Antiques & Collectables Sale including Paintings
on Friday 15th June 2012

1.      A Copeland late Spode dinner service comprising: one large tureen and cover, two medium tureens and one cover - both stained, one small tureen and cover, two small serving dishes - one a/f, two medium serving dishes - both a/f, one large serving dish, one shallow serving dish - stained, fourteen large plates - ten a/f, thirteen medium plates - eight a/f, eleven small plate - five a/f, twelve large bowls - six a/f and thirteen small bowls£60-80
2.      An Aynsley 'Pembroke' dinner service comprising: eleven dinner plates, four bowls, twelve coffee cups and saucers, eleven tea cups and twelve saucers, twelve tea plates, six fruit plates, two sugars, sauce boat and stand, vegetable dish, vase, teapot, jug and jardiniere£80-120
3.      A Victorian blue and white dinner service printed flowers by J & MPB & Co£60-80
4.      A Moorcroft table lamp 'Blue Heaven' pattern by Nicola Slaney with original silk shade, 71cm high including shade£250-350
5.      An old Tupton ware vase with tube-lined decoration in the 'Summer Meadow' pattern - 36cm, boxed£60-80
6.      A set of three Whieldon Ware graduated jugs (Pheasant) and two further plates and a jug£20-40
7.      A Lawleys 'Norfolk Pottery' teaset printed birds comprising: six cups and six saucers, six tea plates, two cake plates, milk and sugar£10-20
8.      An Aynsley teaset A 3429 with rose borders including: six cups and saucers, six tea plates and a cake plate£10-20
9.      A pair of Victorian turquoise glass vases painted birds - rims a/f£20-40
10.     A large T G Green Victorian toiletry bowl and a Spode blue and white toiletry jug a/f£10-20
11.     A Devon Ware ivory blush chamber pot£10-20
12.     A pair of blue and white George Jones 'Abbey' cylindrical vases£20-40
13.     A Wedgwood Ferrar bowl and a Spode Italian plate£10-20
14.     @A Murano glass purple and yellow vase£20-40
15.     An Edwardian part teaset printed blue ribbons and swag comprising: five cups, six saucers, jug, sugar and six tea plates£10-20
16.     Seven various coffee cans and saucers£10-20
17.     A Crown Devon two handled dish and a Radford jug£10-20
18.     A Victorian cheese dish and a Victorian pottery fruit bowl and cover£10-20
19.     An Edwardian Art Nouveau vase and trough£20-30
20.     A Japanese gilt and floral coffee set comprising: coffee pot, sugar, milk and four cups and saucers£10-30
21.     A Royal Worcester part teaset decorated chinoiserie motifs No 9757 including teapot, sugar, milk, covered sugar, four tea plates, three cups and four saucers£60-80
22.     A pair of Wedgwood chargers, 31cm and a matching oval platter, 35cm - all with dragon decoration£30-50
23.     A pair of Royal Doulton lead crystal dress decanters (individually boxed)£60-80
24.     A set of four Terence Conran Royal Doulton Whisky tumblers£10-20
25.     A Royal Doulton hand made green glass bulbous vase£20-30
26.     A pair of early Victorian large ribbed glass decanters and stoppers£50-70
27.     A graduated set of three Sadlers silver lustered jugs£10-30
28.     A set of five Nat West Wade piggy banks£60-80
29.     A Royal Albert Old Country Roses Chelsea vase with cover (boxed) - 23cm£30-50
30.     A small group of Aynsley china£10-20
31.     A W & R (Austin) bowl with eagle to rim - a/f£10-20
32.     A Crown Devon Colin Melbourne 'Memphis' vase a/f and a Schertzer 1960's vase£10-20
33.     A set of six coffee cups and saucers and a painted trinket box£10-20
34.     A Wedgwood pink Jasper plaque depicting a classical scene set on shaped wooden plinth£20-30
35.     A Langley jug and a Masons willow pattern ginger jar£10-20
36.     Three pieces of Poole Aegean Ware, a Wilton Ware vase and a Burleighware vase£30-40
37.     Ten Portmeirion Botanic Garden 26.5cm plates£30-50
38.     A Copeland Spode Italian teapot and a Victorian black and floral tobacco jar£10-20
39.     A 1950's gilt banded lemonade set comprising jug and ten tumblers£20-40
40.     A set of eleven 1930's tumblers with engraved decoration and green and black bases and two swizzle sticks£20-30
41.     A Royal Crown Derby teaset comprising two cups, two saucers, two tea plates, sugar and cake plate - painted flowers with green borders. Pattern no 9991£20-30
42.     A Doulton stoneware teapot, sugar and jug (jug and teapot a/f)£10-20
43.     Royal Worcester Evesham gold - boxed sets of six pastry forks, six teaspoons and cake slice server£30-50
44.     A James Kent 'Du Barry' toast rack and dish and various decorative tea cups£20-30
45.     Two Crown Devon ivory blush jugs, a floral strainer and dish a/f , a circular dish and an oval dish painted flowers £20-30
46.     @A Murano glass multi-colour vase£30-40
47.     A Beswick floral plate 123m£30-50
48.     An Art glass panel/tile£15-25
49.     A set of six Shorter and Co fish form plates, sauce jug and serving dish£30-50
50.     A West Country Ales pottery plaque£150-200
51.     A pair of continental painted pottery plaques signed Derloga;£10-20
52.     A large Royal Doulton Toby jug 'Happy John' £25-35
53.     A Royal Doulton character jug - Falstaff£20-30
54.     A large Royal Doulton Toby jug 'London Bobby' £25-35
55.     Two Royal Doulton figures 'Olivia' and 'Fair Lady'£30-50
56.     Two Bairstow Manor models of British Bulldog 'Winston' one wearing Royal Navy cap£30-50
57.     Two Royal Doulton figurines 'Garnet' and 'Topaz' from the Gemstone collection£20-30
58.     A Lladro figure of a girl and a Nao figure of a girl blowing a kiss£40-60
59.     Two Royal Doulton figures 'Rachel' and 'Alyssa'£30-50
60.     A Sylvac character jug the 'Cabby' and Melba ware Henry VIII jug£20-30
61.     A Royal Albert figure 'Dorothy'£20-30
62.     A Royal Albert Old Country Roses musical fairground carousel - boxed£30-40
63.     A large Beswick fireside figure of a Yorkshire terrier - 11" tall£60-80
64.     A large Beswick lion on a rock£80-100
65.     A Byron cat another cat and a dog ornament£10-20
66.     A Royal Doulton figure of a cat with a bandaged paw£20-30
67.     A Beswick owl no. 2026£10-20
68.     A Beswick labrador on ceramic base£40-60
69.     A Melba ware Pekinese dog£10-20
70.     A large Beswick cat 'Swiss Roll' pattern - 8" tall£80-100
71.     A Beswick puma on a rock£80-100
72.     A pair of ceramic horse head bookends£10-20
73.     A Wade dog pipe rest/ashtray£10-20
74.     A pair of wall ducks £10-20
75.     Three Spode "Royal Salute Chivas" whisky decanters in velvet bags£30-50
76.     A Wade Sandemans decanter£20-30
77.     A pair of ceramic "Cries of London" framed plaques£15-25
78.     A Royal Worcester pink tinted shell form vase and a leaf moulded white sugar bowl£20-40
79.     A Wedgwood Jasper ware candy jar£20-30
80.     A Border Fine Arts group "On the Hill" Shepherd with Sheep B0877 - boxed£60-80
81.     A Border Fine Arts group "Stand Off" by Ayres - Sheepdog with sheep B0701 - boxed£60-80
82.     Border Fine Arts group "Emergency Rations" feeding sheep in snow, boxed£40-60
83.     Border Fine Arts group "Next to Go" handler with collie at sheepdog trials, boxed£50-70
84.     Border Fine Arts group "Morning Feed" farmer with feed, sheep and collie, boxed£40-60
85.     Border Fine Arts "Breaking the Ice" cow and sheep tableau with farmhand, boxed£40-60
86.     Border Fine Arts group "Clover's New Calf" , boxed£20-30
87.     Border Fine Arts group "Homeward Bound" - two horses, man, collie etc, boxed£80-100
88.     Border Fine Arts groups - "Garden Guests"- blue tit and hydrangea plus "Blue Tits and Sweet Pea", both boxed£30-40
89.     Border Fine Arts group - "Top of the Morning" - blue tits on milk bottle, boxed£20-30
90.     Border Fine Arts group - "Taking no Notice" - cat and sheepdog pup - plus "Chickening Out" - collie pup with cockerel, both boxed£30-40
91.     Border Fine Arts group - Jack Russell and Kittens£30-40
92.     Border Fine Arts groups - "White Lamb and Boots", "Piglet Scrumping", "Swimming Otter and Fish", "Jack Russell Pup" , studio Milk Church Jug and James Herriott collectors plate "The Chase", all boxed£20-30
93.     A Honiton jug, various Poole etc£10-20
94.     A group of small china items£10-20
95.     A set of six Patum Peperium Gentlemans Relish pots and lids - sporting scenes£10-20
96.     A set of six Patum Peperium Gentlemans Relish pots and lids - summer scenes£10-20
97.     Six Wade Lady and the Tramp figures£10-20
98.     A James Kent 1930's floral jug£10-20
99.     A Lladro figure of girl with umbrella and ducks£30-50
100.    A green and gilt Art Nouveau vase painted flowerheads£20-30
101.    An Arthur Wood green glazed tavern jug£10-20
102.    Two large Doulton Toby jugs - Smuggler and The Falconer£40-60
103.    Two Wedgwood blue jasper ware pots and covers, one a/f£20-40
104.    A Royal Doulton limited edition Fantasia figure 'Buckets of Mischief'£15-25
105.    A Coalport figure 'The Boy'£20-30
106.    A Copenhagen Bing and Grondhal bisque vase/planter£20-40
107.    A porcelain egg holder with chicken to centre£10-20
108.    A Royal Doulton flambe 'Shanton' vase from the Archives collection, hand made and decorated - boxed£40-60
109.    A Royal Doulton flambe 'Yantai' vase from the Archives collection - hand made and decorated - boxed£40-60
110.    A Royal Doulton Stoneware pot pouri£30-50
111.    Spare lot
112.    Two German toby jugs in form of woman£40-60
113.    A Rubens ware vase by Hancock and Sons£15-25
114.    A Cobridge stoneware vase 'Water Poem' pattern - 22cm£70-90
115.    A pair of Edwardian floral ewers£10-20
116.    A Royal Dux style vase moulded Art Nouveau flowers (triangle mark to base)£20-40
117.    An Elizabeth II crested jug in box purportedly made for Royal Yacht Britannia£10-20
118.    A Portmeirion Botanic Garden boxed set of four crystal wine glasses£25-35
119.    A set of six Bleiknstall von Weltrup engraved wine glasses£20-40
120.    A slipware bowl£10-20
121.    An 18th century Whieldon ware teapot a/f £30-50
122.    A pair of Chinese blue and white inkwells with pierced sides, one a/f£20-40
123.    A Winchcombe pottery slipware plate circa 1950's£30
124.    A large Denby 'Savannah' jug£20-30
125.    A Jose a Cunha Palissy style bowl decorated snake, toad and cockroach£80-100
126.    A 19th century pot and lid 'Uncle Toby'£10-20
127.    Two Beswick Shakespeare moulded plates and a Beswick tankard 'Yule 1972'£20-30
128.    A Wedgwood Clarice Cliff centenary charger 'Bird of Paradise' pattern - 30cm£40-60
129.    A studio pottery slipware plate£10-20
130.    A large saucer dish with puce printed decoration of woman and sheep, and another similar dish a/f, and a Grainger's late Worcester cup and saucer decorated blue dragon pattern£10-20
131.    A Sylvac squirrel and tree trunk fruit bowl£10-20
132.    A Chinese famille rose charger£30-50
133.    A moulded glass cake comport£10-20
134.    A large multi-coloured Murano glass vase£30-50
135.    A box of blue and white china£20-30
136.    A Juliana large glass vase 'Inferno' pattern£20-30
137.    An Alan Clarke hand decorated studio vase - 29cm£30-40
138.    An Anita Harris studio vase with floral decoration - 39cm£60-80
139.    A Beswick Jaguar£20-30
140.    A Beswick Royal Doulton Peter Rabbit figure£20-40
141.    Three Beatrix Potter figures - Mrs Tiggywinkle, Goody Tiptoes, Sally Henny Penny and a Royal Doulton Mr Bunnykins figure£40-60
142.    A Clarice Cliff preserve pot and lid, painted crocus pattern£100-150
143.    A Royal Crown Derby paperweight - mouse£40-60
143A.   A blue porcelain snuff bottle with erotic decoration£10-20
144.    A miniature porcelain tankard painted cattle£10-20
145.    A Carlton Ware 1950's Guiness Ostrich£60-80
146.    A Beswick greenfinch, blue tit, grey wagtail, wren and gold crest (A/f)£40-60
147.    Two Wade wall plaques by Peter Scott - Shoveller Drake - a/f and Mallard Drake £80-120
148.    A small Carlton Ware orange lustre bowl and a Moorcroft orange lustre mustard pot£40-60
149.    A Royal Doulton Winnie the Pooh figure and Rabbit figure£10-20
150.    Four Beatrix Potter figures - Tom Kitten, Chippy Hackee, Mr Benjamin Bunny and Mrs Rabbit£40-60
151.    A Beswick Bullfinch 1042£10-20
152.    A group of three Guinness Wade figures: The Mad Hatter, Wellington and Sam Weller (small chip to rim)£50-70
153.    An 18th century Chinese blue and white plate painted tree - 23cm
154.    An 18th century Chinese blue and white plate painted flowers - 22cm
155.    An 18th century Chinese blue and white plate painted figure - 23cm£60-80
156.    A large Chinese blue and white square tea jar circa 1800, painted landscapes with pagoda, bridge etc - 32cm £400-600
157.    A floral encrusted porcelain memorial plaque with painted inscription to centre and high relief floral border dated 1881£80-100
158.    A pair of Rosenthal Versace Arabesque amber water goblets - individually boxed£60-80
159.    Two Waterford cut glass vases£30-50
160.    A Whitefriars pillow glass vase£20-40
161.    A cut glass sweetmeat jar, a decanter and a vase£10-20
162.    A Carn pottery vase of stepped form£20-30
163.    @A large Murano style black floral vase£30-50
164.    A large goldfish paperweight£10-30
165.    A late Satsuma vase and a Victorian turquoise glass vase £20-40
166.    @Two Victorian style oval glass trinket boxes with gilt metal mounts
167.    A set of six orange lustre lemonade glasses£10-20
168.    An 18th century wine glass with tear drop (chip to base) two 19th century rummers, a long stemmed glass and two engraved glass epergne flutes£30-50
169.    Four Beswick hounds, three a/f and a Hereford Bull (not Beswick)£20-30
170.    A pair of 19th century Sitzendorf style oval plaques of figures in high relief with velvet frames£80-100
171.    A moulded Victorian glass vase and bon bon dish£10-20
172.    A porcelain cow printed American flag£10-20
173.    A group of Aynsley including large vase, clock, two plates and two vases£20-30
174.    A Victorian blue and white meat plate£10-20
175.    A Haig whiskey water jug and a Brew XI ashtray£10-20
176.    Four china Dexam sherry barrels£20-40
177.    A green and opaque spiral twist glass walking stick£30-40
178.    Spare lot
179.    A pair of 19th century Sheffield plated 12" candlesticks with embossed decoration£60-80
180.    A Victorian silver plated embossed salt and spoon£10-20
181.    A pair of silver plated and cut glass butter dishes£20-30
182.    A pair of silver plated lobster claw crackers by Mappin£30-40
183.    A cut glass scent bottle with silver collar£10-20
184.    A Victorian silver plated chamberstick and snuffer£20-30
185.    A silver five piece matched set of two salt spoons, mustard spoon, sugar tongs and butter knife, various hallmarks £30-50
186.    A group of assorted bottle openers, champagne tap and collapsible corkscrew£40-50
187.    A pair of silver plated Grenadier Guards riding boots spirit measures£10-20
188.    A large silver plated cigarette box£10-30
189.    Three silver plated entree dishes£30-50
190.    A set of ivory handled dessert cutlery £10-20
191.    A 1930's Art Deco silver plated entree dish£10-20
192.    A silver napkin ring, silver and enamel teaspoon, three silver plated napkin ring and a horn one with silver mount£10-20
193.    A pair of silver plated Grenadier Boot spirit measures and a silver plated shoe form pin cushion£30-50
194.    A Community Plate Art Deco style cutlery part set comprising: five dessert spoons, three teaspoons, six knives, six dinner forks and six similar dessert forks£20-40
195.    A canteen of Viners silver plated cutlery "Parish Collection" eight person setting - sixty pieces in fitted wooden case£60-80
196.    A Community plate cutlery set comprising: cake knife, three preserve spoons, pickle fork, six cake forks, six dessert forks, six dinner forks, six dinner knives, six tea knives, six dessert knives, six teaspoons, six dessert spoons and six soup spoons£60-80
197.    A silver plated continental honey pot in shape of bee hive, four whale knife rests and a wine coaster and stopper£20-30
198.    A group of silver plated items£15-25
199.    A quantity of silver plated items and cutlery including Viners, a set of twelve Apostle teaspoons, toast rack, etc£20-30
200.    A stainless steel cutlery set£10-20
201.    An Arthur Price silver plated Kings pattern cutlery set - six place settings £40-60
202.    A Mappin and Webb silver plated cutlery set - six place settings£40-60
203.    A box of silver plated items£10-20
204.    A silver plated six bottle cruet stand, a teapot on stand and a silver plated tumbler£20-40
205.    A sterling silver pierced tapered vase with plated liner, 25cm, 5.5 ozs£100-150
206.    A George III silver cruet stand by Robert and David Hennell 1795 with seven cut glass and silver mounted bottles (lacking two small stoppers)£400-600
207.    An early 18th century silver teapot with cancellation marks, London, Maker Edward Vincent, 14 ozs£300-500
208.    Three silver backed brushes£30-50
209.    An EPNS three piece teaset£10-20
210.    A three piece silver half reeded tea set - Chester 1901 - 24ozs£300-400
211.    A pair of Victorian silver kings pattern fish servers with pierced decoration, London 1871 - maker George Angel - 11ozs£180-250
212.    A Victorian silver three piece christening cutlery set with engraved decoration - Birmingham 1863
213.    A silver helmet form jug, London 1902, 3.5 ozs£80-120
214.    A silver Victorian jug with all over decoration and gilt interior, London 1873, 8oz, maker Thomas White£120-180
215.    Seven Norwegian silver spoons
216.    A group of assorted small silver items £80-100
217.    A silver propelling pencil - Birmingham 1900 - makers mark "FW"£20-40
218.    A pair of Victorian silver sugar tongs - Edinburgh 1861£10-20
219.    A silver dip pen - Birmingham 1909£40-60
220.    A silver combination pen by Sampson Mordan and Co with a 'Swan' 14 carat gold nib £80-100
221.    A small silver Sampson and Morden ink pen£20-40
222.    A silver napkin ring and a silver thimble£20-40
223.    A small silver box in form of wrapped sweet£20-30
224.    A silver vesta case, Chester 1905£20-30
225.    A silver napkin ring and a silver cigarette case£20-30
226.    Two silver napkin rings and a niello white metal one£20-40
227.    Four silver thimbles£20-30
228.    A crocodile skin purse with silver marks£20-40
229.    A group of silver enamel shields/charms£20-40
230.    A silver pair cased verge gents watch - London 1859 by Joseph Crosby, Bridlington, chain driven with key - reputed to be in good working order£140-180
231.    A sterling silver snuff/pill box£10-20
232.    A sterling silver embossed snuff/pill box£10-20
233.    A silver cigarette case and a silver vesta case 2.8 ozs£20-40
234.    A group of assorted silver jewellery including charm bracelet£30-40
235.    A box of silver jewellery (6.5ozs total) and a 9 carat gold pendant£60-80
236.    A Rotary gold plated gents wrist watch£20-40
237.    A silver christening bracelet and a white metal filigree bracelet£20-40
238.    A silver and marcasite bracelet and a cocktail watch£10-20
239.    A silver equestrian brooch stock pin - Birmingham 1893£10-20
240.    One shotgun and one pheasant brooch£10-20
241.    Three sterling silver thimbles, two Birmingham 1903/1906 and one other£15-25
242.    Two pewter brooches - fox and horse by A R Brown£10-20
243.    A pair of Essex crystal cufflinks depicting scottie dogs£10-20
244.    A pair of Essex crystal cufflinks depicting racehorses£10-20
245.    A pair of cufflinks in form of shotgun cartridges£10-20
246.    A cultured Akoya pearl necklace£25-35
247.    Two marcasite necklaces£10-20
248.    A yellow metal retractable propelling pencil£40-60
249.    An early gold coloured retractable pencil - marked 'M'£20-30
250.    A 9 carat gold combination pen by Sampson Mordan and Co£100-150
251.    Four gold plated propelling pencils£10-20
252.    Two dog form brooches and two white metal charms£10-20
253.    A Russian silver gilt and nielo brooch£50-60
254.    A large silver locket and chain£20-40
255.    An uncut black opal as mined, mounted as stick pin in 9 carat gold£80-120
256.    A pair of 18 carat gold knotted link earrings, 20g total weight£350-450
257.    A 9 carat gold fob chain, 26g£250-300
258.    A group of 18 carat gold, 25.7g£500-600
259.    An emerald pendant on chain£50-70
260.    A 9 carat gold and amethyst pendant on 9 carat gold chain£60-80
261.    A 9 carat gatelink bracelet, 18g£180-220
262.    Two 9 carat gold box link chains, 30g£300-350
263.    A 9 carat gold necklace, 11 g£100-150
264.    A 9 carat gold bar brooch, a stock pin, three other brooches and a scarf clip£30-50
265.    A 9 carat gold slave bangle, 12g£100-150
266.    Three 9 carat gold gatelink bracelets, total 32g£300-400
267.    An 18 carat gold ring set two emeralds and three diamonds£300-400
268.    An 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond ring£200-400
269.    A gold stick pin and two other stick pins and an earring£10-20
270.    A 9K rubellite and diamond pendant on 9 carat gold chain£80-120
271.    A ruby and diamond pendant set in 9 carat gold with 9 carat gold chain£80-120
272.    A 9 carat gold bangle with knot to centre and a 9 carat gold slave bangle£200-300
273.    An Art Deco 18 carat gold ring set diamonds£200-300
274.    A diamond set bracelet (total approx one carat)£150-200
275.    A Victorian gold oval locket set red stone£80-100
276.    An 18 carat white gold and sapphire Art Deco style oval ring, the three central diamonds on panel of baguette cut sapphires within diamond set surround£600-800
277.    An emerald and diamond ring£50-70
278.    Three 9 carat gold sovereign rings (without sovereigns) total weight 22 g£200-300
279.    A quantity of 9 carat gold, total 82 grams £800-1200
280.    A pair of diamond and blue stone drop earrings£50-70
281.    A 9 carat ring set white stones£25-35
282.    A 9 carat pair of 'Creole' earrings£20-40
283.    Three 22 carat gold rings, 16g£400-600
284.    An oval cut green jade gemstone approx 7 carat£20-30
285.    A ruby and diamond ring set in 14 carat white gold£450-650
286.    A pair of octagon cut mystic topaz earrings set in yellow gold£30-50
287.    A pair of 9 carat gold hoop earrings£20-40
288.    A 22 carat gold wedding band 4.9g£80-120
289.    An 18 carat gold and platinum ring set three diamonds£650-750
290.    A black diamond single strand graduated necklace with 15 carat gold clasp set chip diamonds, 42cm£500-800
291.    An opal and orange citrine silver ring£30-50
292.    A 9 carat gold crossover ring set pink stones£50-70
293.    Two 18 carat gold rings, 5.5g and a 9 carat gold ring set garnets - a/f£50-70
294.    A 9 carat gold signet ring - a/f£25-35
295.    A 22 carat gold wedding ring 9g, and a 9 carat gold ring a/f 1.5g£200-300
296.    A 9 carat gold pendant set blue and white stones on gold chain and a white metal and pearl pendant£40-60
297.    An Edwardian gold bar brooch with heart and pink stone and A rolled gold pendant£20-40
298.    An 18 carat gold ring set five graduated sapphires£100-150
299.    A box of costume jewellery£10-20
300.    An 18 carat gold pendant set opal on chain£60-80
301.    A pair of 18 carat gold long pendant diamond earrings each set twenty nine stones with turquoise drops£400-600
302.    A carved ivory dragon brooch£10-20
303.    A cameo brooch with marcasite border£10-20
304.    A 19th century cameo brooch - classical lady with flowers in her hair in silver surround£40-60
305.    A Pianegonda heavy silver three strand chain link necklace with circular panels set large pearls, 280g£500-800
306.    A box of marcasite and paste jewellery£20-40
307.    Various bead necklaces£10-20
308.    A collection of assorted silver and other jewellery£20-30
309.    A 'jewelled' gilt metal notepad and a claw foot brooch£10-20
310.    A group of silver costume jewellery£10-20
311.    Four enamel butterfly brooches£15-25
312.    A marcasite lizard brooch, swallow, a pair of earrings and a micro mosaic brooch£10-20
313.    Various floral china brooches£10-20
314.    A group of costume jewellery£10-20
315.    A box of diamante jewellery£10-20
316.    A Bomarc floral marcasite necklace and earrings, boxed and a costume bracelet, necklace and earrings£10-30
317.    A Rotary ladies wrist watch and box and a Pulsar watch£10-20
318.    A leather jewellery box and costume jewellery£10-20
319.    A box of costume jewellery£10-20
320.    A box of costume brooches including silver marcasite brooch£10-20
321.    A box of costume jewellery£10-20
322.    A box of costume jewellery£10-20
323.    A box of costume jewellery£10-20
324.    A box of costume jewellery£10-20
325.    A box of costume jewellery£10-20
326.    A box of costume jewellery£10-20
327.    A collection of assorted watches including Oris and Smiths Astral Automatic£20-30
328.    A box of costume jewellery£10-20
329.    A box of costume jewellery and a compact£10-20
330.    A box of costume jewellery£10-20
331.    Approx. 122 costume rings£10-20
332.    A box of costume jewellery£10-20
333.    A silver plated oval two handled tray£10-20
334.    A pair of early 19th century watercolour miniatures of man and woman, in ebony frames£200-300
335.    A pair of prints portrait miniatures of young ladies on silk in gilt frames£10-20
336.    A print after Alan Ingham 'Dawn from the Hills', 15 x 30"£10-30
337.    A watercolour Chinese children playing in a garden, 23cm x 13cm£20-30
338.    A pair of Chinese watercolour figures and mythical beasts with script, 49 x 20cm and a watercolour bird in a garden, 30 x 37cm£80-120
339.    A Chinese watercolour bird, 29 x 23cm£10-20
340.    A watercolour Goodrich castle, 25 x 35cm£20-40
341.    Phil May - pen and wash monochrome page of caricature portraits, signed, 19 x 26cm£70-90
342.    Fred Hando - watercolour Wye Valley, 22 x 29cm£20-30
343.    Three unframed watercolours of Spain£10-30
344.    R Creighton - map of Portsmouth, Newport and Andover, 29 x 23cm£10-20
344A.   A print of Gloucester Quay£10-20
345.    A coloured engraving Tewkesbury Abbey interior, signed in pencil, 36 x 23cm£20-40
346.    A Victorian oil landscape with lake in gilt scrollwork frame 25 cm x 28cm and an oil on canvas lake at sunset 60 x 40cm£30-50
347.    Two early twentieth century erotic nude photographic prints 28 x 18cm and a 1920's set of five framed photographs£50-70
348.    A box of 19th century coloured engravings including local scenes, Chepstow and Goodrich Castle etc£20-30
349.    Two coloured 19th century engravings "The Iron Bridge over the Wye' 75cm x 25cm , 'Hereford Cathedral" 21 x 26cm and another Hereford print 11 x 16cm£20-30
350.    An early 19th century aquatint 'Staines Church' after Wm Havell from a 'Series of picturesque Views of the Thames'£50-70
351.    A small oil on canvas sailing boat£10-20
352.    A circular watercolour river scene signed in pencil and a watercolour Sudeley Castle doorway£20-40
353.    Martin Caulkin - signed print trees and rider, 25 x 37cm£30-40
354.    A pair of Victorian oil on canvas river landscapes in gilt frames, 60 x 46cm£30-50
355.    John Mc ? - watercolour Victorian cottage scene 92 x 44cm, signed indistinctly£80-120
356.    Walter Taylor - watercolour of Erquy in Brittany, 26 x 18cm£60-80
357.    Keith Melling - three limited edition prints, 12.5 x 18cm£20-30
358.    Martin Caulkin - signed print trees, 40 x 60cm£40-60
359.    W H Day - three oil on board sailing scenes, 27 x 18cm£50-70
360.    A large coloured print of a Yacht 'Victoria Jane', 71 x 65cm£30-50
361.    An Irish coloured print 'Red Earth' after C W Bion in decorative frame, 36 x 45.5cm£10-30
362.    A pair of landscape prints - framed and glazed, 49 x 34.5cm£10-20
363.    A watercolour lake landscape with seated figures, an oil landscape with daffodils and a print Blacksmith with child£10-20
364.    A large lino print 8/75 abstract, 58 x 50cm£20-30
365.    David Shepherd limited edition print elephant, 247/850, signed in pencil, 46 x 99 cm£100-150
366.    A print after Barnfather Churchmeadow Farm, 36cm x 102cm£10-30
367.    BJ Williams - oil on canvas "Kangaroo Valley" - in gilt frame, 11 x 15"£30-40
368.    A watercolour shepherd and sheep at dawn, 10 x 14"£20-40
369.    A pair of oval gilt mirrors, 39cm high£20-40
370.    Marcia Paul - watercolour Lower Slaughter Stow on the Wold, 8 x 10"£20-30
371.    An oil on canvas kitten with ball of wool, a/f, 49 x 59cm£25-35
372.    A pair of Dutch town prints after Chester and three gilt framed pictures£10-20
373.    A group of twelve miscellaneous prints, mounted but unframed£20-40
374.    A box of old photographs including scouts, nurses etc£10-20
375.    A box of old army and sporting photographs including rugby, football etc.£20-40
376.    A group of nine heraldic engravings mounted but unframed£20-40
377.    A 19th century watercolour North African scene 15 x 24cm and a watercolour "Carcassotine" 18 x 25cm£20-30
378.    A 19th century engraving Paris, 12 x 20cm£20-40
379.    A 1920'S football print "Old Masters"£10-20
380.    A carved and painted decorative picture of a Bugatti car£20-40
381.    Una Sharp - oil night scene in Yorkshire village, 29 cm x 41cm£40-60
382.    A plaster plaque Ann Hathaways cottage, 13 X 21 cm£10-20
383.    A map print of Gloucestershire after Speed and another of Warwickshire 33 x 43cm£20-40
384.    Agnes Beverly Burton - oil still Life cactus with red flower, 31 x 39cm£50-70
385.    A print of the Golf Course at St Andrews 20 x 40cm and a reproduction cricketing print England v Australia 1886, 28 x 42cm£10-30
386.    A framed 1759/60 inventory of imports and exports from Hull docks£40-60
387.    John Park - etching Shields Harbour, 18 x 30cm£40-60
388.    A Daily Telegraph mid 20th century oak framed large wall map and another larger wall map£20-30
389.    A limited edition screen print lady on a balcony signed indistinctly, 29 x 30cm and a limited edition print 'Big Jim' 76cm x 55cm£20-30
390.    An early 19th century map of Monmouthshire by Pigot and Son, 37 cm x 24cm£15-25
391.    A set of six late 19th century coloured engraving hunting prints, 12.5 x 17cm£20-40
392.    A lithograph by Newmans of "Clifton, Hotwells and the Suspension Bridge" near Bristol, 30 x 45cm£40-60
393.    A modern reproduction poster for "Casa Blanca" with Humphrey Bogart£10-30
394.    A large framed poster for 'Absolute Beginners'£10-30
395.    Gabriel Guerin - pair of oil on board lake scene and woodland scene at 'Etang St Cucufa' - 55 x 38cm, unframed£40-60
396.    An illustrated print of British University gowns, 11 x 31"£10-20
397.    A watercolour Cairn terrier with dog lead, framed and glazed, 12 x 14"£50-60
398.    A pre-raphaelite print - Romance, 18 x 13"£30-50
399.    A 19th century colour engraving 'Fox Head' 4.5 x 6" by Beckwith and a coloured engraving fish£20-40
400.    Charmet - watercolur Venetian canal scene, 8.5 x 4.5"£60-80
401.    A small watercolour kestrel, monogram TC - in easel frame, 8 x 6"£10-20
402.    A set of four modern hunting prints after Wright, 6 x 9 "£10-30
403.    Two woodcuts by Strevans signed in pencil 'Gite' and landscape, 6x 5.5"£30-50
404.    A coloured engraving after Romney 'The Seamstress' 1882, 13.5 x 10"£30-50
405.    J Dix - oil on canvas after D Wilkie "Alfred Burning the Cakes" or "Alfred at the Neatsheards Cottage" inscribed to verso 'J. Dix, Islington London 1845', 21 x 14"£200-300
406.    A Victorian tapestry of a horse, framed and glazed, 11 x 14"£50-70
407.    A watercolour woodland scene, monogrammed, 7" x 10"£15-25
408.    An early 19th century pencil sketch portrait possibly John Francis Kitson - in maple frame, 5.5 x 4"£20-30
409.    A limited edition horse racing print "Mill Reef" Derby Winner 1979 by Susan Crawford, 18 x 23"£40-60
410.    A 19th century coloured engraving of an Arab horse, 6 x 9"£10-20
411.    EAS Douglas - coloured print huntsman and hounds "Going to Cover", 17.5 x 12"£30-50
412.    T Ivester Lloyd - pair of limited edition hunting prints 304/375 - framed and glazed, 9 x 13"£30-50
413.    A limited edition print by Ros Goody 'Up to Lings Hill' signed in pencil, 19.5 x 26"£60-80
414.    A Pears print of horses 'The Old Farm', 12" x 18"£10-20
415.    A 19th oil on canvas - lake scene, monogrammed LDF, 11.5 x 17.5"£40-60
416.    An oil on canvas river and bridge scene with fisherman, 10" x 13"£30-50
416A.   Wellesley Cottrell - oil on canvas Mountain Stream in North Wales - signed and dated 1890, 14" x 18"£100-150
417.    A pair of oil on board lake scenes in gilt frames, 8" x 11"£30-50
418.    A 19th century oil on board landscape with figure and cattle - attributed with label to verso 'EM Wimperis', 25 x 36cm£100-150
419.    Clarence V MacKenzie - watercolour landscape river scene (probably River Wye) signed and dated 1944, 10" x 13.5"£30-50
420.    John Greensmith - watercolour 'The Village Green, Eyam, Derbyshire' 18 x 29cm£50-70
421.    Gabriel Guerin - oil on panel river and mountain scene - 38 x 55cm, unframed£40-60
422.    Ortiz Alfant coloured etching Eiffel Tower, signed and unframed, 18 x 7.5"£20-30
423.    Ambrose - oil on canvas sailing ship, 11.5 x 15"£100-150
424.    Phylis C Hurst - watercolour girl reading a book, signed - framed and glazed, 20 x 10"£100-150
425.    Edwin Cole - watercolour landscape with river and hills, probably Shrewsbury, signed and dated 1898, 10 x 14.5"£60-80
426.    W H Earp - watercolour Mediterranean coastal scene, signed, framed and glazed, 9.5 x 21"£140-180
427.    A Black and White Whisky advertising poster framed and glazed, 19.5 x 15"£50-70
428.    A Pears print depicting two girls seated in a garden, 18.5 x 12"£20-30
429.    Percy Lancaster - watercolour pastoral scene, signed, 13 x 19.5"£50-70
430.    James Gilroy - coloured engraving "Despair", Robson Addresses the Speaker and another "Hope" 1802, framed and glazed, 10 x 8"£60-80
431.    Weil - pair of oil on canvas - winter scene landscapes£80-100
432.    Norman Battenshill - oil on board cottage in fields scene, 15.5 x 14"£80-100
432A.   A set of four prints by Ayling , signed in pencil, framed and glazed - Truro, Tewkesbury, Village Stream and a Devon village, one glass a/f £20-40
433.    A pair of sporting prints after Douglas West "Cricket" and "Bowls", 15 x 21.5"£20-40
434.    A set of six Jorrocks prints by Leech£30-50
435.    Rouget - oil on canvas nude£80-100
436.    A Victorian oil on board canal scene with lock in gilt frame, 8 x 6.5"£30-50
437.    An early 19th century oil on canvas clipper ship, 44 x 59cm in gilt frame£400-600
438.    A 19th century oil on panel Italian river scene with bridge, boats and figures - 20 x 30 cm, in gilt frame£300-500
439.    A box of topographical books and various old maps£20-40
440.    A box of books on the military, airforce and warfare£10-20
441.    A box of Navy and nautical books including Channel Pilot books£20-40
442.    Twenty volumes Revue des Deux Monde, leather bound 1864-74£30-50
443.    A Morecombe and Wise programme and various other programmes£10-20
444.    A box of cigarette cards and Kensitas silks£10-20
445.    A set of forty one Topical Times football photograph cards and ten colour ones circa 1930's-40's£60-80
446.    Autographs of Pakistan Eagles and Somerset cricket teams 1950's£10-20
447.    A group of sets and part sets of cigarette cards£10-20
448.    Three various royal photographs£10-20
449.    An album of cigarette cards£10-20
450.    A box of Brooke Bond tea cards£10-20
451.    A set of military aeroplane spotter cards£10-20
452.    A set of sixteen Shermans Pools football cards and a Typhoo card£20-30
453.    A group of Bradshaws Railway Guides and Working Timetables£20-30
454.    A group of Michael Jackson ephemera including calendars, books, single etc and Cliff Richard book£10-20
455.    A large Phillips England/Wales coloured counties map on linen£15-25
456.    Two Ward & Lock Guides to Malvern and Hereford and a Vale of Severn map by Bartholomews£10-20
457.    Birds by JG Wood, from his Natural History Series 1862£20-40
458.    The Taxidermist's Manuel by Captain Thomas Brown, 17th edition£30-50
459.    The Nightside of Nature by Catherine Crowe, published 1848, First Edition, vol II, leather and marbled cover£40-60
460.    Memoirs of Benvenuto Cellini, Third Ed, Vol I only£20-30
461.    Liber Precum Ecclesiae Cathedralis Christi, Oxon published 1726, leather bound, condition good, slight wear to leather cover£40-60
462.    Memoirs of The Kings of France of the Race of Valois by Nathl. Wraxall Jnr - two volumes, quarter leather, 1777£20-30
463.    The Tolkein trilogy, circa 1960's£10-30
464.    "The Life of Nelson, The Embodiment of The Sea Power of Great Britain" by Captain A T Mahan - First Edition 1897 - published by Sampson Low, Marston and Company - two volumes£80-100
465.    Cassell's Wood Working edited by Paul Hasluck and Cabinet Work and Joinery£10-20
466.    Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens illustrated by Arthur Rackham, green cover£30-50
467.    Ten old Beatrice Potter books£20-40
468.    "Our Mutual Friend" by Charles Dickens - First Edition 1865 - published by Chapman and Hall - illustrated by Marcus Stone - two volumes£70-90
469.    Old Cheshire Churches by Raymond Richards, 1947 First Edition£20-30
470.    Three books on Motoring including Ten Years of Motors and Motor Racing£10-20
471.    The New British Traveller or Modern Panorama of England and Wales, 1819 volume 4£20-40
472.    'The Sailing Boat' by HC Folkard - fifth edition 1901 and 'The Tall Ships Pass' by WLA Denby£40-60
473.    Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens illustrated by Arthur Rackham, red cover£30-50
474.    Scenes in the Life of Our Lord drawn by Harold Copping published Religious Tract Society£10-20
475.    A box of football and sporting ephemera and books including Stoke City programmes, soap etc£20-30
476.    Four copies of Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society£15-25
477.    A box of old war magazines£10-20
478.    A German book Irrgarten der Liebe by Otto Julius Bierbaum, 1901£20-30
479.    A Persian translation to German 'Mesnevi' by George Rosen 1913£30-50
480.    The Exeter Journal 1850 and 1844, West of England Pocket Book 1849 and Whitakers Almanack 1939£20-40
481.    Billy Bunters Barring Out - First edition 1948£10-20
482.    "Best - An Intimate Biography" by Michael Parkinson, signed by Parkinson£10-20
483.    A latin bible Testamentum Graeum 1753 - distressed£10-20
484.    The World of Jeeves by PG Woodhouse 1967 - first edition, dust cover£20-30
485.    Frank Maeserel - "Die Stadl" a book of woodcuts, 1961 in folio cover£20-40
486.    The Gastronomic Regulator a Simplified and Entirely New System of Cookery by Monsieur A Soyer 1850£60-80
487.    Entrees A Collection of Recipes by Miss CL Howard 1901 and Cookery for Every Household by Florence Jack£20-30
488.    A Kelly's directory 1970 & 73, a Potter and Clarke Drug Merchants catalogue and 'Signpost' 1952£20-30
489.    An album of mainly commemorative 80th Anniversary Steam railway covers etc£30-50
490.    Three boxed sets of Royal Mail Special Stamps 1988, 89 and 91£20-40
491.    Five albums The Royal Collection commemorative covers by Benham etc (approx 300)£60-80
492.    Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the American Civil War - Edited by Louis Moat 1886£20-40
493.    VRI Her Life and Empire by The Marquis of Lorne C1900 - together with His Majesty the King George V 1910 - 1935£20-40
494.    The Holy Bible illustrated by Cassell, leather and gilt bound 1876, Missel Quotidien 1953 and two volumes Breviarium Romananum c1960's£10-30
495.    The Improvement of the Mind or a supplement to The Art of Logick - J Watts 1741 - first edition - poor condition£40-60
496.    The Universal magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure 1762£30-50
497.    Seven books on Churches - Medieval Styles of English Churches, Churchyards of England and Wales and others£20-40
498.    A Ramble in British Columbia by J A Lees and W J Clutterbucks 1889£20-40
499.    An autograph/momento book, Miltons poems 1808 and an Cruchleys reduced Ordnance Map of England & Wales£20-30
500.    A Biggles 'The Cruise of the Condor' and various other childrens books£10-20
501.    Nine country books including Richard Jefferies, William Cobbett, Gilbert White and Gerald Durrell£20-40
502.    Eight books on Wales or in Welsh including two Welsh/English dictionaries and a hymn book, Gwisg Moliant£20-40
503.    Three erotic books - The English Maid, Perfect Womanhood and The Scottish Maid - photographic nudes by Roye£50-70
504.    Two erotic books - Blonde and Brunette by Jason and Sun Bathers by Bertram Park - photographic nudes£30-40
505.    The Fables of La Fontaine illustrated by Gustave Dore published by Cassell Petter 1880£30-50
506.    Don Quixote by Cervantes illustrated by Gustave Dore publised by Cassell Petter 1880
507.    "Planes of The Great War" 1914 - 18 - illustrated by Howard Leigh£20-30
508.    The Book of Nature Study edited by Bretland Farmer - six volumes£20-30
509.    Eight books on game and gamekeeping including: A concise guide to Game Shooting, The Wind in My Face by Thomas Isaac and others£20-40
510.    Seventeen Enid Blyton books£10-20
511.    Various books on sex and love£10-30
512.    A quantity of old Punch books circa 1910£40-60
513.    An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog£10-30
514.    Katy Kruse at the Seaside by Eleanor Farjeon 1932£30-50
515.    The Pied Piper of Hamelin illustrated by Kate Greenaway, "The Hunting of the Snark" and "Little Black Sambo"£30-40
516.    A pop-up childrens book and two other childrens books£10-20
517.    Three Enid Blyton Noddy books, numbers: 6, 17, 19£10-20
518.    A 1951 Rupert annual£30-50
519.    Four volumes of Encyclopedia of Agriculture published by Green and Young - 1907£50-70
520.    Daily Express Song Books 1, 2 and 3£10-20
521.    A box of sheet music£10-20
522.    A box of sporting and other books, incl, golf cricket, horse riding£10-20
523.    A box of military books incl Soldier & Statesmen 1914 -18, Military Engineering, India etc£10-20
524.    A box of engineering, mechanical and aviation books£20-30
525.    A box of old magazines£10-20
526.    A box of books on football, cricket and other sports£20-40
527.    Illustrations of the Principal Natural Order of the Vegetable Kingdom by Professor Oliver 1874£30-50
528.    Two books - A. Wainwright - Lakeland Fells and C. Walker - Pennine Way£15-25
529.    Four childrens books including Lickle Tickle etc£20-40
530.    J H Fabre 1912 - The Life of the Spider (Da Stilibe Elongatus)£10-20
531.    The Times Atlas 1895£20-40
532.    Gleanings from and Old Portfolio - 1895, three volumes£40-60
533.    Sybil Andrews - signed book of lino cuts£30-50
534.    A Masonic Bowen Lodge table plan 1959 - with watercolour illustrated border on entertainment and electrical themes£30-50
535.    Three illustrations of Herschels Telescope etc circa 1797£10-20
536.    A 1948 RAC Silverstone Grand Prix programme£20-30
537.    Rudyard Kipling - Collected Dog Stories - 1934, illustrated£10-20
538.    Six 1950's/early 1960's motorcycle, TT, scooter buyers guide magazines£15-25
539.    A group of sheet music£10-20
540.    Two volumes - The Cricketers Annual 1924 - 1926£20-40
541.    A quantity of art books in albums£20-30
542.    A box of sixteen Highways and Byways books£60-80
543.    A box of books to include AA Milne's Now We Are Six, 1927£30-40
544.    A box of childrens books£10-20
545.    A box of various books£10-20
546.    A box of books on cooking including Mrs Beeton and Queen Cookery Books series£30-50
547.    Four Rolling Stones LP records£30-50
548.    Two early Frank Sinatra records - Swing Easy and Fabulous Frank - both 33rpm£10-20
549.    Two Beatles Records: "Help" and "Rubber Soul"£10-20
550.    The Best of Elvis and Elvis Presley I Got Stung - both 78rpm£20-30
551.    A box of various records£10-20
552.    A box of records - mainly 78's£10-30
553.    A group of eleven Beatles LP's, an early Rolling Stones and The Monkeys£20-30
554.    A box of 1960's and 1970's LP's including Abba, Frank Sinatra, Cilla and John Denver£20-30
555.    A box of old singles£20-40
556.    A set of twenty five Punch books£20-50
557.    An Arts and Crafts copper banded wooden jug - CM mark£30-50
558.    An Edwardian Arts and Crafts oak pipe rack with print to back after John Hassall£250-350
559.    A long brass horn by Kohler and Son£10-20
560.    A pair of brass candlesticks£10-20
561.    Two old oil lamps, a hot water can and a copper kettle£10-30
562.    A bronze effect figure of a mythological man with horns£20-30
563.    A Victorian shaving mirror on extending brass and ebony stand£20-30
564.    A brass oil lamp£10-20
565.    A cast iron 1920's Dinah negress money box - a/f£10-20
566.    An Albert Thomee brass dimpled bowl£60-80
567.    A brass hand warmer by Thomee Helleran£30-50
568.    A pair of Indian brass vases and covers and similar vase£20-40
569.    A pair of Victorian childs leather and wooden shoes/clogs£30-50
570.    A pair of brass candlesticks and a 'Service Bell'£10-20
571.    A pair of Chinese bronze censers with engraved floral decoration - one a/f£40-60
572.    A 'cast iron' soap holder with cockerel to rim£10-20
573.    A 19th century bronze Marley horse group£60-80
574.    A brass late Victorian Welsh lady door stop£10-20
575.    An old greenheart three piece fly fishing rod by LGW and four fishing reels£20-40
576.    An enamel preserving pan, two sets of scales and an oval cooking pot etc£10-20
577.    A Chad Valley toy globe and two other smaller globes£50-70
578.    A De Maelzel metronome £35-45
579.    A Kundo International time clock and a Smiths mantel clock£30-40
580.    A box of old clock makers tools£10-20
581.    A combination compass/binoculars, a lorgnette and an old pair of spectacles£10-20
582.    A block of the Berlin Wall mounted on a wooden plinth£10-20
583.    Two carved stone hippopotamuses£10-20
584.    A Stevenograph of Fred Archer with red cap£80-100
585.    A Frederic Remington Museum bronze of 'The Bronco Buster'£40-50
586.    A miniature bronze oval plaque Virgin and Child with John the Baptist - signed "Bromsgrove Guild" probably by Walter Gilbert £250-350
587.    A box of collectables including desk calendar£10-20
588.    A box of pens and pencils including Yard of Lead£10-20
589.    A set of Cecil Aldin playing cards - 'Mischief' - unopened pack£10-20
590.    A Paris souvenir compact and another compact£10-20
591.    A pack of Metropolitan Vickers "Cosmos Lamps" playing cards - sealed£10-20
592.    A Conway Stewart "Dinky" fountain pen and a Conway Stewart 85L fountain pen£30-50
593.    Two fountain pens with 14 carat knibs£15-25
594.    A Conway Stewart 286 fountain Pen and a Waterman Ideal fountain pen£20-40
595.    A boxed Swan fountain pen with a repair receipt dated 1962 and a boxed Conway Stewart 388 pen with a 14 carat nib£40-60
596.    A 1940's Parker Duofold fountain pen with a 14 carat gold nib£40-60
597.    A Conway Stewart 15 fountain pen and a Conway Stewart 60L fountain pen£30-50
598.    A German glass baby feeding bottle£10-20
599.    A "Parker Compact" lighter£10-20
600.    A leather and brass horse piece from Staffordshire Constabulary£30-50
601.    A stone with two Brazilian fossil fish (over 100 million years old)£50-70
602.    An 800 standard white metal miniature photo frame and a compact£20-30
603.    An old ticket punch and a stamp£10-20
604.    A 1954 Police whistle, an AM whistle, a Guinness penknife and a pipe cleaner£10-20
605.    Four Bandalasta plastic plates and three tumblers£10-20
606.    A long Meerschaum pipe by G T Britain, boxed and a clay pipe moulded face£30-50
607.    A group of treen£10-20
608.    A Phoenix painted metal house fire mark circa 1910 - 1930 - unused £60-80
609.    Four various lighters, opera glasses, cigar holder and two cut throat razors£10-20
610.    Two Salter spring balance fishing scales£20-30
611.    A Captive Golf Ball game in box - by Busseys£50-70
612.    Two Forest of Dean coal mining cap lamps with knife cell battery and lead acid and battery and a Carbide cap lamp£20-40
613.    A whist marker and various treen boxes etc£10-20
614.    A group of three old tree saws£20-30
615.    A box of misc to include treen milliners block and forms, ice skates, foot plates etc£10-20
616.    A Bingoscope projector and group of Pathescope 9.5mm films together with screen£30-40
617.    A Victorian metal shoe form money box£10-20
618.    A bronze sculpture of an eagle with outstretched wings 18.5cm high and 38cm wide - on marble plinth, signed Silka£80-100
619.    A metal fish shaped letter/menu holder£10-20
620.    An Edwardian mahogany extending book rack and a Victorian rosewood tea caddy£30-50
621.    A 19th century mahogany travelling decanter box£20-40
622.    A porcupine quill box with sliding lid, and a pewter box£20-30
623.    A Victorian ebony carved desk stand with watch holder, inkwells and pen tray all decorated elephants and a carved mask£40-60
624.    A large key form corkscrew 'Dupont'£30-50
625.    A miniature metal dachshund£10-20
626.    A Dinky Volkswagon 181£20-30
627.    A chrome tank form paperweight a/f£10-20
628.    A pig sticker£10-20
629.    A 19th century iron animal trap and a Jos Lucas small oil can£10-30
630.    A brass cased digital flick clock£40-60
631.    A small circular mirror with gilt wood fruit frame£10-20
632.    A pair of old binoculars£10-20
633.    An Agfa colour Agnar Optima I camera£10-20
634.    A pair of early motorbike goggles£10-20
635.    A pair of leather clad long binoculars£20-40
636.    A pair of old field binoculars in case by Ross£10-20
637.    A pair of mother of pearl opera glasses in case£20-40
637A.   A pair of Prisma field glasses
638.    A Kodak Duex 1B camera, boxed£10-20
639.    A pair of Charles Frank binoculars 8x40£10-20
640.    Three pair of binoculars and a camera lens£20-40
641.    A box of collectables£10-20
642.    A Churchill cigar box and various matchbox covers£10-20
643.    A box of small picture/photograph frames:- Indian watercolour, folding leather easel frame etc£10-20
644.    An old icing set and a soda siphon£10-20
645.    A small group of Matchbox and tin plate cars£10-20
646.    A box of lead soldiers including Britains and equestrian figures£10-20
647.    A selection of lead farm animals including Britains£20-30
648.    A Britains 'Motor Machine Gun Service Combination No 8922', boxed£40-60
649.    A boxed set of Britains 'The Duke of Wellingtons Regiment' and two other Britains sets 7235 and 7239£50-70
650.    A box of toy cars including Dinky Army vehicles etc£20-30
651.    A Lydney Horticultural tin, two Harris & Co signs and a Harris printing plate£10-20
652.    Two Viewmaster viewers and group of slides£10-20
653.    A box of collectables£10-20
654.    A large mid 20th century Forest of Dean coal mining shot hole drill£20-40
655.    A model sailing ship£20-40
656.    A model yacht 'Thonier'£10-20
657.    A mid 19th century post clock£60-80
658.    A late Victorian walnut Vienna style wall clock, recently serviced£50-70
659.    An oak cased barometer£20-30
660.    A Victorian Vienna style wall clock with carved case£40-60
661.    A Victorian Vienna style mahogany wall clock with eagle surmount£60-80
662.    A square brass clock with enamel dial and pierced scrollwork border£30-50
663.    A Victorian slate architectural mantel clock with French movement£40-60
664.    An Edwardian mahogany mantel clock on twin supports£40-60
665.    A 19th century gilt metal clock with figure of a woman holding swinging movement aloft, all under glass dome but lacking wooden base£100-150
666.    A Victorian ebonised mantel clock with silvered dial£20-30
667.    A late 19th century mahogany striking mantel clock with enamel face£50-70
668.    A French oval carriage style alarm clock printed flowers£40-60
669.    A Smiths musical childs alarm clock decorated Little Red Riding Hood£10-20
670.    A Bakelite 1930's mantel clock£10-30
671.    A Victorian mahogany and ebonised mantel clock with visible escapement£30-50
672.    An Edwardian mahogany mantel clock and a Smiths mantel clock£10-30
673.    A cuckoo clock£20-40
674.    Five fallow deer slots. New Forrest Beagles, dated 1920's£100-150
675.    A small pair of reindeer antlers on shield£40-60
676.    A pair of fallow deer antlers on shield£40-60
677.    A pair of horns mounted on a shield£20-40
678.    A Victorian taxidermy corncrake - no case£20-30
679.    A Victorian taxidermy red squirrel on a branch - no case£20-30
680.    A pair of red deer antlers£40-60
681.    A cased pair of red squirrels in a living room diorama, cheating at cards with the card hand of both players reflected in a mirror - believed to be from the Walter Potter Museum of Taxidermy measuring 37.5 x 46cms £600-800
682.    A taxidermy brown trout by G Sinibaldi, St Margarets in riverbed bow fronted case measuring 36.5 x 78.5cms£300-500
683.    An American ogee weight driven wall clock printed 'Capital and Albany New York' to door with original weights£30-50
684.    A 1920's mahogany dressing table with mirror over two short and one long drawer£50-70
685.    A group of old horse brasses£20-30
686.    A box of horse brasses and brass£10-20
687.    @A set of three dressing table pots on mirrored stands£20-40
688.    An antique half barrel£20-40
689.    A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers£80-100
690.    A 1930's hand knotted rug depicting parrot and flowers£30-50
691.    A walnut Davenport with penbox over fitted interior with serpentine front all on scroll supports£200-400
692.    A pair of old leather riding boots and two Maxwell wooden boot trees£30-50
693.    A Victorian mahogany full length mirror£20-40
694.    A small oak oval gateleg table on barleytwist supports£20-40
695.    Two black Bakelite telephones£30-50
696.    A blue geometric Persian style rug, worn£30-50
697.    A large Victorian pine blanket chest with carved brackets£100-150
698.    An oak rectangular framed mirror£10-20
699.    A 19th century French burr walnut and mahogany armoire with two glazed doors enclosing shelves, gilt metal mounts overall£500-700
700.    A Chinese floral rug £30-50
701.    A wooden basket of old tools£10-20
702.    A stone effect garden figure nude with arms up£20-30
703.    A stone effect garden figure of a nude with drape£20-30
704.    A stone effect garden figure Venus£20-30
705.    A Sankey and Son terracotta planter and three garden ornaments£20-40
706.    A pair of large ornate clay chimney pots£80-100
707.    A tall octagonal chimney pot£20-40
708.    An old rectangular stone trough£60-100
709.    An old stone trough with curved end£60-100
710.    An old stone step£20-40
711.    An old Belfast sink£20-40
712.    A saddlers riveting tool£10-20
713.    An old sack scale£10-20
714.    A group of three hand tennon saws - one a/f£20-30
715.    A quantity of old saws £20-30
716.    An early seed driller on wheels£20-40
717.    An Anglo-Indian workbox inlaid ivory and carved decoration with fitted interior£80-120
718.    A 19th century Georgian style mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers on turned supports£120-180
719.    A mahogany reproduction dining table and four chairs£60-80
720.    A 1930's amber glass lamp shade £10-20
721.    A Habitat lightwood extending dining table£30-50
722.    A Habitat lightwood coffee table£20-30
723.    An old Kismet Duplex Master brass foot pump and an ACW one£20-40
724.    An Underwood typewriter with P & O first class cabin labels£10-20
725.    A 19th century mahogany writing slope£30-50
726.    A Victorian walnut tunbridgware work box£40-60
727.    A Victorian walnut writing slope£10-30
728.    A Victorian Tunbridgeware box£30-50
729.    A Japanese marquetry box of drawers£20-40
730.    A cut glass three branch chandelier and two pairs of wall lights£60-80
731.    A group of umbrellas (one with ivory handle) and a shooting stick£20-40
732.    Two long copper horns£20-30
733.    A set of brass stair rods and clips£10-30
734.    Two carriage driving whips and a Swaine and Adey whip£80-100
735.    A silver mounted walking cane£20-30
735A.   A swagger stick 'Officers Training Corps'£10-20
736.    A group of walking sticks including ivory tops and silver mounts£60-80
737.    A 1950's St Malo calendar souvenir£10-20
738.    A mustard coloured telephone and a trim phone£20-30
739.    An oak 1930's bureau with stretchers£30-50
740.    Two wooden trays£10-20
741.    Two small gilt picture frames and a Victorian tile£10-20
742.    A Victorian oil lamp with blue glass reservoir£20-40
743.    A painted tin hat box£10-20
744.    A white painted wood French style bedroom suite comprising dressing table, two bedside cabinets, chest of drawers and a small low table with two drawers, all with glass tops£100-150
745.    A box of curtains£10-20
746.    A box of curtains, cushion covers etc£10-30
747.    A Gidens of London saddle on stand£100-150
748.    A large tapering snakeskin finish vase£20-30
749.    A dolls house£10-30
750.    A bird cage£10-20
751.    A small Victorian pine dropleaf kitchen table with end drawer£30-50
752.    A childs rocking horse slatted chair£10-30
753.    A 1950's glass light fitting (one chain deficient)£10-20
754.    A selection of six hickory shafted golf clubs£20-30
755.    A selection of eleven hickory shafted golf clubs£30-40
756.    A 1950's pot cupboard£10-20
757.    An oak box of needlework threads, knitting needles etc£10-20
758.    A mahogany nest of three occasional tables£10-30
759.    A violin in case with bow£40-50
760.    A panelled pine blanket box£50-70
761.    Two Whitbread Silver Jubilee Ales 1987, a "Cider Jack" and a Bulmer Bristol Pottery mug printed fruit£20-30
762.    An Edwardian metal plaque embossed pheasant approx 20 x 12"£10-20
763.    A 1940's oak drawerleaf dining table on tapered square supports£20-40
764.    A set of bar skittles£20-30
765.    A box of collectables/kitchenalia£10-20
766.    A small old cane basket£10-20
767.    A set of open pine shelves£10-30
768.    A miniature cast iron garden bench - approx 16 x 11"£15-25
769.    A box of copper and brass£10-20
770.    A 19th century French style book trough and bookcase with gilt metal mounts, repair to foot£40-60
771.    A Victorian copper warming pan£10-20
772.    A pair of George III country Chippendale style chairs£50-70
773.    A 1930's walnut two door display cabinet£20-40
774.    A farmhouse style spindle back chair£70-90
775.    A farmhouse style slat back chair£70-90
776.    A 19th century ladder back rush seated arm chair and a single chair£60-80
777.    A late 19th century pot cupboard£30-40
778.    A Victorian mahogany pot cupboard on slender supports£30-40
779.    A brass inkwell and blotter£10-20
780.    A set of three Victorian stick back chairs£30-50
781.    An 18th century stick back chair - distressed£30-50
782.    An old poker work spinning chair£30-50
783.    A windsor chair£20-30
784.    An Edwardian mahogany stick stand with brass hooks£80-100
785.    An early oak cutlery tray£20-40
786.    A mid 20th century gold plush jointed teddy bear£20-40
787.    A 19th century American saloon chair with spindle back£30-50
788.    A green Lloyd Loom chair - no label£10-20
789.    A George III mahogany bookcase top, the broken pediment with pair of astragal glazed doors over three small drawers£60-80
790.    A white embroidered organza tea cloth with six matching napkins and six linen napkins with applique corner£10-20
791.    Three fur hats and a stole£10-20
792.    Four sets of spats and a silk top hat£40-60
793.    An old ermin muff£20-40
794.    A Beaver lamb fur coat and a fake fur jacket£10-20
795.    Jean Patou - pink jacket and skirt suit C1960's£20-30
796.    A quantity of linen£10-20
797.    A cane nursing chair£10-20
798.    Two Regency carved bar back nursing chairs on scroll supports£20-40
799.    A Victorian upholstered nursing chair on rosewood tapered supports with loose cover£40-60
800.    An antique carved oak panel tray£20-40
801.    A 1920's oak carver chair with tapestry seat£20-40
802.    A set of four French style oak oval back chairs with tapestry covers£80-120
803.    A Belgium oak two door cabinet with floral carved decoration and black marble top£100-150
804.    A good quality reproduction bronze figure of an Art Deco style dancer on plinth base 'Ishtar'£160-200
805.    A Bengal Tiger skin on felt - PLEASE NOTE: NO INTERNET BIDDING ON THIS LOT
806.    A Victorian Chesterfield settee with drop end and turned feet, button upholstered in dark brown£300-400
807.    An oak horseshoe form whip rack£80-100
808.    A leather covered riding crop£20-30
809.    Three floral carved wooden panels£20-40
810.    An Edwardian mahogany mirror back coal purdonium with carved decoration£40-60
811.    An Edwardian mahogany coal purdonium with carved and mirror back all over floral carved front£40-60
812.    A set of Victorian library tongs£50-70
813.    An antique Chinese bamboo flute£10-20
814.    A Victorian spinning top and three painted tops£10-20
815.    Am early 19th century spice cabinet of twelve drawers - two missing£50-70
816.    An old Jetel accordion 'Gloria'£10-20
817.    A set of carved oak bellows£10-20
818.    A Victorian mahogany breakfront sideboard - lacking top£50-70
819.    An inlaid mahogany tabletop letter rack£30-50
820.    A Victorian mahogany side table on turned and reeded supports, with marble top£50-70
821.    A large neo-classical style stainless steel coal bucket with lid£60-80
822.    An Aktiebolaget BA Hjorth & Co Primus Petroleum Lampstove and a similar blow lamp£30-50
823.    A Victorian walnut octagonal sewing table with inlaid top and carved tripod base£80-100
824.    A Victorian copper warming pan£10-20
825.    A pair of Victorian swivel chairs from Royal Albert Hall£50-60
826.    A brass five branch scrollwork chandelier with glass shades and two small brass wall lights with opaque shades£30-50
827.    An oak carved frame mirror£10-20
828.    A box of copper and brass including antique fire extinguisher£20-30
829.    A gate-leg drop leaf table£20-40
830.    A spiral turned pine towel rail£20-30
831.    Two Victorian armchairs upholstered to match - one with bun feet and one with claw feet£60-80
832.    An early 20th century wing armchair on slender supports and pad feet£60-80
833.    A Victorian carved rococo style button upholstered chair with ornately carved frame and scroll feet£120-180
834.    A Victorian rosewood canterbury with shell carved divisions all over drawer and turned supports£80-100
835.    A pair of 1920's oak double bed ends and irons£20-40
836.    An old Union Jack flag£20-30
837.    A large Edwardian inlaid mahogany side cabinet with panelled and glazed doors over slope front enclosing desk, the base fitted with drawers and cupboard£200-300
838.    A Victorian heavy gilt framed rectangular mirror£100-150
839.    An Edwardian mahogany single door display cabinet with inlay£60-80
840.    A gilt neo-classical style mirror with urn and swag surmount£30-50
841.    An early 20th century bow fronted mahogany two door display cabinet£80-120
842.    An Edwardian mahogany single door display cabinet with inlay£80-100
843.    A 1920's oak dresser with barleytwist supports and panelled decoration£60-80
844.    An Edwardian occasional table£10-20
845.    An ivory African tusk carved womans face - 30cm£60-80
846.    Eight miniature carved ivory animals£30-40
847.    A bone bodkin case and a silver thimble£10-20
848.    Two ivory carved miniature hippopotomi£10-20
849.    An oxbone netsuke of a man with a fan£10-20
850.    A wooden netsuke of the happy buddha, signed£10-20
851.    A wooden and bone snuff bottle with etched erotic decoration, signed
852.    A wooden netsuke of three wise monkeys, signed£10-20
853.    A group of assorted ivory, bone and mother of pearl items£20-30
854.    A box of badges including Scots, Royal Artillery etc£20-40
855.    A small group of old threepenny bits£10-20
856.    A group of ten enamel racing badges mainly Cheltenham 1970's also a 1967 Royal International Horse Show badge£30-50