Antiques & Collectables Sale
with Medals and Militaria
on Friday 2nd March 2018

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1.      A Falcon Ware toiletry set and dressing table set - the tray repaired 10-30
2.      Two Carlton China WWI crested tanks - the smaller one a/f 20-40
3.      A group of seven items of WWI crested china comprising zeplin, two charabancs, submarine, military ambulance and two bullets 40-60
4.      A Royal Doulton patent self pouring tea pot made for J J Royle Manchester, and an Edwardian sauce tureen and spoon 40-60
5.      A Coalport figure Georgina 10-20
6.      Three Coalport figures: Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth and The Queen Mother 30-50
7.      A Royal Doulton figure 'Victorian Lady' - HN727 - hairline crack 35-45
8.      A Royal Doulton figure 'Lavinia' - HN1956 10-20
9.      A group of seven items of Clarice Cliff 'Harvest' pattern 50-70
10.     A good quality suite of cut glass wine glasses comprising:eight large, eight medium and eight small 70-90
11.     A Haviland Limoges tea service comprising: five gilt edged cups, six saucers, six teaplates and two cake plates 50-70
12.     A Paragon Victorian Rose coffee set comprising six cups and saucers, milk, sugar and coffee pot 10-30
13.     A Cauldon blue and white fruit bowl - 25cm dia 10-20
14.     A Michael Caugant pheasant tureen and a pottery duck tureen 20-30
15.     A Victorian Real Stone China large toiletry jug printed floral decoration 50-60
16.     A Lladro lady water-carrier 30-40
17.     A Lladro 1920's style lady 'Bsophisticate' - boxed 30-40
18.     A Lladro girl in dress 'A Proper Pose' - boxed 40-60
19.     A Lladro figure of girl wearing hat - boxed 30-40
20.     A Lladro group boy seated with dog 30-50
21.     A Lladro group of two girls with cat 'Little Sister' - boxed 40-60
22.     A Lladro girl blowing windmill 30-40
23.     A Lladro figure Shepherdess with Rooster No 04677 - boxed 20-40
24.     A Lladro dog with butterfly on tail with Lladro cat with mouse on tail 40-60
25.     A Lladro dove group 'Couple of Doves' - boxed 40-60
26.     A Lladro bird group 'Two Hearts United' - boxed 30-50
27.     A Lladro dove on branch with foliage 30-40
28.     A Lladro girl with dog 'A Warm Welcome' - boxed 40-60
29.     A Lladro boy feeding doves 'Little Friends' - boxed 40-60
30.     A Lladro lady with basket of flowers 'Basket of Love' - boxed 40-60
31.     A Lladro 1920's style lady - 5799 30-40
32.     A Lladro figure woman with baguettes 20-40
33.     A Lladro girl at water pump with birds 40-60
34.     A Lladro polar bear group 'A Snowy Sanctuary' - boxed 40-60
35.     A large Lladro dove - 20cm high 20-40
36.     Two Lladro bells in form of ladies 20-40
37.     A Lladro figure of two girls hugging, with dog 'Give Me a Hug' - boxed 40-60
38.     A Pratt 'Old Greek' toiletry jug, tobacco jar and fruit bowl 30-50
39.     A Pratt 'Old Greek' coffee pot, three various jugs and a sugar bowl - a/f 30-50
40.     A group of white ornamental china to include cherub bon bon dish, Victorian hand vase etc 10-30
41.     Three Victorian Pratt Greek style terracotta vases, three similar jars plus three blue jars and a further jar 30-50
42.     A pair of Pratt 'Old Greek' plates, candlestick, two ashtrays, pin dish and vase 30-50
43.     A Pratts 'Kansu Ware' vase and cover and a Wedgwood Jasperware dish - boxed 20-30
44.     Two large Hummel figures of boy and girl sitting under umbrella - 12cm high, a Hummel kitten and Beswick pigeon no 1383 20-40
45.     Two continental pottery fish plates, a butter dish and a 1930's comical dog 10-20
46.     A quantity of antique glass swan ornaments 10-20
47.     A quantity of Portmeirion Botanic Garden items comprising four dinner plates, four breakfast plates, eight bowls and six mugs 20-40
48.     An Arthur Wood Sporting Series Football tankard and a Mocha Ware mug 10-20
49.     A Fairing 'Necessary Knows no Law' and various other ornaments 10-20
50.     A large carnival glass bowl and two Munrose style baskets 15-25
51.     A pair of reproduction spongeware cats - 14cm 10-20
52.     A Victorian Staffordshire spaniel, 25cm and an Edwardian grey spaniel 10-30
53.     A large Clarice Cliff Newport pottery toby jug and two smaller ones 20-40
54.     A set of five Wade Nat West piggy banks 40-60
55.     A Shorter & Sons large shell, a small group of Susie Cooper and various 1930's china 10-20
56.     A pair of Copeland Parian figures of 'Young England' and 'Young Englands Sister' signed by G Halse - 39cm 150-200
57.     A 20th century Meissen plate with ornate blue and gilt floral painted reserves, 30cm 40-60
58.     A Moorcroft jug in the style of Mackintosh designed by Rachel Bishop, 24cm, boxed 120-180
59.     A Moorcroft vase painted landscape - 'Evening Sky' by Emma Bossons, 26cm - boxed 120-180
60.     A Moorcroft vase 'Golden Lily' on an ivory ground, 27cm, boxed 100-150
61.     A Moorcroft vase painted lilies - 'Simeon' by Phillip Gibson, 22cm - boxed 120-180
62.     A small Moorcroft vase decorated flowers on a green ground - 'Prairie Summer' by Rachel Bishop, 13cm 40-60
63.     A Moorcroft vase painted foliage and flowerheads on cream ground, 15cm - boxed 60-80
64.     A Moorcroft vase painted white flowers - 'Nivalis' by Rachel Bishop, 26cm - boxed 80-120
65.     A Moorcroft pansy vase on burgundy ground, 9cm - boxed 40-60
66.     A pair of Moorcroft Hibiscus pin dishes on a green ground - 9.5cm dia 30-50
67.     A Moorcroft Isis coaster by Emma Bossons - 12cm dia 20-30
68.     A Moorcroft enamel vase painted pansies on a yellow ground, 6.5cm, boxed 80-120
69.     A Royal Worcester plate painted cottage and garden on a green ground, signed 40-60
70.     A pair of late 19th century large French bisque figures of an artist and his lady subject, on circular naturalistic bases - damage to hands of both figures - 44cm and marked LP to base 50-70
71.     Two glass bunches of grapes 20-30
72.     A pair of 19th century ice glass comports with gilt serrated rims and red and gilt snakes coiled to the stems 60-80
73.     Ten items of Crown Staffordshire ornaments decorated 'Hunting Scenes' 10-30
74.     A pair of Royal Worcester oval plates printed seaside scenes 10-20
75.     A set of four English bone china dishes depicting birds by Christopher Hughes 10-20
76.     A pair of floral printed porcelain photograph frames - 19.5 x 15.5cm 10-20
77.     Seven Royal Worcester Vogue Collection figures 80-120
78.     A set of twelve Wood and Sons Charles Dickens toby jugs 30-50
79.     A Hummel foal and another horse group 10-20
80.     A Lladro Flores Rhododendron on plaque, three Wedgwood 'Country Ware' napkin rings and a Lladro bird 10-20
81.     A Russian Lomonosov badger 10-20
82.     A pair of Royal Adderley budgerigars and a Radford flower vase 10-20
83.     Four items of Wedgwood Jasperware 10-20
84.     A Japanese Satsuma coffee set comprising five cups and saucers, coffee pot, jug and sugar 10-20
85.     A small group of Chinese rice bowls, spoon and dish 10-20
86.     Three pairs of small Japanese vases 10-20
87.     A Kutani part tea set and a Chinese part coffee set in green comprising: five cups and saucers and various plates 10-20
88.     A group of oriental china 10-20
89.     A Royal Worcester Evesham tea service comprising six cups and saucers, two jugs, six tea plates and sugar 30-50
90.     A Guiness advertising bar jug 10-20
91.     Four Calvados Busnel bottle coasters 10-20
92.     A group of five items of Wedgwood Jasperware - one piece being early 20th century 10-30
93.     A Ringtons novelty 'Maurice' teapot and tea caddy 20-40
94.     A pair of silver rimmed vases printed peasants and a Losol Ware butter dish 10-30
95.     A set of five brown transfer printed Minton tiles by L T Swetman depicting street scenes Switzerland, The Rhine, France, Edinburgh - all in oak frames 80-120
96.     Six various continental blue and white plates 15-25
97.     A Sadlers teapot printed roses, a Crown Devon jug a/f and a Coalport figure 'Emerald' 10-20
98.     Five Quimper plates by Henriot and a similar mug 20-40
99.     A set of six blue and white plates printed castle - one a/f, two Masons plates and a Royal Doulton plate 10-20
100.    A quantity of Portmeirion items including two planters, three vases, large cup and saucer and various bowls etc 20-40
101.    A Falcon Ware chamber pot, soap dish and toothbrush mug 10-20
102.    A Grindley tea service comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates, milk and sugar 10-20
103.    A Royal Doulton Pastorale coffee set comprising: six cups and saucers, milk and sugar 10-30
104.    A box of crested china including cat and submarine 10-30
105.    A Victorian blue and white oval plate and a gilt and blue Limoges vase - 19cm 10-20
106.    A collection of thirteen various small ornaments 10-20
107.    A collection of miniature tea cups and saucers including Spode, and a collection of Toby jugs 10-20
108.    Two Homepride novelty cruet sets and a Carlton Ware eggcup with feet 10-20
109.    A pair of Japanese late Satsuma vases painted figures in a landscape - 22cm 20-40
110.    A Woods WWI hot water jug decorated with four soldiers from the allied troops of 'Russia, France, Tommy and Belgium' 20-40
111.    A blue and white Chinese ginger jar and lid 10-20
112.    A pair of Victorian Staffordshire spaniels - 31cm 20-40
113.    A Black Rydon vase - 16cm high 10-20
114.    A Shelley Art Deco vase with brightly coloured asymetrical design on a black ground and another similar a/f 50-60
115.    A Victorian Rockingham style vase painted reserves of flowers and a landscape on a green ground - 19cm 20-30
116.    A set of three pottery wall ducks - the largest 19cm 10-20
117.    An early 19th century Whieldon style pottery tankard, 11cm 10-20
118.    A 20th century Chinese blanc de chine figure of a woman with lotus - 26cm 30-50
119.    A 20th century Chinese blanc de chine figure of a seated woman with rosary - 12cm 30-50
120.    A Doulton Stoneware shallow dish with raised centre and stylised floral decoration and an ashtray 40-60
121.    An Adderley ivory blush jug with floral decoration, 20cm 20-30
122.    A Royal Copenhagen figure of a boy 'The Whitler' 60-80
123.    A pair of Thoune blue panelled vases 50-60
124.    A gilt metal and porcelain garniture vase painted 18th century style woman in classical landscape - 24cm tall 20-40
125.    A Royal Crown Derby miniature cup and saucer and a Crown Staffordshire one 20-30
126.    A group of four porcelain floral painted miniature boxes including a Royal Crown Derby Imari one 20-30
127.    Two miniature cups and saucers by Crown Staffordshire and Coalport 10-20
128.    A Capodimonte porcelain orchid 10-20
129.    A Royal Worcester figure of Tuesday's child by Freda Doughty 20-40
130.    A Royal Worcester figure Monday's Child by Freda Doughty 20-40
131.    A Royal Worcester figure Wednesday's child by Freda Doughty 20-40
132.    A Royal Worcester small figure of a girl 'Scotland' modelled by Freda Doughty 20-40
133.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Dutch Boy' by F Gertner No.2923 50-70
134.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Spring' by Freda Doughty 50-70
135.    A Royal Worcester figure of Peter Pan modelled by F Gertner 50-70
136.    A Royal Worcester figure of a boy seated with a shot gun, impressed marks and registration mark, 13cm tall 50-70
137.    A group of five Royal Worcester birds comprising bullfinch, wood warbler, nuthatch, marsh tit and wren 50-70
138.    A Royal Worcester Jay No.3248 30-50
139.    A group of four Royal Worcester birds comprising nightingale, fledgling wren, thrush and chaffinch 50-70
140.    A Royal Worcester woodpecker No. 3249 30-50
141.    A pair of Royal Worcester figures of musicians, she plays a tambourine and he plays a pipe, modelled by James Hadley, No 1803, circa 1890 100-150
142.    A Royal Worcester Victorian figure 'Yankee' by James Hadley 'Countries of the World' series 50-70
143.    A Royal Worcester figure Welsh woman No. 1874, circa 1890 50-70
144.    A Royal Worcester figure woman playing a mandolin No 547 50-70
145.    A Royal Worcester figure of an Italian musician holding a pipe, modelled by Hadley, circa 1890 50-70
146.    Three reproduction Chinese figures - 35cm 10-20
147.    A Royal Worcester Evesham dinner service comprising: six dinner plates, six breakfast plates, six bowls, two tureens and a sauce boat 60-100
148.    Three Royal Worcester Blue Dragon meat plates and a similar soup bowl 50-70
149.    A pair of large pink foliage moulded vases - 41cm and an oriental vase - 30cm 10-20
150.    A German art pottery large jug with red lava glaze - 35cm 10-20
151.    Two toiletry jugs 10-20
152.    A collection of antique and later drinking glasses, a Waterford brandy glass etc 20-40
153.    Various cut glass 10-20
154.    A quantity of antique and later cut glass drinking glasses 20-40
155.    A Murano style glass vase - 19cm 10-20
156.    A Victorian cranberry glass jug - 15cm 20-30
157.    A Medina glass vase and four art glass paperweights 20-40
158.    A fine Victorian Stourbridge glass vase engraved swallows, initialled 'WK' and dated 1895 60-80
159.    Two large Kosta glass paperweights 20-40
160.    A etched cranberry glass decanter and a tumbler 20-30
161.    A Victorian blue glass chemists bottle labelled 'Syr Sennae' - 19cm 30-40
162.    A cranberry glass cruet set, a cut glass scent bottle and a green glass bottle 10-20
163.    A green and white Latticinio glass bowl - 11cm dia 10-20
164.    A millefiori paperweight dated 1978 10-20
165.    A Royal Worcester vase painted blackberries by Kitty Blake and another similar one a/f 100-150
166.    A Royal Worcester vase painted roses No F126 60-80
167.    A Royal Worcester porcelain vase painted pheasants, signed F J Bray - No 155 - 8cm 60-80
168.    A Royal Worcester ivory blush pot pourri vase and cover painted flowers, dated code 1903, No. 1286 - includes inner lid, 30cm 280-350
169.    A Royal Worcester large pink ground vase painted scene after Landseer 'No Place Like Home' 27cm tall 200-400
170.    A Royal Worcester coffee can and saucer painted 'The Arch, Hyde Park Corner' and 'St Pauls Cathedral' signed Davis 50-70
171.    A Royal Worcester cylindrical vase painted roses on an ivory blush vase No. 161, 16cm tall, circa 1917 50-70
172.    A Beswick mare and another Beswick horse - ear a/f 50-70
173.    Two Beswick foals 50-70
174.    A Beswick robin and bullfinch 20-30
175.    A Beswick seated stag 20-30
176.    A Beswick cow 20-40
177.    A Beswick pheasant and pheasant pin dish 20-30
178.    A Royal Crown Derby bird paperweight 20-40
179.    A pair of large Chinese glass snuff bottles with interior painted landscape decoration 40-60
180.    A set of nine Lalique 'Roxane' white wine glasses - 19cm 150-200
181.    A set of five large Lalique 'Roxane' red wine glasses - 21.5cm 100-200
182.    A Lalique Roxane decanter - 32cm 100-150
183.    A reproduction Guiness jug 10-20
184.    Two old green printed kitchen jugs and two blue striped jugs 10-20
185.    A set of three Victorian blue and silver lustred jugs - 18cm 10-20
186.    A set of four large Edinburgh Crystal wine glasses 20-40
187.    A pair of cranberry glass casters and a cut glass caster 15-25
188.    Ravenshead Glass large suite of drinking glasses comprising six white wine, six red wine, six champagne, six whisky and six tall tumblers, boxed.
189.    A glass handkerchief vase and four paperweights 10-20
190.    Four cranberry glass sherry glasses and four ruby glass ones 10-30
191.    A floral engraved glass pedestal bowl 10-20
192.    A pair of Stuart Crystal glass candlesticks and a Stuart Crystal dressing table bowl and lid 10-20
193.    A group of coloured glassware 10-20
194.    A Wye Pottery small signed dish, two Studio Pottery jugs and a Tynant springwater bottle 35-45
195.    Two Medina seahorse paperweights and one other paperweight 10-30
196.    A pink art glass bowl - 40cm dia 10-20
197.    A Coronation 1953 millefiori paperweight and a Caithness paperweight plus a large glass inkwell 10-20
198.    A cut glass claret jug 10-20
199.    An Art Deco style cut glass decanter 10-20
200.    A pair of Nailsea glass bellows and a Murano glass fish vase 10-20
201.    A pair of Edwardian green lustred glass vases and a cut glass decanter 10-20
202.    A part Royal Doulton Yorktown dinner and teaset including six dinner plates, six breakfast plates, five tea plates, six cups and saucers, sauce boat, cake plate and six bowls 40-60
203.    A group of Royal Worcester Evesham comprising casserole dish, flan dish, circular serving bowl, souffle dish, cruet, two ramekins, utensil jar, preserve pot and three small dishes 30-50
204.    A group of cut glass to include large basket, flared vase, dressing table tray and fruit bowl 10-30
205.    A set of six Webb cut glass sherry glasses - boxed 20-40
206.    A vintage childs teaset - boxed, lacking teapot 10-20
207.    A Shelley bone china part dinner service comprising two covered tureens, two graduated oval meat plates, one gravy boat on stand, six dinner plates, six side plates, six large bowls, six small bowls and one oval serving dish, and a Grosvenor cruet set 20-30
208.    A group of oriental china, green glassware etc 30-40
209.    Spare lot 0-10
210.    Spare lot
211.    A Falstaff silver plated three branch candelabra 10-30
212.    A silver plated and cut glass cruet stand 20-30
213.    A silver plated three branch candleabra by Elkingtons 20-40
214.    Two Victorian silver plated and cut glass cruet stands and a silver and cut glass vase 30-50
215.    A silver plated epergne a/f 10-20
216.    Spare lot
217.    A silver plated cruet set boxed 10-20
218.    A silver plated ivy leaf toast rack and a pair of Art Deco pin dishes of triangular form 10-20
219.    A silver plated Hitchinson teapot and hot water jug and a silver plated jug and sugar 10-20
220.    A silver plated and cut glass bowl on stand, silver plated sauce boat and a sugar caster 10-20
221.    A silver plated teapot and a silver plated three piece tea set 10-20
222.    A large silver plated lidded tankard 10-30
223.    A Joseph Rogers silver plated eggcup stand 10-30
224.    A silver plated cake basket, two silver plated circular trays and various silver plated cutlery including a moustache spoon 10-30
225.    A set of six horn handled knives and forks - the blades by Parkin and Marshall 20-40
226.    A Victorian silver plated, silver mounted and ivory handled toasting fork, a silver plated and mother of pearl cake fork and a silver plated pocket corkscrew 15-25
227.    A group of silver plated cutlery 10-20
228.    A silver plated novelty bell in the form of a lady, a miniature silver plated tea service and various silver plated cutlery 10-20
229.    A silver plated cutlery set by Osbourne comprising six dinner forks, six dessert forks and spoons, six dinner knives, six tea knives and six teaspoons 20-40
230.    A pair of silver plated fish servers, two squirrel topped nut bowls and a silver salt a/f 10-20
231.    A small group of silver plated items and collectables 10-20
232.    An oak cased canteen and part contents of silver plated cutlery 10-30
233.    A large oval silver plated two handled tray with pierced shaped gallery standing on raised supports 20-40
234.    A large silver plated pie crust edge salver on four scroll feet 30-50
235.    A silver plated entree dish, various silver plated cutlery and a silver butter knife 15-25
236.    A Maple & Co silver plated entree dish and another entree dish 10-30
237.    A set of six silver handled tea knives, a silver plated set of coffee spoons and a set of tea knives, all cased 20-30
238.    A silver embossed dressing table tray embossed exotic birds and foliage, London 1901 by Goldsmiths & Silver Smiths, 286g 70-90
239.    A silver photograph frame - overall frame size 32 x 24cm - Birmingham 2000 40-60
240.    A cast silver candelabrum by C J Vander, 22cm tall - London 1978 - 650g 300-400
241.    A set of six 19th century continental pierced and embossed silver rococo style liqueur cups with glass liners, stamped 930 with bird and sailing boat marks, in fitted case 80-120
242.    Two cut glass and silver topped scent bottles 10-20
243.    A small green glass silver rimmed match striker and a silver topped vase 20-30
244.    A silver jug by James Dixon & Sons Sheffield 1946 and a silver jug Birmingham 1922, total weight 182g 30-50
245.    A silver cream jug Birmingham 1939 by S W Smith & Co 108g and a silver squat candlestick Birmingham 1987 30-50
246.    A Mexican heavy small silver bowl 7.5cm diameter and two similar salts, stamped 980 Taxco, 237g 30-40
247.    A small group of silver items including miniature trophy cup, cream jug, napkin ring, gold stick pin etc 30-50
248.    A set of twelve silver teaspoons - 240g, a napkin ring and other spoons 50-70
249.    A set of six silver coffee spoons, Sheffield 1906 - 89g 20-40
250.    Two pairs of silver and glass salt and pepper pots and a silver seal top teaspoon 20-30
251.    A group of silver cutlery including Chinese spoon - total 136g, and a white metal Eastern part buckle 30-50
252.    A set of six silver handled tea knives by William Young, Sheffield, 1938 25-45
253.    Three silver napkin rings, a pair of tongs and a pusher - 70g 30-50
254.    Two silver bladed mother of pearl fruit knives and two other fruit knives 10-20
255.    A small group of silver items including book cover, button hook, shoe horn etc 20-40
256.    Assorted silver cutlery etc 50-60
257.    A silver matchbox cover, Birmingham 1912, a silver butter knife, two silver spoons and a horn handled spoon 20-40
258.    A silver button hook, a silver teaspoon and a bone cased needlework tape measure 10-30
259.    A white metal and agate handled miniature fork and another white metal fork 10-30
260.    A silver trowel bookmark, a silver plated letter knife and a mother of pearl handled fork 30-40
261.    Two silver thimbles and a silver pencil holder 20-30
262.    Three silver teaspoons, two WMF 900 standard children's spoons and a silver napkin ring (total 105g) and a horn spoon with white metal handle 20-30
263.    A silver spirit burner, a silver goblet and a continental silver pickle fork - total 208g 40-60
264.    A silver piecrust edge salver on four scroll feet, London 1922 - 580g - 26 x 26cm, C.S. Harris & Son 150-200
265.    A silver embossed and engraved cake basket with pierced scrollwork rim, Birmingham 1903, maker C.H - possibly Charles Horner, 624g with later engraved presentation 180-250
266.    An Anglo Indian four piece spherical condiment set 30-40
267.    A three piece condiment set with silver mounts, London 1892 - on oval tray 25-45
268.    A silver pie crust edge salver with three scroll feet, Sheffield 1923, by Martin Hall & Co, 650 g with later engraved presentation and signatures 150-200
269.    A cut glass decanter with silver collar 30-40
270.    A silver embossed spill vase, Sheffield 1904 45g, another silver weighted vase Birmingham 1919, and a silver pierced floral vase, Birmingham 1902 88g 20-40
271.    A silver circular pill box engraved 'Betty', Birmingham 1981 and a Victorian cut glass and silver inkwell, Chester 1889 30-50
272.    A silver pin dish engraved flowers, Sheffield 1935, a set of five silver Apostle spoons, a pair of sugar tongs and a napkin ring - 176g total 30-50
273.    A box of National Athletics medals including two silver ones 20-40
274.    Two silver masonic jewels by Toye and Kenning 20-40
275.    Two silver medals for Stroud and District Football League 15-25
276.    Four silver salt spoons, two Birmingham 1826 and one provincial (?) 20-40
277.    A silver engraved vesta, silver pencil case, three silver plated pencils and a sovereign case etc 10-20
278.    A silver bottle coaster, rabbit rattle and other small silver items 20-40
279.    A silver tankard Chester 1917 166g and a silver pepper pot London 1947 40-60
280.    A pair of silver backed gentlemans brushes, Chester 1911 - in leather case 30-50
281.    A silver ring box, napkin rings and dish depicting a Staffordshire dog 60-80
282.    A group of three antique silver topped cut glass dressing table pots and five small silver topped cruets 30-50
283.    A Victorian silver oval centrepiece fruit bowl with ornate all over floral and scrollwork embossed decoration, 17cm tall - London 1899, by Streeter & Co Bond Street, 908g 250-350
284.    A James Dixon & Son silver Art Nouveau comport on triple sinuous supports, 15cm tall - Sheffield 1906, 561g 150-200
285.    An Eastern white metal tazza with pierced and engraved decoration 18cm diameter 50-80
286.    An Irish silver sugar bowl by West and Son, 12cm tall - Dublin 1910 - 275g 120-180
287.    A silver urn form salt pot with pierced decoration and blue glass liner retailed Walford and Spokes Oxford, Chester 1911 50-70
288.    A silver cream jug with embossed decoration, London 1890 - 30-50
289.    A silver table bell, Birmingham 1904 80-120
290.    An Egyptian white metal pin tray with Islamic script - 11.5cm 30-60
291.    A 19th century Italian white metal small beaker bearing hallmarks for Modena pre 1860 and a silver and enamel thimble 30-50
292.    A Victorian napkin ring - London 1888 15-25
293.    A German Art Nouveau silver napkin ring embossed floral spray, 42g 20-40
294.    A silver novelty box in the form of a miniature violin with embossed decoration, marked 925, 12cm long 50-70
295.    A Victorian silver vesta case with engraved decoration, Birmingham 1899 20-40
296.    A silver ribbon threading bodkin 10-20
297.    A Chinese silver miniature wagon and horse, 6.5cm, Chinese hallmarks to base 80-120
298.    A Victorian white metal flower form sifter spoon 20-30
299.    Two Georgian silver table spoons, London 1774 - 114g 60-80
300.    A Victorian silver child's christening spoon and fork with Rococo style cherub terminals, London 1894 by Wakely and Wheeler - 74g 30-50
301.    A pair of silver berry spoons, London 1811 with later engraved and embossed decoration - 110g 30-60
302.    A pair of George III silver tablespoons - London hallmark, 124g 80-120
303.    A set of six sterling silver spoons by Wallace, 112 g 30-50
304.    A Russian 840 standard silver niello cup with engraved statue of St George and the Dragon and townscape - 88g. Marked for St Petersburg 1865, and a later 840 standard silver engraved tumbler - makers mark Aleksandr Fuld Moscow - 63g 100-150
305.    A pair of silver salts with embossed decoration, Birmingham 1897 and a pepper pot, Birmingham 1919 - total 78g 30-50
306.    A silver egg cup on stand with engraved decoration, Sheffield 1890 - 130g 80-120
307.    A pair of Walker and Hall silver wavy topped vases, Sheffield 1923, 17cm 30-50
308.    A Victorian large silver toast rack with heart form handle London 1884 by Thomas Smily - 15cm wide 368g 60-80
309.    A small silver toast rack Sheffield 1942 - 65g 20-30
310.    A silver trinket box inset butterfly to lid, Birmingham 1905, 8.5cm across 80-120
311.    A Victorian silver engraved vesta Birmingham 1898 34g in fitted case and a cigarette case 99g 30-40
312.    A silver clad notepad and wallet with leather interior and integral pencil, Birmingham 1912 20-40
313.    A silver card case by Tiffany and Co - with monogram - 54g 20-40
314.    A silver cigarette case 1906, 136g 40-60
315.    A pair of silver miniature rifles, marked 925 with import mark and makers mark MH, total 72g 200-300
316.    A pair of large silver and cut glass swans, marked 1925 with import marks, 13cm long 80-120
317.    A pair of silver and cut glass swan form salts, marked 925 with import marks 30-50
318.    A Victorian silver and mother of pearl folding penknife Sheffield 1871, cased 40-60
319.    A small silver teapot, Birmingham 1900, 300g 70-90
320.    A 1930's silver teapot Birmingham 1946, 640g 150-200
321.    A silver napkin ring, a silver pierced and embossed oval pin dish and a silver pepper pot - 112g total 40-60
322.    A silver five vase epergne, 22cm tall - Birmingham 1907 80-120
323.    A lapis lazuli and blue topaz bracelet set in silver 30-50
324.    Two silver celtic brooches 30-40
325.    An enamel scarf clip with horseshoe decoration and stirrup form sprung clips and two other horse related scarf clips 20-40
326.    Five assorted Victorian scarf clips 20-30
327.    Three Victorian white metal scarf clips (one Reading patent) and a white metal and turquoise scarf ring 20-40
328.    Three silver hallmarked Victorian scarf clips and a scarf ring 30-50
329.    A silver St Christopher and chain and two pairs of gold earrings 20-40
330.    Two silver brooches, a set of silver studs and two silver clips 20-40
331.    Three pairs of earrings and a compact 10-20
332.    A Liberty pewter scarf clip and a large size Scottish brooch set purple 'stones' 20-40
333.    A box of brooches, Edwardian Art Nouveau costume opal necklace, silver etc 20-40
334.    A 9 carat gold citrine swivel fob and an Art Nouveau yellow metal and ribbon citrine fob 40-60
335.    Two Egyptian Revivalist brooches, a white metal miniature sword and scabbard and other antique jewellery 20-40
336.    Two Victorian tortoiseshell picque work brooches 60-80
337.    Six various silver rings 25-35
338.    A box of silver and other jewellery 20-40
339.    A silver pocket watch and fob 20-40
340.    A Waltham gold plated pocket watch 20-30
341.    A gold plated Pinnacle pocket watch 20-40
342.    A Victorian carved jet mourning locket 'Forget me Not' on a fine 9 carat gold boxlink chain, approx 3g and a carved Victorian ivory rose 80-120
343.    A group of silver jewellery including a floral marcasite brooch, a Siam silver enamel hinged peacock brooch etc and a 9 carat gold eternity ring 20-40
344.    A silver oval engraved locket, a silver ingot, a silver chain - total 68g and a gold chain with plated pendant 20-40
345.    A good selection of silver jewellery 50-80
346.    A box of silver jewellery etc 40-60
347.    A silver Charles Horner butterfly form hat pin 20-30
348.    A white metal belt and bracelet 40-60
349.    A silver engraved bangle boxed 20-40
350.    A 9 carat gold double sided open locket, a white metal Scottish stone set dirk brooch, gold ring etc 20-40
351.    A 'coin pearl' necklace and earrings with silver mounts 50-70
352.    A silver nurses buckle with pierced and engraved decoration, London 1978, 25g 30-40
353.    Two agate bead necklaces 10-30
354.    Two Siam silver and enamel dancing figure brooches and a similar horse brooch 30-50
355.    A large silver scrolling dress ring and pair of marcasite and pearl earrings (screw fitting) 10-20
356.    Two silver and marcasite brooches 30-40
357.    An Armani onyx and silver ring 10-20
358.    A silver and rose quartz pendant and earrings 30-50
359.    A silver and laboradite pendant and earrings 40-60
360.    A large silver crucifix and chain (4cm long) 15-25
361.    Six 9 carat gold bar brooches, one yellow metal brooch and two stick pins 50-70
362.    A 9 carat gold heart form ring set garnets, and two gold bar brooches a/f - total 5g 30-40
363.    A 9 carat gold pendant necklace and a Victorian yellow metal crescent form seed pearl brooch 20-40
364.    An Edwardian gold bangle set seed pearls, in fitted case - unmarked 100-150
365.    A box of scrap 9 carat gold - 16.5g 100-150
366.    A gold front and back circular locket on gold chain, a pair of yellow metal earrings and a pair of 9 carat gold earrings etc 30-40
367.    Two 9 carat gold chains a/f and two rings a/f - 8g 50-70
368.    A pair of Victorian 9 carat gold engraved cufflinks, 10g - cased 80-120
369.    An Omega Seamaster gold plated vintage gentleman's wrist watch 150-200
370.    A Victorian silver pair cased watch, London 1837, hallmarked to inner and outer case 100-150
371.    A Rolex Oyster Royal Precision gentlemans wrist watch 1000-1500
372.    A silver and marcasite Ormo brooch watch 30-40
373.    An early 20th century diamond set platinum cocktail watch on 9 carat gold strap 80-120
374.    A silver Accurist ladies wrist watch on silver strap 20-40
375.    An 18 carat gold Longines wrist watch with 18 carat gold strap 400-600
376.    A 9 carat gold framed cameo carved classical lady 40-60
377.    A 9 carat gold framed cameo brooch, 4.7 x 3.2 cm 30-50
378.    A 19th century silver framed cameo brooch 50-70
379.    An oval cameo brooch in yellow metal surround 40-60
380.    A 9 carat gold mounted cameo brooch 30-50
381.    A Victorian gold circular hair locket with decorated border and engine turned back, not marked but tested gold 60-80
382.    A Victorian gold brooch set banded agate within enamel Greek key borders, woven hair locket to verso - not hallmarked 100-150
383.    A Victorian gold brooch set banded agate within Greek key border - inscribed and dated 1870 - not hallmarked 50-70
384.    A Victorian pinchbeck agate brooch with enamel decoration 20-30
385.    An Alabaster and Wilson 9 carat gold spray brooch set amethysts 120-180
386.    An Iona silver long intertwined Celtic brooch 40-60
387.    A silver leaf form brooch set coral 20-30
388.    A 15 carat gold bar brooch set sapphire and two diamonds 80-100
389.    A silver and enamel cased retractable fob chain 20-40
390.    A Victorian gold plated pendant set pink stone 30-40
391.    A Victorian 9 carat gold scarf clip 40-60
392.    A Victorian 9 carat gold scarf clip with filigree decoration 40-60
393.    A Victorian gold scarf clip set ceylon sapphire 40-60
394.    A Victorian 9 carat gold scarf clip set blue stone 30-50
395.    A Victorian 9 carat gold scarf clip set chip diamond 40-60
396.    A 9 carat gold necklace and bracelet 4.8g and a 9 carat gold crucifix on 9 carat gold chain - 5.8g 80-120
397.    A 9 carat gold cameo ring and 9 carat gold chain 20-30
398.    A 1915 gold sovereign, mounted 120-150
399.    A 9 carat gold fob chain, 17g 120-180
400.    A pair of 18k gold ruby drop earrings 50-70
401.    A pair of 9 carat gold drop earrings - 1.6g 30-50
401A.   A suite of 18ct gold jewellery with white gold tipping, comprising a collar necklace, bangle, ring and pendant earrings 1500-2000
402.    A 15 carat gold opal and sapphire cluster ring, size P and a half 80-120
402A.   An 18ct gold solitaire diamond ring - the stone 1.03 carats, VSI/F 3000-5000
403.    A fine 18 carat gold three stone diamond ring - total 2.5 carats, approx size M 4000-6000
404.    An 18 carat white gold ring set four rows of diamonds 6.5g, unmarked but tested, size Q 150-200
405.    An Edwardian 18 carat gold square diamond set ring 180-250
406.    An 18 carat gold ring set three diamonds, size K 120-180
407.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond chip ring size J 30-50
408.    An 18 carat gold emerald and diamond ring, size K 120-180
409.    A 9k gold 'sleeping beauty' turquoise ring on zircon set shoulders, size P 300-400
410.    A 9k gold oval tanzanite ring flanked by two small diamonds, size T 150-200
411.    A 9k gold oval cut colour change fluorite ring, size P 250-350
412.    A 9k white gold triple AAA spessartite ring, size T` 100-150
413.    A 9 carat gold line set ruby ring, size M 60-80
414.    An 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond ring, size K 100-150
415.    A gold (unmarked) Greek key pattern wedding band, size M 30-50
416.    An 18 carat gold three stone diamond ring on decorative scrollwork mount, size L and a half 120-180
417.    An 18 carat gold amethyst set ring with leaf surround - unmarked, size P 120-180
418.    A Victorian ring set oval cut amethyst within pearl surround, size J 150-200
419.    A 9 carat gold pierced ring set chip diamonds - 42g, size N and a half 30-50
420.    A gold sovereign converted to a ring - 9g, size K 120-180
421.    An 18 carat gold three stone diamond ring, size Q and a half 120-180
422.    An 18 carat gold ring line set seven diamonds, size O 70-90
423.    A 9 carat gold ring illusion set three diamonds , size K and a half 20-40
423A.   An early 20th century yellow metal ring set cabochon green stone within white stone surround, size O 30-50
423B.   A 14k gold sapphire and ruby triple cluster ring, size S 100-150
424.    An 18 carat white gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring, size K 180-250
424A.   A 9 carat gold ring with pierced decoration set chip diamonds, 1.6g, size S 20-40
424B.   An 18 carat gold diamond and blue topaz cluster ring, size M 150-200
425.    A 9 carat gold illusion set diamond ring, size O 25-35
425A.   A 9 carat gold amethyst and chip diamond set ring, size U 60-80
425B.   A 9 carat gold diamond set crossover ring, size i and a half 30-50
426.    A 9 carat gold diamond cluster ring , size R 100-150
427.    A silver set emerald ring, size O and a half 30-50
428.    A 9k gold three stone Tibetan kyanite ring, size T 150-200
429.    A 9k gold crossover ring set chrome diopside on diamond set shoulders, size P 200-300
430.    A 9 carat gold plaited ring - 6.2g, size K 40-60
431.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set three stone diamond ring, size O 50-70
432.    An 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond ring, size M 120-180
433.    An 18 carat white gold solitaire ring illusion set diamond, size M 150-200
434.    A 9 carat gold heart form sapphire and diamond ring, size L 30-50
435.    A Victorian 18 carat gold diamond and red stone ring, size N and a half 120-180
436.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond chip ring, size P 30-50
437.    An 18 carat gold wedding band, 4g, size K 60-80
438.    An 18 carat gold signet ring 6.4g, size P 50-70
439.    An 18 carat white gold ring on diamond set shoulders - the centre stone deficient - 8g, size N 150-200
440.    A 9 carat gold ring set marquise cut white stone - size P 40-60
441.    A 9 carat gold signet ring 4.5g, size T 30-50
442.    A 9 carat gold engraved wedding band and a 9 carat gold interlaced ring - 8g 60-80
443.    Two 9 carat gold wide textured rings - 11g 80-120
444.    A 14k gold opal ring set white stones, size O 40-60
445.    An Edwardian 18 carat gold solitaire diamond ring on diamond set shoulders, size N 100-150
446.    An 18 carat gold diamond and sapphire cluster ring 150-200
447.    A 9k gold AAA tanzanite and diamond set pendant 300-400
448.    A 9 carat gold ruby and pearl pendant on gold plated chain 20-30
449.    A 9 carat gold Edwardian Art Nouveau pendant set peridot on 9 carat gold chain 120-180
450.    A 9 carat gold heart form and star pendant on blue cord 30-50
451.    A Japanese crystal necklace - each bead in setting depicting a chrysanthemum 40-50
452.    A silver three strand coated black spinel necklace 40-60
453.    A wide Kenart silver triple banded bangle with engraved decoration 40-60
454.    A Chaume silver and blue topaz bangle 20-40
455.    A silver engraved bangle 23g 10-20
456.    A good selection of silver jewellery 40-60
457.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
458.    A gold plated watch pendant 10-20
459.    A box of silver and white metal jewellery 20-30
460.    Two yellow metal engraved bachelor buttons or solitaires 10-20
461.    A small group of costume jewellery and a silver christening bangle 10-30
462.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
463.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
464.    A box of glass and stone bead necklaces, jet and simulated jet etc 10-20
465.    A lapis lazuli necklace and a similar necklace with grey stones 10-20
466.    Five various pocket watches 20-30
467.    A Rotary gold plated gents wrist watch - boxed 20-40
468.    A Tissot gold plated ladies wrist watch and a Rotary gold plated wrist watch 10-20
469.    A Casio alarm chrono gentleman's wrist watch, boxed 10-30
470.    A group of various watches including an Elliott Bros pocket watch 10-20
471.    A 9 carat gold ladies watch on plated strap and four gentlemans wrist watches including Bentimo 50-70
472.    A gentleman's Seiko wrist watch and four other vintage wrist watches 20-40
473.    A Tissost Seamaster Automatic watch and a Longines Conquest - both in need of service/repair 30-40
474.    A Michael Kors stainless steal wrist watch - boxed and unused 50-70
475.    An Oris vintage watch, Roamer watch and three other gents wrist watches 20-30
476.    A Toy jelly watch and two other watches 10-20
477.    A box of wrist watches 10-20
478.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
479.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
480.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
481.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
482.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
483.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
484.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
485.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
486.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
487.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
488.    A silver plated belt and a white metal buckle decorated cherubs 10-30
489.    Three modern silver bracelets, two other bracelets and a choker 20-40
490.    A Christian Dior chain belt 20-40
491.    A 9 carat gold spiral bracelet with an added silver chain - 4.5g, a silver charm bracelet, a silver crucifix on chain and a silver horseshoe bracelet 30-50
492.    A Kigu marcasite brooch, two other marcasite brooches and a necklace 10-20
493.    An early 20th century micro mosaic and cameo brooch 10-20
494.    A silver and grey freshwater pearl necklace and a simulated pearl necklace 20-40
495.    A silver and freshwater black and white pearl necklace and a brown freshwater pearl and fur necklace 20-40
496.    Four designer bead necklaces and a bracelet 10-20
497.    A box of simulated pearls and beads 10-20
498.    Two coral necklaces and a turquoise necklace 30-50
499.    Three silk strung sets of beads - aquamarine, amethyst and jet and a single pink sapphire stone 20-40
500.    Four modern glitter bead and silver bracelets, one by Claudio Yanes 30-50
501.    Three diamante and silver knitted bracelets in three colours 20-30
502.    Various antique costume jewellery 20-30
503.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
504.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
505.    Various costume jewellery 10-20
506.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
507.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
508.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
509.    A group of silver and other jewellery 20-40
510.    A box of vintage costume brooches 10-30
511.    A pair of Siamese silver cufflinks and a similar brooch and various costume jewellery 10-20
512.    A box of costume jewellery 20-30
513.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
514.    A group of stone set silver jewellery 10-30
515.    A box of beads 10-20
516.    Spare lot
517.    Spare lot
518.    Two old brass and iron canons - 21cm long 10-20
519.    A pair of brass shell cases 1917 20-40
519A.   A wooden long bow with horn ends, marked Ariadne 20-40
520.    A 22nd Independant Parachute Company wooden painted shield 'The Pathfinders' - boxed 40-60
521.    A set of three aluminium model aeroplanes - a Mosquito, Lightning and Islander (?) - 18cm approx 30-50
522.    Two Frankin model aeroplanes - Spitfire and Hurricane 10-20
523.    Four Edwardian embroidered postcards 10-20
524.    A printed miniature of Lord Raglan in turquoise set leaf form frame 10-20
525.    An old Forest school military photo and two Cheltenham Chronicle photos 10-20
526.    A Court & Co WWII military stop watch - marked to reverse with military arrow and 1/10 MKII, No. 795 1939 30-50
527.    An Aide Bros. 1940 military whistle and a Metropolitan police whistle 30-50
528.    A German WWII Red Cross armband 30-40
529.    A military silver plated pocket watch - marked GS/TP 20-40
530.    A glider pilot cap badge, RAF badge, a later pin and spirit flask 10-30
530A.   A naval fabric badge and a Croix be Combattant french medal, cricket medal etc 20-30
531.    A WWI prayer book for Jewish Sailors and Soldiers issued to GNR M Engleman 1917 20-30
532.    A WWII silk pilots map of Libya and Egypt 10-20
533.    Three commemorative medals, boxed - for Battle of Britain and Bomber Command 10-20
534.    A Victorian War Office collection of ephemera relating to orders for arms including letters and printed material 50-70
535.    Four HMSO 1943 - 1945 Supreme Allied Commander and Chief of Staff US Army and Europe publications 25-35
536.    A military shoulder bag for maps etc with military markings in top flap 20-30
537.    A pair of brass dishes embossed soldier and bulldog - 12cm dia and a larger dish - 25cm dia, possibly trench art 20-40
538.    A pair of Womens Land Army cord breeches 30-50
539.    Two bound volumes of WWII HMSO publications: Front Line, Transport, Ark Royal, Fleet Air Arm, East of Malta, West of Suez, HM Minesweepers, Coastal Command 40-50
540.    A Parachute Regiment commemorative plate 10-30
541.    Three Coalport plates 'Flight Through The Clouds', 'Dawn Patrol' and 'Evening Sortie, two framed', plus two other limited edition plates - inc Vulcan Bomber, boxed. 10-20
542.    Two modern books relating to WWI and WWII - 'The WWI Collection: Gallipoli and The Early Battles', a facsimilie copy of 'Ocean Front - WWII - War in the Pacific', and a modern spiral bound copy of 'Advance of Egyptian Expeditionary Force' originally printed in 1919 10-20
543.    Three Players military themed sets of cigarette cards:- 1916 Napoleon 25/25, 1914 Regimental Uniforms 50/50 and 1904 Badge/Flags of British Regiments 40-60
544.    A French WWII army helmet 20-40
545.    An RAF Lancaster Bomber pilot's flying helmet with headphones and breathing apparatus together with his RAF officers cap, canvas gun holster etc 100-150
546.    Spare lot
547.    A WWI RAF logbook for a Sopwith 'Snipe' No F2392, built at Kingston upon Thames 1918 50-70
548.    A small group of post WWII Naval memorabilia for Able Seaman G A Green plus a small group of memorabilia for Maj P Howell, RA 10-20
549.    Eight French military maps 10-20
550.    A 1939 HMSO propaganda publication German - Polish Relations and Hostilities, Dr Herman - Hitler Wants the World 15-25
551.    Two Ministry booklets 'Combined Operations' and 'Coastal Command' 10-30
552.    A collection of pilot's notes, instructor's handbooks, installation and operational manuals. Meteorology for aircrews - with reference to Chipmunk T MK10, Varsity T1, Anson 1, and x1, plus two albums of Players Cigarette cards - Civil Aeroplanes and RAF Badges - both complete 30-50
553.    A box of military books 10-20
554.    Two groups of medals from the Callow family (father and son). A WWI pair to Ernest Stanley Callow CAMG and a WWII set of four to Donald Beverley Callow plus a EII Territorial medal sold together with badges and insignia, full military service details, photographs etc 150-200
555.    An Air Council book 'Pilots and Flight Engineers Notes Halifax III and VII' and a group of military related commemorative ephemera 10-20
556.    G H Davis - cut away drawing of a Motor Torpedo Boat - for the Illustrated London News - 47 x 74cm 100-150
557.    Robert Taylor - print of HMS Kelly (Lord Mountbattens WWII Destroyer) - 33 x 52cm 10-30
558.    Robert Taylor - limited edition print 'Lancaster' signed by Leonard Cheshire - 34 x 46cm 50-70
559.    Robert Taylor - limited edition print 'Spitfire' signed by Douglas Bader and Johnnie Johnson - 33 x 46cm 50-70
560.    Robert Taylor - a print of a Hurricane signed by Bob Stanford Tuck 33 x 46cm 50-70
561.    GH Davis - cut away drawing of three tanks: Grant, Sherman and Churchill - done for the Illustrated London News 1943 - 42 x 71cm 100-150
562.    A gas mask 10-20
563.    Three Henley gas masks - two boxed 10-20
564.    A Victorian Fifth Dragoon Guards officer's uniform comprising jacket and waistcoat, trousers and evening jacket together with sword and scabbard, the blade etched, by J Jones, 6 Regent Street 200-300
565.    A 19th century East African shield and spear 300-500
566.    An early 19th century percussion action shotgun with figured walnut stock, ram rod and silver mounts - engraved Thompson 400-600
567.    A late 19th Japanese sword with shagreen handle, iron tsuba and wooden scabbard 100-200
568.    An RAF Band side drum painted Kings Crown Royal Coat of Arms and RAF crest, with rope tensioners 100-150
569.    A German WWI bayonet marked Rich A Herder Solingen, Mundlos and Co Magdeburg, blade marked DV18 with scabbard 40-60
570.    A late 19th century French bayonet with brass handle and metal scabbard 40-60
571.    An SMLE pattern bayonet and scabbard 1907 by Wilkinson - 57cm, total length 40-60
572.    A French Gras Rifle bayonet marked M and 'O' with crown above, the blade engraved manufacturer St Etienne July 1880, the scabbard stamped serial no: D87466 40-60
573.    A George V officers dress sword with proved and engraved blade and leather scabbard - the scabbard a/f 80-120
574.    An Indian 19th century ebony and bone sword stick 60-80
575.    A German officers WWI cavalry dress sword with engraved blade 100-150
576.    A Japanese WWII sword and scabbard 200-300
577.    Two Victorian naval swords in leather scabbards 150-200
578.    An antique African ceremonial axe with white metal collar, Congo/Songye 20-40
579.    A small sized kukri knife circa 1930's/40's - 17cm 10-30
580.    A US M4 carbine bayonet, Utilca 25-35
581.    A German wooden handled fighting knife by E and F Horster, Solingen - with metal sheath 40-60
582.    A WWI German trench knife with eagle handle and metal scabbard 40-50
583.    A Fairbairne Sykes commando or fighting knife and sheath 50-60
584.    A German WWII bayonet 40-60
585.    An American WWII fighting knife and scabbard 40-50
586.    A William Rodgers horn handled commando or hunting knife, with leather sheath 80-120
587.    An antique South American tribal cosh circa 1900 - 25cm 50-70
588.    Nineteen RAF and RAFA badges and pins 20-30
589.    An RAF cap badge, a Medical Corps badge, NSCR badge and an RAF propeller badge 10-20
590.    Five ARP badges, a WVS badge etc 10-20
591.    An RFC fabric shoulder badge and a Poona Horse shoulder badge 30-50
592.    A WWII Defence medal for the Home Guard Mr W C Solomon 10-20
593.    A set of three miniature Korea miniatures 20-30
593A.   A collection of WW2 medals, a box of ribbons and two safe driving medals 30-50
594.    A Royal Gloucestershire Hussars cap badge and collar dogs 30-40
595.    A German Prisoner of War bullet carved into a crucifix 10-20
596.    A Tank Regiment ring 20-40
597.    A Victorian Duke of Lancasters Own Yeomanry helmet badge and another cap badge 10-20
598.    A good selection of cap badges by Firmin, Gaunt etc 20-30
599.    A good selection of badges including military, Fire Service etc 20-30
600.    Two American WWII medals 20-40
601.    A WWII trio comprising War Medal, France and Germany Star and 1939 - 45 Star in box to Mr E C Soloman with certificate 20-40
602.    A WWII medal group comprising War Medal, 1939-45 star and The France and Germany Star together with original box to G Davies 20-40
603.    A box of eleven various cap badges 40-60
604.    A small group of commemorative medals, a political matchbox cover 'England Expects Every Foreigner to Pay Duty' etc 10-20
605.    A selection of cap badges etc 40-60
606.    A Victorian Army belt buckle and various assorted badges 40-50
607.    A set of three WWII medals for Faithful Service in the Special Constabulary to John Dawson and a commemorative medal 50-70
608.    A WWII Defence medal and War medal and two cap badges 15-25
609.    Three Red Cross nursing medals and War medal, boxed with certificate to Miss B Toone 40-60
610.    Two groups of miniature medals (KGV and KGVI) including one for the OBE, and a pair of Masonic medals 30-50
611.    A box of British cap badges, cloth badges etc. 20-30
612.    A box of assorted medals to include WWI medals, constabulary medal, Liberation of Jersey commemorative medal, WWII medals etc 60-80
613.    A set of five RAF dress medals 30-50
614.    A set of five WWII medals and matching miniatures comprising 1939 - 45 Star, Africa Star, Burma Star, Defence medal and War medal 40-60
615.    A WWII group of five medals\:- War Medal, Defense Medal, Africa Star, Italy Star and 1939 - 45 Star with department certificate and provenance 50-60
616.    Two WWI medals to Private JA Fletcher Glos Yeo No 3077 (with tie etc) 50-60
616A.   A WW1 pair of medals to Private EF Grundy MGC 156350 50-70
617.    A 19th century helmet badge and two cap badges 50-70
617A.   A WW1 pair of medals to Gnr H Deakin RA 1815 50-70
618.    A box of assorted medals including WWI and WWII etc 40-60
619.    A Queen Elizabeth Territorial Land Army Volunteer Reserve medal 60-80
620.    Two WWI medals to 2nd Lieutenant H Mason RAF together with fabric badge and Training Corps badge - framed and glazed 80-120
621.    Three WWI medals to Warrant Officer Class 2 C Evanson RA and SJT C Evanson RFA (both 44934) plus RFA and RA badges and a brass lighter 80-120
622.    A box of nine silver sweetheart brooches 100-150
623.    A box of fifteen enamel and metal regimental sweetheart brooches 50-70
624.    A Naval Long Service medal to G Marshall A.S.P.O HMS Malaya K 9352 and a WWI Mercantile Marine medal to William C May 40-60
625.    A Queen Victoria South Africa Medal with two bars Orange Free State and Cape Colony and an Edward VII South Africa Medal with two bars 1901 and 1902 - both to Pte S Turner, Glos Regt 2653 200-300
626.    A China medal with two bars for Pekin and Taku Forts, to Edward Ervin, 1st Bn 2nd Regt 200-300
626A.   A set of three WW1 medals comprising: War Medal, Victory Medal and 1914 Star to Gnr JS Griffin RA 73027 60-80
627.    A WWI 1914-15 star to Pte P Burgon, North D Fus. 20-40
628.    A Queen Victorian South Africa medal to Pte A Holtam 13th Hussars 3628 with four bars: Orange Free State, Relief of Ladysmith, Tugela Heights and Cape Colony 150-200
629.    A Queen Victoria South Africa medal to Gnr J Delaney, 36th SD RGA 4734, with four bars: Wittebergen, Diamond Hill, Johannesburg and Cape Colony 150-200
630.    An India Mutiny medal with Lucknow bar to R Gregg 34th Regt 200-300
631.    A WWI pair of medals to Gnr W C Soloman Royal Artillery 152215 40-60
632.    A Queen Victoria South Africa medal to Pte J Daniels 6th Dragoon Guards 3481 with four bars: Transvaal, Driefontein, Paardeberg and Relief of Kimberley 150-200
633.    A German silver gilt medal (835 standard) Konig 1934 30-50
634.    A Queen Victoria Long Service Medal for the Volunteer Force to J Williams Late QMS 8th Battery G.V.A - '26 Years Service' 120-180
634A.   Two German Iron Crosses for 1914 & 1939 plus a plastic Kreistag NSDAP badge, a NSFK badge, a Wilhelm Kaiser commemorative medal 80-100
635.    A silver and enamel Royal Sussex Regiment cap badge 50-70
636.    A Crimea War medal - condition poor 30-50
637.    A 9 carat gold Royal Engineers sweetheart brooch 60-80
638.    Two WWI wooden and 9 carat gold mounted 'Touch Wud' lucky charms - they were given to soldiers during the war to keep them from harm (the charms are touching their wooden heads for good luck) 80-120
639.    A 19th century Russian niello dagger and scabbard decorated all over scrolling foliage and initial KAB*KA3 ? - date mark 1860, city mark Novocherassk, 27cm 200-400
640.    A late 19th century Japanese ivory tanto with all over carved figurative scenes 200-300
641.    Alan Kidd - '22nd Independant Parachute Company' 40th Anniversary of D-Day silver commemorative sculpture 'The Eternal Airborne Soldier' - limited edition 20/100 300-500
642.    A Lemania stainless steel British Military single button chronograph wrist watch circa 1940's, No. 0552/924-3305, 3671, with stainless steel strap 1500-2000
643.    A CWC British Military stainless steel wrist watch - 0552/6645-99, 541 5317, 58124 50-70
644.    A CWC stainless steel British Military chronograph wrist watch, No. 6645-99, 814-9181, cased 400-600
645.    A Seiko military chronograph wrist watch with three subsidiary dials, boxed 300-500
646.    A Brookes Travelling Companion map through England and Wales published William Darton 1819, 2nd Edition, backed onto linen 100-150
647.    An early 19th century game 'Historical Pastime - 'A New Game of the History of England' colour engraved on linen backed paper, published by E Wallis and J Harris 1821, the historical account ending with the death of Queen Caroline 80-120
648.    Five motor related books and booklets 10-20
649.    A group of film star publicity shots and photographs 10-20
650.    A Madame Tussauds guide from 1951 and a Blackpool Tower 1950's guide 15-25
651.    Five 1950's Boxing programmes from Cheltenham Spa 20-40
652.    A folder of South Wales Electrical Company correspondence relating to the bringing of power to Usk, circa 1930's 10-20
653.    A 1950's Morris Oxford Series VI car brochure 10-20
654.    A group of ephemera to include rations books, telephone handbook etc 10-20
655.    Nine Worcester Cricket Club Year Books 1970 - 79 ('76 missing) 10-20
656.    Of Railway interest:- A GWR notepad, seven GWR buttons and a 1921 NUR Branch Officer book with strike pay invoices 20-30
657.    Three Puffin books on locomotives and trains and horses 10-20
658.    A Great Western Railway Souvenir booklet and GWR Swindon Works booklet 1-20
659.    An HP Sauce advertising book 'Nursery Rhymes with Saucey Endings' illustrated by Lilian Govey 10-30
660.    A small collection of England v Scotland football programmes, tickets etc 1947 onwards plus a group of Leicester City programmes 20-40
661.    A French fashion magazine Mon Ouvrage 1938 20-40
662.    An 1881 Whitehall Review with illustrations 20-30
663.    Two momento / autograph books containing various good quality pencil and watercolour pictures including Native American Chief 20-40
664.    An Aston Villa souvenir 'The Match Day Experience' 10-20
665.    A Golden Extra Daily Mail printed in gold to commemorate Queen Victorias Golden Jubilee in 1897 10-20
666.    Two Readers Digest large atlases 10-20
667.    A copy of 'Meccano Magazine' - vol XXVI from Jan - Dec 1941 10-20
668.    A group of vintage girls annuals circa 1950's & 60's 10-20
669.    A box of art and interior books etc 10-20
670.    A full set of fifty Wills cigarette cards 'Railway Equipment' - framed and glazed 20-40
671.    Heroes of Our Day, or Recent Winners of the Victoria Cross by Walter Richards - eight illustrations by Hadly Payne and published by Hutchinson 1894, full red calf 10-20
672.    The Voyage of The Fox in the Arctic Seas in Search of Franklin and His Companions by Capt. Sir F Leopold McClintock and published by John Murray 1869, third edition with folding map and other illustrations - library binding 20-30
673.    A New Treatise on the Use of Globes by Thomas Keith 1804 complete with all folding charts - title page missing, contemporary calf binding 10-20
674.    The Banks of The Wye by Robert Bloomfield, printed for the author by Vernon, Hood and Sharpe, London 1811 - first edition, four plates and contemporary leather 30-50
675.    The Life and Travels of Mungo Park with The Account of his Death from the Journal of Isaaco and published by John Parker 1841, second edition - contemporary leather 20-30
676.    Alices Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass - illustrated by John Tenniel 15-25
677.    A copy of 'Welsh - English Dictionary' 1815 by Rev'd Thomas Richards, Coychurch - published by R Jones, Dolgelly - third edition 10-20
678.    Aucassin and Nicolette and Amabel and Amoris by Laurence Houseman, drawings by Paul Woodroffe - vellum binding 1902 10-20
679.    F.Scott Fitzgerald - 'Tender is the Night' 1951 Edition 10-20
680.    Two leather bound books: Natural History by Rev J G Wood and Notes and Jottings from Animal Life by Frank Buckland 1909 10-20
681.    Two copies of 'Racing Calendar - Steeple Chases Past' published by Weatherby and Sons, 1902 and 1907 and one copy of ' Racing Up-To-Date Form Book' published by Sporting Chronicle Manchester 1968/69 20-30
682.    Royal St James (Being a Story of Kings, Clubmen and Courtesans) by E J Burford 15-25
683.    A Guide to Modern Cookery by A Escoffier published William Heinemann 1911, new and revised edition 40-60
684.    Chambers Biographical Dictionary 1897, half leather with marbled eps and edges - very good condition 10-20
685.    Heroes of The Goodwin Sands and the Log of a Sky Pilot both by Rev T S Treanor, together with Our Sea COast Heroes, early editions and very good condition 10-20
686.    A box of childrens annuals 10-20
687.    Coaching Days of England by Paul Elek 10-20
688.    The Works of Shakespeare edited and annotated by Charles and Mary Cowan Clarke with thirty five plates - The Comedies 20-40
689.    A History of the Earth and Animated Nature of Oliver Goldsmith, vols 1 and 2 published 1870 20-30
690.    Two camera manuals, the Hasselblad Manual 2nd edition and the Rollei Manual on Twin Lens Photography 10-20
691.    A small group of books including - What Men Have To Say About Women published 1865, The Wizard of Oz, The Observer Book of British Birds and a Book of Gardens illustrated by Margaret Waterfield 10-20
692.    'Worcestershire' by Arthur Mee and 'The World in Maps' by WW Jervis 10-20
693.    Three large format books on Venice, Venetian Palazzi, Decorative Floors of Venice and Whistlers Circle in Venice 20-40
694.    A Victorian small leather photograph album with gilt metal hinges (empty), two vintage cookery books, Austin 7 & 8 handbook etc 10-20
695.    Daphne Du Maurier 'Hungry Hill' first edition 1943, 'My Cousin Rachel' first edition 1951, 'The Breaking Point' first edition 1959 20-40
696.    Graham Greene - 'The Quiet American' first edition 1955, and 'A Burnt Out Case' first edition 1961 20-40
697.    A box of books on the Forest of Dean including Gloucestershire Selection of Poems by F W Harvey - first edition 20-30
698.    A box of art books including Wm Morris and Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists 20-40
699.    The New British Traveller or a Complete Modern Universal Display of Great Britain and Ireland published 1784, published George Augustus Walpole and Dalton 80-120
700.    A Victorian family bible with hand written lists of family names, dates of birth etc, from the Forest of Dean relating to the Jones family (late 19th and early 20th centuries) 20-40
701.    A set of eight books 'Winston S Churchill' by Randolph S Churchill, published 1966 - first edition with dust jackets 50-70
702.    A box of railway books, various aspects, various regions, generally in VGC 20-30
703.    A box of cookery books 10-20
704.    A History of The English Speaking Peoples and various other Churchill books 20-30
705.    A woven silk picture Sailing of the Mayflower 10-20
706.    A 1950's Jaguar car advert - framed and glazed - 32 x 22cm 10-30
707.    A map of Gloucestershire 26 x 20cm, and a print view of Gloucester after Bartlett - 9 x 14cm 10-20
708.    Four Stevengraphs: Full Cry, The Good Old Days, The Struggle and Dick Turpin 20-40
709.    A pair of brass candlesticks and a copper jug 10-30
710.    A wrought iron lily form candlestand 48cm tall 20-30
711.    An antique miners safety lamp 30-50
712.    A brass miners lamp 10-20
713.    A Kayserzinn pewter Art Nouveau champagne bucket 150-200
714.    A Victorian copper kettle 10-20
715.    A full set of 1920's opticians opthalmic lenses and glasses etc - all boxed 20-40
716.    A box of alcohol miniatures including two Dimple Haig whisky and other whisky, brandy etc 20-30
717.    Two Carr and Co circular biscuit advertising metal plaques - 33cm 10-20
718.    A Bols musical ballerina decanter 10-20
719.    A bottle of De Vengge Champagne des Princes 1975 - unopened 20-40
720.    Four centenary ales, three boxed including Bass Princes Ale 1982, Marstons 1984, Peach and Co Centenary Ale and Brewhouse Ale - all unopened 30-50
721.    An old Roberts radio 10-20
722.    A novelty radio in the form of a vintage gasoline pump 10-20
723.    An Ericofon 700 'Centenary' telephone with buttons to base of handset 10-20
724.    A vintage Sanyo transistor radio - boxed and with instructions 10-20
725.    A German clockwork tinplate toy telephone with bell by MFZ and a Marx Triday Action Locomotive 10-30
726.    A heavy cast iron firemark with figure of Britannia and a lion - 27 x 21cm 60-80
727.    A set of servant's bells by T. Collins 40-60
728.    A set of antique kitchen scales and weights on integral stand and another set of cast iron weights 10-20
729.    An Eastern brass hanging lantern with pierced decoration and a brass hookah base 30-50
730.    A full size violin with Stradivarius label - in case 100-150
731.    An old hand made violin and bow in case 100-150
732.    A box of treen and old wooden boxes etc 10-20
733.    A pair of oak panels carved Art Nouveau stylised flower heads - 58 x 15cm 10-20
734.    A small bronze bust in classical style - possibly Hercules - 16cm 40-60
735.    A gilt metal group of a retriever with pheasant - 30cm long 40-60
736.    A small Bermann cold painted bronze group 'Bremen Musicians' - 10cm 40-60
737.    A cast iron Uncle Sam money box 40-60
738.    A cast iron negro money box 30-50
739.    An old brass school bell 15-25
740.    A Wolverhampton Exhibition Souvenir/advertising tape measure 1902 and a compact 10-20
741.    A silver plated evening bag, two Stratton compacts etc 10-20
742.    Two Japanese Komai cigarette cases decorated oriental scenes and another with Egyptian scenes 30-50
743.    An Edwardian ivory toiletry box, an ivory shoe horn and an ebony baby brush 20-40
744.    Two 19th century bone fans and a bone notepad with carved decoration 20-40
745.    A collection of lace bobbins 10-20
746.    A vintage brass figure of Bambi 19cm tall 10-20
747.    Two papier mache snuff boxes 10-20
748.    Thirty Japanese carved bone beads 80-120
749.    An Aksara Bali palm leaf pictorial manuscript book with Chinese cast cash coin weights 10-20
750.    A mid 20th century Sorrento Ware musical jewellery box 20-30
751.    Three 19th century silhouette pictures in ebonised frames 70
752.    An Autograph ballpoint pen, a Cross ballpoint pen and an Orchid ballpoint pen - all boxed 30-40
753.    A silver penknife, a rolled gold pencil and mother of pearl miniature penknife 20-40
754.    A Parker Slimfold inkpen and Parker biro, boxed 10-30
755.    Four vintage pens including Waterman and Parker etc 40-50
756.    A group of inkpens and pencils including Parker, Sheafer and Gunther Wagner Ibis examples 20-40
757.    A Sheaffer pen set cased and a Cross ballpoint pen boxed 10-20
758.    A Dupont ballpoint pen - boxed 10-20
759.    Three boxes of Swan pen knibs and an advertising Swan envelope 10-20
760.    A Masonic presentation 'Lodge of United Strength' - boxed Habana cigar set 10-20
761.    A silver plated Dunhill cigarette lighter, cased 20-40
762.    Three seals and a box of waxes - one seal for Crown Court Upavon 20-30
763.    A set of chemical weights, cased 10-20
764.    A Victorian ivory clad pair of opera glasses 30-50
765.    A set of three plaster wall ducks and a Parkside metal set 10-20
766.    A Gillette Safety Razor, a similar gilt one - both cased, and three book form bank money boxes 10-20
767.    A box of collectables 10-20
768.    A carved wood musical grape stand and a 1930's floral painted mirror 10-20
769.    A box of Chinese wooden stands 10-20
770.    A replica gun and a vintage surveyors tape measure 10-20
771.    Collection of Windsor Mint, portraits of The Queen, 9 total plus two 70 mm portrait of Princess Diana in presentation box - Condition: UNC plus four other QE commemorative coins, a silver 1 coin and two other commemorative coins 20-40
772.    Two Windsor Mint presentation folders for (A) Tiara Papalis (popes) with 3 medallions of popes: PP VI 1800-1823 Pius PP IX 1846-1878 and Paulus PP II 1978-2005 (B) The 12 Apostles with 2 medallions: Apostle John and loose group medallion with certificate 20-40
773.    A pair of early 20th century bowls in canvas and leather case 10-20
774.    Various small collectables 10-20
775.    A Kodak No1A Autographic Jr and various other cameras and cine cameras 10-30
776.    A group of collectables to include curling tongs, postal scales, Dairy butter wraps etc 10-20
777.    A small Victorian brass three drawer telescope 20-30
778.    An Art Deco 8 day oak cased mantel clock, an Oris travel clock and a Swiza 8 day alarm 20-30
779.    An Art Deco J W Benson oak mantel clock 20-30
780.    A metal and ebony greyhound head letter opener 40-60
781.    Two marble carved horses - 10cm and 20cm tall - one repaired 30-50
782.    A plaster head after a memorial sculpture and a box of plaster medallions - 20cm tall 10-20
783.    A Chinese soapstone inkwell carved flower 10-20
784.    A pewter snuff box decorated hunting dog to lid 10-20
785.    A vintage pigeon clock 20-30
786.    A Fischer Hiar-Hygrometer 20-40
787.    A 19th century meerschaum pipe carved venus and grapes - cased, foot a/f 40-60
788.    Two antique small brass fishing reels 20-30
789.    A Dutch brass tobacco box with engraved and embossed decoration, figures and cottages and coat of arms to verso 30-50
790.    A quantity of British copper/bronze pennies Victorian through to Eliz II, several George V Heaton and a Kings Norton mint plus 1944 sixpence and an original hexagonal Dunlop Cycle check copper/bronze tag - approx 6 kilos. Condition - Poor to Fine
791.    A Watkin Patent pocket compensated barometer retailed by J Hicks, No. 725, in leather case 60-80
792.    A Polaroid SX - 70 land camera with instructions 30-50
793.    A chess set and a bridge set 10-20
794.    A group of approx 40 pre-decimal sixpences - a couple with silver content. Condition: Fair to VF 10-20
795.    A Robertsons Jam set of golly band and golly football figures - all boxed, 18 in total 30-50
796.    A vintage seven piece Robertson Golly Band 30-40
797.    A group of Girl Guide badges, belt, booklets etc and various other badges 10-20
798.    A quantity of enamel bowling badges etc 10-20
799.    An Olympic 1926 International Horse Show rosette 10-20
800.    Two Primrose League enamel badges, four Robertsons golly badges and a National Conservative League badge 20-40
801.    A collection of keyrings 10-20
802.    Four Red Cross enamel badges 10-30
803.    A silver and enamel 'Institute for Girls Royal Masonic' badge and a quantity of other silver and metal badges etc 20-40
804.    A Victorian mahogany slope front writing box 20-40
805.    A Victorian mahogany workbox with gilt metal mounts, no interior 20-30
806.    A Victorian walnut writing slope a/f 10-30
807.    A Bershaw music rest 15-25
808.    A box of collectables including French lamp 10-20
809.    A treen pin cushion and reel holder and various other needlework items including buttons 20-40
810.    A Victorian rosewood workbox and a walnut one 10-30
811.    A Corona typewriter a/f 10-20
812.    An old search light and a motorbike light 10-20
813.    A Fly Fishermans bag with boxes of flies and other fishing items 20-40
814.    An etching of Eley Cathedral by W Renison - 27 x 37cm 20-40
815.    Attrib to Sheila McCririck - oil abstract, unframed - 61 x 51cm 10-20
816.    An early 20th century oak Globe Wernicke style bookcase 100-150
817.    An oak 1920's bookcase with panelled cupboard under two shelves 40-60
818.    Two copper samovars 30-50
819.    A Victorian large oak sideboard with low back over three drawers, all with carved decoration and raised on turned supports, 210cm wide 100-150
820.    An Edwardian brass tea kettle on stand 20-30
821.    An 18th century brass pestle and mortar, the mortar 9.5cm tall 40-60
822.    An 18th century brass pestle and mortar - 12cm tall 40-60
823.    A set of early 19th century copper nesting cup weights - 1ozs to 4lbs 50-70
824.    A Victorian brass tea kettle on stand with embossed decoration 20-40
825.    A pair of 19th century brass chamber sticks with pushers 20-40
826.    Three Victorian copper jelly moulds 40-60
827.    A brass hot water can with trademark to base 'HF + Co' 10-30
828.    A brass fender 10-20
829.    A brass coal scuttle 30-50
830.    A Victorian brass three piece fireside set 30-50
831.    An Indian hardwood brass inlaid small dome top chest with inner tray - 60cm wide 50-70
832.    A pastel of a young girl , signed indistinctly , 47 x 31cm 30-40
833.    A George III oak bureau with slope front over two drawers all raised on barleytwist supports 60-80
834.    A Victorian large slate mantel clock with two train movement 50-70
835.    A Georgian oak candle box with hinged lid 30-50
836.    Martin Panamick (1956 - 1977 North American Woodland School) - silkscreen print Birds in Flight - 30 x 40cm 40-60
837.    A watercolour - highland scene, monogrammed 24 x 34cm 10-20
838.    A Victorian mahogany Beaconsfield style wardrobe and a matching dressing table 80-120
839.    A tilt top occasional table 10-20
840.    Albert Prosdocimi - watercolour Venice canal scene, unframed - 30 x 19cm 100-150
841.    A Victorian carved oak hallstand with glove box and stick stands 80-120
842.    A copper helmet form coal scuttle 30-50
843.    A copper flagon and a copper tray 10-20
844.    A Victorian Art Nouveau cast iron standard oil lamp with copper reservoir and brass mounts 30-50
845.    A watercolour portrait of Walter Stanley Bean, Canon of Christchurch Cathedral New Zealand, April 1946 - 24 x 15cm 30-50
846.    An oval watercolour of a trout - 17 x 12cm 20-30
847.    A Victorian Welsh mahogany longcase clock with arch top dial and painted face by H P Harris of Mony Thusloyn, Nr Monmouth 300-500
848.    A Victorian snooker cue by J Ashcroft and Co Liverpool, in metal case 20-40
849.    A Victorian brass and iron double headboard and foot - 135cm wide 30-40
850.    A set of eleven 'Leyland Lady' golf clubs 10-20
851.    A stone effect garden figure of a woman with dove 20-40
852.    A stone effect garden faun form fountain 20-40
853.    A stone effect garden figure girl with puppies 20-40
854.    A croquet set by Jacques - boxed, and archery bow and another lawn game etc 40-60
855.    An Edwardian mahogany and satinwood inlaid overmantel mirror, 122cm wide 30-50
856.    An antique galvanised well bucket and watering can 20-40
857.    An old double child's school desk 20-30
858.    A small painted pine blanket chest with upholstered top 40-60
859.    A 1920's oak dressing table with two short and two long drawers 20-30
860.    Two old enamel signs 'Gentlemen' and 'Unadopted' and a cast iron 'Gentlemen' sign 60-80
861.    A Victorian corinthian column oil lamp with cut glass reservoir 60-80
862.    A Victorian brass oil lamp with cut glass reservoir 50-70
863.    A Victorian oil lamp with cranberry reservoir and opaque fitted glass shade 60-80
864.    A Victorian floral painted oil lamp 20-30
865.    A Victorian brass corinthian column oil lamp with glass reservoir 30-50
866.    An Edwardian satinwood chest of two short and three long drawers 96cm wide 60-80
867.    A Victorian mahogany table top cabinet of four drawers with glazed door 40-60
868.    A Josef Falk static steam engine 30-40
869.    An Ernst Plank static steam engine 30-40
870.    A Wilesco steam workshop comprising steam engine, pillar drill and press hammer - all mounted on a base 80-120
871.    A 19th century brass skeleton clock under glass dome 200-300
872.    A mahogany cabinet with drawer over recess and cupboard 75cm wide 30-40
873.    A group of various copper and brass 10-20
874.    A large old Persian Bakhtiar red ground carpet - 387 x 263cm 300-400
875.    A Persian village rug with all over floral decoration - 179 x 111cm 150-200
876.    A taxidermy Common Bream in a bow fronted case - 74cm wide 200-250
877.    A taxidermy Roach in a bow fronted case in the style of Cooper - 50.5cm wide 300-400
878.    An Edwardian pine twin pedestal desk with leather inset top 80-120
879.    A Singer Sewing Machine 10-20
880.    A box of twenty seven LP's of Nat King Cole - mono and stereo 20-30
881.    A Victorian brass hanging oil lamp with shade and funnel, converted to electricity 20-40
882.    A box of old glockenspiel blocks 10-20
883.    An old hurricane lamp, three flat irons, acetylene lamp, antique door lock etc 10-20
884.    A vintage Monopoly set, a Touring Europe game, kite etc 20-40
885.    An oak Negretti and Zambra barometer and five other barometers 20-40
886.    A small early 20th century printing machine, cased - by Andrews 10-20
887.    A Singer Sewing Machine and accessories 10-20
888.    A large gilt framed collectors table top display cabinet - 57 x 46 x 14cm 40-60
889.    A silvered witches ball 10-20
890.    A poker in the form of a sword, a brass toasting fork and a 'grabber' tool a/f 10-20
891.    A 19th century continental parasol with white metal handle decorated flowers 10-20
892.    A walking stick with silver collar 10-20
892A.   A Victorian black parasol with white metal embossed ring handle 20-40
893.    A box of model railway scenic items including electronic controls, lighting set etc 10-20
894.    A Fisher Price record player 10-20
895.    A Mah Jong set in fitted case 10-20
896.    A vintage roulette set - boxed 10-20
897.    A box of die cast and plastic model farm vehicles including Britains 20-30
898.    A collection of various Dinky and die cast cars including Ferrari 23H, Cooper Bristol 23G, Bedford Van 480, aircraft, old motorbike etc 20-40
899.    A collection of Matchbox die cast cars including Hotwheels, etc - playworn 10-30
900.    A collection of die cast cars including Corgi Hyster Challenger 800 forklift, other forklifts, Maisto Mustang GT etc 10-20
901.    A model railway engine shed 10-20
902.    Fifteen 'Peco' points 10-20
903.    A box of model railway landscape materials, trees etc 20-30
904.    A quantity of vintage Britains plastic farmyard animals and accessories plus other makes 20-30
905.    Twenty four unboxed model railway wagons, bridge and two locomotives 20-40
906.    Six boxed Hornby items including locomotive, lorry etc and an 0-6-0 Push Pull loco and carriage 20-40
907.    Ten Intercity model railway items, lorries etc 20-30
908.    A Lesney Coronation coach, a Coronation pop up book and a vintage child's Look at Me book etc 20-30
909.    A box of one locomotive and thirteen boxed wagons - various makes including Hornby 30-50
910.    Twelve boxed Hornby items including Mail Van set and Breakdown Crane 50-70
911.    Thirteen Midland Pullman Power and Dummy end units and fourteen Midland Pullman coaches 40-60
911A.   A box of Peco flexible track 10-20
912.    Eight various vintage jigsaws 15-25
913.    A vintage 'Billing Boats' wooden model boat kit - boxed complete 20-30
914.    A wooden toy rocking horse 20-40
915.    A print of Eton College - 21 x 31cm 10-20
916.    Wilfred Appleby - etching of Edinburgh University - 22 x 34cm 30-50
917.    A French lustred china table lamp with bronzed base 20-40
918.    A framed print of RMS Windsor Castle in South African port - 47 x 23cm 10-20
919.    Three various shipping prints 10-20
920.    Arthur King - watercolour Liver Building on Liverpool waterfront - 23 x 30cm 60-80
921.    N Pennington - two etchings 'White Star' Australian Emigrant Ship and Dreadnought American Mail Packet 20-40
922.    A 19th century aquatint Rural Happiness at Caverac in verre eglomise frame - 12 x 18cm 20-40
923.    A set of five RSC prints of Hamlet - 19 x 12cm 10-20
924.    A folio of Standard large scale examples of Architectural Details by Mervyn and McCartney 20-30
925.    An Indian hardwood cabinet of four short and five long drawers 60-80
926.    Tom Merrifield - limited edition print of Daisy 40/350, signed in pencil - 50 x 35cm 20-40
927.    A Russell Flint print - 26 x 43cm 10-20
928.    A tapestry of boy and girl in landscape in gilt frame - 44cm sq 20-40
929.    Anthony Armstrong - limited edition print 'Glasgow Green' - signed in pencil - 28 x 35cm, 324/500 50-70
930.    A pair of Russell Flint prints - 24 x 35cm 20-30
931.    A pair of limited edition framed and glazed landscapes signed in pencil - 33 x 25cm 10-20
932.    A modern copy of a Blau map of Gloucestershire - 45 x 56cm 10-20
933.    A limited edition print by Roz Goody of a huntsman - 34 x 25cm 10-20
934.    A pair of railway prints - 27 x 38cm 10-20
935.    A modern two door pine wardrobe with drawer under 60-80
936.    A small Eastern lacquered occasional table 10-20
937.    A pine plate rack with drawers 20-40
937A.   A pine plate rack with drawers 20-40
938.    A French style Pierrot print - 20 x 14cm, and two other pictures unframed 10-20
939.    A set of four reproduction rope back dining chairs with brass inlay and sabre supports (2 + 2) 60-80
939A.   A large gilt framed and glazed Turner print - 52 x 71cm 10-20
940.    A box of assorted scarves including some silk ones 20-40
941.    A Chinese large white silk floral embroidered shawl and a Chinese black silk floral embroidered shawl 50-60
942.    Two vintage blue striped school dresses with gym slip, a Sybil Zelker lace crop top and skirt and an Edwardian satin wedding dress and accessories 20-30
943.    A Frank Herring and Sons pine spinning wheel 60-80
944.    A quantity of various scarves and fabrics 20-30
945.    A vintage leather bag and an imitation pearl evening bag 10-20
946.    A Hermes Paris silk scarf with rose design - 88 x 85cm 30-50
947.    A pair of 1960's unopened Christian Dior stockings size 10 10-20
948.    Two vintage bamboo coat hangers 10-20
949.    A pair of Versace sunglasses and a Chanel pair - boxed 30-50
950.    A butchers block 20-40
951.    A Victorian high backed upholstered nursing chair 10-20
952.    A Victorian pine chest of two short and two long drawers - 87cm wide x 45 deep x 81cm high 80-120
953.    A small Victorian wool work sampler dated 1874 - 25 x 21cm 30-50
954.    An oil on board two horses in a landscape, signed indistinctly - 40 x 60cm 30-50
955.    Three 19th century coloured farming engravings: The Farmyard, Passing the Brook and Cattle Early Morning - 16 x 24cm 20-40
956.    Three 19th century coloured engravings of cattle including Gloucester and Short Horn , 14 x 20cm 10-30
957.    An oil on canvas of a spaniel - signed by Kevin Platt - 49 x 39cm 10-30
958.    Three limited edition pen and ink drawings of badgers, shrews and Klispringer by J Kingdom - 22 x 28cm 10-30
959.    A pair of oriental paintings on silk of birds, signed Henry T - 43 x 33cm 20-40
960.    J Dorris - charcoal drawing of cats, signed and dated 1912 - 25 x 33cm 20-30
961.    A plan map of Philadelphia 1840 - 38 x 30cm 20-30
962.    An Edwardian mahogany washstand back inset with decorative tiles (back only) 20-40
963.    A Victorian mahogany finish twin pedestal desk 40-60
964.    Various small picture frames 10-20
965.    A pair of Edwardian bedroom chairs 10-20
966.    A box of pictures etc 10-20
967.    An oak tea trolley with carved cupboard under 20-30
968.    Two gilt and white framed mirrors 10-20
969.    A pair of framed and glazed countryside scenes by David Dipnall - 29 x 44cm 10-30
970.    An oil on board , seabirds over wetland, 37 x 58cm
971.    An oak hymn number board 30-50
972.    An oak hymn number board 30-50
973.    A red and blue Heriz runner with triple medallion - 257 x 84cm 150-200
974.    A pair of George III mahogany Chipppendale style dining chairs with interlaced splats and two George III carver chairs 80-120
975.    A pair of early 20th century beech stick back chairs 30-50
976.    A French carved shield back open armchair on foliage carved supports 80-100
977.    A pair of Victorian mahogany Regency style carver chairs with scroll over arms all on turned supports 60-80
978.    Two Georgian pierced vase splat dining chairs 30-50
979.    A George III oak vase splat back chair 10-30
980.    Two Georgian pierced vase splat dining chairs 30-50
981.    A late Victorian nursery chair with marquetry decoration 20-30
982.    A Victorian James II style oak high backed chair with carved decoration 30-50
983.    A set of five slat back oak dining chairs 20-30
984.    An Edwardian oak swivel desk chair 80-100
985.    A mahogany X frame turned stool 50-70
986.    A set of four 1920's oak slat back dining chairs 20-40
987.    A South African stinkwood dining table and six chairs with claw and ball feet, the table 91 x 152cm 80-120
988.    An Edwardian mahogany hall wall mirror with shelf 20-40
989.    An early 19th century oil on canvas two cows in landscape - 24 x 34cm 20-30
990.    A Crown Stationary Office mahogany desk stand and Smythson of Bond Street leather desk blotter 25-35
991.    A 19th century astragal glazed bookcase top - 112cm high x 99c, wide - one glaze cracked 30-50
992.    A pair of 19th century bronze classical style vases with relief decoration of figures and foliage, cast female masks by Henry Cahieux, F Barbedienne Fondeur - 45cm (chip to rim) 150-200
993.    A large gilt plaster baroque style table lamp and blue and gilt table lamp 10-20
994.    A South African Stinkwood two shelf bookcase - 91cm wide 50-70
995.    A carved Indian wooden tray 10-20
996.    A wooden tray with embroidered panel 15-25
997.    A Dulcitone by Thomas Machell and Sons circa 1900 - carved 'Dulcitone' to back 60-80
998.    A piano stool with carved frieze 10-20
999.    An 18th century carved and painted wall shelf decorated mythical bird - 27cm 80-120
1000.   A 20th century carved wooden Black Forest Cuckoo clock 20-30
1001.   An oak folding cake stand 10-20
1002.   A wooden model of a twin masted sailing boat - 69cm 60-80
1003.   A wooden model of a canal barge - 45cm 10-30
1004.   A Victorian mahogany chest of four long drawers with further small drawer to base - alterations 70cm wide 60-80
1005.   A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers on tall bracket supports 109cm wide 120-180
1006.   A pair of painted baroque style large table lamps - 59cm 20-30
1007.   A large bronze group man running with dog over sheeps body to base - 51cm - damage to ankle 300-500
1008.   A small size childs or display model clinker built wooden rowing boat and oars - 136cm long 50-70
1009.   An old ivory ground Baluch tribal rug - 213 x 106cm 30-50
1010.   A Victorian burr walnut Davenport with raised pen tray to back and drawers to side 180-250
1011.   Two wooden model sailing yachts - 40 cm and 34cm 20-40
1012.   A battery operated model of a 1950's Thames tug - 74cm long 50-70
1013.   A Victorian oak roll top twin pedestal desk with fitted interior of pigeon holes 137cm wide 280-350
1014.   A Victorian slate mantel clock 20-30
1015.   A Victorian ebonised ink stand with applied brass scroll work decoration 10-20
1016.   A nest of two oak joint stool style occasional tables 20-40
1017.   Three antique Chinese silk embroidered panels depicting birds - framed and glazed as one - 90 x 26cm 30-50
1018.   An early 20th century walnut chest of four drawers on squat feet 78.5cm wide 40-60
1019.   A Victorian mahogany canterbury carved scrolls and shells with frieze drawer and turned supports 60-100
1020.   A mahogany framed reproduction vitrine display table on cabriole supports 60cm wide 40-60
1021.   A 1920's oak occasional table on barleytwist supports 10-20
1022.   An Edwardian mahogany occasional table with gallery top 10-20
1023.   An old milking stool 20-40
1024.   A Victorian walnut two tier whatnot with turned and carved supports 50-70
1025.   A 17th century oak side table with frieze drawer on turned supports - 90 x 57cm 60-80
1025A.  A copper coal scuttle and a brass one 10-20
1026.   An oak cased barometer by John Baker and a German circular barometer 20-40
1027.   A Kashmir style rug with medallion design on red ground - 192 x 135cm 150-200
1028.   A Kashmir style rug with medallion design on champagne ground- 229 x 154cm 150-200
1029.   A small Edwardian style stained pine cabinet with display shelf over inlaid drawer and shelves 40-60
1030.   A South African Stinkwood console table on slender claw and ball supports 30-40
1031.   An African skin drum, 55cm high 30-40
1032.   An oak framed long stool 10-20
1033.   A red and blue Hamadan Lori village rug - 223 x 106cm 150-200
1034.   A South African Stinkwood coffee table on claw and ball supports 83 x 49cm 20-40
1035.   A Victorian oval mahogany dining table with single interleaf, all raised on claw and ball supports - with winder 50-70
1036.   A George III mahogany circular wine table on turned column and triple supports 30-50
1037.   An oak Puritan Style X frame stool 20-30
1038.   A large mirror in carved oak Art Nouveau frame- 74 x 95cm total size 30-50
1039.   A Dutch style brass light fitting and three wall lights 50-70
1040.   A Victorian large mahogany swing toiletry mirror on scroll supports and box base, 61cm wide 30-50
1041.   An oak 1920's dropleaf dining table 20-40
1042.   A small Indian painted cabinet with pigeon holes and drawers with figurative and floral decoration 68cm tall 30-40
1043.   A George III mahogany chest of small proportions with two short drawers all over three long drawers, all with herringbone banding and raised on bracket supports 300-500
1044.   A Victorian rosewood and mother of pearl inlaid workbox with fitted interior 20-40
1045.   A Victorian mahogany and rosewood slope front bureau with satinwood fitted interior over four drawers with ivory escutcheons - 107cm wide 80-120
1046.   A coloured engraving after Alken 'Working up to a Wake' - depicting man on a frozen river duck hunting on a sledge 14 x 21cm 10-20
1047.   Cornelius Pearson - watercolour 'Nr Ross on Wye' signed and dated 1861 80-120
1048.   Three 19th century coloured caricature engravings - 14 x 18cm each, framed as one 10-30
1049.   Lionel Edwards - oil on canvas lady on horseback in landscape, signed and dated 1962 - 49 x 74cm 500-700
1050.   A Victorian mahogany stationers or filing cabinet with two arch panelled doors enclosing bank of large pigeon holes 92cm wide x 47cm deep x 150cm tall 200-300
1051.   Alexander Liebmann - colour etching of French street scene - 30 x 40cm 20-40
1052.   An 19th century mahogany single drop leaf table on turned supports with married mahogany double dome top bookcase top 40-60
1053.   John Gandon - oil on board of the Cutty Sark - 60 x 90cm 40-50
1054.   Spare lot
1055.   A Victorian watercolour Scottish highlands scene, monogram MS - 11 x 25cm 30-50
1056.   A Victorian mahogany coal box with brass handle 30-50
1057.   A Louise Wain print on card 'The Tabby Toboggan Club' printed by Black and White 20-30
1058.   An Edwardian dressing chest with swing mirror over two short and two long drawers , 60.5cm wide 40-60
1059.   A 1930's Barbola work mirror with floral and grape decoration - 30cm 10-20
1060.   A watercolour street scene, signed indistinctly and dated 1911 - 35 x 16cm 20-40
1061.   Arthur Rowlands (1904 - 2000) - woodland landscape with oak tree and seated figure - signed - 18 x 25cm 50-70
1062.   Anthony Raine Barker - watercolour river landscape - 23 x 33cm 40-60
1063.   An Italian kingwood tall, narrow marquetry vitrine cabinet with gilt metal mounts 174 tall x 52cm wide approx. 200-300
1064.   A South African Stinkwood dresser, the arched display back over two drawers all raised on claw and ball supports 127cm wide x 197cm tall approx. 80-120
1065.   Burnet - oil on canvas French scene with Eiffel tower - 24 x 19cm 20-30
1066.   Ewers - oil on canvas - RFA Rowanol Malta - 30 x39cm 30-50
1067.   A gilt convex mirror with ball surround - 40cm dia 20-30
1068.   A George III walnut framed fretwork framed mirror with gilt slip 40-60
1069.   A 19th century watercolour miniature of a young man, in later frame 80-120
1070.   A 19th century Indian watercolour on ivory miniature portrait of a princess in elaborate headdress - 6 x 4cm 150-200
1071.   A 19th century Indian watercolour on ivory miniature portrait of a princess - 6.5 x 5cm 200-300
1072.   An antique Chinese carved stone seal decorated bird, 5cm tall 80-120
1073.   A group of Victorian ivory and bone needlework items to include bodkin case, clamp, tweezers etc 30-50
1074.   A Victorian gavel form pin cushion, a carved ivy clad notepad/purse and an ivory bobbin holder with handle 30-50
1075.   A group of small collectables to include silver plated pencil, gold plated pencil, agate dip pen a/f and trowel bookmark 10-20