Antiques & Collectables Sale
with Medals & Militaria section
on Friday 1st March 2019

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1.      An 18th century Chinese blue and white meat plate painted landscape - 38.5cm wide 50-70
2.      A pair of mid 19th century Imari vases with metal rims - 25cm tall 120-180
3.      A pair of Japanese late Satsuma vases painted Samurai - 22cm, and a ginger jar - no lid 20-30
4.      A Haviland Limoges tea service comprising: five gilt edged cups, six saucers, six teaplates and two cake plates
5.      A continental coffee service comprising six cups and saucers, coffee pot, milk and sugar with gilt and black decoration 10-20
6.      A Duchess Harebell tea service comprising four cups and saucers, two cake plates, milk and sugar 10-20
7.      A large green glass vase with long neck 97cm tall 10-30
8.      A Border Fines Arts group "All in a Days Work" 30-50
9.      A Border Fine Arts group "Winning Smile" 20-40
10.     A Border Fine Arts group "Ayrshire Calves" - boxed 40-60
11.     A Border Fine Arts group Boy Gone Fishing 30-50
12.     A Border Fine Arts group Massey Ferguson tractor "Won't Start" 30-50
13.     A Border Fine Arts group "Come By Shep" 20-40
14.     A Border Fine Arts group pair of Mallard ducks 20-40
15.     Two Minton fruit bowls - 28cm and 22cm dia 10-20
16.     A large Edwardian vase painted flowers on an ivory blush ground with gilt scrollwork handles - 43cm tall 20-30
17.     A Coalport two handled vase with floral painted decoration and two Victorian Coalport plates - one painted Chepstow Castle 20-40
18.     A Shelley tea service printed rosebuds comprising: six cups and saucers, six tea pates, jug and sugar 30-50
19.     A Richmond dinner and tea service printed rosebuds 'Rose Time' comprising: four cups and six saucers, six tea plates, six side plates, six dessert plates and six dinner plates 20-30
20.     A Royal Standard tea service printed flowers, No 9967 - comprising: six cups and saucers, six tea plates, milk jug, sugar and cake plate 20-30
21.     An Edwardian tea service comprising: eleven cups, twelve saucers, milk jug and sugar, twelve tea plates and two cake plates 10-30
22.     A Royal Albert dinner service 'Heirloom' comprising: six dinner plates, six dessert plates, three soup bowls (two a/f), seven soup stands and two covered tureens 40-60
23.     A large porcelain Kerr and Son fruit bowl 'City of Dublin Steam Packet Co' 10-20
24.     A Royal Worcester meat plate 'Lord Nelson' pattern 10-30
25.     An early 19th century circular creamware tray with basket weave border - 35cm dia 30-50
26.     A Royal Worcester Chantilly dinner service comprising: two covered vegetable dishes, nine dinner plates, eight dessert plates, eight side plates, eight saucers, six dessert bowls, seven cups, sugar bowl, cream jug and tea pot 60-80
27.     An Alfred Meakin 1930's green and gilt banded dinner service comprising two tureens, three graduated meat plates, gravy, six breakfast plates, six salad plates and six side plates 10-20
28.     A large 19th century Persian glass dish with scrollwork decoration - 44cm 50-70
29.     A large and extensive early 20th century Copeland Spode 'Byron' pattern dinner/tea service comprising: sixteen dinner plates, ten breakfast plates, ten large side plates, ten medium side plates, ten small side plates, two hexagonal plates, two square plates, one vegetable dish with lid, two pare lids, one small sauce boat and stand, one cream jug, ten tea cups and saucers, one small tureen with saucer, no lid, two breakfast cups, four large saucers, four small saucers, five soup bowls and six saucers, and six bowls 40-60
30.     A group of Masons Regency Ironstone china comprising: four 9" dinner plates, two large fruit bowls, twenty one fruit dishes (one with large chip to rim), five small bowls, one sandwich plate, an oval bowl, a cheese dish, a large cup and saucer, two soup bowls with stands, toast rack, large milk jug, two egg cups and a condiment set on tray 50-70
31.     A Masons Regency Ironstone tea service comprising: two bread and butter plates, fifteen tea plates, eighteen cups and saucers a sugar bowl, a milk jug and a teapot 50-70
32.     Four items of Wedgwood Jasperware, a Nao figure and a duck 10-20
33.     A large Aynesley table lamp base - 34cm 10-20
34.     A pair of 20th century 'Dresden Royale' table centrepieces with floral clad baskets and pair of figures to stems - 32cm 30-50
35.     A Denby floral vase and two Studio pottery vases 10-20
36.     A group of Cornishware by T G Green including butter dish, milk jug, two pudding basins, sugar bowl, covered bowl, covered butter dish, storage jar and a flour caster 50-70
37.     A Royal Doulton early 20th century coffee set with fruit decoration No 3685, comprising: coffee pot, six cups and saucers, cream jug and sugar bowl 30-50
38.     An Alfred Meakin vintage dessert bowl and six dishes 10-20
39.     A pair of Victorian Majolica strawberry leaf plates 10-20
40.     A Spode blue and white transfer print pearly ware drainer 'Gothic Castle' pattern c.1820. 15-25
41.     A Sylvac dog ashtray 1455, a squirrel salt 1494, a Sylvac butter dish and two cream jugs 20-40
42.     A Carlton Ware buttercup sugar bowl and lid, a leaf dish and a Poole plate 10-20
43.     Eight items of Aynsley 'Cottage Garden' 10-20
44.     A large Beswick 'Scrooge' character toby jug, a Masons 'The Farmer' toby jug and a Royal Doulton 'Toby Philpot' toby jug 20-30
45.     A Royal Doulton miniature toby jug 10-20
46.     A pair of Imari vases - 14.5cm tall 10-30
47.     Two large cart pottery horses 20-40
48.     A cut glass butter dish and cover, and a boxed cut glass butter dish with knife plus a cut glass vase with silver rim etc 10-20
49.     A set of six Beefeater 'Steak and Grill' plates decorated bulls 40-60
50.     A black glass cake plate with silver inlay 20-40
51.     An Ashford porcelain box, two Spode miniature teacups and saucers and two Delft jugs 10-20
52.     A Wedgwood Jasperware plaque to commemorate the birth of Churchill - limited edition 621/1000 - boxed with certificate 20-30
53.     Eight various bisque or porcelain figure groups 10-30
54.     Two Librasco vases and covers with blue and green floral decoration 22cm high and a pair of Edwardian floral painted vases 10-20
55.     Six Royal Worcester birds comprising: wren, robin, goldcrest, blue tit, wood warbler and nuthatch 30-50
56.     A Beswick JBDB8 duck Shoveler - boxed 20-30
56A.    A Beswick JBDB5 duck European Widgeon - boxed 20-30
57.     A Beswick figure of a Collie 'Lochinvar of Lady Park' 10-20
58.     Three Royal Worcester medium birds comprising: kingfisher, blue tit pair and thrush 20-40
59.     Two Beswick foxes and another Old Fenton one by Peter Scott 20-40
60.     Four Royal Worcester birds comprising chaffinch, waxwing, nightingale (repaired) and Red Cardinal 20-40
61.     An 1851 Great exhibition Staffordshire frog mug - a/f 40-60
62.     A set of six Maling lustre flower form sundae dishes 20-40
63.     A Wade set of three graduated copper lustre jugs with painted floral decoration 10-20
64.     A Franz humming bird candlestick and cabinet cup and saucer 10-20
65.     A miniature porcelain box, a Coalport mouse and a miniature Doulton Dickens 'Fagin' jug with silver rim 20-30
66.     A Paragon 'Victoriana Rose' tea service comprising six cups and saucers and six tea plates 10-20
67.     A Victorian Indian tree jug and a pair of Edwardian floral printed candlesticks 10-30
68.     A Norman Underhill pottery figure - 18cm 20-30
69.     A Pueblo North American Indian vase - 11cm 20-30
70.     A Royal Copenhagen coffee set, comprising six cups and saucers and a milk jug, decorated brown and gilt flowers 10-20
71.     A collection of small white jugs including Minton 10-20
72.     Five items of Wedgwood blue Jasperware 10-20
73.      A Grainger Worcester 'Hamilton Flute' shape cup and saucer trio c.1805 and an early 19th century blue and white transfer printed Pearl Ware child's cup and saucer, plus three matching saucers
74.     An early 19th century Newhall porcelain bowl with floral decoration c.1880 No 593 - 11cm, an unusual brown Wedgwood Jasperware vase decorated shell 13.5cm, and an early 20th century Crown Staffordshire 'Chelsea Manor' vase - 20cm 15-25
75.     A quantity of miniature tea ware including Coalport and Caverswall 20-40
76.     A Hammersley group of various miniature tea ware comprising: teapot, six cups and saucers, milk jug and sugar 20-40
77.     Six various Spode miniature cups and saucers 20-30
78.     A Coalport miniature tea service painted 'Still Life Fruit' 40-60
79.     A Coalport miniature teaset printed flowers comprising: teapot, two cups and saucers, jug, sugar and two cake plates 20-30
80.     A Hammersley miniature tea service comprising: teapot, milk, sugar and two cups and saucers 20-40
81.     A Coalport 'Pageant' miniature teaset comprising teapot, two jugs, sugar, cup and saucer and cake plate 20-40
82.     A miniature continental porcelain tea service on tray 10-20
83.     Two miniature Canton bowls, boxed and a group of Japanese miniature pottery figure ornaments 10-20
84.     Spare Lot 0-10
85.     Five Burleighware 'Willow' plates and one bowl 10-20
86.     Three Masons plates 'Leeds', a pair of Victorian floral painted plates and various other plates 10-30
87.     A Victorian Majolica triple leaf dish and leaf dish 10-20
88.     Six items of Wedgwood Jasperware 20-40
89.     A group of Wedgwood 'Hathaway Rose' together with a Coalport plinth for a vase etc 10-20
90.     A group of modern Canton china 10-20
91.     Six items of Wedgwood Jasperware, some boxed 10-20
92.     A Wedgwood Creamware oval dish and various other china 10-20
93.     A group of Edwardian decorative china 10-20
94.     Four Royal Worcester bird ornaments and other items 20-30
95.     A Royal Worcester figure painted by Mavis Mardel and a Royal Worcester equine head Phaethon 10-20
96.     Two Royal Doulton figures 'Priscilla' HN1340 a/f and A Victorian Lady HN1345 a/f 10-20
97.     A Royal Doulton limited edition porcelain figure Mrs Hugh Bonfoy: HN 3319 - boxed 50-70
98.     A Royal Doulton figure 'Autumn Breezes' - HN1934 10-20
99.     A Royal Doulton figure 'Lynne' - HN2329 10-20
100.    A Royal Doulton figure 'Lucy' - HN3653 10-20
101.    A Royal Doulton figure 'Stephanie' - HN2811 10-20
102.    A Locke and Co ivory blush biscuit jar with silver plated lid and a similar tea caddy 30-50
103.    A Royal Worcester ivory blush jug painted thistle 30-50
104.    A pair of Royal Worcester pin dishes painted flower by Barker 40-60
105.    A Royal Worcester ivory blush miniature cup and saucer painted flowers and a similar miniature tankard 20-30
106.    A Royal Worcester orchid form wall pocket 60-80
107.    A large Worcester Ivory Blush tusk-handled jug/vase No1116 50-70
108.    A Royal Worcester ivory blush pot pourri bowl with reticulated foliage cover 30-50
109.    A Locke and Co Worcester ivory blush teapot 20-30
110.    A Royal Worcester bamboo form double posy vase 20-40
111.    A Wedgwood creamware pot and lid with spout circa 1900 40-60
112.    A Royal Doulton white figure Winston Churchill HN3067 40-60
113.    A pair of Royal Worcester cornucopia posy vases and a square vase 10-20
114.    Three Royal Worcester figures: Morning Walk, Fragrance and Spring Morn 15-25
115.    A Graingers porcelain pin dish painted robin, an 18th century porcelain tea bowl, a Royal Worcester shallow dish and two continental miniature bisque figures 30-50
116.    Four Edwardian Doulton porcelain salts and three spoons - boxed, one with slight chip 20-30
117.    A Royal Worcester Majolica leaf form wall pocket with bird 40-60
118.    A Royal Worcester plate painted Still Life fruit by E Townsend - peaches, 17.5cm dia 50-70
119.    A Royal Worcester plate painted Still Life fruit by R Austin - apples and blackberry, 18.5cm dia 50-70
120.    A Royal Worcester Majolica basket with floral decoration 40-60
121.    A Royal Worcester cake plate painted flowers within deep decorative borders 20-30
122.    A Chinese pin dish painted figures - 11.5cm dia 10-30
123.    A Spode Victorian sauce ladle 20-30
124.    A Moorcroft Hibiscus pin dish on a green ground 20-40
125.    A Victorian Coalport dessert plate painted flowers within a yellow border 20-30
126.    A large pair of shallow Royal Worcester salad bowls 'Millennium Time' - boxed 30-50
127.    A pair of Royal Worcester rectangular dishes 'Millennium Time' - boxed 10-20
128.    A Royal Worcester ivory blush jug No1094 painted sprays of flowers 30-50
129.    A large Poole sectional entree dish with central bowl 10-20
130.    A circular bisque porcelain plaque with high relief rococo style scene of seated bagpiper and lady with music book - 26cm dia 30-50
131.    A Poole Pottery 1970's Studio plate - 43cm 10-20
132.    A Royal Worcester letter opener - boxed, and a large limited edition 'Flight Bowl' 222/1000 'Celebration 2001' - boxed 30-50
133.    A Royal Worcester floral coffee set of six cups and saucers - boxed 30-50
134.    A Wedgwood cream and gilt tea service comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates, and serving plate 10-20
135.    A large quantity of studio pottery 30-50
136.    A box of blue and white china including two tureens, teapot and various plates 10-30
137.    A set of nine 19th century green wine glasses 60-80
138.    A pair of Baccarat glass salts decorated Pekinese dogs 20-40
139.    A Dartington Crystal glass decanter 10-30
140.    A cranberry glass vase and a cranberry glass bowl 10-20
141.    A large blue flashed Bohemian cut glass vase, a covered bowl and a smaller blue vase 20-40
142.    A red flashed Bohemian vase engraved stag 15cm and a red Art Glass vase 30-50
143.    An Orrefors glass circular candle holder and two Scandinavian square glass candlesticks 20-40
144.    A Royal Worcester two handled mug painted flowers on a blue ground 'Worcester Regatta' June 1913 80-100
145.    A small Moorcroft vase painted pansy on a blue ground, 10cm 30-50
146.    Three large Royal Worcester glazed bird groups comprising goldfinch, bullfinch and budgerigar 20-40
147.    Two Beswick Beatrix Potter figures with gold back stamps - Jemima Puddleduck and Tom Kitten, plus later figures Jeremy Fisher, Cousin Ribby, Mr Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit, Tailor of Gloucester and The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe 50-70
148.    Two Beswick figures Tommy Brock and Foxy Whiskered Gentleman - gold back stamps 50-70
149.    Two Beswick figures Pigling Bland and Mr Benjamin Bunny - gold backstamps 40-60
150.    A small rare Doulton fairy figure HN1378 200-300
151.    A Beswick Friesian Bull 'Coddington Milk Bar' 30-50
152.    A Beswick Herefordshire Bull - Champion of Champions 40-60
153.    A Beswick Jersey Cow and a Beswick Highland calf 30-50
154.    A Beswick Ayrshire bull 'Champion Whitehall Mandate' 50-70
155.    A 19th century Chinese Moon flask vase painted polychrome flowers, mark to base 500-700
156.    Eight various glass paperweights including six by Matts Jonasson and one by Goebels 30-50
157.    Two cut glass decanters and a cut glass carafe 10-20
158.    A Webb 'Rembrandt Guild' Art Deco crystal vase 20-40
159.    A large circular glass vase with vine decoration and marked 'Webb' to base 30-50
160.    A cut glass claret decanter, a lustred vase with pontil mark, green Murano glass vase and a cut glass epergne flute 10-30
161.    Three glass scent bottles and a green tumbler with enamelled decoration 10-20
162.    Four cut glass vases 20-30
163.    Four various cut glass decanters 20-30
164.    A set of eleven small cut glass tumblers 20-30
165.    A group of various cut glass item including a brass mounted cut glass bottle coaster, two paperweights and a pair of cut glass Georgian salts 10-20
166.    A vintage lemonade set with jug and six tumblers printed hunting scene 20-40
167.    Three milliefiori paperweights - one with Edinburgh signed cane 20-30
168.    A set of six small cut glass wine glasses 10-20
169.    A Murano glass vase and two ashtrays, plus a red cut glass dish 10-20
170.    A collection of six various paperweights 10-20
171.    Three paperweights: Medina Mushroom, Selkirk, Peacock and one other 10-20
172.    Four glass paperweights: Bison, Seahorse, Elephant and Sun 10-20
173.    A pair of Webb crystal brandy glasses and six tumblers, both boxed 20-40
174.    Three coloured moulded glass vases 20-30
175.    A collection of blue glassware 10-20
176.    A Whitefriars 'Glacier' decanter, four large tumblers and two smaller ones 30-50
177.    A cut glass decanter with replacement stopper and eight heavy cut glass tumblers 20-30
178.    An Edwardian floral printed toiletry jug,a toothbrush mug and a Masons coffee pot 10-20
179.    A large quantity of cottage ware including biscuit barrel, egg cups, butter dishes, teapot, cruets, bell, jug and three sugar bowls 30-50
180.    Two 1930's vases, a quantity of 1930's jugs, honey pot, Rosenthal handkerchief vase etc 10-20
181.    A large Langley Studio pottery vase 33cm and two vintage West German pottery vases 20-40
182.    A Winchcombe studio pottery cider flagon with tap - 30cm tall and signed WP 50-70
183.    A large West German green and brown Studio Pottery vase - 65cm 10-20
184.    Three Royal Worcester resin groups of Meerkats 20-40
185.    A large Country Artists group of Meerkat family - 45cm 30-50
186.    A quantity of Meerkat ornaments plus swallow etc 10-30
187.    A Country Artists group 'Mountain Streams' 318/650, by K Sherwin and Rachael Hartley 30-50
188.    A large Country Artists rhino, seated 'Spike' 20-40
189.    A large Country Artists rhino and calf 30-50
190.    A pair of silver plated on copper bottle coasters with wooden bases 30-50
191.    A silver plated cigarette box 10-20
192.    A Labyrinth Danish candle holder by Lene Munthe for George Jensen 60-80
193.    An Oneida silver plated tea and coffee set and a sugar shaker 10-20
194.    A silver plated set of six teaspoons and tongs and a set of six tea knives - both boxed 10-20
195.    Various silver plate cutlery and two Victorian commemorative medals 10-20
196.    A silver plated and leather nurses belt, a silver plated cigarette case, a chatelaine hook and vesta case 'Brecon' 10-30
197.    A pair of Indian white metal wide bangles 20-40
198.    A group of white metal Niello ware from Iraq, 1942 - including bracelet, cigarette box plus silver ingot necklace etc 20-30
199.    A silver plated photo frame 10-20
200.    A pair of silver plated candlesticks 'Steeple Chase' prize, a trophy cup and tankard and other silver plate 10-30
201.    A silver plate comport, cake basket, pierced dish and rose bowl 10-20
202.    A set of twelve silver collared fish knives and forks 20-30
203.    A silver plated Kings Pattern cutlery set 30-50
204.    A box of various silver plated items 10-20
205.    An silver plated oval tray with scrollwork decoration 20-40
206.    A set of six Victorian silver dessert spoons - 81g, Exeter 1854, by Josiah Williams & Co 280g 80-120
207.    A Mappin and Webb cut glass claret jug with silver mounts 150-200
208.    A silver Art Deco five piece dressing table set - Birmingham 1936 50-70
209.    A silver topped dressing table box with embossed decoration and a silver topped dressing table jar 20-40
210.    A box of scrap silver 100g 30-50
211.    A set of nine silver coffee spoons London 1912, 100g and a group of various silver spoons etc 137g. 50-70
212.    A set of six silver teaspoons 157g London 1909 plus one other silver teaspoon and a silver plated pair of sugar tongs 30-50
213.    A collection of six silver spoons with golfing finials, 80g 25-35
214.    A collection of decorative silver teaspoons 277g 60-80
215.    A selection of silver items, 100g (not including pencil) 15-25
216.    Two silver napkin rings 1922 & 1925 48g plus a silver plated one 10-20
217.    A 900 standard silver cigarette case 80g, a silver card case, and a silver cheroot holder 14g. 30-50
218.    A box of scrap silver - minimum weight 5ozs 20-30
219.    A group of silver and silver plated items including three silver and cut glass dressing table pots, caddy spoon, gold plated cufflinks etc 30-50
220.    A silver and enamel form picture frame with poppy decoration, Birmingham 2000 - 17 x 12cm 30-40
221.    A pair of Mappin & Webb small silver toast racks, Sheffield 1935 - 98g 20-40
222.    A silver salt and pepper Birmingham 1989 25g - boxed 20-40
223.    Two silver sugar casters - 418g, London 935 and London 1970 80-120
224.    A Mappin & Webb silver two handled comport, Birmingham 1911, 13.5cm tall - 343g 100-150
225.    A silver clad square cigarette box 20-40
226.    A silver cigarette box with engine turned decoration, London 1933 30-50
227.    A silver cigarette case and matchbook holder 30-40
228.    A silver cigarette case with integral powder compact and mirror on chain. Birm. 1918, mirror a/f 20-40
229.    A silver cigarette case with yellow metal inlay London 1905 140g - (repaired and gilt to back) 50-70
230.    A silver pill box with embossed decoration Birmingham 2000 15-25
231.    A silver rabbit pin cushion 20-30
232.    A silver wild boar miniature pin cushion and a teddy one 20-40
233.    A set of six silver handled tea knives, cased - Sheffield 1917 15-25
234.    Four silver dessert spoons Sheffield 1923 205g and a silver christening spoon and fork Sheffield 1900 by James Dixon & Sons 67g 45-55
235.    A silver set of twelve coffee bean spoons in fitted case (one with terminal missing) Birmingham 1923 by Hukin & Heath 30-50
236.    A set of six silver dessert spoons, 304g, London 1909 70-90
237.    A silver magnifying glass - boxed 20-40
238.    A silver caddy spoon Birmingham 1817 maker Joseph Wilmore 30-40
239.    A George III silver tablespoon London 1780, 50g 30-50
240.    A set of four silver oval salts and four spoons (one matched) with blue glass liners, cased Sheffield 1917, Atkin Brothers 40-60
241.    A silver British Military Mission Kuwait model sailing ship - boxed 30-50
242.    Spare Lot 0-10
243.    A silver plated nurses belt and two nurses watches 20-30
244.    A box of silver jewellery 25-35
245.    A box of silver jewellery 25-35
246.    Two watch chains 30-40
247.    A silver hinged bangle, silver brooch and silver plated necklace and earrings 20-30
248.    A box of silver jewellery 20-40
249.    A silver charm bracelet and charms 30-40
250.    Three various silver bracelets 20-40
251.    Seven silver badges and two silver ingots 30-50
252.    Two oval white metal lockets - one with inlaid yellow metal decoration and a 'Stonr' rose form silver pendant 30-50
253.    Two silver bracelets - 40g, and a silver and marcasite gondola brooch plus other items 30-50
254.    A Danish silver flower form brooch 10-20
255.    Three various brooches including agate one mounted in silver 15-25
256.    A Scandinavian silver and enamel brooch decorated landscape, pin a/f 30-50
257.    Fourteen silver charms 30-40
258.    Two pairs of green stone pendant earrings 20-40
259.    A pair of early 20th century silver and paste drop earrings of flower form 30-50
260.    A silver modern pendant and earrings, silver pencil and silver earrings 15-25
261.    A silver and peridot bracelet and earrings set 30-50
262.    A 9 carat gold chain, a silver gilt locket and a silver chain 30-50
263.    A Victorian carved cameo brooch in 9 carat gold frame - 4cm x 4.7cm 50-70
264.    A 9 carat gold fine chain, a yellow metal swivel fob set purple stone and a gold plated miniature heart pendant 20-30
265.    A 9 carat silver and purple stone ring, a silver ingot and a pair of 9 carat gold earrings 30-50
266.    A Scottish silver brooch, a silver and enamel floral brooch and a silver crucifix inset turquoise 30-50
267.    A quantity of gold earrings etc 40-60
268.    Two coral bead necklaces and one other 60-80
269.    A 9 carat gold wedding band - 4.2g, a 14 carat gold band - 1g, a silver fob chain and medal and two costume rings 60-80
270.    A 9 carat gold octagonal locket and a 9 carat gold signet ring set onyx 50-70
271.    A group of twelve silver rings 20-40
272.    A silver and pink jade ring 25-35
273.    A silver tanzanite ring 40-60
274.    A silver and rose gold gilt ring set 'Rose de France' 35-45
275.    A silver crossover ring set larimar and garnets 40-60
276.    A silver and peridot ring 25-35
277.    A silver and emerald set ring 25-35
278.    An amber and silver brooch, two amber necklaces and an amethyst bead necklace 30-50
279.    A Swarovski gilt necklace and bracelet set coloured "stones" 30-50
280.    A 9ct gold Edwardian pendant set amethyst with 9 carat gold chain, unmarked but tested gold 80-120
281.    A good platinum set three stone diamond ring - 1.2 carats total, size M 1200-1500
282.    A fine platinum set diamond solitaire ring on diamond set band, the centre stone 1.66 carats, size L 3800-4800
283.    A diamond set eternity ring on white gold or platinum band - size N 400-600
284.    An 18 carat white gold solitaire diamond ring, 1.46 carats - size N 2500-3500
285.    An 18 carat gold pearl and diamond cluster ring - size R 650-850
286.    A 18ct gold and platinum set diamond ring , size Q 200-300
287.    An antique 18 carat gold ring set five cushion cut diamonds approx 1.8 carats total - with insurance valuation for 6,925 - colour G/H/I, clarity VS1 to SI1, size O 1500-2000
288.    An 18 carat white gold ring set row of nine baguette cut diamonds flanked by fourteen collet set diamonds - size K 750-850
289.    A fine 18ct white gold ring oval ring set baguette and brilliant cut diamonds, size M-N 1000-1500
290.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set diamond cluster ring, size N 60-80
291.    An 18 carat gold diamond set cluster ring, size N 180-250
292.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set three stone diamond crossover ring, size M - N 50-70
293.    A platinum diamond set crossover ring - size H 100-150
294.    An 18 carat gold three stone diamond ring - size L 1/2 60-80
295.    An 18 carat gold platinum set three stone diamond ring, size M 60-80
296.    An 18 carat gold ring set three diagonal rows of diamonds - size Q 1/2 60-80
297.    A 9 carat gold pair of interlocking rings, size M 30-50
298.    A 9 carat gold crossover ring illusion set diamond, size L 30-50
299.    An 18ct yellow and white gold solitaire ring set diamond - approx half a carat, size L 400-600
300.    A 9ct gold ring set double row of diamonds, size L 100-150
301.    A 9ct gold ring set chip diamonds, size N 60-80
302.    A ring set opal flanked by two diamonds, size N 50-70
303.    A 9ct gold cluster ring set rubies and moissanites, size M 50-70
304.    A 9 carat white gold ring set orange stones, size M - N 20-40
305.    A 9 carat gold ruby and diamond ring, size N 100-150
306.    A 9ct gold ruby and diamond crossover ring, size N 150-200
307.    A 9ct gold ring set pink and purple stones, size S 50-70
308.    A 14ct gold ring set sapphire and diamond within a split seed pod,size M 150-200
309.    A 9 carat gold opal ring, size M 30-50
310.    A 9 carat gold ring set 'Sleeping Beauty' turquoise flanked by two zircons, size P 200-300
311.    A 9 carat gold ring set four oval cut sapphires and six small diamonds - each sapphire 4mm x 3mm - with insurance valuation for 450, size N 150-200
312.    An 18 carat white gold wedding band - 3g 40-60
313.    A 9 carat gold signet ring set bloodstone - size N 15-25
314.    A gold ring set amethyst (band unmarked) size R 30-50
315.    A 9 carat gold costume ring set white stone - 6.3g, size N 60-80
316.    A 9 carat gold, large oval garnet and diamond ring, size L 60-80
317.    A 9 carat gold cluster ring set opal and green stones, size O 30-40
318.    A 9 carat gold emerald and opal cluster ring - size J 60-80
319.    Four various 9 carat gold rings - 6.7g in total 60-80
320.    A 9 carat gold gents signet ring set chip diamond - 2.8g 30-50
321.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and white stone costume ring - size N 1/2 40-60
322.    A 9ct gold double snakes head ring set garnets, size S, 6.7g 100-150
323.    An 18 carat gold ring set seed pearls and old cut diamond - size M 50-70
324.    A 9 carat gold ring set white stone cluster - size N 1/2 40-60
325.    A modern silver wide band ring set four small diamonds, size M 50-70
326.    An 18ct gold and diamond set cluster ring, size N 150-200
327.    A 9 carat gold ring set peridot and diamonds, size M - N 50-70
328.    An 18 carat gold ring set peridot flanked by a pair of marquise cut diamonds, size L 100-150
329.    A 9 carat gold green stone costume ring, size L 30-50
330.    An 18ct gold bracelet set seven oval cut sapphires and twelve diamonds - total weight 18g, the sapphires 7mm x 5.1mm x 3.8mm, tone 8, saturation 3. With full insurance certificate, valued 6825. 1000-1500
331.    A silver bracelet set green stones 20-40
332.    A silver charm bracelet and twelve charms 20-40
333.    A 9ct gold charm bracelet , 6.9g 50-70
334.    A yellow metal stone set bracelet 20-30
335.    An Edwardian 9 carat rose gold bracelet set seed pearls and red stones - 8.5g 100-150
336.    An 18 carat gold charm bracelet with sixteen charms (five 18 carat gold, four 14 carat gold and six 9 carat gold), and a half sovereign - total weight 58g 600-800
337.    An 18 carat gold brooch in the form of a sword, set opals 180-250
338.    A large uncut emerald pendant set on a gold and diamond set clasp 100-150
339.    A pair of platinum set diamond stud earrings - total weight approx 87 points 700-900
340.    Two 9 carat gold charms 20-40
341.    A Victorian gold stick pin set rubies, diamonds and a pearl 50-70
342.    An Edwardian 15 carat gold brooch set amethysts 25-35
343.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold watch on plated strap 25-35
344.    A 9 carat gold Rolex Tudor Royal ladies wrist watch - boxed, 14g 100-150
345.    A Rotary Aquaplunge stainless steel gentleman's chronograph wrist watch circa 1960's - boxed 500-700
346.    Two Eisteddford 9ct gold medals to RS Oke for piano and organ "Torquay 1922", 13 g 200-300
347.    A 9ct gold Sampson and Mordan "Everpoint" pencil in original fitted case 60-80
348.    A 1950's Smiths 9 carat gold De Luxe gentlemans wrist watch 80-120
349.    An 18 carat gold Omega gentlemans wrist watch with quartz movement on 9 carat gold knitted Omega strap 500-700
350.    A 9 carat gold curb chain necklace - 15g 100-150
351.    A 9ct gold pendant set coral bead, on 9 carat gold chain 50-70
352.    A silver and jade necklace and chain 25-35
353.    A faceted ruby bead necklace 20-30
354.    A tigers eye bead necklace with 9ct gold clasp 30-40
355.    A freshwater pearl three strand necklace with flower clasp 10-20
356.    A freshwater pearl and pink quartz necklace 10-20
357.    A freshwater pearl and green stone necklace 10-20
358.    A freshwater pearl and enamel bead necklace 10-20
359.    A freshwater pearl and pink quartz necklace 10-20
360.    A Goldette signed necklace and earrings 25-45
361.    A box of costume jewellery 10-30
362.    Seven silver brooches including four Celtic brooches 20-40
363.    A group of bead necklaces including malachite, horn, cherry amber etc 30-50
364.    A box of costume brooches 10-30
365.    A box of gold plated costume jewellery 10-20
366.    Four ethnic style necklaces 10-20
367.    Eleven various vintage brooches including Monet and Har and a brooch and earring set 20-40
368.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
369.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
370.    Various costume jewellery 30-50
371.    A box of costume jewellery 20-30
372.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
373.    A box of costume jewellery 10-30
374.    A silver pocket watch a/f and four other pocket watches 20-30
375.    A silver pocket watch by Benson 25-35
376.    A silver backed pocket watch by John Viscont 20-40
377.    A Turkish continental 800 standard silver pocket watch retailed by K Serkisoff and Co, Constantinople 30-40
378.    An eight day pocket watch with visible escapement 30-40
379.    Two small silver watches and two others 15-25
380.    A Tissot 18 carat gold ladies wrist watch with plated strap, a Zenith 18 carat gold watch and two other ladies watches 100-150
381.    A gentleman's gold plated Rotary wrist watch 20-30
382.    A gentleman's tank style Rotary wrist watch boxed 20-30
383.    A stainless steel gentleman's Rotary wrist watch boxed 20-30
384.    A gentleman's Rotary tank style wrist watch with spare link and papers, boxed 20-30
385.    A Rotary Automatic gentleman's wrist watch and three ladies wrist watches, and an Elgin gold plated pocket watch 20-30
386.    A collection of various watches including Sekonda, Majex, Ruben etc 20-40
387.    Various watches including 'Memo Star Alarm' 30-50
388.    An oak box of watch makers spares, pedometers etc 20-40
389.    Nineteen various novelty reproduction pocket watches 30-50
390.    A group of costume jewellery including silver Harrods necklace and earrings, a silver Wedgwood style necklace, watch etc 10-30
391.    A gentleman's Rotary wrist watch with original receipt, a small alarm clock, costume jewellery 20-30
392.    Four various gents wrist watches - three boxed 10-20
393.    Various mens and ladies wrist watches 10-20
394.    Various mens and ladies wrist watches 10-20
395.    Various mens and ladies wrist watches 10-20
396.    Spare Lot

397.    A Sabre bayonet - yataghan blade, brass grips Mle42, with scabbard (possibly 1st pattern 1853 artillery bayonet) 50-70
398.    A Sabre bayonet - yataghan blade brass grips Mle66, Tulle 1871 with scabbard 50-70
399.    An Epee bayonet, Tulle Sept 1875 with scabbard 30-50
400.    A Sabre bayonet - yataghan blade brass grips Mle66, with scabbard 50-70
401.    An Epee bayonet, Mle86 cruciform blade and scabbard with leather frog 50-70
402.    An Enfield socket bayonet pattern 1853, stamped WS 55 30-50
403.    A Pattern 1888 Mk1 bayonet, second type Dec 1895 and scabbard P88 (Mk1) L 40-60
404.    A Pattern 1907 bayonet, Wilkinson Oct 1916 and scabbard 1907 Mk2 later variant 40-60
405.    A bayonet No4 Mk2* c.1942 and scabbard No4 Mk1 1942 20-40
406.    A bayonet No7 Mk1 L c.1946 50-70
407.    A bayonet No9 Mk1 1953 30-50
408.    A Turkish bayonet M1903 all steel 'Ersatz' type c1915/16 and scabbard 30-50
409.    A Swiss Ordannanz 1911 bayonet, Waffenfabrik Neuhausen No 325998 and scabbard 50-70
410.    A German bayonet 98K 4774 N 7940 c.1938 and scabbard 40-60
411.    A Japanese 30th year bayonet, Tokyo Arsenal purchased by IK c.1915 as Sword Bayonet 0.256 rifle P/1900 No473390 40-60
412.    A Siamese type 51 bayonet - Tokyo Arsenal for Siamese Arisaka rifle 1908 40-60
413.    A Spanish M1941 'Bolo' bayonet for Mauser, Toledo and scabbard 20-30
414.    A Swedish pattern 1896 bayonet for Mauser and scabbard 20-40
415.    A bowie style knife with wooden handle and leather sheath 50-70
416.    An early 20th century/late 19th Indian talwar with brass handle and leather scabbard 60-80
417.    Spare Lot 0-10
418.    An Indian Talwar 80-100
419.    A Light Infantry sword 80-120
420.    A George V Officers sword with scabbard 100-150
421.    A George V Indian Army Officers dress sword with etched blade by Harman and Co, Calcutta - brass hilt and leather and brass scabbard 80-120
422.    A Mounted Military Police baton 40-50
423.    'Pinpoint The Bomber' 1942 by Francis Chichester with map etc within, Civil Aviation Book, The Epic of Tarawa, a collection of photographs of aeroplanes and a BAF, RAF and Fleet Air Arm Complete Illustrated London News of aircraft etc 20-30
424.    Two military themed cartoon books: Jane at War and 200 Cartoons by Denim 10-20
425.    A pair of German trench art brass shell case vases 20-40
426.    Three trench art vases made from shell cases 20-40
427.    A selection of military booklets 10-20
428.    A small selection of Home Guard items 20-30
429.    A WWII British Military gas mask 10-30
430.    A leather flying helmet 80-100
431.    A Gloucester Regimental ice bucket, a similar ashtray and a mug 20-30
432.    The Bayonet - A History of Knife and Sword Bayonets 1850 - 1970 by Anthony Carter and John Walter - published by Arms and Armour Press 1974 10-20
433.    A group of WWI ephemera including magazines etc 10-20
434.    A Machine Gun Corps Service Certificate for Pte J S Roberts 108876, and a Machine Gun Corps magazine 1940 10-30
435.    A WWII photograph album from Iraq and Jerusalem with some content of military interest, military groups etc 20-30
436.    A Michelin guide to the Battlefields 10-20
437.    Three books on cap badges plus various postcards on Scottish Regiments 10-20
438.    The Fighting at Jutland 20-30
439.    A quantity of MOD military pamphlets and booklets 30-50
440.    A selection of Pay Books, Certificate of Service etc 10-20
441.    Fifteen books of Field Craft and Military Training 10-30
442.    Seven ABC military themed booklets and Observers Basic Book of Aircraft - Military 10-30
443.    How to Become an Air Pilot and other flying books including Handbook for Wireless Operators 10-20
444.    A Field Service Pocket Book, Trumpet and Bugle Sounds' music book, two military cap badges and a fabric bugle badge 10-30
445.    Twenty two vols Air Pictorial magazine 1966 - 85 10-30
446.    A box of thirty-seven 1940's Flight Magazines etc 10-20
447.    A collection of thirty-nine copies of The Daily Star newspaper during the Falklands War May 4th to June 19th 1982 20-30
448.    A large box of war related hardbacks and paperbacks 30-50
449.    Various naval books, RAF Squadron book etc 10-20
450.    A Geo VI military certificate to William Edwin Clifford, Lieutenant Royal Pioneer Corps 10-20
451.    An 19th century light cavalry sabre in scabbard, by Brunn 500-700
452.    A Georgian 1795 pattern officers sabre with gilded engraved decoration to blade - damage to hilt 400-600
453.    A Light Infantry sword in black Peking bag 100-150
454.    A percussion sporting rifle by Dooley of Liverpool 100-200
455.    An antique pistol a/f 50-70
456.    A late 18th or early 19th century double barrel shotgun, with damascus twist barrel, converted from flintlock to percussion, with ram rod and engraved decoration to plate, signed 'James' 100-150
457.    A flintlock rifle barrel by Twigg and Bass, London - inlaid in gold 80-120
458.    An early 19th century percussion action shotgun with figured walnut stock, ram rod and silver mounts - engraved Thompson 80-120
459.    An officers riding crop with concealed sword 40-60
460.    A Japanese swagger stick with silver top 40-60
461.    A swagger stick - 24" 20-40
462.    A Royal Marines great coat 15-25
463.    A Naval cream wool duffle coat 20-40
464.    A sheepskin flying jacket, zip a/f 20-40
465.    A Times print 'To the Rescue' from the Island of Meruat 1885 - 31 x 47cm 30-50
466.    A coloured print of the Relief of the Siege of Ladysmith - 35 x 47cm 30-50
467.    A black and white print of Field Marshall Kitchener and a photograph of a soldier 10-30
468.    A large coloured print 'The Defence of Rorkes Drift' after Alphonse de Neuville - 45 x 76cm 30-50
469.    A print of a Spitfire by Barry Price - 28 x 39cm 10-30
470.    A framed group of four air force themed sketches 10-30
471.    A framed certificate and medal relating to the French Army with regard to the Rhineland and Rhur - 1918 - 1930 - all awarded to Monsieur Bonnet Michon - 35 x 50cm 40-60
472.    A mid 20th century oil on canvas military portrait of Col J Shearer, Indian Army 40-60
473.    An SAS limited edition print 'Reorganisation, Pebble Island 1982' and certificate 10-20
474.    A Victorian oil on board portrait of a man - 53 x 35cm 30-50
475.    A print of the National Token of South Wales presented to The Princess of Wales 1863 10-20
476.    An 18th century engraving by Bartolozzi of a Dutch Commander in armour - 37 x 26cm 10-30
477.    A pen and ink sketch of West African Frontier Force During Relief of Kumassi - signed Crowther - 16 x 29cm 10-30
478.    A small poster of 21st Army Group Formation Signs 10-20
479.    Two military levels 40-50
480.    A WWI Shropshire Yeomanry ceremonial lance and a Shropshire Yeomanry badge 50-70
481.    A WWII metal grenade case '16 Gren Hand No83 SMK Yellow MK 2/1' 30-40
481A.   A WWII officers trunk 40-60
482.    Two painted leather circular shields - 54cm dia 70-90
483.    Thirteen Civil Defence Corps yellow armbands 30-50
484.    A WWI silk embroidered panel depicting Hospital Ship HMT Neuralia 60-80
485.    A cast brass wall plaque of Adolf Hitler signed by W Wolff 33 - 31.5cm x 21cm 60-80
486.    A plaster bust of Adolf Hitler, signed - on a metal base, 29cm 40-60
487.    A British grenade (Mills bomb) No.5 Mk 1 December 1915, 'Hand of Ulster' on base plug - INERT but all parts present 20-40
488.    A German Horse medal 50-60
489.    A German 37mm shell and casing Patronenfabrik Karlsruhe 1918 119A - INERT 20-30
490.    Two 1940's 40mm shell casings, one cut down as vase 20-30
491.    A WWII German standard top 40-50
492.    A pair of Air Ministry binoculars and two holsters 15-25
493.    Five WWI pen and ink drawings 20-40
494.    A Brenn gun magazine, with arrow mark 10-20
495.    A brass canon shell 10-20
496.    An 1882 British Pattern leather bandolier by D Masons and Sons, Birmingham 1901 30-50
497.    Two Royal Artillery wall plaques from Colonel P W Cartmell, one being bronze for Uresco 20-30
498.    Two white Household Cavalry leather gauntlets 10-20
499.    A WWII German flag 100-150
500.    Five various military caps 10-20
501.    A WWII clinometer in case and leather cased torch 20-30
502.    A Daily Telegraph War Map of the Russian Front No6 10-30
503.    A pair of WWII naval binoculars 20-30
504.    A pair of Krombach Wetzlar 8 x 30 binoculars - cased 20-30
505.    Two military compasses and service patter clinometer 40-50
506.    A large quantity of whistles 40-50
507.    A group of District Nurses cloth badges and buttons 15-25
508.    Five military 'pocket' knives 40-50
509.    A WWII Luftwaffe Markman's lanyard with acorn 60-80
510.    A WWII Luftwaffe Markman's lanyard 50-60
511.    A car badge for The Artists Rifles (SAS) 50-60
512.    Four military 'pocket' knives 40-50
513.    A pair of WWI binoculars 10-20
514.    A box of military fabric badges, buttons, buckle etc 20-30
515.    A quantity of Victorian National Rifle Assoc Bisley cloth badges 50-70
516.    A quantity of Victorian bronze and silver shooting medals comprising four Rifle Association India medals and a quantity of Army Rifle Association Wimbledon medals 30-50
517.    A small group of badges and buttons including Ypres badge etc 10-20
518.    A group of military buttons etc 10-20
519.    A collection of military badges 30-40
520.    A collection of British Military fabric patches 20-30
521.    A WWII Barker and Son military compass and leather case 1936 30-40
522.    A WWI 1914-15 star (poor condition) to CH GNR J Kelley RN and two peace medals 15-25
523.    A large selection of cloth shoulder titles and badges 30-40
524.    A collection of Scottish Regimental cap badges 30-50
524A.   A box of Scottish Regimental cap badges, shoulder badges and lapel badges 30-50
524B.   A group of Scottish Regimental cap badges 30-50
525.    A box of medallions and medals etc 20-30
526.    A group of Red Cross badges, buttons etc plus a quantity of ambulance service buttons and badges 20-40
527.    A collection of various badges including IDMA, dancing medals, Butlins, girl guides etc 10-20
528.    A quantity of military badges and buttons 20-40
529.    One hundred and nine Canadian Regimental cap badges for Infantry and Cavalry 200-300
530.    Seventeen far East and Pacific Regimental cap badges plus seventeen European and assorted world cap badges 70-90
531.    Eighteen African Colonies Regimental cap badges 40-60
532.    Thirty nine New Zealand Regimental cap badges 80-120
533.    Copies of Daily Telegraph May 1945 announcing the death of Hitler etc 15-25
534.    Thirty four Australian Regimental cap badges for Infantry and Cavalry 70-90
535.    Ninety Indian Regimental cap badges 180-250
536.    Fifty six South African Regimental cap badges 50-60
537.    A WWI Naval Distinguished Service Order group of medals comprising:- DSO, Long Service and Good Conduct, Mention in Dispatches oak leaf and certificate, 39-45 Star, Africa Star and Atlantic Star - to Herbert John Wilson Hooke C.E.R.A. (Chief Engine Room Artificer) M38845 HMS Ashanti, together a group of ephemera to include Service Certificate, Order of Release, Vocational Training Certificates plus a pair of WWII medals for his wife Mrs M Hooke and group of badges and buttons etc 1000-1500
538.    Two WWI medals with death plaque to PTE P James Glam Yeo 2466, with photographs and citation 150-200
539.    A selection of military sweetheart and other badges 20-30
540.    A selection of silver military sweetheart badges 40-60
541.    A WWI death plaque for George Henry Bown, together with photograph and nine postcards from him to his wife - possibly Gloucester Regt 50-70
542.    A Death Plaque to James McMillan Sanders Royal Warwickshire Regiment (Died 3rd Sept 1916 in France), with associated paperwork 60-80
543.    A group of three WWII medals to merchant seaman on Convoy Duty in the North Atlantic comprising:- 1939-45 star, The Atlantic star and Italy star plus a fabric naval badge (awarded to Maurice Craddock Matthews) 50-70
544.    A WWII German War Merit Cross and Russia Medals 30-40
545.    A group of WWII German cap badges 40-50
546.    A good selection of regimental cap badges 30-40
547.    A good selection of regimental cap badges 30-40
548.    A good selection of regimental cap badges 30-40
549.    A good selection of regimental cap badges 30-40
550.    A group of various cap and shoulder badges 15-25
551.    A group of assorted cap badges 15-25
552.    An assortment of cap and shoulder badges 15-25
553.    A good selection of regimental cap badges 30-40
554.    Two Pakistan Islamic medals and various cap badges,buttons etc 40-60
555.    A pair of WWI medals to Pte H Cook, R Lanc Regiment 25104, sold together with original documentation, photographs and small group of personal effects 60-100
556.    A box of military badges, enamel red cross medal, police whistle etc, plus various coins 10-20
557.    A selection of naval hat bands 10-20
558.    A WWI trench periscope by R & J Beck Mk IX 1918 80-100
559.    A vehicle bomb inspection mirror and a vintage 'night stick' 10-20
560.    A WWI medal pair mounted in a case together with invalid badge and a memorial locket to Lieut. E O Perry RFC, together with a quantity of research paperwork 120-180
561.    Four fusileer feather plumes as new (three in original wrapping) 20-30
562.    A WWI Naval related silver circular cigarette lighter engraved A Buthcer 'HMS Tiger 1916' 30-50
563.    A Victorian Boer War medal to CPL D R Foxwell, Gloucester Regt 4375 80-120
564.    Edward VII Boer War medal to 6335 Pte H McLean E Lancs Regt 80-120
565.    A QV Crimea medal with Sebastopol bar to Dvr J E Butcher RHA, 2254 with box and correspondence 120-180
566.    A Korean War pair of medals: Queens Korea Medal to K Ray ABRB D/Ssx 848361 an UN Medal 100-150
567.    A Victorian pair of medals: South Africa with three bars for South Africa 1902, Orange Free State and Cape Colony and an Indian General Service Medal with two bars for Tirah 1897 - 98 Punjab Frontier 1897 - 98, both to Private H A Blizard 4276, RL Sussex Regt 300-400
568.    A WWII medal group and Faithful Service medal 40-50
569.    A Territorial medal group to SGT J Barron 40-50
570.    A silver Army Sports Control Board medal Indian Peshawar District 25-35
571.    A WWI medal set of five plus death plaque for two brothers comprising:- War Medal, Peace Medal to Dvr R C Gunter RA W-1616 and 14-18 star to same RFA and death plaque to Reginald Charles Gunter plus War Medal and Peace Medal to Pte E L Gunter, Welsh Regiment 61047 180-250
572.    WWII German War medals for: Merit, Russia and Sudetenland 40-60
573.    A WWI medal trio to 1800 TG Burden RFA 60-80
574.    A WWI medal Trio to Gnr G Mason 91054 RFA, a Christmas Tin, letters home - including collection of deserter from Liverpool, military hospital and letter to say he was missing believed drowned, and Sympathy letter 100-150
575.    A WWI medal Trio to 47428 Cpl H F Ebden RAMC with dress miniatures and Christmas Tin 100-120
576.    A WWI pair of medals with WWII Special Constable medal to 238427 Dvr J Hemming RA 40-50
577.    A 9 carat gold RAF sweetheart brooch 60-80
578.    A Territorial 'For Efficient Service' medal to Sub HJS Orr ATS 20-30
579.    A miniature medal group including MBE, DSO, South Africa, WWI trio (with mention in dispatches) Jubilee medal and Long Service Medal 50-70
580.    A silver George Mason medal 1938-9 for Branch Efficiency - boxed 10-20
581.    A Queen Victoria silver jubilee medal 1897, in fitted case 10-20
582.    A Constabulary Medal to Alan Butcher for Faithful Service with box marked 'Hereford' sold together with WWII War Medal and Defence Medal to 'JR Butcher MX644659' 30-50
583.    A Belgium Albertus Rex commemorative medal 1909-34, and a 'Voluntarius' medal 20-40
584.    A WWI group of four medals: 1914 Star, War Medal, Victory Medal and Long Service Medal to Cpl J Soanes RGA 6721, AWO CL 2 J Soanes RA 6721 and B O M SJT J Soanes RFA 283118 100-150
585.    A WWII RAF medal group with Africa Star 40-50
586.    A WWII group of medals with Aircraft maintenance license assigned to Edward Reginald Terry with a guide to Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, License Examinations booklet, a British Legion lapel badge and other related ephemera 40-60
587.    Three Nigerian medals: Independence, Long Service and Jubilee, plus a Russian Medal 10-20
588.    Four various medals: QV South Africa medal to G Baynes 3rd Hussars (poor condition), WWII War medal, Long Service medal, Volunteer Reserve medal and gilt commemorative medal 40-60
589.    A WWI medal group comprising War medal, Peace medal, 14-15 Star and death plaque, together with photograph and literature to Pte G Bearham, Welsh R 10885 120-180
590.    A WWII set of six medals to Gnr T Armitage RA 885854: Africa Star with 1st Army Clasp, Italy Star, 1939-45 Star, Defence Medal, War Medal and Territorial Efficiency Medal with 5th Army Commemorative Medal and ribbons 80-100
591.    A set of eight medals and miniatures comprising George V India medal to Lieut RE Fellows 1 - 129 Balluchis, with three bars to North West Frontier 1930 - 31, Waziristan 1921 - 24, Waziristan 1919-21, plus set of WWII medals: 39 - 45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal (mentioned in dispatches), and Pakistan Medal to T/Col RE Fellows Staff, and George V Jubilee Medal 150-200
592.    A box of various military medals 25-35
593.    A collection of 1930's photographs in albums both of topographical and naval interest - mainly taken in China including Saigon, Amoy, Nanking, Shanghai etc with scenes from the bombing in Pukow and Nanking, the Ching Kiang traitors, details of many battle ships, engine rooms etc. 300-500
594.    A selection of photographs including King George VI with Montgomery 20-30
595.    A small group of photographs showing soldiers captured by the Japanese during WWII and how the survivors looked at the end 15-25
596.    A quantity of Bank of England 1 green notes including cashier L K O'Brien pre-fix: C99L, X90J and Z66K 1955. Pre-fix: A06590804 & 05 sequence 1960. Plus 10 shillings JQ Hollom L37, Royal Bank of Scotland 1 G R Mathewson C/55 - Condition: Poor - Fine 20-40
597.    A small group of coins and a french banknote 10-20
598.    A Gun Money Shilling James II September 1689 - 26mm dia 50-70
599.    Spare Lot 0-10
600.    A quantity of pre-decimal coinage in folders, including: farthings, halfpennies, pennies, silver and brass threepences, sixpences, shillings and halfpennies, approx 130 grams silver content. Con'd: Poor - VF. 30-60
601.    A gold Russian 5 Roubles 1887 AV - 6.452 grams - Condition: VF 150-200
602.    Royal mint issue: silver proof Piedfort one pound coins 4 off with medallion in case - Condition: FDC 80-100
603.    A wad of thirty two World banknotes - mainly Romania including: 8 x 1952 100 Lei, 5 x 25 Lei, 2 x 10 Lei, a 1900 Canadian 25 cents signed Boville, 1923 green seal two dollars signed McCavour-Saunders. Australian 10 shillings signed Coombs and Wilson watermark Captain Cook 1953 - 60. Ireland Republic ten shillings 1938 - 39 issue Lady Hazel Laverly at left x 2 - Condition Poor - VF 220-280
604.    Royal mint issue: silver proof Piedfort 4 coin collection, 50p, 1, 2 coins in case with certificate - Condition: FDC 80-100
604A.   A 1976 Maundy Money coin set - cased 100-150
605.    Royal Mint issue: silver proof Piedfort 4 coin collection 2008, heavy measure No: 0291 in case with certificate - Condition: FDC 80-100
606.    Royal mint issue: family silver collection of 2007, 6 coins in presentation case with booklet - Condition: UNC 80-100
607.    Royal mint issue: The Queen Mothers 80th Birthday 1980 silver set 7 coins crown size in case with certificate - Condition: UNC 80-100
608.    Royal mint issue: Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee collection, 24 coins 2002-03, includes Commonwealth countries some silver coins have the queens portrait highlighted 22 carat gold max 15,000 edition, contained in wooden presentation case and full documents No: 6334 - Condition: Proof 300-350
609.    A wooden box containing: official Olympic commemorative's in silver total 23 coins with some rarity, summer and winter games, certificates enclosed - Condition: EF 180-250
610.    Royal mint issue: Queen Elizabeth II 1993, 40th anniversary coronation collection, silver proof 18 coins in wooden case with certificate of authenticity No: 0185 - Condition: Proof 250-300
611.    A presentation wooden case containing silver commemorative proofs of Great Britons 5 coins and crowns etc - total 24 coins, approx 600 grams silver content, plus eight Royal Mint certificates supplied with coins - Condition: UNC
612.    Royal mint issue: The Queens Jubilee coin 2013 set, 24 in total, silver and some enamelled includes Commonwealth issues in presentation box and certification - Condition: Proof 300-350
612A.   A quantity of coinage inc: farthings, shillings pre decimal cons, 50p D-Dauy etc. Highlight - Gold 20 Francs 1909 6.452gs 0.900 gold (previously mounted). Con'd: Fine/VF 80-120
612B.   Quantity of Argentinian Cupro Nickel coinage Inc: Centavos: 5 Centavos Dates: 1897,1919,1921 x 2,1922,1925,1927 & 1929. 10 Centavos Dates: 1898,1899,1909,1911,1921,1923,1924,1925,1926,1928,1037 & 1038 x 2; 20 Centavos Dates: 1905,1913,1921,1922,1923,1924,1928,1929 x 2, 1930 & 1938. All encased with detailed descriptions
Con'd: Fine- VF 10-20
612C.   A quantity of silver content British coinage approx 375gs silver, inc: silver threepences, shillings, halfcrowns, crowns - highlights - George III halfcrown 1817,George IV halfcrown 1828 third reverses, William IV halfcrown 1837 ww script. Victoria Crowns : 1890,89 & 1900. Double florins 1887, 89 & 90. Silver threepences 1937 and 1941. Shillings 1939. Plus South Africa halfcrown 1895 and Victoria : Diamond Jubilee 1897 Medal, 25mm diameter. Con'd: Poor - VF 200-250
612D.   Henry 4th King of England and France 1399-1461, Medallion, Clipped and Edge indents, Cond. Fair-Fine 20-30
612E.   A Commemorative William III, buried at Westminster Cathedral, Cond. Fair-fine 20-30
612F.   Commemorative - King John 1216, Buried at Worcester Cathedral, edge tears, Cond. Fair-Fine 20-30
612G.   A USA Peace Dollar - 0.900 silver, 1928 - no mint mark (low mintage approx 360k) - Condition: Fine 120-180
613.    Three mounted early photographs of Australia harbour scenes 'Railway Pier Williamstown', Melbourne Hobsons Bay Railway Pier and Queens Wharf Melbourne 20-40
614.    Ephemera - box of greetings, scraps etc incl paper-lace types, mostly C1890-1910 period.
615.    'Studies of Trees' by HW Burgess 10-20
616.    A quantity of WWII photographic negatives, mainly Egypt and Palestine 20-30
617.    Two Bibby's quarterly magazines, 1905,1905, three Bibby's Annual magazines - 1912, 1916 and 1920-21 and two Illustrated London News for Sat 2nd and 9th Oct 1915 10-20
618.    Spare Lot 0-10
619.    Various signed programmes and sketch signed by various classical musicians including Yehudi Menhuin and Malcolm Sargent 10-30
620.    A Victorian memento album with watercolours and sketches 10-30
621.    A small group of 1930's, 1940's and 1950's London Transport maps including railway, buses, trams etc 20-40
622.    A Primitive Methodist Hymnal and The Benedictines of Caldey Island 10-20
623.    Household Hints by Mrs Able, published Colemand and Co, plus OMO advert and various advertising household ephemera etc 20-40
624.    A group of Festival of Britain ephemera, wallet etc 10-30
625.    A scrap book of cartoons 'The Rudiments of Wisdom' 10-20
626.    Hindu Religion, Customs and Manners, Dictionary of Celtic Religion and Culture and Coptic Egypt 10-20
627.    A set of twenty vols of Charles Dickens published by Chapman and Hall - in red leather binding 20-40
628.    A set of twenty green and gilt volumes by John Galsworthy 10-20
629.    Eleven volumes by HG Wells published by Oldham 10-20
630.    A set of framed cigarette cards - Cricketers 10-20
631.    The Bird by Jules Michelet 1883, together with Nature, or The Poetry of Earth and Sea by Madame Michelet 1884 - very good condition 30-50
632.    Five volumes 'The Church Bells of Herefordshire' by Frederick Sharpe 10-20
633.    A miniature set of Shakespeare on miniature bookcase 60-80
634.    The Forest of Dean by Brian Waters, first edition together with four other Forest of Dean related titles 20-30
635.    The Place-Names of Herefordshire by The Rev. A T Bannister - privately printed in 1916 20-40
636.    A group of five Ronald Searle books including some first editions 15-25
637.    A group of vintage cookery books 10-30
638.    A group of children's annuals etc 10-20
639.    The Beano Book (1966) together with Eagle Annual 1965, The Eagle New Book of Aircraft, The Girl Annual no7 1959, and Hobbies New Annual 1930 10-20
640.    The Chimes by Charles Dickens illustrated by Hugh Thomson 15-25
641.    A box of Folio Society titles, mostly with slipcases including illustrated Rackham, Dulac and Heath Robinson (these without cases) 20-30
642.    Three first edition books illustrated by Charles Tunnicliffe: Our Bird Book, The Leaves Return and The Long Flight 20-30
643.    A complete set of 'The Red Letter Shakespeare' with Arts & Crafts style covers designed by Talwin Morris, published by The Gresham Publishing Co 100-150
644.    The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of The Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of The King by J R R Tolkien - these are first editions but later impressions dated 1962 and 1963 60-80
645.    Four books about Hollywood: Gone Hollywood, Hollywood: The Years of Innocence, Unforgettable Hollywood, and Screwball - Hollywoods Madcap Romance Comedies 10-20
646.    Three Antique Collectors Club books on art, and one other 10-20
647.    A group of books on Doulton plus 'Chaffers marks' 20-40
648.    A quantity of books on antique pottery and porcelain 10-30
649.    A quantity of books on antique pottery and porcelain 10-30
650.    A quantity of books on antique pottery and porcelain 10-30
651.    Sportsman's British Bird Book by R Lydekker 1908, together with Falconry by J Parry-Jones and Sporting Birds of The British Isles 20-30
652.    A group of ten books on drawing 10-20
653.    A group of ten books on watercolour painting 10-20
654.    African Warriors by Thomas Magor, together with Forever Africa by Peter and Beverley Pickford - very good condition 20-30
655.    A quantity of books on antiques 20-30
656.    Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain by Edward Lodge and published by John Tallis c1835 - nine volumes, original publishers blue cloth 40-60
657.    A box of miscellaneous childrens books including early Rupert Annuals 20-30
658.    A group of childrens books including four early Ladybird books (1950's) and seven Beatrix Potter books from 1960's - all with dust jackets 20-30
659.    A Robert Morden map of South Wales - 35 x 42cm 30-50
660.    Hall Thorpe - coloured print of flowers signed in pencil - 17 x 15cm, unframed 80-120
661.    A large framed South American moth Thysania Agrippina 10-20
662.    A pair of Chinese bronze finish decorative vases - 31cm 60-80
663.    A brass oil lamp with shade and a copper oil lamp 20-40
664.    A GPO Patterson mining lamp 20-40
665.    A brass miners style lamp 10-20
666.    A glass oil lamp with twisted stem 10-20
667.    An Ansonia eight day Tivoli Striking mantel clock with pendulum and key, in carved case - 38cm 25-35
668.    A Smiths Bakelite mantel clock 10-20
669.    Two early 20th century eight day mantel clocks in oak and mahogany cases and an alabaster clock 20-30
670.    A pair of Tom Tom skin covered drums 10-20
671.    A vintage model star pond yacht 'Endeavour III' 20-30
672.    Two circular cased barometers and a square Art Deco oak one 15-25
673.    A Victorian carved wood figure on a plinth - from an item of furniture - 44cm 30-50
674.    An Underwoods 1930's typewriter 10-30
675.    A horn handled leather riding crop 10-20
676.    A modern binocular microscope - cased 20-40
677.    Two large Honduras pottery vases - the largest 20cm tall 20-40
678.    A large Honduras pottery bowl - 32cm dia 10-30
679.    Three large Honduras pottery vases - largest 28cm 20-40
680.    Three spherical Honduras pottery vases - largest 12cm tall 15-25
681.    Three circular and three oval Honduras pottery serving plates 20-40
682.    Three various Honduras pottery vases - the tallest 23cm 20-40
683.    Three various spherical Honduras pottery vases - 16cm tall 20-30
684.    Five various small Honduras pottery vases - largest 10cm 15-25
685.    A bronze Tutankhamun head 50-70
686.    A box of copper and brass 10-20
687.    A Zeiss Graticule Precision microscope 60-100
688.    Two 1930's glass light fittings 10-20
689.    A reproduction Salop lead fire mark No 5266 10-30
690.    A 19th century copper Arts and Crafts plate embossed water lilies - 27cm dia 20-40
691.    A Farmers Fire and Life copper fire mark with wheatsheaf motif 30-50
692.    An original Phoenix Protection copper fire mark 30-50
693.    An old boomerang carved kangaroos 20-30
694.    An Elliott Rotary Speed Indicator - boxed 20-30
695.    A Zeiss Graticule monocular 30-50
696.    An Evershed and Vignoles Megger Tester 10-20
697.    A Boley and Leiner set of watch makers punches 30-50
698.    An FR Keilpart and Co Dial Gauge 20-30
699.    A theodolite base 10-20
700.    A brass cased circular marine barometer 20-30
701.    A pair of Lemaire sporting glasses 10-20
702.    A Maetzel metronome in rosewood 20-30
702A.   A 19th century novelty, pair of legs corkscrew with pink striped stockings 50-70
703.    A box of collectables including GPO whistle 10-20
704.    Two Stratton compacts - boxed as new 10-20
705.    A Parker 61 pen boxed 10-20
706.    A leather clad Ronson cigarette lighter in case with instructions 10-20
707.    A lacquer tray and an Indian Mughal style painting - 30 x 20cm 10-20
708.    Ten various scarves 10-20
709.    Six various cut throat razors 30-40
710.    Various pens and pencils 10-20
711.    A pair of early 20th century cut glass bell form lampshades 30-50
712.    A 1950's dressing table set and tray with tapestry decoration 10-30
713.    Four various Canon fit lenses 20-40
714.    A King Penguin folding camera, an Agfa camera, an early Polaroid camera, a Bell and Howell cine camera and two light meters 20-40
715.    A Lumix digital camera - boxed 30-50
716.    Spare Lot 0-10
717.    A set of three flat irons, butter pats, tray etc 10-20
718.    A box of playing cards and bridge cards 10-20
719.    A group of decorative glass bottles and a horn tumbler 10-20
720.    A large antique brass bell 17cm (lacking clapper) 20-40
721.    A Victorian brass and turned wood hand bell - 20cm 10-30
722.    A brass magnifying glass on stand 10-20
723.    An Art Nouveau wooden picture frame printed poppy 15-25
724.    Two small maps of Gloucester - unframed 20-40
725.    Three silver plated lighters, a pair of spectacles and a spirit flask 10-20
726.    A small watercolour of Gloucester Cathedral - 8 x 10cm 10-20
727.    A silver finish miniature lead animal band comprising three pigs and two cats 20-40
728.    Three 19th century papier mache snuff boxes, leather cigar case etc 20-30
729.    Various lead figures including military and railway 10-20
730.    A bronze dolphin group - 16cm 20-40
731.    A continental carved wood figure of a beggar - 20cm 20-30
732.    An old long clay pipe and two wooden pipes 10-20
733.    Three decorative Indian boxes 10-30
734.    An ebony dressing table set including alarm clock 10-20
735.    A cast iron negro money box 10-20
736.    A Victorian ivory box carved roses - 9cm tall 40-60
737.    An inlaid Indian box 20-30
738.    Two Japanese carved Ojime beads 30-50
739.    A Chinese carved red soapstone group monkey and bison 10-30
740.    A 'Penn Reels' deep sea fishing reel '16S' 230-280
740A.   Three 'Penn' deep sea fishing rods cased - two 'Triton Beast Master' and a 'Penn Med-Tuna Standup' 230-280
741.    Various slide rules and boxwood gauge rulers 20-30
742.    A set of six three tier red, white and blue horse hair harness plumes 20-30
743.    A box of various collectables including lighters, spectacles, girl guide whistle etc 10-20
744.    Two bunches of antique keys 20-40
745.    A group of brass including fishing reel, pair of comical policemen figures and a grease gun 20-30
746.    Six cut throat razors, pair of spectacles, three safety razors and two Swan pen holders 30-50
747.    Three antique horse brasses mounted on leather straps 10-20
748.    Three vintage needlework work bags 10-20
749.    A Cuxson Gerrard First Aid kit 10-20
750.    A Victorian walnut grained box 20-30
751.    A Martin Brenner's Pilot Balloon Optical Theodolite - cased 60-100
752.    A model Stephensons Rocket 40-60
753.    An early 19th century mohair teddy with plush snout 40-60
754.    An early 20th century mohair teddy 40-60
755.    An antique teddy bear - with repairs 30-50
756.    A vintage soft toy leopard and a mohair teddy - the teddy very worn 10-20
757.    An early banjolele in case 20-40
758.    A Robertsons five piece golly band and a Dinky Toys 603 part set of five lead soldiers 20-30
759.    A Mamod static steam engine 20-40
760.    A collection of boxed model cars 20-30
761.    A box of Steiff toys, miniature Steiff resin teddies and trinkets etc. 20-40
762.    Three Burago cars - boxed 10-20
763.    Warren Blackham - oil on canvas - fisherwomen "Absent Thoughts", 50 x 60cm 30-50
764.    An old fishing creel 30-50
765.    An oak cased Singer treddle sewing machine 60-80
766.    A pair of Victorian colour prints of children and another smaller print 10-20
767.    An oak Arts and Crafts square occasional table with red tile inset top 20-40
768.    A Georgian brass and iron stove trivet 10-20
769.    John Bampfield - oil on canvas figures on a beach 49 x75cm 100-150
770.    John Horwood - oil on canvas Poole Harbour with figures 30 x 45cm 250-350
771.    Roy Petley - oil on board Norfolk landscape with cathedral, August 1980, 19 x 28cm 300-500
772.    Ronald E Banwell - oil on board landscape, 19 X 24cm 20-40
773.    Phyllis Morgan - oil on canvas Thames Estuary scene with fishing boats on the shoreline 24 x 35cm 60-80
774.    John Moore (1820-1902) - oil on panel coastal scene with sailing boats and figures 21 x 34cm 300-500
775.    Phyllis Morgan - oil on canvas Cotswold Farm 19 x 30cm 60-80
776.    An oil on canvas The Sacre Coeur, signed indistinctly, 26 x 20cm 30-50
777.    Oliver Clare (1853-1927) - oil still life apples, strawberry and plum, (signed bottom right) 22 x 29cm 200-300
778.    F Mornay - oil on canvas river Dutch scene with river barge and mill, 49 x 69cm 80-120
779.    Graham Hodge - pair of oil on board marine scenes by moonlight 12 x 16cm 80-120
780.    Christopher Mark Maskell (1850 - 1933) oil on panel, cottage landscape - 14 x19cm 40-60
781.    Henry Earp Snr (1831-1914) - oil on board cattle, sheep and goats watering in stream landscape 22 x 29cm 100-150
782.    A Victorian pine side table with two frieze drawers over shaped stretcher, 109cm wide, 54 deep and 75cm high 40-50
783.    A light oak ecclesiastical priests prayer stand with book rest and shelf over gothic carved screen and fold out kneeler 30-50
784.    Two antique leather suitcases 50-70
785.    Three cased sets of butterflies - framed 30-50
786.    An Edwardian swivel oak office chair with spindle back 50-70
787.    A pair of 19th century mahogany Chippendale style dining chairs with interlaced backs 50-70
788.    A reproduction BurmaSauce enamel sign - 45 x 61cm 10-30
789.    Ash - oil on canvas French village scene with poplar trees 83 x 74cm 150-200
790.    A pair of Victorian gouache landscapes at sunset - 13 x 30cm 30-50
791.    Edward Emerson - watercolour 'Washday' with two women on the shoreline, 34 x 50cm 60-80
792.    Alan Simpson - watercolour harbour scene 20 x 37cm 40-60
793.    William Nicolson - lithograph The Gate Way at New College Oxford, 1905 - 35 x 26cm, unframed 10-30
794.    Herbert William Todd - watercolour 'Whitby Swing Bridge' - 27 x 37cm 40-60
795.    Henry Gastineaux - watercolour landscape nr Grasmere, Cumberland - 26 x 20cm 20-40
796.    Donato Forte - watercolour fashion sketch of a woman - 45 x 33cm 30-50
797.    Sylvia Bryant - oil street scene in NW Lyon, 25 x 20cm 20-30
798.    R A Palmer - watercolour pheasants, signed with wax seal - 28 x 44cm 60-80
799.    Hardie Bailey - watercolour seascape with ship, 1889 - 20 x 29cm 20-30
800.    Rennie ?? - pair of watercolours sand dunes Kent 27 x 38cm 30-50
801.    Four various Louis Wain prints, framed and glazed plus one unframed 50-70
802.    Edward Turner (b.1927) - oil on canvas Oast houses in landscape - 29 x 39cm 20-30
803.    A Georgian oak circular tilt top wine table on turned column and triple curved supports 40-60
804.    An antique Sorrento Ware musical jewellery box - musical movement a/f 30-50
805.    A 19th century continental painted terracotta figure of a boy with hat and finger to his mouth - 40cm 50-70
806.    A cello - circa 1920 80-100
807.    A copper washing dolly 10-20
808.    An IBM electric master clock with Art Deco oak case and dial - with rod but no weight 50-70
809.    A burr walnut and mahogany small chest or bedside cabinet of four drawers - 44 x 61cm 40-60
810.    A Georgian oak circular tilt top wine table on turned column 20-40
811.    Four brass fireside tools including toasting fork with bulls head terminal 20-30
812.    A fold top demi-lune console table fitted backgammon marquetry board to centre, on tapered supports 40-60
813.    A mahogany finish ornament shelf 10-20
814.    A large Turkoman rug with geometric decoration on a blue ground - 242 x 148cm 50-70
815.    A Chinese satin evening coat 20-30
816.    A fox fur jacket 20-40
817.    A mink fur jacket 20-40
818.    A carved Edwardian satin walnut mirror 10-20
819.    A pine two tiered tea trolley, part painted 10-20
820.    An old wooden boxed butter churn 20-30
821.    A vintage English leather hunting saddle 30-50
822.    A gramophone fitted in a later cabinet 10-20
823.    A large metal six branch candle holder light fitting 20-30
824.    An 'Albatross' cast iron three legged cauldron 20-30
825.    A pine open set of wall shelves 20-30
826.    A Victorian dome top trunk 20-40
827.    A 'Burmantoff' red pottery jardiniere stand 30-50
828.    A small serpentine fronted chest of three drawers - 48cm wide x 59 cm high 20-30
829.    Two antique leather suitcases 50-70
830.    A Victorian pine desk with drawers and cupboard and gallery top - all with painted pitch pine finish 120-180
831.    A mid 20th century brass students lamp with amber frilled glass shade 20-40
832.    A Regency ebony desk stand with inkwells and pen tray, within deep brass floral borders, all raised on three paw feet 100-150
833.    An Edwardian mahogany wall shelf with cabinet and carved decorations 40-60
834.    A bronze finish group of the Three Graces 80-120
835.    An oak two handled tray 10-20
836.    A taxidermy sparrowhawk in glass case 30-40
837.    A Georgian mahogany tea caddy with brass mounts and fitted triple lidded caddies within 40-60
838.    A 19th century rosewood tea caddy with mother of pearl and bone inlay, fitted two interior caddies 50-70
839.    A miniature carved camphorwood chest - 30cm wide 30-50
840.    A 19th century Swiss rosewood cased cylinder musical box with marquetry decoration of pipes and tambourine to lid 200-300
841.    A briefcase containing a quantity of slide rules and drawing sets 15-25
842.    A box of old glass bottles - mainly named 10-20
843.    A box of bar advertising items and a Wills 'Star' cigarettes cribbage board 20-30
844.    A suitcase of vintage clothing and table linen 10-30
845.    A box of twenty seven Jazz LP's 20-30
846.    A hurricane lamp, two cameras, Church's shoe trees and three tins 10-20
847.    A box of various records including Bruce Springsteen etc 10-20
848.    A box of various records including Elvis, Beach Boys etc 10-20
849.    A quantity of needlework items etc and 1950's needlework magazines 10-30
850.    A box of old glass and stoneware bottles including Stroud Brewery, Mendips etc 10-30
851.    A pair of wooden riding boot jacks (size 8) labelled E J Cripps, and a pair of nickel spurs 20-40
852.    A pair of wall lights with frilled glass shades and a modern chandelier style light fitting with crystal drops 10-20
853.    A 1930's Italian Santianelli piano accordion in case 50-70
854.    A Brexton vintage picnic set in fitted case 10-20
855.    A coloured cricket engraving 'Two Gentlemen of Warwickshire' 10-20
856.    A large coloured cricketing print 'Off Drive' by Lawrence Toynbee - 47 x 66cm 20-30
857.    P P Barnard - an engraving of cricket match with Cathedral green - 34 x 47cm 20-30
858.    A Vanity Fair print of cricketer 'Stuff' - 31 x 18cm 20-30
859.    A coloured print of Lords Cricket Ground Australia v England by Eric Thompson - 34 x 52cm 20-30
860.    An embroidered oval tapestry panel of flowers - 27 x 34cm 20-40
861.    An oval embroidered picture jug of flowers in carved frame 10-30
862.    A large oak dropleaf oval dining table on turned supports - part painted 20-40
863.    A pair of Chinese pictures of rocky landscapes - 55 x 40cm 30-50
864.    A pencil sketch design for a war memorial, Rothesay - 62 x 49cm 30-50
865.    Ben Nicholson print of a doorway 'S Quirico' Stoke Park Collection 1962 - 51 x 36cm 30-50
866.    A print of a sailing scene by Winslow Homer - 36 x 92cm 10-30
867.    Two gilt picture frames - 33 x 27cm 10-20
868.    Harrold English - watercolour Ebrington, Cotswolds - 23 x 34cm, and another watercolour of a cottage - signed indistinctly 20-40
869.    Max Hamblenrally - rally print 'On The Edge' 500/1000 - 50 x 77cm 20-40
870.    An oval green and gilt mirror - 58 x 48cm 10-20
871.    A circular gilt framed mirror - 45cm dia 10-20
872.    Three barometer/thermometers 10-30
873.    W G Cranford - a pair of oval watercolour portraits of gun dogs - 33 x 22cm 20-40
874.    John Tennant - lithograph of badgers, signed in pencil 32/70 - 37 x 29cm unframed 20-40
875.    An Indian Mughal style gouache - figures in a landscape - 22 x 30cm 10-30
876.    A cut-out silhouette picture 'Waiting for the Ferry' - 17 x 34cm 10-20
877.    Olive Collins - four engravings of heavy horses including Clydesdale, Percheron, Suffolk Punch and Shire 14 x 22cm 20-40
878.    Three Baxter prints framed as one 20-40
879.    A full pile Persian Sarouk carpet with traditional floral design - 307 x 214cm 300-500
880.    A full size violin and bow in case, incised HOPF to back 100-150
881.    Two 19th century copper warming pans 10-20
882.    An Edwardian parasol with silver mounts - fabric a/f 10-30
883.    A rustic knurled walking cane with silver shield applied initials 30-50
884.    A Hawkes brass trombone '1st Class' 20-40
885.    A set of four Victorian bulls eye back mahogany framed dining chairs by James Reilly . 40-60
886.    A Victorian mahogany chair with barley twist and scroll back and tapestry upholstery 20-30
887.    A Victorian carved oak dining chair upholstered tapestry style fabric 10-20
888.    Three 19th century mahogany bar back dining chairs 20-40
889.    A full size violin in case 50-70
890.    An early 20th century mahogany cane backed bergere style chair 30-50
891.    A pair of Victorian oak Jacobean style side chairs with solid seats and carved vine backs all on barleytwist supports 40-60
892.    A pair of cream painted French dining chairs - one carver and one diner, with floral carved decoration 30-50
893.    An Arts and Crafts chair with slat back and rush seat 20-30
894.    A pair of small Victorian walnut slope back nursing chairs, with button upholstery 60-80
895.    A 1930's cane back chair 10-20
896.    A 20th century mahogany wind out dining table and two interleaves with carved border and square tapered supports , 70 X 41" 150-200
897.    A mahogany small wine table 10-20
898.    A set of six 20th century mahogany dining chairs (two carvers and four diners) with carved shield backs all raised on square tapered supports 150-200
899.    An oak nest of three occasional tables on turned supports 20-40
900.    Four Sporting Gazette prints of prominent hunts-women, and two fox hunting prints by Finch Mason - all unframed 10-20
901.    An Edwardian mahogany carved two tier occasional table 20-40
902.    A mahogany serpentine chest of three drawers 20-40
903.    Various mounted and unmounted antique prints of Gloucester including early steam tram approaching station 20-40
904.    A sketch of John Buonarotti Papworth (1775 - 1847), architect and designer who laid out Montpellier and Lansdowne in Cheltenham and Gloucester - copied by Wm Benham after Green 20-40
905.    A 1950's walnut single door display cabinet 20-40
906.    A rectangular barometer by Pleasance and Harper of Hereford 10-20
907.    A lead glazed wall corner display cabinet 30-50
908.    An Edwardian mahogany single door glazed cabinet with frieze drawer and chevron inlay. 60-80
909.    An 18th century oak Welsh dresser of small proportions, the open two tier back over three drawers and lower display shelf 300-400
910.    A mahogany and brass mounted tantalus stand 20-30
911.    An Acctim reproduction wall clock 20-40
912.    A large woodcut of a blacksmith - 90 x 66cm 20-40
913.    A small painted pine trunk with rise top 30-50
914.    A Saharan Berber rug - 372 x 183cm 40-60
915.    A Victorian mahogany mercury barometer/thermometer with carved decoration 30-50
917.    A small painted pine trunk with rise top 30-50
918.    A Victorian stained wood drawleaf dining table on turned and reeded supports 30-50
919.    An unusual 19th century oval drop leaf dining table with two large interleaves all on turned supports 80-100
920.    A black painted pine trunk with rise top 40-60
921.    A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table on square supports 40-60
922.    A 1930's Art Deco globe and ring glass light fitting 20-40
923.    Two large African carved hardwood figures by Moses Chikumbirike - 93cm and 73cm 80-120
924.    A large brass jardiniere decorated animals - 40cm tall 80-120
925.    A Benares brass table on folding wooden stand 10-20
926.    C H Kalala - oil on canvas Nairobi river scene circa 1960 and M D Hamisi oil on canvas river scene 30-50
927.    A vintage wire work tailors form 10-30
928.    An early 20th century mahogany bookcase with pair of astragal glazed doors over panelled door 70-90
929.    A Georgian oak wine table on turned column and triple supports 60-80
930.    A Victorian mahogany stretcher table on twin turned supports 20-40
931.    A small 19th century mahogany corner wall cabinet with single lead glazed door 20-40
932.    A 1960's Scandinavian print 'tournament' - 55 x 117cm 50-70
933.    William Tillyer - Gallery Exhibition poster print - 58 x 75cm 20-30
934.    Elizabeth Leary (Isle of Wight) - two abstract oils 1958 and 1956 - smallest 30 x 44cm 180-250
935.    An Edwardian mahogany bookcase with two glazed doors over cupboard, 113cm wide 30-50
936.    A pair of Victorian colour prints of boy and girl 20-40
937.    An early 19th century mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers with some replacement brass handles. 40-60
938.    An Edwardian mahogany and satinwood two door vitrine cabinet with swan neck pediment to top and marquetry decoration 200-300
939.    A silver disc by The Sex Pistols 'Never Mind the Bollocks' - framed and glazed 60-80
940.    A 1960's photographic print of the Beatles by Richard Avedon - 36 x 101cm 60-80
941.    A 19th century mahogany bow fronted chest of four drawers on shaped apron with brass gallery rail to back 100-150
942.    A vintage gilt framed mirror - 71cm tall 10-30