vase painted interior scene with four character mark to base - 13cm 30-40
17.     A Wedgwood Jasperware biscuit barrel with silver plated lid 20-40
18.     Three Spode 'Fallow Deer' blue and white plates 10-30
19.     A Rorstrand blue and white plate with silver disc mounted to back 10-20
20.     Two Thoune plates painted Alpine landscapes within stylised floral borders - 25cm dia 50-70
21.     Four F & R Prattware plates printed landscapes c1830 10-20
22.     A KPM Berlin plate painted flowers - 18.5cm dia 10-20
23.     Two Royal Doulton Series Ware plates decorated woodland scenes with gnomes D4697 80-120
24.     Two Masons style large jugs - 20cm and 16cm 20-30
25.     Five Mintons 'Chinese Tree' tea plates 10-30
26.     A pair of Spode famille rose bowls - one a/f 10-30
27.     Four Chamberlains Worcester dessert serving dishes painted flowers c1815 30-50
28.     A set of four Hammersley floral painted plates 10-30
29.     An early 20th century Tiffany style green lustre glass reeded light shade - 20cm dia (lacking fitting) 40-60
30.     A Victorian dinner service by Hancock & Sons in the Richmond pattern, incl 3 covered tureens, 2 small covered tureens with stands, 6 graduated oval serving plates, 12 large dinner plates , 12 medium dinner plates and 2 sauce boats with stands, 12 side plates, 12 soup bowls/dishes 100-200
31.     A Wood and Sons 'Savoy' chamber pot 10-20
32.     A 'Decoro' large floral jardiniere - 22cm high 15-25
33.     A Victorian childs tea service painted flowers comprising four cups and saucers, teapot, sugar and jug 20-30
34.     A set of eight 19th century Chinoiserie decorated tea cups and saucers and a large saucer dish 40-60
35.     Six various decorative teacups and saucers 10-20
36.     A Cauldon part tea service comprising four cups and saucers, four tea plates, sandwich plate and jug 10-30
37.     A Victorian Imari style tea service comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates and jug 20-30
38.     A Newhall 1930's Art Deco dinner service with floral painted decoration comprising: six cups, four saucers, four tea plates, two cake plates, jug, six bowls and a serving bowl 30-50
39.     Thirty three items of Wedgwood Jasperware 50-70
40.     A Lladro style group of giraffes - with restored ear 10-20
41.     A Doulton large terrier HN1014 - leg a/f 20-30
42.     A Beswick rearing horse and a dog 20-40
43.     A porcelain cow by Harper Shebeg Isle of Man - 28cm long - two legs a/f 10-30
44.     A Moorcroft style vase decorated blue flowers - 37cm 20-30
45.     A large porcelain group in 18th century style lady and gent playing chess - 35cm 10-30
46.     A large porcelain group two cherubs and a cornucopia - 33cm 20-30
47.     Two Japanese blue and white cups and saucers, five Kutani saucers and an Imari plate 10-20
48.     A Royal Albert figure of a mouse from the Tailor of Gloucester and Hunca Munca 20-30
49.     Two Shelley 1930's Art Deco trios 10-20
50.     Two vintage angel cake decorations, Wade Whimsies etc 10-20
51.     A gilt and white set of eight coffee cans and saucers and a Booths 'Old Willow' coffee pot 10-20
52.     A group of decorative porcelain to include Shelley, Worcester etc 10-20
53.     A Bunnykins mug, bowl, plate and moneybox 20-40
54.     A small group of long stemmed champagne and sherry glasses with frosted flower petals to bowl 10-20
55.     A Masons sandwich plate, a miniature Royal Doulton jug and various other miniature china 10-20
56.     Thirteen various 19th and 20th century coffee cups and saucers 10-30
57.     A group of Royal Worcester Evesham comprising: four cups and saucers, four tea plates, sugar etc 10-20
58.     A Brown and Polson's jelly mould with printed recipe for "Cornflower Blanc-Mange" and another jelly mould 20-30
59.     A large moulded glass fruit bowl 10-20
60.     A Victorian white porcelain dolls tea service comprising: 6 cups and saucers teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug and 2 cake plates. 10-30
61.     A Dresden floral painted pot and a small group of china including Naples 20-30
62.     A Foley floral tea service comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates, cake plate, milk and sugar 20-40
63.     A pair of Winnie the Pooh Disney china bookends 30-50
64.     Four small 18th century wine glasses with etched decoration, four engraved ferns and four with green bowls plus three others 10-20
65.     Two cut glass comports and a cut glass cruet set 10-20
66.     A Crown Devon yellow leaf salad bowl and a copper lustre jug 10-20
67.     A Victorian glass comport and various other glass ware 10-20
68.     Two Royal Worcester Evesham flan dishes, two oval dishes and a Derby jug 10-30
69.     A large Capodimonte cobbler group 10-30
70.     A group of five various paperweights including one Caithness 10-30
71.     A group of four various paperweights including one Caithness 20-30
72.     A Royal Crown Derby paperweight Mandarin Duck - boxed 40-60
73.     A Royal Crown Derby paperweight 'Cottage Cat' with box 20-40
74.     A Royal Crown Derby paperweight Cottage Garden Kitten - boxed 20-40
75.     A Royal Crown Derby paperweight Carolina Duck - boxed 40-60
76.     A Royal Crown Derby paperweight Fairy Wren - boxed 30-40
77.     A Royal Crown Derby paperweight Red Squirrel - boxed 20-30
78.     A Royal Crown Derby paperweight Nuthatch - boxed 30-40
79.     A pair of Royal Crown Derby Coal Tit paperweights - both boxed 50-70
80.     A Royal Crown Derby paperweight Swimming Duckling, ladybird and another bird 20-40
81.     A large Lladro group of gentleman in top hat and tails on horseback - 50cm tall 100-150
82.     A Lladro figure of a girl with flowers - boxed 'Carefree' 30-50
83.     A Lladro figure of a girl throwing flowers - boxed 'Garden Dance' 30-50
84.     A Lladro figure of a girl and dog - boxed 'Bashful bather' 30-50
85.     A Lladro butterfly 'A Moments Rest' and a cat 'Secret Spot' - both boxed 20-40
86.     A Lladro figure of a dog - boxed 'A Sweet Smell' 30-40
87.     A Lladro figure of a reclining clown - boxed 'Tired Friend' 30-40
88.     A Lladro figure of a girl holding a hat and flowers - boxed 'Little Violet' 30-40
89.     A Lladro figure of a seated girl holding flowers - boxed 'Sweet Fragrance' 30-50
90.     A Lladro figure of a seated girl with basket and ducks 40-60
91.     A Lladro figure of a standing girl - boxed 'Ingenue' 30-50
92.     A Lladro group two eggs 1993 and 1996 limited editions - both boxed 20-40
93.     A Lladro group of three miniature dogs and one other 'Cocker Spaniel' - boxed 40-60
94.     A Lladro figure of a girl holding a basket of flowers - boxed 30-50
95.     A Lladro figure of a seal ' A Snowy Haven' - boxed 20-30
96.     A Lladro figure of a seated girl with rabbit - boxed 'Forest Encounter' 30-50
97.     A large Lladro figure of a reclining clown 'Circus Clown' from the Circus Series, 37.5cm long 100-150
98.     A Lladro group seated girl with duck and ducklings 50-70
99.     A Simon Peter Gerz jug - 17cm and a studio pottery vase 10-20
100.    A Wedgwood brown glazed 'SYP' teapot 10-20
101.    Four 19th century cut glass drinking glasses 20-40
102.    Three various Toby jugs, the largest 16cm 10-20
103.    A set of three of 19th century bat printed cups and saucers "Knole Sevenoaks" 10-30
104.    Two Victorian Staffordshire mugs and a blue and white miniature meat plate 10-20
105.    A 19th century porcelain group of couple under parasol, a Crown Staffordshire pot and a small blue and white vase 10-20
106.    A Poole Pottery floral vase - 12cm and a similar jug - 19cm - the jug with hairline cracks 10-20
107.    A Japanese pottery jar (lacking lid) and a blue and white vase 10-20
108.    A Spanish yellow glazed pottery mortar - 10cm tall 15-25
109.    A Royal Albert tea service comprising: teapot, six cups and saucers, two jugs, six tea plates and cake plate 50-70
110.    Three Edwardian Coalport floral printed coffee cans and saucers and five Kenmore floral coffee cans and saucers 20-30
111.    Three various Victorian jugs 10-30
112.    A pair of floral encrusted candlesticks by Rudolf Klammer and a Kensington Sunflower teapot 10-20
113.    A Wedgwood Jasperware plaque for Sir Winston Churchill 572/1000 to commemorate his birth 18574 - 1974 - cased with paperwork 40-60
114.    A Chamberlains Worcester porcelain trio painted gilt and red sprays, comprising coffee can, teacup and saucer, and a matching sucrier c1800 20-40
115.    An Alcocks Victorian tea service comprising: six cups, six saucers, two cake plates, all with floral and scrollwork decoration 20-30
116.    A Hilditch early 19th century teapot bat printed landscapes, a Doulton teapot and one other 10-30
117.    A Wedgwood Devon Sprays tea service comprising: six cups and saucers, six tea plates, cake plate, sugar and milk 20-30
118.    Three Victorian floral painted dessert plates - possibly Ridgway 10-30
119.    A small Aynsley cabinet cup and saucer, a Harrods Tuscan Plant cream jug and sugar and three floral cruets 10-30
120.    A Masons jug, another jug and a cake stand 10-20
121.    A pair of Johnson Bros for Liberty blue and white printed bowls 10-20
122.    A Bilston enamel egg 'Forget Me Not' - boxed with paperwork and stand 10-20
123.    A floral painted Dresden pin dish and a Carlton Ware dragon lustre bowl 20-40
124.    A Spode blue chintz floral plate and pot and a Burleigh Ware green Art Deco dish 10-20
125.    A floral Poole Pottery plate 10-20
126.    A Wedgwood Jasperware 'Cupid' plate 10-20
127.    A Faience plate and a pair of Boch plates painted flowers 10-20
128.    A pair of Royal Doulton Christmas plates and a figure Penny 10-20
129.    A Rosenthal floral printed coffee service comprising coffee pot, six cups and saucers, sugar and milk 20-40
130.    A Coalport blue and white teapot and two other teapots 10-20
131.    A Royal Worcester part coffee set with blue border No 7137 comprising coffee pot and five cups and saucers 20-30
132.    A set of five Spode teacups and fourteen coffee cups - mostly a/f - and twenty three saucers 10-20
133.    Three various pottery teapots 10-20
134.    A group of early Victorian porcelain including 'toy' ware dishes, cups and saucers etc 20-30
135.    A Franklin Mint porcelain pheasant by A J Rudisill - 31cm 10-30
136.    A bisque porcelain alpine fox and cub - 23cm 10-20
137.    Spare lot 0-10
138.    A pair of Japanese late Satsuma vases - 24cm 20-40
139.    A pair of late 19th century Chinese prunus blossom cylindrical vases - one chipped, and a similar baluster vase and cover - lid a/f, four character mark to base 50-70
140.    A Mintons Aesthetic teapot moulded and painted prunus blossom - 15cm 10-20
141.    A Staffordshire Gaudy jug painted flowers - 18cm and a Ridgways "Fancy Stone China" jug 10-20
142.    A Victorian Staffordshire figure 'The Return' 30-50
143.    A Berlin cherub group and two Capodimonte cherubs - all a/f 10-20
144.    A Meissen porcelain chamberstick with green vine border 30-50
145.    An early 19th century Staffordshire double sided Gin and Water figure 50-70
146.    A Victorian basketware fruit comport with Forget-me-not encrusted border 20-30
147.    A Coalport Coalbrookdale floral encrusted and painted inkwell No4021 20-30
148.    A 19th century Faience inkwell 9cm square - lid repaired 10-20
149.    A large Victorian floral painted loving cup dated 1856 and a large Victorian Ridgeways sucrier painted flowers No 2765. 10-20
150.    Spare Lot 0-10
151.    A large Victorian floral painted spitoon - 28cm dia 50-70
152.    A Wilkinson giant sized breakfast cup and saucer with text to rim 10-20
153.    A Tuscan Plant set of six cups and saucers and six tea plates 15-25
154.    A large 19th century oval porcelain sugar bowl with blue floral decoration on a white ground 10-20
155.    A quantity of various Victorian floral painted pot lids 30-50
156.    A Victorian Mintons jug 22cm and a pair of Vienna style porcelain lidded pots painted butterflies with gilt metal mounts 20-30
157.    A Moorcroft vase painted Anemone pattern - 11cm 80-120
158.    Two small Moorcroft dishes painted flowers on a green ground 30-50
159.    Four Moorcroft pin dishes in clematis and hibiscus patterns 50-70
160.    A Moorcroft vase painted clematis on a green and blue ground - 10cm 30-50
161.    A small Moorcroft vase painted orchid with paper label - 9cm - chip to base 20-30
162.    A Moorcroft vase painted clematis on a green and turquoise ground - 12cm 40-60
163.    A Moorcroft vase painted anemone on a deep blue ground - 10cm 30-50
164.    A pair of Moorcroft candlesticks 'Anemone' pattern on a blue ground - 9cm 50-70
165.    An early William Moorcroft Florian Ware blue floral vase - 30cm, chipped to rim 100-150
166.    A Royal Albert dinner service comprising: six dinner plates, nine breakfast plates and four bowls 50-70
167.    A Victorian 'Improved Stone China' strainer plate printed crane 30-50
168.    A J & G Meakin part dinner service 'Sol' comprising three graduated meat plates, four dinner plates and four breakfast plates 10-30
169.    A reproduction Chinese vase and a Chinese plate 10-20
170.    A Breton Quimper wooden mounted entree dish set 30-50
171.    A Gracie's Teaware Los Angelos teapot and tea cup set - boxed 10-20
172.    A Royal Worcester plate 'Ripple' signed by Dunkley - boxed 30-50
173.    A set of four Wedgwood 1945 - 2005 60th Anniversary VE day plates - boxed 10-20
174.    A group of Royal Worcester and Portmeirion 10-30
175.    A Poole dinner service comprising: six dinner plates, four dessert plates, nine side plates, four vegetable dishes with lids, nine coffee cups, four tea cups, sugar bowl, milk jug, cream jug, four cereal bowls and two vegetable dishes 50-70
176.    Two Victorian coloured glass jugs and a pink and gilt Italian glass liqueur decanter 20-40
177.    A pair of Murano pink glass figures of a man and woman dancing 50-70
178.    A Stuart glass bowl with purple peacock trail decoration circa 1900, 21.5cm wide 50-70
179.    A set of five turquoise sherry glasses and various other drinking glasses 10-20
180.    A set of six blue stemmed hock glasses 20-40
181.    A pair of coffee cups and saucers painted vines in gilt and brown c1800 20-30
181A.   An early 19th century tea cup and tea bowl with saucers with gilt border decoration - possibly Worcester and a similar coffee cup with blue and gilt border - no saucer 20-40
182.    A pair of early 19th century coffee cups and saucers with sprigged floral decoration in manganese and gilt 40-60
183.    A rare early 19th century creamware jug and lid printed 'Toast and Water', 18cm high 150-200
184.    A Caithness 'Apollo 11 Moon Landing' paperweight from the first limited edition of 1000 - 1969, engraved 'We Came In Peace' 180-220
185.    A Royal Worcester pot painted blue flowers and lizard to rim - 5cm tall 10-20
186.    A Muller Fres vase in yellow, red and black mounted on triple dolphin metal stand, the vase signed Muller Fres, Luneville 18.5cm 100-150
187.    A Clarice Cliff crocus pattern honey pot with bee finial painted in the crocus pattern 60-80
188.    A Chinese 18th century famille rose part dessert service comprising a large circular dish, three plates, three bowls and a sauce boat 400-600
189.    Five small 18th century Chinese famille rose dishes painted ribbons and flowers in European style - 16cm dia 100-150
190.    A pair of 18th century Chinese famille rose oval dishes painted sprays of flowers - 23 x 17.5cm 100-150
191.    Two 18th century Chinese famille rose saucers painted flowers, 14 & 15cm 40-60
192.    A Delft vase painted stylised flowers, 23cm - marked LPK for De Lampetkan 60-80
193.    A large Royal Worcester pot pourri vase painted Still Life fruit and signed by Freeman No 1428 (good condition) 1800-2500
194.    A Dresden porcelain parrot - 32cm 100-150
195.    A pair of Victorian vases painted blackberries - 26cm 20-30
196.    A pair of Franklin Mint candlesticks 'Romeo and Juliet' - 25cm 20-30
197.    A pair of Empire Ware floral printed vases 10-20
198.    A pair of floral painted vases and a mottled vase 10-20
199.    A large Victorian cut glass water jug - 18cm tall 30-50
200.    An Edinburgh Crystal liqueur decanter with thistle form measure stopper and engraved decoration 40-60
201.    A Royal Brierley lustred glass vase - 10cm 10-20
202.    An amber tinted vase engraved daffodils and two square glass vases, the tallest 28cm 15-25
203.    A pink glass biscuit barrel with plated lid and mounts, a Murano glass bird and three paperweights 20-40
204.    A large cut glass engraved goblet, 16cm high and a heavy flower form studio glass bowl 25cm dia approx 30-50
205.    Three Murano Studio glass dishes in red and pink 20-40
206.    A large mottled glass vase - 28cm 20-30
207.    A pair of Royal Doulton cut glass wine glasses 'Old Bouquet' - boxed 10-20
208.    An Iden Rye pottery coffee service comprising coffee pot, six cups and saucers, sugar and milk 20-30
209.    A pink 'Tea with Alice' tea set 10-20
210.    Four Babycham glasses and three cherry liqueur glasses 10-20
211.    A group of various 19th century plates including Royal Worcester 10-20
211A.   A set of six Royal Crown Derby blue and white tea plates and a similar tea cup and saucer 10-20
212.    A Royal Albert clock, cake stand, butter dish, table mats, two bon bon dishes and covered sugar 20-40
213.    A Victorian matched blue and white toiletry jug and bowl and another toiletry jug 10-30
214.    A blue glass dressing table set - one vase a/f, another tray , pair of blue vases etc 10-20
215.    A set of twelve Royal Worcester months of the year plates 10-20
216.    An Edwardian pink chamber pot by T G Green 10-20
217.    A porcelain table lamp printed birds - total height 56cm 10-20
218.    A quantity of cut glass drinking glasses 10-20
219.    Various cut glassware 10-20
220.    A group of decorative china 10-20
221.    A Masons Patent Ironstone chamber pot and a Bridgewood blue and white one 30-50
222.    Spare lot
223.    Spare Lot 0-10
224.    A box of silver plated items 10-20
225.    Various silver plated items including teaware 20-40
226.    A group of silver plated items 10-20
227.    An oak two tier cutlery box 10-20
228.    A Victorian walnut cutlery cabinet with six drawers enclosed by burr walnut pair of doors, plus part contents of silver plated cutlery, 52 wide x 40 deep x 42cm high 80-120
229.    A 19th century heavy cast and silver plated inkwell with all over scrollwork decoration and putti to lid, the tri-form base with grotesque mythical beast supports, 19cm tall 60-80
230.    A silver plated three branch candelabra 10-20
231.    A large silver plated tea kettle on stand 30-50
232.    A white metal kris form paper knife and a white metal cake slice with pierced and engraved decoration 10-20
233.    A Victorian silver plated crumb scoop with carved ivory handle 10-20
234.    A large silver plated basket 20-30
235.    A silver plated on copper punch bowl with lion ring handles, 27cm dia. 20-40
236.    A set of six duck menu or place card holders 10-20
237.    A Mappin and Webb silver plated epergne and a jug 20-30
238.    A set of silver plated claw crackers and six seafood picks 10-20
239.    A silver plated bottle holder and silver plated tapered bottle holder or vase 20-40
240.    A pair of silver plated and turned wood bottle coasters 10-20
241.    A cut glass and silver plated preserve pot, a muffin dish and silver topped sugar caster 10-20
242.    A silver plated cake basket and a silver plated comport 10-20
243.    A pair of silver plated novelty thimble form tumblers engraved 'Just A Thimbleful', 8.5cm high 20-40
244.    A Georgian silver plate on copper coffee pot 20-30
245.    A pair of silver plated fish servers, set of dessert spoons and fish cutlery set 10-20
246.    A bone handled fish set - cased 10-20
247.    A blue handled silver plated dessert cutlery set - cased 10-20
248.    A silver plated sugar bowl with cranberry glass liner and various other silver plated items 10-30
249.    A box of silver plated items etc 20-30
250.    A silver plated breakfast stand with swivel opening top 40-60
251.    A pair of 19th century Sheffield silver plated candlesticks 20-40
252.    A Victorian fine quality large silver plated wine cooler with vine decoration, 33cm tall 150-200
253.    Spare lot
254.    Spare lot
255.    A silver pin dish on three ornate feet London 1924 and a small vase Sheffield 1904 16cm 80-120
256.    An Edwardian silver vase with pierced rim circa 1900 - 134g 40-60
257.    A silver bread or fruit basket with swing handle, Sheffield 1925, 345g 180-250
258.    A set of three Edwardian silver toast racks 164g, Sheffield 1935 80-120
259.    A tall silver fluted vase, London 1919 and a smaller one, Birmingham 1919 30-50
260.    A modern silver photograph frame, four silver and glass cruets, silver pin dish and a silver plated pocket watch case 20-40
261.    A silver two handled porringer and saucer - Birmingham 1915, 248g 60-801
262.    A silver two handled porringer - Birmingham 1922, 118g, two silver eggcups and two napkin rings (80g) 40-60
263.    A large silver brush embossed cherub head - Birmingham 1905 20-40
264.    Three cut glass dressing table jars with silver lids, a small silver dish etc 50-70
265.    A silver christening spoon and fork set, London 1875 - cased 20-40
266.    A silver cake knife, four silver spoons and two silver and enamel sports medals 10-20
267.    A pair of Georgian silver sugar tongs, a napkin ring, shoe horn and button hook 20-40
268.    A box of assorted silver items including corkscrew, cruets etc 25-35
269.    A pair of silver and cut glass salts, cased and a silver cream jug 20-30
270.    A silver goblet, London 1914, 132g 30-50
271.    A silver trophy cup - Sheffield 1956 40-60
272.    A silver candlestick converted to a table lamp 30-40
273.    Two Victorian cut glass and silver topped toiletry bottles 40-60
274.    A large silver capped and cut glass inkwell engraved 'B' to lid - London 1894 60-80
275.    A silver piecrust edge salver with engraved presentation - 20cm diameter, 266g and another with four hooved feet by Mappin and Webb, 543g 200-300
276.    A silver toast rack - London 1901, 124g 25-35
277.    A silver three piece christening set - cased - Birmingham 1936 20-40
278.    Ten silver coffee bean coffee spoons - Birmingham 1923 20-40
279.    Eleven various silver coffee spoons - 100g 20-40
280.    A set of six silver dessert forks - Sheffield 1923 20-30
281.    A silver manicure set etc 20-30
282.    A set of six silver handled tea knives, Sheffield 1919 and another set a/f 20-30
283.    A set of six silver rat tail teaspoons by C J Vander Ltd - London 1932, 125g 30-40
284.    Four silver forks - Sheffield 1923, 190g 20-30
285.    Three pairs of Georgian silver sugar tongs with bright cut decoration 50-70
286.    A silver embossed brush decorated mask and birds - Birmingham 1912 10-30
287.    A five piece silver brush and mirror set 30-50
288.    A two handled silver oval bowl, Edinburgh 1805, by D & M, 195g, 19.5cm wide 100-150
289.    A small silver wavy edge dish - 7cm tall - Birmingham 1906 20-30
290.    A circular silver sugar bowl, London 1934 - 137g 40-60
291.    A silver Mappin and Webb caddy spoon with swastika motif - London 1916 20-30
292.    A Victorian silver caddy spoon decorated embossed vines to bowl and handle - Birmingham 1891 by Hilliard and Thomason 60-80
293.    A sterling silver owl bookmark - a/f 10-20
294.    A silver and mother of pearl two tool penknife Sheffield 1899 by WN 20-30
295.    A silver cigarette holder in case with engraved daffodil decoration Birmingham 1919 by Francis Webb 20-40
296.    A Crimea War medal mounted as fob 40-60
297.    An Eastern white metal compact with engraved decoration 25-35
298.    A silver card case with spring action and a silver cigarette case - 138g total 40-60
299.    A small silver spirit flask with detachable cup to base - Chester 1930 50-70
300.    A silver cigarette case Birmingham 1919 20-30
301.    An Edwardian silver evening bag embossed flowers - Birmingham 1909 50-70
302.    A silver heart form vesta case, Birmingham 1898 and another silver vesta 50-70
303.    A 19th century French silver sifter spoon with pierced flower and stylised decoration to bowl, bears French hallmarks 50-70
304.    A pair of Georgian silver sugar tongs with bright cut decoration by Peter and Ann Bateman 1797 50-70
305.    A sterling silver circular dish with laurel leaf rim, 330g, 20cm diameter 120-180
306.    A pair of silver tapered vases with embossed floral decoration, London 1897/8 by W. Comyn, 16.5cm 60-80
307.    A pair of George III silver half reeded salts and spoons, London 1809 and 1810 by George Smith and William Fearn, all engraved crest, 325g 150-200
308.    An Asprey silver beaker to commemorate the coronation of George VI 12th May 1937 - 12cm tall, 290g 100-150
309.    A silver christening tankard engraved April 14th 1907 - by William Aitken, Birmingham 1904 - 233g 50-70
310.    A pair of Georgian silver dessert spoons later embossed as berry spoons 30-50
311.    A silver paperknife with mother of pearl handle - the blade cut down 20-30
312.    A set of three silver pin trays, Chester 1935 and an ashtray, Birmingham 1932 - total 253g 50-70
313.    A silver cigarette box 20-30
314.    A silver Armada dish - 185g 40-60
315.    A pair of silver frilled top and serpentine moulded sauce boats with hoof feet, London 1902 and 1909 by Lambert and Co, 523g 150-200
316.    A silver sauce boat Birmingham 1937, 165g 80-120
317.    A large circular silver toiletry box with all over embossed decoration and cupid to lid, by the Mauser Manufacturing Co, marked Sterling 1650 80-120
318.    A silver and enamel poppy flower pin dish, 7.5cm - some damage to enamel 25-35
319.    A pair of Britannia standard silver trencher salt pots with gilt interiors, London 1898 80-120
320.    A silver cream jug on three pad feet Birmingham 1897 50-70
321.    A silver oval inkstand with cut glass inkwell, Birmingham 1921, 113g 60-80
322.    A small silver tankard with glass base, Sheffield 1925, 9.5cm tall by Page, Keen & Page 100-150
323.    A Scuderia Ferrari wrist watch in fitted case with instructions 60-80
324.    A Victorian silver pocket watch, a silver fob chain, a silver St Christopher and a 9 carat gold miniature St Christopher 60-80
325.    A continental silver 935 standard pocket watch and two 800 standard silver fob watches 50-60
326.    A pair of silver gardening themed cufflinks in form of watering can and tools - boxed 10-20
327.    A pair of silver engine turned cufflinks - boxed 10-20
328.    A pair of silver cufflinks - boxed 10-20
329.    A silver gilt masonic tie pin 10-20
330.    A pair of Essex Crystal horse head cufflinks 20-30
331.    A silver charm bracelet and charms 15-25
332.    A silver chain necklace - 80g 20-30
333.    A small group of silver jewellery 20-30
334.    A Victorian silver inlaid bangle and another silver hinged bangle 50-70
335.    An 800 standard marcasite double fish brooch and a similar pair of earrings 20-40
336.    A vintage micro mosaic bracelet 10-20
337.    A silver mounted Caithness millefiori glass pendant and similar brooch and another millefiori pendant and earrings by Buchanan 20-40
338.    A silver and enamel butterfly brooch by J Aitken & Son, No, 2369, marked J.A. & S 50-70
339.    A Crawford nurses pendant watch 20-30
340.    A silver and turquoise set bracelet and earrings 10-20
341.    A Victorian silver panel brooch and a pair of silver celtic earrings 15-25
342.    A silver threepenny bit bracelet 15-25
343.    A pair of 9 carat gold and pearl earrings 20-30
344.    A 9 carat gold ring set green agate and a pair of matching earrings 60-80
345.    A Victorian silver oval locket inlaid rose spray in coloured gold, on silver chain 100-150
346.    A small group of silver jewellery 20-40
347.    A Russian amber and silver Art Deco brooch - marked 875 30-40
348.    A set of eight Indian Mughal style mother of pearl panels with painted hunting scenes - from a bracelet 30-50
349.    Two silver necklaces and a loose opal 10-20
350.    An 18 carat gold butterfly pendant set diamonds 150-200
351.    A 9 carat gold heart form locket and miniature heart pendant or charm 30-50
352.    Three Victorian carved ivory flower form brooches and four similar pendants 50-70
353.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold flower spray brooch set pearls 50-70
354.    A 9 carat gold pendant set ruby on 9 carat gold chain
355.    An early 20th century snakeshead stick pin, a paste stick pin and three bar brooches 20-40
356.    Two 18 carat gold and enamel butterfly brooches 120-150
357.    A silver and laboradite pendant 30-50
358.    A group of Arts and Crafts pewter style brooches and earrings 20-30
359.    A silver bangle set London blue topaz 70-90
360.    Two 9 carat gold ladies watches, a 9 carat gold TFB brooch and a 9 carat gold brooch set pink stone 60-80
361.    An Accurist 9 cart gold ladies wrist watch and a 9 carat gold strap 80-120
362.    An 18 carat gold small fob watch 60-80
363.    A Dennison gold plated sovereign case watch fob 30-40
364.    A Tudor/Rolex Oyster gentlemans wrist watch 200-300
365.    A Rolex Oyster Royal Precision gentleman's wrist watch 1000-1500
366.    A Services Army watch with luminous numerals and an Ingersoll watch 20-40
367.    A 14 carat gold Omega gentlemans Automatic De Ville Seamaster wrist watch with original box and paperwork 280-350
368.    An Art Deco diamond set cocktail watch with diamond set strap 600-800
369.    A late Victorian fine Belle Epoque diamond set brooch 1200-1800
370.    A fine Art Deco diamond and sapphire set double clip brooch of open geometric design, each half set rectangular cut sapphire within diamond set surround on white precious metal - 4.5cm x 2cm - 16g 1500-2000
371.    A white gold or platinum line brooch set twenty three graduated diamonds (total approx. 3 cts) 2000-3000
372.    A 9 carat gold horseshoe and crop riding stock pin in original case 40-60
373.    A 9 carat gold stick pin set peridot 20-30
374.    An Edwardian gold stick pin set seed pearls and three diamonds - unmarked 40-60
375.    A 9 carat gold horse head bar brooch or stock pin - 4.5g 60-80
376.    A Victorian 9 carat gold lozenge form brooch set chip diamond 40-60
377.    A 15 carat gold Edwardian horseshoe stick pin 10-20
378.    A pair of 14 carat gold diamond sapphire cluster earrings 500-700
379.    A 9 carat gold RNAS eagle and crown brooch - 2.7g, pin a/f 30-50
380.    An 18 carat gold 'Sunburst' brooch set with rubies and sapphires 320-450
381.    Two unmarked high grade gold masonic brooches set diamonds 180-250
382.    A yellow metal compass fob 20-30
383.    A small 9 carat gold Victorian oval locket with carved cameo and bloodstone to verso 25 x 1.5cm 30-50
384.    A 9 carat gold framed cameo carved classical lady 70-90
385.    A Victorian pinchbeck scrollwork framed mourning brooch with pastoral scene carved cameo and daguerreotype to verso 30-50
386.    A Victorian yellow metal oval brooch with central stone (chipped) 60-801
387.    A moonstone brooch carved face of the moon on 9 carat gold pin (small crack) 100-150
388.    An 18 carat white gold large brilliant cut diamond cluster ring, overall diamond weight 2.72 carats approximately, total ring weight 5.3g, together with insurance valuation , size M 2500-3500
389.    A 10k white gold ring set double row of diamonds with diamond set spiral wrap, size Q 350-450
390.    An 18 carat gold five stone diamond ring, size Q 300-500
391.    A fine platinum ring set large diamond (just over 2 carats) on diamond set shoulders, size N 3000-5000
392.    A fine 18 carat gold and platinum set large diamond crossover ring - each stone approx. one carat, size N 3500-4500
393.    A 9 carat gold emerald and chip diamond set ring - size M 30-40
394.    An 18 carat gold ring set three diamonds within circlet - size M 60-80
395.    A 9 carat gold crossover pearl set ring - size J 30-40
396.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set diamond crossover ring - size N 150-200
397.    A 9 carat gold chip diamond cluster ring, size P 60-80
398.    A platinum set three stone diamond ring, size M 300-500
399.    A sterling silver Charles Horner ring, size L 10-20
400.    A 9 carat gold three stone crossover ring, size N 80-120
401.    An 18 carat gold ring set peridot, citrine and amethyst, size O 80-120
402.    A 9 carat gold cameo ring - size N 25-30
403.    A 9K gold tanzanite ring on diamond set shoulders, size T 150-200
404.    An 18 carat gold opal, garnet and diamond set ring, size P 100-150
405.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond ring, size N 80-120
406.    A 9K gold pink tourmaline ring on diamond set shoulders, size O 200-300
407.    A 9K gold green tanzanite three stone ring, size O and a half 150-200
408.    A 9K gold Ethiopian opal ring on diamond set shoulders, size L 200-300
409.    A 9K gold ring set aurora topaz, size M and a half 120-180
410.    A silver and rainbow moonstone ring, size N 25-35
411.    A silver kyanite set ring, size P 25-35
412.    A 9 carat gold gents ring set tigers eye - 5.4g, size S 50-70
413.    A silver mystic topaz ring, size j 25-35
414.    A silver and amethyst ring, size P 25-35
415.    A silver and laboradite ring, size Q 30-50
416.    A 14 carat gold ring set white stones size L, a 9 carat gold eternity ring size N and an emerald and diamond ring size L 60-80
417.    A Victorian 9 carat gold ring set three old cut diamonds and a gold ring a/f - total 4g 30-50
418.    Two 18 carat gold and diamond 'Gypsy' rings 120-150
419.    Two 9 carat gold dress rings 40-60
420.    A Victorian 9 carat gold ring (two pearls missing) and a 9 carat gold ring set purple stone 40-60
421.    A 9 carat gold and pearl ring and a 9 carat gold plaited ring 50-70
422.    A silver gents ring by Niels Erik with initials 'RH' and stone, size W 20-40
423.    A 9 carat gold gents ring set paste, size V 30-50
423A.   A 9 carat gold eternity ring set diamonds, size P 60-80
424.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold pendant necklace set blue stones 80-120
425.    A 14ct gold pendant necklace set emeralds and diamonds 150-200
426.    An 18 carat gold Chinese pendant 3g, on gold plated chain 20-40
427.    A 9 carat gold crucifix and chain 2.5g 30-40
428.    A white metal three strand necklace set green stones 20-40
429.    A cherry amber necklace - 88g 60-80
430.    A coral necklace 15-25
431.    A heavy stone panel necklace 10-20
432.    A Keshi pearl and diamonte bead necklace 40-60
433.    A white Biwa pearl necklace 40-60
434.    A button pearl necklace 40-60
434A.   Miscellaneous costume jewellery 10-20
435.    A silver marcasite and green paste watch and matching brooch and a Swarovski reindeer brooch 20-30
436.    A group of brooches, a Robertsons Golly badge and an Essex Crystal 20-40
437.    Two Butler and Wilson teddy bear keyrings 40-60
438.    A vintage blue paste necklace and brooch 10-20
439.    Six vintage 'crystal' necklaces 10-20
440.    A box of various earrings 10-20
441.    A group of costume jewellery 10-20
442.    A large marcasite brooch, various antique brooches and a white metal bracelet 20-30
443.    A group of various costume jewellery 10-20
444.    Twenty five assorted brooches 10-20
445.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
446.    Four ladies wrist watches and a vintage gold plated gentleman s wrist watch by Ramona 10-30
447.    A Roamer gentlemans wrist watch and five other vintage wrist watches 25-35
448.    A group of five various ladies wrist watches and a gold plated bangle 10-20
449.    Twelve assorted ladies and gents watches 10-20
450.    A group of vintage gilt costume jewellery 10-20
451.    Six hardstone necklaces etc 10-20
452.    A box of French jet jewellery 10-30
453.    A box of costume beads 10-20
454.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
455.    Five various simulated pearl necklaces 10-20
456.    An Invicta gentlemans 'divers' wrist watch with instructions (box a/f) 20-40
457.    A jewellery box and contents including Seamaster Stopwatch 10-20
458.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
459.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
460.    A collection of Swatch watches 20-30
461.    A box of vintage beads and costume jewellery 10-20
462.    A quantity of cufflinks and tie pins 20-30
463.    A pair of shotgun cartridge cufflinks - boxed 10-20
464.    A vintage stags head brooch 10-20
465.    An Art Nouveau style brooch 10-20
466.    A pair of cartridge form cufflinks 10-20
467.    A box of various costume jewellery 10-20
468.    A box of various brooches 10-20
469.    A silver nurses buckle and an enamel buckle 20-40
470.    Six various costume brooches 10-30
471.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
472.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
473.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
474.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
475.    Twenty six pairs of Signature earrings 20-30
476.    Four Christopher Robin song books 10-20
477.    Three film or movie strip negative pictures for Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore 20-40
478.    An Alice in Wonderland chess set purchased from Whiteleys 50-70
479.    A Harrods Ken and Barbie James Bond 007 boxed pair of dolls 50-70
480.    A Barbie Jack Sparrow doll from Pirates of the Caribbean 60-801
481.    A set of Disney Vivid dwarves and Snow White - all boxed 70-90
482.    A Fordson tractor jigsaw in envelope 10-20
483.    A Triang 'Arkitex' set, boxed and a construction set 10-20
484.    A Chad Valley Golly Hoopla game, various magic painting books, Sooty jigsaw and set of vintage crackers 10-30
485.    Three Steiff pottery bears - boxed with certificates 20-30
486.    A quantity of Sindy dolls etc 20-30
487.    A vintage Fisher Price record player, a similar Play Desk and music box 10-20
488.    A set of painted wood soldier form skittles and a painted wooden toy farm 10-20
489.    A carved wooden teddy on an elephant, 32cm high 10-20
490.    A Steiff leopard 20cm (lacking button) and a Steiff lion and cub - (lacking buttons) 20-40
491.    Spare lot
492.    A Merrythought jester bear, a Harrods pig, a wind-up Blossom toy vintage teddy and another soft toy teddy 20-40
493.    A suite of vintage dolls wicker furniture comprising table, two chairs and reclining chair 10-20
494.    A Gabrielle Paddington Bear in navy blue coat and red Dunlop boots - good condition 50-70
495.    A Weibnachts musical Steiff bear 'Joy to the World' - boxed 100-150
496.    A brown Steiff teddy bear 0206/41 40-60
497.    Two early 20th century large teddy bears 30-50
498.    A limited edition Steiff bear 'Maxwell' - with certificate - 45/1500, in bag
499.    A Merrythought limited edition Selfridges Pudsey 2012 bear - boxed
500.    A limited edition Steiff bear 'Oscar' - with certificate - 50/1500, in bag 50-70
501.    A Merrythought Prince George teddy bear - boxed with tag 60-80
502.    A large blond Harrods Christmas bear in cardigan 30-50
503.    A Merrythought dark brown shelf bear - limited edition of 500 30-50
504.    A Merrythought Millenium bear - boxed with certificate and framed picture - 384/2000
505.    A black plastic doll and a small gold jointed teddy bear 10-20
506.    A Merrythought Mr Whoppit bear - boxed 3174/5000 20-40
507.    A Merrythought large mohair bear 1930 - 90 - boxed 30-50
508.    A Steiff Members Club elephant - boxed with certificate
509.    A Deans Rag Book limited edition 359/500 Lord Nelson bear - boxed 100-150
510.    A 1960's Kader large plastic doll 10-20
511.    A German bisque head doll in European National costume marked 478, 27cm 30-50
512.    A Bahr & Proschild bisque headed doll with composition jointed body, 36cm, with BP and crossed swords mark, circa 1900 30-50
512A.   A reproduction bisque headed doll with impressed mark Grace R Putnam 20-40
513.    A late 19th/early 20th century Kessler shoulder head doll with kid skin jointed body - marked 3097 50-100
514.    A Steiff summer bear with sunglasses and winter bear - no clothes 654473 and 654459 70-90
515.    A Harrods Bear - 1849 - 1999 in green waistcoat 20-40
516.    A large blond mohair Merrythought bear made for Harrods 30-50
517.    A Merrythought lavender bear and another Merrythought bear with waistcoat 40-60
518.    A small Steiff gold plush bear 30-50
519.    A Merrythought gold plush bear and a blond Merrythought bear in 18th century costume 40-60
520.    Three small Merrythought teddy bears in brown and blonde 3-40
521.    A Merrythought red mohair bear 0117/1000 and another Merrythought mohair bear with tie 40-60
522.    A Merrythought apricot mohair teddy 30-50
523.    A Steiff monkey 20-40
524.    Two small Merrythought bears in blond and mohair grey 20-40
525.    A large Merrythought limited edition Rupert bear - boxed 341 50-70
526.    A large Merrythought String mohair teddy bear - boxed 102/1000 50-70
527.    A Merrythought blond and mohair bear with ribbon 40-60
528.    A Merrythought small blue bear 1995 - boxed 1990/2500 'Jewel of the Bear' 20-40
529.    A brown Harrods bear in jumper 20-40
530.    A Merrythought Scottie dog 20-30
531.    A Big Softies limited edition large Cedric bear - boxed with certificate 19/250 20-30
532.    Two Pedigree dolls and various doll parts etc. 10-20
533.    Two early 20th century large composition baby dolls 10-30
534.    Two boxes of various dolls, clothes and shoes 10-20
535.    A large Merrythought Thumper circa 1960's 20-30
536.    Five Corgi Aviation Airline die cast aircraft: Comet, Victor, Victor Tanker, Lockheed Hercules and a Boeing Tanker - all boxed 40-60
537.    Five Corgi Aviation Airline die cast aircraft: Victor MKII, Lockheed Hercules, Avro Vulcan Black Buck, Lightning Aerobatics x 2 40-60
538.    Five Corgi Aviation Airline die cast aircraft: Sunderland Transport, Avro York, Douglas DC3, Lockheed Constellation and Vickers Viscount - all boxed 40-60
539.    Five Corgi Aviation Airline die cast aircraft: Hercules Tanker, Lockheed Hercules, Hawker Hunter, Hawker Hunter Black Arrows, and Vickers Viscount - all boxed 40-60
540.    Five Corgi Aviation Airline die cast aircraft: Avro York, Lightning F1A, Hawker Hunter, Hawker Hunter and Black Arrows and Avro Lancaster - all boxed 40-60
541.    Five Corgi Aviation Airline die cast aircraft: Avro Lancaster Dambusters, a Boeing 299 Fortress and a Douglas Skytrain - all boxed 40-60
542.    A painted cast metal John Deere tractor 20-30
543.    An Ertl John Deer tractor - boxed and another unboxed 30-40
544.    A model Stephenson's Rocket 10-20
545.    A 1950's Marx USA clockwork tank with key 10-20
546.    Two Marx tin plate trucks circa 50's/60's 10-20
547.    Three miniature Hantel figures 10-20
548.    A Britains 18" Heavy Howitzer 30-50
549.    A Britains 155mm Gun boxed 30-50
550.    A Dinky Supertoys Missile Erecting Vehicle, No 666 - boxed 60-80
551.    A Britains 4.7" Naval Gun mounted for field service, boxed 10-30
552.    A French Dinky Toys Camion Unic No. 895 - boxed 60-80
553.    A Victorian bisque dolls house doll and two shoulder head miniature doll busts 20-40
554.    A Mettoy tin plate motorbike and rider 20-40
555.    A small wind up musical box, a money box etc 10-20
555A.   A Dinky Meccano lawn mower 10-30
556.    Two small boxed sets of Kieler Zinnfiguren lead soldiers 40-60
557.    A tin plate toy ghost train on circular track (head changes in tunnel) - boxed 20-30
558.    A Star Wars Chewbacca Wookie Flyer and two other figures 10-20
559.    A Meccano Stationary Steam engine 10-20
560.    A quantity of toy cars including Shell sports cars and Kellogg Villages and Vehicles 10-20
561.    A Corgi die cast Hawker Hunter aeroplane 10-20
562.    Two Corgi Die Cast Vietnam Sets - Unsung Heroes M48AS Tank and a Huey Hog Helicopter 30-50
563.    Two Corgi Eddie Stobart die cast model Truck and Trailer and Container Truck, two Lledo Kleenex Lifeboats, a Rupert Morris van and two others 20-40
564.    A Fleischman N gauge train set comprising engine 7829, engine and coaches set 7802 and various coaches and trucks, track and transformer - all boxed 80-120
565.    A collection of eleven die cast military aeroplanes and a large collection of miniature painted metal military figures, vehicles, soldiers and artillery etc. plus a tin of plastic miniature soldiers 50-70
566.    A collection of lead knights by Britains, Cherlea etc 30-50
567.    A collection of lead soldiers from 'The Queens Coronation Procession' 20-40
568.    A Mamod Steam Roller 40-60
569.    A Lumar Contractors Crane 10-20
570.    A Corgi Bloodhound Bristol Guided Missile with ramp trolley and RAF Landrover gift set No 4 - boxed 80-120
571.    A Corgi Thunderbird Guided Missile gift set No 3 - boxed 60-80
572.    A Dinky Pressure Refueller No 642 - boxed 20-40
573.    A Corgi Decca Mobile Airfield Radio 1106 - boxed 50-70
574.    A Dinky Recovery Tractor No 661 - boxed, and an Armoured Command vehicle No 677 - boxed 30-50
575.    A Britains 155mm Field Gun - boxed and five shells No 2064 50-70
576.    A Britains 18" Howitzer field gun - boxed, and five shells No 2107 60-80
577.    A Dinky 660 Tank Transporter and Tank No 651 - boxed 60-80
578.    A Dinky 25 Pounder Gun unit No 697 - boxed 50-70
579.    A Lone Star 'Lorry', two Mobile Fighting Units, Jeep and Field Gun 10-30
580.    A Britains Army Jeep, a trailer and six field guns 30-50
581.    A Dinky Military Ambulance 626, Army Water Tanker 643, Army One Ton Truck 641 and Scout Car 673 20-30
582.    A Dinky Armoured Car, Armoured Car 670 and Armoured Personnel Carrier, a search light and a field gun 20-30
583.    A Dinky Army wagon No 623 and two trucks No 621 and 622 30-50
584.    A Hornby Inter-City 125 boxed train set R541 30-50
585.    A Hornby Breakdown Crane 'OO' 3639, three GWR Macaw M Bogie Bolster Wagons R6015, Saxa Salt, two open wagons, one grain wagon and covered load 20-40
586.    A Mamod steam car - boxed 50-70
587.    A Marx tin plate clockwork train set with Union Pacific loco, six carriages, station, tunnel, signal and figure of eight track and key - no box 80-120
587A.   A Lima Goods Engine - boxed, another unboxed, a Hornby Tank Engine R2381BR Class 14 XX locomotive - boxed and a quantity of trucks 40-60
588.    Two InterCity engines and seven coaches etc 20-40
589.    Hornby Dublo station accessories including two through stations, six island platforms, three signal cabins, four footbridges etc - all boxed and various ages 30-50
590.    A quantity of OO gauge trucks - boxed, by Bachmann, Hornby, Maritime etc 40-60
591.    Six Hornby Dublo three rail TPO Mail Van sets - some complete 60-80
592.    A large quantity of Hornby 3 rail track, eleven controllers and other line side accessories - four boxes 50-70
593.    A Hornby Dublo double arm signal 32131 - boxed, a pair of Water Cranes - boxed and another boxed but one crane missing, a loading guage 32150 - boxed and two empty boxes, two pairs of buffers - boxed and one pair unboxed, four loose buffers, three Crescent Toys single gantry signals, one double gantry and pair of signals and two other signals 20-40
594.    Two Hornby Dublo turntables, a girder bridge and three level crossings - all boxed 20-30
595.    A box of Hornby Dublo three rail freight wagons including four tanks, fish, box vans, bolsters, cable drums and containers (23) 40-60
596.    A Hornby Dublo EDG17 tank goods train set boxed complete with instructions 50-70
597.    Eight various Hornby Dublo coaches, boxed - including two D3 Corridor LMS, three D11 Corridor BR, one D12 Corridor BR, one D22 Corridor BR, one 4022 Suburban (and another unboxed) and TPO Royal Mail Van D1 50-70
598.    A box of Hornby Dublo three rail freight wagons including: brick bolster wagons, box vans, brake vans, fish and goods vans and Weltrol and bogie flat wagons (approx 50) 40-60
599.    A group of Hornby Dublo locomotives comprising:- Duchess of Atholl, Duchess of Montrose and tender (plus another for spares), an 0-6-2 tank and two 2-6-4 tanks - all not boxed 80-120
600.    A collection of eleven unboxed coaches including LNER 45401 3rd Class, two Western Region trains W15862 and W34881, four E45402E and four E42759E 30-50
601.    A Hornby Dublo Duchess of Montrose locomotive BR and tender plus six coaches 50-60
602.    A Hornby Silver King locomotive BR 60016, boxed (no lid) - and tender boxed - plus restaurant car 40-60
603.    A Hornby Dublo Duchess of Montrose BR and tender plus four coaches 30-50
604.    Thirteen boxed Hornby Dublo wagons including four BR Goods Brake Van, Coal Wagon D1 and D2, three low sided wagons with cable drums, three 40 Ton Bogie Well wagons and a Weltrol 30-50
605.    Two Hornby Dublo Breakdown Cranes R4620 - boxed 30-50
606.    A Hornby 3-rail HO Bobo Diesel locomotive in Hornby repair box and a Kirdon Main Line Diesel electric locomotive boxed 50-70
607.    A group of boxed wagons including: Petrol Tank D1 Power Ethyl, Oil Tank D1 Royal Daylight, Horse Box D1 BR and two flat wagons D1 and three containers 40-60
608.    A Hornby Dublo Duchess of Atholl LMS and tender plus set of six coaches (four roofs repainted) 50-60
609.    A Hornby Dublo EDP1 passenger train gift set with Sir Nigel Gresley engine - boxed 70-90
610.    A Hornby Dublo train electric passenger train gift set EDP15 with Silver King engine - boxed 60-80
611.    A Hornby Dublo EDP12 passenger train gift set with Duchess of Montrose engine, boxed 60-80
612.    A Hornby Dublo EDP12 passenger train gift set with Duchess of Montrose engine, boxed 60-80
613.    A box of old Meccano and instructions 10-20
614.    An old painted sledge 50-70
615.    Spare lot 0-10
616.    An antique map of Warwickshire - 310 x 370cm 30-50
617.    Spare Lot 0-10
618.    A John Speed 17th century map of Herefordshire dated 1610 - 38 x 51cm 100-150
619.    A small antique map of Derbyshire - 21 x 15cm 10-20
620.    A map of Buckinghamshire by Herman Moll - 33 x 20cm 20-40
621.    A late 17th century or early 18th century print of Denbigh and Flintshire - 37 x 48cm 50-70
622.    A group of unframed Ordnance Survey Maps 10-20
623.    A stamp stockbook of New Zealand Dependencies, Somoa & Cook Islands , QV to QEII, mint and used, QV stamp duty 2,3,4 shillings 50-70
624.    A red stockbook of St Gilbert and Ellis Islands stamps, mint and used, Early QEII sets to 10// 35-45
624A.   An SG Ideal stamp album of circa 1912 containing mint and used GB, Commonwealth and all world - sparsely filled; some part sets noted
625.    A blue album of GB, Commonwealth, All World Mint and used stamps 40-60
626.    A stockbook of QV-QEII of mint and used stamps of St Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla, Leeward Isles, British Virgin Islands 50-70
627.    A tin of cigarette cards 10-20
628.    Cigarette cards - box of odds and part sets - including Typhoo 'long' types including Shakespeare, Industry of the British Empire, Swiss Family Robinson etc, Churchman including Famous Golfers, Lambert and Butler motorcycles etc, Players including British Pedigree Stock - interesting accumulation to sort (100's) 40-60
629.    Postcards - a selection of Aviation cards (35) including Valentines Aircraft Recognition types plus Cigarette Cards including Sinclair British Sea Dogs (25/50) Players including Butterflies, Poultry etc. 20-40
630.    Three late 19th century illustrated steam engine cards 15-25
631.    An autograph book with a variety of signatures including Jack Warner, the team of Stoke City football club circa 1950's 35-45
632.    An early Cruchley's Ordnance Survey fold out coloured map on linen No 25, Gloucestershire 20-40
633.    Postcards - Edwardian actors/actresses including Vesta Tilley (3), Sir Henry Irving, George Robey, Gertie Millar, Seymour Hicks etc (82)
634.    A miniature prayer book, another prayer book, a bible and an old Syrups and Cordials book etc 10-20
635.    A W J Barter and Co Ross advertising calendar 1928, a 1939 Farmers Weekly magazine and Laugh at Life with Andy Capp 10-20
636.    The Development of the English Steam Wagon by Ronald Clark, and 19th Century Railway Carriages by Hamilton Ellis 1949 10-20
637.    A Souvenir book from a banquet at Fleetwood House together with guest list and menu 20-30
638.    A WWI photo album from India and a photograph album of a group of women touring Britain and abroad in the 1920's/30's 10-30
639.    The Life of Wellington by W H Maxwell - published by Bickers 1890 - full red calf with illustrated and folding map of Waterloo 20-30
640.    English Pictures drawn with pen and pencil by Rev Samuel Manning 10-20
641.    A group of 1930's Boys Annuals etc 20-30
642.    E Benezit - eight volumes Dictionnaire des Peintres, Sculpteurs 10-30
643.    A Victorian black lacquer photo album and contents including 'Carte de Visite' portraits 10-30
644.    The Garden - five volumes - an illustrated Victorian Weekly Journal 1880's 50-70
645.    A suitcase of old childrens magazines and comics including Lone Star, Mystery in Space, Dandy, Beano etc 20-40
646.    Two half leather bound books 'Racing Calendar Steeple Chases Past' 1912 and 1913 - published Weatherby and Sons 30-50
647.    A Louis Wain Annual 1905 (missing back cover) 60-80
648.    Nonsense Botany and Nonsense Alphabets by Edward Lear 1889 60-80
649.    Randolph Caldecott - The Diverting History of John Gilpin 50-70
650.    The Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear 1862 30-50
651.    Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam published by T N Foulis November 1919 - illustrated by Frank Brangwyn, fifteen colour plates 30-40
652.    Two fishing books by Chris Yates - first edition Casting at the Sun and The Secret Carp 10-20
653.    A collection of International Art Magazines circa 1900 by Virgue and Co 10-30
654.    Teddy Tail in Historyland, Daily Mail by Charles Folkard published A & C Black - circa 1920 20-40
655.    The New Book of Martyrs circa 1830 20-30
656.    Baedekers Northern Germany 1900 20-30
657.    Rubayait of Omar Khayam illustrated by Willy Pogany 15-25
658.    A Phaidon book of Antique maps 15-25
659.    F. E. Becker Catalogue of Chemical & Scientific Apparatus, circa 1880's, 270 pages 25-35
660.    Mind Your P's and Q's by Jerome Meyer 1932, Treasury of Alphabets and Lettering by Jan Tschichord and Sketching Without a Master by J Hullah c 1900 10-20
661.    Encylopaedia of Driving by Sallie Walrond, Horses in Harness Today by Bevan Rider and Classical Circus Equitation 10-20
662.    Books - Oldacre of Gloucestershire, Highways and Byways in Gloucestershire, Notes and Recollections of Stroud, and Dymock Down the Ages by the Rev J E Gethyn-Jones 20-30
663.    A New Model of thew Universe by P D Ouspensky, 1938 - together with Radio Studies of The Universe, Atoms, Stars and Nebulae, and One Day Telleth Another 10-20
664.    The School for Scandal by Richard Brinsley Sheridan - twenty five tipped-in colour plates by Hugh Thomson - published by Hodder and Stoughton 1911 - First Edition - vgc 40-60
665.    Wood Specimens and Wood Specimens, second collection by H A Cox - over two hundred colour plates 20-40
666.    The Art of Audubon; The Complete Birds and Mammals - published by Macdonald 1981 - together with Audubon in Edinburgh by John Chalmers 20-30
667.    The BBC Handbook 1928 10-20
668.    The Annual Register or A View of History, Politics and Literature of the years 1831, 1834 and 1836 - three volumes, matching bindings of half calf and marbled boards, end papers and edges - First Editions - vgc 80-120
669.    Books - Folio Society, ten titles all in slip cases including Animal Farm, Revolt in the Desert, Rumpole etc 20-30
670.    Books - Folio Society Thomas Hardy - six titles in slip cases: The Mayor of Casterbridge, Under The Greenwood Tree, he Trumpet Major, The Return of The Native, Far From the Madding Crowd and Tess of the D'Urbervilles - vgc 10-20
671.    Pinacoteca Vaticana - Papal monuments, museums and galleries - published by Rizzoli New York 1992 - many mounted and folding in colour plates - in slipcase, fine condition 30-50
672.    The Vision of Purgatory and Paradise by Dante Alighieri, translated by Rev Francis Cary, illustrated by Gustav Dore, new edition c1880 - later half leather binding over original front cover - VGC 60-80
673.    A box of 'Country' themed books on shooting and fishing etc. 10-20
674.    A Chinese brass vase decorated birds and trees with Chinese mark to base - 30cm 40-60
675.    A Chinese brass bowl engraved dragons, bird and landscape - 30cm dia 40-60
676.    An oriental carved cork picture and two horn birds 10-20
676A.   A 19th century watercolour coastal scene with shipwreck - 22 x 54cm 20-40
677.    A pair of lacquered wood Japanese Geisha shoes 20-40
678.    An Eastern box carved jungle beast, a circular wooden inkwell with advertising for H Addison and Co Wellington, Salop and a small resin box 20-30
679.    A Victorian copper and brass hunting horn 10-20
680.    A 'Black and White' whisky Scottie Dog bar advert 20-30
681.    A pair of early 20th century spelter Scottie Dogs - 17cm 30-50
682.    An oval dressing table mirror 10-20
683.    A Tudric pewter tapered candlestick No 0250 - 24cm 20-30
684.    A Salter Improved family scale 10-20
685.    Three Elvis Presley 78rpm records: Hound Dog, Blue Suede Shoes and My Baby Left Me 15-25
686.    A pair of black horn and bone veneered photograph frames 23 x 18cm and a set of oval lacquered stacking boxes 30-50
687.    Two beaded evening bags and two petit point embroidered bags 20-40
688.    A collection of antique bookmarks including Victorian embroidered, advertising, Stevengraphs etc 50-70
689.    A Victorian rosewood and mother of pearl writing slope 20-40
690.    A 'His Masters Voice' table top gramophone and two boxes of gramophone records 40-60
691.    A set of Avery grocery scales 10-20
692.    An old brass car horn 10-20
693.    A pair of cricket batting gloves 15-25
694.    A Royal typewriter in fitted case 10-20
695.    A quantity of LP's, 45's and 78's including Jazz etc 10-20
696.    A box of collectables 10-20
697.    A leather woven horse whip, a leather covered baton and a pair of leather gaiters 30-40
698.    A small French circular brass eight day clock 20-40
699.    An Imhof gilt alarm clock and a 1930's Bakelite travel clock 20-30
700.    A brass cased carriage clock and key 20-30
701.    An etching of prize pigs from The Graphic - unframed 10-20
702.    A carved low relief wooden plaque of a jester - 30 x 22cm 20-30
703.    A gilt metal foliate framed mirror - 31 x 20cm 10-30
704.    Llewellyn Petley Jones - drawing "Old Palace Gate" (together with provenance) 15 x 19cm 80-120
705.    A pair of Pimpernel tablemat trays from the Queen Mary, Cunard Line 10-30
706.    A set of Bezique cards boxed and sealed and 'Junk' playing cards boxed and sealed 10-20
707.    A small treen bottle containing set of miniature dice 20-30
708.    A LNER canvas belt or strap with toggle end 10-20
708A.   A chrome cased Motor Aneroid 8.5cm diameter 100-150
709.    A pair of gold and horn rimmed spectacles - cased 20-30
710.    A large cigar cutter from the House of Lords 10-20
711.    An antique wax seal in turned wood box 10-20
712.    A Williamsons silver plated razor - boxed 10-20
713.    A Canon FD 50mm 1: 1.8 lens and a Hyda Wide Auto 1: 2.8 lens 10-20
714.    A box of match box covers including treen etc. 20-40
715.    A Swiss carved wood stamp box 10-20
716.    A group of car badges including Triumph, Chiltern, Stafford etc 10-30
717.    A Univex miniature camera 30-50
718.    A Royal Yachting Association car badge 10-20
719.    A vintage chrome Herefordshire car badge 10-20
720.    A Shaw and Son early 20th century tin 'Desk Sundries' desk tidy 10-20
721.    A Yard O Led silver pencil in original case with paperwork, two Parker biros and gilt pencil 20-30
722.    A Sampson and Morden white metal spiral turned pencil and a silver biro 30-50
723.    Three Parker Pens - boxed 40-60
723A.   A Schaeffer pen and biro set - boxed 20-30
724.    A pair of small gilt bronze cherub finials - 10.5cm 20-30
725.    Four various compacts and a costume brooch 10-20
726.    A Stratton compact with lipstick, another Stratton compact and two other compacts 20-30
727.    A large selection of Churchill and other Crowns 20-30
728.    A Yamaha recorder and Hohner mouth organ 'International' 10-20
729.    An early Polaroid camera, a Kodak Instamatic and a Boots Viewer 10-20
730.    A group of small collectables including a dog whistle, travel inkwell, savings bank etc 20-40
731.    A Rolls Razor, cut throat razor, two folding horn handled knives and a Spong mincer 10-20
732.    Three various boxes 10-20
733.    A Victorian mahogany writing slope with fitted interior 20-40
734.    A box of tobacco related collectables including Domino scoreboard, playing cards, bar jug, matches etc 15-25
735.    A box of old cameras including Zeiss Ikon Contina, Olympus A2 etc 10-20
736.    A box of collectables including Huntley and Palmers globe biscuit tin, coins etc 10-20
737.    A box of collectables including skittles, binoculars etc 10-20
738.    A Prinzlux pair of 7 x 50 binoculars, a smaller pair and a pair of opera glasses 10-20
739.    Brian Aldridge - limited edition print fishing boats 6/25 - 15 x 20cm 15-25
740.    Jesse Heydon - watercolour view of the Malvern Hills - 25 x 36cm 30-50
741.    A 19th century astragal glazed bookcase top 112 high x 99cm wide 60-80
742.    A Kyrle Picture Palace, Ross on Wye poster from 1915 advertising lady body builders, weight lifters and other acts - 75 x 50cm 30-50
743.    A Victorian John Broadwood small mahogany piano - 125cm wide x 104 high 60-100
744.    A 1960's cream telephone 20-30
745.    E Travies - a set of three lithographs of game birds published by Gambard and Co London - 50 x 34cm 100-150
745A.   An engraving of Llanfwrog Church Wales (Denbighshire) - signed Beryl - 17.5 x 12.5cm 10-20
746.    A box of collectables and oriental ornaments 10-30
747.    Horace Mann Livens - watercolour 'The Miller and His Mill Dorking' - 38 x 28cm (Overshott Mill at Pipbrook Dorking) 150-200
748.    Elizabeth Armsden - etching 'Grazing Roe Deer, Moreton Woods' 1936 - 22 x 34cm 20-40
749.    B E Baggaley - watercolour 'The Duck Pond' - 21 x 35cm 40-60
750.    Paul Purdey - watercolour 'Autumn Evening' riverbank scene - 18 x 27cm 30-50
751.    A coloured etching after Gillray 'God Save the King' published by H Humphrey 1795 - 25 x 33cm 80-120
752.    A watercolour wetland scene with geese and turkey - 28 x 49cm 30-50
753.    A pair of cast bronze griffins - 18cm tall 50-70
754.    A bronze finish spelter cupid, arm repaired - 30cm 20-30
755.    An Arts and Crafts oak tray with carved floral decoration, 63 x 24cm 20-30
756.    A small Victorian pine chest of two short and two long drawers, 80cm wide x 47 cm deep x 91cm high 60-80
757.    A carved wood circular nut or serving dish with central handle and acorn finial - probably by Alan Granger 'Acorn Man' - 30cm dia 20-40
758.    An etching after Gillray 'Punch Cures the Gout and the Colic and the Tisick' published by H Humphrey 1799 - 25 x 33cm 80-120
759.    Thomas Ambrose Colley Smith (Thomas Ambrose) - three watercolours of Hammersmith framed as one, a watercolour of 'Salt Boxes' Sheffield and an etching 'The Foresaken Mill', plus a photo of the artist painting 30-40
760.    Thomas Rowlandson - pen and watercolour sketch 'Horse Stealers upon Trial at the Old Bailey' - 21 x 17cm titled and dated in pencil, with original Abbott and Holder Auctioneers of Bloomsbury catalogue 250-350
761.    A Victorian large mahogany swing toiletry mirror on scroll supports and box base, 61cm wide 50-70
762.    A 19th century gout stool 20-40
763.    An 18th century oak longcase clock with earlier 17th century 8 day striking movement by Abel Panchaud, Oxford Street 300-500
764.    An Edwardian mahogany single door wardrobe with marquetry decoration 40-60
765.    An engraving Dutch street scene and text - 26 x 18cm 15-25
766.    An early 19th century Irish mahogany bow fronted sideboard with ebony inlay, the six turned supports later cut down, by M Butler of 27 Abbey St, Dublin, 172 wide x 60 deep x 90cm high 300-500
767.    G Cole - oil on canvas river landscape at sunset - 39 x 60cm - in ornate gilt frame 50-70
768.    A Victorian Still Life flowers and fruit signed Jas Cap - 29 x 34cm 50-70
769.    A Japanese watercolour watermill, with bat motif signature - 21 x 32cm 15-25
770.    A Dutch oil on board still life fruit - 29 x 21cm 50-70
771.    C Hedge - oil on canvas vase of anemones - 27 x 40cm 30-50
772.    Attributed Leonard Ward - watercolour cottage with figures - 25 x 18cm 20-40
773.    A pair of watercolours continental landscapes - 17 x 23cm 20-40
774.    A large oil on canvas still life apples and violets - 39 x 55cm, in gilt frame 80-120
775.    A gouache Mughal Prince on horseback - 18 x 11cm 30-50
776.    An octagonal watercolour The Three Wise Men - 7.5cm 20-30
776A.   A late 19th century or early 20th century oil on canvas castle courtyard scene, inscribed to verso 'Lockram' 22 x 28cm 20-30
777.    A Jaques Croquet set - boxed 50-70
778.    A large antique cast iron fire grate and dogs 50-70
779.    Two old wicker shopping baskets 10-20
780.    A Terence Conran for Habitat black coffee table circa 1964 decorated grasses and seedheads 40-60
781.    A Murphy B40 Series Naval Radio Communication Receiver 50-80
782.    Two Edwardian rise top piano stools 10-20
783.    An old hat box and two card hat boxes and contents of hats 20-30
784.    Two card hat boxes and contents of hats 20-30
785.    A rush seated ladder back chair 15-25
785A.   An antique pine box 47 x 32 x 27 cm high, one handle missing 10-20
786.    A wicker log basket 10-20
787.    An antique staddle stone 100-200
787A.   An antique staddle stone 100-200
788.    A painted wood table lamp 46cm high and shade, 40-60
789.    An early 19th century rosewood Pembroke table on slender supports, 81cm deep 80-120
790.    A Fortnum and Mason wicker hamper
791.    A large light oak cutlery box with two brass handles 20-40
792.    An Edwardian satinwood and walnut marquetry envelope card table of Art Nouveau design with frieze drawer and satinwood and baize interior 80cm square 100-150
793.    A Fortnum and Mason wicker hamper 10-20
794.    A cut glass three branch chandelier with silvered finish frame 60-80
795.    A cut glass three branch chandelier with silvered finish frame 60-80
796.    A brass warming pan 10-20
797.    An Edwardian oak chest of two short and three long drawers 40-60
798.    A 19th century walking cane made from shark vertebrae with horn handle 80-120
799.    An old shooting stick 10-20
800.    A Victorian fine parasol with carved wood dog formhandle, the silk shade embroidered violets and foliage, with large tassel - good condition 100-150
801.    A rosewood handled walking cane and a bamboo walking stick with gold plated handle 20-30
802.    A George V painted wood coronation tipstaff dated 1911 - 76cm 80-120
803.    Hilda Horcutt - watercolour and pastel Ledbury Woodland scene - 23 x 33cm 20-30
804.    Two coaching prints after Alken 18 x 22cm 20-30
805.    Two oil on canvas flowers and a seascape - the largest 40 x 50cm 10-20
806.    A modern pine corner cabinet 10-20
807.    A 19th century mahogany two door glazed cabinet with associated mahogany open bookcase above 30-50
808.    A watercolour sailing ships near coastline, 25 x 32cm 20-40
809.    W Sallinger - oil on canvas Alpine landscape 49 x 74cm 10-30
810.    A Rembrandt etching 'Windmill' hand printed by Theo Beerendonk signed in pencil, 18cm x 22cm 20-30
811.    G L Stampa - a golfing cartoon 13 x 18cm, and a fashion print 20-30
812.    A print of St Andrews golf course - 27 x 53cm 10-30
813.    E G Lawless - oil on board Irish coastal scene, possibly Galway Bay 20-40
814.    A Victorian print of a young girl playing violin with dog howling 'Symphony' - 69 x 46cm 20-30
815.    A large lithograph print of an old lady - 46 x 32cm 10-30
816.    A print Rembrandt self portrait - 28.5 x 37cm 10-20
817.    A coloured engraving Thornbury Castle and another after Bulmer - 11 x 12cm 10-20
818.    A watercolour and pencil sketch Study of St Albans - framed and glazed - 40 x 28cm 15-25
819.    A V & A botanical rose print - 25 x 19cm 10-30
820.    Gerald Coulson - pair of limited edition prints Dawn and Dusk - 42/850 - 36 x 52cm 20-40
821.    A framed group of sketches of a kitten - 27 x 23cm, signed DA 21st Aug '83 20-30
822.    A set of three carriage watercolours by Adams and Hooper (carriage makers) - 19 x 24cm, signed 40-60
823.    Wallace Hester - etching Cheltenham College - 19 x 25cm 10-20
824.    Four pine slatted kitchen chairs 30-50
825.    A large Victorian black and white print of Prize Jersey Cows after Edwin Douglas - 49 x 84cm 10-30
826.    An early 19th century mahogany circular breakfast table 98cm 20-40
827.    A Christopher Robin print and two other nursery pictures 15-25
828.    John Blockley - watercolour mountain 'Early Morning' with inscription to verso 'Best Wishes John Blockley March 98' - 29 x 53cm 60-80
829.    Ken Hammond - limited edition print of Bristol docks - 33 x 60cm 20-30
830.    Leonard Pearman - limited edition print 'Fishing Tiger' 23/850, signed by the artist - 44 x 62cm 30-50
831.    Leslie Matthews - limited edition print Worcester County Cricket Club, signed by the players and officials, 1987 - 38 x 60cm 40-60
832.    David Weston -watercolour Engine Shed - 27 x 45cm 40-60
833.    David Shepherd - limited edition print 417/1500 'Elephant Seals' - 30x 55cm 30-50
834.    Basil Ede - limited edition print of pheasants - 33 x 45cm 20-30
835.    David Shepherd - limited edition print 834/1500 'Cheetah' - signed - 23 x 40cm 40-60
836.    Arthur Delaney - limited edition print of the University of Manchester and Trams 736/850 - 27 x 33cm 30-50
837.    A pair of Chinese painted on glass shipping scenes - 30 x 46cm 30-50
838.    A white painted rocking chair 10-30
839.    A Harrods full length stiff net underskirt 20-40
840.    A brown fur jacket 10-20
841.    Four fur stoles 10-30
842.    A fur coat 10-30
843.    A set of vintage nursery interlined curtains cover,each curtain 164"" width x 77" long, and a bedhead cover 20-40
844.    A box of antique childrens clothes etc 10-20
845.    A large woven yellow silk throw or shawl 80-120
846.    A group of evening bags, leather wallet, leather handbags etc 20-40
847.    An antique lace collar framed and glazed- 40 x 28cm 20-40
848.    A vintage satinwood four drawer cutlery box with fitted interior 20-40
849.    A Victorian copper warming pan 10-20
850.    A set of six Victorian rosewood balloon back dining chairs with carved bar splat all raised on turned supports (five plus one with identical back but differing legs) 150-200
851.    A set of six oak arch back dining chairs with carved stretcher 40-60
852.    A set of six Ercol dining chairs with carved backs 30-50
853.    An early 20th century elm seated smokers bow chair 50-70
854.    An Edwardian beech stick back armchair - cut down 40-60
855.    A green upholstered swivel desk chair 40-60
856.    A Regency mahogany carver chair with reeded back and arms - repaired 20-40
857.    Three Edwardian stick back chairs - some repairs 10-30
858.    A set of six Regency style rope twist back dining chairs with brass inlay 100-150
859.    Two Victorian matching salon or nursing chairs with inlaid decoration 60-80
860.    A Regency mahogany framed cane and leather library chair on turned supports and large castors 500-700
861.    Two matching Victorian mahogany salon chairs with carved decoration 80-120
861A.   A Victorian circular mahogany breakfast table on carved column and triple curved supports, 138cm dia. 100-200
862.    A 1930's oak wall clock with glazed door 20-30
863.    An early 20th century long kitchen or gallery bench - approx 260cm 60-80
864.    An Indonesian Gamelan percussive instrument - metallophone 80-120
865.    An Indonesian Gamelan percussive instrument - metallophone 80-120
866.    A pair of large brass giraffes - 67cm 30-50
867.    A small decorative blanket chest with all over still life fruit painted decoration, 61 wide x 48 deep x 40cm high 40-60
868.    A gilt framed oval mirror with ribbon surmount 63 x 33cm 10-30
869.    An Art Deco light oak barometer/thermometer 20-30
870.    A large carved African tribal mask - 47cm 40-60
871.    A Georgian mahogany knife box with serpentine front and later fitted interior 60-80
872.    A George III mahogany breakfront sideboard with bow fronted drawer and cupboard flanking frieze drawer and secret drawer to apron 500-700
873.    A pair of Art Deco marble topped bedside cabinets with drawer over cupboard 200-300
874.    A Victorian copper coal bucket with embossed decoration and lion mask handles, a/f 20-30
875.    A box of carving chisels by Mawood, Maples, Ward, Adis and Peace plus and old brace and twenty assorted bits 20-40
876.    An early 18th century alphabet sampler dated 1728 - 35 x 20cm 60-80
877.    An oak framed aneroid barometer 28cm diameter 10-20
878.    An early 20th century advertising barometer/thermometer for Harry Hall 'Coat Breeches Habit and Costume Specialists' 80-120
879.    A nest of three oval Eastern inlaid occasional tables 20-40
880.    A Franklyn Mint chess set 'The Indian Sepoy Revolution 1857' in fitted chess board topped table 150-200
881.    An Edwardian mahogany piano or organ stool 10-20
882.    A globe drinks cabinet 60-80
883.    A small Edwardian mahogany bureau with marquetry decoration to slope front all over drawers, 76cm wide x 93cm high 40-60
884.    A 1930's mahogany cased wall clock with glazed door 20-40
885.    A brass and copper hunting horn 10-20
886.    An African carved hardwood tribal stool - one leg deficient 30-50
887.    A pine farmhouse dining table with drawer to side all on turned supports 183 x 72cm wide 60-80
888.    A Victorian upholstered window seat on turned supports,145cm long 150-200
889.    A 1930's light oak firescreen 10-20
890.    A Victorian mahogany finish wind out dining table with one interleaf all on turned and reeded supports 40-60
891.    A long footstool on pad feet 20-40
892.    A Victorian long low stool on carved mahogany claw and ball feet, 93cm long 20-30
893.    A Victorian small low upholstered foot stool with rise top lid, 76cm long 10-30
894.    An early 20th century mahogany twin pedestal desk with green leather inset top - 54 x 91cm 100-150
895.    A shield form mahogany swing toiletry mirror 20-40
896.    A long footstool on claw and ball feet 20-40
897.    A 19th century mahogany double sided cabinet, the two doors enclosing shelves, 66cm x 71 x 89 high 50-70
898.    C H Lucy - watercolour gentleman fishing on a riverbank with girl watching - 11 x 18cm 50-60
899.    A watercolour Italian ruins - signed to verso C F Percy - 24 x 35cm 20-40
900.    A limited edition print after Helen Allingham 309/850 - 33 x 50cm 20-40
901.    An early 19th century Dutch double dome top bureau bookcase, the two glazed doors with scrollwork carved glazing bars all over slope front with marquetry griffin decoration and fitted interior, the base with four graduated long drawers all with further marquetry decoration 3000-4000
902.    A mahogany two door wardrobe with drawer under by Bartholomew and Fletcher, 95 wide x 56 deep x 178cm high 80-120
903.    A Regency rosewood framed bergere childs chair, 57cm high max 50-70
904.    An oil on canvas board fishermen with nets by a ruined castle - 34 x 44cm 40-60
905.    William Selwyn - limited edition print Llanberis Pass Snowdonia - 58 x 41cm 50-70
906.    Graham Soden - watercolour Scottish loch in rain - 23 x 39cm 30-40
907.    A Victorian small oil on board woman with geese - 18 x 13cm 40-60
908.    Oil on board realist school peasant woman in coastal scene - 11 x 19cm 50-60
909.    A Victorian key cupboard with carved bird and tree decoration to door - 45cm wide x 14cm deep x 48cm high 60-80
910.    A small Georgian mahogany chest of two short and four long drawers (two of the drawers with internal slots cut to the interior to accommodate storage divisions), 68 wide x 33.5 deep x 70cm high 100-150
911.    A good 19th century carved wood gilt scrollwork Mechanical Picture or Folio Frame with gilt brass carrying handle and hinged back, now containing a mirror, stamped to verso 'Invented by J & W Vokins of 5 John Street, Oxford Street'. Vokins were a renown family of carvers, gilders and frame makers with Royal Patronage, who operated from this address from 1828-1858. They produced portable picture frames - this example having brass mounted holes to the side and the base but lacking the associated brass feet, Overall measurement 64 x 53cm (Further information can be found on the National Gallery Website under British Picture Framers) 150-200
912.    A Victorian mahogany reeded torchere or plant stand 30-50
913.    A Victorian oval mahogany cheval mirror on stand, 57cm high 80-120
914.    Edward Lysaght - oil on canvas St Just Church 'Summer Morning' with original letter and exhibition catalogue - 51 x 67cm 80-120
915.    An Edwardian dressing chest with swing mirror over two short and two long drawers , 60.5cm wide 50-70
916.    A French small gilt metal framed barometer 14.5cm diameter 20-30
917.    Admiral Sir Charles Madden - watercolour Malta harbour scene - 25 x 36cm 30-50
918.    A 19th century mahogany display cabinet with arch top over two glazed doors (one with glass a/f) 80-120
919.    A limited edition print ancient stone doorway, 38 x 49cm 20-30
920.    Rosanne Sanders - watercolour harvest mouse and berries - 21 x 16cm 20-40
921.    Lambert - watercolour river landscape - 24 x 35cm 20-40
922.    A Japanese Meiji period ivory needlework tape measure with animal incised decoration
923.    A Japanese Meiji period ivory needlecase with thimble screw top lid and owl and rat incised decoration 80-120
924.    Two Japanese miniature lacquer gilt and black boxes fastened with cord - 4.5cm and 2.5cm long 50-70
925.    A 19th century French mother of pearl and white metal mounted notepad with calendar for 1846 30-50
926.    A Victorian carved ivory paper knife 30-50
927.    A mid 19th century Chinese green Duan inkstone with carved bird decoration and inset well - 10.5 x 7cm 500-700