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on Friday 3rd July 2020
including good selection of Stamps, Coins & Postcards

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1.      Boxed stamp collection of various GB and British Empire/Commonwealth mint & used defin/commem in numerous packets (c. 400). QV to QEII period but mainly from KGVI on. Much NZ, India and Malaysia Singapore. In addition small amount of all world incl China. £20-40
2.      Shoe box full of GB QEII decimal FDC, PHQ cards, presentation packs and Prestige booklets mostly from 1990s. FV £180+. £80-140
3.      2 Shoe boxes stuffed full of mainly QEII Hong Kong defin and commem; one full of packets with values up to $20 seen and the other with masses of cuts (unchecked for varieties). In amongst these is earlier material from KGV/ KGVI period plus postage due, fiscal, machine labels, booklet and minisheets. 100s of stamps, much used & some mint. Much to offer. £50-100
4.      Stamps GB Presentation packs (approx 65) incl scarce 1971 Heinz Christmas pack (in original FDC) some Millenium issues; GB FDC's commems, Defins, Prestige Bristish panes etc ( 46) (approx 65 + 46) £70-90
5.      Shoe box of all world mint and used stamps with European bias on numerous stockcards and in packets. Defin, commem, postage due, air, occupation. Good early material, sets and high cat value. £40-80
6.      Box-lid full of Italian mint and used stamps: defin, commem, parcel post, postage due, air, colonies and occupation. Numerous overprints and set/part sets on 20+ stockcards and in packets. Early material and scarcer issues to be found. High cat value. £50-100
7.      Collection of Belgian and Netherlands stamps, mint & used defin/commem from 1860s on in album, 2 envelopes and 2 cigar boxes. Much good SG cat value and scarcer sets/issues incl Belgian 2F mauve used SG 91, 2c+2c purple 1911 overprint used SG 118 and Netherlands 1906 used set SG208-10. Good lot. £60-120
8.      Stamps of Japan and South Korea along with others such as Italy in 2 stock-books, 2 presentation albums, in approvals books and packets. Much unmounted as well as mounted mint and used. For Japan, late 19th c on; Korea is mainly from 1960s and incl mini-sheets. £40-80
9.      Varied mix of mainly KGVI & QEII GB & British Empire & Commonwealth defin, commem, officials & postage due. Mint & used incl sets, blocks and KGV 1 1/2d Royal Cypher booklet page with partial printer's name in watermark. Some decimal FV. MEF, EAF and Brit Postal Agencies incl. £30-60
10.     A4 sleeve of QEII Hong Kong unmounted mint defin stamps in blocks of 10, SG Type 155, including highest values up to $50, all in separate packets. Unchecked for watermark and not incl 60c, 70c, $1.50, $1.80, $1.90, $2.30 & $2.60 values. In addition FDC, souvenir and official last day cover dated 25.1.97 for the same Type 155 for those still issued at that time. SG Cat £400+. £40-80
11.     Album of mostly QV to early QEII GB and British Empire stamps, some RoW, plus 4 Brit Guiana/Gambia covers. Mix of mint and used, sets/part sets and higher values to $5/£1 incl Gambia KGVI Silver Wedding. £40-80
12.     Collection of GB QV-QEII covers and cuts, insurance receipts, contract notes, deeds and other ephemera mainly from late 1800s to early 1900s. Incl covers from 10 Downing St, Lord Chamberlain's Office, House of Commons and to military. About 100 items. £30-60
13.     QV to KGVI stockbook, well filled with mint and used to higher values of British Empire stamps, incl sets. Good SG cat. £40-60
14.     Collection of mainly used stamps of India and States, Pakistan, Ceylon, Hong Kong and some Cyprus in 2 small stockbooks. QV to QEII period. Some higher values, officials and overprints. £30-60
15.     GB QV to KGVI albums (2) with much LE, later defins and commems plus official, postage due, pre-paid. Mostly used but some mint and higher values. 100s. £50-100
16.     Polish collection in small box of mint/used defin, commem and postage due stamps, mainly of 1920s to 40s, incl immediate post WW2 period. Some less usual stamps on card, cover, in packets and loose. £30-50
17.     Over 30 mainly GB QEII FDC and special-to-event covers from early 60s to 1970s £10-15
18.     GB QV LE 1d Red plating album and 2 stock-sheets (3 sides filled) plus small tin of 1d lilac. About 500 1d red both imperf and perf, some Maltese Cross postmarked. £30-60
19.     QV - QEII stamps of South & East African countries plus India in 2 stock-books and 2 stock-sheets. Mainly used defin/commem with some fiscals and good early material incl KEVII East Africa & Uganda Protectorate 'Specimen' 20R + 50R (SG Cat £600+) and other higher values. £80-160
19A.    GB Presentation packs, 1980's commem. issues incl British films, river, fishes etc (23) £15-20
20.     Pair of USA stockbooks of mostly 20th C defin, commem, postage due, postal note, air, special delivery etc. Higher values to $1, some less common and early issues seen. £40-80
21.     Small blue stockbook of Egypt, QV to QEII period, mint and used defin, commem, postage due, overprints, air and Army Post. Some sets and good cross section. £30-60
22.     Two County Cricket 1893 - 1973 Official Medallic FDC in special pack. The 39mm silver proof medal depicts cricket game at Lords with 17 badges of 1st Class Cricket Clubs of the time verso. £20-40
23.     Large box of mainly QEII GB covers including FDC, registered, special cancel, Channel Islands, Royal Engineer commems/FPO (30+) plus PHQ cards and decimal presentation packs (FV c.£50) £40-80
24.     Hong Kong stamps: shoe box full of about 200 QEII covers from early 60s to handover period. FDC and others from various POs with defin and commem up to $50 values. Incl sets, machine labels and mini-sheets. Most in fine to very fine condition. £20-40
25.     Box full of QEII Hong Kong presentation packs, varied covers, mint mini-sheets up to and incl many $10 values, 3 album pages of known defin errors, loose defin stamps in boxes and 21 covers at 10c defin value (1962) from various post offices in Hong Kong. All sorts and value to be found. £60-120
26.     Box of mainly QEII Hong Kong presentation packs (20+), unused air letters and defin/commem covers up to $50. Many FDC, with varied postmarks amongst them incl 1997 Handover cachet on invalid use of QEII stamps post 1 Jul that year. £40-60
27.     Large box full of stamp-related items: 2 new stock-books, massive value in Leuchturm Lighthouse strips and sheets in packets/ draw cabinet plus unused SG stamp album pages, A4 clearview pages, other items and 2 sets of prints. £30-60
28.     Large box full of British Empire/ Commonwealth covers ( incl FDC ans special-to-event), presentation packs, pre-paids, forces post, paquebot and loose stamps in packets plus Canadian and S African approval books. Some more unusual items. £40-60
29.     Large box of 8 SG stamp albums of GB QEII mint/used defin and commem incl FDC, presentation packs, pairs, blocks, mini-sheets etc, 1971-96. Total FV £170+. £80-120
30.     Stanley Gibbons 1981 mint & used specialised A to Z commem stamp collection for the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer in 3 volumes. Mostly Brit Commonwealth issues incl booklets, booklet panes, mini-sheets, souvenir sheetlets, overprints etc. 100s. £20-40
31.     Glory box of GB & All World mint & used defin/commem/cinderella stamps in packets, presentation packs, approval books, on stockcards and loose. Incl mini-sheets & blocks. In addition air mail sheets, covers, catalogues and ephemera. £30-60
32.     Shoe box full of packets of QV - QEII stamps, mostly if not all used defin, commem etc plus some balloon race and bank letter cards. 100s of stamps. £30-60
33.     Two albums plus oddments of mainly QEII Gibraltar mint defin and commem. Incl mini-sheets, blocks, higher values to £3, booklets (incl Prestige), covers and a few earlier stamps mint and used, QV on. £20-40
34.     Boxed stamp collection of QV to QEII Hong Kong defin, commem and postage due, both mint (incl unmounted) and used, in an album, Post Office 150th anniversary book, numerous packets, loose and on cover (many FDC). Includes mini-sheets and values up to $50. £50-100
35.     Shoe box full of mostly 20th C European stamps, mint & used, in packets, approvals books (7 large, 15 standard size) and presentation packs. Some good items to be found. £40-60
36.     Shoe box full of GB QEII 2001/02 presentation packs/mini-sheets plus first day and special-to-event postmarked covers and PHQ cards. Over 150 items FV £130+ incl 2 London Bridges packs SG Cat £30 each. £60-100
37.     Post Office Albums (2) of 45 Philatelic Numismatic decimal covers, many limited edition and serial numbered, with proof coin face of £85+ and other coins/medals appropriate to commemorated event e.g. Berlin Airlift 1948/49 medal. £100-200
38.     QEII Hong Kong boxed stamp collection of defin, commem and machine labels in Post Office 150th anniversary book, various packets, mini-sheets and booklets. In addition covers, unused aerogrammes, empty 1995 yearbook and book on History of Hong Kong Cricket Club. £40-60
39.     Two stockbooks of mainly British Commonwealth & some all world stamps (A-I) incl China and Hong Kong. Mint & used defin/commem from QV period on. Good mix and SG Cat value. £30-60
40.     UN stamp collection in 2 SG and other album full of mint and used commems and special issues from 1990s on in numerous sets, booklets (30), blocks and mini-sheets. £20-40
41.     An Illustrated 'Minkus' Czechoslovakia album of mint and used defin/commem stamps from 1918 on. Including imperf, postage due, newspaper, express, official, overprints and minisheet £20-40
42.     Clip file of British Postal Agencies and Forces overseas stamps, mint and used, defin and commem with some higher values and early issues seen. Incl EAF and MEF. £40-80
43.     Large box containing 2 small All-World stamp albums and 5 stockbooks with much QEII GB mint, stock-sheets of India, bag of German approvals sheets and another of covers from late 1800s on. £20-60
44.     Box of All World stamps in 2 albums+2 stock-books, mint and used, QV - QEII. Incl British Empire, China, good quantity of early Europe and mix of defin, commem, locals, overprints, fiscal, official etc. Much variety , some less usual stamps and good cat value £80-160
45.     Large box of GB stamps of KGV to QEII period. Mint and used defin, commem, regionals and Channel Islands. Incl 2 large stockbooks, lever arch with many blocks of decimal mint, 5 smaller boxes of numerous packets, covers, PHQ cards, cuts, presentation packs, booklets and ephemera. FV c £130+ and good items to be found. £80-160
46.     Considerable All-World stamp collection within large box of 14 albums and smaller stock books plus presentation packs, covers, approvals books (12), loose in tin and in many packets. Includes mint minisheets and higher values. Countries include good USA and France plus Egypt, Italy, Thailand amongst many others. Some earlier material and many hundreds of stamps to be found. £60-120
47.     West German collection of mint/used stamps, mini-sheets, registered, courier and covers in 3 albums. Stamps from 1980s on; covers from 1960s on and many special-to-event postmarked. Small number of earlier German post cards as well. £60-120
48.     Box of 30+ GB QEII Post Office decimal stamp Year Books plus c.300 FDC and other covers, many special-to-event postmarked - most in very fine condition with typed addresses, incl Regionals. In addition, green exercise book of KGV defin stamps with 1935 Silver Jubilee photo-card. FV £180+. £80-120
49.     Dealer clear out of British Empire/Commonealth and RoW mint and used stamps in albums (4), boxes, packets and on cover, album pages and stock-sheets. QV to QEII defin, commem, postage due, officials etc. Higher values seen. 1000s. £30-60
50.     Dealer clear-out: Stamps of Spain and its Colonies, mint and used defin, commem, war, official, air, health, cinderella and others from 1850s on. Early album, stock-book and masses of stockcards, album pages and sheets. Good cat value with early material. £50-100
51.     Boxed collection of GB QEII mainly 1980s/2000s FDC and special-to-event postmarked covers, PHQ cards and mint stamp presentation packs. Incl many less usual FPO/BFPO FDC and cover commem visit of HM The Queen to Central Ordnance Depot, Donnington, on 4 June during Falklands War climax which ended 10 days later. Mint stamp FV £150+. £80-160
52.     Shoe box full of QEII Hong Kong presentation packs and varied covers. The later incl FDC from early 60s on, forces, return-to-sender, registered and collection of 18 covers for postage stamp centenary cancelled in various HK POs. Well over 100 items and some higher values. Includes unopened Prestige pack with mint stamps, face value at HK $220. £40-80
53.     Box of mainly QEII Hong Kong presentation packs (20+) and defin/commem covers up to $50 (many FDC) with varied postmarks amongst them. £30-50
54.     Box of mainly mid-20th C European stamps but some GB/ Brit Empire in small albums, approvals book, stock booklets, on cover, in containers and packets. Also some mint 'Die Haghe' Dutch Cinderellas, an old 1947 catalogue and 2 philatelic philatelic guide books. Good Austria amongst this. £40-80
55.     A large boxed stamp collection of British Commonwealth and rest of world stamps in seven quality SG albums, along with three all world catalogues and two containers of loose defins and commems, mint and used. Mostly from KGVI and QEII period, though some countries more in depth; some QV - KGV material seen £40-80
56.     Boxed collection of GB QEII mainly 1980s/90s FDC and special-to-event postmarked covers, PHQ cards, mint stamp presentation packs plus small box of empty booklets. Also 6 Prestige Wedgewood booklets (1 partial) SG DX1 with high Cat scarce booklet pane, some 40 BFPO covers from Cyprus and 4 covers marking visit of HM The Queen to RAOC Bicester, one signed by Maj Gen Stanyer. Mint FV £125+. £80-160
57.     A huge box of all world stamps to sort, from QV to QEII period, mint and used and including GB decimal FV £30 upwards. £30-50
58.     Collection of mint & used all-world stamps in 8 SG 'Tower' albums plus box of unused pages for albums concerned. Defin & comem from late 1800s on. Strength in Germany (States, Empire, Reich, West & East); some China, Japan and good quantity of USA. £60-120
59.     Stamps of Lichtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland on 15 stockcards and in packet. Mint & used defin/commem with some from late 1800s, others of scarcer issue and in sets. £40-80
60.     Plastic wallet of GB QEII mint defin and commem stamps mostly in booklets but some in packets. Incl Greetings booklets, less common International booklets (SG GD4a/SG GJ1a) and £1.50 pair of Caernarfon Castle (SG 1612). FV c £125. £50-70
61.     A4 sleeve of QEII Hong Kong unmounted mint defin stamps in blocks of 10, SG Type 155, including highest values up to $50, all in separate packets. Unchecked for watermark and not incl 60c, 70c, $1.50, $1.80, $1.90, $2.30 & $2.60 values. In addition booklets, numerous unmounted mint mini-sheets and loose commem with FDCs and other covers from 1960s on. Good lot, SG Cat £500+. £60-120
62.     QV to KGV mint defin/commem collection (some unmounted) on three stock cards. Line engraved, jubilee issues etc to 1/- values; some invert wmk, c £1400 SG cat £80-100
63.     Red ring binder of QV LE, later GB, Brit Empire and All World stamps with varied postmarks incl some of QV Ireland £20-40
64.     Bahrain and Brit Postal Agencies in East Arabia QEII defin and commem sets on 2 stocksheets. Mostly unmounted mint to highest values. Bahrain high values are both Type I & Ii. £20-40
65.     Small collection of Air stamps of Canada, unmounted mint and used, incl Officials, 1928 to 1950. SG cat £500+. £40-80
66.     British Guiana QEII definitives, mint & used, up to top value $5, wmk Multi-script CA. £10-15
67.     Box of c. 190 GB QEII defin & commem mint decimal presentation packs of 1990s/2000s. Incl pair of scarcer 'The Bridges Of London' pack, 2002, SG cat £30 each. Total FV £650 +. £250-350
68.     Large photo album mostly full of QEII Hong Kong unmounted mint 1970s/1980s commem stamp sheets, many by set, plus some GB and India. In addition, 1997 $50 cover, pack of mini-sheets, booklets and box of covers. SG Cat £1,300+. £100-200
69.     Green stamp stockbook of Chinese People's Republic used stamps into the 1960s incl blocks, overprints, postage due and some of the less usual and more valuable. Very good collection with many commem sets incl Chysanthemums, Goldfish and Hwangshan landscapes. £200-300
70.     Green stamp stockbook of Chinese People's Republic mint stamps into the 1960s, mostly if not all unmounted, incl blocks and some of the less usual and more valuable. Super collection of many commem sets. A few of later period. £300-400
71.      'Vario' album and box of Belgium mint/used defin, commem & railway srtamps. Incl mini-sheets & scarcer items from 1860s on plus Belgium Congo issues. SG Cat £2000+ £100-200
72.     Stockbook stuffed full of mainly KGV/KGVI New Zealand stamps - mint and used defin, commem and officials. Entire sheets, numerous blocks, multiple sets to higher values all to be found. Unchecked for varieties. Good lot £150-300
73.     Late 19thC illustrated Schwaneberger 'International' Postage Stamp album with many QV and later period defin, commem, postage due, parcel, newspaper, fiscal etc. Although remaindered, it still has much to offer with good cat values to be found. Europe well represented; other continents less so with some later infill up to KGVI. Many hundreds of stamps of an older nature. Good lot. £100-200
74.     Swedish collection of 1850s to 1940s defin, commem, air, landstormen, postage due and official stamps, including sets, perf/wmk varieties and scarcer issues. A good early album and solid base to forming larger collection. £100-200
75.     Red stamp stockbook of mainly GB KGV/KGVI mint and used defin/commem incl KGV seahorses to 5/-, KGVI higher values to 10/- incl SG478 (5 in packet) and many blocks. £150-300
76.     Folder of GB, British Empire & ROW stamps, mint & used, defin & commem plus covers and ephemera. Incl KGV 2/6d and 5/- mint seahorses + later re-engraved (1934), KEVII defin to 1/- (mostly mint), QV 5/- (SG180) used, Grenada KGV Silver Jubilee cover & mint Newfoundland set. Overall SG Cat £2000+ £150-300
77.     Jet 'Specialist' stamp album plus stockbook of mainly British Empire & Commonwealth mint and used defin & commem. Incl many sets/part sets to higher, if not highest, values up to £1. Much Omnibus material - UPU/KGVI Silver Wedding in packets n- and unmounted mint. Good lot - photos give sense of value on offer. £200-400
78.     Large A4 lever arch full of France and Colonies. Collection of numerous album sheets from different sources and times incl good 1850s imperf with early colonial values and sets/part sets. Defin, commem, postage due, air etc. 100s of stamps; much to offer and solid basis for any collection. £200-400
79.     Stanley Gibbons album of GB QV-KGVI mint and used stamps - defin, commem, officials and fiscals/perfins. Incl 2x1dBlacks, 2d Blues, other LE and later QV issues incl scarcer stamps and higher values up to 5/-, with George VI up to £1. Covers incl £150-300
80.     Two sizeable, well-filled stock-books and sheets of Greek defin, commem, postage due, charity, red cross and other stamps incl Women's Patriotic League, Albanian occupation, Crete and Aegean Islands. Both mint & used from 1860s on. Sizeable cat value and basis for in-depth collection. £120-240
81.     Large 32 page stockbook of Chinese stamps from late 1800 dragons on. Imperial, Republic, Provinces, Manchuria, Liberation and People's Republic including defin, commem, postage due, air etc plus higher values, blocks and sets/part sets. £120-240
82.     Green stamp album in wooden box cover of mainly GB & British Empire stamps from QV to KGVI period. Much mint as well as used defin/commem incl 1d Black 4 margin (tight), higher values to £1 - incl KGVI Silver Wedding - and higher cat values as in mint New Zealand KEVII/KGV. £200-400
83.     Collection of 12 complete QEII Commonwealth Stamp booklets from East Africa, Fiji and Malta. In detail: 5/- East Africa (3) , 1958, SG SB7; Fiji of 1967 2/- SB5 1st Issue with incorrect postage rate on back cover (1) and 2nd issue (3) plus 1969 20c SB6 (2); Malta of 1970 SB1 (3). All are are in sound, clean condition. Total cat £125. £15-30
84.     4 QEII Hong Kong complete mint stamp booklets as issued from 1965, 2 of $2 SG SB8 (Cat £35 each) and 2 of $5 SG9 (Cat £120 each) - total Cat £310. £40-60
85.     Used defin & commem of Republic of China mainly from 1940 to 1960s period plus some Czech stamps in 2 approvals books, loose and in packets - many blocks incl. £15-30
86.     Envelope of 14 GB QEII Prestige and 9 other decimal booklets plus packets of loose UMM incl pairs of 1997 £2, £3 & £5 (SG 1994-96, Cat £158). FV £120+. £60-100
87.     Envelope of less usual FDC and other covers incl KGVI 1948 Olympic Games special cancel, Stampex cover +ephemera with return-to-sender and insufficiently prepaid. £20-40
88.     Packet of some 30 GB Forces and consulate covers, incl variety of FPO nos and a Maritime (red postmark) £20-40
89.     Small box full of GB QV used Penny Reds, well over 200 and mostly 2 corner. Some plated, many not. Unchecked for perf or wmk. £20-40
90.     A4 sleeve of QEII Hong Kong unmounted mint defin stamps in 3 blocks of 4, SG Type 155, incl highest values up to $50, all in separate packets. Unchecked for watermark and not incl 60c, 70c, $1.50, $1.80, $1.90, $2.30 & $2.60 values. In addition booklets, numerous clean FDCs and other covers from 1960s on. SG Cat c. £500. £50-100
91.     Box of all world postal covers and unused air letter sheets in folders incl scarcer Forces postal covers and Japanese postcards (1930s). £30-60
92.     Green shoebox of collector's duplicates in c 140 stockcards and various packets. Mainly British Empire/ Commonwealth mint & used incl sets/part sets and high values. Many hundreds of early to modern stamps, QV on. Good lot. £120-180
93.     Two part-filled stockbooks of mainly KGVI & QEII period GB, Commonwealth & World used stamps. Defin & commem incl mini-sheets and higher values up to $5. £40-80
94.     Stirling World album of mainly KGV to early QEII period defin, commem, postage due, air, rail and other stamps. Some sets/part-sets in well-filled album. Some QV LE and higher values noted. £20-40
95.     Chinese Imperial Post dragons (17) on 2 pages at back of approvals book and more in stockbook up to 50c with other Chinese stamps of later period which are both mint and used, some in blocks plus provincial/ japanese occupation. Other world stamps to be found and much of the mint is unmounted or ungummed which was normal for many issues. £60-120
96.     Green stamp stockbook of post 1945 China, Chinese People's Republic and Chinese Nationalist Republic stamps into the 1960s. Mint and used incl blocks, overprints, postage due, provincial and a small number of the less usual. £100-200
97.     Small Rapkin 'Popular' stamp album of GB & British Empire mint & used, QV to KGV, with a few higher values incl 2/6d & 10/- KGV seahorses. Some good New Zealand and less common stamps £40-60
98.     Two large albums and a stock-book of mint & used Gambia and Sierra Leone stamps, mainly QEII and post-Independence with some earlier. Incl defin, commem, air, overprints, mini-sheets, blocks, covers, many sets, higher values and iconic 'Coin' stamps of the Sierra Leone. Comprehensive collections for the period focused on. £100-200
99.     Collection of 3 British Empire Stamp Albums, QV to KGVI period, with good range of countries (A to Z) and values, some higher. Blocks, officials, omnibus, air and some ephemera. Attractive lot. £60-100
100.    Old GB and all-world collection with European bias, randomly organised, QV to KGV period, mint/used defin, commem, officials, postage due etc. Some India, USA and other all world. 100s. £60-120
101.    Large Senator album of German stamps from 1900s on incl Reich, occupation and W. Germany issues from 1949 on. Many sets/part sets. £60-120
102.    Specialised album of British Guiana/Guyana mint & used stamps mixed with another of Carribean/Americas Brit Empire/Commonwealth (incl Brit Guiana) & some S. American countries. Good variety and quantity from QV to QEII period incl postage due, specimen, revenue - many with overprints and some errors. Much useful material, numerous and good cat. £80-160
103.    Box of Swedish unmounted mint stamps on stockcards, in booklets and post office coils from 1950s on. The 100 stamp coils are the 5 ore red (12) SG383, 10 ore blue (2) SG386, 20 ore blue SG481, 1.30 kr blue SG1035 and 1.75Kr blue SG1077; total coils 17. FV Swedish Krona 2,100 (£170+). Unusual items. £60-120
104.    Triumph A to J album of mint and used GB and all world stamps, incl defin, commem, officials, postage due, newspaper, fiscals etc. Lots in this good, full album of earlier issues mainly from QV to KGV period. £60-100
105.    British Empire and Commonwealth 32 page stock-book full of mint & used defin, commem, officials etc. Sets/part sets plus higher values. Good lot. £80-160
106.    Boxed and purposed black GB Windsor Album of QV - QEII defin & commem up to decimalisation. Good quantity of QV LE and a spread of later issues with mint and higher KGVI/QEII values amongst them. Blocks, se-tenant and sets incl QEII mint phosphors. QV/ KEVII officials up to 9d at back. £80-160
107.    QEII Isle of Man stamp presentation albums (2) full of mint decimal defin, commem and postage due, FV £80 +. Incl blocks, cylinder & sheet no, traffic lights, mini-sheets, sheets, higher values to £2 and most, if not all, are unmounted. £40-60
108.    Collection of French stamps, mint and used defin/commem, in 2 quality purposed Schaubek albums, on 2 stockcards and loose in cigar box. 1870s on. £50-100
109.    Box of mainly GB mint QEII Prestige and other booklets (incl Smilers), FDC, special-to-event postmarked PHQ, other postcards, defin/commem stamps plus Welsh Christmas airletters, cuts & packets of other mint/used and KGVI UPU covers (3). FV c £220. £120-240
110.    Box of GB QEII mint presentation packs/mini-sheets plus first day and special-to-event postmarked covers, PHQ cards with others and Welsh Christmas airletters. Well over 200 items. FV £170+. £80-140
111.    Two box files of mainly GB FDC covers, many with slogans, from KGVI & QEII pre-decimal era. Top 7 out of some 120 have Booths Cat of over £550 alone. Majority are neat, clean and photo-corner mounted on written-up Windsor Album pages. Little if any repetition and generally clear postmarks. Good collection. £100-200
112.    Box full of GB QEII mint decimal presentation packs FV £100+, FDC and special-to-event postmarked covers incl BFPO, PHQ and other postally-related cards plus tin of cuts/ loose stamps. £60-100
113.    Large box full of 15 European albums, mostly mid 20thC mint and used defin/commem but some much earlier, with oddments of all world amonst them. This varied lot includes good large album of Belgian & Colonies with early issues to be seen plus mint stamps of other countries at back. Large Netherlands album is full of much unmounted mint. Most countries of Europe covered incl Germany, France, Spain and Italy. £80-120
114.    Boxed GB stamp collection in 2 stockbooks, 2 PHQ Card albums and in various sleeves/envelope. Much mint and early used material in packets, incl QV and higher values such as KGV seahorses plus a range of early covers & cards. Most if not all PHQ cards first day. In addition booklets, sheets etc of QEII mint decimal FV £125+. £150-300
115.    Box full of 7 stamp albums plus packs and sleeves of GB, Brit Empire and all world defin, commem, officials postage due, cinderellas etc in collector's clear out, mint and used, QV to QE II. Good pickings amongst this incl QV across range of countries, higher values, mini-sheets (one Specimen) blocks, booklet and wide variety. Some FV incl that in Telecoms & Society book and Isle of Man. Good lot. £80-120
116.    Large box full of stamps in 5 large + 2 smaller stockbooks, 3 shoe boxes and a tin. QV to QEII, mostly the latter, from Australia, Canada, Cyprus and New Zealand. Defin, commem, official, postage due etc; with 100s in small packets. Value to be found amongst it. £50-100
117.    World stamp accumulation, both mint and used, in two large boxes, old albums, stockbooks & cards, packets and on page. Incl some GB and Commonwealth as well as sheets, FDC, other covers, approval book and presentation packs. QV period on. Collector's clear out; 1000s. £80-160
118.    Stockbook of mainly KGV to QEII mint and used British Empire/Commonwealth stamps with strength in East Africa incl Rhodesia and KUT. Lots of blocks, higher values to £1, some postage due and officials. Good pickings amongst this lot. £60-120
119.    Stamps of Australia, New Zealand and some Ceylon, QV to QEII, mint/used, in album and 2 stock-books. £60-120
120.    New Zealand stamps, QV to QEII, in 3 stockbooks full of defin, commem, official, insurance etc.Some blocks and scarcer material, many sets £100-120
121.    A large well-filled stockbook of mint and used Hungarian stamps, defin, commem, postage due, occupation issues, newspapers and journals, overprints, air and many sets/part sets. Scarcer material amongst the wide range
122.    GB stamp album of mainly QV to QEII defin/commem, mint and used. Incl Penny Black (one margin), other LE, 9d pale straw (2), higher values to £1 pre-QE II (incl KGV seahorses to 10/-) and a few postage due. £100-200
123.    Stamp album of Fiji, QV to QEII, mint (much UMM in glycines) and used defin and commem. Value in QV mint plus numerous blocks and higher values. Good, neat lot with strong QEII through to 1970. £60-120
124.    British Empire & Commonwealth album of mainly KGVI & QEII mint defin/commem stamps (mostly if not all UMM), countries I to N. These incl India, KUT, Jamaica, New Zealand and smaller quantities from countries such as Malaysia, Montserrat and Nigeria plus territories/provinces such as Leeward Island, Newfoundland and Nuie. Many blocks and higher values up to £1 / $3. £70-140
125.    British Empire & Commonwealth album of mainly KGVI & QEII mint defin/commem stamps (mostly if not all UMM), countries/colonies N to T. These incl St Helena, Singapore and Southern Rhodesia plus others such as Nyasaland, Pitcairn Island and the other island 'Saints'. Many blocks and higher values up to £1 / 5 rupee. £70-140
126.    British Empire & Commonwealth album of mainly KGVI & QEII mint defin/commem stamps (mostly if not all UMM), countries/colonies/protectorates A to C. These incl Aden, Australia, Barbados and Ceylon + others such as Antigua, Ascension, Basutoland and Cayman Islands. Many blocks and higher values up to 5s/1 rupee. £70-140
127.    British Empire & Commonwealth album of mainly KGVI & QEII mint defin/commem stamps (mostly if not all UMM) from countries/colonies/Channel Islands Co to H. These incl Falkland Islands & Dependencies, Gibraltar, Gold Coast and Hong Kong plus others such as Cyprus, Dominica, Gambia and Guernsey. Many blocks and higher values up to 5/- / $2. £80-160
128.    Stamp album of Papua & New Guinea plus another of Norfolk Island & Samoa, KGVI/QEII, mint (most if not all UMM) and used defin, commem & postage due. Numerous blocks, higher values up to £1, Norfolk Island presentation packs (2). Registered labels noted. £40-80
129.    Stamps of Malta in 2 albums (1 part-filled) of QV to QEII period mint & used defin/commem incl overprints and higher values up to 10/-. Incl numerous sets and blocks. £40-80
130.    Purposed Davo and Leuchtturm stamp albums (2) of Belgian mint/used defin, commem, charity, rail etc. from 1860s to 1970s. Incl numerous early issue defins, sets/part sets, mini-sheets and much cat value. 100s. £120-240
131.    Box of 8 albums of mostly GB QEII pre & post decimal defin, commem, regional, postage due etc incl presentation packs, FDC and other covers incl signed and air mail letters. Some earlier material, QV on. FV £70+. £100-200
132.    Large box of 7 SG+1 stamp albums of GB QEII mint/used defin and commem incl FDC and special-to-occasion postmarked typed covers, mini- sheets, presentation packs incl Millenium, Stamp Show 2000 souvenir pack, blocks, pairs etc, 1996-2000s. Total FV £750+. £300-400
133.    Large box full of GB & Commonwealth stamps, mostly if not all used, in 3 stockbooks and 5 small boxes. Albums are for A to G, Malaysia, P to S Countries incl Aden, Antigua, Bahamas, Cook Islands, Gibraltar, Rhodesia, Singapore, the 'Saints' and Solomon Islands. The small boxes are full of GB/Commonwealth cuts, Registered & other labels plus loose/packets of Australia+Papua New Guinea. £50-100
134.    A large collection of all world stamps, defin and commem, mint and used in three large boxes. QV period on. Much loose in boxes/bags, some sparsley filled albums, small box of covers, two approvals books of Australian stamps (KGV on), catalogues and ephemera etc
135.    A small box of 22 GB QEII mint decimal Prestige booklets plus 32 others. Total FV c.£350. £150-200
136.    Chinese People's Republic commem unmounted mint minisheets of the Scientists of Ancient China, SG1663a, Cat £95 the set of 4. Not commonly seen. £20-30
137.    Chinese People's Republic commem unmounted mint and used minisheets of the unveiling of the People's Heroes Monument, 1 May 1958 issue, SG MS1749a, Cat £350 & £125 respectively. Scarce lot. £50-100
138.    Chinese People's Republic split-open registered & sporting covers and Mao front of cover, 4 total, some with good higher catalogue values £30-60
139.    Collection Imperial Chinese, Chinese Republic and Chinese Republic stamps into the 1980s in 3 approvals books, many packets and on front/covers (one numismatic). Mint and used defin & commem incl blocks, overprints, postage due, provincial and occupation. Some higher values and Chinese Imperial dragons. £40-80
140.    Stamps of South Africa: Cape of Good Hope triangulars 4d (SG6), 6d (SG20) and 1/- (SG8b) (tight margins), used, Cat £1,100+. £60-120
141.    Stamp album pages (2) of GB QV LE and later issues, mint & used, incl 2 Penny Blacks (4 and 3 margin, black & red MC respectively), 1d red imperf numeric MCs, mint values to 6d and higher values to 2/-. Cat £4000+. £200-400
142.    53 used Chinese Imperial Post dragon stamps of 1898 to 1906 period plus 3 with 1912 Chinese Republic overprints; some good postmarks and values up to 10c. Clean, tidy condition for their age. £30-60
143.    C to L collection of mainly GB & British Empire/Commonwealth mint and used stamps on 45 stock-cards. QV -QEII defin, commem etc incl GB varieties overprinted issues, sets/part sets and higher values. Canada, Cyprus, Dominica, Fiji, India & States, KUT, Jamaica and Labuan amongst others. £80-120
144.    M to V collection of mainly British Empire/Commonwealth mint and used stamps on 44 stock-cards. QV -QEII defin, commem etc incl overprinted issues, higher values, sets/part sets, varieties, official and inland mail. Countries incl Madagascar, Morroco Agencies, Muscat, New Foundland, New Zealand, Maldives, Sudan and Carribean Islands amongst others. £60-100
145.    A to B collection of mainly British Empire/ Commonwealth mint and used stamps on 45 stock-cards. QV -QEII defin, commem etc incl overprinted issues, sets/part sets, higher values, occupation. Countries incl Aden, Australia, Batum, Carribean Islands and Brit POs in E.Arabia. £60-100
146.    Box of GB QEII mint decimal defin/commem stamps in stock sleeves and packets from 1990s/2000s. Masses of complete sets as individuals, pairs, blocks or part sheets plus mini sheets. FV c. £1000. £400-600
147.    Small collection of Mauritius stamps on 10 stock-cards, QV-QEII, incl early issues, mint and, defin and commem incl some overprinted issues and sets. £30-50
148.    Small collection of Ascension Islands stamps on 9 stock-cards, KGV-QEII, mint and used, defin and commem incl strong cat higher values, sets/part sets and perf varieties. £40-80
149.    Stamps - Birds of Zambia stamps on signed FDC by well known artist Gabriel Ellison who designed this set as well as many others and the national flag of Zambia too. In addition a small envelope of all world stamps £10-20
150.    Chinese Republic 150th Anniversary of US Constitution 5c stamp plus other defin on cover. Sent from Chungking to Swansea in 1939, via Hong Kong, with post and customs marks. Also Imperial Japanese late 19th C 'Koban' definitives on postcard and official sheet. £15-30
151.    Less common 1945 Polish mint & used overprinted commemorative stamps including scarce brown-overprinted 1.50 zt on 25 g. red-brown plus Red Cross fund-raising mini-sheet. £40-80
152.    Unusual, used New Zealand 1d carmine defin stamp (SG 405 type) overprinted 'British Antarctic Expedition Victoria Land' SG A3, Cat £120, on Scott Expedition 1911-13 writing paper of the 'Terra Nova' R.Y.S. (The Royal Yacht Squadron) and in unusually good condition - only slight foxing; clear cancel. True limited edition as fewer than 2,000 were sold to the public from the expedition. £50-100
153.    Collection of stamp booklets incl KGV Silver Jubilee 3/- issue No 296, KEVIII 2/- issue 356 and QEII pre-decimal; 13 total - all complete. In addition, stockcards of KUT (6) and Ireland (14), Egypt Suez Canal Co 1c Black (SG 1) imperf unused (no gum) with certificate and KGVI defin varieties of Barbados. Total SG Cat £650+ £70-140
154.    Stamps of Allied occupied Germany 1947/8 on 10 covers/cards including military censor on civil mails, Esperanto and Hannover Messe 1947 cancels. High cat value stamps such as 42pfg green (SG 918) and 15 pfg brown (SG A41) amongst them. Interesting, unusual lot. £40-80
155.    Pair of scarcer GB QEII £1.25 stamp booklets, LMS Class 4P Passenger Tank Engine, Design 2, SG FK6a (B) with corrected rate and selvedge at right. One has cylinder number B1 in selvedge. Cat £250 the pair. £20-40
156.    GB LE stamp covers: 1d Black entire dated 21 Aug 1840 and 1d Red 1847. 1d Black is 4 margin, Red MC, with slight loss bottom right corner within margin. Back stamp receiver 'Glasgow 22 Aug 1840' and 'Dumfries 21 Aug 1840'. The letter is between Mary and Jane Sharp, likely to be sisters, with insights to daily life at the time. 1d Red cover is from Glasgow to Moodiesburn, Paisley. £50-100
157.    Scarce stamps of Chinese People's Republic: unmounted mint (UMM) mini-sheet commem 70th anniversary of works of Kuan Han-Ching, the playwright, SG MS1762a, cat £475. £80-150
158.    Scarce stamps of Chinese People's Republic: UMM mini-sheet commem 26th World Table Tennis Championships, Peking, SG MS1971A, cat £1,200. £300-500
159.    Three higher value Austrian stamps: 2, 5 and 10Kr from 1910 commem set of 80th birthday of Francis Joseph I , mounted mint, Cat £400+ £60-100
160.    Newfoundland stamp: 1d Chocolate brown, mounted mint, SG 16, £Cat 350. £50-80
161.    Unmounted mint set of Chinese People's Republic 4th Anniversary of Cuban Revolution stamps, SG 2063/8, Cat £400. £30-60
162.    Shoe box full of GB QEII stamp booklets, mostly decimal, FV c. £450; mostly from 70s to 90s period, incl 2 Prestige. Many sets of designs. £200-300
163.    Strong GB QV-QEII (pre-decimal) collection in completely filled, 32 page stockbook, mint and used, with much LE incl 2x1d blacks, 2d blues, 1d reds across the spectrum - some Maltese Cross. Other early material incl travelling PO covers, items on piece and embossed issues. Higher values to 5/- pre George VI and to £1 thereafter. Also scarcer values, postage dues, officials, fiscals, prepaids and cinderellas. Blocks, inverts and less usual postmarks seen. SG Cat value significant; £1000s. £500-1000
164.    Good, clean 1936 KEVIII 1/2d, 1d and 1 1/2d definitives on display FDC for specific-to-value dates of issue. Booth Cat £125 - £140 each for commem covers. £30-60
165.    Six special-to-event GB Post Office Label Sheets: 2 Smiler 'The Stamp Show 2000' and 4 special order Christmas (ImprInt 'Post Office 2000'), SG LS1, LS2 and LS3. Cat £540+. £40-80
166.    GB QEII mint commem stamps, 5 issues and 100 stamps in blocks or strips of 20 or pairs in sets. Many 1st Class. FV £170+. £80-120
167.    Large photo album in box full mostly QEII Hong Kong unmounted mint 1960s/70s commem stamp sheets, many by set, plus Macau/cinderalla additions. SG Cat £6,200+. SG listed varieties noted within sheets. £400-800
168.    Spare lot £0-10
169.    Spare lot £0-10
170.    Spare lot £0-10
171.    Spare lot £0-10
172.    Spare lot £0-10
173.    Spare lot £0-10
174.    Spare lot £0-10
175.    Postcards Glamour. Raphael Kirchner (3) comprising 'La Favorite - VI' of two heavily gilded cards (ex series 123) (3) £40-60
176.    Postcard Warwickshire. Topography incl: Coventry Broadgate RP, exterior Railway station, 1907 Godiva procession with Druid participants, Birmingham Paradise Street, Bourneville Linden Rd, Ashow village etc (52) £60-70
177.    Postcards Ireland. Topography incl: Guiness brewery RP's (3) incl: cask filling; Street scenes at Dublin, Newcastle, Kingstown etc Irish Jauntin car comic set ( 6) by Reg Carter etc (74) £60-80
178.    Postcards Military: small group incl RP's of individual soldiers WWI war damage scenes, some with field PO markings (37 cards) £15-20
179.    Postcards Golf related with club houses, Links, comic etc incl: Llandrindod Wells, Aberdovey, Sandringham, Berrow etc ( 31) £30-40
180.    Postcards Equine: including artists Hilda Walker, Harry Payne etc; working horses, hunting scenes, donkeys etc ( approx 80) £30-40
181.    Postcards Dogs: Selection mainly artist drawn including Maud West Watson, George Wright, Rosa Bebb, Eileen Hood etc (approx 50 plus) £25-30
182.    Postcards Oxon. RP Hitchmans Ltd staff outing 1908 group photo at Chipping Norton station; scenes at Burford, Deddington, Woodstock, Todmarton, Henley market place etc (38) £50-70
183.    Postcards Wales. Topography incl: Powell Duffryn, Colliery Bargoed, Towyn Rhyl Station
(interior) street scenes at Newport, Cardiff, Llanelly, Machynlleth etc (82) £70-80
184.    Postcards Stage celebs - incl: Sarah Bernhardt, Adelina Patti, Vesta Tilley, Clara Butt, Marie Lloyd etc ( 100 plus) £40-50
185.    Postcards Devon. Topography incl: scenes at Bradninch, Cheriton, Fitzpaine, Abbotsham, Tiverton Lace factory, flood destruction (2 RP's) etc (90) £60-70
186.    Postcards Maritime. Photos / cut down pictures chiefly Naval vessels, all appear identified (approx 75) others incl 2 x R.N.L.I advertising cards ( 1 red, 1 blue) Liners incl: Empress of Britain, RMS Queen Mary, RMS Caledonia etc (quantity) £70-80
187.    Postcards - small quantity with a few Military RP's, GB Topography oddments (approx 20) £10-20
188.    Postcards. Kent, Sussex and Surrey topography incl: RP's Tidebrook (2 x school, windmill) RP Wadhurst High Street, RP Deepcut Camp station booking Hall no 2, RP's (2) Landslip Best Beech Hill Wadhurst, Lowfiled Windmill, Horley Cottage, Hespita etc (40) £80-100
189.    Postcard London. Topography incl Woolwich RP's (6) incl: Beresford Square, Dockyard, Free Ferry, R.A Barracks etc: Covent Garden market, Hampton Hill etc (38) £25-30
190.    Postcards Kent. Topography incl RP Opthalmic hosptial Maidstone, Kensington High Street, Maidstone High St, St Margarets Cliffe village etc (53) £50-70
191.    Postcards Worcester. Topography incl scenes at Cropthorne, Railway Hotel Defford, Malvern, Evesham, Worcester, Powick village etc (63) £40-50
192.    Postcards Essex. Topography range incl: RP Chelmsford cattle market, street scene at S.Walden, Terling, Great Clacton etc (78) £60-70
193.    Postcards Glos. Topography with Lydney incl Norchard colliery, tin works, cottage hospital, Bridge hotel etc, Newnham incl RP Victoria Hotel, church, others incl: Cheltenham, Parkend incl: Station, Henbury etc ( 34) £70-80
194.    Postcards Sussex. Topography incl: Pevensey village, Volks electric Railway, Church Rd Hove, Kingston Lighthouse, Lewes High Street, etc ( 79) £50-70
195.    Postcards Glos. Topography incl scenes at Stroud, Chalford, Woodchester, Amberley, Nailsworth, Gloucester, Coleford, Stonehouse, Kings Stanley etc (approx 75) £60-80
196.    Postcards Herts. Topography incl: 1906 motoring Smash at Markyate; street scenes at Much Hadham, Wheathampstead village, 1909 May Day procession Fore St, Hertford etc (42) £50-70
197.    Postcards Lancs. Topography incl RP Four Lane Ends, Shaw; scenes at Wigan Friday market, Portland street Manchester, Victoria Rd Cleveleys etc (82) £60-80
198.    Postcards Lincs. Topography incl Mablethorpe Flood disaster (RPs x 3), Grimsby, Grantham, Stamford, Louth etc (65) £60-80
199.    Postcards Glos. Topography incl RP's Whitecroft, Coleford, Choir/children, vicarage, Almshouses etc, various Lydney incl: Hill Street, Newerne Street, Church Street, RP Newnham High Street, Princes Royal colliery etc (25) £50-60
200.    Poscards Kent. Topography incl: street scenes at Ashford, Grove Park, Briddenden (RP) Maidstone, Dover, Hythe, Herme village etc (74) £40-60
201.    Postcards Scotland Topography incl: Lundin Links, Glasgow, Kingussie, Girls gipping Herring + 12-card British Stirling plus 2 info (53+3) £20-30
202.    Postcards Topographical accumulation - mixed GB/world mostly modern ( approx 700 cards) £20-30
203.    GB Topographical incl RP's Twyford, Bearsden etc, Advertising card for Hadfields Manures, Crumlin viaduct etc, small quantity greeting cards etc £40-50
204.    Postcards - various incl: Greetings, topography, comic incl: G. Christie etc (approx 300) £10-20
205.    Postcard Album; miscellaneous incl: RP Mumbles train in action, Swansea hospital, Ceroy High Street RP, Wolverhampton street scenes inc: Victoria Street etc, Fantasy babies comic etc (approx 400) £80-100
206.    Postcard accumulation incl: Topography, greetings etc mainly older period (approx 1100 plus) £60-80
207.    Postcards: Collection with some topographical incl. Gloucester, RP Blakeney, etc. Cats incl. Glass-eyed, L.Wain, A.E. Kennedy etc, Children including Barham, Comic Dogs (Thiele), Military etc interesting mixture ( 100's) £90-130
208.    Two Postcard albums with Topographical incl RP - H Sanbrook of Hereford (Baker with horse drawn cart), scenes of Dilwy, Kilpeck etc. - RP exterior A.Sindop (shop front with staff and huge display of poultry); some RP's Military personnel, some WWI embroidered silks, greetings etc - (approx 280) £100-120
209.    Postcards: Accumulation in three albums - many children's Artists incl. M.L Attwell, Flora White, Sowerby, Agnes Richardson, Beatrice Mallett etc, RP 1939 West Indies Cricket Team (all identified, some autographs) RP Margot Fonteyne etc., mixed periods (approx 400) Condition varies £60-80
210.    Postcards: Album chiefly GB topographical incl. Weston-Super- Mare, Severn/Whitecross Roads RP's, scenes of Hawkesbury Upton, Tredington, Belbroughton etc (approx 140) £40-50
211.    Postcards Accumulation in two albums with Military incl RP New Army Bridgig Aldershot Canal, supberb RP vintage car driver, Rafael Kirchener study entitled 'Merci'GB topography incl: scenes at Chideock, Aberdeen, Sheringham, Ireland incl: Fermey, Mitchelstown etc ( approx 200 and small quantity GB stamps etc piece) £100-140
212.    Postcard Album incl Topography, comic, children, Royalty, cats/dogs etc ( approx 260) £50-70
213.    Postcards: Small quantity in album and folder - some military incl. 1941 Xmas greetings from Stalag VIIIB etc Condition mixed £15-20
214.    Postcards Album with Topography. Artists incl: Thiele (Pierrot cat) Graham Hyde, Sotter etc; children, railway, Royalty etc wide mixture ( approx 250) £80-100
215.    Postcards with Religious interest: small collectionmany being RP's with churches including Holyhead, St Marys Chatham, clergy incl Dean of Worcester etc ( approx 100 plus) £30-40
216.    Postcards. Large quantity with topographical (GB & Foreign); Flora/Fauna incl cattle, birds etc (artists incl G. Rankin etc), mixed periods, wide range (very many 100's) £70-100
217.    Postcards: GE Studdy - Bonzo comic cards (all different) together with large display album (33 cards plus Album) £35-40
218.    Postcards: Bonzo - section of sport related cards, incl Golf, Cricket, Tennis etc ( 24 ) £25-35
219.    Postcards Glamour. Beautiful Girls as depicted by Asti, P.Boileau, Quinnell etc (64) £80-100
220.    Postcards. Large accumulation in various albums with GB topography incl: Chippenham Causeway (RP), Dilton Marsh village, Calne Square, RP The Terrace Rogiet animated scene etc (100's) £80-100
221.    Postcards. Various incl Bootle 1930 May Day RP's ( 2 different) RP Thorpe Bassett vicarage, some family photos etc (54) £20-30
222.    Postcards - a bundle including street scenes at Runwich, South Street Tarring, Cheltenham High Street etc (approx 70) £20-30
223.    A box of mixed postcards - mainly modern plus two copies Five Minutes With Punch £10-20
224.    A large quantity of modern postcards including many art and country house related £20-40
225.    A group of 75 Margaret Tarrant postcards circa 1930's/40's £60-80
226.    A group of 56 1930's onwards greeting postcards £10-20
227.    A group of 40 dog and other animal postcards circa 1930's and 40's £30-50
228.    A group of 18 Devon postcards, mainly Haytor plus trains (2) and steamers and ships (9) £10-30
229.    A small group of 30 nursery postcards including Mabel Lucie Atwell (4), English Nursery Rhyme postcards (8), faries and a 1930's French Walt Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarves postcard £20-40
230.    A collection of twenty five framed Wills cigarette cards of cricketers together with a framed picture of bowler - KS Ranjitsinhji £10-20
231.    Three framed sets of Wills cigarette cards Railway Engines 1924 and 1936 and Railway Locomotives 1930 £40-60
232.    Cigarette Trade cards. Large quantity including sets in Albums, loose etc. Quantity in manufactures albums incl Kensitas National flags etc ( many 100's) £60-80
233.    Cigarette cards - various including Morris Shadowgraphs (set), Bournville Fairy Tales (set), Wills Billiards (set), Murrays Stage and Film Stars (set), cigarette trade cards, stereo viewer (pocket size), Memento Book, embroidered postcards etc - a quantity £70-90
234.    A large quantity of cigarette cards, part sets/odds, incl Churchman Racing Greyhounds, The Queen Mary, Boy Scouts, Boxing personalities etc; Players, incl Golf odds, Phillipps Motor Cars at a glance (part set) Edwards R & B odds incl War Map (2) etc . Good quantity £50-70
235.    Cigarette Cards: Various sets, part sets, odds incl cigarette's Cathedrals and Churches (25). Players, Egyptian, Kings and Queens (24). Ogdens/Gallahers Boy Scout ( odds) Cadburys, British Trees (odds) etc, small quantity £30-40
236.    Cigarette trade cards - accumulation of part sets/odds in packets, tins etc; including Ogdens, Wills, Typhoo, Brook Bond etc ( many 100's) £30-50
237.    Cigarette and Trade cards. Large quantity incl: Wills, Players, Gallahers, Brooke Bond etc with some in manufactures albums, Condition varies (very many 100's) £20-30
238.    Cigarette Trade Cards: Large accumulation in two boxes - part sets/odds incl. Players, Wills, CWS etc few Mfrs Albums (part filled) framed part set etc (many 100's) £60-80
239.    Ephemera: Leather attaché case contains various photos/postcard etc, mainly military/naval interest £30-50
240.    Two photograph albums 1950's comprising of many original photographs pertaining to Queens College Boat Club (QCBC) of Cambridge. Many photographs showing rowing races against other colleges such as Oxford, Henley etc. approx 90 photographs in total £100-150
241.    Ephemera: An American in Britain, then Europe 1953 to 54. Large Album containing mementos of visit with photos/postcards, brochures etc including Cheltenham area, well presented £20-30
242.    Spare lot £0-10
243.    A miscellaneous collection of coinage/commemoratives including: Battle of Waterloo, Centenary of WWI, Winston Churchill, HMS Victory set, gold plated Channel Islands 50 pences, Royal Navy Skip collection, Royal family plus others. Also Westminster, Royal Mint enamelled set etc, not complete sets. Condition: Unc £40-80
244.    A tub of approx 5.0 kilos copper/bronze coins including farthings, halfpennies & pennies. Victoria through to Elizabeth II. Some Heaton Mint. Condition: Poor - VF £10-20
245.    A quantity of pre-decimal coinage including copper/bronze, brass threepences and cupro nickel, farthings through to half crowns, plus commemoratives and three Bank of England notes. Condition: Poor - VF £10-30
246.    A quantity of approx 2.5 kilos of copper/bronze coinage including farthings, halfpennies and pennies - Victoria through to Eliz II. Condition: Poor - VF £10-30
247.    Quantity of copper/bronze, approx. 3.9 kilo's including: halfpennies, pennies - Victoria to Eliz II, Cond. Poor-VF £10-30
248.    A quantity of cupro-nickel coinage including commemoratives, pre-decimal shillings, halfcrowns, 5 and 10 pences etc. Plus two Royal Mint issue: 1989, 1990 red cases, UK proof coin collections with certificates. Condition: VF - Unc £40-60
249.    A quantity of approx 1.6 kilos of British pre-decimal and decimal coinage including brass threepences, sixpences, shillings, halfcrowns, plus half, five and ten pences from George VI and Eliz II. Condition: Fine - VF £10-30
250.    Quantity of copper/bronz. Approx 2.25 Kilo's. Halfpennies and pennies. Victoria thro' Elizabeth. Condition: Poor-VF £10-20
251.    Quantity of world coinage - Approx 1.46 Kilo's, Countries: Africa e.g South Congo, Belge, Rhodesia, Zambia, France, Canada, Eire, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, USA etc. Condition: Fine-VF £30-50
252.    Quantity of pre-decimal and decimal British coinage approx 1.3 Kilo's Incl: farthings thro' halfcrowns. 1/2, 5, 10 pences. D.Day landing 50 pence in presentation pack Royal Mint. Commemorative's, Loose silver George V Jubilee 1935. Condition Fine - EF £20-40
253.    A quantity of pre-decimal and decimal British coinage including: sixpences, shillings, etc. 5 x 10 pences, 4 x commemoratives, Tetley Tea Bags presentation of new £1 coin 1983, bag of small silver content coins pre-decimal, approx 30g. Cond. Fine-EF £20-40
254.    Two Australian silver coins: a Kookaburra series 2oz, 1993 in presentation case from the Perth mint, and a Royal Australian mint issue 1995 Waltzing Matilda series in presentation case No 2322. Condition: Proof £40-60
255.    A miscellaneous collection of coinage and medallions including Victoria 1 penny model, German Pfennig, USA Indian cent 1893, Canada 25 cents 1912, Jersey 25 pence 1977. Some silver content Victoria, Edward VII and The Bell Medal Society Rifle Clubs. Condition: Poor - VF £10-30
256.    A quantity of pre 1920 silver content British coinage inclduging threepences through to crowns, from Victoria through to George V. Approx 290 grams silver content. Condition: Poor - VF £80-120
257.    Coins: a quantity of numerous coinage including pre-decimal and decimal plus France, USA etc, some silver threepences, two banknotes, 20 Francs and £1 Jersey. Condition Poor - VF £10-20
258.    A quantity of pre 1947 silver content British coinage inc: Threepences through to halfcrowns, George V and VI. Approx 105 grams silver content. Condition: Poor - VF £30-60
259.    A quantity of silver content coinage including threepences, sixpences, shillings, florins, halfcrowns. Approx 170g silver content. Condition: Poor - Fine £40-60
260.    A quantity of world coinage with examples from Africa, Channel Islands, Belguim, France, Eire, Iran, Italy, Spain, USA etc. Some silver content. Approx 0.85 Kilos, Plus Euro cents. Condition: Fine - VF £20-30
261.    A quantity of silver content pre 1947: sixpences, shillings and two shillings. Approx 685g silver content. Condition: Poor - VF £150-250
262.    Two coin albums (not complete) containing commemoratives, brass threepences, farthings, sixpences plus others. Also quantity of silver content mainly British including:- threepences, sixpences, shillings, florins and halfcrowns, Victoria thro' George VI, Approx. 300 grams silver content. Condition Poor - VF £80-120
263.    A quantity of approx 1.4 kilos of brass threepences - George VI & Elizabeth II. Plus a pair of cufflinks Elizabeth II in strongbox with keys. Condition: Fair - VF £10-30
264.    Two medallions: David Garrick, Actor manager 1772 by L.Pingo, and Giuseppe Garibaldi 1860 marked: Massonnett. Ed. Plus 2 coins: a Portugal 20 Reig 1883 and 1847 copper/bronze. Condition: Fine £40-80
265.    A quantity of silver content coinage including silver threepences (some pierced), florin and half crowns. Victoria throught to George VI. Plus South Africa shillings 1894, Zar 6 1893, French Franc 1868 and Australia sixpence 1911. Approx 110 grams silver content. Condition: Poor - VF £40-60
266.    A Toogood's Buttescotch tin containing miscellaneous coinage including farthings through to halfcrowns, pre-decimal. D-Day 50 pence etc. Condition: Poor - VF £10-20
267.    A group of six coins: George III 1795 four pence (older bust). George IV 1826 sixpence, a Victoria two pence Maundy coin 1852 and two copper/bronze half farthings 1844 and George V four pence 1921 British Guiana. Condition: Poor - VF £60-100
268.    A miscellaneous quantity of coins/tokens including USA Peace dollar 1923 San Francisco mint, George III crown 1820 LX (previously mounted as a brooch), Mexican 5 Pesos 1953 Miguel Hidalgo, an Austrian silver thaler re-strike 1780X, Chinese Republic Union medal Carpentry stamped No 543, Spanish 8 Maravedis 1847, St Helena (East India Co) halfpenny 1821, plus commemorative, gaming token and silver threepence 1918 £30-60
269.    A quantity of world coinage including Africa, Barbados, Belguim, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Eire, France, India, Netherlands, Norway, Rhodesia, Spain, USA etc. Approx 2.1 kilos -mainly 20th century. Condition: Fine - VF £20-50
270.    Four silver Victoria coins: halfcrowns 1874, 1887, 1893 and a crown 1896 LX. Plus George VI crown 1937. Condition Poor - VF £30-60
271.    A quantity of miscellaneous coins including commemoratives: Churchill, Jubilee, Jersey, 1966 crown, 1972 Silver Wedding, 1967 enamel penny plus official Royal mint £5 issue in presentation card: ountdown to XXX Olympiad, London 2012 (cyclist). Condition VF - Unc £10-20
272.    A quantity of silver content coinage including threepences, sixpences, shillings etc. Approx 250g silver content. Condition Poor - VF £50-80
272A.   A group of four coins: George III threepence 1772, George V Florin 1919, George VI two shillings 1945 and German East Africa 20 Heller 1916T. Condition: Fine - VF £40-80
273.    A quantity of pre-decimal and decimal coinage including sixpences, shillings, two shillings and halfcrowns. Plus five and ten pences - approx 1 Kilo George VI and Eliz II. Condition: Fine - VF £20-40
274.    A collection of USA John F Kennedy half dollars in presentation album (PCS Stamps and Coins) - 54 coins total. Mints: Denver & Philadelphia, years covered: 1972, 73, 74, 1976 Bicentennial. 1978, 79, 1981, 85, 1991, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 & 2010. Includes historic stamps. Condition: Unc £60-80
275.    Two encased coins in presentation boxes: a USA silver Morgan dollar 1921 - 7 tailfeathers, and a 2015 silver proof £2 coin, date stamp issue, commemoration centenary of World War I. Condition: VF £40-60
276.    A Bailwick of Guernsey 2015 5oz silver £10. HMS Victory 250th anniversary commemorative in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £50-100
277.    A New Zealand mint issue RMS Lusitania anniversary $2 coin from Niue. In presentation case with certificates 0.999 fine silver No 239 of 1,915 mintage 2015. Condition: Unc £30-50
278.    A small group of Westminster mint issue Royal Air Force Red arrows 2016 display season commemoratives in silver. Including: 1oz and 5oz 0463 of 2016 edition and 0051 of 450 edition respectively, in presentation cases with certificates. Condition: Unc £50-80
279.    A Bailwick of Jersey 2014 5oz silver £10, 'Lest we forget' poppy appeal. In case with certificate. Condition: Unc £50-100
280.    The Royal British Legion VE Day anniversary 5oz silver medal with gold plating No 12 of 450. In case with certificate. Condition: Unc £50-100
281.    Two Guernsey silver proof £5 coins: Centenary of WWI 2014 and Victory of WWII 2020. In cases, plus 2014 WWI gold plated commemorative. Condition: Unc £100-150
282.    A Jersey silver proof £5 coin celebrating 50th anniversary of Concorde 2019. In case with certificate. Condition: Unc £50-80
283.    Miscellaneous collection of world coinage and tokens ie. Eurocoin, Moat House etc. Plus Netherlands banknote 25 Gulden. June 1931 Serial No. AS055042. Cond. Banknote folds & staining. Coins. Fine-VF £10-30
284.    A group of twenty two of commemoratives of: Jubilee, Royal wedding etc. plus two 1951 Festival of Britain in cases. Condition: Fine - VF £10-30
285.    A collection of pre-decimal cupro-nickel coins including sixpences, shillings, two shillings and halfcrowns. GeorgeVI and Elizabeth II. Condition: Fine- EF £10-30
286.    A miscellaneous collection of coinage including copper/bronze, farthings, halfpennies and pennies. Brass threepences and some world coins. Condition: Poor- EF £10-20
287.    A quantity of pre 1947 florins and two shillings George V & George VI duplicate dates. Approx 410g silver content. Condition: Poor - VF £100-150
288.    A quantity of British pre-decimal & decimal coinage including sixpences, shillings, two shillings, 5 & 10 pences. Approx: 0.73 kilos. Condition: Fine - VF £10-30
289.    A quantity of pre 1947 shillings: George V & George VI. Duplicate dates and includes 1930 shillings. Approx 385g silver content. Condition: Poor - VF £80-120
290.    A quantity of pre-decimal halfcrowns: George V & George VI - 34 total, in general year sequence from 1911 through to 1947. Approx 275g silver content. Condition Fine - VF £80-120
291.    An OXO Cube tin containing 24 commemorative coins including: Churchill, Charles and Diana, Coronation Crowns etc - some in presentation case, plus two Britains First Decimal Coin sets. Condition: VF - EF £20-40
292.    A quantity of copper/bronze coinage plus highlights: Victorian farthing 1860, Jersey 1/24 1877 - with lustre remaining - two German Lauer Nurnberg toy money Edward VII, Victorian Maundy pence 1875, George V threepence 1916. Highlights Condition: VF - EF £20-40
293.    A quantity of pre-decimal silver content halfcrowns in years 1939, 1940 (11 of) 1941, 1944 (3 of), 1945 (3 of) and 1946. Approx 230g silver content. Condition: VF - EF £80-120
294.    A quantity of brass threepences 0.4 kilos approx. George VI & Eliz II plus home made 1943 ring. Cond. Fine-VF £10-20
295.    A miscellaneous collection of world coinage including Channel Islands, copper/bronze Canada Bank token 1837, S. Africa 5 shillings 1952, India 1/12 anna 1920, USA Indian Head cents 1905 and 1907 - some silver content, plus others. Condition: Poor - VF £20-40
296.    A quantity of numerous coinage including: Victorian farthings 1839, 60, 64, 75H, 84, 93, & 96. William IV penny 1836 and a Victorian penny 1879. Some silver content: threepences, florins & halfcrowns, a 1937 crown and two 1951 Belguim 100 francs, plus others, decimal £1 2015. Condition: Fair - VF £20-30
297.    A quantity of silver content coinage pre 1947 including threepence, sixpences, shillings, two shillings and halfcrowns. Approx 110 grams, silver content George V & VI. Condition Poor - EF £20-40
298.    A miscellaneous collection of world coinage including pre-decimal, British copper/bronze cupro nickel from George II through to Elizabeth II. Decimal, commemorative, Heinz collection 1983. £2 Dove plus world examples from France, Eire, Indonesia, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal etc - approx 1.5 kilos. Condition Poor - VF £30-50
299.    A quantity of world coinage approx 0.42 kilos with examples from Africa, Belguim, Canada, France, India, USA etc. Some silver content. Condition: Fine - VF £20-50
300.    A quantity of world coins including Euros with examples from: France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, etc, plus Eire 1966 set of 9 coins. Farthings through to ten shillings. Condition Fine - EF £20-30
301.    A quantity of silver coinage, pre 1920 and 1947 including threepences, sixpences, shillings, florins and half crowns. Approx 650g - silver content. Condition: Poor - VF £150-250
302.    A quantity of seven Whitman coin folders containing pre-decimal halfpennies, brass threepences, sixpences, shillings florins & half crowns. Not complete folders. Coins: copper/bronze, brass and cupro-nickel. 180 coins, plus two coin collector books: English Coins 1968 issue by K E Bressett and 1996 Richards Reference Collectors Coins GB. Condition: Fine - VF £20-50
303.    Three Westminster coin boxes, one empty. Coins include three silver proof Guernsey £5 coins 2003, Nelson with coloured flag and certificate. William IV threepence 1836. Eisenhower dollars 1971, 72 & 78. Apollo commemoratives, British commemoratives, plus others. Condition Fine - Unc £40-60
304.    A presentation box containing silver official coins of Australia by Westminster, with certificates of authenticity, twenty four in total. Condition: Unc £400-600
305.    A presentation box containing mostly silver coins with examples from Channel Islands, Cayman Islands, Canada, New Zealand, USA etc. Royal Mint and Westminster issues with certificates of authenticity, twenty two in total. Condition: Unc £300-400
306.    A presentation box containing silver coins of the Commonwealth and British Colonies, a combination of Royal Mint and Westminster issues. Twenty four in total, with certificates of authenticity. Condition: Unc £400-600
307.    A quantity of British Pre-decimal and decimal coinage including farthings, halfpennies, pennies (some Heaton mint). Twelve commemortives: 1977 jubilee, 1972 silver wedding, 1998 Prince Charles 50th Birthday. Six £2 coins including Bill of Rights, 1989 Bank of England 1994 and 1986 St Andrews Cross. Plus Britains 1st decimal coins and two banknotes Victoria through to Elizabeth II. Condition: Poor - VF £20-40
308.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games 50 pence - in case with certificates No 304. Condition: Unc £50-80
309.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - The Last Round Pound 2016 - in case with certificates No 1252. Condition: Unc
310.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - Alderney: Remembrance Day 2015 £5 - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc
311.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £1 1989 - in case with certificate (Scottish desgn). Condition: Unc
312.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £1 1994 - in case with certificate (Scottish design). Condition: Unc
313.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof coin - UK 50 pence 2005 - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc
314.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 10 pence - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc
315.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £2 2005 Gunpowder Plot - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc
316.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £2 1997 Bime-Tallic Curremcy issue - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
317.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof coin - UK £5 1990 Queen Mothers 90th Birthday - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc
318.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof coin - UK £5 1990 Queen Mothers 90th Birthday - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £20-40
319.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £2 1995 50th Anniversary of United Nations - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc

320.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £2 1994 Tercentenary of Bank of England - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc
321.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £2 1995 50th Anniversary of End of World War II - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
322.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £2 2005 60th Anniversary of United Nations - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
323.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £2 2001 The Atlantic Marconi 1901 Wireless - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
324.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £2 1996 Celebration of Football - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc
325.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £2 2001 Rugby World Cup (Note, this issue is with coloured hologram on reverse) - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £80-120
326.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £2 1993 Royal Arms design - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
327.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £1 1997 English design - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
328.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £1 1996 Northern Irish design - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
329.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £1 1988 Royal Shield - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
330.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £1 1985 Welsh design - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
331.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £1 1986 Northern Irish design - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
332.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £1 1987 English design - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
333.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £1 1998 Royal Arms design - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
334.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £1 2004 Forth Railway Bridge Scotland - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
335.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £1 2005 Menai Straits - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
336.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £1 2007 Gateshead Millenium Bridge - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
337.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK £2 1997 Bime-Tallin currency issue - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc £40-60
338.    Two coins and halfpenny token: Queen Anne Crown 1707 Sexto, E below second bust. George II sixpence 1757 Angles plain. Token: Halfpenny 1794 Earl Howe and The Glorious 1st June reverse: King and Constitution. Condition: Fair - Fine £100-200
339.    A George V Wreath Crown 1933. Reverse has slight edge indentation at DEF area. Condition: Fine - VF £80-120
340.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof £5 piedfort London 2012 Paralympics - in presentation case with certificates. Condition: Unc £50-70
341.    A Hattons of London issue containing one gold sovereign George V 1914. (Not complete due to missing George V 1918 sovereign). In case with certificate of authenticity. Condition: Unc £220-300
342.    Gold sovereign: Edward VII 1902 London Mint. Condition: Fine £200-300
343.    Gold sovereign: George V 1913 London Mint. Condition Fine £200-300
344.    Gold sovereign: George V 1913 London Mint. Condition: Fine £200-300
345.    Gold half sovereign: Victoria 1897. London mint £100-150
346.    Gold sovereign: Edward VII 1909 London Mint. Condition Fine £200-300
347.    Gold sovereign: George V 1913 London Mint. Condition: Fine £200-300
348.    Gold sovereign: George V 1913 London Mint. Condition: VF £200-300
349.    Gold sovereign: George V 1913 London Mint. Condition: VF £200-300
350.    Gold sovereign: Edward VII 1903 Sydney Mint. Condition: Fine £200-300
351.    Gold sovereign: George III 1820 (closed two) Condition: Fair-VF £400-600
352.    Two Gold Half sovereigns: Edward VII 1902 London Mint. Condition Fair-VF £200-300
353.    Gold half sovereign: George V 1914 London Mint. Condition; Fine £100-150
354.    Gold half sovereign: Edward VII 1907 BP in exergue. Condition: Fine £100-150
355.    Gold half sovereign: Edward VII 1905 BP in exergue. Condition: Fine £100-150
356.    A Victorian gold two pounds - Jubilee bust 1887 St George. Condition: VF £750-850
357.    A Hattons of London issue eleven sided gold quarter sovereign 2019 for the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing in 1969. Condition: Unc £80-120
358.    An 1896 cast silvered metal medallion struck to commemorate the Millenium Existence (896-1896) of the Hungarian Empire - 8.2 cm diameter £20-30
359.    A 1902 Edward VII silver coronation medal £20-30
360.    A Queen Victoria 1837 - 1897 Diamond Jubilee silver medallion £20-30
361.    Two Queen Victoria 1837-1897 Diamond Jubilee bronze medallions £30-50
362.    An Israel cast silvered bronze medallion 1967 for the six day war £10-20
363.    A Winston Churchill 1874 - 1965 Spink and Son silver medallion in original box £30-50
364.    A King Edward VI School, Birmingham silver scholarship medallion 1938 £10-20
365.    A modern silver copy of the 1851 Great Exhibition Prize medallion - hallmarked London 1972 - filled, 7.4 cm diameter £20-30
366.    An 1874 London International Exhibition of All Fine Arts Industries and Inventions Bronze medallion with patron head of Albert Edward Prince of Wales to front £30-50
367.    A Charles de Gaulle bronzed cast metal medallion £10-20
368.    George IV cast memorial medallion in bronze C 1830 by A.J. Stothard £40-60
369.    Four Bank of England notes: three ten shillings Chief Cashier K O Peppiatt (red) prefix 19U, (mauve) prefix 003D, (blue) £1 prefix 002D, and a ten shilling note: L K O'Brien prefix M85Y. Folding and staining. Condition: Fine £40-60
370.    A wad of eight German Imperial banknotes (Reichsbanknote) 100 mark 1908 issue 7th Feb Berlin. Dark blue two seals, medallic womans head supported by two women. NR 0210600e, 2016293e, 4304952f, 4481379e, 5533301e, 5320875f, 8692534b and 9029759e. Serials 29mm. Plus ten Weimar Republic 100 mark 1920 issue 1st Nov Berlin. Seven and eight digit serial numbers. Both sets of notes have edge wear, folding and pin pierce. Condition: Fine £40-60
371.    A wad of banknotes including: Imperial 1000 mark 1910 issue 4th April Berlin Nr7680582c, ten 100 mark 1910 issue 21st April Berlin A.1937585, C.6C17449, 8531902, F.0950688, 1852850, 4825926, 8587441 and G.1147960. Five Austrian 10,000 kronen 2nd November 1918 Wien with red overprint: Deutscosterreich. Banknotes have edge wear, folding and pin pierce. Condition: Fine £40-80
372.    A quantity of approx 65 world banknotes with examples from Argentina, Brazil, British Armed Forces, Cambodia, Cuba, Egypt, Gambia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela etc. Condition: EF £20-30
373.    A wad of ninteen Malayan WWII Japanese Government Occupation 100 dollar banknotes, brown, prefix M. Slight edge wear/staining, folded. Condition: VF £40-60
374.    Three new £5 Bank of England Churchill notes with pre-fix AA53: 224634 and 5, and 224689, 2015 issue. Condition: VF - EF £40-60
375.    A wad of ten The States of Jersey £1 banknotes in sequence: J999414 through to J999423. First issued 1972, signatory J Clennett. Condition: VF £150-200
376.    A George V £1 banknote: second Fisher issue February 1923 prefix: P/76 No 388289. Folding, edge tear, stains. Condition: fair £40-60
377.    A George V 10 shilling banknote, third Fisher issue July 1927 ('Northern' added to title) with prefix: T/71 978492. Folding edge tear and stains. Condition: Fair £40-50
378.    A bank note album containing 78 notes with examples from Bank of England: 10 shillings, cashiers: K.O Peppiatt, L.K O'Brien, J.S Hollom, J.S Fforde. £1 cashiers: K.S Peppiatt, L.K O'Brien, P.S Beale, J.S Fforde, J.B Page, D.H.F Somerset. £5 cashiers: L.K O'Brien, J.S Fforde, J.B Page, D.H.F Somerset, G.M Gill, G.E.A Kentfield, M.V Lowther, A.J Bailey. £10 cashiers: J.Q Hollom, J.S Fforde, J.B Page, D.H F Somerset, G.M Gill, G.E.A Kentfield, M.V Lowther, A.J Bailey. £20 cashiers: D.H.F Somerset, G.M Gill, M.V Lowther, A.J Bailey. £50 cashiers: D.H.F Somerset (Highlight Note: Prefix A01 serial: 201200) C.K. Salmon & Victoria Cleland. Condition: Fine - EF, Note: the above Lot also includes additional empty Lindner folder and case cover. £600-1000
379.    A banknote album containing 35 notes with examples from The Royal Bank of Scotland Ltd £1 - prefixes: A/10, A/24, A/27, A/52 and £5 A/32. The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC £1 - prefixes: A/61 £10 A/49. Bank of Scotland £1 pre-fix B/20 D/2, £5 AF, BC. The British Linen Bank: £1 pre-fix X/4. Clydesdale Bank Ltd: £1 D/K, £5 D/AG. The Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd: £5 pre-fix 17Q. USA: Washington dollar series 1969D. The States of Jersey: £1 pre-fix BB. Bank of England 10 shillings cashiers: L.K O'Brien, J.Q Hollom, J.S Fforde. £1, J.S.Fforde and J.B Page. £5: A.J Bailey, C.K Salmon. £10: A.J. Bailey. Condition: Fine - EF £350-500
380.    A Saddam Hussein bank note. Document items: Reference Iraq war (Desert Storm) - a) American propaganda: Objective to encourage Iraqi soldiers to surrender. Banknote face, produced displaying Saddam Hussein's image and reverse, in Arabic suggests surrender for food and shelter supplied with certificate of authenticity. b) Government order letter stating: Government order 23 February 1999 - We call to the order of section G from the law number 57 of the constitution. We decided the following First - it is allowed the following Syrian Nationals whose names are below to own the city of Baghdad. 1) Ahmed abd el Kader el Barady 2) Bohy abd Allah el Hamoud 3) abd el Galeel abd Allah el Hamoud. Second - This order shall be instituted on the day it is given. Signed Saddam Hussein President of the Republic. Document: Government letter, edge holes (4) RH side. Condition: VF £200-300