Antique & Quality Furniture, Effects and Collectables incl. Ceramics & Glass
Friday 7th October 2011

1.      A Royal Worcester "Woodland" teaset comprising eleven cups, eleven saucers, milk jug, two sugar bowls, eleven tea plates and a cake plate£40-60
2.      A 19th century teaset printed blue seaweed and shells£10-20
3.      An Art Deco hand painted sandwich set£10-20
4.      A Noritake coffee set of six cups and saucers£10-20
5.      A Royal Doulton 'Mindem' floral painted dinner service comprising:- six dinner plates, side plates, tea plates, three meat plates and two tureens£40-60
6.      A Phil Wardale Art Deco style plate (former Royal Doulton)£10-20
7.      A large Poole pottery charger - 16" diameter £35-45
8.      A Crownford 1930's Art Deco dinner service hand painted poppies - some crazing - consisting of: two vegetable dishes - one lid missing, sugar bowl, cream jug - a/f, gravy boat, six 10" plates - one chipped, six 9" plates - one stained, six tea cups, six saucers, six round 8" tea plates, six square 6" tea plates, one oblong dish - 15" x 11", one oblong dish - 9.5" x 13" and one oblong dish - 8.5" x 12"
9.      Three large rectangular Poole hors d'oeuvres dishes decorated seafood and vegetables£40-60
10.     A Shelley Melody dinner and tea service comprising: six tea cups and eight saucers, five coffee cups and six saucers, eleven tea plates, six side plates, six breakfast plates, five dinner plates, three cake plates, one sandwich tray, butter dish and lid, large sugar, one small and one large milk jug, one serving dish and lid, one large and one small meat plate, cruet - a/f, one coffee pot (lid - a/f), and one jam pot - a/f£200-400
11.     A musical pottery tankard playing 'The Floral Dance' and decorated Morris dancers£20-40
12.     A Victorian jug moulded and painted soldier and an ironstone jug, both with hairline cracks£10-20
13.     A 19th century pottery jug with pewter lid£10-20
14.     A Beswick floral salad bowl£10-20
15.     Three cut glass decanters£30-50
16.     Two Royal Doulton faience floral painted decanters D6227£60-80
17.     A Clarice Cliff jug decorated leaves and fruit, 19cm high£50-70
18.     A coffee pot decorated flowers and birds£15-25
19.     A large floral continental pottery comport and a Dutch jardiniere (Jardiniere chipped)£10-30
20.     A blue and white chicken on a basket and a biscuit jar and lid£10-20
21.     Four Wedgwood blue and white tureens and three meat plates£30-50
22.     A pair of Wedgwood creamware twig baskets and six plates£80-100
23.     A Royal Doulton Slaters Patent large jardiniere, 27cm h x 33 cm d£60-80
24.     A Maling blue and white bowl and two Maling blue and white Ringtons jars (one no lid)£20-40
25.     Three Dresden lace figures£10-20
26.     A Wedgwood five piece Edwardian toiletry set comprising jug and bowl, slop pail , soap dish and beaker all printed exotic birds, £60-80
27.     A pair of continental figures lady and gentleman painted in cream and gilt£10-20
28.     A Victorian Rockingham style vase painted flowers and landscape reserves on a green ground, and a pair of similar vases on a grey ground£30-50
29.     A pair of Japanese late Satsuma vases decorated dragons in relief£30-50
30.     A large Royal Doulton frilled edge jardiniere, 21 cm h£30-50
31.     A group of decorative cabinet cups and other teaware£20-40
32.     A Delft angular jardiniere - St CPeinant£20-40
33.     An early 20th century Imari fruit bowl£20-40
34.     An early 20th century Chinese prunus blossom ginger jar and cover - 28cm high£60-80
35.     A pair of Chinese cylindrical vases painted dragons, 28 cm high£50-70
36.     A reproduction blue and white Chinese vase with gilt dragons to shoulders£20-30
37.     A Japanese Asaki part teaset£10-20
38.     A Royal Crown Derby floral teaset comprising twelve cups and saucers, three jugs, two sugars, two cake plates and two other plates£30-50
39.     A Sunderland lustre coffee cup and two items of Torquayware£20-30
40.     A pink moulded glass fruit bowl and six sundae dishes£10-20
41.     A large pottery piggy bank£10-20
42.     A blue and white oriental brass mounted pottery pot and cover£20-40
43.     A Japanese stoneware miniature teapot£10-20
44.     A set of three graduated jugs - Dudson Bros - Hadley£10-20
45.     A Minton advertising match striker for Swan Vesta - chipped£10-20
46.     A blue and white Wedgwood Coronation jug, four Jasperware ashtrays and a Jasperware bud vase£10-20
47.     An Aynlsey pin dish, posy vase, teacup and small comport all printed Worcester style fruit£20-30
48.     Various small decorative china including Dresden and Worcester£10-20
49.     A Carlton Ware jam dish and spoon - boxed, another jam dish, an old tureen ladle and a Doulton jug£10-20
50.     A French porcelain cabinet teaset on tray - lacking lid to teapot£20-30
50A.    A Royal Doulton coffee set printed roses including coffee pot, six cups and saucers, milk and sugar£20-40
51.     An Royal Doulton figure Southern Belle HN2229 and Sandra HN2325£40-60
52.     A Royal Doulton figure Pamela HN3223 signed and Autumn Breezes HN1934£40-60
53.     A Royal Doulton figure Jessica HN3169 and Grace HN2318£40-60
54.     Two small Royal Doulton figures Julie HN2995 and Elaine HN3214£20-40
55.     A Royal Doulton figure Christmas Morn HN1992 and Hilary HN2335£40-60
56.     A Royal Doulton figure Janine HN2461 and the Last Waltz HN2315£40-60
57.     A Wien model of a female snake charmer£20-30
58.     A large Lladro figure "Over the Threshold"£60-80
59.     A limited edition Coalport figure "Miss Henrietta"£20-30
60.     A limited edition Coalport figure "Miss Charlotte"£20-30
61.     A Royal Doulton figure - Emily£25-45
62.     A Royal Doulton figurine - Julia HN2705£25-45
63.     A Worcester Hadley figure sugar sifter£30-50
64.     A Kevin Bacon limited edition figure "Pyjama Girl"£80-100
65.     A Royal Doulton figurine - Polka HN2156£70-90
66.     A Royal Doulton figurine - Coralie HN2307£25-45
67.     A Royal Doulton figurine - Buttercup HN2309£25-45
68.     A Masons 'Mandalay' jardiniere and two small dishes£20-40
69.     Three small Doulton figures and a Coalport figure£30-40
70.     A Royal Doulton figure Elaine HN 3307£20-30
71.     Two modern Staffordshire dogs and a figure£10-20
72.     A Royal Doulton figure 'Bedtime'£10-20
72A.    A Royal Copenhagen figure of a boy reading a book£50-70
73.     A Masons 'Mandalay' pot pourri and a candlestick£20-40
74.     A James Kent "Animal Frolics" beaker and baby plate and a Hammersley "Going to Market" grey rabbit trio - hairline to saucer£20-30
75.     A Masons 'Mandalay' small vase, two plates and pot and cover£20-40
76.     A Royal Doulton Bunnykins plate and a Victoria floral trio£10-20
77.     A Copeland floral dessert set£10-20
78.     A Myott coffee pot£20-30
79.     A Midwinter salad dish and two tea strainers£10-20
80.     A pair of Victorian Indian tree warming plates with pewter bases£20-30
81.     A French clear glass studio centre piece bowl £25-35
82.     A French blue glass studio centre piece bowl£20-40
83.     A yellow flared glass vase and a painted glass fruit bowl£10-20
84.     A 1960's liqueur decanter and six glasses with gilt linear decoration£10-20
85.     A Royal Doulton 'The Huntsman' Toby jug£30-40
86.     Three Royal Doulton medium sized character Toby jugs - Poacher D6464, Rip Van Winkle D6463, Falconer D6540£30-50
87.     Two old pottery character jugs£10-20
88.     Two cut glass fruit bowls£10-20
89.     A set of six cut glass champagne glasses£10-20
90.     Two cut glass fruit bowls
91.     Three Whitefriars paperweights - red, yellow and green£15-25
92.     A Royal Doulton Long John Silver character jug and a Nat West Baby piggy bank£10-20
93.     A hunting jug and two tumblers with silver rims (one a/f)£40-60
94.     Five Caithness paperweights£15-25
95.     Five Victorian fluted ale glasses£40-60
96.     A Poole vase painted birds on a branch£10-20
97.     A Copeland Spode teapot and a Limoges powder bowl£10-20
98.     Six small cut glass tumblers and five cut glass tumblers£20-40
99.     Seven large cut wine glasses£20-40
100.    Six cut hock glasses£20-40
101.    A Dulux dog, a spaniel and a Country Artists owl£10-20
102.    A Lomonosov bear and badger£15-25
103.    A Royal Copenhagen figure of a playful kitten - 727£30-50
104.    Four Caithness vases (two boxed)£10-20
105.    A pair of Royal Crown Derby butter/ preserve dishes, boxed and a pin dish£10-20
106.    A collection of six character Toby jugs - two Doulton, three Sandland, one Thorley£30-50
107.    Four glass paperweights and a glass shoe£10-20
108.    A Doulton bisque piebald Pinto horse£30-50
109.    A Beswick Friesian bull "Coddington Hilt Bar"£70-90
110.    A small Orrefors blue glass dish signed 'Fuga'£10-20
111.    A glass horse, eagle, ruby and opalescent ashtray, paperweight etc£10-30
112.    Two cut glass fruit bowls£10-20
113.    A quantity of various paperweights£20-30
114.    A Webb Corbett paperweight - boxed£20-30
115.    A group of ten small items of Doulton Lambeth stoneware - only two perfect£30-50
116.    A box of glassware£10-20
117.    Four brandy glasses, eight sherry glasses and various other drinking glasses£10-20
118.    A group of eight various paperweights£10-20
119.    Various cut glass bowls etc£10-20
120.    A Royal Worcester cake plate and a Spode orange and gilt fruit bowl£20-40
121.    A box of crested china£10-20
122.    Ten various Worcester pin dishes£20-30
123.    Five Victorian tiles printed flowers£20-40
124.    A Coopercraft Ford Escort car£10-20
125.    A box of crested china£10-20
126.    A group of old jelly moulds£10-20
127.    A Royal Dux large parakeet - a/f£10-20
128.    A large Lladro Nao figure of a couple - 12" tall£35-45
129.    A large Lladro figure of an Art Deco lady - 13" tall£90-120
130.    A Masons 'Fruit Basket' jug£10-20
131.    A Wade floral moulded and lustred jug£10-20
132.    A Crown Ducal ivory blush vase decorated birds£10-20
133.    A Masons 'Mandalay' vase£15-25
134.    An Anita Harris square vase£10-20
135.    An Anita Harris Ali Baba vase - signed to base£20-40
136.    A small Whitefriars ruby vase and an Amethyst square vase, 17 cm d x 12 cm h£25-45
137.    A pair of cut glass carafes £20-40
138.    A pair of cut glass square decanters£10-20
139.    A Royal Worcester child and cat group by F G Doughty, "Snowy" and a parakeet figure a/f£60-80
140.    A Royal Doulton figure Marie HN1370£20-30
140A.   A Royal Worcester figure "March" by F G Doughty 3454£50-70
141.    A Laugherne glass vase, 14 cm h£10-20
142.    A Whitefriars brown oval tapered vase, 23 cm high£40-60
143.    Spare lot
144.    A modern glass scent bottle£10-20
145.    A Doulton Lambeth small stoneware vase raised on grotesque horned beast supports, small chip to rim and firing cracks to base, 10cm high£20-40
146.    A pair of Doulton Lambeth Silicon vases£15-25
147.    A pair of fairing figures - girl picking her nose and boy licking a spoon, her hand a/f, 23 cm high£20-40
148.    Three items of 'Bristol' blue glass£10-20
149.    An Arthur Davison cloud glass bowl and a slag glass bowl£10-20
150.    A Venetian bird form vase on stem and a small dish with griffin to rim
151.    Two Venetian glass dishes with dragon handles£50-70
152.    A pair of Dolphin form Venetian bud vases£20-40
153.    A famille rose style snuff bottle decorated erotic scene, marked to base£20-40
154.    Two Venetian glass vases with shell form bowl£60-80
155.    A Venetian glass vase with dolphin support and another with birds to stem£80-100
155A.   A Victorian green glass walking stick£20-30
156.    A Royal Worcester figure "First Dance" by F G Doughty 3629£30-50
157.    A Royal Worcester figure "Sweet Anne" by F G Doughty 3630£30-50
158.    A Royal Worcester figure " Grandmothers Dress" by F G Doughty 3081 and another a/f£30-50
159.    A set of Whitefriars sundae dishes - boxed£25-35
160.    A moulded glass cake stand£10-20
161.    A glass fruit bowl with dimpled decoration and pontil mark

162.    A boxed Wedgwood "Strawberry" pattern dish£10-20
163.    A large pottery vase on stand painted flowers - repaired and a Victorian blue pottery two handled dish on stand£10-30
164.    A pair of floral china and gilt metal mounted table lamps£10-20
165.    A 19th century blue and white plate and a Victorian floral printed cake plate£20-30
166.    A Lancaster and Sandland ashtray printed WG Grace cricket scene£20-40
167.    A group of seven glass dishes with 'etched' patterns in white£20-40
168.    A large cut glass fruit bowl£15-25
169.    A cut glass fruit bowl with silver rim£10-20
170.    A collection of thirteen items of cottageware£30-50
171.    A Japanese eggshell teaset with Lithophane bases£10-20
172.    A collection of seven various collectors plates, Worcester, Wedgwood etc£10-20
173.    A large oriental style chicken form tureen £20-40
174.    Three Japanese bowls with yellow ground and painted flowers and a Japanese Imari plate£20-30
175.    A pair of Canton brush pots - one a/f£20-50
176.    A pair of Royal Doulton jardinieres painted primulas on a blue ground possibly by Florence Roberts, 23cm d x 18 cm h£150-200
177.    A Royal Doulton Fox Hunting Series Ware bowl D 5104
178.    A Royal Doulton Series Ware plate - The Gypsies£20-40
179.    A Royal Doulton rustic two handled bon bon dish£10-20
180.    A Royal Doulton Series Ware plate - Fisher Folk£20-40
181.    Eight Rosenthal large wall plates and eight smaller ones by Bjorn Wiinlblad all boxed, and two Copenhagen plates£30-50
182.    A group of Welsh lustre ware£10-20
183.    A group of various china£10-20
184.    A pair of 'Pickman' porcelain wall pockets£30-50
185.    A Coalport Churchill limited edition vase and cover by P Graves, cracked 88/200£20-50
186.    A Basil Matthews pheasant and a Dresden figure of a girl£30-40
187.    A Carl Ens Blue Tit on a branch and a pair of baby birds£20-40
188.    A Carl Ens Owl and a Jay£40-60
189.    A Carl Ens green Woodpecker£60-80
190.    A Clermont bisque owl on stand by R Poole - repair to claw - 44cm high£100-150
191.    A Carl Ens Swallow and another bird£40-60
192.    A group of two Herend Fishnet pattern rabbits£60-80
193.    A Clermont vase and cover painted fruit signed by J F Smith No 763 - hairline crack to lid£100-150
194.    A Clermont vase and cover painted fruit signed by J F Smith No 763£150-200
195.    A pair of Samson gold anchor figures after Chelsea - gentleman and a lady in 18th century costume£80-100
196.    A pair of Samson Chelsea style figures of lady and gentleman with sheep, gold anchor mark to back 14cm£60-80
197.    A Capodimonte cherub with grapes£10-20
198.    A Royal Worcester Kingfisher with a fish and a Chaffinch£60-80
199.    A Royal Worcester Robin and similar Wren£20-40
200.    A Royal Worcester group of Chaffinches and group of Linnets£60-80
201.    A pair of Royal Worcester Coal Tits and a pair of Blue Tits£60-80
202.    A Royal Worcester Robin and similar Wren£20-40
203.    A Royal Worcester Yellow Hammer group and a pair of Woodpeckers£60-80
204.    A Royal Worcester Yellow Hammer group and Coal Tits group£60-80
205.    A Beswick Jersey calf£50-70
206.    A pair of Lomonosov rabbits£10-20
207.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari small oval dish£40-60
208.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari dressing table pot and cover£60-80
209.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari miniature milk churn£60-80
210.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari miniature tray and jug£60-80
211.    A Royal Worcester cream blush jug painted border of flowers 1901 - No 5489£80-100
212.    A Coalport vase and cover painted Edinburgh Castle with rams head handles and deep blue ground by Richard Budd£150-200
213.    A Limoges small urn painted floral reserves£20-40
214.    A Royal Worcester oval dish painted river and bridge scene in deep blue and gilt border and a Royal Worcester blue and gilt circular plate 1901£80-120
215.    A Moorcroft blue/brown ribbed vase with iridescent glaze 14cm£60-80
216.    A Moorcroft 'Floran Dream' vase, 17cm£150-200
217.    A Moorcroft Orchid patter baluster vase with Queen Mary paper label, signed W Moorcroft, 15cm£400-600
218.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari box and lid No1128 and a lighter a/f£60-80
219.    An early 19th century Imari small oval dish£30-50
220.    A Newhall cup and saucer, Newhall cup and Newhall shallow bowl, all a/f£30-50
221.    A pair of Doulton three handled cauldron form jardinieres decorated gold swirls, 11.5cm height£80-100
222.    A Coalport Victorian cup and saucer painted flowers on apricot ground and a Victorian teacup, coffee cup and saucer painted roses£20-40
223.    A Royal Worcester plate painted still life fruit - peaches and blackberries signed JF Smith - 27cm dia£250-350
224.    A Royal Worcester large two handled vase and cover painted fruit No 1428 M/S signed by Freeman - 35cm high£1200-1800
225.    A Royal Worcester plate painted still life fruit - apples and grapes signed JF Smith - 27cm dia£250-350
226.    Two Staffordshire style dogs£10-20
227.    Two cut glass decanters£20-30
228.    A large Italian purple glass vases plus a smaller one£10-20
229.    A resin group by Country Artists "Trooping the Colour" depicting the Queen on horseback£10-20
230.    Two cut glass decanters and five coloured liqueur glasses£15-25
231.    A Hancocks Ivory Ware cottage plate and a Burleigh ware vase£20-40
232.    Four small china Nursery figures of children£10-20
233.    Three pottery kylin lion figures£15-25
234.    A pair of cut glass decanters and a cut glass and silver plated butter dish£20-40
235.    A Washington Potteries wagon train three piece teaset£40-60
236.    An "Irish Mist" porcelain advertising bottle in form of a soldier - a/f£10-20
237.    A pair of Royal Doulton salt and pepper pots£20-30
238.    A Dresden cup, Honiton teapot stand and three egg cups£10-20
239.    Seven Allertons Gaudy Welsh plates and a saucer plus a copper lustre salt£20-40
240.    An Edwardian Duchess part teaset£10-20
241.    An ivory blush comport painted peacock on chrome base£10-20
242.    A Harrods 1897 commemorative cup and an 1887 pressed glass commemorative plate£10-20
243.    An elephant pie funnel, two other funnels, a Grimwades small jelly mould and a bottle opener£10-20
244.    Two cut glass jugs and a cut glass bowl on stand £20-30
245.    Two cut glass decanters£20-30
246.    A Masons group of puce printed china£20-40
247.    A Royal Doulton Charles Dickens plate/charger£10-20
248.    A Royal Doulton Robert Burns plate/charger - TC1040£10-20
249.    A Royal Doulton Shakespeare plate/charger - TC1041£10-20
250.    Two West German planters decorated roses£15-25
251.    A large pottery jug with floral decoration, a Brannam bowl and a green glazed vase£10-20
252.    A cut glass decanter and other glass ware£10-20
253.    Two slag glass bowls and various pressed glass£10-20
254.    A Czechoslovakian floral coffee set - boxed ( one cup deficient)£10-20
255.    Spare lot
256.    Spare lot
257.    A silver plated desk stand with glass bottles engraved from abstinence society 1883£20-40
258.    A silver plated and glass duck form decanter£20-40
259.    A white metal bull£10-30
260.    A silver plated cruet stand with six original cut glass bottles£40-60
261.    A silver plated cruet stand and five bottles£30-50
262.    A Walker and Hall silver plated five piece teaset£30-50
263.    A pair of Georgian silver plated candle snuffers£20-40
264.    A WMF electroplated oval dish£30-50
265.    A box of silver and silver plated cruet spoons£20-30
266.    A silver plated chamber stick with snuffer£10-20
267.    Three silver plated cigarette boxes, boxed and a similar larger one£20-30
268.    A group of decanter labels corkscrew etc£30-50
269.    Five leather and plated cigarette cases£20-30
270.    A small carving set with mother of pearl handles and silver collars, cased£20-40
271.    A silver plated three piece fish serving set, cased£10-20
272.    A Walker and Hall silver plated pair of fish servers£10-20
273.    An EPNS six place setting Kings pattern cutlery set : knives, forks, dessert forks, dessert spoons, fruit spoons, teaspoons, fish knives and forks, two tablespoons and six similar tea knives£60-80
274.    Four silver dressing table items£30-50
274A.   A set of silver plated fruit cutlery, cased£10-20
275.    A pair of fish servers, a fruit cutlery set and two cake forks£10-20
276.    A Butler silver plated part canteen of cutler comprising: eight teaspoons, four tablespoons, nine fish knives, eight dessert spoons, eight fish forks, eleven dinner forks, eight soup spoons, eight dessert spoons, five dessert forks, eight dinner knives and eight tea knives£50-70
277.    A box of miscellaneous silver plated items£20-30
278.    Various silver plated cutlery£20-40
279.    A silver plated cutlery set£20-40
280.    A box of silver plated items£10-20
281.    Five souvenir silver teaspoons and four others£20-40
282.    A silver topped scent bottle, mother of pearl and silver penknives, shoe horn etc£50-70
283.    A silver three piece cruet set and two peppers£80-120
284.    A pair of cut glass silver bud vases and a silver and cut glass cruet£25-35
285.    A set of six silver teaspoons and tongs, cased£30-50
286.    A pair of cut glass scent bottles with silver embossed collars and a silver rimmed jar£40-60
287.    A box of small silver items 7g£120-180
288.    A cut glass and silver scent bottle£20-30
288A.   A group of six silver photograph frames, 2ozs£40-60
289.    A silver christening mug, scent bottle, toiletry pot, toiletry jar and trophy cup£60-80
290.    A pair of silver and ivory fish servers by Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1936£100-150
291.    A silver salver commemorating QE II silver jubilee, 12ozs£200-300
292.    A silver framed photo of Shirley Temple£20-40
293.    A silver photograph frame Birmingham 1918 and another£50-70
294.    A silver 1930's openwork fruit bowl with interlaced circular design Birmingham 1932, 8 ozs,
by A.J. Zimmerman£180-250
295.    A set of six silver coffee bean spoons, cased£30-50
296.    A white metal miniature tray and six liqueur glasses£10-20
297.    A small silver toastrack£25-45
298.    Two Sterling silver over glass pepper pots£30-50
299.    A George III Cowrie shell snuff box with ornate silver mounts, gilt interior£280-350
300.    A pair of Gorham sterling silver 'Almond Narragansett Oyster shell dishes' marked Gorham£800-1200
301.    A silver three piece cruet set£80-120
302.    A Mappin & Webb silver 'Fish Scale' comport, Sheffield 1931£80-120
303.    A continental silver tea strainer with pierced rim and ship terminal£30-50
304.    A Middle Eastern white metal and niello cigarette case depicting river scene to one side and mounted Arab on a camel to verso, signature to corner (tested silver)£180-250
305.    A silver Millennium money clip£20-30
306.    A silver chick pin cushion by Sampson & Mordan, Chester 1906£150-200
307.    A silver mounted Queen Victoria Florin 1888, the mount also hallmarked 1888£45-55
308.    A Gorham silver vesta case embossed setter/spaniel in marshland scene, hallmarked Gorham 1885£450-550
309.    A set of six silver cocktail sticks with red bead terminals (Edward Viner Sheffield 1936)£50-70
310.    Four silver decanter labels for Whisky, and Sherry, 1967-1973, 1.6 ozs£30-50
311.    A pair of silver engine turned napkin rings, Birmingham 1931 in original boxes£45-55
312.    A Carrs silver Concorde money clip boxed, given to VIP passengers on Concorde£35-45
313.    Two pairs of silver handled scissors£20-40
314.    A silver 800 standard baby spoon, boxed£10-20
315.    Ten various silver Edwardian thimbles including one by Charles Horner£60-80
316.    Three silver decanter labels£30-50
317.    A bone handled letter opener with silver collar London 1893 and a silver banded ebony page turner£25-35
318.    A silver cigarette box engraved presentation£100-150
319.    A silver cigarette box£100-150
320.    A silver plated Christofle bottle opener decorated palms and eagle£25-35
321.    A Sampson & Mordan set of six Art Deco silver and gold finish dress studs/buttons, Chester, 1913, in original box£120-180
322.    An 830 standard continental silver page turner in the form of an owl£40-60
323.    A late 19th century 830 standard continental silver cake slice embossed galleon and tavern scene£60-80
324.    A silver Kings pattern sugar sifter spoon Sheffield 190-1 and a horn handled pickle fork£30-40
325.    Spare lot
326.    A silver tablespoon - maker £50-70
327.    A silver tablespoon - maker£50-70
328.    A Maltese silver page turner£60-80
329.    A set of six silver plated Christofle chess style napkin rings with bark finish, dated 1968-72 on original ebony totem pole stand£150-200
330.    A silver and blue enamel mounted cut glass scent bottle, Birmingham 1926£70-90
331.    A colonial silver Brandy decanter label by Hamilton of Calcutta£20-30
331A.   A silver sherry decanter label by William Hutton, London 1894£20-40
332.    A Battle of Trafalgar 200th Anniversary pocket watch£10-20
333.    Two pairs of boxed cufflinks, horse head with gem eyes and football£15-25
334.    Two silver and mother of pearl penknives£30-40
335.    A set of ten silver pheasant shooting pegs£140-180
336.    A set of six Chinese white metal buttons with raised Chinese script decoration£60-80
337.    A Victorian ruby glass scent bottle with white metal lid£20-40
338.    A silver cigarette case engraved 'Ada'£60-80
339.    A silver stone set pill box£40-60
340.    A small silver photograph frame£15-25
341.    An 830 standard silver paper knife£20-30
342.    A silver napkin ring£15-25
343.    A 9 carat gold pencil holder a/f, 6g£60-80
344.    A continental gilt white metal caddy spoon£30-50
345.    A silver mounted pheasant corkscrew, Birmingham 1962£30-50
346.    A silver canoe form salt, Chester 1897 by Stokes & Ireland Ltd£140-180
347.    A set of five dress studs/buttons set green stones£20-40
348.    A Victorian silver pepper pot with embossed decoration£30-50
349.    An Edwardian silver sovereign case, engraved£40-60
350.    A sterling silver snuff/pill box£25-45
351.    A large sterling silver owl bookmark£25-45
352.    A silver pencil holder£25-35
353.    A sterling silver heart bookmark£20-40
354.    A sterling silver cat bookmark£15-25
355.    A silver vesta case, engraved, £25-45
356.    A pair of silver plated grape scissors decorated vines£15-25
357.    A pair of silver shell salts and spoons£20-40
358.    A silver napkin ring Chester 1900 and a silver Olympic 5 dollar coin £30-50
359.    An 800 standard silver Dutch boy and girl small circular brooch£10-20
360.    A silver and enamel compact decorated anemones by Garrards, small fault£40-60
361.    A sterling silver charm bracelet with twelve charms£25-45
362.    A sterling silver charm bracelet with horse related charms£20-40
363.    An Indian white metal bangle and a Middle Eastern bangle set coin£30-40
364.    A silver fob chain hung with three coins£20-40
365.    A silver and marcasite bracelet, a brooch by TM & Co and another marcasite brooch£30-50
366.    Four antique pastel buckles£20-40
367.    A pair of silver earrings set blue irridescent stones and a pair of pendant green stone and paste earrings£20-40
368.    A 19th century ivory buckle/brooch carved fruit £20-40
369.    A Victorian yellow metal and black stone mourning brooch set seed pearls£40-60
370.    Two Essex crystal style tie pin/brooch£10-20
371.    A silver hinged bangle and an Oris watch£25-35
372.    A pair of yellow metal and lapis lazuli earrings and two pairs of pearl earrings£30-50
373.    A silver and marcasite brooch and an 800 standard silver brooch £20-40
374.    An amethyst and silver pendant on a silver chain£20-40
375.    Three 9 carat gold wrist watches and two other watches£60-80
376.    An orange sapphire set in silver on silver chain£60-80
377.    A small yellow metal stone seal and three stick pins£30-50
378.    A white metal long chain necklace set seed pearls, some deficient£20-30
379.    A Scandinavian style silver boat brooch and a moon form moonstone brooch a/f£30-50
380.    A white metal paste bracelet set blue and white stones£10-20
381.    A yellow metal stick pin set moonstone and diamonds£60-80
382.    A Medieval style silver pendant on chain, marked A.H.£20-40
383.    A cameo of a Roman man in gilt metal surround£30-50
384.    A pair of silver earrings set blue stones£10-20
385.    A white metal and enamel Persian brooch painted deer and birds£30-50
386.    A small group of costume jewellery£10-20
387.    A 9 carat gold 'Egypt' brooch (enamel a/f) and three other gold brooches, 15g£100-150
388.    A pair of amethyst earrings set in 9 carat gold£40-60
389.    A pair of 9 carat gold and pearl earrings and a seed pearl brooch£30-50
390.    A group of three silver hunting/racing stock pins£60-80
391.    A pair of ruby earrings set in 9 carat gold£60-80
392.    A garnet and opal pendant set in 9 carat gold on 9 carat gold chain£50-70
393.    A 15 carat gold Edwardian demi-parure - the necklace set pendant amethysts and seed pearls together with matching earrings and 9 carat gold ring (necklace needs repair)£100-150
394.    A group of antique and vintage paste jewellery£20-40
395.    A silver and mother of pearl bracelet, penknife and silver locket on chain£15-25
396.    A tanzanite pendant set in 9 carat white gold with tanzanite and diamond earrings in white gold£90-120
397.    A white gold and amethyst necklace and chain£25-35
398.    A pair of 9 carat white gold Art Deco style earrings set sapphires and chip diamonds£100-150
399.    An 18 carat gold ring set oval opal£80-100
400.    A 9 carat gold ring set five graduated garnets£50-70
401.    A yellow metal brooch in the form of entwined initials set four large diamonds (approx one carat), eight smaller diamonds and an orange stone (probably orange sapphire)£1000-1500
402.    A 585 standard gold ring set diamond (1/2 carat approx)£280-350
403.    A pair of emerald earrings set in 9 carat gold£50-70
404.    A purple glass cameo set within elaborate gilt metal surround£30-50
405.    A 15 carat gold bracelet£300-400
406.    A Limoge style enamel miniature painted Moses in the desert smiting the rock to produce a stream of water£80-120
407.    A Limoge style enamel miniature oval painted putti and venus group£80-120
408.    A 9 carat gold ring set tanzanite£60-80
409.    A white metal ring set row of rubies flanked by two rows of diamonds (one ruby deficient)£300-400
410.    A yellow metal ring set rectangular panel of eighteen diamonds£600-800
411.    A French 18 carat gold bracelet of openwork foliage panels set alternate emeralds and diamonds, marked 'Vague'£600-800
412.    A 9k gold blue topaz and diamond pendant (approx 8 carats) on 9 carat gold chain£120-180
413.    An Iona silver brooch of Viking ship by Iain MacCormick and a silver and moss agate pendant by John Hart, Iona, Edinburgh 1962£40-60
414.    A silver gilt garnet pendant with matching earrings£10-20
415.    An 18 carat gold watch and a 9 carat gold watch - both a/f£50-70
416.    An Ortak Celtic silver brooch set citrine, another silver Celtic knot brooch and a silver eagle and antler brooch£20-40
417.    A silver paste lizard brooch and a pewter frog tie pin marked 'Brown'£20-30
418.    A 15 carat gold ring a/f and a silver and 9 carat gold eternity ring a/f£20-40
419.    A 9 carat gold and diamond cluster ring - a/f£30-50
420.    A 9 carat gold open work brooch set amethyst and four pearls and a pair of amethyst pear drop earrings£100-150
421.    An 18 carat gold ring set ruby flanked by two diamonds£100-150
422.    An 18 carat gold ring set cluster of seven diamonds approx 1/4 carat each (clarity P1 colour I/J size K£800-1000
423.    An Omega 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch and strap£400-600
424.    A 9 carat gold necklace with straight and spherical links, 23 g£200-300
425.    A silver gilt bracelet with dark blue and white stones£40-60
426.    A box of yellow metal, gilt metal buckles etc£60-80
427.    A 9 carat gold hinged and spiral ribbed bangle 14g£150-200
428.    A 9 carat white gold ring set princess cut sapphire flanked by diamonds£70-90
429.    An 18 carat gold ring£150-200
430.    An 18 carat gold signet ring (4 g) and another gold ring a/f£100-150
431.    A freshwater pearl necklace with pendant£40-60
432.    A silver knot brooch set amber and two crucifixes£20-40
433.    Five items of Middle Eastern white metal jewellery£10-20
434.    A mens Accurist wrist watch (reputed to be in working order)£30-50
435.    A single string of graduated pearls on silver clasp£60-80
436.    A Victorian gold stone set kilt pin with citrine finial - 8.5cm - in original case by G Edward and Son, Glasgow. Registration mark 1858£200-300
437.    A sterling silver Mackintosh design bracelet£20-40
438.    A yellow metal cameo brooch and various gold earrings (singles) etc£20-40
439.    A Limit gold plated ladies wristwatch (reputed to be in working order)£25-45
440.    A white metal bracelet set four strands of seed pearls with central panel and clasp set chip diamonds, clasp a/f, 14.4 cm£40-60
441.    A white metal bracelet set three diamonds and pearls£100-150
442.    A Victorian lava bracelet carved cameos, one with hairline crack£50-70
443.    A group of old marcasite/paste jewellery£10-20
444.    A Regency marcasite cocktail watch and a beetle brooch watch£10-20
445.    A pair of Art Deco paste and turquoise drop earrings£10-20
446.    A box of studs, watches, cufflinks etc£10-20
447.    Various costume jewellery£10-20
448.    A box of various costume jewellery£10-20
449.    A box of costume jewellery£15-25
450.    A group of bar brooches, pins etc£30-50
451.    A box of vintage costume necklaces£10-20
452.    A box of vintage costume brooches£10-20
453.    A box of silver and antique costume jewellery£10-20
454.    A group of costume jewellery including amber, coral etc£30-50
455.    A leather jewellery box and assorted jewellery£40-60
456.    A box of silver bracelets etc£30-50
457.    A selection of pocket watches, movements and fob chains£30-50
458.    A box of assorted watches, Avia, Fossil etc£20-40
459.    A box of assorted jewellery including agate, lapis, etc£20-40
460.    A box of bangles, silver rings, a compact etc£30-50
461.    A box of costume jewellery including agate necklace etc£30-50
462.    A box of costume jewellery£10-20
463.    A box of costume jewellery£10-20
464.    A box of costume jewellery£10-20
465.    A box of assorted watches, Ingersoll, Fossil etc£30-50
466.    A box of costume brooches£10-20
467.    A box of costume jewellery£10-20
468.    Two silver plated trays£40-60
469.    Spare lot
470.    A WWII set of three comprising War Medal, France and Germany Star and 1939-1945 Star - in original box£50-70
471.    One Victorian halfcrown - condition VF - EF£40-80
472.    A small group of silver coins£10-20
473.    Two Death Plaques to Alfred Corke and Frank Corke plus a George V war medal Kings Shropshire Light Infantry and Cheshire Regiment respectively£140-180
474.    A Lusitania medal£10-20
475.    A set of three WWI medals to Pte A E Wright, Gloucester Regiment No 14946 including War Medal, Victory Medal and 1914-15 Star and a 1914 chocolate box£60-80
476.    Three Royal commemorative medals, one of 1901 Coronation of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra with blue ribbon and clasp - one of 1911 Coronation of George V and Queen Mary and one of 1937 Coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth£20-30
477.    Queen Elizabeth II commemorative coin mounted as a pendant£10-20
478.    A bag of silver coins approx 185 grams total - including 90 grams pre 1920 and 95 grams pre 1947 - coins including shillings, threepennies etc - condition Poor to Fine£80-120
479.    A gold proof 100 dollar coin - 16 g£300-400
480.    A box of old coins£10-20
481.    A group of miscellaneous coins - crowns, German bank note, Italian coin 1914 Vittorio Emanuele - condition F - VF£10-30
482.    A tin of various coins mainly copper/bronze pennies, half-pennies: Victoria - Elizabeth II plus some World including silver - condition Poor to VF£20-30
483.    A small group of Masonic medals, cufflinks etc£10-20
484.    Two cap badges and various coins£10-20
484A.   Three commemorative coins, a Hindenburg Five marks and a silver Jubilee commemorative coin£30-40
485.    Four Ireland (Eire) banknotes including three £1 (punt) and one Ten shilling notes - condition Fair, £20-30
486.    A box of coins£10-20
487.    A tin of coins, pre-decimal - to date including pennies, shillings, sixpences etc - condition F - VF£10-30
488.    Spare lot
489.    A group of 1970's comics - various including Rover, Hornet etc£10-20
490.    A quantity of vintage magazines, songsheets etc including 1924 Illustrated London News British Empire Exhibition number£15-25
491.    A box of photographic books£10-20
492.    A quantity of fishing books£10-20
493.    Postcards - Actresses (a 60) including Vesta Tilley, The Dare Sisters, Marie Studholme etc£30-50
494.    Six Tucks postcards of beauties after Asti£15-25
495.    Five postcards of battleships and one of rugby match Devon v Durham 1906£10-20
496.    A WWI pocket album of art and sketches patriotic to Britain including a sticker in tribute to Jack Cornwell. Three other pocket albums of art and notes spanning WWI and WWII plus scouting ephemera£30-50
497.    Cigarette cards/Trade cards - quantity of odds including Phillips,Churchman but mainly Twinings Rare Stamps£10-20
498.    An autograph and memento book with watercolours and sketches dated 1919£40-60
499.    A set of four cigarette card albums relating to transport and football£20-40
500.    A set of four cigarette card albums relating to aircraft£20-40
501.    A box of modern, animal postcards£10-20
502.    Cigarette Cards - large size, six sets, including Players Racing Yachts, Sarony 1926 Around The Mediterranean etc£50-70
503.    Cigarette Cards - six sets including Players BR Livestock; Freshwater Fish (White Black) etc£50-70
504.    Cigarette Cards - large size six sets including Churchmans Famous Railway Trains (2nd) Cavanders Ancient Egypt etc£35-55
505.    Cigarette Cards - Players Cricketers carics by RIP; Football carics by MAC; Wills Association Footballers (no frame) - one set of each£50-70
506.    Cigarette Cards - Churchmans 1935 Rugby Internationals; Players Tennis; Cycling - one set of each£40-60
507.    Cigarette Cards - Wills Rugby Internationals; Ogdens How to Swim; Players Cricketers 1930 - one set of each£50-70
508.    Greetings Cards - quantity with some earlier types stuck in old album together with later including embroidered, celluloid etc (these loose and in two modern albums)£25-45
509.    Postcards - large quantity, mainly GB Topo (some Foreign), Greetings, few Booklets etc (approx 600)£60-80
510.    Lavoisne's Atlas published John Barfield£80-100
511.    An album of old postcards, many local including Cheltenham, Gloucester, Worcester, Malvern plus saucy cards etc£100-150
511A.   Hoppers Practical Measurer£20-40
512.    A large vintage photograph of Edward VII when Prince of Wales after the capture of Mons, by Canadian troops during WWI - also with press photos of royal crowns for the 1953 Coronation£30-50
513.    A group of German WWII Nazi ephemera£20-40
514.    Two Third Reich German passports for Alfred Riess£40-60
515.    A mounted photograph of Buffalo Bill with attributed signature£30-50
516.    A collection of letters dated 1915 - 1916 relating to Mrs M Leighton of Broadfield Court Herefordshire, regarding a dispute over petrol supplied for her car£20-40
517.    Approximately thirty vintage airline and hotel luggage labels - unused£20-40
518.    An application dated 1922 by the Welsh journalist Robert Read to be editor of The Hereford Times with testimonials from Sir John Ballinger and Sidney Robinson MP, also with an application by GH Peacock to be managing editor of the paper£20-40
519.    WWII letters of Private Winifred Field of the Womens Auxilliary Territorial Service giving insight into women's war service and her training as an anti-aircraft gunner£50-70
520.    Nazi propaganda sheet "Last Appeal to Reason", postcard of Borkum, photos of Hitler Youth and a luggage label in fine condition for the Fuhrers Hotel, Munich£20-40
521.    A Victorian leather photograph album painted swallows, and contents£20-40
522.    A passport dated 1833 for Mr Hugh Owen - issued by the French with extensive franking and notations from across Europe, together with a Victorian text about the Suffragette cause£20-40
523.    Two Victorian bank ledgers involving businesses in Britain and abroad including the US railroads and gold mines in New Zealand, and other banking ephemera£35-55
524.    County of Down Spring Assizes 1818 held at Down Patrick£20-40
525.    A 1945 photograph album from Captain E P Hoile containing photos of ethnic, topographical and military interest and some family photos - also letters from the Fort at Miransah regarding troop manoeuvres with Brigadier Marindin£80-120
526.    A Family Bible by Rev Eadie£10-20
527.    Calmets Dictionary of the Bible published 1823, Vol 1 only£10-20
528.    Bound music sheets circa 1850s£10-20
529.    The General Gazetteer 1678 £20-40
530.    Mrs Beetons "Everyday Cookery" 1912£15-25
531.    Elements of Natural History of Animals by Rev. Bingley, First Ed 1814£50-70
532.    DH Lawrence paperback The First Lady Chatterley, First Edition, published 1946 by Phoenix£10-20
533.    A Lost Lady of Old Years by John Buchan 1899£35-45
534.    In The Days of Miss Beale by Cecily Steadman£10-20
535.    A group of old scouting books£10-20
536.    Four Perpetua books by Raymond Peynet£30-50
537.    Four assorted stamp albums£20-30
538.    A box of various stamps and stamp albums£10-20
539.    Stamps - BR Commonwealth on leaves including BAAT 1971 Treaty set (u/m), BIOT 1968 Fish Defins; Turks & Caicos GV 3/-, 1948 S Wedding (M), Seychelles 1969 Defin set (M) etc£80-100
540.    A Victorian decoupage and scrap album£10-20
541.    Two albums of crests and seals£20-40
542.    A Beatles Twist and Shout EP first published 1963 and The Official United Artists pictorial souvenir book for "A Hard Days Night" first edition 1964

543.    Normal Mailer - "Of Women and Their Elegance" First Edition 1985£10-20
544.    A book of German Army uniforms £10-20
545.    Nine books on the countryside - three by Henry Williamson: Tarka the Otter (illus Tunnicliffe), The Old Stag and the Animal Saga. Four illustrated by Robert Gibbings including Coming down the Wye and two Gilbert White titles, Natural History of Selbourne and Gilbert White in his Village£10-20
546.    A Tramp Abroad by Mark Twain 1880, Vol II£25-35
547.    The Complete Anglers Vade-Mecum 1808£10-20
548.    A booked signed by Cliff Richard, another signed by Ray Reardon and a signed photo of Frankie Vaughan etc£15-25
549.    Six books on birds including The Oxford Book of Birds, Secrets of Bird Life by H A Gilbert, British Sea Birds by Gibson-Hill and Birds of Town and Village illustrated by Basil Ede£10-20
550.    Eight gun books including The Sporting Rifle by Marshall-Ball, Craddock on Shotguns, Antique Firearms and Gun Collecting both by Frederick Wilson and four others£10-20
551.    A Mrs Beaton cookery book£10-20
552.    Seven illustrated books, two by Lionel Edwards, Black Beauty and Flame, two by Tunnicliffe, A Sketchbook of Birds and Sketches of Bird Life, and three by Gordon Beningfield, Countryside, Hardy Country and English Landscape£10-20
553.    Eight books on witchcraft, poltergiests, ghosts and astrology. Authors include Christina Hole and Colin Wilson£10-20
554.    A seven volume set of The Works of The Bronte sisters. The Professor, Shirley, Wuthering Heights, Villette, Agnes Grey, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Jane Eyre published by The Folio Society£35-55
555.    Eight books on history and royalty - A N Wilsons The Victorians and After the Victorians, Elizabeth and Mary by Jane Dunn, Henry VIII by Alison Wier, Death of a Princess by Thomas Sancton and Abdication, Edward VIII which includes a disc of his final speech£10-20
556.    Stamps - Strand Album of World - well filled throughout together with three further Albums of World£60-80
557.    A Senator stamp album, mainly Commonwealth ranges including Hong Kong, Malaya, K U T, Channel Islands Independence issues etc, together with further album of Romania and Yugoslavia £20-30
558.    Windsor Album (Vol 1) including QV Jubilee set to 1/2 (both), EVII ditto with many extra shades, printings etc; GV 1911, 1912 (with addl shades) 1924 B. Cypher set, 24-25 Wembley sets, photogravure set GVI 1939-48 H. vals set etc - these all MINT (some u/m) - later through to 1970 (these appear u/m). Good clean lot needing careful viewing.£400-600
559.    Stamps - New Imperial album - clean ranges of Australian states, Rhodesia from 1892, S Africa from 1913, N.Z etc£70-90
560.    Postcards - Album, predominantly GB Topo, including st sc at Barnsley, E Budleigh, Cawthorne etc (a 160)£70-90
561.    Stamps - Movaleaf album, well filled with world and Commonwealth; further album of world plus s/book of GB£60-80
562.    Postcard album with ranges of GB and Foreign topo, few theatrical, greeting etc£30-50
563.    Stamps - carton of oddments including FDC's, various sets, odd vals etc on s/cards, album pages, packets; Morley Bright WMK Detector, Uvitec Ultra Violet Lamp etc£50-70
564.    Stamps - quantity of GB FDC's (typed addresses) and Pres Packs£30-50
565.    Stamps - Lincoln album with clean collection of early issues£40-60
566.    Two albums containing coll GB FDC's 1992-2003, clean with typed addresses together with few WWII anniversary covers and two framed items£40-60
567.    GB U/M mint decimal coll 1971-1990 in Windsor Albums (2) with Commems nearly complete, few Bklt panes etc together with Sealed Collectors packs (5) including 1993, 1995, 1996£80-100
568.    Carton with Collectors accum. in tins, envelopes etc together with Simplex Album of GB including Seahorses to 10/- etc. Commonwealth with 1937 Coronation sets M/U, Australia with better 1930's sets; Album of GB (sparse) etc. Interesting lot to sort£50-60
569.    Two boxes of books on woodwork£20-30
570.    A box of 1950/60's motorcycle magazines£10-20
570A.   Approximately 100 Playboy magazines mostly 1980's and 1990's including various special editions£30-50
571.    A pair of stone bookends from The Houses of Parliament£10-20
572.    A bronze style figure Jockey on horseback£20-40
573.    A wooden nutcracker doll£10-20
574.    A brass candelabrum, a copper embossed eastern jug and two crucifixes
575.    Spare lot
576.    A Zeiss "Nettarsis" camera£10-20
577.    A pair of "Scope" binoculars£10-20
578.    A L'As small folding camera by ELC Paris - a/f£20-30
579.    A Pentax "Auto Il0 Super" Camera Kit£10-20
580.    A Zenith Camera and Lens£10-20
581.    Clean Fast 55mm f 1.4 "Super Reflecta" lens with M42 mount (threaded).£20-40
582.    A Kodak "Retina Ila" camera£30-40
583.    A Contessa Nettel Compur camera No 258646 in leather case£50-70
584.    A box of cameras £20-30
585.    A Pentax ME Super camera and lenses£10-20
586.    An Olympus Trip 35 and a Cannon Canonette£10-20
587.    A box of cameras and accessories including lens, Praktica MTL3, Praktica Nova etc£20-30
588.    Three boxes of workshop fittings£10-20
589.    A German shell case base 1917 and other brassware£10-20
590.    Two 1930's oak mantel clocks£20-30
591.    A group of African daggers and small drum£10-20
592.    A 1930's Art Deco mantel clock£15-25
593.    A brass trench art ashtray and a wooden tea caddy£10-20
594.    A Boosey & Hawkes Clarinet, boxed£15-25
595.    Four old oil cans£10-20
596.    A 1960's doll boxed, a costume doll and a crawling baby doll£10-20
597.    An lace edge handkerchief belonging to Queen Victoria - framed and glazed, 44 cm square£100-150
598.    A set of Black Cat cigarette cards - Kings and Queens of England framed and glazed£20-40
599.    An Indian white metal hubble bubble£100-150
600.    An Anglo/Indian carved wood correspondence box with ivory and ebony inlay£30-50
601.    An old copper samovar£25-35
602.    A carved hardwood large sculpture 'Thinking Man'£50-70
603.    A small early 20th century mahogany Georgian style sideboard£20-30
604.    A 1950's walnut display cabinet£10-20
605.    Two old dial telephones£20-40
606.    Two large maple picture frames£10-20
607.    An oil of a lady in period costume£20-30
608.    A limited edition print of hot air balloons in Bristol "Ascent from College Green" signed A Harfield 1995£10-20
609.    A pair of exotic bird prints after Gould£10-20
610.    A German etching "The Woodcutters" 1902£10-20
611.    Susan Haire - watercolour"Still Life with Towel and Stool", signed and dated 1975 (RA summer exhibitions 1975-1980)£40-60
612.    A 1950's demi-lune display cabinet£10-20
613.    A mahogany lyre form set of bed ends£20-30
614.    An oak refectory style drawer leaf dining table and four chairs£20-40
615.    A folder of old history class posters C 1930£10-20
616.    A Wallaby skin£10-20
617.    An oak dropleaf supper table on turned supports£15-25
618.    A pair of coloured hunting prints£20-30
619.    A pair of oileographs Victorian interior scenes£10-20
620.    Two prints of hunting dogs and puppies in oak frames£10-20
621.    A 1930's oak drawerleaf dining table and four slat back dining chairs£20-30
622.    Two limited edition racing prints signed by Reeves "Pawnee of Ascot" and "Foreago defeats Honest Pleasure" - unframed with certificate£50-70
623.    An oak gateleg dining table on barleytwist supports£25-35
624.    Two shipping prints after Montague Dawson and Alexander Maclean, 29" x 19" and 17" x 13"£10-20
625.    A Chinese 3/4 size violin and bow in case£10-20
626.    An oak framed tapestry firescreen£10-20
627.    AJ E Hall - watercolour town scene£10-20
628.    A 19th century watercolour church scene dated 1841, inscription to verso - 16 x 21cm£20-30
629.    A reproduction metal advertising sign for Bordeaux wine£10-20
630.    A pair of photographic prints of early motoring scenes and a limited edition print of High Street by Geldart£10-20
631.    A pine plate rack£20-40
632.    An Edwardian mahogany washstand with two cupboard doors£15-25
633.    Twenty four black and white etchings from Charles Dickens "Oliver", by Cruickshank, framed in groups £50-70
634.    A hand coloured print "The Mail Coach" dated 1820£10-20
635.    A rosewood drawer/work box£20-40
636.    A watercolour angling scene and a letter relating to angling£10-20
637.    An old mandolin by Migma with floral inlay£30-50
638.    A 20th century Hepplewhite style dining table with interleaf and seven matching dining chairs£100-150
639.    J Hunt - watercolour of ruins, signed 15 x 20cm£20-40
640.    Thomas Walshaw - watercolour street scene - 16 x 21cm£20-30
641.    A gilt convex mirror, 40cm diameter£10-20
642.    A Victorian copper two handled quart tankard by Askew, Nottingham£20-40
643.    A pair of Victorian brass candlesticks marked Storrars Chester£45-55
644.    A carved oak mantel clock£10-20
645.    A brass miners lamp£20-30
646.    A large bronze bell flanked by dolphin supports£50-70
647.    A French large pewter jug£10-20
648.    A brass fox door knocker and a cloisonne vase£20-40
649.    An ornate brass desk stand£20-40
650.    A fox brass door knocker£10-20
651.    An antique pottery tobacco jar in form of Moroccan seated man, repaired£30-50
652.    A French red marble mantel clock (lacking surmount)£20-40
653.    An Art Nouveau brass desk lamp with frilled glass shade£20-30
654.    A Victorian glass fly/wasp catcher£10-20
655.    A cut glass table lamp£20-40
656.    A copper coffee percolator £10-20
657.    A set of five French copper saucepans£50-70
658.    A bronze bulldog desk pen tray£70-90
659.    Three copper kettles£30-40
660.    An oak punch bowl with ornate silver plated mounts in the form of Bulls Heads and raised on bull hoof supports, by Daniel & Arter£180-250
661.    A 19th century percussion pistol with Damascus screw barrel, .687 bore approx£220-280
662.    A 19th century double barrel percussion pistol approx 3.75 bore£220-280
663.    A 19th century percussion action pistol .650 calibre£320-380
664.    A Japanese WWII officers sword hilt and fittings with shagreen bound grip and gilt floral Tsuba £80-100
665.    An early 19th century eastern dagger with horn handle, guard a/f, signature to blade, leather and metal mounted scabbard£50-70
666.    An ornamental Eastern dagger£20-30
667.    An old ebony handled kukri£30-50
668.    A set of African arrows and holder£20-40
669.    A Hardy salmon tailer£20-40
670.    An African wooden club£20-40
671.    A Victorian military sword by Firmin and Sons London in scabbard£120-180
672.    A box book of old binding tools including letter punches, plough, pallets etc and two modern agate burnishers£60-80
673.    Three military helmets£30-40
674.    A stone effect cherub with vines£100-150
675.    An oak letter rack£10-20
676.    A pair of pewter salt and pepper pots£20-30
677.    A brass bar match striker holder and two owl match holders with glass eyes£20-40
678.    A black painted spelter scottie dog£10-20
679.    A 1920's ink blotter with carved wood dogs head handle£50-70
680.    A gilt finish metal plaque depicting Italian portrait medallions within a strapwork border £20-30
681.    A bronze deer on base£30-50
682.    Three 'jade' carved animals£10-20
683.    A brass bottle jack and bracket£20-30
684.    A bronze figure of a cat standing on his hind legs with tray 18cm£50-70
685.    A pewter glass bottom tankard with fox handle£20-30
686.    An Art Deco chrome table lighter in the form of a chess piece£35-45
687.    A small carved wood Black Forrest bear sat on hind legs£20-30
688.    An Art Deco chrome salt and pepper pot£10-20
689.    A carved wood Black Forrest matchbox holder and ashtray£35-45
690.    A brass bell with turned wood handle and an antimony box£10-20
691.    An old glass paperweight in the form of a compass - H Gregory near India House, London£20-30
692.    A whistle stamped 'The Metropolitan, J Hudsonk, Barr St, Birmingham£10-20
693.    A painted Japanese paper fan and a 'Claridges' fan£10-20
694.    A Hawksley copper shot flask£30-50
695.    A set of eight nautical themed brass key rings£20-40
696.    Three tortoiseshell penknives and one horn penknife£20-40
697.    An antique copper wine coaster embossed heraldic motif by Henry Jenkins£20-30
698.    A brass cartridge loader with turned wood handle£40-60
699.    An antique and brass mounted marking gauge£20-40
700.    A Mauchline Ware page turner decorated St David's cathedral£20-30
701.    A bronze Art Deco pin dish in the form of two stylized Airedale terriers£20-40
702.    A bulls head bottle opener and two antique corkscrews£20-40
703.    A pair of cream bakelite opera glasses in a case£15-25
704.    A large Victorian brass and iron table top triple hole cigar cutter£50-70
705.    A late 19th century four drawer "Britannic" telescope by Broadhurst Clarkson and Co£50-70
706.    A Phenolic early plastic Art Deco inkstand£40-60
707.    Three old ink pens£10-20
708.    A Parker pen and two other inkpens£20-30
709.    A micromosaic double oval picture frame decorated forget me nots, the easel support missing£50-60
710.    A Norma Wellings sailor doll and a costume doll£20-40
711.    Two frozen charlottes dolls (one hand a/f) and a small bisque doll a/f£10-20
712.    Two Stratton compacts, another compact and a purse£10-20
713.    A Pendleton Royal Gun cleaning kit£20-40
714.    Two fans and a pair of kid gloves£10-20
715.    An early mahogany solitaire board with coloured thread glass marbles£30-50
716.    A large stoneware and wood pestle£10-20
717.    Seven gardening medals, various enamel badges and gold plated Manchester Canal Centenary Medal£20-30
718.    A box of old keys£20-30
719.    Spare lot
720.    A Pelham puppet cat, boxed and another puppet etc£10-20
721.    A Victorian wooden book rack£10-20
722.    A box of old playing cards - some unused, dominoes etc£20-40
723.    A group of antique and later lead and metal zoo animals etc£20-40
724.    A box of Matchbox cars etc£10-20
725.    A box of die cast cars etc£10-20
726.    A box of mixed die cast cars£10-20
727.    A leather picture frame£15-25
728.    A Negro cast iron money box£15-25
729.    An old treen matchbox holder decorated skier to front 'Norge'£15-25
730.    A set of postal scales and weights£10-20
731.    An old metal open topped car pin cushion£35-45
732.    A Gemstone 'Globe' unused in box with certificate£35-45
733.    An Arts & Crafts beaten copper tea caddy by R.Greenless & Co Glasgow, Reg No. 671490£20-40
734.    A leather powder/shot flask and another£10-20
735.    A brass female mask door knocker£20-40
736.    A 'Shagreen' button hook, a shoe horn and a sewing kit£10-20
737.    A box of lighters including Dunhill and Douglas etc£40-60
738.    An old GWR brass key on chain£15-25
739.    A box of military and other badges£10-20
740.    A group of Police memorabilia and other collectables£15-25
741.    A pocket voltmeter, morse code tapper, two lighters and a bakelite tape measures£10-20
742.    A Huntley & Palmer small 'Indian Chest' biscuit tin circa 1900£20-30
743.    An Anglo Indian bone and red stained chess set - boxed and one piece deficient£40-60
744.    An Anglo Indian bone and red stained chess set with ornate carved decoration - complete but with some small damage/repair£120-180
745.    A mahogany cased travel chess set with bone pieces - complete£20-40
746.    Two old corkscrews and a LittleChelt bottle opener£10-20
747.    A box of collectables£10-20
748.    A silver nail polisher, cigarette case and an old corkscrew£10-20
749.    An old green Meccano tin printed boy to front£10-20
750.    A ladies small fitted make-up case with fitted interior and three additional makeup containers£15-25
751.    A silver mounted red leather bridge case - a/f, four whist markers and two bezique markers£30-50
752.    A carved wooden box£10-20
753.    A silk RAF aircraft map of the Middle East Beyrouth to Damas (restricted in red)£10-20
754.    Various lighters and cigarette cases including Ronson and various collectables £10-20
755.    Two sets of old scales or Dynamometers to test strength - one marked Regnier£10-20
756.    A box of vintage glass Christmas baubles£20-30
757.    A box of Shell boxed model cars£10-20
758.    A box of Matchbox cars etc£10-20
759.    Two old Turkoman style rugs£15-25
760.    Helena Stone - pen and ink illustration 'In Pursuit'£30-50
761.    A set of three glass Art Deco light shades, printed bullrushes£15-25
762.    A Victorian group of eight taxidermy items in a glass fronted case - two red squirrels, cock pheasant, hen pheasant, partridge, pair of starlings and a pied wagtail, good condition£120-180
763.    A Victorian mahogany sideboard with two frieze drawers over cupboards enclosing cellaret drawer£60-80
764.    A taxidermy trout in river bed case - '3lb 2ozs - caught by W Melbourn at Downton 18th Sept 1945'£600-800
765.    A V Pace (Bristol Savages) - watercolour 'Robert The Bruce', 24 x 33cm£20-40
766.    A taxidermy Goshawk in case, 'Sussex 1948' with DOE Reg No inscribed to case£300-500
767.    A taxidermy cabinet with two jays, two smaller birds and squirrel, some wear£40-60
768.    A French early 19th century red chalk portrait of a girl, 26 x 19cm£120-180
769.    Aubrey Barfoot - watercolour cottage scene, 25 x 36cm£20-40
770.    A Victorian oak mirror back sideboard with all over carved foliage decoration and turned pillar supports£100-150
771.    A 1930's walnut Art Deco chest of drawers£30-50
772.    An old replica halberd£20-40
773.    An Islamic four fold iron metal screen£150-200
774.    A brass fan form firescreen£20-40
775.    An Edwardian satinwalnut small chest of three drawers£50-70
776.    An old church collection box with long handle£10-20
777.    A poster of Churchill 'Let us go forward together'- framed and glazed£50-70
778.    A 19th century pine corner wall cupboard£60-80
779.    A pine wardrobe with panelled door flanked by five drawers, 114 cm wide£80-100
779A.   A cast iron cauldron£10-20
780.    An early 19th century oil on canvas river gorge£60-80
781.    Alan King - oil on canvas coastal scene 'Awaiting The Morning Tide' 30" x 20"£60-80
782.    A pair of Victorian oil on canvas roses 95 x 30 cm£15-25
783.    Thomas Cantrell Dugdale - oil portrait Viscount Beaufort£80-100
784.    An oak 1920's set of six dining chairs£20-40
785.    A large rectangular gilt framed mirror 42 x 30 inches£10-20
786.    A pair of "stone" garden lions on plinth bases, the base 195cm x 42cm£100-150
787.    A pair of garden urns, 45cm h x 64 cm d£60-80
788.    An antique thatchers rake£10-20
789.    A brass fireside set£20-40
790.    A Georgian mahogany demi-lune folding tea table£80-100
791.    A group of six Stoneware flagons with labels for Watts, A & M CSL, Inind, Godsell and Ridgway£30-50
792.    A stone bird bath
793.    Two old chimney pots£20-40
794.    A ships steering wheel£50-70
795.    An old garden bench with plaque - ex HMS Lion£30-50
796.    Six square stone effect garden jardinieres and a stone effect garden urn£30-50
797.    A 19th century rosewood oval centre table on turned column and triple platform base£150-200
798.    A pair of brass wrythen twist candlesticks - one a/f£20-30
799.    A Victorian walnut work box with mother of pearl border£30-50
800.    A 19th century alabaster mantel clock with swinging gilt cherub to arch, 24cm h£100-150
801.    A Regency rosewood tea caddy, no interior£30-50
802.    A bronze group pair of cows - one lying and one standing, 31 x 24cm£80-120
803.    An Art Nouveau style bronze figurine form candlestick in form of a woman, 34cm£140-180
804.    Four old glass bottles and three old stoneware bottles with printed labels£30-40
805.    A Victorian wind out mahogany dining table and interleaf on turned supports, 57" x 40"£80-120
806.    A dome top trunk with liner
807.    A cuckoo clock with carved leaf and cuckoo decoration£40-60
808.    Three small leather suitcases with shipping labels£20-40
809.    A box of Meccano£20-30
810.    Three brass trivets, chestnut roaster, bell and bellows£10-20
811.    An old Singer sewing machine£10-20
812.    A leather topped coffee table£10-20
813.    A large mounted stags head and five smaller deer/goat heads£20-40
814.    An oak 1920's rectangular occasional table on barleytwist supports£10-20
815.    A quantity of old lace, mainly handmade£20-30
816.    A black and silvered metal thread shawl£20-40
817.    A long handmade antique lace stole£40-60
818.    A handmade lace shawl, a collar and a circular lace tray cloth£50-70
819.    A set of three slat back country chairs£30-40
820.    A vintage pedigree doll£10-20
821.    A set of six oak ladder back dining chairs (four dining chairs and two carvers)£60-80
822.    An oil of a gentleman in period costume£15-25
823.    Five vintage handbags£20-30
824.    A brass toasting fork with bear handle£10-20
825.    A 1930's German mahogany mantel clock with Westminster chime£40-60
826.    An old crocodile skin handbag£20-30
827.    A mahogany mid 20th century reproduction bureau with four graduated drawers£60-80
828.    A silk cream shawl and two beaded evening bags£30-50
829.    An Edwardian mahogany pot cupboard£10-20
830.    A set of six Edwardian oak rush seated Arts & Crafts dining chairs£60-80
831.    An oak 1920's occasional table on barleytwist supports£20-40
832.    An oak Mouseman kidney form tray with two mice to sides£150-180
833.    An old elm seated slat back farmhouse style chair£70-90
834.    A 'Sunflower' nursing chair by George Faulkner circa 1895£80-120
835.    A Georgian circular oak wine table with turned column on triple splay supports£60-80
836.    An old mahogany 'X' frame work basket£10-20
837.    A gilt framed oil of roses 58 x 23cm£20-40
838.    A set of three Victorian mahogany bar back dining chairs and another chair£20-30
839.    A Liberty style chair with wavy slat back and rush seat, distressed£20-40
840.    An Edwardian mahogany corner chair£20-40
841.    A small Vienna style wall clock with turned decoration£20-40
842.    A Victorian mahogany arch back hall chair with carved decoration and turned supports£30-40
843.    A rush seated ladder back chair£10-20
844.    A Victorian shield back mahogany hall chair£30-50
845.    A set of Edwardian mahogany Chippendale style dining chairs (two carvers and four diners)£40-60
846.    A circular coffee table£10-20
847.    A 19th century mahogany centre table with square pedestal support having two sets of extended leaves£300-500
848.    A 17th century oak side table with carved frieze drawer and border, all on turned supports£200-300
849.    An old Gramophone "The Twin" with later horn and winder£40-60
850.    A stoneware flour crock£10-20
851.    A caricature sketch Harmony by MAC£30-50
852.    A Victorian salon suite comprising two elbow chairs and a small sofa, all with turned spindle backs and upholstered in gold£150-200
853.    A Venetian lace double bedspread£50-70
854.    Two Malaysian embroidered and sequinned panels decorated equestrian figures£30-40
855.    An Edwardian patchwork double quilt probably made by WWI prisoner of war, 7ft x 7 ft (stitched by Lampard?)£100-150
856.    A group of linen tablecoths and napkins£10-20
857.    A Victorian leather hat box and silk top hat£50-70
858.    A short fur jacket £10-20
859.    A fur coat£10-20
860.    A group of embroidered lace and cutwork tablecloths and napkins£30-40
861.    A group of embroidered table linen and two night dress cases£20-30
862.    Two damask tablecloths: 5' and 5'6" diameter£20-30
863.    An embroidered cotton tablecloth with heavy crocheted diamond falls and four linen napkins£20-40
864.    An elaborate cutwork embroidered tablecloth with scalloped edge and two plain traycloths and napkin£20-30
865.    A crochet lace and cotton tablecloth and two runners£15-25
866.    A crochet lace and cotton panelled tablecloth and four napkins£15-25
867.    Ten pillowcases, embroidered or trimmed£15-25
868.    Two crochet lace trim tablecloths and tray cloth£20-30
869.    A heavy quality tablecloth with embroidery and cutwork - 80" x 80"£40-60
870.    Two linen sheets, towel and tray cloths£40-60
871.    Two linen tablecloths and three tray cloths£20-30
872.    A large heavy damask tablecloth£40-60
873.    A Victorian chaise longue on turned supports£100-150
874.    Barnfather - oil Yorkshire Village£180-250
875.    Margaret Ratcliffe - two small painted landscapes and three others, framed as one£10-20
876.    A leather strap of horse brasses£10-20
877.    An French early 20th century serpentine side table with floral carved frieze and cabriole supports£150-200
878.    A 17th century oak oval topped gateleg dining table with drawer to each end, all on turned baluster supports£400-500
879.    A brass Art Nouveau cake stand£100-150
880.    A George III mahogany fold top card table crossbanded in satinwood with ebony stringing, in need of restoration£100-150
881.    Five old theatre fly posters circa 1850's£30-40
882.    A Victorian mahogany framed button upholstered chair£30-50
883.    A reproduction Victorian style button upholstered armchair£20-40
884.    A Turkoman style rug on red ground£30-50
885.    A Victorian mahogany pembroke table with turned supports£30-50
886.    A gout stool£10-20
887.    A Victorian oil cottage in the wood near Moorend, in gilt frame £15-25
888.    A travelling canvas hat box£10-20
889.    A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table on turned and fluted supports£60-80
890.    A reproduction mahogany "tray top" coffee table£20-30
891.    An oak cased Columbia Grafonola£30-40
892.    A 17th century oak side table with carved drawer, all on turned supports£300-400
893.    A camphorwood carved chest £80-100
894.    A small 19th century mahogany bow fronted chest of four drawers on splayed feet, 92cm wide£180-250
895.    A large Victorian burr walnut triple wardrobe and matching dressing table, the dome top wardrobe with central mirror door enclosing linen slides flanked by two hanging compartments, the dressing table with trinket drawers over frieze drawer and eight short drawers£300-500
896.    An oak marble top octagonal jardiniere stand£20-40
897.    Frederick Hines - watercolour woodland landscape with river, 36 x 55cm£250-350
898.    An Edwardian mahogany framed mirror£10-20
899.    An Arts & Crafts chair in Anglo Japanese style with lattice back and five supports, probably by Liberty£300-500
900.    A Victorian walnut dwarf bookcase with three arched glazed doors flanked by carved columns, all on plinth base 63 ins wide x 38 ins high£400-600
901.    Henry W Braden - watercolour river scene with bridge, 25 x 35cm£20-40
902.    Mary Stevens - watercolour lake landscape, 26 x 36cm£40-60
903.    A 19th century watercolour after Crome of Norwich sailing boats, 37 x 41cm£30-50
904.    J H Fidlor - watercolour Ogwen Pool, bears label to verso dated 1806, 19 x 31cm£60-80
905.    A coloured print of flowers£10-20
906.    An Edwardian octagonal mahogany occasional table£20-40
907.    Two early 19th century watercolours of 'The Colosseum' and 'St Peters' in the style of Bartolomeo Pinelli, 12 x 17cm£800-1200
908.    A 19th century watercolour Venice monogram SH? dated 1893, 52 x 36cm£400-600
909.    Archer - watercolour 'Lany's Red Jacket' river scene, 36cm x 52cm£20-40
910.    A watercolour hunting scene 15 x 20cm£15-25
911.    Seven assorted pens including Conway Stewart, Paker Duofold and Schaffer etc£40-60
912.    A 16th century coat clasp, a thimble and four motorbike badges£10-20
913.    An old brass vesta case in the form of a pig£30-50
914.    A 19th century beaded 'souvenir' egg£20-30
915.    A Victorian treen snuff box inlaid silver coaching scene to front£60-80
916.    A mother of pearl and abalone shell card case£50-70
917.    A 19th century pair of small Chinese ivory pin cushion panels carved garden scenes£30-50
918.    A group of assorted ivory and tortoiseshell items£50-70
919.    A box of old ivory and bone items£30-50
920.    An oriental carved ivory model boat£80-100
921.    An ivory toothpick holder decorated camels to terminal£50-70
922.    An ivory cigarette case and a feather fan with ivory handle (two feathers missing)£60-80