Antique & Collectables Sale
on Friday 6th April 2018

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1.      A Royal Worcester 'Blue Dragon' tea service comprising five cups and saucers (one handle a/f), eight tea plates, six larger plates and a sugar bowl £80-120
2.      A group of Cauldon blue and white vases, dishes etc painted classical chariot scenes £20-40
3.      Two Ringtons blue and white tea caddies and three hot water jugs £30-50
4.      A blue and white octagonal jar and cover and a blue and white jug £10-20
5.      A Maling Ringtons blue and white hexagonal jar and cover printed castles and a similar bowl £30-50
6.      An early 20th century Parisian porcelain vase and cover painted figures at a cottage door, repaired to handle and chips to inner rim £40-60
7.      A large Copeland Spode Italian fruit bowl and a Wedgwood Jasperware biscuit barrel £20-40
8.      Edouard La Jouanie - French painting on porcelain panel old couple in interior scene - 15 x 19cm £60-80
9.      A large Royal Winton Iris jug , handle repaired - 38cm £20-30
10.     Six Fielding and Co ivory blush plates printed flowers £20-40
11.     A large studio art glass dish - 47cm £10-20
12.     A large Ruskin table lamp with green mottled decoration - 32cm £200-300
13.     A large 20th century Chinese blue and white jar and lid decorated lily pads - 42cm £20-40
14.     A large reproduction Ironstone jug - 25cm £10-20
15.     A Lladro figure of lady in ball gown a/f - 27cm £20-30
16.     A Lladro group of lady with brush and talking to older lady - 29cm £30-40
17.     A Lladro figure of lady in dress windswept - 36cm high £20-30
18.     A Lladro figure girl with lamb £20-30
19.     Three Lladro geese and a Lladro dove £20-30
20.     Two Lladro bells one with butterflies and floral designs and the other of winter ice skating scene £10-20
21.     Four Lladro year bells including two 1987 bells and 1991 and 1997 examples £20-30
22.     A Lladro Polar Bear group - 15cm w £20-30
23.     A Lladro swan group of mother with cygnets £10-20
24.     A Lladro terrier with snail on paw - 12cm high £20-30
25.     Two Lladro clown figurines £20-30
26.     A Lladro group of two swallows perching on branch - 18cm high £20-30
27.     A Lladro group girl with cat and kittens in rocking cradle - 17cm w £20-30
28.     Two Lladro butterfly ornaments £20-30
29.     Two Lladro playful cats £20-30
30.     A Lladro figure of girl sitting on stool - 15cm high £10-20
31.     Three Lladro bird ornaments £20-30
32.     Two Lladro beagle puppies £20-30
33.     A Lladro figure of lady holding lamb - 17cm high £20-30
34.     A Lladro figure of lady 'with umbrella' - lacking umbrella £10-20
35.     A Lladro figure of lady sitting watching bird £20-30
36.     A Lladro group Koala bear mother and baby - 20cm £20-30
37.     A Rosenthal group of girl with fawn 12cm £10-20
38.     A Lladro dog with butterfly on tail with Lladro cat with mouse on tail £20-40
39.     A Lladro figure of a girl carrying flower pot - 16cm high £20-30
40.     A Lladro group boy and girl holding hands - 25cm £20-30
41.     A Lladro group of two nuns - 33cm £20-30
42.     A Lladro figure of lady holding goose in basket and barking dog - 27cm £20-30
43.     A Lladro figure of girl with umbrella - neck a/f and another holding basket of flowers £10-20
44.     A Lladro group of lady feeding geese - 23cm £20-30
45.     A Lladro group of girl protecting boy from goose - 25cm £20-30
46.     A pair of large oriental table lamps with cream shades - 33cm £30-50
47.     A white reticulated table lamp and cream shade - 38cm £30-50
48.     A group of Toby and character jugs comprising two large Royal Doulton character jugs for Sairey Gamp and Falstaff, three small for Tony Weller, Mr Pickwick and Mr Micawber, one tiny character jug and three other Toby jugs £50-70
49.     A Ringtons floral teapot, blue and white teapot and jug and a Masons Ringtons teapot £30-50
50.     A Hammersley floral tea set comprising two cake plates, sugar, eight cups and eleven saucers and ten tea plates £10-20
51.     A Minton Marlow tea service comprising seven cups and saucers, seven tea plates, milk jug, sugar, cake plates and sandwich plate £10-30
52.     A pair of Doulton Series Ware Dickens plates, a Shylock plate and a Wedgwood plate printed hunting scene £20-40
53.     A Doulton Series Ware wall plate decorated Old English Coaching Scenes - 32.5cm dia £15-25
54.     A Doulton Series Ware plate printed Rochester caste D6308 £10-20
55.     A Wadeheath Imari jug, a Woods embossed jug and a similar large vase £10-20
56.     A Wadeheath Art Deco jug decorated windmill, a Wilkinsons jug and a Wade jug £20-30
57.     A Shorter and Sons waterlily jug and a 1930's floral jug £10-20
58.     A Valhauris figure of a nude - 23cm £10-20
59.     A vintage black china figure of a seated child £10-20
60.     A Wade Johnnie Walker bar jug £10-20
61.      A Country Artists wren and bluebell group and other similar groups £10-20
62.     A Doulton Lambeth Silicon Ware bowl - 16cm dia £10-20
63.     A Shelley Art Deco vase with brightly coloured asymetrical design on a black ground and another similar a/f £30-50
64.     A 19th century Victorian vase decorated Dutch scenes and children, and a toothbrush mug £10-20
65.     Three items of Wedgwood and a prunus blossom ginger jar £10-20
66.     A group of Royal Albert Country Roses items including two serving dishes, jardiniere and three other items along with a Cottage Rose owl lidded pot £20-30
67.     A pair of vintage purple glass and stainless steel candle holders, a blue glass storm lamp and a pair of stainless steel candleholders etc £20-30
68.     Two items of Wedgwood Jasperware and a Worcester trinket box £10-20
69.     A bisque porcelain 'St Ivel Cheese' advertising shop display depicting monks, marked to verso 'Made in Thuringia for Aplin and Barrett Creameries Ltd Yeovil' - a/f £10-30
70.     A Red Arrows tankard £10-20
71.     Six various Royal Crown Derby plates £10-30
72.     A small Maling lustre bowl and an Art Deco floral vase - 21cm £10-20
73.     A Beswick floral moulded and painted preserve pot and butter dish - 880 and 875 £10-20
74.     A Shelley 'Melody' ashtray £10-20
75.     An Edwardian Shelley butter dish with tree and landscape decoration £10-20
76.     A Victorian floral printed fruit bowl and two Cauldon plates printed and painted fruit £10-20
77.     A childs tea service decorated strawberries and a small teapot 'Vine' £10-20
78.     A Royal Albert 'Country Roses' tea and coffee service comprising teapot, coffee pot, six cups and saucers, six tea plates, cake plate, milk and sugar £50-70
79.     Two Poole Aegean pin dishes and a floral posy ring dish £10-20
80.     Two Poole pottery Agean dishes and two vintage studio pottery vases £10-30
81.     A Japanese satsuma vase and another oriental vase £10-20
82.     A 1930's floral jug and other decorative china £10-20
83.     A Royal Albert tea and dinner service comprising teapot, coffee pot, sugar, milk and cream, sandwich plate, six tea cups and saucers, six coffee cups, cake stand, six dinner plates, six breakfast plates, six side plates, six dessert bowls, gravy and stand plus four various small dishes, salt and pepper and cake slice £80-120
84.     A porcelain plaque decorated garden plants and pots 28 x 35 cm £10-30
85.     A Wedgwood Susie Cooper dinner service 'Neptune' comprising: six 10.5" dinner plates, eleven breakfast and six small side plates, ten bowls, ten saucers and two cups £40-60
86.     A set of three table lamps and shades 33cm £20-40
87.     A Losol Ware jug, Crown Staffordshire coffee pot and a small tureen with ladle £10-20
88.     Three Cornish Carn pottery vases (only one marked) - the largest 21cm £30-50
89.     A Troika coffin vase - 17cm £60-80
90.     A pair of Thoune blue panelled floral painted vases £30-50
91.     A Royal Doulton Slaters Patent vase 25cm £20-30
92.     A pair of Royal Adderley budgerigars and a Radford flower vase £10-20
93.     Two Beswick dogs - a Jack Russell and a Spaniel £20-30
94.     A Rosenthal white rabbit - 14cm £10-20
95.     A Melba collie dog - 22cm, and two other collie dogs £10-20
96.     A white porcelain candelabrum with lady holding basket of flowers - a/f, and a Canton miniature teapot - a/f £20-30
97.     A group of Doulton toby jugs, character jugs and liqueur jugs depicting Falstaff and Rip van Winkle £20-40
98.     A Burlington Toby jug and a Royal Doulton figure of the Old Balloon Seller £20-40
99.     A Spode Felspar porcelain bowl and cover on stand painted flowers - lid a/f £20-40
100.    A Bunny's Playtime Royal Winton baby bowl £10-20
101.    A Doulton Bunnykins two handled cup and a Wedgwood Beatrix Potter mug £10-20
102.    A group of four porcelain floral painted miniature boxes including a Royal Crown Derby Imari one
103.    A Royal Worcester Royal Marriage Vase and cover 152/750 and an Upton on Severn plate £20-40
104.    An early 19th century Dutch Delft tile painted figure and sheep - attributed to verso to Makkum £10-20
105.    An Aynsley tea service comprising eleven cups and saucers, twelve tea plates, two cake plates, sugar and milk jug with bluebell landscape decoration £20-40
106.    A Royal Worcester Melrose bachelors tea set comprising teapot, two cups and saucers, two tea plates, milk and sugar £10-20
107.    A Mintons coffee set of six cups and saucers 'Ardmore' S363 £10-20
108.    A set of six Royal Stafford tea cups and saucers, six tea plates and sugar bowl £10-20
109.    A group of animal ornaments £10-20
110.    A miniature crested tea set for Scarborough, boxed £10-20
111.    A group of 1960's Chinese bowls, plates and spoons £10-20
112.    A Royal Worcester Dunrobin part tea service comprising cake plate, three cups and six saucers, six tea plates and sugar £10-30
113.    A Victorian 'Welsh Costumes' tea service comprising: six cups and saucers, six tea plates, two cake plates, and two slop bowls - one cup and saucer and one of the slop bowls a/f £20-40
114.    A group of fifteen various glass paperweights £20-40
115.    A set of nine glass paperweights including milliefiori £20-40
116.    A group of nine glass paperweights including Caithness examples £20-30
117.    Six Caithness glass paperweights 'Moondance', 'Saladin', 'Winter scene', 'Arctic Twilight', 'Spring Symphony' and 'Chorale' £20-40
118.    A collection of five glass paperweights including Caithness examples 'Windfall', 'Reflections' and 'Perpetua' £10-20
119.    A Portmeirion Botanic Garden set of four mugs and a tile stand £10-20
120.    A Limoge plate painted plums, a continental floral dish with raised handle and an Aynsley vase £10-20
121.    Two Royal Doulton plates from the Sydney Dreaming collection - boxed £10-20
122.    A set of five Dorothy Doughty bird plates and certificates £30-50
123.    A Coalport horse racing plate for Cheltenham Gold Cup 1989 - boxed £20-40
124.    A pair of continental porcelain table lamps with figures of boy and girl holding floral encrusted posy vases - with shades - 26cm tall £20-30
125.    A Victorian Gaudy Welsh jug 19cm, a Victorian jug with applied floral decoration and a 1930's jug £20-30
126.    A cut glass jug and a cut glass oval jar and lid 13cm £10-30
127.    A large Prices 1930's Art Deco vase - 25cm £10-20
128.    A Royal Worcester oriental style vase on powder blue ground - G923, 15cm £50-60
129.    Three Chinese blue and white tea bowls £30-50
130.    A pair of Victorian bisque figures of girls with 'nodding' bodies £30-50
131.    A Chamberlain's Worcester two handled vase painted flowers - in need of restoration £10-20
132.    An early 19th century floral painted pastel burner £20-40
133.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Sleepy Boy' by Margaret Cane No 2918 £20-40
134.    A Haviland Limoges sugar bowl and cover painted flowers £10-20
135.    A group of Clarice Cliff to include apple shaped preserve pot, oblong plate painted harbour scene and a sauce boat - good condition £10-30
136.    A Clarice Cliff Honeydew sugar bowl, plate, cup and saucer and honey pot (lid a/f) - only the plate is marked Clarice Cliff £40-60
137.    A Clarice Cliff Autumn Crocus honey pot (crack to pot), sugar bowl (with hairline crack) and large bonjour sugar bowl (small chip to base and rim) £40-60
138.    A Clarice Cliff conical salt and pepper painted green flowers (chips to base of pepper) and an Autumn Crocus salt, pepper and mustard - the mustard matched and a/f £50-70
139.    A Clarice Cliff Blue Crocus conical cup (hairline crack) and a Spring Crocus cup (cracked) £50-70
140.    A Clarice Cliff Autumn Crocus cup and saucer - matched, octagonal tea plate and flower frog £40-60
141.    A Clarice Cliff Autumn Crocus octagonal cake plate - good condition £50-70
142.    A Clarice Cliff Spring Crocus milk jug, cake plate and saucer - good condition £60-100
143.    A Clarice Cliff Autumn Crocus cup, saucer and tea plate - good condition £60-80
144.    A Royal Worcester figure of Peter Pan modelled by F Gertner £50-70
145.    A Royal Worcester figure of a boy seated with a shot gun, impressed marks and registration mark, 13cm tall £50-70
146.    A Royal Worcester figure 'John Bull' by James Hadley £50-70
147.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Thursdays Child' by Freda Doughty £20-40
148.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Dutch Boy' by F Gertner No.2923 £50-70
149.    A Royal Worcester figure Wednesday's child by Freda Doughty £20-40
150.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Spring' by Freda Doughty £50-70
151.    A Royal Worcester figure of Peter Pan modelled by F Gertner
152.    A Royal Worcester figure 'September Boy' by Freda Doughty £20-40
153.    A Royal Worcester Victorian figure 'Boy with Basket' £50-70
154.    A Royal Worcester figure 'All Mine' by Freda Doughty £20-40
155.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Tuesdays Child' by Freda Doughty £20-40
156.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Tuesdays Child' by Freda Doughty £20-40
157.    A Royal Worcester figure 'January' by Freda Doughty £20-40
158.    A Royal Worcester figure 'October' by Freda Doughty £20-40
159.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Tommy' by Freda Doughty £20-40
160.    A Royal Worcester figure of Saturday's Child £20-40
161.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Flirtation' £20-40
162.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Autumn Song' £20-40
163.    A Royal Worcester figure 'French Fisherboy' Hadley Collection £20-40
164.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Sister' by Freda Doughty circa 1940 £50-70
165.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Grandmothers Dress' £20-40
166.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Sweet Peony' £10-20
167.    A Royal Worcester figure First Dance 3629 £20-40
168.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Sarah' £10-20
169.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Debutante' £20-40
170.    A Royal Worcester Victorian figure woman seated playing a mandolin No 547 £50-70
171.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Man in a Top Hat' by Freda Doughty 440 £20-40
172.    A Royal Worcester figure 'The Irish Man' by James Handley £50-70
173.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Eastern Water Carrier' Hadley Collection £20-40
174.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Eastern Watercarrier' Hadley Collection £20-40
175.    A Royal Worcester figure 'The Galants Lady' by Hadley £20-40
176.    Two Royal Worcester Evesham round serving dishes with lids and a Royal Worcester Evesham sauceboat and stand £10-20
177.    A large Royal Albert cake stand - 34cm high, and a two tier cake stand £10-20
178.    An Art Deco glass sweetshop jar £30-40
179.    A pair of Greek pottery figure form Metaxa flasks £10-20
180.    A Royal Albert Country Roses part dinner service consisting of seven dinner plates x 26cm dia, two other plates x 24cm, four bowls and gravy boat and stand £30-40
181.    A Royal Albert Country Roses tea service consisting of a teapot and stand plus spare lid, eleven teacups, fourteen saucers, two milk jugs, one cream jug, sugar bowls and fifteen side plates £40-60
182.    A box of Royal Worcester Evesham tureens, souffle dish etc £30-40
183.    A box of Royal Worcester Evesham serving dishes and tureens etc £30-40
184.    Various decorative tea ware including five Royal Albert harlequin cups and saucers £10-20
185.    A George Elliott Studio glass replica tumbler £10-20
186.    A 19th century ribbed glass decanter £10-20
187.    Five various Cowdy glasses £30-50
188.    A heavy green and amber studio glass vase 23cm £20-40
189.    An 18th century ale glass and a Murano glass paperweight £10-30
190.    A blue bubbled art glass vase 22cm £20-40
191.    A turquoise and opaque glass tapered studio vase - 40cm £20-30
192.    A cut glass decanter £10-20
193.    A Royal Crown Derby robin paperweight and a ladybird £20-40
194.    A Royal Crown Derby kingfisher £20-40
195.    A Royal Crown Derby robin £30-40
196.    A Royal Crown Derby nuthatch £20-40
197.    A pair of Royal Crown Derby birds £40-60
198.    A Royal Crown Derby blue tit £20-40
199.    A Royal Crown Derby badger £40-60
200.    A Clarice Cliff Autumn Crocus sugar bowl and beaker - good condition £80-100
201.    A Clarice Cliff shoe or clog painted in the Blue Crocus pattern - good condition £380-450
202.    A Clarice Cliff cup and saucer painted trees and bouquet of flowers with beige banding - good condition £60-80
203.    A small Clarice Cliff cup and saucer in daffodil shape painted blue, green and yellow asymmetrical banded decoration - good condition £250-350
204.    An early Clarice Cliff conical cream jug with solid handle painted in the Trees and House pattern circa 1930 - good condition £200-300
205.    An early Clarice Cliff conical coffee can and saucer with solid handles, painted in the Trees and House pattern circa 1930 - good condition £200-300
206.    A Clarice Cliff bird form pipe holder in pink and blue (small chip) £20-40
207.    A Clarice Cliff novelty Mr Fish three piece cruet set in blue colourway (small chip to foot of pepper) £60-801
208.    A Clarice Cliff Gayday cup and saucer (small chip to saucer) £10-30
209.    A Clarice Cliff pedestal egg cup painted in the Norge pattern - good condition £40-60
210.    Two Clarice Cliff Umbrella and Rain saucers and a similar unmarked cup - good condition £40-60
211.    A Lynton coffee cup and saucer painted garlands of flowers and pink and green border and another Lynton cup and saucer with green and brown banding - good condition £50-70
212.    A pair of Royal Worcester flared vases painted pheasants in landscapes by James Stinton - 1907, G706, 16cm £100-150
213.    A Royal Worcester coffee can and saucer painted 'The Arch, Hyde Park Corner' and 'St Pauls Cathedral' signed Davis £50-70
214.    A porcelain plaque painted hound dog by Tony Young (ex Worcester artist) £30-40
215.    A Beswick mare and another Beswick horse - ear a/f £30-50
216.    Two Beswick foals £30-50
217.    A Beswick seated stag £15-25
218.    A Beswick robin and bullfinch £10-20
219.    A Beswick cow £20-30
220.    A Beswick pheasant and pheasant pin dish £10-20
221.    A rare William Moorcroft vase painted single band of buds and leaves on a dark blue and green ground - unknown pattern?, 15cm, cracked £40-60
222.    Two Moorcroft candlesticks, painted iris and aquilegia on a blue ground £80-120
223.    A Royal Worcester ivory blush pot pourri vase and cover painted flowers, dated code 1903, No. 1286 - includes inner lid, 30cm £200-300
224.    A rectangular Canton tray painted interior scenes and flowers - 24 x 17cm £30-50
225.    A Chinese blue and white plate with all over scrolling decoration - 22cm dia - restored £10-20
226.    An 18th century Chinese blue and white coffee pot painted flowers - 14cm and small pickle dish £40-60
227.    A 19th century Chinese famille verte plate, a famille rose teapot and a stand £50-70
228.    A cut glass decanter and a glass bowl and cover £10-20
229.    An Art Deco style cut glass decanter
230.    A green studio glass bowl and blue art glass pedestal bowl £10-20
231.    A reproduction pottery pharmacists jar and five reproduction purple glass pharmacists bottles £20-30
232.    A set of six cut glass tumblers £20-30
233.    A cut glass decanter and eight heavy cut glass whisky glasses £20-40
234.    A collection of twelve Music by Muzak drinking glasses £10-20
235.    Two cut glass decanters, two cut glass jugs and a Victorian engraved mug dated 1875 £20-30
236.    A set of sixteen Babycham glasses £20-30
237.    A set of six green stemmed German hock glasses engraved vines £20-30
238.    Two pairs of cut glass vases £10-30
239.    A group of coloured glass ware £10-30
240.    A group of coloured glass £10-20
241.    A group of cut glass including decanter £10-20
242.    A cut glass fruit bowl £10-20
243.    Two green glass bottles and two stoneware bottles including Vine Brewery Ledbury bottle £10-20
244.    Two cut glass fruit bowls, a cut glass vase and a pickle jar £20-30
245.    A collection of brewery related glass ware including Guiness examples and other pub glasses £10-20
246.    A collection of various glass and pottery jelly moulds £10-20
247.    A large Crown Devon blue and white floral plate £10-20
248.    Three Royal Worcester Blue Dragon meat plates and a similar soup bowl £20-30
249.    A silver plated table lamp on figurative supports - 50cm £20-30
250.    A four piece silver plated on copper tea and coffee set £10-30
251.    A silver plated spirit kettle with stand and burner - 30cm high £20-40
252.    A pair of silver plated candelabra, a silver plated bottle coaster and a silver eggcup £20-30
253.    A boxed set of John Watts bone handled dinner knives £10-20
254.    A set of Victorian mother of pearl and silver plated dessert cutlery £10-20
255.    A Victorian silver plated chamberstick with snuffer and a silver plated basket £10-20
256.    A set of six silver handled tea knives, a silver plated set of spoons and a set of tea knives, all cased.
257.    An Art Deco silver plated and glass sandwich holder £10-20
258.    A pair of silver plated fish servers, cased spoon and servers £10-20
259.    A twelve place setting fish cutlery set - boxed £10-20
260.    A quantity of silver plated cutlery including Oneida silver plated cutlery set with six place settings of dessert spoons, dessert forks, dinner knives, dinner forks, teaspoons, table spoons, tea knives etc £40-60
261.    A silver plated biscuit barrel with swag decoration, a silver plated sugar castor and a pair of Mappin and Webb fish servers £10-20
262.    A set of six horn handled knives and forks - the blades by Parkin and Marshall £15-25
263.    A box of silver plated serving cutlery £10-20
264.    A silver collar scent bottle, a silver topped preserve pot with heart finial and various silver plated items £10-20
265.    A box of silver plated items to include a set of twelve wine goblets £10-20
266.    A box of silver plated cutlery £20-30
267.    A box of various silver plated items £10-20
268.    A silver plated soup tureen and other silver plated items £10-30
269.    Various silver plated items £10-30
270.    A large silver plated pie crust edge salver on four scroll feet £10-30
271.    A silver plated table gong with fish design and pedestal base, hand made by Cutahar Works, Malta £10-20
272.    A silver plated hammered effect pedestal rose bowl with lion handles and inset coins - 21cm dia £20-30
273.    A silver pepper pot with blue glass liner and two silver napkin rings - approx 74g £30-50
274.    A cut glass and silver dressing table jar £20-30
275.    Two cut glass and silver topped scent bottles
276.    Three silver photograph frames - 15 x 12cm approx and 12 x 10cm £30-50
277.    A Victorian pair of silver fish servers with pierced decoration, Sheffield 1859, a pair of silver sugar tongs and a preserve spoon £60-80
278.    Four silver salt spoons London 1824 and a silver sauce ladle £40-60
279.    A collection of silver items including a set of four seal top coffee spoons, a pair of pickle forks, etc 85g £30-40
280.    Three pairs of silver sugar tongs, three silver cruet spoons and a silver caddy spoon, total 119g £40-60
281.    Seven silver napkin rings, a pair of silver sugar tongs 150g total, a cut glass scent bottle with silver collar Birmingham 1901 and a silver plated toast rack £50-70
282.    A collection of silver souvenir spoons including some enamel examples 179g £40-60
283.    A silver ring holder a/f, a silver fronted prayer book, a Victorian silver rattle and a pin cushion £20-40
284.    A silver four piece dressing table brush and mirror set £30.-50
285.    Two silver backed brushes - a/f £10-20
286.    A set of six silver coffee spoons with heart form terminals, cased - Sheffield 1915 £40-60
287.    A cased set of six silver coffee spoons and tongs, 1923 £25-35
288.    A collection of silver spoons a/f and a cased silver spoon, 182g total £50-70
289.    Ten various silver teaspoons, a silver coin set dish, napkin ring, caddy spoon and compact (212g) plus two silver plated napkin rings and a white metal coin set dish £40-60
290.    A silver 925 Fiddler on the Roof group - by Fay Avishay, Israel £10-20
291.    A silver condiment set with engraved swag decoration, comprising a pair of pepper pots (one glass liner), a pair of open salts with blue glass liners and a lidded condiment/mustard pot with liner (liner a/f) - Chester 1909/1910 £30-50
292.    A set of five silver teaspoons and a silver plated set £10-20
293.    A silver and enamel compact and a silver child's hand mirror (glass a/f) £30-50
294.    Three silver button hooks and a white metal one £20-30
295.    A silver backed mirror etc £20-30
296.    A silver photograph frame 12 x 11cm Birmingham 1900 £20-40
297.    A small silver tazza 1976, 9cm height and a silver napkin ring 50g, 1933 £20-40
298.    A silver heart form bon-bon dish with pierced decoration standing on three ball feet, 12cm - Birmingham 1894, 46g £20-40
299.    A pair of silver heart form trinket dishes - London 1893 - 10cm £30-50
300.    A white metal openwork leaf shaped dish - 13 x 10cm £20-30
301.    A heavy silver shell form spoon 12cm £20-40
302.    A set of six silver teaspoons with bright cut decoration, 1806/7, 90g £30-40
303.    A pair of silver tablespoons, Sheffield 1926, 150g £40-60
304.    A pair of continental silver serving spoons, the stems cast figures holding bibles and crucifix, 124g £40-60
305.    A pair of George III silver tablespoons - London hallmark, 124g £50-70
306.    A pair of American silver serving spoons by Gorham with shell engraved terminals, 1904, 149g £60-80
307.    A pair of silver tablespoons London 1806, 187g £40-60
308.    A pair of silver tablespoons Exeter 1825 and a silver table spoon 191g £60-80
309.    A silver Berthold Muller Dutch serving spoon with ship terminal and pastoral scene to bowl, 78g £30-50
310.    A large George III silver serving or basting spoon - 92g £40-60
311.    A large oval silver dressing table box - 18 x 14cm Birmingham 1918 £80-120
312.    A silver military box engraved WAC India plus a WAF cap badge Lucknow 1946 £60-80
313.    A silver trinket box on four curved feet Birmingham 1919 and and a circular silver powder box retailed by Page, Keen & Page Birmingham 1919 £50-70
314.    A heavy silver and silver gilt shell form salt and matching spoon, 52g £20-40
315.    A silver urn form salt pot with pierced decoration and blue glass liner, retailed by Walford and Spokes Oxford, Chester 1911 £40-60
316.    A silver miniature tea and coffee set on tray - Birmingham 1949, and a silver miniature Guernsey jug - Birmingham 1903 £180-250
317.    A Victorian silver miniature clock case fitted for a fob watch - London 1899, 6.5cm tall £60-80
318.    A silver vesta with engraved decoration - Birmingham 1898 £20-30
319.    A novelty silver bear form pepperette by Gourdel and Vales, Birmingham 1934 - 3.5cm £150-200
320.    A Victorian silver letter opener with agate handle, London 1840 £30-50
321.    A matched silver cutlery set comprising six tablespoons London 1833, twelve dinner forks London 1824-1835, six dessert spoons London 1835, six dessert forks London 1824-1835 and twelve teaspoons London 1824 - 2330g £500-700
322.    A silver miniature piano and chair with all over embossed decoration, Birmingham 1975 £100-150
323.    Spare lot
324.    A set of six pairs of Swarovski stud earrings - boxed £30-50
325.    A silver ring set large smokey quartz and a similar blue stone ring £20-40
326.    A silver cased pocket watch £20-40
327.    An 835 standard silver cased pocket watch £20-40
328.    A Longines gold plated pocket watch and a Waltham one £80-120
329.    A silver pocket watch, a/f with part silver chain, and a gold plated pocket watch and various chains, a/f £20-40
330.    A 925 silver studio design bangle applied trailing stems and stones and a matching pendant necklace 70g £60-80
331.    A silver scrollwork pendant set pale blue stone £10-20
332.    A box of silver jewellery £20-40
333.    A marcasite cocktail watch £10-20
334.    A selection of silver rings £20-30
335.    A pair of gold and pearl earrings £10-20
336.    A 9 carat gold pearl ring, a pair of pearl earrings, and a matched pair of earrings £30-50
337.    A silver and amber ring and a silver and amber pendant necklace and chain £30-50
338.    Two silver cat brooches and a horse brooch £10-30
339.    Spare Lot £0-10
340.    Various costume jewellery including silver £10-20
341.    A silver and paste necklace and a silver moonstone necklace £10-30
342.    A box of oriental jewellery including two Chinese silver pendant necklaces and a Siam brooch £20-40
343.    A box of silver jewellery, gold ring and silver and mother of pearl penknife £30-40
344.    Two antique moonstone bead necklaces £50-70
345.    A box of silver and white metal studio jewellery £20-40
346.    A Lea Stein vintage owl brooch £20-40
347.    A silver and 'jade' bracelet and a silver and pearl necklace £20-40
348.    A Coeur de Lion necklace and bracelet boxed and a white metal stranded necklace and bracelet £10-20
349.    Spare lot
350.    An Indian high grade gold filigree star form pendant and a jade miniature elephant £50-70
351.    A silver ID bracelet and pair of earrings - 37g £15-25
352.    An 18 carat gold diamond and ruby pendant and a 9 carat gold crucifix £50-70
353.    A Norwegian silver and blue enamel leaf form brooch £15-25
354.    A Danish silver brooch, two silver stone set pendants, silver sports medal etc £20-40
355.    A box of silver stone set jewellery including malachite pendant and two rose quartz pendants £30-50
356.    A pair of Swarovski drop earrings - boxed £20-30
357.    A silver and pearl necklace and an agate bracelet £10-20
358.    A Swarovski pendant necklace - boxed £20-30
359.    A Swarovski bracelet - boxed £20-30
360.    A 9 carat gold Rotary ladies wrist watch and 9 carat gold strap, cased £180-250
361.    A Tudor (Rolex) gentlemans wrist watch retailed by Prouds, Sydney and a Buren watch £100-150
362.    A box of scrap gold and yellow metal - hallmarked weighable gold 5.7g £30-40
363.    A 9 carat gold Rolex full hunter pocket watch retailed by G A Baker, Gloucester £300-500
364.    A 9 carat gold Everite ladies wrist watch on gold plated strap £25-35
365.    A 9 carat gold pencil with engraved decoration £20-40
366.    A Griffon ladies wrist watch in 9 carat gold Dennison case £25-35
366A.   A 9 carat gold cigarette case - 64g £500-700
367.    A CWC British Military stainless steel wrist watch - 0552/6645-99, 541 5317, 58124 £30-50
368.    A 9 carat gold studio jewellery knot brooch 9.7g £80-120
369.    A large 1920's white gold and diamond set brooch, the oval plaque set all over openwork diamond design, the centre stone approx 3/4 carat - 35g £2500-3000
370.    A 9 carat gold modern pendant & chain 6.2g £50-70
371.    A pair of 14 carat gold knot earrings with 9 carat gold backs - 5.7g £40-60
372.    A pair of 14 carat gold ruby pendant earrings in circular marcasite setting, screw fittings 3.8g £80-120
373.    A pair of antique gold mounted lava drop earrings carved classical cameos £60-80
374.    A silver framed cameo brooch depicting the three graces, and a gilt framed wedding cameo carved couple and dove £30-50
375.    A pair of Indian gold filigree drop earrings 5g £60-80
376.    A 9 carat gold pendant set seed pearls, peridot and garnet £60-80
377.    A Victorian yellow metal and moonstone mourning brooch with turquoise and hair panel £50-70
378.    A 9 carat gold framed cameo brooch a/f and various scrap gold etc £15-25
379.    A small 18 carat white gold crucifix set baguette and brilliant cut diamonds - 5.8 x 1.2cm £200-300
380.    A coin bracelet including three half sovereigns, two South African gold ponds 1898 & 1897, total weight 36g approx. plus an Edward VII half sovereign 1909 incased £600-700
381.    An 18 carat gold and platinum ring set diamond - 5.2g, size N £100-150
382.    A 9 carat gold carved jade ring with scattered collet set diamonds - size N and a half £60-80
383.    A Victorian ring set oval cut amethyst within pearl surround, size J £150-200
384.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and opal ring with chip diamonds - size K £30-50
385.    A 9 carat gold illusion set diamond three stone ring - size L £80-120
386.    A 14 carat gold opal and diamond crossover ring - size Q and a half £60-80
387.    A 9 carat gold garnet set ring - size M £30-50
388.    A 9 carat gold diamond and blue stone set ring - size N and a half £30-50
389.    A 9 carat gold gentlemans onyx ring - size P and a half £30-50
390.    A gold ring set blue stones and seed pearls - size P and a half (thought to be 15 carat but not marked) £30-50
391.    An 18 carat gold Celtic design white and yellow gold wedding ring - 8.2g, size L £120-180
392.    A 9 carat gold buckle form ring - size P £30-50
393.    An 18 carat white gold and platinum set diamond ring, the centre stone approx 1.5 carats flanked by six small diamonds - total weight 5.3g, total diamond weight approx 2 carats, size 0 £2500-3000
394.    A 9K white gold aquamarine ring £200-300
395.    A 9K gold amethyst ring £200-300
396.    A 9K gold pink sapphire set ring £200-300
397.    A 9K gold morganite ring on diamond set shoulders £200-300
398.    A 9K gold pear cut tanzanite ring with open ended band £150-200
399.    A 9K gold padparadscha sapphire ring £200-300
400.    A 9 carat gold ring set tanzanites on triple band £80-120
401.    A 9 carat gold ring set diamonds - 1.8g £20-40
402.    An 18 carat gold ring set two diamonds, the central stone a/f 2.5g £40-60
403.    A 9 carat gold ring set sapphire on diamond set shoulders - 1.8g £20-40
404.    A large silver laboradite ring £30-50
405.    A silver amethyst set ring £30-50
406.    A 9 carat gold smokey quartz ring £20-40
407.    A canary kunzite silver pendant and chain £30-50
408.    A silver set rainbow moonstone pendant and chain £30-50
409.    A silver set laboradite pendant and chain £30-50
410.    A silver set amber pendant and chain £25-35
411.    A 9K gold amethyst pendant and chain £200-250
412.    A gold chain - unmarked but tested gold - 14.8g £100-150
413.    A 9 carat gold chain - 6g £50-70
414.    A 9 carat gold scrollwork pendant set purple stone on 9ct gold chain, the pendant unmarked £100-150
415.    An 18 carat gold necklace with interspersed grey pearls and pendant cabouchon cut aquamarine 19.8g £180-250
416.    An 18 carat gold fine spiral link chain - 4.7g £60-80
417.    A gold chain - not hall marked - 7.5g - 48cm £50-70
418.    A 9 carat gold fob chain - 45g £300-400
419.    A 9 carat gold fob chain - 40g £280-350
420.    A rolled gold bracelet made from watch chain £10-20
421.    A silver and amber bracelet £40-60
422.    A 9 carat gold triple bamboo effect bangle - 27g £180-250
423.    An Art Deco white gold or platinum diamond and sapphire set bracelet - 11g £500-700
424.    A 9 carat fancy link two tone bracelet 70g £80-120
425.    A 9 carat gold multi-coloured sapphire set tennis bracelet £150-200
426.    A box of costume jewellery including silver £20-40
427.    Two vintage gentlemans wrist watches - 'Services' and 'Emperor' £10-20
428.    A box of costume jewellery £10-20
429.    A coral necklace and various other bead necklaces £10-20
430.    A box of costume jewellery £10-20
431.    A bag of costume jewellery £10-20
432.    A selection of silver bracelets etc £30-40
433.    A box of costume jewellery £10-20
434.    A box of costume earrings £10-20
435.    A 'cherry amber bakelite' necklace £80-100
436.    A box of necklace chains and polished stones including at least two silver chains £10-20
437.    A box of costume jewellery £10-20
438.    A bag of costume jewellery £10-20
439.    A box of costume jewellery £10-20
440.    A collection of various wrist watches £20-40
441.    Various wrist watches £10-20
442.    A box of ladies and gentlemans wrist watches £20-30
443.    A group of various watches including an Elliott Bros pocket watch £10-20
444.    A box of watches £10-20
445.    Various costume jewellery £10-20
446.    Various costume jewellery £10-20
447.    Various costume jewellery £10-20
448.    A box of costume jewellery £10-20
449.    Spare lot
450.    Spare lot £0-10
451.    Stamps - large collection of KGVI UMM for West Indies (Caribbean) - includes: Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, British Guiana, British Honduras, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Leeward Islands, Montserat, St Kitts Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos and Virgin Islands. Numerous high values postage dues and complete sets - excellent lot which needs to be seen to be appreciated £1200-1500
452.    A large album of George V and VI UMM stamps of African Empire and Protectorates defins and commems, countries included are: Gambia, Gold Coast, Kt, Nigeria, N Rhodesia, Nyasaland, Sierra Leone, Somaliland, S Rhodesia, Swaziland and Zanzibar - many complete sets and higher values including various shades and perfs - SG cat £2,400 + - needs to be seen to be appreciated £400-700
453.    A Schaubek stamp album of QV - QEII defin/commem, postage due, officials and regionals with various postmarks including slogans, FPO, sorting office, registered mail, passed censor (South Africa) - blocks, higher values and covers, less usual content in places £120-180
454.    Stamps - a collection of KGV and KGVI UMM: New Zealand and related territories including Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa and Tokelau Is plus Pacific islands of Br Solomon Islands, Fiji, Gilbert and Ellis Is, Pitcairn Is and Tonga - complete sets and high values noted. NZ officials, postage due, postal fiscals and Life Insurance stamps included £250-300
455.    An album of GB, Commonwealth and All World album, covers and loose stamps mint and used, QV to QEII period - good range of early material including higher values, many 100's of stamps and set/part sets £100-150
456.    A small album of all world stamps, various packets and envelopes of mainly UMM KGVI GB, Empire and Commonwealth stamps plus 1933 Strait Settlements registered envelope, small stockbook of Vatican/Italian mint stamps and higher value Jamaica set to 10/- noted £40-60
457.    A Nelson "Stamps of the World" album - well filled mint and used lower value sets/parts sets from QV to QEII period. Mint 1950 Cyrenaica SG137 - 145 included £30-60
458.    A collection of mainly GB, Hong Kong and Chinese mint and used stamps - some early but most 1960's onwards in album and box, on card and loose in envelopes. Some UMM sets including China 1963 Giant Pandas (SG 2116 - 2118) and landscapes (SG2124 - 2139), combined catalogue £800+, plus FDC's including 1973 Revolutionary Ballet and GB Military FPO covers x 6 . £250-400
459.    St Vincent and Grenadines mint/ used album QV - QEII, souvenir sheet and covers, sets and part sets £50-80
460.    Two albums and bag of QEII FDC's in variable condition (over 100) and two presentation packs £20-30
461.    Two GB and Commonwealth stamp albums, QV to QEII, mint and used including a number of part sets up to higher values and mint blocks £80-120
462.    A stockbook of GB KGV - QEII defin and postage dues up to £1 value, mint and used including invert and sideways wmk varieties £30-60
463.    A stockbook of mint, used defin and commem stamps, QV to QEII period, mainly of Germany but also GB, China, Hong Kong and other world countries. Early Thurn & Taxis German states noted £40-70
464.    A box of Canada KGVI and QEII stamps twenty whole/part UMM sheets 1946 - 57 £60-120
465.    'Postes de France' 1824 - A 255 page bound almanac giving detail of the postal arrangements and costs for France at that time along with table of connecting services to Geneva and Milan, a map of France showing postal routes and other detail useful to using the service - in excellent condition for its age £50-100
466.    Stamps - a box of 90 or so QEII complete booklets of decimal stamps, fv £180+ including rarer issues SG GB4, GD4, GE1 (x3), GF2, GG1 and GG2. Sheet no's noted in some booklets £100-200
467.    Stamps - Czechoslovakia 'Praga 1962' covers x 4 with mini sheet and high value from exposition venue included 1961 and 1962 issues £15-30
468.    Stamps - folio of three QEII complete mint sheets with constant flaws: 1956 Seychelles, five cent o'pt provisional; 1953 2 1/2d and 4d 'Tangier' o'pt Coronation £15-30
469.    A stockbook of Australian stamps KGV to QEII, mint and used, including high values up to £2, officials and varieties £50-80
470.    Two stockbooks of mint and used stamps: Jamaica and Commonwealth M to N. QV to QEII includes good early material, mint blocks, mini-sheets and higher values - Jamaica to 10/-, Mauritius to 10 rupees and Malta to £1 £50-80
471.    A 'Netto' album of mint and used stamps, PHQ and other cards, covers and postal ephemera, WWI embroidered PC, Royal Yacht covers, Smiler booklet (SG Kx1), sheet and Christmas Booklets (36 stamps) included £20-40
472.    A large stockbook of GB, Empire, commonwealth and all world stamps, mint and used, QV - QEII period - includes higher values to 5/-, some early issues as well as GB decimal definitives and commems £20-40
473.    A box containing small stock book, presentation packs, stock cards, bags, boxes and envelopes of mint/used QV to QEII GB, Empire and Commonwealth stamps. Blocks of higher values and some early material noted - needs to be viewed to be appreciated £100-200
474.    A box of Commonwealth and Empire stamps, mint and used, QV to QEII in envelopes, countries N - Z. Some early material and good range of values noted £80-120
475.    A box containing GB Empire and Commonwealth mint and used stamps QV to QEII period in packets, blocks, sheets etc £80-120
476.    Two albums of presentation packs and seven collectors packs of GB UMM commem stamps - face value to £300+ £120-180
477.    Two albums of GB mint QEII presentation packs 1995 - 2000 - fv £90+ £60-100
478.    A comprehensive collection of QEII UMM decimal stamps of Jersey, defin and commem, postage dues, higher vals to £5, sets, booklets, mini-sheets and two presentation packs also 1958 and later pre-decimals £120-180
479.    An album of over 135 QEII complete mint stamp booklets - all decimal fv £180+ - includes scarcer booklets SG FYI, some colour plate no's noted £140-180
480.    Three albums of GB mint QEII presentation packs 1964 - 82, UMM, pre-decimal and decimal - fv £25 or so - includes centenary booklets with stamps on county cricket £20-50
481.    A large pre-decimal and decimal collection of QEII UMM stamps of Guernsey, defin and commem, postage dues, sets, booklets, mini-sheets and blocks - also some UMM stamp sets of Alderney £100-150
482.    An album of QEII UMM decimal commems 1981 - 98 including mini sheets, SE-Tenant booklet sheets - fv £190+ £130-200
483.    An album of over 50 QEII complete mint stamp booklets, all decimal, FV £145 + includes scarcer booklets SG FL2, KX1, DX9, DX14, DX16 and two special philatelic booklets, some colour plate no's noted £120-180
484.    An album of over 120 QEII complete mint stamp booklets both pre-decimal (19) and decimal (fv £50+) includes scarcer booklets SG FB 246 (corrected rate), FB 34, FB 51 - 53 and FB 55 - numerous colour plate no's in later issues £60-120
485.    Three albums of GB mint QEII presentation packs/commemorative booklets 1983 - 94 - fv £110+ £70-120
486.    An album of GB, Empire and Commonwealth stamps QV - QEII - mint and used, defin and commem plus stamps of Ethiopia, Iran, Italy, Liberia and Russia - good range in Egypt £80-120
487.    Two 'Alpha Major' albums with mint stamps from FI, Ascension, Australia, Isle of Man and Channel Islands including mini-sheets/sets and PHQ cards, FDC and mostly military commem covers from QEII period £40-60
488.    A box of miscellaneous stamp albums/stockbooks (one empty), packets, tin and other containers with mint and used GB, commonwealth and all world stamps, mostly from QEII period plus cover album including 1958 West Indies Federation fdc x 8 and miscellaneous such as empty cigarette card albums x 7 from 20's/30's and old theatre programmes etc £30-60
489.    A box of three albums and three stockbooks of GB, Commonwealth and All World stamps, mint and used, defin and commem, plus collection of GB special cancel covers of higher cat value, 80+ £100-200
490.    A large box of Commonwealth and all world stamp albums and stockbooks - some sparse/empty and collection of GB FDC and common covers - some scarcer covers noted £80-120
491.    A folder of WWII period Occupational issues, UMM, including Australia BCOF and Japan in Brunei, Burma, Hong Kong, Malay States , Borneo £140-260
492.    A folder of UMM GVI period stamps of Brunei, North Borneo and Sarawak including sets/part sets and numerous higher values up to $10 SG cat £1,200+ £200-400
493.    Stamps - Bermuda UMM of GV/GVI including various higher values/shades/perfs to £1 - SG cat value £1100+ £200-400
494.    A folder of UMM GVI Hong Kong commem and defin stamps plus postage dues - high values to $5 noted SG cat £500+ £100-180
495.    Stamps - five stock cards of mainly GB QV - KGVI , mint and used, including higher values up to 10/- including 2/6d and 5/- and line engraved issues £60-80
496.    Stamps - GB QV 2d Blue, imperf, plate 3, die 1, wmk small crown SG14 strip of three on cover- cv £1,050 - tight and missing margins , hence lower estimate £100-200
497.    Stamps - GB KGV 1/2d to 1/- Block Cypher values in control number strips of three UMM - twelve values, lowest cv £700 (not allowing for variations/control numbers) £120-200
498.    Stamps - GB KGV 1934 photogravure 1/2d to 1/- values in control/cylinder number blocks of six UMM (but some mounting on selvedge) - eleven values. Lowest cv (not allowing for variations/control cylinder numbers) £60-120
499.    Stamps - GB KGV 1/2d - 1/- Simple Cypher values in control number strips of three - UMM, 14 values - lowest cv £980 (not allowing for variations/control numbers) £150-250
500.    Stamps - Ireland to India QV letter at 9d rate with Ashford ( Ireland) '14' cancel on 1d red-brown and 4d rose-carmine pair with London and Calcutta transit and receiver cancels in red; 'via Marseilles Paid' handwritten by sender £60-120
501.    Stamps - GB KGV and KEVIII issues: Postal Union 1/2d to 2 1/2d values in control blocks of six (SG 434 - 37) including 1d Scarlet 'broken wreath' variety plus KEVIII definitives including inverts - all UMM except 2 21/2d Postal Union wich shows mounting on top middle stamp and selvedge £40-90
502.    Stamps - Canada KGVI UMM sheet 2c sepia defin SG 415 cv £225 £30-50
503.    Stamps - Canada KGVI UMM sheet 2c sepia defin SG 415 cv £225 £30-50
504.    Stamps - GB KGV 'Downey Heads' 1/2d and 1d values, twelve different either by value watermark or die - includes inverted watermark - UMM £30-50
505.    Stamps - five varied GB QV covers from period 1841 - 78: 1841 postage due cancel at 2d rate; 1869 1d red cover to Colonel Bruce of Grenadier Guards; 1870 1d red Brewers letter; 1877 1d red pair ambulant cover Liverpool to Paris via Calais; 1/2d (plate 12) cover - poor to fine condition £30-60
506.    Stamps - ten used stamps on piece from German post offices in Chinga (Tongku and Tientsin), 20 pfennig to 5 mark values from 1901 - 04 'China' overprinted Riechpsot issue. Scarce stamps, 5 mark (type 1) SG cat £3,750; total cat ieo £4000 £400-600
507.    Stamps - Hong Kong 1962 definitive high values $1.30 to $20, SG 206 - 10, UMM SG cat £192 £20-40
508.    Stamps - Hong Kong 1982 definitive complete set, SG 415 - 430, UMM SG cat £60 £15-30
509.    Stamps - A GB SG 752 - 755 2/6d to £1 high values UMM, in plate numbered blocks of four - excellent condition £15-30
510.    Stamps - GB QV 1/2d deep rose red, plate 3, SG 49, on cover dated 8 Nov 71 and 2d blue, plate 8, perf 14 SG45, on cover dated 14 Feb 61 - both clean, fine to very fine condition £40-70
511.    Stamps - Pakistan Bahawalpur UMM Amir Sadiq Mohammed Khan Abbasi overprinted KGVI India stamps, 1947 cat £420 £80-150
512.    Stamps - GB QV 2d Blue, cut margins, Tanganyika 10/- mint (SG87) washed upright wmk and 1/2 schilling Heligoland MM perf 13 1/2 x 14 - plus small folio of QV LE to Jubilee issues £30-50
513.    Stamps - Canada KGVI UMM sheet 10c purple brown 'Drying Furs' commem SG 432 cv £250 £40-60
514.    Stamps - GB 1840 Penny Black plate 4 entire with red MC and on reverse, black Lombard Street London MC date stamps 21 July 40 and blue Leith receiver stamp for 23 July 40 - letter from Anderson Bros and Co to Messrs Pauchope and Moodie about price of lead £200-250
515.    Stamps - GB 'Mulready' envelope, postage one penny black, full red MC with (verso ) black undated Walmer cancel and Dover cancel for 17 July 1840 plus red receiver cancel for 18 July 1840.
Note: Walmer was the location of the Duke of Wellington's country residence and he was Constable of the Tower of London at the time . M Porrett Esq was chief clerk to the principal storekeeper of the Board of Ordnance - SG cat £550 £80-100
516.    Stamps - GB KVI high value set SG 509 - 512, mounted mint SG cat £100 £15-30
517.    Stamps - GB KGV 1d scarlet and 1 1/2d red-brown UMM block of four on experimental paper (w IIIa), SG 419b and SG 420g - cv£568 £80-160
518.    Stamps - GB block of 12 KGV 1/2d bright yellow-green SG spec N14 (11) UMM - highly catalogued £150-250
519.    Stamps - GB QV 2/6d, 5/- and 10/- (SG 178, 180 and 183) used - cv £935 - 5/-, has small tear right side, hence reduced estimate £80-120
520.    Stamps - a GB KGV 'Downey Head' 1d Carmine Die 1 imperf plate proof, full margins. Very fine UMM condition, no wmk £80-120
521.    Stamps - A GB KGV 'Downey Head' 1/2d Green and 1d Scarlet Die 2 imperf, SG 346b and SG350b, UMM - multiple cypher wmk - cat £325 £50-100
522.    Stamps - Grenada KGVI UMM 10/- slate blue and carmine block of four, perf 14, wide frame SG163d - cat £560 - some toning of the gum £90-180
523.    Stamps - GB QV 10d red-brown, plate 1 used SG 112 - fine condition cv £400 £40-80
524.    Stamps - two GB QV 2d Blue, Black MC cancel, Plate 1 and unplated , SG5 - cv £1,800. 'NJ' has a cut to top left corner, some rubbing but is full margin (tight left), 'KB' is reduced, cut margin - estimate reflects this £150-200
525.    Stamps - GB QV 9d Straw plate 4 SG 110 with Aachen transit cancel in blue - some gum residue at top - cv £325 £40-70
525A.   Stamps - GB KEVIII complete booklet of stamps, 5/- value SG BC 4 of 1937 £40-60
526.    Stamps - GB QV 10/- Ultramarine - used SG 183 - generally fine condition though missing bottom perf - cv £525 scarce 'Newmarket Grandstand' cancel with no year - hence higher estimate £100-180
527.    Stamps - A GB SG2 Penny Black, full margin (tight on right), used with red mc, plate 4, letters FG - fine condition and tidy example £100-150
528.    Stamps - GB KEVII high values 2/6d, 5/- and 10/- used, wmk anchor SG 262, 264 and 265 - cat £950 £100-120
529.    Stamps - India UMM Mahatma Gandhi set 1948 First Anniv of Independence SG 305 - 308 cat £425 £80-150
530.    Four stock cards of UMM GB and Empire stamps, KGV - KGVI period including three £1 KGVI Silver Wedding and officials £20-40
531.    Stamps - GB QV 2d Deep Blue, perf 16, alphabet 1, plate 4, wmk small crown (SG19) on cover dated 6 June 1855 from Chorley to Greenock - frame shift CV £200 £25-40
532.    Stamps - GB QV 1d Rose-Red, SG 43, plate 193, unused/washed and plate 78 with Copestake, Moore, Crampton and Co advertising verso - cancel for 10 April 1868 £15-30
533.    Six stockcards of MM GB and Empire stamps, KGV - KGVI period, including GB inverts/sideways wmk, Bermuda KGVI 2/-, officials, postage dues and Japanese occupation issues £40-80
534.    Stamps - KGVI Silver Wedding issue of 1948, mint and used £15-30
535.    Stamps - collection of KGVI UMM of Canada and Newfoundland, including high values, officials, special delivery, air, booklets, coils, other varieties and postage due - complete sets and high values noted £250-400
536.    A small stockbook of mostly UMM QEII pre-decimal and decimal (fv c£35) stamps, including high values and mini-sheets and blocks with traffic lights £20-40
537.    Stamps - QV Jubilee set - used - in special 'Westminster' presentation album £50-70
538.    A box of GB and Commonwealth stamps, mint and used in packets and loose - KGV to QEII period, many in sets and part sets £10-20
539.    A 1939 - 45 Victory and Peace stamp album of Dombey Bros Ltd complete with mounted mint stamps of this omnibus series £15-30
540.    Three stamp albums of GB and all world issues, mint and used, many 100's of stamps and much early material from QV to KGV period £80-100
541.    Stamps - GB, Bechuanaland and Overseas Agencies stamp album, mint and used from QV to KGVI period. GB includes 1d Black (Black MC, tight right margin), 2d Blue and other LE plus other later issues up to 10/-, value including officials £100-150
542.    Stamps - collection of KGV and KGVI UMM: Ascension, Falkland Islands, St Helena and Tristan da Cunha. Complete sets and high values to £1 noted £150-300
543.    Stamps - Empire and Commonwealth album, mint and used , of QV to QEII period - good early material particularly in British Guiana, Ceylon, Cyprus, Hong Kong and Levant £80-120
544.    QV - QEII GB collection of album pages, covers, presentation cards with mint and used stamps. QV Jubilee and 1880's issues, KEVII defin to 1/-, Christmas 1966 3d missing 'T' error blocks QEII graphites and military special commemorative covers noted £50-100
545.    Three early QEII FDC: Empire and Commonwealth Games (18 Jul 58) with games CDS (cat £300); Inter Parliamentary Conference (12 Sep 57) with special CDS (cat £100) and pre-dated Europe (19 Sep 60) cover £60-120
546.    Five album pages of QV LE 1d Reds and 2d Blues and two and four corner letters including 1d red, broken frame (plate 124) and most 1d red plate nos £100-150
547.    An SG KGVI stamp album of mounted mint Empire and Commonwealth stamps of the Reign - some 30 - 40% complete with many sets/part sets including Coronation and UPU Omnibus, some higher values up to $5 noted £150-250
548.    A red Empire and Commonwealth Simplex album (countries H - N) of mint and used QV to QEII. Much early material as well as sets/part sets. Stronger sections include Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, New South Wales and New Zealand £150-250
549.    Stamps - UN Human Rights Day issues 1953/4 UMM whole sheets (total of 4) including higher cat 1954 3c red-orange £150-200
550.    A red GB, Empire and All World Simplex Album containing mint and used - QV - GV period. Good early material particularly in China, Japan, and France - also small booklet of mint Portuguese stamps of the period £100-200
551.    A large stockbook QV - KGVI GB defin and commem stamps, mint and used, varied condition. Much QV LE material, some on piece, plus QV Jubilee to 1/-, KEVII to 1/- and higher values KGVI and postage due to £1 noted £100-200
552.    A stock book full of QV - QEII mint and used Empire and Commonwealth stamps with good range of values and much early material - needs to be seen to be appreciated £120-180
553.    Two Victorian SG Imperial stamp albums of mint and used stamps QV - KGVI period, sparse but some good remainers, plus presentation cards and box of loose stamps/packets of the period £60-120
554.    A stockbook of US pre-cancels, perfins and coil stamps, mainly from period 1908 - 32 in used condition up to $1, various perforations £40-70
555.    Two albums KEVII - QEII and KGVI Silver Wedding album of mint and used stamps in sets/part sets. The Silver Wedding album is mostly complete in mint lower values only - higher values to £1 in other albums plus mint blocks £50-80
556.    GB and Commonwealth album, QV to QEII, well filled with mint and used. Higher values noted £60-90
557.    A mixed Commonwealth album of QV to QEII stamps mint and used including India, Hong Kong, Malay States, North Borneo, Palestine/Trans Jordan plus page of German New Guinea, higher val to $10, 10 Rupees and 10/- noted £100-150
558.    Four bespoke cased RN Commemorative cover albums of GB and Commonwealth stamps, mainly BFPS cancelled, some FDI with special and limited edition cancels relating to Navy history events on day of issue concerned, over 160 pristine covers, some signed (eg Malta 50th Anniversary of Victory in the Mediterranean signed Tommy Gould VC) £150-180
559.    A collection of GB, Commonwealth and all world stamps, mint and used, in three albums, QV to QEII £40-60
560.    An album of GB stamps, mint and used, QV to QEII including QV embossed 6d and 1/-, mint blocks, KGV 5/- sea horse 1934, plus album of QEII well filled with mint and used - higher values noted £60-90
561.    Five GB and all world albums/stock books plus covers, containers, sheets and bags of loose stamps, mint and used QV to QEII period, many hundreds of stamps, part sets and good range £80-120
562.    An album of mint GB/commonwealth stamps, booklets and presentation packs plus further all world album of mint and used and Dominica/St Helena stockbook £20-40
563.    An album of Hong Kong stamps QV - QEII mint and used, scarcer cancels - KGV Jubilee, KGVI UPU used, higher values up to $50 £120-180
564.    Three stamp albums of GB and all world mainly QV to KGVi, mint and used including part sets - much older material £50-70
565.    An Empire and Commonwealth Simplex stamp album (countries A - G) of mint and used - QV to QEII period. Many lower value part sets as well as sets and good range of early material including Canada, Ceylon, Cyprus etc £100-200
566.    A large well filled stamp stockbook of QV - QEII defin and commem - much mint as well as used. QV LE, many high values KGVI and QEII, passed censor en-piece, postage due, QEII graphite noted £150-300
567.    A stockbook of QEII Jersey stamps up to 1985 - UMM including high values, postage due, mini-sheets and numerous different sets £20-40
568.    A stockbook of QEII Isle of Man stamps and covers, numerous different sets up to 1982, UMM including high values and postage due £20-40
569.    A stockbook of QEII Guernsey stamps up to 1983, UMM including high values, postage due, mini-sheet and numerous different sets £20-40
570.    Stamps - over 50 FDC of Australia from 1950's, some with UMM mint stamps of those on cover inside plus over 100 QEII GB FDC from 1970's -80's £50-80
571.    A 2017 SG Commonwealth and British Empire stamp catalogue 1840 - 1970 (119th Edn) £25-50
572.    Stamps - collection of KGVI period UMM: Egypt and Sudan commem and defin officials and air issues £100-200
573.    Stamps - collection of KGV and KGVI UMM: Malay and Singapore complete sets, postage due, numerous high values up to $5 noted £600-800
574.    Stamps - UN UMM whole sheets (total of 31) from 1951 - 56 period, including first issue lower denominations and six other issues £150-200
575.    A box containing five small stamp albums (three sparsely filled) of GB and all world mint and used including QV LE and later issues plus Chinese "Chrysanthemums" also "Special Approvals" book of stamps £20-40
576.    Stamps - a group of 100 covers from 1900 - 1916 period with various local and other cancels on stamps from QV to 1d Lilac to Downeys 1/2d 1d and Simple Cypher George V - includes South Africa 'East London' cover £20-40
577.    An album of GB Commonwealth mint and used stamps of KGV/KGVI period including three pages of 1948 Silver Wedding and lower value part sets plus two additional pages of Spanish/Portuguese stamps - minor varieties noted £30-50
578.    Stamps - collection of KGVI UMM: Australia and related territories including Nauru, New Guinea, New Hebrides, Norfolk Islands, Papua. Includes postage due and high values such as SG 178, SG 244c and SG Nauru 378 £180-250
579.    Stamps - collection of KGV and KGVI UMM : Ceylon and Indian Ocean territories of Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles - complete sets and high values noted £250-300
580.    A British Empire and Commonwealth stamp album containing mint and used, defin and commem QV - QEII - much early material particularly from Australian and South African colonies £100-140
581.    All World stamp album containing mint and used, defin and commem from QV to KGV period - much early, generally lower value material £50-100
582.    A box of eighteen GB, Channel Isles and commonwealth whole or part mint sheets of QEII defin/commem stamps and one of Spain from same period £40-80
583.    Stamps - collection of KEVII and KGVI UMM GB Channel Island including: high values to £1, postage dues, training stamps and variations, also Republic of Ireland of same period. Includes Channel Islands, 'Broken' wheel flaw SG C2 and Guernsey 1/2d Green and 1d Scarlet rouletted SG4 and 5 (Blueish French bank note paper) £150-300
584.    A GB and Commonwealth album of mint and used stamps including some low to high order sets plus Special Agent album and unused postcards £30-40
585.    Postal Ephemera 'rare stamp' cards of Twynings Tea £10-20
586.    A box of SG catalogues (British Commonwealth 2000+ others); some covers Manneken-Pis PC's, Penny 'Tit Bits' news, Victorian album 4 SG 'Newage' albums and later stockbook (all empty), armed forces £1 note and mint coins of Singapore 1995 in folder plus colour cards, perf gauges, signoscope, magnifying glass and other philatelic ephemera £20-50
587.    A box decimal stamp presentation packs of QEII GB UMM - fv £40+ plus fdc and other commonwealth/ all world stamps in packs, packets and bags £20-50
588.    An album of GB mint presentation packs 2001 - 03 - fv £125+ - includes smilers sheet £90-150
589.    An album of GB mint QEII presentation packs 2007 - 09 fv £140+ £100-180
590.    An album of GB mint QEII presentation packs 2004 - 06 - fv £145 + including 'smilers' - also 'End of the War' - philatelic - numismatic cover £100-180
591.    New Zealand stamp album QV to KGVI, mint and used defin and commem including early 'Chalon Heads', officials postal fiscals, air and insurance stamps £180-250
592.    Two albums of KEVIII and QEII mint stamps, defin and commem including plate and traffic-light blocks, souvenir sheets, coils strips, high values, flaw varieties, regionals, postal strike issues, pre and post decimal fv £35+ £80-120
593.    Stamps - UMM QEII collection of pre-decimal and decimal defins, 1953 onwards - including high values to £10, se-tenants, booklet panes, regionals, postage due and machine postage paid - needs to be seen to be appreciated - fv £110+ £200-300
594.    An album of QEII UMM pre-decimal and decimal commems - 1953 - 1980 - fv £30+. Some early phosphors and mini sheets £60-100
595.    Stamps - twenty four USA covers, many if not all first day, from 1936 - 40 period £50-80
596.    A large pre-decimal and decimal collection of QEII UMM stamps of Isle of Man, defin and commem, postage dues, sets, booklets, mini-sheets, higher values to £5 £120-180
597.    Stamps - collection of KGVI UMM for Mediterranean Middle East including Aden plus KGVI UMM, EAF British Occupation of Italian Colonies: Bahrain, Kuwait, Muscat, Trans Jordan and Palestine. Includes postage dues. Superb lot with many high values and complete sets - needs to be seen to be appreciated. Cyprus included 'extra decoration' flows SG 166a with SG 166 in pair £900-1200
598.    Stamps - collection of KGV and KGVI: Stamps: Burma, India and Indian States, Pakistan and Bahawalpur. Many complete sets with high values to 10R and officials £400-600
599.    Stamps - collection of mainly KGVI UMM: Basutoland, Bechuanaland, South Africa and South West Africa, some KGV for SA/SWA: includes officials, booklet, panes, coils and postage dues, bi-lingual pairs - complete sets ,many high values and SA SG 75a noted. £300-500
600.    A GB folio of seven QEII complete UMM sheets with constant flaws plus three other sheets as detailed in folio £50-100
601.    Spare lot £0-10
602.    A box of stamp presentation packs - QEII GB UMM decimal, 1995 - 2008 including smilers, James Bond, Harry Potter, Occasions, Princess Diana - fv £400+ £180-260
603.    Spare lot £0-10
604.    Spare lot £0-10
605.    Postcards - Scotland topo accumulation including Kenmore Village, SS Linnet at Dunardy, street scenes at Dunfermline, Campbeltown, Ardrossan etc - approx 180 £60-80
606.    Postcards - Mailick set of six Virtues: Faith, Hope, Charity, Innocence, Purity, Patience - gilded and embossed, unused - Unusual in set of six, usually three or four £50-70
607.    Postcards - London and Surrounds - topo including RP Lawn Crescent Kew, Hampton Hill High Street, Notting Hill Gate, Liverpool Street Station interior, Southall Factories etc - 80 £50-70
608.    Postcards - Stage and Screen including Judy Garland, Rosalind Russell, Ginger Rogers, Vesta Tilley x 2, Sir Henry Irving, Seymour Hicks, Gladys Cooper etc - approx 70 £50-70
609.    Postcards - Devon topo including RP Okehampton - Market Day? - George Street Plymouth, Woody Bay PO etc - approx 110 £60-80
610.    Postcards - Hants and a few Isle of Wight - topo including street scenes at Hursley Village, Horndean, New Milton, Nursling Mill, Cove, RP's Winchester Water Lane, military at West Gate etc - 83 £60-80
611.    Postcards - Welsh topo including Sudbrook village, Portskewett School, Swansea High Street, Cardiff, Abergavenny, Newport etc - approx 90 £50-70
612.    Postcards - Derbyshire including rp's of Stanton iron works (pu 1913), Springfield Mill Sandiacre, Old Brompton Village, Ashbourne, Kirk Ireton, Borrowash, Brailsford, Derby etc - approx 30 £60-80
613.    Postcards - Ireland topo including rp's Guiness Cooperage yard, rp Grafton St Dublin, scenes at Queenstown, Monkstown, Tullyhogue, Jaunting Car comic set of six etc - approx 59 £50-70
614.    Postcards - Kent topo including Aylesford rp's - six including two different High St, Vicarage etc - Otford x 2, launching Margate Lifeboat Eliza Harriet, Church St Wye, Dartford High St etc - approx 72 £70-90
615.    Postcards - local (ish) including Ledbury Hounds Meet at the Trumpet (Tilley), Down House Redmarley etc; quantity photographs (probably local), old greetings cards, 'The Loss of the Titanic' poem written and printed by Tilleys etc. Interesting lot £60-80
616.    Postcards - Warwickshire topo including rp's Baddesley Colliery (pu 1905) street scene at Bournbrook, Hillmorton, K.Heath Village, Rugby Crick Run etc and book 'Bedfords Warwickshire' by John Drew (61 plus book) £60-80
617.    Postcards - Birmingham including RP funeral W. Corbett killed by lightning, RP's (2) Royal Visit 1909, RP Taunton Road Edgbaston, 1905 Citizen Soldiers Parade (2 diff.); Dowlais Colliery Abercynan etc (a. 19) £40-60
618.    Postcard album with topo including street scene at Sheffield, Barnsley, Bampton etc; artists including M L Attwell, McGill etc, RP Butchers shop and staff etc - approx 215 £70-90
619.    Postcards - Railway Engines including London, Tilbury and Southend, 1911 Coronation Engine, Official Railway issues, RP's etc with GNR, Great Central, Southern etc - 72 £50-70
620.    Postcards - Somerset topo with street scene at Exford, Pill, Bridgewater, Taunton, Chard, Mells PO etc - 70 £50-70
621.    Postcards - military various including Prees Heath Camp (pull-out), RP's troops marching through City, regimental band, comic, individual personnel, censor, field PO's etc - 89 £50-60
622.    Postcards - Lancs topo including RP Rochdale Jubilee procession, RP Elliott Street Tyldesley, street scene at The Centre Burnley, Heysham village, RP Blackpool North Pier orchestra etc - 82 £50-70
623.    Postcards - Herefordshire RP near Brampton Bryan Village Fair 1905, RP Leintwardine 1921 War Memorial unveiling, Regatta circa 1910, River Wye in flood at Hereford 1913, RP Moreton Court etc - several cards by F Preece - 27 £50-70
624.    Postcards - Gloucestershire Chalford Railway station interior, Ebley Crossing - interior with the motor at platform - Bourne and Brimscombe Station (ext), Stonehouse Station with advert to reverse - 4 £50-70
625.    Postcards - cats including Wain x 3, M. Gear, glass eyes etc - 29 £40-50
626.    Postcards - Wales topo accumulation including Market Street Ebbw Vale, Blue Street Llantrisant, Newton Village, John Street Porthcawl etc - 70 £50-70
627.    Postcards - Herefordshire - 1908 Benefit Society Club Walk (2, different events) 1909 marathon race, election crowds thronging streets x 2 - all are RP's by F Preece, photographer (5) £50-70
628.    Postcards - Welsh Revivalist Minister Evan Roberts - RP (pu 1905), together with WMail postcard of followers the Davies sisters and Miss S Jones (pu 1905) - both cards sent to same recipient - 2 £60-80
629.    Postcard - album of glamour/beauties including series of 6/8 - various Parisienne types, Art Nouveau era including B. Patella x 2 - 92 £60-80
630.    Postcards - Gloucestershire topo including Cirencester - Lechlade Motor Bus (pu 1905), street scene at Bourton-on-the-Hill, Stow-on-the-Wold, Painswick, Dursley, Minchinhampton etc - 64 £50-60
631.    Postcards - Worcs:- Evesham High Street, Market Place, Winchester Street, RP's Plum Blossom, Carting Radishes etc, Malvern including RP's Pupils cycle ride at Clarendon School etc plus book 'The Cropthorne Camera of Minnie Holland 1892 - 1905' - 42+book £40-50
632.    Postcards - Dorset topo including RP's Okeford Fitzpaine, Blandford, street scene at Burton Bradstock, Wareham Dorchester, Litton Cheney etc - 73 £50-70
633.    Postcards - Yorkshire topo including RP's of Brighouse, Hunmanby Village, Street Bottom Staithland, 1910 Proclamation GV at Doncaster, scenes at Pontefract, Sheffield, Stalybridge etc - 80 £60-80
634.    Postcards - India accumulation including native occupations, Regimental Officers etc, most cards sent 1902 - 04 to one family, many with Sea Post pmk's interesting original lot - 77 £50-70
635.    Postcards - Berks topo including GWR station Newbury (interior), street scenes at Reading, Banbury, Newbury, The Bear at Wantage etc - 63 £50-70
636.    Postcards - Gloucestershire topo including RP's Ebley Mills, Winson Village, Bisley School Group 2 1935, Slimbridge Street Cambridge, others include The Cross Lydney, Coleford, Stroud etc - 71 £50-60
637.    Postcards - Miscellany mostly to/from members of a local family, including comic, military, Royalty including QV, song cards, topo etc (a.200) £70-90
638.    Ephemera - a quantity of antique greetings cards including celluloid, embroidered etc, a few calendars including large 1908 Pansies etc - approx 250+ items £40-60
639.    Postcards - all periods miscellany, chiefly topo - approx 800 - 900 and eleven display albums £20-30
640.    Postcards - accumulation of loose plus album mainly more recent with both GB and overseas topo noted and album of older - beauties, comic , childrens etc. £10-20
641.    Ephemera - an old scrap book (a/f) containing chiefly Victorian greetings cards, mostly flora and fauna - approx 160 £20-30
642.    Postcards - GB topo including RP 1905 Storm at Douglas, 1917 Notts Patriotic Fair, RP Herds Hill Langport, Sudely Road Bognor etc together with bundle GB lettercards etc (approx. 100) £30-40
643.    Postcards - a small quantity including 1918 Black Cat embroidered card, Rene Cloke Fairies, topo chiefly GB etc £10-20
644.    Ephemera - a small quantity including cartes de visite, memorium, greetings etc £10-20
645.    Postcards - various chiefly flora and fauna including Birds by Roland Green x 6 noted - 100+ £10-20
646.    Postcards - a bundle of mainly GB topo, mixed periods £10-20
647.    Spare Lot £0-10
648.    Postcards - assortment including 1930 - 31 RP's Arsenal football club with trophies, quantity of cards including by L Levy, relating to Tunisia with Ways of Life etc, group photos etc £30-40
649.    Postcards - Mabel Lucie Attwell a small group of twelve circa 1920's/30's, together with further six humorous cards including Spurgin x 6 £20-30
650.    Postcards - Oxon Chipping Norton area RP topo including scenes at Adderbury, Turner Hill, S. Newington, Sibford Gower, plus three non topo but sent to the area - 14 in total £30-40
651.    Postcards - quantity chiefly modernish . £10-20
652.    Postcards - a bundle of loose cards including Charlie Chaplin (three Red Letter photocards), Tucks Record Fish, cute children by Nora Birch, Agnes Richardson, comic including McGill, Spurgin etc - some cards with back damage - approx 60 plus two booklets £30-40
653.    Postcards - accumulation of mostly modern topo. GB & Foreign - a few older including RP Blockley etc. (100's) £10-20
654.    Postcards - a quantity of mainly modern first day covers including 1977 cricket covers related to Australian Centennial tour, items of ephemera etc £10-20
655.    Postcard Collection - in album and loose with romantic, comic including Spurgin, Lawson Wood etc; cars/dogs, Beauties, Song Cards in sets etc. (a.150) £50-70
656.    Postcard and Ephemera - Mickey Mouse greetings cards x 5 from early 1930's, together with shaped postcard for 1st birthday pu 1940 - 6 items in total £20-30
657.    Postcards - Churches, mainly Parish churches increasing in size to Cathedrals - approx 180 £20-30
658.    Postcards - mixture with film stars (19) including Rita Hayworth, Greer Garson, Lana Turner, Judy Garland etc. Topo with RP's Monmouth, Midsomer Norton, RMS Aquitania etc (a. 120) £60-80
659.    Postcards - a bundle of mainly GB topo including Euston Station (exterior), Littlestone Village, RP's of limestone quarries at Uphill x 2, ARQ including Boscastle Village etc - approx 110 £20-30
660.    Postcards of the Berkshire area - topo including scenes at Caversham, Maidenhead, East Hagbourne, Whitchurch Village - RP's etc - clean, approx 64 £30-40
661.    Postcards - H. Cassiers - (6) including shipping (2); ceremonial dress types (6) (6 + 6) £15-25
662.    Postcards - Agricultural Advertising - Hadfield's Manure Cards (2) featuring growers at Newent and Leominster - both pu. (2) £15-25
663.    Postcards - aviation - Bi Planes, mostly RAF original photographs, 1920's era (each identified to reverse) incl. crashes (6) Interesting group (14) £50-70
664.    Postcards - Dogs - (6) group including West Watson (2, Spaniels & Dandy Dinmont), Arthur Wardle (2 sporting dogs with birds) E. Head (2) plus one cat (6 + 1) £15-25
665.    Postcards - embroidered cards (8) and a few others, all sent home during 1918 (8 plus 13) £30-40
666.    Postcards - Accumulation of mostly modern GB and topo £10-20
667.    Postcards - album with one owner collection including RP 1909 Glastonbury Carnival, shopfront premises of R.E Cox Tailor/Hatter of Stroud, L. Wain 'Pretty Kettle of Fish', 'The Lucky Pig' etc (97) £80-120
668.    Postcards - Churches predominantly in Sussex locations, plus a few others (a. 110) £30-50
669.    Postcards - a small group of embroidered; topo including Bishopswood etc ; few Victorian greetings card, stamps etc £30-40
670.    Postcards - accumulation with topo - mostly older period GB - greetings, comic, booklets etc - 700+ £40-50
671.    Postcards - an album of chiefly topo including RP Little Compton Flower Show (pu 1907), RP Dursley, Scenes at Nailsworth, Lydney etc, A. Morrow poster for 'The Cingatee', comic cards including cycling related etc - approx 170 £80-100
672.    Postcards - Monmouth four cards including Monnow Street, framed and glazed £10-20
673.    Postcards - embroidered - (8) including A.S.C., Emil Dupuis - WWI Military Officers Portraits (4), A.E. Kennedy Dogs (3) & Cats (2), Condition mixed in parts (16) £40-60
674.    Louis Wain tabby trio on Xmas card (pu 1916), later type with wild-eyed grey cat, published by Alpha, (pu 1922), some edge damage £20-30
675.    Postcards - Glamour - Sel'n inclu. Meunier, Kirchener (4), Nanni (3), Lesnnec (2), etc. Cond varies, needs careful viewing (14) £60-80
676.    Postcards - mainly military themed collection of mainly French cards, many sets of six including: romantic, 'action types', Red Cross etc, artists include Shepheard, Right etc, greetings types include hand painted, applique - others include embroidered x 26 and silk x 2 - unusual accumulation - approx 340 £150-200
677.    Postcards - Ledbury & Area - selection with Tilley cards noted including Cattle Market, Railway Station (ext), Worcester Road, Homend etc (43) £100-150
678.    Postcards - Ledbury and District range, mostly Tilley types, including scenes at Dymock, Bosbury, Eastnor P.O. Grove House Bromsberrow, Stoke Edith, animated scene at the Market Place and other Ledbury town cards (55) £120-180
679.    Postcards - Ledbury & Area - Aerial view Ledbury Railway Station, RP Nat School Upton, Meet of Croome Hunt at Pershore, RP Foden Steam Tractor (FK4832) owned by S Darke of Worcester, R. Edy shop front (Ledbury), The Olde Trumpet etc (26) £100-150
680.    A Raphael Tuck postcard 'Orders of Knighthood' - embossed/gilded card in original envelope - Superb condition and an aluminium one of the boating lake in Manningham Park, Bradford £20-30
681.    Postcards - Herefordshire - Hop related including three horse team and cart loaded with hop pockets in Tarrington Village; various from Tilley series of Ledbury Hopping (8) £50-70
682.    Postcards - Malvern Area - chiefly by Tilley including scenes of Colwall, Cradley, Welland, Church St Malvern etc. £50-70
683.    Postcards - Ledbury & District - mainly Tilley cards including Redmarley Village, busy agricultural scene at Ledbury Market House, Much Marcle, Stoke Edith, Bosbury, Dumbleton PO, Eastnor Village school, Staunton Court etc (52) £120-180
684.    Postcards - Malvern & Area - topographical range with many Tilleys noted including scenes at Colwall, Upper Wyche, Ledbury Hounds meet at British Camp, Hill Donkeys at work etc (60) £50-70
685.    Postcards - Ledbury and Area - chiefly by Tilley including Ledbury Hounds, Bosbury Village scenes, The Cottage Hospital, Homend St, Somers Alms (Temperance Hotel), Eastnor etc. £100-150
686.    Postcards - Malvern & District - topographical including Tilleys with Cradley, Welland, Colwall, Malvern Promenade etc (57) £50-60
687.    Postcards - album with interesting mix including 1907 Mechanical Calendar, Marsh Lambert, G Shepheard, Art Nouveau by Basch Arpad x 2 but one defective, Tom Browne etc. Also greetings cards - non postal types - including paper lace, 'shapes' etc - approx 55 items £50-70
688.    Postcards - album with thematic cards relating to cats, smoking (including children and animals smoking pipes etc), toys including cars, dolls, trains, etc - unusual - 100 £40-60
689.    Postcards - album with GB topo including Halesowen, The Crooked House Himley x 2, Bilton Village, animals including cats etc - approx 100 £20-30
690.    Postcards - Kent an album of Folkestone topo including The Switchback, The Fish Market, hop picking scene etc - 83 £20-30
691.    Postcards - Coleford topo accumulation with slight duplication in places - series of twelve cards relating to coal mining in general but not specifically related to Forest mining - 116 £120-150
692.    An important Suffragette cartoon postcard written and signed by Emmeline Pankhurst and addressed to Miss E Herbert, Nr Monmouth. In the note Emmeline enquires as to whether Miss Herbert has attended many meetings recently and 'trusts she will see her' at the meeting next week at the Rolls Hall in Monmouth. Cond. stamp removed with resulting crease/thinning to bottom left corner. Published by C W Faulkner Series No. 777E £200-300
693.    Postcards - album featuring Winter Sports with RP's rock climbing, ski-ing, ice skating incl. RP Sonja Henje, RP's (2) 1912 Int Paris Comp. Manchester etc. (a 135) £20-40
694.    A collection of over one hundred 35mm photographic slides and negatives relating to transport including buses, trams, lorries etc plus local topographical scenes including Ledbury, Ross & Newent £300-400
695.    A group of old photograph portraits £10-30
696.    A group of 1960's and 70's publicity photographs TV and film - mostly signed £30-50
697.    A small group of old comics £10-20
698.    A quantity of tea trade-cards etc £10-20
698A.   Trade cards - Brooke Bond/ PG Tips/ Typhoo cards in manufacturers albums (28) including chimps, Magical World of Disney, Race into Space x 2 etc. Loose cards include Kevin Tipps etc £15-25
699.    A set of vintage Japanese printed greeting cards and envelopes and a set of four cricket themed prints unframed £10-20
700.    Ephemera - greetings cards Victorian and later including paper-lace, cut-outs, celluloid etc £30-40
701.    A set of Fry's Chocolate Days of Nelson trade cards - complete £10-20
702.    Cigarette cards - a large quantity of cigarette/trade cards, loose and in manufacturers albums - will take time to sort and condition mixed - 1000's £20-30
703.    Cigarette cards - a quantity of mainly Gallahers either complete or near complete sets including Jockeys, racing scenes, dogs etc together with loose B Band trade cards £20-30
704.    A Victorian and Edwardian momento album with watercolours, texts etc £10-30
705.    An envelope containing programmes and ephemera relating to the Opening of the Severn Bridge 1966 £10-20
706.    A Brookes Travelling Companion map through England and Wales published William Darton 1819, 2nd Edition, backed onto linen £60-80
707.    A group of film star publicity shots and photographs £10-20
708.    A group of eleven Bartholomews maps and five O.S maps circa 1912 - all linen backed £20-40
709.    A quantity of greetings cards, mainly 1930's with a few postcards £10-20
710.    A copy of 'Meccano Magazine' - vol XXVI from Jan - Dec 1941 £10-20
711.    Ephemera - leather photo album, gilded pages and brass clasp with cartes de visite, cabinet photos etc - good condition; further album with engravings of personalities including Earl Roberts etc - two albums £40-50
712.    Phil May's ABC - Fifty two original designs - limited edition 194/1050 £30-50
713.    A French fashion magazine Mon Ouvrage 1938 £20-40
714.    A set of Edwardian magazines Bristol Past and Present £20-30
715.    A set of nine Gloucester County Cricket Club vintage cricket cartoons - each one signed - 24 x 16cm £20-40
716.    A collection of Lladro identification and price guides £10-20
717.    Four Billy Bunter books - two limited edition £10-20
718.    A collection of books on teddy bears and dolls £10-20
719.    A box of childrens and literary books etc £10-20
720.    A box of children's books £10-20
721.    A First Edition copy of Here and There by C H Underhill issued in a limited edition no. 6/35 - leather bound £30-50
722.    William M Thackeray - The English Humourists of the Eighteenth Century - first edition 1853 £10-30
723.    A History of the Ely O'Carroll Territory or Ancient Ormond in Two Volumes - limited edition 401/1000 £60-80
724.    The Life of Charles Dickens by John Forster, illustrated edition - circa 1880 £10-20
725.    A copy of Kafka's Dick signed by Alan Bennett and cast £50-70
726.    Andrew Lang - The Red Book of Romance - first edition 1905 and Mrs Lang - The Red Book of Heroes - first edition 1909 £10-30
727.    Two copies of 'Racing Calendar - Steeple Chases Past' published by Weatherby and Sons, 1902 and 1907 and one copy of ' Racing Up-To-Date Form Book' published by Sporting Chronicle Manchester 1968/69 £20-30
728.    Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management - published by Ward Lock 1891, red and gilt Buckram spine, two folding chromo-litho plates etc £30-40
729.    A group of Natural History books £10-20
730.    Paul Torday - Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - first edition 2007, signed - and Yan Martel - Life of Pi - first edition 2001 £10-30
731.    Rudyard Kipling - Soldier Tales - first edition 1896 and Puck of Pooks Hill - first edition 1906 £10-30
732.    Picturesque London by Percy Fitzgerald, together with four other London titles £10-20
733.    The American Heritage Book of Indians, together with Fighting Indians of the West and American Indian - all published in USA £10-20
734.    The Book of Martyrs printed 1732 £20-40
735.    The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov - consisting of: Foundation, Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation - published by The Folio Society - a fine set in slipcase £60-80
736.    Nimrod's Hunting Tours published by John Lane 19261st thus - half green morocco in very good condition £40-60
737.    Pictures from Holland Drawn with Pen and Pencil by Richard Lovett and published RTS 1887 - first edition, together with Greek Pictures by J Mahaffy published RTS 1890 - first edition £20-30
738.    Round The World from London Bridge to Charing Cross via Yokohama and Chicago - published 1895 £20-30
739.    Lewis Wright's Poultry by Dr J Batty - published 1983 - with eighty colour illustrations £10-20
740.    Windsor Castle and The Waterway Thither by WH Davenport Adams £10-20
741.    Robin Knox-Johnston - A World of My Own - first edition 1969, signed and inscribed and Philip Rigg - Southern Crossing - first edition 1936 £10-30
742.    Four various signed books £10-20
743.    The Romance of The Road written and illustrated by Cecil Aldin and published by Eye & Spottiswode 1928 - first edition with mounted colour plates - very good condition £60-80
744.    Books - Boys Own Annual 1894 - awarded as first prize - Tales of Mystery by Edgar Alan Poe with part calf binding, 1893 Ling Bank Cottage - a tale for working girls - three vols £10-20
745.    The History and Antiquities of the Diocese of Ossory - reprint of 1905 Edition £10-20
746.    The History of Freemasonry by Robert Freke Gould published TC & EC Jack 1880's - in three vols £30-40
747.    An Army and Navy set of bound magazines - 1895-1896 £10-20
748.    Flowers of the Amazon Forest by Margaret Mee, together with A Bright and Savage Land (Scientists in Colonial Australia) by Ann Moyal £10-20
749.    The Universal Traveller by Mr Salmon vol 1 & 2 1752 & 1753 £30-50
750.    Vita Sackville-West - Passenger to Teheran - first edition 1926 £10-30
751.    A selection of books on mysticism, the occult and similar subjects £10-20
752.    A set of fourteen Dickens books £10-20
753.    A Victorian bound set of The Illustrated London News 1884 and 1885 £30-50
754.    A box of cookery books £10-20
755.    A box of art and related subjects - all in very good condition £20-30
756.    A box of 1960's and 1970's Lion Comics £10-30
757.    An early 20th century map of Gloucestershire by J Archer - 23 x 18cm £10-30
758.    An 18th century hand coloured map after Robert Morden 'The Smaller Islands in the British Ocean' £50-70
759.    A 17th century map after John Speed of Gloucestershire with the cities of Gloucester and Bristow (Bristol) £60-80
760.    An antique Robert Morden map of Surrey - 36 x 42cm £40-60
761.    A 17th century map after John Speed of Suffolk dated 1610 with index to glazed verso - 38 x 51cm £180-250
762.    A 17th map of the county of Somerset by Richard Blome - 27 x 34cm £80-120
763.    Two old soda siphons £10-20
764.    A Victorian slate mantel clock with architectural mounts and a 1930's oak Westminster chime mantel clock £20-30
765.    An Edwardian mahogany mantel clock and a small circular ebonised clock - both a/f £10-30
766.    An American shelf clock with jockey hat and whip decoration painted to door £10-20
767.    A composition group of mother and child on stand, 29cm £20-30
768.    A mesh clad soda siphon £10-20
769.    Four assorted Victorian powder flasks - a/f £20-30
770.    Two Victorian copper powder flasks and a leather shot flask - springs working £30-50
771.    A terracotta head - 26cm £20-30
772.    Two Whitbread Celebration Ales - boxed £10-20
773.    An old bottle of Martell Cognac - sealed but some evaporated £30-50
774.    Four centenary ales, three boxed including Bass Princes Ale 1982, Marstons 1984, Peach and Co Centenary Ale and Brewhouse Ale - all unopened £20-30
775.    A Coca Cola tray, coaster, glasses etc £10-20
776.    A copper kettle and a brass kettle £10-20
777.    Three antique Chinese scrolls painted watercolour flowers etc £40-60
778.    A Victorian writing slope with Tunbridgeware inlay - a/f £10-30
779.    A 19th century tea caddy - lacking interior, with brass two headed eagle handles to sides £20-30
780.    A large Indian copper spouted Iota and Persian copper chafing dish £50-70
781.    A Victorian spherical copper cooking mould £30-50
782.    A vintage soil testing kit - complete in box £30-50
783.    A brass car horn £10-20
784.    A large 20th century brass bell dated 1834 £20-30
785.    A brass preserving pan, fox door knocker and trivet £10-20
786.    A box of engravings and pictures framed and unframed £20-30
787.    A box of brassware including pestle and mortars £20-40
788.    A cased set of six butterflies £1-20
789.    A brass cased carriage clock £50-70
790.    A vintage Swiza 8 cylindrical alarm clock £20-30
791.    A small blue and gilt metal brass alarm clock £10-20
792.    A Cartier travel alarm clock in original box Serial no. 7508 09890 £100-150
793.    A set of three small mid 20th century industrial bulkhead lights, 10cm diameter £20-40
794.    A compressed composition plaque of a Spitfire 23 cm 30cm £10-20
795.    A Whippy Sadler copper and brass hunting horn £30-50
796.    A Cairoware brass pestle and mortar £15-25
797.    A small gilt brass microscope by Amadio £20-30
798.    A Maelzel metronome £10-20
799.    A magnifying swivel hand mirror with glass handle and an oriental magnifying glass - boxed £10-30
800.    A Victorian telescope (lens a/f) and a pocket telescope £10-20
801.    A Short and Mason WWI compass £10-30
802.    A German WWII SS skull cap badge £20-40
803.    A German WWII compass £20-30
804.    A Queen Victoria Long Service Medal for the Volunteer Force to J Williams Late QMS 8th Battery G.V.A - '26 Years Service' £80-120
805.    A Queen Victoria South Africa Medal with two bars Orange Free State and Cape Colony and an Edward VII South Africa Medal with two bars 1901 and 1902 - both to Pte S Turner, Glos Regt 2653 £150-200
806.    A WWII group of five medals\:- War Medal, Defense Medal, Africa Star, Italy Star and 1939 - 45 Star with department certificate and provenance £40-60
807.    An early 19th century watercolour miniature 3/4 portrait of a young man in fitted leather case - 10 x 8cm £80-120
808.    A Chinese carved wood card case with garden and figurative decoration, circa 1900 £40-60
809.    Four Japanese Meiji period miniature ivory masks, two miniature carved camels and a manicure tool £80-120
810.    Five small carved Indian ivory elephants and a miniature chain of elephants circa 1920 £10-20
811.    A group of Victorian ivory and bone needlework items to include bodkin case, clamp, tweezers etc £20-30
812.    An antique Chinese carved stone seal decorated bird, 5cm tall £80-120
813.    A Chinese antique glass snuff bottle reverse painted figures with script to verso £100-150
814.    A Chinese antique glass snuff bottle carved cameo border and reverse painted figure in a garden, green stone lid £100-150
815.    A Chinese antique porcelain snuff bottle moulded immortals - red seal mark to base £180-250
816.    A Chinese antique brown agate snuff bottle carved cockerel and flower decoration with green stone lid £100-150
817.    A Chinese antique cloisonne enamel snuff bottle with stylised dragon's head and scrollwork decoration - signed to base £100-150
818.    A Japanese ivory netsuke of a seated elder with scroll, signed to base £50-70
819.    A Japanese Meiji period netsuke man with baby in a basket suspended round his neck, signed £100-150
820.    A Japanese Meiji ivory netsuke figure of a man holding a ring - signed £100-150
821.    A Japanese ivory Meiji period netsuke of a ceremonial figure with elaborate costume and fan - signed £100-150
822.    Two pairs of antique white metal folding spectacles, two other pairs of spectacles and two spectacle cases £40-60
823.    Two vintage Dunhill gold plated lighters £30-50
824.    A collection of antique spectacles including a pair of lorngnettes £10-20
825.    A Meerschaum pipe a/f, cased £20-40
826.    Two amber tipped cheroot holders, one with silver band £10-20
827.    A collection of badges including Coldstream Guards cap badge, Red Cross Gloucester badge to George Alder, Stroud etc £10-30
828.    Spare lot £0-10
829.    A pair of steel candlesnuffers , a miniature meerschaum pipe carved dog and two penknives £10-20
830.    Jan Hendrik Wilhem Brink (1895-1966) miniature oil on porcelain interior scene 7cm x 7cm £10-20
831.    A set of three cloisonne enamel spherical boxes - the largest 4cm dia £50-70
832.    Five various cloisonne small boxes and two small panels £30-50
833.    A group old miniature lead ducks and penguins £10-20
834.    Two small treen butter presses with thistle and wheat moulds £10-20
835.    A North American beadwork bag or box dated 1949 £20-30
836.    A Victorian ivory parasol handle carved in the form of a twisted ivory stem £30-50
837.    Three various Chinese snuff bottles £10-20
838.    Two compacts, a lipstick case, a 'dove and bullet' brooch, a miniature ladies razor and various charms £10-20
839.    Various compacts and card cases £10-20
840.    A vintage composition moving figure of a waving peasant woman and two antique bisque dolls house dolls £10-20
841.    An antique South American tribal cosh circa 1900 - 25cm £20-30
842.    Four silver commemorative proof crowns boxed £50-70
843.    A Rollei 35 LED compact camera with bag and instructions £40-60
844.    Various collectables £10-20
845.    A Skipper doll (Barbies sister) - boxed with costumes £20-40
846.    A Paul doll (Sindy's boyfriend) - boxed with outfits etc circa 1960's £20-40
847.    A 1965 Barbie Doll with three wigs and original bathing costume together with accessories and leaflet plus four Barbie 1960's outfits and other clothes £60-80
848.    A Dinky die cast fire engine 955 and various other Dinky trucks, transporter etc £20-40
849.    A Britains 1950's part set of plastic civil war soldiers £10-20
850.    A Slaters Wagon kit 7054 cattle truck boxed - complete and unused £10-20
851.    A Britains 1960's plastic garden set £20-30
852.    Spare Lot £0-10
853.    A 'UT' model Corvette and nine other model cars £10-20
854.    A pair of Binolux 20 x 70 binoculars £20-40
855.    A Melodian in original box £20-40
856.    An Auto Minimax fire extinguisher £10-20
857.    Various collectables £10-30
858.    A bronze Griffin form finial or fitment - 15cm £10-20
859.    A pair of composition figures of peasants - 16.5cm £10-20
860.    A set of eight Charles Stadden pewter British Army figures £20-40
861.    A Chinese soapstone inkwell carved flower £10-20
862.    Seven Chinese carved boxwood figures 9cm and 15cm £10-30
863.    A ViewMaster and cards - boxed £10-20
864.    A pair of 1920's beaded velvet childrens slippers and a leather pair £30-50
865.    A group of treen including dice shaker, five Black Forest bears, snuff box in form of a shoe etc £30-50
866.    A box of lantern slides including children's Disney, technical military instructions such as Effects of Bombs on Concrete etc £20-40
867.    A small box of medical or veterinary equipment £10-30
868.    A boxed set of 'Worcester China Colours' watercolour paints in box - box a/f £10-30
869.    Various Parker and Papermate pen sets £10-20
870.    A Parker Vacumatic Canadian fountain pen - 1947 in original box £150-200
871.    A Parker Duofold fountain pen - black with gold trim £20-30
872.    A set of balance weights in wooden case £10-20
873.    A childs set of building blocks in wooden box and a miniature suitcase £10-20
874.    A set of Derwent colour pencils in original box, Series 19 £10-20
875.    Three drawing sets including one by Charvos £10-30
876.    A group of various carved wood figures £10-30
877.    A box of small cloisonne enamel items £20-40
878.    A box of vintage bottle stoppers and pourers £10-20
879.    A box of collectables including lighters, camera etc £10-20
880.    A collection of fourteen wooden needle holders, knitting pins and a wooden pencil case £50-70
881.    A pair of Harrods Slippers by Church's - size 11 £10-30
882.    Two Marcus plaster wall plaques depicting knights £10-20
883.    A porcupine quill box £15-25
884.    An Edwardian mahogany till £20-40
885.    A brass door knocker, horse brasses and wall light £10-20
886.    A set of six African carved wood animal napkin rings £10-30
887.    Two brass hunting horns and three Post Office book form savings banks £10-20
887A.   Donald Floyd - oil on canvas 'The Abbey framed by Nature, Tintern, 49 x 59cm £60-80
888.    A large wooden chalice 22cm high, and a large treen pot £20-40
889.    A pair of Victorian colour prints in colour frames - 50 x 43cm £40-60
890.    An oak 1930's two door glazed bookcase £20-40
891.    A pair of antique carriage lamps £20-30
892.    A red and blue Heriz runner with triple medallion - 257 x 84cm £120-150
893.    A carved oak buffet sideboard with raised back over drawers and cupboard £50-70
894.    A large brass pestle and mortar with cast mask decoration - 21cm £20-40
895.    An oval Arts and Crafts hammered copper tray by Hugh Wallis - approx 50cm dia £20-30
896.    A large brass bell - 25cm £30-50
897.    A Victorian oil lamp with yellow glass reservoir £20-40
898.    A Heredities bronze finish dog £20-40
899.    Two early 20th century spelter jockey and horse groups - 22cm £40-60
900.    An antique Portuguese hand tool for removing cork £20-40
901.    George Oysten - watercolour coastal scene with quayside and figures - 19 x 35cm £50-70
902.    An early 19th century oil on board HMS Diadem - 44 x 58cm £200-300
903.    An early 19th century watercolour coastal scene with figures boarding boats - 11 x 18cm £30-50
904.    W Hemsley - a Victorian print of children crabbing on a beach 13 x 19cm £20-40
905.    A watercolour of a cottage garden in carved wooden frame - 18 x 23cm £10-20
906.    A watercolour Chequers Farm at Frogatt - 20 x 29cm £10-20
907.    William Henry Dyer Cornish school - watercolour Mullion Cove - 27 x 38cm £40-60
908.    A Victorian watercolour Cornish coastal scene with figures c.1890 - 34 x 52cm £50-80
909.    John Bates Noel - watercolour 'After The Storm' - 25 x 35cm £80-120
910.    A Victorian watercolour Scottish highlands scene, monogram MS - 11 x 25cm £10-20
911.    Mike Woods - oil on board applecore - 14 x 11cm £50-70
912.    A pair of oileograph still lifes in gilt Art Nouveau frames after Lubin Baugin - 19 x 25cm £50-70
913.    A mid 20th century Japanese cloisonne enamel vase decorated blossom on a red ground - 20cm £40-60
914.    A pair of brass candle oil lamps and shades £10-20
915.    An early 20th century continental mahogany bureau carved mask to slope front, all raised on tall slender supports £80-120
916.    A Victorian copper kettle, steel trivet and a copper jug etc £20-40
917.    A late 19th century mirror with ebonised carved gilt frame and gilt slip £50-70
918.    An Indian Bidriware hookah base £25-35
919.    A floral decoration cloisonne enamel table lamp - 37cm £20-30
920.    Three various cloisonne vases £10-20
921.    A 1914 Christmas tin with original card and photo plus a mounted fragment of a Turkish shell which struck HMS Cornwallis, Dardanelles 1915 plus a framed and glazed picture of HMS Victory with wood and metal relic £20-40
922.    Charles Hawson Bennett - oil on canvas vase of roses, dated 1905 - 37 x 49cm £40-60
923.    Mike Woods - oil on board plums - 14 x 13cm £40-60
924.    A Victorian mahogany Beaconsfield style wardrobe and a matching dressing table £60-100
925.    A Georgian oak circular tilt top wine table on turned column and triple cabriole supports £40-60
926.    A machine tapestry Middle Eastern Scene - 139 x 44cm £20-30
927.    A 19th century mahogany linen press with two panelled doors enclosing sliding trays all over two short and two long drawers £200-400
928.    A vintage beaver lamb fur coat and a pair of fur gloves £10-30
929.    A fur coat with suede panels £10-20
930.    A Beaver Lamb fur jacket £10-20
931.    A 19th century mezzotint lovers in woodland scene - 20 x 24cm £30-50
932.    Mike Woods - oil on board applecore and grapes - 24 x 19cm £60-80
933.    Mike Woods - oil on board Still Life fruit - 23 x 29cm £100-150
934.    A Victorian cast iron cauldron 16" x 16" approx. and a cast iron stand £50-70
935.    An Edwardian brass and stained glass firescreen- one glass a/f £10-30
936.    A large Victorian cast iron water pump £80-100
937.    A large blacksmiths anvil £50-70
938.    A Victorian garden roller £40-60
939.    A set of antique donkey or mule ames and wooden collar £40-60
940.    Three old wooden curtain poles and rings £20-40
941.    An old painted tin trunk £10-20
942.    An Art Deco standard lamp £30-50
943.    A quantity of bee keeping equipment including smoker, extractor etc £30-50
944.    A set of mahogany open wall shelves - 77 x 92cm £20-40
945.    A red painted milk churn £20-30
946.    A vintage industrial or medical stool with revolving seat £30-50
947.    A large Victorian two handled preserving pan with EVW cannon symbol - 44cm dia £40-60
948.    A marble topped garden table on sewing machine base £40-60
949.    A brass Port and Starboard shipping lantern and another lantern £20-40
950.    An old cast iron fire grate and dogs £10-30
951.    A Victorian painted metal coal scuttle and shovel with Dutch woman and windmill £10-20
952.    A stone effect garden bird bath with cherubs £25-35
953.    A stone effect garden figure of a mermaid £15-25
954.    A stone effect garden meercat family group £25-35
955.    A stone effect garden figure of a boy with dog £25-35
956.    A stone effect garden figure of Venus £25-35
957.    A pair of early 20th century Chinese bronze flared vases decorated figures and tigers - 16cm £60-80
958.    A 19th century French tortoiseshell bombe form mantel clock with scrollwork gilt metal mounts £150-200
959.    A pair of Christolean pictures ladies in 18th century dress - 19 x 13cm £20-30
960.    A George III mahogany chest of four drawers on bracket feet - 97cm wide x 50cm deep x 91cm high £150-200
961.    A large floral decorated cloisonne enamel bowl - 31cm £30-50
962.    A Georgian mahogany corner washstand £60-80
963.    An oil on board of Malvern Hills - 12 x 16cm and four prints of Malvern Hills £10-20
964.    A circular Arts and Crafts hammered copper tray by Lombard, four copper pans, a pair of brass candlesticks and brass horse £20-30
965.    A small marble topped and tile back washstand with drawers and cupboard £30-50
966.    A Singer child's sewing machine in carved wooden dome top case £30-50
967.    An Essex miniature childs sewing machine £10-20
968.    A 19th century wrought iron and copper lamp stand £10-30
969.    A Harling drawing set and accessories in two tier fitted box £20-30
970.    A Victorian amboyna and mother of pearl inlaid writing slope converted to a cutlery box £30-50
971.    A rosewood writing slope with fitted interior - 38 x 27cm £40-60
972.    A 1930's wooden ticket dispenser from Ashton Under Lyne - complete with original 1970's tickets £100-150
973.    A mahogany cased barometer £40-60
974.    A five branch cut glass chandelier £40-60
975.    A Victorian slate mantel clock £20-30
976.    A Victorian large slate mantel clock with two train movement £30-50
977.    A Victorian brass oil lamp with cut glass reservoir £50-70
978.    An oak correspondence and book rack £10-30
979.    An Edwardian oak and brass letter rack with 'Post' and 'Delivery' labels £10-30
980.    An Indian kukri knife and two smaller knives with leather sheath £30-50
981.    A WWI bayonet marked I.M.S 813 £20-40
982.    An early 20th century Indian curved dagger with wooden handle and white metal sheath £50-70
983.    A Wilkinsons Swords GV officers dress sword with etched blade 'Service Corps' - in leather scabbard £100-200
984.    A German Officers WW1 Cavalry dress sword with engraved blade £100-150
985.    A 19th century metal bound wooden sword swagger stick £30-50
986.    A Wilkinsons Swords Victorian officers dress sword with etched blade and leather and metal scabbards £150-200
987.    A silver topped swagger stick for The Kings Own Scottish Borderers and another silver topped swagger stick, a 'Hindustan' swagger stick and a bamboo one (4) £20-40
988.    A box of vinyl records - mainly popular £10-20
989.    A box of vintage rock and pop records LP's £40-60
990.    A vinyl carrying case of LP's - mainly jazz £20-30
991.    A box of 1970's records - artists include: ELO, Queen, Supertramp, Fleetwood Mac, Camel et £10-30
992.    A box of 7" singles £10-30
993.    A box of vintage rock and pop LP's £40-60
994.    A Pentax camera M2 50 with Sigman lens and other cameras including two Ross Ensigns, Goerz Tenax folding camera etc. £20-40
995.    A Victorian wooden folding plate camera by Ensign with three plates £50-70
996.    A box of photographic lenses, accessories, macro bellows etc £10-20
997.    A box of vintage gas lamp controllers, mainly Newbridge Controllers by Horstmann of Bath, a Kingsland Controller by Gas Meter Co London and a Gas Consumer Indicator etc £30-50
998.    A large collection of beer mats £20-40
999.    A set of brass postal scales £20-30
1000.   An Edwardian bamboo sword stick with horn handle and silver collar £60-80
1001.   A silver mounted walking stick and a horn handled one £10-20
1002.   An ebony walking stick with silver collar and top, by Henry Howell and Co - Birmingham 1909 £30-40
1003.   A group of four early 20th century parasols £10-30
1004.   An old shooting stick, shepherds crook, rustic walking stick and a hockey stick by Stuart Surridge and Co, 'Olympic Super Delux' "Used by Indian Olympic Team at Melbourne Olympiad 1956" £10-20
1005.   A portrait print after Albrecht Durer - 19 x 26cm £10-30
1006.   A print of dogs 'Handle with Care' after Cecil Aldin - 28 x 43cm £10-20
1007.   A 19th century oil on board Tintern Abbey - 19 x 29cm £10-20
1008.   A Chinese silk embroidered scene with birds - 97 x 48cm £10-30
1009.   William Affleck print 'Going to the Well' - 37 x 23cm £10-30
1010.   A Chinese embroidered picture of bird and flowers 50 x 26cm £10-30
1011.   Two Chinese flower and butterfly prints 26 x 34cm and 37 x 15cm £10-20
1012.   A set of four lithographs after Alken hunting scenes by Sutherland - 16 x 28cm £40-60
1013.   S E Brierley watercolour flowers - inscribed to verso 1830 - 24 x 19cm £10-20
1014.   West R Handley - oil on canvas Worcester river scene with cathedral, signed and dated 1986 - 62 x 75cm £50-80
1015.   A Canaletto print - 59 x 38cm - in gilt frame £10-20
1016.   A set of four tapestry pictures of ducks in decorative frames - 29 x 27cm £20-40
1017.   An oil on board Still Life flowers - 51 x 40cm £20-40
1018.   J Rockingham - oil on board Still Life hibiscus 59 x 44cm, and another Still Life leaves 45 x 37cm £10-20
1019.   Nigel Hemming - limited editiion print of sheep dogs - 39/49 £30-50
1020.   A Steve Hanks print of a cat and a pumpkin - 34 x 80cm £10-20
1021.   Joy Kirton-Smith - limited edition Artists Proof print nude 'Solitude' 57/60 A.P. - 41 x 57cm £50-80
1022.   Joy Kirton-Smith - limited edition print nude 'Serenity' 230/600 - 41 x 57cm £50-80
1023.   A limited edition print after Christian Bernerd - Street Scene - 38 x 28cm 30/75 £10-20
1024.   Nick Turley - watercolour landscape with huntsman - 31 x 45cm £80-120
1025.   A vintage Lowry print beach scene - 49 x 59cm £50-70
1026.   A pair of prints of sailing yachts by Hostis - 45 x 31cm £30-40
1027.   Robert Hollands Walter (1882 - 1922) - watercolour haymaking scene - 27 x 40cm £80-120
1028.   A pair of prints dancing scenes after Serge Ivanoff - 12 x 17cm £10-20
1029.   A print of a reclining figure after Henry Moore - 17 x 26cm £10-20
1030.   A set of four Medieval scene prints - 27 x 19cm £20-30
1031.   Jane Pearson - four watercolour Yorkshire scenes :- Deepdale, Kettlewell, Blanchland, West Stonesdale and Gunnerside - 27 x 35cm £80-100
1032.   E Bradburn - watercolour mountain and river landscape - 24 x 34cm £20-30
1033.   A Thelwell limited edition print 'The Home Straight' signed in pencil - 20 x 30cm £20-40
1034.   A pair of Russell Flint prints - 24 x 35cm £10-20
1035.   B Righeeti - watercolour Italian coastal scene with tree - 27 x 14cm £40-60
1036.   Three miniature landscape watercolours in a single frame £35-45
1037.   An oil on board landscape with trees and cottage - 24 x 33cm £20-40
1038.   A French watercolour of girl tossing animals in a saucepan on a cliff top with 'Saint Simeon' plaque - 20 x 17cm £20-30
1039.   An oil on canvas winter scene - 56 x 76cm £10-20
1040.   A gilt framed mirror 48 x 72cm £20-40
1041.   An oak refectory style dining table £40-60
1042.   A set of six leather upholstered Puritan style dining chairs on bobbin turned supports £80-120
1043.   A Persian village rug with all over floral decoration - 179 x 111cm £120-150
1044.   A Kashmir style rug with medallion design on champagne ground- 229 x 154cm £120-150
1045.   A Kashmir style rug with medallion design on red ground - 192 x 135cm £120-150
1046.   A set of six leather upholstered Puritan style dining chairs on bobbin carved supports £100-150
1047.   A mid 20th century Ercol childs chair £20-40
1048.   A set of ten Jacobean style oak dining chairs with carved toprail over slat back (two carvers and eight diners) £100-150
1049.   A Hepplewhite mahogany finish shield back carver chair £10-20
1050.   A Victorian mahogany nursing chair with spindle carved side supports £20-30
1051.   A leather vintage vanity case and another vanity case £10-20
1052.   An old Bakelite telephone (from Hereford Gas Office £20-30
1053.   An early 20th century mahogany side table with frieze drawer and square tapered supports £50-70
1054.   Two reproduction wine tables £10-20
1055.   A Muffy Vanderbear Landau and Pony and three small teddy bears £30-50
1056.   A Deans teddy bear 'Albert' 256/500 £20-40
1057.   A Herman Fisherman bear 325/1000 £20-40
1058.   Two Steiff Historic Miniature Teddy Bears - boxed ('Rosa' and 'Carame') £20-40
1059.   A Merrythought 'Baker Boy' bear 105/500 and 'Muffin Man' bear 120/750 £30-50
1060.   Two Herman tinplate teddy bears and one on a scooter 870/1000 £30-50
1061.   A Herman 'Alpine' bear and a 'Sweep' bear 455/1000 £30-50
1062.   A Muffy Vanderbear teddy bear in hood 'Alice' a Velveteen bear plus one other £30-50
1063.   A box of lace and linen including Ypres silk and lace trimmed scarf £10-30
1064.   Two vintage Welsh checkered blankets £30-50
1065.   A vintage Welsh blanket made at Pantolwen Mills £20-40
1066.   A vintage Welsh tapestry blanket in green £50-70
1067.   A black silk top hat by 'Gerrard Hats' Austin Reed, London £30-40
1068.   An old full size violin with Stradivarius label and bow in case £40-60
1069.   A carved oak small sideboard with two drawers over cupboard £50-70
1070.   A red painted and gilt carved wood table lamp - 34cm with cream shade £20-40
1071.   A cast 'marble' plaque after Francois Duqesnoy with inset cast medal on reverse £50-70
1072.   An oval plaster plaque moulded classical woman 27cm £10-20
1073.   An oak dropleaf tea trolley £10-20
1074.   An Egyptian engraved metal torchere lamp - 35cm £50-70
1075.   A Chinese ebonised jardiniere stand, the legs carved as dragons £80-120
1076.   A 'Highway' oak corner cupboard with lead glazed door over cupboard door carved armorial £60-80
1077.   A George III mahogany D end dining table with two interleaves on square tapered supports - with brass clips £200-300
1078.   An oak refectory style dining table on heavy carved cup and cover supports - 168cm x 86cm £100-150
1079.   A set of five 19th century oval topped rustic kitchen or farmhouse stools on turned supports £100-150
1080.   A model pilots steam tug 'Britannia' - 109cm long £100-150
1081.   A very large wooden model sailing ship 'The Whydah Galley' - 5ft x 5ft - on stand £200-300
1082.   An Edwardian pine twin pedestal desk with leather inset top £60-100
1083.   Emile Picault - large bronze classical figure Excelsior on circular marble plinth base £600-800
1084.   A Regency mahogany and satinwood inlaid tea caddy fitted three hinged divisions £100-150
1085.   A satinwood and brass inlaid writing box with fitted interior - 30 x 23cm £40-60
1086.   An early 19th century percussion action shotgun with figured walnut stock, ram rod and silver mounts - engraved Thompson £300-400
1087.   A small oak circular carved occasional table £10-20
1088.   A Regency mahogany sarcophagus form cellarette with lead fitted interior £300-500
1089.   A 19th century red marble classical column £200-300
1090.   A large 19th century brass kettle on decorative brass brazier stand £80-100
1091.   An early 20th century leather button upholstered wing armchair £150-200
1092.   Two leather hunting bags £30-50
1093.   An Edwardian satin walnut chest of two short and three long drawers £60-80
1094.   A carved oak cased barometer and two other barometers £10-30
1095.   A mahogany jardiniere on turned column and claw and ball supports £30-50
1096.   A late Georgian oak corner cupboard with single panelled door £50-70
1097.   A pond yacht - 95cm long £80-120
1098.   A model three masted sailing boat - 70cm long £60-80
1099.   A small model galleon - 56cm long £20-30
1100.   A Victorian light oak buffet sideboard on barleytwist supports £100-150
1101.   A Victorian carbide magic Helioscopic' Lantern - box a/f £50-70
1102.   A copper warming pan, copper kettle and brass owl trivet £10-20
1103.   A reproduction twin pedestal desk £40-60
1104.   A pair of horse ames and leather straps £10-20
1105.   A 20th century oak longcase clock with silvered dial by Samuel Lacon Wolverhampton £60-100
1106.   An elm refectory dining table on X frame supports £50-70
1107.   A wrought iron childs bench with mahogany slats and painted animal design to back £50-80
1108.   A red and blue Hamadan Lori village rug - 223 x 106cm £120-150
1109.   A South African Stinkwood coffee table on claw and ball supports 83 x 49cm £20-30
1110.   A mahogany reproduction wine table £10-20
1111.   A long mahogany coffee table £10-20
1112.   An Art Deco French ebony topped circular coffee table in style of Ruhlmann - 85cm dia £150-200
1113.   A Victorian oval mahogany dining table with single interleaf, all raised on claw and ball supports - with winder £30-50
1114.   A vintage oak office filing cabinet of four drawers, with label The Midland Woodworkers Ltd Birmingham £50-70
1115.   A reproduction kidney form desk £50-70
1116.   A Victorian mahogany coal box with brass handle £25-35
1117.   A small Georgian style mahogany bachelors chest with brushing slide over four drawers on bracket supports - 77cm wide £300-400
1118.   A contemporary oak spinning wheel made by William Gordon of Hay on Wye £80-120
1119.   Keith English - large oil on canvas depicting Johannes Gutenberg in a printing workshop with his family - originally painted on commission for the Western Daily Press offices and painted in the style of Thomas Cooper Gotch 151 x 120cm £150-200
1120.   Adam Barsby - acrylic harbour scene 'Inner Light' - 33 x 91cm £200-300
1121.   Anthony Armstrong - limited edition print 'Glasgow Green' - signed in pencil - 28 x 35cm, 324/500 £20-40
1122.   E W Buckeridge - gouache Derby Winner 1872 'Creme Morn' - 35 x 37cm £60-80
1123.   L Smith - oil Still Life vase of flowers - 25 x 45cm £20-40
1124.   A coloured engraving of lovers after Fragonard 'Le Verron' - 33 x 43cm £50-70
1125.   Roger Deverin (1884-1973) - pair watercolour landscapes 12 x 18cm £150-200
1126.   A small Georgian style oak Welsh dresser with three tier back over three drawers, shaped apron and turned supports - 134cm wide £100-150
1127.   An Indian rosewood four fold screen with pierced and carved panels and brass inlaid panels to verso - some damaged pieces available £100-150
1128.   A 19th century helmet form copper coal scuttle £50-70
1129.   A Victorian brass three piece fireside set £20-30
1130.   Three large early 19th century French copper saucepans £40-60
1131.   A 19th century watercolour on porcelain panel depicting night scene with costumed figures holding lanterns with similar scene to verso - 24 x 14cm £40-60
1132.   Simon Ball - limited edition print of a saxophone 'Get on Up' 59/90 - unframed 39 x 60cm £40-60
1133.   Simon Ball - limited edition print of a Saxophone 'Must Be Heaven' 79/90 - unframed 39 x 60cm £40-60
1134.   A Victorian oak roll top twin pedestal desk with fitted interior of pigeon holes, 137cm wide £200-300
1135.   Roger Deverin (1884-1973) - pair of mixed media abstracts 16 x 12cm £150-200
1136.   A Victorian Welsh mahogany longcase clock with arch top dial and painted face by H P Harris of Mony Thusloyn, Nr Monmouth £250-350
1137.   An old suitcase £10-20
1138.   A 19th century large oak bookcase with open shelves over two door cupboard £100-150
1139.   David Dent - limited edition pastel print of race horse at Epsom - 'Moonshine' and two ladies entitled 'Classic Fillies' - 47 x 36cm £40-60
1140.   A Regency sampler with text and motifs of flowers, birds and animals dated 1806 Mary Ann Tomlinson - 41 x 32cm together with two woolwork samplers with scattered motifs £80-120
1141.   A Berlin woolwork and silk picture of a young girl picking flowers - 38 x 33cm £20-40
1142.   A brass fender £10-20