Antiques & Collectables Sale
with Silver, Gold & Jewellery Section
on Friday 8th November 2019

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1.      A Royal Worcester Evesham dinner service comprising sixteen dinner plates, six side plates, six bowls, five soup bowls, gravy boat and stand, three lidded serving dishes, two section vegetable dish and two pairs of cruets - some wear 40-60
2.      A collection of Royal Worcester Evesham dinner ware comprising two lidded serving dishes, small lidded serving dish, two large serving bowls, smaller bowl, lemon juicer, flour sifter, two flan dishes, souffle dish and four other serving dishes 50-70
3.      A collection of Royal Worcester Evesham tea ware comprising two teapots, two large milk jugs, one small jug, lidded sugar, two open sugar bowls, eighteen tea cups and sixteen saucers, eleven side plates, eight coffee cups and seven saucers 50-70
4.      An extensive Minton Haddon Hall dinner service comprising: six soup cups and saucers, one 13.5" meat plate, twelve 10.5" dinner plates, nine 8" plates, eight 6.5" pudding bowls, eight 5.5" pudding bowls, a mustard pot and lid, three 4.5" flat dishes, one 2.5" jam pot with gold rimmed lid, one 3.5" flat gold edged dish and one 2.25" oblong gold edged cigarette holder/ash tray 100-150
5.      A Minton Haddon Hall tea service comprising: twelve cups and saucers, six tea plates, milk and sugar 40-70
6.      A pair of late 19th century Aesthetic style glass vases painted birds 21cm 10-20
7.      A cut glass table lamp and shade 20-40
8.      A Lalique style opalescent glass bowl with registration mark for 1931 - 22.5cm dia 10-20
9.      A Japanese Imari charger bowl with central urn design 20-30
10.     Five various Royal Doulton figures 20-40
11.     Three Royal Worcester figurines - Grandma's Dress in three colours 20-30
12.     A Royal Doulton figure of the year 1992 'Mary' and two other figures Chloe and Jayne 20-40
13.     A Royal Worcester figure Keepsake and two Coalport figures - Nell Gwyn and With This Ring 20-30
14.     Six various Coalport figures of ladies 30-50
15.     Two Royal Doulton figures 'Fair Lady' and 'Love Song', and one Coalport figure 'Henrietta' 10-20
16.     Two Coalport figures Liz and Shelley 10-20
17.     Six Coalport bisque figures and two smaller: Meg, First Love, An Enchanted Evening, Katie, Sophie, Annabelle, Beau Monde and Isabel 30-50
18.     A Wedgwood 1930's tea service painted fruit comprising: twelve cups and saucers (two a/f), twelve tea plates, two cake plates, teapot, milk and jug W1038 50-70
19.     A Royal County Roses coffee set comprising: coffee pot, six cups and saucers, cream and sugar 20-40
20.     A Border Fine Arts black labrador by Margaret Turner - 21cm high 10-20
21.     A modern Art Deco style triangular table lamp 10-30
22.     A Sadlers 'Daintee Laydee' blue Crinoline Lady teapot 10-20
23.     A Sylvac Pixie jug No.1969 20-30
24.     A Capodimonte porcelain figure of Princess Anne 20-30
25.     Three items of Denby stoneware decorated by Glyn Colledge 20-30
26.     A Leedsware Creamware 'Matrimony Courtship' jug, a pot lid 'St James's fishing in a punt' and a copper lustre mug with lid 10-30
27.     An Empire Ware blue chinoiserie cup and saucer, a Locke and Co Worcester basket weave pot and a Victorian Gaudy Welsh mug - a/f 10-30
28.     A collection of five coloured glass Cowdy glass baubles 10-30
29.     A collection of ten Antoine miniature character jugs and teapots 10-20
30.     A collection of five glass items including an art glass frog, trinket box, bowl and two vases 10-30
30A.    A group of Wedgwood green Jasperware including candlesticks, spill vases, pin dishes etc 20-30
31.     A small sized rose printed coffee set and various other tea ware including Limoges cabinet cups 10-20
32.     A large Royal Doulton character jug, five Roy Kirkham toby jugs and a Beswick one 20-40
33.     Three early 20th century pottery hat pin stands 10-20
34.     A group of five porcelain trinket boxes 10-20
35.     A Wedgwood black Jasperware vase and fruit bowl 20-40
36.     A Victorian bisque group of lovers on a swing - designed to be suspended 10-30
37.     A Wedgwood black Jasperware group of vases, trinket boxes and pin dishes 20-40
38.     Two Wedgwood black basalt ware trinket boxes with gilt spray decoration - boxed 20-40
39.     A group of various decorative tea ware 10-20
40.     A group of approximately thirteen items of crested ware including various crested animals 20-30
41.     A group of approximately fifteen items of crested ware and souvenir china 10-20
42.     A 1920's Shelley orange and black bowl decorated cranes, a Poole pottery jug and two Honiton pottery vases 10-20
43.     A Spode blue and white vase, a porcelain egg and a trinket box 10-20
44.     A Royal Doulton 'Carlyle' dinner service comprising: eight dinner plates, eight side plates, eight tea plates, eight cups and saucers, jug, eight bowls, two tureens and one meat plate 40-60
45.     A 19th century Jasperware Stilton dish - possibly Wedgwood but unmarked - 27cm high 60-80
46.     A Susie Cooper Wedding Bands dinner service comprising: - six coffee cups and saucers, two tea cups and saucers, six egg cups, sauce boat, large milk jug, four dessert bowls, meat plate, three serving dishes, five dinner plates, four soup bowls and five side plates 40-60
47.     Two gilt edged Minton plates 10-20
48.     Six pieces of pottery including a Radford Art Deco vase - a/f 10-20
49.     Six items of Lladro including figures of girls, two geese, a bell and collectors society sign - some boxed 30-50
50.     A small selection of continental porcelain including a Gerold Porzellan figurine, a Herend porcelain spill vase and two painted floral pin dishes 10-20
51.     A Lladro group girl with puppies 20-40
52.     A Royal Copenhagen figure of a cat 10-20
53.     A Lladro set of three figure clown figures 'Having a Ball' 05813 - boxed, 'Tired Friend' boxed and another clown with balloons - not boxed 30-40
54.     A 19th century Staffordshire Toby jug 20cm 20-30
55.     A Doulton toby jug 'Robin Hood', a Beswick toby jug 'Barneby Rudge' and a Masons toby jug 'The Farmer' 10-20
56.     A Victorian set of four Royal Crown Derby coffee cups and saucers with floral gilt decoration 20-40
57.     Two Victorian framed pot lids - The Village Wedding and family shrimping scene 20-40
58.     A pair of Luck and Flaw 'Spitting Image' Charles and Diana eggcups with impressed mark copyright 1982 20-30
59.     A Royal Doulton pair of Coronation of George V tumblers and similar hair net holder 10-20
60.     A pair of continental porcelain figures and a Coalport pastille burner - a/f 10-20
61.     A framed 19th century Prattware pot lid decorated Duke of Wellington 20-40
62.     A Beswick Sow and Piglets on mahogany plinth base No. 2746 10-30
63.     A pottery figure of a Beagle 10-20
64.     A Rye pottery ram, 10cm tall 10-20
65.     A Potter and Moore Bonzo Dog perfume bottle - 7cm tall 20-40
66.     A Beswick brown horse - 15cm high 10-30
67.     A Royal Copenhagen figure of a young couple dancing 20-30
68.     A Bing and Grondahl bird figure - a/f 10-20
69.     A Royal Worcester crocus form vase and a Graingers Worcester daffodil form vase 20-40
70.     A mid 20th century Chinese porcelain teapot and sugar decorated with cockerels
71.     A modern Chinese pottery teapot, a vase and another small teapot 10-20
72.     A Chinese porcelain ginger jar (lacking lid) together with a floral planter 10-20
73.     A mid 20th century Chinese Republic period porcelain vase painted mother and child scene - 21cm 30-50
74.     A 19th century German porcelain dish decorated flowers and two cherubs - a/f 20-40
75.     Three porcelain pin dolls 10-20
76.     Three graduated pottery jugs in Imari palette with matching bowl 10-20
77.     A Royal County Roses tea service comprising: nine cups and saucers, cake plate, eight tea plates, cake stand, milk, sugar and bowl 30-50
78.     A Royal Albert Country Roses tea service comprising teapot, six cups and saucers, milk and sugar 30-50
79.     Three Royal Doulton Bunnykins items: a two handled cup, a porringer and a cereal bowl 10-20
80.     A set of five Victorian floral printed blue and white tiles marked C O V England, and another tile with bird design 20-40
81.     A vintage tea service printed crinoline lady comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates, cake plate, milk and sugar 10-20
82.     A Bavarian Porcelain set of six floral printed coffee cups and saucers 10-20
83.     A Victorian blue and white tea service comprising seven cups and saucers, sugar, eleven side plates and sandwich plate 20-30
84.     Five large glass bowls 10-20
85.     A Wedgwood blue and gilt 'cloud' edged dinner service comprising: twelve hors d'oeurves plates, twelve soup plates, twelve dinner plates, twelve side plates and four large serving dishes/meat platters - No. X7810
86.     A large Capodimonte fruit bowl 10-20
87.     A Royal Doulton figure - Good King Wenceslas - HN2118 15-25
88.     A Royal Doulton figure - Foaming Quart - HN2162 25-35
89.     Three small Royal Doulton toby jugs: Toby Philpot, The Sleuth and Fat Boy 10-20
90.     A Lladro 'Dancing Crane' 01614 - boxed, one reed broken off 20-40
91.     A Lladro group 'Courting Cranes' 01611 - boxed 40-60
92.     A mid twentieth century heavy orange Art Glass vase with an Italian moulded green bubble vase 20-30
93.     A pair of cut glass brandy glasses and six glass tumblers (set of four plus two) 10-20
94.     Three glass items including a Spanish glass poro and two other early glass items 30-50
95.     A pair of 19th century Mary Gregory cranberry glass tulip vases - 15cm 20-30
96.     An antique continental glass vase with floral etched decoration 21cm tall 10-30
97.     A harlequin set of six overlaid and gilt etched tumblers, Rheims France UMC 20-30
98.     A collection of four Victorian cranberry glass frilled edge bowls and a vase 20-30
99.     A 19th century facet cut Bohemian yellow flashed drinking glass with engraved decoration 30-50
100.    An 18th century Italian 'Grand Tour' wine glass engraved 'Colonaden Enis' and a facet cut liqueur glass 10-20
101.    A Victorian cranberry glass perfume bottle, a cranberry glass jug, posy basket, bowl and pedestal dish 20-40
102.    A Royal Doulton Slaters Patent jardiniere - 18cm tall 20-40
103.    A Victorian Arts and Crafts tile and a nursery knife rest with duck and beetle 10-20
104.    A Royal Doulton Slaters Patent vase on a green ground - 16cm 20-30
105.    A pair of Midwinter faun head wall plaques 20-30
106.    Three 19th century Staffordshire pottery spaniel figures 20-30
107.    A Japanese Arita blue and white baluster vase - 37cm 40-50
108.    A 19th century blue and white printed baby feeder bottle 20-40
109.    A small slipware model of a rocking cradle 20-30
110.    A set of four Victorian Spode Japan pattern floral and gilt cups and saucers with saucer dish - two cups a/f 20-30
111.    A Royal Worcester set of six coffee cups and saucers in presentation case with stylised heart border on blue ground C2575, with unusual Viking Long Boat mark 150-200
112.    A set of three Swarovski glass Masquerade figures of Harlequin, Columbine and Pierrot - boxed together with three plaques and three stands - part boxed 60-80
113.    Three Swarovski glass Fabulous Creatures: Dragon, Pegasus and Unicorn - boxed (Pegasus has small chip to wing) 100-150
114.    Three Swarovski glass angel fish - boxed 20-30
115.    A Swarovski glass large flower form candlestick - boxed, and a mirror 20-30
116.    A Victorian Majolica jardiniere with applied floral decoration - 28cm tall 10-30
117.    A collection of Royal Worcester Evesham dinner ware comprising two covered tureens, flan dish, avocado dishes and assortment of small items and dishes - some worn 20-40
118.    A set of twelve Wedgwood Flower Fairy wall plates 20-40
119.    A blue Medina glass vase 14cm tall 20-30
120.    A collection of silver painted coloured glass vases 50-70
121.    An early 20th century silver painted green glass liqueur set comprising decanter and six glasses 10-30
122.    A Victorian ruby glass tapered scent bottle with gilt metal lid and inner stopper 25-35
123.    A collection of silver painted coloured glass vases 50-70
124.    A Swarovski glass set of three African animals including elephant, lion and koudou from the Africa series by Michael Stamey 100-150
125.    A Swarovski glass dolphin, whale and seal from Mother and Child series by Michael Stamey 60-80
126.    A Swarovski glass bunch of grapes and pineapple with gilt metal mounts 20-40
127.    Two Swarovski glass butterflies 20-30
128.    Three Swarovski glass swans and two clam shells 30-50
129.    A group of Swarovski glass ornaments including boxed tulips on stand (1 a/f), flowers, star fish, miniature set of tulips, bag of gems, two hearts etc 30-50
130.    A small gilt and white and porcelain figure of a boy with pipe 20-40
131.    A Sitzendorf figure of a woman with basket of flowers 10-20
132.    A pair of Meissen figures of travelling man and companion figure with basket - 10cm and crossed swords mark, companion figure repaired 200-250
133.    A Chinese celadon glazed pot incised flowers and leaves - 10cm tall, c. 1900 30-40
134.    A 19th century Chinese green stoneware incense bowl - 13.5cm dia 30-50
135.    An 18th century Chinese crackle ware brush water bowl - 15.5cm dia 300-400
136.    A small late 19th/early 20th century Chinese blue and white porcelain vase and cover painted scrolling foliage - 17.5cm 20-40
137.    A late 18th century Chinese Famille Rose tea bowl and saucer 20-30
138.    A 19th century Samson of Paris Worcester style dessert service comprising large rectangular serving dish, three oval dishes, two circular dishes and nine plates - all painted stylised floral decoration 50-70
139.    Two cut glass jugs and two vases 10-20
140.    Five various cut glass vases - tallest 23cm 20-30
141.    Two early 19th century glass carafes and a crackle glass jug 20-30
142.    A Waterford Crystal decanter in the Lismore pattern - 26cm high 30-50
143.    An Edwardian cut glass decanter - 24cm 10-20
144.    A Royal Doulton glass decanter - 29cm 10-20
145.    A Webb Corbett glass decanter - 24cm 10-20
146.    A Stuart Crystal squat glass decanter - 29cm 10-20
147.    A set of three cut glass spirit decanters from a tantalus 10-20
148.    A set of four hock glasses with engraved decoration game birds and stag in landscapes 40-60
149.    A pair of large Stuart Crystal wine glasses with air twist stems commemorating 1900th anniversary of York - limited edition 418 and 419 of 500 30-50
150.    A set of four 19th century cut wine glass rinsers with linear cut decoration 20-40
151.    Four early 19th century square base glasses with a cut glass decanter 20-40
152.    Spare lot 0-10
153.    Three items of modern glassware 10-20
154.    An Art Deco blue glass decanter and four liqueur glasses, plus five later blue glass tumblers 20-30
155.    A large red Studio glass bowl - 31cm dia 10-20
156.    An extensive Noritake gilt edged dinner service comprising ten dinner plates, ten side plates, ten tea plates, nine cups and ten saucers, coffee pot, two lidded tureens, milk jug, lidded sugar, ten bowls, ten smaller bowls, two gravy boats, two oval serving dishes, meat plate, salt and pepper and ten napkin rings 50-70
157.    A 1970's Studio Art pottery table lamp of cylindrical form - 44cm high 20-30
158.    A tile picture of a lady in traditional Welsh dress - 39cm 10-20
159.    A three piece white metal and enamel dressing table set with foxglove decoration 30-50
160.    A silver plated and mother of pearl fruit cutlery set - boxed 20-40
161.    A silver plated Indian charger - 30cm dia 10-20
161A.   A silver plated ladle 10-20
162.    Two WMF silver plated Ikora dishes 30-50
163.    A James Dixon and Sons silver plated art glass butter dish, together with a silver plated jug 20-30
164.    A pair of Victorian silver plated fish servers - boxed 20-30
165.    A Victorian carving set with ivory handles carved with the head of John Wesley - in fitted case 50-70
166.    A pair of silver plated fish servers with ivory handles and silver collars - hallmarked Sheffield 1904 10-20
167.    A late 19th century silver plated and ivory handled toasting fork 10-20
168.    A pair of silver plated lidded serving dishes by Wellner Soehne 20-30
169.    A silver plated punch bowl, cruet stand, teapot and candelabra 20-40
170.    A silver plated oval tray with embossed decoration and a silver plated sauce boat 10-20
171.    A box of silver plated items 20-30
172.    A pair of Indian Kashmiri silver plated embossed handled salt pots 30-50
173.    A novelty watering can garden themed cruet set 10-20
174.    A pair of early 20th century silver plated squat hat pin holders 20-30
175.    A novelty grouse form salt and pepper and sugar caster 10-20
176.    A pair of polished pewter Quaiches 10-20
177.    A French electrotype circular gilt metal trinket box 20-30
178.    A silver plated spirit kettle on a stand 25-35
179.    A Harrods three piece silver plated teaset 30-50
180.    A silver plated triple decanter stand - no decanters 10-20
181.    A silver fluted three piece tea service 20-40
182.    A white metal clown figure 10-20
183.    A group of vintage tennis related spoons together with gilt Thai spoons 10-20
184.    A pair of novelty cruets in the form of auctioneers gavels 10-20
185.    A three piece silver plated cruet set and a silver pepperette (a/f) 10-20
186.    A set of eight metal fish form napkin rings 10-20
187.    Six metal bow form napkin rings 10-20
188.    A late 19th/early 20th century set of six fruit knives and forks with mother of pearl handles and silver plated blades with leaf etched designs, cased 30-50
189.    Various silver plated cutlery 10-30
190.    Four silver plated tankards - one with Isle of Man interest, the other with Cadbury of Ireland interest 10-20
191.    A group of thirteen Georg Jensen Christmas decorations from years: 1990, 91, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 200-250
192.    A good quality extensive stainless steel 'Andrea' six place setting cutlery set 40-60
193.    An extensive Oneida stainless steel six place setting cutlery set 40-60
194.    A late 19th century set of six fish knives and forks with EPNS blades and ivory handles 10-20
195.    A selection of various silver plated spoons etc 10-20
196.    A pair of Victorian silver plated fish servers with ivory handles and a various other silver plated items 10-20
197.    A selection of various silver plated items including tankard, lighter, and a small salver by Barker Ellis, etc 20-40
198.    A box of silver plated items including spirit measures 10-20
199.    Various silver plated cutlery 10-20
200.    A 1930's Greek white metal icon depicting The Annunciation - 30 x 25cm 100-150
201.    A Victorian silver plated triple decanter stand with three original cut glass decanter 40-60
202.    A late 19th century silver plated galleried tray with scalloped edges set on four claw and ball feet - 47cm wide 30-50
203.    A pair of Italian silver plated fighting cocks 10-20
204.    A pair of novelty chrome salt and pepper pots in the form of owls 10-20
205.    A set of six chrome menu holders in the form of swans 10-20
206.    A 19th century silver plated Elkingtons cruet stand on scrollwork feet 20-30
207.    Spare lot 0-10
208.    A pink glass decanter and stopper with silver floral overlay 80-120
209.    A silver and glass powder sifter (hallmark present but rubbed), together with a silver and glass oil bottle - lacking stopper 20-30
210.    A small silver dish with pierced decoration and another silver dish with embossed decoration to edge - 43.5g, Birmingham 1898 and 1902 20-40
211.    A Kirk & Sons silver jug embossed flowers and a cut glass and silver dressing table pot 25-35
212.    Two Garrards silver seal top spoons and a silver napkin ring 44g 120-180
213.    A heart form silver bookmark 10-20
214.    A pair of silver and cut glass salts with spoons (1 spoon plated) 20-30
215.    A pair of silver napkin rings London 1993, 18g 10-20
216.    A Charles Horner silver thimble, an enamel etui and a small silver plated cylindrical box 15-25
217.    A small silver salt shaker and another larger one both by Roberts and Belk, Sheffield 1940 - 88g 20-40
218.    A silver napkin ring embossed scrollwork decoration - Birmingham 1896 10-20
219.    A Charles Horner silver thimble and two others thimbles 10-20
220.    A mother of pearl and silver pocket button hook, a silver and mother of pearl fruit knife and a pen knife 20-30
221.    A silver handled cake knife and matching cake slice 20-30
222.    A pair of Asprey wooden and sterling silver handled salad servers - London 1972, the spoon bowl repaired 30-50
223.    A pair of silver sugar tongs with apostle grips Chester 1899 and a plated card or menu holder 10-20
224.     pair of Victorian silver tablespoons by Julien Tripplin, London 1866 - 149g, a pair of early 19th century silver tablespoons by John Lias, London 1827 - 112g, and two other silver spoons - 62g 80-120
225.    A miniature common prayer book with silver front piece decorated with embossed cherubs 20-30
226.    A Carrs silver Millenium key ring 30-40
227.    A pair of Victorian sterling silver mustard spoons in the Kings Pattern - London 1867 - 47 grams 20-30
228.    An Indian white metal circular box with embossed scrollwork decoration 97g, and a silver plated christening mug 20-40
229.    Five silver table forks - 400g - 12ozs 80-120
230.    A sterling silver trophy cup and a silver beaker engraved 'Pamela' - 136g 30-50
231.    A three piece silver cruet set - different hallmarks but matching set 30-50
232.    A group of five various silver napkin rings and a white metal one - 62.5g 30-50
233.    A miniature silver trophy cup - 5.5cm, and a silver photograph frame - 8 x 7cm 30-40
234.    A set of six silver handled tea knives - boxed 15-25
235.    A silver five piece brush and mirror set a/f, and a part dessert cutlery set 20-40
236.    A Carrs silver Millenium photograph frame for picture size 5" x 7" - boxed 40-60
237.    An Indian silver plated and boars tooth photograph frame, dated 1904 20-40
238.    An Edwardian Art Nouveau silver photograph frame 8cm square 20-30
239.    A small silver comport - 172g - 16cm dia 40-50
240.    A set of six silver teaspoons - Sheffield 1959 20-30
241.    A cased set of six James Dixon silver apostle teaspoons with matching sugar tongs and strainer (strainer a/f) - Sheffield 1909 50-80
242.    A selection of scrap silver spoons etc 85g 20-30
243.    Eight South East Asian or Indian white metal spoons 20-30
244.    A set of six mid 20th century Chinese silver spoons - marked to shaft 'silver' 10-20
245.    A late Georgian silver caddy spoon - London 1822 - Francis Higgins II - 20 grams. 30-50
246.    A sterling silver pusher and spoon with engraved decoration - boxed 20-40
247.    A silver and cut glass perfume bottle, a pin dish and a napkin ring 20-30
248.    A silver and mother of pearl fruit knife, silver pen, silver topped cork etc 20-40
249.    A group of small silver items - some scrap 20-40
250.    A silver shoe horn and two button hooks - cased, Chester 1914 20-30
251.    A pair of Georgian silver sugar tongs with bright cut decoration and an oval salt with matching spoon 25-35
252.    A sterling silver trinket dish and another one commemorating the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer - 153g 30-50
253.    A Mappin & Webb silver and tortoiseshell backed brush, Birmingham 1922 20-30
254.    A Victorian silver cutlery service with shell terminals comprising: eleven spoons, eleven teaspoons and twelve forks by Francis Higgins, London 1876 and 1877 - 1755g 480-550
255.    A group of ten silver topped glass toiletry and scent bottles, a green glass match striker with silver rim and a silver plated and glass snuff bottle 30-50
256.    A silver four piece faceted tea service - total weight 898g, Birmingham 1896 300-400
257.    A silver Mappin and Webb leaf form dish, Sheffield 1909 - 65g 20-40
258.    A Victorian silver christening mug with engraved decoration by Martin Hall + Co, Sheffield 1864 - 142g 60-80
259.    An oval silver centrepiece bowl with pierced border by John Round, Sheffield 1906 - 398g 120-180
260.    A pair of silver salts, cased with matching spoons - Birmingham 1890, 52g 40-60
261.    A set of four sterling silver propelling bridge pencils in fitted box 20-30
262.    An Arts and Crafts sterling silver jam/caddy spoon by Arthur Stone 40-50
263.    A Mappin & Webb basting spoon Sheffield 1901, 153g 60-80
264.    A Georgian silver basting spoon engraved dragon crest to terminal, 77g 40-60
265.    A Dutch silver spoon by Berthold Muller with yacht terminal and windmill decoration to bowl, import mark for Chester 1900 40-60
266.    A large silver serving spoon, London 1827 - 137g, and a silver plated basting spoon 60-80
267.    A silver preserve pot with blue glass liner and spoon by Roberts and Belk, Sheffield 1938 20-40
268.    A set of six silver napkin rings - London 1932, cased 40-60
269.    A silver cigarette box - Birmingham 1893, 72g 30-50
270.    A silver bookmark in the form of an owl, Birmingham 1982 10-20
271.    A Victorian carved treen novelty thimble case in the form of a walnut and silver thimble 80-100
272.    A pair of Victorian silver sugar tongs - Sheffield 1875. 10-20
273.    A silver novelty sweet form pill box 10-20
274.    A Dutch Gero silver plated caddy spoon circa 1930's by Georg Nilsson 20-40
275.    A Georgian silver vinaigrette with engraved decoration and gilt interior, by Joseph Willmore - Birmingham 1821 60-80
276.    A silver Georgian and silver gilt vinaigrette with engraved decoration, Birmingham 1833, possibly by Thomas Bickley or John Bettridge 80-120
277.    A cheroot holder in miniature enamel and white metal case 10-30
278.    A Victorian silver smelling salts bottle with all over engraved decoration, silver gilt interior lid and glass stopper by Charles May - London 1884 40-60
279.    uA silver vesta case by Cornelius Des Ormeaux Saunders and James Frances Hollings with later enamel style inset of Titanic 80-120
280.    A silver mustard pot and matching salt with spoons and blue glass liners - Birmingham 1960 40-60
281.    A pair of squat silver candlesticks - 6cm tall, Birmingham 1978 20-40
282.    A small sterling silver cigarette case with decorative rose designed lift handle and marked 'Edel' on the lid - London 1935 50-80
283.    A pair of small silver trumpet form spill vases - 48g, Birmingham 1961 20-30
284.    A silver evening purse embossed rococo scene with figures in a garden and garden scene with peacock to reverse, by Henry Mathews - Chester 1899, 92g - 10.5 x 5.5cm 100-150
285.    An early to mid 20th century Chinese silver model of a junk boat on wave form wooden stand - 16cm tall 50-80
286.    A silver four piece fluted teaset on scroll feet, 1545g, Birmingham 1946 by Ernest Druiff & Co 380-450
287.    An 18 carat white gold necklace and heart form pendant set diamonds and pink sapphires 1500-2000
288.    An Edwardian openwork 9 carat gold pendant set seed pearls and opal on gold chain 80-120
289.    An Edwardian Art Nouveau 9 carat gold pendant set amethysts on 9 cart gold chain - 3g 30-40
290.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold garnet pendant necklace 300-500
291.    A Chiompes 18 carat white gold fancy link necklace with sapphire set clasp, 25g 350-450
292.    An Art Nouveau white metal pendant set freshwater pearls and amethysts - later chain 60-80
293.    A 9 carat gold fancy link chain - 5.5g 40-60
294.    A 9 carat gold box link necklace - 13g 100-150
295.    An 18 carat white and yellow gold decorative chain necklace - 5.8g 60-80
296.    A 9 carat gold pendant set AAA tanzanite on 9 carat gold chain 150-200
297.    A 9 carat gold modern hinged bracelet - 5.2g 40-60
298.    A 9 carat gold bangle with Greek key design - approx 9.4g 120-150
299.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold hinged bracelet with engraved decoration - 9.4g 80-100
300.    A three colour 18 carat gold bracelet - 8.5g 120-180
301.    A gold and enamel pierced floral hinged bangle - unmarked but tested 18 carat gold 300-500
302.    An 18k gold hinged bangle - 14.3g 200-250
303.    A 9 carat gold bangle - 6.8g 50-70
304.    A fine 18 carat white gold bracelet set five graduated oval cut sapphires interspersed with twelve pairs of diamonds 800-1200
305.    A 9 carat three colour gold bracelet - 2.4g 30-50
306.    A 9 carat gold bamboo effect bangle (no longer hinged) 6.2g 80-120
307.    A Victorian 15 carat gold hinged bangle set pearls 400-600
308.    A 9 carat gold snaffle bracelet 24g 200-300
309.    A silver tennis bracelet set semi-precious stones 40-60
310.    A fine 18 carat white gold diamond ring - central stone approx 3 carats, on baguette cut diamond shoulders - size M 12000-15000
311.    A 9 carat gold amethyst and seed pearl ring - size R 1/2 80-120
312.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set diamond solitaire ring 80-120
313.    A Victorian sapphire and diamond cluster ring - size L 1/2 300-500
314.    A Victorian 18 carat gold mourning ring set five graduated diamonds within enamel surround, inscribed with 'HC died May 6 1879' - size N 150-200
315.    An 18 carat gold ruby and diamond ring size Q 1/2 300-500
316.    A 9 carat gold ring set Mandrare green apatite 150-200
317.    A Victorian 9 carat gold ruby and diamond ring - size N 60-80
318.    An 18 carat gold ring set amethyst - size T 60-80
319.    A 14 carat gold trilogy ring set AAA tanzanite and small diamonds 250-300
320.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and opal cluster ring - size O 30-50
321.    An 18 carat white gold diamond solitaire ring 50-70
322.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and opal cluster ring - size O 1/4 40-60
323.    An 18 carat white gold five stone collet set diamond ring - total diamond weight 1.15 carats - approx size R, with insurance certificate for 2000 - diamonds old cut V5/Si H/I 400-600
324.    An 18 carat gold signet ring set carved cornelian, 10.5g - size K 80-100
325.    A gold ring set sapphire flanked by two diamonds size M (unmarked but thought to be 18 carat) 60-80
326.    A 14k gold crossover ring set ruby and diamond - size M 50-70
327.    An 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring, size M 80-120
328.    A Victorian 15 carat gold ruby and seed pearl ring - size H 50-60
329.    A Victorian 18 carat gold diamond cluster ring - size K 80-100
330.    A 9 carat gold ring set AAA tanzanite flanked by diamond set shoulders 250-300
331.    A 14k gold vintage statement pearl ring - size N 60-80
332.    A 9 carat gold ring set cabochon cut orange stone - possibly cornelian 30-50
333.    A Victorian 18 carat gold gypsy ring set rubies and diamonds, 4.3g size N 1/2 80-120
334.    An Edwardian 18 carat gold five stone diamond ring - size R 100-150
335.    An 18 carat gold ring channel set rubies - size N 50-70
336.    An Edwardian 18 carat gold and platinum set diamond cluster ring - size K 1/2 50-70
337.    An 18 carat white gold emerald and diamond double cluster crossover ring - size O 400-500
338.    A 9 carat gold ruby and diamond ring - size R/S 80-100
339.    A Victorian 15 carat gold ring set turquoise size N and a Victorian gold ring (unmarked) set seed pearls and green stone size O 50-70
340.    A Victorian 18 carat gold diamond set marquise ring - size L 400-500
341.    An 18 carat gold ring line set seed pearls - size N 60-80
342.    A 9 carat gold cameo ring size O 1/2 20-30
343.    A Victorian 18 carat gold ring set five yellow diamonds - size M 300-500
344.    An 18 carat gold ring set two triangular cut amethysts flanking row of chip diamonds - size O 60-80
345.    A 14 carat gold four stone crossover ring set one large and three smaller diamonds - size K 1/2 120-180
346.    A gold ring set with an emerald, unmarked - size Q 40-50
347.    A 1970's amethyst ring - size J 50-60
348.    An 18 carat gold modern ring set square panel of nine diamonds, size N 150-200
349.    A large Georgian 14 carat gold cornelian ring carved intaglio classical figure - total weight 16g, size T 800-1200
350.    An 18 carat gold five stone diamond ring - size N 1/2 600-800
351.    A 22 carat gold wedding band - 3.5g, and a 9 carat gold one - 3g 70-90
352.    A 9 carat gold eternity ring set sapphires and chip diamonds - size P 1/2 30-50
353.    An 18 carat gold ruby and diamond cluster ring - size J 1/2 100-150
354.    An 18 carat white gold and diamond ring set in cross formation - size P 1/2 central stone 0.33 carats 300-500
355.    An Edwardian 18 carat gold and platinum set five stone diamond ring - size K 40-60
356.    An Edwardian gold cluster ring set sapphire and seed pearls - size L 1/2 50-70
357.    An 18 carat gold eight stone diamond ring - size O 150-200
358.    A 9 carat ruby and diamond ring - size L 60-80
359.    An Edwardian 18 carat gold four stone diamond ring - size R 40-60
360.    A 15 carat gold four band ring set emeralds, pearls, sapphires and rubies, size K 150-200
361.    An 18 carat gold modern designer ring 4.6g set white stones 60-80
362.    A Stephen Webster silver stone set ring on angel shoulders, size N 70-90
363.    A gold sovereign 1900 mounted and suspended on 9 carat gold chain - total weight 23.4g including sovereign 320-350
364.    An oval yellow metal locket painted flowers in enamel, on turquoise ground 80-120
365.    A pair of 9 carat gold and enamel military cufflinks and matching ruby and diamond set tie pin for 'The 9th Lancers' 250-350
366.    A 14 carat gold elephant charm on 9 carat gold box link chain - 4.7g 50-70
367.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold Art Nouveau pendant set garnets 30-40
368.    A 9 carat gold and enamel military sweetheart brooch for the Medical Corps - approx 3.5g 40-50
369.    A 9 carat gold Rotary ladies wrist watch and gold strap 50-80
370.    Two 9 carat gold watches with plated straps and a 9 carat gold watch on 9 carat gold strap 80-120
370A.   A Rotary 9 carat gold ladies quartz wrist watch and fancy link strap boxed, 18g 80-120
371.    A small 9 carat gold openwork brooch set rubies 20-30
372.    Two Edwardian 9 carat gold bar brooches, a pair of gold front and back cufflinks and gold Libra pendant 30-50
373.    A 9 carat gold Accurist ladies wrist watch - 13.4g 80-120
374.    A 19th century fob watch, missing hand and glass loose 80-100
375.    A 9 carat gold natural pink tourmaline ring with a natural pink tourmaline and diamond pendant set in 9 carat gold with 9 carat gold chain 200-250
376.    Seven pairs of 9 carat gold earrings 11g, and two yellow metal pairs 70-90
377.    Three 9 carat gold front and back lockets and plated chain 60-80
378.    Two 9 carat gold framed circular open faced lockets and a 9 carat gold stud and pair of gold plated earrings 30-50
379.    Three 18 carat gold dress studs, boxed - 2.2g 20-30
380.    An 18 carat gold knitted link chain necklace - 4g, and a fine box link one - 1.6g 60-80
381.    A pair of 18 carat gold hoop earrings with engraved decoration - 3.5g 30-50
382.    An 18 carat gold palm tree pendant - 2.8g, a 9 carat gold St Christopher 1.4g, an 18 carat gold ankle bracelet - 3.6g and a 9 carat gold front and back locket 100-150
383.    A 9 carat gold brooch set amethyst flowerhead (missing five pearls) 50-70
384.    Two 9 carat gold chains - 4.4g 35-45
385.    A yellow metal puzzle ring - 8.8g 60-80
386.    An 18 carat white gold wedding ring and a yellow gold one - 11.5g, plus two 22 carat gold wedding bands - 4.8g 220-280
387.    Two 9 carat gold signet rings - 6.3g 40-60
388.    Four various 9 carat gold rings - 19g 120-150
389.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set of two wedding bands - 21g 300-400
390.    Two 18 carat gold wedding rings - 9g 120-180
391.    Two 22 carat gold wedding bands - 6.3g, an 18 carat gold wedding band - 4g, a 9 carat gold signet ring - 5.2g, and one other gold ring - 1g 200-250
392.    An Edwardian gold Art Nouveau brooch set opals and diamonds in original box - unmarked 500-700
393.    A pair of 9 carat gold amethyst drop earrings 50-70
394.    A large pair of antique diamond pendant earrings set rose cut diamonds in silver - 5.8cm drop - possibly Portuguese 1000-1500
395.    A 9 carat gold framed 19th century cameo brooch carved classical scene and an unframed cameo carved figure by a tower 50-70
396.    A pair of 18 carat gold rhodium plated diamond cluster earrings 300-500
397.    A pair of 9 carat gold diamond cluster earrings 100-150
398.    A pair of 18 carat white and yellow gold hoop earrings set diamonds - with original receipt 150-200
399.    An Art Deco diamond set bow form brooch with ribbon inset onto gold frame - 5.4cm 300-400
400.    A 9 carat gold pair of pendant earrings and matching pendant on 9 carat gold chain set red stones (possibly rubies) 100-150
401.    A cameo brooch/pedant in 9 carat gold metal mount - 3 x 2.2cm 20-30
402.    A pair of 9 carat gold and Lotus pearl pendant earrings - 2.2g 40-60
403.    Two pairs of 9 carat gold hoop earrings - 7g 50-70
404.    A silver bee pendant or charm 10-20
405.    A 19th century continental gold and silver en tremblant floral spray brooch set old cut diamonds, the central stone approximately 1/3 carat. 1500-2000
406.    A pair of yellow metal opal stud earrings 20-40
407.    A pair of 18 carat gold diamond stud earrings 180-250
408.    A pair of 14k gold and hematite cufflinks carved cameos 50-60
409.    A stone brooch in gold mount, unmarked but tested as gold 50-70
410.    A 15 carat gold pendant set three coloured stones 40-60
411.    A pair of silver and diamond set turquoise pendant drops 40-60
412.    A David Yurman pair of silver and gold earrings set three rows of diamonds 100-150
413.    A pair of 18 carat white gold earrings with detachable heart drops set white stones 80-120
414.    A large Victorian scrollwork brooch set orange stone - unmarked - total 27g 100-200
415.    A 9 carat gold donkey charm 60-80
416.    A Georgian small yellow metal mourning brooch with hair plait and paste stone surround 30-40
417.    A gold brooch set yellow stone carved intaglio of a thistle 80-120
418.    A Breitling Navatimer World GMT chronograph wrist watch 2000-2500
419.    A Tudor stainless steel Snowflake Blackbury wrist watch 2017, boxed and with certificates 2000-2500
420.    An Omega Constellation gentleman's wrist watch 'Double Eagle' with co axial escapement, boxed with certificate and paperwork 2000-2500
421.    A silver green amethyst trilliant cut ring 30-50
422.    A silver and ruby ring 25-35
423.    A silver and black spinel ring 20-30
424.    A silver and Ethiopian opal ring 30-40
425.    A silver peraiba-apetite with zircon ring 20-30
426.    A silver and laboradite ring 20-30
427.    A silver and Baltic amber ring 20-30
428.    A silver marcasite ring set onyx and marcasite - size Q 10-20
429.    A Links of London silver bracelet with pink heart charm 40-60
430.    A Victorian white metal bangle with engraved decoration and inlaid yellow metal 10-30
431.    A silver heart form pendant locket with embossed decoration 9.5g 15-25
432.    A heavy large link silver bracelet 73g 20-40
433.    A continental 835 silver marcasite brooch, a silver bracelet and a silver locket and chain 15-25
434.    A 9 carat gold chain, silver oval locket and chain and a silver pendant necklace 20-30
435.    A silver chain necklace and a silver bracelet 95g 40-60
436.    A silver and silver gilt oak tree brooch 3.5 x 3cm 10-20
437.    A silver filligree leaf brooch and a silver dolphin brooch 10-20
438.    A long string of jadeite beads 20-30
439.    A novelty silver miniature riding boot pendant and chain 10-20
440.    A silver and black plastic Scottie dog brooch 10-20
441.    A butterfly wing silver pendant 10-20
442.    A selection of vintage jewellery 30-40
443.    A silver hinged engraved bangle 10-20
444.    An Ippolita silver and turquoise necklace and a silver and turquoise ring 20-30
445.    A Scottish shawl pin brooch in original tartan box 20-40
446.    A quantity of silver and white metal chains 30-50
447.    A Tiffany & Co silver link bracelet with single 18 carat gold centre link 50-70
448.    Three dress rings set with amethyst, garnet and citrine 10-20
449.    A silver large link bracelet - 34g 10-20
450.    Two carved stone intaglios in hematite, cornelian and chalcedony 10-20
451.    A group of seven early 20th century brooches including some silver 20-30
452.    A selection of seven silver brooches including three cameos 20-30
453.    A silver peridot and zircon ring and pendant set 30-50
454.    Five silver and semi-precious stone set rings 30-50
455.    A silver and amber brooch and amber pendant on silver chain 20-40
456.    A Past Times sterling silver locket 10-20
457.    A small silver concorde tie pin 10-20
458.    A pair of silver baltic amber earrings with matching pendant on silver chain 50-70
459.    A 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch with gold strap, a 9 carat gold chain - 12g - and a small scrap gold plaque 2.5g 100-150
460.    A group of silver badges and brooches - 36g 10-20
461.    Two silver and butterfly wing brooches, two other brooches and two stick pins 20-30
462.    A silver pendant by Thomas L Myott painted crinoline lady suspended on bow brooch 10-20
463.    Three silver stone set dress rings 20-40
464.    A small selection of marcasite jewellery including brooches, earrings and a ring 10-20
465.    Two silver bracelets - 39g, a white metal stone set bracelet and a pair of paste earrings 20-40
466.    A tray of costume jewellery 10-20
467.    A vintage Chinese white metal dragon form bracelet set turquoise 40-60
468.    A silver watch chain and compass fob - chain 32g 30-40
469.    A box of silver jewellery 20-30
470.    Three gold plated stone set dress rings 30-50
471.    Seven various pairs of silver and white metal earrings 30-50
472.    A selection of silver rings and bracelets 30-40
473.    A pair of Swarovski swan earrings 10-20
474.    A pair of blue and white paste pendant earrings 30-50
475.    A Mexican heavy silver geometric link bracelet, two white metal hinged bracelets and two buckles 20-40
476.    An Edwardian 18 carat rolled gold bracelet set seed pearl flowers - cased 30-50
477.    Two silver hinged bangles 10-20
478.    A vintage white metal long knitted chain necklace 30-50
479.    A silver and amber ring and earrings and an amber bead necklace 50-70
480.    A silver and paste butterfly brooch 20-30
481.    Four gold plated stone set dress rings 20-40
482.    A group of costume jewellery including Cabouchon and Sarah Coventry 50-70
483.    A Kenart silver dog brooch in form of an Afghan hound 10-20
484.    A pair of 935 silver Art Deco coral and marcasite earrings and another pair of stone set paste Art Deco earrings 30-50
485.    A heavy silver chain - 82g 20-30
486.    A selection of vintage insect brooches 30-40
487.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
488.    A box of silver jewellery 20-40
489.    A box of gold plated cufflinks, jewellery, spectacles etc 20-30
490.    Three silver marcasite clips, a white metal buckle, silver ring etc 20-40
491.    A pair of blue and white stone rectangular stud earrings 30-50
492.    An engraved silver bangle with leaf decoration 20-30
493.    A 19th century Chinese carved shell plaque, two cameos, two pierced carved bone plaques and a carved pseudo ivory figure - a/f 30-50
494.    Three pairs of pearl and paste pair earrings, shell necklace etc 10-20
495.    A pair of Edwardian drop paste earrings 30-50
496.    A silver necklace set cabouchon rubies and white stones, and a silver necklace set blue stones 30-50
497.    A turquoise and pearl choker with silver clasp 50-70
498.    Ola Gorie - silver Celtic style necklace suspended pearl 40-60
499.    An Italian silver knitted choker with diamonte clasp 20-40
500.    A silver heart shaped topaz pendant and chain 20-30
501.    A silver larimar pendant on chain 30-40
502.    A large silver and baltic amber pendant on chain 80-100
503.    A silver and turquoise pendant on chain 30-50
504.    A triple string freshwater pearl necklace 10-20
505.    A freshwater pearl necklace with enamel beads 10-20
506.    A freshwater pearl necklace with green stones 10-20
507.    A freshwater pearl necklace with agate pendant 10-20
508.    A string of faceted jade beads 20-30
509.    A sterling silver and silver gilt necklace with heart pendant and a 9 carat gold and hermatite necklace 50-70
510.    A pink coral bead necklace with silver clasp 40-60
511.    A jet bead necklace with silver clasp and single pearl drop 20-40
512.    A group of four various wristwatches including a Crane and Viceroy talking watch 10-20
513.    An early 20th century Admiral brass case pocket watch 20-30
514.    A vintage Leonidas gentleman's wrist watch 20-30
515.    A Tissot Automatic Seastar wristwatch, a men's Rotary wristwatch and a ladies Rotary wrist watch 20-30
516.    An Aroxana gilt metal pocket watch 10-20
517.    An early 20th century Waltham ladies silver pocket watch - reputed working 20-30
518.    Two Seiko ladies stainless steel wrist watches 10-30
519.    A white metal pocket watch and four gentleman's mechanical wrist watches including an Oris one 20-30
520.    Two ladies gold plated wrist watches 20-30
521.    A Hotar vintage anti magnetic luminous divers wrist watch 20-40
522.    A 9 carat gold watch (plated strap), silver cocktail watch and Ackro watch 20-40
523.    A group of three gentleman's wrist watches: Pulsar, Accurist and Rotary 10-20
524.    A group of three ladies wrist watches comprising Lorus, Citizen and Accurist 20-30
525.    An Omega Geneve vintage gentleman's wrist watch 50-70
526.    An Ingersoll pocket watch with 1951 British Exhibition motif 10-20
527.    A Benrus rolled gold vintage ladies wrist watch set coloured stones to dial 10-20
528.    A Star gold plated pocket watch, a Rotary vintage watch and a Seiko quartz watch 30-50
529.    A box of ladies wrist watches and a Jaeger alarm clock 10-30
530.    A silver Celtic stone set brooch, a Royal Albert floral spray brooch - boxed, and a leaf brooch 10-30
531.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
532.    A box of costume jewellery
533.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
534.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
535.    A box of bead necklaces 10-20
536.    A box of costume jewellery including two silver christening bangles, silver fob chain and silver pietra dura brooch 20-30
537.    A box of silver and other jewellery and watches in jewellery box with key 10-20
538.    A silver and marcasite Art Deco ring, a silver and amber brooch and a single collar stud 20-30
539.    A silver laboradite and amethyst bangle 100-120
540.    A small tray of costume earrings 10-20
541.    A group of old paste and marcasite jewellery 10-20
542.    A vintage paste demi-parure set pink and green stones comprising: brooch, necklace and earrings 10-20
543.    A tray of costume jewellery brooches 10-20
544.    A box of costume brooches 10-20
545.    A group of costume brooches, pendants and two small hand mirrors 10-20
546.    A selection of costume jewellery including bangles, bracelets and rings 10-20
547.    Three freshwater pearl and stone bracelets 10-20
548.    A silver charm bracelet and a Victorian carved jet link necklace 10-20
549.    A box of costume jewellery including silver marcasite brooch and 900 standard paste brooch 20-30
550.    An 'Essex Crystal' fishing fly tie pin 10-20
551.    A gilt metal stags head brooch and tie pin 10-20
552.    A moonstone necklace, crystal necklace and antique cut steel fob chain 10-30
553.    Various costume jewellery 10-20
554.    Five French jet necklaces 10-20
555.    A designer 'turquoise' set bangle and a similar necklace 20-40
556.    A string of pearls with silver clasp 30-40
557.    A pair of men's shotgun cartridge cufflinks 10-20
558.    A pair of novelty bullet form cufflinks 10-20
559.    A pair of 'Essex Crystal' car related cufflinks 10-20
560.    A pair of Charles Horner cufflinks 30-40
561.    A pair of novelty bullet cufflinks 10-20
562.    A pair of silver cufflinks boxed 10-20
563.    A pair of novelty ceramic horse themed cufflinks boxed 10-20
564.    A set of silver cufflinks boxed 10-20
565.    A box of costume jewellery 10-30
566.    A box of gilt and white metal chains etc 20-30
567.    Various costume jewellery 10-20
568.    A tray of costume jewellery 10-20
569.    A group of costume jewellery 10-20
570.    Six various simulated pearl pendant necklaces 20-40
571.    A box of beads and jewellery 10-20
572.    Spare lot 0-10
573.    Spare lot 0-10
574.    A box of old childrens books 20-30
575.    A box of books including Audobons Birds of America and four Lonsdale Library sporting books 20-30
576.    A box of topograhphical books etc. 20-30
577.    A box of literary books including a set of Rudyard Kipling 10-30
578.    A collection of six 1930's to 1950's RAF photographs including five aerial photos from the Nairobi area and one squadron photo. 10-20
579.    A facsimile letter from Winston Churchill to Misses Hannah and Mary Varah of Rotheram dated January 1955 20-30
580.    Postcards - film stars (37) including Paul Robeson, Errol Flynn, Gracie Fields, Bing Crosby (2) etc. plus 14 London topographical (37 plus 14) 20-30
581.    An invitation card to the celebration of the opening of the Bristol and Gloucester Railway 1844 40-60
582.    A group of seven doily edged Valentine cards etc 20-30
583.    Two Festival of Britain 1951 magazines and an S.B.A.C 1954 flying magazine 10-20
584.    A small selection of vintage sheet music 10-20
585.    A group of vintage Russian and USSR propaganda magazines 10-20
586.    A copy of The Bystanders 'Fragments from all Fronts Number Six' by Bruce Bairnsfather WWI, together with ten various magazines on the second world war from the 1970's 10-20
587.    An Edwardian Art Nouveau embossed photo album - empty and spine a/f 10-20
588.    The Story of the Hedgerow and Pond by R B Lodge, and The River-side Naturalist by Edward Hamilton 1890 10-30
589.    A Bibliography of The Dog by E G Jones 1971 (The Library Association) 20-30
590.    The Tale of Mr Tod and Ginger and Pickles (1910) 20-30
591.    Three books on the history of Lincolnshire including First Edition 'The Story of Lincoln' 1939 10-30
592.    The Brewers Almanack 1946 by the Review Press Ltd 10-20
593.    A Phil May Medley - published by The Graphic 1903 - first edition 30-40
594.    The Year Book of Daily recreation and Information by William Hone - published by William Tegg 1832 20-30
595.    The Cornish Magazine Vols I + II, edited by A T Quiller-Couch 1898/9, plus 'The Cornish Coast and Moors' by A G Folliott-Stokes 1912 30-50
596.    Four Agatha Christie novels including first edition copy of 'They Came to Baghdad' 1951 20-30
597.    The Book of the Dog by Brim Vesey-Fitzgerald and Memories by John Galsworthy, illustrated by Maud Earl 20-30
598.    Two Centuries of Foxhunting by Henry Higginson, half red leather, marbled eps - fine condition 30-40
599.    Eight 1930's Just William books by Richmal Crompton 20-30
600.    Andersens Fairy Tales illustrated by George G Harrap and Co Ltd and Bab Ballads by W S Gilbert 20-40
601.    A Patrick's Day Hunt by Ross and Somerville - published by Constable 1906 - second impression 50-60
602.    A group of eleven volumes of 'World Classics' series including Jane Eyre, Moby Dick, Robinson Crusoe etc (Oxford University Press 1963) 10-30
603.    A group of seven Daphne Du Maurier novels including first edition 'The Parasites' 1949 20-30
604.    A group of six Dorothy L Sayers novels - all with dust jackets 20-30
605.    A group of nine Jeffery Farnol novels - all with dust jackets 10-20
606.    A group of ten Zane Grey novels - some UK first editions and all with dust jackets 20-30
607.    Friendship in Death in twenty letters from the dead to the living - published 1760 40-60
608.    Peter Pipers Practical Principles - 1902 edition 10-20
609.    The Tailor of Gloucester early edition dated 1903 with green boards 30-50
610.    'Post Roads in France - 1816' a Regency period travel book detailing travel routes etc 40-60
611.    'Manuel Du Voyageur' or 'The Travellers Pocket Companion in Six Languages' by Madame De Genlis - 'Printed for Samuel Leigh, In The Strand' 1816 30-50
612.    A 'Mere Man's Calendar' 1938 by Frank Smythson - with humorous mottos 10-20
613.    Five books by John Moore and Portrait of a Village by Frances Brett Young 20-40
614.    The Book of Common Prayer 1676 10-20
615.    A Victorian cookery book ' A New Style of Domestic Cookery' with hand written date inside front cover 1850, poor condition and lacking title page 10-30
616.    'Shakespeare's Works' by Frederick Warne + Co - late 19th century 20-30
617.    A late 19th/early 20th century travel book 'Travel for Everybody' 20-40
618.    Mrs Beeton's Household Management and Mrs Beeton's Cookery 20-40
619.    Jazz Singers, The Great Song Stylists, together with American Roots Music 20-30
620.    The Book of The Thousand Nights and One. Four volumes published by The Folio Society 1958 - very good condition 40-60
621.    A collection of ten volumes by Jane Austen - published 1892 by Dent 30-50
622.    Fifteen volumes of art books 'Masterpieces In Colour' 10-20
623.    The Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening ed by George Nicholson - seven volumes, and The Gardens of England - two volumes 10-30
624.    A selection of four books on Arctic and Antarctic exploration 20-40
625.    A selection of eight books on Arctic and Antarctic exploration 20-40
626.    A selection of six books on Arctic and Antarctic exploration 20-40
627.    A selection of six books on Arctic and Antarctic exploration 20-40
628.    Two music books: Teddy Bear and Other Songs by A A Milne - 1926 edition, and Fourteen Songs from When We Were Very Young - 1925 fifth edition - both illustrated by E H Shepard 40-60
629.    'The Songs of Schubert' Vol I & II - Royal Edition, published by Boosey & Co 10-20
630.    Two music books: 'Four Cautionary Tales' and 'Moral and Nonsence Songs' from Alice in Wonderland - music by Liza Lehman 20-30
631.    Audubon's Aviary by Roberta Olson. The original watercolours for The Birds of America, New York Historical Society - fine condition 60-80
632.    The British Shotgun in two volumes: 1850/1870 and 1871/1890 by Crudgington and Baker, published by Ashford, Buchan and Enright - very good condition 40-50
633.    The Art Sales Index 20th Edition vols I and II 10-20
634.    A selection of sixteen modern books on the Arctic and Antarctic exploration 30-50
635.    A set of five Enid Blyton books: Circus Adventure, Ship of Adventures, The Island of Adventure, The Castle of Adventure and The Sea of Adventure 10-20
636.    Carriages and Coaches, Their History and Their Evolution by Ralph Straus, published by Martin Secker 1912 - first edition 30-40
637.    The Life of Samuel Johnson by James Boswell - two volumes published by T Cadell 1807 20-40
638.    The Book of Martyrs by John Foxe published 1867 and Bunyans Choice Works published 1867 20-30
639.    A box of poetry books including Works of Ossien (poor condition), some leather bound 10-20
640.    The Illustrated London News - three bound sets 1899 - 1901 60-80
641.    A group of military books 30-50
642.    A selection of military books on Tanks, SAS, Wehrmacht and general WW2 10-20
643.    A box of books on field sports, shooting game keeping and many others 20-30
644.    An Indian carved figurine - 29cm tall 20-30
645.    An African Boaule figurine - 29cm tall 20-30
646.    A Janus headed African head dress - 26cm tall 40-60
647.    A pair of gilt finish composition Egyptian figures - 24cm tall 20-40
648.    A 19th century bronze double candlestick with classical tambourine figure to centre - 26cm tall 40-60
649.    A ceramic sculpture of a seated girl 21cm 20-30
650.    A silvered metal figure of a classical woman on plinth - 46 cm (detached from plinth at present) 20-30
651.    Two pairs of Victorian brass candlesticks 10-20
652.    A Japanese brass model bamboo boat - 28cm long 10-20
653.    A JS + S copper Art Nouveau embossed lidded jug, and a pair of brass Leprechaun candlesticks 10-30
654.    A 19th century matched set of graduated brass bell weights 30-50
655.    A group of brass animals 10-20
656.    A Victorian mantel clock with blue and white porcelain dial 20-30
657.    An Edwardian French eight day mantel clock in an oak case 25-35
658.    A brass four draw telescope - cased 20-40
659.    A wood cased nautical themed magnifiying glass 10-20
660.    A 1930's oak mantel clock 10-20
661.    A vintage turned wood Policeman's truncheon 10-20
662.    An oak correspondence rack 10-20
663.    A wooden jewellery box with embossed white metal decoration - 18cm wide 20-30
664.    A Royal Typewriter 1935 10-30
665.    An early 20th century large stoneware blue ink bottle 10-30
666.    Three Victorian flat irons, iron trivet and horseshoe trivet 10-30
667.    A Singer sewing machine 221K in case and with accessories and book 200-300
668.    A Tavernier-Gravet French celluloid slide rule 20-30
669.    A Swiza brass travelling clock with alarm, and a Swiza cased travelling pocket alarm clock 20-30
670.    A Chinese bronze censer with dog of Fo finial - 12cm high 20-40
671.    A Chinese spinach green jade bowl with brass metal overlay with a cockerel and dragon design - 11cm dia and 5cm tall 50-80
672.    A set of four chrome stirrup cups in leather case 10-20
673.    A Barigo domed barometer - 18cm tall 20-30
674.    A group of three 18th century miniature oil on canvas portraits of children, each 4 x 5cm, later framed and under glass 120-180
675.    Three Parker fountain pens and one Parker sterling silver ballpoint pen 30-50
676.    Two Summit fountain pens together with one Watermans fountain pen. 20-30
677.    A selection of miscellaneous fountain and ballpoint pens together with two Uno draughtsman pens. 10-20
678.    A set of six brass football studs/buttons 10-20
679.    A quantity of pens comprising three ink pens, seven biros and four propelling pencils 20-30
680.    A 19th century ivory cased pocket sundial, compass and barometer - a/f 80-120
681.    A selection of eight RAF 1950s/1960s white metal sporting medallions together with a plated napkin ring. 10-20
682.    A Svetino pen form make-up brush, together with two small photograph frames 10-20
683.    A treen butter stamp and two Victorian Tunbridgeware ring stands 10-20
684.    A Gloucestershire Special Constabulary enamel Police badge, a 1930's Special Constabulary long service medal and a St Johns Ambulance badge 10-20
685.    A bone pin cushion in form of a bucket painted roses, another pin cushion and Ledbury souvenir pin cushion 10-30
686.    A pair of mother of pearl and abalone shell opera glasses 20-30
687.    A folding rule by Dring and Fage, London 10-30
688.    A treen dice shaker with dice, a needle case and an ink pen 10-20
689.    A group of four badges including Butlins 1955, HMS Vanguard, Robertson Golly and Bristol Observer Sunshine club 20-30
690.    A box of smoking collectables including pipes, leather cigar wallets, pipe cutter etc 30-50
691.    A box of collectables including military items etc 10-30
692.    A box of WWII medals and military badges 20-30
693.    A box of badges including silver RNAS, Wembley, silver and enamel medal etc, most pins a/f 20-30
694.    A group of approx seventy five enamel badges 50-80
695.    A small selection of WWII period cloth badges, insignia and cap badges 10-20
696.    Three miners collier tags for Cannock Wood 10-20
697.    A sterling silver penknife and a late 19th century multi-tool penknife 20-30
698.    A pair of RAF pilots sun glasses 10-20
699.    An RAF silk handkerchief and some military brass buttons 10-20
700.    A WWII medal group of four medals boxed to P F Manson and certificate to Flying Officer C J Dibden with paperwork together with a Germany military cloth badge 30-40
701.    A Royal Mint Issue 1953 Coronation coin set of nine pre-decimal farthings through halfcrown, with first issue crown. Total ten coins. Condition: EF 60-100
701A.   A Victoria 1887 Jubilee silver made up coin set in case. Seven coins in total from crown to threepence. Condition: Fair - VF 80-100
702.    Two framed Bank of England notes: a ten shilling note with prefix: 53c JQ Hollom 1962 - 66, and a green 1 with prefix: S59 JB Page 1970 - 1980 Condition: Folded Fair 10-20
703.    A collection of proof coins and two white metal Thailand coins - boxed 20-30
704.    Two WWI medals together with commemorative coins and medallions 10-20
705.    A good selection of Parker pens with a cased Paper Mate power point pen with chrome finish, various fountain pen nibs, 'The Handsome Come Out' pencil and refills - boxed and boxed Faber Castell leads etc 30-40
706.    A medical syringe set and a Specula 10-20
707.    A small collection of spoons including honey spoon, sealing wax spoon, Irish Apostle bog oak spoon, medicine spoon etc 20-40
708.    A papier mache box decorated all over Persian style floral enamel, and another small one - large box 35cm wide 20-30
708A.   A Sorrento Ware marquetry box 20-30
709.    Six various leather and tooled leather picture frames 20-30
710.    A set of antique wooden handled letter and number punches 20-40
711.    Three 19th century leather powder flasks 20-30
712.    A collection of various clock keys, winders, corkscrews, whistle etc
713.    A box of collectables including wax bird and various trump markers 10-20
714.    Two fishing reels: Zebco 404 and owners manual, and Omnia Le Super 10-30
715.    A good selection of brass items including handles and various table fitments 20-40
716.    A vintage boy scouts cap and a metal cap badge 10-20
717.    A set of leaf form menu holders 10-20
718.    A Victorian silhouette picture of a man in top hat, 25cm tall 20-40
719.    A set of three small copper kitchen fruit moulds 10-20
720.    A Huntley and Palmers biscuit tin in form of basket of fruit, decorated lily of the valley 30-50
721.    A Victorian wooden pork pie mould 10-30
722.    A miners lamp marked 'The Wolf Safety Lamp Co (Wm Maurice) Ltd' 'Sheffield - Wolf Type FG - M of P Safety Lamps ARP No B2/222 No. 658' and a miniature miners lamp 20-30
723.    A Victorian miners lamp with patent no. for 1887 and another Victorian miners lamp no. 362 30-50
724.    A Chinese carved horn spoon and four carved stone goldfish 20-30
725.    A group of collectables including tortoiseshell spectacles, Post Office tin money box, pen nibs etc 10-20
726.    A pair of silver plated Chinese Foo dog seals 10-20
727.    A Stanley brass naval ships compass 30-50
728.    A patinated metal plaque of King George 1935 - 14 x 9cm 20-30
729.    A set of three early 20th century steel pairs of scissors - cased 20-40
730.    Four vintage compacts 10-20
731.    A Kigu compact and another 10-20
732.    A brass stamp box with cast decoration 10-20
733.    A 19th century Christian Icon with gilt decoration in glazed mahogany case - 20cm high 300-400
734.    A collection of six Chinese reproduction glass snuff bottles 30-50
735.    A 19th century rosewood perfume box with ivory inlay fitted two glass scent bottles and two jars with small gilt perfume funnel - one jar repaired 30-50
736.    Two brass Art Nouveau style small photograph frames, largest 16 x 12cm 10-20
737.    A Railway pocket watch and another watch, a cigarette box and a medicine measure in case 10-30
738.    Two Erinoid cigarette holders and a Meerschaum pipe a/f 10-20
739.    A selection of Tibetan and Indian bronzes together with a Nepalese inkwell 30-50
740.    A 19th century brass and 'tortoiseshell' folding pocket knife and two other pocket knives 20-30
741.    A small Record rebate finishing plane and a Victorian brass fleam 10-30
742.    A collection of old scissors, fruit knives, penknives and corkscrews etc 20-40
743.    A group of twelve Halcyon Days and Staffordshire enamel trinket boxes 60-80
744.    A drawing set, three rulers, opera glasses and harmonica plus a set of Magna dominoes 10-20
745.    A group of various vintage lighters with other miscellaneous small collectables 20-30
746.    An elongated basket form cut glass chandelier 20-40
747.    A pair of gilt iron mirrors with scrolling foliage frames - 27cm tall 20-40
748.    A small microscope in a wooden box by COC - magnification 50 - 300 10-20
749.    A Minolta - 16 MG compact camera - cased 30-50
750.    Six brass circular platters 10-20
751.    A patinated metal Egyptian head and various collectables 10-20
752.    A box of assorted vintage Kodak Brownie and other cameras 20-40
753.    A 9.5mm Pathescope Ace cinema projector with various reels 20-30
754.    A Windsor and Newton folding easel with drawer 20-30
755.    William Egley (1795 - 1870) watercolour portrait miniature of Mrs G Turner c.1850 - in folding frame with lock of hair to verso - frame size 9cm tall, signed and named to verso 100-150
756.    A 19th century watercolour on ivory miniature portrait of Napoleon (cracked) , marked 'Sigola 1812' to reverse - in 15 carat gold filigree frame with crown surmount - portrait 7.5 x 6.3cm 1600-1800
757.    An O gauge Mitopa Speisewagen dining car and a tender 20-40
758.    A Britains Horse Rake with box (box a/f) No. 8F 20-40
759.    A 19th century Uncle Sam cast iron money box and a metal dog form nutcracker 30-50
760.    A small wooden model cart 10-20
761.    A Schuco micro racer No. 1041 in blue and a Schuco micro racer Porsche No. 1037 in red 20-30
762.    An early 20th century lead farm and hunting set of figures, mainly Britains 20-40
763.    A German tinplate toy magic lantern ' Gebrauchs Auweisung, with original box (poor) and instructions 10-30
764.    A set of six lace edged doilies painted watercolour coastal scenes 30-50
765.    An early 20th century embossed leather photo album 10-20
766.    A pair of bronze erotic figures of kneeling ladies - 26cm high 100-150
767.    A box of military items including cap, belts, buckles and badges 20-40
768.    A Merchant Navy Union Jack and a Union Jack flag 30-50
769.    A pair of Trench Art shell case vases, another vase, dish etc 10-30.
770.    A Chinese lacquer folding table-top screen - 35cm tall 30-50
771.    A pair of French miniature gilt metal and glass table lamps or candle holders and gilt metal shades - lamps 20cm 20-30
772.    A 19th century continental coloured etching/print of a valley scene - 22cm 20-30
773.    A Brown and Polson Certificate of Merit for Home Baking 1929 - unframed, and a Woman's Own Bronze Cookery Medal 10-20
774.    Two 19th century hand coloured engravings of women in verre eglomise frames 10-30
775.    An Edwardian mahogany bureau bookcase of small proportions with two glazed doors over slope front and three drawers 75cm wide x 181cm tall 80-120
776.    A large desert rose crystal formation - 49cm wide 30-50
777.    Josef Molnar - oil on canvas Still Life with fruit bowl and ewer - 49 x 59cm 80-100
778.    An Edwardian inlaid mahogany dressing table with inset glass topped jewellery box 10-20
779.    A large carved rose quartz group of birds - 28cm, repaired 150-200
780.    A Soldalite crystal hummingbird group 14cm tall 20-40
781.    A large carved jadeite of a carp - 31cm 150-200
782.    A brass Art Nouveau inkwell 10-20
783.    An engraved blotting book by Sangorski and Sutcliffe with gilt tooling on leather - edges worn 40-60
784.    A 1930's oak stool on bobbin turned supports 10-20
785.    A pair of Art Nouveau brass fire dogs 25-35
786.    A small four legged stool 10-20
787.    Paul Gribble - oil on canvas 'The Duck Pond' - 38 x 49cm 200-300
788.    A gouache Venice from the Grand Canal 24 x 35cm 10-20
789.    J Norman-Gaunt - oil Somerset Levels landscape with cows in river 58 x 84cm 100-150
790.    Francois Joseph Bosio - 19th century bronze of the young Henry IV of France - signed, 25cm 350-450
791.    A late 19th century copper and brass samovar - 32cm high 40-60
792.    A 19th century French gilt brass mantel clock with young man holding a rake to top, on floral swag base - stamped FH Mouret, and AVB + Co 30-40
793.    A gilt metal tortion clock with glass dome 20-30
794.    A bronze style composite figure of recumbent lion 25cm wide 30-50
795.    A Victorian bow fronted chest of two short and three long drawers on splayed supports 80-120
796.    An Edwardian rosewood cabinet with mirror back shelf over frieze drawer and part glazed door enclosing shelves, the whole with classical motif marquetry 100-150
797.    Three engravings of cavalry soldiers engraved by Johannes Elias Ridinger from Kleine Reiteschule 16 x 12.5cm 30-50
798.    An Italian copper plate in the Islamic/Ottoman style - 32cm dia 40-60
799.    An early 19th century mahogany side table with gallery back over three drawers and slender turned supports 40-60
800.    An Edwardian mahogany cream upholstered dressing table stool 20-40
801.    An Edwardian mahogany Sutherland table with slatted ends 61cm wide 30-50
802.    A 19th century mahogany swing toiletry mirror 30-50
803.    A Chinese/Tibetan copper ewer - 28cm 80-120
803A.   A Chinese bronze ewer in scale design made for Indian market - 18cm tall 30-50
804.    A copper Indian Lota 13cm tall 40-60
805.    A large Islamic copper and brass jug with central funnel 30cm tall 30-50
806.    An Islamic niello bronze vase with silvered on bronze decoration 25cm tall 30-50
807.    An early 19th century sampler dated 1825 44 x 39cm 30-50
808.    An early 20th century embroidered picture of a boy and dog - 33cm 10-20
809.    A 19th century large embroidered picture of hanging grouse 51 x 41cm 10-20
810.    An Arts and Crafts needlepoint flowers in a vase, in oak frame - 44cm cm x 38cm 10-20
811.    A gilt framed scrollwork mirror 71 x 43cm 10-30
812.    Anthony J Avery - oil on canvas gypsy boy and horses - 60 x 90cm 80-120
813.    Frederick J Aldridge - pair of oils sailing vessels and fishing vessels off the coast - 29 x 50cm 80-100
814.    A 19th century mahogany chest on chest with dentil cornice over two short and six long drawers 200-300
815.    A Georgian oak chest of three drawers on bracket feet 30-50
816.    An Edwardian parquetry two handled tray 20-30
817.    An Edwardian mahogany shield form toiletry mirror 20-30
818.    Leo E Baylis - oil on board tug and sailing boat, signed and with ephemera to verso - 24 x 33cm 10-30
819.    An early 20th century Chinese lacquer box with gilt painted scenes 60-80
820.    A 1920's chinoiserie fire screen - 82cm 30-40
821.    E S Wilding - watercolour yachts at sunset - 65 x 27cm 10-20
822.    A 19th century naive oil on canvas of a yacht seascape - unsigned - 38cm x 57cm 100-150
823.    A watercolour of Windmill at 'Pett' in Sussex, monogrammed TWW - 33 x 47cm 30-50
824.    An over painted print of a boy with a dog 24 x 29cm 10-20
825.    A good quality early 20th century leather-style upholstered tub office chair on shell carved ball and claw feet 100-150
826.    A Colin Cowdry vintage cricket bat 10-30
827.    A brass firescreen embossed ship and a Victorian brass trivet with ivy leaf decoration 10-20
828.    A 19th century white painted cast iron umbrella/stick stand 20-30
829.    An early 20th century Jaraso bathroom scale or Personal Weighing Machine with mirror to read scale from above 10-20
830.    A Victorian 4',6" brass and painted iron double bed with irons, sprung base available by arrangement 100-150
831.    An early 19th century iron inglenook fire place pot-hanging crane 20-30
832.    A wrought iron fire screen 10-20
833.    An early 20th century wrought iron fire screen 30-50
834.    A Victorian wrought iron saucepan stand 178cm tall 30-50
835.    A set of brass and copper yard scales with pan 10-30
836.    An old dairy yoke 10-30
837.    A 19th century shire horse leather and brass mounted collar 30-50
838.    An antique iron fire back decorated jousting knights 50-70
839.    A white painted mirror - 80cm tall 20-30
840.    A continental copper brazier bowl - 40cm diameter 20-40
841.    A Victorian bamboo set of chimney sweep brushes 30-50
842.    A Victorian cast iron garden hose reel on portable stand 30-50
843.    An early 20th century shop vitrine display cabinet painted black, 63cm wide 50-70
844.    An early 20th century shop vitrine display cabinet painted black 73cm wide 50-70
845.    An Indian painted and metal mounted pot - 18cm tall 10-30
846.    An unusual bentwood model of a sailing boat 37 cm long 20-30
847.    An Egyptian style table lamp and shade 20-30
848.    An Italian copper water carrying jug - 37cm tall 40-60
849.    A Safavid copper bowl - 12cm tall 40-60
850.    A group of four Islamic/Indian metalware vases and a Indian stand 30-50
851.    Four items of continental brassware 20-40
852.    A pair of Georgian fire dogs with brass finials 30-50
853.    A vintage painted wooden cut out figure of 17th century style woman 10-30
854.    A C Lloyd silk top hat - worn (interior size 20 x 16cm) 10-20
855.    An Edwardian mahogany nest of three occasional tables with crossbanding all on slender supports 60-100
856.    An oil on canvas river landscape - 33 x 41cm 30-50
857.    A pair of Chinese 'elmwood' bedside cabinets with drawer over lattice front cupboard 60-80
858.    Leonardo Rossi - bronze group of a girl and horse on marble base - 27cm high 150-200
859.    An Edwardian mahogany inlaid four tier double sided folding cake stand 10-20
860.    An Edison Type 1 Gem Phonograph together with witches hat horn and five Edison cylinders 200-300
861.    A carved and painted wooden bird of prey 47cm 35-45
862.    A Burmese red lacquer 'Kun It' storage box painted garden terraced decoration with figures and script 80-120
863.    A Georgian mahogany elongated octagonal travelling box with brass carrying handles and lion mask ring handle 51cm wide x 34cm deep 60-80
864.    A Victorian walnut writing slope with brass mounts, fitted interior and original inkwell 30-50
865.    A mid 19th century brass sextant in mahogany case inscribed with makers name (indistinct) and 'Glasgow' 150-200
866.    A Victorian rosewood writing slope with fitted interior 50-70
867.    A 19th century rosewood toiletry box inlaid mother of pearl flowers to lid with fitted interior of silver plated toiletry bottles and secret drawer 80-120
868.    A Victorian Tunbridgeware work box with castle scene 20 x 36cm 30-40
869.    An Edmund Nye Tunbridgeware box with label - 24cm wide 60-80
870.    A leather brief case 10-20
871.    Three vintage wooden barometers, one by Committi of London and one by Negretti and Zamba of London (glass a/f) 20-30
872.    Four vintage barometers, one in circular barley twist wooden case 20-30
873.    A group of four barometers, one by Committi of London and a German one 15-25
874.    A Smiths eight day wooden mantel clock, an eight day wall clock plus another floral wall clock 15-30
875.    A box of Indian carved wooden printing blocks 30-50
876.    A set of six antique servants bells and one other 20-40
877.    A Zenit photo sniper camera complete with pistol grip and lenses - cased 30-50
878.    A box of vintage games 10-20
879.    A box of brass candlesticks etc 10-20
880.    A box of die cast farm machinery and a plastic model farm 20-30
881.    A large box of old die cast vehicles including Dinky, Lesney, Corgi etc 20-40
882.    A collection of brass items including sun dial, letter box and various hooks etc 20-30
883.    Two circular copper table tops 45cm diameter 10-20
884.    A late 19th century gas hanging lamp with a cranberry glass shade - shade measures 22cm high 40-60
885.    A vintage print of Gurnica by Picasso - unframed 10-20
886.    A Swaine and Adeney silver topped woven leather riding crop 50-70
887.    Five walking sticks including two with silver mounts 20-40
888.    A walking stick with brass eagle head handle 10-20
889.    A print after Rennie Mackintosh 'Pinks' - 42cm sq 10-20
890.    A pair of pine spice racks 30-50
891.    An old bakelite telephone 20-30
892.    Five old black telephone - two with pull out slides for telephone numbers 50-70
893.    Spare lot 0-10
894.    Two African tribal daggers 20-30
895.    Two Indian or Persian curved knives 20-30
896.    A late 19th/early 20th century Kukri (no sheath) and a smaller one 20-30
897.    A short sword in leather and brass scabbard 40-60
898.    A WWI period 1907 pattern Sanderson bayonet 20-30
899.    A WWI period 1913 pattern bayonet and another small bayonet 40-60
900.    An ebonised dressing table set, manicure set, calendar etc 10-30
901.    A group of old pewter 10-30
902.    A box of old pewter including Arts and Crafts teapot etc 10-30
903.    Two Persian daggers and one tribal dagger 30-50
903A.   A Lloyds vintage eight track casette player model V128 with collection of cassettes 10-20
904.    A brass trumpet as new in case 30-50
905.    A Stanley GWR railway theodolite, cased, and tripod No 28051 80-120
906.    A Stanley British Railways level No 56956 'Chief Civil Engineer's Office Paddington No 85' - cased with tripod 60-80
907.    A Pre- Raphaelite print of Guinevere and Lancelot in carved wood frame - 35 x 47cm 20-40
908.    Caroline Burnet - oil on board Paris - 49 x 39cm 20-40
909.    Walter (William) Lambert Bell (1904 - 1983) oil on canvas ' A Kentish Scene' - 50cm x 69cm 25-45
910.    Harry Hine - watercolour forest cottage scene - 30cm 50-80
911.    A print of Queen Victorian after Costello 18 x 11cm, a fashion print and two watercolour silhouettes by D G Johns 10-20
912.    A Chad Valley dolls house and contents - 54cm tall 20-30
913.    A set of four Louis Wain cat prints - largest 11 x 16cm 10-20
914.    A set of four Louis Wain cat prints - largest 18 x 13cm 10-20
915.    A set of four Louis Wain cat prints - largest 18 x 13cm 10-20
916.    A set of four Louis Wain cat prints - largest 16 x 13cm 10-20
917.    Two limited edition prints of cats by Sally Aplin/Sally Lancaster, both 1/100 unframed 18 x 25cm 20-30
918.    Ronald Follard - landscape print signed in pencil - 39 x 80cm 10-20
919.    A lithograph of St Pauls by MacLure MacDonald and MacGregor - 38 x 41cm, Jan 1850 50-70
920.    Peter Scott - signed limited edition print geese, published by Ackerman and Sons - 35 x 53cm 30-50
921.    A print by M Cegari - Italian scene with lovers 'Copertina', signed in pencil - 18 x 12cm 10-20
922.    A Beryl Cook print 'Lady of Marseilles' - 26 x 21cm 30-50
923.    A Beryl Cook print 'Lingerie Shop' - 25 x 22cm 30-50
924.    A Beryl Cook print 'Sabotage' - 26 x 26cm 30-50
925.    A Beryl Cook print 'Leopard Skin Coat' - 26 x 20cm 30-50
926.    Margaret Ellaway - reverse printed and painted hunting scene in maple frame - 32 x 45cm 20-30
927.    A print of Mongolian wild horses - 62 x 64cm 20-30
928.    A selection of four framed crystoleums of varying subjects. Largest is 25cm by 19cm 10-20
929.    Two pairs of prints of Chester 30 x 17cm 10-20
930.    A late 19th/early 20th century framed picture of a bird formed from bird feathers with watercolour background - 20cm 20-30
931.    Two embroidered panel pictures of classical ladies 'Peace' and 'Hygeia' - larger 79cm 40-60
932.    A pair of prints of teacups in gilt frames - 14 x 14cm 10-20
933.    A 19th century colour print of a 19th century Cavalry soldier, and a coloured engraving game birds 10-20
934.    A bevelled wall mirror with scalloped edge shape - 68cm wide and another 20-30
935.    A collection of GB QEII stamp sheets, presentation packs, FDC including philatelic/numismatic and silver ingot covers in green Royal Mail album, plus two coin presentation packs (FV c. 170) 50-70
936.    Two Canadian stamp stockbooks of QV to QEII defin and commem, mint and used, incl some higher values, officials, postage dues, special delivery and Excise/bill stamps - more stamps than immediately apparent as many overlap 40-60
937.    Stamp stockbook of mint and used QV - KGV British Empire defin, commem, postage due, overprints, including some higher values. Worth a look 60-80
938.    Stamps of South Africa, Cape of Good Hope: 1d Brownish Red SG18 and 4d Deep Blue SG19, full margin, 1863-4 imperf, watermark Anchor (W2) cat 450+ 30-50
939.    A GB QV cover with strip of 3 x 2d blue imperf (0 - 2 margin), SG 14. Cat 350+ on cover 30-50
940.    Alsace and Lorraine German Army of Occupation set of all seven values, mint (washed), six with points of web down and 10c bistre, points-up. Viewing recommended. Most scarcer variants. Overall SG cat well in excess of 600 50-70
941.    A GB QV 9d straw, used with continental transit cancel 'Aachen', SG110, Cat 300+ and sleeve containing other QV stamps of LE and later issues mid fiscal and pre-paid, together with stamp of Heligoland, QV Schilling, SG 6a mint - Cat 150+ 20-30
942.    Two all world stamp albums with mint/used defin, commem, overprints, fiscals, sets. QV period onwards. Some China (incl dragons), Germany (20 pages), bag of loose/packet items and a 'Philatector'. Hundreds of stamps 20-30
943.    A blue folder of GB KGV to QEII defin and commem stamps, mint and used, incl graphites and decimal booklets, blocks, strips, minisheets and high values FV 200+. In addition sets, KGVI and QEII high values to 10, postage dues and Channel Islands (including postal cover bi-sect, Cat 45, Booth) and Red Cross Telegram with passed censor 1942 and 43 cancels. In addition, plenty of postal issue history 50-70
944.    A cover album of mostly GB defin and commem, with regions/Channel Islands and 1937 Coronation/1948 Silver Wedding. Mostly FDC and incl 'Windsor' postmarked higher values, first day of two-tier post and other special-to-event postmarked covers 15-25
945.    Stamps: 1985 British Insects on British Forces Postal Services 'Mosquito' air commem cover signed by artist G Benningfield along with 5 PHQ cards signed likewise - all in frame 10-20
946.    A Red Senator stamp album, a bundle of loose album sheets and small box of GB, Commonwealth and ROW mint and used defin/commem stamps, QV to QEII period including sets, some early US fiscals to $2, Hong Kong, Malay States, Canada plus omnibus series. Good range and mix 30-50
947.    A box of some 400 GB QEII FDC, many with special-to-location event postmarks with mint defin/commem set pertaining to each cover inside. Including FPO, high values, mini-sheets, se-tenant blocks and strips, booklets. Period 1973 - 2012, almost no repeats. In addition other GB covers, presentation packs, and loose commem with Isle of Man, Hong Kong and Singapore covers. Total decimal FV 950+ 400-600
948.    Six GB cover albums, mostly QEII First Day, with over 200 special-to-event/location postmarked; 300 covers in all. KGVI 6 May 40 Centenary and 11 Jun 46 Victory sets plus British Wild Flowers cover for 24 Apr 67, with stamp artist's signature, and 1971 strike mail covers 30-50
949.    A box of world stamps in three sparsely filled albums, three small stockbooks, on album sheets and on cover/pc in blue box, plus SG Simplified whole world cats 1964/1967 - China seen 10-20
950.    A vintage wooden sledge 10-20
951.    A Victorian pine washstand with gallery back and turned supports 20-30
952.    A mahogany triple dressing table mirror 20-40
953.    A small carved Indian occasional table and a childs stool painted rabbit 10-20
954.    An oval brass framed dressing table mirror 10-20
955.    A gilt and brass coffee table with marble finish top 20-40
956.    A Victorian mahogany sofa table with moulded frieze (no drawers) 20-40
957.    A set of four limited edition prints by Nick Blade of Formula One drivers, signed and numbered: Michael Schumacher, Jean Alesi, Damon Hill and David Coulthard - 29 x 20cm 20-40
958.    An England Rugby World Cup 2003 Martin Johnson montage - signed 30-50
959.    A Rugby Legends montage for Gavin Hastings, JPR Williams, Rory Underwood and Willie John McBride - all signed 40-60
960.    Two vintage suitcases with Cunard Line baggage labels 20-30
961.    A vintage suitcase 10-20
962.    A 1930's small open bookcase with pierced motif to back, 53cm wide 20-30
963.    A late Victorian mahogany twin pedestal desk, in need of leather inset to top - 137cm wide 50-70
964.    An American cherry long side table - 122 x 40cm 10-20
965.    A Victorian set of three Victorian lightwood balloon back chairs and one similar 20-40
966.    Two pairs of Ibex horns and a smaller pair 40-60
967.    A pair of large ebonised carved wood buddhas - 42cm 40-60
968.    A brass hexagonal mirror - 45cm wide 10-20
969.    F Robson - pair of etchings of back alley streets 25 x 20cm 10-20
970.    A Limited Edition print of two dancing pigs 60/100 - 47 x 32cm 15-25
971.    A map print of Ledbury 21 x32cm, a map print of Painswick and two other Gloucester prints 10-20
972.    A 1960's 'New Age' gouache showing the Green Man or a similar mythological figure, indistinctly signed. 75cm by 55cm 10-20
973.    George Deakins - oil on canvas winter snow landscape - 18.5cm 30-50
974.    A 1960's 'New Age' gouache showing a female figure and prancing horses. Indistinctly signed. 35cm by 64cm 10-20
975.    A coloured print 'Summers Brilliance' by David Short - 49 x 49cm 40-50
976.    A WWI period watercolour caricature of Brigadier General G R Cockerill c.1918 - indistinctly signed - 33cm 20-30
977.    A Victorian Pears print of two Italian girls - 47 x 30cm - frame a/f 10-20
978.    A Victorian small mahogany toiletry mirror 10-20
979.    An old pine dresser back or bookcase 114cm wide 50-70
980.    An oil on card 'Still Life with Fruit' - 26cm x 35cm 10-20
981.    An oak and brass coat rack 10-20
982.    A vintage 'Attache' Hawaiian guitar in case 40-60
983.    Two Wessel 'pocket watch part' display pictures - largest: 29 x 18cm 10-30
984.    An Edwardian oak carved picture frame - 50 x 31cm 10-30
985.    A 19th century narrow rustic elm bench 111cm 30-50
986.    A Victorian small satin walnut toiletry mirror 10-20
987.    A Victorian pine side table with frieze drawer and turned supports 40-60
988.    Harris Brett - Pair of Watercolours showing Egyptian Nile scenes - signed and dated for 1906 - 23cm by 60cm 10-20
989.    A print of a hunting scene by George Wright - 32 x 48cm 20-30
990.    Spare lot 0-10
991.    An Edwardian oak coal purdonium with carved decoration 20-40
992.    A Victorian copper kettle 10-20
993.    A pair of 19th century mahogany bar back dining chairs by J Kendell and Co, signed by workman 20-30
994.    An Edwardian cream upholstered armchair with trellis panel to upholstered back 30-50
995.    An Edwardian mahogany salon suite comprising settee, two carvers and three side chairs with Chippendale style pierced backs 80-120
996.    An Edwardian Art Nouveau mahogany chair with floral marquetry decoration to top rail and centre splat 30-50
997.    An Edwardian mahogany Sheraton style carver chair with trellis back and inlay all raised on slender supports 20-30
998.    A pair of late 19th century/early 20th century spindle back Clisset style chairs 30-50
999.    A Victorian lightwood and cane work chair 20-40
1000.   An Edwardian low armchair with padded and inlaid back 20-30
1001.   A small cream upholstered bedroom armchair 30-50
1002.   A Victorian cream button upholstered mahogany armchair with scrollwork carved decoration on cabriole supports - 90cm high 60-80
1003.   A 1930's slatted reclining chair 10-30
1004.   A Georgian commode chair 10-20
1005.   An Edwardian child's high chair on tall supports 10-20
1006.   A Victorian mahogany slope back chair 10-30
1007.   A pair of washed walnut upholstered French style salon chairs 60-80
1008.   A Victorian beech triple arched carved back chair 20-30
1009.   A reproduction longcase clock with eight day movement 60-80
1010.   An Indian bronze temple chain 80-120
1011.   A joint stool with elm top 20-30
1012.   A joint stool with elm top 20-30
1013.   A large oak panelled and curved bar - originally reception counter from Birmingham library 100-150
1014.   An oak joint stool 20-30
1015.   A taxidermy group of a Water Rail and a Teal - 42cm wide 50-70
1016.   An Edwardian mahogany tray with satinwood paterae marquetry 20-30
1017.   An oak gateleg table on turned supports 10-20
1018.   A George III mahogany fold top tea table with square projecting corners, all raised on slender supports and pad feet - 71 x 35.5cm 80-120
1019.   A brass bottle jack, an old school bell and a brass coal scuttle 20-40
1020.   Two carved barometers/thermometers 10-20
1021.   A late Victorian circular barometer in a wooden case incorporating a thermometer 30-50
1022.   A Victorian cast iron standard lamp and shade 10-20
1023.   A large copper kettle, a copper spittoon and two trays 10-20
1024.   A 17th century oak dropleaf occasional table on turned supports 150-200
1025.   A Victorian rosewood and satinwood inlaid ladies desk with raised back over pen tray and inkwells, all over rise top slope front with tapered square supports 100-150
1026.   An early 19th century rosewood tilt top circular dining table on tapered column and triple supports all raised on paw feet - 119cm dia 100-150
1027.   A Victorian Aesthetic movement ebonised cabinet with mirrored shelf over fitted drawer and two floral painted doors, spindle apron and lower drawer 200-300
1028.   A 19th century beadwork embroidery stand with decorative diamond pattern inlay to edge - 54cm wide 30-50
1029.   A Victorian mahogany bow fronted chest of two short and three long drawers on splay feet 120-180
1030.   A Victorian brass gong suspended on brass lion mask mounted mahogany panel 30-50
1031.   Two pairs of horns mounted on shields 30-50
1032.   An Art Deco walnut mini piano by Bjorling - 134cm wide 60-100
1033.   A Victorian tile back washstand with marble top 20-40
1034.   A Georgian mahogany fold top tea table on square supports - 91cm wide 20-30
1035.   A pair of long Chinese painted calligraphy scrolls 20-30
1036.   A 19th century Indian silk embroidered panel 30-50
1037.   A child's three legged oak chair 15-25
1038.   A Victorian bentwood childs chair 10-20
1039.   A black grouse taxidermy head mounted on shield 10-20
1040.   An antique carved oak column or torchere stand 98cm 20-40
1041.   A 19th century mahogany foot stool with serpentine legs 20-30
1042.   A Victorian mahogany windout dining table with two interleaves all on heavy turned supports 80-120
1043.   An oak refectory style coffee table on cup and cover supports 10-20
1044.   A Victorian towel rail 10-20
1045.   An early 20th century Knole three piece suite upholstered in dusky rose 100-150
1046.   A kelim rug decorated stylised animals on a cream ground 215 x 141cm 30-50
1047.   An early to mid 20th century patchwork quilt - 210cm by 164cm 10-20
1048.   Three vintage handbags 10-20
1049.   A group of Victorian baby dresses, ladies nightdress and slip 10-30
1050.   A box of Edwardian lace and clothes including baby clothes 30-50
1051.   A kelim rug decorated geometrical motifs on a green ground 193 x 113cm 30-50
1052.   A small sized early 20th century rocking horse on stand - stand approx 105cm long 60-80
1053.   A tribal style rug with geometric decoration of figures and two horses on a cream ground - 187cm by 96cm 10-20
1054.   A Turkoman rug decorated geometric motifs on a red ground 137 x 105cm 20-30
1055.   A 19th century mahogany specimen or collectors cabinet comprising ten glazed drawers enclosed by glass door - 69cm tall 60-80
1056.   A reproduction mahogany framed filing cabinet with two drawers 20-40
1057.   An Edwardian mahogany dropleaf Sutherland table 20-30
1058.   Arthur Jesse Hayden (1916 - 1990) - oil on board Paris - 49 x 39cm 50-70
1059.   An Edwardian mahogany mirror with arch top and carved frieze 20-40
1060.   A late 19th century Louis Vuitton stripped pine and iron bound travelling trunk with original inner tray and earlier style of label for Paris 1 Rue Scribe and London 454 The Strand 800-1200
1061.   An Edwardian satinwalnut Beaconsfield style wardrobe with single mirror door, cupboard door and four short drawers 60-100
1062.   Eric McGregor - watercolour river and garden scene - 33 x 48cm 20-40
1063.   John Pugh - watercolour two equestrian figures in landscape - 31 x 50cm 20-40
1064.   A pair of late 19th century ram horns - mounted 30-50
1065.   A Victorian standard oil lamp on brass and iron stand with etched glass shade 20-40
1066.   A mid-20th century brass topped table etched decoration dragons and other creatures - 64cm tall and 67cm dia 30-50
1067.   An 18th century oak longcase clock with brass dial and silvered chapter ring - the eight day movement by Robert Parker of Derby 250-350
1068.   Trevor Owen Makinson - an interesting pen and wash full length portrait of a boy titled 'Pinewood - John as Oliver' - 45 x 27cm (The Oliver Twist film was made at Pinewood Studios in 1948 and John Howard Davies was cast as Oliver)
1069.   A Victorian Charles II style walnut cane seated chair 60-80
1070.   An early 19th century turned mahogany child's chair 40-60
1071.   An early 20th century oak vitrine cabinet on turned supports 67cm wide x 182cm tall, glass cracked on one side 60-80
1072.   A gilt scrollwork framed mirror, 53 x 63cm 10-20
1073.   A Victorian George III style oak dresser of small proportions with mahogany cross banding and shell inlay - the raised back with shelves and cupboards over two drawers and cabriole supports 200-300
1074.   A Smiles Brewery limited edition print signed by artist 30-50
1075.   A 19th century mahogany corner cupboard with two pairs of doors enclosing shelves 40-60
1076.   A set of twenty four etchings after George Cruikshank from Charles Dickens 'Oliver Twist' - framed in groups 20-40