Antiques & Collectables Sale
with Stamps & Postcards Section
on Friday 4th October 2019

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1.      A Falcon Ware five piece toiletry set 'Old Kent Road' comprising: jug and bowl, chamber pot, toothbrush, mug and soap dish £20-30
2.      An early 19th century Wedgwood cream ware toiletry jug and bowl set with iron red and blue floral decoration £20-30
3.      A Victorian tea service decorated flowers - comprising: nine cups and saucers, ten tea plates, two cake plates and sugar bowl £20-30
4.      A Royal Albert Edwardian tea service with floral swag decoration comprising five cups and six saucers, milk, sugar and six tea plates £10-30
5.      A collection of decorative coffee cups and saucers £10-20
6.      A Rosenthal part tea set in a rose border pattern consisting of: four trios, four pin dishes, milk jug and a bon bon dish with frilled border, together with a continental 'Indian Tree' cup and saucer £40-60
7.      A set of nine Spode gilt and white teacups and fourteen coffee cups together with twenty three saucers - mostly a/f £10-20
8.      A slipware jug together with a slipware tile with bird decoration - Jug measures 17cm tall, tile 12cm square £30-50
9.      A Victorian green Arts and Crafts vase - rim a/f - 32cm £10-20
10.     A large Victorian blue and white mug 'Imperial Measure' £10-30
11.     A Royal Doulton Happy John Toby jug £10-20
12.     A blue and white 'Imperial Pint' kitchen jug £10-20
13.     A Woods Areca Nut Toothpaste pot and lid, and Army and Navy Potted Meats pot and lid and a Holloway's Ointment one £30-50
14.     A modern French faience pottery tureen and stand £10-20
15.     A 19th century Majolica dish, cream pot, plate and preserve pot with bird finial to lid £25-35
16.     A late 19th century Staffordshire blue and white pottery jardiniere printed farm scene - 20cm tall £10-20
17.     A Royal Worcester figure First Dance and two Royal Doulton figures Autumn Breezes and Valerie £20-30
18.     A Royal Doulton figure Miss Demure, a Royal Worcester figure 'Sweet Dreams' and a Nao figure £20-30
19.     A Royal Doulton 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' figure HN 2048 £20-30
20.     A Sadlers 'Daintee Laydee' blue Crinoline Lady teapot £10-20
21.     Three Royal Worcester figures comprising Belle of the Ball, Royal Debut and Sarah £30-50
22.     Three Royal Doulton figures comprising Kirsty, Victoria and Stephanie £30-50
23.     Four Royal Doulton figures comprising Autumn Breezes, Top O The Hill, Fair Lady and Sandra £40-60
24.     A Japanese Satsuma powder blue vase with white floral relief decoration and painted panels - 23cm £30-50
25.     A Chinese ginger jar painted figures on a terrace - 30cm £40-60
26.     A Colclough tea and dinner service 'Wayside' comprising six dinner plates, six bowls, six mugs, seven tea cups and saucers, six side plates, two jugs, sugar, teapot and cake stand £20-30
27.     A pair of large Japanese vases with all over decoration- 150 x 80cm £20-30
28.     Two late 19th/early 20th century Minton plates with gilded borders, raised decoration and a cockerel familial crest, together with a 19th century Sevres gilded dinner plate with the crest for Napoleon III £40-60
29.     An early 20th century Dresden porcelain group of a woman on a swing flanked by two others. 22cm tall. £30-50
30.     A Paragon Art Deco tea service printed and painted poppies No. G292 comprising six cups (two a/f), five saucers, five tea plates, two cake plates, jug and sugar £30-50
31.     A late 19th century continental porcelain tea service of substantial size in a rococo form, painted with flowers and heavily gilded to the edges and borders. Largest item measures 27cm tall £60-100
32.     A late 19th century Dresden porcelain figural group entitled 'Le Cadeau Delicat' showing two ladies and a seated gentleman. 25cm tall. £60-80
33.     A 19th century French porcelain plate by Samson in the Chinese export armorial style with pseudo backstamp marks to the rear (marks rubbed). 24cm diameter £20-40
34.     A pair of Lladro nuns £10-20
35.     A large Aegean Poole pottery vase by Anita Harris - 26cm high £20-40
36.     A Royal Dux figure of a grebe - 31cm £10-20
37.     Six Royal Adderley bird ornaments comprising: Myotts Warbler, Blue Tits, Robin, Virginian Cardinal, Budgerigar and Double Bullfinch group £40-60
38.     Six Royal Adderley bird groups comprising: Chicadee, Parakeet, Wren, Canary, Chicadee group and Baltimore Oriole £40-60
39.     Five Royal Adderley bird groups comprising: two Humming Birds, Bull Finch, Yellow Hammer two Budgerigars, plus two Royal Doulton Chaffinches £40-60
40.     Two Goebel birds: Robin and Brambling £20-30
41.     Three Beswick birds comprising: Kingfisher 2371, Song Thrush 2308 and Lapwing (first version) 2416a £30-50
42.     A Canton plate and various other oriental china £20-40
43.     Thirteen Pendelfin figures of rabbits £20-40
44.     A Ridgeway 'Jolly Jinks' baby plate £10-20
45.     A mid 20th century Chinese pottery 'Tang' style horse £10-20
46.     A group of porcelain ornaments including Coalport and Wedgwood £10-20
47.     A Lladro figure of a girl with oranges £20-30
48.     A vintage cocktail glass, 'Dads Pint' glass and set of dagger form cocktail sticks £10-20
49.     A vintage French glass oil and vinegar bottle £10-20
50.     A modern Bloor Derby porcelain stirrup cup in the form of a grey mare. £20-30
51.     A varied group of decorative teaware etc £10-20
52.     A group of approximately thirteen items of crested ware including various crested animals £20-30
53.     A group of approximately fifteen items of crested ware and souvenir china £10-20
54.     A set of three Beswick white Persian cats: 1876, 1883 and 1898 £30-50
55.     A set of three Beswick Siamese cats: 1559A, 1897 and 1558A £30-50
56.     A Beswick ginger cat seated - No 1030 £20-40
57.     A Beswick grey Persian cat seated - No 1867 £20-30
58.     Three Beswick kittens - 1886 - in ginger, white and grey £30-50
59.     A Beswick white Persian cat seated - No 1867 £20-30
60.     Three Beswick cat groups: 2100 cat with mouse, Siamese kittens 1296, and a white kitten seated 1436 £20-30
61.     Three Worcester bisque kittens 1978 £20-30
62.     A large 19th century Staffordshire pottery mug by Hartshorne pottery with transfer printed design - 12cm £10-20
63.     A Royal Doulton pair of Coronation of George V tumblers and similar hair net holder £30-50
64.     Two Victorian framed pot lids - The Village Wedding and family shrimping scene £20-40
65.     Two Doulton Watteau blue and white tea plates, an Edwardian Kealing and Co teapot £10-20
66.     Two Coalport pastille burners, two Minton's Marlow trinket boxes and three Royal Worcester ornaments £20-30
67.     A Sylvac rabbit 990, a Sylvac vase and a Hummel monk, plus Ringtons tea caddy and a blue and white jug £10-30
68.     A Royal Doulton vintage Chateau Rose coffee set comprising seven cups and saucers, coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl plus a Royal Worcester white and gilt part tea set comprising: four cups and saucers and three tea plates £10-20
69.     A selection of 19th century cabinet decorative plates including Copeland, Sevres and Davenport Imari £20-40
70.     A pair of Edwards VII commemorative plates and Long Live The King plate, plus various other commemorative plates £20-40
71.     A group of Royal commemorative cups and mugs including Edward VII, George VI, George V, Queen Victoria etc plus a teapot £20-30
72.     A novelty coffee service with naked lady handles, including 6 cups and saucers, coffee pot, milk and sugar £20-40
73.     Three Edwardian floral printed cheese dishes £20-30
74.     A Royal Worcester cake or cheese stand decorated vines £10-20
75.     A pair of Victorian cups and saucers printed Christmas Robin, a Minton's plate and an Art Deco egg cup set £10-20
76.     Three continental faience plates and one English blue and white plate £10-20
77.     Two Royal Doulton plates Loch Lomond and Loch Tumnel £10-20
78.     A group of Royal Worcester Evesham tableware comprising small tureen, six cups and saucers, milk and sugar and nine other various dishes plus a Royal Grafton cake slice £20-40
79.     Four large Royal Doulton character jugs: Captain Ahab D6500, Captain Henry Morgan D6467, Long John Silver D6335 and Athos D6452 £50-70
80.     A Royal Doulton Slaters Patent pair of vases - 26cm tall £40-60
81.     A Doulton Lambeth large stoneware fruit bowl with stylised flowerhead decoration and silver plated rim, 23cm diameter £20-40
82.     A Doulton large Silicon Ware vase 20cm tall £20-40
83.     A Doulton Lambeth Queen Victoria stoneware tumbler 1897 £10-30
84.     Two Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Slaters Patent vases - 16 and 17cm £20-40
85.     A Roman ring shaped terracotta vase with two handles - 29cm high £30-50
86.     A Leach Pottery Standardware jug and covered dish with celadon glaze interior £25-35
87.     A pair of Leach Pottery celadon-glazed mead cups with impression marks - one with hairline £25-35
87A.    A studio pottery wood fired vase with impressed 'R' mark 18cm tall £10-20
88.     A Chinese celadon glazed pot incised flowers and leaves - 10cm tall, c. 1900 £40-60
89.     An 18th century Chinese blue and white plate painted flowers, a Chinese saucer and a tea cup a/f £30-50
90.     A 19th century Chinese porcelain Celadon plate decorated in enamels with exotic birds, insects and flowers - 19cm dia
91.     A pair of Chinese porcelain candlesticks painted interior scenes and flowers - 22cm £25-35
92.     A small late 19th/early 20th century Chinese blue and white porcelain vase and cover painted scrolling foliage - 17.5cm £40-60
93.     Two 19th century Chinese porcelain brush pots with pictorial and calligraphy decoration - larger pot without lid and measuring 6.3cm £40-60
94.     Five small 18th century Chinese dishes in the European style with floral sprays and ribbon borders £20-30
95.     A Japanese porcelain bowl painted sprays of foliage with black and gilt banded decoration £10-20
96.     A group of 18th century Chinese export famile rose porcelain comprising: serving dish, three plates, three small dishes and a sauce boat sold together with two matching Spode dessert bowls £50-80
97.     Two floral Delft plates £10-20
98.     Two large Puigdemont plates with fruit decoration, and three smaller £30-50
99.     A Royal Doulton dinner and tea service 'Aegean' comprising:- six dinner plates, six cups and saucers, five soups and six saucers, six tea plates and milk jug £20-40
100.    Two Cowdy polychrome glass dishes £15-25
101.    A Cowdy polychrome glass set of three glasses. £15-25
102.    A Cowdy Polychrome glass scent bottle £10-20
103.    Four Cowdy banded glass tumblers and a jug. £20-30
104.    Two Cowdy polychrome glass decanters £20-30
105.    A Cowdy banded glass jug (with Design Council sticker), one smaller jug and two tumblers. £30-40
106.    An 18th century Italian 'Grand Tour' wine glass engraved 'Colonaden Enis' and a facet cut liqueur glass £40-60
107.    A pair of graduated continental decorative drinking glasses with blue flash panels and gilt border decoration - tallest 13.5cm £20-40
108.    A small Lalique glass figurine of a duck. 7cm, with original box. £40-60
109.    An Art Nouveau Loetz style green irredescent glass bowl £40-60
110.    A Sitzendorf figure of a woman with basket of flowers £20-30
111.    A Meissen pair of figures of travelling man and companion figure with basket - 10cm and crossed swords mark, companion figure repaired £280-350
112.    A late 19th/early 20th century KPM porcelain double salt modelled as a cherub between two baskets - 12.5cm tall £20-40
113.    A Dresden porcelain double salt modelled as a cherub between two baskets with painted birds and insects - 12cm tall £20-40
114.    A Plaue floral painted and encrusted vase and cover with cherubs flanking handles - some damage to flowers - 29cm £30-50
115.    An 18th century English porcelain blue and white sugar bowl with chinoiserie decoration, 16cm - chip to inner base £20-40
116.    Two Dresden miniature cups and saucers painted flowers with 'AR' mark £30-50
117.    A Moorcroft 'Jonquilla' limited edition vase 75/200 by Rachel Bishop - boxed - 27cm £400-600
118.    A John Mortlock Imari style jug and sugar, and an Imari style tumbler £10-30
119.    A small Beswick horse £10-20
120.    Two Beswick blue tit wall plaques No 706 and 707 £60-80
121.    A set of three Beswick cattle: Ch. Whitehill Mandate, Ch. Ickham Bessie, and matching calf £100-150
122.    Three 19th century Meissen white ribbon plates - 24cm diameter £30-50
123.    A 19th century Royal Crown Derby vase with Imari decoration - 31cm a/f £10-30
124.    A Wedgwood 'Ferdinand Bull' designed by Arnold Machin - small chip to underneath of foot £60-80
125.    Two cut glass vases and two cut glass jugs £20-30
126.    A set of ten green stemmed hock glasses £10-20
127.    A Thomas Webb cut glass decanter £10-20
128.    A cut glass fruit bowl £10-20
129.    A large suite of French glassware with an engraved floral Art Nouveau decoration consisting of: three decanters, six large and five medium wine glasses, three champagne and three sherry glasses - possibly Baccarat £60-80
130.    A set of four hock glasses with engraved decoration game birds and stag in landscapes £50-70
131.    A good set of six large cut wine glasses £40-60
132.    A Caithness scent bottle, vase and two cut glass items £10-20
133.    A blue glass decanter and five engraved glasses £10-20
134.    A set of four early 20th century cut glass tumblers with engraved 'C' monogram £10-20
135.    A Thomas Webb suite of glassware comprising: sixteen medium wine glasses, seven large wine glasses, six liqueur glasses and four brandy glasses and a cut glass decanter, 22cm tall £80-120
136.    A pair of Royal Selangor pewter and glass 'V & A' goblets with other miscellaneous glassware £20-30
137.    A set of six cut glass wine glasses £20-30
138.    A good cut glass decanter and five heavy cut glass tumblers £20-40
139.    An early 20th century cut and engraved glass decanter with sherry label £20-30
140.    Spare lot £0-10
141.    Six Remy Martin cognac glasses - boxed £20-30
142.    An Alessi cheese board with cover and mouse finial £10-30
143.    A moulded glass dressing table set £10-20
144.    A Victorian painted red glass lustre - 36cm £20-40
145.    A large cut glass sweetmeat bowl and cover - 35cm £20-30
146.    A group of seven 18th century Delft tiles £20-40
147.    A large 19th century painted pottery charger depicting farmyard scene, with labels to verso from Philadelphia Exhibition 1876, painted by Peterson in ornately carved gilt wood frame - the frame a/f but with missing parts supplied £60-80
148.    Spare lot £0-10
149.    Spare lot £0-10
150.    A silver plated coffee pot, teapot and sugar castor £10-20
151.    A Viners 'Du Barry' silver plated cutlery set of fifty eight pieces - cased £50-70
152.    An Elkingtons silver plated coffee pot and a Unity Plate teaset, plus two silver plated trays £20-40
153.    A set of twelve Viners Devlin silver plated tankards - all boxed £60-80
154.    A Georgian silver plate on copper coffee pot £10-20
155.    An early 20th century continental candle snuffer with turned wooden handle and silver plated snuffer cone £20-30
156.    An early 20th century cut glass and silver plated claret jug by John Grinsell and Sons £40-60
157.    A Victorian silver plated preserve and teaspoon set comprising: jam spoon, butter knife, six teaspoons and tongs - cased £10-30
158.    An early 20th century French Christofle silver plated coffee pot and sugar - pot 20 cm and two silver plated tumblers £20-40
159.    A loose selection of early 20th century French Christofle silver plated cutlery consisting of ten forks (not all matching), twelve fish knives and two spoons £20-30
160.    A silver plated taper stick, a silver handled shoe horn, glove hook etc £10-30
161.    Various silver plated items £10-20
162.    A silver and enamel comb a/f, a silver cigarette holder and a silver plated pepper pot and spoons £10-20
163.    A large collection of souvenir spoons £10-20
164.    A 1930's EPNS cutlery set 'Angora' £30-50
165.    A blue silk umbrella with Indian silver embossed handle £10-20
166.    A large Edwardian cut glass scent bottle with silver collar £20-40
167.    Two cut glass and silver topped toiletry jars - London 1900 and Birmingham 1902 £30-40
168.    A group of three small silver spill vases - largest 10cm £20-30
169.    Two vesta cases - One bakelite and one novelty case in the form of miniature hip flask £30-50
170.    A miniature common prayer book with silver front piece decorated with embossed cherubs £30-50
171.    A silver and mother of pearl folding fruit knife and fork in fitted case by W. N £50-70
172.    Three mother of pearl folding fruit knives £25-35
173.    A silver cigarette case - London 1912, together with a 1920's/30's silver plated cigarette case £50-80
174.    A silver bread fork - Chester 1899, a Georgian silver toddy ladle and a silver bookmark etc £30-40
175.    A silver christening mug and a wine taster £40-60
176.    A silver photograph frame, decanter label etc £30-40
177.    An Art Nouveau silver plated notepad, a white metal and ivory Edwardian chatleaine notepad and a silver napkin ring £20-40
178.    A group of eleven Canadian enamel and silver souvenir spoons and two Dutch white metal forks etc. 180g total £40-60
179.    A set of six Edwardian silver teaspoons with engraved decoration - Sheffield 1909 £20-30
180.    Seven continental teaspoons with gilt bowls and engraved with the names of Belgian towns £20-30
181.    A selection of silver and enamel spoons £50-70
182.    A quantity of silver and enamel spoons £50-70
183.    A silver teddy bear photograph frame and two silver plated frames £10-20
184.    A silver photograph frame - Birmingham 1989 - 18cm by 14cm £20-40
185.    A silver handled cake slice - boxed £20-40
186.    Three silver napkin rings and a wine pourer £30-50
187.    A silver vesta Birmingham 1897, silver sovereign case Chester 1889 and a silver napkin ring., total weight 63 grams. £30-50
188.    A selection of various silver spoons £20-40
189.    A hammered silver manicure set - Birmingham 1896 £20-30
190.    A silver backed brush, comb and clothes brush £10-20
191.    A silver three piece dressing table and brush set with embossed decoration Sheffield 2001, cased £25-45
192.    A cased pair of silver salts of shell form with matching spoons - Chester 1900, 27 grams. £30-50
193.    A silver spoon in fitted case - London 1827, poss Wm Chawner II £20-40
194.    Three silver gilt Georg Jensen 'year' spoons with floral enamel decoration for years: 1979, 1985 and 1996 £80-120
195.    A pair of James Dixon and Sons silver servers - Sheffield 1902 - 149g £60-80
196.    A set of six silver teaspoons by Thomas Stone - Exeter 1872 £50-70
197.    A silver handled button hook with engine turned decoration - 24cm, Birmingham 1930 £10-20
198.    A Russian silver spoon, Moscow 1894 £60-80
199.    An Indian silver plate commemorative key with etched script decoration referring to Gejrati school opening Feb 9th 1918 - 16.3cm long £30-50
200.    A Georgian silver and ivory stilton scoop by IL, Birmingham 1818 - 18.5cm £40-60
201.    A Georgian silver fiddle, thread and shell basting spoon by IR/IW, Newcastle - 32cm, 133g £60-80
202.    A set of silver enamel coffee spoons in harlequin colours, cased - by Henry Clifford Davies Birmingham, 1940 £30-50
203.    A pair of silver napkin rings, Birmingham 1925 - 16g, boxed £20-30
204.    A pair of silver Elkingtons knife rests, Birmingham 1909 - 155g £40-60
205.    A Georgian silver teapot by William Bateman, London 1818 - 620g £300-400
206.    A Georgian silver sugar castor 15.5cm, London 1858 - 79g £35-45
207.    A 19th century French silver tumbler with embossed cartouche and engraved border decoration - hallmarks rubbed - 7.35cm and 79grams £30-50
208.    A silver and leather scissors case with rococo style embossed decoration (contents missing) - London 1896 - 17cm. £60-80
209.    A continental silver pin tray stamped SMS 800 with embossed floral border - 43g, 13.5cm wide £30-40
210.    A Georgian silver rattle with coral teether by IS circa 1760 £50-70
211.    A Victorian sterling silver Punch babies rattle £50-60
212.    An Edwardian silver vesta with engraved decoration - Chester 1902 £15-25
213.    A silver coin holder with coin £20-30
214.    A sterling silver vesta case in the form of a mouse - 32 grams - 6cm long £30-50
215.    A miniature silver figurine of a cat with emerald eyes and a ruby studded collar - marked Sterling 925 - 3cm tall, 17 grams. £50-80
216.    A pair of silver bun head pepperettes - hallmarked Birmingham 1894 - 34 grams - 5.2cm tall. £20-30
217.    A cased set of six Art Nouveau silver buttons - Birmingham 1902 £30-40
218.    A Georgian silver circular salt pot - London 1758 £25-35
219.    A silver mustard pot with embossed decoration hallmark rubbed but registration mark for 1895 - 57g and a silver plated spoon £20-30
220.    A silver pierced bon bon dish with floral embossed decoration £30-50
221.    A silver Mappin and Webb needle case and contents inscribed May 27th 1892 and monogram £80-120
222.    A silver capstan inkwell with inlaid tortoiseshell lid - London 1923 £20-30
223.    A pair of Victorian circular silver salts raised on three paw feet with embossed floral decoration, 7.5cm dia - London 1870, James Harper - 126 grams £60-80
224.    A silver framed perpetual calendar - Birmingham 1932, 10cm tall £20-40
225.    Spare lot £0-10
226.    A gold sovereign Elizabeth II 1957 - condition: £220-250
227.    A gold sovereign Elizabeth II 1958 - condition: VF £220-250
228.    A gold sovereign Elizabeth II 1968 - condition: VF £220-250
229.    A gold sovereign Queen Victoria 1871, Sydney Mint - condition:F £220-250
230.    A gold sovereign Queen Victoria 1884, St George - condition: F £220-250
231.    A gold sovereign Queen Victoria 1863, shield - condition: F £250-350
232.    A gold sovereign Queen Victoria 1855, shield - condition: F £220-250
233.    A gold sovereign Queen Victoria 1878, shield, Sydney Mint - condition: F £220-250
234.    A gold sovereign Queen Victoria 1872, shield - condition: F £220-250
235.    A gold sovereign Queen Victoria 1872 - condition: F £250-350
236.    An 18 carat white gold three stone diamond ring - the centre stone 1/2 carat - size 0 £500-700
237.    An 18 carat gold modern ring set square panel of nine diamonds, size N £200-250
238.    An 18 carat gold diamond solitaire ring - unmarked - size N £100-150
239.    An 18 carat gold gents ring set solitaire diamond - approx 1 carat £1500-2000
240.    An 18 carat white gold ring set brilliant cut diamond on baguette cut shoulders - the centre stone approx 1 carat - size L £2400-2600
241.    A solitaire diamond ring set in 18 carat white gold - size I - 1.1carats £1500-2000
242.    An 18 carat gold diamond cluster ring - size I 1/2 £500-700
243.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set three stone diamond ring - size M 1/2 £280-350
244.    An 18 carat gold diamond set crossover cluster ring - size O £200-300
245.    An 18 carat white gold diamond and sapphire cluster ring £300-400
246.    An 18 carat gold diamond solitaire ring - size N £100-150
247.    A Victorian 15 carat gold gypsy ring with three diamonds in star settings - size P £150-200
248.    An Edwardian 18 carat gold and platinum cluster ring - size k 1/2 £120-180
249.    An 18 carat gold ring set three opals interspersed with six diamonds - diamond total weight approx .3cts - size O with insurance valuation for £1200 £200-300
250.    A 9 carat gold ring set with diamonds and amethysts. Size P. £60-80
251.    A Victorian 18 carat gold mourning ring set five graduated diamonds within enamel surround, inscribed with 'HC died May 6 1879' - size N £300-500
252.    A 9 carat gold garnet and white stone ring - size N 1/2 £40-60
253.    A Victorian 15 carat gold ring set five graduated rubies - size N 1/2 £180-250
254.    A small Victorian yellow metal ring set cabochon cut green stone - size N £10-20
255.    A Victorian gold ring set seed pearls and emerald - unmarked, and one pearl deficient - size N £150-200
256.    An 18 carat yellow and white gold wedding band - size R - 48g £60-80
257.    A 9 carat gold signet ring - size I 1/2 - 4.8g £30-40
258.    An antique yellow metal ring with carved tigers eye cameo - size N/O £40-60
259.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and white stone dress ring size N, and a solitaire cubic zircon ring - size O £50-70
260.    An early Victorian yellow stone intaglio brooch mounted in 15ct gold mount (not marked but tested) £80-120
261.    A late Georgian/early Victorian yellow metal mourning brooch with black enamel background and gilt script 'In Memory Of' with inset plaited hair under glass - 3.2cm wide £40-60
262.    A Georgian small yellow metal mourning brooch with hair plait and paste stone surround £50-70
263.    A 19th century mourning brooch with gilt yellow metal scrolling border inset with black enamel and gilt script 'In Memory Of' - 4.2cm wide £40-60
264.    A 15 carat gold bar brooch set blue stone - 2.2g £40-60
265.    A Victorian gold flower form bar brooch set pearls - 2.9g £40-60
266.    A Victorian gold star form pendant/brooch set seed pearls - unmarked £60-80
267.    A Victorian 9 carat gold star form bar brooch set pearls within blue enamel border - 5.2g £60-80
268.    A Victorian gold star form brooch set pearls - 6g, unmarked £80-120
269.    A Victorian lozenge form brooch set seed pearls in blue enamel (one pearl deficient) and a 9 carat gold and blue enamel star form brooch set seed pearls - 5.7g £60-80
270.    Two Victorian 9 carat gold star form bar brooches with blue enamel decoration - 6.5g £60-80
271.    A pair of Victorian gold flower form pearl set brooches with old cut diamond centre and matching bar brooch - unmarked £400-600
272.    A fine pair of diamond stud earrings set in platinum - total weight 2.3 carats £5000-7000
273.    A 9 carat gold Edwardian ladies wrist watch and 9 carat gold strap £80-120
274.    A 9 carat gold Sovereign ladies wrist watch with 9 carat gold strap plus a gold plated Sovereign watch £60-80
275.    Two 9 carat gold ladies wrist watches plus one other yellow metal watch - all straps are plated £40-60
276.    An 18k gold Swiss ladies wrist watch on 9 carat gold strap, a Vertex 9 carat gold watch on plated strap £40-60
277.    An antique diamond set leaf spray brooch set rose cut stones - approx 7cm - 24.5g £700-900
278.    Four fine gold necklaces - 7.5g £60-80
279.    Three various gold bracelets - 4.9g £40-60
280.    Two 9 carat gold bracelets - 5.7g £50-70
281.    Two 9 carat gold crosses on gold plated chains £30-50
282.    A 9 carat gold woven link bracelet - 2.2g £30-50
283.    An oval yellow metal locket painted flowers in enamel, on turquoise ground £150-200
284.    A 9 carat gold chain - 6g £50-70
285.    A 9 carat gold gatelink bracelet 2.5g and a 9 carat gold St Christopher and chain 2.4g £40-60
286.    An Edwardian seed pearl set 15ct gold brooch and a Victorian gold and enamel brooch a/f £50-70
287.    A Victorian gold ring set seed pearls and ruby a/f, a ruby and diamond ring a/f, plus a 22 carat gold ring set opal, 2.2g - stone chipped £80-120
288.    Two 9 carat gold necklaces - 8g £60-80
289.    A pearl necklace with 9 amethyst cut drops and 18 carat gold clasp £150-200
290.    A Victorian 15 carat gold necklace suspended three seed pearl and chip diamond set heart form drops £800-1000
291.    An Egyptian gold necklace with enamel motifs interspersed with precious stone beads £450-550
292.    A Victorian gold fob chain converted to a tiered three string necklace - 20g £180-250
293.    A 9 carat gold chain necklace - 7.2g £60-80
294.    A 9 carat gold necklace - 7.9g £60-80
295.    A coral bead necklace £30-50
296.    A 9 carat gold Parker propelling pencil with engine turned decoration - London 1964 - 12.6cm £100-150
297.    A selection of silver bracelets £30-50
298.    A selection of silver chains and pendants £30-50
299.    A selection of various jewellery including a silver stone set bangle and other silver and stone set items. £20-30
300.    A vintage Chinese white metal dragon form bracelet set turquoise £150-200
301.    A Victorian jet bangle £30-40
302.    A selection of costume jewellery £30-50
303.    A quantity of jewellery including cameo, watch etc £40-60
304.    Six various silver rings including two amber ones £20-30
305.    A 935 silver pendant set lapis lazuli by TF on 925 silver chain and a silver bracelet £20-30
306.    A silver stone set Celtic pendant of heart form (unmarked) on silver chain £30-50
307.    A small group of antique costume jewellery including silver and chains etc £20-40
308.    An RAOB silver and enamel medal for A E Jay (2nd Degree), Victory Lodge 1923 £10-20
309.    A Thomas Mott silver brooch painted miniature of Crinoline lady and four various vintage white metal brooches £20-40
310.    A gold plated bracelet with links set in green stones and seed pearls, together with a yellow metal and clear stone ring. £20-30
311.    A silver heart cut amethyst brooch with seed pearl surround £20-30
312.    A late 19th century gilt brass brooch with black stone painted floral decoration - 3.3cm wide £10-20
313.    A 935 silver marcasite elephant brooch £15-25
314.    A silver shamrock and pipe brooch by JC and Sons and a silver stone set Celtic brooch £40-60
315.    A Kenart silver dog brooch in form of an Afghan hound £40-60
316.    A 9 carat gold framed cameo brooch, Victorian good luck brooch and watch, plus yellow metal dagger brooch and opal stick pins £40-60
317.    A silver tennis bracelet set citrines £20-40
318.    Four silver bowling badges £20-30
319.    Six silver rings and two others £10-20
320.    A box of assorted silver rings £20-30
321.    A 9 carat gold and amethyst necklace and a 9 carat gold bar brooch £20-40
322.    A silver charm bracelet and charms £40-60
323.    A silver cross set diamond on silver chain £30-50
324.    A silver key necklace, silver necklace, a Benedict hinged watch bracelet and silver and enamelled 1946 penny necklace £10-20
325.    A silver ball form locket with engraved decoration and silver chain £20-30
326.    A Victorian jet mourning locket, bracelet and brooch, plus a coral necklace £30-50
327.    A quantity of silver bangles £20-40
328.    An amber facet cut necklace £40-60
329.    A long pearl necklace with 14 carat gold clasp - 86cm approx £40-60
330.    A jade graduated bead necklace with diamond set 18 carat white gold clasp - 41cm £400-500
331.    A collection of costume jewellery including silver £20-30
332.    A box of vintage and antique costume jewellery including silver and garnet earrings, a green stone pendant and Charles Horner silver and black enamel brooch £20-30
333.    Three freshwater pearl necklaces £20-40
334.    A box of costume jewellery including two silver marcasite rings £10-30
335.    A box of Victorian and later costume jewellery £10-20
336.    A box of costume jewellery including micro mosaic brooch £10-20
337.    A box of costume jewellery including pair of silver tigers eye earrings, riding crop brooch etc £10-30
338.    A moonstone necklace, crystal necklace and antique cut steel fob chain £30-50
339.    A collection of twelve vintage brooches including Christian Dior 1967, Michael Maer etc £30-40
340.    A group of silver jewellery including two silver coin items £30-40
341.    Six various gilt necklaces and two Monet necklaces in box £30-40
342.    Various costume jewellery £10-20
343.    Eight various decorative necklaces £10-30
344.    A group of various jewellery, watches, etc including silver and small clock £10-30
345.    A silver 935 standard half hunter pocket watch and silver fob chain plus a French gold plated fob watch a/f and plated chain £30-50
346.    A Services silver plated army pocket watch and a Medana pocket watch £30-40
347.    A metal pocket watch and a vintage Rotary wrist watch £10-20
348.    Three various gold plated ladies wrist watches and a Milikin and Lawley pocket watch etc £10-20
349.    A gold plated Eversharp propelling pencil together with a plated pocket watch. £20-30
350.    A vintage Swiss gentleman's mechanical wrist watch and another 1970's one £15-25
351.    Two gentleman's vintage mechanical wrist watches (one Accurist) and two ladies mechanical wrist watches £20-30
352.    A Seiko gentleman's automatic wrist watch and another, plus a vintage mechanical watch £25-35
353.    A gentleman's Winegarten's vintage mechanical wrist watch and three other mechanical watches £20-30
354.    A vintage Bellex Triple Date wristwatch (working but no strap), and a Geneve 25 Jewels Incabloc wristwatch (working) £60-80
355.    Two Seiko gentleman's wrist watches £10-20
356.    A Bucherer gold plated ladies wrist watch and a Bucherer enamelled pendant watch on chain £50-70
357.    Spare lot £0-10
358.    A brown stockbook of Stamps of Canada. A good range with catalogue numbers £30-40
359.    A red stamp album of mainly QEII decimal mint mounted (MM) commem and covers plus various all world stamps in envelopes and tin. FV c. £10 £10-20
360.    A box of all world stamps in 3 small albums, a stockbook and 3 packets; mainly 20th century used defin and commem with a very few QV period £10-20
361.    Stamps - a box of eight tubs of British Empire and Commonwealth defin and commem, mint and used, QV - QEII; much older material. Worth scrutiny £30-60
362.    Stamps - a box of some 200 GB QEII commem covers, many with special-to-location cancels, both pre-decimal and decimal including Captain Cook (1968) to Harry Potter (2007) and Rolling Stones (2010) £20-40
363.    Stamps: a box of 8 tubs of European commem and defin, mint and used, mostly 20th century - hundreds £15-30
364.    Stamps: a box of some 300 Australian Postal Stationery covers; a mixture of FDC, mint mounted on cover, other used and some with special cancels £25-35
365.    Stamps: GB QEII pre-decimal and decimal commem in presentation and collectors packs (1978 (x2), 1979 - 82 inclusive and 86) FV c £40 £20-30
366.    A group of 17 commemorative stamp covers, many signed and others limited edition including Royal Flight, Lancaster, Vulcan and Spitfire, plus others £20-40
367.    Stamps: some seventy GB QEII decimal commem presentation packs from 1980's/2000's. Total FV c £100 £60-80
368.    A box of British Commonwealth and rest of world stamps, defin and commem, mint and used QV on. Incl. SG Jubilee album with scarcer items such as French 1928 Sinking Fund 1f50 and 8f50 blue (SG 463) mm, Netherlands collection in folder 1867 on, numerous packets (70+) and stock and mint sets (25+) £50-80
369.    Stamps: a box of all world covers from mostly early - late 20th century. Wide range; many first day, some with strips and blocks, some with ship and air postmarks etc £20-40
370.    A stockbook of mainly 20th century Czechoslovakian mint and used stamps along with packet of similar, both defin and commem - in box £20-30
371.    A collection of French stamps, mint and used from late 1800's onwards in album, two stockbooks and numerous loose album pages including higher values, sets and scarcer defin and commem. No colonies. Worth scrutiny £40-80
372.    A box of twelve tubs of all world mint and used defin and commem stamps from late 1800's on. Good all round selection with some early material - 1000's of stamps £20-40
373.    A stockbook of QEII Fiji stamps with packets of others including KGVI and some higher values to 2/6d £20-50
374.    A box of Commonwealth and rest of world (ROW) stamps in approvals books, boxes, on album sheets in packets etc. Includes USA, Gambia and numerous other countries - wide cross section £20-40
375.    Stamps - a box of 250+ GB FDC/special-to-event covers with cancels specific to location £25-50
376.    Stamps: a group of 40+ GB first day covers (FDC) incl one with stamps from four reigns, postmarked 4 Mar 64 £15-25
377.    A box of world stamps in three sparsely filled albums, three small stockbooks, on album sheets and on cover/pc in blue box, plus SG Simplified whole world cats 1964/1967 - China seen £20-30
378.    Stamps: 7 cover albums and 2 packets of FDC and other commem covers, many with special-to-event postmarks of Benham trademark issue, 1968 - 89. Well over 200 £60-100
379.    A large box of 6 USA stamp albums and shoe box of loose defin and commem on piece, period 1860's on. Five of the albums are special-to-purpose for stamps of 1940's to 2008. All partially filled. Including postage due, air, parcel post, special delivery, registry and documentary plus SG Part 22 USA specialist Cat 2010 (7th Edn) £30-60
380.    A large black stockbook of British commem stamps £40-50
381.    Stamps - a box of first day and other covers of 1940's on from Commonwealth countries, well over 100 £20-40
382.    Stamps - a box of thematic covers and cards in 'Flowers and Trees', all world, about 200 £20-40
383.    Stamps - a box of PHQ cards from GB and Channel Islands, about 400; some with commem first day cancelled, others unstamped/unused £20-40
384.    A collection of vintage stamp collecting magazines £10-20
385.    A quality 'Safe' stamp album of used UN stamps 1957 - 1984 plus loose album pages of mint UN sets/part sheet. Mini sheets and first day cancels noted £30-50
386.    Stamps: 1985 British Insects on British Forces Postal Services 'Mosquito' air commem cover signed by artist G Benningfield along with 5 PHQ cards signed likewise - all in frame £30-40
387.    A display picture of British historical stamps and postcards £10-30
388.    A box of Isle of Man stamp presentation packs 1973 - 1990 £40-70
389.    A stamp collection of USA and Canada defin and commem, mostly 20th century, mint and used in album, packets, sheets, year books plus 1948 SG USA Cat, Pt III £40-60
390.    Two Ireland (Eire) stamp stockbooks of used defins and commems with QV 6d Petty Session (light green) included. In addition postage dues and air stamps £30-60
391.    Stamps: a box of GB and British Empire/Commonwealth mint and used stamps, defin and commem, in 2 albums and 2 folders, plus 3 SG GB catalogues, various publications/ephemera including 'Inst-a-tector' and sleeve of Canadian album sheets. GB defin, mini-sheets and regionals, decimal FV 30+ £20-40
392.    A box of British Guiana/Guyana stamps, mint and used, defin and commem including sets, sheets and higher values to $5 £20-40
393.    A trio of partially-filled albums for Channel Island/Isle of Man with SG catalogues for 2010 &2016, plus SG Introductory Guide. Defin/commem, both mint and used, from 1948 - some full sets including higher values and 9 covers, including FDC for 1948 Guernsey Issue (Booth's Cat £30+) £15-30
394.    A box of all world stamps (mostly used) in a small stockbook, packets, on album pages/piece/stockcard and loose; some GB and Commonwealth £20-40
395.    Six GB cover albums, mostly QEII First Day, with over 200 special-to-event/location postmarked; 300 covers in all. KGVI 6 May 40 Centenary and 11 Jun 46 Victory sets plus British Wild Flowers cover for 24 Apr 67, with stamp artist's signature, and 1971 strike mail covers £80-120
396.    A large box of GB (incl Channel Islands), Commonwealth and ROW stamps in albums, stockbook, bag and on cover with SG Catalogues 1994 (Vols 1 - 3) to match. Hundreds of defin/commem, mint and used, including China, Israel, France, Canada - worth a look £50-100
397.    Four All World stamp albums, two of which are special Auto 100 Car commemorative albums showing both mint and used stamps of historic and racing cars plus drivers, with a technical detail commentary £30-50
398.    A box of GB British Empire/Commonwealth and ROW defin, commem, specimens and proofs. Incl separate albums of Germany 3rd Reich, Pakistan and GB military covers plus some thematics and stockcards/other covers. QV - QEII period, mint and used. All sorts in this rummage box £30-60
399.    Stamps: a box of 100+ Guernsey FDC's including higher value shipping definitive set to £5 £10-20
400.    A box of GB, Commonwealth and ROW stamps, defin/commem, mostly used contained in small album, on cover (some first day), in envelopes and bag. Mainly QEII period but some earlier £10-20
401.    A Simplex album of GB and British Empire/Commonwealth mint and used stamps of QV - KEVIII period including defin, commem, officials, postage dues, railway stamps (NZ) overprints and blocks. Well travelled Penny Black, good Australian officials and less usual Shanghai Field Post Office (FPO) cancel on KEVII Hong Kong 4c purple/red seen £60-100
402.    'The Comet Stamp Album' of all world stamps, mint and used, defin and commem, QV on. Includes GB, French, China, Germany and Indian National Army 'Azad Hind' (WWII - both perf and imperf) £50-80
403.    Stamps: Two albums of European FDC's and others 1950's on incl Italy and Germany £15-30
404.    A box of mainly Canadian and South African colonies stamps on piece/card, along with over twenty five passed-censor (+one Maritime Mail) postcards, mostly from the Great War period £20-30
405.    A box of WWF Wildlife stamp FDC's, all world, mostly 1980's - 90's; some repeats £15-30
406.    Two partially-filled Malta stamp stockbooks of QV to QEII period defin and commem, used, including Europa mini-sheet, overprints, fiscal and postage dues £20-40
407.    German stamps in stock book, packets and on loose sheets. Late 1900s to modern day. Includes East German, DDR and Saarland £10-20
407A.   A red stockbook containing a mixture of foreign stamps on and off papaer £10-20
407B.   A blue stockbook of GB and Commonwealth stamps £20-30
408.    Stamps: remainders of 20 Club booklets - mainly British Commonwealth, QV on, mint and used defin/commem and higher values £40-50
409.    A box of stamps with 3 school boy albums, 2 cover albums and large bag. Mostly used and from QEII period. Includes unusual 1954 'Salvaged Mail' air cover, with associated newspaper article about air-crash history relating to it £15-30
410.    A Stamford GB stamp album of mint and used defin/commem, QV - QEII plus postage dues and regionals. 1d Black, sets, higher values to £1 including KGV Seahorses to 5/-, booklet se-tenant, some phosphors. Some mint decimal £40-60
411.    A world accumulation of stamps in red stockbook, mint and used. Early, less common and higher values seen £40-60
412.    A Hermes stamp album full of British Empire and Commonwealth defin, commem, officials and overprints, registered, fiscals etc. QV - QEII, with some higher values and many part sets. Incl Aden (QEII 20/- MM), Ceylon (QV 1R 12c MM) and Hong Kong (KGVI $1 and $5 MM). Needs to be viewed to be appreciated £80-120
413.    A lever arch file containing GB and Commonwealth stamps, mostly KGVI onwards. Much mint and many part sets up to 5/- or $1 value - variable condition, worth scrutiny £60-100
414.    Two New Zealand stamp stockbooks of QV to QEII defin and commem, mint and used including higher values, officials, postage dues, insurance and "Arms" series, NZ £ and later $ (back of second album) £40-80
415.    Two Canadian stamp stockbooks of QV to QEII defin and commem, mint and used, incl some higher values, officials, postage dues, special delivery and Excise/bill stamps - more stamps than immediately apparent as many overlap £60-100
416.    Two Simplex albums (A - I/J - Z), with GB, British Empire/Commonwealth and ROW mint and used stamps. Defin, commem, regionals, officials and overprints. Some blocks, strips, high values to 5/- and 2 rupees. Good sets or part sets. Includes China £60-100
417.    A small box of GB Commonwealth and rest of world mint and used (particularly USA) in stockbook, in packets, on cover, cut outs and loose, QV to QEII period. Many 1d Reds and other LE/early material. GB QV 10/- Ultramarine used (SG183) noted. Some covers at back of stockbook £70-100
418.    A GB stamp album of pre-decimal defin and commems, KGV period onwards, including British Empire Exhibition 1924/5 mint sets, KGVI highest values used (SG 476 - 478b, 10/- dark blue incl.), KGVI £1 Royal Silver Wedding (SG494) UMM and many other mint/used sets £50-80
419.    A Strand All World album QV to QEII, with much early material, both mint and used, defin/commem and mini sheet. Including EDVII GB mm and some good France (incl at back) £60-100
420.    Three albums of all world stamps, mint and used, defin and commem, plus two event specific GB covers (1969/1993) with QEII decimal presentation packs FV c.£55. Unusual blue cancel 'BV' on Bavarian 5pf green (1911 issue) £50-70
421.    A collection of New Zealand mint/used stamps in black album, QV - QEII period with some higher values, many sets and higher values to £1 noted. Includes officials, Life Assurance, overprints, blocks, miniature sheets and booklet £50-80
422.    Stamps: 3 thematic albums; 2 with Benham commem special-to-event postmarked covers and one 1992 'The Olympic Masterfile' with fully written-up mint stamps & minisheets. 120 covers+ £40-60
423.    Stamps: world cover album and packet including 1897 pre-paid Austrian PC's, early 20th century cards from Italy and Japan, 1938 covers from Switzerland, KUT and other (mostly FDC's) from Australia, Canada, British East Africa, other Commonwealth and USA £50-80
424.    A collection of mainly QV GB LE stamps but some KEVII/KGV. Two albums, two small plating albums for 1d Red four corner Plate 199 and 204, plus 4 display cards. Includes three 1d Black and Plate 9 1/2d Rose Red (SG48). One album is a study of Victorian postal cancels (England and Wales). Hundreds of stamps in variable condition. Worth viewing £180-250
425.    An album of Hong Kong stamps QV - QEII /Chinese Special Region, used defin/commem with some fiscals/postage due. Incl numerous higher values up to $50 (SG 717). A few Chinese Treaty Port cancels on earliest issues. Sets incl KGV 1935 Silver Jubilee and 1941 Centenary of British Occupation £60-120
426.    A box containing stamps of Germany 1872 - 1945 in two albums, mint and used, defin/commem, plus tin of loose stamps and album pages. Sets, higher values , officials and scarcer stamps (e.g 4 mark Zeppelin 1928) amongst them £100-140
427.    Two all world stamp albums with mint/used defin, commem, overprints, fiscals, sets. QV period onwards. Some China (incl dragons), Germany (20 pages), bag of loose/packet items and a 'Philatector'. Hundreds of stamps £40-60
428.    A collection of GB QEII stamp sheets, presentation packs, FDC including philatelic/numismatic and silver ingot covers in green Royal Mail album, plus two coin presentation packs (FV c. £170) £100-120
429.    A collection of GB QEII commem presentation packs, FDC include specific-to-location, other covers, mini-sheets, strips, pairs, commem booklets and two KGVI stamps en piece (FV c £235) £130-160
430.    Two stamp albums containing mint and used defin and commem of Berlin 1948 - 90 and occupied Germany 1945-49. In addition stamps in envelope and on loose sheets. Some mini-sheets and less common stamps £50-80
431.    A Simplex British Empire/Commonwealth stamp album of mint/used defin and commem from QV to QEII period with good quantity of pre-1930 material from countries such as Australia, Canada (incl Newfoundland), India, New Zealand and South Africa (incl colonies). In addition folder of loose album leaves of Russian and other European countries mostly from late 1800's/early 1900's £50-80
432.    A green stockbook of Australian stamps of period: 1932 - 1985, with catalogue number £30-40
433.    A large box of GB defin/commem stamps KGV - QEII in album, boxes, tins, numerous packets, booklets, approvals books, envelopes, loose. Incl mint and used blocks and complete 5/- booklet SG H1, Cat £45 £50-80
434.    A large box of GB defin/commem stamps, mostly QEII but some back to KGV, both mint and used, in 15 slim stockbooks and a shoebox. Some decimal and regionals, FV £50+ £50-100
435.    A boxed collection of mainly used GB, Isle of Man and Channel Island stamps in album, folder, two stock books and two sleeves with mint/used defin, commem, officials and postage dues from QV - QEII period plus 'Telecommunications in Society' stamp book of pre-decimal issues. Hundreds of stamps and much early material £80-120
436.    Stamps: Box of GB, British Empire/Commonwealth and ROW mint and used defin, commem, officials etc, in three albums (incl Gib, NZ, Germany, Norway), a stockbook (modern Hungary), on album pages, stockcards, piece, in blocks, strips, mini-sheets, booklets, packets etc. In addition FDC and other covers incl GB QEII 1988 high value sets with Windsor Castle and Edinburgh cancels (Booths cat £45/40). Amongst loose items includes much French, Belgian 5F Exhibition sheet, 8c Orange Strait Settlements 'B' overprinted (Brit PO in Siam - SG20 Type 1, Cat £75) and others of high value. Needs to be viewed to be appreciated £120-180
437.    Two lever arch files of mainly QEII pre-decimal UMM commem in part sheets, blocks etc, many with traffic lights starting from Europa issue 1960 and running almost complete to Investiture issue 1969. 1000's of stamps and significant SG Cat value (100's). Unchecked for varieties incl phosphors £200-300
438.    Stamps - a GB First Day of Issue (FDI) /FDC album of some forty items, many illustrated, from 1930's - 60's period. Special-to-event/philatelic bureau cancels noted, e.g. 1957 World Scouts Jubilee Jamboree Sutton Coldfield along with scarcer FDI postmarks such as the block of four x 4d, 46th Parliamentary Conference (SG560). Over 20% have Booth's Cat value £20+; some £40+ £100-150
439.    Stamps: an album and packet with GB covers from 1897 to 1967, many FDC and a few illustrated, plus two partially filled stamp booklets, No 296 and 300 of KGV Silver Jubilee 1935. Booth's Cat for 3 x 1957 Scout Jubilee £45 each. Over 70 total including one from 1964 Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships £40-60
440.    A GB Simplex stamp album, QV - QEII, mint and used, defin and commem, some FV c.£10. Incl 1d Black, 2/3 margin and red MC, other line-engraved and higher values to £1 such as 2/6 and 5/- KEVII, 2/6 + 5/- KGV Seahorses, 10/- dark blue (SG478) and KGVI Silver Wedding £1 (SG494) £60-100
441.    Two stamp albums of GB QEII used defin and commem 1953 - 1983 including phosphor sets, regionals and minisheets £20-40
442.    A Red Senator stamp album, a bundle of loose album sheets and small box of GB, Commonwealth and ROW mint and used defin/commem stamps, QV to QEII period including sets, some early US fiscals to $2, Hong Kong, Malay States, Canada plus omnibus series. Good range and mix £80-120
443.    An SG Imperial Sectional Stamp Album of all world stamps from QV to KGV period, mint and used, good early material - defin, commem, overprints, air, postage due, newspaper, fiscal and other varieties. Quantity French that includes early imperf and Congress du B.I.T 1930, German (incl Danzig), Romania and Russia. Worth scrutiny and China 'Temple of Heaven' mm set noted (SG 165 - 167) £80-120
444.    Two old tins of QV India bundle-ware both loose and still in bundles; unchecked for postmarks or varieties. Hundreds of stamps £30-50
445.    Stamps - fifty two QV LE 1d Red four corner covers in Plate No range 145 - 221, one Liverpool and the remainder scarcer, Irish postmarks plus 1/2d Plate 13 wrap £40-80
446.    Three SG New Zealand stamp albums, 1855 - 2002, partially full of mainly used defin, commem, officials, fiscals, insurance, postage due and railway newspaper stamps. QV Chalon heads and higher values to £1 noted, along with much early material, many sets, some minisheets, commem pairs and strips £120-160
447.    Two SG Australia stamp albums plus packet, 1913 - 2002, partially full of mainly used defin and commem, officials and postage due. Many sets plus strips, miniature sheets, commem pairs. Higher values to £2. Roos to £1 value noted including SG 112 (10/-), SG 136 (10/-) and SG137 (£1) £100-140
448.    A box containing specialist collections of locomotive, royal and 'proof-progressive' stamps including varieties, errors, souvenir sheets, overprints, specimens, booklets etc from mostly Commonwealth countries, plus large shoe box of stamp ephemera such as HAWID mounts £60-100
449.    A box of GB QV - QEII defin/commem stamps, mint and used in stock book, tub and on loose album sheets including 1d Black (tight 4 margin, red MC), officials, higher values to £1 and presentation packs (QEII decimal) £80-120
450.    Four folders of mainly QEII mint decimal stamp issues/sets 1976 - 2000 with associated history; blocks, strips, booklets, minisheets, covers etc. FV£250+ £80-120
451.    A box of GB decimal FDC's from 1970's - 90's period with many special-to-event/philatelic bureau postmarks, a number with variety of postmarks for the some issue such as the 1988 Castles high values. Includes £10 high value 1993 (Windsor), commems of the period, some defins and Frama postage labels/prestige booklet panes. A number of covers Booth at £20 - 40. 500+ covers £200-400
452.    A collection of seven British Empire and Commonwealth albums and stockbooks of QV - QEII period mint and used, postage due, officials etc - with strength in Australia, Canada, British East Africa including numerous higher values, sets/part sets and much early material. In addition a small amount of world material including umm Kaiserin Elizabeth Charity stamps
453.    A box with 3 old albums (one empty), 5 containers and 2 stockbooks. Noted: China, United Nations, blocks - few 100's £15-25
454.    Kings and Queens of England - The Sumner Collection of fully scripted and mounted special-to-collection postmarked covers from William the Conqueror onwards (33 covers total) £20-40
455.    Stamps of Czechoslovakia: fine selection in stocksheets (some two sided) from 1st issues on. Many 100's including better Minisheets/sheetlets. In addition Slovakia plus Bohemia and Moravia. Mainly mint. Good Cat £25-40
456.    Stamps: Mexico World Cup 1986 thematic collection of mint and used world commem covers and stamps including blocks, strips, mini-sheets etc - all scripted on special-for-purpose album pages. Many hundreds of stamps on over 100 pages £20-40
457.    Stamps: 2 double sided stock sheets with mint British Commonwealth. Mostly QEII with stocksheet line of KGV which incl Bahamas 2/- and 3/- Wmk Script CA (SG 113 and 114, total Cat £77) plus some modern covers £15-30
458.    Royal Mail stamp album of mint and used defin/commem, including GB and China £10-20
459.    A packet of 24 FDC, covers or fronts, mid 20th century. Incl China 1939 'Air' front, Egypt 1952 cover with customs label/inspector cancels and India registered cover. Over 40% of covers/fronts are from Malaysia £15-25
460.    Two small, well-filled world albums with mint and used defin/commem, official, fiscal etc from QV - QEII period. Some less common, better items and part sets. Incl some China and a used Bavaria 2 Mark Orange 1890 £10-20
461.    An album of India stamps and folder of world defin and commem, mint and used, mostly from mid 20th century on £20-30
462.    A cover album of mostly GB defin and commem, with regions/Channel Islands and 1937 Coronation/1948 Silver Wedding. Mostly FDC and incl 'Windsor' postmarked higher values, first day of two-tier post and other special-to-event postmarked covers £15-25
463.    A Rank Xerox box containing stamps from QV period on and collectors duplicates in stocksheets - most double sided - and including mini-sheets. Swiss, Denmark, Portugal, Russia, India, Pakistan, Middle East. Worth a good look £25-40
464.    GB, Commonwealth and ROW defin, commem and postage due stamps, mint and used, from QV period onwards in 3 old wages books. Incl higher values, QEII decimal (FV £35+) and some China issues including 1900s period dragons £30-50
465.    A Thematic stamp stockbook of world railway commem, mint and used, mostly from mid 20th century on, plus Polish space issue £10-20
466.    Stamps of Greece 1970's-80's in green album; defin and commem, mint and used and well presented. Including booklets, mini-sheets and Se-tenant strips £10-20
467.    Stamps of Portugal 1853 onwards, mint and used, defin and commem. Incl mint part-set of 4th centenary of Birth of de Camoes (1924) £30-50
468.    A collection of Australian States stamps and Australia in stockbook, approvals books, packets and stock card. Includes defin, commem, postage due, officials, overprints, roos, higher values to £2 and strip of mint 6d 'NW Pacific Island' overprints £30-60
469.    Amherst and "Express" stamp albums of mint/used defin and commem. The Amhurst has mainly Commonwealth plus GB mint decimal, incl presentation packs (7) and FDC (mostly Channel Islands) within it. QV Canadian Provinces mint (some reprints), Cape of Good Hope Triangular 4d (fault), good NZ/ N. Borneo, GB 2/6d Seahorse and ZAR 'VR Transvaal' overprint Type 7 noted £80-120
470.    Two large part-filled all world stamp stock books and SG 'Commonwealth and British Empire' Cat 2004 Edition £10-20
471.    Three stamp album/folders of mint and used world stamps, defin and commem, mostly 20th century but a few in QV period including local post, plus folder of stamps in envelopes, bags, packets and child's album. Persia mint noted £10-20
471A.   A well filled 'Viscount' stamp album of GB, British Empire/Commonwealth and rest of world mint and used, defin and commem plus fiscals, postage dues, overprints etc. plus three KGVI FDC's at back. Good number of early period stamps/part sets and potential pickings. Worth careful scrutiny £50-80
472.    A folder of Egyptian stamps, mint and used, from 1920's on. Good sets and presentation with later stamps, unsorted, in sleeve at the back £40-80
472A.   Stamps: various booklets and gift packs of GB QEII decimal stamps including less common varieties e.g SG KX8a (no ref to 1996 dates inside cover) cat £24. Much higher cat values than face for most. FV c. £35 Cat £120+. Channel Tunnel Collection gift pack collection 1994 (retail £25 at time - Cat £34) noted £40-60
473.    A box of 4 Westminster Olympic/Winter Olympic stamp albums of mint and used commems from 1932 onwards including mini-sheets, numerous sets, Se-tenant strips/blocks, covers etc - hundreds of stamps £50-80
474.    Stamps - French Colonies in six x five page SG stockbooks. General ranges incl some early issues. Hundreds and worth a look £15-25
475.    A box containing 1000's of stamps in containers and packets, all periods. Generally sorted by country/region. Some early material and higher values - a great winter sorter £25-35
476.    A box of five SG Royal Wedding and Royal Baby stamp albums of Prince Charles/Princess Diana mint commem, officials and specimens. Hundreds of stamps including sheetlets, booklet panes, numerous sets etc £100-150
477.    A large box containing boxfile of Swiss Francs pre-paid post labels including on covers. In addition, container of presentation booklets (including mini-sheets), cover album and less common De la Rue folder of sample stamps £15-25
478.    A box of some 400 GB QEII FDC, many with special-to-location event postmarks with mint defin/commem set pertaining to each cover inside. Including FPO, high values, mini-sheets, se-tenant blocks and strips, booklets. Period 1973 - 2012, almost no repeats. In addition other GB covers, presentation packs, and loose commem with Isle of Man, Hong Kong and Singapore covers. Total decimal FV £950+ £600-800
479.    A collection of GB defin and commem stamps in 7 SG albums, QV - QEII, mint and used. Incl KEVII 5/-, KGVI high values to £1 (some mint), QEII 'Fife Harling' SG 815g (lemon committed left chimney). FV £1,100 +. In addition SG 1955 and 2014 GB catalogues and separate checklist booklet £650-850
480.    A green stockbook of mint GB and British Empire/Commonwealth defin, commem, postage due plus overprints/watermark varieties and KGVI £1 silver wedding (SG494)/other higher values, good GB, Malta, Hong Kong. QV to QEII period £60-100
481.    A stockbook of mint GB KGV - QEII defin and commem incl complete KGV 1935 Silver Jubilee 3/- booklet 295 (SG BB16) and KGVI silver wedding £1, plate nos., traffic lights, blocks, watermark varieties and numerous sets. Needs to be seen to be appreciated £100-150
482.    Stamps of Aden - KGV to QEII mint and used, defin and commem including states and higher values to 10 Rupees and 20/-. Some complete sets £50-100
483.    Oppen's Postage Stamp Album and Catalogue, 1864, 3rd Edition containing used all world defin of latter half of 19th century. Whilst binding has gone and stamps are paste-glued in, with a few removed, album is largely in original state. Some higher values particularly in USA which includes $2 and $4 Pony Express used. In addition scarcer German States (Bremen, Burnswick, Burgdorf etc), Cape 4d Triangle Imperf, Prince Edward Island 9d etc - must be seen to be appreciated £400-600
484.    Stamps: a 'Excelsior' 3rd Edition World stamp album - well filled with mint and used defin, commem, officials from QV to early KGV period. 1d Black (4 margin; Black MC), QV/Ed VII GB high values, 4d Cape triangular, South Africa Colonies to £5 (Transvaal SG 187 reprint), Hong Kong, India, China, Japan etc. Needs to be seen to be appreciated £200-400
485.    A large stockbook of mint GB, Commonwealth and ROW defin, commem and officials including overprints/pre paids from QV to QEII period. Many hundreds of stamps. Worth a careful look £60-120
486.    A green stamp stockbook of mainly QV - QEII mint and used GB/British Empire and Commonwealth defin and commem incl 1d Blacks (2 of 2/3 margin), officials, higher values to £1 and KGV Silver Jubilee omnibus sets/individuals. Some GB QEII graphite and mint decimal amongst collection along with good North Borneo £200-250
487.    Stamp stockbook of mint and used QV - KGV British Empire defin, commem, postage due, overprints, including some higher values. Worth a look £100-150
488.    Early cover and postcard album containing over seventy items of postal history from late QV to KGVI period. Postage dues, MPO, TPO, registered, used and unused part-paids/wraps to be found. At least one cover is from General Kitchener's Sudan Campaign back-postmarked 'Halfa' with TPO of 17 II 98. Worth scrutiny £80-120
489.    A small box full of mainly used GB KEVII and KGV defin stamps on stock cards and in packets of the various issues, wmks, perfs, dies and values up to 1/-. TPO postmark seen £40-80
490.    GB QEII mint pre-decimal and decimal stamps (FV circa £300) in small stockbook, envelope with packets inside and wrap, plus "A Gracious Accession" stamp booklet complete (SG DX28) and 3 other booklets £160-200
491.    A folder of Chinese defin commem, air, fiscals, parcel and postage due stamps from late 1800's on, including Imperial Dragons, Japanese Occupation issues, Manchukuo, Manchuria and provincials, Peoples Republic and Nationalist (Formosa/Taiwan). Higher values and good range. £150-300
492.    A stamp stockbook of GB QV LE 1/2d - 2d mint and used defin, incl on piece and covers. first issue 1d Black and 2d Blue full margins, the latter tight, Red and Black MC respectively plus Penny Pink cut, Black MC. Comprehensive range incl ivory head, numeric MC, postmark interest (e.g Late Night Post and intaglio), company impressed/printed back stamp and inverts. Needs to be seen to be appreciated £600-800
493.    A stockbook of mint QEII GB decimal defin/commem stamps (FV c. £100) in sets, booklets, strips etc £60-80
494.    Two books containing jumbled collection of used QV to KGVI defin/commem including 1d black (barely 2 margin), much LE and later QV/KEVII material, covers, officials, pre-paids, KGV 2/6d Seahorses, varieties and FPO/TPO cancels - worth a look £70-90
495.    A blue folder of GB KGV to QEII defin and commem stamps, mint and used, incl graphites and decimal booklets, blocks, strips, minisheets and high values FV 200+. In addition sets, KGVI and QEII high values to £10, postage dues and Channel Islands (including postal cover bi-sect, Cat £45, Booth) and Red Cross Telegram with passed censor 1942 and 43 cancels. In addition, plenty of postal issue history £120-180
496.    A blue folder full of GB QEII mostly if not all commem 1953 - 75 UMM (spot checked) and many related FDC from 1967 on. Some decimal FV but small. Much background information as well £30-50
497.    A Red Simplex GB stamp album plus envelope of decimal presentation packs (FV £20+)/various FDC's of mint and used QV - QEII defin, commem and officials £60-100
498.    A stockbook of mint GB, Commonwealth and ROW commem and officials including Princess Diana commems and Newfoundland I cent Fish Hook Flaw (SG 257db, cat £45). Higher values to 5/- seen. QV to QEII period £40-60
499.    A stamp album of France and the Colonies, mint and used defin, commem, postage due etc - with wide variety of overprints including railway, local, parcel and overseas. Mint and high values noted including SG308, 430 and 387 which alone cat £240+ £80-120
500.    A large stockbook of mainly GB and British Empire/Commonwealth stamps, mint and used defin and commem, including varieties. Good section of GB and India including Indian Nationalist 'Azad Hind' stamps (WWII) and higher values to £1, plus part-filled stockbook of KGVI Coronation, Victory and Silver Wedding Omnibus issues £80-120
501.    A large stamp stockbook of New Zealand and its dependencies, mint and used defin, commem, officials, fiscals, postage due, insurance and express (NZ and Samoa). Period QV to QEII including 'Chalon Heads', high values to £1, blocks, varieties, provisionals. Good range. Needs to be seen to be appreciated £100-150
502.    Stamp of Heligoland, QV Schilling, SG 6a mint - Cat £150+ £15-25
503.    Stamps: GB QV LE 2d Blue, imperf full margin, Black MC (SG 5 - Cat £900) along another, no margin used (SG 4) and later issue 2d Blue £80-120
504.    Stamp of Tanganyika, KGV 10/- Blue, wmk upright, SG 87a - mint washed. Cat £120 £10-20
505.    Australia KGVI 'Specimen' High Value stamps, MM, SG 224 bs/ds - Cat £160 £20-40
506.    Stamps: Cape of Good Hope triangulars. Block of 4 x 1d Brick Red (SG 5), in poor, fractured condition (though one is entire), almost entire CGH triangular postmark of the period. Watermark 4d value required for half ounce letter at the time. In addition 6d triangular pale rose lilac (SG7), missing corner. Sixpence value required for half ounce letter to GB when issued in 1858. Both wmk upright £60-100
507.    Stamps of South Africa, Cape of Good Hope: 1d Brownish Red SG18 and 4d Deep Blue SG19, full margin, 1863-4 imperf, watermark Anchor (W2) cat £450+ £50-80
508.    GB QV stamp: 9d Straw, Plate 4, Spray of Rose wmk, MM (SG 110). Cat £2,500 £200-400
509.    Stamps - Austria 1934 costumes set including scarce two shilling grey green shade, few tiny faults on lower values, top values are fine SG716-737 MM Cat £100+
510.    Austria SG568-588 MM Cat £60 + approx, plus Austria 1929 Views set SG646-659 MM Cat £127 approx £25-40
511.    Stamps: Italy SG 663, 4 and 5 plus scarce key value 30 lire SG 667. All fine MM. Cat £600+ £20-30
512.    Stamps: GB LE 1d Black entire (21 Aug 1840) and LE 1d Red Cover (1847). 1d Black is 4 margin, unplated, Red MC, slight loss bottom right corner within margin. The cover is back-stamped Glasgow 22 Aug 1840 and Dumfries 21 Aug 1840. The letter is from Mary Sharp to Jane Sharp (her sister?) with insights to daily life. 1d Red Cover is from Glasgow to Moodiesburn, Paisley £150-200
513.    Stamp covers: less common QV LE 1d Red cover, 4-corner letter Plate 219 (cat for cover £225), from Limerick, cancel '303'; early 'Registered' letter with Plate 203 1d Red from Bantry. In addition, 4 other 1d Red covers (Plates 174, 191, 196 and 200 series - number unreadable) with unusual back selvedge taken from stamp sheets of the period. Irish cancels £30-60
514.    Stamps: GB KGV defin and commem including MM Block Cypher 1/2d to 1/-, mm 1934 re-engraved 2/6d and 5/-, and silver jubilee sets (MM and used). SG Cat £700+ £60-100
515.    Stamps: GB KEVII MM defin, 1/2d upwards, less 7d and 1/- which are lightly used. SG Cat £200+ £60-100
516.    Stamps: GB QV Jubilee stamp issue MM 2d - 1/- (both values), 5d Die II. SG Cat £650+ £60-100
517.    Stamps: GB Channel Islands, defin stamps on sheet, War Occupation issues, including Guernsey 1/2d and 1d on bluish French bank note paper (SG 4 and 5) £10-20
518.    Stamps: GB KGVI high value stamps, UMM, with 1951 issue as pairs up to £1 value. SG Cat c£350 £30-50
519.    A folder of GB QEII umm decimal stamps loose, in booklets and presentation packs. FV c. £40 - includes 'Smilers' Greetings stamp booklet SG Kx3 £20-30
520.    Alsace and Lorraine German Army of Occupation set of all seven values, mint (washed), six with points of web down and 10c bistre, points-up. Viewing recommended. Most scarcer variants. Overall SG cat well in excess of £600 £80-120
521.    Stamps: Portugal 1928/9 Ceres surcharged issues on two album leaves, plus 1930 Ceres set between SG813 and 834 including 2E and 4.50 E values and others on stockcard. All mint. Cat £400 approx £40-60
522.    Stamps - France and colonies in stocksheets (some two sided) etc, incl mid period issues. 1964 Philatelic sheet, 1955 Celebrities set, various dues , telegraph, early Monaco etc - few 100's £30-50
523.    Stamps - Greece and Crete range of early 1900's issues in two stocksheets (m & u). Better items noted - Cat £280 approx £25-40
523A.   A full sheet of 250 GB 1/2d (SG 723) folded but in pristine condition - ideal for framing for display £40-50
524.    A group of French airmail covers from 20's and 30's with various transit postmarks, a postage due plus MM 1934 Air (SG523) and used 1936 Air (SG534-539) £20-40
525.    A scarce 1d Black duplex cover with Bristol red MC and Clifton postmark (front) and Bristol/Birmingham postmarks for 18th and 19th November respectively (obverse). Plate 5 (uncertified) with light margins three sides, minor tear to top right corner and rub to bottom right corner - cover in generally clean condition with minor repairs (internal) £60-100
526.    Stamps: KGVI silver wedding sets, five mint and two used - Barbados, Br Solomon Islands, FI Dependencies, Fiji, Grenada and Montserrat £20-30
527.    A GB QV 9d straw, used with continental transit cancel 'Aachen', SG110, Cat £300+ and sleeve containing other QV stamps of LE and later issues midf fiscal and pre-paid £25-35
528.    A GB QV cover with strip of 3 x 2d blue imperf (0 - 2 margin), SG 14. Cat £350+ on cover £50-100
529.    A part 1860 letter from Ashford, Ireland to Calcutta with stamp at 9d rate - pair of 4d Rose Carmine and 1d Red (LE). Cat £300+ on cover £30-50
530.    A bulging red SG KGVI stamp album (3rd Edition) for British Commonwealth stamps of his reign with mint and used defin, commem, postage due etc. Many countries complete including GB, Ceylon, Falklands, Grenada, Sudan, Tonga, Turks and Caicos and British Virgin Islands. Many others almost complete. Numerous top values and sets, including 1948 Silver Wedding high values. About 75-80% complete. Needs to be seen to be fully appreciated £1500-2000
531.    Spare lot £0-10
532.    Postcards - film stars (37) including Paul Robeson, Errol Flynn, Gracie Fields, Bing Crosby (2) etc. plus 14 London topgraphical (37 plus 14) £30-50
533.    Postcards - Ireland topo including Guiness' Brewery RP's (3) including cask filling etc; street scenes at Dublin, Newcastle Kingstown etc; Irish Jaunting car comic set of six by Reg Carter etc (74) £70-90
534.    Postcards - Surrey topo including Worcester Park railway station exterior, The Street Puttenham, RP Staff/Customers outside, Dennis and Son (Shop) Reigate, Dorking High Street etc (67) £60-80
535.    Postcards - embossed stamp cards including GB, Germany, USA etc, Boer War Heroes (unused, grubby); Pen/colour wash French political/military personalities (7) - total 31 £30-50
536.    Postcards - Somerset: Glastonbury Abbey Celebrations - RP's (9) of Royal Visit by Prince George and Princess Mary with town procession etc; Brent Knoll (two RP's), Chard, Wookey Hole village etc (27) £40-50
537.    A group of twenty WWI postcards showing troop development and units of the Allies in the Great War, each with Field PO and Passed by Censor markings £15-25
538.    Postcards - a range including RP Rowland Ding in his bi-plane at Hendon, RP Horrabridge Station interior with train approaching (pu 1906), other GB topo etc (approx 70) £80-100
539.    An album of North American cards including Indian Chiefs; French topo including L.Levy; GB topo with Poole High Street etc (250+) £40-60
540.    Postcards - miscellany with topographical (including Shropshire area) plus comic, greetings etc (a.125) £20-30
541.    Postcards - Selection including Welsh topographical wit scenes at Aberarth, RP Mumbles train, Cardiff, Barry Docks etc. early USA/Canada (includ. some native Indian interest) German retreat from Belgium 1918 x 4 RP's etc. (97) £15-25
542.    Postcards - Worcesterhire - chiefly Malvern & surrounds including RP Worcester Road, Malvern Link etc (52) £15-25
543.    Postcards - Wales topo including New St Neath, Dyffryn railway station, RP Rhondda, Treharris, Aberavon, Usk and RP Transporter Bridge in action etc (54) £70-90
544.    Postcards - GB topographical including Glos. with Cheltenham, Painswick etc; aircraft including Mosquitos in Flight (6) etc. £20-30
545.    Postcards - accumulation in shoebox - mostly mixed periods topo (GB and Foreign), some lettercards etc (approx 500 - 600) £30-40
546.    Postcards of Welsh interest including RP's Haymaking at Felinfach, Blaengarw, RP Floods at Blaenclydach, RP Rev J Evans in pulpit at Abermeurig Chapel 1912, group photo captioned 'On Strike' etc; album of photographs including school/family groups, military etc (qty) £100-150
547.    Two postcard albums containing mixture including range of Police related (mainly comic), artists include Tom B, G.T Shepheard etc; Topo including RP Welsh School Ashford (MX), film stars including Claudette Colbert etc - condition mixed in parts (approx 380) £100-130
548.    Postcards - Notts topo including RP Crown Farm Colliery, Mansfield (pu 1912), RP Laxton Village (pu 1910) RP Derby Road Nottingham, scenes at Hucknall, Worksop, Newark Market etc (53) £60-70
549.    Postcards - Essex topo including RP Chelmsford Cattle Market, street scenes at Saffron Walden, Gt Clacton, Wittnam, Leigh on Sea, Southend High Street etc (72) £60-80
550.    Postcards - Glos topo including Wotton-Under-Edge, Stroud, Brimscombe, Nailsworth, Painswick, RP Stroud Workhouse, RP Bisley School Group etc (70) £60-80
551.    Postcards - London and Suburbs - RP Powis Street Woolwich, Paddington Station interior, RP Barracks Grove Park, The Broadway Stratford, East End Road Finchley etc (70) £60-80
552.    Postcards - dogs including Bonzo (3) comic, artistic studies (F Daws, Travers Pope, Vernon Stokes etc) RP's, four x dog-drawn milk carts (including an five-dog team) (72) £70-80
553.    Postcards - cats including 'A Mewsical Party' by Thiele, A E Kennedy, Wain (3), Felix etc (48) £60-80
554.    Postcards - Somerset topo including RP Mells 1906 damage caused by cloudburst, Post Office Churchill, street scenes at Templecombe, Highbridge, Beckington, Wellington, Taunton etc (51) £50-70
555.    Postcards - Glos chiefly Forest of Dean area including scenes at Newent, Yorkley, Parkend, Lydney, Coleford etc (67) £100-150
556.    Postcards - Yorks topo including RP Leeds Briggate, scenes at Barnsley, Sheffield, Pateley Bridge, Wakefield, York etc (83) £60-80
557.    Postcards - stage/beauty celebs including Dan Leno, Sir Henry Irving, Seymour Hicks, Mrs Patrick Campbell etc - some autographed (123) £50-70
558.    Postcards - Cornwall topo including scenes at Gorran village, St Keverne, Crantock, Coverack Treaddir etc (64) £50-70
559.    Postcards - Wilts topo with street scenes including Netheravon PO Tilshead Village, Ogbourne St George, Ludgershall, Salisbury Manket, Regent St/Victoria Road Swindon etc (71) £70-80
560.    Postcards - Fairies (14) with Rene Cloke (9) Margaret Tarrant (5); other artists including M. Tempest, M L Attwell, Florence Valter etc. approx. 50 £50-70
561.    Postcards - accumulation with older period GB topo, greeting etc (a.800) £50-70
562.    Postcards - a box of chiefly 'modernish' topographical cards GB & foreign, together with some silk Regimental Badges (a.4-500) £15-25
563.    Postcards in album/loose - including RP Brook Street Ilkley, two bi-plane RP's, 1928 Woking Carnival scenes (2) etc; Family photo's/documents etc; Cigarette/Trade cards including Kensitas Silk Flags in manufacturers tin; Barratts Famous Cricketers odds etc (quantity) £60-80
564.    Postcards - accumulation (a.300) all periods but mainly more modern including RP Newport (Selop) Rly Station (interior), RP Woodmancote, Market Drayton etc. together with two very delicate Victorian greetings cards (one being a Valentine) (a.300 plus 2) £30-40
565.    A Royal Art Greetings Card shop sample catalogue £20-30
566.    Postcards - Ross on Wye (plus few of surrounding area including W-U-Penyard, Gloucester etc). Extensive accumulation including Railway Station (exterior), street scenes including High Street, Broad Street, Gloucester Road etc (approx 330) £150-250
567.    Postcards - an album containing varied collection mainly sent to one recipient c.1902 - 05 with childrens, pets, beauties, topo etc (a.550) £80-120
568.    Postcards - Accumulation in two album, mostly Greetings types, sent to one recipient, including Mabel Lucie Attwell, Agnes Richardson, Cat with glass eyes etc. (a.330) £30-50
569.    Postcards - album including Fry's Cocoa Steam Model, Tower Tea Proverb Advertising; Town End Barnsley, Bala High Street etc (a.160) £70-80
570.    Postcards - Military Art including Harry Payne, Ibbetson etc. (68); small range children's artists incl. Doreen Parr, Margaret Tempest etc (a.120) in all £50-70
571.    Cigarette cards - quantity sets/part sets including Ogdens Boy Scouts (101 various) Birds Eggs (49/50) Churchmens Boxing Personalities (part sets inclu. 2 x scarce no.26), Wills Rugby Internationals etc. £80-120
572.    A set of thirty five Regimental cigarette silks £20-40
573.    Cigarette Cards - two sets of Players 1932 Butterflies, lightly mtd in album £10-20
574.    Cigarette and trade cards - mostly part sets/odds including D C Thomson the World's Best Cricketers x 27 pairs (mauve); Football Tips and Tricks; World Cup Footballers etc,. (many hundreds) £30-40
575.    Cigarette cards - various part sets/ odds including Copes E R & Bigg, Gallaghers Kute Kiddies, Anstie, Kensitas silk flowers (L, in folders), L & Butler of Motor Cycle odds etc £20-30
576.    Cigarette and Trade Cards - large quantity with sets/odds in mfrs albums and loose including Chivers Firm Favourites, De Reske, B. Bond etc. (1000's) £40-60
577.    Cigarette cards - Ogdens Poultry 1st & 2nd Series (one set each), Owners Racing Colours (24/25 plus 48 odds) Wills 1906 Medals Set, Old Silver (6) set etc. £100-150
578.    Cigarette cards - Players Speedway Riders (set) Wills 1928 Cricketers (set) Ogdens Football Club Colours (set) Football Club Captains (set) Churchmens Famous Cricket Colours (set) etc, Condition gen. good/v good £150-200
579.    Cigarette cards - accumulation of sets/part sets including Players Characters From Fiction (L) set, Famous Beauties (L x 2 sets) Kings and Queens (L) Bonzo 1-25 (x 3 sets) Bat Motor Cars etc. £100-150
580.    Cigarette cards - quantity sets and part sets including Players 1936 Championship Golf Courses (L) set vg: 1927 English Period Costumes (L) set plus 14 odds: Bensons Old Bristol (L) set etc. £100-130
581.    Cigarette cards - quantity of reference books/catalogues, display albums (2) with Ogdens Racing Cols. (blue, near set and extras) R. Mail (near set) Motor Cars (near set), Fols, Pigeons and Dogs (near set) British Birds (set) Edwards R & B Dogs (Klendyke set of 23) Ansties Downland, Fry's Tricks & Puzzles (blue back, near set) Players Poultry, Derby & Grand National Owners (sets) Wills Aviation (set) Players Wildfowl (L x 1 set & 24//25) Kings and Queens (L, 46/50) etc. Cond. gen gd/vg £150-200
582.    Postcards - accumulation, mainly modernish; Cigarette trade cards loose and/or in manufacturers albums - condition mixed - large quantity £15-25
583.    Spare lot £0-10
584.    Ephemera - A 1905 Balmoral Private Greetings Cards sample album; a few cabinet size photographs of Paris; illustrated letter card pmks 1906 of early settlers in W. Canada; 1810 detailed bill for staying in Beziera Suite etc. £10-20
585.    A Victorian Share certificate for The Manchester Carriage Co Ltd 1878 and another for the Liverpool Corn Exchange 1860 £20-30
586.    A collection of early to mid 20th century Times broadsheets £10-20
587.    A framed photo of a World War One peace bonfire £10-20
588.    A quantity of negatives for magic lantern slides of shipping £30-50
589.    A collection of six 1930's to 1950's RAF photographs including five aerial photos from the Nairobi area and one squadron photo. £20-30
590.    A momento album with watercolour pictures and rhymes £20-40
591.    A 1930's autograph album including good range of theatrical signed autographs such as John Gielgud, Ivan Novello, Jan Van Burgh, Sybil Thorndyke, Yvonne Arnaud, Pam Ashcroft, Francis Day, Leslie Banks, Margaret Rawlings etc. Mostly genuine signatures including John Gielgud and Ivan Novello £80-120
592.    A collection of ten 1950's Motorcycling Magazines £20-30
593.    A group of 1960's Film Review magazines £20-30
594.    A set of six copies of 'Girls Own Paper', 1930's £20-30
595.    A collection of old Wye Valley paper bus tickets and similar £10-30
596.    Life's Picture History of World War II published by Time Inc, 1950 - in slipcase £20-30
597.    'Faberge and the Russian Master Goldsmiths' by Gerard Hill, together with 'Faberge, Imperial Eggs' and 'The Art of Carl Faberge' by Kenneth Snowman £30-40
598.    Eight Wimbledon Tennis programmes 1966-1978 £10-20
599.    A box of books on woodwork £30-50
600.    A black and white photograph portrait of the Pontypool Road Strike Committee commemorating Victory of the National Railway strike Sept - Oct 1919 £10-20
601.    A black and white photograph of Great Western Railway 'Saint' Class locomotive 2947 Madresfield Court - possibly on completion 1912 £10-20
602.    A small late 18th century booklet with hand written script from popular novels of the time £20-30
603.    A carte de visite photograph of 20th American President James A Garfield 1831 - 1881 - assassinated £80-120
604.    History of the Apsley and Bathurst Families compiled by Julia Hankey 1889 £30-40
605.    The Bailleuls of Flanders and the Bayleys of Willow Hall by Francis Bayley 1881 £40-60
606.    Clair de Lune and other Troubadour Romances by Michael West, pictured by Evelyn Paul, published by George G Harrow + Co - poor condition £30-50
607.    A book of Japanese prints, together with letter re Japan-British society 1940 £10-30
607A.   Don Quixote - Vols I + II, published Dublin by S Hyde and J Dobson £60-80
608.    Historical Sketches of Statesmen Vol II - published 1845, and The Plays of Shakespeare - leather bound, published 1819 £10-30
609.    A collection of twelve Air Force war related books and brochures including HMSO guides £20-30
610.    The Cricket on the Hearth by Charles Dickens. A facsimile of the original limited edition of 135, this is No 6, hand coloured illustrations. The Nottingham Court Press 1980 - a fine copy £50-60
611.    The Man of Galilee Vol 1 + 2, Round the World, Beautiful Britain and a Portfolio of Photographs plus Magazine of Art 1884 £20-30
612.    A small group of books including: The British Navy Past and Present, Natural History, Kelly's Directory etc £10-20
613.    A set of four books of Irish interest £10-20
614.    The Tres Riches Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry published by George Braziller - a fine copy £20-40
615.    A small group of books on American cars including: Tin Lizzie - the Model T Ford by Philip Stern, together with Great American Automobiles, and Fins of The Fifties £10-20
616.    Three books - The Amorous Adventures of a Gentleman of Quality, The Daily Mail Poultry Book and Seven Years of William IV £10-20
617.    Wildflowers Across America by Lady Bird Johnson, signed copy, together with Flowering Tress and Shrubs in India, and Beningfields Orchards £20-30
618.    'The Unknown Paintings of Kay Nielsen' together with 'Humours of Golf' by W Heath Robinson, 'Randolph Caldicott, the Lord of The Nursery', and the Man who was HM Bateman £20-30
619.    A book of sporting prints £10-20
620.    J R R Tolkein - Lord of the Rings in slip case Tenth Impression 1961 £30-40
621.    Stoddard's Portfolio of Photographs - complete set of sixteen parts in original case circa 1900 £30-40
622.    Riding Recollections by G J Whyte-Melville 1898 first edition. Market Harborough by the same author 1899 first edition, and Bridle and Brush by G D Armour 1937 first edition £20-30
623.    J M Barrie's Peter Pan and Wendy - illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell, published by Hodder and Stoughton £10-20
624.    Sleeping Beauty illustrated by Edmund Dulac and published by Hodder and Stoughton for Boots £10-20
625.    A set of five Enid Blyton books: Circus Adventure, Ship of Adventures, The Island of Adventure, The Castle of Adventure and The Sea of Adventure £20-40
626.    A box of books relating to Dorset, mostly topographical £10-30
627.    A group of military books including Above us The Waves - signed £40-60
628.    A Holme Lacy album of photographs £20-40
629.    A box of general rural titles including villages, riding, topographical and others - good condition £20-30
630.    Spare lot £0-10
631.    A set of twenty four etchings after George Cruikshank from Charles Dickens 'Oliver Twist' - framed in groups £30-50
632.    A wool winder £10-20
633.    A set of Stereoscope cards boxed with book for Rome - approximately 46 cards £30-50
634.    A French eight day mantel clock and three other mantel clocks (one electric) £15-25
635.    A large 19th century copper funnel £20-40
636.    A vintage 'Castrol Oil' tin can with screw cap, and a vintage Cerebos Iodised salt tin cup £20-30
637.    An old Sovereign radio £10-20
638.    A Cornish Serpentine barometer and a French circular aneroid barometer £15-25
639.    A Japanese brass model bamboo boat - 28cm long £10-20
640.    A Swaine horn handled riding crop with silver collar - inscribed and dated 1912 £30-50
641.    A childs riding crop with horn handle £20-30
642.    A Norwegian Haustad vintage pewter three piece coffee set £20-40
643.    A pair of Victorian carriage lamps £10-20
644.    A Record No. 077A bull nose Rabbet plane with WWII military broad arrow mark and date for 1943, together with one other plane £40-60
645.    A British made carpenters ratchet brace - stamped 566 £20-30
646.    A box of London and other magic lantern slides and two boxes of blank slides £20-40
647.    A box of miscellaneous magic lantern slides including two early aeronautical and another box of cat slides £20-40
648.    Two boxes of Victorian magic lantern slides - named Victorian and Edwardian warships - approx 200 £80-120
649.    A box of natural history and biology magic lantern slides £20-40
650.    Five Ostrich eggs £20-30
651.    A pair of early 20th century binoculars in leather case and an old tin box £10-20
652.    Two Musterchutz relief pottery plaques depicting interior scenes and another plaque London scene £10-20
653.    A selection of brass and copper pans £10-20
654.    A large quantity of military ribbons, some in original Spinks boxes £30-50
655.    A WWI German-Prussian field bugle, white metal mounted on brass with Prussian eagle - marked 'Eschenbach. Berlin 1915' - 26cm £150-200
656.    Two vintage Union Jack flags mounted on sticks and and a Welsh one £20-30
657.    A Vintage Imperial Good Companion typewriter - with instruction and paperwork £10-30
658.    A small late 19th/early 20th century brass travelling carriage clock by John Walker of London - 11cm tall not including handle £40-60
659.    A small Smiths brass lantern style clock £20-30
660.    A vintage Garrard cockpit clock no. 442 (patt no. 810) - 11cm diameter £20-30
661.    An Angelus eight day boudoir alarm clock and Looping alarm clock £15-25
662.    An early 20th century painted wooden box with text to frieze, filled with paper mottoes £20-40
663.    A carved coral rams head mounted on malachite £10-20
664.    A novelty brass pig form vesta case £20-30
665.    Two Canadian enamel brooches in silver and brass (pin a/f on brass one) £10-30
666.    A pair of Walter Bosse blackened brass bear cubs made for Baller, Austria £20-40
667.    A novelty brass vesta case in the form of a chick. £20-30
668.    A Walter Bosse blackened brass fox and cub made for Baller, Austria £30-50
669.    An English miniature watercolour on ivorine - vase of iris and tulips - 7 x 6cm £20-40
670.    An English miniature watercolour on ivorine - bowl of horse chestnuts - 5.5cm sq £20-40
671.    An English miniature watercolour on ivorine depicting toucan - 5 x 2cm £20-30
672.    An English miniature watercolour on ivorine depicting swan - 5 x 2cm £20-30
673.    Lesley Anne Ivory - a circular watercolour miniature of an owl and another of a birds nest 10.5cm diameter £30-50
674.    A collection of six various 19th snuff boxes £40-60
675.    A bag of Georgian cut-steel buttons etc £10-20
676.    A 19th Century novelty ivory needle case in the form of a parasol with frog handle £20-40
677.    Four pairs of old spectacles and a monocle, plus shagreen spectacle case £10-30
678.    A silver revolving pencil with calendar, and another £20-40
679.    Two Waterman fountain pens and one Parker fountain pen £60-80
680.    A silver 'Yard o Led' propelling pencil - London 1949, and a gold filled Cross century propelling pencil £30-50
681.    A vintage Tecalemit brass BSA motorcycle grease gun - serial number 71585 - in full working order £20-30
682.    A WWI chocolate box a/f £10-20
683.    A Victorian copper powder flask with embossed decoration of cannon and flags £30-50
684.    A group of approximately twenty Les Higgins lead toy soldiers £10-20
685.    A selection of eight RAF 1950s/1960s white metal sporting medallions together with a plated napkin ring. £30-50
686.    Thirteen various military cap badges £80-120
687.    A selection of six RAF 1950s/1960s bronze and gilt brass sporting medallions. £20-30
688.    A Rotol 'Wins' Womens National Service WWII enamel badge, a 1937 Coronation brooch and a George V Silver Jubilee badge £30-50
689.    An early 20th century Persian dagger with brass and wooden handle in brass sheath, the steel blade with engraved decoration £40-60
690.    A collection of WWI and WWII medals £30-50
691.    A WWII compass, military badges etc £20-30
692.    A small selection of WWII period cloth badges, insignia and cap badges £10-20
693.    An antique bullet mould £10-20
694.    A pair of miniature model canons £10-20
695.    A vintage leatherette military correspondence letters case - 27cm wide £10-20
696.    A WWII medal group of four comprising War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star and the Italy Star - awarded to J C Joy, together with dog tags, relevant ephemera and WWII cloth cap with Royal Artillery cap badge £40-60
697.    A military themed Royal Marines ice bucket £10-20
698.    A Ukranian Prisoner of War album with intricately carved wood cover 'No 82 POW Camp' £40-60
699.    A Yashica twin lens Reflex camera £30-50
700.    A box of haberdashery items £10-20
701.    A selection of approximately 105 enamel badges of various interest £50-70
702.    A group of collectables including miniature compass, manicure set, lighter, vesta cover etc £20-30
703.    A group of various painted fans, two framed butterflies and a scrollwork metal picture stand £10-20
704.    A box of miscellaneous items £10-30
704A.   A CT & M 202 whistle and a Victorian brass whistle, a Robertson pre-war lemon Golly badge by H W Miller and sterling silver enamel Bermuda badge £20-40
705.    A box of brass and metal ware £10-20
706.    A silk picture of Queen Mary, a Gentlewoman Christmas silk picture, 1918 Souvenir handkerchief case and a fur sporran £10-30
707.    A pair of early 20th century vintage black leather gaiters - good original condition £40-60
708.    A vintage boy scouts cap and a metal cap badge £10-20
709.    An antique scrimshaw carved tooth decorated naive Egyptian boat and palm trees 9.5 cm long £30-50
710.    A late 19th century watercolour miniature on ivory Mughal style portrait of a princess in heavy gilt frame - 10 x 7cm £40-60
711.    An antique Indian brass ritual gods head on wooden plinth 13cm tall £20-30
712.    A copper Championship shield/plaque inscribed 'Toogood Championship Shield presented by Toogood and Sons, Southampton, Seedsmen to the King and for 50 years to the late Queen Victoria' - decorated with vegetables, flowers and the Royal Coat of Arms - 17cm £20-30
713.    A Crescent model Royal Coronation Coach £10-20
714.    Two African tribal gourds, with carved head handle £20-30
715.    A Chinese carved horn spoon and four carved stone goldfish £30-50
716.    A 19th century Chinese carved wood opium or snuff box - 8cm dia £20-30
717.    A pair of Lamier mother of pearl opera glasses £10-20
718.    A leatherette etui containing three pairs of gilt metal scissors £10-20
719.    A gilt metal casket with Renaissance style printed and painted miniature of a woman to lid £20-30
720.    A continental velvet clad box with metal lid painted pre-raphaelite portrait of a woman £20-40
721.    Two tinted photographic portrait prints of a man and a woman 21 x 16cm £20-30
722.    A metal trinket box with printed and painted head of pre-raphaelite woman 7cm diameter £20-30
723.    An Art Deco brass dog form corkscrew and a 19th century corkscrew with brush £20-40
724.    Three cut throat razors, a corn razor and a spelter vesta with figure of a boy £20-30
725.    A folding ruler by T Blunt, an inkwell and other collectables £20-30
726.    A large set of gold or chemical weights - 500 grams down, in fitted box £20-30
727.    A vintage chess set - complete £20-40
728.    A set of 19th century mahogany cased brass apothecary scales £20-40
729.    A set of gold scales including coin weights - boxed £20-40
730.    A small group of coins and medallions including: Victoria 1837-97, French, India, South Africa & Channel Islands Cond. Poor-Fine £10-30
731.    A bag of assorted foreign coins £20-40
732.    Seven George V half crowns 1915 - 1925, and a continental medallion £20-30
733.    A David Mellor spoon and assorted collectors coins £10-20
734.    Three small 19th century early wooden display frames £10-20
735.    Two brass Imperial Eagle ashtrays and a cribbage board £10-20
736.    Two Victorian kitchen choppers with wooden handles £10-20
737.    A collection of corkscrews £20-40
738.    A box of various collectables including travel inkwell, spelter bull dog a/f, plaited hair braid etc £20-30
739.    A Shakespeare fishing rod and reel £15-25
740.    An ebony watch stand and various collectables £20-30
741.    A small collection of spoons including Georgian cane ware shell bowl ladle, honey spoon, sealing wax spoon, Irish apsotle bog oak spoon with silver finial, medicine spoon etc. £30-50
742.    A quantity of old marbles £20-30
743.    A GWR jigsaw puzzle with Viking scene - approx 400 pieces complete £10-20
744.    A 'Collins Fair' Corgi truck, trailer and caravan, and Readers Digest set of Classic Truck miniatures £20-30
745.    A Hornby Dublo train set 'Nigel Gresley' with engine, carriages and track boxed £50-70
746.    A Brimtoy tin plate O gauge train set comprising train, tender, 'First Class' coach, truck and track - boxed, with a Hornby CR2 right angle crossing - boxed, and another Hornby right hand track piece £30-50
747.    A Hardy Salmon gaff, two other gaffs and a brass fishing reel £30-50
748.    E.J. Wilson - British 20th century - oil on canvas - near Berkley - 37cm by 59cm £10-20
749.    A Bentima mahogany mounted clock and barometer £20-30
750.    A pair of 19th century gilt metal Etruscan style vases - 30cm £50-70
751.    A 19th century Victorian brass tazza with Bacchanalian rococo embossed and chased decoration - 28cm tall £100-150
752.    An 18th century small map of Huntley to Montgomeryshire with road map to reverse - 18 x 12cm £20-40
753.    Attributed to Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827) - pen and wash 'Horse Stealers Upon Trial at the Old Bailey, January 16th 1823', 21.5cm x 17cm, with original auction catalogue £200-300
754.    A Victorian mahogany open bookcase 86cm x 28cm x 102cm £50-70
755.    A Persian style rwith geometric design on a cream ground - 153cm by 92cm. £20-30
756.    A tribal style rug with geometric decoration of figures and two horses on a cream ground - 187cm by 96cm £20-30
757.    A tapestry rug with geometrical design on a red background - 170cm by 87cm £20-30
758.    A Persian style rug with central geometric motif on a cream ground - 160cm by 99cm £20-30
759.    Frederick J Aldridge - pair of oils sailing vessels and fishing vessels off the coast - 29 x 50cm £200-300
760.    Tony Warren (British 20th century) - Two watercolours of a fishing boat and a schooner - 17cm by 23cm £40-60
761.    G Harris - oil on board seascape with gulls - 19 x 31cm £30-50
762.    John Worsdale - British 20th century - watercolour 'Leigh Shrimpers' - 35cm by 54cm £30-50
763.    Lennard Lewis (1826-1913) - Watercolour - coastal scene. 23cm by 52cm £20-40
764.    Margaret Theyre - oil on board sunset - 16 x 23cm £40-60
765.    A 19th century Irish Watercolour - unsigned - titled to rear 'Old Mansion, Galway'. 33cm by 41cm £80-120
766.    Alan Clark - British 20th century - Watercolour - three wrecks at Scarborough - 25cm by 35cm £20-40
767.    Harry Caunce (20th century) - watercolour - First light, Downham. 9cm by 25cm £20-30
768.    A 19th century mahogany square piano or harpsichord case by Adam Berjer - no interior £30-50
769.    A three string balalaika £20-40.
770.    A six string balalaika £20-40
771.    A twelve string mandolin £30-50
772.    A 19th century Italian Paso le D'Isanto mandolin £30-50
773.    A Spanish guitar by Telesford Julve - cased £30-50
774.    A Spanish guitar by Jose Masymas - cased £30-50
775.    A black Autoharp £10-20
776.    A Hohner Mignon childs accordion £20-30
777.    An early 20th century full size violin with 14" back and two bows - cased £30-50
778.    A Bina table accordion £20-40
779.    An 18th century primitive made violin and later bow - 40cm - with case £150-200
780.    A Victorian mahogany dressing table chest with triple mirror over two short and two long drawers £30-50
781.    A small 19th century copper hoookah base, 20cm tall £20-30
782.    A 19th century small brass Indian hanging lota with engraved decoration, 15cm to top of handle £20-40
783.    A Mughal copper hookah base 28cm tall £60-80
784.    A large copper telescopic Tibetan temple trumpet, 140cm (a/f) and a smaller trumpet £50-70
785.    A Victorian mahogany topped rectangular pub table on cast iron gothic style base by Gaskells Bar Fitters, Birmingham £50-70
786.    A small sized early 20th century rocking horse on stand - stand approx 105cm long £100-150
787.    A pair of South American brass stirrups £60-80
788.    A 19th century Spanish copper brazier bowl 51cm diameter and a brass one a/f £40-60
789.    A large Turkish copper ewer 42cm tall £20-40
790.    A 19th century Indian brass vase and cover with engraved decoration and figurative finial, 42cm £20-40
791.    A 19th century Spanish copper brazier bowl 36cm diameter £30-50
792.    Two 19th century Persian copper bowls with engraved decoration, largest 19cm diameter £30-50
793.    Two Malay brass betel nut bowls £40-60
794.    A 19th century brass Indian lota with engraved decoration 15cm tall and two spouted lotas £30-50
795.    A Turkish copper ewer and two others 32cm tall £20-30
796.    A box of old Eastern copper ware £30-50
797.    A box of old Eastern brass ware £30-50
798.    An Indian brass three branch hanging oil lamp £40-60
799.    Trevor Owen Makinson - an interesting pen and wash full length portrait of a boy titled 'Pinewood - John as Oliver' - 45 x 27cm (The Oliver Twist film was made at Pinewood Studios in 1948 and John Howard Davies was cast as Oliver)
800.    An early to mid 20th century chalk and pastel portrait - 36 x 26cm £20-30
801.    A carved marble figure of an ancient Egyptian, seated - 31cm tall £60-80
802.    John Corcoran (British 20th century) - oil on canvas - rural riverside cottage landscape scene. 49cm by 75cm £60-100
803.    Anthony van Dyke Copley Fielding (British 1787 - 1855) - Watercolour - lake scene - 17cm by 25cm £60-80
804.    John F Supple (British 19th century) - watercolour 'Sunset Across The Hills' - 9.5 x 26cm £30-50
805.    Charles Willem Meredith Van de Velde (Dutch 1818 - 1898) - Watercolour - landscape with mountain and valley scene - probably a scene from his travels around old Palestine and Syria - 12.5cm by 20cm £50-80
806.    Three watercolours together with a large framed photograph of a gentleman, largest watercolour 51cm by 33cm. £10-20
807.    A set of thirteen 19th century Arundel religious prints after great masters £30-50
808.    A vintage oak firescreen with floral tapestry £10-20
809.    Robin Davidson (British 20th century) - oil on canvas pastoral landscape scene, 'The Western Highlands, near Lochailart' - 34cm by 59cm £60-80
810.    D. H. Winder - Oil on Canvas - rural forest cottage scene near Llangollen, Wales, 1874. 24cm by 43cm £80-120
811.    Conrad H.R. Carelli (1864 - 1956) - Watercolour - 'The Cloth Hall, Ypres, 1914' - note - this building and area were destroyed soon after from artillery fire during World War One. 15cm by 22cm. £100-150
812.    Don Swann - Etching of the 'Windjammer' - Limited Edition of 150 - Signed - 20cm by 15cm £10-20
813.    Steven Bewsher (British, born 1964) - Oil/Acrylic - Canal Scene - Canal Bridge at Stockton Heath - 24cm by 34cm £60-80
814.    Steven Bewsher (British, born 1964) - Oil/Acrylic - canal scene - 'Evening at Grappenhall, Cheshire' - 24cm by 34cm £60-80
815.    Thomas Smythe (1825 - 1906) - oil on canvas young boy with dog and donkey - 35 x 34cm £400-600
816.    Oil on board autumn woodland snow scene - signed indistinctly - possibly Howard 59 x 73cm £80-100
817.    A 1960's 'New Age' gouache showing the Green Man or a similar mythological figure, indistinctly signed. 75cm by 55cm £40-60
818.    A 1960's 'New Age' gouache showing a female figure and prancing horses. Indistinctly signed. 35cm by 64cm £30-50
819.    Early to mid 20th century oil on canvas - fishing boats seascape scene - signed indistinctly - 59cm by 49cm £30-50
820.    A Native American artists print of a kingfisher signed in pencil 'Richard Shorty, Yokon 1989' - 33 x 28cm £15-25
821.    A Georgian oak chest of three drawers on bracket feet £50-80
822.    An 18th century oak settle with four panel back back, scroll arms and cabriole supports £250-350
823.    A red and cream Welsh blanket: 5'2" x 7' £50-70
824.    A cherry red Welsh blanket: 6'2" x 7'6" £60-80
825.    A turquoise Derw Welsh blanket: 7'6" x 6'6" £60-80
826.    A pink waffle weave Welsh blanket 7' x 6'8" £20-30
827.    A Derw Welsh green and pink check blanket: 4'9" x 6'3" £30-50
828.    A blue and cream Welsh blanket: 5'4" x 6'4" £50-70
829.    A Derw Welsh blue and pink check blanket: 5'1" x 5'8" £30-50
830.    An early to mid 20th century patchwork quilt - 210cm by 164cm £50-80
831.    A gilt wood console table - 59cm wide £20-40
832.    A small Orkney pine ladies chair with wicker back - 82cm £300-400
833.    A collection of fifteen coloured modern poster prints by Kandinsky, Matisse, Jean Miro, Paul Klee etc - unframed £20-40
834.    A 19th century iron corn or potato dibber with wooden handle £30-50
835.    An early 19th century iron inglenook fire place pot-hanging crane £30-50
836.    A roofing tile tool and a dairy yoke £10-20
837.    An Edwardian oval mahogany mirror with ebony and satinwood stringing £20-40
838.    A pair of pine bedside cabinets £30-50
839.    A pine chest of two short and three long drawers - 90cm wide £50-70
840.    A vintage painted rocking horse child's chair £10-30
841.    An 18th century long oak panel 293 x 57cm £70-90
842.    A large wall mirror with a grey painted border - 100cm by 75cm £20-30
843.    A unicycle £30-50
844.    An early 20th century wooden crate from Stretton Hills Mineral Company containing original glass water bottles from Church Stretton - almost complete £70-90
845.    An iron bound dome top lightwood trunk £40-60
846.    A Singer sewing machinists chair with cast iron base and rotating hight adjustment, cast Singer to feet £80-120
847.    A late 17th/early 18th century oak square topped hall table on turned supports joined by low stretcher - 90 x 88cm and 80cm high - this table came from the entrance hall of the home of Canon Carnegie, Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sub Dean at Westminster Abbey and Rector of St Margarets, he lived at Dean's Yard, Westminster £150-200
848.    A wicker fishing creel and contents £30-40
849.    A vintage Fidelity battery portable record player for singles £10-20
850.    An oak correspondence rack £10-20
851.    A 19th century walnut architectural style mantel clock with striking movement and compensated pendulum £30-50
852.    A brass tortion clock under dome, clock a/f £10-30
853.    An early 20th century oak slot together puzzle money-box £20-40
854.    Two miniature Steiff teddy bears, largest 9.5cm. £20-30
855.    A Victorian gold plush teddy bear, worn - 26cm £20-40
856.    An early 20th century soft toy dog £10-30
857.    A Marx tin plate clockwork guardsman drummer £20-30
858.    A 19th century rosewood tea caddy - lacking interior - 33cm wide £30-50
859.    A 19th century rosewood work box on four bun feet with mother of pearl button inlay and a fitted interior - 28cm wide £30-50
860.    A 19th century oak cider costrel £40-60
861.    A vintage 'Free Range Eggs' circular tin sign 44cm diameter £20-40
862.    A painted wooden cockerel - 38cm £10-20
863.    An Allsopps patent seed grinder by R Buss and Sons £10-20
864.    A vintage Peugeot Freres French coffee grinder £20-40
865.    A carved aboriginal boomerang with low relief carved decoration £20-40
866.    A Scandinavian carved birchwood Kasu (drinking vessel) in the form of a bird £15-25
867.    Two antique Chinese brass ring weights £30-50
868.    A 19th century cased draughtsmans instrument set - complete with original contents and three ivory rules by W Elliot and Sons £60-80
869.    A group of old iron door fittings and attachments £10-20
870.    A box of vintage handbags £10-30
871.    A box of cameras and lenses £20-30
872.    A box of vintage accessories including hats, belts, glasses, swords etc £20-40
873.    A box of old tools £20-30
874.    A collection of painted wooden racing batons £20-40
875.    A box of old woodworking tools £20-40
876.    Six various barometers including Dolland £15-25
877.    A group of approx thirty Louis Marx WWI and WWII large size plastic soldiers £30-50
878.    A Chan Chan Lan Chinese Tea tin, four other tins and a stove £10-20
879.    Elizabeth Frink - The Canterbury Tales in a limited edition illustrated with nineteen etchings, printed on J Barcham Green Paper, published by Leslie Waddington Prints Ltd, signed to the penultimate page B52, with original cardbook box, Spine a/f but internals good condition. 50 x 34cm £1200-1500
880.    A Stamfords wall map of Great Britain printed on linen roll £10-30
881.    A 19th century ivory handled walking cane carved hanging game £20-40
882.    Two vintage walking canes - one with resin rabbit head finial and the other with pewter inlaid Chinese dragon decoration - larger one 92cm £10-20
883.    A print after Rennie Mackintosh 'Pinks' - 42cm sq £10-30
884.    A map of South Eastern Europe - 24 x 36cm £20-30
885.    A print of Concorde by Harrison - 30 x 60cm £20-30
886.    M G Hughes - watercolour and pastel boats on a river 1972 - 25 x 46cm £15-25
887.    A coloured print Summers Brilliance by David Short - 49 x 49cm £10-20
888.    A pair of William Russell Flint Prints - 28cm by 39cm £10-20
889.    Two reproduction Pears prints: 'Not Much Wrong' and 'The Reading Lesson' - 60 x 45cm £10-30
890.    A print of the Gloucester Picturedrome by Mark Cunningham - 21cm by 29cm £10-20
891.    Two prints of ships, the larger being 28cm by 57cm £10-20
892.    A set of three Oriental paintings on silk - 29 x 36cm £20-30
893.    A watercolour portrait of siblings, signed indistinctly and dated 1916 - 50 x 37cm £80-100
894.    A selection of four framed crystoleums of varying subjects. Largest is 25cm by 19cm £30-50
895.    A mid 19th century oil on canvas in naive style depicting a countryside river fishing scene - 34 x 54cm £30-50
896.    19th century watercolour in the manner of Thomas Miles Richardson - continental lake scene - 38cm by 60cm £30-50
897.    Joseph Riddey - watercolour ploughed field and trees - 36 x 45cm £20-30
898.    Two watercolours of Florence - the largest 26 x 13cm £10-20
899.    A H Cole - pair of oil on canvas rural cottage scenes - 37 x 50cm £50-80
900.    W Collins - oil on board river scene - 43 x 29cm £20-30
901.    Robert Walker MacBeth (1848-1910) - Signed etching of a Scottish river ferry crossing scene - 28cm by 43cm £20-30
902.    A pair of Antoine Colbert signed prints - 27 x 33cm £30-40
903.    A 20th century map of Monmouthshire after Carey 27 x 22cm £10-20
904.    Max Picot - watercolour 'In der Vogesen', signed - 24 x 17cm £10-20
905.    19th century British school - Watercolour of a rural scene showing a maid feeding ducks - indistinctly signed - 26cm by 18cm £20-30
906.    A 19th century engraving of Burrough Chapel in Somersetshie 8 x 10cm plus a woodcut of the same by Peter Reddich £20-30
907.    A colour print after Arthur B Brook 'Mother and Son' published by Frost and Reed - 35 x 31cm £20-30
908.    Three floral prints - one with dried flowers - 27 x 22cm £10-20
909.    A pair of small engravings of Venetian canal scenes - indistinctly signed - largest 14 x 6.5cm £10-20
910.    Three Oriental silk pictures - largest 31 x 28cm £10-20
911.    Two early 19th century French coloured engravings of soldiers after Canu - 18 x 13cm, and a stipple engraving of 'Fencing' by J Chapman dated 1806 £20-30
912.    Harris Brett - Pair of Watercolours showing Egyptian Nile scenes - signed and dated for 1906 - 23cm by 60cm £40-60
913.    Anthony John - a collage of four etchings of animal scenes - 34 x 50cm £20-30
914.    A Columbia Grafonola gramophone in oak case and box of 78 rpm records £30-40
915.    A large wood and chrome lantern - 74cm tall £100-150
916.    A 20th century Sorrento Ware octagonal chess board - 51cm £30-50
917.    An Edwardian oval mahogany and satinwood strung mirror £20-40
918.    A watercolour miniature of a woman in white headress and a silhouette of a man £50-70
919.    A 19th century portrait miniature of Jane Elizabeth Tyrer 1843, in ebonised frame - 8 x 6.5cm £40-60
920.    A watercolour portrait of group playing cards 'Royal Academy Exhibition 1920' by Katherine Ni Roberts - Miss Watts, Powell and Roberts at Newtown - 11.5 x 19cm £30-50
921.    A 19th century French gilt brass carriage clock with repeater by Edward of Glasgow - 15.5cm tall to top of handle, with leather travel case and key £200-300
922.    An early 19th century Chinese bronze rectangular censer with stylised animal handles and pierced hard wood carved top and stand - six character mark to base £200-400
923.    A small Edwardian mahogany fold top card table with slender supports and undertier £50-70
924.    A reproduction longcase clock with eight day movement £100-150
925.    A pair of 19th century mahogany bar back dining chairs by J Kendell and Co, signed by workman £60-80
926.    An Edwardian mahogany Sheraton style carver chair with trellis back and inlay all raised on slender supports £30-50
927.    A vintage beech stick back chair £20-40
928.    A set of four Georgian mahogany slat back dining chairs on square supports £150-200
929.    A Thonet bentwood carver chair with crocodile skin effect seat and back £20-40
930.    An Edwardian mahogany salon suite comprising settee, two carvers and three side chairs with Chippendale style pierced backs £80-120
931.    A Victorian small chair or child's chair with carved back and barleytwist supports £10-20
932.    A set of four Victorian Aesthetic style oak dining chairs, and one similar £40-60
933.    A small blue upholstered tub chair on mahogany supports £30-50
934.    A 19th century stained wood rocking chair with cane seat and back £30-50
935.    An Edwardian low armchair with padded and inlaid back £20-40
936.    A pair of early 19th century mahogany carver chairs with scroll over arms £180-250
937.    A set of four Victorian mahogany dining chairs with carved centre splat £50-70
938.    An American cherry long side table - 122 x 40cm £30-50
938A.   An early to mid 20th century 'Players Please' advertising mirror - 35cm by 25cm. £30-50
939.    A nest of three small rectangular mahogany occasional tables £20-40
940.    A small 1930's circular oak dropleaf occasional table £10-20
941.    A reproduction Davenport desk £120-180
942.    A Bar-Lock portable typewriter £20-40
943.    A mahogany washstand with rise top now converted to a cabinet with single panelled door £30-50
944.    A 19th century fold top card table £20-40
945.    A group of three 18th century miniature oil on canvas portraits of children, each 4 x 5cm, later framed and under glass £200-300
946.    Two 19th century spelter figures of women after Moreau, the tallest 61cm £40-60
947.    A 19th century brass candle stand with classical figure - 26cm £30-50
948.    A 19th century square topped stool on floral carved supports, 50cm £60-80
949.    Two pairs of deer skulls and antlers mounted on shields £20-40
950.    A pair of full length Japanese watercolour paintings of a man and a woman, the man with sword and parasol and the woman holding a pekinese dog 158cm x 56cm £40-60
951.    A George III mahogany fold top tea table with square projecting corners, all raised on slender supports and pad feet - 71 x 35.5cm £180-250
952.    A Victorian copper coal scuttle and two copper kettles and an old flat iron £20-30
953.    A small Sutherland table on turned supports £20-30
954.    A Fortnum and Mason wicker hamper £10-20
955.    A wicker hamper £10-20
956.    An early 19th century mahogany drop leaf work table with two drawers, all on slender turned supports £40-60
957.    An Edwardian oval oak galleried tray with silver plated mounts £20-40
958.    A Victorian brass mounted walnut sliding book rack £30-50
959.    Francois Joseph Bosio - 19th century bronze of the young Henry IV of France - signed, 25cm £400-600
960.    A 19th century French gilt brass mantel clock with young man holding a rake to top, on floral swag base - stamped FH Mouret, and AVB + Co £50-70
961.    An early 19th century rosewood tilt top circular dining table on tapered column and triple supports all raised on paw feet - 119cm dia £180-250
962.    A 19th century mahogany rectangular tilt top dining table on quadruple splay supports £100-150
963.    An Edwardian mahogany Sutherland table on bobbin turned supports - 51cm wide £20-40
964.    An Edwardian walnut George II style kneehole desk 74cms wide £100-150
965.    A Victorian chest of three drawers
966.    A Smith's 'Barotherm' barometer and two carved barometers £20-30
967.    A 1930's oak lead glazed two door bookcase with beaded decoration - 73cm £40-60
968.    Five various barometers including Short and Mason and Comitti £15-25
969.    A set of nine continental Grand Tour watercolour scenes - framed as three £40-60
970.    A Victorian ebonised carved top two tier occasional table £20-30
971.    A folder of Victorian watercolours including floral, still life and landscapes £30-50
972.    Nel Tenison (mother of Terence Cuneo) - watercolour illustration of a woman fending off a puppy with her parasol, signed to front and with text to verso - 30 x 17cm £30-50
973.    Nel Tenison - (mother of Terrence Cuneo) charcoal and chalk illustration of gentleman greeting woman in a white dress - signed to front - 30 x 23cm £30-50
974.    A Victorian two tier carved wall shelf with carved Arts and Crafts stylised floral decoration to sides - 51cm wide £30-50
975.    A 19th century brass chestnut roaster £10-20
976.    Four modern oils in the Dutch style - 17 x 22.5cm £20-40
977.    A Georgian mahogany fold top tea table on square supports - 91cm wide £60-80
978.    A large carved tribal mask, smiling - with bristle hair - 48cm high including hair £40-60
979.    An Indonesian large painted papier mache mask - 40cm high x 48cm wide £40-60
980.    A cane seated dressing table chair with low back and carved cabriole claw and ball supports £20-30
981.    A small 18th century oak stool with upholstered top and turned supports £30-50
982.    A reproduction twin pedestal mahogany dining table with interleaf £30-50
983.    An oval oak dropleaf occasional table on refectory style base £20-40
984.    A 19th century Sorrento Ware occasional table or stool with marquetry scene of dancers and guitarist all on three turned supports £20-40
985.    An Edwardian mahogany and brass coal scuttle £10-20
986.    An Edwardian mahogany wind-out dining table with interleaf on square tapered supports, 148 x 105cm.

987.    A camphorwood chest with metal mounts and military style catch - 94cm wide £40-60
988.    An oak jardiniere stand £10-20
989.    An Edwardian octagonal mahogany occasional table with central finial uniting four stretchers £20-30
990.    A model of a large sailing galleon 67cm long £30-50
991.    A large Japanese lacquer tray decorated with cranes in flight - 77cm wide £20-30
992.    A small early 20th century occasional table carved flowers to top, 50cm tall £10-20
993.    A late Victorian mahogany twin pedestal desk, in need of leather inset to top - 137cm wide £100-150
994.    A nest of three oak occasional tables on turned supports £20-30
995.    A large model river boat with battery lighting - 123cm long £30-50
996.    A 19th century mahogany two door panelled cupboard enclosing shelves 99cm wide x 32cm deep x 164cm tall £300-400
997.    A 1920's oak bookcase with two lead glazed doors over cupboard - presentation plaque dated 1928 - one glass a/f £50-70
998.    An early 20th century mahogany bureau bookcase with three drawers to base £20-40
999.    An 18th century oak longcase clock with brass dial and silvered chapter ring - the eight day movement by Robert Parker of Derby £300-500
1000.   A Victorian George III style oak dresser of small proportions with mahogany cross banding and shell inlay - the raised back with shelves and cupboards over two drawers and cabriole supports £200-300
1001.   An early 20th century mahogany two door display cabinet with two glazed doors raised four pad feet £60-80
1002.   A Limited Edition print of two dancing pigs 60/100 - 47 x 32cm £30-40
1003.   A print by M Cegari - Italian scene with lovers 'Copertina', signed in pencil - 18 x 12cm £10-20
1004.   A watercolour with bridge over river by Shepherd - 18 x 21cm £15-25
1005.   F. F. Errill (20th century) - oil on canvas - Ramshaw Rocks. 29cm by 39cm £20-30
1006.   S Penrowe - watercolour Near Bromsgrove 1978 - 17 x 27cm £10-20
1007.   Alfred Burgess Sharrocks - A selection of six various watercolours and sketches including some Welsh scenes. Largest is 24cm by 34cm £60-100
1008.   A late 19th/early 20th century gouache showing a Scottish river valley landscape scene, indistinctly signed. 27cm by 35cm £20-30
1009.   G. Gordon - A pair of Scottish watercolours/gouache showing heathland - 25cm by 35cm £30-50
1010.   Kim Brooks - watercolour fox - 19 x 28cm £30-50
1011.   Kim Brooks - watercolour ring tailed lemur - 15 x 20cm £30-50
1012.   19th century oil on canvas - after Walter Dendy Sadler showing three Dominican monks at dinner - unsigned - 60cm by 50cm £60-100
1013.   An early 20th century Mughal style watercolour hunting scene 12 x 19cm, and a small plaque painted animals £30-50