Antiques & Collectables Sale
with Stamp & Postcard Section
on Friday 5th October 2018

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1.      A set of six Edwardian Coalport dessert plates with rose design, together with three Copeland china dessert plates with castellated edging 10-20
2.      An Edwardian Cauldron tea service comprising:- ten cups, twelve saucers, six side plates, sugar bowl and cake plate 30-50
3.      A pottery 'rope' jug - 9.5" tall 10-20
4.      A 19th century continental glazed stoneware two handled jar - 42cm 10-30
5.      Two 19th century continental Majolica fish jugs - 30cm 30-50
6.      A Victorian Gaudy Welsh tea service comprising teapot, jug, large jug and ten cups and saucers - some damage 30-50
7.      A Royal Crown Derby tea service in Imari pattern no 2712 comprising: six cups and saucers, six tea plates and a cake plate and sugar bowl 30-50
8.      A Victorian Foley twelve place setting tea service comprising twelve cups and saucers, twelve tea plates, slop bowl and two cake plates 30-50
9.      A Foley Edwardian Art Nouveau tea service comprising eight cups and saucers, milk, sugar, eleven tea plates and two cake plates 20-40
10.     A set of seven TG Green & Co named storage jars including 'Currants', 'Raisins', 'Sultanas', 'Pearl Barley' etc - three a/f 30-40
11.     A Clarice Cliff pink and grey banded dinner service comprising two tureens, six dinner plates, six breakfast plates, six side plates, sauce boat, two meat plates and a cake plate 60-80
12.     A 19th century blue and white meat plate 15-25
13.     A late Victorian Booths 'Sheila' pattern part dinner service comprising: two oval lidded tureens, a lidded sauce tureen with two ladles and five graduated meat plates 10-30
14.     An Edwardian blue and white jardiniere printed swags and flowers - 21cm 10-30
15.     A Victorian blue and white pottery jardiniere stand painted poppies - 54cm tall 20-40
16.     A collection of eight Mason's Ironstone items 'Manchu' pattern 20-40
17.     A large Coalport figure 'The Millenium Ball' with certificate 25cm 30-50
18.     A Wedgwood group The Embrace with certificate 20-40
19.     A Royal Doulton figure 'Christmas Morn' and a Coalport figure 'Silhouettes' 15-25
20.     Two Royal Doulton figures - boxed, from the Gemstone Collection 10-30
21.     Two Royal Doulton figures Rose and Karen 20-40
22.     Two Coalport figures Midnight Masquerade and With this Ring and a Royal Worcester figure Keepsake 30-50
23.     Three Royal Doulton figures Lorraine, Lynne and Elaine 30-40
24.     Three Royal Doulton figures Stephanie, Jayne and Maria 30-40
25.     Four Royal Doulton figures from the Sentiments series, a Royal Doulton figure Melody and a small Coalport figure 'Minuettes Joanne' 20-40
26.     Five Royal Doulton figures Autumn Stroll, Georgia, Spring Time, Summer Breeze and Amy, three with certificates 30-50
27.     A large reproduction Chinese jar and lid - 35cm 20-30
28.     A Fielding & Co floral printed jardiniere - 20cm 10-30
29.     Two Coalport Caughley mask jugs 20-30
30.     A 1920's Grosvenor blue and white tea service, seven cups, ten saucers, seven tea plates and a cake plate. 10-20
31.     A collection of Coalport Hong Kong pattern ornaments 30-50
32.     Seven Coalport Hong Kong small ornaments and one unboxed 30-50
33.     A Mason's Ironstone Chartreuse jug and bowl and a smaller jug 10-20
34.     A large Capodimonte group 'The Caldarrostaio' by Walter Scapinello 100-150
35.     Two pottery figure groups by Underhill 20-30
36.     A pair of porcelain figures Shepherdess and bagpiper 10-20
37.     A Wedgwood Gold Florentine part tea service comprising:- six teacups and saucers, two cake plates, two side plates and a lidded sugar 40-60
38.     A Royal Albert 'Harvest Bouquet' tea service comprising: six teacups and saucers, six tea plates and a cake plate 10-30
39.     An Edwardian floral printed tea service to include twelve cups and saucers, twelve tea plates, two cake plates, jug and sugar 20-40
40.     A Royal Grafton Evesham tea service to include:- twelve teacups and saucers, four milk jugs, three sugar bowls, two cake plates, eleven side plates, coffee pot, teapot and six coffee cups and saucers 20-40
41.     A Chinese floral vase with blue ground - 32cm 10-20
42.     A large size Chinese teapot painted bird - 23cm 40-60
43.     A large Victorian treacle glazed jug, moulded animals 20-40
44.     A novelty dog musical pottery flask and large brown glazed jug 10-20
45.     A collection of twelve Swarkovski crystal ornaments 30-50
46.     A collection of twelve Swarkovski crystal ornaments 30-50
47.     A collection of seventeen Swarkovski crystal ornaments 30-50
48.     A collection of sixteen Swarkovski crystal 30-50
49.     Twenty five small millefiori and flower form paperweights 20-40
50.     A collection of fifteen various souvenir paperweights and a Minton commemorative pottery paperweight 20-40
51.     Eight various flower form paperweights 20-40
52.     Thirteen various glass paperweights 20-40
53.     A Victorian flower form paperweight mounted on a red marble column 23cm tall 40-60
54.     A pair of Victorian dump weights with floral two tier sulphides, 16cm tall and another similar with chip to base 50-70
55.     Three Victorian dump weights with floral form sulphides, 11cm approx. 60-80
56.     A millefiori glass paperweight inkwell and another a/f and a large millefiori glass paperweights 40-60
57.     Two lattachino glass paperweights 40-60
58.     Two glass paperweights 10-20
59.     A Victorian large glass dump weight and three similar smaller paperweights 50-80
60.     Four various splattered glass paperweights 10-30
61.     A Victorian paperweight with sulphide of a cupid 8.5cm tall and another with military bust(possibly Edward VII) a/f 40-60
62.     Two Victorian bubbled glass paperweights 11.5cm tall 40-60
63.     Three cut cane paperweights and three scrambled millefiori glass paperweights 40-60
64.     Six various millefiori glass paperweights 30-50
65.     Three antique millefiori paperweights 40-60
66.     Ten various flower form paperweights 30-50
67.     Six various millefiori glass paperweights 30-50
68.     Five bubbled glass paperweights 20-40
69.     Four antique millefiori paperweights, all af 10-30
70.     Seven Beswick wall ducks including largest size 5960, and a Royal Dux small one 80-120
71.     A collection of Mason's Ironstone items to include a large Fruit Basket ginger jar (23cm) and two similar cups, an Ascot jug and two Brown Velvet plates 15-25
72.     A set of six Davenport stone china plates 20-30
73.     A Carltonware leaf form dish, another leaf form dish and an Aynsley pair of flower form cruets boxed 10-20
74.     A pair of Wedgwood green Jasperware candlesticks boxed, 17cm 10-20
75.     A collection of seven Beswick salad ware serving dishes decorated tomatoes 20-30
76.     A Spode Italian vase, rectangular dish and sugar bowl 10-30
77.     A Rubian Ware blue and white cube teapot, a Coalport shell planter, a lustred milk jug and sugar bowl, an Edwardian etched glass vase and a Murano glass dish 10-20
78.     A large Evesham two handled deep tureen and a large Wedgwood 'Strawberry' souffle dish 10-20
79.     A Coalport card box decorated 'Punch' scene and playing cards 10-20
80.     A set of four Derby plates painted in the 'Leopold' pattern, with registration mark to base 1882 20-30
81.     A Crescent Rainbow fruit bowl, and a 'Springtime' floral dessert dish 10-20
82.     A Royal Doulton 'Berkshire' part dinner service comprising: twelve dinner plates, twelve side plates, twelve tea plates, three vegetable dishes and two gravy boats and stands 20-40
83.     A Fieldings musical novelty chamber pot with rhyme and eye to base 20-40
84.     A Chinese Kutani plate painted birds and blossom, marks to verso - 21cm dia 10-20
85.     A Quimper Ware plate signed HB, and a Dutch plate dated 1918 decorated farming scene - 28cm 20-30
86.     Four blue and white plates printed faun in oriental landscape 20-40
87.     A pair of 19th century Crown Derby Imari dessert plates and one other 30-50
88.     A set of ten Limoges floral printed dessert plates 10-20
89.     A Hammersley floral painted and printed dinner service No 13166, comprising: large fruit bowl and stand, large milk jug, two sugars, square dish, three dessert bowls, nine side plates, one soup, eight saucers (various sizes), five cups (of various sizes) and four small tea plates - some plates worn 80-120
90.     Two Villeroy and Bosch charger plates depicting town scenes - 35cm 20-30
91.     A large cut glass rose bowl 30-50
92.     An Edwardian Coalport tea and dessert service decorated flowers comprising:- teapot, milk jug, two sugar bowls, fourteen cups and fifteen saucers, twelve side plates, seventeen dessert plates, two comports and two pairs of serving dishes - condition varies 60-80
93.     A large Colclough 'Ivy' tea and dinner service comprising:- thirteen dinner plates, one meat plate, thirteen side plates, one gravy boat and stand, seventeen small cups and five large cups, nineteen small saucers three large saucers, two milk jugs, one sugar, teapot, two cake plates, one cake stand, twenty three tea plates and twelve bowls 60-100
94.     A group of five Sylvac dogs 15-25
95.     Three Hummel figures 20-30
96.     A Goebel woodpecker 10-20
97.     Three Beswick dogs - spaniel, collie and Jack Russell (a/f) and a Royal Copenhagen figure (chip to back) 20-30
98.     A Beswick jay, thrush and kingfisher - kingfisher beak a/f 20-40
99.     Four Beswick birds 20-40
100.    A Hummel acorn and squirrel form salt and pepper 20-40
101.    A Crown Pottery tiger and a Royal Albert Mrs Rabbit 10-20
102.    Four various bird ornaments including Beswick, Hummel etc 10-20
103.    A pottery vase painted dragonflies, a brown speckled jar and lid and a porcelain cat 10-20
104.    A 1930's Paragon coffee set 'Poinsettia' comprising six cups and saucers, coffee pot, milk and sugar - some damage 10-20
105.    Three Chinese reproduction vases and small jardiniere 10-20
106.    A Japanese coffee service decorated green dragon comprising: milk jug, tea pot, sugar bowl, six cups and six saucers 10-20
107.    Five Royal Crown Derby Imari saucers and one cup pattern no 3788, and a pin dish 8451 10-20
108.    A Wedgwood 'Devon Sprays' tea service comprising four cups, six saucers, five tea plates, a cake plate, a jug and sugar 10-20
109.    A Palissy Art Deco green banded tea service comprising: milk jug, six small plates, six cups and six saucers, six large plates and a sugar bowl 20-40
110.    A Medina sea horse paperweight, a scent bottle by Patrick Stein, a silver collared scent bottle and a green scent bottle 20-40
111.    A New Chelsea 1930's floral part tea service comprising two cups, six saucers, four tea plates, jug and cake plate and another part floral tea service comprising four cups and saucers, six tea plates and cake plate 10-30
112.    An Edwardian part tea service with three cups, four saucers, six tea plates and cake plate and five Royal Crown Derby tea plates 10-30
113.    A Bishop and Stonier 'Bisto' part coffee set printed roses and a Japanese part coffee set 10-20
114.    A set of six Booths Old Willow plates and one larger one with a Burleigh Ware small meat plate 10-30
115.    A Royal Crown Derby blue and white tea and coffee service painted exotic birds - comprising: twelve coffee cups , four tea cups and twenty four saucers, fifteen tea plates, one cake plate. 30-50
116.    A Poole pottery hors d'euvres dish - 33cm 10-20
117.    A Hampton Ivory 1930's floral and cottage printed dinner service comprising six dinner plates, five breakfast plates, three meat plates, two tureens, two gravy boats 40-60
118.    Four various Coalport cake plates etc. 10-30
119.    Eight floral painted Royal Worcester dinner plates by A H Williamson 30-50
120.    A Victorian blue and white sauce tureen and lid, with spoon, and other blue and white including Doulton 'Watteau' beaker 10-20
121.    A Crown Staffordshire childs tea service and a small cup and saucer 10-20
122.    A box of Wade Whimsies 20-30
123.    A Liberty Gouda jug with stylised decoration - 24cm, and a similar flagon with chip, both marked Liberty to base 80-100
124.    Two Langley Mill Pottery cups for Edward VIII 1937 - still unglazed due to abdication 10-20
125.    A Noritake vase decorated camel and desert scene 20-30
126.    A 19th century stoneware jug - 8.5" tall, decorated relief sporting and drinking scenes 10-20
127.    A Susie Cooper coffee set printed tulips comprising coffee pot, six cups and five saucers, milk and sugar 30-50
128.    A Maling floral lustre vase - 16cm 20-40
129.    A Royal Copenhagen budgerigar - 14cm tall 20-40
130.    A mid 19th century Chinese ginger jar and lid with clobbered decoration 20cm on carved wood stand 30-50
131.    A Wedgwood octagonal lustre bowl decorated butterflies - 10cm dia 30-40
132.    An 18th century blue and white Caughley tea bowl decorated stork and flowers (rim chip), and an 18th century blue and white ribbed slop bowl 20-30
133.    A Royal Doulton high fired glaze pot - 11cm dia 20-30
134.    A 19th century Sitzendorf figure of a woman with grapes and flowers, a pair of continental candlestick figures and another candlestick 20-40
135.    Three Marcello Fantoni dishes painted figures 50-70
136.    Five Provincial 19th century Chinese Swatow ware bowls, the largest 31cm diameter 40-60
137.    A Canton teapot 10-20
138.    A Chinese Canton teapot 10-20
139.    Four Chinese blue and white provincial circular boxes - probably 18th century 60-80
140.    Six Delft tiles decorated seascapes 20-40
141.    A large Coalport Charles and Diana Royal Wedding commemorative bowl decorated roses, boxed 30-50
142.    Seven various tiles 10-30
143.    A Spode Westminster Abbey plate, an Aynsley Shakespeare plate and a Coalport J Bibby and Son dish - all boxed 10-20
144.    A Minton tea service 'Henley' comprising: teapot, covered sugar, milk jug, six cups and saucers, six tea plates and a cake plate 30-50
145.    A Cauldon part dinner service comprising: ten bowls, four meat plates and two covered sugars, with Harrods mark 30-50
146.    A group of cut glass to include boxed Wedgwood paperweight 10-20
147.    A group of Coalport commemorative china boxed including ironbridge tankard plus other decorative china, limited edition plates etc 30-50
148.    A set of twelve Wedgwood plates by David Gentleman 'Castles and Country Houses' - eleven boxed
149.    A glass decanter with gilt birds head hinged stopper 20-30
150.    A Jack in the Pulpit glass vase by Tom Young, and an Isle of Wight vase 10-20
151.    Two orange and black swirled glass vases, the largest 22cm tall, pontil mark to base 20-30
152.    A pair of Persian glass vases printed pictures of the King of Persia Mozzafar ad-din Shah Qajar - 1896 - 1907 20-40
153.    Three Caithness glass vases including etched 'Humming Bird' and 'Crane' examples 20-40
154.    A Medina blue glass vase 12cm, a Murano glass petal form bowl and a vaseline glass vase 10-20
155.    Four Royal Worcester figures from the Days of the Week series and a similar mug 60-80
156.    A Newhall teapot and stand with floral decoration No171 60-80
157.    A Beswick girl on a pony 80-120
158.    A Royal Worcester waisted vase painted pheasants by Jas Stinton - 1930 - G923, 19cm 250-350
159.    An 18th century double cotton twist wine glass with high domed foot 50-70
160.    A Royal Worcester posy vase, painted flowers, 16cm high and another vase. 20-40
161.    A good quality Edwardian Crown Derby dessert service with floral painted reserves in gilt and blue borders comprising: twelve plates, two teardrop serving dishes, two oval serving dishes and a comport - a/f 200-300
162.    A 19th century Delft ink stand painted river scene and flowers and monogrammed 'RB' and 'M.G.167' 50-70
163.    Three 19th century Turner Pearlware oval plates with basket weave design (the largest 23cm across) 40-60
164.    A Murano glass dolphin and duck and a faceted vintage glass dish 20-30
165.    A 1930's glass lemonade jug and a swirled studio glass vase 10-20
166.    Three items of Murano glass 20-30
167.    A set of eleven cut glass wine glasses 30-50
168.    A group of cut glass including four cocktail glasses 10-20
169.    Two cut glass decanters, a liqueur decanter and two salts with painted portrait bases 10-30
170.    A group of glass ware and HMS Royal Sovereign cruet 10-20
171.    A cut glass basket 10-20
172.    A Caithness vase, paperweight and eight cut glass napkin rings - boxed 10-20
173.    Five liquor glasses, two Edinburgh Crystal goblets boxed and various other studio glass 10-20
174.    A large cut glass jug - 30cm 15-25
175.    A cut glass decanter, vase and scent bottle 10-20
176.    Three cut glass decanters 10-30
177.    A Royal Albert Country Roses dinner service comprising:- two covered vegetable dishes, gravy boat and stand, ten 20cm plates, eight 26.5 cm dinner plates, four small fruit dishes 14cm, eight larger dishes 16cm, salt and pepper and six tea plates 60-80
178.    A Royal Albert Country Roses tea and coffee service comprising:- teapot, two sugars, cream jug, milk jug, ten tea cups and saucers, eight coffee cups and six saucers and five tea plates 30-50
179.    A selection of Royal Albert Country roses comprising:- three covered vases, three small vases, a bell, a covered dish, a sandwich plate, cake plate, small jardiniere, three tier cake stand, four serving plates and a trinket tray 60-80
180.    A Royal Doulton Berkshire dinner service comprising: one meat plate, nine dinner plates, six medium plates, six small plates, two serving bowls, six soup bowls, one sugar bowl, one milk jug, one gravy boat with stand, six cups and six saucers 30-50
181.    A Royal Kent 'Golden Glory' coffee set 10-20
182.    A good quality early 20th century cut glass table lamp and shade with three bulb holder and chrome stem 60-100
183.    Two pairs of 19th century silver plated on copper candlesticks 10-20
184.    A Victorian silver plated oil lamp with cut glass reservoir 10-30
185.    A silver plated cigarette box, silver plated snuff box and various costume jewellery etc 15-25
186.    A silver plated Australian napkin ring with kangaroo and emu in original box 20-40
187.    A Victorian silver plated bottle coaster, two silver napkin rings etc 10-30
188.    Various silver plated items 10-20
189.    A Mappin and Webb silver plated biscuit barrel on claw feet 10-20
190.    A box of twelve silver plated menu holders - boxed, a candle snuffer and six napkin rings 10-20
191.    An Elkingtons silver plated fish cutlery set in oak case, twelve place settings 30-40
192.    A stainless steel eight place cutlery set - boxed 10-20
193.    A Mappin and Webb silver plated teapot, another silver plated teapot, sugar bowl and candle snuffers 10-20
194.    A box of silver plated cutlery to include Elkingtons part set of six dinner forks, six dessert forks, eight dessert spoons and three serving spoons 20-30
195.    A collection of silver plated items including various trays, a chamber stick and snuffer, cigarette box etc 20-30
196.    A pair of cut glass butter dishes, boxed - with two forks, Birmingham 1935 - and a silver plated fish cutlery set, boxed 10-20
197.    An oak ships two handled oval tray with silver plated gallery on bun feet 30-50
198.    An Edwardian silver plated cutlery set by Cross Bros Cardiff - in fitted oak cabinet. Twelve place settings, complete - approx 80 pieces 50-70
199.    A box of silver plated items 10-20
200.    A Greek silver drinking vessel with applied decoration, and a pierced oval silver salt - lacking glass liner 30-50
201.    Two pairs of silver sugar tongs, a silver button hook and a caddy spoon 30-50
202.    A cut glass silver topped scent bottle and a cut glass and silver toiletry box 20-40
203.    A pair of silver pepper pots, mustard and small pierced dish 20-40
204.    A small silver toast rack, a Georgian salt spoon, a teaspoon and a manicure tool 30-40
205.    A silver penknife and a silver and mother of pearl penknife 30-50
206.    Three silver napkin rings engraved and boxed 20-30
207.    A group of silver napkin rings, decanter labels etc 30-40
208.    A set of six silver teaspoons, a part set of five silver teaspoons, a white metal caddy spoon, silver penknife, two plated salt spoons etc, hallmarked silver - 348g 60-80
209.    A Georgian silver mounted knife and fork with green stained horn handles (probably London 1811) and three larger knives with green stained handles and white metal mounts 20-30
210.    A Fisher Sterling silver photograph frame 15.5 x 20cm, a miniature silver frame, a pair of silver lobster earrings, gold plated lorgnette etc 30-50
211.    A group of silver items to include candlesticks and cruets etc, weighable items 198g 30-50
212.    A silver ten piece dressing table set with embossed decoration 40-60
213.    A set of six Sheffield silver handled tea knives, 1934 - cased 20-30
214.    A silver sugar caster, a silver salt and a silver napkin ring 30-50
215.    A silver christening cup with engraved decoration, London 1855 by Charles Rawlings 40-60
216.    A silver 'Witchball' table lighter 30-50
217.    A silver ballerina desk seal with stone intaglio base - marked 925 10-20
218.    An oval silver pin dish - 17g 15-25
219.    A Garrard and Co silver armada dish London 1969, 3.4" dia 40-60
220.    A silver card case marked 925 and UK hallmark 40-60
221.    A set of eight silver apostle coffee spoons 110g 30-50
222.    A set of six silver teaspoons by Wm Bateman II, London 1835 40-60
223.    A set of four silver circular salts and four spoons - boxed, London 1909 50-70
224.    A set of six silver teaspoons - cased 20-40
225.    A set of six silver seal top teaspoons - cased 20-40
226.    A set of silver coffee spoons, cased 20-30
227.    A silver plated Eversharp pencil and a Sampson and Morden silver cigar piercer - Chester 1916 20-30
228.    A pair of Chinese silver and silver gilt hinged bangles decorated landscapes and townscapes, Chinese marks to interior 500-700
229.    A silver evening purse with engraved decoration and a white metal chain link purse 30-50
230.    A set of four Sterling silver bridge pencils, cased 20-40
231.    A Walker and Hall horn handled and silver mounted carving set in mahogany case 30-50
232.    A 9 carat gold wedding band - 3.8g, and two yellow metal rings and various earrings 20-40
233.    A Victorian carved lava cameo stick pin 70-90
234.    Four silver bracelets 20-30
235.    A silver charm bracelet and a child's one - 75g 10-20
236.    Four pairs of silver earrings, silver pendant and ring 10-30
237.    A silver Albertine and another white metal one 30-40
238.    A 9 carat gold necklace, 9 carat gold bracelet 3.5g, and an 18 carat gold extension link 3g 60-80
239.    Two pairs of silver cufflinks, a pair of silver and gold cufflinks and a pair of silver plated cricket bat and ball cufflinks 30-40
240.    Five silver Celtic brooches and a white metal one 30-40
241.    Four various silver brooches and a gold mounted tortoiseshell scarf ring 40-50
242.    Three silver rings, silver bangle and pendant 20-30
243.    Three silver St Christophers medals and chains and a praying hand pendant and chain 20-30
244.    Five Victorian and Edwardian silver brooches 20-40
245.    A quantity of cufflinks etc 10-20
246.    Two plastic brooches in the style of Lea Stein, one a horses head and the other an elephant 10-30
247.    A set of twelve early 20th century enamelled buttons painted roses 30-50
248.    A box of silver jewellery 25-35
249.    Various silver jewellery etc 20-30
250.    Six various silver brooches 20-30
251.    Two silver sports medals, two brooches and a spider stick pin 10-20
252.    A group of five silver lockets, a coin pendant and three other silver pendants 20-30
253.    A collection of Scottish Celtic brooches and a similar necklace 10-30
254.    Two stone set silver pendants and a silver and stone necklace 20-30
255.    A Leah Stein owl brooch 10-20
256.    A collection of Victorian brooches and pendants 40-60
257.    Two silver mounted cameo pendants and two silver earring and pendant sets 10-30
258.    A silver Celtic stone set brooch 20-30
259.    A pair of silver Swarovski crystal set earrings and pendant 25-35
260.    A silver necklace and bracelet set mystic pink topaz 35-45
261.    A 9K gold pendant and ring (size P) set pink tourmaline 250-300
262.    A pair of silver and 'jade' pendant earrings 10-20
263.    Four vintage enamel and marcasite animal brooches, a ship brooch, a micro mosaic brooch and a plastic dog brooch 20-30
264.    An Edwardian gold bar brooch set seed pearls and turquoise and a bow form brooch set turquoise 80-120
265.    A Victorian yellow metal cameo brooch carved Shepherdess and a Wedgwood yellow metal mounted brooch 60-80
266.    A Victorian yellow metal oval brooch, a small seed pearl and turquoise brooch and a green stone and coral brooch 60-80
267.    A 9 carat gold pendant and chain set sapphire and chip diamonds 40-60
268.    A 9 carat gold pendant of flower form and another 9 carat gold pendant - both set seed pearls 60-80
269.    An early 19th century diamond set cluster brooch 2.2cm diameter 1000-1500
270.    A 9 carat gold oval brooch set rubies and large opal within scrollwork surround 200-300
271.    A yellow metal brooch with painted porcelain panel of lady in large hat 20-40
272.    An 18 carat gold brooch of floral form set sapphires, rubies and diamonds 200-300
273.    A 14 carat gold Edwardian heart form brooch set seed pearls and turquoise 50-70
274.    A gold circular pendant inset enamel miniature painted classical scene with seated woman and putti, 2.7cm diameter 220-280
275.    A gold flower form brooch set red and green stones 120-180
276.    A 9 carat gold pin brooch with horse head drop 20-40
277.    A 9 carat gold framed cameo brooch/pendant 100-150
278.    A 9 carat gold framed cameo brooch carved classical lady 80-100
279.    A 19th century carved lava cameo in 9 carat rose gold surround - 4.5cm 40-60
280.    A fine Victorian style 9 carat gold framed cameo brooch 7cm x 6cm overall 200-300
281.    A Victorian painted enamel miniature of a soldier in oval locket with gold plated floral surround with solid gold back 80-120
282.    A Georgian gold stone set seal 220-280
283.    A gold filled seal with intaglio 40-60
284.    A 9 carat gold bar brooch set green stone 20-40
285.    An Edwardian bar brooch set rubies and seed pearls 20-40
286.    A 9 carat white gold crucifix - 3g 50-70
287.    A 9 carat gold stick pin set pearl 20-40
288.    An Edwardian gold brooch with interlaced horseshoes set turquoise and seed pearls - unmarked but tested gold 50-70
289.    A 9 carat gold bar brooch and an Edwardian ivory and yellow metal bar brooch, boxed 30-40
290.    A 9 carat gold stock pin with fox mask motif, circa 1925 - original box 60-80
291.    An Edwardian bar brooch set peridot, diamond and seed pearls, cased 280-350
292.    A 9 carat gold enamel horseshoe and crop stick pin, a 9 carat gold claw and pearl stick pin and two other stick pins 20-40
293.    A 9 carat gold RAF sweetheart brooch 50-70
294.    An RAF silver sweetheart brooch 25-35
295.    Spare Lot 0-10
296.    A platinum ring set fine intense natural yellow diamond within brilliant cut and pear cut white diamond surround, the central yellow stone 1.2 carats, size i to j. 6500-7500
297.    A platinum set AAAA tanzanite ring - size O 600-800
298.    An 18 carat white gold flower form diamond set ring 200-300
299.    An 18 carat gold ring set orange sapphire within diamond surround, size M 400-600
300.    A white gold ring set two rows of seven diamonds, size N 200-300
301.    An 18 carat gold platinum set ring with lozenge form diamond set plaque 300-500
302.    An 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond circular cluster ring, size O 200-300
303.    A 9 carat gold amethyst and diamond ring size L 40-60
304.    A 9 carat gold five stone opal ring, size Q 50-70
305.    An 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond set ring, size M 180-250
306.    A 9 K gold cluster ring set AA tanzanite and white zircon - size N 120-180
307.    A 14ct gold diamond set floral design eternity ring by Stuart Devlin for Franklin Mint, size R 200-300
308.    A white gold peridot ring size N 60-80
309.    A 9 carat gold amethyst and diamond cluster ring, size Q 50-70
310.    An 18 carat white gold square solitaire diamond ring size N 1/2 120-180
311.    A 9 carat gold emerald and diamond ring, size K 1/2 30-50
312.    A gold set three stone diamond ring - unmarked, size K 180-250
313.    An 18 carat gold diamond set panel ring - 7.7g 220-280
314.    An 18 carat gold emerald and diamond cluster ring, size P 250-350
315.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set three stone ring - size M 60-80
316.    An 18 carat gold three stone diamond ring - size L 60-80
317.    An 18 carat gold diamond solitaire ring with hexagonal white gold surround 100-150
318.    A 9 carat white gold diamond set half eternity ring, size T 40-60
319.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set three stone diamond ring - size J 1/2 60-80
320.    An Edwardian 18 carat gold small cluster diamond ring - size P 60-80
321.    A 9 carat gold amethyst and diamond ring, size I 35-45
322.    An 18 carat gold ruby and diamond cluster ring size O 120-180
323.    A 9 carat gold solitaire diamond ring size O 50-70
324.    An 18 carat white gold oval sapphire and diamond ring, size L 1/2 100-150
325.    An 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring, size Q 100-150
326.    An 18 carat gold diamond and sapphire cluster ring, size M 120-180
327.    An 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring, size L 180-220
328.    A 14 carat gold pearl set ring - size O 40-60
329.    A 9 carat gold peridot and amethyst ring, size M 50-70
330.    An 18 carat gold emerald and diamond ring, size M 1/2 100-150
331.    An 18 carat gold diamond set ring, size O 80-120
332.    An 18 carat gold multi-colour gem set ring - size K1/2 250-350
333.    An 18 carat white gold ring set four square cut diamonds on diamond set shoulders, size H 300-500
334.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set diamond crossover two stone ring - size I & 1/2 60-80
335.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring - the band a/f, size L 40-60
336.    A 9K gold ring set Sleeping Beauty turquoise and white zircons - size P 120-180
337.    A 9 carat gold ring set four amethysts interspersed with three pairs of diamonds, size M 1/2 50-70
338.    A silver ring set Sleeping Beauty turquoise and AA tanzanite - size P 25-35
339.    A 9K gold chrome diopside and diamond set ring - size P 120-180
340.    An 18 carat gold three stone diamond ring - size M 60-80
341.    A 9K gold natural Burmese spinel and diamond ring - size N 300-400
342.    An 18 carat gold ring set five diamonds, size J 80-120
343.    A 9 carat gold pierced Celtic style wedding band, size O 1/2 30-50
344.    A 9 carat gold onyx ring size O 1.2 g and a gold garnet ring size J 1.5g 30-50
345.    A 9 kt gold ring set ametrine and diamonds, size P 120-180
346.    A 9 carat gold red and white topaz cluster ring, size N 1/2 30-50
347.    A pair of oval cut amethyst and seed pearl pendant earrings, set in gold 200-300
348.    A pair of diamond stud earrings set in 18 carat gold, total weight 1.04 carats 1000-1500
349.    A cameo brooch carved beauty, in yellow metal surround and pair of 9 carat gold cameo earrings 40-60
350.    A pair of 18 carat gold sapphire and white stone earrings, a yellow metal pair of tanzanite earrrings and a Victorian yellow metal stick pin 40-60
351.    Two 9 carat gold necklaces 9.4g 60-80
352.    A 9 carat gold tie pin 2g, a 18 carat gold glitter charm and four other unmarked charms and stick pin 30-50
353.    Five 9 carat gold pendants and one other yellow metal stone set pendant 40-60
354.    A half gold sovereign 1912 80-100
355.    A gold sovereign - 1896 200-250
356.    An 18 carat and 9 carat gold set of mother of pearl studs - boxed 75-85
357.    A 18 carat gold pair of studs boxed 25-35
358.    An Edwardian white gold and diamond set pendant on 9 carat white gold chain 550-650
359.    A 9K gold pendant and chain set ruby 180-250
360.    A 9 carat gold chain, 9g 100-150
361.    A 9 carat gold fob chain 8g 50-70
362.    A 9 carat white gold pendant set amethyst 20-40
363.    A gold bead and facet cut stone necklace 25-35
364.    A 9 carat gold set amethyst pendant and chain 30-50
365.    A black pearl necklace with 14K white gold clasp 50-70
366.    A tigers eye bracelet 20-30
367.    A silver and marcasite bracelet 30-50
368.    A 9 carat gold bangle - 11g 80-120
369.    An amber necklace 125g 350-450
370.    A malachite necklace and an amethyst one 20-30
371.    A banded agate necklace 50-70
372.    Six various freshwater pearl necklaces and two bracelets 10-20
373.    A box of earrings and costume jewellery 10-20
374.    A box of vintage clip earrings 10-20
375.    A box of vintage brooches 10-20
376.    Various costume jewellery necklace and earring sets etc 10-20
377.    Various cufflinks and tie pins 10-20
378.    Two silver stone set pendants and two stone set claw pendants 10-30
379.    Various gold plated costume jewellery 10-20
380.    Various diamonte jewellery 10-20
381.    A silver ring set black spinel 25-35
382.    A silver necklace and ring set peridot 25-35
383.    A pair of silver citrine set earrings, pendant and ring 35-45
384.    Two 9 carat white gold pendants 2.4g, and a 14 carat gold mounted crystal pendant 30-40
385.    Various beads and crystal beads - many with matching earrings 10-30
386.    Various French jet and jet 10-30
387.    An oxodised silver bracelet set rainbow moonstone 40-60
388.    A box of costume beads and jewellery 10-20
389.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
390.    Four various mechanical watches including a gents Roamer watch 25-35
391.    Two ladies gold plated mechanical wrist watches by Rotary and Sekonda 10-20
392.    A 9 carat gold Longines ladies wrist watch and 9 carat gold strap - strap a/f 120-180
393.    An Edwardian gold plated screw back fully jewelled pocket watch 20-40
394.    A box of seventeen watch movements including gold 10-20
395.    A box of watches 10-20
396.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
397.    A Venetian glass necklace and other vintage jewellery and buttons 10-20
398.    A silver plated nurses belt 10-20
398A.   An amber chip necklace 20-30
399.    Ten pairs of clip-on earrings, one gold and pearl pair and some silver 20-30
400.    A small group of silver jewellery and a pair of gold and silver cufflinks 20-30
401.    Six faux pearl necklaces 10-20
402.    Six silver stone set pendants 20-40
403.    A box of cut and polished stones including banded agates 20-30
404.    A vintage enamel bracelet decorated Snow White and the Seven Dwarves 10-20
405.    Various bead necklaces including bone, agate and turquoise 10-30
406.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
407.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
408.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
409.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
410.    A box of costume jewellery including Victorian stone set brooch, plated nurses belt etc 10-30
411.    Various costume jewellery including beads 10-20
412.    Three Middle Eastern vintage stone set necklaces 20-30
413.    A 'Miracle' large crucifix set purple stone and three items of Sarah Coventry jewellery 10-20
414.    A box of wrist watches 10-30
415.    Various costume jewellery 10-20
416.    Various costume jewellery 10-20
417.    Various costume jewellery 10-20
418.    A jewellery box and contents 10-20
419.    A box of beads including malachite fringe necklace 10-30
420.    Stamps - a red stockbook of stamps from Canada (Victoria 1970's) and some FDC's 40-50
421.    Stamps - 'Gold Crest' album of Australian stamps QV - QEII and album pages in bag for period: 1914 - 1974. Includes States, mint and used, defin and commem, also stockbook of modern issues. Mint 3d and 4d Deep Ultramarine, South Australia (SG 68) noted amongst other early material 60-120
422.    Stamps - a small black box containing GB QEII stamp booklet, pre-decimal and decimal (FV 50+) both complete, and with some stamps removed plus pre-decimal mint issues in sets or blocks 20-30
423.    Stamps - GB Decimal P Packs (73) together with a quantity of loose unmounted mint commems - total face stated 150+ 70-100
424.    A stamp stockbook of Austrian defin and commem from 1850's onwards, both mint and used including higher values such as the 4K Green (SG 121) of 1899, many newspaper and journal stamps noted including 1863 Lilac (SG N44). Also loose album pages and stock cards with similar, plus a small number of Greek Occupation and other stamps 60-80
425.    Stamps - a Strand stamp album of all world defins and commems, mint and used, mostly of 20th century - large collection and good range of stamps 40-80
426.    Stamps - album, stock book, loose packets and album sheets in case, of East and West German stamps post war, late 40's - 80's period, mint and used defins and commems and military zone 50-100
427.    Stamps - an album of Falkland Islands defin and commem, mint and used, mostly KGVI - QEII period including dependencies, known errors (e.g gap in 80th parallel), and mini sheets 50-80
428.    Stamps - two blue folders of GB and all world album cut-outs and approval pages mostly from QV to KGVI period mint and used, defin and commem. Early material including mint and rouletted/perf variants of Brazil defin 1866 - 79 noted 100-150
429.    Stamps - superb Leuchtturm GB Victoria and Edward VII Presentational stamp album - mint, unused condition 30-40
430.    Stamps - a carton containing album and packets of collectors duplicates including QV1d re plates, Swiss Pro Juventutes (u), Portugal in battered brown stockbook, Commonwealth Royalty issues including FDC's, SA Homelands including FDC's and (umm) stamps. A book 'The Postal Service of The Falkland Isles' etc 30-60
431.    A box of six stamp albums, small stockbook and loose album pages of all world stamps from QV - QEII period, (mostly last 80 years) mint and used defin and commem 30-60
432.    Stamps - a box of mainly KGVI and QEII GB and British Empire/Commonwealth stamps, mint and used, defin and commem in three albums, a stockbook, various containers and bag. 'Adelphi' and SG 'Wyan' albums have good mint selection of 'Omnibus' and 'Royal Visit' issues. High value QEII GB and regionals in third album. In addition QV mint overprinted 1d Lilac, 'Story of Wedgwood' booklet (cat 60), QV covers (2) and those of 1937 Coronation (18) included 100-150
433.    A box of eight stamp albums of Royal and other GB/Commonwealth stamps and FDC's from QEII period, mint and used, including mini-sheets 80-120
434.    Stamps - over 400 GB and Channel Islands PHQ cards in box, two albums, seven packets and ten sleeves plus Alderney Eclipse of the Sun presentation pack 40-60
435.    A box of GB, Commonwealth and all world stamps in six albums and two folio packs, mint and used, mainly KGVI - QEII period though some earlier material 30-50
436.    Stamps - a box of five Stanley Gibbons Prince Charles and Lady Diana Royal Wedding stamp albums of GB and Commonwealth (A to Z countries) including one specifically of scarcer varieties: inverted wmk/overprints, specimens, double prints and officials with errors - stamps all UMM, many are in sheetlets/mini sheets, some imperf. In addition, collection of mint world 'Royal Baby' overprinted stamps 250-400
437.    A large box of stamps in packets with FDC's, catalogues, Commonwealth stamp booklets (including Royal commems) and stamp ephemera including higher value Machins to 5 mint as well as other mint decimal commem stamps FV 40+ 80-120
438.    Stamps - a large box of mainly GB stamps, mint and used, commems and defins of QV to QEII period in four albums, a stockbook on loose sheets in two folders and in two cover albums along with postal history/ephemera. Includes three signed covers and two numismatic-philatelic covers 50-100
439.    Stamps - two boxes of GB, Commonwealth and rest of world stamps, mint and used, defin and commem, mainly 20th century in remainder albums, cartons, sheets, on cover and in packets - some better stamps amongst them 30-60
440.    Stamps - Philatelic Bureau Postmarked, Special Cancel FDC 2005 - 2015, many typed address and some for location relating to events commemorated. Three albums. 80-120
441.    Stamps - GB stamp Presentation Pack album 1998 - 2007. FV 480+ 250-350
442.    A GB stamp album of KGVI and QEII pre-decimal defin and commem, mint and used including 1948 Royal Silver Wedding sets, QEII watermark variations, Phospher and Graphite issues and higher values to 1 60-120
443.    A large group of all world stamps - mint and used - some in presentation packs, including issues from QV period such as those from Liberia and some China, mainly from 1940's onwards 30-50
444.    Stamps - GB Windsor stamp album and two old stockbooks of QV - QEII stamps mint and used; stockbooks are of QV/KEVII defins/pre-paids. Also some 40 military covers/entries from Royal Engineer Officer and SG GB catalogue 2006 edition - needs to be seen to be appreciated 50-80
445.    Stamps - GB QEII FDC's - mainly illustrated (40+), and three presentation packs with face value c. 4 10-20
446.    Stamps - a suitcase of mainly GB QV - QEII stamps and covers, plus some all world - both mint and used, defin and commem in albums, packets etc - GB decimal mint stamps FV 50+, including some booklets 30-50
447.    Stamps - a partially filled SG GB stamp album in sleeve, QV - QEII mint and used, defin, commem, postage due and regionals, in addition two FDC albums, mostly late 1970's - early 1990's. Decimal stamp FV c.25 30-50
448.    A stamp collection in folder on Davo leaves of mint and used QEII defin and commem of Isle of Man and Channel Islands includes higher values up to 5, postage dues and mini sheets - over 70 pages full 40-80
449.    SG 'Australia' stamp album of mint and used defin and commem, QV - QEII period - majority from late 30's onwards - album includes 1950's FDC and over fifteen stamp blocks of 4 30-50
450.    A collection of thirty three Stamp Approvals books containing British Empire and Commonwealth plus all world defins/commems mint and used. QV to QEII period - good range with some less usual stamps 50-80
451.    A Victory stamp album and tine of GB All Worked, mint and used, defin and commem from QV to KGVI period - GB QV 5/- rose used (SG180), foreign bill 4/- and 5/- - plus KEVII 9d 'Govt Parcels' MM (SG077) and KGV 2/6d seahorse noted 40-80
452.    Two Stamp stockbooks of GB and British Empire/Commonwealth defin and commem mostly from KGVI to QEII period, mint and used 40-60
453.    Stamps - two 'Swiftsure' stamp albums of British Commonwealth and ROW defin and commem, mint and used and some PHQ cards and postcards in two albums 30-60
454.    Stamps - A black folder full of all world cut out album pages, mostly from QV - KGVI era. Much early material and both mint/used defin, commem and fiscals etc. Needs to be viewed to be appreciated as there are many scarcer stamps amongst these sleeved pages 300-500
455.    Stamps - a GB album of mint decimal commem stamps 2008 - 10, including mini-sheets - FV 290+ 140-180
456.    Stamps - a GB album of mostly mint decimal commem stamps 1971 - 96, including mini-sheets, booklets and smilers - fv 190 + 100-140
457.    Stamps - a GB album of mostly mint decimal commem stamps 1997 - 2003, including mini-sheets, booklets, millennial celebraties plus 1 varieties FV 140+ 70-100
458.    Stamps - a pair of British Empire/Commonwealth stamp albums, defin and commem, mint and used mainly from KGV - QEII period - Malaya noted with values up to $5 30-60
459.    A GB White stamp album of QV and KEVII defin issues, mostly used, up to 10/- value (SG 183), including LE and good range of officials 120-180
460.    Stamps - and Ideal album of British Empire stamps, 1914 onwards of KGV reign only, mint and used, defin and commem plus all world loose sheets of period to 60's 50-80
461.    A plastic box containing five albums and loose stamps in tins, and a Stanley Gibbons catalogue for 1961 15-25
462.    Three Stanley Gibbons stamp catalogues: Stamps of the World Vol 1 Foreign Countries A - J 1994, Stamps of the World Vol 2 Foreign Countries K - Z 1994, Stamps of the World Vol 3 Commonwealth Countries 2000
463.    A Centurion stamp album of mint and used all world stamps, defin and commem, along with various British Empire/Commonwealth and ROW stamps in envelope, plus loose covers 10-20
464.    Spare Lot 0-10
465.    A collection of thirty Stamp Approvals Books containing GB, British Empire and Commonwealth plus all world stamps, mint and used. QV to QEII period, some good early material 50-80
466.    Stamps - three albums with approx 180 covers from 1989 - 2008, many with Philatelic Bureau handstamps, plus a packet of loose covers and presentation packs - c 5 fv, some cavers have cancels relating to events commemorated 50-100
467.    Stamps - two albums of Royal Commemorative stamps and mint GB decimal commemorative stamps, FV 100+. First album of Queen Mother 90th Birthday stamps includes mint and used stamps of the Commonwealth, FDC, Philatelic Numismatic covers (4), souvenir sheets, higher values to 1 and imperforates. Second album is Sumner Collection 'Historic Stamps of Royalty' QV - QEII umm 60-120
468.    Stamps - a framed Limited Edition 'Declaration of Independence' USA stamp poster with certificate (on back), plus USA stamp album and small stock book of mint and used defin/commem 1850's onwards 15-30
469.    Stamps - serial numbered 2006 and 2007 Royal Mail Special stamps (limited editions to 27,000 copies) and nine booklets (including smilers) FV 140+, plus small album of Malta FDC (KGVI and QEII) an all world stamp stock book (part filled) and Millennium FDC/BT Phonecard for Wimbledon 80-120
470.    Stamps - a box of all world stamps mint and used in packets, booklets and presentation packs including defin/commem from British Commonwealth (India, Canada and Hong Kong) and countries such as China, Germany, Austria and Italy - some early material 30-60
471.    A stamp folder and three stockbooks of GB, British Empire and Commonwealth, and some German stamps, mint and used, defin and commem. Some good material amongst this lot mostly of KGV - KGVI period 80-120
472.    Stamps - Canada and Newfoundland stamps of QV - QEII period in stock book, on album leaves and display sheets/cards. Good range and better Newfoundland (including mint) defins and commems 70-120
473.    Stamps - a boxed Tower stamp album full of QV - QEII GB defins and commems, mint and used. Much early material including 1d black (Red MC, 4 margin), 2d blues, embossed issues, 4d rose (inv wmk SG 66 awi), higher values to 5/- (1 in KGVI and QEII), some officials, prestige dues and regionals plus mini-sheets and strips. Cat 10k +. FV in decimal stamps 60+ 600-800
474.    Stamps - QEII Silver Wedding 1972 Commemorative album of mint Commonwealth stamps and collection of Royal Commemorative covers/album and packets for this and other events 40-80
475.    Stamps - a large red stamp stockbook part filled with mainly QV - KGVI period GB, Empire and ROW issues, mint and used, defin and commem including 2x 1d Black, KEVII 2/6d and 5/-, KGV 'Seahorses' to 10/-. Covers, fiscals, officials, pre-paids - needs to be viewed to be appreciated 300-500
476.    Stamps - GB stamps mainly QEII mint, in two albums, five presentation packs and a booklet - decimal FV c.80 - some pre-decimal back to KGV 40-60
477.    Stamps - GB QEII pre-decimal unmounted mint commemoratives in 25 page presentation folder including phosphors and varieties 30-50
478.    Stamps - USA stamps, defin and commem, mint and used 1870's - 1950's, plus Censor covers (3), Telegraph Officials, postage due, pre-paids, air, registered - many on piece 60-80
479.    Stamps - a GB album of mint decimal commem stamps 2004 - 07, including mini-sheets - FV 180+ 90-120
480.    Six stamp albums and loose stock card/sheets of mint and used GB, British Empire/Commonwealth and all world, QV - QEII period 50-70
481.    Stamps - two GB British Empire/Commonwealth and rest of world stamp albums, QV - QEII mint and used, commem and defin 20-40
482.    Stamps - a large stamp stockbook of defin/commem from 1860's on of Ceylon, Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles - much early material mint and used and higher values up to 20 rupees noted 50-100
483.    A stamp album of QV - KGVI British Empire defin and commem mint and used, plus officials, postage dues, occupational, war stamp and other overprints. Countries covered from I to W including Iraq, North Borneo, New Zealand, South Africa and Strait Settlements - some good period material 50-100
484.    Stamps - a box of seven all world stamp albums mint and used, defin and commem 30-50
485.    Davo 'Great Britain' stamp album, 'Silver Arrow' cover album and packet of FDC/Presentation Packs - mainly GB defin and commem stamps from QV to QEII period, both mint and used (majority from 1950's on) plus regionals and postage dues. Useful decimal stamps FV 150+ 80-150
486.    Stamps - nine stamp albums and six sleeves of album pages of all world stamps, mainly of 1920's onwards including China 30-50
487.    Stamps - a folder of all world stamp album pages mainly from QV to KGV period - much early material and scarcer stamps such as $5 Kedah (SG 68 - cat 180), early Sardinia and Italian states - interesting lot 150-300
488.    Stamps - three stamp albums full of all world stamps A - Z including British Empire/Commonwealth mint and used, defin and commem with small album of Israel as well. Amongst later material are earlier issues/sets including individual higher value stamps such as King Haakon VII 5 KR Indigo Violet (1918) of Norway 80-140
489.    Spare lot 0-10
490.    Stamps - three GB, British Empire/Commonwealth and rest of world stamp albums QV - QEII, mint and used, commem and defin includes stock card of QV Heligoland and good sets of Deutches Reich stamps 50-100
491.    Three large boxes of accumulated stamps, covers and albums (6, one empty) and containers of KE VII 1/2 green/1d scarlet (3) plus all world (2). Better covers in packet. Mint decimal stamps FVC 5 40-60
492.    Stamps - GB GPO/Royal Mail and Philatelic Bureau First Day and Commem covers 1963 - 2002, some with Cancels for locations relating to events commemorated. Five albums, including Special Cancel 1968 'British Bridges' and 1967 Christmas 'Bethlehem' cancel 80-120
493.    A large box of stamps: GB, British Empire and Commonwealth plus all world, mint and used, defins and commems. Covers and stamp booklets, revenues and fiscals/locals. Much early material in various stockbooks, tins and envelopes. Early USA covers, maritime mail, GB LE/Seahorses and QEII higher value set (SG 762) noted 80-120
494.    Stamps - a box of First Day Covers, decimal stamp presentation packs and PHQ cards and booklets/air mail letters (mint - Prince Charles and Lady Diana) FV c. 80 50-100
495.    A large plastic wallet of GB and all world mint and used stamps in booklets, presentation packs, sheets (Eire and Ireland) and a cover, along with guides and catalogue 20-40
496.    Stamps - an album and two stock books of mainly GB QV - QEII defin and commem, mint and used including QV covers and perfins and QEII errors and varieties (UMM) 40-80
497.    A stamp album of GB and all world stamps, mint and used, defin and commem - QV - QEII plus folder containing early to mid 20th century covers and loose stamps in packets 40-80
498.    Stamps - all world 'Postzegels' stamp stockbook and another containing Austria, Belgium and Bulgaria - mint and used, defin and commem - many from the late 1800's to 1940's period 40-80
499.    Stamps - three albums with approx 150 covers from 2008 - 2016, all with Philatelic Bureau handstamps and typed addresses and cancels relating to events commemorated, the third album also contains some loose covers in packet 50-100
500.    Stamps - Scott's USA stamp catalogue (1969 + 1989) Christie's US collection 1847 - 69 catalogue (1993), SG US Catalogue (2000) and US Stamps and Stories 1st Edition (1972) 15-25
501.    Stamps - three Stanley Gibbons albums and a Cover album of Churchill commemoratives of all the world, mint and used including imperforates, Commonwealth Omnibus issue, mini-sheets and overprints. Includes issues from more unusual locations 100-150
502.    A collection of five stamp catalogues: SG British Commonwealth Vol 1 (2001) and Vol 2 (1998) and SG Stamps of the World Vol 1 - 3 (1997) 20-30
503.    Stamps - an album of GB QEII stamp booklets (60+) and 20 larger booklets including the scarcer Wedgwood 1 booklet SG DXI - 1/2p full perf (cat 60) FV 190+ and set of four 'Stamps for Cooks' covers (Booths Cat 85) 120-180
504.    Stamps of Germany and German states to 1945 (including QV Heligoland) in folio, mint and used defin and commems plus covers, mini sheets, special cancels, telegraphs, colonial (in card), overprints and scarcer issues/stamps 80-120
505.    Stamps - GB QEII mint decimal commems some with traffic lights, FV 120 +, plus other pre-decimal mint stamps KGVI and QEII with QEII 60th birthday Commonwealth commems 60-100
506.    Stamps - two 'Alpha Major' stamp FDC albums; one filled with military FDC and Commem Covers, the other with GB FDC - most from 1960's - 1980's 15-30
507.    Four stamp albums (one empty) and a small box of mainly mid to late 20th century GB and all-world mint and used stamps including KGVI 1 Brown, NZ Railway stamps 1/- and 2d value etc 10-20
508.    Stamps - three albums of GB first covers 1937 - late 60's including KGVI 1840 - 1940 stamp centenary and QEII Coronation, 46th Parliamentary Conference (Special Handstamp cat 100), British Empire and Commonwealth Games (Llanberis and Games slogan - cat 95), 50th Philatelic Congress Special Mul Ready Commemorative covers (one penny and two penny rate), two Queen Mary Cunard Last Sailing Paquebot covers, covers siged by Alec Rode (Solo sailing round the world) and Cecil Day-Lewis (Poet Laureate, Thomas Hardy Festival) and many other less usual covers 100-150
509.    Stamps - a Lincoln Remnant stamp album, and two others of late 19th/early 20th century all world, plus album of QV to KGV stamps. Fiscals of German state and Swiss cantons noted - worth viewing 40-80
510.    Stamps - a box of three Presentation Pack albums. FV 130+ 70-100
511.    Stamps - two stamps of Cape of Good Hope: 6d bright mauve (1864), SG20, used SG cat 500 each 80-120
512.    Stamps - Block of 4 Natal 1/2d Red overprinted on 6d Violet (SG 92), two mounted/ two unmounted mint; wmk reversed, cat 300 40-80
513.    Stamps - QV stamps of Canada, New Brunswick and Newfoundland, mint and used including 5c City Expenses Montreal local 40-80
514.    Stamps - unusual Mount Everest Expedition of 1924 on piece; one with red circular cachet with a 'Ronbgbuk Glacier Base Camp' centre, the other with black circular cachet with a 'Ronbgbuk Glacier Base Camp 17,000 ft' centre 15-30
515.    Stamps - KGV Silver Jubilee stamp booklet, edition 295 - complete. 1/2d sheet of 4 within it is inverted wmk - SG cat 90 20-30
516.    Stamps - official stamps of QV: 1d Lilac (umm - light crease) office of Works 'O.W. Official' SG 033 and 1/- Orange-Brown (PL14) (used) Government Parcels SG 064c - combined SG cat 1,100 100-150
517.    Stamps - a British Empire Exhibition 1924 1d Scarlet commem stamp, umm with 'tail to N' flaw SG 4306, cat 225 30-60
518.    Stamps - 1d Black on piece, full margins, red MC - fine example, cat 375 80-120
519.    Stamps - Japan defin and commem of 1914 - 25 period stuck into small black album - SG cat 2,600+ - note: definitives are on granite paper 200-400
520.    Stamps - a stamp approvals/stockbook of all world mint and used stamps of QV - KEVII period 30-50
521.    Stamps - a packet of mostly QV Jamaican stamps, used and mainly on piece with postmarks and numbers from locations around the island - an interesting collectors lot 20-40
522.    Stamps - a packet of Jamaican stamps, used on cover and on piece. All QV including Kingston Blue cancelled piece of 'Nov 14 93' - unusual collection - all 'Kingston' postmark 30-60
523.    Stamps - twenty eight stamp stockcards of GB and British Empire - QV - KGV period including mint pairs and blocks of QV Jubilee and KGV Seahorses to 5/- 30-60
524.    Stamps - thirty stamp stockcards of all world stamps, mint and used, defin and commem, mostley from QV - KGVI period 30-60
525.    Stamps - GB pre-1967 FDC's including 1949 UPU on illustrated FDC, 1963 Lifeboat (ord) on illustrated FDC, 1957 part block of 4 on plain FDC etc (23) 40-60
526.    Stamps - a packet of mostly 1d Reds (four corner and two corner letters), used and mostly on piece 30-60
527.    Stamps - a small stamp stockbook of QV - KGV stamps, mint and used including pre-paids, deposit savings sheet, officials, inverteds, as well as defins/commems - good item 40-80
528.    Stamps - Thirty four FDC's of 2012 London Paralympics Gold Medal Winners (sheetlets), London E20 Special handstamp cat 125 20-40
529.    Stamps - twenty nine FDC's of 2012 London Olympics God Medal Winners (sheetlets), London E20 Special handstamp cat 250 40-80
530.    Stamps - four pre-postage stamp covers (including 2 entries) and eight stamped covers (including one entire and one 1d Red MC), plus a pre-paid card, period 1807 - 1901 40-80
531.    Silver and Stamps - A GB Danbury Mint Limited Edition 1976 Concorde Inaugural Flight Commemorative Set - serial no 2963, which includes hallmarked silver ingot, French FDC (Paris to Rio de Janeiro First Flight Cancel) and Certificate of Authenticity, signed by H Marking, Managing Director British Airways 20-30
532.    Stamps - an official Medallic/Philatelic First Day Cover for County Cricket Centenary 1873 - 1973 with silver-proof medal and signed certificate 15-30
533.    Stamps - GB FDC's 1951 - 70, including 1951 GVI defins and Festival pair (all on 1 FDC), 1957 Scouts with Sutton Coldfield special postmark, 1963 Cable, 1964 Botanical etc (47) 40-60
534.    Stamps - The Royal Wedding Medalic FDC with 3 1/2p and 20p commem issues and sterling silver proof medal in white Post Office cover plus 'Peter Rabbit' 50p 15-25
535.    Stamps - an SENF 'Illustrated Postage Stamp Album' of 1897 partially filled with QV period high values, set and part sets of all world defin and commem issues. Highlights include GB higher values to 1 Brown-Lilac (SG 185) and 1 Green (SG 212), China 1st Issue I Candarin, 3 Candarin and 5 Candarin (SG 1, 2, 3a). MM and Dowager set 1894, 1855 Cape of Good Hope triangulars 1d to 1/- values, USA Columbus Commemoratives used set to $4 and other sets throughout the album such as those of Oil Rivers and Niger Coast 1/2d - 1/- values. SG cat for principals excess 15k. Album must be seen to be fully appreciated; almost totally untouched since collection formed
536.    Stamps - stamps of China and lesser number of Taiwan, mint and used, defin and commem on five album pages, in seven packets/presentation packs and three covers, plus bulletins. A few 1900's dragons and period material from 1920's to 1940's, plus later 80-100
537.    Stamps - a high grade Royal Mint stamp album in hard sleeve of GB QEII mint decimal commemoratives 1989 - 2002 decimal FV 290+, includes mini sheets 160-220
538.    A stamp album and two Hagner sheets of British Empire/Commonwealth omnibus issues, mint and used including sets/part sets for countries concerned - including: KGV Silver Jubilee 1935, KGVI Coronation 1937, Victory 1945 - 7, QEII Coronation 1953 and Churchill commem 1965 80-120
538A.   Stamps - a box of Railway (thematic) stamps on cover, album pages and loose, GB and all world, mint and used including Midland Railway ID Patrol stamps - about 50 leaves in total 25-40
539.    Stamps - A Hong Kong album of QV - QEII period, mint and used, defin anc commem including higher QEII values to 50 40-80
540.    A Postal Heritage Society presentation album of QEII Silver Jubilee FDC's from around the world, plus envelope of GB pre and post- decimal stamps on cover in Year Collector's packs (1987 & 1989), and in complete sheet (SG 1039- 43) FV c.40, along with Prince Charles and Lady Diana postcards for wedding and birth of first child and same for Prince Andrew - Windsor Philatelic cancel noted 20-40
541.    Stamps - Isle of Man from regional issues to 1993 - appears complete with defins, commems, part dues, min sheets etc - all u/m in two Lindner hingeless albums (plus extra pages) 40-60
542.    Stamps - British Empire/Commonwealth stockbooks QV - QEII with much early material and good range of mint/used, including mini-sheets 60-100
543.    Stamps - a box of GB and British Empire stamps mainly from QV - KGVI period, mint and used including blocks, officials and pre-paids 50-80
544.    Stamps - Luxembourg remaindered collection of mint issues between 1930 and 1958, some sets and better singles noted STC 660, S.O.W 2012 30-50
545.    Stamps - GB QEII mint decimal commems, some with traffic lights and gutter pairs - FV 160+ 80-120
546.    Stamps - collectors duplicates in stocksheets and blue ring-binder. Noted for full Swiss defins including sets, French Colonies m/u including sets. Wallis and Futura FU commems (SG cat 200 +). French Somali Coast mainly for France Libre issues - few 100's 50-70
547.    Stamps - Angola collectors duplicates in grey stockbook (m & u) early to modern including mint and postage dues - few 100's - variable condition on some earlies - good starter collection 30-50
548.    Stamps - two packets of all world postal covers and cards, one full of material mainly from QV - KEVII period, the other from later 40-60
549.    Stamps - a stamp album of Switzerland 1907 - 1960's, with good range of mint and used sets including 'Pro Patria' and 'Pro Juventute' issues, numerous less common values and postage due 25-50
550.    Stamps - an All World stamp album 'Royal Mail' with mint and use commemoratives/definitives of QV to QEII period 20-40
551.    A stamp stockbook of mint and used Egyptian stamps from 1879 onwards, both mint and used, defin and commem, official and other overprints and postage due, plus stock cards and letters - some sets and blocks and higher values included 40-60
552.    Stamps - first all Australian Air Mail Service cover, 19 Nov 31 with purple cachet, in frame 15-25
553.    Stamps - Westminster Collection - The World's Most Famous Stamps: 1d Black and 2d Blue 40-60
554.    A small green stamp album of Vatican stamps mint and used from 1929 onwards, including many sets and "Expresso" issues, plus postcards 20-40
555.    Stamps - a 'Mercury' all world stamp album with much mint British Empire and some higher values including KGV Seahorses 2/6 abnd 5/- period: KEVII to KGVI. Needs to be seen to be appreciated 50-100
556.    Stamps - three Blue GB QEII stamp albunms part full of mint and used defins, commems, regionals, postage due. FV 140+ 70-100
557.    Stamps - a pair of Savoy Victory Omnibus stamp albums with mint (complete) and used (largely complete) of the 1945-7 issues in British Empire countries 30-50
558.    A stamp album collection of Malta, QV to QEII, inlcuding a number of mint examples throughout, postage due and Self Government 30-50
559.    A collection of thirty five Stamp Approvals books (one empty) containing GB, British Empire and all world stamps, mint and used, QV to QEII period: early QV GB material includes SG 59 5s Rose 70-100
560.    Stamps - GB FDC's including defins with 1988 Castles 1 - 5 (x 4) Frama Labels, Prestige booklet panes etc - chiefly typed addresses - approx 160 60-80
561.    Stamps - a box of four Royal Commemorative albums and sheets in A4 box with umm stamps from Commonwealth and world, plus GB 1985 stamp Year Book and mint decimal stamps FV 100+. The Royal albums are Queen Mothers 85th Birthday, QEII Silver Jubilee mini-sheets, another with strips and stamps in packets of same, plus Prince Charles/Lady Diana Wedding all world including sheetlets and imperforates 80-140
562.    Stamps - and 'Imperial Postage Stamp Album' of 1894 Volume 1, almost devoid of stamps and with some hinge-remainder pages. 488 pages total, as far as can be seen complete 20-30
563.    SG stamp album GB QV to QEII defin & commem, both mint and used, with most KEVIII to QEII mint. Penny Black (Red MC - 2 margin) and 2d Blue (Black MC - 3 margiin), KE VII 2/6d, KGV seahorses to 5/- and KG VI silver wedding - ! noted. Decimal FV 80+ 160-220
564.    Withdrawn 100-150
565.    Stamps - a 'Junior Jet' and Stanley Gibbons 'Imperial' postage stamp album with GB, British Empire of Commonwealth and rest of world defin and commem. The first album contain some scarcer stamps such as the 'Army Official' 6d Pale Dull Purple MM (SG 050), cat 175 plus some good covers. The second has mostly mounted mint, and many part sets 60-100
566.    Stamps - a box of four stamps albums, three stockbooks, approvals book and album sheets of Commonwealth and all world stamps mainly of KGVI and QEII period, mint and used plus two containers of loose and pocketed stamps. SG British Commonwealth Catalogue Part 1 (1985) and book on stamp collecting included 40-80
567.    A stamp album and three stockbooks of GB QV - QEII defins and commems, mint and used including QV Jubilee plus some postage due 50-70
568.    Stamps - two stamp stockbooks and two nearly empty albums, plus box of loose stamps and packets/booklets, small stockbooks/boxes and floral thematic album - mint, decimal FV 75+ 30-40
569.    Stamps - a largely European stamp accumulation in folders and three stockbooks etc. Much France and French colonies including overprinted blocks of various issues and values 30-60
570.    Stamps - a GB Stamp Presentation Pack album 2011 - 15. FV 240+ 120-160
571.    Stamps - A GB stamp Presentation Pack album 2007 - 11. FV 320+ 160-220
572.    Stamps - mint stamps of GB - KGVI 1937 - 52 defins and commems, including lower value set, cylinder no blocks and invert wmks 30-60
573.    Stamps - Queen Victoria 1/2d Red (Plate 3) pair on cover, plus 1d Red (four corner plate 131?) and Roland Hill Penny Postage Jubilee Card (extra fine condition) and 1d envelope. In addition 1968 Commemoratives of same event 40-80
574.    Stamps - three stamps of Gibraltar: KGV 8/- Dull Purple and Green, wmk Multiscript CA, used SG 101 cat 550; KGVI 1 1/2d Carmine, perf 13 1/2, mint, SG 123a, cat 275; KGVI 5/- Black and Carmine, used, SG 129, cat 170 - total cost 995 100-150
575.    Stamps - Maltese stamps: QV 1886 - 1899 period. 5s Rose used, watermark, inverted SG 30w, Cat 130; block of 4 x 1/4d Brown mint mounted (2)/unmounted (2), wmk crown to left of CA/reversed SG 31y, cat 320; 5d Vermillion, MM, wmk reversed SG 33, cat 225 - total cost 675 80-120
576.    Stamps - Dragon stamp of China: Imperial Customs Post 3 Candarin Brown Red, used - of 1878 - 83 issue. SG 2 - cat 400
577.    Stamps - Dragon stamp of China: Imperial Customs Post 5 Candarin orange mint (no gum) of 1878 - 83 issue. SG 3 - cat 2,300 300-500
578.    Four Chinese 'Mao' and related stamps of the 1960's, mint mounted, minor creasing yet much sought after - some dirt on face of Mao/Lin Piao 10f (SG 2369) - possibly print ruler blemish, clean gum on back (cat 550) 100-120
579.    Stamps - stamps of the Kingdom of Korea 1884 - 5 Mon Rose perf 10, 10 Mon Blue perf 8 1/2 - both mounted mint 10-20
580.    Stamps - KEVII GB 5/- Bright Carmine (SG 263), mounted mint - catr 450 50-80
581.    Stamps - QV GB 5/- Crimson (SG 181) and 2/6d Lilac (SG 178) in good, clean, used condition - cat 410 total 25-40
582.    Stamps - KGV GB 1 Dull Blue Green 'Seahorses', Waterlow, (SG 404), used, Cat 1,600 200-300
583.    Stamps - KGV GB 10s Indigo-Blue 'Seahorses' Waterlow (SG 402) mounted mint, Cat 1,200 120-180
584.    Stamps - KGVI GB 1 Blue Royal Silver Wedding commem, unmounted, mint (SG 494), Cat 40 - excellent example with selvedge 10-20
585.    Stamps - stamp booklets FD2 and FD4 with left selvedge, total SG cat 200, from Country Crafts Series 20-40
586.    Stamps - a 1931 Air Issue $1 Deep Blue stamp of Newfoundland, fine strike, scarce - SG cat 150 20-30
587.    Stamps - 1d Black on piece, full margins, red MC - fine example, cat 375 80-120
588.    Stamps - a used $5 Malaya State of Kedah stamp - SG 68, with Japanese square strike and round cancel - unusual. Base SG cat 180. Japanese Occupation interest 60-80
589.    Stamps - A GB Football World Cup 1966 set of used on cover signed by (Sir) Alf Ramsey, Englan Football Team Manager, postmark 1 June 1966 Wembley - first day of issue (SG 693-695) chalk surface 50-70
590.    Stamps - GB Football World Cup 1966 'England Winners' (SG 700) used on cover signed by Bobby Moore - Englands victorious football team captain - postmark 18 Aug 1966 Harrow and Wembley - first day of issue 50-70
591.    Stamps - Boxer Rebellion 1900 Imperial Chinese Post Pre Paid 1 cent postcard from Newchwang Northern China to 80 Dalsingh-sarai, India with 1c and 2c Chinese Imperial Post 'Dragon' stamps added with numerous transit cancels and French 10c (type A) Peace and Commerce 'Chine' surcharge. Interesting script and scarce item of postal history 80-100
592.    Stamps - British Empire Stamps of India: 19 Delhi Durbar 'Jan 03' cancelled defins from the 1882 to 1902 issues, three pies up to 5 rupee highest value. Superb used collection of highest quality, CTO 100-150
593.    Stamps - early and used stamps of the Netherlands, including 1st and 2nd issues on Hagner sheet; some still on paper 30-60
594.    A cardboard box containing seven albums and a small box of GB FDC's plus packets of all world stamps mostly from 1960's onwards - Emergency postal covers noted 40-80
595.    A cardboard box containing seven albums of GB and Channel Islands (Guernsey) FDC's plus loose stamps, album sheets and phq cards and some postcards. Many GB covers are Philatelic Bureau - mostly 1970's/80's period 50-100
596.    Stamps - a carton of all world in box, packets, stockcards, two albums, a few covers. Some early material including GB 1d Reds and Europeans. 100's 30-40
597.    Stamps - a large carton with world collectors duplicates in stock sheets, album leaves, packets etc. Noted French covers 1870's/80's (seven including TPO) and Colonies, Phillipines collection in black album - few 100's - worth a look 30-40
598.    Spare Lot 0-10
599.    Postcards - a display album with topo including street scenes at St Ives (Hunts), Nuneaton etc; Royalty, military, maritime, rp's (2) cycle and motorcycle shop/repairs; early motor cars, boxers including Jimmy Wilde (2) etc - approx 175 70-100
600.    Postcards - a file containing a selection of children, animals, stage personalities etc - condition mixed in parts - 72 15-25
601.    Postcards - an accumulation of mainly older period topo - approx 600 40-60
601A.   Postcards - topo accum. with GB incl earlier and later overseas items (2-300) 20-30
602.    Postcards - Glamour, an extensive accumulation in two albums, chiefly Art Nouveau period, some in set of 6/8. Artists include Kirchener (3 ex Erica Series), Patella, Meunier etc - all unused - 300+ 350-450
603.    Cigarette cards - two albums containing mainly part sets including Ogdens Captains Association Football Clubs (42), Players Victoria Cross (set) etc - condition appears generally good to very good 30-40
604.    Postcard - MAC 'Tailwaggers' (Lucy Dawson) series of cards published by Valentines - clean collection in old album (47) 60-80
605.    Postcards - a quantity of postcards including GB Topo noting Monmouth and area e.g Goodrich, Redbrook, scenes at Abridge, Romford, Blackwood etc; some Maritime interest, other oddments including photos, petrol ration book etc 60-80
606.    A Postcard album containing embroidered greetings cards (6), childrens, comic including Spurgin, McGill; topo including some Gloucestershire interest (Dursley, Wootton), Newport Transporter Bridge, Swansea etc - approx 170
607.    Postcards - a small album of comic cards - artists include Spurgin, Nora Birch, Gilson, Noble, ML Attwell etc (8) and a Players 1937 set of Coronation cigarette cards in manufacturers album (38 + cards) 15-25
608.    Postcards - an album containing 102 cards of actresses including Gertie Millar, The Dare Sisters, Mabel Love etc - clean 30-40
609.    Ephemera - a quantity of photographs, including Cartes de Visite, cabinet size, school and family groups etc 20-40
610.    A quantity of scenic and birthday postcards 20-30
611.    An album of postcards featuring dogs and horses 20-30
612.    A group of ephemera /postcards with Welsh interest (connections to Pontypridd area) including military photographs of individuals, working groups, Boys Brigade band, Battalions etc. War emergency leaflets, New Theatre Cardiff programmes etc - interesting group 40-60
613.    A quantity of various postcards, mainly GB topo including Railway RP's, 'Ships of the Mersey' set of 30 cards etc 10-20
614.    Postcards - a large quantity of 'modernish' cards in various albums including advertising, political, transport, topo etc; 1897 Jubilee Procession special newspaper supplement, theatre programmes etc - many 100's 40-60
615.    Postcards - Ireland including Oldcastle Square (x 2) and RP family at Loughcrew Farm, scenes at Newbridge, Moneymore, Dublin including RP Guiness Brewery etc, set of six comic Irish Jaunting car etc - 45 60-80
616.    Postcards - Somerset street scenes at Long Ashton, Shepton Mallet, Wincanton, Frome, Watchet, Taunton, Bristol Cattle Market etc - 51 40-50
617.    Postcards - embroidered with Military, Sweetheart types etc, some with inserts - 21 40-60
618.    Postcards - Hereford and Worcester including RP's (2 by Preece) of crowded street occasions, Hereford Railway Station exterior, Wellington Village etc, Barnt Green Village, Free Trade - Vote for Goulding (Worcs Constituency) Malvern and area including Tilley cards - 65 70-100
619.    Postcards - topo (many RP's) including Fenny Stratford (4), Simpson (3), Bletchley (2) 1908 Flood at Bedford Embankment etc - 37 50-70
620.    Postcards - Surrey topo including street scene at Knaphill, Haslemere, Kingston Market, Ash Village, Chertsey, Tongham, Guildford etc - 88 50-70
621.    Postcards - Kent, The Lads of Kent Brass Band, RP Railway St Chatham, Maidstone High Street, RP Proclamation GV at Folkestone, street scene at Herne Village etc - 80 60-80
622.    Postcards - Lincolnshire topo including Grimsby Market Place, Freeman Street, Cleethorpes Road etc; scenes at Stamford, Horncastle, Spalding etc - 70 50-70
623.    Gloucester, Royal Show advertising card presented by Allan Jones & Co, Hatherley Works, Gloster, Unused vgc 10-15
624.    Postcards - Dorset topo range including RP's of Worth Matravers, Leigh, Winton, Maiden Newton, W Stafford etc - 80 60-80
625.    Postcards - GB topo chiefly Northern England including RP Middle Street, Driffield, RP Reeth, RP Helter-Skelter at Whitley Bay, scenes at Ayton, Barnsley, Stockton, Middlesboro', RP's flood and school at Gilling, 1907 Funeral of Sir Charles Palmer etc (77) 100-130
626.    Postcards - Staithes, Yorkshire, with rp's including High Street, 1905, Miners demo, three rp's maritime shipwrecks: SS Skipjack, SS Enterprise, SS Whitewood (run aground); rp Staithes school group, rp Nets Drying, rp's (2) collapse of house and sea wall; Staithes fishing interest, residents etc - interesting lot (27) 120-150
627.    Postcards - maritime range including Russian attack on Hull Fishing Fleet, ship building including Q. Island (Belfast) Sunderland, rp interior of Stockton-on-Tees yard, RP's SS Askenhall, Mauretania etc; RP's of ships crews etc 50-70
628.    Postcards - Wales RP Oxford Street Swansea, RP High Street Barry, RP Rail accident at Llandbedr, RP Dolyboys Club Outing 1914, Manordilo P.O etc - 61 70-90
629.    Postcards - Wales topo including Llandrindod Wells station interior, Taff Vale Station Cardiff exterior, RP's Broad Street and The Docks at Barry, Maryport St Usk etc - 64 70-90
630.    Postcards - Berks topo including RP Hungerford High St, GWR Windsor Station exterior, RP Forest Rd Crowthorne, RP 'The Majestic' at Caversham, scenes at Abingdon, Wokingham etc - 61 50-60
631.    Postcards - Scotland topo including RP Falkirk Loch Camelon, street scene at Jordanhil, Garelochead, Alloa, Bo'ness, RP Sauchiehall St Glasgow etc - 85 60-80
632.    Postcards - Cheshire topo including RP Obelisk Road Woolston, RP The Viaducts Stockport, RP's Witton St, Leftwich Green (two different) Northwich, RP Ashley Mill, Alderley Edge Copper Mines RP etc - 30 70-90
633.    Postcards - one owner accumulation with topo including scenes at Dublin, High Wycombe, Cardiff etc; variety of foreign topo; stage celebs including Gabrielle Ray, Mabel Love, Isabel Jay etc (100+); single/family group photos; some postmark interest (Liverpool hooded circle noted) etc - approx 325 80-100
634.    Postcards - one owner collection in album including Palmer's Health Flour (manufactured in Gloucester) advertising card, RMS Titanic (unused), New Zealand football team (identified), Ernest Nister Cats and Hats, rp large gathering at Robinswood Hill (Gloucester) etc - good mixture - approx 110 80-100
635.    A quantity of comic, transport related and glamour girl postcards 20-30
636.    Postcards - album with Royalty inclding rp's of Royal Visit to Warrington, rp Ward scene at the Grove Hospital Tooting Grove (1918), beauties, romantic, military etc (approx 140) 40-60
637.    Postcard accessories - polypropylene protectives display pockets - condition very good/as new - approx 800
638.    Postcards - a very large quantity in albums and loose; all periods but chiefly more recent; a quantity of Nostalgia cards; various GB FDC's etc (1000's) 50-70
639.    Postcards - miscellany in album including Lingham street gathering (RP), Hursley Village, Uffington, Newcastle etc; comic, Tucks, Children, RP Actors etc - approx 270 70-90
640.    An album of early 20th century postcards, mainly on a romantic theme including military sweetheart cards approx. 170+ 30-50
641.    One owner colletion in huge album c.1902 - 12, inclduing RP's Saul Village, Sennen, Bridlington etc; Foreign topo; single/family group photos (with some amazing hats!); stage celebs including Adelina Patti, Clara Butt (2), Harry Lauder (2) etc. Interesting mix - approx 475 250-350
642.    Postcards - an album with topo (chiefly GB) including RP Old Road Farsley, comic, children, exhibitions etc - approx 240 60-80
642A.   A quantity of postcards and two military photographs 10-20
643.    Postcards - Herefordshire RP's 'The Hop Pickers Express' at Hereford, steam powered tractor towing trailers overflowing with hoppers and belongings; RP horse drawn vehicles also carting hoppers and chattels - both cards by Preece - scarce - 2 100-130
643A.   Postcard Album- mainly GB topo incl RP Blyth Station (exterior) RP High Ferry Blyth, RP Hallsands 1910 (showing damage to cottage/roadway etc) RP Fore St, Okehampton etc, (approx 225). 80-120
644.    A selection of cigarette cards 10-20
645.    Cigarette cards - Wix - Kensitas flowers, all in folders and very clean; plain x 20, printed x 65, large x 3 plain, postcard size (crocus) x 1, together with a quantity of national flags/British Empire - approx 75 40-60
646.    Two French Pension lottery tickets dated 1783 40-60
647.    Sixteen 1950's 'Welsh Coalfields Railway' truck dockets 25-35
648.    A quantity of early portrait photographs and two albums 30-40
649.    Ten GWR magazines (Insurance Edition): 1929, 1930, 1932, 1933, 1934 & 1935 25-35
650.    An album of military photographs 19 Company IASC and RASC Germany etc, also other early 20th century photographs etc 20-30
651.    A small group of local guide books and two Severn Bridge souvenir booklets 10-20
652.    A Crest and Monogram album and packet of loose cut-outs from late Victorian - Edward VII period (album hand dated 1903) 20-40
653.    A group of old guide books to British towns etc 10-30
654.    A selection of Indentures etc from late 17th to early 19th century 20-30
655.    Sketches in Stable and Kennel by Lionel Edwards, 1933 first edition with dust jacket, twelve colour prints - very good condition 25-45
656.    My Hunting Sketch Book Vol II by Lionel Edwards 1930, first edition, twelve colour prints - very good condition - no jacket 25-45
657.    A copy of Louis Wain's Picture Book - published by Collins 30-40
658.    Spare lot 0-10
659.    A quantity of Beatles memorabilia including 'Shout - The True story of The Beatles', and a large quantity of 'The Beatles Book Monthly' 10-30
660.    A large Victorian family bible 10-30
661.    A Victorian family bible 10-20
662.    A Websters large 20th century dictionary 1936 10-20
663.    The Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ Vol 1 and Vol 2 - in wooden cases 30-40
664.    A box of small books including Ladybird 10-20
665.    Gloucestershire by Charles Cox - second edition 1917 10-20
666.    A set of five leather bound 'Midget' dictionaries on leather stand 20-40
667.    A map by G F Cruchley of The British Isles circa 1840's, early in the expansion of the railways 30-50
668.    The Coronation Service Book 1911 10-20
669.    Two French books by Jules Verne 20-30
670.    A rare volume 'The Horse as Comrade and Friend' by E R Calthrop, 1920 - numerous photos 10-20
671.    'A Book of The Wye' by Edward Hutton, published 1911 15-25
672.    'The History of England from the Revolution in 1688 to the Death of George II' by T Smollett - in one volume 1812 10-20
673.    Old Sailing Chats by Lucio Bozzano 1961 10-20
674.    A Survey of Worcestershire by Thomas Habington 1895 30-50
675.    Ephemera - a mixture including printed photograph 1952 Welsh Rugby Team (Triple Crown Winners), Triang/Hornby Model Railway illustrated catalogues, Queen Alexandra Xmas Gift Book 1908, and 'The Stately Homes of England' 1881 with 200+ engravings etc 30-50
676.    Four Harry Potter first edition books, and two paper backs 20-30
677.    Houses of Noble Poverty, the History of English Alms Houses together with Sign Boards of Old London Shops by Sir Ambrose Heal 10-20
678.    The Bridges of Britain by Eric de Mare, together with Road Bridges in Great Britain 10-20
679.    Timbers of the World by Alexander Howard, together with other books on wood and wood working etc 20-30
680.    Offshore by Capt J H Illingworth, published by Robert Ross 1949, Special Edition No 19, signed by the author. Damage to spine else good condition. Together with the Yachtsman's England by Frank Carr and British Ocean Racing by Douglas Phillips-Birt 20-30
681.    Fox Hunting from Shire to Shire by Cuthbert Bradley, published by Routledge 1912, together with Foxes, Foxhounds and Fox Hunting by Richard Clapham, published by Heath Cranton 20-30
682.    Books on Horror - the Aurum Film Encyclopedia edited by Phil Hardy, together with Dark Mirror by Bruce Crowther 10-20
683.    Battles With Giant Fish by F A Mitchell Hedges, published by Duckworth 1923, First Edition, together with Sea Fish by Maxwell 20-30
684.    The Fellowship of the Horse by Lieut. Col Goldschmidt, illustrated by Charles Simpson, together with Echoing Horn by Moyra Charlton, illustrated by Lionel Edwards 20-30
685.    Women Who Have Worked and Won by Jennie Chappell, published by SW Partridge c.1900, together with Monstrous Regiment, Women Rulers in Men's Worlds and Women in England 1500 - 1760, a Social History 10-20
686.    A Short History of The Worshipful Company of Horners by F J Fisher 1936 - this book No316. Leather over velum 20-40
687.    'The Crimson Fairy Book' by Andrew Lang - published by Longmans 1903 30-50
688.    'Queen Mab's Fairy Realm' - published by George Newnet Ltd 1901 and illustrated by Rackham, Savage, Cole etc 30-50
689.    'A Crown of Flowers' - Poems and Pictures from the Pages of The Girls Own Paper published by The Religious Tract Society, late 19th century 10-20
690.    'The North Sea Mystery' by Harry Edmonds - first edition 1930 published by Ward Lock 10-20
691.    The Saturday Magazine, volume 6 Jan to June 1835, published by John William Parker 20-30
692.    King Albert's Book published by The Daily Telegraph and illustrated by Rackham, Nielsen, Nicholson, Dulac etc 10-20
693.    Swords and Hilt Weapons, several authors, published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1989 First Edition, together with The History of Chivalry and Armour by Dr Kottenkamp 20-30
694.    A box of 1960's 'Motorsport' magazines, a quantity of 'Practical Television and Wireless' magazine, 'Short Wave' magazine etc 20-40
695.    A box of books on shooting and fishing 10-20
696.    A box of books on Scotland 10-20
697.    Two boxes of childrens books 10-20
697A.   A group of six books: three on engineering, and three others 20-30
699.    A John Ogilby road map of London to Holyhead - 30 x 43cm 20-30
700.    A Blome map of Warwickshire c.1678 - 19 x 20cm 30-50
701.    A hand coloured map print of Shropshire 23 x 17cm 20-30
702.    A coloured engraving Pheasant Shooting and another Leeds Castle 15 x 23cm 10-20
703.    A brass oil lamp with shade and funnel 10-20
704.    A copper coaching horn 10-20
705.    A Dow's Port barrel on stand 10-20
706.    A Victorian POW made ship in a bottle - marked to stand 'Calonne' March 1819 30-40
707.    A red vintage soda siphon 10-20
708.    A brass oil can by Jos Lucas Ltd 'Reg No G73314, No 40 Oiler' 30-50
709.    A 19th century leather gun powder or cannon ball carrier, with painted crest 40-60
710.    A Victorian cast iron oil lamp with floral painted reservoir 20-40
711.    A Metamec Dereham green clock and a Smiths Sectric clock with leaf design 10-20
712.    An early 20th century oak smoking cabinet with presentation inscription from Hunts Bee Keeping Association 20-30
713.    A horn handled and silver mounted riding crop 10-20
714.    A rosewood Police truncheon 20-30
715.    An Edwardian mahogany arch top mantel clock 10-20
716.    An Elliott mahogany mantel clock 30-50
717.    An oak carved mantel clock 10-20
718.    A copper hunting horn 20-30
719.    A mid 20th century beagle crop with horn handle incorporating a whistle 50-80
720.    A WWII tin firemans helmet - re-painted 20-30
721.    A German WWI bayonet in metal scabbard with leather frog 40-60
722.    A WWII bayonet in metal scabbard with leather frog 40-60
723.    A German WWI bayonet in metal scabbard with leather frog 40-60
724.    A Robert Morden map of Warwickshire - 37 x 43cm 20-40
725.    A copper and brass two handled pot pourri 10-20
726.    An old brass hand bell 10-30
727.    An old paraffin car lamp 20-40
728.    A French wooden coffee grinder 10-20
729.    A brass oil lamp with opaque glass shade, a pair of bellows and a toasting fork 15-25
730.    Three Salters scales: a Family Scale No.50, a pocket balance and a 'Spring Balance' with a 1lb 14 weight 20-40
731.    A cosh and a long truncheon 10-20
732.    Two brass skimmers with a pair of bellows with brass horse plaque 10-30
733.    Two wooden Dunhill circular pipe racks and one other 40-60
734.    Two Depose lamps and a cast ink stand with liner 20-30
735.    An Asprey shagreen cigarette box with bone edging 300-400
736.    A shagreen picture frame - 28.5.5 x 23cm overall 150-180
737.    A Callaghan pocket barometer - cased 30-40
738.    A Chinese blue and white porcelain snuff bottle painted figures 20-30
738A.   A Chinese blue and white enamel snuff bottle decorated storks 20-30
739.    An oak Mouseman ashtray 40-60
740.    An antique brass seal the carved stone intaglio with farmer sowing seed, and a copper dish made from ship's scrap 10-20
741.    A compass with pair of sighting lenses 20-30
742.    A 19th century horn and brass snuff box 15-25
743.    R W Lange (1879 - 1944) - bronze figure of a boy with basket and umbrella, on marble plinth - 15cm 120-180
744.    An interesting group of badges including Butlins, RSPCA etc and a silver medal 20-30
745.    A novelty wooden puzzle snuff box 10-20
746.    A small Edwardian painted ivory fan - boxed 20-40
747.    A miniature watercolour of the Taj Mahal in ebony easel frame 20-30
748.    A Conway Stewart 'Dinkie' ink pen No 540, and matching pencil 'Nippy', and a silver plated pencil 10-30
749.    A Schaeffer ink pen, a box of pencils, a ball point etc 10-20
750.    Two Parker ink pens - boxed 10-20
751.    A Black Forest carved wood bear with match striker 20-40
752.    An envelope containing GB QEII banknotes: 10 (JB Page - 2, JS Fforde - 1), 5 (JB Page - 3), 1 (JB Page - 3, JS Fforde - 1, DHF Somerset - 2) total 12 40-60
753.    Two silver proof coins for Barbados and Bermuda 20-30
754.    A silver proof limited edition Piedfort Welsh 1 coin 2000 - boxed 20-40
755.    A trench art set of consecutive penny 'Tommy's' helmets 1914 - 1918 10-20
756.    A quantity of approx 150 Russian coins including Commonwealth of Independent States, mainly 20th century, includes duplicates - Kopeks and Roubles 5, 10, 20 & 50 examples - all in bags with description - Condition: Fine - VF 20-30
757.    A book of bank notes, mostly British 30-40
758.    Two silver jubilee proof coins boxed - QEII and Queen Mother - cased 40-60
759.    An Edwardian brass hair tong heater 10-20
760.    A box of commemorative coins etc 10-20
761.    A pewter clad box containing badges 10-20
762.    A 19th century carved horn cigarette box decorated stag and hounds 20-30
763.    A box of various coins 10-20
764.    A set of Thomasons Medallic Illustrations of the Holy Scriptures in five volumes - each containing twelve cast medallions, 60 in total 300-400
765.    A group of advertising bottles including Schweppes, and two glass baby bottles 20-30
766.    Five blue and green chemists bottles and jars 10-20
767.    A box of collectables including cloisonne, desk stand, bone, oriental etc 10-30
768.    A box of collectibles including a cased wooden crucifix, two oriental daggers, cloisonne pots etc 10-20
769.    A Victorian velvet collar with lace and beadwork trim 10-20
770.    A cream silk shawl with tassel fringe and floral embroidery 20-40
771.    Various metal items including erotic sculpture, Royal Coat of Arms plaque etc 10-30
772.    A resin dogs head, crumb brush, paperknife etc 10-20
773.    A brass ships bell and another bell 10-20
774.    A box of copper and brass 20-30
775.    A box of metalware 10-20
776.    A suite of six items of Pit a Pat dolls house furniture including cutlery set 50-70
777.    Two traditional vintage decoy ducks with glass eyes 20-30
778.    A carved stone barometer on stand 20-40
779.    An oil on canvas river scene with cottages and figure, monogrammed - 21 x 43cm 20-30
780.    A Harriet Glen bronze finish horse head 10-20
781.    A mid 20th century rubber pigeon decoy by James Decoy and Co, Glos - later mounted on stand 10-20
782.    A heavy cast brass sarcophagus form money box 10-30
783.    A spirit flask and a Stratton compact 10-20
784.    A 19th century brass Turkish scribes pen box and inkwell 30-50
785.    A brass hand bell with wooden handle with a single brass candlestick 10-30
786.    A Georgian mahogany square tea caddy inlaid 'Tea' to top 40-60
787.    A pair of Edwardian opera glasses 10-20
788.    A Turkish brass coffee grinder circa 1900 30-50
789.    An early 20th century wooden small Islamic box with brass mounts 30-50
790.    A serpentine mounted circular barometer 10-20
791.    An early 20th century clockwork dancing bear with rabbit fur cover, composition face and feet - distressed condition 30-50
792.    A box of old keys and a sugar cutter 10-20
793.    A WWI Princess Mary Christmas tin, medals, badges and coins 30-50
794.    A box of large marbles 20-30
795.    A small Swiss wooden music box, carved edelweiss 10-30
796.    A pair of French military style binoculars by Corneau, Paris in leather case 15-20
797.    A bamboo backed mah jong set in fitted case 20-40
798.    Two Stratton compacts and various collectables 10-20
799.    An early 20th century wicker cutlery tray 10-30
800.    A group of miscellaneous collectables including cast iron flat iron, leather box etc 20-30
801.    A painted plaster tortoise with removable shell lid 20cm long 10-20
802.    A vintage dial telephone modified for current use 20-40
803.    A circular oak aneroid barometer and a carved barometer/thermometer 15-25
804.    A Corona portable typewriter 10-20
805.    A Canon camera and lens - cased 50-80
806.    Two Victorian musical photograph albums in distressed condition 20-40
807.    A print 'Her Cross' - 47 x 34cm 20-40
808.    A large turned burr elm bowl - 36cm diameter 10-20
809.    A set of chemical scales in glazed case 20-40
810.    A 1930's oak lead glazed bookcase 20-40
811.    A large 19th century Japanese bronze incense burner in the form of an elephant with caparisoned top - 70cm tall 1000-1500
812.    A Victorian alabaster group of classical woman and man on sarcophagus base - 50cm tall 50-70
813.    A large Italianate bronze finish ewer 42cm tall 30-50
814.    An early 20th century double globe soda syphon by E Geraut and Co 30-40
815.    An Edwardian mahogany Art Nouveau tray with marquetry decoration 30-50
816.    An Edwardian mahogany sideboard with mirror back and satinwood and ebony stringing 30-50
817.    Frederick Gore 1913 - 2009 - 'Summer in Elm Park 1994' - 69 x 90cm 4000-5000
818.    A Victorian oil on board head of a collie - 21 x 20cm 80-120
819.    A Victorian oil on board head of a terrier - 21 x 20cm 120-180
820.    A Praktica camera, various lenses and equipment 40-60
821.    A wrought iron 'horse-shoe' trivet, fire iron, toasting fork and three brass candle sticks 10-20
822.    Velosi - oil on canvas two ladies in a landscape 39 x 49cm 50-70
823.    An Edwardian dark oak mirror back sideboard 40-60
824.    An oil on board of The Queen Mary - 26 x 42cm 15-25
825.    A vintage green ostrich feather fan 20-40
826.    An oil on board of grouse in highland setting - 30 x 41cm 15-25
827.    E G Krovan - oil on canvas still life roses - unframed 41 x 57cm 20-40
828.    A rosewood and brass inlaid work box 10-20
829.    An Edwardian mahogany two handled oval tray with silver plated gallery and central shell inlay - 51cm 20-40
830.    A tortion clock a/f - on alabaster base with glass dome 10-20
831.    An Edwardian mahogany inlaid dressing table 20-30
832.    A rectangular mahogany toiletry mirror on box base 20-30
832A.   A set of early 19th century engravings by George Cruikshank published 1835 - 'Anglo Gallic Salutations', 'Le Retour de Paris', 'The Advantages of Travel' and 'Travelling in France' 27 x 36cm 60-80
833.    An oak two tier jardiniere stand 10-20
834.    A George III mahogany circular tilt top wine table on turned column on triple curved supports 50-70
835.    A box of copper and brass 10-20
836.    A group of copper and brass items including a copper kettle, an Art Nouveau copper jardiniere etc 30-40
837.    Harry Rowntree - ink sketch of a wolf pack, signed - 32 x 25cm 300-400
838.    W.L. Leitch (Queen Victoria's Art Tutor) - watercolour of Italianate landscape 20 x 23cm, framed but not glazed 30-50
839.    A print of an early photograph scene 'Smile Please' 18 x 25cm, and a pair of landscape prints 10-20
840.    A Victorian walnut wardrobe with two glazed and mirrored doors over drawers 150-200
841.    An early 19th century secretaire bookcase of small proportions with pendant carved frieze over two glazed doors, secretaire drawer, brushing slide and two further drawers - 81cm wide
842.    An early 19th century coloured engraving of May Hill after John Burden 1804, and two other steel engravings of Berkeley Castle and Cirencester - all unframed 10-30
843.    The Daily Telegraph Folio's of prints 'Drawings of London' by Geoffrey Fletcher 10-20
844.    A vintage child's Webb lawnmower 80-100
845.    A large Japanese two fold lacquer screen with elaborately carved dragon surmount and surrounds, enclosing applied relief panels decorated birds and trees in wood and bone 200-300
846.    An Edwardian oak framed set of tubular bells on carved stand 60-80
847.    J Adams - oil on board beach scene with waves - 24 x 49cm 20-40
848.    A Victorian amboyna and ebonised envelope card table on turned and reeded supports 100-150
849.    A pair of large Victorian spelter figures of two graces - 87cm - repaired 150-200
850.    A large and heavy Victorian cast iron plaque of the Last Supper - 45 x 75cm 40-60
851.    Four vintage tennis racquets and a hockey stick 10-20
852.    An old tin bath 10-20
853.    An antique cast iron fire back, grate and fire dogs 20-30
854.    Two teak steamer style garden chairs with foot rests and cast brass fittings 60-80
855.    Two wooden sledges, one named Gloco and the other Criterion by Davos, and one other 50-60
856.    A Singer treadle sewing machine in oak case 30-50
857.    A small Victorian pine dressing chest of two short and two long drawers with swing mirror 50-70
858.    A large stoneware flagon for Weston's Cider and Perry 10-20
859.    A Timothy White & Taylors hot water bottle and a wicker carpet beater 10-30
860.    An oak 1920's Jacobean style coat rack and mirror 30-50
861.    A Singer treadle sewing machine 50-70
862.    A brass fireside set and a brass skimmer 10-20
863.    A small Victorian three fold painted lacquer and mother of pearl screen - 59cm 10-20
864.    A small reproduction drum table with seven dummy drawers 20-40
865.    A novelty occasional table in the form of a stack of books 10-30
866.    A pair of large fibreglass novelty figures of Laurel and Hardy 50-100
867.    A French cast iron antique grate 20-40
868.    A brass Benares table, copper planter and a brass carrier 10-30
869.    A Victorian mahogany Davenport with pen box over slope front and four drawers with turned supports to front 50-70
870.    An early 20th century mahogany gramophone cabinet converted to stereo hi fi cabinet 10-30
871.    A small reproduction mahogany chest of four drawers with serpentine front 40-60
872.    A Victorian mahogany single door collectors cabinet enclosing seven drawers - 18.5 x 31 x 28cm 30-50
873.    A Hammond typewriter circa 1905 100-150
874.    An EKCO Bakelite cased radio model No313 'All Electric Receiver' with Philips external speaker 80-120
875.    A BB & Co 'Cleopatra' phonograph and various rolls, with horn 100-150
876.    A 'Betar' time recorder clock 30-50
877.    A Celestina or Organette by George Whight and Co in mahogany case with painted decoration - working, with a box of rolls 150-200
878.    A Swiss cylinder musical box in rosewood finish case, playing on five bells 400-600
879.    A Swiss cylinder musical box with three bells - for restoration 80-120
880.    A 19th rosewood cased Swiss cylinder musical box playing eight tunes with 'Bells and Drum, Visible' with marquetry to the lid, No. 25630 400-600
881.    An early Excelsior table top gramophone with tin horn 100-150
882.    Three boxes of phonograph cylinders - condition mixed and many boxes empty 30-50
883.    An Invicta old valve radio 10-20
884.    A Telefunken 1950's reel to reel tape recorder 10-20
885.    A Hasker old valve radio 10-20
886.    A GEC vintage transistor radio 10-30
887.    A Yagerphone gramophone in oak cabinet 30-50
888.    A small Symphonium table top polyphon with seven discs 50-70
889.    A Colombia phonograph with horn 60-100
890.    A table top polyphon with print to lid interior, and seventeen discs 150-200
891.    A His Masters Voice portable gramophone 30-50
892.    An Odeon portable gramophone 20-40
893.    A Boyd compact harmonium/organ on stand 40-60
894.    An auto harp 10-20
895.    Various records 20-40
896.    A collection of LP's mainly 70's/80's 20-30
897.    A box of old records 10-20
898.    A pair of Brazilian leather riding boots (size 5) with garter straps and spurs 20-30
899.    A box of antique horse brasses and leather horse bridle and panel engraved James Jennings (Fairground Owner), horse comb etc 50-70
900.    A leather horse harness, strap etc 20-40
901.    A box of vintage games 10-20
902.    A Victorian rosewood drop dial wall clock, the octagonal face with green and pink inlaid floral decoration 50-70
903.    A Royal typewriter, cased and with cleaning kit 10-20
904.    A silver mounted walking cane and another with horn handle 20-30
905.    A horn handled riding crop with white metal collar - 65cm 20-40
906.    An Edwardian umbrella with gold plated handle 10-20
907.    An Eastern walking cane carved snakes, and a rustic walking cane 10-20
908.    A 20th century oil on board after Pieter de Hooch 'A Woman Drinking with Two Men' - 60 x 49cm 30-50
909.    An Anne Rochester Art Deco illustration 'Mary Mary Quite Contrary' 23 x 31cm 10-20
910.    A Home Office vintage desk unit by New Craft Ltd 50-70
911.    A Victorian oil on canvas young child praying with mother and guardian angel - 75 x 62cm 80-120
912.    John McLellan - oil on canvas river and cottage scene and another Winter Willow - 34 x 47cm and 37 x 40cm 30-50
913.    A French comical print 'La Vache Enragee' - 32 x 22cm 10-20
914.    Alan King - pair of oil on canvas Nr Crediton and Nr Thurlestone - 24 x 29cm 80-120
915.    A pair of watercolours of Tawny Owl and Wood Doves, signed - 18 x 11cm 20-40
916.    Young - a pair of abstract oil paintings - both measure 40 x 50cm 30-50
917.    Simon Williams - oil on canvas Matukituki Valley - Mount Cook, New Zealand with original receipt 300-500
918.    A large print on canvas - harbour scene Isle of Wight by Sabino Roscino - 90cm sq 30-50
919.    A pair of Snaffles prints 'Sandown' and 'A Sight to Take Home and Dream About' - 30 x 54cm 30-50
920.    A watercolour gateway and tree - 26 x 26cm 10-20
921.    A watercolour seascape 20-40
922.    A black fur coat with hood and two fur stoles 20-40
923.    A set of three Japanese woodblock prints of figurative scenes with text and signatures, circa 1900 80-100
924.    A set of three photographs from the Northern Sculpture Park by Andy Goldsworthy 20-40
925.    Lionel Edwards - two prints 'Feeding Hounds North Cotswold Kennels' and 'Ears Back!', plus framed watercolour of Gatehouse at Soudeley Castle by R W Bray 10-30
926.    R Hext - pair of watercolour scenes painted by mouth of Dartmoor - signed and dated 1930, unframed - 26 x 36cm 30-50
927.    Francis Boag - landscape print - 46 x 62cm 30-50
928.    A large Victorian oil on canvas lakeland landscape at sunset - 61 x 122cm 30-50
929.    A print of rowing boats - 27 x 38cm 10-20
930.    J Rossi - a pair of pastels of oranges and lemons - 35 x 26cm 50-70
931.    A Victorian oileograph blacksmith shoeing a horse - 91 x 71cm 10-30
932.    A print of The Stanley Brown Pavilion - 37 x 50cm 10-20
933.    An oak framed rectangular mirror and a white ribbon framed mirror 10-20
934.    A map print of Warwickshire by John Cary 1806, frame a/f - 54 x 46cm 10-20
935.    A stained wooden work table with slide out well 10-20
936.    A Weston's cider limited edition print - 27 x 42cm 20-30
937.    W Boone - oil on board 'The River Chelt at Withybridge' - 39 x 50cm 20-40
938.    A 20th century mahogany Regency style mahogany dining table with interleaf and twin column supports 20-40
939.    A collection of eleven Japanese painted paper fans 15-25
940.    A vintage hand made green floral quilt 30-50
941.    A box of linen including ten tablecloths and a 1970's quilt top 10-20
942.    Three multi-colour vintage Welsh Woollen blankets 20-40
943.    A small brown Turkoman style rug 185 x 127cm 30-50
944.    A pair of glass and silvered chandelier light fittings and gilt metal one 20-30
945.    A set of four early 19th century mahogany bar back chairs with carved decoration 80-100
946.    Four Edwardian spindle back dining chairs 20-30
947.    Three Georgian oak farmhouse chairs with solid seats and one similar 20-40
948.    A Victorian mahogany shield back hall chair 30-40
949.    An old wicker basket 10-20
950.    A pair of Dutch colonial style heavy rosewood open armchairs with pierced splats and curved arm supports all on cabriole supports 80-120
951.    A set of six early 20th century Arts and Crafts dining chairs with carved stylised tree motif to slat backs 50-70
952.    A 19th century mahogany mercury banjo thermometer/barometer by A.Camotti, Halifax 50-70
953.    An Edwardian oak open bookcase 127cm wide 31.5cm tall 40-60
954.    A Victorian style wide chest of seven drawers 50-70
955.    An Edwardian mahogany music cabinet with marquetry inlay of lute, pipes and tambourine 50-70
956.    A vintage Victorian style 'Bell' dial telephone by RTT of Antwerp 20-40
957.    Two Victorian copper kettles 30-40
958.    A Victorian mahogany framed armchair recently upholstered in check fabric, on turned supports 60-80
958A.   An oak leather upholstered Glastonbury style chair with shield decoration 20-40
959.    A set of five Sheraton style mahogany dining chairs 40-60
960.    A Victorian figured walnut oval tilt top breakfast table on carved column and quadruple supports 80-120
961.    Two Victorian large graduated papier mache trays with mother of pearl decoration, and similar bowl 100-150
962.    A taxidermy fox head 'Cotswold Hunt 22nd August 1962' on oak shield 50-70
963.    A 20th century circular convex mirror with ball design 20-30
964.    A large brown Turkoman style rug with multiple guls on beige ground 60-80
965.    A Chinese reproduction jardiniere stand 30-50
966.    A brass Art Nouveau table top gong with striker 20-40
967.    An early 20th century oak framed aneroid banjo barometer/thermometer 15-25
968.    An Indian 19th century lozenge form 'birthing table' on later supports 60-80
969.    A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers on tall bracket supports 80-120
970.    A large Victorian four gallon copper hot water jug by J McNaughton Edinburgh 50-70
971.    A Victorian copper and brass Samovar with shell design - the china handles a/f 40-60
972.    A rectangular mahogany toiletry mirror 20-30
973.    A Victorian rosewood tilt top circular dining table on square column and platform base with quadruple curved supports 60-80
973A.   A set of four Regency style bar back dining chairs on sabre legs 60-80
974.    A 19th century mahogany and satinwood crossbanded jardiniere stand 50-60
975.    An 18th century Portuguese or Spanish painted wooden madonna 84cm high 350-450
976.    A Victorian walnut credenza with two curved glazed flanking cupboards and pillars all with gilt metal mounts and inlay 400-600
977.    An Edwardian mahogany oval swing frame toiletry mirror 10-20
978.    A Short and Mason 'Stormoguide' mahogany barometer circa 1920's 30-40
979.    An Edwardian carved oak barometer 30-40
980.    A large good quality Persian style carpet with medallion design on a cream ground 339 x 251cm 150-200
981.    An oak cased wall clock with glazed door 20-40
982.    A reproduction globe form drinks cabinet 30-50
983.    A 19th century mahogany D end console table on square supports and brass feet and castors 60-80
984.    A 1950's kidney form stool 10-20
985.    A tin document box 10-20
986.    An oak folding cake stand 10-20
987.    A Georgian mahogany fold top card table on square supports 60-80
988.    A brass dome top trunk with applied decoration and lock 20-40
989.    A stained wood jardiniere stand with rose pokerwork decoration 20-40
990.    A late 19th century mahogany Vienna style regulator wall clock, recently serviced 150-200
991.    A late Victorian carved oak rise top needlework box/stool 30-40
992.    An early 20th century glazed shop display counter with three tiered shelves and sliding doors to back - with later secret secure storage compartment fitted to base and electric lighting, 201cm wide x 62cm deep x 95cm high 100-150
993.    An Edwardian octagonal mahogany occasional table on turned supports 10-20
994.    A pair of Georgian style mahogany side tables - being the ends from a 'D' ended dining table 50-70
995.    A 1920's oak drop leaf supper table on barleytwist support 20-30
996.    An early 19th century mahogany Pembroke table on square tapered supports and brass castors 40-60
997.    An early 20th century mahogany stand with carved decorative frieze 10-20
998.    An early 19th century mahogany pot cupboard with gallery and carrying handles 20-40
999.    A Victorian mahogany linen cupboard with two doors enclosing four slide out trays (replacement top) 30-40
1000.   A Chinese hardwood and lacquer painted screen with bone and mother of pearl applied and inlaid bird decoration c.1900, 174cm tall 50-70
1001.   A large Victorian wrought iron and stained glass hall lantern - 74cm total height 50-70
1002.   A Victorian cast iron stick stand with cherub decoration 20-40
1003.   A brass standard lamp on circular base 10-30
1004.   An early 20th century mahogany framed embroidered fire screen 10-20
1005.   An Arts and Crafts style coloured and lead-glazed firescreen - one glass a/f 20-30
1006.   A 1920's oak Jacobean style sideboard with geometric panelled decoration 30-50
1007.   A late 19th century three piece brass fireside set with matching pair of fire dogs 20-40
1008.   A Victorian oak Welsh dresser 100-150
1009.   A set of eleven servants bells mounted on a wooden rack 80-120
1010.   H Dolland-Hulke - watercolour lake scene - 23 x 15cm 10-30
1011.   A 20th century oak curved-top dresser with carved decoration 40-60
1012.   Alan King - oil on canvas 'Traditional Ploughing' - 50 x 75cm 40-60
1013.   A tall Edwardian large oak collectors or shop display cabinet with mirrored back and single door enclosing shallow glass shelves 100-150
1014.   Geelhard Cappellen - oil of a coastal scene entitled to verso 'The Dunes at Belgium 1922), signed with a monogram 20-40
1015.   A reproduction Victorian style gilt framed overmantel mirror 120cm approx. wide 30-50
1016.   A bentwood rocking chair with cane seat and back 30-40
1017.   A good 19th century carved wood gilt scrollwork Mechanical Picture or Folio Frame with gilt brass carrying handle and hinged back, now containing a mirror, stamped to verso 'Invented by J & W Vokins of 5 John Street, Oxford Street'. Vokins were a renowned family of carvers, gilders and frame makers with royal patronage, who operated from this address between 1828 and 1858. They produced portable picture frames - this example having brass mounted holes to the side and the base but lacking the associated brass feet. Overall measurement 64 x 53cm (further information can be found on the National Gallery Website under British Picture Framers) 80-120
1018.   An oak lead glazed Jacobean style bookcase with linenfold decoration 40-60
1018A.  A Chinese lacquer panel decorated mother of pearl figure - 60 x 30cm 10-20
1019.   A 20th century mahogany glazed two door display cabinet with drawer under by Williams Kimp Furniture 50-70
1020.   A pair of watercolours of horse drawn carriages, 10 x 17cm 30-50
1021.   Lewis Howe Bennett - watercolour sheep Warwickshire - 26 x 41cm 40-60
1022.   Ken Hammond - watercolour yachts in harbour scene - 25 x 35cm 50-80
1023.   An oil on board of WWII Australian cruiser Canberra 40-60
1024.   An early 20th century mahogany two door display cabinet with pierced gallery and carved decoration 50-70
1025.   A copper coal scuttle and an oval two handled copper pan 10-20
1026.   An Arts and Crafts coal box with copper and hard stone decoration 30-40
1027.   T Ashton - oil on canvas river landscape with swans 20-40
1028.   A WWI medal set of five - the WWI pair to Sgt A Levers 252699, Army Service Corps with a Territorial War medal, Territorial Efficiency medal and Belgian Croix de Guerre with certificate to Acting Sergeant Leevers, plus enamel badge and photograph - framed and glazed 250-350
1029.   Two South Africa medals to Pte H Apps, E Kent Regt 5841, with bars for Transvaal, Orange Free State, Cape Colony, South Africa 1902 and South Africa 1901 plus a Coronation medal 150-200
1030.   A carved framed Edwardian mahogany mirror - 47cm wide 10-20