Antiques and Collectables Sale
including Oriental
on Friday 1st September 2017

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1.      A set of blue and white graduated jugs 30-50
2.      An Edwardian Carlton Ware biscuit barrel with silver plated mounts painted Art Nouveau stylised flowers 20-40
3.      An Art Deco flower holder by T.S. & F Ltd - 9cm 10-30
4.      A Clarice Cliff large jug decorated leaves, 19cm high 50-60
5.      A Parkers Quink advertising display bottle - 19cm tall, hairline crack 20-30
6.      A Spode Italian set of three flower pots on stand 10-20
7.      A Pippa Nylander blue studio pottery vase - 38cm 10-30
8.      A Leeds creamware jug and tea strainer 10-20
9.      A Poole Pottery coffee set comprising two coffee pots, six cups and saucers, biscuit tray 10-30
10.     Two 1930's butter dishes, a cartoon style dog and a Bourne Derby rabbit 10-20
11.     Two Crown Staffordshire jardinieres printed fruit and six Royal Worcester ramekin dishes 10-20
12.     A Paragon tea service with lilac borders, 3 cups (1 a/f) 10 saucers, 10 tea plates and jug 10-30
13.     A tea service painted roses and gilt decoration, 5 cups and saucers, teapot, milk and sugar 10-30
14.     Four Coalport tea cups and six saucers, six tea plates and a cake plate 10-20
15.     A novelty continental porcelain chicken group and a pottery group of magpies - 23cm tall 10-30
16.     A pair of Siamese fireside cats, one by Doulton and one by Beswick - 35cm 50-70
17.     Three various jugs and two toothbrush mugs (one Masons) 10-20
18.     Two Hummell Siamese cats, a poodle, a rabbit and a Beswick foal 20-40
19.     A Royal Copenhagen white rabbit and duck 50-70
20.     A pair of Doulton Siamese cats - HN2665, HN2667 and one other Doulton cat 30-50
21.     A Royal Copenhagen puppy - ear a/f, a pair of ducklings and crouching child 20-30
22.     A large Beswick Siamese cat, smaller Siamese and one other Beswick cat 30-40
23.     A Royal Copenhagen hare and robin 50-70
24.     A set of eight small Goebbels cats 20-40
25.     Four Goebbels rabbits 10-30
26.     A set of six Royal Doulton kittens 60-100
27.     A Royal Doulton Dalmation 15-25
28.     A collection of five dachshunds 20-30
29.     Three Goebbels figures of children 30-50
30.     A Hummel wall plate 1976 10-20
31.     Four small Goebbels figures including angel 40-60
32.     A Goebbels donkey and three birds 20-30
33.     Five Goebbels figures of children 40-60
34.     Two Sylvac cats and a Rosenthal cat 20-30
35.     A Royal Doulton porcelain cat - HN2539 20-30
36.     A large Beswick Beneagles Whiskey flask in form of a Buzzard - plus contents 20-30
37.     A group of five Goebbels large cats and a cat jug 20-40
38.     Two Rosenthal dachshunds 18cm and 11.5cm, a Doulton one and a B & G puppy dachshund -7.5cm 30-50
39.     Six Beswick Beneagles Whiskey flasks sealed 60-80
40.     A set of eight Hummel miniature plates - all boxed 10-30
41.     A DFB porcelain plate painted robin, by David J Scyner, ex Royal Worcester artist, 27cm dia.
42.     A collection of seventeen Royal Worcester Birds - two a/f 50-70
43.     Five Wade Bells decanters 10-20
44.     Two Wade Bells Whiskey decanters and contents - 1990 and 1998 40-60
45.     A set of four groups of early Wade Whimsies
46.     A set of four groups of early Wade Whimsies 20-30
47.     A set of four early Wade Whimsies 20-30
48.     A set of three early Wade Whimsies 15-25
49.     Various Wade Whimsies 10-20
50.     A floral painted bowl and cover and pair of doves 10-20
51.     Four Victorian tiles and an early ceramic plaque with printed figure of charity a/f 15-25
52.     A Wade Bells Whiskey decanter and contents - boxed 1990 20-40
53.     A pair of Carlton Ware kidney form side plates and a Clarice Cliff posy trough 10-20
54.     Two Carlton Ware dishes and a Fielding and Co dish 10-20
55.     A Rosenthal porcelain plate painted young girl standing under a tree - 30cm 30-50
56.     A large Carlton Ware charger painted crinoline lady - chip to base - 39cm 60-80
57.     A Copeland 'Queens Bird' plate and a Coalport South Africa commemorative plate depicting Field Marshall Lord Roberts 20-40
58.     A large Royal Worcester Evesham tureen, oval tureen and two smaller tureens 20-40
59.     A group of Royal Worcester Evesham including vase, two souffle dishes, comport, shell dish, utensil pot etc 20-40
60.     A Susie Cooper dinner service comprising eight dinner plates, six breakfast plates, six side plates, five soups (three a/f), two tureens, coffee pot, hot water jug, gravy boat, milk jug and sugar 60-80
61.     A Royal Worcester Evesham tea service comprising two teapots, milk, sugar, six tea plates, eight cups and a preserve pot 25-35
62.     Two bisque piano babies, 25cm long 20-40
63.     A pair of bisque piano babies, 14cm long 20-30
64.     A pair of John Tams 'Sylvan Jasper' vases - 20cm 20-30
65.     A collection of six Victorian match strikers and vesta holders 30-50
66.     An early 20th century Meissen 'Onion Pattern' oval dish 30-50
67.     A Meissen porcelain tray with green leaf decoration, 39cm 30-50
68.     A group of five commemorative mugs and a Johnson Bros bachelors tea service 10-20
69.     A quantity of assorted china incl Victorian vases, Greens Cornishware etc 10-20
70.     A Dresden style group couple seated with sheep - 15cm 10-20
71.     A Yardley Lavender advertising soap dish 10-20
72.     Two Coalport figures: Birthday Girl and Harmony 20-30
73.     Two Royal Worcester figures Grandmothers Dress and Polly Put the Kettle On and a Royal Doulton Dinkie Do figure 20-40
74.     A pair of Dresden porcelain figures of a woman and gallant (the gallant a/f) 20-40
75.     A Plant Tuscan figure of a woman in evening dress 'Marguerite' - a/f 20-40
76.     A set of three Royal Worcester bisque figures: Fragrance, Winter Waltz and Summertime 20-40
77.     A group of Aynsley china 10-20
78.     A group of Masons ironstone to include teapot, jug, small pot and two plates 20-40
79.     Three Karl Ens rose ornaments, a royal Crown Derby trinket box, miniature chicken and two crested items and small tureen 10-20
80.     A collection of decorative teaware including Royal Crown Derby Imari 20-30
81.     A gilt and white Royal Crown Derby cup and two floral painted Victorian christening cups 20-30
82.     A group of decorative porcelain including Royal Worcester 10-20
83.     A pair of Japanese Satsuma salts, a miniature ginger jar and a blue and white vase 10-20
84.     A quantity of 18th & 19th century porcelain including Newhall teapot a/f etc 10-30
85.     Five various ginger jars including two Masons 10-20
86.     A Royal Tara 'Tara Brooch' part dinner & coffee service comprising: six cups, six small saucers, four large saucers, five tea plates, three salad plates and six dinner plates 20-40
87.     A quantity of 18th and 19th century drinking glasses - mostly chipped 20-40
88.     An early 19th century cup, saucer, sugar etc depicting cattle and deer etc 20-30
89.     A set of six Spode Italian Blue Room miniature plates and two pin dishes 10-20
90.     Six Royal Worcester 'Royal Garden' bowls and a tureen lid 10-30
91.     Three Edwardian porcelain plates painted lake landscapes within pierced borders, one with hairline crack 10-30
92.     Three Christopher Holt model cottages 10-20
93.     An Edwardian cheese dish, a Victorian jug with pewter lid and two Edwardian chamber sticks 10-20
94.     A Noritake twenty four piece tea service 10-30
95.     A Marne tureen, sauce tureen, oval plate 1918, a Wood and Son muffin dish and a Burleigh jug 10-20
96.     An Edwardian Crown Staffordshire oval floral decorated dish, a 'Convolvulus' covered sugar bowl by GW, a 'God Speed the Plough' two handled mug and two Victorian ironstone plates 10-30
97.     A of harlequin set of vintage Beefeater steak plates printed cows 10-20
98.     A group of 1930's coloured glass bowls 10-20
99.     A Royal Doulton Kingsware flask 'Ben Johnson' - 20cm tall 50-70
100.    A French porcelain clock with floral decoration and flanked by cherubs - a/f 20-40
101.    A red Victorian stoneware vase painted Italian scenes - 15.5cm 20-30
102.    Three various decorative jugs 10-20
103.    Three Spode white figures by Pauline Shone - 25cm 10-30
104.    A Shelley vase 'Butterflies and Dragons' - 11cm 20-40
105.    A Victorian small porcelain trinket box with winged cherub head lid - 7cm 10-30
106.    A Victorian hand form porcelain trinket box 10-20
107.    Four miniature theatrical figures, a Derby style cherub with bowl of flowers, a baby crying, a kneeling man and two miniature Coalport figures 20-30
108.    A Royal Doulton green and gilt 1920's coffee set comprising six cups and saucers, sugar, cream jug and coffee pot 30-50
109.    A Victorian porcelain vase painted flowers on a blue ground - a/f - 18cm 20-40
110.    A porcelain blanc de chine style figure of a Chinese woman with a fish - 26cm 20-30
111.    A pair of 1960's Venetian glass doves 10-20
112.    Three 19th century figurative vesta holders - 15cm approx and a Victorian Staffordshire group woman on a goat with children, restored to arm - 13cm 30-50
113.    A pair of 19th century Staffordshire sheep - 8.5cm long 20-40
114.    Three porcelain pin cushion ladies 20-30
115.    A French porcelain circular tray, coffee pot, four cups (two a/f) and one saucer all with floral and gilt decoration 20-30
116.    A Royal Brierley iridescent glass vase 18cm and a similar smaller one 20-40
117.    A Royal Brierley iridescent glass vase - 20cm 40-60
118.    A Wedgwood Majolica sardine dish decorated shells and fish - chip to rim and hairline to lid 30-50
119.    An English 19th century millefiori paperweight ink bottle with stopper - 17cm 80-120
120.    Two Doulton Slaters Patent vases (one with chip to rim), a sugar bowl and jug 30-50
121.    A Victorian pottery jug decorated Jasperware style with portraits of young Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, registration mark to base 30-50
122.    An etched glass vase by T Kemp, 18.5cm high 10-20
123.    A Capodimonte table lamp decorated putti and signed R. San Merino - 40cm 20-40
124.    A Royal Worcester Evesham dinner service comprising seven plates, vegetable dish, four bowls, six napkin rings, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, four dishes etc 30-40
125.    A Royal Doulton Series Ware plate 'The Bookworm' - with unusual border 20-30
126.    A large Doulton blue and white 'Nankin' meat plate 10-20
127.    A Royal Worcester Evesham cake stand and slice, hors d'oeuvre dish, flan dish and vegetable dish 20-40
128.    A quantity of various Royal Worcester Evesham items including large rectangular dish, six coasters, cruet set, clock, two jugs, eight ramekins etc 20-30
129.    A group of 1950's china and a glass butter dish 10-20
130.    An Alfred Meakin dinner service comprising: ten dinner plates, eight side plates, ten tea plates, five dessert bowls, three graduated oval plates, two vegetable dishes one with lid and one lid missing, two cream jugs and one sugar 30-40
131.    A pair of Edwardian green glass vases with white tinted flower form rims - 26cm 30-50
132.    A small Victorian ruby glass mug 'Think of Me' and a green Murano dish 10-20
133.    A Victorian ruby painted glass pickle jar and lid with vine decoration 20-40
134.    Two 17th century Dutch decanters with etched and ribbed decoration both a/f - 26cm 50-70
135.    A Victorian glass Lachrymatory and an 18th century scent bottle 30-40
136.    A pair of Victorian amethyst glass claret decanter with silver plated lids - one handle a/f, and a silver plated stand - a/f 30-50
137.    A pair of Victorian Mary Gregory style decanters, lacking stoppers - 23cm 40-60
138.    Three glass rummers - all chipped 10-30
139.    An Emile Galle Faience pot painted grasshoppers and flowers, marked E. Galle, Nancy, chip to base, 15cm tall 200-300
140.    A porcelain ginger jar painted bull finch by Gerald Delaney - 13cm - ex Royal Worcester artist 40-60
141.    A Moorcroft bowl painted in the pomegranate pattern on Tudric pewter plinth base, stamped Tudric 01309 - 19.5cm 150-200
142.    A Royal Doulton Dickens Series Ware match and cigarette holder and a Coaching Scene sandwich plate 100-150
143.    A Royal Worcester ivory blush pot pourri vase painted flowers - 20cm tall - No 1236, 19 dots 80-120
144.    A Royal Doulton porcelain vase painted farmer and a pair of large fowl 30-50
145.    A Victorian Graingers Worcester miniature tankard painted bird, 3.7cm tall 10-30
146.    A 19th century Crown Derby miniature Imari vase - 9cm 20-30
147.    A miniature Satsuma vase signed to base 20-30
148.    A large Herend porcelain fruit bowl painted fruit and flowers, 27cm square 80-120
149.    An 18th century Delft shallow bowl painted landscape - 22cm dia 20-30
150.    A Belleek oval dish 'Fuschia Basket' 20-30
151.    A pair of white continental porcelain figures of a lady and gentleman with sweetmeat baskets, 28cm 20-40
152.    A Belleek porcelain figure of a classical woman - green mark 80-120
153.    A Victorian novelty copper lustre giant sized tankard - six pints capacity , 21cm tall 25-35
154.    Two Sarreguimes character jugs 20-40
155.    A late Victorian silver plated Aesthetic style small oil lamp with lilac Mary Gregory style glass panelled sides and swing carrying handle - 11cm 30-50
156.    A Russian blue and white pottery coffee pot and vase 10-20
157.    A small moulded glass spirit lamp marked Lampe Berger, a novelty crooked glass four section decanter and a silver rimmed vase 20-40
158.    A pair of bottle form cut glass decanters 10-20
159.    Three miniature 19th century floral painted wine glasses and decanter (the decanter chipped) 10-20
160.    Six vintage sherry glasses with ruby and gilt banding 10-20
161.    A Murano glass table lighter and a blue glass dish with gilt inclusions 20-40
162.    An 18th century Venetian green glass bowl, a small spirit flask with silver plated top and a whiskey water dropper 30-40
163.    An amber Whitefriars bubble glass bowl - 8" diameter 10-20
164.    Two glass paperweights/magnifiers - one boxed 20-30
165.    A small Victorian green glass vase and a glass magnifier glass 10-20
166.    A Kosta Boda glass bowl - boxed - by Anna Ehrner - 22cm dia 20-40
167.    A glass candlelamp and a St Andrews cut glass vase - boxed 10-20
168.    A large Delft De Porceleyne Fles black floral ginger jar and a matching table lamp decorated in the oriental manner - the ginger jar 27cm 80-120
169.    An early 20th century large glass rummer - 24cm 10-20
170.    A Victorian cut glass decanter and stopper engraved vines 10-30
171.    A pair of Stuart Crystal champagne glasses - boxed 10-20
172.    Am early 20th century suite of glassware comprising six large wine glasses, ten champagne and six sherry glasses all with etched decoration 60-80
173.    A Royal Worcester Evesham dinner service comprising: eight dinner plates, eight side plates, seven tea plates, seven fruit plates, seven mugs and eight cups and saucers 50-70
174.    A Victorian blue and white meat plate, three cake stands and a dish 10-30
175.    A group of Royal Worcester Evesham including two tureens, large fruit bowl, covered vegetable dish, two large flan dishes, a souffle dish and a bowl 30-40
176.    A Royal Worcester style plaque painted Still Life fruit by ex Royal Worcester artist P English - 18.5 x 236.5cm 120-180
177.    A late 19th century large Majolica two handled vase decorated caryatids to shoulders - a/f - 39cm 20-40
178.    An assortment of novelty teapots, incl Beswick 10-20
179.    An assortment of novelty teapots 10-20
180.    An 18th century English blue and white saucer dish painted Chinese landscape 19cm diameter 20-40
181.    Spare lot 0-10
182.    A Victorian silver plated on copper punch bowl - distressed 10-30
183.    A silver plated Art Nouveau tazza on curved supports and triple hoof feet 30-50
184.    A pair of Victorian silver plated chamber sticks 10-20
185.    Various silver plated items 20-40
186.    A Viners set of six silver plated knives and forks 10-20
187.    A three piece silver plated cruet set and two plated napkin rings etc. 10-20
188.    A silver plated tray, two scorpion handled spoons and various other silver plated items 20-30
189.    A group of silver plate items to include cruet set 10-20
190.    A group of silver plated items to including lamb bone holder 10-30
191.    A Christofle silver plated fish cutlery set comprising fifteen knives and eighteen forks with engraved decoration 30-50
192.    An Edwardian silver plated fish cutlery set in mahogany case and a mother of pearl handled dessert cutlery set (one fork missing) - cased 20-40
193.    A pair of Victorian silver plated fish servers cased and various other silver plated items 20-30
194.    A box of cutlery boxes, jewellery trays etc 10-20
195.    A silver plated two handled tray 20-40
196.    A silver bookmark , Sheffield 2000, 16g 10-20
197.    Five various silver sporting fob medals 50-70
198.    Six various silver fob medals 50-70
199.    Two silver and mother of pearl penknives 20-30
200.    Two Victorian cut glass scent bottles with silver tops 20-30
201.    A pair of silver topped cut glass dressing table bottles 10-20
202.    A Victorian Scottish horn beaker with silver shield engraved thistles and horn spoon with thistle terminal, Glasgow 1899, Makers Mark JJS 50-70
203.    A small continental silver tankard depicting Snow White and the Seven Dwarves - approx 82g 30-50
204.    A silver cigarette case 104g, a silver purse embossed angels heads a/f 54g, a plated card case and a white metal snuff box 40-60
205.    Four various silver napkin rings - Sheffield 1896, Birmingham 1912, Sheffield 1921 and one marks rubbed 115g 40-60
206.    Four silver & enamel souvenir teaspoons and an 800 standard one, 50g total 10-20
207.    Two silver wine labels Birmingham 1972 26g and four silver cocktail forks 25-35
208.    Three silver decanter labels for Brandy, Sherry & Whisky 41g, Birmingham 1976, London 1976 and Birmingham 1975 20-30
209.    Three silver tea strainers and a silver salt - 3 ozs 40-60
210.    A French silver christening mug 93g and an 800 standard napkin ring 17g 20-40
211.    A selection of silver topped bottles etc 30-40
212.    A group of silver items including compact, two sports badges, a part gold bar brooch, spoons etc. 20-40
213.    An Eastern white metal pierced strainer dish with figurative and scrollwork decoration, 8.5 ozs, 20cm diameter 50-70
214.    An Eastern white metal bowl embossed animals, foliage and scrollwork, 5.9 ozs, 16cm diameter 50-70
215.    A silver and glass hip flask, 16cm by A & J Zimmerman Birmingham 1898 100-150
216.    A Russian silver fish slice with pierced decoration of fish within a harebell border 50-70
217.    A silver sauce boat by James Deakin & Sons - Sheffield 1924 - 42ozs 50-60
218.    A silver three piece half gadrooned tea service, Chester 1907 37 ozs 200-300
219.    A silver coffee pot of Arabic form marked 925 - 228gm 70-90
220.    A silver pierced bon bon dish with ribbon handles 9.5cm by Stewart Dawson Ltd - Birmingham 1915 - 1.9ozs 30-50
221.    A Britannia silver and silver gilt salt shovel circa 1700 20-40
222.    An Edwardian silver wallet with leather interior, mark rubbed 20-40
223.    A Victorian silver and mother of pearl card case with star inlay 50-70
224.    A silver dachshund by Boaz Moses Landeck - stamped 930 BML - 40g 80-100
225.    A sterling silver evening case comprising compact, coin holder and card case - 3.4ozs 60-80
226.    A silver cigarette case by Smith and Bartlam - Birmingham 1931 20-40
227.    A silver small cigarette case, Chester 1909 and three various Georgian salt/mustard spoons - total 3.5ozs 30-50
228.    Three silver Kings Pattern forks, two silver tablespoons and five various coffee spoons, 16ozs 100-150
229.    A set of 925 silver whist pencils 40-60
230.    A small white metal beaker by Julius Herz, 800 standard, 72g 15-25
231.    A pair of Victorian Rococo silver salts with blue glass liners and embossed decoration - Birmingham 1899 40-60
232.    A Hamilton of Calcutta silver small two handled wine taster and similar single handled wine taster, marked silver and with elephant mark 50-70
233.    An silver salt and pepper pot on tray, 100 g Birmingham 1988 30-50
234.    A French silver cutlery set comprising twelve dessert forks, twelve dessert spoons, twelve serving spoons and twelve dinner forks - total weight 100 ozs 600-800
235.    Spare lot 0-10
236.    A box of costume jewellery to include silver nurses buckle etc 20-40
237.    An Omega Seamaster 600 gentleman's wrist watch in original box with sales booklet 150-200
238.    A 9 carat gold Rolex Tudor ladies wrist watch 60-80
239.    A 9 carat gold Geneve wristwatch 60-80
240.    A Dennison gold plated pocket watch and an eight day table watch 20-40
241.    A 9 carat gold Everite Ladies wrist watch and a rolled gold strap circa 1960's 30-50
242.    Two gold chains, a gold watch case and a crucifix - 20g 150-180
243.    A set of silver and mother of pearl studs boxed 10-30
244.    A silver pierced scrollwork nurses buckle Chester 1895 38g 20-40
245.    A heavy dog tooth amethyst bead necklace 20-40
246.    A peacock and biwa pearl necklace 40-60
247.    Two modern silver pendant necklaces 30-40
248.    A selection of silver bangles 30-50
249.    A selection of silver rings 20-30
250.    A silver violin brooch and three other silver brooches 20-30
251.    A silver charm bracelet, hinged bracelet, two silver chains etc - 94g 30-50
252.    A silver necklace with matching earrings and two other silver necklaces 20-30
253.    Two silver rings and a group of charms and including silver etc 10-30
254.    Six various silver rings 25-35
255.    A box of gold plated jewellery 10-20
256.    Two Victorian cameo brooches and four other brooches 20-40
257.    A set of coloured pearl earrings 15-25
258.    A selection of silver and white metal jewellery 40-50
259.    A white metal articulated fish form pendant with red stone set eye 30-50
260.    A Charles Horner silver and enamel winged beetle pendant necklace, a/f Chester 1911 20-40
261.    A Royal Artillery silver and marcasite brooch 20-40
261A.   Two pairs of gold stud earrings and a 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond ring 30-50
262.    A 9 carat gold necklace with three pendants, and two gold dress rings 60-80
262A.   A 9 carat gold crucifix, St Christopher and chain - 3.8g, and a silver St Christopher 30-50
263.    A Victorian gold crescent brooch, two silver brooches and a white metal one 40-60
264.    A silver and agate pendant and a silver ring 10-20
265.    A group of nine cut amethysts 20-30
266.    A silver chain 67g 50-70
267.    A 'filigree' necklace and a silver 'Good Luck' brooch 20-40
268.    A box of silver and jewellery and small collectables and a cased faux pearl necklace 20-40
269.    Assorted silver jewellery 20-30
270.    A jade and white metal bangle 10-20
270A.   A Victorian goldstone crucifix, 6cm 10-20
271.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold pendant set amethysts and seed pearls on gold plated chain 80-120
272.    A 9 carat gold amethyst pendant necklace 50-70
273.    A gold half sovereign - 1911 100-150
274.    A 'Yard O Led' rolled gold propelling pencil - in good condition other than tiny bruise to tip 80-100
275.    A 9 carat gold charm bracelet and variety of charms including stone set watch winder, stone set seals and fobs, masonic etc Total weight 108g 500-700
276.    An Edwardian gold brooch set seed pearls and rubies 30-50
277.    A 9 carat gold bar brooch set diamond and sapphire cluster 6g and a sapphire pendant 50-70
278.    An Edwardian 15 carat gold turquoise and pearl heart form pendant/locket 50-70
279.    A 9 carat gold oval locket and a St Christopher and chain 30-40
280.    A pair of opal drop earrings in 9 carat screw clips 30-40
281.    A pair of silver earrings set aquamarines and seed pearls 20-30
282.    A pair of silver horse head cufflinks 30-50
283.    A 9 carat gold pearl set brooch 6g 30-40
284.    A 9 carat gold masonic charm 5g 60-80
285.    An 18 carat gold Mu Du ladies wrist watch 30-50
286.    A ladies gold plated watch by Michel Herbelin, Paris 30-50
287.    Withdrawn 0-10
288.    A silver curb chain bracelet - 27g 25-45
289.    A 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch 20-30
290.    An 18 carat white gold diamond set bangle 800-1000
291.    A 14k gold Chinese black stone necklace with single carved jade bead 20-40
292.    A string of agate beads 10-30
293.    A Victorian silver chain necklace with engraved decoration (unmarked) 30-50
294.    A large black pearl necklace 300-500
295.    An aquamarine rough cut bead necklace 80-100
296.    A Chaumet silver collar necklace set blue stones 80-100
297.    A modern silver collar necklace set diamonds and matching bangle 600-800
298.    A 9 carat gold ruby and diamond ring, size m and a half. 50-70
299.    An 18ct gold four stone diamond ring, size M 150-200
300.    A 9K gold alexandrite ring, size 0 180-200
301.    A 9 carat gold dress ring, size 0 and a half 30-50
302.    A 15 carat gold garnet and diamond ring, size 0 50-70
303.    An 18 carat gold illusion set diamond ring , size P 60-80
304.    A 14K white gold tanzanite three stone ring, size N and a half 150-180
305.    A 9 carat gold princess cut azure topaz ring, size M and a half 180-200
306.    A 9K white gold opal ring, size P 150-180
307.    A silver ring set Hessonite garnet, size N 20-40
308.    An 18 carat white gold ring set two bands of coloured sapphires and diamonds, size N 700-900
309.    A 9K gold pear cut morganite ring, size N 180-200
310.    An 18 carat white gold contemporary blue stone ring set sapphires and diamonds size M 500-700
311.    An 18 carat gold aquamarine ring on triple diamond set shoulders, size N 500-700
312.    A 9K gold redondo pink tourmaline and white sapphire ring size 0 and a half 200-250
313.    A silver labrodite ring, size Q 20-30
314.    A 9 carat gold ring set purple stone, size N 30-50
315.    A 9 carat gold cameo ring - size N 40-60
316.    An 18 carat gold five stone diamond ring size T and a half 200-300
317.    An 18ct gold three stone diamond ring , size M 130-150
318.    An 18 carat white gold contemporary peridot and diamond and brown diamond set ring, size M 500-700
319.    An Australian boulder opal ring set in gold (not hallmarked) , size J 150-200
320.    A 22 carat gold wedding band, 3.2g , size 0 50-70
321.    An 18 carat white gold aquamarine and pink sapphire ring on diamond set band size M 750-950
322.    A ceramic and diamond set ring, size M 200-300
323.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set diamond crossover ring - size N 250-350
324.    A 14K gold pave set contemporary diamond ring,size O 700-900
325.    An 18ct gold platinum set five stone diamond ring, size Q and a half 1000-1500
326.    A platinum ring set diamond (1.03cts) on baguette cut diamond shoulders, size N 1500-2000
327.    An 18ct gold platinum set three stone diamond ring, size M and a half 1000-1500
327A.   A pair of white gold floral spray diamond earrings (clip fittings), 7.5g 700-900
328.    A single stone diamond ring approx 1.5cts, size M and a half 4000-6000
329.    A 18ct white gold single stone diamond pendant (approx half carat) on 9ct white gold chain. 700-900
330.    A pair of 14k white gold diamond drop earrings 400-600
331.    An 18 carat white gold and diamond set collar necklace 1500-1800
332.    A fine 18 carat white gold diamond set necklace with twin tassel style diamond drop 3000-5000
333.    A fine 18 carat white gold necklace set large aquamarine and diamond clusters interspersed with pink sapphires 3500-4000
334.    Assorted silver jewellery 20-30
335.    Various watches and a travel clock 10-20
336.    A good selection of silver and white metal jewellery 60-80
337.    A box of costume jewellery 15-25
338.    Two Eastern lapis lazuli necklaces 15-25
339.    Various costume jewellery including silver brooch and earrings 10-20
340.    A lapis lazuli necklace and cufflinks 20-30
341.    Various costume jewellery 10-20
342.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
342A.   A group of costume jewellery in leather jewellery box 20-30
342B.   Assorted costume jewellery 10-20
342C.   Various costume jewellery 10-20
342D.   A box of costume jewellery 15-25
342E.   Various costume jewellery and a silver medal 10-20
342F.   A box of costume jewellery 15-25
342G.   A box of costume jewellery 10-20
342H.   Assorted costume jewellery 10-20
342I.   A box of costume jewellery 10-20
343.    A pair of framed Chinese silk panels - 82 x 23cm 30-40
344.    A Chinese bronze finish and cloisonne enamel two handled vase - 30cm 30-50
345.    A late 19th/early 20th century Chinese bronze censer in the form of Shou Lao riding his deer - 38cm tall 500-700
346.    A late 19th century Chinese bronze and cloisonne enamel vase set hard stones, converted to a table lamp with hole to base and plinth - 25cm 40-60
347.    A moulded resin Buddha - 9cm 20-40
348.    A Chinese carved wood reclining Putai laughing on a wooden base - 23cm 40-60
349.    A Chinese 18th century enamel tea bowl - a/f 10-30
350.    A Chinese 'nut' carved as a scent bottle with butterfly decoration 10-20
351.    A 20th century Indian bronze of Shiva 22cms 20-40
352.    A late 19th century Chinese carved coconut shell brush pot 15cms 30-50
353.    A Chinese carved marble seated buddha - 9cm 20-40
354.    A pair of floral cloisonne vases - 1 a/f - 12cm 10-20
355.    A Chinese teapot painted dog of fo and script, 9.5cm high 10-20
356.    A Chinese early 20th century famille verte ginger jar, 16cm high 20-30
357.    A Tibetan one handed drum 10-20
358.    A Chinese 20th century wall vase painted figures in a garden - 18cm 10-20
359.    A 20th century Chinese famille verte ginger jar, 13cm high 10-20
360.    A Chinese vase, tea caddy, spoon and Satsuma saucer 10-20
361.    Two Imari plates and an Imari bowl, 25cm dia. 10-30
362.    A group of Chinese blue and white china including Chinese ginger jar - 16cm high 25-35
363.    A 19th century Indian carved relief plaque of a winged Indian god 26 x 28cm 20-40
364.    A Chinese early 20th century papier mache comport - 34cm dia and similar box, decorated figures 20-40
365.    A set of five Chinese table mats, 21cm dia 10-20
366.    A group of three Japanese lacquer trays and five lacquer saki cups 10-30
367.    A floral Cloisonne vase - 20cm 20-40
368.    A Chinese brass bowl with spurious mark to base, 26cm dia 10-30
369.    A framed Japanese letter - 19 x 25cm 10-20
370.    A gilt stone head of a Buddhist monk on a wooden base - 12cm 20-40
371.    An early 20th century Japanese Satsuma vase painted interior scene with theatrical figures, 18cm 40-60
372.    An early 20th century Japanese Imari vase - 15.5cm 20-40
373.    A Chinese blue and white teabowl and saucer 10-20
374.    A Chinese carved green hard stone figure of Putai - 8cm 20-40
375.    Three late 19th century celadon glazed dishes painted with erotic scenes, bowl - 10.5cm dia 140-180
376.    A 19th century Chinese blue and white sleeve vase painted dogs of fo amongst clouds 23.5cm 80-120
377.    A Chinese porcelain pot and cover painted figures riding a horse, 8cm dia 20-30
378.    A Japanese Kutani vase circa 1930 19cms 10-20
379.    A Chinese cup and stand - a/f, and a modern Chinese blue and white circular box decorated dragons - with spurious Qian Long mark to base - 14cm dia 10-20
380.    A Japanese Satsuma dark blue covered jug and sugar bowl with gilt decoration 30-50
381.    A late 18th century Chinese blue and white saucer dish a/f 26cm dia and a Japanese Imari vase 15cm high 20-30
382.    A framed Chinese silk picture of a temple on a river - 24 x 36cm 10-20
383.    Yang Rei - Chinese engraving fishing boats - 11/100 - 30 x 48cm 20-40
384.    A Chinese brass vase decorated dragon, converted to a table lamp 31cms including fitment 10-30
385.    A Japanese white metal figure of a seated man with fan, on a marble base - 32cm tall 30-50
386.    A Chinese turquoise female kylin lion - 34cm 10-30
387.    Two Chinese carved wooden figures of deities inlaid with wire - a/f 24cm 30-50
388.    Three Chinese 18th century blue and white plates 20-40
389.    An Indian carved wood table with folding stand diameter 72cm 20-40
390.    A 19th century Japanese frill topped vase a/f 29cms 10-20
391.    A 20th century Chinese yellow table lamp painted prunus blossom - 33cm 60-80
392.    A 19th century large Chinese blue and white jar with phoenix decoration with cartouches, 33cm high 150-200
393.    A Japanese blue and white plate painted insects, 22cm dia 20-30
394.    A Chinese Kangxi period blue and white plate painted sprays of foliage 30.5cm diameter 50-80
395.    A pair of early 20th century Chinese blanc de chine style prunus blossom table lamps - 35cm 30-50
396.    A large Japanese Satsuma vase painted figures and flowers, 38cm high 30-50
397.    A late 19th century Japanese bronze double gourd vase with pierced hole for lamp cable 25cms high 40-60
398.    A large 20th century prunus blossom ginger jar and a famille verte style one - 24cm 30-50
399.    A Japanese bronze vase decorated kingfisher and wisteria, drilled for lamp base 30cms 30-50
400.    A pair of mid 20th century Chinese bronze vases 31cms 20-40
401.    A pair of blue and white 20th century Chinese vases - 30cm 100-150
402.    A Japanese cloisonne plate decorated cranes 30cms diameter 30-50
403.    A large bronze finish metal figure of a Buddhist woman - 91cm 100-150
403A.   A Chinese lacquer side table with two freize drawers - 90cm wide 30-40
404.    A cast bronze finish Buddhist hand with lotus flower, mounted on wood - 22cm tall 30-50
405.    A good quality pair of large decorative white porcelain male and female kylin lions - 38cm 300-500
406.    A 20th century Islamic brass candle stick with engraved decoration 50cms including fitment 20-40
407.    A 20th century large Thai carved and painted wood figure of a Buddhist monk praying - 114cm tall 200-300
408.    A large Chinese stoneware urn and cover - 48cm tall 50-70
409.    A pair of early 20th century Japanese lacquer oval framed plaques decorated birds in stained bone and mother of pearl - 70 x 53cm - some losses etc 100-150
410.    A Canton watercolour on silk of a senate, 63 x 45cm 120-180
411.    A pair of Islamic paintings on faux ivory of a man seated and women standing offering a cup - both signed by the artist - 19 x 10cm 100-200
412.    Torii Kiyonaga - Japanese print of two girls playing with a ball - 38 x 26cm - and a second print of Bamboo by Shinmei 20-40
413.    Lucienne Ha Van Vuong (1914-1990) - watercolour of a street vendor 'Snack' - 74 x 54cm 200-300
414.    Lucienne Ha Van Vuong (1914-1990) - watercolour 'Fishmonger's Wife' - 74 x 54cm 200-300
415.    A sculpture of a bird of prey - 25cm tall 20-40
416.    An early 20th century North Indian carved low chair 20-40
417.    A modern bronze figure of Guanyin 39cm 40-60
418.    A late 19th century bronze of a seated buddha 40cms high 80-120
419.    A 20th century Chinese bronze table lamp in the form of a buddha with shade, 34cm not including shade 50-70
420.    A Canton dessert service comprising three serving plates, two dessert plates and six teaplates, all painted flowers, birds and insects on a celadon ground 100-150
421.    A Chinese carved wood figure of an immortal - converted to a table lamp 64cm 40-60
422.    A Chinese carved wood figure of an immortal - converted to a table lamp 43cms 20-40
423.    A 20th century Indian bronze of a Shiva 43cms 30-50
424.    Two 19th century Japanese Imari dishes painted urns of flowers - 30 and 27cm and a Chinese 18th century Imari plate with floral spray decoration 40-60
425.    An early 20th century carved wood figure of a deity with lion, converted to a lamp base 38cm 20-40
426.    Two early 20th century Chinese carved wood carvings of Shou Lao 31 and 38cms 40-60
427.    A large carved South East Asian figure of an immortal holding a child 49cm tall 30-50
428.    A mid 19th century Chinese ivory figure of a woman praying, 17.5cm 200-300
429.    A Meiji period Japanese ivory figure of a man and child - head repaired, 9cm high 20-30
430.    A 19th century Canton carved ivory card case decorated all over birds and flowers, 11.5 x 7.5cm 150-200
431.    A carved bone needle case, 8.5cm 10-20
432.    A 19th century Chinese Canton ivory fan carved pagodas and landscapes, 19cm 300-500
433.    A 19th century Chinese tortoiseshell and painted silk fan with ivory faces, one spine a/f, 25cm 200-300
434.    A Japanese carved wood netsuke in the form of a man with drum and boy, signed, 5.5cm high 60-80
435.    Shiko Munakata (1903 - 1975) - woodblock print of a nude 24 x 33cm in a glazed panel 2000-3000
436.    A complete set of Players Derby Winners cigarette cards - framed and glazed 20-30
437.    Four postcards by Margaret Tarrant framed as one 10-20
438.    A framed group of Louis Wain style postcards 20-30
438A.   A small stockbook of stamps including small group of Wembley and British Empire Exhibition 1st Day Release 100-150
439.    A group of WWI silk postcards and photographic postcards together with a 1920's photograph album 20-30
440.    A group of postcards including topographical, Mabel Lucie Attwell etc 10-20
441.    A quantity of postcards illustrated by Margaret Tarrant 20-30
442.    A quantity of album photographs including early 1900's signed and dated photos of Valazzi the Vaudeville juggler, ventriloquist 'Prince' Brendon, Will Moran and Harry Lauder 20-40
443.    Four WWI original photographs of the sinking of German battleship Hindenburg and two similar postcards plus small group of ephemera 10-20
444.    A box of Marvel Comics (approx 141) 20-40
445.    An album of thirty sets of reproduction cigarette cards 20-40
446.    Pink Floyd Memorabilia - advertising leaflet for the film 'The Wall', complete with licensing literature and proposal form and four postcards, also North American Tour 1994, programme featuring The Division Bell 30-40
447.    A Dublin mortgage document for Arthur Guiness (founder of Guiness) dated 2nd December 1822 30-50
448.    Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte 1953 in navy blue leather plus Mr Midshipman Hornblower 1951 10-20
449.    Two Victorian leather passports for George Treherne with extensive travel records 30-50
450.    A group of literary books, some leather bound and a Band of Mercy album Vol. XXVII 10-20
451.    Salome - a Tragedy in One Act by Oscar Wilde 1930 plus The Little Lost Pigs by Helen Fuller Orton 10-30
452.    A Liberace signed photograph and souvenir programme 1978 20-40
453.    Psychology of Sex by Havelock Ellis and the First English Edition of Sexual Life in England Past and Present 1938 20-40
454.    An old ledger book 10-20
455.    An Autocourse motor racing book and various others 10-20
456.    A group of seven books on art including Klimt, Cezanne, Degas etc 20-40
457.    Pictures from Punch - Vols I - VI, 1894 20-40
458.    A Times Atlas of the World (twelfth edition) 20-40
459.    A group of 78 RPM records including George Formby and Gracie Fields 10-20
460.    A quantity of old maps including Bartholomews OS, War Office etc 10-20
461.    The Happy Prince and Other Tales by Oscar Wilde - 6th Impression, 1908 20-40
462.    The Percy Anecdotes by Shelton and Reuben Percy, Vols I & II - printed for T Boys 1823 - full calf 20-30
463.    A Victorian bible in tooled gilt binding inscribed to Mary Jones Crook - 1843 10-20
464.    An early edition of Culpeppers The English Physician - dated in pen thought to be published circa 1660 - rebound without the title page 30-50
465.    A Book of Common Prayer dated with inscription 1873 to Arthur Stocken (vicar at Wandsworth Jail) and another prayer book 10-20
466.    A Victorian childrens illustrated bible 'Sunny Sabbaths' - leather bound, and two other books 30-50
467.    The Life of Samuel Johnson 1829 10-20
468.    A selection of leather bound books 15-25
469.    A group of medical books including Diseases of Workers 1940 and various other books 20-30
470.    Punch Library of Humour - 23 Vols of 25 (The Educational Book Co 1900's) 30-50
471.    An early 19th century Welsh book "Geirladur Yscrythyrol" and various other books 10-20
472.    Bunyan's Choice Works 1875 10-20
473.    The Tarns of Lakeland by W Heaton Cooper - colour plates by the author, published by Frederick Warne 1960 1st Edition, together with The Lake Counties by W G Collingwood, colour plates by A Reginald Smith and published by Frederick Warne 1932 20-30
474.    The Story of The Heavens by Robert Ball - published by Cassell 1893, together with Amateur Astronomers Handbook by J G Sidgwick 10-20
475.    Two leather bound books: Recreations in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy 1814, covers with embossed initials WEDB - both signed inside: William Delves Broughton and having Delves Broughton book plates 10-20
476.    Five books on Airships: The Story of Airships, Airship pilot No 28, All About Aircraft, Monsters of The Purple Twilight (Life and Death of Zeppelins), and The Airship - A History 20-30
477.    The Sea Fish of Trinidad by Harry Vincent published by Port of Spain 1910, 1st Edition - very rare 80-100
478.    The Water Supply of Towns by W K Burton - published by Crosby Lockwood 1907 - with fold-out diagrams 20-30
479.    Five books on trucks and trucking: Trucks, an Illustrated History (1896 - 1920), Volvo - Sixty Years of Truckmaking, British Lorries 1900 - 1945, Trucks at Work in the 60's and American Trucks of the 70's 20-30
480.    A leather bound book: Volume VI of Natural History General and Particular by the Count de Buffon with 260 copper plates - signed Finlay Best 1905 10-20
481.    Four books on Hollywood: Hollywood -The Years of Innocence, Unforgettable Hollywood, Screwball - Hollywood's Romantic Comedies and Gone Hollywood - The Movie Colony in the Golden Age 10-20
482.    The Illustrated Book of English Songs from the 16th to the 19th Century, published 1850, together with The Illustrated Book of Scottish Songs from the 16th to the 19th Century published 1854 - matching bindings half leather over marbled boards 20-40
483.    The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley, illustrated by Jessie Wilcox-Smith and published by Boots. Colour mounted plates, one plate missing - together with Heyo, Brer Rabbit by Enid Blyton illustrated by Kathleen Nixon 1938 - 1st Edition 20-30
484.    The Heart of Scotland by A R Hope-Moncrieff, colour illustrations by Sutton Palmer. Published by A & C Black 1909, together with Murrays Handbook of Scotland 1894 10-20
485.    Icons by Konrad Onasch published by Riverside Book Company NY 1997 - 1st Edition, vgc 40-60
486.    A Display of Heraldry by John Guillim - sixth edition, 1724 30-50
487.    Journals of the House of Lords 1647 Vol X 40-60
488.    The Art of Florence by Glen Andres and others - two volumes in slipcase published by Abbeville Press NY 1994 - fine condition 30-40
489.    A set of 'The Great War' magazines 20-30
490.    The Harmsworth Atlas with leather binding 20-30
491.    Two boxes of military books 10-20
492.    A box of various books 10-20
493.    A large quantity of old guide books and travel books of topographical interest 20-30
494.    A box of 26 Rupert books - 1945 - 1969 30-50
495.    A box of 23 Rupert books - 1970 - 2010 20-30
496.    A Sunlight Soap advertising set of three pictures - framed and glazed as one 20-40
497.    A Stevengraph 'The Good Old Days' 20-40
498.    A Victorian Stevengraph - Dick Turpin 20-40
499.    Two framed 1940's cartoons 10-20
500.    An illuminated globe 10-20
501.    A brass oil lamp and a shell case 10-20
502.    A 1930's plaster table lamp in form of a woman, a/f - 33cm total height 10-20
503.    An alabaster table lamp - a/f - 43cm 10-20
504.    A glass lace-makers lamp 10-20
505.    A brass oil lamp 20-40
506.    An old photograph of Soudley Tunnel Newnham 10-20
507.    Two 19th century copper powder flasks 30-50
508.    Two 19th century copper powder flasks engraved leaves and dead game 50-70
509.    A large old brass car horn 15-25
510.    A 1930's brass Alice in Wonderland tea caddy embossed Alice, The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit etc , 10.5cm high 60-80
511.    An HMS Bherunda brass tankard 'V Day 1945', two other brass tankards and a silver plated one 10-20
512.    An 18th century brass flintlock tinder lighter by E Bond, Lombard Street, London 180-250
513.    A Georgian brass percussion cap burglar alarm gun 15cm 50-70
514.    An Edwardian mahogany inlaid mantel clock by Hamilton and Inches, Edinburgh 40-60
515.    A French walnut mantel clock 30-50
516.    A Bakelite mantel clock 20-30
517.    A copper fireside set and crumb tray 10-20
518.    A wire clad soda siphon 10-20
519.    A copper kettle and a brass spirit kettle 20-30
520.    An Edwardian mahogany mantel clock with decorative inlay 30-50
521.    A swagger stick, silver collared walking stick, riding crop and a silver mounted baton 10-30
522.    A set of Avery grocery scales 30-50
523.    A pair of North African mother of pearl inlaid wooden plates - 30cm diameter 10-20
524.    A novelty horse head clothes brush holder - replacement brush 20-30
525.    A Swaine riding crop and a horn handled riding crop 20-30
526.    Spare lot 0-10
527.    A copper and brass fireside set and a brass toasting fork 20-40
528.    A Salters Economical bottle jack and key 20-30
529.    A Victorian brass bottle jack 10-20
530.    An old cutlery box and two servants bells 10-20
531.    Three cut glass basket form wall lights 30-50
532.    A box of brass including scales and lock 10-30
533.    A jar of cut glass chandelier crystals 10-30
534.    A 17th century carved wood and gesso plaque dated 1667 in cartouche - 21 x 30cm 20-40
535.    An automaton singing bird in a cage 50-70
536.    A painted oil on wood - icon in brass frame , 17.5 x 14cm 30-50
537.    A continental oil on board street scene and three other pictures 20-40
538.    A Victorian bronze pig form pin cushion - lacking cushion - 11cm 50-70
539.    A miniature brass figure of a Belgian putti 10-20
540.    A bronze figure of woman and pig - signed 30-40
541.    Two vintage alarm clocks 10-20
542.    A Victorian ivory and silver mounted purse or card case with pencil fastener 50-70
543.    A Victorian silhouette and a printed miniature of a lady - both in ebonised frames. 10-20
544.    A Regency painted wood short police truncheon dated 1827, with Royal Coat of Arms 100-150
545.    A Victorian turned rosewood police truncheon 60-80
546.    A WWI signalling hand torch with red and yellow sliding lens 10-20
547.    A Victorian carved treen pomander of egg form 20-40
548.    A Victorian ivory tape measure - lacking tape and stanhope and a novelty carved wood pig form whistle 20-40
549.    A Mauchline Ware string holder with a picture of Shakespeares House in Stratford upon Avon 15-25
550.    A J Bamewell Ross Stoneware flagon and two Lewis ginger beer bottles 10-20
551.    Five small comical watercolours of Roman scenes 16 x 10cm unframed 10-20
552.    A Butlers 'Keen' cuthroat razor - boxed, and a Gillette 'Safety Razor' 10-20
553.    An Eau de Cologne box with contents of small collectables including a Chinese scent bottle 10-20
554.    Two Mauchline Ware Bezique markers, a whist marker, cribbage board and quantity of games counters etc 30-50
555.    A collection of six old cigarette lighters 10-20
556.    Two treen seals, a bakelite seal and a cigar cutter by Bonsmann 20-30
557.    A treen whist marker and quantity of whist cards and markers 10-20
558.    Three various ink pens - boxed 20-40
559.    A collection of cigar bands and boxes including Cuban cigar 150-180
560.    Two Premier 'acetelyne' coal miners cap lamps, a bicycle lamp plus a group of mining safety books and ephemera 20-30
561.    A Staunton chess set, picture dominoes, textile stamp 'Trial Outfit', set of Home Fact cards and a microscope 10-50
562.    A Hardy fishing reel 'The Golden Prince' 9/10 - cased 50-100
563.    A 19th century leather miners cap, from Northumberland 40-60
564.    A Zeiss Ikon folding camera and an Ilford Sportsman camera 10-20
565.    An Ikoflex Zeiss Ikon camera 30-50
566.    A brass and mahogany four drawer telescope in leather case and a folding Kodak camera 20-30
567.    Two old pairs of binoculars 10-20
568.    A Viceroy cine camera, a Vitomatic camera and a box camera 10-20
569.    A box of cameras to include Olympus Trip, Olympus 35 RC, Voightlander Vitroet, Canon etc 30-50
570.    A box of collectables 10-20
571.    An early 20th century tie and collar box with tie press to lid 10-20
572.    A Kendall 'Umbrella and Raincoats' advertising weather house 10-20
573.    A plaster wall plaque of a child praying - 18 x 14cm 10-20
574.    A gilt bronze and enamel candle holder - 13cm 20-30
575.    An alabaster pot - 11cm high 20-30
576.    A pewter and shell caviar/oyster stand 20-30
577.    A pair of slate and brass elephant bookends 10-30
578.    A brass lion door knocker 20-40
579.    Two Victorian brass and porcelain winding switches or servants bells 30-50
580.    A trench art brass cigarette box engraved '1819 - 1917 Galais France' and inset French coin 20-30
581.    An early 19th century Navy surgeon's sash for William Stenhouse, recorded as appointed surgeon on the Tounant 1811 and the Revenge 1812 (Nelson's ship) 40-60
582.    A Hudson police whistle 1940 and a Military whistle with arrow mark 30-50
583.    A Victorian mother of pearl handled gilt multiple head seal - 10cm 30-50
584.    A Victorian brass hand form paper clip 20-30
585.    Withdrawn 50-70
586.    An old ticket punch 10-20
587.    A pair of small gilt angel head wall brackets - 17cm 20-40
588.    Two brass small novelty door knockers, a monkey group and an AA badge 10-20
589.    A 19th century small painted spelter dog, the base 9 x 10cm 20-30
590.    A collection of WWII medals, badges and a compass together with a box of coins 20-40
591.    A WWI war medal and a WWII medal 20-40
592.    Three WWI medals to 2nd Lieut. H Stocken (reputed Artists Rifles London Regt) :- War Medal, Victory Medal and Africa Star and two Artists Rifles badges (one in silver) plus a Faithful service Constabulary medal and Special Constable badge 60-80
593.    A Lusitania medal boxed 15-25
594.    Quantity of pre 1947 silver content coins, approx 80gs , etc 30-60
595.    Two Special Constabulary Medals to Sgt F A Stocken, WWII Defence medal and War Medal in original box, two Special Constabulary Long Service Medals and three badges 30-50
596.    A box containing NFC sweetheart brooches, cap badge, silver tie clip etc 20-30
597.    Two gilt masonic medals for the Knights of the Golden Horn KT G Wills 1942 and 1947 50-70
598.    An album of foreign coins and box of foreign issue sets 10-20
599.    A box of military badges, buttons, shooting medals etc 20-30
600.    An oak biscuit barrel and 1950's oak coat hook 10-20
601.    A WWI compass in leather case and a Royal Artillery brass table lighter 20-40
602.    Three hip flasks in case with glasses 10-20
602A.   A selection of wooden Noah's Ark figures and animals - some a/f 20-30
603.    Two GWR jigsaw puzzles 10-20
604.    An Acme whistle and various collectables 10-20
605.    A box of pin badges and four model vans for Yorkshire Tea and Howdens Joinery etc 10-20
606.    A brass bound Indian wooden box and two tumblers 20-30
607.    A WWI tin helmet 20-30
608.    A WWII ARP helmet 20-30
609.    A vintage Roberts Radio 10-20
610.    A hand lamp, a Miller bicycle lamp and various other collectables 10-30
611.    A box of brass weights 10-20
612.    A Venner time switch 10-20
613.    A tall, narrow hardwood display cabinet with four shelves - 177 x 73 wide x 36 deep 40-60
614.    An Edwardian mahogany mirror back sideboard with pierced and carved Art Nouveau decoration 50-70
615.    A 17th century oak chest of two short and three long fielded and panelled drawers, 100 wide x 62 deep x 96cm high 200-300
616.    A Victorian Georgian-style chest of two short and three long drawers, 126 cm wide x 58 deep x 106cm high 100-150
617.    An oak framed floral painted firescreen 20-40
618.    Three various early 20th century stained glass panels - 39 x 22cm & 34 x 22cm - two with cracked panel 20-40
619.    Salvador Dali - etching and aquatint 'Pirate Ship' - 20 x 17cm, with Folio Fine Art label to reverse 80-100
620.    An 18th century lithograph signed Roy 1784 - 8 x 9cm 15-25
621.    An Edwardian mahogany rise top piano stool 20-40
622.    A mahogany bedside cabinet with drawer over recess 20-40
623.    A Victorian Georgian-style mahogany wardrobe with two mirror doors flanking drawers and linen shelves, 184cm wide x 211cm high 80-100
624.    An old wicker laundry basket 'London Linen Supply Ltd' 30-50
625.    A Listers barrel form butter churn on stand - good condition 60-80
626.    A vintage treddle potters wheel 60-100
627.    A large 19th Dutch school oil on canvas with ruined tower and cottages amongst woodland, in large gilt frame - 74 x 61cm 300-500
628.    An antique shallow stone trough or sink with plug hole 60-80
629.    A wrought iron candlestand and a poker 10-20
630.    A 1967 Ordnance marked hoe 10-20
631.    Two golf clubs and a four piece fishing rod by Albert Smith & Co 10-20
632.    A walking pony harness 20-40
633.    A pond weed clearer and a garden claw hoe 10-20
634.    An old millstone, 46cm diameter 20-30
635.    A stone finish garden trough 20-30
636.    A Victorian iron fender - 104cm 20-40
637.    A Victorian oval iron cooking pot 10-20
638.    A Royal Sandringham wooden fruit box and one other 20-40
639.    A Victorian pine blanket chest with candlebox to interior 50-70
640.    A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and two long drawers 20-40
641.    A Victorian wooden slatted garden bench on cast iron supports, 153cm wide 50-70
641A.   Three antique coppers 20-40
642.    A pair of vintage leather black and tan riding boots 30-40
643.    A novelty plaster waiter figure of a pig holding a tray - 55cm tall 30-50
644.    A Victorian mahogany dressing table with swing mirror over two trinket drawers and two frieze drawers, all raised on slender supports 40-60
645.    An old wicker hamper reputedly to be from a railway station 30-50
646.    A large Victorian copper cauldron, 40cm diameter 60-80
647.    A Georgian mahogany bow fronted corner cupboard with oval ebony and satinwood stringing to door 60-80
648.    An Edwardian glass and brass firescreen with heart form finials 60-100
649.    A Victorian green glass floral oil lamp with vaseline glass shade and another oil lamp with etched shade a/f on brass base 40-60
650.    A cut glass and silver plated oil lamp with white reeded glass shade 60-80
651.    A Victorian brass oil lamp frame 10-30
652.    A 19th century mahogany tea caddy with satinwood stringing and brass cornucopia handles, 32cm wide 50-70
653.    A 19th century alabaster mantel clock with lion and caryatid decoration 50-70
654.    An oak and silver plated tantalus with three cut glass decanters 60-80
655.    An oak and silver plated three bottle tantalus with key 50-70
656.    An American Ansonia shelf clock with carved wood 'gingerbread' surround - 58cm 50-70
657.    A pair of spelter figures after Aug. Moreau of Pecheur and Pescheuse on marble bases - 28cm 50-70
658.    A pair of spelter Art Nouveau vases with poppy heads and female masks (one with liner) - 25cm 80-120
659.    A pewter finish plaster figure of a girl crouching, by Crinque 40-60
660.    An oak carved swing mirror 10-30
661.    A Tiffany style table lamp 30cm 10-20
662.    An Edwardian mahogany side table with two frieze drawers all on turned supports - 92 x 58cm 60-80
663.    A Victorian oak library table with two end drawers and leather inset top all raised on turned supports and castors 80-120
663A.   A Victorian pine kitchen table on turned supports, 82 x 137.5 x 77.5cm high, height to freize - 60.5cm 50-70
664.    A model of a yacht , the glass case 44 x 51 x 14cm 50-60
665.    A 19th century pine blanket box with iron carrying handles - 111 x 47cm 50-70
666.    Two Singer sewing machines - one without cover 10-20
667.    A Queen Anne walnut swing toiletry mirror with fitted slope front and box base 150-200
668.    A rectangular copper tray by John Pearson - one handle a/f - 49 x 23cm 20-40
669.    A Japanese remote controlled plush dog 30-40
670.    A Hornby clockwork 'O' gauge LMS loco and tender No 5600 and a LNER 460 tank loco 30-50
671.    An Airfix Coastal Defence Assault set boxed 10-20
672.    A fine scratch built working model live steam locomotive 2 1/2" guage, 4-6-0 LMS Stanier Black Five with tender (marked LMS) 800-900
673.    A Bing early 20th century tin plate train with locomotive 2663, tender and three carriages marked "GBN". 80-100
674.    A Schuco Varianto 3010k set with Limo 3041 and Bus 3044 plus extra car and accessories, boxed and with instructions 50-70
675.    An early 20th century Steiff gold plush teddy bear with button to ear, 30cm, worn condition, Together with early photograph of child with teddy. 200-400
676.    A quantity of Hornby train 'O' gauge track including: One turntable, ten junctions, twenty straight tracks, forty one curved tracks, six extra curved tracks, twelve small curved, six small straight, two extra small straight, one extra small curve, five miscellaneous curved track , fifty four extra clips and two track with controller 10-20
677.    A Hornby group of station accessories to include station, two signals boxed, footbridge No.1 boxed and a road bridge 20-30
678.    A large Dutch brass and Delft nine branch light fitting 50-70
679.    A quantity of old tins 10-20
680.    A vintage leather documents case 10-20
681.    A vintage leather trimmed suitcase 10-20
682.    A box of old games, tins and various collectables including a set of nine pin dominoes and various cigarette silks 30-40
683.    A 1950's Hornby Dublo railway set with three locomotives (Duchess of Atholl, BR 69567 & BR 8005) five coaches, six wagons, two circular rail tracks plus controller, transformer etc, some boxed 100-150
684.    A red His Masters Voice table top gramophone No 5B 50-70
685.    A pair of Victorian brass carriage lamps 20-40
686.    An early 20th century five branch cut glass chandelier light fitting with blue glass shades 50-70
687.    A Garrisons picnic set fitted with spirit kettle, Bandalasta cups and plates, metal canister, 'The Cube' teapot etc 50-70
688.    An early anglepoise lamp 10-20
689.    Two brass oil lamps 10-20
690.    A framed comical engraving by Simon Drew 10-20
691.    A limited edition print 'Window II' - 14 x 20cm 10-20
692.    Two plastic decoy ducks and a raven 10-20
693.    A pair of 20th century oil on panel German style portraits of peasants with beer - 15 x 11cm 20-40
694.    A pair of 19th century oil on canvas - chickens - 24cm x 35cm 100-150
695.    A continental oil on canvas barge at sunrise with figures 26 x 36cm, signed indistinctly 80-120
696.    A Tress and Co velvet smoking cap and a collar 10-30
697.    A bowler hat, top hat and mortar board 20-40
698.    A Zebra and Buffalo handbag 20-40
699.    A snakeskin and leather handbag 20-40
699A.   A Louis Vuitton handbag serial no. SR1021 250-280
700.    An early 20th century blue silk shawl with tasselled fringe 30-50
701.    A Chinese cream silk embroidered shawl 40-60
702.    Three evening bags, a manicure set and a handbag 10-20
703.    A Victorian ivory and silk floral painted fan - 35cm 30-50
704.    A painted black silk fan and two other fans 10-20
705.    Four various bone and mother of pearl fans - all a/f 20-40
706.    A large advertising factice scent bottle - "Signature" by Dupont 80-120
707.    A large advertising factice scent bottle "Cabaret" by de Gres 80-120
708.    A green folding music or reading stand 10-30
709.    A box of wedding momentos including headdress, baby shoes, stockings, lace etc 10-20
710.    A group of antique costume and textiles to include three Edwardian blouses, chiffon shawl, camisole, 1930's floral blouse, 1920's beaded tunic and offcuts etc in leather trimmed suitcase 40-60
711.    A 1950's plum corduroy swagger coat 30-50
712.    A fur jacket and a pale fur 3/4 length coat 20-30
713.    An early 20th century Burberry ladies raincoat size 14 50-70
714.    A Donegal tweed multicoloured blanket by Magee and a colourful crochet blanket 20-40
715.    A Sorrento ware marquetry tray 10-30
716.    A laundry box of embroidered table linen etc 20-40
717.    A Nigel Hemming print of dogs - 27 x 37cm 20-30
718.    A group of three watercolours to include L M Kilpin - farming scene turning the hay - 19 x 31cm, K W Burton - Ely Cathedral - 25 x 35cm and a landscape with figures and windmills - 15 x 25cm 20-40
719.    A pine open corner shelf 98.5cm 20-40
720.    A continental plaque decorated female figure in relief - 28 x 21cm 15-25
721.    J Cery - map of Herefordshire dated 1805, 53 x 42.5cm 30-50
722.    Two colour prints of Sri Lanka 'Adams Peak' and 'The Ferry at Wallepalogoa' 10-30
723.    An oil on canvas rowing boat on a lake - 29 x 44cm 30-40
724.    J Thomas - oil on board harbour scene 'Polperro Harbour' - 38 x 49cm 30-50
725.    An oil on board of Pyrenees village - 26 x 44cm 20-40
726.    C Hodgson - etching The Wayside Inn, 16 x 14cm 20-30
727.    An Edwardian mahogany bureau with shell inlay to slope front 40-60
728.    A set of Edwardian mahogany trinket drawers 20-30
729.    An oil on canvas portrait of a woman - 45 x 38cm 50-70
730.    A pair of oil on board landscapes - 24 x 47cm 15-25
731.    M Walters - oil on canvas two children outside a cottage selling ginger beer - 36 x 26cm 50-70
732.    A small oil on panel woodland scene a/f - 14 x 12cm 10-20
733.    A group of five small engravings of Worcester, Malvern etc plus a photograph 10-30
734.    A mahogany open bookshelf 20-40
735.    An inlaid Middle Eastern display case with mirrored back - 41 x 29cm 25-35
736.     A watercolour mother and child and an interior watercolour Redland Collegiate School Bristol - 22 x 22cm, 10-20
737.    Two vintage motorcycle helmets 10-20
738.    A vintage wooden jewellery box 10-20
739.    An early drawing of The Grand Canal, Venice on laid paper - 18 x 27cm 40-60
740.    H L Adamson - pair of watercolours upland landscapes - 35 x 49cm 30-50
741.    A 19th century watercolour gardener raking a gravel drive - 30 x 22cm 20-40
742.    Ronald Ray - watercolour landscape - 18 x 24cm 20-40
743.    W J Haywood - watercolour village duck pond - 17 x 52cm 30-40
744.    Patricia A Regnart, Taynton - limited edition colour etching 1974 - signed and dated in pencil - 11 x 43cm 20-30
745.    A 19th century watercolour coach and horses - 19 x 37cm 50-70
746.    Martine Viste (later Martine Barnaud) - abstract watercolour - 28 x 22cm 20-40
747.    Guy Todd - watercolour two figures in a landscape - 25 x 17cm 20-30
748.    Peter Spicer - watercolour Hay Bluff from Raglan - 24 x 28cm 20-30
749.    A 1930's unfinished watercolour of a girl with a camera on the beach with children and donkeys - possibly drawn for an advert e.g The Kodak Girl - 34 x 27cm 70-90
750.    A pair of Pre-Raphaelite prints of ladies - 23 x 18cm 10-30
751.    Lionel Edwards - signed print 'Portland Bill' - 36 x 26cm 30-50
752.    A limited edition print of Tewkesbury - The Water Meadow by Peter Hodge - 18 x 26cm 10-20
753.    Yann Nibor pastel - yellow flowers 38 x 35cm 40-60
754.    Three framed maps of Worcestershire, Monmouthshire and Derbyshire 10-20
755.    An enamel and metal advertising sign "Use Bernard & Algers Corn & Grass Manures" - 60 x 46cm 40-60
756.    A large Victorian black and white print of a romantic couple - 48 x 72cm 10-30
757.    Mio Miles - three African oil on canvas landscapes of the seasons - 25 x 50cm 50-70
758.    A limited edition four colour silk screen print of a chapel 'The Variety Playhouse' Atlanta - 48 x 63cm 20-40
759.    A 19th century tall pine cupboard with a pair of panelled doors enclosing shelves, 105 wide x 210 tall x 56cm deep
760.    A 19th century continental pine single door wardrobe, 94cm wide x 195cm tall x 51cm deep 80-120
761.    A Victorian brass and copper standard lamp 20-40
762.    A Victorian wine table on column and triple support 20-40
763.    A 20th century mahogany side table on tall cabriole supports, 69cm wide 30-50
764.    Three Edwardian bedroom chairs, a bentwood chair and a cake stand 10-20
765.    A 19th century pine child's bed with carved headboard and panelled sides, headboard 92cm wide 50-70
766.    A large portfolio of 1930's students pictures and drawings 15-25
767.    Two Victorian prints, one of David Garricks House - 23 x 33cm, and another stately home - 20 x 39cm 10-20
768.    A set of four early 20th century beach stick back chairs 80-120
769.    A good quality modern large oak extending dining table on square supports - 142cm x 91.5cm at smallest size plus two interleaves of 35cm each stored within. 20-40
770.    A Victorian pine kitchen table on turned supports, 79 x 105 x 89.5cm high height to freize - 52.5cm 50-70
771.    Two Ercol style stick-back chairs - no labels 20-40
772.    A 19th century Newlyn school etching of fisher woman and children staring out to sea - 31 x 49cm 30-50
773.    Edna De Maurice - watercolour Sapperton in the Cotswolds - 20 x 29cm 20-40
774.    Four chalk portrait drawings, unsigned but attributed to Walter Sneyd 15-25
775.    Robert Barnes - silk screen print of June landscape - 33 x 44cm 20-40
776.    A pair of Victorian oil paintings under glass - landscapes 36 x 56cm 40-60
777.    A 19th century oil on canvas Madonna and Child, repaired and repainted to centre - 80 x 63cm 20-40
778.    An oil on board marine scene - 14 x 20cm 30-50
779.    A colour print 'At the Altar Gretna Green' after Shaw Cropton, 69 x 50cm 20-30
780.    Kelland - oil on canvas Monmartre in Paris - 50 x 60cm 20-40
781.    E Aldridge - oil on canvas still life group of toys, in painted wood frame - 39 x 49cm 150-200
782.    Pascoal de Souza - oil on canvas man holding his head in despair , 126 x 90.5cm 150-200
783.    K W Burton - two limited edition prints vintage cars in barns - 24 x 35cm 30-50
784.    A set of four modern wrought iron conservatory chairs with upholstered seats. 50-70
785.    A rustic pine bookcase with natural rough edged top over eight shelves - 150cm wide x 106cm high x 36cm deep 40-60
786.    A wooden sectional fruit bowl - 40cm diameter 20-40
787.    A set of six vintage plywood school chairs 30-50
788.    A Victorian coloured print of a Victorian lady and child 10-20
789.    A mid 20th century animal hide Zulu shield with knobkerrie and spear 30-50
790.    A pair of cut glass basket form light fittings 20-40
791.    An Edwardian mahogany bedside cabinet with glass top 30-50
792.    A set of six Victorian oak dining chairs with carved decoration and spindle panel to lower back 100-150
793.    A set of five walnut Queen Anne style dining chairs on shell carved supports 60-80
794.    A Windsor style chair 10-20
795.    A pair of Victorian bar back dining chairs on turned supports 20-30
796.    A Victorian slat back farmhouse chair 80-120
797.    A Victorian bar back farmhouse chair with arms 40-60
798.    A lightwood stick back chair with crinoline stretcher 20-30
799.    A Victorian panel back mahogany hall chair 20-40
800.    A framed set of Brazilian butterflies 40-50
801.    A 19th century matched set of six ladder back dining chairs 100-150
802.    A matched set of seven Victorian balloon back dining chairs - in need of some repairs 50-80
803.    A Victorian pair of carved grandmother and grandfather chairs upholstered in green 80-120
804.    A set of four Victorian rosewood balloon back dining chairs with reeded legs and carved decoration 80-120
805.    A Victorian walnut oval tilt top loo table on ornate carved column and quadruple supports 134cm wide 100-150
806.    A wooden model sailing ship, 86cm long x 74cm high 50-70
807.    A hand made long carved pine bench on curved end supports - 260cm 100-150
808.    A large 19th century Venetian style multi-plate mirror - 94 x 107cm 200-300
809.    A long Edwardian footstool 20-40
809A.   A long footstool upholstered in check fabric 20-40
810.    A rectangular gilt framed mirror, 74 high x 105 cm wide 20-40
811.    An old Leacock and Co Madeira barrel 10-30
812.    An early 20th century turned mahogany plant or torchere stand 20-30
813.    A 19th century postman's wall clock with striking movement and single weight 20-40
814.    A small early 20th century oak framed circular barometer - 14cm 10-20
815.    A Victorian oil on canvas portrait of a girl in a black hat - 28 x 21cm 40-60
816.    A reproduction mahogany fold top card table 50-70
817.    A Georgian mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers, 109 wide x 52 deep x 90cm high 150-200
818.    A pair of bronze lamp bases in the form of classical women - 56cm 150-250
819.    A fine 19th century French ormolu mantel clock with Sevres style floral painted porcelain panels on a turquoise ground with urn surmount and lions head handles - 32cm 150-200
820.    An Edwardian mahogany revolving bookcase 50-70
821.    A taxidermy armadillo holding a small tray 60-80
822.    A Victorian burr walnut triple wardrobe with two doors and central mirror door, 184cm wide x
213cm high 100-150
823.    A 20th century "Atlas" style wall clock 10-20
824.    A Victorian mahogany button upholstered armchair with carved fruit and foliage surmount, scroll arm supports and legs 150-200
825.    A large antique gilt gesso framed mirror with scrollwork decoration, 107 high x 81cm wide 80-120
826.    An Edwardian childs desk and chair on wrought iron stand 50-70
827.    A hand made pine bench on curved end supports, 98.5cm long 60-80
828.    A handmade pine bench on curved end supports, 98.5cm long 60-80
829.    An embroidery panel - 64 x 50cm 15-25
830.    A large stained glass wood framed panel - 56 x 92cm 40-60
831.    Two small Edwardian upholstered spindle foot stools 20-40
832.    A large Benares brass table on folding carved stand 20-30
833.    A large floral Persian style carpet - tear to centre,9ft x 11ft 4"` 50-70
834.    A rustic style stool 20-30
835.    A taxidermy fox head plaque "Tubbs End Farm" 1950 40-60
836.    A tall, narrow hardwood display cabinet with four shelves - 177 x 73 wide x 36 deep 40-60
837.    An early 20th century South African antique animal hide fan with turned wood handle 60-80
838.    A Victorian walnut pier cabinet with open shelves and inlay, 72cm wide 60-100
839.    A small 1930's oak corner cabinet - 67cm tall 30-50
840.    A large yew reproduction twin pedestal desk, 152cm wide 50-100
841.    A Victorian copper coal scuttle and shovel 20-40
842.    A gypsy table with oak top 30-50
843.    An Edwardian small oak dining table with replacement top 123 x 90cm 40-60
844.    An Edwardian dressing mirror, three drawers to base - 86cm wide 40-60
845.    An antique pig bench, 125cm long 80-120
846.    A Victorian button upholstered settle on turned supports and castors 60-80
847.    A Victorian ebonised and gilt overmantel mirror - 89 x 52cm 10-20
848.    A footstool on cabriole supports 10-30
849.    An oak 1920's occasional table on barleytwist supports 10-20
850.    A brass coal scuttle 30-40
851.    An Edwardian mahogany triple wardrobe with mirror door, fitted within two hanging sections, drawers and linen trays, 190 wide x 210 cm high 80-120
852.    An Edwardian mahogany Sutherland table on spindle supports 20-40
853.    A Victorian garden roller 30-50
854.    A brass preserving pan, a pair of shears and a brass strainer/skimmer 10-20
855.    An early 20th century painted wood rocking horse on wooden stand 100-150
856.    A bronze finish bell with Shakespeare themed bracket 20-40
857.    L Andre - pair of oil on canvas marine scenes - 45 x 54cm 50-80
858.    An early 19th century naive oil on canvas rural scene with haywain and peasants, 48 x 58cm 100-150
859.    An 18th century settle, the four panel back with curved arm supports, pad feet and turned stretchers 180-250
860.    A reproduction Chippendale style childs settee - 85h x 75w x 35d 50-70
861.    A Victorian oak framed mirror with carved scrollwork surmount, 74cm wide 10-30
862.    A Georgian style gilt framed carved wood and gesso easel mirror with scrollwork and mask decoration - 60 x 51cm 50-70
863.    A Victorian matching brass and copper fender, fireside set, fire dogs etc 40-60
864.    T Thomas - pair of oil on canvas farmyard scenes with mill wheel, horses and cows - 29 x 45cm 50-60
865.    George Oyston - watercolour Compton, Guildford with sheep - 25 x 38cm 100-150
866.    A Victorian oil on canvas cattle in landscape - 24 x 44cm 40-60
867.    A late Victorian mahogany arch top full length mirror with carved decoration to frieze - originally from a cheval mirror 20-40
868.    George Oyston - watercolour Newquay - signed and dated 1919 - 24 x 32cm 50-70
869.    H W Pipes - watercolour castle (possibly Warwick Castle) 27 x 37cm 120-180
870.    A 19th century oil on canvas agricultural scene with horses, figures and chickens - 43 x 34cm 60-80
871.    Hendrick Pieter Koekkoek - oil on canvas farmhouse and chickens - 35 x 50cm, signed 200-400
872.    A Victorian watercolour - Scottish shepherd sheltering signed RJ Vaughan? 1187 - 28 x 43cm 60-80
873.    John Toolley - watercolour Church Street, Greenwich - 17 x 25cm 40-60
874.    Horace Hammond (J Barclay) - oil on canvas pastoral landscape with lake, 39 x 24cm 100-150
875.    A 19th century chromolithograph still life fruit in original gilt frame - 23 x 33cm 10-20
876.    A Listers brass bound oak jardiniere on stand 30-50
877.    A small cast iron cooking pot 10-20
878.    A Victorian large armchair on carved turned supports 150-200
879.    A pair of French white scrollwork garden chairs 30-50
880.    An oak longcase clock with restored antique thirty hour movement in modern hand made case,, the dial signed Henry Hemming of Lymington, 80-120
881.    An oak small dresser with beaded decoration over two drawers and cupboard 60-80
882.    A Victorian large pitch pine dresser with three glazed doors over three panelled cupboard doors
883.    C H Ancelys - three 1930's coloured horse racing prints - 30 x 48cm 40-60
884.    A LNER watercolour moonlight scene - 28 x 18 15-25
885.    A rustic style cricket table 50-70
886.    A watercolour bowl of primroses - 27 x 36cm 30-50