Antiques & Collectables Sale with Stamp, Postcard & Ephemera Section
on Friday 6th October 2017

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1.      A collection of Victorian Wedgwood cabbage leaf plates comprising low comport, four serving dishes and nine plates 100-150
2.      A Victorian cranberry glass four branch epergne with three further baskets suspended on scrolls, all on frilled bowl base, one flute repaired 80-100
3.      A Wilkinson floral printed dressing table set comprising two candlesticks, three dressing table pots and tray decorated roses on a green ground 20-30
4.      An early 20th century Imari style tea service comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates, and a sugar bowl 20-30
5.      A set of four various floral Hammersley cabinet cups and saucers 20-30
6.      A Carlton Ware set of four coffee cups and saucers with oriental style decoration on harlequin grounds 40-60
7.      A Carlton Ware coffee pot with Persian style decoration on a blue lustre ground No3058 40-60
8.      Three Cauldon Victorian cups and saucers 10-20
9.      A set of six Wedgwood 'Golden Ivy' dinner plates 10-20
10.     An early 20th century white pottery dairy bowl printed 'K' 30-50
11.     A 1930's Tuscan china tea service decorated hollyhocks comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates and a cake plate 20-30
12.     An Edwardian tea service comprising eleven cups and ten saucers, nine tea plates, jug and two cake plates, by Stubbs Bros 'Noel' 20-30
13.     A Roslyn china coffee set printed lake scenes comprising six cups and saucers, coffee pot, jug and sugar 20-40
14.     A Japanese coffee set comprising six cups and saucers, coffee pot, sugar and milk plus another coffee pot 10-20
15.     An Edwardian tea service by M & S, L comprising: eleven cups and twelve saucers, sugar, jug and twelve tea plates, 20-30
16.     A large floral printed tureen with pomegranate finial 20cm high - hairline to lid 10-20
17.     A large Spode Italian fruit bowl - 24cm dia 20-30
18.     A Royal Doulton jardiniere printed Dutch scenes 10-30
19.     A 1920's Mintons dressing table set comprising pair of candlesticks, tray, two trinket boxes, oval box, ring stand and pin dish - a/f 30-50
20.     A set of three graduated blue and white jugs and two other jugs 20-40
21.     A pair of good quality, large decorative white porcelain male and female kylin lions - 38cm 200-300
22.     A pair of Victorian Staffordshire white spaniels - 23cm 10-30
23.     A Staffordshire style group pony trampling a farmer - 17cm 10-20
24.     A Victorian flatback group of man and woman 20-40
25.     A Rosenthal porcelain plate painted young girl standing under a tree - 30cm 10-20
26.     Three Tony Wood rabbit teapots 60-80
27.     A large Coopercraft Siamese cat 38cm, and a smaller Siamese cat 20-30
28.     Four large decorative vintage cats - tallest 29cm 20-30
29.     A James Herriot Studio Collection group Marking Time A3703 and similar cat and kittens toast rack A6852 20-30
30.     A Beswick shire horse 10-30
31.     A group of glassware to include six sundae dishes, five champagne glasses and six tumblers 20-30
32.     A Goebel robin and a Hummel plate 10-20
33.     Three Hummel figures and two small nursery prints 15-25
34.     A white porcelain elephant (tusk a/f) and a Carlton Ware Edwardian biscuit barrel with Art Nouveau decoration 10-30
35.     A Shorter and Sons Toby jug and a continental jardiniere with floral decoration 20-30
36.     A Limoges floral painted comport and a blue and white oval serving dish 10-20
37.     A Doulton Silicon Ware jardiniere - 17cm high and two Victorian sauce tureens 10-20
38.     Three Winstanley grey cats reclining - longest 26cm 60-80
39.     Three small Winstanley cats - a Siamese, a ginger and a grey - the tallest 12cm 30-50
40.     Two Rosenthal cats 12cm, and two kittens 50-70
41.     A six piece Beswick cat band 20-30
42.     A group of eleven miniature cat ornaments 20-30
43.     Four Royal Doulton kittens 30-50
44.     A Royal Doulton black cat K12 10-30
45.     A Royal Worcester group 'Snowy' No 3457, and a cat, 9cm 20-30
46.     Two Bing & Grondahl porcelain cats - tallest 18cm 40-60
47.     Eight various small Beswick cats, the Siamese 10cm 30-50
48.     A group of six Hummel cats - 10cm high 20-40
49.     A six piece miniature cat band 10-20
50.     Two Raymond pottery cats - 20cm 10-20
51.     Two Beswick Siamese cats - largest 18cm 10-30
52.     Three various Beswick cats - tallest 16cm 20-30
53.     A group of ten decorative cats - various makes - tallest 15cm 10-20
54.     Three Sylvac cats - longest 26cm 10-30
55.     A USSR panda, a tiger and two cat's head wall plaques 10-30
56.     A large ginger Winstanley cat 30cm, and a tabby one 50-70
57.     Two Winstanley seated tabby cats - 26cm tall 40-60
58.     A ginger Winstanley cat walking 24cm (ear a/f) , and a seated tabby 40-60
59.     A large Winstanley reclining tabby cat, 34cm and another a/f 30-50
60.     Two seated Winstanley cats - ginger and tabby - tallest 22cm 30-50
61.     Two small Winstanley reclining cats, one tabby and one black and white - 20cm long 30-50
62.     A collection of five Wedgwood 'Clio' items including picture frame etc 10-20
63.     Two Doulton Bunnykins baby bowls and two mugs 20-40
64.     A Shelley Mabel Lucie Attwell mug 20-40
65.     A John Haigh whisky jug 10-30
66.     A Royal Doulton Kingsware flask 'Ben Johnson' - 20cm tall 30-50
67.     A Royal Crown Derby jug, two other jugs, Crown Staffordshire sugar bowl and milkware pot 10-20
68.     A pair of Dresden porcelain figures of a woman and gallant (the gallant a/f), a French porcelain clock with floral decoration and flanked by cherubs - a/f, and a Plant Tuscan figure of a woman in evening dress 'Marguerite' - a/f 20-40
69.     A set of five Royal Worcester figures for days of the week and months of the year - one with chip to hand, all in the white and unmarked. 30-50
70.     A set of three Keele Street pottery wall ducks 10-20
71.     A Waring and Gillows part coffee service comprising five cups and saucers with Art Deco green and silvered decoration 10-20
72.     A group of four small 19th century Staffordshire flatbacks 10-30
73.     A Willow Art model of The House in Edinburgh where John Knox died 20-40
74.     A group of oriental china and enamel candlestick 10-20
75.     A Victorian chinoiserie tea cup and saucer and a group of early 19th century blue and white teaware including Spode Broseley 10-20
76.     Two Chinese teapots with cane handles 10-20
77.     A Copenhagen 'Onion Pattern' cream jug and a small Kutani vase - 12.5cm etc 10-20
78.     A Victorian Rockingham style tea service comprising teapot, sugar, slop bowl, milk jug, five coffee cups (plus one matched), four tea cups, six saucers, two cake plates and a tea plate 50-70
79.     A Lawleys Cranstone tea service comprising twelve cups and saucers, twelve tea plates and cake plate 20-40
80.     A set of six Portmeirion cups and saucers 20-40
81.     A set of Ridgways polka dot soup bowls and stands 10-20
82.     A Royal Doulton Belinda set of six tea cups and saucers and six tea plates 20-30
83.     A box of crested china 10-30
84.     A set of six Portmeirion spoons - boxed 10-20
85.     A glass paperweight with mirrored 'E', a turquoise crackle glass scent bottle, a Victorian vase and a paste pot 10-20
86.     Three miniature 19th century floral painted wine glasses and decanter (the decanter chipped), three glass rummers - all chipped, two glass paperweights/magnifiers - one boxed and a small Victorian green glass vase and a glass magnifier glass 10-30
87.     A 1930's fruit bowl with silver plated rim 'Amber Garden' 10-20
88.     A Royal Worcester Delft style part coffee set comprising coffee pot, three cups and saucers and a sugar bowl 10-20
89.     Six continental faience fish plates 10-30
90.     A Wedgwood Susie Cooper set of six coffee cups and saucers - boxed 20-30
91.     A Glendale set of six tea plates and two cake plates plus a 1937 Coronation set of four tea cups and saucers and one further commemorative cup 20-40
92.     A set of eight Royal Albert Memory Lane dinner plates and eight tea plates 30-50
93.     A collection of twelve Wedgwood Jasperware items including pink, green and black examples 10-20
94.     A collection of modern Wedgwood items including vases etc 10-20
95.     A Victorian porcelain double entree dish painted fruit 10-20
96.     A pair of Delft ware busts depicting Nelson and Wellington - 17.5cm 40-60
97.     A Delft vase decorated windmills - 39cm a/f 10-30
98.     A pair of Royal Doulton Slaters Patent vases No 3329, 20cm h 20-30
99.     A Clarice Cliff large jug decorated leaves, 19cm high 20-30
100.    A Worcester leaf cream jug, Foley jug and Wedgwood green Jasperware jug 20-30
101.    A Gaudy Welsh jug - 15cm tall and a Swansea pottery jug 20-40
102.    A large Carlton Ware oriental style vase on a blue lustred ground 40-60
103.    An 18th century Chinese blue and white ribbed tea bowl and a modern tea bowl 20-40
104.    A Royal Brierley iridescent glass vase - 20cm 20-40
105.    A Chinese early 20th century famille verte ginger jar, 16cm high 10-20
106.    Two early 19th century large mugs, one by Locket & Hulme (1822-6) 'No 10 Opaque China' and another 'Health and Happiness' decorated birds 50-70
107.    A Cornish studio pottery vase - 26cm 10-20
108.    An early 20th century Japanese vase painted blue flowers and iron red scrollwork - 13cm 20-40
109.    A French porcelain circular tray, coffee pot, four cups (two a/f) and one saucer all with floral and gilt decoration 10-20
110.    A set of ten Limoges dessert plates printed pink poppies 20-40
111.    A Graingers Worcester small plate with pierced border - a/f - 15cm 10-20
112.    A Haviland Limoges dessert service printed pink roses comprising: ten cups and twelve saucers, twelve tea plates, slop bowl and two cake plates 50-70
113.    A Crown Ducal dinner service comprising: six dinner plates, six breakfast plates, six tea plates, six soups and stands, gravy, two tureens and one lid and three graduated meat plates 40-60
114.    A set of sixteen Edwardian tiles forming a decorative panel in Art Nouveau style 40-60
115.    A collection of various glassware 10-20
116.    A Victorian part dinner service decorated flowers comprising soup tureen and ladle, two meat plates, four dinner plates, three bowls and a sauce jug 20-40
117.    A set of six green goblets on tall cotton twist stems 20-40
118.    A Victorian vaseline glass epergne on mirrored base, one flute a/f 30-50
119.    A Victorian cranberry glass bowl with handle and frilled base 15-25
120.    A pair of Whitefriars orange glass candle holders 20-30
121.    A pair of Victorian ribbed glass decanters - one stopper matched and another decanter 20-30
122.    A pair of Victorian Mary Gregory style decanters, lacking stoppers - 23cm 20-30
123.    Two blue glass and silvered decanters and two liqueur glasses 20-30
124.    A Swedish glass decanter in form of a woman, possibly by Eric Hoglund - 24cm 20-40
125.    A Walter Moorcroft vase painted orchid on a flambe ground - 12.5cm 100-150
126.    A Walter Moorcroft vase painted iris and blue flowers on a blue ground - 12.5cm 120-180
127.    A pair of squat Walter Moorcroft candlesticks painted hibiscus on a green ground - with paper labels 100-150
128.    A small Walter Moorcroft vase painted hibiscus on a green ground - 7cm with paper label 50-70
129.    A small William Moorcroft dish decorated pansy on a blue ground, with paper label - 9cm 50-70
130.    A pair of small Walter Moorcroft vases painted hibiscus on a green ground - 10cm with paper label 100-150
131.    A Walter Moorcroft shallow dish painted hibiscus on a green ground - 18.5cm dia, with paper label 60-80
132.    A small Moorcroft vase painted magnolia on a cream ground - 10cm - repaired 20-40
133.    A Royal Doulton porcelain vase painted farmer and a pair of large fowl 20-40
134.    An early 20th century pate de verre yellow cameo glass vase by A Delatte, Nancy - 12cn 100-150
135.    A French Art Nouveau pink lustred glass inkwell with brass lid and sinuous floral pierced pewter decoration - 8cm square - marked RGM with registration mark 80-120
136.    A Royal Worcester fruit bowl painted still life fruit by T Lockyear - 20cm dia 100-150
137.    A Royal Worcester posy vase painted roses - 8cm 50-70
138.    Two Dresden floral painted and gilt edged bon bon dishes - 23cm and 19cm 40-60
139.    A Royal Copenhagen white rabbit and duck 50-70
140.    A Meissen plate with blue sprigged decoration 10-30
141.    A Japanese Satsuma vase painted figure and floral decoration - 24cm 100-150
142.    A Schneider 'Le Verre Francais' cameo glass vase decorated trees on a purple to yellow ground - 21cm, unsigned 180-250
143.    An early 20th century Arts & Crafts style large lustered vase painted exotic birds - unmarked but in the style of Foley Intarsio Ware or Burmantofts faience 50-70
144.    An Edinburgh Crystal decanter and a cut glass spirit decanter 20-30
145.    A cut glass decanter and an Edwardian etched glass decanter 20-30
146.    An Edinburgh Crystal 'Continental' cut glass jug - 17.5cm 20-40
147.    A cut glass jug, decanter, vase and pot 20-40
148.    A Kosta glass vase engraved ASEA electrical - 18cm 10-20
149.    Two large glass rummers and two hock glasses 20-40
150.    A part suite of glasses to include six champagne, six sherry and five wine glasses 20-30
151.    A Dartington glass decanter and an Edwardian one 10-20
152.    Two cut glass baskets, the largest 26cm wide 15-25
153.    A collection of glass vases and a celery vase 20-30
154.    A large Delft De Porceleyne Fles black floral ginger jar and a matching table lamp decorated in the oriental manner - the ginger jar 27cm 40-60
155.    A pair of large Ralph Lauren serving bowls printed polo players - 26cm 40-60
156.    A large faience fruit bowl painted animals and flowers - 32cm dia 20-30
157.    A large spiral cut glass vase - 30cm 20-30
158.    A Murano glass cockerel and a paperweight 10-20
159.    An amber Whitefriars bubble glass bowl - 8" diameter 10-20
160.    A Susie Cooper dinner service comprising eight dinner plates, six breakfast plates, six side plates, five soups (three a/f), two tureens, coffee pot, hot water jug, gravy boat, milk jug and sugar 20-40
161.    Two cut glass fruit bowls and a moulded glass cake stand 20-30
162.    A glass Rumtopf jar 10-20
163.    An Italian style floral basket 10-30
164.    A large white Italian pottery pineapple form table lamp - 50cm 10-20
165.    A pair of continental tile plaques 45 x 30cm 10-30
166.    A green pottery hanging flask, leather covered glass jug and pottery incised plate 20-40
167.    A group of faience and studio pottery etc 10-20
168.    A large Satsuma vase painted flowers, 86cm, the rim badly damaged and repaired 10-20
169.    A Worcester style porcelain plaque painted Still Life fruit by P English (ex Worcester artist) 18.5 x 23.5cm 120-180
170.    A large tile plaque painted pheasants on the Malvern Hills in wooden frame 61 x 60cm 50-70
171.    Spare lot 0-10
172.    Spare lot
173.    A novelty silver plated salt and pepper in form of a diabolo and two other plated cruet sets 20-30
174.    A silver plated trophy of column form for Had Fields Fertilizer 20-40
175.    An early 19th century silver plated tea kettle on stand 10-20
176.    A pair of silver plated grape scissors and sugar castor 10-20
177.    A silver menu holder a/f, a silver engraved plaque and a silver plated trophy cup 10-20
178.    A silver plated horse 10cm long by Royal Hampshire, boxed 20-30
179.    A silver plated tray and silver plated eggcup stand 20-40
180.    A small silver plated tray embossed fish - 18cm dia 10-20
181.    A group of silver plated serving cutlery and set of cake forks boxed 10-30
182.    A set of six silver plated napkin rings 10-20
183.    A set of silver plated fish cutlery in mahogany case and various other silver plated cutlery 10-20
184.    A set of six silver plated Royal Commemorative coffee spoons - boxed GVI and a quantity of loose commemorative cutlery 20-30
185.    A silver plated entree dish 10-20
186.    A pair of silver plated bottle coasters 20-30
187.    A pair of silver plated nutcrackers and grape scissors, cased 10-30
188.    A Victorian ivory handled and silver plated fruit cutlery set, cased 20-40
189.    Various silver plated cutlery including carving set 10-30
190.    A silver plated teapot, coffee pot, toast rack and various cutlery 20-30
191.    Two horn handled carving sets and two further carving knives 10-20
192.    A Gladwin silver plated canteen of cutlery in oak case - twelve place settings 40-60
193.    Various silver plated items 10-20
194.    A silver pepper pot, silver napkin ring, a silver plated coffee pot, a wine taster and a silver plated mouse 20-40
195.    A David Anderson Norwegian cutlery service comprising eight dinner knives, eight dinner forks, eight dessert knives, seven dessert forks, eight dessert spoons, eight tablespoons, six cake forks, two pickle forks, six tea knives, two jam spoons, twelve teaspoons, cake slice and serving spoon 100-150
196.    Spare lot
197.    Spare lot
198.    A large silver photograph frame - Birmingham 1941 total size 30 x 22.5cm 80-120
199.    A large silver photograph frame - Birmingham 1932 total size 30 x 20cm 80-120
200.    A large cut glass vase with silver rim, Chester 1923, 22cm high 20-40
201.    A group of silver cutlery to include cake slice etc including a silver teaspoon, Exeter 1863 by James and Josiah Williams 30-50
202.    A silver sauce ladle 17.6cm and four various silver teaspoons, 145g total 30-40
203.    A George Adams silver tear drop spoon 1857, George Adams sugar tongs 1848 and similar teaspoon 1850 40-60
204.    A pair of silver sugar tongs (36g), silver christening cutlery set (37g) boxed, and various silver and white metal souvenir spoons 20-40
205.    A small silver card case a silver matchbox cover embossed angel heads and two pairs of sugar tongs - approx 80g in total 30-50
206.    A Victorian cut glass and silver toiletry bottle and a glass scent bottle with silver and enamel lid Birmingham 1909 20-40
207.    A silver Mappin & Webb sauce boat Birmingham 1933, 109g, and a three piece silver cruet set 1946 plus two plated salt spoons 50-70
208.    A set of six silver coffee spoons, four Georgian teaspoons and various other silver cutlery 30-50
209.    A box of silver spoons etc - approx 200 grams 60-80
210.    A Caldwell & Co sterling silver serving fork and a silver napkin ring, 1892, 88g total 20-30
211.    Seven silver backed brushes and two mirrors 30-50
212.    A silver four piece brush and mirror set - boxed 30-50
213.    A set of three graduated circular 900 standard white metal photograph frames (13.5 to 6.5 cm exterior diameter) 40-60
214.    A small silver heart shaped perfume bottle 20-30
215.    A silver oval pill box painted enamelled owl to lid 30-50
216.     An early 19th century French silver niello snuff box engraved Rococo scene to lid with all over scrollwork and foliage decoration, 7.8cm wide, with Paris mark, total weight 63g 100-150
217.    A small silver pierced bon bon dish, Birmingham 1967, 35g 20-40
218.    A Garrards silver christening mug 74g 30-50
219.    A pair of Georgian silver sugar tongs - 44g 10-20
220.    Four silver serving spoons, 276g 50-70
221.    A pair of Georgian silver table spoons - 134g 40-60
222.    A silver basting spoon engraved fox crest to terminal - Exeter 1818 by William Woodman, 116g 120-180
223.    A pair of small silver candlesticks - 12cm - Birmingham 1904 40-60
224.    A German silver cream and sugar on tray with Art Nouveau sinuous decoration, with German hallmarks 60-80
225.    A white metal rimmed dish and a pair of continental silver salts 20-30
226.    A set of Irish silver coffee golfing spoons by T Weir and Sons, Dublin 1936 - cased 60-80
227.    A set of six silver teaspoons - boxed - 47g 20-40
228.    A silver and mahogany bottle coaster - 135cm 30-40
229.    A Persian/Arabic white metal pot pourri with engraved decoration 143g 60-80
230.    A silver cauldron form pot - 135g, leg a/f 20-40
231.    A set of six silver handled tea knives by T Weir and Sons, Dublin 1936 - cased 50-70
232.    A Garrard's silver seal top spoon Sheffield 1958, cased - 30g 30-50
233.    A set of six George III silver teaspoons by Steven Adams - 1803
234.    A set of eight silver spoons, 261g 50-70
235.    A silver and laboradite bracelet 30-40
236.    A Seiko gents wrist watch - boxed, a Corvette vintage gents wrist watch and a pair of cufflinks 30-50
237.    A Credit Suisse ladies wrist watch inset 24ct gold 1g ingot faced, boxed 30-50
238.    A silver and green enamel bracelet 30-50
239.    A silver and "lavender jade" panel bracelet 35-45
240.    A large marcasite brooch in the form of a bird 20-30
241.    A large silver locket and chain - 23g total weight 30-40
242.    A silver identity bracelet - 33g 20-30
243.    Six vintage and antique buckles including Victorian ivory carved floral buckle 50-70
244.    A silver baltic amber bracelet 30-40
245.    A group of glass, stone and plastic retro dress rings 10-30
246.    Seven silver dress rings 25-35
247.    A box of 13 silver and white metal rings 20-40
248.    A yellow metal stick pin set red and white stones 10-20
249.    A silver amethyst pair of earrings and matching pendant 30-40
250.    A small group of jewellery including silver bangle 20-30
251.    a pair of 9ct gold trilliant cut tanzanite earrings 40-50
252.    Two Miriam pearl and paste earrings 40-60
253.    A Biwa pearl necklace 30-40
254.    A yellow kunzite and white topaz pendant on chain 30-40
255.    A silver moonstone pendant 25-35
256.    A silver laboradite pendant 30-40
257.    A silver cherry amber pendant and chain 30-40
258.    A silver Swarovski pendant and earrings, four silver pendants and another Swarovski necklace 25-35
259.    A Victorian 18 carat gold fob watch with engraved decoration and gilt dial - cased 150-200
260.    A Rolex Oyster Royal Precision gentleman's wrist watch on leather strap 600-800
261.    An Omega Dynamic 1970's gentleman's wrist watch with blue dial 200-300
262.    A Breitling gentlemans vintage wrist watch No 558543 500-700
263.    A Movado Kingsmatic gold plated calendar gentleman's wrist watch 50-70
264.    A Tudor Rolex Oyster gentleman's wrist watch 400-600
265.    A 9 carat gold Omega gentleman's wrist watch and strap, 59g total weight 700-900
266.    A Movado Queenmatic gold plated ladies wrist watch - cased 30-50
267.    A 'Yard O Led' rolled gold propelling pencil 40-60
268.    An Edward VII half sovereign 1910 100-150
269.    An Edward VII full sovereign 1908 200-220
270.    A modern platinum ring inset four diamonds, size P 200-300
271.    An 18 carat white gold half eternity ring set sapphires and chip diamonds, size P 100-150
272.    An 18 carat gold ring set sapphire flanked by two diamonds, O and a half. 250-350
273.    A nine carat white gold diamond ring set six diamonds - colour G VS2/Si2, size L 300-400
274.    A silver opal and sapphire cluster ring, size M 20-30
275.    A 9ct gold ring set green tanzanite , size O and a half
276.    A 9 carat gold ring set coral bead and chip diamonds, size N 60-80
277.    A 9ct gold twilight topaz ring, size O 150-200
278.    A silver garnet set ring, size P 20-30
279.    A silver tanzanite ring, size O 30-40
280.    An 18ct gold and platinum set 5 stone old cut diamond ring, size N 200-250
281.    A 14k gold ring set sapphire and diamond within a folded leaf, size M 180-250
282.    A 9ct gold crossover diamond ring, size J 80-120
283.    A 14ct gold ring set sapphires, size M and a half 80-120
284.    An 18ct gold ring set seven diamonds, size n and a half 180-250
285.    An Australian boulder opal ring set in gold (not hallmarked) , size J 100-150
286.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set diamond crossover ring - size N 220-250
287.    A 9 carat gold cameo ring - size N 30-50
288.    A 9ct gold solitaire diamond ring, size N 80-100
289.    A silver laboradite ring, size Q 25-35
290.    An 18 carat gold and platinum ring set solitaire diamond (over half a carat), size M 500-700
291.    An 18ct gold ring set seven chip diamonds, size O 80-120
292.    A 9 carat gold knot ring - 4g, size L 50-70
293.    A 9ct white gold textured wedding band, 4.8g, size K 40-60
294.    A 15ct gold 'Mizpah' ring 3g, size N 30-40
295.    An 18 carat gold openwork oval brooch set pink stone 60-80
296.    A Victorian gold brooch set seed pearls - unmarked - 5g 40-60
297.    A Victorian cameo brooch carved two ladies in a landscape, in yellow metal frame 120-180
298.    A 14 carat gold bar brooch set pearl flanked by white sapphires 20-30
299.    A 9 carat gold pearl set brooch 6g 20-30
300.    A 9 carat gold masonic charm 5g 20-30
301.    A pair of 9 carat gold and pearl earrings 20-30
302.    A 9ct gold sky blue topaz pendant (20cts) 150-200
303.    A 9 carat gold bracelet set sapphire and diamond 100-150
304.    A leather jewellery box and contents of costume jewellery 10-30
305.    A quantity of costume rings 20-30
306.    A good assortment of costume jewellery 20-30
307.    A box of costume jewellery, mainly brooches 20-40
308.    An early 20th century white metal lorgnette on chain in tapestry case 20-40
309.    A collection of African beadwork including collars, jewellery etc 20-30
310.    A box of beads 10-20
311.    A box of costume jewellery 20-40
312.    A box of costume jewellery including a coral necklace 20-40
313.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
314.    A box of costume jewellery and two ladies watches 10-20
315.    Spare lot
316.    Spare lot
317.    An album, pages and stockcard of San Marino mint and used definitives, commemoratives, parcel post and postage due from 1920's onwards plus eight stock pages of Netherland mint definitives and commemoratives, mostly from 1960's onwards ( cat 280+) 50-80
318.    A stockbook of Singapore and Brunei stamps - KEVII to QEII period, mint and used - sets, part sets, covers and higher vals to $5 noted 60-100
319.    Three albums of Commonwealth and all world albums of mint and used stamps, much from pre-30's period; China, Japan and other Far East countries well represented 50-80
320.    A pair of all world albums with mint and used stamps from QV - QEII period; good quantity of early material (pre 1920) and Belgian Congo mini sheet. 60-80
321.    "Boys Own" album, packets and loose all world stamps; QV - QEII, both mint and used - early material noted including GB QV Line-engraved and surface printed issues 15-30
322.    Canada stamp stockbook of QV to QEII mint and used defins and commems with FDC's and good range of early material noted up to $1 80-120
323.    New Zealand and Dependencies, Cook Island and Samoa stamp stockbook, QV - QEII mint and used; life insurance included plus covers, mini sheets etc. 60-80
324.    St Vincent and Grenadines stamp stockbook, part filled with mint and used stamps of QV to QEII period; booklets, souvenir mini sheets and covers included 60-80
325.    An album of mint GB Olympic 2012 gold medal winners stamps - face value 160+, including Lord Coe signed mini-sheet and original Royal Mail covers complete series for Olympics (29) and Paralympics (34) 100-120
326.    Two albums of Commonwealth and all world stamps, mint and used, mostly from the later half of 20th century - early Palestine and Iraq noted 40-60
327.    NZ album, QV-1980's , somewhat sparse to c.1930's, thereafter good degree of completion, incl most Health issues (no Smiling Boys) u/m mint sheetlets incl 1957, 1960, 1962, 1965 etc. - good clean lot together with 1984 and 1985 year books 80-100
328.    Four albums and a stockbook of GB, Commonwealth and all world stamps, mint and used, defins and commems, plus GB Wedgwood booklet, presentation packs and FDC/Special handstamp covers. Higher values up to 10/- noted in QV - GVI 80-120
329.    A Strand album of GB, Commonwealth and good quantity of all world stamps, mint and used - much pre 1940's material and good Chinese, Japanese, US etc 100-150
330.    SG KG VI album of GB and Commonwealth mint and used stamps - around 60% complete with many complete/part sets and higher values - needs to be viewed to be appreciated. 400-600
331.    An album of French and Colonial/Dependency and Protectorate stamps, mid 1800's on mint and used. Which includes Mennel/Haute Silesia, overprints, as well as early imperforates and higher values 120-180
332.    Over seventy stock cards of mainly Commonwealth, but some all world mint, and used stamps, definitives and commemorative. Some higher values and good quantity of part sets noted 40-80
333.    Over seventy stockcards of mainly Commonwealth, but some all world, mint and used stamps ,both definitive and commemoratives along with three booklets of The Grenadines of St Vincent . Some higher values and good quantity of part sets noted 40-80
334.    Three albums of QEII mint used definitives and commemoratives from 1970 - 98 - FV 130+ 60-80
335.    Falklands and Dependencies, British Antarctic Territory Tristan da Cunha, St Helena and Ascension stamp collection in stockbook, mint and used, QV to QEII.Good sets and part sets throughout 100-150
336.    A stockbook of mint used commemoratives and definitives from Antigua, Barbuda, Barbados and British Honduras/Belize with higher values to 5/- noted.Good sets/part sets, mini sheets and FDC included 80-120
337.    A Simplex album of GB mint Machin pre-decimal definitives both individual and in se-tenant booklet sheets, some with cylinder numbers. Neatly presented collection. 60-100
338.    An album of 1880's to 1970's GB and all world covers and some stamps on sheets. Wide range of covers including Forces Mail, QV Martial Law (Boer War), Paquebot/Maritime, Airmail, First Day and Special Handstamp - needs to be seen to be appreciated 100-200
339.    SG 1981 Royal Wedding collection (3 volumes, almost complete) and related catalogue, mint stamps including sheetlets, booklets and varieties such as officials and overprints (some inverted) 40-60
340.    A box of GB covers and album of recent mint QEII special stamps and commemoratives - FV 440+
341.    A red box of GB, Commonwealth and all world stamps, mint and used, mostly from 1930's onwards through early Austria/Hungary noted 50-70
342.    Box of Royal commem issues in albums, 1972-1986, including SG Limited Edition Queen's 60th Birthday Collection ( specimens noted) mint and used, FDC's, booklets, sheetlets (13 albums and 1 empty) 40-60
343.    A box of mainly GB defins and commems, mint and used, KGV - QEII loose and on cover plus Queen Mother Commonwealth commems including mini sheets ( all m m) 10-20
344.    Box of First Day and other covers including George VI coronation for many Commonwealth countries, British Forces, special cancels plus some mint pre-decimal stamp presentation packs 40-80
345.    Two albums full of modern( mainly GB) stamps and a box of covers, tins and packets loose stamps. Australia QEII Coronation FDC, Robert Burns Special Commemorative, Field Post Office and high cat value Prince Charles investiture cover noted 40-80
346.    An album of recent QEII mint commemorative and special issues - FV around 300 and FDC's in Royal Mail album from 70's/80's 150-180
347.    A GB Penny Black (Black MC) on piece, Plate 5 (uncertified), three very tight margins, in stockbook 60-80
348.    A small stockbook of early, mint, Vatican stamps; higher and 'Expresso' values noted 30-60
349.    A bundle of covers and cards, variable condition from 1794 on, of GB, Australia, New Zealand and Germany, including 2d blue New South Wales cover dated 1858 40-80
350.    A stockcard of 1961 Guernsey Royalty commemoratives, unmounted mint - including 2 x 1d values with 40o 30'N error 20-30
351.     Europa First Anniversary of European Postal and telecommunications conference cover with postmarks for 18th September 1960, pre- dating first day of issue, 19th September 1960.
352.    Commonwealth Games 1958 and Inter-Parliamentary Conference FDC cat 300 and 100 respectively - the former has scarcer 'Empire Games Village, Barry' cancel 80-120
353.    Three US Internal Revenue Beer Stamps - 1878 series 15-30
354.    Three mounted mint high value 'specimen' stamps of Ceylon, SG 249, SG 254 and SG 255 50-70
355.    A King Edward VII half penny stamp light green, mis-dated at Spalding - '80' instead of '08' 10-20
356.    Various QEII mint commemorative stamps with printing errors including SG 715d and SG 771b, no certification, and 1937 Coronation Cinderella stamps 60-100
357.    GVI FDC's: Postage stamp centenary 1940 (Channel Islands cancel), Victory 1946, Festival of Britain high values to 10/- and low values - (note: postmarks unclear on high values set and this is reflected in estimate) 80-100
358.    Twelve early QEII FDC's, most with special cancels, catalogue 550 plus 120-160
359.    Scarce 1840 1d Black duplex cover with Bristol red MC and Clifton postmark (front) and Bristol/Birmingham postmarks for 18th and 19th November respectively (obverse). Plate 5 (uncertified) with light margins three sides, minor tear to top right corner and rub to bottom right corner - cover in generally clean condition with minor repairs (internal). 300-400
360.    Stamps - Hong Kong QEII unmounted mint high values SG 206-210 (1962) 60-90
361.    A well written up Danish album 1875 to 1960's mint and used defins and commems including higher value sets and individual stamps. Good se-tenant block of 1941 Red Cross issue. 100-150
362.    1867 Lallier's postage stamp album of QV period GB, Commonwealth & all world stamps, mint and used, in variable condition, highlights include 1d black (2), German states including Bremen , 7 GR "Franco Marke", early Ceylon to 2/-, New Zealand to 1/- and US to 90c postal/1 dollar fiscal. 300-500
363.    A GB Windsor stamp album collection 1840 - 1970 - definitives and commemoratives mint and used, all in presentation mounts. Highlights: QV LE 1d Black (2), 2d Blue (2), 1d Red MC No6, 1/2d Plate 9, embossed and high values 2/6d, 5/- and 1 green plus much other LE and surface printed through to Jubilees; KEVII 2/6d to 1 green, KGV Seahorses to 10/- and postmark 1/2d - 2 1/2 d unmounted including sideway watermark; KGVI Silver wedding 1 and high values 2/6d to 1 UM; QEII Castles to 1, 1952 - 4 definitives, phosphors (including early issues) and graphites (mint). Needs to be seen to be fully appreciated - almost all of the many mint stamps are unmounted 1200-1800
364.    Two small stockbooks and some stockcards of QV and KEVII definitives, fiscals etc plus a small amount of all world and GB postage dues, mint and used. QV line engraved, surface printed and jubilee issues noted. 100-150
365.    An Empire stamp album full of GB and Commonwealth stamps, mint and used, from QV - QEII period. Much early material including GB QV 1d Blacks (2), higher values sets and blocks, overprints, officials. Needs to be seen to be appreciated. 350-500
366.    An album and tin full of mainly QV - GVI period mint and used stamps from GB, Commonwealth and all world countries. Much early material including 1d Black (Red MC 3 margin), 2d Blues, Cape of Good Hope triangles, Hong Kong, Malaya Strait Settlements (GV to GVI $5) and Mauritius (GVI to $10) 350-450
367.    A large postage stamp album of GB, Commonwealth and all world stamps of mainly QV - KGV period, mint and used, defins and commems. Much early material and sets/part sets 250-350
368.    A GB album of mint and used QV - QEII definitives and commemoratives including inv wmk 1d Black (red MC, with toning and faults), KEVII 2/6d and 5/-, KGVI 2/6d to 1 and silver wedding unmounted mint 1 300-450
369.    An album of QEII mint defins and commems stamps - decimal issues FV 360+ 170-200
370.    Three full or largely full Royal Commemorative albums with GB and Commonwealth mint stamps for Silver Jubilee (1977), Queen Mothers 90th (1990) and Prince Charles/Lady Diana wedding (1981). Mini and souvenir sheets, booklets, higher values to 1 and $5 overprints and imperforates noted 120-180
371.    A First Day Cover album of mainly Hong Kong commemoratives and definitives from 1970 - 75; high value definitives to $20 noted - over thirty covers in total 40-80
372.    GB and All World stockbook with three others - mint and used stamps QV - QEII, some good Chinese sets/part sets noted 40-80
373.    Three all world albums and a folder of mint and used stamps, mostly from KGV period onwards, some GB and good Commonwealth, France and Colonies 60-100
374.    Stockbook of GB and Commonwealth mint and used stamps including many omnibus sets from GV and GVI period, and album plus envelope of all world stamps, including thematics. 50-70
375.    A British Empire 'New Ideal' album, QV - KGV, with mint/used definitives and commemoratives of the period. Reasonably well filled in places including Australia kangaroos to 5/-, Cape of Good Hope triangles and India 100-150
376.    Four Cover albums, 1949 to 2006 period; many Philatelic Bureau cancelled. Higher value covers from early in the period noted 120-200
377.    A mixed Commonwealth album of mint/used definitives and commemoratives, QV - QEII with much Omnibus Issues material - higher values to 10/- noted 60-100
378.    An album of GB and Commonwealth definitives and commemoratives mint and used. 1d Black (Red MC, tight margins), officials, mint QV/KEVII and GV, lower denomination sets/part sets and Gibraltar KGV2's (multi-script, used SG 99) noted 120-180
379.    A box of QV 1d red (used, two and four corner letters) in packet/small stockbook along with two all world albums, an Indonesia album, an empty album and a 5 FV "The Story of the Times" booklet 40-80
380.    Four bespoke cased RN Commemorative cover albums of GB and Commonwealth stamps, mainly BFPS cancelled, some FDI with special and limited edition cancels relating to Navy history events on day of issue concerned, over 160 pristine covers, some signed (eg Malta 50th Anniversary of Victory in the Mediterranean signed Tommy Gould VC) 250-450
381.    Five First Day Cover albums of GB issues 1965 - 96, mostly bureau postmarked material with typed addresses and in excellent condition - higher values and scarcer covers noted plus some decimal booklets included 100-150
382.    Two full albums of first day/special handstamp covers mostly from GB and Jersey - majority Philatelic Bureau and from 70's/early 80's. In addition an all world and a thematic album, loose covers and mint Jersey stamps 60-100
383.    Four albums of GB mint presentation packs and related FDC's (mainly Royal Mail Bureau postmark), 2005 - 10, - FV 300+; Smilers, Harry Potter and James Bond issues noted. 180-250
384.    Windsor album containing mainly QEII commemoratives, mint and used, with many sets and post decimal 50+ 50-70
385.    Stamps - mixed lot of mint and used GB, Commonwealth and All World stamps in various stockbooks, packets etc, some mint decimal GB noted including "Smiler" booklet (fv approx 25) and Royal Commemoratives included 30-50
386.    Mint Commonwealth UPU sets and GB defins/commems stamp, mint and used, including decimal booklet and presentation set 100-150
387.    Stamps - old ledger book with 1d black (tight margins), other QV line engraved and later issues to QEII including officials, mostly used 100-150
388.    Stamps - old ledger book with used GV - QEII commems, GV Seahorses 2/6d noted 30-50
389.    Mostly QEII mint pre-decimal and decimal (fv 110+) stamps in ledger book - includes booklets and smilers 40-60
390.    A GB and all world stamp album of mint/used, commemoratives and definitives 15-25
391.    Envelopes of GB QEII mint stamps and all world mint and used including Censor Air Mail letter plus 3 Jersey first day covers. 10-20
392.    A complete half sheet of Charles Dickens centenary testimonial stamps, unmounted mint - a high grade printing and unusual literary (not postal) commemorative 30-40
393.    Remainders of stamp club booklets with many high values plus hundreds of Canada 'on paper' - total cat value exceeds 750 40-50
394.    A GB and world stamp album of mint and used commemoratives and definitives plus a tin of cigarette cards containing a quantity of part sets by various makers - condition mixed 20-30
395.    Balance of a collection in shoebox, polybag etc. All sorts both mint and used with GB, Commonwealth (including Australia, NZ), France, Swiss , GB FDC's, item from a New Issue Service etc. - interesting lot to sort 30-50
396.    A small suitcase full of mostly pre-1940's mint and used Commonwealth and all world stamps in tins, packets, bags, booklets and loose along with Rowland Hill album - whilst much is lower denomination, some mint blocks and more unusual stamps noted 100-150
397.    A stockbook of QV - QEII mint and used stamps from St Kitts, Nevis and Anguilla, Leeward Islands and British Virgin Islands, mini/souvenir sheets, specimens and officials noted 60-80
398.    Persia stamp collection 1868 - 1935 in Hagner Album, mint/ used, defins, airmails and commems. Much early material and sets along with officials, overprints, fiscals, parcel post, telegraph, service and higher values - all from period before Persia became Iran . Needs to be seen to be appreciated.
399.    Stamps of New Guinea, Papua, Toga/Tonga, New Hebrides and Vanuatu, mint and used, commems and defins from QV to QEII period including good early material up to 2/6d (Toga) and FDC 60-100
400.    Two part filled stock books of Canada and Territories, QV to QEII, mint and used including officials 40-60
401.    ,Two albums of mainly Commonwealth and some GB definitive and commemorative stamps, mint and used, QV - QEII. Much early material and sets/part sets noted along with official and overprints (war etc). A good collectors lot 150-200
402.    A stamp stockbook of Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Island and Turks Caicos Islands, mint/used QV to QEII. Sets and higher vals to 5/- noted, including Bahamas SG156 block of four 100-150
403.    Malayan states, Malaysia, North Borneo and Sarawak stamp stockbook QV to QEII mint and used. Higher vals to $5, numerous sets and part sets plus Japanese occupation stamps noted 150-300
404.    A box of Commonwealth and all world stamps mint and used in booklets, stockcards, packets, loose on cover and page - considerable range and mix from QV to QEII period. Large quantity of early 20th century material including damaged Specimen stamps and some higher values 80-120
405.    A box of Commonwealth and all world stamps, mint and used in booklets, stockcards, packets, loose, on cover and page - considerable range and mix from QV to QEII period. Good quantity of QV, early 20th century material and Specimen stamps noted. 60-100
406.    Jersey, Guernsey (with some Alderney) and Isle of Man stamps from 1940s together with albums of FDC's - clean condition. 60-80
407.    An album of GB, all world and Commonwealth stamps, mint and used, plus a box of FDC's, Cinderellas and PO Savings bank box with contents. Early QV line engraved and surface printed plus US mid 19th century issues noted 40-60
408.    Two stockbooks of stamps from Grenada and Grenadines, British Guiana, Dominica and Guyana, mint and used plus cov,rs QV to QEII - sets and higher vals to 5/- noted 60-90
409.    A stockbook of Australian states and territories , QV - QEII mint and used 40-70
410.    Gilbert and Ellis Islands (now Kiribati and Tuvalu) stockbook of mint and used definitives and commemoratives including FDC, mini/souvenir sheets and early QEII issue up to 10/- 40-70
411.    A stockbook of QV - QEII mint and used stamps from India, Ceylon, Burma, Heligoland and Ionian Islands - higher vals to 10 rupees and scarcer material noted 100-150
412.    Solomon Islands, Fiji and Pitcairn Island stamps mint and used from QV - QEII period. Less common early stamps of Fiji, higher values to 1, FDC and mini/souvenir sheets and Royal commemoratives noted 80-120
413.    A large stockbook of mainly post 1991 Australian stamps, mint and used with UNESCO 2005 presentation pack and page of 1909 - 32 postage dues and officials 100-150
414.    Stamps : Jamaica /Trinidad and Tobago stockbook of mint/used QV to QEII defins and commems. Higher values to 1 (Jamaica) and $4.80 (T & T) noted 70-120
415.    A stockbook of Hong Kong stamps, QV - QEII, mint and used definitives and commemoratives. Higher values to $10 (GVI defin issue) and $20 (QEII defin issues) along with scarcer cancels, KGV Jubilee and KGVI UPU used set noted 120-180
416.    A stockbook of Mauritius, Seychelles and Maldives stamps, mint and used, defins and commems QV to QEII period. High vals to 10 rupees and some less common stamps - e.g Mauritius 50 cent overprint 1878 noted 30-60
417.    New Zealand stamps, mint and used, from late 80's on plus Lord of the Rings , Anzac and Beijing Olympics covers etc included 30-60
418.    Stamps: Three WWF albums of first day covers 30-50
419.    Four all world stamp albums and packets, QV - QEII period, mint and used plus banknotes (8) - good sets of Vatican and Italian stamps noted 50-70
420.    A box full of GB, Commonwealth and all world mint and used stamps with good range of earlier material (pre-30's) noted, plus RAACO draw cabinet of mainly late 20th century material 40-70
421.    Stamps: Six albums of mainly GB mint presentation packs and related FDC's (mostly Royal Mail /Philatelic Bureau postmark) 1979 - 1996 - FV 160+ 90-120
422.    A massive stamp collection of mainly GB QEII mint and used commems and defins in albums and containers. Includes FDC's and high quantity of mint decimal FV well in excess of 350 200-300
423.    A box of all world stamps in four albums, various containers and on cover, mainly from 50's on, though some earlier material noted 40-60
424.    A box of thematic and all world albums of stamps (both mint and used) covering: Military, Sport, Railway, Motor and other topics; miniature sheets included 30-60
425.    A large box of GB mint and used stamps QV - QEII period in six albums etc, plus other box of QEII FDC mostly post-decimal. Some special postmarks, mini-sheets and quantity of useable stamps noted - FV 60+. SG catalogue "Collect British Stamps" 2012 included 70-100
426.    A box of empty stamp albums, a catalogue, HAWID stamp mounts and other ephemera 30-50
427.    A stamp album of 1999 to early 2000 QEII mint commemoratives and special issues FV 70+ and FDC's in bag from 1970's 30-40
428.    Stamps: A box of GB mint decimal presentation packs, issues of 2001 - 13 period. FV 400+ 250-320
429.    Two albums of GB mint and used stamps mainly from QEII recent period. KGVI Channel Island blocks and most used sets seen from 1971 - 2009 issues 30-40
430.    A stamp album of GB mint and used definitives and commemoratives, mainly QEII including regionals 40-60
431.    An envelope containing all world stamps and FDC 10-20
432.    Stamps: nine stock books of GB defins and commems, mint and used, mostly from QEII period - blocks and mint decimal stamps including Tolkein and other booklets noted, FV 90+ 50-70
433.    Five stockbooks of GB definitives and commemoratives, mint and used. Mainly QEII mint decimal stamps including booklets FV 100 plus covers in separate book 60-80
434.    A box of GB, Commonwealth and all world stamps (mint and used) in packets - many 100's. Also two GB mint presentation cards, a small stockbook and two FDC's. Some early to mid 20th century Chinese and Commonwealth large denomination part-sets noted. 50-80
435.    Stamps: A box of covers and postal/postal savings ephemera 20-30
436.    A box of mainly GB stamps, covers and presentation packs, QV - QEII, mint and used (including usable decimals), plus stockbook of mainly Polish stamps 10-20
437.    A large blue stockbook of GB stamps mainly late 1980's to early 2000 20-30
438.    Stamps: blue folder containing stockbook, packs, miniature sheets, Churchill crown coin, wedding issues and 'Our World'nature pack 30-40
439.    A complete Stanley Gibbons QEII Coronation album of 102 mounted mint stamps, GB and Commonwealth 20-40
440.    A box of loose GB and some all world stamps along with covers (some first day) from QV to QEII period as well as packets 25-35
441.    Interesting lot in stockbook of worldwide stamps 20-30
442.    An album of recent QEII mint issues of commemorative and special stamps, (FV 280+) and an album of FDC's from 1970's 140-160
443.    Stamps: Two albums of high grade Channel Islands and Isle of Man First Day and commemorative covers, mostly special postmark 1960's - 90's. Higher values to 5 noted, along with presentation packs and mini-sheets 60-100
444.    Stamp album pages of Commonwealth and all world stamps mint and used - defins and commems. Good mixed lot, many mint sets/part sets and less usual material 60-100
445.    Stamps: six stockbooks of GB GV - QEII defins and commems, mint and used with some decimal mint and regionals 50-70
446.    Four albums of GB mint presentation packs and related FDC (Royal Mail Bureau postmark) 1997 - 2004, FV 240+;" Occasions", Golden Jubilee and Millenium timekeeper issues and 'A Gracious Ascension' booklet included 150-200
447.    A GB album largely full of mint stamps on page, in booklets and in presentation packs plus GB/CI and Commonwealth FDC's and commemorative covers with proof coins and other mint stamps in blocks. Smiler, Tolkien and other greeting stamps noted - decimal stamps FV 120+ 150-250
448.    An old ledger with GB and all world stamps, QV to QEII. Much early material including many 1d reds. In addition box of GB and all world loose in packet, booklets and envelopes 50-80
449.    Stamps: QV to QEII defins, mint and used in album and stockbook plus all world FDC. GV seahorses and inverted/sideways watermark variants noted along with QV 1d reds, good quantity of QV later issues, Edward VIII and GV 9d to 1/- values 100-140
450.    Old exercise book partially filled with QV - KGVI stamps: defins, pre-cancel, officials, embossed cover cut outs etc. Much QV line engraved material including 2d blue, 1d reds (2 and 4 corner letter), 1/2d reds plus 1d red entire dated 'JY 12 65' London to Cheltenham 80-100
451.    An all world stamp album and Portuguese Colonies album, mint and used - mostly later half of 20th century. New Zealand 2/6d QEII noted 10-20
452.    GB, Commonwealth and European stamps of QV to QEII period, mainly the latter, mint and used, defins and commems, in four albums, and plus GB Telecoms History booklet with related stamps of QEII period. Good sets/part sets noted 60-80
453.    GB and All World albums/stockbooks (9 - one unused) of mint/used stamps plus covers and presentation packs of most GB decimal commemoratives - FV 40+. Early Israeli covers noted 40-60
454.    A box folder of German mint and used stamps in container, envelopes and on covers. Early Reichpost, 1936 Olympics set and other Deutsches Reich commemoratives and postmarks noted 40-60
455.    Three First Day and commemorative cover albums with many high grade Philatelic Bureau and special postmark covers 1970's - 90's along with Royal Mail presentation stamp book 1987 100-140
456.    Spare lot
457.    Spare lot
458.    A postcard album of 150 plus, scenes from Herefordshire, Gwent, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire etc circa 1900 onwards 50-80
459.    Postcards - two boxes containing large quantity, roughly sorted into themes, mainly post-1951; lot includes small album of photographs including some military (100's) 40-60
460.    Postcards - a quantity in albums (8) including topo (both GB and Foreign), railway, children including M.L.A etc - wide variety (100's) 80-120
461.    Six WWII silk embroidered postcards 20-40
462.    Postcards - Birmingham and suburbs - collection in album with early transport featuring in city centre, markets etc; views at Solihull (including Henwood Mill), Hall Green, Moseley Village, Handsworth, New Street Station interiors, Arcades etc (approx 250) 100-150
463.    Postcard album with mixture including comic, topo, fantasy babies etc (approx 200) 20-30
464.    Postcard album with GB and Foreign topo, cats, 1905 fire at Whitehalls factory Nottingham, etc (approx 125) 15-25
465.    Postcards - a small quantity in old album with topo including RP Conway Road Cardiff, The Square at Grassington; Gypsy Life (4), Fantasy Babies (4 including goat-cart) etc - approx 75 30-40
466.    A shoebox of postcards, appear to be chiefly GB topo from 1950's onward 10-20
467.    Postcards - topo accum, chiefly Glos with most areas represented including Cheltenham, Gloucester City and surrounds, Stroud area with Dursley, Chalford etc Forest of Dean including Ruardean etc. Some slt. duplication (350+) 80-120
468.    Postcard - two albums with general topo including Park St Walsall, Sutton Park, North Welsh interest etc (approx 350) 40-60
469.    Postcards - Gloucester real photos Four Roadmen with their Steamroller (precise location unknown but poss Cheltenham area?) JC Price, aka The Modern Vulcan, of Bearland, old Severn bridge etc (18) 40-50
470.    Postcards - Worcs topo with street scenes at Worcester, Ombersley, Malvern, Evesham including rp Carting Radishes for Washing, Meet of N Cotswold Hunt on Broadway Green etc (50) 50-60
471.    Postcards - Cheshire including 1911 King Orry aground at New Brighton, street scene at Altrincham, Macclesfield, post office Alderley Edge etc (55) 40-50
472.    Postcards - Ross and surroundings topo range including real photos of scenes at Bishopswood, Kerne Bridge, Ross Town etc (44) 25-30
473.    Postcards - Ross and surroundings including real photos of Lea with villagers outside The Crown 1911, RP The Stores Llanwarne, scenes at Kerne Bridge, RP with Benjamins (Chemist) Shop in Broad Street etc (45) 40-60
474.    Postcards - Ross and surroundings including real photos of Bradley Court (former sanitarium) with staff and patients posed outside, RP English Bicknor Post Office, scenes at Redbrook, Lydbrook (with viaduct in use) etc (38) 40-50
475.    Postcards - Ross and surroundings including real photos of The Higford Yatton, RP Central Stores Peterchurch, RP The Docks Ross etc (51) 30-40
476.    Postcards - Ross area including real photos of Wilton eg The White Lion, Peterstow Common, street scene within Ross including shopfronts etc (55) 30-40
477.    Postcards - Ross and surroundings including real photos of Hunt Meet (site unidentified), HC Jefferies shopfront, two RP's of The Higford Yatton etc (47) 30-40
478.    Postcards - Ross and surroundings topo range with Brockhampton including real photos of Court Farm, Garway, Aston Ingham, Ross including Dock Street (now called Wye Street) etc (44) 30-40
479.    Postcards - Merchant Shipping - bundle including paddle steamers, liners etc including 1939 lunch menu for RMS City of Nagpur (54) 30-40
480.    Postcards - Yorks - topo including rp Blanket Drying at Barkisland, street scene at Penistone Hight Street, Ilkley, Barnsley, Halifax, Doncaster, Sheffield etc (66) 50-70
481.    Ross - social history cards including RP crowd watching cycle races circa 1910, RP Vicars tea party, RP's of funeral scenes, RP 1911 Coronation celebrations, large crowd assembled outside Market House etc (13) 40-60
482.    Postcards - Derbys topo range including rp Southgate Colliery Clowne, rp Glapwell Colliery, rp Notts Road Somercoates, Hope Village, Fountain Square Tideswell, Derby, Matlock etc (55) 60-70
483.    Postcards - Hants and a few Isle of Wight including rp 1919 Peace celebrations at Hamble, scenes at Nursling, Netley, Swaythling, B. Waltham, Otterbourne etc (60) 50-70
484.    Postcards - a box containing quantity of older cards mostly topographical both GB and foreign (approx 500) 20-30
485.    Postcards - glamour, chiefly Art Nouveau period including Ludwig Rauh (5) etc all unused (36) 40-50
486.    Eleven French postcards from 1870's onwards including TPO and other postmarks of interest plus two postage due-paid postcards from Morocco of 1916 and small quantity of European cards (approx 40) 20-30
487.    Postcards - various categories with artists including Wiederseim, Wain, McGill, Kennedy, Minnie Keene etc (43) 30-50
488.    Postcards - miscellany with topo including street scenes at Gloucester, St Albans etc; range of GB harbour scenes, comic including Bonzo etc (45) 20-30
489.    A group of QSL cards - quantity to/from variety short-wave radio hams including one from HRH Prince Talal Al Saud (some 100's) 20-40
490.    Spare Lot 0-10
491.    Postcard accumulation in two albums with topo (both GB and foreign), royalty, shipping etc (approx 400) plus a small quantity of 1930's/40's greetings cards (folding type) 50-70
492.    Postcards - various in two albums including comic (Tom Browne etc) children, royalty, some postmark interest (approx 150) and large box GB/Foreign topo 1950's - recent 30-40
493.    Postcards - Japanese (unused) with street scenes, temples, family life, Geisha types etc (60) plus unrelated group of six embroidered silk WWI era cards, all contained in defective Oriental lacquered album (60 + 6) 60-80
494.    Postcards - and album of Comic relating to fishing - artists include Shepheard, Lloyd-Hughes, Rene Bull, E Parkinson, Write-Aways and loose including Marsh Lambert 50-60
495.    Postcards - Evesham topo including rp vegetable market, rp cattle market, rp World Fair 1912, 'Giant' strawberries being harvested, pull-outs (2) ETC (29) 60-80
496.    Whitchurch with RP's of village including properties now demolished, multi-vehicle line-up at Sterretts having transported staff party from Hales of Tipton - interesting lot (29) 50-60
497.    Postcards - Edwardian actors/actresses including Vesta Tilley (3), Sir Henry Irving, George Robey, Gertie Millar, Seymour Hicks etc (82) 50-70
498.    Postcards - Ireland with Killarney Market, Dromore Rail Station (interior) rp Cookstown, Armagh etc (71) 50-70
499.    A group of ten postcards by Ivy Anne Ellis, two inscribed (Birmingham School of Art circa 1920's) 20-40
500.    Postcards - album with Street scenes at Worcester, Barnsley etc, RP Malling Street post office with Postmistress, artist drawn including Jotter, Gibson etc, Royalty comic etc (approx 140) 30-40
501.    A group of seaside-humour postcards 10-20
502.    Postcards - album with topo including real photos of Dunster Meet, Woodcote Park Golf Clubhouse, South Street, Rotherfield etc; artist drawn works by Harry Payne (Regimental), Kinsella etc; interesting noted (approx 175) 60-80
503.    Two folders of railway ephemera and photographs 30-50
504.    A large postcard album of railways, transport and postal stationary (over 200 cards) 30-50
505.    Postcards - maritime interest - an album of mixed Merchant and Naval; a quantity of more modern, a bundle of Naval magazines etc 40-50
506.    A large box of old maps 50-70
507.    A large box of engravings and prints - unframed 30-50
508.    Cigarette Cards - large box of sets/part sets including large size with Wills Old Inns, Players Egyptian Sketches, Bensons Old Bristol, R & J Hill Scientific Inventions etc - although muddled, some interesting material noted 60-80
509.    Cigarette cards - various sets/part sets/odds - some sporting/transport interest, together with eight empty albums (all matching) complete with pages - condition mixed throughout 40-60
510.    Cigarette cards - a wooden box containing wide variety of odds/part sets including Ogdens Racehorses, Typhoo Horses, Smiths Medals etc - needs careful viewing (quantity) 50-70
511.    A large collection of telephone cards - worldwide, prison cards etc - five albums and reference books etc 80-120
512.    A box of Tell Me Why magazines 1968, 1969 and 1970 etc 20-40
513.    A quantity of Elvis Monthly magazines 30-50
514.    A framed set of cigarette cards - W.O and H.O Wills "Historic Events" 1912 10-20
515.    Cigarette Cards - Players 1910 Army Life set of 25 framed and glazed 10-20
516.    Spare lot
517.    Cigarette Cards - various including sets of Players Cricketers 1934/38, Derby and Grand National, Wills Mining, Churchmans Boxing Personalities (49/50), sets in manufacturers albums etc 30-40
518.    Cigarette cards - fourteen sets including Wills Railway Locomotives, Railway Engines, Merchant Ships, Dogs etc (14) 40-50
519.    Cigarette cards - various sets/part sets in five Old Time albums including Smiths Famous Explorers (set), Wills Portrait of European Royalty (1-50, 51-100), Lambert and Butler 1922 Motor Cars (set), Players Br. Livestock (set) etc - needs careful viewing as condition varies 80-120
520.    Cigarette cards - a large quantity sets/part sets, mostly Players including poultry, motor cars, colonial and Indian army badges, Lambert and Butler aviation, Kensitas Flowers (small size) with folders (35) etc - many 100's 70-100
521.    Cigarette cards - Wix. Henry series 1, 2 and later, all affixed in manufacturers albums/loose pages, together with Wills sets (4) cards 15-25
522.    Cigarette cards - a quantity of sets, part-sets (including Copes Noted Footballers x 19, Wills Celeb Ships, Players Rider of the World etc) - sets in manufacturers albums etc - quantity 60-80
523.    Cigarette Cards - quantity of odds and part sets including Smiths Medals (numbered, I.T Company, multi-backed x 16), Players, Gallahers etc 20-40
524.    A group of early greeting cards 10-20
525.    Cigarette cards - accumulation including Ogdens Tabs (from various series), Wills, Churchmans, Players etc - sets in manufacturers albums including Kensitas National Flags etc - many odds/part sets - condition mixed throughout 50-60
526.    Greeting Cards - chiefly Victorian/Edwardian including Stevens silk Christmas, mechanical calendar, concertina type, embossed, paper-lace etc 40-60
527.    A Snow White 3-D birthday card 10-20
528.    Two old photograph albums and a bag of old ephemera 10-20
529.    A group of six illustrated Suffragette playing cards 20-40
530.    Three German Olympic Games books for Summer and Winter 1936 and Summer Games Games 1932 50-70
531.    A group of local 1950's and 1960's theatre programmes including Diana Dors, Tony Hancock, Max Bygraves etc, at Gloucester ABC, Cheltenham, Torquay etc 30-50
532.    Three signed/autographed photos of Dolly Parton and Brenda Lee 10-20
533.    A group of WWII magazines 10-20
534.    Two Share certificates framed and glazed: Madagascar Rubber Co 1909 and Broken Hill Proprietary Block 1910 20-30
535.    Two old ledger books 10-20
536.    An old photograph of Rome, Veduta del Fiume by James Anderson No 639 circa 1880's - 29 x 39cm 50-70
537.    A military Gloucester Regiment 2nd Battalion Chinese silkwork picture - English China Expedition - 33 x 27cm 20-40
538.    A Stevengraph "The Good Old Days" 20-30
539.    A 1925 political poster 'Vote for Perkins and Prescott' Banbury - 74 x 49cm 30-50
540.    A 1916 'Reward' poster for the theft of apples near Banbury - 25 x 37cm 30-50
541.    A folded card for King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra with coast of arms to reverse 10-20
542.    An autograph book of conductors including Adrian Boult, Malcolm Sargent, Edmund Rubbra etc - about twelve in total 80-100
543.    A Ropeworks Belfast advertising photograph frame and calendar 10-20
544.    A 1936 Home Hints calendar - unused and boxed 10-20
545.    A photograph of Flight Lt A.M Pollitt in his cockpit 1942, together with citation 1944 20-40
546.    A 1930's Daimler 20 catalogue with colour and black and white illustrations 40-60
547.    A 1960's Hants and Dorset Bus Company poster for Rhine ten day tour by Roger J Bigg 40-60
548.    A 1960's Hants and Dorset Bus Company poster for Belgium and Holland nine day tour, by Harry Stevens 60-80
549.    An album of crests collected in India to include those of Maharajas etc and envelope addressed to Lord Kitchener, Commander in Chief India - collected from his office 60-80
550.    Rayners Sketches of Derbyshire Scenery by Harding Part 1 (with Matlock Museum label) - a/f 15-25
551.    A group of ephemera including Colman's Mustard Pot's Race short story book, The RAF at War (set of sixteen Amalgamated Press Trade Cards), ration book etc 15-25
552.    A group of early 20th century gold mining shares, Aust USA 20-40
553.    A group of ephemera to include 1930's Eastbourne notepaper, Plymouth lettercard, a 1935 Letts Scribble Diary, 1928 calendar, early 20th century photo etc 10-20
554.    Photographs - various including cabinet, carte-de-visite, children, family groups, weddings, outings etc - some relate to Bexley/Bexleyheath area (quantity) 20-30
555.    A group of tourist brochures: Burrows Cheltenham Guide, Forest of Dean Humour, Severn Bridge and Lydney 20-30
556.    Twelve Pencil Drawings of The Aberdare Valley in 1827/8 - published by the Cynon Valley History Society in 1972 20-30
557.    An election poster for RES Plunket 1874, two trespass notices, three Monmouth property auction posters and a letting notice 20-40
558.    A 1914 Michelin Motoring Guide with illustrations of early cars, lamps, tyres, motor diary etc 20-40
559.    Military ephemera including Field PO message cards (used), folding type 'military' greetings cards (unused), WWI allies silk scarf, Jack Tar uniformed doll etc 30-40
560.    A Times Atlas of the World (twelfth edition) 10-20
561.    A group of books on espionage, Russian spies and similar 10-20
562.    Culloden and Glencoe by John Prebble - two volume set Published by The Folio Society - a fine set in slipcase 20-30
563.    The Pharoahs by George Hart - two volume set Published by The Folio Society - a fine set in slipcase 20-40
564.    Three Ripley novels by Patricia Highsmith - Ripley Underground, The Talented Mr Ripley and Ripley's Game. Published by The Folio Society - a fine set in slipcase 20-40
565.    John Addington Symonds - 'The Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti' first edition 1893 in two volumes 10-30
566.    The State of The Art by Iain M Banks - published by Zeising (USA) first edition, together with Inversions By Iain M Banks, first edition and signed by the author - both in fine condition 40-60
567.    Eleven volumes Daniel Defoe 1809-1810 30-50
568.    A copy of The Doyle Diary - illustrated (Conan Doyle last great mystery) 20-40
569.    Iris Murdoch 'The Flight from the Enchanter' - first edition 1956 20-30
570.    Across the Straits by Kyffin Williams - published by Duckworth 1972 first - together with Monmouthshire Medley vol 3 by Reginald Nichols - signed by author 20-30
571.    How To Fly by Richard Ferris published 1910. The Boy's Romance of Aviation by Capt Pollard 1935 and A History of Aeronautics by E Charles Vivian published 1921 20-30
572.    Sir Walter Scott 'Anne of Geierstein' - first edition 1829 in three volumes 20-30
573.    The Life of Samuel Johnson by James Boswell, two volumes published by T Cadell 1807, four volumes bound as two. Described at 5th edition - frontis of Johnson by Joshua Reynolds 40-60
574.    Two ivorine clad bibles/prayer books 10-20
575.    Hare and Fox Hunting by Peter Beckford published 1797 - leather bound and illustrated 30-50
576.    Surrey Painted by Sutton Palmer, published by AC Black 20-40
577.    A copy of Brittens Watch and Clockmakers Book 20-40
578.    A St Marys Parish Magazine with local information 1894 - nr Kington, Lyonshall etc, and a Best of Everything 10-20
579.    The Sea and Shipping - four titles: Two Centuries of Shipbuilding by the Scotts at Greenock - Pictorial History of the Royal Navy by Anthony Watts, two volume set. The Atlantic Ferry by Arthur J Maginnis and All About Shipping by Lt Taprell Dorling circa 1915 20-30
580.    Fighter Aircraft books - The Spitfire Story, The de Haviland Mosquito, the Hawker Hurricane and the Focke Wulf FLU190 10-20
581.    An Italian book of maps 'Grande Atlante Geografico ed IV' 20-40
582.    Nelson and His Times by Rear Admiral Lord Charles Beresford published in 1897 - together with Nelson's Ships by Peter Goodwin 20-30
583.    A group of prints and one watercolour all unframed 20-30
584.    Journals of the House of Lords, 1647 10-20
585.    Norman Rockwell 332 Magazine Covers - published by Abbeville Press New York, Norman Rockwell A Sixty Year Perspective and Norman Rockwell and The Saturday Evening Post 20-30
586.    Three boxes of military books 20-40
587.    A beaded tribal stick, a stick with Egyptian cat handle and a walking stick 30-50
588.    A 19th century wooden cased striking mantel clock - 34.5cm high 30-50
589.    A 19th century walnut cased mantel clock by Elco 20-30
590.    A 1930's oak cased Westminster chime mantel clock 20-30
591.    A Jules Richard barograph in glazed metal and plastic case - circa 1960's 60-80
592.    A Block and Anderson Ltd Marchant Mechanical calculator 50-70
593.    A large leather photograph frame - total size 42 x 32cm 10-20
594.    A large copper kettle and a brass trivet on paw feet 20-30
595.    A Bakelite table lamp - 26cm 10-20
596.    An Indian carved wood vase and a similar tobacco jar 20-30
597.    An Admiralty issue Astro Compass MkII - boxed 50-70
598.    A portable planetarium 20-40
599.    A black lacquered sextant 'Hezzanith' with broad arrow mark HO135 - cased 100-150
600.    A Leitz 'Eldia' viewer - boxed 10-20
601.    A knife edge test bench 20-30
602.    A microscopic illuminator - boxed 20-40
603.    A Construments Educational set 20-40
604.    A Crotech Oscilloscope 20-40
605.    A Specto projector - cased 20-40
606.    A Teleskop Szkolny Polish astronomical telescope T50 x 70 cased 50-70
607.    A Zeiss Wetzar microscope with camera attachment, light lenses etc 100-150
608.    A 19th century quart pewter tankard and various other pewter 10-30
609.    Two French pewter lidded tankards by 'Leclerc, a Lille Smagghe' marked litre and demi-litre 50-70
610.    A 19th century brass framed easel mantel clock - 23cm tall 20-40
611.    A late 19th century brass cased carriage clock 11.5cm 50-80
612.    Leslie Joseph Watson (NEAC) - oil on board foxgloves - 35 x 25cm 20-40
613.    S West - three watercolour moonlit sea scenes with yachts - 22 x 11cm 10-20
614.    Three ivory billiard balls 80-120
615.    Two finely carved wooden netsukes in the form of frog groups with signatures to bases 40-60
616.    Two finely carved wooden netsukes in the form of monkey groups with signatures to their bases 40-60
617.    A vintage miniature single drawer brass telescope and a miniature spirit level 10-20
618.    Two vintage miniature single draw brass telescopes 10-20
619.    A Swan ink pen 10-20
620.    A horse hoof form desk seal and another in the form of a Scottish Thistle - both have interchangeable base monograms 30-50
621.    A Queen Victoria 1887 silver sovereign 20-30
622.    A set of gold weights and scales - boxed, a set of extra weights in box and a compass set 10-30
623.    A Mauchline Ware spherical string dispenser printed Scottish scenes 25-35
624.    A Japanese antimony heart form box 10-20
625.    A 19th watercolour miniature of a lady in a blue dress with lace collar - in ebonised frame signed Giuseppe 6 x 4cm 100-150
626.    A pair of Chinese chopsticks and knife in gilt metal case 10-20
627.    A WWI Verners Pattern officers compass in leather case 20-40
628.    A pair of early 20th century flying or motoring goggles 10-30
629.    A group of clock keys etc 10-20
630.    A cast bronze sun - 19 cm diameter 50-70
631.    A QV South African Boer War Happy New Year chocolate tin 1900 20-40
632.    A pair of German WWII U boat binoculars marked 'beh 7 x 50', by Leitz, Serial No. 458365 200-300
632A.   A pair of Ross binoculars, cased and another small pair of binoculars cased 20-30
633.    A Stereoscope Type B3 in leather case and set of twenty four Royalty cards 30-50
634.    A Stereoscope Type B3 in leather case and another stereoscope 30-50
635.    A policemans rosewood truncheon and The Metropolitan whistle 25-35
636.    Two pairs of Victorian glasses, a papier mache case and a tortoiseshell mounted snuff box 30-50
636A.   Three bus drivers badges 15-25
637.    A box of cigarette cases and a Ronson lighter 10-20
638.    A box of medals etc including sweetheart brooches, badges, a Scottish silver brooch and WWI war medal to H Phelps Glos R 202749 20-40
639.    A box of coins and notes 10-30
640.    A vintage novelty painted wood and wire animal and insect instrument band 10-20
641.    Two small carved wood panels 10-20
642.    A box of collectables to include Luminex loop, map milometers, Zeiss Ikon speed indicator light meter by LMT thermometers etc 20-40
643.    A set of fourteen opticians spectacle test lenses 20-30
644.    A small group of microscope slides 10-20
645.    A box of assorted prisms etc 10-20
646.    A 19th century carved oak panel with scrollwork decoration 35 x 25cm 25-35
647.    A pair of sporting/opera glasses by JH Steward and two other pairs 10-30
648.    A box of glass photographic negatives 20-30
649.    A box of photographic glass slides relating to Howsham Hall circa 1900's 150-200
650.    A box of Edwardian glass photographic slides 25-45
651.    A box of assorted lenses 10-20
652.    A box of condenser lenses and heliograph mirrors etc 10-20
653.    A box of glass filters etc 10-20
654.    A vintage door chime 10-20
655.    An antique carved wood Thai figure of seated deity - 25cm 50-70
656.    A bronze scottie dog head on plinth - 22cm 60-80
657.    A bronze finish Marley horse group - plinth base a/f - 20cm tall 20-40
658.    A pair of Chinese bronze vases decorated birds in landscapes circa 1900 - 16cm 80-120
659.    A pair of late 19th century spelter figures after Moreau - 25cm, one with chip to marble base 40-60
660.    A small early 19th century wooden box with printed decoration 20-30
661.    Two Victorian brass and porcelain winding switches or servants bells 10-20
662.    A Rolls Razor, boxed and a Lightning 444 Metal Dater 10-20
663.    A percussion gunlock by Theophalus Mercott Gunsmith, London 10-20
664.    A large flintlock mechanism - complete 30-50
665.    A percussion gunlock and trigger mechanism by H Atkin - Gunsmith of Bedford 10-20
666.    A pair of percussion gunlocks, trigger guard and trigger mechanism by C Rockart - Gunsmith of Blairgowrie, Scotland 20-40
667.    An Eastern leather on wood copper studded handle - 24cm 20-30
668.    Two pairs of marble grey bookends 10-20
669.    Three small prints of Venice - 8 x 6cm 10-20
670.    A 1950's Mamod SR1 steam roller - boxed 60-80
671.    A 1960's Mamod static steam engine - boxed 30-50
672.    A 1950's Mamod static steam engine SE2 - boxed, and a grinding wheel etc mounted on board 40-60
673.    A Mamod steam engine 15-25
674.    A Japanese remote controlled plush dog 10-30
675.    An Efroc jigsaw from Festival of Britain 'The South Bank' - a communications cables map jigsaw and a Waddingtons jigsaw - all complete 10-30
676.    A group of various 1920's/30's playing card items for bridge, bezique etc 10-20
677.    Two Mauchline Ware Bezique markers, a whist marker, cribbage board and quantity of games counters etc, five small comical watercolours, a Hudson police whistle 1940, a Military whistle with arrow mark, a Victorian brass hand form paper clip plus four photographs of the Hindenberg and two similar postcards. 10-20
678.    A leather cased gents toiletry set 10-20
679.    A copper and brass biscuit box and a silver plated hip flask boxed 10-20
680.    A novelty joint stool form money box 10-20
681.    Three GEC torches 20-40
682.    A brass reproduction compass and sundial in hardwood and brass inlaid box 10-30
683.    A group of five ivory backed Edwardian brushes a/f and a set of ebony backed brushes and mirrors 20-40
684.    A box of crystal set parts 10-20
685.    A group of collectables including opera glasses, magnifying lens, clock stand and AA badge etc 10-20
686.    A WWII ARP helmet 10-20
687.    A fly fishing reel, rod and a shooting stick umbrella 10-20
688.    A Victorian glass hall lantern a/f 10-20
689.    A tall narrow oak dome top waterfall bookcase 80-100
690.    A pair of Victorian spelter and alabaster walrus bookends - 13cm 20-40
691.    A miniature bronze greyhound seated with red glass eyes - 5.5cm high 30-50
692.    A bronze greyhound - 16cm 60-80
693.    A silver plated and gilt novelty dogs head desk seal - 90cm tall 30-50
694.    A pair of marble bookends with seated painted spelter Arab figures - 14cm 20-40
695.    A gilt bronze and marble letter rack - 23cm 30-40
696.    A Victorian cast iron donkey form vesta holder - 10cm tall 20-30
697.    A Victorian spelter inkwell with pug dogs and puppies 20-40
698.    A small resin sculpture of a jockey riding a snail - a/f 10-20
699.    A Chinese carved wood reclining Putai laughing on a wooden base - 23cm 20-40
700.    Two wooden elephants - 10cm 10-20
701.    A pair of carved African hardwood antelope heads circa 1950- 40cm 30-50
702.    A large African pottery scoop, a smaller scoop and a plaque 10-20
703.    A carved wooden musical grape dish, a pewter and wooden plaque and various other African treen 15-25
704.    A carved African hardwood bust and various other African treen circa 1950's 10-30
705.    A 1950's African wooden belt with twelve panels painted scenes of tribal life - annotated to reverse 10-30
706.    An oak barometer 10-20
707.    A Victorian copper samovar 30-50
708.    A pair of gilt spelter figures 'The Reaper' and 'The Sower' on bakelite plinth bases - 29cm 30-40
709.    A late 19th/early 20th century Chinese bronze censer in the form of Shou Lao riding his deer - 38cm tall 400-600
710.    A cold painted bronze of a pheasant by Christophe Fratin on oval base - 35w x 26.5cm high 150-250
711.    A large spelter model of a mare (repair to neck) - 39cm long 40-60
712.    An Edwardian brass kettle on stand 20-30
713.    A Welsh copper and brass miners lamp 20-40
714.    A brass trench art jug with frilled top 15-25
715.    An Edwardian copper kettle by W A Kirby, Lowestoft 15-25
716.    An antique gilt framed mirror with rope twist frame (replacement faux antique glass) 50 x 64cm 40-60
717.    A large solid oak 1930's sideboard with two drawers and three cupboards all with carved decoration 40-60
718.    David Bates - watercolour landscape with woman and child - 36 x 27cm 80-120
719.    Hugh Crowther - oil of Monmouth school dated 1946 - 34 x 44cm 20-40
720.    Sydney Foley RSMA - watercolour Sunshine in a Venice Campo 50-70
721.    A watercolour The Chequers Farm Frogatt - 21 x 29cm 20-30
722.    Two watercolour humorous sketches of elephant and woman - 14 x 10cm 30-50
723.    A pair of oil on board marine scenes - 14.5 x 22cm 50-70
724.    A late Victorian satin walnut dressing table with two trinket drawers 80-120
725.    An Art Deco style composition figure of a woman and greyhound 34cm 30-50
726.    A Victorian alabaster casket carved roses 20-40
727.    An Art Deco mirrored tray and Deco cake stand etc 30-50
728.    An Elegance 1950's musical compact 10-20
729.    A group of ladies and gents handkerchiefs and gents scarf etc 10-20
730.    A vintage cigarette holder, a smaller one etc 30-50
731.    A group of 1930's scarves and beads 20-40
732.    A 1936 silk scarf printed Edward VIII abdication together with three pairs of kid gloves and lace gloves 20-30
733.    A group of embroidered and cutwork table linen and a silk embroidered christening shawl 20-30
734.    A Victorian white nightdress, pair of bloomers, top and a group of crochet edge table linen 20-40
735.    Rev John Parker (Sweeney Hall, Shropshire) - watercolour Marsden Church - unframed 1849 - 17 x 25cm 60-80
736.    A collection of vintage scarves 50-70
737.    A quantity of decorative feathers and feather trimmings 20-40
738.    A box of compacts etc 30-50
739.    A box of vintage belts including cummerbunds 10-30
740.    A vintage pale blue Indian sari 10-30
741.    A lace makers cushion and bobbins 20-40
742.    A white off the shoulder dress made with vintage lace 40-60
743.    A shop mannequin display bust with hat and costume 30-50
744.    A box of vintage scarves 30-50
745.    A Volupte vanity purse, a bone fan and two pairs of gold plated glasses etc 10-20
746.    Four vintage handbag handles 10-20
747.    A handpainted silk table cover - 56cm sq 15-25
748.    A Liberty suede hat, a fur hat and two other hats in Liberty box 30-50
749.    A Steiff leopard 20cm - lacking button 30-50
750.    A Steiff lion and cub - lacking buttons 30-501
751.    An Edwardian single door display cabinet 20-40
752.    A large modern Dutch oil on canvas Still Life fruit signed indistinctly - 58 x 78cm 200-300
753.    Phil Hips (pseudo name) - a pair of oil on canvas highland landscapes - 19 x 39cm 150-200
754.    Joachim Bereuter - oil on canvas still life Strawberries - 23 x 29cm 60-80
755.    James Priddey - limited edition print Lake Coniston 25 x 35cm, signed in pencil 30-50
756.    An early 20th century 3 seater settee on bun feet 60-80
757.    A 1950's photograph by Willy Maywald for Dior 'Robe Tuilerie' - 47 cm x 58cm 100-150
757A.   Jim Nicholson - watercolour Outer Hebrides coastal scene - 28 x 51cm 50-70
758.    A reproduction Southern Comfort framed advertising mirror - 51 x 38cm 10-20
759.    An early 19th century sampler with text, trees, flower etc dated 1818 by Ann Hudson, framed and glazed, 41 x 29cm 150-200
760.    Helen Bradley - limited edition print 'Our Picnic', signed in pencil, with blind stamp - 40 x 59cm 40-60
761.    Grania Lady Langrishe - watercolour flower study - signed and dated with gallery label verso - 52 x 45cm 20-40
762.    Phillip Gardner - watercolour horse racing scene with jockeys, owners and trainers before the race - 31 x 39cm 150-200
763.    H W Pipes - watercolour castle (possibly Warwick Castle) 27 x 37cm 70-90
764.    A pastel of a nude - 47.5 x 31cm 30-50
765.    Gertrude Hermes RA - wood cut 'Burning Stubble 15/50', signed in pencil and dated 1968 - 70.5 x 44cm 200-300
766.    A sanguine chalk drawing of a seated figure - signed indistinctly - 14 x 10cm 20-30
767.    A Victorian aquatint of a woman - 38 x 28cm 10-20
768.    An early 20th century walnut arch top cheval mirror 80-120
769.    An old hat box 20-30
770.    A Victorian chaise longue with carved decoration and spindle back - repaired 40-60
771.    A large stained glass panel in pine frame (glass 96 x 62cm) 50-70
772.    A Georgian mahogany corner washstand with drawer and undertier 80-120
773.    A fine modern oak longcase clock in early 18th century style by Rosse Stamp (an Admiralty Scientist who developed the first underwater television camera), dated 1976 200-300.
774.    A reproduction enamel and metal advertising sign "Use Bernard & Algers Corn & Grass Manures" - 60 x 46cm 20-40
775.    A large antique metal strainer with wooden handle 80cm 10-30
776.    Two old bill hooks 10-20
777.    Two two-handled saws 10-20
778.    An old scythe 10-20
779.    A Victorian seed drill 30-50
780.    A Victorian garden roller 20-40
781.    A large stained glass wood framed panel - 56 x 92cm 10-20
782.    A wicker picnic hamper 10-30
783.    A painted vintage work table 10-20
784.    Two old trunks 10-30
785.    A small reproduction mahogany sofa table 10-20
786.    A mahogany reproduction bedside cabinet 20-30
787.    A 19th century stained oak blanket chest with double lock and two keys 60-80
788.    Two steamer style slatted wood chairs 20-40
789.    A late Victorian mahogany arch top full length mirror with carved decoration to frieze - originally from a cheval mirror
790.    A Silver Cross Pram circa 1950 40-60
791.    An old aluminium milk churn 57cm 20-40
792.    A small oak corner cupboard with shell to door (made from longcase clock) 40-60
793.    A Victorian mahogany leather topped ladies desk on turned supports with frieze drawers and dummy drawer - 19cm wide 80-120
794.    A dome top wooden trunk 61cm wide 20-40
795.    An oak cased desk stand and inkwell with ink pots 'Copying', 'Red', and 'Black' 10-30
796.    A mahogany inkstand 10-20
797.    An oak three bottle tantalus with silver plated mounts 50-70
798.    An Edwardian oak slope front correspondence box 30-50
799.    A 19th century mahogany tea caddy with satinwood stringing and brass cornucopia handles, 32cm wide 50-70
800.    An Edwardian brass spirit kettle with embossed decoration and a brass trivet 10-30
801.    A Victorian walnut and marquetry overmantel mirror - 59 x 98cm 20-30
802.    An early 20th century mahogany lowboy, 60cm wide 40-60
803.    A set of vintage wooden skittles and two balls 20-30
804.    A box of 78 rpm records 10-20
805.    A case of 78rpm records including Fats Domino, Elvis, Paul Anchor, Guy Mitchell etc 20-40
806.    A mahogany cased Columbia Grafonola table top gramophone 40-60
807.    A Leophone table top gramophone and blue painted tin horn 50-70
808.    An Edwardian Magneto wall mounted telephone in teak case - Sterling Model No U365 (London) circa 1910 - 1920 - with modern electronics added 50-70
809.    A set of Avery grocery scales 20-40
810.    A 19th century rosewood and mother of pearl inlaid work box 30-50
811.    A box of old microscope slides 40-60
812.    A 19th century burr walnut brass mounted casket containing three gilt painted toiletry bottles - two stoppers a/f 30-50
813.    Two bamboo and horn handled riding crops 20-30
814.    An ebonised walking cane with white metal cap 10-30
815.    A malacca riding crop and a bamboo one 20-30
816.    A Victorian huntman's whip with silver collar - London 1865 30-50
817.    A small brass four branch light fitting and four matching wall lights 20-40
818.    A group of kitchenalia to include a set of graduated coffee pots, enamel dishes etc 20-40
819.    A box of old moulding planes 20-40
820.    A set of brass scales and weights by Chase 20-40
821.    A 19th century brass four draw telescope - cased 40-60
822.    An early 20th century leather handkerchief box and two leather collar boxes 20-30
823.    A set of large Victorian brass balance scales 20-40
824.    A Victorian rosewood and brass banded writing slope 40-60
825.    A Victorian walnut Tunbridgeware banded workbox with fitted interior 30-50
826.    A fine 19th century Nicole Freres rosewood and marquetry cylinder musical box playing twelve airs - in working condition, with paper label to interior lid, 53 x 23 x 17cm 700-900
827.    A 19th century musical box playing eight tunes with three bells - in mahogany marquetry case 100-150
828.    A Victorian brass Leitz microscope in fitted case together with assorted lenses and key, marked E Leitz, Wetzlar, No. 9089, engraved to stem Wm Hume, Optician, Edinburgh 800-1200
829.    A Past Times Shove H'a penny board and a bagatelle board - boxed 10-30
830.    An early 20th century five branch cut glass chandelier light fitting with blue glass shades 20-40
831.    John White Alexander (1856 - 1915) - pencil signed lithograph Isabella and the Pot of Basil - 18 x 38cm 20-40
832.    Hubert Andrew Freeth - watercolour 'Music Makers', signed and also dedicated verso - 19 x 27cm 40-60
833.    A gilt framed Victorian early photographic portrait print on glass 30-50
834.    Winifred Burlingham - pastel self portrait - 47 x 36cm 20-40
835.    E Radcliffe after David Cox - coloured engraving 'Fly Fishing on the Wye at Haddon Hall' - 10 x 15cm 10-30
836.    Colton Robins - watercolour 'The Ness Teignmouth' 1913 - 17 x 53cm 20-40
837.    A 1970's print on board 'Three Boats' by Sir Mathew Smith - 57 x 72cm 10-30
838.    John Scanes - oil on board 'Storm on Haywards Heath' - 104 x 44cm 100-150
839.    An Edwardian watercolour of Mount Etna from the sea, indistinctly monogrammed and inscribed 'Etna' - 18 x 34cm 40-60
840.    D J Sweetingham - watercolour harbour scene - 47 x 36cm 30-50
841.    A Victorian watercolour - Scottish shepherd sheltering, signed R J Vaughan? - 28 x 43cm 40-60
842.    Paul Twine - oil view from Cherry Hill between Mordiford and Fownhope - 44 x 57cm 20-40
843.    A 19th century oil on canvas river landscape with bridge and church - 29 x 49cm 20-40
844.    Attrib Reverend James Bourne - watercolour of a cottage in a landscape - 28 x 40cm 80-120
845.    A 1940's watercolour of boys landing a dinghy - 42 x 32cm 25-35
846.    H Deakill - watercolour cockle pickers at Morcombe Bay signed and dated 1892 - 16 x 34cm 40-60
847.    Spare lot
848.    An Italian watercolour of the Church of Chiana overlooking Tibor Hills - 17 x 23cm 40-60
849.    A watercolour ducks flying over wetlands - 25 x 36cm 20-40
850.    A French Realist print of mother and child with basket - 21 x 14cm 10-30
851.    A humorous golfing print by Fougasse - 37 x 27cm 30-50
852.    Don Breckon - print steam train - 40 x 51cm 10-30
853.    Terry Devereaux - watercolour woman in cape 47 x 35cm 50-70
854.    Charles Wyatt - limited edition print of cocker spaniel - 27 x 34cm 10-20
855.    Terence Cuneo - limited edition print Flying Scotsman - signed - 53 x 67cm 30-50
856.    JB Edwards - limited edition print of GWR Pendennis Castle 37 x 55cm 10-20
857.    David Weston - large oil on canvas of two steam trains Pendennis Castle and City of Truro - 74 x 98cm 300-500
858.    David Shepherd print Londons Red Buses - 30 x 50cm 20-40
859.    Two Hong Kong framed photographic prints of trains 1955 Kowloon Railway Station 10-30
860.    Jack Russell - limited edition cricket print - 'Moment of Victory' signed in pencil by the England Team 50 x 75cm 50-80
861.    An early 19th century watercolour of flowers with photocopy of signature on reverse of picture - 24 x 19cm 10-30
862.    A 19th century gouache horse racing scene - 37 x 54cm 120-180
863.    A pair of 19th century Ackermans coloured engravings of Herefordshire and Monmouthshire Grand Hunt Steeple Chase by Charles Hunt 1845 - 37 x 51cm 60-80
864.    Kathleen Boy - oil on board Still Life - 48 x 56cm 20-40
865.    Leonard Squirrel - print of The Forth Road Bridge - 15 x 22cm 20-30
866.    A coloured print of The British Ironclad Fleet - printed by HM Currie - 15 x 23cm 20-30
867.    An oak and mahogany bookcase with open shelves over glazed cupboard 60-80
868.    A mahogany open bookshelf 20-40
869.    An engraved map by Mr D Anville of Alexanders Expedition to India - 25 x 41cm and another map of the Expedition - 37 x 46cm 30-50
870.    A Robert Morden map of Buckinghamshire - 46 x 36cm 20-30
871.    A German map 'Germania Antiqua 1803' 23 x 27cm 30-50
872.    A saddle or road map by John Ogilby - London to St Davids - 32 x 44cm 40-60
873.    An 18th century engraving nativity scene in walnut frame - 17 x 12.5cm 20-30
874.    A small 18th century map of Yorkshire with text to verso - 13 x 16cm 40-60
875.    A watercolour Blackness Castle, Firth of Forth Scotland 1807 - monogrammed JH - 11 x 18cm 30-40
876.    An oriental print of a seated Buddha within landscape - 45 x 32cm 10-30
877.    An 18th century map of Cheape Ward London 30 x 36cm 50-70
878.    A set of five late 19th century mahogany Regency style bar back dining chairs 60-80
879.    An old violin in case with bow 50-70
880.    A pair of Victorian mahogany inlaid side chairs 20-30
881.    A Sheraton style mahogany chair 80-120
882.    An Edwardian shield back salon chair 10-20
883.    A pair of Queen Anne style carver chairs a/f 20-40
884.    A saddle bag rug 20-40
885.    An Edwardian rush seated chair 10-20
886.    A cane seated nursing chair with lattice back 10-20
887.    A Reprodux Georgian style carver chair 20-40
888.    A 17th century carved primitive chair with alterations 30-50
889.    A 1930's shell back upholstered chair 30-50
890.    An American turned wood rocking chair 40-60
891.    Richard Bertram Ogle - gouache book illustration circa 1930 - unframed 31 x 25cm 30-50
892.    A set of four naive farm animal prints - 19 x 24cm 10-20
893.    An American rocking chair 30-50
894.    A set of three Japanese prints landscapes - 20 x 30cm 20-30
895.    A set of four Victorian rosewood balloon back dining chairs with reeded legs and carved decoration 60-80
896.    An early 20th century oak cased wall clock 20-40
897.    A Victorian walnut pier cabinet with open shelves and inlay, 72cm wide 30-50
898.    A large Art Deco style aluminium aeroplane on stand - 31cm 20-40
899.    A group of African baskets, rattle etc 10-20
900.    A naturalistic large yew fruit bowl (the yew tree from Stoke Prior Church Yard) 20-30
901.    A pair of painted white model monkey candle holders - 24cm high 20-30
902.    A 1920's mahogany sideboard with quartered veneer doors 40-60
903.    A Victorian oil lamp with blue moulded glass reservoir 40-60
904.    A Victorian mahogany finish swing toiletry mirror on box base 20-40
905.    A Kindo brass tortion clock 20-40
906.    A Victorian mahogany leather topped twin pedestal desk 122cm w x 59cm d x 70cm h 40-60
907.    A box of copper and brass including a quantity of candlesticks and JS & S jug 20-30
908.    An early 20th century brass tortion clock under glass dome 50-70
909.    A miniature longcase clock 10-20
910.    An early 20th century mahogany two door gramophone record cabinet 30-50
911.    A Georgian mahogany tilt top circular wine table on turned column and triple support 50-70
912.    An Edwardian scroll top towel rail 30-50
913.    A 20th century mahogany music cabinet with five drawers 40-60
914.    An Edwardian Sutherland table 20-40
915.    A large late 19th century Indian iron and brass bound dowry chest with dome top and wheels - 138cm wide x 74cm deep 200-300
916.    Two similar Victorian red button upholstered armchairs on turned supports 120-180
917.    A Victorian mahogany finish wind out dining table with one interleaf all on turned and reeded supports 60-100
918.    A 19th century oak corner cupboard with floral carved decoration 80-120
919.    A Victorian oval tin hat box with quantity of old berets, mink fur stole and two other fur items 30-40
920.    A 1930's Burmese wicker hat 10-30
921.    A Comitti mahogany marquetry barometer/thermometer 40-60
922.    An oak wine table on triple cabriole supports 20-40
923.    A Georgian mahogany bow fronted corner cupboard with oval ebony and satinwood stringing to door 30-50
924.    A German rosewood and brass barometer 30-50
925.    Henry Seaton-Carr - watercolour Farla Nuba, Kordofan Sudan - unframed 44 x 28cm 40-60
926.    Two African woven trays, wicker box etc 10-30
927.    An Indian hardwood brass inlaid small trunk - 61 x 37cm deep x 43cm high 80-120
928.    A small modern mahogany chest of six drawers - 83cm wide x 38cm deep x 62cm high 40-60
929.    A large Swazi carved wood two handled dish or 'Unqwembe' 30-50
930.    An Aboriginal Coolamon circa 1970 20-30
931.    An Egyptian carved relief plaque on perspex stand - 47cm 20-30
932.    A pair of large African carved hardwood antelope - 31cm tall 40-60
933.    A plaster model of pharoahs head on plinth base - 40cm high 10-30
934.    An old wooden shillelagh 50-70
935.    Two African short spears circa 1950 10-30
936.    An antique bronze incense burner - 41cm 40-60
937.    A Victorian mahogany finish stretcher table on bobbin turned supports 50-80
938.    A French style occasional table with marquetry decoration and curved supports - 50cm sq 50-70
939.    An Edwardian mahogany writing table with leather inset top over drawers and small cupboard - 112cm wide. 30-50
940.    An old valve radio 10-30
941.    A Gamages old sewing machine in fitted case 10-20
942.    A Short and Mason oak cased barometer 20-40
943.    A Victorian mahogany childs chair with coal scuttle below seat 50-70
944.    A reproduction turned plant stand 10-20
945.    An early 20th century South African antique animal hide fan with turned wood handle 20-30
946.    An early 20th century mahogany lowboy, 77cm wide 60-80
947.    A Royal Britannia cruise ship heavy walnut champagne bucket with liner, marked to base 'Brit 1 Class Lounge' 100-150
948.    Three various old baskets 20-30
949.    A yew twin pedestal desk - 136cm wide x 75cm deep 60-100
950.    Two brass garden sprays and a blow torch 10-30
951.    A long footstool on cabriole supports 20-30
952.    An oak gateleg supper table with barleytwist supports 20-40
953.    A small painted bathroom wall cupboard 10-20
954.    An elephant-foot stool 150-200
955.    An early 19th century mahogany circular breakfast table 98cm 40-60
956.    An oak framed swing toiletry mirror 10-20
957.    A childs chair and a small oak bookcase 20-30
958.    A Victorian mahogany stretcher table - a/f 20-40
959.    An Edwardian childs desk and chair on wrought iron stand 30-50
960.    A mahogany folding cake stand with inlaid decoration 20-30
961.    A mahogany folding cake stand 20-40
962.    A large gilt framed mirror - 73 x 49cm 40-60
963.    Three various old baskets 20-30
964.    An oak dropleaf oval supper table on turned supports - 77cm long 10-30
965.    An early 19th century dropflap mahogany butlers tray on turned and folding stand 200-300
966.    An oak framed floral painted firescreen and an oak plate rack 20-30
967.    A Victorian button upholstered settle on turned supports and castors 30-50
968.    George Oyston - watercolour sheep grazing in a landscape - 31 x45cm 40-60
969.    Alfred Jones - two oil on board London scenes 30 x 40cm and 30 x 46cm 10-20
970.    An MGM film poster Eagles Over London 100 x 86cm 30-50
971.    A Victorian burr walnut triple wardrobe with two doors and central mirror door, 184cm wide x
213cm high 80-120
972.    A small Victorian button upholstered armchair on ebonised supports 40-60
973.    Ethel M Mullinsome - watercolour of a house 32 x 28cm 30-50
974.    A three fold fabric covered screen 20-30
975.    A fox fur cape 10-30
975A.   A Caroline Charles pale blue spotted evening dress 30-50
976.    An Edwardian mahogany dressing mirror with three drawers to bow fronted base - 86cm wide 40-60
977.    A large white Victorian silk embroidered shawl with long tasselled fringe - in good condition 80-120
978.    A Chinese lacquer side table with two freize drawers - 90cm wide 30-40
979.    An eastern hard wood openwork curved stand - 62cm high 30-50
980.    A circular copper tray with embossed star decoration - 38cm dia 10-20
981.    A brass Arabic coffee grinder and three toasting forks 10-20
982.    A Chippendale style mahogany two door display cabinet with blind fretwork decoration, all raised on stand with drawer and undertier, 97cm wide 120-180
983.    A Georgian style brass three piece fireside set 20-40
984.    Kenneth Ansell - four oil on canvas horse portraits - 34 x 27cm 100-150
985.    A 19th century mahogany Georgian style secretaire bookcase with two arch glazed doors over secretaire drawer fitted birds eye maple interior, all over three further drawers - 110cm wide 500-700
986.    A Victorian oil on canvas river landscape with sheep - repaired 50 x 39cm 20-30
987.    A huntmans saddle flask with silver collar - Sheffield 1912 - in leather cover, by James Dixon and Sons 100-150
988.    A Schweppes 'gilt' horse racing trophy 1985 won by DP Travers-Clark with Ra Nova, sold together with associated Schweppes calendar 600-800
989.    A Post Office medal for Faithful Service together with letter, fitted case, photograph and birth certificate to Henry Wadley who worked at Newent Post Office 40-60
990.    A Crimean War medal 1854 with Sebastopol clasp, ribbon frayed - W Jones 1st Batn. Rifle BDE 100-150
991.    An early 20th century Chinese ivory page turner with carved and pierced floral decoration 30-50
992.    A gilt metal hall console table with onyx top 91cm wide 20-40