Antiques & Collectables Sale with Antique Toy Section
on Friday 6th December 2019

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1.      A Royal Albert Old Country Roses tea and coffee service , comprising - 7 tea cups and saucers, 12 coffee cups and saucers, 2 serving plates, 1 milk, 1 sugar, 12 small side plates, 6 medium side plates and 1 sweet dish 30-50
2.      A Royal Worcester part dinner service in the Woodland pattern:- two tureens, teapot, milk, sugar, coffee pot, larger milk and sugar, six soup bowls and stand, four coffee cups and saucers, five teacups and saucers, five tea plates, meat plate, vegetable dish, seven dinner plates, six bowls and six side plates 30-50
3.      A small Mason's ironstone Mandalay toiletry jug and bowl 10-20
4.      A large Wedgwood modern creamware fruit bowl centrepiece - with box 20-40
5.      A Mason's ironstone vase and cover 30cm tall 10-30
6.      An early 20th century Japanese Satsuma vase painted flowers and figures, 40cm 20-40
7.      A Wedgwood 'Kutani Crane' dinner service comprising:- six dinner plates, two lidded tureens, gravy and stand, four soup bowls and stands, six side plates and six tea plates 80-120
8.      A Burgess & Leigh Burleigh Ware 'Hamilton' pattern dinner service comprising:- two tureens and stands, two small tureens and stands, two ladles, four various serving plates, twelve dinner plates, twelve breakfast plates and twelve side plates 50-70
9.      A large Victorian cerise porcelain jardiniere decorated gilt bamboo, 19cm 20-40
10.     An Edwardian gilt and floral tea service comprising six cups and eleven saucers, nine tea plates, two cake plates, milk and sugar 10-20
11.     A Paragon Belinda tea service comprising six cups and saucers, jug, sugar, six tea plates, six sandwich plates and cake plate 10-20
12.     A Royal Staffordshire Edwardian tea service comprising five cups and saucers, eleven tea plates, two cake plates, jug and two sugars etc 10-20
13.     An Edwardian tea service printed rose buds comprising eight cups (four a/f) and eleven saucers, slop bowl and six tea plates 10-20
14.     A 19th century Pratt Ware mug with printed decoration of peasant scenes on a green ground 10-30
15.     A Victorian terracotta oval plaque painted swallows 25 x 20cm
16.     Two pairs of Staffordshire spaniels, 17cm tall 30-50
17.     A Victorian Staffordshire equestrian figure of a lady with basket of fruit 20-30
18.     Six assorted 18th century Delft tiles 30-50
19.     A Royal Doulton blue and white pottery part tea service in the Norfolk pattern comprising:- large teapot, medium teapot, milk jug, sugar, five cups and saucers, five tea plates, two egg cups, and various plates and dishes 30-50
20.     A large Meiji Period Japanese Imari charger decorated geisha within figurative border, 47cm diameter 40-60
21.     Two large cream glazed pottery dough bowls and a smaller one 30-50
22.     An Ogdens large shop stoneware tobacco jar 'Imp Twist' 20-40
23.     A pair of Royal Foley Edwardian vases with classical floral decoration , 32cm and a pair of vases and covers with printed decoration after Angelica Kauffman, both lids a/f 10-20
24.     A set of three Wood and Sons 'Kioto' graduated jugs 20-30
25.     A Rosina 'Mottisfont Abbey' part tea service comprising six cups and saucers, jug, cake plate and five tea plates - made for the National Trust 10-20
26.     A New Chelsea 'Terrace' part tea service comprising three cups, six saucers, six tea plates, milk, sugar and a cake plate 10-20
27.     A Noritake floral printed tea service comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates, jug, sugar, and cake plate 20-30
28.     A Victorian dessert service painted flowers comprising six plates and two low comports 30-50
29.     Three Royal Doulton Toby jugs:- Athos D6439, Long John Silver D6335 and The Falconer D6533 20-40
30.     A large Lladro figure of a lady with umbrella 36cm tall 20-30
31.     A Lladro figure - Honey Peddler on his Donkey No.4638 20-30
32.     A LLadro figure - Mexican boy Panchito Fat No. 1059, 28cm 20-40
33.     A Lladro figure goose girl 10-30
34.     A Beswick Alsatian 'Champion Ulrica of Brittas' and a Beswick labrador 10-20
35.     Four composition bird ornaments 10-20
36.     A LLadro group - Swan and Signets 'Follow Me' No. 5722 10-20
37.     A Beswick British Bulldog and a Beswick Cairns Terrier 10-20
38.     A collection of twelve Coalport porcelain cottage pastille burners 50-70
39.     A collection of ten Coalport pastille burner cottages 40-60
40.     A blue and white continental Faience water pot and a Burleigh Ware pot 10-20
41.     A Sylvac yellow bough vase and matching smaller vase plus a Widdecombe Fair mug 10-20
42.     A white Portmeirion game tureen and a pair of Indies Johnson Bros. blue and white tureens 10-30
43.     A Royal Doulton black jug and plate decorated blue flowers 10-20
44.     Four 1930's porcelain sugar casters with printed decoration 10-20
45.     A set of six art glass beakers with striated colours on a white ground 10-20
46.     A Swiss 'lan Ronde' musical tankard with Thorens movement 10-20
47.     An Art Deco Chameleon Ware vase by George Clew & Co 15-25
48.     A set of Stuart Crystal cut glass comprising:- 6 port glasses, 6 tumblers and 6 small wine glasses 30-50
49.     A group of various ornaments including Coalport Penguin and Imari oval pin dish 10-20
50.     A set of French duck form novelty knife rests, bottle coasters and pot stand 10-20
51.     A Duchess tea service comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates and sugar 10-20
52.     Three Coalport cottages comprising Dove Cottage, Park Lodge and Village Church 20-30
53.     A group of Victorian china including butter dish, three copper lustre jugs, Ridgways etc 10-30
54.     A Royal Doulton Adrienne figure and another 'Fair Lady' 10-20
55.     A Royal Doulton figure 'Mother' together with four other figurines 10-30
56.     A monk form flask and a USSR stoat 10-20
57.     Three porcelain pin dolls 10-20
58.     A porcelain group of three mice playing cards 10-20
59.     Two Parian ware figure groups 20-40
60.     An Austrian pottery floral painted vase together with two Austrian 'Royal Belvedere' ducks in flight 10-20
61.     A pottery figure of a Beagle
62.     Two Sunderland lustre wall plaques 'Praise Ye the Lord' and 'Prepare to Meet Thy God' 30-50
63.     A Keeling & Co biscuit barrel printed Art Nouveau poppy decoration and a vase 10-20
64.     A Wellington part tea service with three cups and saucers, jug and sugar decorated crinoline lady 10-20
65.     A Grant and Co part teaset printed seagulls, comprising: breakfast cup and four saucers. teacup and four saucers and a sugar bowl 10-20
66.     A Royal Crown Derby gilt and pink rose painted trio and two similar cups and saucers by Crescent China plus one tea plate 10-20
67.     A Royal Doulton pair of Series Ware plates - one printed landscape and one gypsy scene plus one an Ashworth Bros Victorian plate 10-30
68.     Three Royal Doulton Bunnykins items: a two handled cup, a porringer and a cereal bowl 10-20
69.     Two Wedgwood tile plaques showing marine scenes the 'Dashing Wave' and the 'Golden West' - 18 x25cm 10-20
70.     A Royal Worcester Millenium dish boxed 10-20
71.     A Spode Winnie the Pooh cup and plate 10-20
72.     A Royal Doulton cut glass atomiser and a 1980's pink glass flower holder 10-30
73.     A group of decorative china 10-20
74.     A Japanese Imari bowl 21cm diameter and a small prunus blossom ginger jar 10-20
75.     A Colclough tea service decorated green flowers comprising six cups and saucers, seven tea plates, cake plate, sandwich plate, jug and sugar etc 10-30
76.     A Poole dish (small chip) and a Poole jug 10-20
77.     A Midwinter vintage cake plate, preserve dish and three cruets 10-20
78.     A selection of blue and white serving plates and some Spode Italian cups 10-20
79.     A set of five Bavarian plates printed fruit in gilt borders 10-20
80.     A Spode Christmas Tree cake plate (boxed), jug and sugar bowl 10-30
81.     A quantity of mid 20th century Vallauris Cerenne studio pottery designed by Charles Rene Neveux, 20-40
82.     A Mason's Ironstone meat plate and a Mason's butter dish 10-20
83.     A large Mason's Ironstone Mandalay fruit bowl and serving dish, and a Mason's Penang jug 20-30
84.     A collection of vintage ceramic wall pockets 20-30
85.     A Wedgwood Queens Ware tall vase and a Wedgwood fruit bowl 10-20
86.     Four Lladro figures of women and children 40-60
87.     Five Wedgwood glass animal form paperweights 10-20
88.     A green glass liqueur decanter and five glasses with silvered decoration 10-20
89.     An Edwardian Royal Doulton Art Nouveau biscuit barrel printed poppies D4724 20-40
90.     A late 19th century Japanese Imari vase painted floral decoration 25cm tall 50-70
91.     A Royal Doulton large figure group of a shire horse and foal. ear a/f, 23cm tall 30-50
92.     Six various glass paperweights including Caithness, Blue Splash and Concorde 20-40
93.     A large studio glass vase with striated blue, yellow and brown 20-40
94.     An Orrefors glass candle holder 13cm signed and marked Y303 20-40
95.     Two Swedish smoked glass decanters 30-50
96.     A turquoise glass lemonade set, comprising jug and six tumblers 20-40
97.     A group of six various Victorian green wine glasses 20-40
98.     A set of nine early 20th century liquor glasses with engraved decoration 10-30
99.     A central European salt glazed pottery jug with pewter lid, 27cm 10-20
100.    A studio pottery bowl and a similar jug and a vintage studio pottery bowl by C S Howells 20-30
101.    Three pieces of studio pottery by Louise Darby 20-30
102.    A Chinese blue and white plate (six spur marks to base) - 29cm 20-30
103.    A pair of Spanish slip glazed Majolica bowls together with a pastel glass vase 10-20
104.    Two Edwardian china dressing table sets with painted decoration 10-30
105.    An Royal Worcester Bernina tea and dinner service comprising:- seven soup bowls and stands, four teacups and saucers, six egg cups, cake plate, sauce tureen, fourteen breakfast plates, two dinner plates, five graduated meat plates, sauce boat and stand etc. 50-70
106.    A group of sixteen Lilliput Lane cottages - good condition 30-50
107.    A box of miniature model porcelain cottages 40-60
108.    A collection of green, purple and red coloured glass 40-60
109.    A quantity of silver painted coloured glass vases 10-20
110.    A pair of blue glass vases with gilt metal collars, 24cm tall 10-20
111.    A tall glass vase with spiral green decoration 29cm 10-20
112.    A quantity of silver painted coloured glass vases 10-20
113.    A Meissen two handled floral encrusted vase with floral painted reserve and landscape reserve to reverse - 26cm 280-350
114.    A small gilt and white and porcelain figure of a boy with pipe 10-20
115.    A Beswick Thelwell pony 10-20
116.    A selection of small Royal Worcester ivory blush items including teacup, ewer, pin dish, jug, mostly a/f 10-30
117.    Two Royal Doulton Dickens figures of Pickwick and Sam Weller plus another of Huckleberry Finn 20-40
118.    An Albany limited edition porcelain and bronze finish figure of a woman walking a leopard 'Khartoum' 260/350, with certificate 40-60
119.    A Beswick group of two shire horses and two foals 60-80
120.    A Royal Worcester plate painted cottage and garden scene on an apple green ground signed Rushton, 26cm 40-60
121.    A pair of Royal Doulton Slaters Patent long necked vases, 25cm tall 30-50
122.    A pair of Royal Doulton stoneware vases decorated leaves, 17cm tall 30-50
123.    A pair of Royal Doulton stoneware vases painted parrots on a blue ground, 17cm tall 60-80
124.    Six various items of cut glass including lidded box, sugar castor, vase and a bowl 20-40
125.    Two cut glass decanters 10-20
126.    A 1960's Murano glass bowl and similar vase 10-30
127.    A set of seven large cut glass tumblers 20-30
128.    A 19th century facet cut Bohemian yellow flashed drinking glass with engraved decoration 15-25
129.    A set of six small cut glass wine glasses and two smaller 10-30
130.    A 19th century rummer, a faceted flute and various other wine glasses 10-30
131.    A collection of six items of Victorian cranberry glass 20-40
132.    A selection of six cut glass items including swans, pair of vases etc 10-30
133.    A selection of seven cut glass jugs of various sizes 20-30
134.    A collection of sixteen late 19th century to early 20th century drinking glasses, some pairs and some with etched decoration 30-50
135.    A selection of cut glass and other glassware including pin dishes, salts, spill vase etc 10-30
136.    A selection of late 19th century coloured glass including vases, decanters and other glassware, approx. eleven items 20-40
137.    Three cut glass decanters 20-40
138.    A pair of Cumbria Crystal large celebration glasses boxed, 27cm tall 20-30
139.    A collection of six cut glass large vases, basket and oval bowl 20-40
140.    Two West German pottery vases and a Sylvac vase 10-20
141.    A box of various glassware 10-20
142.    A box of various pottery cottages, moneyboxes etc 10-20
143.    Spare Lot 0-10
144.    Spare Lot 0-10
145.    A silver plated pie crust edge circular tray on claw and ball feet with a pair of silver plated candlesticks 20-30
146.    A four piece silver plated tea service including teapot, coffee pot, milk and sugar plus a silver plated milk and sugar 40-60
147.    A silver plated cruet set 10-20
148.    A Turkish evil eye talisman, 10cm long 10-20
149.    A silver plated hip flask and two leather clad hip flasks 10-20
150.    A box of silver plated cutlery 10-20
151.    A 19th century Sheffield plated telescopic candlestick together with a silver plated barrel with glass liner 20-30
152.    A group of silver plated items including two sauce boats, a serving dish, a toast rack and a collection of cutlery 20-30
153.    A silver plated oval biscuit box, plate now worn 10-20
154.    A group of silver plated items 10-20
155.    Various silver plated cutlery 20-40
156.    A large collection of ebony handled nickel silver Thai cutlery 20-30
157.    A box of silver plated items 10-20
158.    Spare Lot 0-10
159.    An Asprey's silver small armada dish boxed, 8cm diameter 40-60
160.    A silver framed desk clock, Birmingham 1937 11 x 9cm 15-25
161.    A set of David Andersen 830 standard silver dessert spoons with shell terminal, 480g 150-200
162.    A small silver photographs frame, two miniature silver circular frames and a waisted silver candlesticks 30-50
163.    A set of three Edwardian napkin rings and two other silver napkin rings, 66g 30-50
164.    A George III silver helmet form cream jug, repaired London 1791 30-50
165.    A silver cigarette case and other items 20-40
166.    A white metal compact with engraved floral decoration and a silver cheroot holder 20-30
167.    A silver shell form salt and spoon with gilt interior plus a white metal caddy spoon marked '88' 40-60
168.    A silver backed group of two dressing table brushes, mirror, two button hooks, two shoe horns, two cut glass dressing table jars and two small candlesticks - a/f 50-70
169.    A silver backed dressing table mirror and brush 30-50
170.    A set of six silver wine goblets, 678g Birmingham 1973 150-200
171.    A Tiffany & Co silver dish with deep pierced border, 26.5cm diameter, 408g 100-150
172.    A silver rectangular trinket box on curved supports 11 x 6.5cm Birmingham 1914 and an 800 standard silver photograph frame 21 x 17cm 40-60
173.    A Victorian silver pepperette together with a later silver salt 20-30
174.    A silver and enamel Masonic girls school medal 1934 and a silver cigar piercer 25-35
175.    A silver salt spoon and a white metal continental caddy spoon 20-40
176.    A set of eleven silver gilt and enamel coffee spoons by J Tostrup 120-180
177.    Three silver Masonic jewels cased, a 9ct gold stick pin with signed documentation and a leather wallet 80-120
178.    A Georgian silver teapot by DU/NH, London 1808 - 660g 300-400
179.    A silver spherical form teapot London 1939 562g, by Blackmore & Fletcher Ltd 150-200
180.    A quart sized Queen Anne silver tankard, London 1702 - 660g 2000-2500
181.    A silver sauce boat Birmingham 1968 182g 40-60
182.    An Islamic white metal posy bowl with stiff leaf decoration, 143g, 12cm diameter 20-40
183.    A Walker and Hall oval silver dish with pierced ends - 107g 30-50
184.    A large silver trinket box with engraved decoration and squat supports, Birmingham 1922, 18.5 x 11cm 100-150
185.    A silver rectangular small photograph frame with embossed decoration, 12 x 9cm 30-50
186.    A pair of Georgian silver salt pots by MP, London 1792 - 170g 80-100
187.    A pair of silver sauce ladles 16.5cm, London 1888, 188g 50-70
188.    A silver 925 oval box with pierced crest decoration to lid - 9 x 6cm - 90g 40-60
189.    A silver and blue enamel cigarette case, Birmingham 1934, 121g 40-50
190.    A silver heart form pendant perfume bottle with embossed decoration 40-60
191.    A pair of Georgian silver sugar tongs, Newcastle 1801 50-70
192.    A French silver priests chrism (for anointing) with etched decoration - 7cm high 40-60
193.    An engraved silver vesta case - Birmingham 1908 20-30
194.    A silver vesta case by George Unite - 1909 20-30
195.    An engraved silver vesta case - Sheffield 1898 20-30
196.    A small engraved silver vesta case - Birmingham 1905 20-30
197.    A pair of silver heart shaped pin dishes with pierced and embossed decoration 38g Birmingham 1898 20-30
198.    A Victorian silver berry spoon- 22cm 10-20
199.    A Dutch silver spoon by Berthold Muller with yacht terminal and windmill decoration to bowl, import mark Chester 1900 30-50
200.    A Georgian silver skewer by CA/HG, London 1775 - 110g 100-150
201.    A mother of pearl handled silver stilton cheese scoop, Sheffield 1933 40-60
202.    A pair of Georgian silver candle snuffers by RE/EB, London 1814 250-350
203.    A box containing silver toothpick, pencil and swizzle stick 20-40
204.    A silver and amber cheroot holder in case, all with embossed decoration Birmingham 1904 10-30
205.    An 18 carat gold three stone diamond ring - each stone approx 3/4 carat, size P 3000-4000
206.    An 18 carat gold white gold ring set four table cut diamonds and eight marquise cut diamonds in stylised flower form, size M 300-500
207.    A Victorian 18 carat gold lozenge form ring set diamonds, size U 400-600
208.    An Edwardian opal and diamond ring- 18ct gold but unmarked in original box, size P 150-200
209.    A Victorian 18 carat gold cluster ring set old cut diamonds 100-150
210.    An 18 carat gold three stone diamond ring, size M 80-120
211.    A 9 carat gold opal and diamond ring, size M 100-150
212.    A Victorian 18 carat gold ring set two rubies flanking four diamonds, size O 1/2 100-150
213.    A 9 carat gold heart form ring with ruby and chip diamond cluster, size O 30-50
214.    A 9 carat gold emerald and white stone wishbone form ring, size K 40-60
215.    A 14k white gold ring set aquamarine, size Q 60-80
216.    A 9ct gold ring set red garnet with diamond swirl set shoulders 50-70
217.    A 9 carat gold diamond ring in textured setting, 3.2g, size P 60-80
218.    A 9 carat gold ring set emerald and three diamonds 30-50
219.    An 18 carat gold ruby and diamond cluster ring - size J 1/2 80-120
220.    A 9 carat gold ring set large citrine 30-50
221.    A 19th century gold ring (unmarked) set pale amethyst, size Q 60-80
222.    A Victorian gold ring set sapphire and pearls in trellis design, size P 1/2 60-80
223.    A Victorian gold ring set amethyst and seed pearls, size S 60-80
224.    A gold ring (unmarked) set carved tigers eye cameo 4.5g, size N 50-70
225.    An 18 carat white gold ring set pearl, size M 100-150
226.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring on textured band, size K 30-50
227.    A 14ctt gold ring set two emeralds flanked by two diamonds on split shoulder mount 50-70
228.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring, size N 30-50
229.    A 9 carat gold ring set white stone, size O 30-50
230.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and cubic zirconia cluster ring, size I 1/2 40-60
231.    A 9 carat ring crossover set sapphire and four white stones, size J 30-50
232.    A modern 9 carat gold 'Regard' ring hallmarked 1986, by P & R Bushell, size L 1/2, 2.2g 80-120
233.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring, size K 1/2 50-70
234.    An Egyptian gold ring set colour change purple stone, size R 60-80
235.    A 22 carat gold wedding band 4.5g, a 9 carat gold wedding band 2.3g, a Victorian gold and diamond set ring (unmarked and one stone deficient) 2g and a yellow metal signet ring 1.8g 120-180
235A.   A yellow metal eternity ring set white stones - tested as gold 20-40
236.    A 9 carat gold spiral design ring, size N 20-40
237.    A 9 carat gold stylised flower and leaf brooch 6.7g 50-70
238.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold 'suffragette colours' bar brooch set with oval pink tourmaline, pear shaped emerald and seed pearls, 4.5 cm wide, 3.2g 80-120
239.    A 14k gold bee form brooch set garnets, 2 x 2.5cm, 3.5g 50-70
240.    A gold and malachite brooch - unmarked but tested as 18 carat gold 30-50
241.    A pair of 9 carat gold and Lotus pearl pendant earrings - 2.2g 20-30
241A.   An 18k and jade oval pendant on 14 ct gold loop 50-70
242.    An Avia 9ct gold ladies wrist watch with gold fancy link strap, 10.2g 80-100
243.    A Victorian 9 carat gold shield form locket 3g, a 9 carat gold tie pin and three pairs of gold earrings 3.5g plus a Victorian yellow metal pendant set purple stone etc 50-70
244.    A 9 carat gold bracelet set six opals 150-200
245.    A stone brooch in gold mount, unmarked but tested as gold 30-50
246.    A Victorian gold framed orange agate brooch 40-60
247.    A Victorian 15 carat gold oval brooch 3.5g and a 9 carat gold feather brooch 3g 60-80
248.    Two 9ct gold framed circular open faced lockets, a 9ct gold stud and a pair of gold plated earrings 30-50
249.    A Victorian yellow metal brooch and a yellow metal monocle 20-40
250.    A 9 carat gold cameo pendant on chain and a 9 carat gold cameo ring, size K 40-60
251.    A pair of heart form earrings set rubies 20-40
252.    A Sampson and Mordan 9 carat gold cigar punch with armorial, 12g 100-150
253.    A Victorian yellow metal seal with carved stone cameo 80-120
254.    A late 19th century/early 20th century 9 carat gold and ruby Art Nouveau pendant and brooch est, pendant repaired, brooch missing rear pin, total weight 3.6g 50-80
255.    A Chinese yellow metal and enamel articulated koi carp pendant, 5cm 50-70
256.    A 19th century gold locket set bloodstone and with carved cameo to front 60-80
257.    A 9 carat gold knotted swivel fob set citrine 40-60
258.    A 9 carat gold Art Nouveau pendant set green stone and seed pearls on 9 carat gold chain 50-70
259.    A 9 carat gold three colour flat link necklace 7.8g 60-80
260.    A gold and malachite pendant on gold chain - unmarked but tested as 18 carat gold 50-70
261.    A Chopard 18 carat gold Happy Diamonds pendant with diamond set heart enclosing single loose diamond, on 18 carat gold chain, each diamond .24 carats 800-1200
261A.   An Edwardian diamond set leaf pendant on chain 200-300
262.    An 18 carat white gold necklace and heart form pendant set diamonds and pink sapphires 1200-1400
263.    A yellow metal hinged bangle - 14.3g 100-150
264.    A 9 carat gold gatelink bracelet with engraved fancy links, 20g 200-300
265.    A gold plated bracelet with half gold sovereign mounted 100-150
266.    An 18 carat white gold diamond set tennis bracelet, total weight 9g 700-900
267.    A 9ct gold charm bracelet and 11 gold charms 100-150
268.    A 9 carat gold bangle 7.6g 60-80
269.    A Rotary half hunter silver pocket watch boxed 30-50
270.    Two silver sporting medals and two white metal medals 15-25
271.    A silver and freshwater pearl bracelet with mother of pearl panels 20-30
272.    A silver bangle, two silver medals, a silver plated medal with gold fob, a Pacific vintage man's watch and two cigarette lighters 20-40
273.    A selection of eight silver and enamel fob medals of various interest 40-60
274.    A WWI silver and tortoiseshell sweetheart brooch for the Royal Welsh Fusiliers 20-40
275.    A pair of Charles Horner cufflinks
276.    A box of various silver jewellery 20-40
277.    A Links of London silver bracelet with pink heart charm 30-40
278.    A group of silver jewellery 30-50
279.    A silver and amber ring and earrings and an amber bead necklace 30-50
280.    Five small jade pendants or charms 20-30
281.    Two pearl topped stick pins in fitted case 10-20
282.    A white metal bangle with scrollwork decoration and set turquoise 10-20
283.    A group of silver and white metal jewellery including niello brooch and Celtic pin 20-30
284.    A good selection of silver jewellery 30-50
285.    A Victorian coral necklace with 9ct gold clasp 20-30
286.    A large bloodstone pendent and a silver chain 15-25
287.    A Victorian white metal locket and an RAF silver and enamel sweetheart brooch 10-30
288.    A rolled gold bangle and silver bangle 20-30
289.    A vintage paste bracelet and earrings 10-20
290.    A pearl necklace with silver clasp and various silver jewellery including two lockets 20-40
291.    A Chinese jade pendant in bamboo form 20-30
292.    A pair of gold plated on silver cufflinks and a silver pair of cufflinks - both boxed 20-30
293.    A silver ring set pale amethyst, size Q` 20-30
294.    Nine various silver bangles 185g 30-50
295.    A heavy fancy link silver chain 56g 20-40
296.    A box of silver rings, earrings etc including Taxco Mexican silver poison ring 20-30
297.    A silver butterfly necklace, silver niello necklace and earrings and two other necklaces 20-40
298.    A Baltic amber and silver bracelet together with a Russian silver and blue zircon pendant 20-30
299.    Two silver necklaces and a silver stone set bracelet etc 10-30
300.    A silver nurses or hospital medal for Liverpool Hospital 10-30
301.    A silver bracelet embossed Art Nouveau style flowers 10-20
302.    A good selection of silver rings 30-50
303.    An assortment of silver jewellery 15-25
304.    A turquoise and pearl choker with silver clasp 30-50
305.    A silver knitted collar necklace 55g 15-25
306.    A Victorian carved ivory bead necklace 10-20
307.    A tray of paste and enamel costume jewellery 10-20
308.    Three freshwater pearl and stone bracelets 10-20
309.    Two large jade pendants and a smaller one 20-30
310.    A silver heart form pendant and pair of matching earrings (for pierced ears) plus two enamel fish pendants 0-30
311.    Six pairs of vintage large clip earrings including Ciner etc 20-40
312.    Seven various decorative simulated pearl pendant necklaces, one with matching bracelet and another with matching earrings 20-40
313.    A silver and marcasite necklace and three other decorative necklaces 20-40
314.    A box of gold plated costume jewellery brooches 10-20
315.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
316.    Ten various watch albert chains 30-50
317.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
318.    A box of various beads 10-20
319.    A box of brooches, stone bead necklace etc 20-40
320.    Three vintage mechanical wrist watches, including Montine 20-30
321.    Three vintage mechanical wrist watches including Seiko, Junghans and Helios 20-30
322.    A good selection of costume jewellery 20-40
323.    A box of costume jewellery to include Babycham clip, Vivaldi earrings etc 10-20
324.    A designer 'turquoise' set bangle and a similar necklace 20-40
325.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
326.    A box of costume jewellery and two wrist watches 10-20
327.    Spare Lot 0-10
328.    A wooden model of Tintin and Snowy on a bicycle, 37cm long 30-50
329.    A Gabrielle Paddington bear in yellow wellies 30-50
330.    A Merrythought 'Lucy' felt doll - Limited Edition 29/500, boxed and very good condition 60-80
331.    A bisque headed Limoges doll "Toto" N7 Mialonos with jointed composition body, 46cm and a pair of vintage 'Wee Bairn' leather baby shoes 60-80
332.    Two Japanese composition costume dolls 15-25
333.    A Norah Wellings black fabric doll 30-50
334.    A Victorian painted wood peg doll with metal joints, (foot missing) 10-30
335.    An antique wooden peg doll with painted face, 30cm 20-40
336.    An early Micky Mouse soft toy Reg. No. 750011 30-50
337.    A Cabbage Patch vinyl doll and a vintage boy doll 10-20
338.    A composition doll wearing Scottish Country Dancing outfit plus a small soft toy 20-40
339.    Four vintage Sindy dolls and a Barbie Shelly doll - boxed 40-60
340.    An early 20th century gold plush teddy bear 37cm and a smaller teddy bear 20-40
341.    An early 20th century German gold mohair teddy bear with Steiff style humped back, 40cm long, poor condition 60-80
342.    A Cabbage Patch doll with label and spare outfit 10-30
343.    A Steiff plush teddy and a yellow jointed teddy bear 20-40
344.    A pair of Shildkrot celluloid dolls boy and girl - 52cm 30-50
345.    A box of vintage dolls and clothes including two 1940's dolls 30-50
346.    A Shildkrot baby doll and two other dolls 10-20
347.    A Victorian extensive lead farm including horses, pigs, chickens, dogs, goats, sheep, figures, horse and cart plus landscape items 80-120
348.    A box of approximately two hundred die cast and other vehicles 10-20
349.    A Mamod steam tractor 30-50
350.    A Mamod steam tractor 30-50
351.    A German static steam engine 30-50
352.    A rare Meccano steam engine complete with box (box tatty) c.1930 250-350
353.    A Mamod static steam engine 30-50
354.    A live scratch built steam model of a Victorian open top bus 40-60
355.    A vintage clockwork monkey and a clockwork puppy in a basket 20-40
356.    A vintage clockwork Scottish character toy, 23cm 10-20
357.    A 1960's tinplate clockwork girl playing xylophone, 20cm tall 20-40
358.    A vintage Bengo nodding dog 15-25
359.    Four Corgi vintage die case children's character cars :- Miss Piggy, Basil Brush, Noddy and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 15-25
360.    A Pelham frog puppet in original box 20-40
361.    Two children's toy sewing machines 20-40
362.    A child's toy Singer Sewing Machine marked USA 40-60
363.    A German child's toy sewing machine probably by Gebrauchs Anweisung 20-40
364.    A Britains set of lead soldiers including Guardsmen (infantry x 16, cavalry x 7) and nine Prussian cavalry soldiers 30-50
365.    A Schuco Formula 2 racing car No. 1072 15-25
366.    A German tinplate clockwork turkey (wing missing) and a tinplate crocodile (missing figure) 10-20
367.    A box of early 20th century lead and plaster figures and farm animals by Hornby and Britains plus wagons, wheelbarrow etc 30-50
368.    A group of four die cast cars, including Dinky Ford V8 Pilot and a wooden model car 10-20
369.    A box of Meccano including numerous wheels 30-50
370.    A vintage toy fort 10-20
371.    A box of early to mid 20th century playing cards and various travel games 10-20
372.    A Prova child's tea service boxed comprising teapot, four cups and saucers, milk and sugar 10-20
373.    A Trix Unit System early construction set with manual, motors, wheels etc 20-40
374.    A vintage Escalado racing game boxed 20-30
375.    A box of collectables including clown puppet, Parker pens and Pierre Cardin pen 10-20
376.    A Bachmann Class J4 -8-4 plus tender with smoke, boxed with instructions 50-70
377.    A Hornby R2206 LMS Coronation Class engine and tender, boxed 50-70
378.    A Hornby R2171 BR 4 -6-2 Canadian Pacific engine and tender, boxed 50-70
379.    A Hornby Dublo 'City of London' loco and tender 2226, boxed 25-35
380.    A Trix train set boxed "Trix Express 5391' comprising:- engine and tender, three coaches, rails and accessories, plus Shell tanker 150-200
381.    A Trix operating Dump Wagon set , boxed No 766, good condition 20-40
382.    A Lledo boxed Rolls Royce set of three on plinth base, plus sixteen other Lledo Days Gone By cars, boxed. 30-40
383.    A small box of die cast cars, other model vehicles and teddy bears 20-30
384.    A French die cast field gun Rd No 588707 10-30
385.    A Dinky Toys British Railway Express Horse Box Hire Service 10-20
386.    A German 1950's tinplate Viscount 321 passenger jet with trigger propeller action together with a Boeing 727 tinplate toy 50-70
387.    A Hornby OO gauge 60985 locomotive with three tenders and tracks c 1935 60-80
387A.   A box of Hornby locomotives to include 2218 Class 4 in BR black, Hornby Dublo L30 Bo-Bo Diesel, together with carriages and tracks 100-150
388.    A selection of seven Corgi die cast models including Police Landrover and horsebox, Landrover and caravan, Chevrolet ambulance, Chevrolet Pinder Circus and Revo Pack Refuse Collector etc 10-30
389.    A Corgi Batmobile and other Corgi toys including boxed Corgi bus, and Ford Model T van R2499 15-25
389A.   A Lesney Matchbox Racing Transporter, a Lesney Matchbox Aveling Burford Road Roller and two Shell petrol pumps 10-20
390.    A box of Dinky and other die cast models 30-50
391.    A box of assorted die cast models including Corgi Magic Roundabout car, Matchbox, Dinky etc 20-40
392.    A Hornby Queen of the Scots electric train set R1024, boxed and an electronically operated turntable , boxed 50-70
393.    A Hornby Harry Potter Hogwarts Express electric train set R1025, boxed 60-80
394.    A Meccano clockwork train set with locomotive, tender and two wagons, the track badly corroded 30-50
395.    A Matchbox G12 Rescue Set, a Blaze Trailer K40, Ford Delivery Van K29, Helicopter Carrier K307 and a Ford Escort 334 - all boxed 50-70
396.    A box of old playworn die cast model cars 10-30
397.    A Hornby 'oo' model railway train set including track, carriages, wagons and accessories 20-40
398.    A box of various Trix "OO" train set items including one tank locomotive, three coaches, guard van, controller, transformer, various track, power rail, buffers, 4 x points, crossover etc 60-80
399.    A Triang 'oo' railway set including track, carriages, rolling stock and accessories etc 20-30
400.    A box of seventeen Lledo drink related advertising die cast vehicles 10-20
401.    A Six Million Dollar Man doll - boxed and with original packaging and ties 40-60
402.    An Action Man Polar Explorer outfit boxed plus a Frogman Outfit (perished) boxed 20-40
403.    An Action Man Sabotage outfit boxed 20-40
404.    An Action Man German Storm Trooper and outfit boxed 40-60
405.    An Action Man Battle of Britain Pilot and outfit with box (head detached) 20-40
406.    An Action Man Special Operations Tent boxed (good condition) and a space ship (poor condition) 40-60
407.    A box of Action Man rifles, helmets etc 20-30
408.    An Action Man soldier with Eagle Eyes boxed and an Atomic Action Man and a bubble bath 50-70
409.    An Action Man Transport Command Infantry Support Jeep, boxed and good condition 80-120
410.    A large box of Britains plastic soldiers circa 1970s 40-60
411.    A vintage wooden toy 'Ford Cherokee Fort' by Joytoys No 80, boxed 20-40
412.    A box of vintage wooden toys, blocks and games etc 10-20
413.    A Danbury Mint special edition gold plate Aston Martin DB5 model, boxed with plinth, two wheels detached 40-60
414.    A Kyosho Aston Martin V12 Vanquish 007 Bond Car , boxed with plinth 60-80
415.    A Kyosho 1:12 scale model 007 James Bond BMW Z8, roof a/f, boxed with plinth 30-50
416.    A Louis Marx tinplate clockwork tractor - missing figure 20-30
417.    A Matchbox No. 43 Steam locomotive and a No39 Rolls Royce - both boxed plus a Matchbox Ford Sierra XR41-MB55 20-40
418.    A Corgi Super Juniors E2012 Military Transporter and Armoured Car, a Corgi MF 50B Tractor with shovel and a Corgi Ford Escort 334 - all boxed 30-50
419.    Six Matchbox Superfast die cast models plus four other Matchbox models boxed 60-80
420.    A box of early die cast cars, petrol pumps etc including Tootsietoy, Johillcotoy & Meccano 20-40
421.    A French tinplate army truck and artillery trailer plus an English search light - all with camouflage print 60-80
422.    A Triang pressed steel circus van (no rear doors) 20-30
423.    A box of Dinky military vehicles and a Blox bulldozer 30-40
424.    A box of die cast vehicles including five Lledo Days Gone By for Walkers Crisps, Corgi AEC 508 Asthama Cure, Three Fisherman,s Friends, plus an assortment of Matchbox, Tonka, EFE etc. 30-50
425.    A large box of miscellaneous die cast vehicles 10-20
426.    A collection of 46 model vehicles including Dinky Mercedes 300 5L, Corgi 2012 Olympic taxi, Matchbox Models of Yesteryear etc (Many of these boxes available - buyer to sort) 20-40
427.    A collection of 45 Lledo Days Gone By die cast models presented in three display cases together with a boxed Cameo Collectables 'The Classic Drinks Collection - ten model vehicle set (Many of thee boxes available - buyer to sort) 20-40
428.    A large box of miscellaneous die cast vehicles including some Thomas the Tank Engine 10-20
429.    A large group of Dinky, Corgi and other die cast vehicles 20-30
430.    A box of forty seven Lledo Oxford diecast models and some Matchbox plus other toy buses 20-30
431.    A Corgi die cast Fodon 'Power Major' tractor with half tracks (No.54) boxed 100-150
432.    A Corgi Jaguar Mark X in light blue (238) and a Dinky Jaguar 3.4 saloon in grey (1905), both boxed 70-90
433.    A Dinky Ferrari racing car in red (242) and a Dinky Lotus racing car in green (241) boxed 60-100
434.    A Dinky Toys die cast coach No. 283 BOAC in dark blue, boxed 40-60
435.    A Corgi Ferrari F1 Grand Prix racing car in red (154) and a Corgi BRM F1 racing car in light blue (1525) - both boxed 60-100
436.    A Dinky die cast red Jaguar coupe XK120 (157) and a yellow Austin Healey Sports 100 (109) 60-80
437.    A Triang Minic red tractor 11M boxed 30-50
438.    A tin plate clockwork tortoise 10-20
439.    A Corgi Massey Ferguson 165 tractor with saw attachment, boxed No. 73 60-80
440.    A Triang Minic tinplate clockwork lorry with boat transporter and separate Minic transport wagon 50-70
441.    A Triang Minic tinplate clockwork British Railway van No. 107M boxed 70-90
442.    A Corgi Massey Ferguson 165 tractor with shovel No.69, boxed 50-70
443.    A Corgi die cast Cooper Maserati F1 in blue (156) and a Corgi Lotus Climax F1 in green (155) - both boxed 60-80
444.    A Corgi blue Marcos 1800 GT (324) and a Corgi blue Lotus Elan 52 (318) boxed 80-100
445.    A tinplate George The Fifth locomotive 2664 50-70
446.    A Triang tinplate caravan 1935 20-30
447.    A Triang Spot On Morris Minor 1000 with steering No. 289) boxed 80-120
448.    A Triang Minic tinplate clockwork Vauxhall Tourer in red and black (17M) boxed 70-90
449.    A Triang Minic clockwork tinplate fire engine 62M 30-50
450.    A Johillcotoy fire engine with six figures and another with one figure 30-50
451.    A German tinplate small car, tank and clockwork KBN locomotive 20-40
452.    A Triang Minic tinplate clockwork double decker bus with adverts for Ovaltine and Bisto 70-90
453.    An early 20th century German tin plate penny toy car with driver 100-150
454.    A Schuco Studio driving school car with leaflet, No 1050 .40-60
455.    A Triang Minic tinplate clockwork traffic control car in dark blue (No.29M) boxed 70-90
456.    An early 20th century tinplate clockwork car - probably German 20-30
457.    A German tin plate clockwork native American Indian on horseback K945 20-30
458.    A Dinky AA box set comprising box, motorcycle with side car and two figures 40-60
459.    A Kellerman early tinplate clockwork WWII motorcycle and sidecar with two soldiers, marked CKO, DRGM (one side of passenger's face missing) 60-80
460.    A Triang Minic tinplate clockwork jeep 20-30
461.    A Triang Spot On Lawn Roller and a Dinky Lawn Roller 30-50
462.    A Triang Minic Vauxhall Town Coupe 18M in box 40-60
463.    An F Kew & Co lead toy cricket set 1928 comprising thirteen cricketers and stumps 700-1000
464.    An Equestris plush covered rocking horse on safety stand 30-50
465.    A fur covered vintage rocking horse on traditional rocker base 30-50
466.    An early 20th century painted rocking horse on a painted pine base by Baby Carriages of Liverpool, 93cm tall 100-150
467.    Spare Lot 0-10
468.    Spare Lot 0-10
469.    All world stamps in three albums and box with six cigarette card albums (one empty) and spare Pelham album (no stamps). Mint and used defin./commem from QV period on 20-40
470.    The Favourite Philatic Album and box of mainly GB defin. and commem., mint and used, with some Commonwealth and all world. Some good early material including QV etc. Higher values to 1, mint sets, postage due etc in mixed up order. Mint KGV South African Values o 5/- noted 80-120
471.    Two all world stamp albums and small box of the same, mint and used, defin and commems, QV period, includes China, Egypt, Greece, Spain and some later 19th century issues from various countries 40-70
472.    Three Deans 1960's 'Pop Up' books and a Superman Annual 1952 10-20
473.    A childrens squeaky book 1925 (a/f) and a selection of children's magazines and Aunt Louises Toy Book 10-20
474.    A selection of early 20th century Scouting ephemera and photographs, together with 'The Story of a Chinese Scout' by Stanley V Boxer 20-30
475.    Two copies of the Messiah and various other music books 10-20
476.    A box of assorted world postcards 10-20
477.    Two Eric Clapton tour magazines from 2011. 20-30
478.    A Bibliography of The Dog by E G Jones 1971 (The Library Association) 15-25
479.    Cleopatra by Rider Haggard published 1889, First Edition 30-50
480.    The Brewers Almanack 1946 by the Review Press Ltd 10-20
481.    A Russian children's book with fairytale illustrations - 1968 10-20
482.    'Some Frightful War Pictures' by W Heath-Robinson - a book of WWI illustrations 20-30
483.    Two Victorian photo albums including part content of portrait photographs and carte de visite 10-20
484.    The Book of The Thousand Nights and One, four vols published by The Folio Society 1958 - very good condition 40-60
485.    Charles Kingsley - His Letters and Memories of His Life, signed by Ellen Kingsley, two vols published by Macmillan & Co 1891, from the Library of George Auden 20-30
486.    Leon Uris 'QB VII' First Edition 1970, signed and inscribed 15-25
487.    Rudyard Kipling 'Stalky & Co' First Edition 1899 20-30
488.    Freya Stark - Alexander's Path, First Edition, 1958 10-20
489.    John Osborne - Luther First Edition, 1961 10-20
490.    The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures by John & Caitlin Mathews, together with Magical Mathematics by Diaconis and Graham 10-20
491.    The Fox's Frolic by Sir Francis Bernand and illustrated by Harry B Neilson- Collins 40-60
492.    The Nowadays Fairy Book illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith 10-20
493.    A group of four illustrated books: Lorna Doone, illustrated by Brittan and Brock, Edmund Dulac's Picture Book, Rabbi ben Ezra, illustrated by Bernard Partridge and Britain's Birds and Their Nests, illustrated by George Rankin 20-30
494.    Ten copies of 'Costume'magazine from 1970's and 80's, together with four books on fashion and costume 20-30
495.    English Literature - An Illustrated Record in four volumes - published by Heinemann 1903 20-30
496.    'The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam' illustrated b W Pogany published George G Harrup & Co together with The Head of Kays! by P G Wodehouse 1910 20-30
497.    A Queen Victorian commemorative prayer books and a leather bound prayer book 10-20
498.    The History of Feminine Costume published by Liberty & Co circa 1890's plus 'Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks', 'The Poultry Keepers Manuel and The Etchers Handbook 20-30
499.    Abbeys, Castles and Ancient Halls of England and Wales - three volume set 1925 10-20
500.    Adam Bede by George Elliot published S W Partridge & Co together with Andersons Fairy Tales with sixty illustrations by A W Bayes published by Routledge & Son 10-20
501.    The Cornish Magazine Vols I + II, edited by A T Quiller-Couch 1898/9, plus 'The Cornish Coast and Moors' by A G Folliott-Stokes 1912 20-40
502.    'Picturesque Scotland - In Lay and Legend' together with Castles and Abbeys of England and an Orient Express travel book 20-30
503.    'Common Prayer as read by the late Mr Garrick', published by Rivington, London 1797, with later binding of full black morocco 40-60
504.    Two James Bond novels: Diamonds Are Forever - 1956 and You Only Live Twice - 1964, both published by Jonathon Cape 60-80
505.    Game Birds by Charles Coles - large format book in slip case 20-30
506.    Eight antique books written in Welsh, 18th and 19th century 30-50
507.    The History of Wales by John Jones printed by J Williams, Tales and Sketches of Wales by Charles Wilkins 1879 and 'Iolo' A Selection of Welsh Manuscripts 1888 20-40
508.    Alice In Wonderland illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell and published by Raphael Tuck and Sons 20-30
509.    'Gil Blas' French newspaper Annual for 1896 containing many coloured illustrations 20-40
510.    'Our Village' by Mary Russell Mitford with one hundred illustrations by Hugh Thomson 1893, and Natural History of Selbourne by Gilbert White 1900 10-20
511.    A Tour in Wales by Thomas Pennant 1784 - two leather bound vols. 50-70
512.    A Historical Tour Through Pembrokeshire by Richard Fenton 1810 20-40
513.    A Paraphrase and Notes on the Revelation of St John, Second Edition 1745 30-50
514.    The Desert of Sinai - Notes of a Spring Journey from Cairo to Beersheba by Horatius Bonar , published James Nisbet & Co 1857 30-50
515.    A Gallery of Children by A A Milne and illustrated by A H Watson 20-30
516.    Good Sport with Some Famous Packs 1885 - 1910 and Fox-Hunting from Shire to Shire, both by Cuthbert Bradley 30-40
517.    The Greek Myths by Robert Graves, published by The Folio Society, and seven other Folio society titles 20-30
518.    Twenty six issues of 'Diana' magazine published by Deagostini, in ring binders and box file, good condition 30-50
519.    Takara Bukuru, or Treasure Bag. A Netsuke Artist Textbook - text in English and Japanese, scarce first edition - very good condition 30-50
520.    Rollins Ancient History in three volumes, The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians etc - published by Jones & Co 1829 - full leather binding 60-80
521.    'An Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini' with illustrations by Salvador Dali - translated by John Addington Symonds 50-70
522.    Natural History of British Butterflies Vols 1 & 2 by F W Frohawk with sixty colour plates published by Hutchinson & Co circa 1914 100-150
523.    Four Zane Grey Novels - The Maverick Queen, The Deer Stalker, Captives of the Desert and Rogue River Feud - all UK first editions with dust jackets 20-30
524.    'Festivals and Customs' by Sir Benjamin Stone MP plus 'Humours of History' and King Alberts book 20-30
525.    The London Illustrated News 1804 10-20
526.    A group of antique religious books including Sermons on Various Subjects by Wm May 1759, Eight Sermons on Practical Subjects by Rev Daniel Rowland 1774 etc 20-40
527.    A box of literary books including The Bargery's, illustrated by Helen Strickland 1934 10-30
528.    Tretchikoff by Howard Timmins, published 1969 by George Harrap, large format 40-60
529.    A box of Agatha Christie Books 20-30
530.    A box of mixed ephemera including military items 10-20
531.    A large silver plated on oak 'Cockhouse Shield' with embossed Art Nouveau angels and enamelled cockerel decoration 68 x 55cm 60-100
532.    A 19th century finely carved elm plaque relief picture of the Duke of Wellington within leaf and berry border, 40 x 31cm 80-120
533.    A 19th century Black Forest oak wall or bracket clock carved two game birds 80-100
534.    A taxidermy sparrowhawk on perch 20-40
535.    A taxidermy group of a water rail and a teal in case, 42cm wide 40-60
536.    A taxidermy mink on a branch 40-60
537.    A taxidermy owl on perch 30-50
538.    A taxidermy grouse 20-40
539.    A taxidermy magpie on perch 10-20
540.    Two cut glass and gilt metal table lamps 20cm tall 20-30
541.    A cut glass and gilt metal table lamp 28cm 20-40
542.    A cut glass and gilt metal table lamp 20cm tall 10-20
543.    Spare Lot 0-10
544.    A brass table gong 10-20
545.    A Huntley & Palmers book form biscuit tin 50-70
546.    A Mabel Lucie Attwell mushroom form novelty biscuit tin and money box by William Crawford & Son 70-90
547.    A ship in a bottle model of A three masted frigate 10-20
548.    A pair of late Victorian brass candlesticks 30cm tall 10-20
549.    A large pewter candleabra 40cm tall 10-20
550.    Three pairs of brass candlesticks 30-50
551.    A large carved jadeite group of a carp - 31cm, and a large carved rose quartz group of birds - 28cm, repaired 30-50
552.    A Chinese 'jade' circular Bi carved dragons and another larger brown stone one carved bats 30-50
553.    An African hardwood carved tribal figure, 25cm tall 30-50
554.    A miniature chest of three drawer with white metal mounts 18cm tall plus a brass mounted cards box 10-30
555.    A brass and oak table gong embossed ship 10-20
556.    A group of brass animals 10-20
557.    A Rolling Stones record Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass) TXL 101 and a Beach Boys LP Smiley Smile T9001 Mono 10-20
558.    A J F Kennedy circular tin tray 10-20
559.    A 1930's oak chiming mantel clock 10-20
560.    An early 20th century cast metal novelty dog nutcracker 20-30
561.    A German air compressor "Sauerstoff Centrale Berlin" 30-50
562.    A brass spirit kettle, copper jug and a fish shaped copper mould 20-30
563.    A 19th century Burmese white metal and ivory Dha knife with scabbard 50-80
564.    A 1930's oak Napoleon hat shaped mantel clock 20-30
565.    Spare Lot 0-10
566.    Three Beatles records 'Please Please Me' PHC 1202 Mono, Beatles For Sale PMC 1240 Mono and Help PMC 1255 Mono 80-120
567.    A Newton & co Victorian magic lantern projector, projector (missing chimney) 40-60
568.    A box of magic lantern slides including approx. 50 slides of Victorian astronomy (some photographic) and plans of Coventry Cathedral, together with some loose frames 30-50
569.    Spare Lot 0-10
570.    A Varamorph cinema scope lens by B-Kale Ltd 20-40
571.    Two cases of magic lantern glass slides including views from around 1945 church mission ground, Gambia and other parts of Africa, approx. 160 50-70
572.    A set of ten Avery brass bell weights and five other brass weights 30-50
573.    An aircraft gimbal compass Type R11 No36960 B - boxed 50-70
574.    A leather telescope case (no telescope) 10-20
575.    A late 19th century treen solitaire board and marbles 10-30
576.    An Edwardian oak two handled tray 10-20
577.    A brass servants bell with mechanism 30-50
578.    A selection of various copper and brass 20-30
579.    An old wooden set square and a yard stick 10-20
580.    A 1930's glass mottled glass light shade 10-20
581.    A gilt metal mantel clock 15cm tall, one glass panel missing 20-30
582.    A Schatz brass cased carriage clock 20-30
583.    A Swiza boudoir gilt metal alarm clock 10-20
584.    A pair of brass Kinco inkwells with glass liners and original Kinco label, and similar shoe horn,
585.    A pair of Japanese Meiji period cloisonne enamel vases in original boxes, one a/f, 12cm 50-70
586.    A pair of Meiji period Japanese folding lacquer corner brackets decorated flowers and birds 30-50
587.    A 19th century ivory cased pocket sundial, compass and barometer - a/f 20-40
588.    A novelty brass vesta case in the form of a pig 10-20
589.    A 19th century porcupine quill box with sliding lid, 12cm long 20-40
590.    A Harrods compensated pocket barometer, cased 40-60
591.    A Short and Mason compensated pocket barometer, cased 50-70
592.    An oak Arts and Crafts carved thermometer and an Arts and Crafts copper door plaque 'Ross Villa' 10-20
593.    A 1920;s watercolour miniature of the Madonna in ivory frame signed Voisin 7 x 5.5cm 50-70
594.    Three various old frames: one with a 1914 calendar, a Japanese metal frame with Koi carp decoration and a Persian frame with optical illusion sketch of a man 20-30
595.    A small poker work wooden bowl, made in Bergen, Norway 1933, 10cm diameter 10-20
596.    A 1920's watercolour miniature of Countess Spencer in a straw hat, in ivory frame 4.5 x 3.5cm 30-50
597.    A Japanese Meiji Period brass snuff box with all over engraved decoration including Egyptian motifs and applied silver highlights, 9 x 6.5cm 80-120
598.    A small Chinese cloisonne enamel pill box 4cm diameter 10-20
599.    A Chinese bronze censer in the form of a bird 20-40
600.    A selection of East European Soviet era enamel badges and pins 40-60
601.    An Elliott Bros Sheldon's Patent level , boxed 20-40
602.    A late 19th century ivory notepad with piquet studded decoration 50-70
603.    A selection of 19th century page turners and letter openers, some ivory and with heraldic crest including one from Baglan Hall, Port Talbot 20-30
604.    Spare lot 0-10
605.    An Edwardian ivory handled gentleman's set, comprising: two boot pulls, button hook, page turner and glove stretchers, the button hook with silver mount, all with crown and hand crest 50-70
606.    Spare lot 0-10
607.    Spare lot 0-10
608.    A 19th century Burmese carved ivory chalice with white metal inset - 23cm tall 100-150
609.    A tray of mixed militaria including cap badges, sweetheart brooches, insignia etc 30-50
610.    A WWI three medal set including War Medal, Defence Medal and 14-15 Star awarded to S.Lt G K Greig RNR 50-70
611.    A WWI War medal to 2nd Lieut G W Rushton 10-20
612.    A box of collectables, including Gloucestershire Special Constable badge 1819, Gloucester Peace Badge etc 10-30
613.    A WWI South African Transvaal Scottish Trench Art horn snuff box, carved to verso 'Delville Wood 1916' 20-30
614.    A Victorian GPO Telegraph Messenger gilt metal badge 10-20
615.    A cast bronze agricultural medal awarded by the Royal English Forestry Society 1939 and two early 20th century London Council Medals 20-30
616.    A box of various collectables including enamel Victorian coin, plated vesta, Chinese seal etc 20-30
617.    A pair of German WWII binoculars by Rathenow, cased 10-20
618.    An early 20th century pair of field glasses by Dolland, cased 15-25
619.    A 19th century squat two drawer telescope by Dixey of London 30-50
620.    A pair of FBI cufflinks and FBI medallion 10-20
621.    A set of Esso darts , cased 10-20
622.    A brass trench art cribbage board engraved 'SS Cape Nelson' another cribbage board and a chess set 20-30
623.    A box of Stereoscope cards - interesting assorted subjects 100-150
624.    A tray of miscellaneous collectables including camera, fishing reel, desk calendar, pocket knives etc 20-30
625.    A pair of treen shoe trees 10-20
626.    A group of treen and horn including antique squirrel form nutcraker, native American paperknife, compass and set of dominoes 20-30
627.    Four metal figures including two cherubs, dog door knocker and a cold painted spelter stag 20-30
628.    A box of pewter items 10-20
629.    A set of 19th century pewter measures and various small pewter measures 20-40
630.    Two servants bells 10-20
631.    Four antique large brass sleigh bells 20-30
632.    A group of medical equipment including a Sphygmomanometer, Ophthalmoscope, a digital sphygmomanometer and a diagnostic set 20-30
633.    A Zeiss Ikon Nettar camera and a Kodak Brownie and a pocket Brownie 10-20
634.    Two fishing reels: Zebco 404 and owners manual, and Omnia Le Super 10-20
635.    Three various barometers including Comittee 15-25
636.    A pair of Celestron 7 x 50 binoculars 10-20
637.    Three various composition Parian style busts 10-30
638.    A Duron vintage head of a woman 21cm tall 10-20
639.    A vintage chrome clad teapot , Heatmaster coffee pot, milk and sugar 10-20
640.    A Haws copper watering can 10-20
641.    A small resin bronze finish horse 10-20
642.    A Lucas carbide bicycle lamp 10-30
643.    A Stuart Tartan Ware playing card box with two packs of linen playing cards, 20-30
644.    A vintage Smiths 8 day travel clock and a Smiths alarm clock 10-20
645.    Two Sorrento ware jewellery boxes 20-30
646.    A Macfarlane novelty Christmas tin in the form of a Yule Log 30-50
647.    A selection of twelve various cut throat razors 50-70
648.    An early 20th century travelling chess set - complete 40-60
649.    Six metal bow form napkin rings and six leaf form menu holders 10-20
650.    A group of collectables including three enamel boxes , a gold plated propelling pencil, a silver plated peacock and a small gold plated abalone shell sicada. 20-30
651.    A pair of heavy gilt metal oval photograph frames, 25 x 22cm 20-30
652.    Two brass Art Nouveau style small photograph frames, largest 16 x 12cm 10-20
653.    Two Ronson lighters with paperwork, a Kincraft combination cigarette lighter and case boxed and a pipe cleaner 10-20
654.    A Fowler Universal Calculator and a Draughtsman set 30-40
655.    Two Players Please ashtrays, three gramophone needle cases and three cigarette cases 10-20
656.    A Brownie No. 2 Automatic camera cased 10-20
657.    Van Yalcob - two miniature oil flower paintings and ten other miniature oil flower pictures 30-50
658.    A box of sixteen miniature gilt metal picture frames 30-50
659.    A box of miniature gilt picture frames 20-40
660.    A Triumph vintage leather 'Sixty8' leather magnetic tank bag 20-40
661.    A box of vintage rug making tools 10-20
662.    Four small gilt framed mirrors 20-40
663.    A 19th century leather bound paintbrush box 10-20
664.    A box of various antique brass bells 20-40
665.    A group of various treen boxes etc 20-40
666.    Three various barometers including Negretti and Zambra 15-25
667.    A small 'taxidermy' model of a miniature black wild cat in glazed case, case measures 41cm wide 30-50
668.    A carved ebony elephant, hippo group and two frogs 20-40
669.    A Peruvian carved gourd circa 1930, signed around the collar 43cm tall 40-60
670.    A Tudric pewter tankard with glass base No. 01288 plus two other glass based tankards, a tray and a pewter salt by Dixons 20-40
671.    A modern Chinese brass koro/incense burner 24 cm tall 10-30
672.    A group of frilled glass vintage light shades 20-40
673.    Two petrol measures used to calibrate petrol pumps in fitted case, together with a London County Council calibration certificate.
674.    An old Post Office postmark stamp with letter and number punches, boxed 30-50
675.    An old Post Office postmark stamp with letter and number punches for Ottery St Mary, Devon, boxed. 30-50
676.    A Burmese hardwood box with Latin inscription inside lid - 33cm wide 30-50
677.    Two antique herb cutters and two sharpening irons 10-20
678.    A Martell walnut cigar box, a 19th century oak stationary box and an oak cutlery box - no contents 10-30
679.    A set of five various cast iron shoe lasts 10-20
680.    A Stanley No 6 plane (poor condition) and two shell cases and a block plane 10-20
681.    A wooden bowl, three decorative boxes, a leather card box, beaded bag etc 10-30
682.    J E Francis - 19th century etching of Boston Lincolnshire 22cm x 14cm 20-30
683.    Two 19th century etchings of His Majestys Cottage framed as one - 25 x 19cm 10-20
684.    A framed map of Nottinghamshire dated 1627 - 9 x 13cm 30-50
684A.   A 19th century map of Hampshire and Gloucestershire in double sided frame - 21 x 27cm 20-30
685.    T Wood - oil on board Highand scene with Scottish Highland Cattle, 56 x 37cm 30-50
686.    An Edison Bell Discaphone gramophone in mahogany cabinet. 30-50
687.    Two 19th century black tin document boxes 10-20
688.    A 1970's Yamaha G-240 classical guitar with rosewood back, in original fitted hard case, 101cm long 30-50
689.    H W Haddon - pair of watercolour portraits fisherman and woman - 34 x 21cm 30-50
690.    Kate Brearey - watercolour of continental man in hat and cloak - 66 x 30cm 20-40
691.    H. Barton - oil on canvas cottage and river scene at sunset 49 x 27cm 20-40
692.    V. D'Esposito - pair of gouache paintings of ships in daytime 300-500
693.    V. D'Esposito - a pair of gouache paintings of ships in evening 300-500
694.    Terry Burke - oil on board two fishing vessels by coastal village - 30 x 60cm 20-30
695.    Terry Burke - oil on board coastal fishing village scene - 19 x 24cm 10-20
696.    A late 19th century Venetian mirror with etched scrollwork decoration and applied pink and blue glass flowers and leaves 300-500
697.    A 19th century Burmese Buddhist hardwood wall panel or shrine, with central sliding door, ornately carved all over figurative and dragon decoration, 82cm tall 100-150
698.    A pair of patinated spelter Art Nouveau figures after Julien Causse - 43cm high 60-80
699.    A pair of bronzed metal card or letter holders in the form of maple leaves 12cm tall 20-30
700.    A gilt 19th century brass figure of a classical woman looking at her reflection, 27cm 80-120
701.    A bronze finish plaster classical figure of a discus thrower, 36cm 10-20
702.    A bronze figure of a Boy Scout presented to Chief Kidsapoo from Bridgnorth Scouts 1931 - 38cm tall 70-100
703.    A reproduction bureau of four drawers with fitted interior 30-50
704.    An early 20th century walnut dressing table with three drawers and shell carved cabriole supports 40-60
705.    A gilt framed triple dressing table mirror with cherub surmount, 33cm tall 30-50
706.    A gilt wood table lamp 10-30
707.    A 19th century copper samovar with floral finial to lid, 32cm 40-60
708.    A collection of 78rpm records - mainly 1950's in original sleeves 15-25
709.    A large box of records circa 1970's and 80's 20-40
710.    A collection of 1950's 78rpm demonstration and factory sample records, some single sided, 20-30
711.    A Turkoman style red ground runner with lozenge design guls and multiple borders 289 x 94cm 60-80
712.    A box of old LPs and records 10-20
713.    Five various gilt framed mirrors, largest 41 x 36cm 20-30
714.    A Revo vintage fan 40-60
715.    A set of late 19th century brass postal scales on wooden base with weights 20-30
716.    A 1930's chrome Wellington bomber on slate base 19cm long 30-50
717.    An Edwardian small mahogany desk with leather inset top over five drawers all raised on tall turned supports 50-70
718.    A Victorian mahogany X frame stool 20-30
719.    A small reproduction walnut sofa table 40-60
720.    A Sorrento work small musical work table 36cm wide 30-50
721.    A tapestry topped stool on turned supports 20-30
721A.   A Victorian rosewood and mother of pearl inlaid writing box with fitted interior and maple well with secret panel concealing small drawers 80-120
722.    A pair of 19th century Indian watercolour illustrated government manuscripts - unframed 30-50
723.    An Indian watercolour with erotic scene and hand written script to the verso - unframed 50-70
724.    A B Ibrahim - three watercolours of Borneo and Sarawak - 28 x 38cm 100-150
725.    A watercolour of the Grand Canal Venice, indistinctly signed, 27 x 37cm 20-30
726.    A 19th century Burmese lacquer Kun-it box, 22cm tall 30-50
727.    A gilt cherub table lamp 20cm 10-20
728.    A small modern pine chest on chest 132cm tall x 60cm wide 30-50
729.    A 20th century walnut framed circular occasional table with Persian hard stone, mother of pearl and marble inlaid top 54cm tall x 45cm diameter 200-300
730.    A Lister and Co oak and brass bound bucket 20-40
731.    A French vintage wooden baguette bin 20-40
732.    A Victorian pine dresser with shelves over two deep drawers all raised on square supports 120-180
733.    A pair of 19th century oval prints of rural scenes entitled 'Wood Gatherers' and 'A Summers Day' 29 x 33cm 20-40
734.    A miniature oil on board lake and mountain scene - unsigned - 5 x 9cm 20-30
735.    A 19th century watercolour sketch of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre - 1889, indistinctly signed - 13 x 26cm 20-30
736.    Joseph Galea (1904-1985) - pair of Maltese watercolour harbour scenes, signed and dated 1979, 13cm x 22cm 30-50
737.    Two 19th century hand coloured engravings of women in verre eglomise frames 10-30
738.    A set of early 19th century engravings of Old Gloucester 30-50
739.    A 19th century oil on panel landscape with bridge and cottage, 24 x 21cm 30-50
740.    Brian Bennett - oil on board river landscape - 29 x 26cm 30-50
741.    Arthur Jesse Hayden (1916 - 1990) - oil on board Painswick Beacon - 49 x 39cm 20-30
742.    An early 20th century oil on canvas portrait of a lady 'Eleanor S Wood' dated 1919, 60 x 39.5cm 120-180
743.    A 19th century English school portrait of a man with clay pipe and tankard 52 x 43cm 80-120
744.    An 18th century oil on canvas portrait of a young man in gilt braided waistcoat 60 x 44cm 200-300
745.    A 19th century oil on board portrait of a soldier in tricorn hat 26.5 x 20.5cm 100-150
746.    An Edwardian mahogany wall hung display cabinet with glazed door flanked by display shelves and with carved arch top pediment. 80-100
747.    FE Hill - oil on canvas Cottages Nr Worcester - 1890, signed - 30 x 44cm 40-60
748.    Keinen? - oil on board still life flowers 22 x 16cm 20-40
749.    A gilt framed mirror with leaf decoration 68 x 50cm 10-20
750.    A South Persian double sided saddle bag style rug 40-60
751.    An early 20th century French bergere settee with floral carved frame all raised on six scroll supports 300-500
752.    A small oak open bookcase with carved frieze 30-50
753.    A gilt full length mirror 10-20
754.    A gilt painted garden urn (plastic) on gilt painted and carved wood jardiniere stand 10-20
755.    An oak framed cheval mirror
756.    A wrought iron candlestand 64cm and another smaller one 20-30
757.    Robert Cox - contemporary carved ash wall sculpture with 'pebbles' on mirrored back "Shoreline", 60 x 25cm 50-80
758.    A large 19th century brass saucepan 20-40
759.    A tall pine chest of six drawers 51cm wide 30-50
760.    A tall pine chest of five drawers 47cm wide 30-50
761.    A small modern pine chest of two short and three long drawers 50cm wide 20-40
762.    A pine open set of pigeon holes 98 x 28cm 20-40
763.    A large modern gilt framed mirror 106 x 66cm 20-40
764.    A large early 20th century Colmans Starch metal and enamel sign - 92 x 97cm 150-200
765.    A large and impressive pair of early 20th century terracotta garden urns and covers with pineapple finials and acanthus scroll work handles, all with trailing vine decoration, 154cm tall 400-600
766.    A set of three floral painted stacking dome topped boxes 20-40
767.    A CWS Margarine wooden crate and a Penguins Patrol tin by Austin Payne 10-20
768.    A pair of late 19th century/early 20th century spindle back Clisset style chairs 30-50
769.    A tapestry topped stool on turned supports 20-30
770.    A Victorian mahogany and cane rocking crib on turned supports 100-150
771.    A collection of three small Persian style rugs - largest 69 x 51cm 30-50
772.    A 19th century two gallon copper flagon 30-50
773.    A large North African lidded copper jug, 44cm tall 20-40
774.    A large North African copper jug with ribbed collar - 52cm high 30-50
775.    An 18th century oak oval gateleg supper table with baluster turned supports 60-100
776.    A 17th century oak dropleaf occasional table on turned supports 50-70
777.    A Chinese brass temple bell with cast dragon decoration 10-30
778.    Two ecclesiastical style gilt finish candle stands 47cm high 10-30
779.    A large carved and painted wooden alligator, 27cm 10-20
780.    A large reproduction Jackson's tea caddy 22cm and various smaller ones 20-40
781.    An Edison Gem phonograph with horn and a small group of rolls 200-300
782.    A Stanley level in fitted box - No 30108 30-50
783.    A 19th century brass microscope by Smith & Becks, engraved 'Smith & Beck, 6 Coleman St, London 282' 60-80
784.    A Victorian rosewood work box with brass inlay and fitted interior 40-60
785.    A small wooden carved 'folk art' stationary box 10-20
786.    A Victorian rosewood work box with mother of pearl escutcheon and containing four mother of pearl and ivory cotton reels 50-70
787.    A Victorian walnut and brass mounted jewellery box 20-40
788.    A 19th century mahogany artists box with drawer to base 30-50
789.    A Victorian rosewood work box with fitted interior 40-60
790.    A 19th century Swiss cylinder musical box playing eight tunes, with floral marquetry inlay to lid 43cm wide 100-150
791.    A 1960's/70's anglepoise lamp in beige 20-30
792.    A vintage anglepoise lamp 20-40
793.    A box of woodworking tools 20-40
794.    A box of gilt picture frames etc 10-30
795.    A box of designer shoes, bags, stockings etc 20-30
796.    A His Masters Voice portable gramophone retailed by Henry Scott - model 101 30-50
797.    A box of gilt picture frames 20-40
798.    A large collection of gilt angels and angel ornaments 30-50
799.    A box of brass and other metalware 10-20
800.    A collection of leather handled hand bells 30-50
801.    A 1920's oak book trough 20-30
801A.   A vintage leather lace up football and a suede punch bag with strap 30-50
802.    A 19th century African Congolese tribal carved ivory and malacca walking cane, the ivory handle carved in the form of a woman - 88cm 100-150
803.    A 18th/19th century Sinhalese of Ceylon carved staff or walking cane with monster head pommel and carved parrots to the side - 91cm 100-150
804.    A signed limited edition print after Maurice Gardner 'The Grand Slam' depicting dam buster flight - unframed 20-30
805.    A modern framed sampler 40 x 35cm 10-20
806.    A lithograph of St Pauls by MacLure MacDonald and MacGregor - 38 x 41cm, Jan 1850 20-30
807.    A limited edition print of Malvern College cricket match by W S Blackshaw - 41 x 47cm 20-30
808.    A large limited edition print of Raphael's 'Study for the Head of a Horse' released by Oxford University, 237/950 47 x 35cm 10-30
809.    G Ayling - pair of prints of street scenes 25 x 17cm 10-30
810.    Alan King - oil on canvas 'The Village Baker', snow scene - with certificate - 39 x 49cm 30-50
811.    Jonathan Sainsbury - limited edition lithograph 40/600, signed, 35 x 48cm 20-40
812.    Three small oils of sailing ships, 16 x 11cm 10-20
813.    Eight various Louis Wain cat prints - largest 18 x 13cm 20-30
814.    A group of Louis Wain cat prints 20-40
815.    A group of Louis Wain cat prints 20-40
816.    A large Gustev Klimt print 'The Kiss' by Virkerke 85 x 51cm 20-30
817.    A print of Mongolian wild horses - 62 x 64cm 10-20
818.    Edgar Chahine - 'La Promenade' - a limited coloured dry pint etching 20/50 and signed by the artist, 1902 - 46 x 66cm 150-200
819.    A large modern oil on canvas Budha head 100 x 80cm 100-150
820.    David Rampling - large gouache of an owl with feather underneath, signed - 46 x 36cm 20-30
821.    A set of four hunting prints after Herring - 30 x 60cm 30-50
822.    An early 20th century mahogany oval framed mirror 39 x 67cm 10-20
823.    Spyos Demetriades - limited edition print - window box - 67 x 42cm 30-50
824.    Four etchings by Stephen Whittle with embossed surrounds - Cotswold Thatch, Secret Garden, The Horse Chestnut and The Village Post Office, 12 x 10cm 35-45
825.    Muriel Elise Cook (1901-75) - oil on board of a summer's day on leafy lane, signed bottom right,
21 xm25cm 30-50
826.    Spyos Demetriades - limited edition print street scene of Cyprus, 50 x 68cm 30-50
827.    Susan Kathleen Black - watercolour butterfly on a thistle, 25 x 17cm 10-30
828.    A watercolour pen and wash portrait of WWI soldier signed Wend, 26 x 22cm 30-50
829.    Spyos Demetriades- limited edition print - fishing boats in harbour, 67 x 51cm 30-50
830.    Two small gilt framed mirrors, the largest 40 x 41cm 20-40
831.    An oak rise top occasional table on turned supports united by undertier, 59cm wide 10-30
832.    A collection of sixteen military prints by Richard Simkin framed plus fifteen unframed 50-60
833.    An oil on canvas of an African boy signed Bibba 20-30
834.    F Van de Veyde - pastel portrait of a young South African man - 33 x 24cm 20-30
835.    Spygos Demetriades - limited edition print South Coast of Cyprus 41 x 67 30-50
836.    A large circular gilt framed mirror with scrollwork border 59cm diameter 30-50
837.    R White - oil on canvas Tewkesbury Cathedral 59 x 44cm 20-40
838.    Two religious texts in floral frames 20 x 44cm 20-30
839.    A pair of prints of Regent Street and London in gilt frame - 30 x 40cm 10-30
840.    Two late 19th century lithographs of birds - 48 x 36cm 20-30
841.    A 1920's Parisian monochrome watercolour drawing titled "Some Cafe Types in Montparnasse", 23 x 17cm 10-20
842.    Hilda Mary Pemberton (exh 1897-1940) - pencil etching of the Union Buildings , Pretoria, signed, 18 x 28cm 15-25
843.    A coloured print "Summers Brilliance"by David Short , 49 x 49cm 20-30
844.    Andre Verdet (French 1913-2004) 'Les Exercises du Regard' limited edition print, No 65/99 signed by the artist 56 x 38cm 100-150
845.    An advertising poster for St Ivel Cheese, 1911, framed 20-40
846.    A Victorian etched mirror painted flowers, 85 x 54cm 10-20
847.    An Edwardian Art Nouveau mahogany chair with floral marquetry decoration to top rail and centre splat 20-30
848.    A pair of Victorian spindle and floral carved back dining chairs 10-20
849.    A Georgian mahogany Sheraton style dining chair 20-40
850.    A set of four Georgian oak provincial vase back dining chairs with solid seats 80-120
851.    A Victorian lightwood and cane work chair 10-30
852.    A Victorian mahogany framed pink upholstered bedroom chair on turned supports 30-50
853.    A set of six oak ladder back dining chairs on X frame supports (from Edwards of Monmouth) 40-60
854.    A set of four Ercol lattice back 'Candlestick' light elm dining chairs and two carvers 200-300
854A.   An Ercol light elm "Golden Dawn" Windsor dining table with two interleaves (one pin only) 224 x 84 300-500
855.    A vintage green floral upholstered tub chair 20-40
856.    A Victorian gold upholstered tub chair with pierced and carved central splat 50-70
857.    A small Victorian carved and upholstered back chair with barleytwist uprights and scrollwork carved back 20-30
858.    A Victorian mahogany small chair with carved back and column supports 30-50
859.    A Puritan style oak framed armchair upholstered in green 30-50
860.    A Victorian floral and scrollwork carved back chair on cabriole supports 20-40
861.    A Victorian mahogany high backed Jacobean style chair with finely carved scrollwork surmount and barleytwist supports all on cabriole supports 60-80
862.    A pair of Jacobean style dining chairs with carved scrollwork backs and aprons 50-80
863.    A gilt scrollwork framed mirror 49cm tall 20-30
864.    A reproduction longcase clock with eight day movement 50-70
865.    A reproduction yew serpentine chest of four drawers 48cm wide 30-50
866.    A reproduction mahogany serpentine fronted chest of four drawers 40cm wide 30-50
867.    An Indian marble pietra dura (parchin kari) charger, 38cm diameter 30-40
868.    A collection of eight Indian Mughal painted silk pictures 40-60
869.    A small reproduction mahogany chest of four drawers, 46cm wide 30-50
870.    A reproduction small mahogany serpentine chest of four drawers 49cm wide 40-60
871.    A mahogany reproduction hall table with brass inlay to top over two drawers and slender supports 30-50
872.    A small yew reproduction chest of two short and three long drawers 42cm wide 30-50
873.    A pair of Georgian fire dogs with brass finials 20-40
874.    A Bentima oak cased grandmother clock 20-40
875.    Two gilt framed mirrors - the largest 37 x 33cm 30-50
876.    A reproduction yew small chest of four drawers, 61cm x 41cm 30-50
877.    A gilt painted metal crown and a gilt painted flower urn 20-30
878.    A small yew reproduction chest of two short and three long drawers 42cm wide 30-50
879.    An oval brass framed mirror with scrollwork decoration, 40cm tall 20-40
880.    An Edwardian mahogany piano stool converted to a coffee table 30-50
881.    A set of three 19th century brass saucepans with iron handles and a similar one 20-40
882.    A 1930's wooden firescreen carved Scottie dog 20-30
883.    A pair of spelter figures of women on marble plinth bases after Par Guillemin, 41cm 30-50
884.    A Victorian walnut centre table with ormolu mounts and cabriole supports 250-350
885.    A reproduction mahogany Canterbury magazine rack 20-40
886.    A Victorian oak parquetry cabinet on stand in the Jacobean style with drop front cabinet over drawers and carved apron, with loose fitted married interior, 82cm wide x 120cm tall 150-200
887.    A Victorian child's Captain's chair with spindle back 30-50
888.    A pair of bronze finish cherubs on slate bases, 31cm tall 80-120
889.    An oak cabinet of three drawers all raised on stand with further drawer and turned supports, made up from Georgian larger piece 58cm wide 138cm tall 100-150
890.    A carved wooden statue of the Virgin and a carved wood plaque of an Incan man in headdress 10-30
891.    Two pairs of horns mounted on shields 20-40
892.    A Makala ukelele, 53cm long 20-30
893.    A Santos Martinez Classical Spanish Guitar 100cm 20-30
894.    A 1950's riding hat in original box by Herbert Johnson of Bond Street 20-30
895.    A box of vintage scarves including some silk 20-30
896.    Two Victorian christening gowns and two white cotton children's dresses 10-20
897.    Five Victorian white nightdresses 20-40
898.    A Hermes scarf in pink and green 50-70
899.    A black net and polka dot stole and a white ermine stole 10-20
900.    A back sequin evening hat 10-20
901.    A box of hats 30-50
902.    A box of hats 10-30
903.    A box of hats 10-30
904.    A pair of Victorian blue upholstered nursing chairs 40-60
905.    A vintage rise top work table with drawer under 10-30
906.    A Georgian oak side cabinet with two drawers over cupboard, the doors with brass butterfly hinges (alterations) 100-150
907.    A 19th century mahogany Vienna style wall clock 60-80
908.    A late 19th century brass bell on cast iron scrollwork bracket with bell pull 55cm long 20-30
909.    A reproduction small mahogany serpentine chest of four drawers 41cm wide 30-50
910.    A small mahogany bedside cabinet of three drawers 46cm wide 20-40
911.    Spare lot 0-10
912.    An oak octagonal occasional table and another smaller 10-20
913.    A mahogany dressing table stool 10-20
914.    A Victorian mahogany rise top commode 10-20
915.    An Edwardian mahogany dropleaf Sutherland table 20-30
916.    An early 20th century Knole three piece suite upholstered in dusky rose 80-120
917.    A set of three small graduating Persian runners with lantern design, largest 142 x 48cm 40-60
918.    A Victorian Jacobean style open armchair with knob ended arm supports 30-50
919.    A cast iron twin light standard lamp 20-30
920.    A two tier oak cake stand 20-30
921.    A Victorian oak pedestal cupboard with single arch panel door enclosing shelves 42cm wide x 102cm high x 32cm deep 60-100
922.    A Victorian oak joint stool with scrollwork frieze 40-60
923.    An 18th century elm Welsh coffer bach with lift off top over frieze drawer and scrollwork apron 55cm wide x 26cm deep x 37cm tall 300-500
924.    An early 20th century George II style walnut chest of three drawers, 72cm wide 100-150
925.    A vintage Ercol style spindle back chair 20-40
926.    A gilt framed mirror with ribbon surmount 35 x 25cm 10-20
927.    A vintage octagonal mahogany cellaret style drinks cabinet 20-40
928.    A nest of three oak joint stool style occasional tables 20-40
929.    A Georgian burr elm silver table with raised gallery (one part detached) over frieze drawer all raised on carved cabriole supports with claw and ball feet 180-250
930.    A 1920's mahogany two door wardrobe 40-60
931.    A mid 20th century ladies Scottish Country dancing outfit including shoes, sporran, blouse, jacket, skirt etc 80-120
932.    A Victorian mahogany bookcase with open shelves over two door cupboard 100-150
933.    Spare Lot 0-10
934.    A reproduction small mahogany serpentine chest of four drawers 40cm wide 30-50
935.    A mahogany three tier folding cake stand 20-30
936.    A pair of turned mahogany torchere stands, 105cm tall 30-50
937.    A 19th century mahogany corner cupboard with two pairs of doors enclosing shelves 30-40
938.    A Georgian oak and mahogany small sized dresser with two tier back over two drawers all on square supports 350-450
939.    Rob Maddams - watercolour Flitton Church 24 x 34cm 20-30
940.    Naomi Tydeman - limited edition print of Dylan's Thomas's writing desk, 194/400 24 x 16cm 20-30
941.    Alice Venebles - watercolour of a windmill 'A Surrey Cornfield' monogrammed A V, 23 x 35cm 30-50
942.    C E B Bernard - watercolour rural mill scene - 26 x 36cm 20-30
943.    Two vintage leather suitcase 10-30
944.    An Edwardian mahogany bureau bookcase of small proportions with two glazed doors over slope front and three drawers 75cm wide x 181cm tall 80-120
945.    Jossef Molnar - oil on canvas still life with fruit 49 x 59cm 60-80
946.    A Victorian mahogany cabinet with dresser back over arch panelled cupboard - a marriage 50-70
947.    Edwin F Mason - watercolour 'Carousel' 47 x 47cm 50-80
948.    A 19th century needlework sampler with poem 'Spring' within trailing rose border with motifs of flowers, stags and ponies in rosewood inlaid frame - 42 x 30cm 150-200
949.    A large Monitor lizard skin , 51cm 30-50
950.    A rustic style oak slope front box, painted flowers, 37cm wide 25-35
951.    A Georgian style walnut triple framed dressing table mirror 20-30
952.    A BBC Sterling valve & crystal radio in wooden case, Type 1570 80-120
953.    A G Marconi oak Art Deco cased speaker 20-40
954.    A Mayflower II valve radio by Hacker 20-40
955.    An small stick back Ercol rocking chair 20-30
956.    An Edwardian oval framed embroidered floral picture 60 x 41cm 10-30
957.    A Turkoman style rug with two rows of guls on a pink ground 153 x 97cm 20-40
958.    Three split cane fishing rods - one for pike fishing 30-40